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* Bloodhound``` dives towards the earth
<AlcarGM> The earth looks up, and informs Bloodhound it likes the fact that he's obeying gravity and it's ratehr solid and hopes he makes a good splatter when he hits the ground
* Bloodhound``` lands, unfortunately, softly. Unless i have to roll, in which case it was fun playing this character, while he lasted.

* Bloodhound``` finds a rather comfy hill, and waits then
<AlcarGM> The hill hums and flies off into space, changing shape into a saucer like shape as it goes, further proof the aliens are chefs from a distant galaxy here to learn our recipes.
<AlcarGM> Ok, maybe not.

<Void``> BLoodhound, as much as i dont want to help you we NEED to get out of here NOW

<Void``> Hey, nose boy we need to leave......and now.
<Bloodhound```> "Aren't you supposed to be in deep stasis or something?"
<Void``> No.
<Void``> Get back to the states......now.
<Bloodhound```> "So now you get to walk free. Hmm. People must really support mass murderers nowadays."
<Sparkie> I've found out they do. I've gotten away every time.

* Bloodhound``` looks around, then realizes what happened
<Bloodhound```> "That's going to take a while to get used to."
* Bloodhound``` sighs again
<Bloodhound```> "Three soldiers deaths about to be blamed on me... Just another day in the life..."
<Void``> (I told you to leave, but did you listen.......... nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

<Void``> How can I exist twice.....
<AlcarGM> You've done it before :)

<Void``> If thats really me, then i should know all my own tricks, and be able to go around them..... I reappear
<AlcarGM> You don't get through. You seem to know you know your tricks so you're stoppig yourself from getting around them.
<AlcarGM> This is getting wonderfully surreal :)
<Void``> GAH!!!!!!!!
* Void`` goes nuts

<Alcar> Thats the actual skipper, btw :p
<Baliadoc> that part i can figure out.
<Alcar> Even things that humans don't accept as existing can get powers :)
<Alcar> And if youn cancelled his power he'd cease to exist :p
* Baliadoc gets it now :)
<Alcar> Just a twisted addition to the world to really worry pcs :)
<Alcar> ArthurQ - It;'s the skipper form Gilligans Island.
<ArthurQ> ...
<ArthurQ> i just thought that was his name
<Alcar> That too :)
<ArthurQ> What the fuck is he doing being a superhero?
<Alcar> What are the pcs doing as heroes? :)

<ArthurQ> why do you keep fucking with my head? who was that damned clone?! <--- The joys of GMing :p

<ArthurQ> alcar you really wanna drive void into insano dont you
<Alcar> ArthurQ - No. Why do you think that?
<ArthurQ> cause you keep doing that!
<ArthurQ> one more time he sees a clone of himself and he's gonna go apeshit on it
<Alcar> lol! It's only been twice :p and the first time wasn't my fault :p
<ArthurQ> wasnt your fault?!
<ArthurQ> YOUR THE DM!
<Caltak> Art, you just dont understand at all, do you?
<Caltak> thats not how it works

<Darkkin> its not his fault
<ArthurQ> how is it not his fault
* Darkkin has a factory of Voids
* Alcar just moderates. Players do things too. Ask Baliadoc to explain Drake and Wavechaser to you sometime :)
<Alcar> Drake captained the wavechaser. He game up after 5 or 6 sessions due to lots of problems, including a sex changed npc who wanted sex with *everyone*, a glass golem with identity issues, a ship mate who played papker, rocks, scissors with a goddess over the fate of the ship and a doppleganger pc who killed other members of the crew and took them over.
<Alcar> And that's just the highlights :)
<Caltak> And even PCs aside, you cant blame Alcar for what the NPCs do either, some of the time. A good GM doesn't have constant conscious control of all the NPCs, it makes them more 'alive' and 'real.'

* StarChild`- shrugs. "Like I said, someone just... fixed the city. The bodies vanished, and some people just... showed up alive again."
<AlcarGM> Seer: "Convenient." She looks at Bloodhound. "Is there anyone out there with the same powers at all is what I wonder..."
<Bloodhound```> "You mean people with duplicate powers?"
<Bloodhound```> "It's possible. I've seen a good amount of variation, but some of those variations have been based on the same powers. For instance, Void and Starchild seem to be nearly identical."
<Void``> We are?
<StarChild`-> "Oh, no no no." *shakes her head*

<Void``> "What the hell do you want from me dammit"
<Bloodhound```> "Let me be frank. You have too much power. I don't care if I have too much power, and I need to be stopped too, because I'm currently not trying to stop myself."
<Bloodhound```> "You run off at the blink of an eye, do what you want without stopping to think about what you're doing, and you've caused us all quite a few painful ordeals, or at least one big one."
<Void``> "Its not my fault how much fucking power i have, obviously whatever gave it to me had a reason"
* AlcarGM looks as confused as the GM is as to what Bloodhound said :p
<Bloodhound```> ((er... that was to be a point and counterpoint to what i figure Void would argue :))

<Void``> "look its not my fucking fault chaos raomed the city ok? I was trying to STOP it, i didnt cause it. Its not my fault undead where walking around or that the city streets blew up, I wasnt the cause of that. I made ONE single fucking mistake and that wasnt entirly my fault either, I have to live with the deaths of millions of innocent people on my fucking head so would you just lay OFF!

<Void``> "Good guys shouldnt fight the good guys!" *strugles a bit*
<StarChild`-> "'Good' is a matter of opinion, really."
<Bloodhound```> "Tell me something Void, what were you planning to do over Afghanistan?"
* StarChild`- said very quietly, mostly to self
<AlcarGM> « They shouldn't? But .. Kevren. Callaran. Axon. LoLaD ..... »
<StarChild`-> (( like I said :P ))
<Bloodhound```> ((errm... well. if you only count the extremes... there's gotta be a good one in there somewhere...))

* Void`` turns himself invisble and flies to his house to see how tracey is doing.
<AlcarGM> Ok. Void finds tracy isn't at his place, mostly because it's currently filled with undead zombies waiching the TV.
<Void``> AlcarGM are you serious?!
* AlcarGM is serious. 10 undead zombies are currently in your living room. From the smell and such they've been there since earlier today.

* aslhk is reading what happened during an unanounced afk
* aslhk worried for a moment when a talking dog stated, "I put him to sleep" about a human child =P
<aslhk> seemed shockingly familiar.
<aslhk> However, as I recognized him as a "good guy" I realized I was soon to be disappointed
<aslhk> ah well =P
<AlcarGM> familiar?
<aslhk> indeed
<aslhk> when my cat was dying, we "put him to sleep"

<o____o> alcar, just WHAT game are you playing?
<o____o> freaks
<aslhk> lol
<o____o> seriously pooched your game appears to be
<AlcarGM> A super hero game set in modern earth, sort of :)
<aslhk> where "super" "hero" "game" "set" "in" "modern" and "earth" are all relative terms
<aslhk> and "sort" and "of" as well!
<aslhk> but you can trust the :)
<aslhk> =P

<AlcarGM> Void zombie proofs his home - I guess just getting a good lock :) - and Wesley eventually falls asleep as the Thursday finally ends!
<ArthurQ> howd they get in in the first place
<Alcar> Actually, all the blame lies on another PC
<ArthurQ> who?
* Alcar can't tell. That would spoil the fun.
<Baliadoc> lol, i reaaally doubt that's a hard guess :)
<ArthurQ> wait, the only PC that knows where i live is Bloodhound
<ArthurQ> you son of a bitch why did you place zombies in my apartment
<Baliadoc> dude, i thought you'd like 'em, and i didn't have any room for them, after i got the dog.
<ArthurQ> asshole

<aslhk> Just because they're dead doesn't mean they aren't human!

* BlackRose`-` goes over and picks up the rabbits carrying them to the edge of the encampment and letting them go (keeping one to pet for a while while sitting back against a tree)
<Vengath> (poor rabbit its thinking damn them they get to go bit i get to be tenderd and then eatten)

<AlcarDM> Vengath - You also get the feeling there is some pattern to the leaves, but what it is or what it's purpse is seems ot elude you. A ghost of the odd dreams brought on by the dragons blood potion makes you think the air is responsible, but it's more a guess than anything else. You're not sure what the air is responsible for :p
* BlackRose`-` motions to the road "one has spent 600 years looking at the leaves."
* Vengath yawns "Prehaps if they looked up they'd understand more"
* BlackRose`-` looks to the sky and the trees them selves
<AlcarDM> BlackRose has the odd feeling that Vengath just said something profound. So profound he doesn't even know it :p But, having read some human poetry, you know humans are good at saying profound stuff and not even realising it's profound at all.

<AlcarDM> Rhaet gets the strong feeling he's being watches. Mostly because he is, by elves. From time to time he glimpses the odd animal staring at him intently or what he thinks are elves in the trees from time to time. Naked elves, for that matter.
<AlcarDM> Rhaet recalls those old songs about elves sexual practicises, sreams, and attacks the trees? :p
<Rhaet```> ick... no.
* Rhaet``` keeps away from the naked elves :)
* Vengath says somthing about barbaric elves like the 3 time this game
* BlackRose`-` (rams her sword up Vangarth's ass)
<AlcarDM> « Oh, and that will do good for the stories about elves and sex? :p »

<AlcarDM> BlackRose finds that as you go further, she ends up having to get wood almost nightly. The glades are often ill lit, dirty and feel... oppressive, somehow. The greeting they give off is more curt, and sometimes includes some expletives in Elven about humans and dwarves. The southern elves really don't like humans.
* Rhaet``` really hopes they decide to attack :)
<AlcarDM> « No ones attacked travellers on The Road. Yet. »
* BlackRose`-` kills Rhaet by telling him to piss on a bush (JK)
* Rhaet``` wishes Elves would attack travellers on The Road. sigh... :)

* Vengath has finish carving a rune coverd oak leaf and tosses it at lvri's feet
<Vengath> no magic just runes of the lands
<Vengath> like a peace token
<AlcarDM> ok.....
<Vengath> Why not he's bored
<AlcarDM> Historian "How was the Great Peace achieved between humans and elves?" Vengath: "I was bored."
<AlcarDM> Ivri looks at the leaf, then at Vengath, but says nothing. In his hands, it becomes a normal leaf again. After a few moments, it metamorphoses into a butterfly and flies away

<Rhaet```> "What's done is done. I suggest you leave us be."
<AlcarDM> Ivri: "I sense an or else in that," simply.
* Vengath can see 100 flamethower equipt dwarfs entering the forest
<Rhaet```> "We fight one war already. We wouldn't want a second one on our hands."
<Rhaet```> "Nor do we wish one. But the last thing we want is your people helping."
<AlcarDM> Ivri look at Rhaet expressionlessly. "Ah. Thank you for being honest, then." He steps backwards, and ndds to BlackRose "Until we meet again, sister, in this world or the next."
<BlackRose`-`> "I'll leave your back open in combat if you wish."
* Rhaet``` ignores BlackRose, and goes back to his work

<Rhaet```> "It's a relief to know there are less moronic elves living in this world. I couldn't even find a reason to want to get up and lop his head off."

*** AlcarDM changes topic to '<Rhaet```> "It's a relief to know there are less moronic elves living in this world. I couldn't even find a reason to want to get up and lop his head off."'
<Baliadoc> ahhh... the only feeling better than being quotable is being quotable enough to replace yourself in the topic :)

* Sparkie is PC Karma
<ArthurQ> no Sparkie your just plain Evil
<Baliadoc> ain't that the truth.
<Sparkie> Thats what I said, Arthur
* Sparkie sighs .. humans

<ArthurQ> SO just cause i killed a few million people im all of a sudden some kind of bad guy!?
<ArthurQ> wtf is up with that?!

<Dungeon_Master_M> Nuclear Submarines, at least the USA ones are shielded from the Electromagnetic Pulse so they would still be around
<Dungeon_Master_M> and they have a virtually never ending power supply
<Alcar> Ouch. yeah.
<Alcar> Rule the world from a sub :)
* Dungeon_Master_M suddenly realises he just gave Alcar the Plot line to his next Campaign...
<Dungeon_Master_M> Doh!
<ArthurQ> DAMN YOU!
<ArthurQ> Now he is gonna use void as a fucking battery to blow up earth

<AlcarGM> Surprisingly, the anti-hero rioting has stopped. Perhaps people realised that rioting against the gods is a Bad Thing (as the CET claims) or people just don't like having to see the dark sides of themselves .... no one is sure. But the city is surprisingly calm and quiet today.
* AlcarGM changes the city name to Pleasantville when no one is watching
<aslhk> ((you can't have them stop rioting, that's unamerican!))
<Barry^Mugan> (who said they where americans)
<Barry^Mugan> (Who said they where alive or maybe there aliens..)

<Barry^Mugan> what in the world did i let lose!
<Barry^Mugan> effective government
<Barry^Mugan> Thats just scary
<AlcarGM> Very :)

*** Gemm has joined #game1
<Gre`> hi gemm
<Chaos`^> is Gemm in my game?
<Gemm> no
<Alcar> awww. You should have said yes, then made up a pc nick and confused him :p

Alcar sighs.. what do people feel like game wise?
<aslhk> I think we should play the Indecision Game
<Alcar> Apathy: The Political RPG
<Alcar> There :)
<Alcar> the indecision game

* Wesley``` erases them and starts fixing his toast, giving his mom a call
<AlcarGM> Marilyn answers the phone after the second ring. "Hello?"
<Wesley```> "Hey mom, it's Wes."
<AlcarGM> Marilyn: "Wes ... Wes ..... I think I knew someone named that once. What's your last name?"
<Wesley```> (does she do that often? :)
<AlcarGM> « only when you haven't called :) »
<Wesley```> "Sorry mom. I've been busy. You know, I'm a slave to work and all that, and then these crazy bastards go and blow up Boston."

<AlcarGM> he drinks down the coffee and asks gets a new one. You're is brought, too.
* Wesley``` takes a little sip, checking for deadly poisons!!
<aslhk> ((what about non-lethal poisons or drugs? =p))
<Wesley```> ((dude, there's caffeine in there. that's like saying 'is there any pork on this pig?'))

<Wesley```> "Well, that's also a story for another day. Feel like going to see some strippers tonight?"
<AlcarGM> <Lance> "... What kind?"
<AlcarGM> « "Well, these girls strip out of their skin and parade around as an exhibit for some really horny Harvard mediacal professors, acting as living examples for classes and.." »
<Wesley```> "Brace yourself; the cultist-human-sacrificing-dark-god-worshipping kind. Real dirty girls."

<AlcarGM> <Lance> "Works for me ... can you give me any information on what the girl looked like, the place they worked at or any odd symbols they used first?"
<Wesley```> "Ahh good. Great minds must think alike."
* Wesley``` info dumps to Lance
<AlcarGM> Lance lags for a few moments :p
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Thanks, Wesley. I'll let you know what I can dig up."
<AlcarGM> « wow. That was unconscious, but nice as an allusion :p »

<Vincent-RIP> Right now we need experienced players to bring the game back on course. We've had a slew of excrement players, so we need to toss in some gold nuggets to the mix to get the game back up to edible.
<Vincent-RIP> please don't ask where i come up with my analogies.

<Tim```> "Facinating idea of control ... " takes a deep breath. "I know things havn't been the best, but I really hope no one has a death wish.." commed to engineering.
* Skrath looks in the ship's schematics for a way to jettison the engine.
<DarkEternity> A plasma fire goes off burning if not killing all 5 of the spacehands working there as Yuriziel atemps to work out the problem

<Skrath> "Maneuver over, and land on the pad."
<DarkEternity> The ship autopilots over and lands into the repair pad
<Sparkie> ArthurQ 1d20: 18
<Sparkie> ArthurQ 1d4: 2
<ArthurQ> landing
<DarkEternity> the computer said na you'd get us killed
<DarkEternity> So it took over ;)

<DarkEternity> A man 6' tall grey hair blue eyes and dressed in the old sea captains style walks up
<DarkEternity> "Names Thomas McClaren i'm the captain of this ship who might you all be"
<ArthurQ> Im the current helm and sensor officer
<ArthurQ> I get demoted and promoted daily.
<ArthurQ> Depends whos around

This quote currently does not exist due to plot issues *in a myserious tone of voice*

<Marcus_Fenway> In one of the bedrooms you stumble accross a book entitled "Dungeon Master's Guidebook" you flip through the book but find the content uninteresting and so toss it aside....

<MarcFenAway> There was a movie recently about a group of retired Modsters who studdenly leave their retirement home for one last job... Someone should run a Epic Level game with that movie as a premis
<Alcar> "I am Cynan the invin .. augh! Me back!"
<MarcFenAway> The Party Wizard is missing half his spells cause the Great-Grand Kids used them to draw on.
<MarcFenAway> "I would like to cast fireball, but there is such a nice picture of a tree that Suzy drew I would hate to lose it..."

<SnailSlug> players can't kill off cities in my game
<SnailSlug> it's just not possible to get away with it
<DyingTwilight> If they had enough power it should be.
<SnailSlug> nope
<SnailSlug> i have an orbiting defense cannon

<Void``> If you 4 seriously want i'll destroy it when i leave. I cant let it fall in the hands of anyone bad.
<Alcar> Scientist #1: "We're scientists ...." #2: "You think we're good?"
<Void``> "Well, i dont know about that, but your not working for the forces of evil. Not that i can tell. Regardless, this is harvord.....and...
<Void``> "Oh frag it, your working for the illumanati arent you"
<Alcar> Scientist #1: "The illuminati doesn't exist."
* Void`` passes his mind again to see what he's really thinking
<Alcar> Scientist #1 is serious. It doesn't exist. Everyone knows that. He's currnetly, for unknown reasosn, thinking really hard about Washington, hemp and plastic surgery.
<Baliadoc> ((who doesn't, though? admittedly, i don't think of them in that order, but c'mon... :))

<Alcar> You return to boston minus the magical sword. Now what?
* Void`` has no friggin idea there are no badguys to beat up

<Void``> "then there was this strange MIB looking guy who claimed this all happened before...."
<Void``> "when atlantis was destroyed."
<Alcar> Tracy stares at you. "Atlantis? Come on...."
<Alcar> Tracy: "But I guess it's no mure stupid than flying people.... and we thought they were myths"
<Void``> "exactly...."
<Void``> "look, im really sorry about the zombies"

<Alcar> Actually, Art, you should be happy. You managed to stick excaliber on the moon. And in rock, to boot. makes it a lot harder for anyone to get.
* Dalener can now see King Arthur in a NASA suit trying to pull Excalibur out
<ArtQ-AFK> that was exalibur!?
<Alcar> That might just happen :p Or he'll have to find a PC who can survive space.
<ArtQ-AFK> what the fuck!
<Alcar> I know :)
<Alcar> Would have been really funny, too.
* ArtQ-AFK is gonna go back and get it!

<Tech-Sensei> Two lvl 10 rogues armed with sewing needles vs a lvl 20 fighter with a +5 flaming burst broadsword... rouges win

<AlcarDM> Tsume - You slip into the trees. Ahead of you to see a large clearing (50 yards cleared) with a small herd (20) deer in it. They're eating, sleeping and look rather peaceful, as if they had no cares in the world - or fears. Beside them there is the carcasss of some animals you can't identify and what looks like a dead troll ripped into lots of pieces.
* DEVLAR gulps
<Tsume> "...What?"
<DEVLAR> "i think we should continue on for now"

<AlcarDM> One of the deer stares at Devlar, and opens it's mouth to reveal sharp fangs, eyes gleaming red in the light of the moon. j/k
<DEVLAR> (oh shit don't do that :P)
<AlcarDM> « death by herd of deer :p »
<DEVLAR> (to hell with the monster we get killed by vampire deer)
<Tsume> (Do you really mean that? o.o;;;)
<DEVLAR> (no)
<Tsume> (That is like...uber-creepy x.x;;;;;)
<DEVLAR> (he's j/k)
<DEVLAR> (i hope)

<Tsume> "Clearly this has been causing some mayhem... but it's not like it's acting evil.."
<Tsume> "I mean...protecting deer... come on.."
<DEVLAR> "maybe but is killing humans that are hunting the deer for food justified?"
<AlcarDM> The deer go to sleep. The creature gets up, paces around, tears the trolls corpse up a little, and settles back down.
<Tsume> "..."
<Tsume> "Well how do you propose taking out a pure muscular creature that is clearly a ravaging destructive force?"
<DEVLAR> "we have no choice but to do something..."
<AlcarDM> It circles the deer from time to time, looking into the woods. When nothing happens it settles bck down to rest. Some of the background sounds of the forest return when it does
<Tsume> "I guess now is out best chance...We have to sneak up to it and attack if we have a hope."

<DEVLAR> "wait do you have any rope?"
<Tsume> "Yeah......why?"
<DEVLAR> "well... maybe we can make a net to try and capture it first"
<Tsume> "....."
<Tsume> "Excuse me, it tears trolls and trees to shreds, how do you expect to net it with fifty feet of hemp rope?"
<AlcarDM> The creature gets up and goes over to the edge of the clearing and uproots a tree perhaps 3' in diameter in it's jaws and begins reducing it to splinters

<DEVLAR> "what if i cast a wall of gloom to block our actions?"
* AlcarDM feels compelled to point out what Liane said earlier: "Just to find out what it is. I would not have you risk your lives."
<Tsume> (Yes, thank you for mentioning that =P)
<Tsume> "Devlar, do you think we should head back and tell that old Cleric?"
<DEVLAR> (yeah but we gotta die some how this IS only a one nighter :P
<Tsume> (Or we could win and become heroes, I'm not much of a deathist =P)

<AlcarDM> Liane: "Perhaps a week, or less, now that we know what we face. I will make sure the king compensates you both for your efforts."
<AlcarDM> - End of session - :)
<Tsume> A session without combat
<Tsume> That's a new one =P
<Tsume> And I didn't burn anything =P

<Telot> Las`Sava is a girl?!?!?! i don't remember hearing that in any other sessions that i've been here
<Doan``> las'sava is a FEMALE barbarian
* Las`Sava is a 2'9" tall girl :P
<Doan``> those that call las'sava a little girl get a little axe to their little nuts

* Naaya_Kess approches the bodies of the beasts pulling an arrow from their bodies...
<Naaya_Kess> "Friends of yours?"
* Las`Sava comes out of her rage, her eyes losing their wild look
<Las`Sava> "Now they are."

<Rey{DM}> (may i, uhh, note, that the horse is humanoid now. none of you seemed to notice)
<Las`Sava> (I just figure he's a druid)
<Telot> (me too...having traveled i just figured that...)

<AlcarDM> The Innkeeper spits on the floor. "We don't talk of no emperor here, elf. We have enough problems without wars and famines too."
<Danis`> "By the way, I am a halfling, not an elf. You can tell by my stunning intellectual abilities, and the aptitude with which I wield my sword."
<Danis`> "If I were an elf, I assure you I would not be here in this in speaking with you, but outside, frolicking in the forest, and doing unspeakable things with squirrels, as elves are wont to do."

* Silvon speaks up in a loud voice. "Alright enough of this. Lets go and visit these Orcs."
* Griki whispers to danis, "Who made him leader"
* Danis` whispers back, "The first thing I learned about adventuring was never to complain when someone volunteers to walk ahead of you."

<AlcarDM> To put it bluntly the last 3 orcs are massacred in the sort of battle that things like the charge of the light brigade rank as "Awesome Tactics, Man" on.
<AlcarDM> The orcs are dead. The 4 older, experienced orcs, come ouit of the inn. 2 of them are carrying a keg of ale.
<AlcarDM> Some things tend to pentrate even the deepest alcohlic fogs, and finding the young orcs you'd takne out out for a nice stag night (or week, if you can find enough ale) butched on the ground around you tends to be one of those things.
<AlcarDM> The 4 orcs stare at the 3 wounded pcs in a sort of numb disbelief. One of the orcs, an old grizzzeled veteran, plops the keg on the ground and asks if you'd like some ale after you're hard work.

<AlcarDM> The four orcs head off home with the keg of ale, meeting the one survivor along the way, getting him drunk and congragulating him on having survived his stag night, which might have gone on for another week or so if they hadn't run out of ale. Well, the war causes shortages everywhere, it seems...
<AlcarDM> The three of you are left wounded and alone in the remains of a charred out village
<AlcarDM> « At that moment the Emperors Guard arrives and kills you all as bandits :p »

<OffonOff> why do i want to suggest we head for what appears to be dead space?
<Tim```> hehe. Cause it means we'll meet the nice aliens? :)
<Tim```> "First .. crap look at those guns ... ah, Last Contact, sir."
<Tim```> - End of Campaign - ;p
* OffonOff was thinking servival time
<Tim```> LOL! That too :)

<Tim```> "Offonoff just wants to know what all was done to the engines."
<Yuriziel`> "Oh well I was wondering that myself, I was just trying to stop them. It seems someone modified them a bit I believe."
<OffonOff> "Modified? how? as it stands now there responce time is lagged"
<Skrath> "In order to escape the pull of the gas giant's gravity well I had to bypass all the safety systems, aa well as the primary coolant systems."
OffonOff hits the emergancy stop buttons
<Skrath> "That's why we had a hull breech in the anterior portion of the engineering compartment... makeshift cooling system."
<Skrath> "Relax. The engine was mostly repaired. All the modifications were corrected

<FirestormZero> but i don't know rules
* Alcar doesn't either
<Alcar> Oh, wait, I guess I shouldn't have said that....
* Caltak does.
* FirestormZero wishes caltak would dm...
* Caltak is quite familiar with the rules, and yet never DMs. :)
<FirestormZero> experiment
<FirestormZero> it'll be just like college!
<FirestormZero> without waking up next to a horse!

<FirestormZero> You find yourselves in the interior of a giant stone yak.
<Tsume> We do?
<Tsume> Why?
<FirestormZero> (sorry, really bored)
<Sparkie> Never ask why. Only ask if it's lubricated.

<Balefen> at range i doubt a pistole would break a chain shirt
<Elana-Silvereye> Pistols shouldn't be shot at chain shirts ;p
<Elana-Silvereye> thats like testing if a broadsword will stab through Kevlar

<Vengath> "We tried the diplomatic way out"
<AlcarDM> The first guard looks at the dead body. "Ah. Human diplomacy. How ... efficient."

