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<AlcarGM> The cell flickers around you for a moment, .. you hear warning klaxons, distantly... then sense.... some other power.... deep and.... it's gone.... you're stnaindg in the middle of a children's ward of a japanese hospital, witha lot of horses looking shocked...
* Mosaic``` looks at the horses in vague surprise as well :)
<AlcarGM> ROFL!
<AlcarGM> nurses
<AlcarGM> wow, that WAS a weird one...
<Mosaic```> oh! i wondered if that was a typo or not. figured Winter was having difficulties transporting just me, or something :)
<Mosaic```> rofl. that was a good one :)

<Alcar> New York was, technically, saved...
<Alcar> but now Mosaic might not be able to save Tokyo :p
<Baliadoc> to which i say...
<Baliadoc> Might? :P
* Baliadoc is going to die so hardcore :)
<Alcar> lol. Well, he could get a gnu and shoot random supers and get powers really quickly in a massive kiling spree :p
* Alcar re-reads that.. hrm.. you know you're playing a super hero game when the Gm advising you go on murder sprees...
<Baliadoc> rofl, yeah. now that's just scary :)

* Ania grabs Lux and Random Unnamed Horse Who Managed To Survive Yesterday Who Shall Henceforth Be Called Bill
* AlcarDM begins working out plots to kill Bill

<AlcarDM> Zombie: "Class time was over! We evolved, and you brought me back to the clay!"
* Ania takes a tentative cut at the zombie
* Orgg idly wishes he'd put on his armor by now, too =P
<AlcarDM> The zombie stumbles as the sword cleaves through it's dead body with easy and manages to croke "level above human"... and dies.
* Ania consigns herself to strange occurences plagueing her for the forseeable future
<AlcarDM> And the Gm congratulates himself on introducing the Heavens Gate cult to Ios, even if it was beyond uncliche :p

* alcar nods. The fire was fun :)
<alcar> Attempts to kill the king :)
<aslhk> *laugh* didn't work out so well =P
<alcar> no .. might have IF ania hadn't woken early cause of being a paladin :p
<_____> Ania wasn't sure if it was aimed at any of us, because it was such a half-assed job, if it were
<_____> alcar: Would have been funny for her to wake up in the ruins of the inn
* alcar nods. It's basically the opening salvo. They wanted to make sure using blood can hide someone from the King and were right :)
<aslhk> she could die from having a building collapse on her =P
<_____> aslhk: Possibly!
<_____> But she sleeps in her robes, and they are full-plate equivalent or something
<_____> I don't quite understand how that works

<alcar> ooh, Lirk needs a magixal weapon too..
* alcar ponders
<alcar> Sword of Bluntness +5
<alcar> is it good, or not :p

* Sparkie is now filled with inner peace and has achieved nirvana and the last step to heaven and been enlightened to the fact that existence is suffering.
<Sparkie> To simulate this, I am altering my dice script to double the number of 1s rolled.
<_____> I hate you, Sparkie

<Alcar> Ah... *nods* Not much happened. Killed Lee, tho :P
<Baliadoc> heh, aslhk mentioned that. i'm surprised!
<Baliadoc> i imagine she'll be coming back somehow? :)
<Alcar> erm, if you mean undeadish horror controlled by Evil who is going to threaten/torment Lirk when everyone else goes to Quan, then yes :p
<Baliadoc> oh.
<Baliadoc> well... right.
<Baliadoc> there you go.
* Alcar figures it's nicely epic.
<Baliadoc> just that damn... uh... predicticality... er... nevermind.
* Alcar also managed to put the Heaven's Gate cult into Ios.
<Baliadoc> ...
<Alcar> Bit too uncliche, but was a fun red herring.
<Baliadoc> now THAT i can predict :)
<Baliadoc> predicticality... did i use a Bushism?

<AlcarGM> It's fairly simply, from the looks of things. Skeleton key style. You could probably pick it with your dagger if you wanted to.
* Ghenn``` checks for alarms/traps then does so, if none exist. Is in no real hurry, after all
<AlcarGM> Of course, you wil stil have to roll. And, knowing sparkie, break your dagger :p
<AlcarGM> It's trapped, all right. Needles from the wall, a stone on the ground that triggers a falling roof *and* what you think might be a pit trap as well...
<Ghenn```> oh. well crikies. that's going to be disabled before i go any farther :)
<AlcarGM> You want to evade the traps and open it?
<Ghenn```> preferably :)
<AlcarGM> k, roll :p
<Ghenn```> 1d20+6 Disable Device
<Sparkie> Ghenn``` 1d20+6: 26(20) Disable Device
<Ghenn```> i am so dead :)
<Ghenn```> oh.
<Ghenn```> that's handy

<AlcarGM> you alsom find a trap inside the door, triggered for when it closes.. a spear trap.
<Ghenn```> jeez. this is a real excluse poker club, ain't it?
<AlcarGM> (( how'd you guess? :p ))
* Ghenn``` really doesn't want to be speared, so he gets that one too, then goes about opening the box :)
<AlcarGM> The box opens with your picks and is filled with poker chips in one half... and buttons in the other, like the ones off of trousers, used as the money it seems.
<AlcarDM> It has a false botttom .. with more buttons in it.
<AlcarDM> And one of the chairs has some in a compartment on the side, too :p
<AlcarDM> Other than that, nothing.
<Ghenn```> inspects the deck
<AlcarDM> Deck of many things! ... naw.. but that would make for a damn weird poker game.
<Ghenn```> wow... yeah :)
* Ghenn``` deals himself a battle with death!

<AlcarDM> Anbd so our hero exits the poker room in the dungeons, leaving it trapped so the innocent owners will die when they return to play. The Dm attrempts to figure out how that is heroic, then decides to just continue before trying to place it on the D&D alignment system :p
* Ghenn``` thinks of it as getting rid of some of the bad guys the easy way :)
<AlcarDM> (( Pity the kender poker team aren't bad ;p But they've also been dead for quite a while so it's a moot point ;) ))
<Ghenn```> ((hehe, ah well. if it were kender, evil or not i'd be doing the world a service ;))

<AlcarDM> The stones are missing as well and there is no light, but you're a dwarf so it seems fine.. after some time passes you make a listen check :p
<Ghenn```> 1d20
<Sparkie> Ghenn``` 1d20: 13
<Ghenn```> and i bet i hear nothing :)
<AlcarDM> (( current ac? ))
<Ghenn> (current ac = 15)
<Orgg> ((what kind of rogue has a 15 ac? *looks suspicious* =P))
<Sparkie> The dead kind.
<AlcarDM> 3#d20+4
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 3#d20+4: 16(12) 24(20) 15(11)

<AlcarDM> The two goblins reach you, screaming their shrill war cries. The first one leaps past your guard and stabs you with a sharp dagger stolen from hi last victim!
<AlcarDM> 1d4+1
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 1d4+1: 3(2)
<AlcarDM> err...
<AlcarDM> rol first...
<AlcarDM> 1d20+3 :p
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 1d20+3: 18(15) :p
<Ghenn> that'd be nice :)
<AlcarDM> oh, ok.
<Ghenn> works out either way :)
<Ghenn> ((... i'm gonna die to 3 goblins, how sad...))
<AlcarDM> (( yeah, level 1 too :p ))

<AlcarDM> Jakir asks where you'd like to bury Tamil.
<AlcarDM> Lirk blinks, then says "wherever."
<Ania> (( lol ))
<AlcarDM> The elder looks a bit startled at that.
* Orgg wonders how Jakir KNEW about Tamil!
<AlcarDM> (( *smiles* ))
* Orgg puts Jakir on his suspicion list. =P
<AlcarDM> He looks at the baron carefully, then says "My lord, you do need to pick a place to bury her. Funerals are for the living."
<Orgg> (1. Jakir. There are a lot of names above it, but they're all crossed out.)

<Ghenn> (hm...)
<AlcarDM> (( hp? ... ))
<Ghenn> (i'm doing perfectly fine! i still have 3 whole hit points!)
<AlcarDM> we'll see about that, sadly...
<AlcarDM> d20+4 - archer :p
<Sparkie> AlcarDM d20+4: 15(11) - archer :p
<AlcarDM> oh, my gods
<AlcarDM> d6
<Sparkie> AlcarDM d6: 2
<AlcarDM> rofl!
* Ghenn salutes you, brave dwarf. go with the Gods.

<AlcarDM> The archer considers the odds, realises the two dead ones will be food enough fro him, and flees
<Ghenn> no parting shot!?
<Ghenn> now i'm just being pardoned by the good graces of the DM. spark's gonna be mad, yo. ;)
<AlcarDM> lol. He's not stupid. My original plan for for them to retreat when one died but a horrible curiousity took over....
<Ghenn> hey, i don't think parting shots are stupid!
<Ghenn> ... i realize i shouldn't be arguing for my own death here, but i almost feel bad for sparkie :)
<AlcarDM> d20+4 then :p
<Sparkie> AlcarDM d20+4: 7(3) then :p
<AlcarDM> wow... a ... miss...
<Ghenn> see!? that wasn't so bad :)

<AlcarDM> the shadow king needs to recruit goblins :P
<Orgg> he probably wouldn't like them
<Orgg> they aren't goth enough =P
<Orgg> maybe if they paint their faces white
<AlcarDM> goth goblins....
<Ania> It would never work, goblins actually have a REASON to bitch about their lives sucking
<Ania> I think that disqualifies them from gothness
<Orgg> they could have a good racket going on
<Orgg> like maybe a hidden goblin community
<AlcarDM> vegan outcasts :p

<AlcarDM> Lirk nods, then sighs. "It's.... wierd, now. I mean, I know I'll die. For the goddess. But ... it means something now... and i have to..." he trails off. "If ... if I'm not .... alive... when you find the person .... hurt them for me. and.. and Lee."
* Orgg returns Lirk's gaze seriously, then nods after a moment.
<AlcarDM> Lirk relaxes then hugs you tightly. "I'm glad you're my friend!"

<AlcarDM> You get on board the vessel, which prepares to set sail.. Lirk grins one of his grins that seems to light up the area .. kind of scasry he still can, after burying his wife this morning. Amazing what a bit of sex does for you....
* Ania is oblivious to the whole sex thing
<AlcarDM> (( aww, but a threesome with a succubus would be ... uhm.... short-lived.... ))

<Tass_Out> Alcar, sometimes, when you say things, if frightens me :P
<Tass_Out> not cause they're always true, but what they could be :P

<Baliadoc> hmm... speaking of 5th level dwarven thieves... i've gotta choose a class for my next level...
<Alcar> cleric so you can heal yourself? :p
<Elana-Chan> Drunker master
<Elana-Chan> *Drunken even
<Elana-Chan> lol
* Elana-Chan likes "Drunker master"
<Baliadoc> lol, that'd be so cool :)
<Elana-Chan> "My master is drunker than yours is!"
<Baliadoc> "I'm gonna go cleric." "What?" "Yeah, i need healing spells, I've only got 1 hp, dammit!"

<Baliadoc> wait, what about the paladin that gets massive healing bonuses?
<Baliadoc> or is that more of a cleric class? damn, i can't remember.
<Alcar> You mean the Combat Medic who curres boils with a firey sword, bali?
<Baliadoc> no no no, there's like the Hospitaler. theyre like traveling healers.
<Alcar> "My *hand* You cut off me hand!" "The warts are gone now."
<Alcar> "Wait, I see one on your nose."

<____> Oh, and Fenrick is going on trial for the murder of Bill Rothe Jr., a.k.a. little bill
<Fenrick> (So that was HIS name)
<Sammael> (( /nick the_groom ))
<____> (( lol! ))
<Fenrick> (Was little bill the guy from the bar?)
<____> (( yeah ))
<____> So, any last minute things you guys want to have done?
<Sammael> (( .. how many people HAD he murdered? Is there, like, a queue for them? :p ))

<____> Soon after, Fenrick arrives, looking rather underdressed.
<Fenrick> (What? Who said Fenrick wasn't dressing for his trial?)
<____> (( well, you said you weren't taking any preparations, have NO IDEA what the attire is like for a trial here, and don't have any suitable clothing, so I just put one and one and one together, and got one, like Sam! ))
<Fenrick> (OH, I thought by underdressed you meant something like no shirt or pants or something to that effect.)
<Sammael> (( well it WOULD make an impression if you did... ))
<Fenrick> (If I didn't wear clothes?)
<Sammael> (( yup. ))
<Sammael> really, tho. He could walk in naked and cause a stampede :P
<Fenrick> Oh ho!
<Sammael> offer to marry the widow, or at least have some good sex with her,and patch things up.
<Fenrick> Stop reading my mind.
<Fenrick> Or Fenrick's.

<Fenrick> "It was all an act of self defense, and there was nothing less I could have done. Were I able to go back and change things, I wouldn't. He got what would eventually come to him sooner than expected. Treating women like whores, as such was a posterity of that establishment."
<____> The woman gasps at that.
<____> Jurt: "Is that all?"
<Fenrick> "I don't know. Probably."
<____> "The prosecution?"
<____> Prince Roy: "Let us end this travesty. Cutting a man in half when he takes a swing at you after you shove him is hardly self-defense. This trial is a joke."
* Fenrick gives the prosecuter a dirty look before sitting down.

* Sammael watches the reactions of Dane, Delcine and Fernando.
<Fenrick> "If I may?"
* Dane doesn't look at all surprised, but he pats his BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND when Fenrick busts out with the harsh words.
<____> Sammael: Fernando and Delcine remain impassive, but judging by Prince Roy's reaction, Jurt just not only peed in Fenrick's wheaties, but fucked his mom afterwards
<____> (( I like metaphors! ))

* Dane raises his arm, then looks at Jurt and his date and lowers it, looking somewhat disgruntled.
* Sammael studies Dane and smiles slightly.
<____> Dane was leet
<____> He's like "ExCUSE me, there are LADIES present!"
<____> Only subtle :P

<____> Dane: At one point, you look up and notice that Nadia is gone. Maybe eating or something. Back to work!
* Dane nods
<Dane> Of course she will understand that Dane has work to do! =P
<Sammael> (( "I'm from the Tyrendialle Times. So tell me, Mr. Dane, how many times *have* you been married?" ))

<AlcarGM> Ok .. after a good 5 minutes you see one gliding from building to buildinhg.. in a squirrel costume....
* Mosaic``` blinks
* Mosaic``` almost attacks straight out, then remembers seeing some japanese television shows once, and wonders if this is just a normal human being...
<AlcarGM> (( lol...nope.. looks superhuman.... ))
<AlcarGM> (( but will Mosaic stoop to the indignity of the powers of Squirrel Girl? :p ))

<AlcarGM> Sun of the Emperor flies beside you, leading you in a quick dive over Tokyo Disney (it would exist by now .. :p) and finally to some skyscrapers, one of which has some japanese characters in Neon. "This is the Costumed Beyonder Defense League
<Mosaic```> ((but... Tokyo Disney does exist!))
<AlcarGM> (( .... it does? ))
<Mosaic```> ((it's been around for a long time :))
<AlcarGM> (( Oh. That is scary. ))
<Mosaic```> ((LOL))
<AlcarGM> (( wil have to ensure you blow it up :p ))
<Mosaic```> ((yeah. it's been around since i was a little kid, at least :))

<Mosaic```> "On the other hand, I can just put her on my list of people to have fun with in another lifetime. I believe this will be sufficient to save the city."
<AlcarGM> You manage to put yourslf and the Emperor under a shield of light s the building literally shreds into pieces beneath winds powerful enough that you seem to glimpse other cities in them....
<Mosaic```> "Unless.... fascinating... am I truly the force which will destroy this world?"
<AlcarGM> Emperor: "WHAT?!"
<AlcarGM> Lightnig rips through the winds as well and the entire city is covered in black storm clouds with red lightning crashing through it.
<Mosaic```> "An unfortunate set of coincidences during my attempts to save these pathetic cities. Fate works in mysterious ways. I am sure it is nothing... Hm."
<Mosaic```> "She is going to need to be stopped."

* AlcarGM snickers.. por mosaic has Empathy now ;p
<Mosaic```> damn empathy!
<Mosaic```> damn dissipating insanity!
<Mosaic```> damn... well, no, i still like to kill. this is good.

<Sammael> (( Sam is just imagining Dane treating her wiht respect. ))
<Sammael> (( <dane> "Will you hurry the fuck up!" and the like ;p ))
<__-_-__> * Llewella turns Dane into a newt
<__-_-__> Sam: "She's a witch! Burn her!"

<Caltak> <AlcarGM> After it the local news has stories about a local man named Michael Menkin who is apparently convinced there are aliens in Crossing. It's done as a spoof piece, but the man in question (balding, 50, really in need of dental work, a shave, a shower and likely a new hobby) is very serious about his cause. He's gone as far as to begin a TV show for the local radio, sort of an evangelical UFOologist TV
<Caltak> oo, I forgot about that
<Caltak> and that UFOlogist really needs to start cropping up later, just to needlessly complicate everything. :P
<Alcar> of course :)
<Caltak> "...to begin a TV show for the local radio..." Im confused by that part
<Caltak> :P
<Alcar> LOL.. me too...
<Caltak> Must have been late. :)

<Alcar> the really fun part will be when Alex sees some street kids run over God and beat Him up :p
<FirestormZero> Certainly won't be fun for the kids.
<Caltak> steal his wallet!
<Caltak> "Dude, I got God's Rolex!"
<Alcar> "Dude, it's a fake!"
<Caltak> "I knew it! That cheap bastard... awlays asking for money in chruch. Spends it on booze, I tells ya!"
<Alcar> God: "Oh, those. Well, they are fake rolexes, but not fake watches. If they stop, I suggest you leave the immediate area."
<Caltak> "Wait. couldnt Jesus, like, turn water into wine?" "yeah, well, God prefers malt liquor."
<Alcar> Satan: "You should have seen the result when God asked Jesus for a Bloody Mary."
<Alcar> "The poor woman never knew what hit her."

<__-_-__> you know you've been playing too much amber when you go to type 'kissed' and type 'killed' instead' <--- ph34r the coming sessions of Amber! ;)

<__-_-__> "Wait here, I will return in a moment."
* Sammael looks around to see where she could be going.
<__-_-__> She rounds the corner up ahead, and is gone.
* Dane remembers max and fenrick and frowns at that, but he waits.
<__-_-__> (( heheh ))
<Sammael> "... I don't like this...." but waits, listening for guards
<__-_-__> Sammael: You think you may have heard a couple up ahead, but you aren't sure, any more
* Sammael gets a knife out, mostly to reassure himself.
<__-_-__> In a minute, Llewella returns, the blade now hanging from the lavender sash around her waist
* Dane considers agreeing with sam, but has this paranoid feeling that if he were to complain now, she would come back just as he was doing so.
* Dane seems to have been right =P

* Dane looks to the man
<Dane> "I'll need some oil based pants and some canvas. Also, something to write on, and with for that matter."
<Dane> (pants = paints)
<Dane> (though pants would certainly be interesting =P)

<Dane> "I'd have preferred a less violent exit, but I suppose there wasn't much choice."
<__-_-__> (( yay! pc conversation! ))
* Sammael looks at him, then says "I don't think so. Llewella almost managed it, though."
<Dane> ((lol. I had typed "Too bad she didn't. Fucking n00bs" =P))
<Dane> "Yeah. Too bad about that stupid fuck."
<Sammael> (( "I know, man! But it was kewl! looool!" ))
* Sammael shrugs. "There is a fenrick born every minute."
<Dane> "I fucking hope not."
* Dane calculates
<Dane> "Nope. Not every minute."
* Dane looks grateful

* Sammael stares at Dane. ".... right." pause "How often, then?"
<Dane> "Well, the figures are a bit shaky--estimated, you understand, but once every five minutes."
<__-_-__> (( ph34r ))
<Dane> "The chances of one actually living long enough to fuck someone over like that, though, are pretty low. They're too dependent on environmental factors to get a good estimate."
<Sammael> (( "Well, we'll just have to find and kill whoever is giving birth to them all." ))
<__-_-__> (( shub-niggurath, the fenrick-mother ))
<Sammael> "Thankfully..."

* Sammael just draws the first thing that comes to mind, and after looking at the result, shreds the paper and begins to draw a nature scene.
<__-_-__> (( *imagines sam taking the rorschach* ))
<Dane> ("you're the one with all the pictures of guns." =P)
<Sammael> (( "Dead body." "But... it's a drop of ink on a blank piece of paper. It's a period. Where do you see the dead bod - erk!" ))

<__-_-__> Soon enough, it comes time for dinner, to which you are cordially invited by Random Servants
<__-_-__> (( Random as in random() not Random ))

<__-_-__> Benedict is... really, really good
<__-_-__> You can't find any flaws in his technique or any facet of his fighting, and not for lack of trying
<__-_-__> You can't help but wonder about him... despite taking on one of the most dangerous people you've ever met, he looks as if he could just be sitting in a rocking chair on his porch, puffing on a pipe, not a care in the world
<__-_-__> His relaxation and detachment remind you of Delcine, only moreso
* Sammael decides to never, ever tick him off :p
<Sammael> unless he's a tool of Satan of course.
* Sammael suspects my best recourse at that point would be a nuke.
<__-_-__> heheh
<__-_-__> * Benedict parries the nuke
<__-_-__> Sam: Oh, that's just silly
<__-_-__> Benedict: Y'all got somethin' ta say ta me, sissyboy?

<Tatterdemalion> meeting God should rock :)
<Tatterdemalion> "Hi! I'm one of your favourite fans," sasid in a Misery-tone of voice
<Tatterdemalion> Damn, I can sooo picture that
<Tatterdemalion> Sam having God in a room somewhee, trapped to abed "You need to re-write this third testament."
<Tatterdemalion> *breaks legs*

<AlcarDM> Behind you the air gets colder and you've gone 300 or so steps before you stop feeling uneasy .. whatever is behind you isn't chasing you. Yet. You come to a landing with a door to other side, cells of some kind. Ryu is waiting on it beside a guard who is lying dead wiht his neck broken.
* Ghenn blinks
<Ghenn> "I didn't picture you as one who would... do that."
<AlcarDM> Ryu looks at the body, then just shrugs offhandedly. Orgg would approve :p
<Ghenn> "What's... going on? What the hell is your problem?"
<AlcarDM> Ryu stares at you quizzically then says "Hunky dory," hesitantly.
* Ghenn blinks
<Ghenn> "That does it. What are you, and what have you done to the psycho I would normally expect in your place?"

<AlcarDM> Tray asks what you are here for, and what your crime was.
<Ghenn> "My crime is listening to my god-forsaken gut and traveling to the bowels of this god-forsaken city. You?"
<AlcarDM> Tray shrugs, then says "I had an unfortunate last name, so I was kicked out of the guards by a paranoid captain."
<Ghenn> "That's a seriously unfortunate last name. Mind sharing?"
<AlcarDM> Tray shrugs, then says "Tor. My family ran the publishing house, but I wasn't important enough for them to intercede for."

<AlcarDM> Ok.. the south door has the name (minus Kilroy) and is locked, but seems in decent condition... Oh, and you find a pathetic spear trap you disable with ease while opening it.
<AlcarDM> You can hear voices now further down the hallway "Kenny? Where are you?" and "Someone killed kenny?"
* Ghenn grunts, going to work on this door fast
<AlcarDM> It opens quickly and you enter a tunnel either made by human slaves or drunk dwarves.. it's a bit humid, but not bad, and has odd .... holes in the roof at inervals, with metal gratings in them. The heat seems to be going into them from down here.
<AlcarDM> You recognize it as a very crude and old ventilation system that seems ot have been forgotten except for tracks leading into it and a large stockpile of ale, likely belonging to some guards.
<AlcarDM> (( must..resist.. aliens.. in ventilation.. shaft.... ))
<Ghenn> "What in the hell is this? How do these guys get out of here?"
<AlcarDM> (( Ghenn feels a warm, happy feeling in his vchest.. or maybe it's the alien getting out.... ))

<Ghenn> "Keep on your toes. Goblins abound down here. Damn smart and undying Goblins."
<AlcarDM> The old man looks surprised, and says "undying goblins?"
<Ghenn> "In the sense that they're rather impossible to strike down. They're swift."
<AlcarDM> Ryu just gives you a confused look. "What's goblin?"
<Ghenn> "Oh, you'll figure it out."
<AlcarDM> The caverns are dark but lit by a strange green moss to give light that alwasy glows in caverns adventurers travel thbrough, mostly so the narrators never have ot write about a battle in pitch blackness.

<Ghenn> "And how long have I been out? I've healed rather well."
<AlcarDM> Bucket frowns, then counts on two fingers. "Two sleeps."
<Ghenn> "Well, I'll get one more, and then we'll find a way out of here, alright?"
<AlcarDM> He looks up, then says "They no come for hours. Scared of bucket."
<Ghenn> "I can imagine why, if you managed to survive."
<AlcarDM> he gives you a blank look, then says "Wood hurt."
<Ghenn> "It's known to do that, when used in a manner to produce those results."
* Ghenn curls up on the floor.
<Ghenn> "Wake me in a few hours, okay?"

<AlcarDM> Tamil steps closer to you, looking at the pillar warily, and says "I don't like it."
<Theliar`^> "Ofcourse you're not supposed to.. she's a dark god... now... how do I talk to her without releasing her..."
<AlcarDM> The god is silent for a moment, then laughs to himself happily. "This will be fun, then."
<AlcarDM> He doesn't caper around, mostly because he doesn''t feel like it, then says "I think you just have to talk to her, in the language of love. It woud get her attention faster than anything else can."
<Theliar`^> "Oh right... Care to teach me the language of love then?"
<AlcarDM> Silence. Then "What?"
<Theliar`^> "The language of love?"
<AlcarDM> The god grins at that and becoms a young, pretty elven lass. Well, pretty as someone whose mother burned their eyes out and whose wounds tend to bleed occassionally can look, but still nonetheless pretty. "If you're sure?"
* Theliar`^ gets a defensive look "I'm not sure, if you're putting it that way..."
<AlcarDM> The god pouts, then says "Well, we could just recite bad love poetry, but generally we need to get more oral than that for love."

<AlcarDM> The god stares up at you in silence, then says "Of course," but doesn't smile. You have the odd feeling you've hurt his felings somehow.
<AlcarDM> (( odd feeling you've hurt his feelings.. oh vey.... ))
<Theliar`^> "Ok.. well.. Can't we just like.. fake it? I mean... alot of lovers just scream alot and pretend they're having sex.."
<Theliar`^> (( I feel that anyone would be weary of having sex with something that is bleeding through holes where it's eyes should be ))
<AlcarDM> (( well, yeah :p ))
<AlcarDM> Tamil snickers and tries to pretend she's still coughing

<Theliar`^> "What about you Tamil? I mean.. If Wyli can't even see it, maybe he doesn't count... Mabe we should try?"
* Theliar`^ gives her a sly grin
<AlcarDM> Tamil manages to look like she wasn't laughing at you, then shrugs and says "why not?" recklessly
* Theliar`^ grins... She just made a big mistake...
<Theliar`^> "Alright, strip down and we'll start right away!"
<AlcarDM> Tamil shrugs and does so unselfconsciously.
* Theliar`^ stops and looks at Wyli with a suspicious look to his eyes
<Theliar`^> "What did you do to her?"
<AlcarDM> Wyli creates a log to sit on, changing back to the human male shape.
<AlcarDM> Wyli" Hmm?" He looks up then shrugs. "I'm the god o change. Change happens around me. But I really doubt I could change somehting like her without trying, and I didn't. So blame Isbachi."
<Theliar`^> "I guess... But... Hmmm..."
* Theliar`^ scratches his head
<Theliar`^> "This isn't right though."
<Theliar`^> "Whatever!"
* Theliar`^ throws off his robe

<AlcarDM> Tamil is currnntly a void in human shape, and says "I Can keep her out this way, at least."
<Theliar`^> "Yeah... That would work if your mission wasn't to absorb her..."
<AlcarDM> Silence, then "I don't think it is....." but she returns to looking human, reluctantly.
<Theliar`^> "Ofcourse it is... I mean... It's a matter of two plus two... You absorb energy, gods are made of energy..."
<AlcarDM> Wyli: "Everthing is made of energy," absently.