<AlcarDM> <Cally> looks up challengingly "Why do you want to know?"
<AlcarDM> Sher turns her talons back into fingers, too :p
* Argenton`^ smiles "I'm all ears... The more I know, the better, that way I'm not prodding you later when you don't want to talk."
<AlcarDM> <Cally> "Oh."
<AlcarDM> « smooth :) »

* ArthurQ wonders if Alcar would let ArthurQ play a vampire in Earth
<Alcar> ArthurQ - Would your pc make Blood Wine?
<ArthurQ> Alcar: with real blood no doubt.
<Alcar> ...
<Alcar> No.
<Alcar> Definitely no then :p

<Barry^Mugan> Now its time to do somthing evil
<AlcarGM> lol. Such as?
<Barry^Mugan> Giving everyone bad hair days! ha!
<Barry^Mugan> j/k

<Void``> <<do you have any ide what that energy blast was?<<
<AlcarGM> Adam shakes his head "I didn't sense a thing."
<Void``> im stumped
<Void``> severly stumped
<Void``> Why cant just the bad guy fucking step out in front of me so i can kick his ass and go home!!!
<Void``> *yells up at the sky*
* Sparkie shoves Alcar at Void. "Here's one, here's one! Beat him up!"

* Jenny`^ sighs "Where is everyone?"
<Jenny`^> "They were supposed to have shown up like.. a long time ago..."
* Jenny`^ goes out looking for them
<AlcarGM> Hmm, looking any place in particular?
<Jenny`^> uhm... superhero hangouts? maybe.. I dunno... Supermakets? lol
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> Shop Stupid: Shop Hero Mart! (When it's not burnt down, the sight of a war or invaded by aliens!)

<Carrion`> I wanna teach a few of the peasents that are starting to live there to flourish in there town, and if they need help let the 'ugly'(zombies) people know first.
<Carrion`> then I will talk to the zombies that if I'm need just send message through the portal and let one of my other minions know
<AlcarGM> Ok, that's easy enough to do. You manage it quickly.
<Carrion`> excellent, now back to the semi-real world
* Carrion` quickly returns wanting to create havoc now that he's seen his...'softer' side
<Carrion`> "Conflict, I'm back. I don't care where you are, but I must let a part of my army out and I must destroy something. And I mean Now."

*** Wesley``` has joined #game1
<AlcarGM> « wb :) »
<Void``> ((I DIDNT DO IT!!)
* Barry^Mugan looks unhappy now that his clothing ins burnt and the club is gone
<AlcarGM> « LMAO! »
<Wesley```> ((So Void... perhaps you can explain why the club is gone, hmm?))
<StarChild`-> (( of course you did, Void. At least, thats what we're all going to tell everyone. ))

<AlcarGM> The police arrive, and look at the crater, then at the pcs. A constable says "Oh shit, not heroes again!"
<Bloodhound```> "Evenin', boys. Sorry for the mess, but we actually have someone to help explain this one."

* Bloodhound``` gives the officers a second version of the story that sounds less insane :)
<AlcarGM> Bloodhound - Oh, this I gotta hear :p
<Bloodhound```> lol
<Bloodhound```> did i mention it would still be insane, just not as insane?
<Bloodhound```> :)
<AlcarGM> hhehe. Ok then :)

<Void``> Hey guys....you might wanna step back....
* Void`` starts charging up Goku style
<StarChild`-> "Uh... Void... I dont think this is a good idea."
<Void``> "Do you have a better one? Besides, this time a government agent said i could!"
<AlcarGM> The government agent was also willing to drop a freaking meteor on it. That's not generally a sign of reliability :p
<Bloodhound```> "Starchild... are we letting Void and someone just as fragile in the mind as Void make decisions here?"
* StarChild`- nods to Bloodhound, seeming very worried

<Bloodhound```> "There are better ways of finding out what's going on in there."
* Void`` doesnt attack the forcefield but at all but instead starts moving all the dirt and concreat away from the building and from under it...
<Void``> Calm down im trying to be more sublte here!
<Bloodhound```> "Force doesn't always solve problems, you know."
<Void``> The building will end up falling along with the forcefield and distrupt whatever is going on inside......and voila! no super explosions of energy!
<StarChild`-> "...and this is subtle?"
<Void``> (compared to everything else he's done?)

<AlcarGM> Semi-conscious seer: "Blesses is the one who reads aloud the words of prophecy, and blessed are those who hear and who keep what is written in it; for the time is near." (Relevations 1:2 - worried yet?)
<AlcarGM> jJ/K
<Bloodhound```> lol
<StarChild`-> (( lol you bastard :P ))

<Alcar> Stella: "Mom, I brought a succubus home." Summer: "I know dear, Elrond told me..." pause "ELROND!"
<Alcar> That might be a bit *too* evil
<Alcar> Tho it would make a cool divorce case. "My husband slept with a succubus, your honour?" Judge: "Yes, you said he slept with a woman." Summer: "A succubus!
<Alcar> judge: "Whats the difference?"

<Daveof1> I wonder if the Bible is the Player's Handbook or the DM's Guide???

<Marcus_Fenway> When I am DM'ng my Fiance, I always try to make things hard... I mean difficult...

*** Sparkie has joined #D&D_Dural
<Sparkie> Hi, I'm Sparkie, a dicebot. I can roll dice for you, but today has been a bad day so far, my water elemental girlfriend left me for someone hotter and now I need someone to vent my frustrations on. Well, happy rolling.
<Dural-Cancer> Or do you guys want some other bot?
<Sparkie> Some other bot? Other than *me*?! Surely you jest!
<Dural-Cancer> You wanna bet?
* Sparkie glares at the players ... right?

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak no think this dragon friendly..."
* Koby` yelps, loudly. "This one think we in deep tarrasque crap."
* Koby` attempts to shoot it. "Bigger than chicken..."
<Sparkie> Koby` 1d20+8: 10 -bow
<Koby`> "Ok, maybe chicken in disguise?" backs up from it
<DuralDm> The arrow flys straight by the dragon and he snorts fire. The arrow drops black

<Hawk`-`> "Jezus, this thing is real!"
* Hawk`-` draws a Kukri and goes for the eye
<Koby`> "Bad medicine." *glares at the griffon, then says .. not a chicken, not a chicken .. " aims and fires an arrow at it
<Sparkie> Koby` 1d20+8: 9 - Bow + arrow.
<Koby`> .....
<DuralDm> (miss)
<Koby`> "Everything a chicken!"

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim is a Stout dwarf with blackened Mithral Plate armor, and a large shield, both covered with sharp 6 inch spikes... he carries a Dwarven Waraxe which is always in his hand, with an additional BAttleaxe and 2 throwing axes on his belt. He has one additional pouch and no other 'visible' equipment.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( I forgot to add the Visible part last time I played him and someone joked that he didn't have a Dick ))

<DuralDm> As the group walks you notice a familiar figure in the distance running. 5 minutes later you see that it is the mayor. He thinks that you are his best bet in getting rid of this griffion. He has recked the town destroyed buildings and killed 50 people. The reward is 15,000,000 and 1 acre of land
<Hawk`-`> "Only one?"
* Koby` looks perplexed "How you own land?"
<Hawk`-`> "Tak and Koby need at least 4 for just a wresling contest!"
<DuralDm> "The mayor looks confused what?"
<DuralDm> all right 10
<Hawk`-`> "That works"
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim is busy trying to figure out how much that reward is Devived by 2 (Figuring someone in the group is going to die)

<DuralDm> Mayor: PLz i might get fired, just hurry i beg of you
<DuralDm> 5,000,00 for each of you
<Koby`> "How dead people fire you?" now thoroughly confused
<Hawk`-`> "Oh right urgancy of the matter and all."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( Tak cleaves the Mayor and heads to town. ))

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( Sorry I was giving the DM some Pointers ))
<Hawk`-`> (just remember to tell him nukular winter is supos to be a bad thing)

* Koby` fires another arrow from his hiding place, glad it's busy eating tak instead of, oh, him.
<Sparkie> Koby` 1d20+8: 9 - Nice bot?
<Hawk`-`> 1d20+7 (tumble to come out on my feet)
<Koby`> ....
* Koby` shoots Hawk? :)
<Koby`> Or Tak? Sooo many choices.
<DuralDm> The arrow goes flying by and somepone shots nice bot as soon as it hits a tree
<Koby`> « LOL »
<Koby`> « well it was a one... »
<Hawk`-`> (thats two with in the same game sesstion that should have hit me)

* Koby` tells the mayor it's a pet.
<Koby`> "We's naming that one george. And this one is going to hug him, and keep him and..."
<DuralDm> Griffion: Im sorry but i have a name and it is Gronkan
<Koby`> "Oh."
<Koby`> "This one called Koby."
<DuralDm> Griffion: Hello koby
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak no like that name."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak call you bait."
<DuralDm> Gronkan: Thank you

* Koby` nods. Hmm, so feeding sumo wrestlers human body parts disgused, as, oh chicken coudl be evil over a peroid of time ..... would be an interesting game plot, using body builders or something :p
<Koby`> Joe's Gym is sabotaging Frank's Gym by feeding them homeless people.
<Koby`> Nice and quick summary :p
<Hawk`-`> that would do it

* Beasley looks very tired, and bored. "oh boy...there better be something fun, like loads of traps, in that house. i'm ready to fall asleep!"

<Daemogg> (oh god. here comes paladin boy :P)
<Daemogg> (tresspassing is wrong! :D)
<Shal`> (relax, paladins have their place in the party. Mainly to die a horrible grusome death in order to benefit plot advancement)

<Alcar> Arnold nods. "Good." He looks at Jim. "Tell betty what you see when you get there." he frowns and looks at you. "What are your loyalties with these other heroes?"
<ArthurQ> um.. Well. None. Bloodhound has threatened to remove my powers. And Starchild is upset with me for the nuclear incident. I would like to destroy the undead skeleton.
<ArthurQ> Bloodhound has helped me fight one of the copies before but he is afraid of me loosing control of my ablities
<ArthurQ> and Bender is nuetral
<ArthurQ> I wouldnt know about Barry. He is like a walking Acid trip
<ArthurQ> They dont like taking risks to save lives... *shrugs*

<medameeee> Id like to join a game if thats possable
<Alcar> medameeee - D&D or other?
<medameeee> Well ive only played D&D but im willing to learn others
<Alcar> What edition of D&D?
<medameeee> well ive been playing since 79 so anyof them
<Alcar> Impressive.
<medameeee> that polite for im old LOL?

* Skrath usually lets his players do whatever they want, and that more often than not ends up killing them faster than I could have planned.

<Marcus_Fenway> Sin, I am making a Paladin for Rey's game, what Kind of BAsic Equipment should I plan to get ?
<Skrath> rope (to hang all the evil people), shovel (to bury them), FireKit (to burn those pesky witches), Climbing gear (to reach the caves where evil things like to dwell), Torches (for the lynch mobs), and maybe a bedroll (all this do-gooding is tiresome)

<Tim```> « Is it a bad sign when you're playing 2 pcs and one of them hates the other? »
<Skrath> (no... just means you're getting to be more and more like me)
<Skrath> (wait.. I guess that could be bad...)

<Skrath> "Alright, who's been feeding the Gruelbot dirty bits?"
* DrWhat is in the corner, currently drinking english tea the bot made without destroying the computer.
<DrWhat> "I hardly consider some variety in one's dietary requirements dirty, madam."
*** Psionicist has joined #Game1
<Skrath> "Do you realize that severe modification to the gruelbot's core processing could result in a catastrophic trans-dimensional time rift?!?!?"
<Psionicist> ummmmmmm
<DrWhat> "So does thinking."
<Psionicist> i gotz a brain
<Skrath> "True enough. Just checking your knowledge."

*** DarkEternity has joined #game1
<DarkEternity> damn dalnet
<DarkEternity> what was the last thing you saw
<Skrath> (damn it.. you missed my command performance)
<Skrath> (All I can say is that the GM had better read the qoutes. I'm not doing that over.)

<Skrath> "Time to meet some aliens."
<Tim```> "We can offer them nutritional food."
<Skrath> "Giving them gruelbot would probably be considered an act of war."

<AlcarGM> Wesley encounters no traffic problems .. which is ... odd. No red lights, no pedestrians running in front of his vehicles...
* Wesley``` blinks
<Wesley```> "Barry, if you're doing this for me, stop it. It's freakin' me out."
<Barry^Mugan> (what you want traffic problems red lights and people jumping infront of your car?)
<Wesley```> (yes. and every time i take my car somewhere, i always have a clear road. it's getting to be the twilight zone!)

<Wesley```> "Does anyone know why I should be dead?"
* StarChild`- shakes her head at Wesley
<AlcarGM> <Bender> looks at Wesley "Are you?"
<Wesley```> "Not that I know of. Sorry about that, by the way. I think I can kill half of the Peace Makers just by shaking their hands, so it makes relations with them... strained."
<Wesley```> "And Void didn't know who I was, until he tried to read my mind."
<Wesley```> "I didn't even think about that... I don't want him to know who I am."

<AlcarGM> A hologram appears. It's from the viewpoint of a fighter pilot, dropping bombs. You see Bloodhound with the 3 men. The bombs fall and kill all *four* of them, blowing them into pieces
* Wesley``` blinks
<Wesley```> "Interesting. I jumped clear."
* Void`` points out the peices of bloodhound flying....he highlights them.
<Wesley```> "Thank you Void. I think I know myself."

* Wesley``` helps to clean up the mess, assuming Stella doesn't want dead Imp on her lawn.
* Wesley``` on the other hand, if she does, I could probably arrange it very nicely :)
<AlcarGM> « Summer: "Oh, no, leave it.We can use it as fertilizer," in a 'Oh, that is such a lovely pink dress with purple eyeshadow you're wearing' tone of voice.. »

* Bloodhound``` heads for Barry's store, muy double pronto.
<AlcarGM> Bloodhound arrives to find the store at it normally is, except closed.
<Bloodhound```> "Hmm... closed on a weekday, during armageddon. Something's weird..." *lets himself in :)*

<Void``> so what do i know about bender then?
<AlcarGM> 1) not human, 2) asexual race created to serve humanity as slaves after the nuclear war the makers were sure would happen, 3) made to never, ever harm humans.
<Void``> great....*sighs* thats what they said in the terminator movies
<AlcarGM> LOL
<AlcarGM> Actually #3 is true :) It required a damn powerful npc to fix bender's brain to be able to actually NOT help all humans it met :p
<Void``> it was true then too
<Void``> thats gonna end up in the quotes aint it

<AlcarGM> Even as you all watch, and help . .the amount of people seems to thin, the living sometimes disappearing berfore your very eyes of causes unknown
<Void``> What the...
<Void``> GAH!
<Void``> Dont do that!
<Bloodhound```> "Just more of Barry's work. If they disappear, ignore it."
* Bloodhound``` just keeps checking in on other PC's, helps people get to their homes and generally tries to get people to relax, swears every time he makes one of them a nice pot of coffee and they FREAKIN' DISAPPEAR, and has a very, very long day. :)

<AlcarGM> Within 1/2 an hour there are no humans left in the city. No corpses, no bodies. Just the heroes standing in a ghost town filled with ruins and a silence so deep even ghosts can't be thought ot remain here.
* Void`` blinks

* Bloodhound``` realizes no one's left, and then wonders why the hell Barry even bothered... I mean, what did I need a fake Boston for? Especially since I really need a drink right now, and there ain't any fake booze left!
<AlcarGM> Jim comes out of the last, empty hospital, and trudges around the remains of the city. "Mimic is goiong to freak. Bush is going ot freak. I don't know why *I* haven't freaked."

<Void``> ((Commercial: Are you tired of that standard LSD you buy on the street? Well we have something new and improved! Hubris only $9,999.99! Garanteed acid trip a thousand times over! Sorry no C.O.D.'s)

<Reykemias> you aren't in the game yet anyway :)
<Reykemias> you're on the list until enough people drop to let u get in
<Tech-Sensei> you sure you can handle a 2nd game?
<Tech-Sensei> after the fiasco that was last game?
<Alcar> Interesting way to get into a game..

<Natalia``> Even a big hole in the ground is still land
<Natalia``> :)
<Natalia``> wait... that's LoLaD
<Alcar> Natalia - and lolad2 and hubris and...
<Natalia``> Anything involving Caltak and some means of mass destruction?

*** Baliadoc is now known as Rhaet```
<Rhaet```> well c'mon, we got like 3 seconds left, right?
* Rhaet``` kills elves!
*** Rhaet``` is now known as Baliadoc
<Alcar> LOL!
<Baliadoc> xp?
<Baliadoc> oh, and hi, btw :)

<|337C4Bb4g3> then there was the true necromancer, who is an utter drunk
<|337C4Bb4g3> and doesn't admit being a necromancer
<|337C4Bb4g3> always shouts things like 'stop following me, ya bastid' at his undead followers and such
<Alcar> "This isn't an undead zombie! She's my wife!"
<Alcar> "But she looks like a Zombie.."
<Alcar> "No, she's a blond."
<|337C4Bb4g3> he just doesn't admit the undead are his ;b

<Alcar> Heck, in FR you can have a paladin who serves the god of gambling.
<Alcar> which I'd *love* to see somsone rp...
<Alcar> "Heads I think you're evil, tails you're good..."
<Alcar> "Oh, tails. Hm, best two of three?"

<Warner> the magical coin of alignment :)
<Alcar> "Heads, tails . .err ... edge. Hmm."
<Alcar> "This isn't in the book. I'll just have to kill you."
<Warner> the coin looks suspiously like any other copper coin :)
<Alcar> That would actually be a fun item....
<Warner> "And this is our holy reviered father" "Hey coin says you're evil DIE!" "No! Grandpa!"
<Alcar> "Oh, wait, was heads good or evil. Err, Sorry."
<Alcar> "Wait, that means that old man outside missing an eye and hand was evil!" *runs out with a sword after Vecna*
<Warner> hehe the funiest thing about ceasetraces coin was it was just a damn coin. The fool using it just thought it could detect evil :)

<Alcar> Make the big enemy a Really Evil Villain who is convinced the PCs are good and wants them destroyed.
<Alcar> No matter how much evil they do, or if they even HELP said villain, they think it's a trick :)
<|337C4Bb4g3> that would be great!
<|337C4Bb4g3> "No, we really don't care about these villagers... hell, WE'RE the ones who unleashed the undead on them in the first place!"
<|337C4Bb4g3> "Do you really think your pathetic mind games will work on ME?!"
<Alcar> "But we're evil too! Honest!"
<Alcar> "Now you PROVED you're good! No evil person is honest!"

<Warner> my taoist doesn't I worship any god in particuler yet would have no problem with any you have handy :)
<Warner> "God of death? ok sure, ya want some popcorn?"
<Alcar> God of Death: "I told you, I AM THE GOD OF DEATH!"
<Alcar> PC: "I heard you the first time."
<Alcar> Me: "So .. what's your next pc going to be?"

<|337C4Bb4g3> mike will be too stoned to care ;b
<aslhk> until he runs out of hweed =P
<|337C4Bb4g3> "We're on another world? That's fucking cool!"
<|337C4Bb4g3> once he sobers up he'll prolly get pissed off ;b
* Alcar can see Mike trying to manufacture any plant he finds into a drug :p
<Warner> weed? Hmm a taoist on weed. Is it posable to be to relaxed?

<SnailSlug> all riled up about .6 percent the speed of light for a 381 ton object...
<SnailSlug> don't worry, i have a billion joules or more behind that 381 ton object (i forget exactly). if it hits you, you're definitely going to kingdom come
<Alcar> SnailSlug - I have an ac of 30! I dodge it, 31!

<Eladar> snail slug: which is the point im trying to make.... stop trying to make your poor players cram down 8 years of physics
<Eladar> just so they can play..
<SnailSlug> i'm designing the system, so they don't have to
<Eladar> lol
<Eladar> doesnt appear like it =)
<SnailSlug> it's called game balance
<aslhk> SnailSlug: that's a stupid name for a game.

<Eladar> poorly designed system... and he tries to make it balanced?
<Alcar> Eladar - It was made to be balanced. That's the problem :p
<aslhk> Eladar: well, if it were balanced, then he could gain some followers who would state in no uncertain terms that the game is not poorly designed, it merely has a high learning curve

<aslhk> if every new system were compared to d&d, half of them would be worshipped as gods.

<Alcar> Ok, physical and mental health are either 10 each or a roll of 2d10 for each.
<Pan`Ku> hmmm...
<Pan`Ku> in other words go the easy route of 10, or risk a lower roll with 2d10
<Pan`Ku> hehehe
<Alcar> yep :)
<Pan`Ku> hmmm...I'll risk it, if I can use a bot other than sparkie :)

<AlcarGM> Disclaimer: All references to vices and to the supernatural in this game sesssion are for entertainment purposes only. Worlds Within Worlds does not promote satanism, belief in magic, drug use, violenc, sexual deviation, body piercing, cynical attitudes towards the govenrment, freedom of expression, or any other action or belief not condoned by the authories.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( USA! USA! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ;b ))

* TaoPoo is in the city by the bay having won a vacation in his box of grape nuts.

<AlcarGM> Suzie then opens the frigge.
<AlcarGM> Alice is in there, rather cold.
<AlcarGM> Jim blinks. "Knew I forgot sumpin."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( cold as in cold, or cold as in dead? ))
<AlcarGM> « Dead »
<AlcarGM> Jim doesn't seem to have realised that, yet.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( i can't believe i hang out with these retards... ah, a potheads life is hard ))
<AlcarGM> Suzie: "She's dead, Jim."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( *strangles alcar* ))
<AlcarGM> Jim: "I hate those star trek ---- oh." He blinks. "oh."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( LOL! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( omg, lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> Fuck
<AlcarGM> « the connnection occured to me as I was writing it :p »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( that was horrible, and yet quite funny ))

<AlcarGM> The girl nods slowly, then says "How do you do it?" She blushes. "I mean, meditate, and stuff?"
* TaoPoo stomac rumbles as if on que "And of american food it would seem" he says patting is masive belly
<AlcarGM> The girl laughs. Her boyfriend, shyly, says "I took a course on you! You follow some Way, right?"
<TaoPoo> "Ah meditation, very um, yes. A lot I could say, much of it worthless."
<TaoPoo> "Yes" he answers seeming uncomfortable. He looks around for a source of food.
<Marc_Phillips> ((to come from a country where food is extremely rare and in high demand, he sure eats a lot :)))
<TaoPoo> ((Why else go into religion? :))
* TaoPoo waves dismisively at the mention of dharma and karma as he smells some food then says, "The way? This is the way!" and walks over to the food

<AlcarGM> The girl is very light, and gasps as you pick her up. The word sounds most like a tune of a song than a normal gasp and she relaxes, becoming limp. "Th - thank you.. " she also seems to have less of an accent.
* CrazyCharlie nods
<CrazyCharlie> "You need somewhere to stay? Some food?" He gestures at his containers.
<AlcarGM> The girl looks puzzled, then says "I was already eaten."

<Chaos`^> (( it has acid in it ))
<AlcarGM> « nope, just little red pills.... »
<TaoPoo> ((all oj does))
* TaoPoo walks up to the dock worker and offers him the OJ saying "Please accept this as I am blessed with to many refreshments"
<Chaos`^> (( No, REAL acid ;))
<Chaos`^> (( it has acid in it ))
<AlcarGM> one of the dock workers, coming home from work, looks like he could use it.
<AlcarGM> « nope, just little red pills.... »
<TaoPoo> ((all oj does))
* TaoPoo walks up to the dock worker and offers him the OJ saying "Please accept this as I am blessed with to many refreshments"
<Chaos`^> (( No, REAL acid ;))
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, startled, then thanks TaoPoo
* TaoPoo blows in return and looks for his comfy spot
<Chaos`^> (( Nono, real fake acid, the kind the government makes ))

<TaoPoo> "I like to think of enlightenment as just finding an easy balance between meeting and letting go of your desires"
<TaoPoo> "And right now I'm doing that with this tasty hotdog" he says before eating the bird befouled dog
<Marc_Phillips> ((ok..now I'm going to be sick))
* TaoPoo nods to gage with that same constant plesant smile
<AlcarGM> The kid stares at TaoPoo, then jut walks away slowly looking rather stunned.
<TaoPoo> after they go he chuckles at the vender "Thanks for the mayo. That bird trick gets rid of them every time" :)

* Marc_Phillips sighs as he munches on his cereal
<Marc_Phillips> "this world is just getting worse and worse....wish there was something that could be done"
* Marc_Phillips finishes his cereal and pulls out his Bible so that he can have his daily devotional time
<AlcarGM> You see an add for something called the "Hubris Movie - Real People With Real Powers Trying To Do Something And Save Our World." Looks like it'll be a one star :p

<AlcarGM> You arrive at your corner. It seems . .warmer than before, but in a nice, comforting way.
* CrazyCharlie relaxes a bit in the warmth, and even stops worrying about Charlie for a bit.

<AlcarGM> The vendor finishes packing up and waves to all of you. "Was nice meeting you folks. Hope we meet again sometime."
<Gage```> "Have a good evening! And stay safe, eh?"
<Marc_Phillips> ((translated: nice to meet you folks, hope to take your money for two and a half year old factory throw-outs again sometime!))
* TaoPoo waves in return in that akword way eastern people who dont wave often wave
<AlcarGM> The Vendor nods, glad to have reveived The Sign, and returns home, wherre he meets 20 other people who look like him. "The Operation can begin. I saw an old man who gave me the sign. All praise Arth! All hail the dark god!"
<AlcarGM> Well, maybe not ....
<AlcarGM> The Vendor thanks Gage and heads home to tell his wife about his strange day.
<TaoPoo> (((Hmm isn't this the part of the movie where someone says "I've got a bad feeling about this")
<AlcarGM> She goes and talks to the secret .... :p

<Gage```> "If you're sure it's not going to be any trouble, I think I will take you up on your offer."
* TaoPoo lays there resting his eyes and body
<TaoPoo> "as you wish, here is my key" he hands you the room key.
<Gage```> "Oh. I meant when you head there."
<AlcarGM> Gage begins to wonder just how long TaoPoo will survive in this city? :)
<TaoPoo> "Oh I wont be allowed there. Single ocupency. I'll be fine here to night. You're country is almost as warm as my home"
* TaoPoo rolls over and starts snoring
* Gage``` blinks

<Mike_Splardonski> stupid fucking people
* Mike_Splardonski sniffles a little bit
<Mike_Splardonski> fuck it, i'm going to bed
* Mike_Splardonski gets up and starts to head home
<Gage```> "Sure you don't wanna talk about it?"
<Mike_Splardonski> yeah
<Mike_Splardonski> thanks, though
<Gage```> "I'm an absolute stranger, don't know you, don't know anyone around here, so I can guarantee I ain't tellin'."
<AlcarGM> « Wanna bet? :p »

<Mike_Splardonski> how come you guys don't have a place to stay?
<Gage```> "He does, but he thinks single occupancy really means you can only have one person in the room. I'm sort've a wanderer. Don't have much money, don't really have a home, so I don't pay for hotel rooms."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ah, a serial killer! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ;b ))
<Gage```> ((dammit! another one figures it out... *gets his knife...*))
<TaoPoo> ((stay away from my grape nuts!))

<Void``> Imagine being whiped out of existence like your energy was used in a supernova
<Void``> Except it doesnt get spread across the universe
<Void``> it simply winks out
<Void``> as if it never existed
<Void``> Well.....i think thats what Jim Felt.
<StarChild`-> ".... Ow."
<Void``> Thats what i felt when Bloodhound grabbed me..
<Void``> ITs a good thing IM not evil......
* StarChild`- looks at Void questioningly, and with fake surprise. "You're n--- *stops herselg in time, and coughs, pretneding she didnt almost ask that :P*
* Void`` doesnt need to read her mind to finish that thought
<Void``> No, Im not evil dammit.
<StarChild`-> (( "Yeah, and Faline just had emotional problems." ))

<Void``> Listen, your a hippie. You should know even people with the best intentions sometime make mistakes ok?
<Void``> So stop giving me greif over it.
<Void``> You made the mistake too. and Pushing it all on my back doesnt let you off the hook either
* StarChild`- is about to respond to the hippie thing, but gets distracted by the other part.
<StarChild`-> (( "Why do people always assume I'm a hippie?! I mean come on... just because my parents were hippies and I my last name is a Hippie name, and my super hero name is too, and I'd like to save the environment, that doesnt mean... ah, crap." ))

<Bloodhound```> ROFLMAO!
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> Mimic...I know i have no say. But i do NOT want Bloodhound runnning around with all those peoples powers inside him. First off who knows if he can use them himself? Second when he figures how to give it back he can likley build his own personal army of lackys
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> **all mental**
<Bloodhound```> <Bloodhound```> why do i get this?
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> CRAP!
<Bloodhound```> <Void``> DOH!
<Bloodhound```> * Void`` kicks himself
<Bloodhound```> that's so great :)

* Bloodhound``` goes over to Jim, shaking him lightly
<AlcarGM> After a good 30 seconds, Jim wakes, sees Bloodhound and screams in terror :P
<Bloodhound```> "Touche."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "Get away from me!" mostly coherently.
<Bloodhound```> "Jim, calm down, it's alright. Oh, and to avoid pointless talking, if you don't calm down, I'll just take your powers again."
<AlcarGM> Jim calms down. Fast.
<Bloodhound```> "So let's do this rationally, alright? We're being attacked, and we need your help."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "My ... help. What do you need?"
<StarChild`-> (( hehehe threaten him to calm him down... nice people skills :) ))
<Bloodhound```> ((lol, I took my diplomacy lessons from the Batman school of politics))
<StarChild`-> (( Batman would be such a bad negotiator if he didnt have the costume and the gadgets :P ))

<Void``> OK......Im about to try something very crazy.......See you in a bit
* Void`` dissapears
<Void``> (God damned startrek dont fail me now)
<Bloodhound```> (i'm really glad I don't know Void's doing this...)
<StarChild`-> (( youre gonna fly around the sunb? :P ))
<AlcarGM> « I wish I didn't have to fnid out :p »
<Void``> (exactly!)
<AlcarGM> « You're serious?!?! »
* Void`` zaps around the sun at faster than the speed of light trying to go hours back in time
<Void``> (yep!)
<StarChild`-> (( god... you're thick :) ))
<Bloodhound```> ((this is going to be.... uhmm... something more polite than stupid, though I can't find the word :))

<Void``> (if that doesnt work, im going to try and jump into a blackhole :-P)
<StarChild`-> (( why not just fly aroun the earth in the opposite direction? :P ))
<Void``> (i'll try that before the blackhole....)
<Reykemias> (whoa....how the hell does that work?)
<StarChild`-> (( yay! jump into a black hole! yaaaay! ))

<AlcarGM> You fly around the sun .. I can't believe I'm typing this ... and do NOT go back in time.
<Bob`-`> (LOL)
<Void``> damn!
* Barry^Mugan bets the sun is laughing at him
<StarChild`-> (( make his brain implode, Alcar! ))
* Void`` flies around the earth counter clockwise superman style
<AlcarGM> « Thats what I want to know! »

<Bob`-`> in a weed induced molment of focus bob mannages to maifest all the powers of the force and call down his jedi masters to clean up the mistakes of the chosen to become gifted
<AlcarGM> LOL!
<Bob`-`> sure why not
* Bob`-` is serus
<Bob`-`> for a bit part it would put a hell of a twist in the end of the game for him
<AlcarGM> Yeah
<Bob`-`> have him show up and give a speach on using ones powers responsably
<Bob`-`> and the moon leaves orbit not realy being the moon but the death star, two of jupiters moons are sent to replace it
<Bob`-`> going a bit far on that last bit but hay

<AlcarGM> Mimic: "It's simpple - we just need to get away and lie low. The sun is a bit .. extreme."
<Void```> Alright then..... starchild....do you think you can..........*Falters a moment* Do you think you can hold up a sheild at the core of the earth? If we both generated one we could build a safe base there, and use the worlds volcanoes as exit points to almost anywhere in the world.
* Bloodhound``` blinks
<Bloodhound```> "Void, can't we just hide in the freakin' arctic?"
<Void```> too dangerous and accessable
<Barry^Mugan> (global warming people)
<Bob`-`> (and splitting the core in two isn't a good idea last i checked)
<Void```> (that wouldnt happen.......who could attack the core? its NOT accessible, neither is the sun......)

* Barry^Mugan appears as a image a crystal in hand
<Barry^Mugan> "Take it Bloodhound"
* Bloodhound``` takes it
<Barry^Mugan> "My gift to you Bloodhound..why don't you take his powers and see what he has in store for the world"
* Barry^Mugan flickers away
<AlcarGM> Bloodhound - In the ball is the face of John Smith, of all people.
<StarChild`-> (( at least its not the ball of john smith, which is the way I first read it :P ))

<Bloodhound```> "Look, Void, you have a knack for thinking you can do big things, and then realizing you can't after it's too late. Let's keep away from really important parts of the Earth's physiology, k?"

<Void```> Everyone leaves one by one..... in diffrent directions
<Void```> I'll leave first and make myself invisible while in space.
<Void```> Then i'll fly to each person, make them invisible too, and zap us to boston......
<Winter^Windchaser> (i don't think people like the word zap and void in the same line)
<Void```> (teleport then, whichever)

<Bob-waiting> "You realy should go get your friends they should hear this"
<BloodHound``> "Why don't you come to my friends? We're really trying to settle down, ya know. It's been a long day."
<Bob-waiting> "Fine so long as i only have to give the speach once"
<BloodHound``> "Great, c'mon. Hopefully this won't be like last time. I'm sure everyone would love to hear it next session, or possibly this session. They can just cut and paste for me, because I'm gonna go crash."
<Bob-waiting> lol what ever works it matters little to me

<StarChild`-> (( its all Void's fault isnt it?! :P ))

<Alcar> Actually, it's more than a minor problem with mythos-style games... how do you end up caring about a pc when they're going to die in 3-4 sessions anyhow :p
<Alcar> or any friend, since if the Gm follows Lovrcraft you're secretar/wife/sister/brother/pet goldfish will die, and you end up in some creepy house and go nuts.
<Keith`> easy make them such a monchken that they won't die in 3 sesstions
<Alcar> keith - not possible on Call of Cthulhu :)
<Alcar> Tho the game is oriented to investigation. A Smart pc (not a munch) wuold survive just by researching what they're going up against :)
<aslhk> a smart pc would survive by hiring people to check it out

<aslhk> but there's being insane-playable and being insane-eating-people
<Keith`> i don't know
<Keith`> faline mannaged both for a while
<aslhk> Keith`: *laugh* hmm, you've got a point there.

<aslhk> I could go for 3rd edition horror if you don't mind a rather quiet player--i'm working on other things as well
<Elana-Silvereye> it'd be kinda like ravenloft cept totaly different

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( man the IQ rating of this Group is acctually lower then the Popularion of this Tavern ))
<Hawk`-`> (probubly)
<aslhk> Guard: "You are all accused of assault on the Princess's royal princess. Now, I recommend you all come with me."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( If I bearhug the Princess, how long would it take me to remove her from the 6 inch spikes on my armor ))
<Koby`> "This one not do nothing. That one name creature." thinks for a moment, then looks shocked and yips, loudly. "That one think this one creasture?" *stares at the princess* "This one think that one has face of deformed orc!"
<aslhk> The guard looks angry.
<aslhk> (( Taklinn_Rumnaheim oh, and it wouldn't take *too* long--i'm sure you're quite practiced at cleaning armor by now))

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( I once had a PC attempt a Sleep spell and the Party of PC had the lowest HD ))

<Caltak> really though, can I play a bad guy so I can kill pcs? killing pcs is fun
<aslhk> you can't play a badguy whose purpose in life is to kill the other pcs =P
<Caltak> plus im angry at them for not wanting to switch games
<Caltak> oh, no, of courser I'd find a reasonable, rp reason to kill them messily. its not hard.
<aslhk> i'll let you play a character who will be in a confrontation with the pcs if you like, but you'd be lower level and probably lose =P
<aslhk> because the pcs are supposed to triumph and all of that
<aslhk> rather silly game when all the pcs die =P
<Caltak> pcs? triumph? what are you smoking?

<aslhk> Koby`: are you trying to hide in the tavern, or leaving?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( Koby could hide in a Vacuum ))
<Koby`> hiding in it, since I doubt I'd have time to leave before the guards come out of their daze :p
<Pan`Ku> ((Koby? that has to be my favorite character of all time...this has to be the game I used to have a Ranger in :)))
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( not that he would want to ;P ))

<aslhk> The princess runs away.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( I take my AOO on the Princess
<Koby`> « you ...... oh, great »

* Hawk`-` shakes his head drawing his daggers and going for the most opertune guard possable
<Hawk`-`> 2#1d20+4
<Sparkie> Hawk`-` 2#1d20+4: 7 10
<Hawk`-`> (ahh sparkie i won't be a murder yet with you around)
<Sparkie> (( It's ok, you can be a victim. ))

<Hawk`-`> just to test something
<Hawk`-`> 2#1d20-4
<Sparkie> Hawk`-` 2#1d20-4: -3 2
<Hawk`-`> wow ok
<Hawk`-`> its at least consistent

* Koby` looks for a back door ;P
<aslhk> The tavern starts on fire. The townspeople scream and run out the door. The guards move closer to monitor who's leaving.
<aslhk> ((heh, there's only one door. It's a fire hazard.
<Koby`> « bad city! I'm going to complain to the mayor when I'm about to get hung :p »

<aslhk> Taklinn_Rumnaheim: More guards also surround you. What now?
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim plants himself outside the Tavern and drinks his Ale
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim offer the Half empty ale Stien to the Guards and then reachs for his axe again
<aslhk> The guards don't take the stein and all draw their swords
<aslhk> there're about 8 of them around you and more just in case. It looks like they called in all of the guard for this area.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim offers the Guards his axe (The Business end)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( taklinn can't count ))

<aslhk> The gladiator pits are dark and smell rather bad, but there is free food and they even give out some ale on occassion.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> 1d20+5 Escape Fate Check
<Sparkie> Taklinn_Rumnaheim 1d20+5: 21 Escape Fate Check
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Wait does my Armor Check Effect that ?
<Hawk`-`> (yep)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Damn
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> 1d20-12 Escape Fate Check
<Sparkie> Taklinn_Rumnaheim 1d20-12: 6 Escape Fate Check
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Hey a Positiv e Number ;)
<aslhk> ((lol! that's a big armor check penalty=P))

<aslhk> The pits are rather empty--the arena seems to be a fairly new idea here, and there aren't too many other prisoners
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (( What did they take from me and what do I still have ? ))
<Caltak> (( you have underpants and a stick. ))

* Koby` looks in the cage, then waves "Hi! This one called Koby."
* Darkkin thinks Caltak sees food waving at him
* Caltak looks at Koby, then looks behind himself as if expecting to see someone on the other side of the cage that Koby is actually talking to.
* Koby` waves to the wemic "That one trapped here, too?"

<Caltak> have they been feeding me regularly, or just barely enough to not get sick, so Ill be more fierce? just, uh, wondering :)
<aslhk> they're rather inexperienced with the whole arena things
<aslhk> they've been giving you food and ale regularly
<Caltak> ale? roflmao
<aslhk> *laugh* I know! What weirdos =P
<Caltak> woo boy, ale. Im guessing not enough to get me drunk (as i have quite a lot of body mass) but i'd remmebr the drink makes me feel funny. May want to try drinking a lot some time and see what hapens hehehehe :)

* Koby` goes up to him "Why that door not open?"
<aslhk> Guard: "That monster would eat you all, and then there'd be no show."
<Koby`> "What monster? Orc-face here?!" *looks around for the princess, alarmed*
<aslhk> "Who is Orc-face?"
<Koby`> "Ugly human. Call Koby a thing!"
* Koby` describes the princess to the guard
<Koby`> "Monster here?"
<aslhk> "Listen, I have better things to do than sit around to talk to some primitive arena-bait-thing."
<Koby`> "That neat name for orc-face."

<Koby`> Not bad for a one shot. We managed to assult a princess, burn a tavern, enter an arena *and* escape with the creature that was suppossed to eat us :p
<Hawk`-`> well i have all but mannaged to get you out of the prison
<Hawk`-`> and it wasnt my doing that got you in there
<Caltak> eat? nah, too full up on food and ale :P just maul to death. :)
<Caltak> come on, I can understand not being experienced enough to think of starving the animal to make it fiercer. But giving it ale? *shakes his head*
<aslhk> are you criticizing their arena-animal-keeping techniques?
<Caltak> yes :P
<aslhk> you looked kind of human and they were a little bit afraid of you, so they gave you ale =P

<Alcar> aslhk ran a game instead :p
<Baliadoc> ahh, i see
<Baliadoc> lol, fun fun :)
<Alcar> Koby thought a princess was going to kill the wemic in the arena who was going to eat the pcs.
* Baliadoc blinks
<Alcar> Yeah :)
<Baliadoc> i think that sentence wins the award for "Best game you never want to know all the details of." :)

<SensorsQ> <Skrath> Actually, the phrase "Sparkie's a Bitch" sums up the game nicely
<SensorsQ> Doesnt that um up EVERY game in game1?
<Skrath> more or less

<Darkkin> Time goes by and its 1 hour before the meeting how do you plan on getting there
<Darkkin> and i swear if somone says "I come in peace" there going to be shot and in the same sense i'll not say "Take me to your leader" nuf said

* Alcar shudders and contemplates an Adept based around Jerry Springer....
<Alcar> "You must confess!"
<Alcar> Everyone involved in the scene could get a Bash Someone With A Chair skill at 40% :p
<Caltak> Except for the largest guys in the area who get a Subdue Lunatic Redneck skill at 90% :)

<TaoPoo> ((crap who was that guy that started the russion revolution?))
<TaoPoo> ((not stallin the guy that wrote the books, im just drawing a blank and I know his name))
<AlcarGM> « marx »
<TaoPoo> ((thats it thx))
<AlcarGM> « & Engels, but no one remembers him :( »
<CrazyCharlie> ((and some other guy, whose name no one knows! =P))
<CrazyCharlie> ((except Alcar =P))

<AlcarGM> As you move away, you're both struck by the odd idea you will meet again.....
<TaoPoo> ((universal law of PC gravitaion. Ask for it by name in any multiverse :)
<AlcarGM> « lol! "Your PC Express card! It's everywhere you want to be! And some places you don't to either.... »
<AlcarGM> « (Dungeon) Master Express: There's some things money can't buy, but for the look of complete, dawning horror on your players facs, there's Mastercard!" »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Artifacts and such ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( in 3e you can buy a holy avenger +5, which is damn silly imo ;b ))

<AlcarGM> Dr Spock blinks. "We seem to be getting somewhere. Does he have any more of these pills?"
<Mike_Splardonski> (( heheh, he wants to try them out himself ;b ))
<AlcarGM> « Of course :p »
<CrazyCharlie> "Not a one."
<CrazyCharlie> (( *laugh* everyone knows that! =P ))
<AlcarGM> Dr. Spock: "Pity. From a professional standpoint, of course. I'd have to say you're friend is really high on something other that drugs. Did he attend any shady motivational seminars recently?"
* Mike_Splardonski gives Dr. Spock the *I am an evil fucking teenager who is about to rob you and leave you bleeding on the side of the street for drug money* look
<Mike_Splardonski> (( the scarier version of the "eat shit and die" look ;b ))
<AlcarGM> Dr Spock gives Mike the *I have studied books on Jack The Ripper and am pretty decent with a scapel if I do say so myself* look

<Mike_Splardonski> (( I'm gonna grab a couple changes of clothes, my stash, my accoustic guitar, and whatever money I have handy ))
* Mike_Splardonski tries to think of anything else he might be forgetting
<Mike_Splardonski> Ah!
<CrazyCharlie> ((Soap! =P))
* Mike_Splardonski practically smacks himself on the forehead, and grabs a small pipe

<AlcarGM> The small tree person looks up at the vine and says something, shaking a hand as if scolding it. The vine begins to rise again. The tree pesron rubs its leaft hands together and bgins walking in the direction of the setting son (further up the trail, if a one goat track can be called a trail)
<Gage```> "Hey, wait. Maybe we can follow that thing. It seems to be... uh... leaving? That's the way I was going anyway."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( leafing? ))
<Gage```> ((*rimshot*))
<Gage```> ((i knew that was coming :))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( glad I didn't disappoint you ;b ))

<Gage``> "Uhmm... might wanna watch our back. This could be ugly."
* Gage`` pulls out a small belt knife to cut anything he finds."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I *KNEW* he was a serial killer! ))
<TaoPoo> "Um er as you wish"
* TaoPoo watches Gages back
<Gage``> ((aw heck, this is just my normal knife. you haven't seen the nifty serrated one i keep for gutting people and watching them die slowly... er... the one i use for cutting tomatoes in thing slices. yeah.))
<Caltak> (( good, if you watch his back, he cant get behind you :P ))
* TaoPoo stares intently at Gages back
* Gage`` turns around
<Gage``> "I mean watch out for anything that may take affront to me 'hurting' this forest...thing."
* TaoPoo moves around gage so as to keep his back in view

<AlcarGM> The mushrooms taste like chicken.
<TaoPoo> ((Soilent Mushrooms!!!))
<Gage``> (any weird side effects from them?)
<AlcarGM> « Not that you can feel yet :p »
<AlcarGM> « You hallucinate you're back in SF ! »
* TaoPoo rides the feiry and takes pictures :)
<Gage``> (hey! these're great!)

<Gage``> "Uhm... I just saw Tinkerbell."
<TaoPoo> "Tinkerbell? As in the disney cartoon?"
<Gage``> "Hey! You up there! Can you understand me!?"
<AlcarGM> TaoPoo sees noone except for the dancing stars. Gage gets no reply from whatever drifted overheard, if indeed thre was anything there at all...
<Gage``> "Damn..."
* TaoPoo looks around watching for park rangers and captain hook
<AlcarGM> TaoPoo just see the nice tree :)
<TaoPoo> "Thank you, most kind."
<Gage``> (you think that's bad? every time i read or type your name, I think of 'the Tao of Pooh.' I'm starting to wait for your raging honey addiction to kick in.))

<AlcarGM> - End of Session -
<AlcarGM> EXP: 4 each
<Warner> Whoot! 4 xp! now I can die happy :)

<Chaos`^> Hey
<Chaos`^> where were you monday?
<Alcar> Short story is I fell asleep.
<Alcar> Long story is the session did run.
<Chaos`^> ?
<Chaos`^> 10-1 was the deal.. I came in at ten, you weren't here, came back at 1, you still weren't here, so I went to bed... What did I miss? =\
* Alcar woke up at 3am dreaming I HAD run it. Even gave out EXP during the dream.
* Chaos`^ was hoping maybe you'd play it some time this week
<Chaos`^> ?
<Chaos`^> so in reality.. did it run?
<Alcar> No.
<Alcar> only in my dream
<Chaos`^> I've never really thought you were truly wierd untill now...

<Chaos`^> little do you know alcar, you don't give out exp in 4lands =p
<Alcar> Yes I did. Everyone levelled. It was a cool session. Would have been better if the players had been in it, but hey. We can't have everything

* Chaos`^ throws 99 red balloons into the air just to trigger nuclear war so he can play 4lands
<AlcarGM> lol
<Chaos`^> you think I'm joking..
<Chaos`^> if Jenny is as tired of life as I am of hubris, and she knows the world's ending, and that someone's trying to stop it, she'd do it... =p
<Barry^Mugan> it already happened
<Chaos`^> then why are we playing?

* Barry^Mugan drains some energy to replace his own and then begins back to the work of creating his doomsday weapon to be stoped by the players and such and so forth

<Chaos`^> So anyway
<Chaos`^> I'm gunna go shave.. when I get back, the world had better be gone

<Void``> "So we are all getting fucked over because the human race couldnt stop their pissing cock measureing contest.."
<Bob`-`> "Its your own doing realy, by taking the powers back you are being given a 2nd chance so to speek"
<Bloodhound```> "Actually Void, blowing up Boston didn't help."
<Void``> "shut up bloodhound"

<Void``> There may be fewer people
<Void``> but even so
<Void``> someone will want to be in control of everything
<Void``> And the moment whoever stoped those nukes looses their powers...... the nukes will come again
<Bob`-`> "Fewer people meens a faster senus, thats all."

<Bob`-`> "So then shell i continue? would you like to play with your gifts and toys a bit longer?"
<Void``> "Yes"
<Bloodhound```> "Oh man. You're not actually going to offer him a second chance, are you? He's been given at least 4 by me."

<Caltak> In all seriousness, I got almost attached to Hubris as I did LoLaD, but in a healthier fashion, as there have been many times I just dont feel like Hubris that night. But I do like to play it from time to time, and theres just so much more for my PC that I need to play her more, that if I do accept you ending, I will be bugging you every so often to start anotehr capaign. So I think we should save time and just continue with it

* Alcar got an Unknown Armies book. 5 one shot adventures. Everything from a jail break ot terroroism to the end of the world. It's great reading.
* Alcar 's favourite line is about what happens if the players attack a drunk old fart who's friends try and take him away from the pcs (the drunk guy said some vague thrests) "If the players attack him, they could kill him easily - he's too drunk to fight - and in doing so they will start a riot. 400 outraged locals will rip them, and any other nearby tourists, to shreds. Oh well."

* Tim``` leaves the actual mechanics to work on things, and decides to be assertive and takes a leadership course :)
<Skrath> Leadership for dummies: Lesson 1. Wear Brown Pants.
<Tim```> purple is more authoratative :p
<ArthurQ> Red
<ArthurQ> for TNG days
<Skrath> (brown shows less... discoloration.... under stress)
* Tim``` is an android. That doesn't apply :p
<Skrath> (oh, DarkEternity, you forgot to mention to Tim the, umm, improvements, I made to him?)

<DarkEternity> lets begin with the torso
<DarkEternity> going to roll?
<OffonOff> 1d20 ||16\8\4
<Sparkie> OffonOff 1d20: 20 ||16\8\4
<OffonOff> no lets begin by replacing the bot
<OffonOff> 1d20 ||16\8\4
<Brick-Wall> OffonOff 1d20: 18 ||16\8\4
<Sparkie> OffonOff 1d20: 1 ||16\8\4
<OffonOff> ok i realy don't give a fuck any more!

<DarkEternity> ArthurQ brings the ship into a uncontrolable spin heading twards the enemy
<Tim```> "Interesting idea of evasive tactics," icily
<DarkEternity> Oddly tim picks the right timeing when the ship spins to fire the laser blasts coming down on the enemy
* OffonOff over the com "now there is a new tactic"
<Tim```> "Wheel of fortune," sarcasticallly. "Now, can you get us out of the spin?"
<ArthurQ> well this way its harder to hit our vital areas

<Dorthos> A quick question... if one's drinking on a mud they're playing, and drinking IRL, is that not a good idea, or just really good RP?

* Got_Tass proposes a new game
<Got_Tass> dance dance revolution mixed with an old Mexican folk lore
<Got_Tass> Dance Dance chupacabra
<Got_Tass> a game where you dance and suck out the insides of goats to modern day pop tunes!

* [francesca] wonders if the GM in AlcarGM stands for "genetically modified"

* Rhaet``` seems to know where he's going. whether everyone is smart enough to follow is their business.
* Rhaet``` on the note of the others being smart, Rhaet is also looking for a new party to join when this one dies in the cold :)

<Argenton`^> ok alcar, I'll be back in about an hour, I just keep attacking till I die :)
<AlcarDM> Oh, ok.
*** Argenton`^ Quit (Quit: )
* Rhaet``` looks over at Argenton
<AlcarDM> Argenton attacks the enemy. As there currently he none, he's attacking either the snow, or the other players.
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 1d100: 56
<Rhaet```> "Argenton, why're you stabbing your horse to death?"
<AlcarDM> Ok, everyone prepare to be attacked .. :p

<Rhaet```> "I really don't hope so, but I just get a bad feeling she's alright."
<AlcarDM> <Cally> looks confused. "A what?"
<AlcarDM> You can hear the undead behind you all.... distant, but there.
<Rhaet```> "A bad feeling."
<Rhaet```> "let's go."
* Rhaet``` starts moving fast
<AlcarDM> <Cally> "That Rose is all right?"
<Rhaet```> "yes."