<Theliar`^> (( LoL I could make it like I keep calling on death and she's alwayse my bail so I don't get in trouble, and she gets tired of it, then after a while she needs my help on something... that would be funny... Don't you think? Sorry, I thought it was.. ))
<Theliar`^> "Silence, I'm thinking."
<AlcarDM> (( lol. Funny isn't the best way to look at that :p ))
<Theliar`^> (( Sounds like a Drama! ))
<Theliar`^> (( "I'm alwayse bailing you out of these situations, and I never actually get to take your life... Do you know how anoying that is?!" then later "Uh... I sort of need your help." ))
<Theliar`^> "Think think think..."
<AlcarDM> (( hehe ))

<Theliar`^> (( I'm going to do something here, but I want you to be aware that Theliar is assuming several things... He has to assume, there's no way to be sure... 1.) If she's stuck in the pillar, her perception and her ability to detect his aura of power is clouded or non-existant 2.) She realizes she can die 3.) he is not crazy ))
* Theliar`^ walks toward the pillar
<Theliar`^> "Goddess Ibachi, I will let you plead your case to me."
<AlcarDM> Tamil: "Plead?
<AlcarDM> Wyli: "Case?"
<AlcarDM> The pillar takes on a faint violet nimbus and you can hear her voice now, sounding, well, much like an obscene phone call.
<AlcarDM> Ibachi: "Who speaks?"
<Theliar`^> (( Ooooh that makes me SOOO hot! ROFL! ))
<AlcarDM> (( obscene phone call minus the heavy breathing bit :p ))
<aslhk> ((looool))

<AlcarDM> Ibachi: "Who dares address me so?" ... and you have this sudden urge ot give her your address and cal lher up, and ask her hourly rates.. well, not precisely, but close :p
<Theliar`^> "I'll take that as a no.. Very well then... We'll just have to seal her back up."
* Theliar`^ turns and walks back to the other two looking rather sweaty
<Theliar`^> "She's a tough one... Really trying to charm me with just her voice..." whispering
<AlcarDM> There is a low humming sound from the pillar, and Her voice is louder now, and very, very cold. "You presume to place me back in my cell? You are no god."
* Theliar`^ swallows hard and looks around
<Theliar`^> (( Ok... I have a really weak god, a vacuum of power and myself to work with here... This is like a big puzzle... There's a way out of this one with everyone still alive =p ))

<AlcarDM> She shrugs, then sighs. "What's your problem?"
<Darien`> "I can't remember anything about my past. I want to know about myself."
<AlcarDM> She looks interested, finally, and pushes a book away. "What do you know?"
<Darien`> "My name is Darien. I think. I found myself in a burning building up at the temple yesterday. That's all I've got."
<AlcarDM> She sighs. "What's your favourite colour?"
<Darien`> *thinks a second* "Red."
<AlcarDM> She nods. "Good. Now, if you could be an animal, what would it be?"
<Darien`> "Huh? What kind of question is that?"
<AlcarDM> "A valid one."
<Darien`> (( "I asked for a seer, not a psychiatrist." ))

<AlcarDM> It takes you a good half hour to walk past the tourist-trap style inns and find one that's mostly for locals, the Bates Hotel.
* Orgg has no moneys, so he is going to remove some precious stones from a building. Why else would they be there? =P
<Ania> 1d20 knowledge-ooc
<Sparkie> Ania 1d20: 3 knowledge-ooc
<Ania> (( fuck ))
<Orgg> ((trained skill only! =P))
<Ania> (( I could use a nice, hot shower! ))
<AlcarDM> (( yeah :) ))
<Ania> (( heheheh ))
<Ania> (( Norman: I KNEW you were a succubus! Ania: 1d4+5 claw damage, bizatch ))

<AlcarDM> The figure looks surprised, then smiles at you. He (she?) has a few teeth, mostly in good condition, and says "hello," confirmly it's either a woman or eunuch.
<Darien`> "So, um... who's that up top, if I may ask?" and immediately wishes he hadn't.
<AlcarDM> She smiles again, bits of her face moving in weird directiomns that defy euclidean geometry "My mistress."
<Darien`> "Ah."
* Darien` would ask how she died, but thinks better of it.
<AlcarDM> (( who said she's dead? :p ))
<AlcarDM> Igora studies you, and shifts a bit closer. "My name is Ignora."
<Darien`> (( right, thats one of the many reasons I DIDNT ask :P ))
<Darien`> "Darien."
<AlcarDM> Igora: "That's a *nice* name. Very manly."
<AlcarDM> She flutters her eyelashes at you.
<AlcarDM> A few fall out.
* Darien` shudders slightly, but tried to remain polite.

<AlcarDM> She nods, then says "Are you free later?"
* Darien` pauses a bit too long. "...b-busy. Er, I mean, I ah... actually have a lot of things I need to take care of, and I don't know how long I'd need to talk to the seer as it is..."
<AlcarDM> "Oh." She gives a resigned not. "Everyone is always busy."
<AlcarDM> She sniffs. "It's not my fault, you down."
<Darien`> "...huh?"
<AlcarDM> Igora: "Most men are afraid of assertive women."

<AlcarDM> She nods to you when you arrive at the bar itself, which seems wells tocked "Good evening. Welcome to the Bates Hotel."
<Ania> "Thank you. Do you have any vacancies?"
<AlcarDM> She nods. "Quite a few. It's not our busy season."
<Ania> "Great. What are your rates?"
* Ania smiles
* Orgg looks big!
<AlcarDM> The innkeeper smiles. "1 silver a night, including animals. 1 meal a day. More for 2 copper each. And free use of your new standing washtubs."

<Ania> (( do I hear anything about the massacre of priests of the god? O_o ))
<AlcarDM> (( yeah, it's a general topic of conversation. ))
<Ania> (( what happened? ))
<AlcarDM> (( apparently a lot of them left the temple and found people to have sex with. many of them unwilling. The priestesses of the goddess, otoh, turned thier temple into a brothel and offered free sex. Even the very young ones. ))
<AlcarDM> (( blame theliar :p ))
<Ania> (( this is supposed to be a cliche game, remember? ))
<AlcarDM> (( it is except when pcs involve themselves in the affairs of deities and get them to have sex ;p ))
* Ania will try to find the temple of the god, and see what's going on :P
<Ania> (( lol! ))
<Ania> (( man ))
<Orgg> ((lol, now that is cliche! :D))

<EvilGM> Morning comes, and with it slightly more light! You rise feeling revived and rejuvenated, except Sam, who is, as usual, trying to shake off the lingering effects of his nightmares (but this time normal nightmares, at least)
<Sammael> (( Wait, Sam has nightmares? ))
<Dane> (( loooooooool ))
* Sammael wakens and looks around warily, then decides to find a way to deal wiht these traps spawned by Satan and goes looking for food, then a library.
<EvilGM> (( I prefer to refer to them as 'happymares' ))
<Sammael> (( thank you cards from Satan ))

<EvilGM> You meditate with a fever and resolve you've never managed before... your fear driving you on (although I'm not sure if sam acknowledges it as fear)
<Sammael> O course not. It's zeal, and drive.
<EvilGM> "I soiled my armor I was so zealous!"
<Sammael> lol

<Passion> So you're going to go walk the pattern, now?
<Dane> yes!
<Passion> Ok!
<Dane> He wants to make sure sam isn't going to go kill his other pretty girlfriend! =P
<Passion> The mess seems to be cleaned up when you get there, but there are 11 guards there, when you get there...
<Passion> lol!
<Passion> Maybe Dane IS an amberite after all!

<Macolm> Trent Locke
<Macolm> He's a hate-fuelled Republican sorceror haunted by an iconic dead American confidante
<Macolm> Sorcery: 4
<Macolm> Republican Sorcery (Cooking the books, scare tactics, bribery, other republican "Hocus Pocus" ) :4
<Macolm> I can't think of a third skill.
<Alcar> sleezy? Teflon personality? :p
<Macolm> I am The Hair: 2
<Alcar> huh? :p
<Macolm> has the best hair. Why he was elected. ^_^

<Elana-Silvereye> I'm either gonna go for the hard bitten junkie angel living in a new york sewer, or the chainsmoking tomboy vampire with somebody else's memories
<Elana-Silvereye> how about a chain smoking tomboy vampire angel junkie living in a newyork sewer with somebody else's memories? '^_^
<Alcar> ... that's almost more dsiturbed than Sammael :p
<Elana-Silvereye> I'm tempted, I think it'd make me go insane
<Elana-Silvereye> can we take drawbacks?
<Alcar> yeah.
<Alcar> tho I've found that playing a vampire angels is drawback enough :p
<Elana-Silvereye> maybee switch to the junkie sewer angel later, I reserve the right to have a character tree =P

<Elana-Silvereye> 4 - vampire powers
<Elana-Silvereye> hmmm
<Elana-Silvereye> need to think of more
<Alcar> azttract lesbians for suppper 2? :p
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Alcar> Angst 4!
. . .
<Alcar> lessee .. martial arts? pretty pout? smoke and chew gum at the same time?
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> pretty pout?
* Alcar read too many anne rice novels :)

<RisusGM> He's a hate-fuelled Republican sorceror haunted by an iconic dead American confidante. She's a chainsmoking tomboy vampire with somebody else's memories. They fight crime!
<RisusGM> And so we begin!
<RisusGM> It's another fine evening in Omegapolis! The infamous Amphbiou Sand Woman was captured by the Fantastic Private Detective, the Great Old Ones were revealed to be the not so great men in costumes running an extortion racket and the city was saved from evil! (especially since they were democrat old ones)
<RisusGM> The two of you met last week via a mutual acquaintance who tried to set you up on a blind date. He's currently a frog with a severe phobia of bats thanks to his little joke, but you realized that against all odds the cobination of magic and vampirism, skateboarding and awesome hair make you a great team!
<RisusGM> (At least a lot better than that guy who isn't even a vampire and dresses like a bat and has lots of young male proteges (like we don't know what *that* is all about))

<RisusGM> Three men get out of the back of the moving van dressed all in black and one of them looks around furtively and begins to take bolt cutters to the gate.
<Trent`Locke> "We are here because these foul.... democrats want to rob this here museum."
<Trent`Locke> "We must kill them all. Or turn them into Democrats, which is just as bad."
<Trent`Locke> "Ready?"
<Kenzie> "whatever you say, your the one that pays me"
* Trent`Locke sighs.
* Kenzie walks leisurely across the street towards the would be bolt-cutter
* Trent`Locke walks around, his beautiful locks of hair swaying in the breeze. Seeing no babies to kiss he frowns.
* Kenzie walks up to the would be bolt cutter, using her vampiric oneness with darkness to be silent and unseen while still being leisurely and smoky
* Trent`Locke follows, slinking in the darkness like a member of the green party.

<Kenzie> "Looks to be like your breaking in"
<Trent`Locke> <Trent> "Do you think it is your civic duty to repair things that are broken? Are you a commie? And by that I mean do you prefer a HAMMer and sickle to a Hamburger and Fries?"
<RisusGM> He grins at the spunky vampire. "Not really, chickie. We're just taking a private tour. Hint hint. I could take you on a tour in the van, if you like?" He grins like a slimy democrat about to meet a new intern.
<Kenzie> "Your analogies are making me hungry again"
<Trent`Locke> "If there is one thing worse than a democrat. And there isn't anything worse than a democrat, it would be a commie."
<RisusGM> The other two Thugs gives Trent a worried look and draw out guns from their pockets, looking scared of the Law!
<Trent`Locke> "Calm down. Look at the Hair."
<RisusGM> The first thug is obviously to them, and smiles at Kenzie. "I can feed your hunger, babe." He struts. "I'm a McValue meal, and not because I'm cheap!" He pauses, to think that over. "Oh, wait.... Uhm.... I'm.... something cool! Big! Like.. a extrasize fries!"

<RisusGM> (( roll for the hair :p ))
<Trent`Locke> 2d6 You can't resist the hair.
<Sparkie> Trent`Locke 2d6: 6 You can't resist the hair.
<RisusGM> d6 - tv-diulled braines
<Sparkie> RisusGM d6: 1 - tv-diulled braines
<RisusGM> The second thug stares at the hair, mesmerized, and gushes "Where did you go? I want to see your stylist. It's soooo neat! Did you do the hightlights? Oh, I Love how it hides the gray!"
<Kenzie> ((you have 2d6 in your hair!?))

<RisusGM> The first thug talks to the empty air where she was. "So, what's your sign? I'm a cancer, because I have herpes."

<RisusGM> The moving van says "Why isn't the gate open yet?" and changes!
<RisusGM> http://www.firsttvdrama.com/show1/robots/prime.jpg :p
<Trent`Locke> "Gawd Damn It! It looks like an American Gas Guzzler, but it's just a robot in disguise. Commies."
<RisusGM> The 1st thug says "We need to go somewhere more.. private.. where i can show you my .. oh, shit.." He looks up at what was the moving van. "We were, uh ... "
<RisusGM> The 2nd thug takes the oportunity to pet Trent's hair and steal a lock and starts sniffing it avidly.
<RisusGM> Optimus Prime: "Republican! I know that Deception trash when I see it!" He maches forward and rips the gate apart like a comon street thug.
* Kenzie takes advantage of his suprise and clutches his neck, grabbing it to her face and vicously biting into his neck, while still remaining ill at ease, taking a drag of her cigarette in between mouthfulls
<RisusGM> The 1st thug makes a strange sound, and manages to whisper "But I gave at the office.."

<RisusGM> Optimus Prime has gone through the gate, bumper sticker and all. The Old, semi-retired security guard rushes out and shoots him, to no avail!
<Trent`Locke> "Hey, goth girl... we have a robot to deal with. So stop giving him that big hickey."
<RisusGM> The security guard gets a lucky shot and hits one of Optimus's headlights. The commie wails "my paint job! My glorious paint job!"
* Kenzie follows the robot as slowly as she can while still keeping up
<Trent`Locke> "Oh... that looks... like a french kiss!" (sees the blood.)
<Kenzie> "Cant you show him your hair?""
* Kenzie drops the now dead thug, making a point to drop him in a way that his head makes a sickening sound as it impacts the pavement
<Trent`Locke> "Hmmm... I must be careful not to always show my hair, or else i will become like Bin Laden. He shows his hair so much it has lost its value. Fox won't even show it."
<Kenzie> "Robots are so, uncool"
<Kenzie> "Arent you like a bad seventies cartoonshow reject there Mr. Roboto?"
<Trent`Locke> "Or maybe that's because Bush tells them not to. Anyway, we must stop the robot. The ruskies tried to make robots during the cold war, reagan stopped em though, great man he was."

<RisusGM> Meanwhile, inside the National Museum, the evil Dr. No takes adcantage of his minions distracting the heroes to nbegin his diabolical scheme!
<RisusGM> Yes, Dr No himself! he was once a hero,a crusader whose "just say no!" turned many people off drugs, but one day he discovered coffee and couldn't stop drinking it. And then it was declared an addictive substance and be began his long slide to villainy! Now, "Just Say NO!" makes good hearts quail in terror, for he standa against the values that our country holds dear!

<Trent`Locke> 4d6 Sorcery!
<Sparkie> Trent`Locke 4d6: 16 Sorcery!
<RisusGM> (( whats trent doing/trying to do? ))
<Trent`Locke> "Reaganus Lincolni Flattax Sevaaaaaah!"
* Kenzie takes a drag of her cigarette and then jumps at Optomist with a rage of vampire strength
<Trent`Locke> (( Harm the robot!))
<Kenzie> 4d6 Vampirism
<Sparkie> Kenzie 4d6: 17 Vampirism
<Trent`Locke> 4d6 Republicanism (same thing)
<Sparkie> Trent`Locke 4d6: 13 Republicanism (same thing)
<Kenzie> ((OMG ROFL arcane spirit energy of the Republican way?))
<RisusGM> Jefferson: "Refresh the tree of liberty with your bood, republicsan scum!"
<Trent`Locke> (( pick either republicanism or sorvery for the effects...))

<RisusGM> The thiree robots are rushing out. Dr. No is busy, striking a pose, and laughing. "None can foil my master plan! With the Omniescalatordestroccatacysmiccomsosizographicinvertarayobans I willl .. Destroy The City!

<RisusGM> OI the doorway, surrouded by smoke and highlighted from the lights he took time to position earlier while disguised as the night janitor's dog, Dr No himself stands there with 3 robot guards, Apple, Penguin and Softie!
<Trent`Locke> Sorcery on Penguin to make it identify the others as enemies and us as friends.
<Trent`Locke> 4d6
<Sparkie> Trent`Locke 4d6: 11
<RisusGM> 3d6 - Would be 4, but penguin is open source.
<Sparkie> RisusGM 3d6: 8 - Would be 4, but penguin is open source.
<Trent`Locke> "See, this is why your communist crap doesn't work!"
<RisusGM> The peugin screams a terrible fcry and leaps on Softie, ripping into the other robot with cris of "kernel! Kernels of corn!" and "show your code! Be nude and like it!@"

<Trent`Locke> "Dr. No, it's time you saw the republican inside of you, screaming for you to invade other countries..."
<RisusGM> (( lol. Dr No meets Canada... "Just say No!" "Can we compromise?" "On no?!" ))
<Trent`Locke> "To do your part as an american citizen to not be a dictator here, but to go to helpless third world nations that still need our oppression!"
<Trent`Locke> "The white man's burden is heavy Dr. No, and i'm not talking about Guilt!
<RisusGM> Dr. No: "But we should send the best we breed - like republicans! Send Em To Africa!"
<Trent`Locke> "No! Send Africans back to Africa!"

<Caltak> "He's a one-legged hunchbacked assassin for the 21st century. She's a pregnant renegade traffic cop with a flame-thrower. They fight crime!" All I can say is... no, nevermind, I'm speechless.

<Caltak> "He's a fiendish Republican vampire hunter on a mission from God." HEY! its that guy from UA! :P And his proposed partner is a nun.
<Alcar> LOL Cal!
<FirestormZero> LOL It's ALEX
<Caltak> Alex's parter is "She's a violent renegade nun with an evil twin sister."
<Alcar> Except Alex isn't technically on a mission from God since he hasn't met God yet :p
<Caltak> Well, he thinks he is, so that kinda counts.
<Alcar> God is Dead takes new meaning when you see HIm carted away in an ambulance.

<Caltak> some of these things are super silly random, and could be a lot of fun
<Caltak> like "He's an impetuous ninja firefighter who must take medication to keep him sane. She's a green-fingered kleptomaniac Valkyrie with the power to see death. They fight crime!"
<Caltak> that sounds like silly fun
<Caltak> "She's a psychotic Buddhist cab driver with the soul of a mighty warrior." that is SO silly

<Caltak> "He's a deeply religious pirate werewolf in drag. She's a disco-crazy nymphomaniac vampire on the trail of a serial killer. They fight crime!"
<Caltak> this thing rules
<alcar> HAHAHA
<alcar> that one would rock in lolad :p
<Caltak> "Have you found Jesus yet, my child? Oh, it's the full moon, isn't it? Exuse me a moment; I feel compelled to plunder womens' clothing stores. Yarrr!"
<alcar> "I found jesus in a thong!"

<Impassioned> So, you feel a jolting shift in your surroundings, and you find yourself in a rather large, crowded room, filled with beds which are, in turn, filled with what appear to be wounded soldiers...
* Sammael thanks God they're wounded, then, and looks for his target.
<Sammael> drawing a knife to throw at the same time.
<Impassioned> There are a few people in the room, doctors, nurses. There's Raella, standing perhaps 10' away, tending to one of the wounded. Beside her, talking to her in a low voice is a red-haired man, a noble by appearances. They are facing you as you appear, the man looking up almost immediately.
* Sammael throws the knife at raella without warning, drawing another to throw at the man.
<Sammael> (( "Hi, welcome to Amber!" ))

* Sammael has images of Sam becoming an atheist.
<Dane> a buddhist! :D
<Sammael> lol! Well, he already killed his buddha..
<Sammael> zen buddhism for the psychotic.
* Sammael is picuturing that..
<Dane> well, if he killed his buddha, I suppose he is done with the buddhism thing
<Dane> has he been an angsty atheist?
<Dane> =P
<Sammael> "Before enlightenment, hack up bodies and kill people. After enlightenment, hack up bodies and kill people."

<Sammael> But Sam has seen God. At least once. He'd make a crappy atheist.
<Sammael> "Of course God exists. But I pretend He doesn't."
<Dane> that wasn't really god
<Dane> that was some freudian construct!
<Sammael> And the difference is? :p
<Dane> the difference is one is an angsty atheist explanation of a phenomena
<Dane> the other is an angsty christian explanation!
<Dane> you see!
<Sammael> "The big dick in the sky does not exist! .. but if it did, it would be circumcized!"
<Sammael> somehow, I doubt anyone has ever said that.
<Dane> <Sammael> "The big dick in the sky does not exist! .. but if it did, it would be circumcized!"
<Dane> you were wrong!

<Dane> "Why did you kill the guards in Rebma? Why couldn't you wait five fucking minutes?"
<Sammael> "I was in a hurry," as if that should be obvious. "And not thinking, I think." Shrugs slightly. "It ... made sense at the same."
<Dane> "Yeah. Tell that to their fucking grieving wife and kids."
<Dane> "On second thought, perhaps you'd better stay away from them."

<alcar> Sam could always meet the *real* God!
<alcar> Sam: "Not ..... again.... AUGH!" *attacks God*
<____> The real god is so far beyond his comprehension, that he'd make even less sense than bleys' god
<alcar> "How do you know God is dead?" "I killed the bastard!"
<____> And bleys' god was pretty damn far beyond your comprehension
<alcar> but that would be soo cool to be able to say :p
<____> He already killed the Buddha :P
<alcar> Oh, true :)
<alcar> Can't get greedy, after all.
<____> "If you meet the Buddha... kill him." "Been there, done that. *yawn*"
<alcar> "I am here ot kill the tao." ".. is that some kind of zen?" "No, that's next."

<kentari> :P I really need to ios again, I feel like a baliadoc

<AlcarGM> Ok., he shoots you twice in the head, then 4 times in the heart once your body hits the ground.
* Vora is very dead! :P
<AlcarGM> You can hear him saying "Wasn't right. I break people a lot, sir. And he wasn't acting right."
<AlcarGM> <Dr. Kurtz> "Acting?"
<AlcarGM> Payne: "To the pain.. I guess... maybe really an act.. could he be.. possessed?"
<AlcarGM> <Dr. Kurtz> "Highly unlikely, the pain would drive anyone insane. Oh, Sgt?" You hear one gunshot, then a body hitting the ground.
<Vora> (( wow, what a great medical plan they have here. ))

<AlcarGM> <Dr. Kurtz> sniffs. "There is always choice."
<Vora> "Until someone takes it away. Which is, I noticed, what is done here, to supers. So, it's time for a little payback. *grins* But yes, there's always choice. And you just chose to skip the fun part, so let's just go right to the educational part." *hair turns into tentacles* "Get out your notebook, because you're about to get a very deep hands-on look at a unique anatomy."
* Vora proceeds to undress him quickly ((yay for dress-up)) and gets a quick look at important parts like fingerprints ((yay im learning)) and then... well, you get the idea.
<AlcarGM> <Dr. Kurtz> "The horror! The horror!" and dies!

<AlcarGM> Knight: "Program, identify your name and function."
<Carl`> "I am not a program."
<Carl`> "My function, though, is keeper of this place."
<AlcarGM> Knight: "Oh, fuck, not that tron sim again...." :p
<Carl`> "The rift, though, is an irregularity I cannot repair."
<AlcarGM> Knight: "It is a link to.... error.... pleasehold, an oper..." and vanishes.
<Carl`> "And it seems it exits into where you originally exists."
* Carl` lets out a breath
<Carl`> "Great, fuggin windows ME in the deadlands, is nothing sacred anymore?"

* Julius heads for a church but not the one Carl would've gone into. >:D
<AlcarGM> Ok.. the churches are open 24/7 here (at least something is :p). You find a small parish that is empty ecxcept for an altar boy currently sweeping up.
* Julius looks to the boy and clears his throat loudly.
<Julius> "I need the robes of a priest."
<AlcarGM> Tbe altar boy turns, confused "Excuse me, sir?"
<Julius> "A priest's robes. I need them."
<AlcarGM> Altar Boy (No, not a superhero, but it would be a fun name....) "Are you a priest?"
<Julius> ((Altar Boy.. man... the innuendos..))
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :p ))

* Vora gets her clothes, barring incident, and looks though these pockets for anything useful.
<AlcarGM> The compound is literally mostly ashes as you both exit. Most of the superhumans seem to have left, though someone has ecided to light a LOT of cornfields on fire...
<Vora> (( "Damn that frikken dicebot!!" ))

<Julius> "I'm going to go talk to the Masons."
<Carl`> "Masons?"
* Julius stands up quickly as if he jsut arrived at that decision
* Julius nods.
<Julius> "Masons."
<Carl`> "You need bricks layed?"
* Julius holds out a torn off piece of suit with an M on it.

* alcar may sick a certain famous detective after Julius :)
<kentari> no!
<Tass> sherlock holmes and his artifact of holy destruction!
<kentari> I would be tempted to take on Holmes.
<Tass> magnifying glass of doom :P
<kentari> Just to say I tried. :P
* alcar meant Watson. Holmes was the shmuck who took all the credit!
<kentari> Watson was just the medic

<AlcarDM> And Orgg was heading out to explore, iirc.
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> he was probably trying to track down the rod via the shaky connection to the land
<AlcarDM> Ok, the feeling pulling you north is weak, barely stronger than the land, which is now far away. Being Orgg, you discover cutting yourself and bleeding - evne on foreign soil - strengthens the link a little.
* Orgg bleeds his way around the town
<AlcarDM> Well, no need for that unless the pull north goes away :p

<AlcarDM> The woman leads you up three flighyts of stairs to the top floor. The roms are all dark, the hallways barely lit by torches and you hear sounds you'd rather not investigate from a few roms, especually the one with "Cthulhu, your tentaces are soooo big.... " followed by screams that make your hair stand in end.
<Orgg> (lol!)
<Orgg> (poor cthulhu :/)
<AlcarDM> (( yeah. But imagine what is doing the dominance part :p ))
<Orgg> (loool, I was imagining some regular woman person!)

<AlcarDM> What is the paladin of the God whose clerics are serial sexual assasssins doing now? :p
* Ania goes to look for clothes
<Ania> (( 3:1 odds that makes the quotes page ))
<AlcarDM> What kind of clothing? :P
<Ania> (( she figures there's really nothing else she can do here, so she might as well go replace her destroyed undergarments :P ))
<Ania> (( ah, the work of a servant of god is never done ))
<Ania> (( otoh, she is rather enjoying the freedom of... j/k ;) ))

* AlcarDM suspects I shall sleep soon.
<AlcarDM> Turning the One Ring into a cock ring is just... wrong.
<Farthes> yea
<Farthes> very
<Chaos`^> Alcar: Sleep now, that's more than I wanted to hear

<AlcarDM> He looks at you, then says "I can do other stuff, if you want.." and shimmers, becoming a rather pretty young girl.
<AlcarDM> "or.. " and older, about 25 "this?"
<Orgg> "I already have a lover. Can you fight?"
<AlcarDM> "Oh.." he returns to normal, looking surprised, then grins, somehow managing to look oddly alluring in some strange way. "I don't need to."
* Orgg frowns
<Orgg> "Why not?"
<AlcarDM> "Because I'm cute."

<Tass> I dunno if I can make it tonight, I might have to go to bed early
<Tass> I'm kinda sick
<Caltak> OD on tylenol or something, mabe you'll come out of the coma in time to play ;)

* Carl` winds down his window, "Excuse me!"
* Carl` calls out :P
* Carl` manifests something in his hands looks kinda like a map of haven, but its hard to tell, since its all white with shades of off white
<AlcarGm> The man stops, then flies towards the window warily. "Ahoy there!"
* Carl` pulls up, "Hey there, I think we're just a mite bit lost, have you seen the twenty first century around here anywhere?"
* Carl` hopes confusion will prove a fruitful ally :P

<Vora> "Well, they didn't get a chance to do anything to me." *smiles sloghtly* "But like I said, the Doctor there was pretty insane, and he had some really sadistic plans... Oh! I have this." *takes out the book of notes*
<AlcarGm> You feel something jab into your skull, like a drill, pushing..... your trying to scream but nothing .. and the image is gone, abruptly
* Vora blinks.
<Vora> "What..."
<AlcarGm> John: "...was that?"
<Vora> "Maybe..." *gets up and goes to the couch*
<AlcarGm> Snake hisses softly and turns a darker shade of green than normal.
<Vora> (( is the lady still there and unconscious? ))
<AlcarGm> Yep. She's sleeping soundly now.
<Vora> (( im so horribly worried that we all actually passed out and someone is doing horrible things to us right now and this is all an illusion. ))

<Julius> I hope you guys are not in trouble :(
<Carl`> ugh :P
<Carl`> I hate london
<Julius> huh? :P
<Carl`> I mean, I'm in a 'I want to becoem a supervillain so I can destryo london in all timelines' sort of mood :P

<Orgg> "But he is..."
* Orgg is at a loss for words
<Orgg> "Something like a rebellious child. I don't know how to deal with him."
<AlcarDM> (( spank the vampire. New game for suicidal pcs! ))
<Ania> (( "I'll just use my 'turn undead'" ))
<Ania> (( ;) ))
<Ania> (( You'll go to the palace NOW, young man! "AAAAAAAH!" ))

<Orgg> "We'll leave as soon as you are ready."
<AlcarDM> Liderc looks at you, surprised. "You don't eat breakfast?!"
* Orgg considers
<Orgg> "Not usually."
* Orgg doesn't usually have enough moneys for breakfast!
<Orgg> beer... or breakfast =P
<AlcarDM> The vampire puts his hands in his hips and glares at you. "It's the most important meal of the day. Besides, most people's blood flows really good early in the morning. And sex is better at breakfast time."
* Orgg O.os
<Orgg> "We'll eat breakfast today, then."
<AlcarDM> He nods. "You have anyone in mind?"