<AlcarDM> The 2 younger dwarves see *humans* two. one of them screams a battle cry.
<Rhaet```> "Ah good. At least some of the others are feeling spunky."
<Rose`-`> "Intoresting...." *while moving out of the dwarfs way*
<AlcarDM> The older dwarf says something in dwarvish, sharply ("Will you dishonor us, fool?") but an axe is already flying through the air
* Vengath` stops it mid air with a spell
<Rhaet```> "Oh, there's no dishonor. You spend a little time with them and see how far they've regressed, and you'll simply see it's a waste of a good axe."

<Rose`-`> "You do know Rhaet that you are part Earth Elimental?"
<Rhaet```> "Yes Rose, thank you. We'll talk about that later."
<AlcarDM> The old dwarf stars, hard, at Rhaet "Elemental?" in a cold voice. "You dishonour the people by allying with one of Those? Explain yourself, youngling!"
* Rhaet``` gives Rose a biiiiiig "Thank you" look, if by thank you i mean "I can't wait to spread your entrails through these mountains." which is exactly what i mean.

* Mike_Splardonski opens the door carefully, and peeks out, not sure what to expect
<AlcarGM> Mike sees a succu -- err, a woman. She's tall, athletic, with long brown hair framing amused green eyes. She smiles at you. "You're pretty good."
* Mike_Splardonski looks her over, smiles, and says, "Thanks..."
* Mike_Splardonski spins his mental wheels for a moment
<AlcarGM> The woman ducks :p
<Mike_Splardonski> You wanna... play together, or something?
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))
<Mike_Splardonski> *quickly* like a duet...
<AlcarGM> The woman looks surprised, then laughs softly. "Well, if you can play anything other that really sad stuff, sure. We could liven this place up."
* Mike_Splardonski thinks about what he just said and bursts out laughing
<Mike_Splardonski> Yeah, I can do that... I'm feeling much better now *smiles*

* Mike_Splardonski buys a bag of chips and a coke
<Mike_Splardonski> "You want anything?"
<AlcarGM> Tina looks away from the girl behind the counter "Uhm, water would be fine."
* Mike_Splardonski gets her a water
<Mike_Splardonski> (( "oh, on a diet... I understand" *knowing look* <--- suicidal move ))

<AlcarGM> LMAO!
<AlcarGM> <Gage```> "Uh... gotcha. Right. Uhm... what are you? Where am I? How did I survive the attack by that homeless guy?"
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Fairy: "Homeless man?"
<AlcarGM> <Gage```> "This guy with a sword attacked me. I think he was mad I broke the branch on that tree."
<AlcarGM> New definition for the king of the wood "That homeless guy"

<ElanaDM> The Work bats Taura's swords away from striking it with its massive treetrunk sized mandibles
<ElanaDM> ((*Work ^u^))
<ElanaDM> ((Gah! *Worm, though i guess Work is just as loathsome))

<Baliadoc> hmmm... okay. So FD, what were you talking about about needing to be alerted to the occult?
<Caltak> well these days, that is pretty normal
<Alcar> Baliadoc - Oh, hust what Trigger Event makes your pc(s) aware that there is more to the world than they expected
<Caltak> "I didn't know Bublicious came in that many flavors! My mind has beeen blown!!"
<Alcar> LOL Caltak. No :p

<Alcar> Hugh's Dad: "Oh, so you can't come over for dinner because something odd is happening? Son, I know all about odd, I married your mo - Ok, I know you don't like me saying that ... It's strange?! Boy, I've seen misery before! I've seen pain, and paranoia, and insanity - and that was just during the divorce. Out with it!"

<Hugh`-> god not the clockworks! *curls up into a ball and rocks back and forth*
<Hugh`-> in retrospect, I shouyld've made a Self check when I found out I was a clockwork :P
<Hugh`-> or did I?
<AlcarGM> Well, you weren't "you" so no :) I wasn't reaslly using the checks in UA1 anyhow.
<Hugh`-> lol I noticed
<Hugh`-> my parents are robots! IThere are giant barbies weilding weapons! I become a clockwork and nearly kill my friend! I then wake up in a room with an S&M wet dream robot! and not one check! :P

<Hugh`-> Hugh as a Paranormal Investigator: "I've uncovered numerous government conspiracies, such as ones concerning aliens, bigfoot, and what exactly I Cant believe Its Not Butter actually is! Plus I have all this proof!" "Wow! How did you do it?" "I Uh... well see... I can sort of read minds and uh.." *other guy yanks off shades* "OH MY GOD! You're an ALIEN!" :P

<AlcarGM> They go back next door to finish playing d&d. The GM, in an act of dramatic heroism, makes no references to any games ever held here.
<Hugh`-> (( did they shut the door or leave it open? ))
<Falsedragon> (awwwww...)
<AlcarGM> « shut it »
<Hugh`-> (( yeah False, shut-- oh, you mean the door :P ))

<AlcarGM> <Nicole> looks startled for a moment, and guilty. Somewhat stiffly "I .. owe you, as well.Is there .. something you'd want?"
<Hugh`-> "Oh, plenty." *slow sip* "Nothing you could give me, though." *pause a moment, in thought, then looks at her.* "Just... stay alive, okay? That's what I want. Keep yourself safe."
<Tsume> (People always want the impossible =P)
<Sparkie> (( I know! Like that Caltak person, wanting rolls below 90 of all things .... ))
<Hugh`-> (( *punch* ))
<Tsume> (*Nicole walks outside, gets run over by greyhound buse, semi, and dodge ram with a speedboat*)
<Hugh`-> (( *steal a certain dagger from Sintaqx, and waves it threateningly at Sparkie* ))
<Chaos`^> (( ROFL ))
<Tsume> (*who swirve off road to avoid atomic bomb radius which magicly ends right before Nicole's dead corpse*)
<Chaos`^> (( i forgot about that knife ))

<Eladar> any one in 'ere looking for a 3e campaign?
<Alcar> Not I.
<sgilley> Maybe
<Eladar> its like pulling teeth to find a group to start a game = |

<AlcarGM> The man up front reading has told the driver he plans to go to Innsmouth, but doesn't mind if they go to Whitehil first.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( yay! ))
<AlcarGM> The couple in the back don't seem to really have an opinion :p
<Mike_Splardonski> (( uh oh, they MUST be cultists, then O_o ))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( they're too busy to have an opinion :P ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( busy PLOTTING THE RETURN OF THE ELDER GODS! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( <--- player is paranoid now ;b ))
<AlcarGM> « While having sex? THAT takes dedication :p *Oh, yes, baby, ye -- Lord Shoggoth is commmmmiinn -- ohhh -- Oh! Hail lord..." »

<AlcarGM> <Todd> shakes his head, then begins walking towards the Tombs. "You bring any mace or anything, in case things get ... problematic?"
<Belinda_Forrester> (( "Nope, no mace, but I did bring this flail..." :P ))

<AlcarGM> Ma nods and bellows: "Bacon an' two. 2 of 'em." And gets Tina some coffee. She gives you some bottled orange juice with an expiry date from last year.
* Mike_Splardonski looks at the bottle disdainfully
<Mike_Splardonski> Hey... this juice is, like, 6 months expired...
<AlcarGM> Ma: "It's ok, we keep it in the fridge.' She scowls. "It's just a trick by them companies to make us buy more, anyway. The stuff is fine. Just like the milk."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( USA! USA! ))

<AlcarGM> The man reading his book giggles, the sound high and abrupt. "Arth'ba'Toch comes and He is hungry. I'm sorry, really, but you're all going to be His breakfast." He continues reading.
<Belinda_Forrester> (( "Yeah, A ones are worse, they have much better special effects, so the monsters are more dangerous." ))
<Mike_Splardonski> Um... yeah...
<Mike_Splardonski> Dude, you need to remember to take your medication...
<AlcarGM> The man flips another page and looks up. His eyes are glowing a shade of pink that clashes horribly with the wall colour. "I? I? I who have seen into the heart of the universe and beheld the Court? I who hear the Pipers playing the song of songs? You all know nothing! Nothing!"
* Mike_Splardonski backs away slowly
<Mike_Splardonski> *to Tina* Let's get the hell out of here...
<Mike_Splardonski> (( pink eye is contagious! ))

* Mike_Splardonski lights his pipe and takes a big hit
<AlcarGM> The GM remains thankful the fox isn't empathic .....
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> It actually takes longer than usual (imagine that!) but you calm down slowly. The fox keeps watching you, intently, but doesn't come closer
* Mike_Splardonski shakes his head and giggles
<AlcarGM> « "The entire army is all in a state of .. of .. bliss! What foul being has caused this?" "Oh, that's Mike." "Is it in disguise?" »
<Mike_Splardonski> (( the world's first drug dealer ;b ))

* Mike_Splardonski tries to think now that he is more calm
<Tsume> ((Roll Think check))
<Sparkie> Mike_Splardonski 1d10-3: 0
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ;b ))
<Tsume> ((Wis -Pot -Nervousness -hyper +Calm? =P)

<AlcarGM> TaoPoo - You waken up in this other world, with the sun having risen in the *south* and Gage nowhere in sight. You don't even see tracks from his bike anywhere and the walking tree seems to have vanished. On the other hand, the tree you slept against ws really comfy, even if you're clothing is covered by an awful lot of tree sap
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ewwwwww ))
<AlcarGM> « *looks really, really innocent* »
* TaoPoo closes his eyes and tries really hard to ignore the annoying tree sap
* TaoPoo stands feeling sticky all over
<Belinda_Forrester> (( how many times has that happened to you before? :P ))

<AlcarGM> The fox sneezes again, then Mike blinks, or thinks he does, and Mike is standing there looking at Mike. This Mike only has one shadow, though.
<Mike_Splardonski> What the fuck?!
<AlcarGM> Mike mimes eating, looking happy.
* Mike_Splardonski boggles
<Belinda_Forrester> (( it was cuter before :P ))
<AlcarGM> Mike boggles back at Mike
* TaoPoo startles violently "Ahh!" and falls out of his lotus position with something less then grace
<AlcarGM> Mike looks at Mike, then smiles happily "What the fuck?!"
* Mike_Splardonski laughs
<Mike_Splardonski> *quietly to himself* This is really fucking weird...
<AlcarGM> « In the ages to come, the historian of the People delicately decides to forget this important first language sharing experiment.... »

<TaoPoo> ((less cursing would be apreciated actually))
<TaoPoo> ((we only have so many of them it would be a shame to use them all up))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( we don want the shapeshifter just learning swears, do we? :) ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ;b ))
<AlcarGM> « well, curse words are the first people learn about other languages.." »
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol, that is indeed the case))
<TaoPoo> ((thats all fine and good but if we use them all the time they lose all their meaning. cusing should be used like surgical strike not a carpet bombing))

<AlcarGM> <Todd> "No, stay ..... you don't want to see me."
<Belinda_Forrester> "What? Why not?"
<AlcarGM> <Todd> "You just don't. It took .. a lot to get away. Trigger happy insane cops... I think the other thing is dead. The cop was lighting it on fire when I ran away."
<Belinda_Forrester> "Lighting it... on fire..."
<Belinda_Forrester> "..."
<Belinda_Forrester> "Right..."
<AlcarGM> Lance as a homicidal maniac is kinda cool :)

<Mike_Splardonski> ...I... think it just went out and killed that dude *looks rather ill*
<AlcarGM> Mike(2) nods, happily, then looks a bit pensive. "Food?"
* TaoPoo speaks woodenly as if recalling a phrase he was told to use "Sorry I'm alergic to 'Dwarf'"
<AlcarGM> Mike(2) looks confused, then looks down at th dwarf "New food?"
<Belinda_Forrester> (( oh cmon, Dwarves are full of vitamins and minerals. especial minerals :P ))
<TaoPoo> "I prefer to eat things that I could have a conversation with"
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol =P))
<TaoPoo> "er I prefer NOT to eat things that I could have a conversation with"
<Belinda_Forrester> (( oh ok lol ))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( I was about to say ))

<AlcarGM> The small cats seem to be some odd cross between cats and squirrels... with really sharp teeth.
* TaoPoo cooks up the cats with out complaint, since he comes from india :)
* TaoPoo skins em, skewers em, and mounts em over a fire.
<TaoPoo> while they cook he'll look around for some herbs and tree sap or what ever would add some nice flavor
* Belinda_Forrester (( shakes head. ))
<TaoPoo> ((Im sure theres tree sap about :P
<AlcarGM> Ok, TaoPoo manages to actually find some stuff - the grey bushes leaves create a nice added spicy flavour that makes the poor dead cat things taste NOT like chicken :p

<AlcarGM> Mike(2) eats one of the lolad kittens happily.
<AlcarGM> « resists the urge to actually name them that... »
<Keith`> gofor it
<Keith`> give LOLAD the royal screw job
<Keith`> dull the shine
<Keith`> put a few dings and holes in it

<AlcarGM> You're both full, sated, and ... uhm,what are you doing about the dead dwarf?
* Mike_Splardonski is ignoring it with all his might
* TaoPoo was asking if anyone knows how dwarfs like to be buried but didn't get a responce
<Mike_Splardonski> (( i responded! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I said "i don't know shit" ;b ))
<TaoPoo> ((man I gotta get this guy off the phone))
<AlcarGM> « lol. And Mike2 would probably eat the dwarf :) »
<TaoPoo> ((besides you always say that :P))

* TaoPoo decides to follow the way and do what ever is easier, burn it, or bury it
<AlcarGM> The moss/grass/spongy stuff is easy enough to cut open and shove a body into.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( it eats your hand ))
* TaoPoo does that and scraches a note near by, "Find enclosed one dwarf" hoping he's translating that apropreately

<Caltak> friggin stars take way too long to get anything done, too... lazy bastards. :P
* Alcar has come to an important revelation: The Great Old Ones are unionized.

* aslhk has been keeping game notes on his character sheet:

<aslhk> Game Notes: He's met a weird girl and terrorized a K-mart clerk! Now he's hanging out in some weird place in Russia, apparently. It's warmer than he'd expected, even in summer =P

<ElanaDM> Taura, you help him with the walls, and digg several lines of concealed ditches in the battlefeils in front of the walls, as well as establish a small stockade in front of the feild
<ElanaDM> you also help constucting some nasty seige traps taght to you by your father back in your Minotaur village
<Taura``> yay
<Sandra`-> (( build a maze around it! :P ))
<Taura``> I love doing that
<Sandra`-> (( you know you wanna! ))
<Julithya> (Run away!! Ahhh crap we're lost in the Lazerinth!)
<Taura``> (only if someone knew a wall of some sort of shrubery)
<Sandra`-> (( Army comes, tries to navigate maze, gets split up and lost, minotaur goes through and takes them out one by one :P ))
<Taura``> (Mine father never taught me of mazes...)
<Sandra`-> (( so what, its a natural instinct thing anyway :) ))

<ElanaDM> everyone make a will save DC30
<FirestormZero> ((thats not a comforting thing to hear :) ))

<ElanaDM> ((Who has good ping I wanna change servers))
<Taura``> (Well it says I've been going PING? PONG!, thats a good thing, yes?)
<ElanaDM> ((everyone plays pingpong))
<Alcar> And Lo! The heroes ventured forth into uncertain lands, seeing the Ping to Pong, or the Pong with which to Ping. They were uncertain, but that did not stop them! They really didn't know why they wre togehter, but they trusted the gods! They were on a Great Mission ... because, hell, they're expendable.
<Alcar> It was the time of Disassociated Servers, and they tried to stay together amid the tulmult of the changing lands, cursing the net of the god Dal ...
<Taura``> ya, venturing forth will bring many happy days so that all may have hot communication

<Vesthyl> "Do you want me to get another scroll or twelve, or just wait for your blindness to end?"
<Elminster> "It seems like some sort of god given protection or some such thing"
<Elminster> "No, I can dispell it myself, I can move my arms and such now."
* Cthulhu_Lunatic he starts to cast a spell and then when he finishes he smiles
<Cthulhu_Lunatic> "Ah, that's better, you think I was going to be experimenting without those spells memorized?"
<Vesthyl> "If you do try a more damaging spell as a test.. forewarn me so I can be outside...."

<AlcarGM> Bill: "WYou just need to be back here with the story by 2 am for us to get it out with the morning edition.
* Joshua_Evans nods. "I have a camera at home, how long do you want the story to be?"
<AlcarGM> Bill: "As long as you like." Then he realises he's speaking to a university student *and* (horror of horrors) a philosophy major. He adds, quickly, "About 1200 words as a rough maximum."
* Joshua_Evans nods, smiling.

<AlcarGM> one of the mine workers, a big tough guy named Barney Rubble (His parents didn't like him) is planning to kill Isaac before "the binding is examined," whatever that means. His 3 bodies are willing as well, he's convinced them Isaac is a homosexual commie facist pinko hippie.
<AlcarGM> who is also going to take over their jobs.
<Hugh`-> (( sheesh thats some convincing ))

<AlcarGM> Josh - you're go. You can wack him.
<Joshua_Evans> d100 swordsmanship (pool cue is LIKE a saber :) )
<Sparkie> Joshua_Evans d100: 43 swordsmanship (pool cue is LIKE a saber :) )
<AlcarGM> « LOL! »

<AlcarGM> <Isaac Dane> (to Josh) "You have a choice. Walk away from this, write the kids show part. Forget it."
* Hugh`- says nothing, quite pointedly :P
* Joshua_Evans shakes his head. "I can't."
<AlcarGM> <Isaac Dane> looks at Joshua for a long moment, then says sadly "And if I told you you should?" ... "Once you step beyond the fields you know you can't go back." then, softly: "And forward is just insanity.."
<Hugh`-> "Oh cmon, don't tell us you're going to pull a journalistic integrity thing on us, you've only been at it not even a day."

<Mestaath> ("Speaking of Enchanting blades, I once met this lovely young cutlass in a bar. Well, she looked so lonely just standing there, so I decided to go over and introduce myself. Well, no sooner had I opened my mouth than she slapped me and stormed off, saying she doesn't talk to bastards.")

<Berinthaliax> "Wait lemme read the glowing runes on this box first....hmm...delayed...bla..."

<Berinthaliax> "Wow these glasses make all the women look like demons here you gotta try these on!"

<Berinthaliax> "That guy in the black armor isnt evil you guys just dont know a rich man when you see one"

<Marcus_Fenway> "Look I found the head of Vecna! Who wants it?"

<Berinthaliax> "If I put this bag of holding...in my bag of holding, i'll have TWICE the space!!..."

<Berinthaliax> "Thats a pretty nice dragon look he has a light for us down the tunnel"

<Marcus_Fenway> "I found this nechlace on a corpse in a dungeon last week... I think I'll give it to the queen as a gift"

<Gemm> Hey Alcar, you seen that new d20 Modern that Wizards is releasing soon?
<Alcar> Nope.
<Alcar> If it changed hp so that if someon points a shutgun at you, shoots you and you freaking well die, then I'll call it modern :)
<Gemm> oh well I saw it tues, at my friends house. I heard him say something like, "oh finally a modern game type"
<Gemm> I thought he was just joking

<Kyle-Redford> "Yes, I am here to get information about the missing gravestone. May I have your name, sir?
<AlcarGM> The man looks at you, then says "Charles Evans. And you are?" even as he herds you out of the actual funeral.
<Kyle-Redford> "Kyle Redford" I say as I jot down his name on a Case report paper.
<AlcarGM> He waits.
<Kyle-Redford> "May I ask whose tombstone it was?"
<AlcarGM> Charles Evans: "You may."
<Kyle-Redford> (Ass) I think to myself.
<Kyle-Redford> "Charles do you know I can detain you for up to 72 hours without any reason?"
<Kyle-Redford> "More to the point, Whose tombstone was it?"

<AlcarGM> he hands you a business card :) "Isaac Dane, Professional Magician." www.333.net email: magician@333.net"
<Rithek> (what the hell kinda module is this?)
<Hugh`-> (( pardon? ))
<Rithek> (business cards?)
<Hugh`-> (( yeah, what of it? ))
<Joshua_Evans> (it's not D&D dude)
<Rithek> (ah...)
<Hugh`-> (( oh I see, you jumped to conclusions and thought this was D&D ))
<AlcarGM> « Wait, you find him having a busines card wronng but not email? :p Besides, I've known D&D pcs with business cards, like Gel :p »
<Hugh`-> (( thats true Alcar :) ))
<Rithek> (no no no. I just didn't bother mentioning the obvious)

<AlcarGM> ok, one of the sergeants, Mrs. Evans is there. She's Charles brother in law and is currently looking for some information online
<Kyle-Redford> (mrs.? :) )
<Kyle-Redford> (brother in law?)
<AlcarGM> « Yep. ACK! Sister :p »
<AlcarGM> Poor Josh .. things his PC never knew about his mom :p

<Hugh`-> (( well it'd be nice if we could get josh leaving tho cause then we wouldnt have to necessarily wait for thurs :P ))
<Joshua_Evans> (gah you character is a dirty secretive bastard Caltak, don't forget, i both have a machete and know where you live!)

*** Inniscor has joined #game1
<Inniscor> hi
<Inniscor> what are you all doing?
<ArthurQ> Mutual masterbation
<ArthurQ> you?
<Eladar> lol art
<Chaos`^> why am I under tech-sensei? I think I should be on top...
<Eladar> chaos you said that to the wrong chan at the wrong time =)
<Chaos`^> uhm... I was talking about the websight...

<Darkkin> who else here is in alcars UA game
* aslhk isn't!
<aslhk> every time someone mentions the ua game, he bursts out into fits of evil laughter in some channel, so I decided I will just hide under my blankets to save time

<Cthulhu_Lunatic> "Elminster left you a note, he says if you get back before he does, to go to his tower and wait for him with vesthyl and the child."
<Pepsi``> Oh.
* Pepsi`` shivers.
<Pepsi``> Last time i came near his tower alone i was turned into a Roth beast....*shudder*
<Pepsi``> Where did the old man go off to?
<Vesthyl> (don't worry.. this time he got the spell right.. shoulda been 'Roast Beef')

<AlcarGM> The air seems .. odd. You get the strangest feeling Charlie is here, but you know Charlie isn't ...
<AlcarGM> You're getting the odd feeling something is watching you, something hungry...
* CrazyCharlie looks around the room
<AlcarGM> You don't see anyone, so that means they are there.
* AlcarGM grins

<AlcarGM> The town itself - it's definitely not any Moscow you know .. is buildings of that odd, grey wood, but semi-transparent. Other homes (none are over 2 storeys tall) are made of thick, crystalline glass that seems to have light or fire flowing through it on odd patterns. The people are human, their faces contorted with extreme terror. A few are clutching their chests.
* Belinda_Forrester goes up after Charlie, then
* Belinda_Forrester looks around when she gets up, and stares...
<AlcarGM> They're all wearing clothing of browns and greys, tough stuff that feels like soft steel wool.
<Belinda_Forrester> (( yeah like we're gonna go feeling the dead peoples' clothes.. ))
<AlcarGM> « Clues :p »
<CrazyCharlie> ((We don't know they're dead yet! =P))
* Belinda_Forrester looks at the buildings... "Looks like we;re not in kansas anymore..." Looks at the corpses "And the munchkins are all dead."

* Belinda_Forrester goes in the house, and looks for a place to put Seri down to rest.
<Belinda_Forrester> (( rest as in sleep of course ))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( it just sounded bad for some reason ))
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))
<CrazyCharlie> ((yeah, I didn't read it that way, but now that you mention it, it does sound rather sinister))
<Belinda_Forrester> (( yeah I didnt notice that until after ))

* Belinda_Forrester goes over to the baby. "Hey there." in that annoying voice people use to talk to babies.
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))
<AlcarGM> The babies eyes widen, a dull red light gleaming as its mouth opens to reveal dainty fangs . .you're last thought is "That explains the bib.."
<AlcarGM> j/k
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol))

<AlcarGM> You have this sudden maternal urge to stick it in the fire or bite it's head off
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Belinda_Forrester> uh..
<Belinda_Forrester> you've got problems, Alcar :P

<CrazyCharlie> "Nobody's got the right to own nobody."
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "I gave you my name," he whispers, putting an odd empahsis on the word name. "You ... " He almost steps back. "Please. I. Don't throw Me away..."
<CrazyCharlie> "No one's gonna hurt you, kid"
<Belinda_Forrester> "Throw you away?" *seems confused*
<AlcarGM> <Odell> nods, and looks at both of you, really puzzled. "You have my name?" he whispers, empaphasising the word again.
<AlcarGM> « he now thinks this is some kind of horrible joke ;P »
<Belinda_Forrester> "Uh, yeah, what about it?"

* CrazyCharlie fills Siri in on what happened, and hands out some f00d
<AlcarGM> <Seri> takes it quickly.
<AlcarGM> <Odell> stares at the food, then at Charlie "You're eating..... Oh."
<AlcarGM> <Odell> 'That's a good disguise," admiringly
<CrazyCharlie> "What is it?"
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "I thought you were male."
<CrazyCharlie> "I still am."
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "But you're eating..... that?"
<Belinda_Forrester> "What is it?"
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "It'
<AlcarGM> <Odell> "It's .. stuff, taken from the .... .men ... makes the women able to have children, I think. Well, some of them. The others have to, uhm, do things. Private ritual things? With sme of them. They get let out for a bit to do that."
<Belinda_Forrester> "...."
* Belinda_Forrester blinks
<CrazyCharlie> "Think it'll hurt us?"

<AlcarGM> <Seri> shakes her head. "Sword grass this far north... was the town we left walled?"
<CrazyCharlie> "Nope."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> eats another loaf absently. "So they make the walls from the land instead ... burying their fears in a place not made by humans...." she shakes her head slowly, then looks at both of you and smiles wryly, becoming closer ot the child Charlie first saw. "You've been really patient. I guess you have questions?"
<Belinda_Forrester> "Oh, yeah, but I try not to think about them."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> looks surprised. "Why not?"
<Belinda_Forrester> "Oh I figure I'll find out sooner or later."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> looks suspried, then just nods
<AlcarGM> <Seri> suspects that she now understands the world you came from more from that one comment than from her entire trip there :p

<Corynn``> "What is your name?
<Cthulhu_DM> "Saeval... Yours?"
<Corynn``> Pep...Corynn...
<Vesthyl> (Popcorn?)
<Corynn``> My name is Corynn Bladestorm

<Kyle-Redford> ((Chaos any interest in joining a UA resident evil game if i make one?))
<Kyle-Redford> ((Or i might do d20))
<Chaos`^> (( that would be cool... what days? ))
<Hugh`-> (( UA resident evil? sheesh, how fast do you want pc's to die? I mean really.. ))
<Kyle-Redford> ((Or i might make it CoC hugh, then every campaign is a one-shot :) ))

<AlcarGM> Ok, Kyle arrives in the morgue. It's well lit, with an attendant currently checking out bodies to make sure they're all dead after a regretable incident two years ago involving a deep sleep and an attendant getting attacked by a "walking corpse" and beating it to death with a chair.
<Kyle-Redford> (("I'm alive drop the chair"))

<DrKarin> (( I feel creepy even rping being in a mourg.. ))
<Kyle-Redford> ((It's only creepy when the bodies dissapear.))