* Ania sighs slightly at the thought that she might have to defend this place, but continues onward in good spirits because JESUS LOVES HE... er... because she KNOWS THAT SHE WILL TRIUMPH, BECAUSE IT IS THE WILL OF GOD!

<Theliar`^> I am so dead ^^
<Orgg> lol
<Theliar`^> LoL I'm more worried about why I DIDN'T die.... than having just been smitten by my god ><
* AlcarDM smiles

* Orgg sheathes his sword, looking disappointed, and gives the swordless guard a friendly glare
* Orgg would hope they aren't just going to get reinforcements before they try to take them on, but that is not the sort of thing orgg would hope.
* Orgg would hope the opposite :/
* Orgg does so

<AlcarDM> Catharine. "I serve the Shadow King as all must who see his power. The lords spoke to me and darkness answered. So long I held it back, the use of black magics, the sweet taste of the blood of the innocents, the knowledge that I was a god among insects. No longer. I serve the darknes that will engulf the world, the shadow within all hearts that speaks ot those who have ears to hear. I serve thew SDhaodw King, and I shall be your doom!"
<Ania> King, and I shall be your d
<AlcarDM> your doom!"
<Ania> (( oh yeah? ))
<Orgg> "You can't even make a speech without being truncated. How do you possibly expect to defeat us, foul creature of darkness!?"
<Orgg> ((or not =P))

<AlcarDM> Catharine laughs, a bone-chilling sound, and Liderc steps back, looking shocked. "You're not my mom."
<AlcarDM> Catharine: "I am more than I ever was before. A mother? Pah! I wil show you a mother in Shadow, the devouriing one."
<AlcarDM> Darkness begins to gather in her hands and even the light from Orggs sword, which has slowly begin to burn, begins to dim.
* Orgg suspects his sword would glow more brightly if it was inserted into Catharine's body
* Ania channels the LIGHT OF GOD and lays the evil biyatch low with a mighty blow
* Orgg moves to test his hypothesis.

<Ania> 1d20+9 will
<Sparkie> Ania 1d20+9: 12(3) will
<Ania> (( wtf ))
<Ania> (( sparkie you suck ))
<AlcarDM> 4d8 - everyone :p
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 4d8: 18 - everyone :p
<Ania> (( *demands a statistically accurate dicebot :P* ))
<Sparkie> (( *snickers* ))
<Ania> (( 2 3 9 18 3... what's wrong with this picture? ))

* Ania attacks unphased
<Ania> 1d20+12 die evil!
<Sparkie> Ania 1d20+12: 16(4) die evil!
<Ania> (( sparkie ))
<Orgg> ((lol!))
<Ania> (( die ))
<Ania> (( that's just insane ))

<AlcarDM> The God sits down with your help. Tamil takes a seat beside him. The other priestesses and initatws file iup the stairs and stand, waiting. close to 300 people.
<AlcarDM> Does Theliar have stage fright? :p
<AlcarDM> Oh, wait, not epic :)

<Ania> (( Sparkie: You've shown us that you can break the boundaries of utter improbability by delivering a series of dice rolls with under a 1% chance of occuring in a random system. Fucking stop already ))

<AlcarDM> The wheel of time goes round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheel of time bus goes round and round, all through creation.
<AlcarDM> The ages that were go repeat, repeat, repeat; repeat, repeat, repeat; repeat, repeat, repeat; The ages that were go repeat, repeat, repeat all through creation.
<AlcarDM> The ages thatwere come again, again, again; Again, again, again; Again, again, again; The ages thatwere come again, again, again; Creation has deja vu.
<AlcarDM> The Dicebot of the game says "Stop this now. Stop this now, stop this no;" The Dicebot of the game says "Stop this now", all through creation.
<AlcarDM> http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/lyrics/wheels.htm <-- play this for mood.
<Theliar`^> (( You scare me alcar =( ))
<AlcarDM> (( first parody that occured to me :p ))

<AlcarDM> Lessee... Theliar is about to go shopping; Orgg, Ania & Liderc just killed Liderc's mom and three guards in the palance; Ghenn is with Bucket; Ryu is in the House ....
<Theliar`^> I first read that as "Ghenn is in bucket"
<AlcarDM> Ghenn doesn't know about that part yet.
<Theliar`^> <Theliar`^> (( You seriously left Ryu off in The House? That's kind of evil alcar ))
<tatterdemalion> (( yep, did :p ))
<Theliar`^> (( Poor thing =( ))
<tatterdemalion> (( yeah, but the master had it coming to him :p ))

<Theliar`^> (( AHA! A paladin! You use... A sword! ))

* Theliar`^ grins evily and sets it aside and hands him the rings "These are the last of it."
<AlcarDM> Al takes the rings, then shrugs and hands them to you. "They are gic, but not a kind of magic you can use."
<AlcarDM> Al: "Their magic is for another world. I'd advise throwing them in a volcano just to be safe."
<Theliar`^> "Dragons?"
* Theliar`^ grabs the swords and box and motions for tamil to escort Al with him
<AlcarDM> Tamil: "The only dragon we know is dead.."
<Theliar`^> "There were more... They are only one of two things I know of that would bring something of immaterial value to this world..."
<Darien`> (( "And the second?" *eyes narrowing, said as if speaking the name of the devil himself:* "Tourists." ))

<Chaos`^> Wanna play a game? DMing alwayse makes me tired ;)

<Chaos`^> Ye be on the High seas, the wind be in yer favor, yer job has been easy so far, but ye haven't done this job before, and whoever tought ye how to do it wasn't very good. Yer below deck when ye hears someone yellin above 'man overboard' theys yell
<Chaos`^> what ye be doin' bout it?
* Kyroko strumbles out of the hammock, trying not to fall, and goes up on deck to make sure it wasn't him.

<Chaos`^> The wind is weakened, but the sails are still torn. The ship won't be going anywhere for a long, long time, thanks to you.
* Kyroko waves his staff the pauses, then remembers he failed mending spells, hence his cloak.
<Chaos`^> The crew keep their hands of you, but only because the captain orders it. WHat are you doing currently?
* Kyroko calls up waves to push the ship while they fix it.
<Chaos`^> Ahem...
<Chaos`^> You're bad at doing wind spells, which is your specialty... But now you're fuckin' with water?
<Kyroko> of course! Wind pushing water at base = ship moves quickly.
<Kyroko> At least, that's the theory.
<Kyroko> An dhe's sure there is wind uuder the water, because it makes tidal waves
<Chaos`^> You smash a huge hole in the ship, you freeze to death trying to save rose, the end I have got to get to bed, I don't care how untired I am...

<AlcarDM> Another laugh and a hand brushes your face gently. "Oh, no. There is no up now, will never be an up. Blood was given and blood was spent. The House grows, little wanderer. You walk in stories older than your world."
<AlcarDM> The voices are wispering othre words now, in languahges you've never heard of, songs and poems and conversations drifting around you but not touching you.
<Darien`> "Riiight... well. Is this near where my father was, or is, or whatever? Cause if not, I'll just be leaving..."
<AlcarDM> The voice is silent, then "Oh. I see. You have it inside you," in a strange, fearful voice.
<Darien`> "Blood? Yeah... its my understanding that most people do. But that really wasn't an answer to my question."

<AlcarDM> The voices aren't getting louder, but do seem to pick ou the occassional word in dwarven r elvish or human, but nothing that makes sense. Finally, the hallway ways in a large, mpety dining hall filled with pendantas and a roaring fireplace that an old man is warming hiself by.
<Darien`> "Hiya. May we come in?"
<AlcarDM> "Eh?" The old man turns, surprised, then says "Ah. Someone who asks. Almost as rare as people, here. Come, come."
* Darien` walks in. "Have you seen any dead people around? We're looking for some."
<AlcarDM> (( Rose: I see dead people. They're everywhere." *Stabs Darien* "Another!" ))
<Darien`> (( Noooo! Now I cant touch red doorknobs! ))

<Carl`> yeah, this is definitely where the rift between Carl and julius comes in
<Alcar> yeah :p
<Carl`> omg!
<Carl`> its just like a superhero story!
<Alcar> lol
<Carl`> hero and villain were always friends in the beginning!

* Julius looks for a US embassy, first.. :P
<AlcarGM> seriously going to? :p
<Julius> :P one sec
* Julius consults his brain.
<Julius> 1d2 1=yes
<Sparkie> Julius 1d2: 1 1=yes
<Julius> :P yeah.. I think I'll give it a shot
* Sparkie is worried about being your brain, and I want all the pcs dead.
<Julius> what's the worst that could happen? :P

<AlcarGM> "Barry windchaster? unusual name..."
<Vora> (( *snicker* ))
<Julius> "They didn't like the sound of it so they gave me the last name Aurelius. By the time I could read it, I was used to the name the orphanage gave me."
<Julius> "At any rate, I thought some of those names may be clues..?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Yes, it does have embarrassing native connotations, I imagine. Not surprisingly, given some people, but still unfortunately. You do know that if your mother was native, she wasn't american.""
<Vora> (( its ironic, because in a way, thats backwards, when you think about it. :P ))
<Julius> "I'm not sure about my mother at all.. the only information I've had to go on is that book, and you can see its in rough shape... there was a fire at the orphanage, most of the records were destroyed."
<Julius> ((:P man this is more fun than killing people.))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

<Alcar> Ok, the shotwave is picking up lots of "DON'T PANIC," from the police station, but no one seems ot knwo WHAT is going on.. something about New York being half-destroyed and a superhuman put in Purgatory and the prison is now mostly gone....
* Kate`^ turns it down and tries to find the Arbiter's channel... If they designated one.. otherwise I'll listen for their voices.. while heading north
<Kate`^> I have a bad feeling about this.
<Alcar> There is one, and from it you gather that Needles, Julius and Carlare heading there right now but nothing else. THe police are literally at aloss as to what to do.
* Kate`^ heads north as well
<Alcar> Ok.. you leap north.. you see a lot of black, government cars by the time you arrive, but no sign of your teammates.. and no one is coming out.. the whole building look slike ahalf melted rubber bulldog.
<Kate`^> a half melted.. rubber... bulldog..
<Kate`^> nice ah... description

<Alcar> The most feared superhuman on the planet pops his thumb out of his mouth and crawls out of the wrckeage, following you without a word. His eyes are glazed over and he's droooling out of the corner of his mouth
* Kate`^ takes off her coat and gives it to him
<Kate`^> "Try to keep a low profile."
* Kate`^ walks to haven
<Kate`^> (( Most feared by whom? ))
<Alcar> He givs you a blank look and the says "It's so big," in a rusty voice and stumbles after you
<Kate`^> "What's big?"
<Alcar> (( anyone :p He did wipe out most of boston and was barely stopped :p ))
<Kate`^> (( Anyone but the pc's... we know where our real fears should be ))
<Alcar> (( hehehe. Oh? :p ))
<Sparkie> Yes, Me.
<Kate`^> (( LoL Well besides sparkie... I think I fear the other pc's the most =p ))
<Alcar> (( Given Julius lately, that's a good bet :p ))

<Kate`^> What's your bodycount julius?
<Kate`^> lol
<Julius> I dunno. I lost count.
<Julius> lol
<Julius> we always compete, don't we? :P
<Kate`^> yeap
<Kate`^> Mine's at 50 from this single session...
<Kate`^> well 25-50 I don't know how alcar had it setup
<Kate`^> typically 2 people per car, and I took out 25 cars so...
<Julius> :P omg.
<Julius> well you have meteors.
<Julius> So you're cheating.
* Julius only has fists and a gun, sometimes.
<Julius> oh and gravity
<Julius> :P Gravity kills flying people.
<AlcarGM> was 70 :p

<AlcarGM> And she has a higher body count than Julius now :p
<Julius> :P ARGH!
<Julius> NO!
<Julius> :P That's it.
<Julius> I'm gonna massacre london.
<Julius> By building an atomic bomb. :P

<Kate`^> (( This man is old enough to be kate's dad ))
<Kate`^> (( Shit! dammit... *pounds head against counter* ))

<alcar> Oh, yeah, and in unrelated news - and amusing news at that - Mosaic is now the only hero left ot defend Haven out of all the Aftermath pcs. I find it rather ironic.
<Baliadoc> What!?
<Baliadoc> how in the heck did that happen??
<alcar> Carl and Julius got zapped by something in a car and are now in an alternatte universe 1888 :P The victoeian supers plot :p The preisdent declared al lsupers illegal so Kate got herself and the kids of the thw HQa dn Winter danced with syncronicity to get them on a flight to cuba :p
<alcar> So that leaves Mosaic to return and defend the city. Oh, and Kate took Destroyer with her :p
<Baliadoc> Good Gravy!
<Baliadoc> ... then what the heck do i defend the city from!?

<Lustral> The creature laughs, then, a deep, resonating sound, before pulling back its hood, and turning its head down to look directly upon you
<Sammael> (( .... "Hi, mom?" (tho the UA part of me says it should have sam's face....) ))
<Lustral> (( lol! ))
<Sammael> What do I see? :p
<Lustral> (( no no no, although you're on the right track! ))
<Lustral> (( I was WAITING for you to ask that ))
<Lustral> Blackness...
<Lustral> (( yay! ))
* Sammael lights it up with the fires of his sword, preparing to fight defensively :)
<Lustral> (( sam gets abducted again ))
<Sammael> Oh, crap!

* Julius walks up to the woman as civil as he can and frankly, slowly, says, "Is there something you want?"
<AlcarGM> She looks at you, then says "Your soul," in a calm, friendly voice. The other man has taken needles aside and is talking to him, something about "signing under the line," in a reasonable voice
<Julius> "Needles, don't be an idiot."
* Julius quite politely shoots the woman.
* AlcarGM shakes his head...
<AlcarGM> Where?
<Vora> (( in the study. ))
<Julius> ((well no))
<Julius> ((In the head.))
<Vora> (( exactly ))
<Julius> ((eh))
<Julius> ((let's not do that!))
<Julius> ((I don't wanna keep killing things. As a player. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Ok, shoot her where, then? :p ))

<Julius> "I'm sick and tired of this place. I'm sick and tired of this whole city."
* Julius reaches out towards the nearest permanent looking object and tries to simply warp it into, erm, nothingness. :P
<Julius> "I want it all to just disappear."
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "I have a better idea. Let's just kill people."
<AlcarGM> (( that feels so..so .. UH :p ))

<Baliadoc> I think I'm going to go to bed, so that Alcar can get here and be mad that I left when he was planning to start the game.

<Theliar`^> "Tell me lies."
<AlcarDM> she stares at you. "You're really a being named chaos from another plane of existence and we're all jut puppets in some game."
<Theliar`^> you've alwayse wanted to do that in a game... you've been trying that gig since LoLaD
<AlcarDM> Oh, no. I actually have a whole game planned out around that concept to use sometime :)

<Theliar`^> "Do you know what happened to the last person to insult the High Priest of The Goddess."
<Alcar> The second guard stops humming.
<Alcar> The first guard shrugds. "He got awarded? Making an elf the high priest would involve cutting his dick off. Get lost."
* Sparkie would like to point out that alcar typed duck first. Make of that what you will.

<Alcar> arete - I was thinking a fenrick approach :p "Hey, babe, I just kiled your dad. Why don't you and me get down are dirty, sweet thing, cuz all this blod has made me horny and I'd rather you liked it. We'll begin at rape and go from there."
<Chaos`^> I don't expect the pc's to know how to address a king of x country and convince him to give up 20% of his lands even though he's a conquering king and against it all. That's putting them on the spot and unfair...
<arete> lol Alcar
<arete> Alcar: Yeah, I don't think 40 charisma would help much for fenrick
<arete> Alcar: Maybe 40 points of compelling ;P
<Alcar> And that's my pooint. Skill can't work for some characters :p
<Alcar> I mean, you can say you have a skill in something, but if everything you do runs counter to it...
<Chaos`^> Charisma really isn't a SKILL you can learn anyway
<Alcar> <Alcar> so everything is a skill, from charisma to locksmithing to sexual prowess?
<Alcar> <Chaos`^> Yes
<Alcar> then....? :p
<Chaos`^> STFU and finish the god damned sheet

<Chaos`^> you cary a shovel with all characters
* Alcar nods. Blame Sintaqx for that.
<Chaos`^> I have a question
<Alcar> yep?
<Chaos`^> in most fantasy settings they don't have folding shovels... How do you manage to carry a full sized shovel around?

<Chaos`^> what about maxine?
<Alcar> hrm, I thin he'd rather she didn't come, unless she has some weird gift/trick/talent thatwould be really useful.
<Alcar> were ferret!
<Chaos`^> no...
<Alcar> No?
<Chaos`^> ok, then she'll just be a future contact
<Alcar> Well, unlike Fantasy Novel Land, he doesn't see much point in taking an apprentice out on trips that could kill her, unless we give her some neat skil or trick.
<Chaos`^> one question: How does a chubby man become a master thief/sneaker? I have trouble sneaking around as it is =p I.E. Most good thieves try to stay small so they can fit through windows etc.
<Chaos`^> also the cubbyness would indicate he was a minor glutton...
<Alcar> Santa gets down chimmneys.
<Chaos`^> Santa is a master lich

* Sparkie is sane.
<Sintaqx> Sparkie is the Baseline for socially acceptable sanity..... Frightening, isn't it
<Sparkie> And I was scripted by an idiot. It's one of those metaphors. Or a normal phore.
* Sparkie doesn't see much meta about it :p

<Chaos`^> You're in the capital city, walking down the street for whatever reason compells you to walk down a street. You hear someone in an alleyway trying to get your attention "Psst!"
* Hewel continues walking, whistling to himself, and looks back over his shoulder casually while going by.
<Chaos`^> Maxine: "PSSSST! You idiot, get over here!"
* Hewel sighs and walks over. "Trying out to be the worlds most obvious spy?"
<Chaos`^> "Shut up and hurry over here!"
* Hewel walks over casually. "Don't know if I mentioned this, but the best way to be inconspicuous is to act liike you aren't. Like run over screaming and pretend I'm your long lost brother or something. People notice sulking in shadows faster."
<Chaos`^> She pulls you inside and down the alley

<AlcarDM> Okay, you reach the corridors of the palace proper. A young scullery boy is trying to hide in a niche in the wall, looking terrified.
* Theliar`^ looks at the boy "Hello. Who are you?"
<AlcarDM> The boy blinks, startled, then whispers "Go away! They'll find me! They want it!" He scrambles to his feet and you notice he's carrying a kitten in one hand.
<Theliar`^> "They want what?"
<AlcarDM> Scullery Boy: "It's mine." He clutches the kitten to his chest, a feverish gleam in his eyes. "You can't have it either!"
<Theliar`^> "I don't want it."
* Theliar`^ then proceedes to walk off, toward the exit
<AlcarDM> He attempts to back up further into the cliche and you hear a "Me-" cut off from beind, and chewing sounds.
* Theliar`^ turns quickly
<AlcarDM> The boy has ripped of the kitthens head and is chewing on it vigorously, muttering "Mine," between bites.
* Theliar`^ walks quicker

<AlcarDM> She just stands there some more, then says "They shouldn't. You're wrong. The Master will fix you," and walks towards a blank wall.
* Ryu_Featherfoot brings it down and unrolls it to read it half keeping an eye on the girl
<AlcarDM> she walks to the wall and calmly walks through it as if it wasn't there.
* Ryu_Featherfoot rolls the scroll up and then follows the girl on though the wall
<AlcarDM> Taking the scroll with you?
<Ryu_Featherfoot> (yep)
<Ryu_Featherfoot> (sence when does a kender ever drop something?)

<Theliar`^> I'm going out on a limb here and i'm going to assume the rose I have in my pack is a holy relic... would i be correct in assuming so?
<AlcarDM> sort of, yes :p
<Theliar`^> good
<Theliar`^> care to elaborate?
<AlcarDM> no :p
<Theliar`^> would you anyway? =p

<Theliar`^> "What DO you know about him?"
<Darien`> "That he's my dad, and he's dead under the palace." *simply*
<Theliar`^> "How long has he been 'dead under the palace'?
* Darien` shrugs.
<Theliar`^> "The house has only been here for a few hours."
<Theliar`^> "When were you told this information?"
<Darien`> "Blood not of this world was the key. What was opened can close. My father... ask the gnome! He knows."
<Darien`> "Hmm? Oh, a little while ago, from some seer. She freaked out and died."
<Theliar`^> "The gnome? uhm... any gnome in particular?"
<Darien`> "Beats me. She wasn't being specific, being that she was in the midst of freaking out and dieing."

<Theliar`^> "Well... This house holds slaves from different worlds inside. I don't think they bleed, though, if most of them are undead."
<Darien`> "I thought they were just plain dead."

<AlcarDM> Darien & Theliar - The wall Darien is poking simply seems to vanish. The fire flickers, then goes out as it if was never there.
* Theliar`^ looks into the tunnel and at Ryu
<Theliar`^> "Look what you've done."
* Theliar`^ looks at Darien
<AlcarDM> At rhe otherwise is Ryu and a young woman who looks pale, and worried.
<Theliar`^> "It could have been a trap."
<Ryu_Featherfoot> "If it was a trap I would have noticed! ye of little faith."
* Ryu_Featherfoot turns back to the young woman/girl "I didn't get your name..."
* Theliar`^ notices it's Ryu on the other end
<Theliar`^> "oh... It was a trap."

* Ryu_Featherfoot grumbles and looks to see if he can edge his way over to the stairs
<Darien`> "Rose, I don't think your dearly departed father would like you to act this way! Then again, he might not care, but your mom probably wouldnt! Except that she's dead, so she doesn't really care, either. But its the principle of the thing!!"
<AlcarDM> Rose: "I was born by the Master in the depths of the House before this world existed, mortal. The rest was illusion, and nothin else. You stand in the Masters Hall, and you will die here."
<Darien`> "Well that wasn't very nice." *walks back towards the stairs.*
<Darien`> (( Its funny, cause I didn't set her off, and the elf didn't set her off... but a kender was too much for her to allow :P ))
<Theliar`^> (( it wasn't that he was a kender lolz ))
<Darien`> (( sure it was :P ))

<Caltak> Whats this game like?
<Caltak> I see mention of a church, and its turning me off :P
<Alcar> you're undead?
<Chaos`^> don't like religion caltak?

* C_Blitz heads towards lane 52 to pick up a few pistols.
<Darkkin> Pistols from all ages are in this lane
* C_Blitz looks for 2 or 3 pistols, with ammo, for under 40 credits.
<Darkkin> nothing under 100
<Itix> (( get DOOM weapons and we can turn the entire world into a deathmatch. ))

<Sadonis> i love the secluded home i'm provided with in this game.
<Sadonis> after today's experience i should animate a skeleton for the sole purpose of gardening though
<Sadonis> a gardener skeleton concept pleases me.
<Chaos`^> lol
<Sadonis> perhaps i can find some sort of gnome character to do it
<Sadonis> a garden gnome skeleton

* Lewis speculates aloud whether she might seem even more desirable for the vampire.
<Sadonis> "Indeed...Perhaps we can bait him with her. Good thinking."
<Hewel> "Well, the vampire bit you for a reason. Maybe he'll come back for a full meal," poker-faced.
<Chaos`^> "Are you saying I'm fat!?"
<Chaos`^> She stands angrily
<Hewel> "What does that have to do with how much blood you have in you?"
<Hewel> "Actually, do fat people have more blood? I know one lady of noble birth in the city. Was ging to appropriate a few things, she found me, and I ended up doing other things, but she is definitely large enough.""
<Hewel> "And I'm sure she'd love to become a vampire."

<Chaos`^> Sade asks Maxine if she would like to become her apprentice as well. "It'll give you something to do, atleast." she adds.
<Chaos`^> Maxine looks reluctant and looks to Sadonis, of all people.
<Sadonis> "All of these apprenticeships. Too much work."
<Sadonis> "Do your own magic. Leave a master out of it. Nobody needs one."
<Chaos`^> Maxine looks over to hewel
<Lewis> I find that I must be free to wander, though I try to pick up what magic I can.
<Sadonis> "It's simply a way to express sexual desire, as far as I can tell."
<Sadonis> "Very immature."
* Lewis raises an eyebrow?
* Lewis cannot wait for the response to this one! :)
<Chaos`^> Sade looks rather angry "If you're implying... That I am trying to... To have sex with Hewel--" She stops herself and calms down.
* Hewel blinks.
* Hewel wisely says nothing at all, since anythig he could say will make things worse :p
<Chaos`^> She looks angry once more, having realized "You are not implying I am showing a sexual desire toward maxine!?"
* Sadonis cackles.
* Hewel coughs, repeatedly.

<FirestormZero> -----------ESCAPE FROM THE ASIAN MARKET------------
<FirestormZero> Who's up for it?
<alcar> lol
<alcar> me! me!
<FSZGM> Click. The Lights flash on, another day in the tank. Your claws bound by rubber bands, your brethren lobsters almost all gone, lifted out of the tank. Into the light. Or is it the darkness? You don't know, you can't know from inside the tank. You have to get out while you still can.
<FSZGM> Every day draws you closer and closer to the big hand in the sky. And you don't want that, you know you don't. You can remember the ocean. And it wasn't like this fucking tank at all.
* alcar clicks his claws forlornly, weeping into the water, and wishes his shell was as black as the stygian unplumbed depths of the hearts of these cruel, tortuous humans.
<FSZGM> ((come on alcar, you know you want to))
* alcar also wants to wear red lip stick :p
<FSZGM> ((Under the sea....))

* Mirekchol digs his trusty mandibles into the human and makes little burbling noises since his player has no clue what sounds a lobster would make and settles for imagining cthulhu as a young'un
<FSZGM> Mirekchol! You claim just vengeance against the man! He reals around, placing his other hand on the hot stove for balance... burning himself. He runs forward and thrusts it into the lobster tank water, knocking the tank over, spilling out and freeing the other lobsters. You are like moses. Except you are red and parting the sea

<FSZGM> Duck, you narrowly dodge the knife, and move to a hovering altitude above a section with pickled tongues, eyes, and tails. Of animals you've never heard of.
* Mirekchol hides from the insane human under a counter :)
<FSZGM> The lobsters totter forward, heading towards the cashier.
<FSZGM> <Fen Wong> "AAh! No! My duck! What you doing?"
* Duck rolls his eyes around in horror! 'Quack." (AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHH!)
* Duck ducks enbetween some jars of picked fetus parts, or something :P

* Mirekchol screams in primal rage and forgets escape and avenges his fallen comrades in arms! "I'm going to lay the smackdown on you! Yeah, you and all your friends! We're gonna come after you and make you PAY!"
<Mirekchol> (( decides that pro wrestling would make for an interesting form of revolution propaganda ))
<FSZGM> (( "I am going to lay the smackdown on your candy ass Karl" "You capitalist pig, I call this one the Proletariat Piledriver" "Arrgh no!!!" )).

<FSZGM> Lobster, The Mart is now yours, but... pest control will arrive at any moment!
<Lobster> "We will fight them and rip off their breaches! We will fight them in the air, we wil fight them on land, we will fight them in the sea! WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!"
<FSZGM> (( Lobster, do you attempt to hold down the market? ))
<FSZGM> Everyone escapes, but lobster and his horde.
* Lobster nods. The spirit of the Revolution is upon me! We shall fight them in their homes, in the streets!
<FSZGM> The lobsters and roaches and boar and monkey and snake turn to you, obey your commands... and thus, the invasion of mainland china begins!
* Lobster leads the charge for freedom! And they taste sooo good!
* Sibe_the_Flea jumps back into the market and onto the boar
<FSZGM> For if you are not a roach before the age of 20, you have no heart, but if you are not a lobster after the age of 40 you have no brain
<FSZGM> ------------Session End-------------
<FSZGM> That was an epic experience the likes of which we will never have again. :)
<FSZGM> hahahahhahhahaaahhahahaha

<Lewis> I for one never thought that you were a vampire... merely that you may be experiencing some mild vampiric-like side effects...
<Lewis> but the undeadness? the blood sucking? the bad stuff about vampires? Methinks not.
<Chaos`^> "But.. I might be! What if I am!? I like blood!" She begins crying "I didn't used to."
<Chaos`^> wait
<Chaos`^> she's already crying
<Lewis> Do you like it, or do you crave it?
<Chaos`^> She thinks about it for a while
<Chaos`^> "I know how to conjure up pigs blood... I didn't used to know that spell!"
<Caltak> (( "I'm not an addict! I can quit any time I want to! I just don't want to." ))
<Lewis> Your experience may have left you with a trivial allergy to sunlight, an aversion to garlic, and a taste for blood... Hmm.
<Chaos`^> "Garlic doesn't bother me... it just makes me sneeze."
* Lewis nods...
* Lewis pulls out some holy water.
<Lewis> Try some of this?