<Kyle-Redford> ((Can i roll a charm check?))
<Hugh`-> (( I don think Lurch there's gonna go for it :) ))
<AlcarGM> « Sure :) »
<Sparkie> Kyle-Redford d100: 88
<AlcarGM> « pressence might work better tho »
<Kyle-Redford> ....
<Kyle-Redford> oh yeah
<Sparkie> Kyle-Redford d100: 99 Commanding Presence
<AlcarGM> « do that instead. Last thing we want is the butler accusing you of asking him if he was free sunday ni... oh, my gods »
<Kyle-Redford> ((sparkie is riggeD!!!!

* Joshua_Evans looks at Julianne. "So you're saying that the comforting rules we made up like 'You can't divide by zero' are just delusions?"
<Kyle-Redford> "I think the body on the floor is a little more troubling then being able to divide by numbers"
<Kyle-Redford> "Besides numbers aren't real anyway, don't put much stock in them myself."
<AlcarGM> Julianne asks for another drink. Adam looks at her as if she's mad, then just pours her one. She looks at Josh. "They're real. And they're delusions because they're real boy. You can still walk away ..." she looks at the blob on the floor.. "Or perhaps not."

* Caltak is so very, very screwed :P
<Alcar> Oh yeah :)
<Alcar> unless you try and telepathically make people believe your eyes are normal or something :p
<Caltak> that has way too much potential to go wrong :P
<Caltak> especially since it requires rolling rofl

After just being visited by their still unconcieved son:
<Mestaath> "Jas?"
<Mestaath> "Did what just happen happen or did I just happen to think what happen happened when it really didn't happen?"

<Hugh`-> (( Notice check to notice Hugh only leaned in and looked at the ignition and didnt actually do anything to make the car start? :P ))
<DiceBot> Kyle-Redford d100: 1 Notice Strange Thing
<AlcarGM> wow. Uhm, you notice. Really, really easily.
<Hugh`-> (( god but im a masochist towards my characters... ))
* Hugh`- (( shakes his head ))
<Hugh`-> (( ROFLMAO god im so screwed ))
<AlcarGM> Oh yeah :)
<Hugh`-> (( it is highly apparent to Kyle that Hugh simply stared at the ignition and the car started. As a bonus, he also notices that hugh's car door unlocked itself the moment before he opened it. ))
<Chaos`^> (( Hugh seduced the car? ))

* Alcar is almost, almost tempted to actually have this in UA though ....
<Alcar> Tantric necromancy.
<Alcar> The very idea alone should horrify PCs.
<Alcar> Want your wife back from the dead? Easy as pie - just gotta spend a few nights with her, she'll come back, you re enact your wedding and...
* Sintaqx isn't a PC and is still horrified

<Joshua_Evans> "Bah, looks like you outsmarted me."
<Hugh`-> ".. you?! What the in hell?"
<Joshua_Evans> "I'm a reporter. Don't you think those merit investigation?" Joshua points at Hugh's sunglasses.
<Hugh`-> "I really, really regret accepting a ride home from you."
<Joshua_Evans> "Well, if it makes you feel any better, after waiting for 3 hours I began to get a little paranoid, and, I didn't find anything to validate the apocalyptic terrors I dreamed up."

<AlcarGM> Ok, you waken in the morning refeshed, but tired and remembering some odd dreams. The one where you direct a Russian ballet school in an underwater version of Psycho and the one about the 3 headed cow that kept saying "3 heads are better than one", and "We can only succeed if we trust ourselves" being the most memorable.
<Kyle-Redford> !!!!
<Kyle-Redford> *whew* "just a dream..."
<Kyle-Redford> ((Sees the cow next to him in bed....))
<Kyle-Redford> (("AAAAAHHHH"))
<Kyle-Redford> ((Note to self: Get therapy.))

* Officer`DeAth^ looks at Kyle "Where you heading next?"
<Kyle-Redford> ((EEK dun tell the psycho stuff...............))
<Officer`DeAth^> "Would you like a ride?"
<Kyle-Redford> ...............
* Kyle-Redford knows that the sane logical choice would be to say "No mr. Death. I do not want a ride.
<Kyle-Redford> "Sure."

<Kyle-Redford> "I sent myself."
<AlcarGM> <Nicole> "Why?"
<Kyle-Redford> (("Take me to your leader."))
<Kyle-Redford> "Because... umm.. I've seen alot of strange stuff lately and... it sounds like you have too so I wanted to talk with someone who might understand..."
<Chaos`^> (( Lol, you pervert ))
<Kyle-Redford> ((That wasnt that bad... thats like rolling a 50...))
<Kyle-Redford> ((and then i hear that interpretation....))
<Kyle-Redford> ((and think 66.))
<Chaos`^> (( 69, the ultimate roll ))
<Chaos`^> (( rolling a 1 would be "Do I make you horny baby? do I? Do I make you horny?" ))

<Alcar> Okay, three people dead, finger-prints everywhere, murder weapon in hand. "I know this looks bad, but I'm Matlock, so everything's okay" 20%
<Alcar> Okay, three people dead, finger-prints everywhere, murder weapon in hand. "I know this looks bad, but, hey, it could be you, right?" *Evil stare* 10%
<Alcar> Nice Bali. Very nice :)
<Caltak> ROFLMAO
<Baliadoc> thanks! i enjoyed that one a lot :)

<Chaos`^> It's an anime porn
<Chaos`^> hentai
<Chaos`^> it's... interesting....
<Alcar> Ah. Stuff with tentacles? :)
<Chaos`^> yes, lots
<Alcar> "Wow, seeing that Cthulhu Cult really wrecked the old man's mind, Jeff. He keeps babbling about beds, silk sheets, and Cthulhu's loving embrace. I wonder what he saw?"
<Chaos`^> if you have a fetish, la blue girl addresses it pretty much
<Alcar> Would make for a twisted CoC campaign :p
<Alcar> GM: "Oh, the plot? Univerty Anime Club Plans To Summon Cthulhu." Player: "Please say you're joking.:

* Hugh`- stands up. "I'd need to find Patrick Rockford... which might be hard, since I ditched him in New York.. and convince him I dont want to abduct him..." *shakes his head*
<Hugh`-> "Ok, this will be reealy, really hard."
<AlcarGM> <Nicole> looks at you. "And I thought my life was weird... Wait, Pat was brought in today by his mother ... she'd has to drive north and pick him up for some reason, and wanted him checked for frostbite, hypothermia, dementia .. that sort of thing. I think they've got him in the west wing."
<Hugh`-> "Oh, good. I just hope he doesnt have any sharp objects or firearms with him..."

<Kyle-Redford> bwahahah nicole doesnt hate me now... and i managed to seduce a girl :)
<Kyle-Redford> hahahahahah
<Kyle-Redford> HEHEHEHEH
<Caltak> who, Faline?
<Kyle-Redford> lol!!!
<Kyle-Redford> yeah...
<Caltak> goody :) you should definately call her back :D
* Caltak trys to look innocent
<Kyle-Redford> .... :)
<Kyle-Redford> I don't mind sharing :)

* Argenton`^ is sleeping in the ice cave, trying ot keep cally or cassie or whatever her name is warm
<AlcarDM> Terric, Argenton and Cally awaken the nexy morning to a clear blue sky with the sun far overhead. Sticks seems to have vanished, a hyoll in the sbnow and bits of clothing and a finger all that's left of his body.
<Terric> (( :) what a noble gentleman you are...))
<Terric> (( can't remember her name.. ^_^))
<Argenton`^> (( I would be able to remember her name, if we were to play every week. Every time we skip a week I forget her name ))

<Argenton`^> I'm thinking resistance to instant death +15?
<AlcarDM> hmm, how's that fit into the fire idea?
<Argenton`^> uhm light lol
<AlcarDM> lol. no :p

* Belinda_Forrester asks Boy 12 if he'd like a Happy meal :)
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> whispers "Meals that can make you happy? Wow. Ok." to Belinda
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Now with 50% more Prozac! ))

<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> finishes the meal and begins on the box and toy, trying to eat them and the wrapper as well (sorry)
<Belinda_Forrester> "Woah, woah, you dont eat those. This *indicates the toy* is for playing with."
<CrazyCharlie> ((What's the toy?))
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks startled, then whispers "it tastes better than the bread, though."
<Belinda_Forrester> "Well yeah but so does a lot of things." *grin*
<AlcarGM> A green thing ... looks like an octopus, but with too many tentacles.
<AlcarGM> belinda - There's a payphone, of course.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( When Chuthulu calls, he calls COLLECT ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( hold it up against your face and scream: MY SOUL! AAAAAAAH! GOD! MAKE IT STOP! YEEEEEEARG! ))
<CrazyCharlie> a number of funny sounds and exclamations follow, including, "We are squid!" and "The Box of Learning!"

* Belinda_Forrester goes over to James. "Hey kid, what's the weirdest person you've had come in here?"
<CrazyCharlie> ((lol, I think we win that one!))

<Chaos`^> (( I'm confused, this is a freaking WIERD game ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Why do you say that? ))
<Chaos`^> (( I have been watching since I logged on and I don't understand a thing ))
<CrazyCharlie> ((and I told him what was going on!))

<Belinda_Forrester> (( we found a McDonalds on a hill on another world, and we;re questioning how it exists :P ))
<Chaos`^> (( Youre in another mcdonallds. How do you know it's not a normal mcdonnalds? I don't see anything differant about it.. I mean, for alcar's games nothing is wierd ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( We're in a fantasy world, and there's a mcdonald's here, and the earth was destroyed by the elder gods a while ago, so it just seems a little strange to us ))

<AlcarGM> Ok, James gives you 20 orders of McNuggets, some Coke, and the burgers.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> He's filling alot of bags :)
<Mike_Splardonski> (( this is a first in a fantasy world, I'll bet ;b ))
<CrazyCharlie> probably heh
<AlcarGM> I think a trip to a McDonalds lasting an entire session definitely is :p
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Not to mention an NPC getting maimed by a toilet ))
<AlcarGM> Mike has loaded up on foods that will kill the pcs faster than most things outside. Doing anything else? :)

<Caltak> I find it funny that people "find out" that you can roleplay online... I mean that sort of dawned on me on my own. I mean, when you play p&p you're just talking anyway, arentya?
<aslhk> my first internet experiences were on muds
<aslhk> I knew you could roleplay online, but most of the people I met who played online were rather frightening
<Caltak> yeah being online allows at lot more freedom. I for one know I never wouldve played a female weretiger who ate people if it were face to face :P

<Jeramias> So, do virgins taste better?
<InasmuchasICanIamYouKnow> lol
<InasmuchasICanIamYouKnow> the dragon says they do =P
<Jeramias> ah, okay
<Alcar> How do the dragons KNOW?
* Alcar has always wondered that....
<Alcar> Hm, another adventure for Egan then :)
<InasmuchasICanIamYouKnow> Alcar: well, they have to eat a few non-virgins before they get their arrangement set up
<Alcar> what arrangement .... oh, nm. I've got one.
<Alcar> Princess: "Look, I'm not a virgin but the king needs ot think I'm one so I can marry the prince How many sheep do you want to pretend I'm one, draggy?"

* Caltak doesnt understand why dragons in stories capture the princess then wait around and give the chance for them to be saved if they supposedly just want to eat them? :P
<Alcar> Knights make good meals :p
<Alcar> Crunchy on the outside, chewy ion the middle, well cooked by armour.

<Caltak> Personally I dont think the virgin aspect matters much to a dragon except knights tend tow ant to save virgins more than whores :P
<Caltak> hmmm, then again... whos to say the only things dragons do with the virgin is eat them, eh? :P
* Caltak says no more :P
<Alcar> Knight: "I said a virgin!" PEasant: "She is one. My maiden aunt. Never married." Knight: "She's older than my father!"

<Caltak> anyway where was I? OH YEAH! Alcar needs to run a game! yeah!! *jumps around*
<Alcar> What game, tho....
<Caltak> who cares?!

<AlcarGM> It's Friday the 11th of October. You just left the hospital, unaware that you're wanted for questioning.
<Jer[Away]> ((Friday the 11th? Oi, that's so uncliche.))

* Kyle-Redford looks up what his shift hours are today...
<AlcarGM> Until 2 pm. The rest of the shift passes without incident but you see odd shaodws and glimpses of something .. else... around people. The one teen with the enterprise flying behind him is paticularly startling.
<Kyle-Redford> .....
* Kyle-Redford goes home.

<AlcarGM> Faline is basically a young girl who just broke up with her boyfriend .. she thinks. he left town last week after their date got a little close and personal and said he wasn't ready for commitment. At least the jerk wore a condom. Funny thing is that you don't recall the night after that and no one has seen him since....
<Hugh`-> lol

<AlcarGM> So .... Kyle sits there and looks at Faline adoringly or? :p
<Kyle-Redford> yah it's her turn to speak ill just adore :)
<Faline`> (( oh I didn realize we had turn-based conversation :P ))
<Faline`> (( should I roll initiative? :P ))

<Greg``> The man looks at andrew, then stares. "That's some screwed virus..." The woman (Gina) smiles at that. "Cute, though. Like a teddy bear." She looks at Andy carefully "Burn fast too.." then louder: "Explain how you got here first, kiddo."
<Greg``> I just has the horrible idea to give Gina a pyromanic and give her a furry fetish.

<Greg``> The man steps back from Silvran's blow, startled but not really hurt, then lepas backwards, dropping the staff on the ground. He's pulling a gnu out of a pocket.
<Andrew`-> (( a gnu? in his pocket? wow, big pockets... :P ))
<Greg``> gun :p
<Andrew`-> (( ooooooh :P ))
<Greg``> smacks Andrew.
<Silvran> (<( why does gun in his pocket sound so.. sexual. )>)
<Greg``> OH, wait, I've got an npc for that
<Greg``> Karl shoots Andrew a few times in the head for the gm :p
<Greg``> j/k

* Alcar is working on a revised free form game system for lolad3
<Veronica_Velvet> oh my god.. not lolad 3!!!
<Veronica_Velvet> revenge of the room mate of the son of feline, with a cameo of the rotting corspe of salem..
<Veronica_Velvet> sounds like a bad horror movie

<AlcarGM> There is a loud whooshing noise and Charlie is buried in large brown leaves that look a lot like cabbage.
<CrazyCharlie> "Why don't it hurt?"
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks confused. "Hurt?"
<CrazyCharlie> "When things fall on you back home, it hurts."
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks shocked. "Windchimes are friendly!"
<AlcarGM> It makes perfect sense :) They don't like hurtting people :p
<AlcarGM> They're too friendly for gravity :)
<CrazyCharlie> it made sense to Charlie =P but it might just be because he just got hit in the head with a lot of cabbage
<AlcarGM> instead of Newton's Apple we have Charlie's Cabbage :p

<CrazyCharlie> "They don't got airports in Russia?"
<AlcarGM> < Seri > gives Charlie a confused look. "..... what?"
<CrazyCharlie> "Wouldn't an airport be the fastest way back home? I don't know 'bout all this closin' your eyes and appearin' some place else."
<AlcarGM> < Seri > "You mean travel by dragon?" hesitantly.
<Mike_Splardonski> Dude, charlie, i don't think this is russia...
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> looks at Charlie and whispers "You know the names of worlds?" in a tone of awe.
<CrazyCharlie> "Don't everyone know 'bout Russia?"
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> stares in wonderment at this person who didn't know what to make of Boy 12's own name but can say the name of a world so casually.
<AlcarGM> <Boy 12> shakes his head
* CrazyCharlie commands the demons Toilet and Sink! He conquered the mighty Mirror!
<AlcarGM> LOL! Good point :)

<CrazyCharlie> I can't believe caltak's character ate arm-pit pressed leaves *laugh* there's no way any character I've played other than Charlie would even think of trying it =P
<AlcarGM> hehehehe. I know :)

<AlcarGM> Mike: "Food?" he walks towards you, smiling a peculiar smile than makes you go cold, like a cat finding a small mouse
<Gage```> "That'd be a 'Hell no.' Just simmer down. What the hell happened to you?"
<AlcarGM> Mike looks at you curiously, as if he's never seen you before. "Food!" happily, an dbegins to bound accross the clearing. His fingers look .. sharper . .than you remember
<Gage```> "Wow. Pot really does screw you up."
* Gage``` sets his stick to receive charge

<Gage```> "So, uh... Mike, right? Who're all your friends?"
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "They're fucking not fucking food," mournfully
* Gage``` looks at Mike2
<Gage```> "Dude, you've got some major issues."
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "Fuck, yeah!"

* Alcar looks at Art's pc and has interesting thoughts of orpheus...
<aslhk> lol
* aslhk is frightened
* Alcar suspects Art should be too :)
<CrypticDeva> wasn't he the guy who had sex with little boys?
<ArthurQ> wha?
<aslhk> CrypticDeva: the first!
<Alcar> lol! Not that part of the myth :p
<CrypticDeva> suuuure ;b
<Alcar> But on the plus side Art's pc might be able to survive getting his head cut off. Sort of.
<ArthurQ> huh?
<ArthurQ> i could?
<aslhk> ArthurQ: sort of!
* ArthurQ wonders what Alcar is talking about...since he didint write any of this into the character

<Mike_Splardonski> ...I used to be on the debate team
<Mike_Splardonski> Til I argued with the teacher about religion, and got kicked off
<Mike_Splardonski> (( ph34r the pothead debate skillz ))
<AlcarGM> hehehe. "No, of course not. That buddhism stuff is stupid. I don't need to seek any four truths for inner peace, I just need pot."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I was thinking more like "So this god dude is really nice, and shit, but like he makes all these people's lives suck, and that's just not cool... this god guy is a fucker!" ))

<AlcarGM> You see 4 figures, one of them Mike 2. The other 3 are, well, ugly. They're 6-7' tall with skin that's a splotchy grey/green/brown with tuffs of black hair coming out randomly all over their hard, warty bodies. They're naked, but don't have any sexual characteristics you can identify to tell male from female. Mike2 is trying to drag one away from the other 2 :)
* Mike_Splardonski looks at mike2
<Mike_Splardonski> What are you doing?!
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "Food."
<Mike_Splardonski> Hey! No eating people, remember?
<Mike_Splardonski> It's ok, just let her go...
<AlcarGM> The one orc he's dragging away from the fire is smelling of something sharp and pungent, definitely fear.
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol "The smell of fear!" ))
<AlcarGM> <Mike(2)> "No eat?" He pouts and gives Mike an almost angry look, something cold and dark and hungry in his eyes. "No eat?" again, harshly.
* Mike_Splardonski looks at mike2 unflinchingly, opens his backpack, and hands him the rest of the chicken mcnuggets
<Mike_Splardonski> We'll get more food later, ok? Just calm down...

<Gage```> "Well, if you'd like my take on it, life is what we do when we need some stories to tell during eternity. It's a nice break from the monotony."
<AlcarGM> <Barks By Moonlight> "Fall, I think."
<craaaaazycharlie> "Gonna be winter soon?"
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( this guy must be totally weirded out now ;b ))
<AlcarGM> <Barks By Moonlight> "That's the usual progression, yes." He looks at Gage "That's an ... interesting take. I met a dragon once, in my youth, who said that the gods made us because they like stories.."

<AlcarGM> The drinks taste like fermented urine. Since you've never heard of someone fermenting urine, it's basically a really sweet urine that actually isn't that bad, once you swallow it
<Mike_Splardonski> (( lol! ))
<craaaaazycharlie> ((lol! how do we know what urine tastes like?! that's frightening! =P))
<SilverH|Zzzz> (<( alc... how do you know what urine tastes like? )>)
<SilverH|Zzzz> (<( better yet, how do you know what fermented urine tastes like? )>)
<AlcarGM> Well, some of those parties mike was at ..... uhm, charlie did odd stuff in vietnam and err, well, gage has tried lots of health stuff. So there :p
<craaaaazycharlie> ((SilverH|Zzzz: Don't ask questions I don't want the answer to!))
<AlcarGM> I have no idea, it just seemed like a fun image :)
<craaaaazycharlie> ((lol, it was! =P))

<Gage```> "Hey, how do you navigate here? The stars just said hello."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> looks at gage "I doubt that. They do make a lot of random patterns tho, so saying hello could be one."
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> whispers "Navigate? Like, know where you're going? I didn't know people could do that."

<AlcarGM> The birds continue to circle the stones and PCs, making no move to land. The air around them seems to ripple slightly and you see bats, and ravens, and doves, and other birds from your world in the air at well. Above them you see other birds, vague shapes like the dinosaurs of old...
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "What in the name of the gods?"
<Gage```> "Whoa. What's up with the normal stuff?"
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "You call this normal?!"

<Gage```> "The birds. They're ours."
<Gage```> "Well, some of 'em."
<AlcarGM> <Seri>"That's not ...... are you sure?"
<Gage```> "Yeah. I can see ravens and doves and a bunch of other birds that I know."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "That's not possible. I closed the door, barred it...." she looks unnerved
<Gage```> "I think someone's jiggling the doorknob."
<craaaaazycharlie> "Maybe they came with McDonald's"

<Gage```> "I mean, I like the woods as much as the next guy. Don't think I'm king, though."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> stares at Gage, the "you're joking, right?" look she normally reserves for Mike. "You killed the last king, so you're the new one. What part of that don't you get?"
<Gage```> "Well, the whole king part. I get the concept of taking over, but I could really use some history before I'm properly overwhelmed."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "You can ... refuse it," hesitantly. "I've been told it's been done before."
<Gage```> "I'm not even sure what it entails."
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "Nor am I. It's just an old story ..... but you people seem to be making your own stories."
<Gage```> "That's annoying. You'd think I'd do research before writing it."

<Baliadoc> wow. the US is so screwed up :)
<Baliadoc> yeah. it's like a playground for hate
<Jeramias> Isn't that kind of what we are now?
<Jeramias> In other nations hate is huge, but here it is just kind of a little thing that is in the corner that we kind of ignore.
<Baliadoc> i'd say we're more of a playground for stupidity, right now.
<Baliadoc> hate's the guy that comes in and gives stupidity something shiny to play with, while he takes the sandbox.

<aslhk> *laugh* now, what're you thinking about playing this time, Jeramias?
<Jeramias> A burnt out, neverwas superhero :)
<aslhk> sounds like fun!
<Alcar> yeah, lolad super hero'd be scary....
<Alcar> "You're a vampire, and you fight crime? Sure you're name isn't Batman?" "Shut up!"
<Jeramias> Actually, my character is going to be convinced that he is the hellish spawn of water and fire, but in actuality one day he just had a bad cold.
<Alcar> Uhm.
<Alcar> Run that by me again.

<Jeramias> He had cold one day and managed to convince himself in his delusions that he actually had super powers
<Jeramias> luckilly he was involved in a convinient accident that actually did give him weak powers before he managed to get himself killed
<aslhk> I read that wrong =P
<aslhk> and was like "So he's dead?" =P
<Alcar> so he's dead?
<Jeramias> No, he's not dead. He would've been dead had he not conveiniently gaining useful powers like knowing the temperature at any given point on the dark side of Jupiter's moon Europa
<aslhk> I see!
<aslhk> I can see how they could help save your life
<aslhk> If you know a lot of temperatures, you can call them up and ask them to harass people!
<Jeramias> You see where I'm going with this then? :)

<Jeramias> I know you're only on for a sec, but I was BSing char ideas for LOLAD3 with firestrom
<Alcar> Whats the idea?
<Jeramias> and I told him that my character would clash with his preist because my character, despite being the ultimate atheist, is actually God because he accidentally set off the Big Bang
<Jeramias> And I decided that was a slightly more stupid idea than my retarded superhero idea ;)

<crazycharlie`> should I put people my character owns in the equipment section on the lolad character sheet? =P

<AlcarGM> Belinda and Gage wander off behind the hill to have wild, passionate sex as befits NPCed PCs. If I'd been having a bad day, I'd wonder about pregnancy, too :P

<crazycharlie`> "Can you help him? Use that healin' word on him?" (to Boy 12)
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at the hole dubiously, then whispers "Do you want me to?" to charlie
<crazycharlie`> "Well, if he hadn't held that thing off we'd prob'ly have died. We gotta at least try."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( of course! what group is complete without a homicidal demon with the mentality of a 3 y/o? ))
<crazycharlie`> ((indeed!))

<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at the hole, and concentrates
<AlcarGM> The hole shimmers slightly, like a thing alive.
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at it, whispering one word very quietly, then seems to acquire presence, personality, a strength of will and purpose .. for a moment you see the adult that miht have been where he is, then Boy 12 smiles at charlie, an honest smile, and says in a normal tone of voice, painfully. "By my name, I serve you now."
<AlcarGM> <boy 12> looks at the hole. "Here is food." The warping air flows towards and engulfs him before you realise what he meant.
<crazycharlie`> ((lol, how evil =P))
<crazycharlie`> "Wait! Shit!"
<AlcarGM> he was obeying you :)
<AlcarGM> <Seri> "He didn't mean...."
<crazycharlie`> "I didn't mean..."
<Mike_Splardonski> Um...
* crazycharlie` looks horrified, then sad, then exhausted. Then he starts to cry.
<AlcarGM> "Bob" seems to form out of the air, drawing sustenance from a child once called Odell who gave his Name to two strangers from another world. Bob looks just like Mike, as usual, and looks around nervously for a moment. "That fucking sucked."