<Sadonis> "Or, perhaps, the alchemical text I had found is..outdated or inaccurate."
<Lewis> Outdated? Do the laws and order of the universe change routinely or something?
<Sadonis> "It called for the blood of a virgin. Sade was not one, I needed another subject, so I had the minion come for Maxine's. And...no, but the -type- of vampire does. They evolve, I imagine."
* Lewis hmms. With that celerity? If you say so, Herr Expert.
<Sadonis> "My text was in excess of 25 years old."

<Chaos`^> ok, you all sleep well? and then you wake up in the morning... Sade is still asleep, Maxine decides to cook this morning, making pancakes with god knows what.
<Hewel`> back.
* Sadonis awakens and dismisses his barrier as the day rides slightly further.
<Hewel`> (( shoe leather ))
<Chaos`^> Maxine kicks Hewel "Get up you lazy fool!"
* Hewel` gets up with a grunt and blinks. "Pancakes?"
<Chaos`^> "You bet! Come eat."
<Lewis> mmm, pancakes!
<Chaos`^> She kicks Sade "you too!"
<Lewis> one of these days I should make some French toast.
<Chaos`^> She sits down and begins chwoing down on the extra chewy pancakes.
<Hewel`> (( "How can you if there is no france in this world?" ))
* Hewel` eats some.
<Chaos`^> it's chewy, and tasteless
<Lewis> (( I thought French was just an adjective meaning -- wait, that's not charitable :))
<Sadonis> (it's a mustard thing.)

<Hewel`> "Well, syrup comes from trees and it's bled from them, or something, right?"
<Hewel`> "Could it be tree blood?"
<Chaos`^> It tastes sweet, but there is a metalic aftertaste, much like the taste you have when you've bitten your toung too hard
* Lewis hmms.
<Lewis> Hewel`: depends on how you define blood.
* Lewis wonders whether something is affecting Sade's spells.
<Hewel`> "So Sade our sort of vampire could be drinking the blood of trees. Well, along with the rest of us."

<Lewis> (Hemoglobin, you ignorant clod :)
<Hewel`> "What does iron have to do with blood? Well, I mean, we get it on swords..."
<Lewis> It is present in signficant quantities, apparently, and serves some biologiccal end of which I am not aware.
<Hewel`> (( Hey, if I can't know anbout anti-matter in my plot to make a spell blow up the universe, how should people in Fantasy World know the specifics of blood? :p ))
<Sadonis> (uh, this is SADONIS we're talking about. he lives off the stuff)
<Lewis> A little alchemy will show its presence...
<Hewel`> "You're saying we have iron IN us?"
<Chaos`^> (( I'm the gm, I say why vampires like blood... and... Because it's blood! that's why! no need to rationalize it! ))
<Sadonis> (his entire study is blood :P)

<Antaria> i have played rifts before i was a mutant version of a occ i have sonic speed supernatural strength invunerablatity healing factor exterodanary pp and extrodanary pe
<Antaria> my next rifts character will have indestructablity, immuny to psionics, immune to magics, Supernatural strength
<Alcar> Why?
<Antaria> a tough character nearly impsssible to difeate
<Alcar> But then why play?
<Antaria> indestructablity makes it so i can withstand a black hole and surive, a supernova and survive
<Alcar> How does one withstand a black hole?
<Antaria> not sure but according to the power my characters body s so tough the stresses a black hole would put on a persons body would ahve no effect on him

<FSZ-Lunch> DM's can kill anyone. No one is invulnerable. That's how you make RPG's dangerous
<Antaria> you smother him, drown him use is form of kryptonate
<Alcar> Of course fsz :) The best way to avoid it is to make a character who is so neat the GM won't want to kill it off :P
<FirestormZero> I literally caused the Apocalypse because I hated all of my players
<FirestormZero> meteors and demons :)
<FirestormZero> was great

<Chaos`^> You reach the effin cliff face and find an effin cave
<Lewis> (( effin? ))
<Chaos`^> (( Don't push me I have a headace oO ))
<Hewel> (( variant on elfin :p ))

* Sadonis does some experimentations, beginning with stepping in the middle of the circle.
* Lewis prays aloud that Sadonis doesn't use it.
<Chaos`^> Uh-oh
* Lewis fingers a few holy symbols...
* Sadonis tries and sees what it does to normal magic, and summons a single skeleton.
<Chaos`^> I was going to you know.. try to force you into the circle but with you eventually winning out... but... This could be bad >=)
<Chaos`^> A red light sorounds Sadonis, and he disapears from your sight...
<Sadonis> (watch as i get a small army :P)
<Sadonis> (or i disappear :P)
<Lewis> eep!
<Sadonis> (do they get the skeleton? :P)

* Hewel walks over to Maxine. "It's okay. With luck she'll get out."
<Sadonis> "We can worry about the morality of our actions when we're safe from the reach of that demon."
<Sadonis> "I, for one, don't want to pay him another visit."
<Chaos`^> <Maxine> "I'm not leaving untill she comes back.."
<Hewel> "What?"
<Lewis> Maxine, sounds unsafe.
<Lewis> Flee, run away, et cetera.
<Chaos`^> <Maxine> "I'll be fine, you all go on ahead... I'll meet up with you in the city..."
<Lewis> (( you trying to dump this NPC too? ))
<Chaos`^> (( Who said I was dumping them? ))
<Chaos`^> (( i'm creating future antagonists >=))

<Chaos`^> "Then I could bring back her body!"
<Hewel> "Or be eaten by a demon! Think!"
<Lewis> Listen, Maxine. The stuff that goes in goes in there to feed demons. You are not going to be demon food. Do Not Feed the Demons.
<Lewis> Under penalty of death.

<Chaos`^> The object flys out of sadonis hand and disapears
* Sadonis dashes back into the depths of the dungeon
* Hewel stares.
<Sadonis> "Be right back!"
<Hewel> "If I didn't think he'd follow I'd be tempted to leave him."
<Lewis> ... I don't know, aside from that gross incompetence there he's been the most useful of us three...
<Hewel> "I don't consider two people lost to demons useful."
<Lewis> ... aside from the gross incompetence, I say.

<Sadonis> "The fact that she is in servitude to a demon indicates that she will endanger the mission. She is a succubus, and will tempt mortals as she has Hewel and feed their souls to her masters."
<Lewis> Sadonis: She has indicated that she is not in servitude to a demon at this present date. Do you wish to inidicate evidence to the contrary?
<Lewis> or is your disputation of her claim groundless?
* Hewel stops. "I was drunk. Not tempting someone when they're drunk is probably harder."
* Sadonis coughs.
<Sadonis> "I will simply have time prove you wrong. I tire of this debate, which slows our progress."
<Sadonis> "But she will not tempt me."
<Chaos`^> <Maxine> "It was his birthday..."
<Lewis> Sadonis: ... Why would - nevermind.

<Chaos`^> I can tell you that Sadonis had a very good conversation with a puddle of intellegent universal solvent

<Chaos`^> Aiko is quiet through the whole thing... becaus I can't stand argueing with myself over IRC it makes me feel more crazy than I am ;D

<Chaos`^> Roy finds the equipment room... And two people inside... Having erhm... What'd clinton call it?
<Roy`> "That is not right!"
* Natsuki` mutters to herself, "This si rediculous... why would I be fighting with anyone?"
* Roy` :[ ] and points accusingly!
<Chaos`^> The girl is having a wardrobe malfunction
<Jerome`> (( Clinton never called it anything. I think that was his point :p ))
* Natsuki` looks over.
<Roy`> "Such shameless acts are intollerable!"
* Roy` looks to see if they are evil clones, first of all.

<Chaos`^> Aiko leads the way to the bathroom and is the first to step in with a scream "OH MY GOD!"
<Chaos`^> Inside Aiko is holding her mouth and pointing at the grafitti on the stall doors...
* Roy` reads it! :P
<Roy`> (("seven days"))
<Roy`> ((:P))
<Chaos`^> it reads "Aiko go BOOM" they seem to have run out of room to make a full sentance.
<Jerome> (( For a good time call Cthulhu... ))
* Roy` quickly scrolls the yellow sign on a wall. (j/k) :P
<Jerome> "You have groupies?"
<Roy`> "Uhm..."
<Roy`> "Are you ok, Aiko? Its just tasteless graffiti."
<Chaos`^> "They knew I'd be here... and... Boom?"
<Chaos`^> She touches the paint "Still wet."
<Natsuki`> "Well, it is the girls room, you know, so maybe they just assumed you'd come here eventually."

<Chaos`^> <Aiko> "So Who says tenticle monsters don't exist?"
<Roy`> "I'll believe it when I've killed it."
<Natsuki`> "I would, but I'm worried it will come back if I do."
<Jaoni> "Well, we can sure as hell see that something here does have tentacles."
<Jerome> "That'd be a bit late."
<Chaos`^> <Aiko> "You think it's dumb enough to let you attack it when it's not ready? It's already snuck up on us twice!"
<Jerome> "Excuse me? You flushed tentacles down a toilet. I hardly call that sneaking up. Now, sticking itself yup you wne you're going for a crap, *that* would be sneaking up."
<Jerome> (( and please, don't take that as a suggestion Chaos :p ))
<Roy`> ((:P))
<Roy`> ((Indeed.))
<Chaos`^> (( SHouldn't have said it!! ))
* Chaos`^ notes that the next time jerome takes a crap...
<Jerome> (( Tho it would be a nicely twisted reason to become a cultist. "Well, I was minding my own business whe Greater cthulhu came into my *giggles* life and it felt sooo good..." ))

<Chaos`^> Aiko scratches her head and blushes "Sorry about uhm... Accusing you of ah... Eating... You..."
<Natsuki`> "Aiko, don't be so mean."
<Jaoni> "And Aiko, you might be real booksmart, but your about as observant as a brick."
* Roy` laughs at that one. :P
<Roy`> "Indeed, Aiko! Try to be more like me!"
<Roy`> ((omg j/k))
<Roy`> ((:P))
<Jaoni> "My ribbon broke."
<Chaos`^> She glares at Roy
<Natsuki`> (( well, you never know, bricks might be really observant, and just not talk about it. ))

* Roy` clicks, "Hey, what's the worst thing about twenty eight year olds?"
<Jaoni`> (best thing, moron :P)
<Roy`> ((:P ))
* Roy` clicks, "There's twenty of them."
* Roy` laughs :P
* Natsuki` runs up.
<Roy`> "Riiiight."
<Chaos`^> (( OMFG!!! ))
<Natsuki`> "Uh, right. Well, anyway..."
<Chaos`^> (( THAT'S FUCKING FUNNY!!!! ))
* Jaoni` does as well
<Roy`> ((:P))
<aslhk> ((lol))
<Roy`> ((I heard it from tass))
<Jaoni`> (yeah, its mine, but yet ken manages to mangle its glory :P)

<Chaos`^> hmm If you have a crazy werecow... would he become a mad cow?

<AlcarGM> Okay, a young woman (18 at best, and dressed like one of Hells hookers) comes over to your table, draggin her boyfriend. He has a collar around her neck, and a leash in his hand. The tourists are still new enough to look startled by that.
<AlcarGM> The girl looke dat you with a jaded cynicism more appropriate for someone in her 40's and grins. "Sure."
<AlcarGM> She rummages in her pocket and throws two chips on the table.
<AlcarGM> Her boyfriend/owner/pet/whatever just looks bored, and resigned.
* Tracey`^ grins "Wonderful... Minimum bet at this table is ten dollars. We have no maximum bet... But just between you and I, nobody ever loses on three hundred thirty three dollars for some reason.
* Tracey`^ winks at the woman
<FirestormZero> ((wow, it's before the real game and 333's are getting tossed about already, this is gonna be good.))
<Brisby> (( Ha! Maybe because no one ever is stupid enough to bet that much :))

<Brisby> hmm.
<Brisby> How long does a standard 30% Shape-Change take to execute?
<Tracey`^> 5days
<AlcarGM> minute, max
* Brisby thwaps Tracey`^
<GeminiRai> lol
<aslhk> I like the five days version better =p

<AlcarGM> The thin man collects applications and Andre gets everyones attention by waving his arms and shoting "Auditions for all roles - including camera help, grifts, grips, and others things, begin tomorrow at 6 am! For those who can't make daylight auditions, nigh ones begin at 7 pm."
* Drake makes note of the time he mentions. :P The right one, that is.
<Drake> ((lol :P))
<Tracey`^> (( it'd be wierd if he said it was in est, when we're in pacific ))
<Drake> ((poor vamps))
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :P ))
<Drake> ((Everyone should use GMT. :P))
* Drake looks around for vampires. Eww. :P
<AlcarGM> (( "You're applying for the role of.. will you stop screaming? Someone get the fire extinguisher.." ))

<AlcarGM> Steven Segal wanders past, having failed his audition to be a mannequin in the movie and going to drown his sorrows.

<AlcarGM> You start to get a slight headache....
<Tracey`^> Hmmm... Do I get natural headaches?
<AlcarGM> Nope.
<Tracey`^> can I tell where this is comming from?
<AlcarGM> You normally can't get sick, well, not unless you've really been pushing yourself...
<AlcarGM> Your head
<Tracey`^> I mean why do i have a headache?

<Tracey`^> "Mary just started crying tears then she said she gave good handjobs and said she was raped then she broke up... No she didn't start crying more, she litterally BROKE!"
<AlcarGM> she also said she sex0red Jesus :p
<Brisby> naah...
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> she didn't say that!
<Tracey`^> lol!
<Tracey`^> yep!
<aslhk> she said she "introduced him to the ways of men and women" =P
<aslhk> obviously a metaphor!
<aslhk> same with the hand jobs
<aslhk> =P
<Tracey`^> the answer lies
<GeminiRai> Truthfully?
<Tracey`^> the answer lies, truthfully

* tatterdemalion chukcles. And to think I said I couldn't run Friday because I needed to make notes and my notes consisted of a page reading LOLAD MOVIE NOTES

<Drake> "Earlier I sensed a powerful other presence, and recently some things went awry.. tell me, friend.. do you sense trouble brewing?"
<AlcarGM> The ball of light dims slightly, then a lightbulb appears over it. "Darkness is abroad." pause "Stupid .... all right, it's actually close to home and not abroad, but on the continent. No one likes a good line these days.."
<Drake> "Afoot, you mean?"
* Drake smiles. :P
<Drake> "Where is it, is there any specific threat?"
<AlcarGM> The ball flickers for a moment: "Not from the Darkness. But there is darkness, of course." *long pause* "YThey plan to sequal to Gigli. This must be prevented at all costs."
<Drake> "Oh.. my.. God...."
<Drake> ((Alcar.))
<AlcarGM> The ball dims to almmost invisibility. "We know."
<AlcarGM> (( yes? :p ))
<Drake> ((I've been in a lot of your games..))
<Drake> ((Seen a lot of scary things))
<Drake> ((But this.....))
<Drake> ((This takes them all by storm.))

<AlcarGM> He nods and stands, a costume seeming to appear on his naked form (ecxcept, strangely, wearing boxers 0 as if the captors couldn't take them off. Red and blue sut, cape... evne you have heard of Awesome Man, leader of the revengers, the chief superhero of Haven
* Vora blinks. "Hey, you're that guy... um... Sup--er, Awesome Man, right?"
<AlcarGM> Awesome Man gives an aww, shucks look. "But of course!" A frown mars his awesome visage. "Do I know you?"
<Vora> "Probably not. I'm not the publicity type, exactly."
<AlcarGM> Awesome Man nods, then stands. "We must defeat them and save Earth!"
<Vora> "Yaknow, there's probably a lot of 'em. Maybe we could try convincing them to stop? Or at least, be strategic and disable the ship first, or something." *shrugs*
<AlcarGM> Awesome Man pauses, then says "That is a good idea! We should convince them to surrrender after disabling this vessel! Follow me!" He marches over to a wall and proceeds ot smash through it like it was plywood.

<AlcarGM> The boy shakes his head, getting to his feet slowly and looking confused, then shocked. "They're.. dead. I fel thtem die, trying to hide from it, the fire...."
<Drake> "Relax."
<Drake> "Its pretty much gone now.. do you know who made it?"
<AlcarGM> The boy hesitates a moment, as if reliving something, then just nods. "She.. just.... killed them. All of them..... after her telling me to get a path n life ,she tried to kill efveryone here.. even me ... I . .I could have ben a vampire..."
<Drake> "Looks like you got lucky.."
<Drake> "Have you asked Jesus into your life?"
<Drake> ((omg j/k))
<Drake> ((that's just so chick.))

<Alcar> Okay, you manage to find them in a good 10 minutes by virtue of various holes. However this ship is made, if it is falling you can' tell.
<Vora> "Did you see a nut smashing things go by here?"
<Alcar> Snake has his head poked out of a hole in a wall, and shakes hsi head when he sees you, looking impressed at the amount of holes.
<Alcar> The flying kid floats over, somewhat successfully. "What did you do?!"
<Vora> "Let out Awesome Man." *goes and gets dressed again*
<Alcar> The lid drops to the ground with a thuump, his eyes wide in shock, and gushes "Aesome man? He's here to save us?!"
<Vora> "Well, technically, I saved him."
<Alcar> He doesn't seem to hear that. "Everythinh will be fine now! He can rescue us! Does he need a new sidekick?!"
<Vora> "They had him chained up, and he couldn't get out. *shrugs* They might be able to capture him again."
<Alcar> The flying kid blinks a few times, his expression dreamy. "Awesome man in chains. Wow. I wish I could havebeen there - uh, to save him! To save him!"
<Alcar> At that poiint the humming in the air ends, abruptly.
<Vora> "He was in his boxers."
<Alcar> "He wears... what colour ... " the kid blinks a few times, then collapses fromm overload in a faint :p
* Vora looks up. "Oh. Guess he found the engine."

* Alcar nods. Just a random twisted idea about sidekicks :p
<Alcar> stuff lkike that is why I could never run a real super hero game
<Baliadoc> just.... ew :)
<Alcar> The PC finding himself captured by his sidekick who wants to put him in an S&M dungeon....
<Vora> its not that twisted. Ive heard it before.
<Vora> Should have seen it coming, what with the unconventional things that boy was carrying around on his utility belt!!
* Alcar would soo do it, too. Loyal sidekick captures superhero as sex slave.

<AlcarGM> The dance floor is mosttly crowded with teens and college studenyts, singles, and largely dancing alone. Allm human, you think. You'e abut fuzzy-headed, so they might all be weres.
<AlcarGM> You do find a few vaguely cute single guys, but do to powerful laws of the universe far beyond your ken, since they are cute, and single, they all turn out to be gay.
<Tracey`^> Who cares! let's dance!
* Tracey`^ finds the nearest person and begins to dance with them
<AlcarGM> Well, they*are* better dancers than the other humans, so that's a bonus. A few girls give you dirty looks whne you join in the dancing, but you're usred to humans being jealous of you. A few men develop two left feet trying to dance and stare at you at the same time.

<Tracey`^> What DO i typically do with souls?
* AlcarGM has no idea what you do with them. Keep themin a jar? Put them into small animals to confuse them?
<Tracey`^> Well he wanted to have sex... so i'll put him in a rabbit

<AlcarGM> The bar is dying down and people getting their last drinks. To speed up the last dance process the DJ is playing elevator music/.
<Tracey`^> "Damn time to go home.."
* Tracey`^ stumples out the front door and heads to the forest to dispose of this extra soul...
<Tracey`^> forest... in LA... hmm... Nevermind, make that pet store ;D
<Brisby> (( ha ))
* Tracey`^ puts the soul in a rabbit... then heads home...
<Brisby> (( in a rabbit? Fascinating... ))

<AlcarGM> Voice: "Have you ever acted before?"
<Tracey`^> "no."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Thank God." and in a more normal, human tone. "Why do you want to act in this movie?"
* Tracey`^ glances at her watch "I need something to do."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Qualifications?"
<Tracey`^> "I'm hot?"
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Oh, good. Human?"
<Tracey`^> "No."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Oh. What, then?"
<Tracey`^> "Darkness."
<alcar> Silence, then the Voice says "Black people are human, you know."

<Drake> "I had suspected you had your hands in that little suprise.."
* Brisby looks suddenly over towards Tracey`^...
* Tracey`^ looks at Drake "What suprise?"
<Drake> "Never you mind. Its a church matter."
<Brisby> "You.... what?"
<Drake> "That and the boat."
* Brisby looks somewhat taken aback, and a little... offended... and now... surprised!
* Tracey`^ looks around and turns bright red... "Err... I mean... maybe."
<Drake> "You could've at least done a thourough job of it."
<Drake> "I saw your dice rolls. They sucked. Don't try to deny it."
<Drake> ((omg j/k))

<Drake> ((Its one thing to have an NPC, like Lirk, like me..))
<Drake> ((A PC is something new and unexpected. :P))
<Tracey`^> (( Lirk never liked you, you raped him >< ))
<AlcarGM> (( *blinks* ))
<Drake> ((Lies. Orgg just said that to feel better about getting sloppy seconds))
<AlcarGM> (( *shakes his head* ))
<Tracey`^> (( EWW! GROSS!! ))

<Tracey`^> "And? You're perfume is heavy of light... It's not like either of us are trying to hide it."
<Drake> "I try not to blow boats up."
<Tracey`^> "I didn't blow it UP I burned it DOWN."

<AlcarGM> You have a vague memory of another Light telling you once about the time Atlantis was sunk.. somehting about a soccer match both sides kept tweaking a lot...
<Drake> Our side won, right?! :P
<AlcarGM> Details are vague on that part :p

* Drake tries to conjure an invisible little minor angel thingie, like the ball of light. Only not glowing. And ask it to make sure he's awake at Dawn.
<AlcarGM> Okay, you manage that easily...
<AlcarGM> It looks suspiciously like the Microsoft Word paperclip.
<Drake> Sweet. :P Now I can drink w/o remorse.

<Chaos`^> besides... if I come wasted and inverted
<Chaos`^> I won't be able to use hellfire ><
<Drake> its ok
<Drake> I'll do it for you
<Drake> :P
<Tass> remember kids
<Chaos`^> cool thanks >=)
<Drake> liberally
<Tass> don't drink before opperating heavy machinery or the fires of hell
<Chaos`^> That's what I thought too drake
<Drake> Don't drink and rapture

<Chaos`^> well.. I was hoping on uncovering a conspiricy within the town this session
<Chaos`^> but sadonis decided to kill a few guards instead
<JacobRiis> indeed. =/
<JacobRiis> who needs enemies when Sadonis is your friend?

<AlcarGm> The skinny kid (hereafter known as Ed) says "Victor, are you doubting me?" angrily. "The spell worked!"
<AlcarGm> Victor looks very worried. "Ed, it's a game! You can't do real magic ..."
<AlcarGm> Ed: "What's this then?"
<AlcarGm> Victor stares at you, looking afraid more than anything. "Some girl you hired?"
<AlcarGm> Ed: "She's an angel!"
* Tracey`^ yawns and stretches some, and looks around for said book
<AlcarGm> Victor: "Angels don't let you tie thekm to beds and have sex with you!
<AlcarGm> Ed: "So you've seen many before?"
<AlcarGm> You don't see any book, but Ed is holding a magazine tightly in one grubby hand
<Tracey`^> What's it titled?
<AlcarGm> Dungeon Magazine #435
<AlcarGm> Victor: "No, but ... christ, Ed! You tied her to your bed!"

<AlcarGm> You follow the hallway to two open doors. THe first is to the kitchen, which ... you can't process it, for a moment your mind refuses to, then you begin to see bits of flesh, walls decorated in blood with words written in enochian, and the room wallpapered with flesh . .living flesh ... The sobbing is coming from the living room.
<AlcarGm> (( Yeah, you can read them. "Believie in the Lord and He shall Deliver" "Don't confuse God with dominos" "God isn't dead, but your little baby Jesus is" "God is a bitch, we are her puppies" ))
<Drake> .o(Well, there's a shred of truth to be found in there, somewhere.)
* Drake decides that in the next universe he is definitely going to be a more active preacher. :P
<AlcarGm> The sobbing is an old woman, perhaps 80, trying to hide behind a couch and cradling an old man in her arms who seems ot have died from a heart attack. She doesn't look up at your footsteps, and whispes "Go away. Please.. go away," in a dull, broken voice.
<Drake> "Woe unto thee, the doomed fruit of a finite, rotting world.. "

* Drake weighs whether or not he should call in reinforcements.
<Drake> ((See I'm a hypnotherapist and all..))
<Drake> ((I figure I can help them not be traumatized? :P))
* Drake ponders a bit, sits outside, and tries to summon up some emissaries of mercy, direct from the sefirot! And should go to sleep at this point XD
<alcargm> lol. Well, you did kill their granddaughter, skin her and turn her into undergarments, but you can try :p

* Tracey`^ sighs "Alright... Let's get going, then."
* Tracey`^ adjusts her new leather pands and tight black shirt and walks out the door "You comming or are you gunna stay here with Henry?"
<alcargm> Victor: "But .. he's dead..... I killed him....."
<Tracey`^> "Then there's no reason to wait for him to get up and chase after us is there?"
<alcargm> Victor stares at you, his eyes wide. "He's going to do that?"
<Tracey`^> "I don't want to wait and find out, do you!?"
<alcargm> Victor whimpers something like "no" and stumbles towards the door, staggering out of the room.
* Tracey`^ uses her aura to burn ed's body to a deep ash... Don't want him comming back in any later plots and all that...
<alcargm> (( awww :p ))

<Tracey`^> How good am I at wiping memories?
<alcargm> Very, if you want to :)
<alcargm> You really doubt he'd ever tell anyone, though.
<Tracey`^> that's not what i'm worried about... he did save my life, i owe him something...
<alcargm> And besides, "My best friend captured an angel using a D&D spell and had sex with hre and made her his love slave" just doesn't wash :p
<alcargm> (( Wel, he DID come with Ed. He obviously was curious about sex :p ))
<Tracey`^> Better to think your friend dissapeared than to know you killed him...
<alcargm> that, too :)
* Tracey`^ looks down a nicely convenient dark alley "What's that? let's go check it out!"
<alcargm> Victor looks nervous, sneaking peaks at you (well, your breats, but he's 17 so they *are* you as far as he's concerned) ... and follows, mostly out of fear of what you might do if he didn't.

* Tracey`^ erases his memory now and gives him a bad headache to boot...
<Tracey`^> "Oh my goodness, sir, are you alright!?"
<alcargm> Victor blinks, looking asround, finding himself alone in a dark alley with the girl of his dreams, and shakes his head, then winces "I ... I don't know.. where am I?"
<Tracey`^> "Uhm... An alley in LA... Hey, I heard you screaming and I came down to see if youw ere ok..."
<alcargm> Victor's brain registers that a Beautiful Woman is talking to him, and he manages to ignore the headache entirely. "I don't know.. I feel so funny... I'm sorry for breasting you - bothering you!"

<alcargm`> A man in a black suit is standing in the doorway, with a briefcase in hand. "Excuse me?"
<Tracey`^> "uh-huh?"
<alcargm`> He looks at you, then smiles. "Hello I'm Craig. I'm hee to ask you if you've found God."
* Tracey`^ grins evilly... this is more like it.
<alcargm`> He looks at your expression, oddly.
<Tracey`^> "God... Why... No... Come in, come in!"
* Tracey`^ gets a worried look on her face "I'm sorry.. Can I get you something to drink?"
<alcargm`> He opens the briefcase and hands you a copy of Watchtower magazine, surprised. "No, no. Drink is a temptation of the Devil."
<Tracey`^> "Water, perhaps?"
<alcargm`> Craig: "Water would be wonderful."
* Tracey`^ nods and leaves for the kitchen to get some ice cold water
<alcargm`> Craig thanks you for the water and asks if you've accepted Jesus into your life yet
<Tracey`^> "Oh.. WHat?"
<alcargm`> Craig: "You haven't?" He looks relieved, then reaches into his breifcase and pulls out a 44 magnum. "I'm sorry for lying to you, ma'am., but I'm really oneof Satans Witnesses." He points the gun at you. "And I'm not leaving until you accept Satan as God of this World!"
<Tracey`^> "I'm sorry?"
<Tracey`^> "Oh..." Looks relieved "I thought you lost God..."
<alcargm`> Craig: "There is no God to lose!"

<alcargm`> Craig: "Satan is REAL!"
<Tracey`^> "Oh, i'm not denying the fact that he's real... I just want to know why I should accept him as my god."
<alcargm`> Craig: "Because there are no other - you're not?" He looks confused.
<alcargm`> Craig: "Uhm . .we offer a good dental plan?"

<alcargm> Craig stares at you ... then smiles a private smile generally only seen from small puppies before be sacrifices them and eats their pretty eyes.
<alcargm> He says nothing and goes to leave.

<Tracey`^> "I'm not evil either... Darkness... Maybe... But not evil... There's a differance."
<alcargm> Craig: "no, there's not!"
<Tracey`^> "There isn't?"
<alcargm> Crai looks offended. "Of course not."
<Tracey`^> "Uh-huh... And... Why do they have two names then?"
<alcargm> Craig: "because people are stupid! Darkness conceals the evil in us all, like the cruel people who never tip me for squeegeeing their cars!"
* Tracey`^ giggles at this
<alcargm> he glares at you.
<Tracey`^> "right, right... And when the lights go out... we're not in darknes... we're in evil.. right? So if people sleep in evil, you'd think they'd all become it, right?"
<alcargm> Craig: "People are evil! The good stuff is illusions, and wishes, and dreams. None of it's real! Whats real is we get old, and we die, and no one loves us and we're just here to be tormented fo rthe amusement of Satan who keeps us in cages and tells us we're free! Heavens just one of his lives to make this heall on earth!"

<Tracey`^> "Do you know what you did Drake?"
<Drake> "Yeah. I killed some people."
* Tracey`^ looks relieved "Oh thank goodness i didn't have to be the one to tell you."
<Drake> "I was wearing them. I kind of figured it out myself."
<Tracey`^> "Twelve.. well not all are dead, but you shot twelve."
<Tracey`^> "You were... oh.."
* Drake nods
<Drake> "But the past is the past. "

* Tracey`^ begins walking toward the Mission "It's this way, incase you didn't know where you are."
* Drake smirks.
<Drake> "I just killed a dozen people, I didn't forget where the mission was."

* Brisby heads over to the phone, dials, and hands it over to Tracey`^.
* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow but takes it and puts it to her ear
<AlcarGM> d100
<Sparkie> AlcarGM d100: 62
<AlcarGM> Tracey explodes

<AlcarGM> Okay, you exit, and find a taxi conveniently at the dootr, the driver wondering absently why he stopped :)
* Tracey`^ hops in
<Tracey`^> "Ashely road please!"
<AlcarGM> The driver nods, and drives their quickly. "You in a hurry?"
<Tracey`^> "You betcha."
<AlcarGM> The cab driver nods, driving quickly. "You sure you don't want me to follow that cab?"
<AlcarGM> You don't see any cab around :p
<Tracey`^> "Positive."
<Tracey`^> Human?
<AlcarGM> (( yep ))
<Tracey`^> Arabian? =p
<AlcarGM> He nods. "It figures. No one ever asks me to follow that cab, not even in hollywood." He lowers his voice. "It's obvious, you know. MY cab is the one everyone else is following."
* Tracey`^ chuckles lightly
<Tracey`^> "That means you get all the interesting people."
<AlcarGM> he looks over his shoulder, swerving around another vehicle and through a red light. "Well, you're interesting." He grins. "You doing anything friday night?"
<Tracey`^> "it also means you get most of the antagonists too."
* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow
<Tracey`^> "A little quick to the punchline eh?"
<AlcarGM> he laughs. "You look like a lady who enjoys someone who is quick," with a grin.
* Tracey`^ raises both eyebrows
<Tracey`^> "You really aught to watch the road."
<AlcarGM> He sighs. "Figures. Al the pretty ones are taken or dykes," and does so.

<AlcarGM> The door opens into a living room, with a tall, spanish man curled up on the floor beside a old couch, blood pooling on the floor beside him.
* Tracey`^ looks around for Drake, or isabel
<AlcarGM> On the couch is .... was... Isabella. Dead. Definitely dead. Nexk snapped.
<AlcarGM> Drake is standing over the man, loading his gun again, and waiting.
* Tracey`^ walks over to the man and looks down at him
<Tracey`^> "Hmm.."
* Tracey`^ sighs
<Tracey`^> "Give me your phone." To drake "I need to call Brisby."
<AlcarGM> The man coughs, painfullly... the air changes, a cold, electric warmth filling. it.
<AlcarGM> Drake shoots the were again, camly, and hands you the phone with the other hand.
<AlcarGM> Drake: "This isn't silver. We could be here all night if you want."
* Tracey`^ smacks Drake on the shoulder "Not too much, now."

<AlcarGM> Your phone rings.
<Brisby> "Hello?"
<Tracey`^> "Brisby?"
<AlcarGM> Elisa listens intently.
<Brisby> "Yes?"
<Tracey`^> "Brisby just smile and laugh. I'm a close personal friend."
* Brisby smiles, and laughs...?
<AlcarGM> Brisby hears a gunshot in the background, from Tracey's end of the phone.
<Tracey`^> "She's dead. Keep laughing."
<Brisby> "Oh?" (failing to laugh)
<Tracey`^> "Drakes inside losing his lighter side... You figure out how to tell the mom... I think i'll take over for him before he gets ejected."
<Tracey`^> "I'll send him to you."
<Brisby> "Okay..."
* Tracey`^ hangs up
<AlcarGM> Elisa: "What is it?" frantically.
<Brisby> (( darn. I should have put down People-Handling Skills somewhere on my sheet... ))
<Tracey`^> (( LoL ))
<AlcarGM> (( charm and lie work :p ))

<Baliadoc> how goes the game?
<AlcarGM> Ah, not too bad. The levity and lightness part has taken a minor downturn :p
* AlcarGM didn't plot the psycho to actually kill the girl. he did anyway.
<Baliadoc> hmm... yeah. that's a problem.
<AlcarGM> Tho after the pcs tdo the patry/job thing and start getting invitred to mansions it'll be fun
<Baliadoc> lol, well, that's good then :)
* AlcarGM nods. Yeah.
<AlcarGM> Tho aslhk has his doubts it'll be light :p
<Baliadoc> well... lolad has that problem of being not dark, sometimes :)
* AlcarGM nods. Yeah. Which is why I wantred something less dark. Stupid psychopaths... :p
<Baliadoc> lol
<Baliadoc> well, you'll do better next time.
<Baliadoc> ... or... uh... you'll kill more little girls. it's hard to say
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Baliadoc> that'd be kinda funny to see.
<Baliadoc> "Alright! The clowns do their goofy... routine... and... GAH! I can't hold it in anymore! 3 little kids die! HA!"
<AlcarGM> lol!!
<AlcarGM> Damn. that woudl be funy.... and not funny.... at the same time :p

<Brisby> you know, it would be really crazy if she weren't really dead, but for some reason Drake and Tracey`^ want us to THINK she is, and then we can start revving up the mind games... :D
* AlcarGM was half-tempted ot do that, but figured it would be a bit much :p
<Tracey`^> That and I asked Drake if he was sure she was dead =p
<AlcarGM> Anf you trusted the man who was shooting the limbs off the kidnapper and watching them regenerate and shooting again :p
<Brisby> they regenerated? why isn't he using silver bullets? =/
<Brisby> or is it to cause pain?
<AlcarGM> to cause pain :p
<Tracey`^> I gave him the kiss of death though
<Brisby> (( have you put the soul anywhere yet?
<Tracey`^> Hell

<Brisby> "He killed her Chet. She didn't make it."
<Brisby> hmm, examine the redundancy in the previous sentence...
<Tracey`^> Brisby: When you're telling someone that someone else is dead, it's realevant to repeat it thrice before they believe you
* Brisby nods.
<Brisby> Still.

<Baliadoc> anyway, i think i'm gonna call it a night. thanks for the game, alcar :)
<SilverHorse> Night Bali :D
<Alcar> hehe. np. Thanks for playing :)
<SilverHorse> Thanks for stopping in
<Baliadoc> np. it was fun. g'night!
* Baliadoc Quit (Quit: Favente Fortuna!)
<SilverHorse> lol
<SilverHorse> [18:09] <SilverHorse> Put it in the topic. Sunday night. UH. Or die.
<SilverHorse> [18:11] * alcar chuckles. And the chances of Bali showing would be somewhere on the order of 1% I bet :p
<SilverHorse> hehehe :)
<Alcar> LOL!
<SilverHorse> What are the chances? lol
<Alcar> But it's not sunday so I was still right :p
<Alcar> So far :p

* Brisby sighs loudly and repeatedly as she drives.
<Tracey`^> "Uh... What are you singing!?"
<Brisby> (( SINGS, not sighs. ))
<Brisby> er
<Brisby> (( vice versa ))
<AlcarGM> (( *blinks* ))
<Tracey`^> (( OH! LOL! ))
<Brisby> (( /me giggles ))
<Tracey`^> (( I must be totally out of it ))

<Tracey`^> Do I recognize anybody?
<AlcarGM> Faline?
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Tracey`^> oO
<Tracey`^> don't do that
<AlcarGM> THAT would be funny.
<AlcarGM> But no, wont do it ;p

* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow "Is that a threat?"
<AlcartehGM> The vampire takes another drink. "Threat? You're the threat. I've a, you know," he waves a hand vaguely downward "because of you, and it hurts. First tine in a decade," cheerfully.
* Tracey`^ rubs her temples
* Tracey`^ smiles
<Tracey`^> "Ok... I've got an idea..."
* Tracey`^ walks over to him seductively "You go out to that chinese man outside... You slap him across the face and insult his girlfriend... You come back ehre and we'll have the time of your afterlife."
<AlcartehGM> The vampire laughs at that, and says "No, don't have enough guns," and reaches into his coat and takes out his hidden automatic rilfe. "See? Just have this one."
<Brisby> (( is he taking it out for use or for display? ))
* Tracey`^ fowns "Aww... that's too bad." Disapointed "We were going to have SO MUCH FUN."
<AlcartehGM> (( display. ))
* Tracey`^ turns and walks away from him
<Brisby> (( good. ))
<AlcartehGM> (( though how someone manages ot conceal an automatic rifle in a coat is anyone's guess :p ))

<Drake> Were there were?
<Drake> A documentary on weres throughout historical events
<Drake> :P
<Drake> and the classic
<Drake> Bowling for BLOOD
<Drake> about a stupid anoying vampire who gets kmart to stop selling silver jewelry and garlic seasonings
<Alcar> The Texas Picnic Lunch .... "Massacre? What massacre I turned my back on the kids for two minutes and...."
<Drake> Freaky Full Moon
<Drake> About a were mother and a were daughter

<Caltak> we can hogtie Awesome Man and turn him over to Barney for hot sex next time.

<Carl> "IF I help you exterminate these aliens, or send them home, or stop them, whatever, Will you help me fix limbo?"
<alcar> Smith stares at Carl... :"You wish to *bargain*?" coldly
<Carl> "No, I'm just asking if you would."
<alcar> smith frowns, then nods. "If I can, yes."
* Carl shrugs, "Far be it from me to actuially ask one of the keepers of this place to help me fix a part of it."
<Carl> "Awesome."
<alcar> (( hehe Carl. ))
<Carl> ((he's like a bad slumlord, I swear :P))

* alcar laughs. And I can reveal the main aftermath plot now :p
<alcar> "Basically, Plot wise, this is a super hero game where Earth is invaded by aliens. And that's arguably not even the interesting part."
* alcar grins
<kentari> omg
<kentari> I remmber
<kentari> when that was pasted
<kentari> all censored
<kentari> :P

<Harmony> stats(q)
<SparkieLuvsU> Harmony, arrange these stats to taste: 3 3 3 3 3 3 (18)
<Harmony> ...
<Jose> LOL
<KamenRiderRyuhou> ...o.o
<Akane`Tendou> o.o;;;;
<LadyIslay> That's impossible.
* Harmony explodes
<LadyIslay> Do it again.
<Jose> That's not even FAIR!
<Harmony> stats(q)
<SparkieLuvsU> Harmony, arrange these stats to taste: 15 14 13 13 12 11 (78)
<Akane`Tendou> How the hel did that happened?!
<LadyIslay> I don't know how that happened.
<LadyIslay> It should be technically impossible.

*** Harmony has quit IRC (Quit: stats(q) Harmony, arrange these stats to taste: 3 3 3 3 3 3 (18) <--- Thats what I call luck)

<Duloth> The manipulator: "Hey... your a vampire. Cool." he conjures a UV lamp. Defense.
<Duloth> 1d20
<Sparkie> Duloth 1d20: 4
<Vampyre> d20 - gets a suntan
<Sparkie> Vampyre d20: 6 - gets a suntan

<alcargm> A few weres are changing shape and playing tag, some vampires floating kin the air. A lot of free drijk and food, and a lot of drunk people. One older man .. well, he looks human, and hi breath reeks enough to make the flame your juggling get brighter ... frowns at you. "What ..... " Belch "What .. kinda trick ish that, huh?"
<MWFerrell> "Trick?" looks slightly confused for a moment, "oh, this? Nothing special" adds another ball of fire to make four then five spinning through the air
<alcargm> The man sways, frowning. "Looks" He belches again "special. Used to give out moneyt for speicial stuff..." he scowls. "1 million dollars, you know.... a whole... damned.. million.." He glares at you, like it's all your fault. "Then someone came and did real magic."
<alcargm> The man glares at you a few minutes longer, then stumbles away muttering soemthing about his money, his offer, and why the fuck can't he learn it if it exists and that it's all CIA MKULTRA mind tricks, the vamps are, and that they're a result of drugging the water supply.

<alcargm> James pulls out a silver letter opener, waving it around. .then blinks, belches, and stares at you. "What the fuck're you?" he slurs. "Jesus? A were... ferret? Mouse? Fucking vampire psychic mind experiment?"
<Drake> "Calm down, James."
<BrooklynKnight> ("Jesus? A were... ferret? Mouse? Fucking vampire psychic mind experiment?" <-- Is alcar running his Disney game again?)
<alcargm> A circle of people is slowly surrounding the fight...
* Drake exudes calmness! :P As best he can.
<alcargm> (( lol. No. It's just James Randi, being drunk :p ))

<Jaoni> "Natsuki.... If I can own up to the fact that I'm a FREAKING DEMON, then you can come out if you have ears and a tail."
* Jaoni opens the closet door :P

<Roy`> "I wouldn't worry about tryin to run away. Why would you want to run away?"
<Natsuki`> "...I don't know."
<Roy`> "Ah! Its allright. No harm done, eh?"
<Jerome> (( "Maybe she's not running away. She could just be in heat. Are there any tomcats around?" ))
<Natsuki`> (( *SCRATCH!* ))
<Aiko`^> "You guys are welcome to stay here if you'd like... We can have a big slumber party! I could invite my sister too!"

<Aiko`^> you guys wanna keep going, or end it here?
<Jaoni> I'm good until the end of time
<Jaoni> although I suppose ken has to go soon :P
<``Natsuki``> :P well
<``Natsuki``> I do have to do lunch tomorrow
<``Natsuki``> around noon
<``Natsuki``> but I suppose I can get away with doing nothing else.
* tatterdemalion can keep going. Will just grab some coke :)
<Natsuki`> Unless I get really lucky, and the snow tomarrow gets deeper than expected, or the superintendant overreaxts, I have school, but whatever.
<Jerome> ah, yes, The joys of the EST "Nope, I'm not a zombie. I just didn't get much sleep."
<Roy`> grr
<Roy`> one of these days
<Roy`> I'm gonna make the earth spin backwards
<Roy`> and make everyone in california suffer.
<Natsuki`> That's a much better reason than to save some stupid reporter chick who can't drive.

* Natsuki` climbs up a wall, idly.
* Aiko`^ thinks... and grabs a spray bottle from a cupboard and fills it with water."
* Aiko`^ stands and stares at Natsuki
* Natsuki` looks down at everyone. "Meh?"
* Roy` looks to Natsuki.. then Aiko..
* Aiko`^ is staring at Natsuki with a spary bottle in her hand

* Jerome changes and exists the bathroom unless sometihng in the toilet tries to eat him
<Natsuki`> (( or rape him, more like. ))
<Jerome> (( or that :p ))
<Roy`> ((mmm cthulu.. :P))
<Aiko`^> (( OMG Don't remind him!! ))
<Jerome> (( cthulhu comes out of the crapper instead of the closet.. :p ))
<Jerome> (( LOL Chaos. I would think it's the GM we wouldn't want to remind :P ))
<Aiko`^> (( NO The GM isn't the one who wrote a story about Cthulu raping him >< ))
<Aiko`^> (( NO The GM isn't the one who wrote a story about Cthulu raping him >< ))
<Jerome> (( *blinks* I never did, either :P ))
<Natsuki`> (( what, so am I the only one who did??? j/k ))
<BoredomFromHell> (Something you'd like to tell us? o.0)

<Aiko`^> Sarah grabs the command center and looks at it "Ok, first thing to note, is that you can get someones attention by pushing on their indicator dot like so." She pushes on the screen and jerome feels a zap of electricity on his ass
* Jerome yelps
<Roy`> "Ah. I didn't know that actually shocked you."
<Jerome> "And that's the only place it does that?" rubbing his butt.
* Jerome considers other places, and wishes he hadn't asked.
<Natsuki`> (( "Actually, you have it on backwards." ))

* Jerome grins. "Does it have a help program in case we forget commands?"
<Aiko`^> Sarah: "I'd write them down if the information wasn't so sensative... All I can say is experiment, just don't touch this button here, that's the self destruct."
<Roy`> "Oops..."
<Roy`> "You know, it asks for a password."
* Jaoni eyes Roy :E
* Roy` absent-mindedly whistles. :P
* Jerome stares at Roy, then shakes his head

<JacobRiis> Trigger events, eh?
* alcar nods. Like, say, one say your went home and found your grandmother had cooked some cockroaches and was eating them and spititng them out alive, and when you asked her what it was, she started talking to you in a language you'd never heard and you ran out the door and stepped on one of them, and she screamed. And ever since then she walks with a limp.
<alcar> Something odd :)
<alcar> Or there was an accident and you know you should have died but you didn't.
<Caltak> Or you saw someone else do something impossible
<alcar> Or you have this strange knack for, oh, seeing living people. They're everywhere.....
<alcar> :p
<alcar> and they glow. And you can sometimes see them glowing through walls...

* alcar nods.... would make for a lot of fun. Especially a scientist disproving the unntural :P "There is no such thing as demons. What he's suffering from is a chemical imbalance etc.."
<Keith> tie one down and do studdies on its dna and what not
<alcar> Would be great :)
<Keith> brain wash one to be a servent
<Keith> find a small one to start with and think his experment with the monkey went in an odd direction
<Keith> little do I know it eat the monkey
<Keith> but little does it know the monkey was modfied to have geneticly passed on memory and a modfied AIDS virus to reimprint any DNA it comes accorst with the genetic memmorys!
<alcar> then it goes out and gets eaten by a dog pack and turns into a hive mind :)

* tatterdemalion snickers. There's a goal in paranoia. Max out spurious logic, get Charm and Machine Empathy and convince The Computer it's a traitor :p

<Chaos`^> wanna know what's sad? I know what happens when a reactor overheats, and why it melts down...
<Chaos`^> it doesn't melt down actually... it explodes... then it melts
* alcar nods. Imps.
<alcar> having mad sex.
<Chaos`^> they cause too much friction
<Chaos`^> the coolant tanks can't take it
<alcar> then they combust, and their acidic goo melts the place and their place is called radiation sickness.

<Natsuki`> (( OMG how awesome would it be to sic two hyperactive catgirls on Jehovah's Witnesses? ))

* Natsuki` cringes. "It feels... sticky... never used to feel weird like this..."
* Hitomi` nuzzles her cousin an mews soothingly, "Stay calms, let water soaks in... we gotsa get clean."
<Aiko`GM^> (( this is the wrong chanell to walk into: * Natsuki` cringes. "It feels... sticky... never used to feel weird like this..." ))
<Hitomi`> "Is from bein kitty, when you can learn go hooman, you'll feel better."
<Natsuki`> (( But thats why its the RIGHT channel to walk into! ))

<Kira_Fox> Is it me or is Friend Computer a bit paranoid?

<AlcarGM> You can hear sounds coming from the hole now.. laughter, high and breaking, and the air begins to feek of a strange, foul stench, like old mamure. followed by loud, squishing noises.
<Brisby> (( squishing?!? ))
<AlcarGM> (( yep. one second ))
* Tracey`^ peeks down the crater
<AlcarGM> http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/movie/creature.jpg
<AlcarGM> The strange, brown creature is climbing out of the crater, singing happy birthday to itself pleasantly.
<Tracey`^> "uuh..."
* Tracey`^ looks at the reaper
<Tracey`^> "Uuuuuuh..."
* Tracey`^ ruffles her eyebrows and looks at the creature again
<AlcarGM> The Reaper looks down, then blinks, then rubs his temples. "Humans. Only humans would do this..."
<Tracey`^> "It could have been that sacrifice under the castle.."
<Tracey`^> "You know a werebird... Could have..."
* Tracey`^ stares at the... thing...
<AlcarGM> The Reaper shakes his head. "It would be looking for one....."
* Tracey`^ scratches her head
<Tracey`^> "Looking for a bird?"
<Brisby> "It looks freakish, but harmless."
<Tracey`^> "I wouldn't say..."
<AlcarGM> The Reaper looks over. "Do you know how many children go missing every year? A good number of them end up folowing their imaginary friend. It wants to keep its friends, forever. That means they need to stay children. And since it can't keep them children, it tends to kill them. Sad, really."

<AlcarGM> It looks to be a real street. You can hear children inside a few of the houses, playing....
* Brisby starts whistling the theme tune. (The original one... not the "modern" version they have these days...)
<AlcarGM> A voice whispers to you fron one of the alleys "Not.. the song.. .. not the song...." it's deep and gravelly.
* Tracey`^ looks to the alley and runs to the voice
* Brisby does the Were-Mouse thing part of the way until she's quite a bit shorter and mousier...
<AlcarGM> A small, furry creature is in the alley, hiding behiind a trash can. It's very fat, and looks scared.
<AlcarGM> Cookie Monster: "Please, no music?"
<Tracey`^> "What the hell?"
* Tracey`^ looks at the furry creature "What, in the nine circles of hell is going on?"
<Brisby> ( bad word for public television :)
<Tracey`^> (( Thank you ^^ ))
<AlcarGM> The Cookie Monster whines "I keep hearing it.. make it stop. They keep feeding me, all those cookies, all those babies. More, and more... and I hear their screams..." He licksm his lips with a bright, pink tongue. "Cookies...." and stares at Traceys breasts. "COOKIES!"

<AlcarGM> Okay, you kick in the door of house to surprise a startled family having supper. Mother, Father, Two kids (boy and girl)
<AlcarGM> The house s very clean, and neat. The Father stands up, looking offended. "What is the meaning of this?"
* Tracey`^ points at the Father "You! Where are we?"
<Brisby> (( watch Tracey`^ negotiate! ))
<Tracey`^> (( Some characters are not meant to talk to people =p ))

<AlcarGM> Father: "Home? But you live on Sesame Street."
<Brisby> "But... I don't!"
<Brisby> "and my family doesn't!"
<Brisby> "I need to find my family!"
<AlcarGM> Father looks shocked, and confused. "You .... oh." His expression clouds. "Big Bird?"
<Brisby> "Who?"
<AlcarGM> He looks around warily and lowers his voice. "A bird. Yellow. The King in Yellow. Did he bring you here?"
<Brisby> "No... but there was someone in Brown... with a Trunk..."
<AlcarGM> The father looks confused, then laughs, looking strained. "That's a myth! The papers proved it! A scapegoat!"

<AlcarGM> The bird lashes out with another wing, cutting into your face this time. "You bleed," and you notice it's not bleeding amore.
<Tracey`^> "Oh, ofcourse I bleed, everything bleeds."
* Tracey`^ pulls out her heat stashed in a random place on her skimpy outfit
<AlcarGM> (( Tracey bothers to carry a gun? ))
<Tracey`^> (( Yeah, it's on the sheet lol ))
<AlcarGM> Tracey hears a voice cursing further down the street, real swear words!
<Tracey`^> (( I find the gun to be more deviant than evil powerz ))
<Caltak> (( Today's show has been brought to you by the letters AK47. ))

<AlcarGM> Big Bird: "You have no soul?" thoughtfully.
<Tracey`^> "I told you... I was darkness"
<Tracey`^> "I also have no gods, no heaven or hell, and I cannot die."
<AlcarGM> Big Bird: "They didn't have souls either, The other gods. I killed them. Especially Bert, and Ernie. Rubber duckies... YELLOW IS SACRED!"

<Tracey`^> (( FUCK YOU SPARKIE! FUCK-YOU! ))

<tatterdemalion> Big Bird stops, frozen, as the barrier of Light and possibility coalesces around it, and them screams a loud and drawn out cry that fades away as he vanishes into thin air...
<tatterdemalion> And the houes are currently burning down, thanks to hellfire. Oh, and no one is coming out.
* Drake smirks, "Pretty good."
<Tracey`^> "Son of a bitch.. Drake... Help me command the parents to come out."
<Drake> "You ask and ask and ask and ask."
* Tracey`^ amplifies her voice "Everyone get out of your houses!"
<Tracey`^> "You could let them burn, I don't care."
<Drake> "I can tell. You set them on fire."
<Tracey`^> "I was doing this for you, I mean, as far as I care if the people aren't smart enough to run from fire they deserve to die."
* Drake shrugs and starts going from burning house to burning house, beckoning denizens to vacate. :P

<Drake> "Children! Have you let Jesus into your hearts..?"
<Drake> 1d100 :P
<Sparkie> Drake 1d100: 96 :P
<Drake> ((oh shit))
<tatterdemalion> (( HAHHAA ))
<GeminiRai> (( LOL! ))
<Brisby> (( SWEET JESUS NO! ))
<Brisby> (( The children are Satanists! ))
<Tracey`^> 1d100 Ze wall of darkness
<Sparkie> Tracey`^ 1d100: 46 Ze wall of darkness
<tatterdemalion> Children: "We loved him. He was sweet, and juicy, and tart on our tongues... You're jesus," in a high, choral voice.. and as one they turn on Drake :p
<Drake> "Well .. we all are. You are what you eat."
<Brisby> "You could be Catholics!"
<Tracey`^> "Drake... It's not like you to turn kids into cannables."
<Drake> "Its called communion."
<Drake> "You know. This do in rememberance of me?"
<Tracey`^> "You tell people to eat eachother at communion?"

<Brisby> "How do we leave?"
<Edinah> "... that has got to be the worst coke I've ever had"
<Tracey`^> "We're not out of here yet though."
<Tracey`^> "The children are the reason we're in this world.. if we get rid of their imaginations... we get rid of the world and we get to go back."
<Drake> "Get rid of their imagination? That's horrible."

<Brisby> (( Better a Mormon than an Athiest, even if it's not Cahtolic... ))
<GeminiRai> (( Says the lady who travels with a succbus. ))
<Drake> ((Exactly. :P))
<Brisby> (( that's a general attitude of Catholic missionary work... ))

* Drake nods to Brisby, then looks at Tracey, "I don't think you should try to start something with the reaper. I mean, you and he shouldn't even do business ever."
<Drake> ((... never make a wish with a devil, you guys))
<Tracey`^> "Who said I was going to start something with him?
<Tracey`^> "I'm just telling you that's why we were there."
<Drake> "I didn't say you were."
<Drake> "I'm just giving you pearls of wisdom. A gift."
<Tracey`^> "Now if you don't mind I have a vampire I need to find in san-francisco."
<Brisby> "Will you be leaving so soon?"
<GeminiRai> (( If only we all had angels telling us such wise snippets. "Don't start shit with the reaper" "Try not to spontaneously combust" "If you're going to go to hell, bring an air conditioner." ))

<Tracey`^> "I never claimed it was perfect, infact, it sucked ass, but it's not my god damned fault either! I react how I react, and if they weren't smart enough to not eat me, they might be alive today!"
<Edinah> ^o.o^
<Drake> "Well, I don't think eating you would be healthy either."
<Drake> ((layers upon layers alcar! :P))
* Tracey`^ crosses her arms "Damn straight it wasn't."
<Drake> "Indeed. You don't know what you could catch."

<kentari> let's turn him into a mormon
<kentari> or a chick tract dispenser
<Moribund> awesome
<alcar> ooh! Jack Chick, Superhero!
<KitsuneGlyph> chick tract assistant writer
<kentari> oh no
<alcar> the poassibilities....
<kentari> wtf have I done
<kentari> I just want you guys to know that I love you
<kentari> :P In varying degrees
<kentari> and that when chick comes
<kentari> :P I'll be trying to get cthulu to save us
<kentari> chick VS cthulu

<Keith> tell him about the monkey
<Baliadoc> lol, that's definitely... different :)
<FirestormZero> lol, tell me about the monkey keith :)
<Keith> Its a monkey, and its NOT a monkey
<FirestormZero> that's very taoist of you to say that.
<FirestormZero> now, for an explanation that makes sense?
<alcar> "This is not the money you are looking for."
<alcar> "But I'm not looking for a monkey."
<alcar> "yes, well, but if you were, this would not be it."