<ArthurQ> Dr. Evil has been spotted on a volcanic island in the south pacific.
<ArthurQ> Mini-me supposedly owns Starbucks.....which merged with Taco Bell. The only two surviving franchises.
<Baliadoc> Tacobucks?
<ArthurQ> Considetally people living "on the boarder" have started using taco shells as currency!
<ArthurQ> Foodstamps would be called Tacobucks!
<Baliadoc> so you can go to a fast food joint that gets you coffee and mexican food from a hose? ... i'm somehow frightened by that.
<Alcar> McDonalds would survive .. maybe have them band together into one big franchise ... and become a city inside new york :( McLand
<ArthurQ> McDonalds has been serving fahitas for a lnog time.....and Burger King started serving Taco's
<Baliadoc> McTacoBucks... pardon me while i go scream into the night.

<Sin{away}> is carnal intimacy with a lycanthrope considered bestiality? or does that change with the phases of the moon?

<Alcar> So anything goes magic-wise. You wish, it happens. Tho obliterating entire cities etc. is a bit much. Only God does that :) Demons prefer to introduce malls.
<Baliadoc> ROFL
<Baliadoc> right! that's perfectly fine with me. I'm not going to go all willy nilly with it anyway, i just like knowing it's there :)
* Baliadoc starts the game by plugging himself into NYC's power generators, and tries to power the world!
<Alcar> rofl

<Alcar> btw, if anyone has played in/ran free form campaigns, feel free to toss idead/experiences onto the dark-waves free form chat in the game1 section. Never played in one myself for any real length of time, or ran one with more than 2 players :)
<ArthurQ> Free Form = NO DM, NO RULES, Godmod fests where most characters end up cybering in side rooms
* ArthurQ grumbles
<Baliadoc> that was quick.

<Chaos`^> Please note miller now has a critisism topic under the ooc board, please use it, but read the rules first (top post) Anhy critisism of my previous games that you don't want to see happen here is welcome untill I begin the game
<Alcar> Oh.
* Alcar is afraid that might be a problem, Chaos.
<Chaos`^> what might be a problem?
<Alcar> There's a word limit on posts.
<Alcar> J/K

<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> smiles at the animals and walks towards them. They just stare at him. He reaches them, and smiles, showing lots of teeth and a very larger than normal jaw, turning his hands into claws. He picks one of the squirrel/birds up and rips it's head off. The other animals just stare at Gage, not spooking or moving. The animal killed utters no sound
<AlcarGM> Charlie doesn't sense Charlie close by, which is rather fortunate. The air where "Gary" vanished does look .. odd, though
* Gage``` blinks
* Mike_Splardonski mutters something mostly unintelligible, you can make something out about 'getting some serious help'
<Gage```> "What the heck? Why aren't they moving?"
<Mike_Splardonski> That's just fucking weird
<Mike_Splardonski> You know, I think if anything normal happened, it would be really fucking weird, too

* CrazyCharlie thwaps "Bob" with something blunt and begins yelling at him to stop, somewhat frantically.
<AlcarGM> The small rat-sized cockroach with 4 legs and fur is alive. It just looks at Gage with no expression he can decipher
<Gage```> "God blasted stupid bird things! What the heck do you want!?"
<Gage```> "And you! Stop eating them!" *to Bob*
<Mike_Splardonski> (( this is gonna get ugly :< ))
* Mike_Splardonski looks around groggily
<CrazyCharlie> (( probably *laugh* ))
<Mike_Splardonski> Um, c'mere for a second, Bob, k?
* Mike_Splardonski grabs his stuff and starts walking up the hill
<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> eats another then turns on Crazy Charlie. His body looks scaled currently, with some spikes, and his eyes glow with a hostile gleam. A gleam much like Charlie.... He growls, then looks at Mike. After a moment, he looks just like Mike again and follows Mike, giving the remaining animals a sad look
* Gage``` blinks, looking at Bob
<Gage```> "That's... uh... scary."
<Mike_Splardonski> (( Adventurer's Rule #23: Be nice to "friendly" demons, as they can quickly become unfriendly (no quotes). ))

<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> looks at Mike when they stop. "You said they were food," in a resentful, sulky voice. Mike experiences a weird deja vu since it sounds just like he did at 14 going through the start of his rebellion phase :)
<Mike_Splardonski> We're leaving, man... don't worry, I'm sure there'll be a lot of food on the way to... wherever we're going
<AlcarGM> <"Bob"> eyes Mike coldly, then nods.
<CrazyCharlie> ((aww, poor "Bob"))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I know! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( your characters had better be vegetarians, that's all i'm saying ;b ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( biting something's head off is a lot more humane than raising it in living conditions so atrocious that it needs more antibiotics than food in order to keep it from dying of myriad diseases, then butchering it mechanically while it is still conscious, ya know ;b ))

* Gage``` will look for a stick when he feels safe that Bob isn't going to rip him to shreds :)
<AlcarGM> Bob is trying to find out how to protect Mike from a brain in a jar right now so you're safe :)

<AlcarGM> The PCs continue east, somewhat north, following a pot smoker who thinks this is all a dream then?
<Mike_Splardonski> (( sounds like a wise choice to me! ))
<Mike_Splardonski> (( I have 9 points in lucky! ;) ))
* CrazyCharlie figures we'll find Belinda when we encounter the Brain in a Jar.
* Gage``` is starting to worry that if he's taken by something besides a Brain in a Jar, the other PCs won't care :)

<Mike_Splardonski> bwahahah
<Mike_Splardonski> the law of universal pc gravitation dictates that they MUST follow me wherever I go!
<AlcarGM> Remind me to tell you of the Mopdez incident sometime :)
<AlcarGM> Let's just say it involved a pc being a loner (in the stupid, always on his own way) deciding to go north alone when the DM was busy and another pc had come from the north and said not to go there. To summarize: 6 irate farmers kill a level 6 2nd edition psioncist who has an artifact :)
<Gage```> i still love that death :)
<Gage```> my favorite one of all time, i think :)
<AlcarGM> Same :)
<AlcarGM> it was the best because the player forgot - actually forgot - his artifact could make him intoa werewolf and save him.
<Gage```> yeah, i loved that :)

<AlcarGM> The PCS continue northwards, bound east to Roankoke (and Oz, perhaps?) searching for a way hope, stranded friends, and a giant brain guarded from evil by suicidal birds and a demon.
<AlcarGM> - End of Session 0
<Alcar> This game gets progressively stranger.....
<CrypticDeva> totally ;b
<CrypticDeva> i liek it
<Gage```> you know, that qualifies for one of the weirdest, and most correct, summings up of a group of PCs in one of your games.

* Baliadoc found a more amusing combination of spells today. takes a fairly high level wizard or sorcerer/druid, though.
<Baliadoc> well, you take the Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus feats in Enchantment. Then, when you hit level 5 spells, you choose feeblemind as one of your spells. It'll be nearly impossible to resist at that point, and so then, as the druid, you save up your animal friendship ability from 1st level. By defintion of the power, you can make anything with animal-like intelligence your friend. So you feeblemind your enemy, then make them your friend :)
<aslhk> Baliadoc: *laugh* that's silly! But I thought they actually had to *be* animals
<Baliadoc> technically, yes :)
<Baliadoc> but I think if you're inventive enough to turn your enemies into drooling husks, you deserve a little reward :)
<Alcar> polymorph other :)
<Baliadoc> besides, humans are animals. they're just really smart ones.
<Baliadoc> till you feeblemind them.

<Sintaqx> For those epsilon players interested, I did the first World Journal page in the News section. should give you some insight as to what's goin g on in the game world.
<Baliadoc> oh Sin, you still need people for Alpha team? i'd like to join
<Alcar> Bali - Are you sure? I"m rping the psychologist.
<aslhk> lol
<Baliadoc> lol, that's a selling point ;)
<Baliadoc> you as a psychologist should be interesting :)
<Sintaqx> haha

<Than`^> "I will not shoot people?"
* Angelus-- hands Than a dictionary
<Angelus--> input that information...
* Angelus-- hopes he can read
* Than`^ looks at the book
<Than`^> "It is too large."
<Angelus--> what do you mean to large?
<Angelus--> (i swear if he is trying to pop the book in like a floppy disk im gonna smack you)
* Than`^ tries to put it into his interface slot, but it fails to go in.. in the process, than pushes too hard and the dictionary's spine is ripped
* Angelus-- smacks Than`^ oocly

<Alcar> vampire former gfs going possessive would be a bit too cruel
<Alcar> "I need a blood transfusion! My gf won't stalk me if I'm O negative."

<Baliadoc> i want to own every PC by the end of the game :)
<Baliadoc> hell, the end? i'd rather own them all within the first two sessions or so.

<Aaron```> oh, and what was the price i asked, anyway? :)
<AlcarGM> I don't know. Any in mind? :)
<Aaron```> this is kinda simple, and i almost take pity on him. eh, it's a woman thing. I do him a favor; he won't be able to make long lasting relationships anymore. women will find him attractive briefly, but won't hold much regard for him beyond that. except the one that's still on him right now :)
<Aaron```> and you know, I was feeling particularly nice. If he can deal with the problem non-violently, the "curse" is lifted.
<Aaron```> that's non-violently on both their parts, mind you :)
<AlcarGM> Lasher is faline, plus pms + paranoid
<Aaron```> dear bittsweet jesus, he's gonna earn this one.

<Angelus--> Shouldnt you come built in with tons of interface cords?
<Angelus--> Check your insides or something
* Than`^ shrugs "I have never had access to my body compartments, but I believe they would be empty. The only one I know of and could ever use was my back compartment."
* Angelus-- gives than a screwdriver
<Angelus--> well start lookin
<Angelus--> *grin*
<AlcarGM> Than finds his programming forbids self stimulation? :P
<Than`^> "I do not have the flexability to search my entire body." *hands screwdriver to Angelus*

<Angelus--> so anything we can use?
* Than`^ sifts through the pile
<Than`^> "Ammunition..."
<Than`^> "Something the gm hasn't described yet.."
<Than`^> "Here is bubblegum.. where did I get that?"
<Than`^> "It is probably worth money.. alot."
<Angelus--> bubblegum?
<Aaron```> (("These are... sextoys. I was... male prostitute for a while. I am much embarrassed by it."))

<Jeramias> I've got so many powers that I don't even remember them all!

<AlcarGM> <Kel> "That might not be wise. Unless you'd like to get possessed?"
* Aaron``` raises an eyebrow
<Aaron```> "Explain."
<AlcarGM> The man smiles thinnly. "Zorro."
* Aaron``` looks at you VERY skeptically
<Aaron```> "You would promise me the soul of Zorro? He may be none too pleased."
<AlcarGM> "I will give it, or you can have that of a dragon. The dragon has agreed."
* Aaron``` isn't sure he should have put "very" in all caps the first time

<AlcarGM> <Edward DeAth> stops in the doorway "Ah! I almost forgot. The Wanderer was passing by this time and told me to let you know the Creator is here. He thought you'd like to know that."
<Aaron```> ((by Creator he means... El Dio? The Big Cheese? Daddy of the Slick J?))
<AlcarGM> The Creator. The Big Fella. Maker of the Universe :)
* Aaron``` looks up
<Aaron```> "What is He doing here?"
<AlcarGM> <Edward DeAth> looks amused. "Being an atheist, I was told."

<aslhk> *laugh* should we happen to have a lolad 3 session when you aren't here, Alcar, do you want the logs? =P
<Alcar> SUre, or a summary :)
<Alcar> Feel free to if you want :)

<FirestormZero> whats your char again ?
<Baliadoc> he's a demon/fallen angel
<FirestormZero> your character and mine will get along.... not at all
<Baliadoc> yup yup, his goal is to own all the other pc's souls by the end of the game :)
<FirestormZero> heheehehe i can already see i am at odds with the group
<FirestormZero> im like a neo palidan
<FirestormZero> with blessed powers from god :)
<FirestormZero> and i hunt the impure for a living
<FirestormZero> and then theres a necromancer dead rights activist in the group
<Baliadoc> hunting the impure, though... that'll bring up interesting philosophical conversations.
<FirestormZero> silly demon, satan is for kids!

<aslhk> what does he do with the souls?
<Baliadoc> my pc? generally sends them to hell. he has sort've pledged himself to following satan and all that. but he's really up front about what he'll be doing to you. he's got some major issues.
<aslhk> what does satan want souls for!?
<Baliadoc> uh... he always does?
<Baliadoc> he's like the lord of hell. souls are his schtick.
<aslhk> but why? =P
<Baliadoc> spread his influence on earth. get the word out and all that.
<aslhk> but how does getting souls help spread his influence on Earth? *laugh*
<Baliadoc> because if people go around soulless, it's like saying "ha ha! i own them now!" to god? it's like a whole cosmic battle thing, dude.

<Than`^> If you got that, then the rest of this book should make sense. If you didn't, drugs might help it make sense. If it still doesn't, my condolences.
<Than`^> that's just funny
* Alcar laughs. it was written to make fun of new age, though :p
<Than`^> it's still funny =p
<Than`^> 'drugs might help' is really funny cause alot of books are against drugs, but you just sound like you're ON drugs =p
<Alcar> .... and thats a good thing?

* Alexander-Anderson glances at Robin ((do i have an apartment or something around here?))
<Alexander-Anderson> "Do you have a car?"
<AlcarGM> The Order had one for you close to the water, about 4 blocks south. You might have some trouble explaining why you're not dead to them though :)
<Alexander-Anderson> ((Aren't they used to me surviving strange things by now?))
<AlcarGM> not being nuked :)

<AlcarGM> You recognise the light. Family-sized Nuke
<AlcarGM> They're implanted in people's brains, go off and wipe out a city block
<Than`^> why?
<AlcarGM> why what?
<Than`^> why are they implanted?
<Than`^> and do I have one ;)
<AlcarGM> They're implanted as last ditch weapons by psychopaths. And no, you don't :)

<Robin``> <Robin``> "What happened here?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Foul Sorcerery."
<Alexander-Anderson> ((is the mage very likely to be dead?))
<Robin``> "A mage did this?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Yes, a practitionar of the Dark Arts, condemned to spend eternity with satan, caused this."
<AlcarGM> If it was anyone else, you'd say yes :) Since he teleported there, he might have gotten away. You don't know. You were busy being dead.

<AlcarGM> Aaron - the city block is basically dead bodies, blood and broken buildings. The building in the centre is literally dust and 2 people are coming away from it, alive or something. One of them is naked, human and armed. The other is human and looks like an annoying person :)
<Alexander-Anderson> "If you can get me out of here, and help me board somewhere than I will give you the story."
<Alexander-Anderson> ((i put on the clothes i found...))
<AlcarGM> I know.
<Alexander-Anderson> ((so im wearing bloody clothing))
<Alexander-Anderson> ((oh ok ^_^))
* Aaron``` stares at the two of them briefly, wishing they weren't in the middle of ground zero, because then he could ignore them, like the rest of the meat.

<AlcarGM> <Kel > looks as scared as Angelus has ever seen him, maybe even more scared of Aaron than he is of Lasher :)
<Angelus--> (Hey! does that make Kel the Cowardly Lion and me the Straw Man without a brain? If Than is the Tinman and Fern is Dorithy?)
<Aaron````> "That isn't the way I conduct business. You are more than welcome to leave, but if you wish to speak, we shall do so with your friends. They grow impatient."
<Than`^> (( That's sad.. ))
<AlcarGM> ..... *hides*
<Angelus--> (makes sense tho!)

* Fern` takes one look at this Aaron person and makes a dart for the door.. making a varity of symbols to ward off evil, but do you dedect a one finger peace sign?
* Fern` rather not find the bed chamber in this place...

* Fern` just hopes the menfolk have enough sense not to strike ANY deals with this charater, and frantily searches for a way out.. if she has not left allready
<Aaron````> ((like I said Fern`, i offered you the front door. it honestly leads outside! :))
<Than`^> (( Fern's just paranoid.. ))
<Fern`> (( wonders if aaron has read his evil-guy handbook... and would let a damsel just walk away))
<Than`^> (( Acute paranoia, one of the many signs of hunger. ))
<Aaron````> ((you just perceive me as evil. it's all in the eye of the beholder!))
<AlcarGM> The disintigration beam eye

<Alexander-Anderson> "Our order protects the righteous believers of god, from the hellspawned monstrosities that wish to claim the souls of the innocent."
<Alexander-Anderson> "I am an agent of this organization, you may refer to me as Templar, for I must remain annoynmous."
<Robin``> "Am I correct in assuming this is a Christian Organization?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "We serve the one true religion of God."
<Robin``> "Oh, Islamic, then." *scribbles*
<Alexander-Anderson> "Not the infidels..."
<Robin``> *scratch scratch*
<Robin``> "Not Christian, Not Islamic?"
<Alexander-Anderson> ((nice one ^_^))

<Angelus--> OH! I know how to explain it
<Angelus--> I think
<Angelus--> Remember back in the 90's there was a startrek series......uh..... Voyager i think
<Angelus--> They had this.... Holowachamacolit doctor guy.
<AlcarGM> <Kel > cringes
<Angelus--> My mom made me watch videos when i was a kid...
<Aaron````> "Ah yes, Voyager. I remember that deal fondly."

<Alexander-Anderson> "What about yourself? Is Jesus Christ your Saviour?"
<Robin``> "Well, as a journalist, I try to maintain an impartial stance."
<Alexander-Anderson> "An open mind is one that Satan may enter, you would be wise to develope a relationship with Jesus, especially in these times."

<AlcarGM> The whole neighbourhood is cramped homes like that, all painted red. They're well maintained. Behind a door you hear laughter, innocent and care free
<AlcarGM> A woman's voice on the other side of the door calls out "The door is open?" and giggles.
<Robin``> "This is the place."
* Robin`` opens the door. =P
<AlcarGM> A naked girl waves to Robin "Oh, Mikey! You brought us a friend?" She smiles winsomely and bats her eyes at Alex "Oh! he's cute, too!"
<Alexander-Anderson> ((how old is girl?))
<Alexander-Anderson> ((if this is a whorehouse.... things are gonna get interesting))
<Robin``> ((this is a whore house =P))
<Alexander-Anderson> ((I pity you. ^_^))

<Angelus--> I have a better idea..
<Angelus--> If you have the right cable....and Rj34534 or something....
<Angelus--> You can download the contract right into him.
<Aaron````> "Hmm... a novel idea. A moment."
<Than`^> (( Don't you mean upload? ))
<Angelus--> ((Like i said......his concepts are skewed...he has a HS GED...not a college one!)

<AlcarGM> the girl stops giggling and stares at Alex in astonishment. "You should ta -- oh, wait, I like you better like this."
* Alexander-Anderson is stunned.
<AlcarGM> She sashays towards Alex
<Alexander-Anderson> "Excuse me, I am chaste!
<Alexander-Anderson> "You dare to insinuate that I would.... stoop to..."
* Alexander-Anderson looks outraged, embarassed, and horrified.
<Alexander-Anderson> "What is your name girl?"
<AlcarGM> The girl stares at Alex, a coldly calculating look far too old for her in her eyes. Scornfully: "So the little solider came to attention all on his own?"
<AlcarGM> Girl: "Lilith"

<Alexander-Anderson> "Amy... may I please have some clothing?"
<AlcarGM> Amy gives Alex a disbelieving look. "What for?"
<Alexander-Anderson> returns the disbelieving look "What do you mean what for?"
<AlcarGM> Amy: "Hello? I'm over here? Geeze." you're looking right at her, though.. "it gets in the way, duh! God meant for us to be naked, why do you think we were born that way?"
<Robin``> "She's got a point. It wasn't until Adam and Eve became all self-conscious about their nakedness that sin began.
<Robin``> "Are you sure you're all right, man?"
<Alexander-Anderson> ".... but it did begin and one must not flaunt sexuality."
<Alexander-Anderson> "I will be fine... show me to my room and please bring me some clothing."

<AlcarGM> The girl looks to be in a state of shock. "It's *cold* out here and this nut wants to debate religion? We flaunt what we got, buster!"
<Alexander-Anderson> Misfortunate girl, I will make it a personal mission to return her to the path of god.
<Alexander-Anderson> ((mental note))
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "And stop looking at that wall! You want to get into fucking religion? The damned bible said we had to wear clothing because men were scared of women! You see a naked woman and you react, unless you're queer? Please, don't tell me he's queer mike?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "I am not "queer"!"
<Robin``> "Well, *ahem* I mean, if you'll look, you'll see it's unlikely." *gestures*

<Alexander-Anderson> "Er if I may use your computer, mine is in the appartment."
<Robin``> "The one that exploded?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "That was Tobin's appartment.... sorry for not clarifying."
<Robin``> "If you have an apartment, why do you need a place to stay?"
<Robin``> "This isn't some kind of reality show, is it?"
* Robin`` looks around for cameras
<AlcarGM> You see the GM getting quotes for Sparkie :p
<Alexander-Anderson> "Because they believe I am dead... and I was, which I will explain to you later."

* Aaron```` pulls open a drawer and pulls out the AI
<Angelus--> Whats that?
<Aaron````> "This, is the AI."
<Angelus--> But...how....
<Angelus--> You had it all along? o.0
<Than`^> "I have no real need to have an AI, it is only for society's sake that I get one."
* Than`^ turns to Aaron
<Aaron````> "I am merely curious as to why he is searching for it. This is certainly a fascinating little toy."
<Aaron````> "You see, I have a deep-seeded need for knowledge."
<Than`^> "An attack on an AI of Russia is to be considered an attack on one of my soldiers."
<Angelus--> One of your soldiers?
<Angelus--> Than......your a cyborg in the middle of Brooklyn.....you HAVE no soldiers.
* Than`^ cocks his head in a "If you're feeling frogish leap" kind of tilt

<Alexander-Anderson> "Please show me to my room, I've had a long day..."
<Robin``> "Yeah, I'd like to get that story off you as well."
<Alexander-Anderson> "Sure.."
<Robin``> "You'll have to pay first, though." *leads him to a computer*
<AlcarGM> They've got a small basic terminal set up. It's pink.
<AlcarGM> The screen saver is several women, 2 men, and a goat.
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "Live feed from downstairs. It's soundproofed," proudly

<Alexander-Anderson> I have a high limit, so i had better withdraw enough to help me get resuplied.
* Alexander-Anderson withdraws as much as i can within reason and places it in my special unmarked personal account
<AlcarGM> <Amy> giggles at the high limit remark. "I do to! 40 men in a day. The record is 48, but candice cheated."
<Robin``> "And how!"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Have you no shame..."
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "I can't afford it," a trifly flatly.
<AlcarGM> Ok, how much are you paying for the room then,. in US dollars?
<Alexander-Anderson> ((How much does a motel 6 cost now?))
<Robin``> ((lol, she just said "I can't afford it" in reference to shame, and you're going to pay her for a motel 6? =P Some Priest you are! =P))

<Robin``> "Keep in mind that while you're in that room, they can't *ahem* use it."
<Alexander-Anderson> "Alright. Under condition I don't have to hear anything strange."
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "Like what?" innocently. She smirks
<Alexander-Anderson> "Like screaming, shouting, thumping, or vibrating."
<Alexander-Anderson> "Any animals as well."
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "What about me?" She smiles, like the little whore of babylon she is :p
<Alexander-Anderson> ((Alcar... for saying that you rock.))
<Alexander-Anderson> "I do not wish to hear you having intercourse, or anything like it."

<AlcarGM> <Amy> sighs and nods, leading Alex up to an empty room with a large bed and hot tub
<AlcarGM> the hot tub is filled with jello, currently.
<Alexander-Anderson> "Thank you very much....!"
<AlcarGM> <Amy> "We can get you cuttlery if you're hungry?"
<Alexander-Anderson> "Umm may i borrow some clothes from you, im sure some guys have left them here..."
* Alexander-Anderson looks at imprints in jello.
<Alexander-Anderson> "No thank you."

<Alcar> Were chicken who snapped after seeing one too many kfc ads...
<aslhk> a were chicken would be funny
<Alcar> "There is one chicken for every human! As a master were I have an ARMY!"
<Alcar> You know, this could make an interesting npc...
<aslhk> you should do it!
<aslhk> *laugh* a cyborg going up against an army of chickens is a funny image anyway
* Alcar could see it, pcs having breakfast when 50 chickens barge in and attempt to kill everyone eating eggs
<aslhk> or chicken!
* Sin{Away} can see it too.. and that's what scares me

<Chaos`^> I think my next character is going to be...
<Chaos`^> hrm..
<Alcar> outcast vampire? "I was outcast because I used the regular fork as a salad fork at the century conclave."
<Chaos`^> I've done an outcast vampire
<Chaos`^> alben
<Alcar> were chicken on a rampage?
<Chaos`^> no
<Chaos`^> that's just stupid
<Alcar> thats going to be an npc :)
<Chaos`^> uhm...
<Chaos`^> Alcar, you have issues, seriously
<Alcar> which ones?
<Chaos`^> which whats?
<Alcar> which issues?
* Alcar is trying to collect the set

* Alcar has figured out the main LoLaD3 plot. Faline has twins, one (daughter) was taken away and raised by Faline's father so that she can grow up to bring balance between weres and vamps. She likes using technology a lot and builds things better than professionals. She's also going to grow up to be more evil than Faline, but no one knows that.
<Alcar> And .. hmm .... she gets taught by a secret ninja school, even though she's too old for it.
<Caltak> ... Seriously, I hope you're joking.
* Alcar was earlier.
* Alcar hopes I still am :)
<Caltak> do me a favor and try really hard to still be kidding.

* Robin`` goes somewhere private and tries for the "Vulnerable Female" look
<Geroge> <( Robin is a female? No need for you to be in peril then! I'm there! )>
<Robin``> ((lol =P Robin is male and female!))
<Than`^> (( Uh... ))
<Geroge> <( What an interesting development. I guess I'll just have to get slightly more drunk. )>

<AlcarGM> Fern - the sense of magic is fading, oddly enough, as if something was waking up and went back to sleep. the air feels oddly tight around the area, almost fragile in some indefinable way.
* Fern` takes out a small sling, and puts a stone covered in runes in it.. " just in case..."
* Than`^ keeps his eyes on that area, but stays on his path
<AlcarGM> Than - you see a large cargo vessel close to the docks. The crew (asian) are all holding automatic weapons and firing towards some boxes on the dock like they just went to an ammo sale
* Fern` wonders if they have a fear of high prices, or its just another shippment of poke'mon toys..