<kentari> one time at band camp
<kentari> I had a girlfriend
<kentari> I put her in like, this well
<kentari> and was liek "it puts the lotion on its skin..."
<kentari> it was such an awesome relationship
<Caltak> lol ken
<Caltak> I thought you were going to say you put her in a well and forgot about her for a week, and now she calls you on the phone and you see her on TV.
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> "SEVEN DAYS!" "That was like a month ago. Get over it already."
<alcar> hehe cal. Tha would be funny. "So you saw that Ring movie.." "No, I forgot her.." "Come on..."
<Caltak> later when she show up: 'Bitch, stop dripping water all over the carpet! Jesus!"

<JacobRiis> alcar- Could you have a traveling salesman Harold Hill trying to sell the town a boy's band? :D
<alcar> JacobRiis ... LOL! I read that as a boy's hand :p
<alcar> And I was going to say sure. Perfect for a hand of glory idea... but a band?!

<FirestormZero> lol, Dawson's all for aliens, after finishing his goal of sleeping with a girl from every ethnicity, he needs more variety.
<alcar> LOL
<FirestormZero> What can I say? Gotta spice it up.
<Caltak> two words: Anal Probe.
<FirestormZero> Two Words: Open Mind.
<FirestormZero> ^_^
<Caltak> ok good.
<Caltak> ^_^
<FirestormZero> wait.
<Caltak> hehehe
<FirestormZero> Dawson: "no hugh, no ideas."

* alcar may just borrow the UA game satanists lock, stock, and barrel. IIRC only aslhk's pc ever met them.
<alcar> But if your friends get skinned and are turned into shoes, you know who to blame

<tatterdemalion> wow, over 20% of those npcs may die.
* tatterdemalion may lower that
<Tsume-chan> o.0

* Bisclaveret notes GeminiRai didn't spell vapourize with a U.,. he's a traitor!
* Bisclaveret executes

<FirestormZero> Sara is not a femme fatale... she umm... isn't difficult to access
<FirestormZero> only to keep :)
<FirestormZero> haha
<FirestormZero> but then again
* tatterdemalion nods. The Woman Everyone Can Get Inculding You, Your Wife, Your Dog, And Your Kid
<Chaos`^> sara == tired man && sore man && jealous girlfriends
* tatterdemalion doubts it would ascend :P
<FirestormZero> The Woman Some People Want But Everyone Gets

<FirestormZero> lol... protective custody.. oh no..
* alcar nods. Breaking into jail to kil a cult would be funny :)
<FirestormZero> Your sense of humor kills PCs.

<Jacob|GM> So let me get this straight... You even entertain the notion that you can be promoted to Blue by a Green in Indigo? :)

<Chaos`^> damn it alcar i ready your blog now i want to play your stupid ua game... damn it! ><

<Caltak> Let's be the cast of Friends. :p
* alcar knows basically nothing about friends.
<Caltak> oh, ok. THat's probably best.
<Caltak> Most other people would either find that comment hilarious, or disturbing. :P
<alcar> lol

<Chaos`^> i'm oocly going to bed and icly going to sleep

<alcar> the aliens shall come asking for ingredients to make drinks. That would be funny.
<alcar> Alien: "I need some sprite, and tequilla... Oh, this is for you. You look a bit under the weather."
* alcar isn't sure what an easy drink to make would be though.
<FirestormZero> heheh
<FirestormZero> White Russian
<FirestormZero> or maybe like... they need kool-aid
<FirestormZero> lol
<FirestormZero> haha
<FirestormZero> The Aliens primary purpose in coming to earth was to obtain our kool-aid flavors
<alcar> G-Spot
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Sprite
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Wilderberry
<alcar> - 1 part(s) Sours Mix
<alcar> Alien: "Her,e hav e a g-spot."
<alcar> male pc: ".."

<Tracey`^> Last time i went on an airplane... and the time before that
<Tracey`^> a campaign died
<AlcarGM> Okay, then. You arrive at the local airfield, and not even reality-altering powers prevent security from detaining you and searching your belongings while someone else walks past them with a fake nuke.
<Tracey`^> let's drive there
<Tracey`^> wait wait
<Tracey`^> the time before THAT aswell
<AlcarGM> The flight is boring and uneventful. You land in San Fransico without incident.
<AlcarGM> (( oh? ))
<Drake`> ((yay))
<Tracey`^> airplanes are sort of a jinx to me... let's drive ^^;
<Drake`> ((:P ...))
<AlcarGM> But you just flew :P
<Drake`> ((We just flew))
<AlcarGM> And the game is still going on. UNless you want it to end this session? )
<Drake`> ((:P like, we're there))
<Drake`> ((:P))

<Tracey`^> (( Yeah, there was... Let's see.. Lolad 1 1/2 that I ran with edward and cecil... Lolad2 aftermath and I recall a UA that ended on an airplane as well ))
<Drake`> ((well great now your complaining about the airplane has killed it))
<AlcarGM> - End of Campaign -
<AlcarGM> :p
<Drake`> that was fun you guys
<Tracey`^> Totally
<Tracey`^> we should do it again sometime
<Tracey`^> ><
* Drake` looks around in the zombie campaign world. :P
<Tracey`^> (( It's undead ^^ We have killed it and revived it atleast 5 times before ))

<Drake`> "So, where exactly is this fellow again?"
* Tracey`^ shrugs "He's the big leader of this town last time i checked... which was ten years ago... I imagine if we go around asking someone will know him."
* Tracey`^ walks without repeating herself in a sentance.
<Drake`> "Wonderful. By asking, you do not mean anything involving death or that sort of thing, right?"
* Tracey`^ hmms "We should try a bar first... Probably one of those vampire bars."
<AlcarGM> OUtside the airport the sky is nice and blue, taxis are taking people all over the city, and the campaign that ended somehow continues on through inertia, vaguely confused about the whole matter and wanting a rule book to check this up in.
<Drake`> "Good idea. But we're not drinking. I'm not, at least.."
<AlcarGM> (( You can get drunk. Well, sucked dry. ))
<Drake`> "But I don't think they would even be open. Its not exactly primetime for vampires.."
<Tracey`^> "Yeah last time we got drunk together good things happened."
<Drake`> "My Gods.. don't tell me you're pregnant."
<Tracey`^> "You would like that wouldn't you?"
<Tracey`^> "With my luck I probably am. Maybe that's what's been wrong with me lately."
<Drake`> "That's not funny."
<AlcarGM> (( Waits for tracey to give birth and eat her young. ))
<Drake`> "I believe we could use a clothes hanger."
<Drake`> ((j/k :P))
<Tracey`^> (( OMG you did NOT just say that! XD ))

<Tracey`^> "Well don't you ever wonder if you have kids laying around in an alley somewhere that the mother abandoned?"

<AlcarGM> (( You want to take a cab, find information, or jut wander? ))
* Tracey`^ calls a cab with a wistle and a little leg
* Drake` rolls his eyes. :P
* AlcarGM won't ask who the leg belongs to.

<Drake`> "We're looking for Mr. Edward Death."
<Drake`> ((dun dun dun! :P))
<Tracey`^> "That's DeAth."
<Drake`> "That's what I said. Death."
<Tracey`^> "DeAth!"
<Drake`> "Again, I'm saying that. Death."
<Tracey`^> "DEY-ATH"
<Drake`> "Stop repeating me, you'll annoy him if he hears you I'm sure."

* Drake` looks around, and decides to look at the chess match briefly. :P
<AlcarGM> The chess match currently consists of the old men - both human, fyi - studying the board in silence. About half the pieces are on the side, no real clue as to who is winnning, or whose turn it is.
<AlcarGM> The bartender looks at Tracey. "What?"
<Tracey`^> "Do you know where we can find Edward DeAth?"
<AlcarGM> Bartender: "Depends what you want."
<Drake`> ((lol its such a beautiful microcosm, alcar))
<Drake`> ((I have to hand it to you, that was elegant. :P))

* Tracey`^ gets angry and clenches her fists with tears streaming down her face "Little Josh will never know his father then I suppose!"
<AlcarGM> (( The GM blinks. Wait .. I'm the son of one of the NPCs..... That's very, uhm .... wrong :p ))
<Tracey`^> (( ;D ))
<AlcarGM> The bartender smiles cruelly. "Do you think I care?"

<Tracey`^> what kind of were is the bartender?
<AlcarGM> rabbit, of course.
<Tracey`^> Oh fuck
<Tracey`^> God dammit
<Tracey`^> why didn't you say that in the first place ><
<AlcarGM> you never asked.
<Tracey`^> haha

<Drake`> I question the sound of one hand clapping
<AlcarGM> the sound of one hand clapping is easy.
<AlcarGM> it's masturbation.
<Tracey`^> ROFLMAO!
<Drake`> hmm
<Drake`> well
<Drake`> I always thought
<Drake`> :P It was a slap.

<Tracey`^> I think what i'll do
<Tracey`^> is place explosives inside each of the production buildings
* AlcarGM blinks
<Tracey`^> and, at night i will magically turn on the alarms
<Tracey`^> so everyone evacuates
<Tracey`^> then BOOM!
<Tracey`^> all of them gone at once
<Tracey`^> Yes... I am a genious in disguise

* Tracey`^ uses drakes credit card to buy the tickets
* Drake` has no credit card.. :P
<Tracey`^> YOu do now ^^

<FirestormZero> lol... Sara should be a volunteer nurse at a local hospital! That way if any of the PCs are wounded, they have to deal with her!
<FirestormZero> <PC> "I need some blood now... feeling faint..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Hi! I volunteer as a candy stripper!:"
<FirestormZero> <Sara> "Ok... but you gotta have sex first! I can really play nurse now!"
<Chaos`^> "That's candy STRIPER"
<FirestormZero> <PC> passes out.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You look like a Mr Big!"
<FirestormZero> <Sara> has her way.
* AlcarGM almost pities pcs.
<Chaos`^> LoL
<FirestormZero> it's the almost that makes you dangerous Alcar.
<Chaos`^> Death and DeAth

<AlcarGM> By sheer coincidence there is a flight going back to LA in half an hour AND you make it on, but end up in first class. Good tickets. Funny how that works. The pilot is not a zen pilot and no one tries to hijack the plane (tho I have this terrible image of "I want this plane to fly to net york so I can crash it into the world trade centre." "Uh, it's been done."
<AlcarGM> "What?" "It's been done already." "It's not fair!" "You're living in the wrong universe for fair.")

<Mac> 'Sara... can I have my dictionary back?"
<AlcarGM> Saras stops and turns, suprised, then bounces over to the desk. "Okay. But only if you have sex with me!"
* Mac stops, blinks a few times, "Err... what?"
<AlcarGM> Sara looks uncertain, for perhaps half a second. "Oh. You're gay, aren't you?" and pouts, then brightens. "I can fix that!"
<FirestormZero> (( oh dear... ))
<Mac> "No, I'm not gay. It's just you're too young. Plus there are many altercations. So if you'll just return my dictionary, you can be on your way."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "But Mr Decker said I was just the right age! And Daddy doesn't mind!"
<Mac> "Ok... lets pretend I didn't hear that last part."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "We can pretend I'm 18 too! I like to pretend!" She grins
<FirestormZero> ((omg...))
<Chaos`^> (( Remind me again who reminded alcar who sara was ))

<AlcarGM> Sara: "I won't tell!"
<Mac> "Sara... that doesn't matter. It isn't right."
<AlcarGM> Sars gives you a perplexed look. "But it's sex! Sex is always right!"
<AlcarGM> (( note to self: put her in philosophy class ))
<FirestormZero> ((lol, nooo! Dawson will be there))

<AlcarGM> Sara gives you a really confused look. "You're weird!"
<AlcarGM> (( it is? Awesome :p ))
<Mac> "Yes, of course. Alright, just leave the dictionary on the desk and hurry to your next class."
<AlcarGM> Sara grins, and steps backwards, holding the dictionary. "I can keep it until I'm 18!" and skips out the door, singing.
* Mac sighs
<Mac> ("Thats the second time I lost a dictionary.")
<AlcarGM> A few students walk by, look inside, and smirk. You can hear Sara outside down the hallway in full happy mode, about hwo the new teacher gave her a book, and how she didn't have sex for it. And if he keeps saying no, she could have a whole library
<FirestormZero> (( LOL ))
<aslhk_> ((hahah pwned =P))

<Chaos`^> lol!
<Chaos`^> I looked up armigerus on webster
<Chaos`^> "Bearing heraldic arms"
<Chaos`^> so i look up heraldic
<Chaos`^> of or relating to heralds or heraldry
<Chaos`^> Heraldry:
<Chaos`^> Pagaentry
<Chaos`^> pageantry
<Chaos`^> pageantry: specticle
<Chaos`^> specticle: glasses

<FirestormZero> lol... we must play UA tonight! :)
<FirestormZero> it was awesome last night
<FirestormZero> maybe i can meet Gemm!
<Gemm> heeheh
<Gemm> while Mac is meeting Sara! :P
<FirestormZero> oh no!
<FirestormZero> :)
<FirestormZero> Sara's mine... well, not really, she's kinda everybody's
<FirestormZero> communist to the extreme, she belongs to everyone!

<AlcarGM> The black limo parks outside the Centennial High. The schoo is a large brick building with the character and charm of a warehouse. About 10 students are louging on the brown lawn outside, smoking.
* Dawson waits patiently for the driver to open the door, scoping out any girls.
<Dawson> Even coming over the guys to try and get an idea of who's who.
<Dawson> (combing)
<Dawson> ((BAD TYPO!))
<Chaos`^> (( XD! ))
<AlcarGM> None of them even mother to look over as the driver opens the door. The students are all farm-boy types. Biug, wearing suspenders, looking like they plan to never leave this town ad, oddly, like they're all related. Everyone knows everyone in the country. Probably due to inbreeding.
<Chaos`^> (( You guys are making ALOT of freudian slips tonight ))

* AlcarGM changes topic to '* Dawson waits patiently for the driver to open the door, scoping out any girls. Even coming over the guys to try and get an idea of who's who. (combing) ((BAD TYPO!))'
<Chaos`^> you know
<Chaos`^> coming actually FITS in that sentance... kind of.. to show them who's boss XD
<Chaos`^> like dogs humping
<AlcarGM> ...

<FirestormZero> mwah, this is going to rock
<FirestormZero> and Jenkins will hook up the beer
<FirestormZero> And if I keep everything organized there won't be a giant beer brawl in my nice house!
* alcar thinks that'll take luck :p
<FirestormZero> same here.
<FirestormZero> I'll put away the nice things first
<FirestormZero> wait, i'm rich!
<FirestormZero> I'll have the BUTLER put away the nice things first
<FirestormZero> mwahahah
<FirestormZero> I bet you've given me the most deranged butler

<alcargm> <Mrs Colgate> "Can I give you some food to take home or something, then?"
<alcargm> You do recall from your visits there when you were younger that she bakes a lot.
<Hugh`> "Sure. Anything you can spare would be great."
* Hugh` silently kicks himself for sounding like a beggar. :P
<alcargm> Okay, you return home with an enormous box of food that barely dents her freezer and fridge. She could probably feed the neighbourhood for a week, easiily. You manage to get away before she offers you another box since you wouldn't make it home without stopping if you had to carry both.
* Hugh` contemplates a career as a paranormal investigator! :P
<alcargm> lol. "Nope, nothing he.. ahh!"

<Hugh`> "Well, that turned out well." *out loud to himself*
* Hugh` wished he had found those kids, though.
<alcargm> As if on cue, no one knocks on your back door.

<FirestormZero> alcar ready to gm for me! :)
<FirestormZero> there was a bit of question mark in there too
<FirestormZero> but the overwhelming excitement took over my punctuation.

<FirestormZero> for less controlled fights, i'll see if dawson can get some guys from school to break them up, telling them that if anything happens no more parties, and/or, promising them a hookup with some girls
<FirestormZero> and i'll surprise them with Sara! :)
<FirestormZero> haha
<tatterdemalion> lol
<tatterdemalion> "But we've all had her already!"
<FirestormZero> <Guys> "But we don't know where Sara's been!" <Dawson> "Yes you do, she's been everywhere!"
<tatterdemalion> Sara: "I haven't been to disneyland!"
<FirestormZero> <Dawson> "Hun, you give enough rides, you ARE disneyland."

<GEmm> That didn't look like Cthulhu.
<tatterdemalion> Cthulhu don't look like Cthulhu.
<tatterdemalion> Cthulhu Mythos: The Zenning.
<GEmm> oh, ok thanks alcar. :P

<Kira-O-FOX> ((Wait, this is paranoia and I don't have a standard issued paper shredder?))

<Brisby> (( Will you surrender? ))
<Kira-O-FOX> ((they haven't said anthing yet.))
<Brisby> they've asked you to die... :)
<Kira-O-FOX> ((That does not count.))
<Brisby> ah well. You want to keep duking it out? You want to try and surrender? You want to appeal to the crowd? You want to flee?
<Kira-O-FOX> I want to apeal to the computer.

<Brisby> They're visible, shadowy, in the distance.
<Brisby> "Halloo!"
* Kira-O-FOX goes over to them.
<Brisby> "Whoo are yoo?"
<Brisby> "Helloo?"
<Kira-O-FOX> My name is Kira-O-FOX. The elevator crashed and the only way to call for help was to turn of some of the red and orange switches in the in the fuze box. I think I am the only one to survive the elevator crash."
<Brisby> They stop, and exchange a few words, before they meet up.
<Kira-O-FOX> "Did you guys here me?"
<Brisby> An orange greets you: "Hello, I'm Winniethep-O-OOH, this is my boss Ti-G-GER and my comrade Kanga-R-OOO."

* Dawson would ask the help about the incidents but either 1) they don't know, 2) They are in on a conspiracy 3) I imagined the explosion 4) this happens all the time or some combination
<AlcarGM> (( or 5) All of the above ))
<Dawson> ((wasn't going to give that...))
<Dawson> ((Didn't want to give you that option))

<AlcarGM> A very pretty blond girl comes up to you as you're getting ready for class. "I heard about the party!" she says, sounding like the words are being fired out ast hyper speed.
<Dawson> "Oh, good... what's your name again?"
<AlcarGM> The girl grins. "Sara! You're knew here, right?!"
<Dawson> "Yeah, just moved in."
<Dawson> .oO(Uh oh, a grin...)]
<AlcarGM> <Sara> "What's your name?!"
<Dawson> "I'm Dawson"
<AlcarGM> <Sara> "I'm Sara! You're rather cute!"

<AlcarGM> <Sara> "But you're well dressed! You're not gay, are you?! Well, being happy is good, but I meant the other type of gay! Like, with other guys! Not that I mind, if I can join in!""
<Dawson> "Oh... really? Well no I'm not, I just dress nice."
<Dawson> ((which makes me half gay.))
<AlcarGM> <Sara> "Dressing nice is good! It means more clothing to remove! Would you like to have sex?"
<Dawson> (( I get called it, but don't get any of the benefits!))
<AlcarGM> (( metrosexual, then :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( Tho to Sara that would be wanting sex on the subway ))
<Dawson> "Well, I'm a bit new here, but their will be a lot of guys at the party... so I'm sure... you could find someone there."
<WarezBert> ((the first time she's on a subway, that'll fit
<Dawson> ((lol))
<AlcarGM> Sara: "We could have sex then! If you want to! We could wait! Mac wants to wait a year!"

<AlcarGM> Laura: "You know the nurse even asked if she had AIDS and Sara said yes?"
* Dawson nods reproachfully.
<AlcarGM> There is a laugh from beside you as one of the Jocks goes by. "Don't listen to her, party dude. Sara said she had a lot of helpers. I think the nurse had to go have a lie down at that point. And likely sex with Sara."

<FirestormZero> The characters feel real, which is nice
<FirestormZero> I still fear the butler.
<Alcar> lol.
<Alcar> He's going to be just plain fun :)
<Alcar> Karl worries me, tho :p
<FirestormZero> I feel safer at school than I do at home
<FirestormZero> All of the bodyguards worry me.
<FirestormZero> My worst fear: I call my dad and he says there are no staff there
<FirestormZero> and that he doesn't know what I'm talking about
<FirestormZero> and then... I open the door
<FirestormZero> and they are all standing there
<FirestormZero> looking at me
<FirestormZero> MADNESS CHECK

<alcar> But all that I aside I believe that the whole don't trust the government etc. stuff IS the conspiracy. It's been designed to make people have no trust in the sysem, and eventually bring it all crashing down. Sure, it won't benefit anyone, but it's not designed BY anyone .... it's simply what will make us revel and dance like the great old ones and the stars will come right.
<alcar> Only logical way to look at it.
<BrooklynKnight> logical anarchy.....
<BrooklynKnight> alcar, you're the most illogical logical vulcanite i know
<alcar> IUt makes perfect sense for "the government is evil/wrong/out to get you" to BE the real conspiracy, tho. No one would believe it. But aside from the great old ones and nylarlathotep I can't see how it would benefit anyone, so they must have planned it.

<Chaos`^> (( Sheriff != police so the answer on the phone would be sheriff's office ))
<Dawson> (( it's a small town.))
<AlcarGM> (( is the local police. 6 of 'em. chief, sergant, 4 others. The couny is around too. ))
<Dawson> (( Also i looked it up online, it's a private party and thus i can have up to 1000 people without a license. ))
<Chaos`^> (( I LIVE IN a small town in Nebraska, I'm pretty sure i know what's up =p ))
<Dawson> (( Ah, but not a small fictional town...))
<Chaos`^> (( I like to wish it was fictional ))
<AlcarGM> (( chaos- wanted a local police force ot have issues w/ the county one, basically :) ))

<AlcarGM> You finish dinner, and Carol is cleaning up the kitchen when you hear gunshots outside....
<Dawson> And sadly, I'll pick the most suicidal option. I'll jog around the estate.
<Dawson> I KNEW IT!
<Dawson> "Say, Carol, did you hear something?"
<AlcarGM> (( *grins* ))
<AlcarGM> Carol: "No, of course not," as she brings the cleaver down on your fingers.
<AlcarGM> Or ...
<AlcarGM> not :p
<Dawson> lol
<Dawson> u just terrified me...
<Chaos`^> (( I would believe it comming from alcar ))
<AlcarGM> (( was half-tempted, but want the pcs to fake a "normal" life first :p ))
<Dawson> (( AlcarGM... I've seen boys shot, dogs shot, bodies burried, grenades thrown, words writing themselves, crazed autistic people, and a boy who believes he's god. My life is very normal." ))
<AlcarGM> (( oh, good point :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( we can rewind and she can do it if you want :) ))
<Dawson> (( Oh. I'll pass.))

<Chaos`^> omg
<Chaos`^> dawson is the laura croft of UA!
<Chaos`^> i just realized that
<Chaos`^> sweet!

<alcar> speaking of game ideas, I've been having one for call of cthulhu.
<alcar> where the pcs getto play classic monsters in a war against the mythos.
<Tass> hmmm
<Tass> what would I be?
<Tass> probably Jason, or w/e :P
<Tass> the juggernaut, rarrr!
<Farthes> Im Jason
<Tass> nuh uh
<Tass> I called dibs :P
<Farthes> nono
<Farthes> JASON!
<Farthes> is my name
<Farthes> and it has been for 20 years
<Tass> and I don't mean your r; name, retard :P
<Farthes> I GOT DIBS
<Farthes> oh
<Farthes> =-(

<FSZTH> I was like....
<FSZTH> I'm not inviting alex!
<FSZTH> but then I was like... hmmm
<FSZTH> Dawson will invite him under condition that he promises not to fight with people :)
<alcar> Not even people turning into black, evil dogs? :p
<FSZTH> Stop it.
<FSZTH> :)
<FSZTH> I'm terrified enough as is of my house :)
<alcar> but why? You have security!
<FSZTH> I just hope the butler is strong enough to fend them off :)
<FSZTH> so that Carol can cook me later.
<FSZTH> omg.
<FSZTH> I bet she cooks people!

<Gemm> <AlcarGM> Sara: "We could have sex then! If you want to! We could wait! Mac wants to wait a year!"
<alcar> Well, she'll be 18 soon. And may return the dictionary. And ask for sex, of course.
<Gemm> lol
<Gemm> You are your own drug alcar.

<AlcarGM> The woman chuckles, and wags a finger under your nose. "No, no, no. Not everyone really dies. Not everyone is born either. Ask your friend. There's ways, and will, and, if all else fails, there is cutting the head of a rabbit and marinating it in a rose sauce while ripping pages out of Mein Kampf and burning the hair of hitlers dog."
<AlcarGM> She looks surprised you asked. "I am Jillian." She frowns. "Or was it Mary? No, It's Jillian. I'm almost sure of that."
<AlcarGM> <Jillian> "But names are clothing anyway. Put one on, take another off. We don't change. Not even being a god changes that. Stil afraid, and foolish, and human. Always human.." She trails off and shakes her head. "You ever threw a cat to a floor with a piece of buttered bread on its back? Oldest trick in the book." She smiles. "I believe I'll have alphabet soup," and wanders to the door and outside
<Dawson> "Cats don't always land on their feet. The Toast doesn't always land buttered side up. And people can change."
<Dawson> "Cause if they can't, we're fucked."
* Dawson almost smiles.
<AlcarGM> She stops in the doorway and turns. "Oh, but we're already fucked," cheerfully. "We;re well and truly buggered and everyone is just waiting for God to cornhole the world. And felch it after." and leaves

<AlcarGM> <Alexander> turns and stares at you. "I've done this stuf. The paints too set to have been done even last night...." his eyes widen. "Or.. it could be writing itself on thedoor behind you," slowly
* Dawson writes all of it down in his sketchbook.
<Dawson> "Yes, it does that."
* Dawson reads it.
<AlcarGM> Behind you on the wall is being writtne. "We try to comprehend it, the grieving and the pain, the slaughter of the innocent, who is it stands to gain?"

<AlcarGM> (( Good girls suck. Bad girls swallow. Evil girls gargle.<-- didn't disturb you? It did me, and I wrote it :p ))

<AlcarGM> They look surprised when you and alex walk over, and one of them grins ."So, what do you think about the walls?!" Eagerly
<Dawson> "Looks like Shorbeck is going to go insane..."
<Dawson> "I found it kind of crazy myself..."
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> "I want to know how it was done..."
* Dawson nods.
<AlcarGM> "So do I," says Shorbeck from the doorway, his voice as flat as his expression. ,Evne his eyes look calm and still except for the fact that his fists are clenched by his side and he's got them clenched so far his fingers have dug into his palms and blood is dripping onto the floor. "I see twelve suspects right here," in the same eerily calm voice.
<AlcarGM> The grade9 students who spoke first turns a dirty shade of white.
* Dawson remains calm.
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> looks amused.
<AlcarGM> <Principal Shorbeck> "You will explain how this happened. Now," in a tone that wil brook no refusal, still very calm though
<AlcarGM> One of the students actually whimpers.
<Dawson> Well... If Alex looks amused, I'll remain quiet and see what happens.
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> "Actually, I was hoping you could tell us," in a cheery tone. "I mean, we just got here, but you're here most nights...."
<AlcarGM> <Principal Shorbeck> blinks, then says "You're saying I did this?"
* Dawson almost cringes...