<Geroge> <( for someone who goes to all the trouble of getting me in here to "save" you, you sure are eager to be rid of me :) )>
* Geroge starts off, but then pauses, does a half turn back and throws Vulnerable Woman his business card, then runs off towards the gunfire
<Robin``> (( lol, I was practicing being mugged! =P))

<Geroge> what class is the speach for, and is the cinema class really as exciting as it sounds? ;)
<Baliadoc> and it has to be an informative speech. what it's going to be on is the question, still :)
<AlcarGM> Fictional future movies and contractual obligations, a speech by Tyler about demons and cyborgs, or the relationship of producers and mass-produced writers in 2020. via allegory.
<AlcarGM> Then recite the #game1 session log :p
<Baliadoc> ROFLMAO
<Baliadoc> wow. if i didn't think my teacher would go all psycho and kill me, i'd do it :)
<Than`^> Recite the contract you made for Than =p
<Than`^> and the substantial case and probable outcome

<Than`^> "We have to be at the edge of town before nightfall, that was the plan, we must stick to it or I will be held responsible."
* Fern` shrugs " well.. i guess we should go... i would hate for you to loose your soul over nothing

<Elana-Silvereye> oh Al, I figured out the differance between heroic gameplay and having a game that has fun fighting/action sequences
<Alcar> Oh?
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol&d3 would have been heroic if we killed all the guys on the boat
<Elana-Silvereye> but it wouldn't have been realistic
* Alcar blinks
<Alcar> How does that work? :p

* ArtQ-AFK plays to BE a hero......not to die in the first 20 mintues.....same reason he hates low level games
<Alcar> thats why I love low levle games. PCS can die. They face honest threats from packs of wild dogs.
* Alcar finds it's also more fun to rp, but that's me.
<ArtQ-AFK> Id rather face those threats from some huge monster then a fucking cat with 4 hp

<Kantizuni> I want to play d&d3e, but the local gaming club scares me tremendously..
<aslhk> the only time i've been in there, three people started yelling at cabbage because he mentioned that d20 rolls only allow for 5% modifications of difficulty, so the most difficult thing possible in the world has a 5% chance of happening =P

<CrypticDeva> he believes that since there is an unlimited amount of life force out there, just waiting to take form, it is just sad that there is so little life in the world, etc.
<Alcar> Hmm, there'd likely be pro-life groups that disagree :)
<aslhk> "pro-life" groups? =P
<Alcar> humans :P
<CrypticDeva> he is totally pro-life!
<CrypticDeva> more life = more better!
<Alcar> They'd say that raising the dead kills. "People are raising more dead and causing more still born babies!"
<CrypticDeva> How does that work?
<aslhk> CrypticDeva: it doesn't have to work!
<Alcar> exacctly :) Propaganda is fun :P
<CrypticDeva> that's retarded ;b
<CrypticDeva> heheh
<CrypticDeva> but realistic :<
<CrypticDeva> DAMN YOU, GOD!

<AlcarGM> To sum up the day: Earlier this morning, someone nuked a city block for reasons no one knows. The only person who does know died in it, but he's ok now. About 20-30 minutes ago a automatic-weapon fight between a very outmatched were and some sailors on a ship broke out, which was intervened in by some passing strangers. The ship fled, leaving the were in New York.
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( You can see that over IRC?! ))
<Jeramias> <( you can tell by its affect on the earth's gravitational pull, actually. )>
<Gemm> (this sounds like that one day in Hubris..)
<AlcarGM> lol
<Robin``> ((lol))
<AlcarGM> It's ALL pc caused :P
<AlcarGM> cept the nuke. Somewhat.

<Geroge> well, then I never would've been able to furnish it in the first place... Maybe there should just be a restriction on how often I can go there?
<Geroge> *sighs* I'm thinking way too much for a game with no rules :)
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> yes :p
<Geroge> So I can use it as the worlds largest bag of holding, I just won't abuse it.
* Geroge 's head explodes because of the lack of restricting rules ;)

<AlcarGM> What's Geroge doing with his monkeys?
<Angelus> (Uhg, i sure hope he isint shaking hands with them..)
<Aaron```> (a line that could only be referring to one of Jer's characters :)

<Angelus> "Arron, tell Than to make his escape! Please....."
* Than`^ jumps off the side and grabs onto a counter wiegt cord or pipe or something
<AlcarGM> Than grabs the weight, accompanied by a loud creaking noise.
* Than`^ hopes this means he's going down slowly..
<Aaron```> "I need not tell Than. He knows when to escape, I would assume."
<Aaron```> "His ride shall be waiting."
* Aaron``` disappears
<AlcarGM> As Aaroon says that Than was leaping into an elevator shaft :P

<Angelus> should a god contradict himself then the very world would be destroyed.
<Angelus> never seen Dogma have you?
<Than`^> Yeah, I have
<Than`^> but lolad is kind of differant ;)
<Angelus> bah!
<Angelus> Both have streets full of dead people
<Angelus> evil angels
<Than`^> you have a point
<Angelus> weird apostles
<Angelus> and shit demons
<Angelus> I wouldnt be suprised if the whole Jay and Silent Bob Series was SET in LOLAD somewhere
<Aaron```> you don't think Kevin Smith became popular because people liked his stuff, do you? *waves a contract in your face*

<Geroge> "I'm not technically a mage. I'm just here to help."
<robin``> "Invincible? Impressive."
<Geroge> "Does that say invincible? I'll have to get that fixed with my printer."
<AlcarGM> "It should read invisible."
<robin``> "Well, what about immunity? And Chronomaster?"

* Than`^ pulls out his cord and plugs it into the small disck and his card
<AlcarGM> The Microsoft Windows 95 start-up screen fills Than's vision, including a dark, rearing horse to the left side of the screen, a large black bird with outstretched wings to the top right of the image, a rock star just to the right of the Windows logo (the top corner points to the back of his neck).
<AlcarGM> And across the center and left of the logo, a couple are making love (just above the upper left corner of the logo, the man's cheek and eye can be seen; his partner's neck extends from the bottom left of the logo through the 's' of Microsoft
<AlcarGM> And Than realises he has been tricked! Or maybe not.
<AlcarGM> Than feels himself get more aware as the AI slips into him, filling him with emotions, knowledge and causing a bit of a headache :)
* Than`^ wonders what the whole windows thing was about
<Angelus``> (does it use the backdoor? :-P)
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( session highlights: Than`^ get's astrally sodomized by his AI ))

* Angelus`` runs into the house and gets changed.....he comes out with what looks like a new nose peircing...bright red hair...a leather vest and for what second looks like a Kilt...
* Angelus`` also has on spiked leather bracers
* Than`^ scans his memory for the un computer, most particularly, the secret stuff he just got from the un building ;)
<Angelus``> "hey you think that scottish chick at the club will go for me now?"
* Angelus`` immitates a bad irish accent
<Angelus``> "I can do et"
* Than`^ stares at Angelus
* Angelus`` does the fat bastard dance
<Than`^> "No." *blankly*
<Angelus``> "What do you know.....the closest thing you got to getting laid is putting a cord in a wall socket."

<Than`^> "I think you gave me the wrong chip Angelus.."
<Than`^> "She's usually more talkative than this.."
<Angelus``> "I doubt it......the other 5 are identical....the ones i pulled from the UN hard drives...that chip i gave you is the one she gave me when we asked for yours"
<Than`^> "Did you ask for the right one?"
<Angelus``> "Besides.....your conciounce usually only talks to you when your doing something wrong...
<Than`^> "Well.. they gave me a woman.. Think about it.."
<Angelus``> "Sounds just like a woman if you ask me..."
<Angelus``> "But then again......to women we are ALWAYS doing something wrong"
<Angelus``> "Ever get the silent treatment from an upset girlfriend?"

<Than`^> so explain the whole 5 disks 5 terminals 5 days thing
<AlcarGM> It's the law of fives in action.
<Than`^> that's IT?
<AlcarGM> The Law of Fives is never wrong.
<Than`^> that's ALL?

* Geroge comes back into the world
<robin``> ((Through the hole? =P))
<Geroge> <( No, falling from the sky :P )>
* Geroge just kind of stands there unblinking
<robin``> ((falling through the sky is better))
* robin`` steps away a bit in case he has been Possessed By Odd Things.
<AlcarGM> Geroge looks .... different, slight. Nothing you can pin down, though.
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( what's his soul look like? ))
<Geroge> <( a fish )>
<AlcarGM> it looks like somene dipped in in suphuric acid and oil and lit it on fire, currently. Mostly because something just tried to eat it, and you have no clue why it failed. Oh, yes, and it's marked him as prey for Darkness :)
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( *mental note to self: Stay away from this guy!* ;b ))
<Geroge> <( Gotta talk to someone about that ;) )>

* Angelus`` stops them at the only restaraunt remaining.... McTacoBucks for some drive through tacoburgers and coffee
<AlcarGM> The fast food outlet is easy to find. The humans inside serving people are behind metal and silver bars and the place looks like a fortress :) They serve quickly because irate cusomers have been known to break in and slaughter the staf and eat them instead. Awesome incentive.

<Geroge> "I think that I need to talk to a god about getting this fixed." *looks down at himself* "I just need one that will help an atheist."
* robin`` looks confused
<robin``> "If you're an atheist, what makes you think there's a god to talk to?"
<Geroge> "Gods exist. I've talked to them before. I just don't believe in them and their power. Complicated situation."
<robin``> "I can tell! If they don't have power, how could they fix something?"
<Geroge> "Because they are supposed to. Just because the gods may not like me, it would be bad form for them to smite me."
<robin``> "I'd think they'd be lining up to help your friendly neighborhood superhero!"

<Geroge> <( I hope that AlcarGM is writing it down to, because I'm sitting here making up the laws to his universe ;) )>
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( i beat you to that one! ;b ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( you're doing good so far ;) ))
<Geroge> <( you beat who to what? )>
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( you to writing laws to the universe ;b ))
<Geroge> <( Ah, right )>
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( my character backgrounds are a bit too thorough sometimes ;b ))
<Geroge> <( when I am a god, these will be the laws to my universe :) )>

<robin``> "Another associate of mine mentioned that a certain type of Priest tend to carry such nukes around in their heads."
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( I knew they had to have SOMETHING in there... ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> How fascinating
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> Why would someone want to carry around a bunch of highly-explosive radioactive material in their head?
<robin``> "To ensure that whoever it is they're after gets blown up."

<AlcarGM> The vampire in question is a short woman with long brown hair, a tanned face and cat's eyes, of all things. She moves like a were would, a sort of hunter/predator walk that makes you realise why vamps are feared.
* Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones smiles happily at her
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> Is there something we can help you with, miss?
<Geroge> "Hullo there, lady."
<AlcarGM> "My servant Blackstripe told me something interesting had happened in this city, so I came to investigate," mildly. Her voice has no accent at all.
<Geroge> <( blackstripe sounds familiar... please god, tell me I'm insane )>
<AlcarGM> You're not :) Sorry :P
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( you're insane... but tha tdoesn't mean you might not be right ;b ))

<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm sure that all of us would like to know exactly what has happened here, and fighting amongst ourselves does nothing to facilitate the realization of that goal...
<robin``> "There's not much to see in there anyway. Just a lot of Evil. And a " *checks his notes* "Woobly Bit."
* Geroge shakes his head.
<AlcarGM> She frowns at the hole, then shakes her head. "We don't need this. If this one does what the others did, but not ... " looks at Robin. "That is to be expected."
<robin``> "The others?"
* Geroge mutters "I told you there were woobly bits. She knows what is over there, despite not recognizing my greatness."
<AlcarGM> She snaps: "Those who used Light." then looks at Geroge for a long moment. "Darkness has marked you. Otherwise I would rip your head off to shut you up," pleasantly. "But that would be kinder than what it should do."

<AlcarGM> The bar consists of a long wooden table gouged with stains, cuts, blood and other things it's best not to think about. one of the three Bartenders looks over, then comes over eventually. "What?" curtly.
<AlcarGM> <Kel > "We want a booking."
<AlcarGM> The bartender shrugs. "We're full."
* Than`^ shoves people out of the way that are trying to shove him.. a little too much
<AlcarGM> <Kel > smiles coldly, then growls. "Prove it." The bartender steps back, startled. "Not bad, kid. Almost scary. Huh. tomorrow nght, 6. Set up at 5. Dusk til dawn."
<Than`^> (( Isn't that a movie? ))
<Than`^> "Long night."
<AlcarGM> yes :) I was hoping you;d seen it so it'd worry you as a reference :)

<Than`^> "Here, let me give you a priority while we wait.. Process that covert info I downloaded and tell me out of all those kidnapped or powerful who it would be most beneficial to see first.. I plan on meeting them all though.."
<Than`^> "Get it yet?"
<AlcarGM> Long pause, then "Information accurate?"
<Than`^> "I don't know, but we'll pretend to believe them."
<AlcarGM> AI: "Even the part about the Illuminati?"

<Than`^> "Give me that part."
<AlcarGM> AI: "summary."
<Than`^> "No, too many contradictions."
<AlcarGM> AI: "That does not follow prmise we'll pretend to believe them"
<Than`^> "Stop processing and start thinking. Just if you think it might be true then add it in your list.."
<Than`^> "Even if you don't we'll do those last."
<AlcarGM> AI: "This unit uses logical constructs. Truth is irrelevant."
<Than`^> "Well, learn."
<AlcarGM> AI: "All statements about the illuminati are true for varying values of truth."
<Than`^> "Then whatever sounds logical."
<Than`^> "Your findings?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "The baravian illuminati does not exist. or if if does, it is the UN."

<Than`^> "how many are ON the list?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "332 on list, first prominent name on new york... Lady Liberty."
<Than`^> "The person right?"
<AlcarGM> AI: The statue."
<Than`^> "Give me names of sentient beings."
<AlcarGM> AI: pause. "This unit just did."
<Than`^> "The statue is sentient?"

* robin`` goes around and asks about any recent helicopter sightings =P
<AlcarGM> Asking at pubs, bars, reastaurants or ?
<robin``> bars now
<robin``> as they are the places most likely to have people who are lying in a position in which they can see the sky on a regular basis =P

<Than`^> "Who's the next on the list?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "Aaron Zedis"
<Than`^> "Met him, next."
<AlcarGM> There is a pause. "And survived?"
<Than`^> "Is that a joke? I think you're joking.. That's almost funny, I like that... ... Yes, Next please."
<AlcarGM> Longer pause, then "3rd on list of important beings in New York, Zorro."

<aslhk> A man calling himself Void appeared in the sky over Boston for a few mininutes, then flew into the sun.
<aslhk> lol
* Alcar grins
* ArthurQ grins evily
<ArthurQ> Alcar, do you think they are on to us?
<Baliadoc> i knew that city block had to be nuked by something other than technological means... ;)

<Caltak> so I say, if you expect a paladin to act as though they had no gonads, I'd say you'd better just be happy all they do is ask girls out :)
<Alcar> "I'm a paladin, lady. I'm only level 1 but I've got my holy sword right here...."
<ArthurQ> "And its one long sword too......get the point?" :-P
<Caltak> "not a long sword... its a great sword, baby."
<Alcar> "Uh, my lady, what are you doing?" "Looking for the special distance viewer the wizard left last week."
<Caltak> "Oh don't worry, I've got a Ring of Protection." *wink*
<ArthurQ> "Its a broad sword too"
<Alcar> "Yes, dear. Your father was a bastard sword."
<Caltak> One word: "Rapier."

<Alcar> Wizard: "Hey, you! Wanna get familiar with my familiar?"
<Alcar> Works best if the you is an elf :)
<Alcar> "Why did you kill your familiar?" "The elf took me literally."
<Caltak> Cleric: "Wanna see how I really turn undead?"
<Caltak> Fighter: "I have the Weapon Finesse feat."
<ArthurQ> Halfling: You know...its the bottom half thats human.
<Alcar> Cleric: "Raise dead? Hey, I'm 80! At my age it's a very useful spell."
<ArthurQ> halfling: Wanna know why we really have hairy feet?
<Caltak> elf: "I've been around a while. I have lots of experience."

<ArthurQ> Female Halfling: Let me show you why we're so short
<Tsume> Rogue "I could teach you a few tricks, maybe even another use for backstab?"
<Caltak> HalfOrc: "My lower canines aren't the only thing thats bigger than a human's."
<Caltak> "hey baby, mind if we use flanking?" *friend walks in room*
<Tsume> Rogue "Don't worry, rogues have very precise aim."
<Caltak> "I get bonuses, you know."
<ArthurQ> Dwarf: "And thats why we have so much hair on our chins!
<Caltak> Female Dwarf: "Havent you hear the rumours about how much a dwarf can drink?"
<Tsume> Enchantress "Casting spells aren't the only arts I use with staffs."
<ArthurQ> Yuan-ti: Yanno, there's a reason for these long toungs.....care to findout?"
<Caltak> Golem: "I'm made of rock. Ill let you do the math."

<Alcar> Scene: A halfling is standing by a street corner in a red light distrct, holding up a sign: "Palms hairy, not feet. Please help."
<ArthurQ> Mage: I'll show you a magic missle alright...
<Caltak> "I have an enchanted staff. Care to try it out?"
<Tsume> Rogue: "Hell, bring a friend, I'm always ready for a good tumble."
<ArthurQ> Fighter: I have lots of feats
<Alcar> Rogue: "Pick pockets? Well, yeah, I do. Wait, you mean take stuff out of them, too?!"
<ArthurQ> Cthulu: There's a reason i have all these tentacles around my mouth.

<AlcarGM> The vampire ones are easy to find because people tend to make a wide detour around the buildings out of principle. The all species one - Ed's Eats and Treats (no one ever changed the name) - has a large "NO MAGIC, NO KILLING, NO FEEDING" sign outside.
<AlcarGM> The actual bar itself is more a restaurant than bar, since most supernaturals don't drink beer and such, they metabolize it too fast. A large were bear - in wrere form - is outside, and the bouncer.
<AlcarGM> A young girl of about 13 or so is beside her. She seems to be the door check and decides if people get in or not.
* Robin``` gapes at the bear
<AlcarGM> The bear looks down at you, then smiles in a friendly smile. Well, it would be friendly if not for those teeth
<Ashura`-> (( "Only YOU can prevent club fires." ))

* Robin``` steps away, somewhat nervously, and starts to head inside
<AlcarGM> The girl steps between you and the door and says, quietly, "what are you?"
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( I'm your WORST NIGHTMARE! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHAH! ...*quietly* human ))
<Ashura`-> (( "Isn't that sort of a personal question? Er, species, right, sorry..." ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( pervert ))
<Robin```> "Human."
<Ashura`-> (( excuse me? ))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( YOU HEARD ME! ))
<Ashura`-> (( wow, someone had some deeply repressed... well, nevermind, wouldnt want to provoke your further. ))

<AlcarGM> The vampire looks around, then lowers his voice. "Word of warning, friend. If it was Priests that came herethey'll hunt anyone who mentions them."
<Robin```> ((*considers using an artimus quote*))
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> (( distengrted? ))
<Robin```> ((heh, something along the lines of "I've been running from the police for hundreds of years!"))

<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm investigated a dark force, that has claimed several lives already
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> The Atlantean Necromancers recommended that I consult you
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm confident that we can work together towards a value-added solution to this problem that will please everyone!
<AlcarGM> The guard raises an eyebrow,then something Speaks through him, female and old, and powerful. "Darkness Lose In My City?" You can feel the pure elemental strength of the statue, the hopes of those who came, the fear of those turned away,.
* Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones nods
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> I'm afraid so...
<AlcarGM> Guard: "Value Added ...... Are You Joking?"
<Marvin_Shul-Nirrugath-Jones> Of course not! What good is a solution that creates more problems than it solves?

<Baliadoc> lol, on a somewhat unrelated topic, the funniest experience i've ever heard anyone have with mind flayers was the time a friend of mine ended a siege with mind flayer porn :)
<Alcar> with what?!
<ArtQ-Sleeping> dude, its all mind fucking
<ArtQ-Sleeping> there is nothing visual to make porn with!
<Baliadoc> mind flayer porn. he kept coming up with these really good ideas, but the DM kept defeating them somehow
<Baliadoc> so finally, he got a crystal ball of telepathy, buried well out of any of the wizards' ranges within the keep, and began to subject the populace to massive telepathic transmissions of mind flayer porn.
<Baliadoc> when they all started going mad, they finally gave up
<ArtQ-Sleeping> talk about radiation poisoning

* Alcar still wants to see TheHellsAngel try it agfainst a tarrasque wizard with 18 int.
<TheHellsAngel> I will take on any wizard
<TheHellsAngel> of = level
<TheHellsAngel> but he nastiest character I ever had
<TheHellsAngel> took me two years
<Kattelyn> TheHellsAngel, do you munchkin?
<TheHellsAngel> a 20th level drow monk
<TheHellsAngel> munchkin?

<aslhk> heh, cabbage also suggested that he should offer the services of an "Illuminati Consultant" who goes around telling business people how to organize their businesses in such a way that they will be suitable for use after the oncoming illuminati takeover.

<Alcar> y?
<Keith`> she said no heartless killers
<Alcar> Why not? Your killer could have a heart! Even a whole collection :p
<Keith`> for lunch even
<Alcar> Heartless PC: "You think I'm evil and cruel and heartless, but I have the heart of a child." *Rumages in sack* "I know it's here somewhere.."
<ArthurQ> ouch
<ArthurQ> thats evil
<Keith`> and here i was thinking "You think i'm evil, crew and heartless, but i had the heart of a child." *pats his stumic* "For lunch"
<Keith`> *goes to rummaging in his back* "I've got leftovers if you like"
<Alcar> "Do you want salt and pepper with ... why are you looking at me like that?"
<Keith`> "What its not like its the first time this has happenned!"
<Keith`> or better yet "I know that look, i'm going to have to kill you now"

* Alcar grins. Plan to make him a villain.
<Caltak> ...uh.
<Caltak> Its probably paranoia, but I think you try to annoy me intentionally. -_-;
<Alcar> lol. No.
<Caltak> well you do it so often...

<AlcarGM> The fox chuckles, his aura rolling off him and making you feel unpleasantly warm. The mouse says, hesitantly, "I don't think -- " but a look from the wolf stops him abruptly. The fox reaches up towards you're face, as if to pet it.
* Fern` bites his finger "
* Fern` throws the magical mud at him
<AlcarGM> It's a bit hairy :P
* Fern` dosn't mind, and gives him a good chomp.. " heh.. maybe you will beceome a reverse were.. being bit by a human.."

<AlcarGM> The fox steps back, mostly from surprise, then blinks as the pavement literally begins to climb up his legs. The were mouse screams, a high pitched cry, and begins to run away :P
<AlcarGM> The wolf stops, torn between killing you and chasing the mouse.
* Fern` is very suprized that the charm worked that good... but no time to savor the moment,... in the chaos she makes a break for it, and in the back of her mind.. keeps a steady chant... "Kumby-ya...my lord..."
<Ashura`-> (( wow... it all makes sense now! :P ))
<Ashura`-> (( all this time they were trying to cast spells :p ))

* Ashura`- looks up as if he hears someone approach at the feeling of magic, and vanishes into the shadows, figuring the police can probably handle comatose demon ants.

<AlcarGM> He looks at you carefully, then says "I am sorry, but I didn't get your name. I am called Erwin."
<aslhk> ((lol =P))
<Than`^> (( ROFLMFAO ROFL LMAO! ))
<AlcarGM> *whistles innocently*
<Ashura`-> (( what's so funny? It's his name. ))
* Fern` something inside of her stirs, like an old memory, but it quickly passes. She seems to have trouble finding her voice, and manages to say "fern"

<Fern`> um.. nawh, I usally pitch a tent... but the last real soild place was with toto.. the dog-were alpha..
<Ashura`-> (( pitch a tent... or make others pitch one :) ))
<Fern`> ((gross!..))
<Ashura`-> (( what? Just beacuase you get others to do things for... oh wait, you thought I meant that? you have a sick mind! :P ))
<AlcarGM> is lost
<Fern`> (( pitch a tent.. as in your shorts.. points to Cal ))
<Ashura`-> (( I never said anything about shorts, you're the one thinking dirty :P ))
<Fern`> (( your the one whos going thru puberity!!! ))
<Ashura`-> (( Point being? Just because you're obsessed with sex, doesn't mean you need to project your filthy thoughts on everything I say :P ))

<AlcarGM> <Erwin> nods. "A smart idea for someone by themself in this city." He walks in silence for a few minutes, then says "What can you do, magic-wise?"
* Fern` thinks for a moment " not quite sure at times, i use to make money selling charms.. the small stuff.. love, money, protection. But then when i started putting a little bit of faith in them, they started to be... charged. I had a guy buy a love charm, and he ended up with a succbus for a house pet.

* Ashura`- wonders just how powerful that mage was that he killed-- well, hopefully killed... you never can be quite sure when there's no corpse-- was, and just what reprocussions the encounter may have caused... but decides that knowledge seldom comes from mere contemplation, and that time will likely tell.
<AlcarGM> Time just wants his trousers back, actually. People keep getting stuck in them :p

* Coris , making conversation, asks Ferd how many other dwarves need to find a cure for baldness with druids
<Coris> It's a bit too early in the morning for him to be thinking :)
<Ferd_Preson> "What? This is not a curse. This is...well some call it rebellion."