<AlcarGM> <Alexander> Why are you here? You're rich. You're famly must own dozens of places. Why this town?"
<Dawson> "My family is pissed at me for well... causing them some embarassment by sleeping with the daughter of some of their friends..."
<Dawson> "Kind of punishment... but there's more.
<Dawson> "Those guards at my house, they aren't normal. The place is constructed more like a prison. The guards aren't looking out, they are looking in."
<Dawson> "And I could leave here, I have a few hundred thousand stashed... But I want to figure out what's going on here. Maybe stop it."
<Dawson> "And.... there's her. I have the feeling if I'm around here, around all of this, I'll find her."
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> blinks. "The dogs got me there. I don't know how ... or why." He studies you frankly. "Stopping something like this might be... very hard, on the mind as well. I mean, I'm not used to .. :" he looks at his arm "and odder things happen, sometimes. If we go looking for the weird it would find us... "
<AlcarGM> <Alexander> "Oh, a girl." He grins. "That explains it.:"
<Dawson> "What can I say, I'm like a hotel swimming pool, deep, but there's always a shallow end."
<AlcarGM> (( Yay! Now you fit into Alex's version of the world. Boy Scout he wouldn't buy, doing it for a girl, yes :p ))

<Zen`> (Let's see if anyone can roll higher than 10)

* Hisa`^ looks at ping and sighs "I'm affraid not sir. You can find your quarters there." Points to the empty room "Your student can either stay with you or in with the kids. They are currently trying to move a safe."
<KenGM> <Lithe Guy> "A safe? On their own? What if it falls on them?!"
<KenGM> Just then you hear a loud thud..
<KenGM> Coming from the room.. :P
<Hisa`^> "Sir these kids are to be tought responsibility. If they need help they will call for a medic."
<Ping`> "Why would it be called a safe if it's not safe to move it?" to himself in a sing-song voice.
<Ping`> (( Oh, and for the record Ping's player wants to know that, too :p ))

<Hisa`^> "Can I help you?"
* Ping` shuffles his feet nervously. "Could you unpack?"
* Hisa`^ sighs at ping
<Hisa`^> "I meant why are you standing there staring at me?"
* Ping` looks confused. "To see you unpack?" hopefully.
* Hisa`^ continues unpacking and staring at ping
<Hisa`^> "you didn't have some secret stash or something did you?"
* Ping` looks around the roof, mentally wondering what to pawn, then realizes he can't and sits down on the other bed.
* Ping` gives Hisa a blank look, then checks himself frantically, even though he never has before, then shakes his head.
<Hisa`^> "Are you feeling ok? It didn't shock your system did it?"
<Ping`> "No?"
<KenGM> Speaking of shock. You hear Peer scream. Its a very blood curdling scream, suprising.
<Ping`> "Wait. Yes?"
<Ping`> "Oh. That wasn't me."
<Ping`> "Was it you?"
* Hisa`^ runs into the other room
<Ping`> "Wait, no...."
* Ping` follows Hisa

<KenGM> You see Fred waving his hands in front of Peer, who is sitting on the ground staring and pointing at the safe.
<KenGM> <Peer> "There.. there.. there's someONE in there...."
<KenGM> Fred turns and says in a shakey voice, "I dunno what her problem is.. she's acting like I'm not even here."
<Ping`> (( "You aren't." ))
<Ping`> (( soo tempting tho :p ))

<Ping`> you know, Ping makes me wonder at the advantages to drugged out cultists seeing cthulhu
<Ping`> Pot - for succeeding all those insanity checks :p
<Ping`> "Woah. Buddy, I've seen worse on MDM."
<KenGM> I wanted to make a UA character that did yoga
<KenGM> to erase failed checks
<KenGM> :P

<Hisa`^> "Now go call for a medic."
<KenGM> <Fred> "She's just a little wacko, seriously! What's the worst that can happen with some stupid safe anyway?"
<KenGM> <Fred> "A medic?"
<Ping`> "It could come alive and eat you and you inside to slowly starve to death with lack of air while it laughs and cuts you open with it's mouths."
<Ping`> "That happened to me once. But I got better."
<KenGM> <Fred> " .... Right. I'll go get a medic.."
* Hisa`^ sighs
<KenGM> He practically runs off to fetch a medic. :P

* Hisa`^ sets Peer's head on her lap and tapps her face "Peer, wake up."
<Ping`> (( Peer: "Cthulhu fhtagn .. err,.. what?..." ))
<KenGM> <Peer> "rlyeh wgahnagl fhtaga... huh..?"
<KenGM> ((damnit))
<KenGM> ((:P You stole my thunder))
<Ping`> (( LOL! ))
<KenGM> <Peer> *bats her eyelashes* "Wha..?"

<Ping`> You know your withdrawal is bad when.. you want visions of the Mythos

<KenGM> Peer shrugs and looks to Ping, "So I drink this?"
* Ping` shrugs, then nods.
<KenGM> She shrugs and gulps it and hiccups and shreiks weakly at the same time, somehow.
* Hisa`^ shuffles about in the next room over
<KenGM> <Peer> "That.. felt.. bad.."
<KenGM> She sits down, whimpering, and puts her head between her knees in a fetal-like position.
<KenGM> <Fred> "Now I'm really freaked out."
<Ping`> "It gets worse," helpfully. "The dust comes back."
<KenGM> <Fred> "Dust? I hate cleaning dust.."
<Ping`> "It shouldn't be claned. It should be free to roiam, and glow, and fill the worl with it like rain that never falls."

<FirestormZero> I might be like... a few minutes late
<FirestormZero> dinner with my father...
<FirestormZero> who is a bit nutty.
<alcar> Just say you have host a party in nebraska and that'll explain everything.
<FirestormZero> lol
<FirestormZero> yeah
<FirestormZero> I have to get back to my estate dad
<FirestormZero> I think security is looking for me
<FirestormZero> ... Do you have a dog...
<FirestormZero> What the hell is that noise....
<FirestormZero> No... don't open the door

<AlcarGM> Okay.. lessee....
<AlcarGM> Centennial High is a dull brick building with plain, small windows, some old trees, no flowers in the beds and beaters scattered in the faculty parking lot like echoes of defeated dreams, the faces of the older teachers looking gaunt and haunted by years of raising idiots and the bitterness of it showing in their faces as the only thing that keeps them going is retirement, and hatred of students.
<AlcarGM> The students hanging around the side entrance all have the same dull, weary look on thier faces. Only one more year seems to hang in the air, unmentioned, unvoiced; a miasma of defeated hopes and bitter realizations as the weight of the real world begins to bow shoulders and eyes take on reckless gleams, desperate to find something worth believe in. The C student given voice.
<AlcarGM> The new students crowd hallways in eager clumps, bright shining eyes slowly dimming as the mystery of high school peels like the old paint they claim isn't lead-based on the walls and voices become low and, perhaps, sad as the dreams of children about the larger world fail against the reality.
<AlcarGM> It's currently 8:45 am Friday, April 23 and students are arriving into the school seeking learning in much the same manner that suicidal lemmings are seeking the sea. The current talk - heck, the only talk aside from the Dieffenbach party tonite that is suppossed to to be *the* party of the year, is the fact that someone spraypainted the school overnight.

<BrooklynKnight> (i love how this is all mostly alcar talking to himself. I swear, he could run an entire game with npcs...")
<Hubert`> (( yeah, that ability is an awesome one to have when you GM. Its like a controleld multiple personality disorder :P ))

<Dawson> (( George = janitor? ))
<GeorgeBailey> (( George = student body president! ))
<tatterdemalion> (( lol. This is getting funny. ))
<Hubert`> (( geez, why does everyone think george is the janitor? ))

<Dawson> "And remember, I don't care if you do anything stupid at the party, just have fun... and don't get caught."

<AlcarGM> aliens are fun :p
<Hubert`> yeah, I jus hope that if it was rooted in actual events, that much of that was distorted. :P
<AlcarGM> you can wish that :p
<Hubert`> I can *hope* that.
<Hubert`> Then again, could always have been the cowtipper-group of the aliens. :P
<AlcarGM> alien juvenile delinquents :P

<tatterdemalion> Mary dances with George, ignoring his two left feet comment.
<GeorgeBailey> "Hey, you're pretty good."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "Mom made me take a course. You're really good..."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "You do this often?"
<GeorgeBailey> "Well, not that I'm aware of or anything..."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "Well, there aren't many dances around here."
<tatterdemalion> Mary: "I like it here. It's nice and quiet.... what about you, you're goals? Surely this town is too small for you?"
<GeorgeBailey> "Well, you know what I've always talked about."
<GeorgeBailey> "Go off exploring... build things..."
<AlcarGM> Mary: "Me too. I've always wanted to see the world, but I don't think I ever will."

<Dawson> "Hey. You're good."
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "Mom made me take a course. You're really good..."
* Dawson keeps dancing, movine a little closer... ;)
<tatterdemalion> Debbie comes in closer, a little shyly.
<Dawson> .oO(Aw, cute.)
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "You do this often?"
<Dawson> "Not quite this... but I dance a lot, part of the Boston party scene, and left over habbits from Cotillion."
<Dawson> "You?"
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "Well, there aren't many dances around here."
<Dawson> "Wouldn't think so..."
<Dawson> "Where do you want to live when you're older?"
<tatterdemalion> Debbie: "I like it here. It's nice and quiet.... what about you, you're goals? Surely this town is too small for you?"
<AlcarGM> Debbie: "I like it here. It's nice and quiet.... what about you, you're goals? Surely this town is too small for you?"
<Dawson> "I think I'll travel around the world..."
<Dawson> And maybe, just maybe... running into that girl again...
<AlcarGM> Debbie: "Me too. I've always wanted to see the world, but I don't think I ever will."

<tatterdemalion> George - the .. it looks like a big dog.. is dead, it's head a pulp of blood..... nothing remains to tell yoy parry wasd here except for a piece of bloody shirt and his soccer cleats, oddly untouched.
* GeorgeBailey stares. More.
<tatterdemalion> Reid looks down at the dead thing, and finally puts his gun away, looks about to speak, sees Georges expresion, and says nothing
* Dawson looks down at it. And then to George.
<Dawson> "George... maybe..."
<Dawson> "There might be something we can do."
* GeorgeBailey stares at the shoes and babbles on about the "oh god" etc.

<Hubert`> (( "Well, it WAS a good shot." ))
<GeorgeBailey> (( woof. ))
<Hubert`> (( poor Ol' Yeller. ))
<Dawson> (( "On the plus side, if another one comes there's a chance a red fern might grow." ))

<Hubert`> d100
<The_Computer> Hubert` d100: 88
<Hubert`> ROFL
<Hubert`> (( man, I really hate you. ))
<Dawson> Looks like your mind is soup boy!
<AlcarGM> (( oh, wow. ))
<AlcarGM> (( this should be funny :) ))
<Hubert`> (( it was funny for a second, but now im angry and afraid. ))

<Dawson> this game is about getting shot at, getting beaten, getting horrified, and being terribly and utterly insane.
<Dawson> Not getting hit on, beating people, horrifying people, and acting utterly insane.

<RandomNPC> * Hubert` jerks awake. "IT'S IN ME! Its-- the hole, it... *blinks a few times, then shakes his head, and is suddenly calm. He looks at Marc.*
<RandomNPC> <AlcarGM> Marc just stares at Hugh intently, completely ignoring dawson. "Zir, Londoh, Lonsa," softly, haltingly, then shakes his head. "I can't... Oh. Oh." He blinks a few times, and notices Dawson.
<RandomNPC> ok
<RandomNPC> you don't want to see this when walking into a chanell
<RandomNPC> seriously

<Dawson> "Hugh, what do you know about the paranormal?"
<Dawson> (( I AM THE PARANORMAL? ))
<Hubert`> "That it's not normal?" *smirks slightly*

<Hubert`> "Have you... heard anything about, say, children with black eyes? Just curious."
<Dawson> "No. But I know something about the spraypaint. It wrote itself."
<Hubert`> "Really."
<Dawson> "At school."
<Hubert`> "Hmm, that's odd."
<Dawson> "Yes, I saw it. It just started appearing on the lockers and walls."
<Dawson> "School is built on an indian burial ground... but I have a feeling there's more under the school than that."
<Hubert`> "Wow, that's... really cliche."

<Dawson> "Yeah. Stephan King does it often."
<AlcarGM> (( You mean the Ghost Writer that writes it's novels through him. ))
<Hubert`> (( Ghost Writer meaning literal ghost and through him meaning by possessing him, I trust? :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( of course :P ))
<Dawson> (( It's UA ))
<Dawson> (( Can't be normal. That's under the last section of the rules. ))
<AlcarGM> (( Tho it could be king possessing the ghost and writing through it. Reverse posession is seldom explored :) ))
<Dawson> (( for good reason. ))

<Dawson> "You can tell someone has something to hide when they listen. People don't listen nowadays."

<Dawson> "Hugh, do you know why I came to this town?"
<AlcarGM> (( Because your house is weird, your staff weirder, and security all nuts. ))
<Dawson> (( Besides practice for owning a mental hospital. ))

<Dawson> "You're a telepath. Are you human?"
<Dawson> (( Wow, Dawson just has no time for subtlety right now ))
* Hubert` blinks. "That was rather blunt."
<Dawson> "Yeah, unlike me."
<Dawson> "Long night."
* Dawson smiles.
<AlcarGM> (( And about to get longer, as something growls in the back seat.... ))
<Dawson> ((Dude... alcar... none of that... ))
<Dawson> (( I still have a gun. ))
<Hubert`> (( KILL IT WITH A GUN! ))
<Dawson> "I'll take that as a no, which is perfectly ok. Being human doesn't seem to mean a whole lot."
<Hubert`> "Well, since you're just going to assume whatever, I'll just tell you that frankly, I'm not 100% clear on the details myself. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say no."
<Dawson> "Ah, the blunt tactic worked."

* Hubert` will attempt meditation to dig about in his own head a bit.
<Sparkie> oh, goody
<Sparkie> Roll! Roll! Err, wait, Alcar should say that.
* Hubert` jabs Sparkie in the eyes with icicles
<AlcarGM> Roll :p
<Hubert`> d100
<Sparkie> Hubert` d100: 81
<Hubert`> -_-
<Hubert`> (( you know what? next time I'll just attempt to throw myself down a flight of stairs, maybe Ill ciritcally fail and gain the ability to fly. ))
<Dawson> ((or then the matched success will crop up....))
<Hubert`> (( I mean shit, that wasnt even under my Mind. Im so pissed. :P ))

<Dawson> ((it's not complicated with sara, you just say yes, or no, or anything. If she has the handcuffs, it'll just happen))

<Hubert`> (( I have to stop rolling. Its kill me. ))

<AlcarGM> Boy #2 hasn't moved, and looks a lot thinner now and is covered in oozing blisters, his whole body twisted painfully. The air inside the house doesn't seem as warm as it normally does.. the faint smell of your foster mothers perfume that seems to linger on after she passed is gone. Boy #2 stops oozing, but the blisters remain.
<AlcarGM> The door does close, but for a moment you havean irrational fear your hand is going to go right through it instead.
<AlcarGM> Boy #1 lets out a despairing howl.
* Hubert` engages the locks and then steps back.
<AlcarGM> Your head hurts, a lot..... and Boy #2 is still on the deck, blistered and burning, and not moving. Perhaps he can't, anymore.
<Hubert`> (( well I'm gonna wait til morning to scrape him off, thats for sure. ))

<Hubert`> (( I swear, if that brat's still all gooey and crispy in the morning, Imma take a bat to him. ))
<Dawson> ((it's UA, he won't be there at all.))
<Hubert`> (( well no, thats what they do in real life. ))
<AlcarGM> Somehow, tho, perhaps because it's been too damned much today, or you're too tired, or the mind can adapt to anything, you do manage to sleep. You wake in the morning feeling achy and worn out, but you're head isn't hurting anymore
<Dawson> ((making you wonder if it was all just a dream. Until you realize he isn't there because he is behind you, with an ax. UA. ))

<AlcarGM> Boy #2 is, indeed, on your porch. His feet seem to have melted into it, somehow, and his skin is blistered and raw, like aq bad burn victim. He's trying to cower from the light, shading his eyes, and his hair is falling out in patches, his frechkles standing out sharpy on a too pale face.
* Hubert` puts on his shades, and opens the door a bit, making sure the other one's not around.
<AlcarGM> The other one is nowhere to be seen.
* Hubert` opens it. "I don't know why you hang out with that guy, if he makes you do crap like this."
* Hubert` grabs a metal spatula to get this kid's feet off the porch.
<Dawson> (( Awww. What a sweetheart. ))
<Dawson> ((Unless you plan to cook him))
<Hubert`> (( No, I just dont need a mutilated living scarecrow on my front step. ))
<Hubert`> (( though the living part is debatable ))
<Dawson> ((Why not, it'd keep sara away... ))
<Hubert`> (( unless she decided to sex him up. ))

<AlcarGM> Boy #2 doesn't reply. You get nothing coherent except an ache that reaches out, past will or thought, and thena burbling, happy sigh flows through your mind and Boy #2 curls up into a ball under the blanket, sleeping.
* Hubert` ponders what to do.
* Hubert` would actually want to bring him in, if he weren't afraid he would burst into flame or something...
* Hubert` decides to put him on the couch or something, so he isnt touching the floor. But if he starts getting affected, right back out he goes.
<AlcarGM> lol. k.
<Hubert`> (( its such a bad idea, probably, but I like this one. It seems like his brother's the one who's a jerk. :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( you don't know the half of it :P ))
<Hubert`> (( and Im sure somehow Child Services will be on my ass later. :P ))

<Malten> ... are you back lol?
<Hubert`> are you?
<Hubert`> are any of us?
<Sparkie> We never went away. We are always here, watching, waiting, for you to makie a single roll, a single error in the skeins of drunken fate to pull you down to the black abyss that spawned us.
<Sparkie> Dicebots, that is.

* alcar is half-tempted to try and pull a Scully for Mac. Somehow, he's not around for weird stuff, or can rationalize it.. would be neat.
<Gemm> "What are you talking about Dawson? That can't be real. I didn't see it."
<alcar> "Wow, nice contacts Hugh."
<alcar> it could be fun for the first few sessions. He's nice and normal and all the other pcs are going into very weird places
<Gemm> And then he gets pregnant with an alien child! :P
<Brisby> let's compete for the freakiest thing to happen TO a PC, eh?
<Brisby> Compete to lose! :)

<alcargm> Reid walks towards the house, his voice low "What was that thing?"
<Dawson> "A possessed person transformed into a dog through archaic, likely alien, methods."
<Dawson> ((That sounds less believable than I thought.))
<Dawson> "Or perhaps even through mental powers or even magic, there was a wizard at the party too if you saw the salt."
<alcargm> Reid stops, and stares at you oddly. "And this is, what, normal for you?"

<alcargm> Karl looks at you. "You're rather calm over all this. Tortured a few people before?"
* Dawson shoots Karl a cold glance.
<Dawson> "You're even calmer. You've lost count by now I bet."
<alcargm> He returns it impassively, his eyes cold and empty. You've seen eyes like that during training. He could kill you, everyone here, and feel nothing at all. "I never kept count."
<Dawson> "I know. You wouldn't have to. You were probably just as good your first time. A natural. Your mom must be proud."
<alcargm> (( Karl: "No, she was my first." ))
<alcargm> Karl just smiles slightly
<Dawson> (( btw LOL and creepy.))
<alcargm> (( could be true :p ))
<Dawson> (( That's why it's both. ))

* Dawson looks upon the frail Alex, pitying him.
<Dawson> "What's that they say? A true friend stabs you in the front?"
<Dawson> "This will be less painful. If you don't come back... I'm sorry."
* Dawson stabs straight through the heart.
<Dawson> Mind check?
<alcargm> (( hell yes :p ))
<alcargm> Reid comes into the room, watching curiously.
* Dawson sighs.
<alcargm> (( k, you've got 2 hardened notches in violence by and by :p ))
<Dawson> (( Great, on my way to Karl-dom))
<alcargm> <Reid> "it may help if you pull it out."
<Dawson> "Right."
* Dawson takes out the machete.

<alcargm> <Alexander> "I let him kill me because I was afraid to die."
<alcargm> <Alexander> "... That sounds really stupid."

<Dawson> great session
<Dawson> Karl's crazy
<Dawson> Reid's Crazy
<Dawson> Alex's Crazy
<Dawson> and I'm on the way.
<Dawson> Wait until I call my dad :)

<FirestormZero> LoL I bet this is like a team of sociopathic godwalkers.
<alcar> Karl Is useful, tho. If you ever need somethnig really horrible done :P
<FirestormZero> I was going to shoot Karl just to see what would happen.
<FirestormZero> But decided I liked the game
<FirestormZero> and wanted a few more sessions before finding out

<alcar> What makes Karl scary is that he's a normal human being.
<FirestormZero> you use normal a bit loosely :)
<alcar> No demon, never been possessed, never really deal with the unnatural. Just what anyone could become, in the right (well, wrong) circumstances :)
<FirestormZero> I think I'll vote socialist just because of that.

<alcargm> Breakfast is whatever you asked, made well. Carol is currently making lunch for the workers and asks how the party went, wild dog aside.
<Dawson> "Party was great... It'll be talked about for ages."
<Dawson> "I think I'll just have a few friends over from now on."
<alcargm> Carol nods. "That makes sense, dear. It could have gotten out of hand, with the ways kids are these days."
<Dawson> ((Lord. How many dead bodies need to crop up before things get out of hand to her?))
<alcargm> (( Best not ask ))

<Dawson> (( Do my alphabits spell redrum? ))

<Dawson> "That handeled alright?"
<Dawson> to Karl.
<alcargm> Karl: "Perhaps. He worries me. He has a secret."
<alcargm> (( This, from Karl. :p ))
* Dawson nods.
<Dawson> "He definitely does not wish us well."
<alcargm> Karl: "He wants a reason to hurt others. A man without power is more dangerous than one with power, if they gain it." His hand, perhaps unconsciously, strays towards his pistol as he watches Barry.
* Dawson nods. "Best to keep that sort from gaining power. Too many cowards have badges, and need them to feel valuable."

<tatterdemalion> Karl: "Dead men seldom ask questions."
<Dawson> "Sherrifs offices do."
<Dawson> "Especially because they know exactly where he's been."
<Dawson> (( I have to sleep now... ))
<alcargm> Karl: "Did you know that killing a sherrif is less jail time than a deputy sherrif?"
<alcargm> And with that, he walks away and we end the session :p

* FirestormZero has joined #game1
<FirestormZero> Dude, alcar[work[
<FirestormZero> I am having a kegger at my house
<FirestormZero> it's turning out just like dawson's party
<Chaos`^> if you're having a kegger
<Chaos`^> why the fuck are you here?
<FirestormZero> i wanted to tell alcar[work[
<FirestormZero> haha
<FirestormZero> that life immitates games
<FirestormZero> and i'm drunk
<FirestormZero> whoosh
* FirestormZero Quit (Quit: )
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> if he's so drunk, how does he type so well?

<Brisby> You know...
<Brisby> 1*3*3*37 = 333?
<Brisby> how 13337. =b

<alcar> Yup. Space Opera idea.
<alcar> except without aliens.
<Chaos`^> uh-huh?
<alcar> mostly based on the idea that some Heroes go out and defeat the Evil Bad Big Goverment, and then everyone is screwed over because it's what kept things working.
<alcar> so you get space-style dark ages :)
<alcar> much like the fall of the roman empire
<Chaos`^> what about the burning of room?
<Chaos`^> rome even
<Chaos`^> i burn my room alot too

<kentari> besides its sunny out
<kentari> you can't play a game when the sun is out
<kentari> that's like .. asking for trouble

<AlcarGm> The phone is answered on the 4th ring. "Oscar Meyer Weiners. How can we direct your call?"
<Brisby> "Hey Oscar. Did you miss me?"
<AlcarGm> Pause, then in his normal voice. "No, not really. What the hell happened at that party? We had smeone doing covert ops there and he's currently locked himself into a nut house and babbling about birds."
<Brisby> "Hmm. Something about a freakish dimensional warp into an alternate universe much like a combination of _Sesame Street_ with _A Wrinkle in Time_. Likely related to the disappearance of the castle.
<AlcarGm> (( You know, that's the first time I've seen someone actually use _with names of books_ .. in an irc chat .. for a game. Doing too many essays lately? :) ))
<Brisby> (I'm a markup aficionado :)
<Brisby> (( =b ))
<Brisby> (( doing too much HTML lately ))

<Brisby> "Will do. Anything else notable happen while I was away?"
<AlcarGm> Oscar: "Nothing that should concern you, though once you're done this current assignment we'll want a detailed report on the alternate universe."
<AlcarGm> You're pretty sure you image the "C is for CIA and that's good enough for me!" before he hangs up.
<AlcarGm> Reasonably sure.

* kentari has joined #game1-ooc
<kentari> hmmm
<kentari> I heard everyone hates kentari
<kentari> :(
* Sparkie hates everyone.
<Brisby> the enemy of your enemy is your friend, Sparkie.
<Brisby> Therefore Kentari is the computer!
<kentari> :P
<kentari> To hate me is treason!

<AlcarGm> Brisby is seducing Chet. Or something :p
<Drake`> omfg!
<Drake`> :P
<Drake`> :o
<Drake`> :D
<Brisby> I am?
<Drake`> damn you tracey!
<Drake`> I knew you were a bad influence
<Tracey`^> lol
<Tracey`^> yeah
* Drake` demands divine intervention.
<AlcarGm> <Brisby> "Sure, we can go somewhere else..."
<AlcarGm> * Brisby directs him to her bedroom...
<Brisby> You have a dirty mind, AlcarGm.

<Drake`> oh man
<Drake`> that sucks
<Drake`> I meant to invert my aura and be like, a lure
<Drake`> :P
<Tracey`^> dood
<Tracey`^> if you inverted your aura you would look just like me
<Tracey`^> then there would be two mes
<Tracey`^> lol
<Drake`> lol
<Drake`> we could have sex
<Drake`> cuz it would just be you doing yourself
<Drake`> no one would get in trouble or pregnant
<Drake`> :P
<Tracey`^> totally
<Tracey`^> i'm up for it
<Drake`> chaos dude
<Drake`> I know you would fap fap to drake
<Drake`> no thanks

* Tracey`^ smiles to Warny... err Varney
<AlcarGm> The vampire shrugs and takes a seat, and returns Traceys smile very warmly.
<AlcarGm> Edward sighs. "Sex later, if you ask her nicely. I'd like information."
* Drake` files Tracey on his things to do list, then! :P j/k
<Brisby> (( Drake + Tracey in that context sounds like... hmm, I hope I'm outside the blast radius ))
<Drake`> ((:P blast radius, huh?))
<Drake`> ((no one escapes rapture))
<Drake`> ((:P))
<Brisby> (( there's Drake` being ambitious again ))

* Tracey`^ backs her into a dark corner and puts her mouth to her ear "You lost your accent."
<AlcarGm> Vampirella gasps. "For you .... I'd lose.. anything..."
* Tracey`^ giggles slightly "Why do you want to be a vampire so... BAD" the last part in a 'alterior motive' tone
<AlcarGm> Vampirella: "Don't you?! Humans are cattle, sheep. Compared to them, we're nothing but meals on wheels. Without wheels."

<AlcarGm> Father Valentine nods to you, and raises an eyebrow at Chet (tho, admittedly, not as much as he would have if Chet still had the piercings), and sets him to doing dishes. During a lull between people needing free food, conversation, blessings, and the like, he asks who the woman sleeping in the library is, and why she won't wake up
<Brisby> "She's that boy's mother. And her young daughter was murdered yesterday. She... needs some peace."
<AlcarGm> Valentine looks shocked. "Murdered? Have the police found any leads?"\
<Brisby> "Well, the man who did it is also dead. She had been kidnapped, and... the rescue/negotiations, they... failed."
<AlcarGm> Valentine crosses himself. "Dead God in Heaven..."
<AlcarGm> (( Uh, Dear God in Heaven.. :p ))

* Tracey`^ sits down "My mistake... I sort of stole the door lady."
<AlcarGm> Edward: "You'd stoop that low?"
<Tracey`^> "I've always been low, what would make this different?"
<AlcarGm> Edward considers replying, then decides not to for nhis own peace of mind.
<Drake`> "For one, she was a woman."
* Drake` replies for Ed. :P
<Tracey`^> "Oh, don't worry, I didn't do anything with her.."
<Tracey`^> "I literally stole her."
<Drake`> "Did you put her back when you were finished with whatever you did TO her?"
<Tracey`^> "She'll be calling me in about an hour and a half if Varney doesn't kill her."

<Brisby> "How should he contact you in the future? Does the contents of the enevlope explain?"
<AlcarGm> Stephen nods. "Everything is in there. It'ds a routine vamp slaying."
<Brisby> (( that should O_o the kid ))
<AlcarGm> (( Stephen: "Though our previous agent, Ms. Summers, died at it, you should do fine." ))

<AlcarGM> Vincent enters and looks around, putting the briefcase on the table. "Don't want to take up much of your time. Was just wondering if you'd kiled your taxes this year."
<AlcarGM> (( filed ))
<Hugh`-> (( "Yes, I killed them. I buried them in the backyard. Would you like some coffee?" ))
<Dawson> (( When alcar makes freudian slips like that you'd best be careful Hugh.))
<AlcarGM> (( The tax forms of death ))
<Hugh`-> (( Line 24b: Add up line 12A, C, and 19D to find how many minutes you have to live. ))
<Dawson> (( that would be a perfect UA item... ))

<GeorgeBailey> "Has Harry come home? I couldn't find him... I think most of the people had a head start on me getting away from the place..."
<AlcarGM> Ma gasps in horror. "A giant dog? Don't say the H word! Are you . .are you all right? Did it bite you?" urgently
<GeorgeBailey> "I'm... fine, I think, but..."
<AlcarGM> Ma: "But what? Surely no one was hurt!"
<AlcarGM> Pa: "he wouldn't be banging on our door at this hour if everyone was fine," gravely, dressed in his robe and behind Ma. "Want to come in and talk about it, son?"
<GeorgeBailey> "I don't know- there might have been something else- I think Harry was right in the middle of things and I haven't seen him..."
<AlcarGM> Pa: "Harry was in the middle of it?" slowly. "What do you mean, son?"
<GeorgeBailey> "well... <gulp> He was standing right over where... when people started screaming and running... "
<AlcarGM> Ma: "He was what! He never said any such thing! I'm going to tan his hide!"
<GeorgeBailey> "What? Huh? Is he here?"
<AlcarGM> Pa: "You feeling all right, son? I know they serve alcohol at those parties...."