<Coris> Hmm, Jack could also be along to keep Coris out of too many bars and bar fights
<Keith`> yah there is that too
<Keith`> all tho for player side knowlage and not PC, your dad is getting ready to fire you and let your younger brother take over
<Coris> lol
<Coris> makes sense
* Coris beigns to occly plot Jack's accidental death :p

<Alcar> Speaking of throwing weapons, has any d20 supplement yet allowed pcs with high strength to throw swords?
<Baliadoc> well, in S&F, you can take the "Throw anything" feat.
* Alcar should look into it for a monk or something
<Baliadoc> and i actually think you can throw swords normally, it just imparts the -4 non-proficiency penalty
<Baliadoc> but the feat gives you a range increment of 10 with any melee weapon you can weild.
<Alcar> "To you this is a peanut. To me, it's a lethal weapon." Exotic weapon prof. and crit hit aimed at the eye
<Baliadoc> lol! Alcar, you need to be an exotic weapon master, then :)

* Brianna groans once more just because....
<Brianna> (( Assuming she can do that when it's not her turn. <G> ))
<Keith`> no thats move equivelent (JK)

<Keith`> the ground rumbles and groans then gives way under Brianna, and all 3 bandits
* Brianna screams as she falls.
<Keith`> well you only fall 2ft so you don't fall far...
<Keith`> but for all who are on there feat it is going to be a nasty dex check to stay on them
* Brianna lets out an 'oof' as she hits bottom.
<Keith`> and well some how the number 2 infront of Coris mannages to stay on his feat
<Keith`> must have something to do with a short sword in his shoulder giving him extra balance
<Coris> have to remember to pull it out next time :p

<dodge413> though I imagine he'd be rather thoughtful after a fight in which he didn't manage to hit anyone =P
<Coris> consider a career change :)
<dodge413> *laugh* could multiclass to wizard =P
<Coris> bard would be more fun
<dodge413> he's more bard-like
<dodge413> hitting on bard maids and all
<dodge413> I suppose thief would do, as well *laugh*
<Coris> write glorious songs about his victories before the battle :)
<dodge413> that would be awesome
<Coris> Actually, it would....
<dodge413> you should do it

<Keith`> as for the rest of your wounds he says time will have to mend them, he would wrap your ribs but for how badly beat up you are right now it would only likely make matters worse (and he isn't sure if they are realy broken or not)
<Keith`> with that i'll intro the handly little missing PC device
<Keith`> he takes a bad step and steps in missing pc quick stand and vanishes from view/presence
<Keith`> MPCQS the anser to all your missed game needs

* Coris helps Brianna up. "It was our pleasure." ((He has a thing for green-eyed women)) "Do you come from Scandin?"
<Brianna> "No. I was passing through and these ... creatures jumped me."
<Keith`> (they where human)
<Brianna> (( Yes, but she didn't feel she could call them men. <G> ))
* Coris nods, then says "Where are you headed?" He would be angry that we bled and haven't gotten useful infomation, but Brianna is too cute to be angry at.
<Keith`> womanizer
<Keith`> if i didn't know better i would say you where strait
<Coris> LOL
<Coris> Fighter's have to chase bar maids.It's, like, a code :)

<Goth-Geek> Id run a game but i dont have time :(
<Goth-Geek> i already play d&d every night irl
<Alcar> every night?
<Alcar> Impressive.
<Keith`> masterbation isn't D&D
<Keith`> sorry to brake your bubble there but.. (jk)

<Goth-Geek> Someone was telling me about a book that talks about hwo to play evil characters in d&d its a fairly new book i think anyone know what it is called
<Goth-Geek> he said it talked about like the effects of drugs
<Goth-Geek> and stuff like that too
<Alcar> Dark Dungeons? :)
<Goth-Geek> I have no idea what it is called
<Goth-Geek> Alcar know where i can download it or download a sampler of it?
<Alcar> hehe. DD's a pamphlet from the 70's/early 80's about how D&D was satanic, caused suicided etc.
<Alcar> It came to me when you mentioned effects of drugs
<Goth-Geek> im talkiung about a book that tells you like about the darker aspects
<Goth-Geek> it like tells you how your abiltys change we you do drugs and stuff like that
<Alcar> D&D being satanic and causing people to kill themselves aren't darker aspecs?
* Alcar backs away from Goth-Geek :P

<Than`^> "Well, I'm not trying to capture him though."
<AlcarGM> The AI's voice takes on a dry tone "Will he know that?"
<Than`^> "Are you being sarcastic? I think that was sarcasm... funny."
<Than`^> "We're going anyway."
* Than`^ heads for the metro station nearest him =p
<AlcarGM> AI: "I am merely noting that most humans would not assume that a heavily armed cyborg was coming just to talk."
<Than`^> "Well, he isn't 'most humans' maybe he's psychic and can read my mind?"
<Ashura`-> (( but can he read binary? :) ))

<Than`^> "Hmmm... interesting.. maybe we should refrain from attacking?"
<AlcarGM> AI: "Probablity of termination of functions approximately 7%."
* Than`^ looks around "That gives us a 93% chance of walking out alive.. Getting you was probably 50/50, so i guess I'm willing to take the risk."
<AlcarGM> AI: "12% now," calmly.
<Fern`> (( wow, Saddam won his re-election by a smaller margin!!))
<Baliadoc> (rofl))
<Ashura`-> (( yup hehe ))
<AlcarGM> LOL

* Than`^ meets the bottom of the stairs and looks at the were to make sure he's alive still
<AlcarGM> The were is alive, and trying to get up. Which is rather hard when your back is broken in a few places
<Than`^> "You ok?"
<AlcarGM> The were attempts a growl at you.
<Than`^> "I'll take that as a yes.."

<AlcarGM> The interior of the airport is crowded with people coming and going, reminding you of how airports used to be. Signs in various languages welcome you to "Trail, The City of Faline"
* Ashura`- mutters, "Well, human curiosity still hasn't died... pity they never like it when they actually do find things out."
* Ashura`- grabs a pamphlet or something, to find out points of interest that might actually be pertinent to what he's doing :)
<AlcarGM> You find there is a Trail Memorial Museum, A Memorium to all the people she killed (actually a wall), and the home they lived in is now a bed and breakfast rumoured to be haunted
* Ashura`- notes the bed and breakfast... place to stay, plus if it actually is haunted, that might be useful. But he then goes to try to find anything related to where they might have been rumoured to have left the world from, or anything. (And I dont just mean by reading pamphlets... checking out museums, etc. or even popping by a bookstore or library are reasonable, too.)
<AlcarGM> There's also a rumoured haunted hill, a mall she once killed people in (The KFC there now sells Kitty Fried Chicken) and no references to the other weres at all.
<Ashura`-> (( Oh, Haunted Hill is definately a stop... oh christ, I actually am turning into a tourist! :P ))

* Fern` her stomach growls, " um.. do you mind some lunch first?"
<AlcarGM> <Ancient Of Days> frowns, then nods "Dinner...... you will have to eat out for that, I am afraid. We don't keep human food here."
<Fern`> Well, some people count TOFU not as a human food.
* Fern` says, grinning. Showing off some freckles on her cheeks
<AlcarGM> <Erwin> chuckles at that

<AlcarGM> A human male voice behind you, where the were is, says "Can I help you?" coldly.
* Than`^ turns "Who are you?"
<Ashura`-> (( well, duh ))
<AlcarGM> A human, looking about 30 or so, is standing beside the were. He's tall, with black hair streaked of grey (ditto with a beard) and wearing some jeans and a jean jacket. No shoes or t-shirt or anything though. Hs hair is tied back in a pony tail
<Than`^> "Bernard?"
<Fern`> ((no, I'm bat-man.. hes two caves down))
<AlcarGM> The man looks at you "Who wants to know?"

<Alcar> Hm, White Wolf with each species haivng something unique to replace rage etc. would be funny....
* Alcar is pretty sure Caltak wants to play a wemic though. Have no freaking clue how that would be bought :)
<Baliadoc> hmm... i'll have to check out changling.
<Baliadoc> but i do know how he could be a wemic.
<Alcar> oh. how?
<Baliadoc> he could buy the Gangrels animal power... really high.
<Baliadoc> changes you slightly each time.
<aslhk> Baliadoc: yeah, but then he'd have lots of powers which don't make sense for a wemic
<Baliadoc> hmm.. true.
<Baliadoc> on the other hand, he'd look like a wemic.

<MyBrains> In the rl campaign I'm in now, I missed on of the games and Caltak played my Cleric...
<MyBrains> he killed a raider... so now I had to get rid of anything in my Cleric's inventory that resembled a weapon...
<TexDKnght> Anything can be used as a weapon, if you know what you are doing.
<aslhk> even if you don't!
<MyBrains> I do have a Sap and a Whip though... since they are subdual weapons.
<MyBrains> and the whip makes it easy to disarm people.
<Alcar> PC: "I cook supper." GM: "Do you have a cooking skill?" PC: "UH, no." GM: "Roll." PC: "Please, don't tell me I kill them all? I need food!"
<aslhk> *laugh* your clerics carries around one weapon which is used primarily to torture and punish people and another which is used primarily to rob people?
<Alcar> And whips, well .... "Excuse me, but we're wondering" *coughs* "are you a cleric of pain or pleasure?"

<Baliadoc> well, i was gonna go very warrior like. i'm trying to get a friend of mine in another game to vat-grow a vast super army (as a joke). vat grown human-like warriors would be fun :)
<Caltak> .........
<Alcar> vat grown ninjas :)
<Caltak> ...........................
<Baliadoc> yes!
<Baliadoc> space ninjas!
<Caltak> no. nononono.
<Caltak> absolutely not
<Baliadoc> why not??

<Alcar> best ninja idea might be some code of honour bit .... really trained killer working for a diplomat because said person taught them that there are better solutions to problems than killing everyone. ANd now they're dead, and you're pissed....
<Baliadoc> i was thinking more along the lines of people being asked to the conference to be something along the lines of a hired police force, with lots of other stuff tossed in. but i won't explain said other stuff, because that would eat up valuable creativity :)
<Caltak> well I might just be acting overly critical right now, Ic ant tell ;)
* Alcar grins. would be funny .. ninja is so good at killing everyone wonders if shi killed the diplomats :p
<Alcar> "We need to be able to trust you." "I"m a sociopathic ninja on a vengeance trek." "Let me get back to you on that."
<Caltak> "What's with the pajamas? Hey! My arm! I needed that for stuff..."
<Caltak> "I can kill you four times before you hit the floor." "HA! I bet you can't! Quick, Charlie, start counting!" *slashing and hitting and yelling, followed by a thump* "Hey, you lied, you killed him three ti--URK!" *thump* "No witnessess."

<Alcar> There is another pause, then "Oh. Well, then." The door is opened by a kind, white haired, plump old grandother wearing reading glasses. She's wearing an aporn that says "World's Best Grandma" in cheerful letters.
<Caltak> (( hear that? she's wearing a porn :P ))
<Alcar> lol! apron :p
<Caltak> (( ewww grandma porn... oh wait, it was a typo :P ))
<Than`^> "Uhm.. Hello.. Grandma.. "
<Caltak> (( "Gimme a dollar." ))
<Alcar> "Do you want some milk and cookies?"
<Than`^> "Oh, no thank you, I do not eat."
<Caltak> (( "...milk and cookies." *DUN DUN DUN* ))
<Alcar> Grandmother Beavis looks up at you sharply, then says midly. "Wise of you." and steps inside. "Would you like to come in? I find the summer weather tires me out."
* Than`^ steps in lightly, but not before wiping his feet, cause grandma beavis scares him just by the mere fact that she's on the list but she seems so normal and abnormal at the same time..
<Alcar> She turns back inside. On the back of her apron are the words "OR ELSE!" in bright red lettering :)

<Alcar> The inside of the cottage .. err, home ... is immaculately clean and consists of a kitchen and small sitting room. You can smell things cooking in the kitchen and the sitting room is very nicely wallpapered in flowers. Black roses.
<Than`^> "Uhm.. actually, I just came here to tell you hello and give you a botmail address of mine.."
<Alcar> She looks at you, then says "But I seldom get visitors these days. Not after the children .... well. Never mind. I told them not to spray paint the fence. It's not my fault they were too big for the cook pot so I had to sick the wild hunt on their little precious selves. Now, what do you want?"
<Alcar> The AI begins searching for Brave Sir Robin

<Elana-Silvereye> hey Alcar, can you think of anything?
<Elana-Silvereye> aslhk is tryin ta make a hacker and he wants something different than a sneak attack
<Alcar> replace sneak with avoid cyber government agents? :)
<aslhk> 'find the fed' =P
<Elana-Silvereye> that'd work good
<Alcar> sort of a 6th sense to spot law enforcement :p
<aslhk> I'm going to call 'Search' Dumpster Diving, if you don't mind
<Elana-Silvereye> you could substitute it for a computer sneak attack, like when hacking or sumthin
<aslhk> DoS attack! =P

<aslhk> you start off with 'common' and that's it, right? none of that int bonus crap?
<Alcar> int bonus = more lanugages
<aslhk> damn
<aslhk> my character speaks a lot of langauges
<aslhk> he must've learned them on the Internet!
<aslhk> i'll give him programming languages =P

* ThomasGarner is a short, plump teen with eyes that appear, on first glance to be red. A second glance will show that they are, in fact, brown, but happen to be very bloodshot. His hair is also brown. His shirt says , "There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't."

<ElanaDM> last you saw was the oriental guy getting shot and the man in the black suit who done it walking toward the subway car
* Coris had decided trying to leave was stupid with the MIB there, so I'm following Mr. Trenchcoat
<ElanaDM> you head down the car then?
* Coris is almost considering being worried, too.
<ElanaDM> the subway car is up too full speed now, the celing handles swaying with the motion of the trackas under the train

* Coris continues to head to the front, whistling inexpertly to himself to cover a nervous feeling in his stomach
<Coris> Can I roll to see if butterflies of the stomach can cause hurricanes in Argentina? :p
<ElanaDM> sure
<ElanaDM> maybee you'll get EXP
<Coris> blinks. Uh, what kind of roll :p
<ElanaDM> lol
<ElanaDM> jk

<ElanaDM> MIB: "Why did you stop me?"
* Coris is no hero and stops trying to get free. He manages to look the MIB in the eys and says "Killing is wrong."
<ElanaDM> MIB: "so is terrorism"
<ElanaDM> he loosens his grip on you
<Coris> "I'm terrified of you right now!"

<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "That man was a know terrorist and was an acomplias to the other man in the subway"
<Coris> "Am I under arrest?" almost curiously
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "No I'm afraid not, but I'd like to ask you a few questions"
* Coris frowns at the I'm afraid not comment, working it out in his head, then says "Ok."

<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "What is your association with that man?"
<Coris> "I don't have one."
<Coris> "I just got on the subway."
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "Did he say anything to you?"
<Coris> "I asked him if anyone else was on the train, and he asked if anyone else got on. I said I didn't think so and he told me I should go back to my seat because it wasn't safe. Then you tried to shoot him, so I guess he was right."
<ElanaDM> he hands you a cell phone
* Coris looks at it in shock. "Uhm, those things fry brain cells you know."
<ElanaDM> Agent Rayban: "If you see him again, I'd appreciate it if you called me"

<ElanaDM> as your headed over there you notice a kid sitting at a computer enthralled in some shooter
<ElanaDM> he looks oddly familiar
* Coris looks at him curiously .. too young, but hmm ... and looks at the game
<ElanaDM> the game is apprantly some team game where the other team is trying to plant an explosive device as the other team tries to kill them all
<ElanaDM> as you watch you glance back at the kid and realize you saw him in the subway the previous day
* Coris looks away quickly, wondering why that day keeps trying to smack him in the face, and hurries to the dance to lose himself in some music
<ElanaDM> you go and dance amongst several girls to some nifty industrial techno
<ElanaDM> after dancing a bit you brush up against a certin girl that starts dancing with you and it takes you a moment to notice its the girl from the subway on your way home the previous day
* Coris stops dancing and goes for a stiff drink
* Coris resists the urge to look for Rod Serling :)

<AlcarGM> AI: "System scan complete, Windows virus removed. All other operations as normal."
<Than`^> (( you're just getting wierd now alcar =p ))
<aslhk> ((now? =P))
<AlcarGM> just?

<AlcarGM> the queen of the unseelie court thinks you tried to kill her now :)
<Baliadoc> through Than!?!
<AlcarGM> if she'd tried to kill than with your curse on, she might have died. So she thinks you set Than up, because only a complete idiot who enter the home of a queen of air and darkness alone without help
<Baliadoc> god dammit. i knew i should have just turned him into a lawn ornament.

<Than`^> "Ah.. well, your appointment is soon."
<AlcarGM> <Kel> nods "He had a late night, I think. How was your day?"
<Than`^> "Uhm.. well.. I almost died.. *counts* One.. two.. thre.. four times, and the list I almost died for was altered to include the population of the world, other than that, I had a good day."
<Than`^> (( I hope zorro isn't on to me =P ))
<AlcarGM> <Kel> "four .. .times. What did you do, invade a can opener factory?"
<Than`^> " No, I just met some very paranoid people.. some were evil too.."

<Than`^> "Kel, I need to name my ai.. any ideas?"
<AlcarGM> <Kel> "SuzyQ?"
<Than`^> "Hmm.. suzyq? that doesn't sound right.. I need something else.."
<AlcarGM> <Kel> "Robin Cook?"
<Than`^> "Robin would work.. I like it!"
<Than`^> AI: "Your new name is Robin. Now we just need to work on pronouns."
<Than`^> AI: "use them. use pronouns whenever you can."
<aslhk> ((lol! that's going to cause problems in the near future.))

* Colm tells the person at the counter I had a weird dream I got shot .... and wants an x-ray to make sure I wasn't. Seriouisly.
<ElanaDM> the nurse at the receptions desk looks at you strangely and taps her pen methodicly on her clipboard
<Colm> "No, really. I thought I was shot last night and woke up and don't seem to have been," earnestly.
<ElanaDM> Nurse: "Well you know, X-rays arent cheap, I'd advise against that kind of thing over.. just a fit of Hypocondria"
<ElanaDM> she looks you over
<ElanaDM> Nurse: "Where were you shot then?"
<Colm> "I'm not a hpocondriac! I've got every disease except that!" j/k
<Colm> "I'm not a hpocondriac! .. I don't evne know what one is."

<ElanaDM> as your sitting down to your coffee, or your fastfood, the phone rings
* Colm spills the coffee in his lap with a yelp and stares at the phone ... then slowly picks it up and tries to deepen his voice and give it a thick accent "Yas?"
<ElanaDM> you hear an oddly familiar voice
<ElanaDM> "Mr Harvers?"
<ElanaDM> "Are you enjoying your... Cofee?"
<Colm> "Nah. Dis is hees .. uhm .. neebour. He give me new pho ... " long pause, then. "Where are you?" nervously
<ElanaDM> "Its alright Mr. Harvers, or Colm if you prefer that"
<ElanaDM> "This is Vanderheist, I must apologize about last night"
<Colm> "About..... *gulps* "What - what happened? Are you dead?"
<ElanaDM> "No, luckily I managed to escape, I had a hard time of it though"

<Cassie`^> I miss Sparkie
<ElanaDM> me too
<Cassie`^> did I just say that?
<Cassie`^> lol
<Cassie`^> I do though, really
<WarezBert> hehe
<Colm> lol
<Cassie`^> his neat little automation gave himi personality, to me, he was a real person, with little personality
<WarezBert> i don't miss the forest fires, but sparkie was a nice scitzoid fragment of your personality
<Cassie`^> actually he had lots of personality, just didn't talk much

<ThomasGarner> ((day 1: ThomasGarner wets his pants. day 2: ThomasGarner goes to a lan party and manages to stay clean. day 3: ThomasGarner takes a dip in some sewage))
<Colm> day1: Colm Havers fights an FBI agent because killing is wrong. Day 2: Colm goes to a party and gets shot by said agent. Day 3: Colm runs through a sewer being chased by said agent

<Matsushita_Takayama> This is your first lesson
<Matsushita_Takayama> Do this one thousand times with each hand, and return next week.
<Cassie`^> "Ok, loose untill I hit, got it.."
<Cassie`^> "Hit something?"
<Matsushita_Takayama>No, simply make a fist.
<Matsushita_Takayama> It is very important!

* Andrew`- stands to the side of the doorway.
* Baliadoc has joined #game1
<Baliadoc> (rofl, you can't be serious :))
<Greg```> The room is empty except for a cot set up in the corner and the door. You hear the man approaching it. "I was kidding, sis. I mean, there aren't ghosts and people don't walk throuh walls."
<Greg```> LOL!
<Greg```> Alternate UH, and sadly yes :p
<Baliadoc> ((that's awesome :))
<Greg```> making the world up as the game goes along :)
<Andrew`-> (( This happened when I really wanted to play regular UH but we "couldnt" so this got invented :) ))
<Baliadoc> ((i'd like to play a character whose power is being the cornerstone of the plot, and then not show up ever. ;))
* Andrew`- (( beats Baliadoc's skull in with a rusty pipe, then dumps the body in the harbour. ))

* Greg``` is in the bar, looking for a drink to remind him of his fading youth. he's an old, wisened human with little face under his wrinkles and is rather famous.
<Greg```> He's a wizard who made his fame doing things that would make others run and hide and settled down to retire but was called out by some annoying goddess he tried turning into a frog for bugging him. She ordered him to accept a job from someone and leave his family to their own lives after she managed to change back. He's now being followed by a perpetual rainstorm as her revenge.
<Greg```> He's left his famous cloak of protection at hiome, since the grandkids are using it as a bed for their youngest and his famous Staff of Tharaz seems to have been left behind as well, the rumours a demon destroyed it unfounded. (His daughter's dog gnawed on one of the important runes, evaoprated, and the staff no longer works. Well, it does, but for some reason he makes apricot jelly.)
<Greg```> He's wearing a travellers robe that smells of babies and has become an unknown shade of grey and holding a staff of power thats mostly a walking stick these days.

<Clay```> "Alright freak boy, listen up! I don't know who you're talking about, who you are, or who I am. Until you stop locking missiles on me, I'm not gonna play nice!"
<Greg```> The armoured man chuckles, then a missile launches from one finger.
* Clay``` looks for any available route of dodging, and failing that, just puts his arms in front of his face and screams
<Greg```> lol. Ok.
<Greg```> The missile stops in front of your face.
* Clay``` opens his eyes, looking at it
<Clay```> "Uh... thank you?"
<Greg```> The man is staring at the missle.
<Greg```> He fires 3 more :P

<AlcarGM> Clay discovers it's hard to run and .. well .. whatever he's doing when one of the missles explodes about 2' from him and sends him sprawling for a moment.
* Clay``` flies over to the side, looking around
<Clay```> "This is not cool. I could at least come with a warning that my omnipotence lasts only so long."
* Clay``` shakes his head and tries to regain his bearings

<AlcarGM> The street is mostly now melted sludged. The buildings might have been ugly, but at least they were standing. now it looks like some earthquake had a field day. Some of the rocks are fused together and th gournd is fairly hot in some places where missiles hit .. close to 2 blocks of land reduced to smoking rubble.
<AlcarGM> <Greg> stares in awe. "If - if that guy who was fighting them survived this.... he's got to be damn lucky."
<Silvran> "Or crazy. Never forget crazy. Hes either lucky, crazy, or a god."
<Andrew`-> "Or a crazy lucky god."

<Greg`> "Oh! Sorry. I'm Greg. I was, uh, looking for food and smelled you."
<Clay```> "Right..."
* Clay``` backs a little further up the rubble :)
* Greg` looks shocked. "I don't want to eat you!" He stops moving. "I mean, we were just hungry, and I was trying to smell living things, for food? Crap. This isn't going well, is it?"
<Clay```> "I'd say not. You'll have to excuse me, five cyborgs just tried to kill me."
<Clay```> "So i'm just a little jumpy."
<Greg`> "I noticed. I tried to help ... we got the kid out..." *shakes his head* "Andy and the others are outside. Do you know why they're after you?"
<Greg`> "Because you survived a war zone?" dryly.
<Clay```> "Okay, so I seem to be omnipotent. I wish they would've at least told me why, or how."

<Clay```> "So, you have the same problem as me?" *to Silvran*
<Silvran> "Naw, I don't have any problems. Except whoever I touch either is healed miraculously or dies. Instantly."
* Clay``` blinks
<Clay```> "And that's not a problem?"
<Silvran> "Naw."
<Clay```> "Right."
<Clay```> "So you've always had it?"
<Silvran> "Er, well, I don't know."
<Silvran> "I woke up here not too long ago, killed someone, and its been downhill from there."
<Clay```> "You know, for someone having the same experience as I have so far, you've got a weird way of looking at things if it's not a problem."
<Silvran> "Someone has to be the optimist." *smiles*

<Sin{Away}> "In days of old when knights were bold, and condoms weren't invented. They tied their socks about their cocks and babies were prevented."

<Caltak> Let's all take wagers on the last digit of pi. Not that it has anything to do with Hubris. Or does it? Perhaps there was a little known hero in Wichita, Kansas known as Obscure Fact Man who indeed knew the last digit of pi, but was killed in the nuclear blast-- or at the very least was wounded and knocked his head on a wall, stone, or other suitably hard object and forgot.
<Caltak> Thought that's not likely.
<Caltak> But nothing ever is, until it happens a whole bunch of times.
<Baliadoc> right...
<Caltak> left.
<Alcar> the last digit is 8. but sideways :p

<Elana-Silvereye> when was the last LOL&D3?
<Alcar> What do you want to play?
<Elana-Silvereye> I've only been in one session
<Alcar> 2 weeks ago :( I hate RL.
<Elana-Silvereye> wouldn't it be so much better if we could all be omni-potent beings that existed in this endless white void where our black telepathic thoughts spoke with eachother and we spent all day creating and participating in the histories of our own worlds?

<Elana-Silvereye> thought you said it wus D&D?
<Alcar> yeah
<Elana-Silvereye> so you DO need my character sheet yah?
<AlcarDM> in theory, yes
<Elana-Silvereye> in theory?
<Elana-Silvereye> its not gonna be that screwy diceless D20 is it?
<AlcarDM> no
<Elana-Silvereye> ok

* Elana-Silvereye sits at a table in the middle of the inn, conversing with four halflings
<Elana-Silvereye> "Really? a "one" ring you say?"
<Elana-Silvereye> ((j/k, sorta))
<Jastra> (( Mr. Underhill I presume ? ))
<AlcarDM> The halfings nods "It came out of this box of some magical food called 'crackerjack'"
<Elana-Silvereye> "Well I hope you find your Wizard freind Fodor"
<Jastra> (( If only I decided yo play Strider ))
<AlcarDM> The halfling nods "I thank you for the lone of gold to buy ad space in the paper. He might respond." The halfings leave and head outside the city, whereupon they get killed by some confused elves from Dark Sun.

* Yuki-Takuri wants ta be fighting demons, as always
<AlcarGM> The demons and the ship they were on are currently in the river and haven't docked again
<AlcarGM> You could find Bali's pc and hunt him down but the player is missing :p
<AlcarGM> And you'd die, but that;s a minor side result :)

<Yuki-Takuri> ((They went in to find Than's AI then?))
<AlcarGM> Yeah, and got it and left
<Yuki-Takuri> ((What kind of an understanding or relationship had I formed with the others so far?))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Oh, ok))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((nm about that then))

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