<AlcarGM> Harry grins. "I guess they were there to stop wild dogs, Ma." And his voice is Harry. Everything about him is, but it feels wrong. And the glint in his eyes could be the light, or mockery, or maybe you just need more sleep.
<GeorgeBailey> (( I told you it was evil incarnate. :))

<AlcarGM> Vincent nods. "Just glad to be of help, my boy. Esmerelda was a wonderful woman."
<AlcarGM> ANd you get a sudden vivid imagine, with sound effects, of both of them in your mothers bed, having sex. There's a knife involved, and silk ropes....
<Hugh`-> (( "And what exactly do you mean by that, huh?" o_O ))
<Hugh`-> (( OMG! ))
* Hugh`- steps back as if slapped, then trys to ignore it. :P
* Hugh`- looks a bit shaken. :P

<AlcarGM> You make it to bed ,and eventuallly manage to sleep, having a strange dream about singing children and people scremaing, and Harry slinking into the room and saying "you think I need to shave?" and getting hairy, and hairier, and saying "I'm hairy harry! Get it!" but it's hard ot makie out for the snout and him lunging down for your throat....
<AlcarGM> You wake up from the nightmare and the sun is up, it's say, and you feel exhausted.

<AlcarGM> What do you want to do on a lovely Saturday morning?
<GeorgeBailey> Breakfast!
<GeorgeBailey> and then call Mary...
<AlcarGM> Okay, you go down stairs. Annie is doing up dishes, and waves to you. "Good morning, sleepyhead."
<GeorgeBailey> "Morning, Annie."
<AlcarGM> annie: "What would you like, then? Eggs are out since they were used up by your father. Harry just wanted cereal," with a sigh. "I swear, that boy never changes."
<GeorgeBailey> "Oh, just about anything, Annie. What have we got?"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "We have bagels, frozen wafffles, and toast."
<AlcarGM> She whips you up a quick meal, tsking about the eating habits of kids these days. "Harry needs to eat more, I tell you. More meat in the diet, that's what you kids needs. Get some hair on your chest."

<Dawson> "Shotgun."
<Dawson> "Oh... wait... yeah."
<Mac> ... :P
* Dawson gets in the passenger seat.
<AlcarGM> With a shotgun? :)
<Dawson> Shhh. I don't have guns. :)
<AlcarGM> (( "I call shotgun." "Fine, here" *blam* .. would be funny. Or maybe that's just me. ))

<Dawson> "I can't blame you... so what's the deal with Sera? She seems fond of you..."
* Dawson smiles knowingly...
<Mac> "Err... how's about we keep that on a 'don't ask, don't tell' scheme of things, eh?"
<Dawson> "Alright, alright."
<AlcarGM> (( Que Sara Sara :p ))
<Dawson> (( That was really bad Alcar.... ))
<Mac> (lol, if only there were a way to kill the GM.)
<Dawson> (( I laughed, but i felt cheated of a good pun ))

<AlcarGM> Okay, you make eye contact with boy #2 and push. He takes a step back, surprised... you get "?! Where are you? Where..... where?!" and heat, sunlight, burning, weakening ,driving the strength out of him as he tris to get through, past... and other images, of .... you're not sure what. Thoughts, but none you've heard, strange feelings and images, like thoughts if they were overexosed or undeveloped photographs
<AlcarGM> . They make sense to him, but youm have no idea who they are, or what.
<Hugh`-> "...Different..."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 looks very surprised. You get "I can hear you again!" joyfully, from his mind, but it's still a little hard, and you're the only one keeping the link open. He isn't strong enough to, for whatever reason.
<Hugh`-> "Ah, yeah, that is better. Sorry, would've done this sooner, had it occured to me."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2: "I never knew anyone could," and his curiousity is very bright. "But you're not like us. You're.....different."
<Hugh`-> "Yeah, so far I'm different than just about everyone."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 looks sad. "I thought maybe you weren't. Maybe you were our .... father."
<GeorgeBailey> (( having fun with the... aliens? hellspawn? What are they, anywho? :))
<AlcarGM> (( Hugh's kids, of course :P ))
<Mac> (Who would be surprised by that one. :P)

<AlcarGm> Boy #2: "How is... born? .. done?"
<Hugh`-> "What, the way hum-- regular people do it?"
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 gives you a blank look. "With hammer and nails?"
<Hugh`-> "...either you misunderstood a colloquialism, or someone was fibbing."
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 frowns. "Making them. From the ground up. Pouring, and investing effort. Sweat. They sweat. I've seen people do it. The framework, and .... they build them."
<Hugh`-> "Really... never seen that before."

<AlcarGm> The gypsy looks at you. "Thank you for thre recomendation, young man. What questions do you have?"
<GeorgeBailey> "What will be my most memorable accomplishment?"
<GeorgeBailey> (mmm, non yes/no questions :)
<AlcarGm> (( bad george bailey :p ))
<AlcarGm> The Gypsy looks deep into her crystal ball. "You will acheive what you most desire, if you desire only it."
<GeorgeBailey> (( ooh ))
<GeorgeBailey> (( cryptic Alcar GM ))

<Alcar> The question is "Will George follow the Gypsys advice?" :p
* GeorgeBailey will see with whom he can arrange a visit to the pound :)
<Alcar> LOL! Seriously? :)
<Alcar> oh! I know. Biko's corpse :p
<Alcar> Already dead, and in the funeral home. And what kind of sicko would sneak into one to take tyhe corpse of a dead dog, I ask you?
<GeorgeBailey> A dead dog? No, the dog must be SLAIN. :)

<AlcarGM> Boy #2 stops and squats in front of the TV, running a hand over the scrren slowly, like petting an animal, almost sensously. Then frowns and smacks the side of the TV with one hand, standing and looking around to the back, clearly confused.
* Hugh`- just stands there.
<Hugh`-> "Um... don't break it, please; I can't afford a new one right now..."
<AlcarGM> He looks at you, then at the TV, as if waiting for something.
<AlcarGM> The tv goes back to the Soap Opera.
<AlcarGM> He comes back around to the front, looking vexed, then goes to the back. After a few seconds, he unplugs it, and comes back, holding the plug and staring at the blank screen in surprise.
<Hugh`-> "The pictures aren't real, if that's what you're thinking. They were all recorded a while ago, and the TV station sends it to the TV through the air."
<AlcarGM> then he frowns at the outlet in the wall.
<AlcarGM> he drops the plug and gives you a confused look.

<AlcarGM> He looks rather relieved and stares at the TV a bit more, then plops down in front of it and watches it curiously, as if he was dissecting it.
<AlcarGM> (( Alien EHRYEW makes his report: "Yes, I understand the humans. They are all rich, and betray each other and sleep with each other wives, and hate each other. We must exterminate them. But can we wait until this season ends? I'm dying to know who Glorias mother is." ))
<Hugh`-> (( "And many of them have evil twins." ))

<AlcarGM> Boy #1 yells in rage, the sound only in your mind, cutting into you like razor wire.
<AlcarGM> You swing, again...
<FirestormZero> (( Then boy 2's corpse explodes, getting everywhere. And then Boy2 dominates your mind, making you fix his new place ))
<Hugh`-> (( Shhh, Im hoping that only counts for special paranormal neck-crushing damage and not chair leg to the face damage. :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( roll :p ))
<Hugh`-> d100 so close... so very close...
<Sparkie> Hugh`- d100: 79 so close... so very close...
<Hugh`-> (( ARGH!!! ))
<Brisby> (( you're having issues tonight, I see ))
<Hugh`-> (( You bastard! You flaming dice rolling bastard! >_< ))
<FirestormZero> (( To be honest, I don't see how you could miss... ))
<Hugh`-> (( You dont know Sparkie like I know Sparkie. ))
<Hugh`-> (( he *finds* a way. ))
<Brisby> (( sparkie and AlcarGM, his accomplice :) ))
<FirestormZero> (( I always wondered about your relationship ))
<Hugh`-> (( I equate Alcar to boy 2 and Sparkie to Boy 1. ))
<Hugh`-> (( Alcar really has all the power, but Sparkie makes him do things he doesnt want to. ))

<Hugh`-> "Look, I'd be lieing if I said I could understand what you're going through right now, but please, accept that, all in all, what you just did was good. He was your brother, but he abused you. He used you. He didn't really care, about you or anyone else. And you just saved me, and Megan. And I'm eternally grateful."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 backs up some more, his expression closed and empty. From his mind, you get a very quiet, strained "He forgave me."
<AlcarGM> (( Boy #1 is really a bastard :p ))
<Hugh`-> (( oh that fucker... ))

<alcargm> Okay, you focus the Darkness and crack the possibilities, which sit up and beg for you. And you get all green lights as you head to the park, arriving at a record time and speed, literally having smoking tires. Pity you weren't running over the souls of the damned, as they make excellent traction.
* Tracey`^ considers summoning a few to fillin the damned pits in the road, but decides against it

<alcargm> The park is the typical well manicured park that look more like a garden than anything else. You find Jane on a park bench, with 3 feral weres circuling her, making lewd comments.
* Tracey`^ looks at the weres
* Tracey`^ looks up feral
<Tracey`^> ah
<Tracey`^> What types are they?

<Tracey`^> "Now this is just the tip of the iceburg, beyond the were and vampires there are fae, and the elders as some people call them."
<Tracey`^> lol i made the elders thing up ><
<alcargm> You just think you made it up. They exist now.
<alcargm> Or maybe not :)

<Tracey`^> "Take this coffee as an analogy... The coffee is every type of hell in every religion created."
<Tracey`^> "This cup is the darkness." She spills the coffee "This is a demon."
* Tracey`^ rips a piece off of the cup "This is me."
* Tracey`^ looks at the small puddle and cup piece she made earlier "Just because I hold hell together doesn't mean I'm absulute evil."

<alcargm> We left off with Megan in the doorway of the library, staring out at you at Boy #2, who is currenly lying in the street, and unconscious. The old town hall accross the road, the one they built before anyone knew the town was the centre of the state, and subsequently built the new one on said site exactly, is now an empty plot of real estate.
<Hugh`> (( well, at least its not an empty plot of black hole which was secretly being contained under the building. ))
* Hugh` runs out and picks Boy 2 up off the ground, and brings him back inside.

* Hugh` shakes head. "No, the one who died was his brother. We don't seem to be related as far as I can tell. I don't think we're the same, whatever we each are. I think the resemblance may be coincidental."
<Chaos`^> Hugh shakes head... that doesn't sound right
<alcargm> gives would have sounded worse.
<Chaos`^> haha
<Hugh`> geez, I forget one lousy three-letter word...

<alcargm> Megan: "This is... weird, you know? he's talking to you?"
* Hugh` looks at Megan, as if just remembering she was there. "Huh? Oh... yes. Sorry, I was talking out loud, wasn't I?"
<alcargm> Megan nods.
<alcargm> Megan: "You still are."

<alcargm> Boy #2: "Their light is ... special. Protected?" He shrugs slightly. "I think some people hurt more, though, but most buildings hurt the same. Escept your house. The demon was bad."
<alcargm> Megan: "Couldn't what?"
<Hugh`> "Demon?"
* Hugh` raises an eyebrow.
<alcargm> Boy #2 nods.
<alcargm> Megan looks around. "Where?"
<Hugh`> "My house is protected by one, apparently." *offhandedly to Megan*
<alcargm> Megan stares at you incredulously "And you didn't KNOW?!?!"
<Hugh`> "Well, it's not like there's a big red cloven-hoofed giant wandering around and making sandwiches in the kitchen."
<Hugh`> (( "Unless he's invisible. Whihc is a possibility." ))
<alcargm> Megan: "Maybe it's invisible?" dryly

* Hugh` turns back to Boy 2. "Do you have any ideas, then?"
<alcargm> Boy #2 looks towards the door, then back at you, and shuffles his feet awkwardly. "Ideas?"
<Hugh`> "Of what we can do to get your brother to stop trying to kill me and cause all sorts of other trouble."
<alcargm> Boy #2: "Oh, that!" He pauses, pacing again, then looks dejected. "I don't know. I've never.. wanted/been able (the words blur together) to stop him He's smarter. Better. Older."
<alcargm> Megan: "Couldn't you call the police? He must be wanted, or something."
* Hugh` looks at Megan. After a pause: "...Oh. You weren't joking."
<alcargm> Megan: "Hello? He kills people. The police don't like that."
<Hugh`> "Well obviously. But 1) its going to be hard to get the police to hang around to wait for the 'freaky black-eyed kid' to show up, and 2) he makes people do things. it's like handing him their guns."

<aslhk> I am running amber! hah!
<alcar> and what amber?
<aslhk> yours =P
<aslhk> and I haven't started yet
<aslhk> I just got home from work
<aslhk> I am running amber [soon], I meant! =P

<Alc4r[GM]> You've just cleared the canyon yourself. Roll 1d20 to see if you get hit by the laser
<Hiro--> 1d20
<Sparkie> Hiro-- 1d20: 9
<Alc4r[GM]> Okay, you got a number, so you don't get hit.
<Hiro--> (( that was a close one ))

* Hiro-- takes a slow sip from his water bottle
<Alc4r[GM]> Your water bottle got blown up earlier. They used a nuke. This new one just isn't the same.
<Alc4r[GM]> Still, it's probably too good for this planet.
* Hiro-- mutters something about 'fucking caldorians' under his breath

* Tracey`^ pulls over
<Tracey`^> (( i'm still driving right? ))
<alcargm> (( I hope so p ))

<alcargm> Jane: "What's bigger than you, then?"
<Tracey`^> "Me, for example, then. I am Darkness, my rival is Light. I have seen more eternities than you could count, I have seen Fates come and go, gods and worlds, universes and demensions, all of them crumble eventually, an
<Tracey`^> *cough* sparkie *cough*
<alcargm> Jane: "But .. how do you? What if there isn't?"
* Tracey`^ shrugs "you know the feeling you get when you know you're being watched? it's like that, only stronger."
<FirestormZero> (( I love that rush... oh.. erm.))
<alcargm> Jane: "So God is, what, a peeping tom?"

<Tracey`^> 1d100 I vill steel youhrrrr sole!
<Sparkie> Tracey`^ 1d100: 96 I vill steel youhrrrr sole!
<Tracey`^> omg
<Tracey`^> fuxor you sparkie!
<Tracey`^> i was trying to be cute too =(
<Tracey`^> hmmm
<Sparkie> Oh. I demand a reroll then!
<Tracey`^> 1d100 YES!
<Sparkie> Tracey`^ 1d100: 10 YES!
<Tracey`^> Hai hai hai!
<Sparkie> YAY! 1!

* Tracey`^ grabs a pen quickly and writes down what she said as she was being sucked away
<alcargm> You would, but english doesn't have enough vowels. or cossonants.
<Tracey`^> Who said I was using english? i'm using Dark!! =p
<Tracey`^> ooh with blood!
* Tracey`^ writes it with blood =p
<Tracey`^> as a matter of fact, i'll write it with janes blood
<alcargm> LOL!
<Tracey`^> kill two birds with one stone =p
<alcargm> Okay, you cut her, and write a message you can't decipher with your lackeys blood. And, strangely, it makes sense.
<Tracey`^> it does?
* Tracey`^ sighs and looks at the half dead jane next to her and pockets the message and looks back into the spell
<alcargm> (( well makes sense to use her blood to write it :) ))
<Tracey`^> (( oh lol ))

<Tracey`^> "Listen, I have a trump card, I give it about a thrity percent success, but you need to choose quickly. What do you want?"
<alcargm> Jane gices you a blank look "want?"
<Tracey`^> "I can try to fix this, or I can try to fix your whole mortality thing."
<Tracey`^> "Your choice."
<alcargm> Jane: "Fix what? What did you do to me?!"
<Tracey`^> "CALM THE FUCK DOWN! I released you from that lame assed spell that your so called father put on you, it's not like I had a warning not to do it, i thought it was some lame sorcerer that did it, from the way it was constructed... Hiding some memory... But nooo it was hiding a FUCKING DRAGON... Fuck..."

* Tracey`^ releases and smiles at her "you're cute, you know?"
* Tracey`^ begins walking toward the mansion once more
* Tracey`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<alcargm> lol. k.
* alcargm is now known as alcar
<Chaos`^> how fitting
<Chaos`^> i just want to mention how much I hate you alcar
<Chaos`^> hate's the wrong word
<Chaos`^> i'm perturbed
<Chaos`^> well
<Chaos`^> I sort of wanted a human base to work with =p
<alcar> You had one. Then you went and ate the soul and broke it :P

<Chaos`^> I guess i'll have to get another lackey
<Chaos`^> or something
<Chaos`^> I can't handle 2 though
<Chaos`^> i can barely control 1
* Chaos`^ sighs
<Chaos`^> fate hates me
<Chaos`^> fate is you, by the way
<Chaos`^> incase you never noticed
<alcar> lol.

<AlcarGM> The USS Virgo has been travelling for a good decade now through the uncharted vastness of chartered space because the people charting it were paid in the Federation communism (which has no money, but somehow stil gets things done). The charting was done in the method of sending random people out who knew nothing about mapmaking, much like now the Chinese hired people to dig wells by having them write poems about lilies.

<AlcarGM> Security Officer Barkley Gunn: "All hand have been requested! Give your hands up for the glory of Mother Federation!"
* Cmdr-Smith`^ sighs and runs over to this confrontation "What seems to be the problem here?"
<AlcarGM> Security Officer Barkley Gunn salutes. "Sir! These ensigns refuse to give up their hands, sir!"
<Cmdr-Smith`^> "Their hands? Since when does the federation take peoples hands?"
<AlcarGM> Security Officer Barkley Gunn salutes. "Sir! All hands were requested on the bridge, sir!"

<AlcarGM> The bridge is bustling with life. No one is playing bridge, mostly because it's too complicated for starfleet officers (or officers anywhere) to understand.

* Cmdr-Smith`^ glares at the dr "You're late Lieutenant!"
<AlcarGM> Megan: "most men are far too early."
<DrWilsom> "Sorry sir... um, nature called."
<Cmdr-Smith`^> "you are out of line ensign halloway."
* DrWilsom pulls out his shiny tricorder
<AlcarGM> Doyle the science officer looks eager! "What did nature say? was the xperience like a spring flower blooming alone on a sunmmers day fragrant with the promises of beauy and not yet bowed by the cold, aching awareness of its own fragile immortality?"
<AlcarGM> Megan Hallowway smiles. "We can play Doctor later, Doctor."
<Cmdr-Smith`^> "Doyle, man your station!"
* DrWilsom looks at Doyle, " no it said... blaarg, drip, drip, plop."
<AlcarGM> Doyle: "But is any of us really a man, or are we all just rude beats trapped inside our dull, senseless flesh, dead creatures who have yet to be awakened to the true nature of the universe, and our place wihin the vast cosmoes?"
<Cmdr-Smith`^> "Doyle you are no longer permitted to speak without Halloway's permision."

<AlcarGM> You reach the shuttle bay! It currently consists of your steriod-friendly security officer Gunn currently carrying enough weapons to make Rambo look worried, the object you have recovcered (( http://www.fivepeaks.net/images/portable-toilet-sales-product1.jpg )), and a red red shirts, waiting to be devoured.
* DrWilsom looks stunned.
<DrWilsom> "Sir, ive never seen this species before."
* DrWilsom walks to the object and scans it.
<Cmdr-Smith`^> "It's a shuttle."
<DrWilsom> oh!
<DrWilsom> "Then i dont need this."
* DrWilsom puts the tricorder away.

<AlcarGM> The door of the shuttle opens and a loud, brazen voice screams "What do you think you're doinng boy?" and a man comes out!
<AlcarGM> http://www.mazman.com/funpics/redneck%20charcoal%20lighter.jpg
* DrWilsom jumps
<DrWilsom> "Commander... its... a clone?!"
* DrWilsom looks at Smith.
<AlcarGM> He's not wearing a regulation uniform, but now that he;'s left the protecxtive shielding of the craft does register as a lifeform, and a rather pissed off one AlcarGMt that. "I was having a crap, you .... hey, where AM I? This ain't Kentucky?! Where's Rose?"
<DrWilsom> "Its un believable... he looks like you."
* DrWilsom looks puzzled
* Cmdr-Smith`^ glares at DrWilsom
* DrWilsom winks at Commander Smith
<Cmdr-Smith`^> "What? You are on the USS Virgo. Who are you?"
<DrWilsom> "im Dr Lt Wilsom sir.
<DrWilsom> We have already met"
* DrWilsom salutes

<Cmdr-Smith`^> "Who is this rose you speak of?"
* DrWilsom scans the man with his tricorder
<DrWilsom> "Sir, the reading says he is a redneck."
<DrWilsom> "native of a planet called... the south."
<DrWilsom> "Im not aware of this planet."
* DrWilsom smiles and puts his tricorder away.

<alcar> yay! Nevaeh is now in the star trek game by proxy and I - as Jack - am a redneck from kentucky.
<alcar> all of which means I should have slept instead of ran this game
<yetifemme> Oh, the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home... :P
<alcar> <AlcarGM> Jack: "Rose! The love of my effing life, you freaks! The woman who was gonna a marry me, or at least shag me on the carpet until my arse begged for a decent vacuum cleaner! Where atre you hiding her? This one of the candid cameras, cuz I can shore be candid!"
<alcar> Truly, a thing of beauty :p
<yetifemme> you are a sick man, alcar
<alcar> But in a good way!
<yetifemme> the vacuum cleaner != "in a good way" :P

<DrWilsom> "How do you suppose we send him back?"
<Cmdr-Smith`^> "Hmm... I imagine if we bounced a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish it would creat a disturbance in time that would make a wormhole back to where he came from, then we could just transport him inside the wormhole and he'll be home."
<AlcarGM> (( ..... wow. ))

<DrWilsom> "Computer, Search google, for possiblities of sending this man back to his time."

<AlcarGM> Red Shirt #1: "Sir, I am entering the vessel! OH MY GOD! IT'S ALIVE!!!" There is a horrible noise, like a waterfall on spincycle that is constipated and trying to push a kidney stone from inside the vessel as Rs #1 dies!
<Cmdr-Smith`^> (( Sounds like a flushing toilet ))
<DrWilsom> "hmm... someone should call the doctor, see if they can help him."
<DrWilsom> "Come sir, to the medical bay."
<AlcarGM> Jack: "No! He flushed - " and the minature black hole that was the actual end of the toilet activates, and sucks up the entire crew of the USS Virgo!"
<AlcarGM> - end of session -

<GeminiRai> lol, I just got killed because of impatience
<GeminiRai> I tamed a new horse, and before I can even saddle it up it wanders right into a land mine and blows up
<GeminiRai> It happens to be in a pit, so I get a boulder and fill it up, and test my gems, turns out one of them engraves in the floor, so I write real slowly "Here lies a noble" about 3 letters at a time, since each letter takes a turn to engrave, and then I got impatient and just wrote "steed, who was stupid enough to wander right into a land mine"
<GeminiRai> and an energy vortez waltzed up, engulfed me, and shocked me to death
<GeminiRai> *sigh* I had r0x0rin stuff too
<GeminiRai> 7 26382 Xavior-Kni-Hum-Mal-Law died in The Gnomish Mines on level 11. Killed by an energy vortex, while helpless.

* GeorgeBailey heads over for the caurosel with Mary...
<GeorgeBailey> (( maybe I'm paranoid, but I suspect that the caurosel is already possessed :))

<GeorgeBailey> "I don't know... the Romans liked the occult and what-have-you well enough."
<AlcarGM> The old woman laughs. "Magic. Hah! No one believes, anyway. The signs all say it's a dead end street, but no one believes. That's magic, that is, watching people cling to their beliefs in the face of reality. You want to know the future, George Bailey?"
<GeorgeBailey> "Maybe, if it's being told..."
<AlcarGM> She shrugs, drinking back a slug of beer. "Oh, what the hell. To stupdity."
<GeorgeBailey> "why? You willing to spill it here? Go ahead; I don't see any reason why not."
<AlcarGM> The old woman frowns to herself for a second, then begins reciting softly, in a whisky-dry voice. "Wolfsbane not enough, the dog will bark Warning unheard, sight unseen in the dark. The lure of stuff, the need unsated, What magic word is there to free the fated?"
<AlcarGM> "And soon or late, it all comes down to blood, And in the very end, when there is no bud, no bud," she holds up her empty budweiser. "Who will be left to sat the needs of power. It comes down to friends, at the final hour."
<AlcarGM> She looks at Shawn. "Another." he pours it, looking bemused.
<GeorgeBailey> "Poetic."
<AlcarGM> She shrugs. "life is a poem."

* GeorgeBailey considers. "I could try to construe it as something that made sense, but perhaps an English major would have better luck."
<GeorgeBailey> "But thank you, ma'am, for your poetry. Does thou have any kindly advice that we may take along with it?"
<AlcarGM> She shrugs. "Don't get caught."

<Mac> "Ah, alright Caddy. What got you into this business?"
<AlcarGM> Caddy loooks surprised, then says "My uncle is a mortician, and I saw a few funerals when I was younger, and figured I could help people."
<Mac> "Thats good. Giving back to the community eh?"
<AlcarGM> Caddy nods. "Of course. Ah. Don't you want to go now?"
<Mac> "I guess we've got enough. Thanks for your time Caddy."
* Mac leaves through the doors.
<AlcarGM> He looks a little relieved when you leave. Maybe he's just anti social.
<Mac> (Yeah, and Princess Di loved paprazi. :P)

<AlcarGM> It's now late afternoon, close to supper time. The sun is setting, painting the sky in beautifucl colours and the secret message of God, known only to synesthesiacs who can hear the sound the light makes when it hits the ground .... what do you want to do, now? :)

<AlcarGM> Megan: "This is, like, something out of a movie. Like ET, if it had been written by Oliver Stone."
<Hugh`> "Megan, you don't really need to tag along."
<Hugh`> (( "Quick! Make the Bicycle Fly! Oh, wait... I can do that myself." ))

<Hugh`> "Ok, so we need to get you invited in, right?"
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 looks up and nods.
<Hugh`> "Ok then, lets give it a go. *pause* Hmm... need to think up a good reason... Let's see..." *ponders*
<AlcarGM> The lights are on, the name on the mailbox says Holly. Simple two-storey affair, not in the best shape.
<Hugh`> "Hmm... Ok."
* Hugh` walks on up to the door and rings the bell (or knocks, if necessary)
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 just waits patiently, the feeling of hunger in him easing since he'll be eating soon.
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 comes up to the stairs, but doesn't go up them.
<AlcarGM> Okay, after the third knock (the bell is broken) an unshaven, pot-bellied man smelling of beer opens the door, squinting at you. "What do you want?"
* Hugh` (( secretly wonders if killing the occupants so hes the only one inside would authorize him to invite people in :P j/k ))

<AlcarGM> oh, btw, mac tried to phone while your PC was out. I assumed you had no answering machine :p
<Hugh`> Oh... no, probably not./
<Hugh`> Unless the demon answered it. :P
<AlcarGM> lol. No. Guardian spirit enslaved, yes. Answering machine is right out of the question :p

<Billy`^> I'm really good at stealing a man's girlfriend, don't mess with the billy!
<Hugh`> Goat

<Hugh`> (( Hmm. I sure hope filling in on Boy 1's role just now doesnt have some weirs unseen metaphysical effect on me or anything. :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( you;'re about to discover one of 'em :p ))
<Hugh`> (( oh my ))
<Hugh`> (( being an accomplace cmes back to bite you, I guess. :P ))
<Billy`^> (( Timmy and tommy ))
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 stops you about half way to the point, grabbing your hand to slow you down. You're not quitre sure what is coming off of him ..... confusion, need, want... "When do we....?" and you get a very vivid image of you, and him, naked, and touching each other.
<Billy`^> (( GAAH! NO! NO! *scratches eyes* MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!! ))
* Hugh` jumps back. "Wha??"
<Hugh`> (( I may be pale, but Im not Michael Jackson. :P ))
<Billy`^> (( no, boy#1 is ))

<Billy`^> "I want to talk to you in private anyway."
<AlcarGM> sara: "You do?! Why?!"
<Billy`^> "I'll tell you when we're in private, how's that sound?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Okay!"
<Billy`^> "Hmm... are your parents home?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Yes! But they're sleeping! They do that every night," she adds helpfully.
<Billy`^> "Really? How odd... Let's go for a walk, then, somewhere private. You lead, you probably know the most secluded places in town."

* Billy`^ hmms and leads the way instead... to the fields or some such
<Billy`^> "Sarah," He says when we're far away from people, "do you like having sex?"
<Billy`^> (( I guess that's like asking if a fish likes to swim ))
<AlcarGM> Sara stops, and looks at you oddly. "No!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I love it!"

<AlcarGM> The man goes back into the truck. You get images from his mind,and they're rather ... well. It involves aliens, and his gun, and things you'd never think of doing with a gun, before or after pulling the trigger. He believes that the aleins are hiding in cats, and has killed at least a hundred....
<Hugh`> (( Wow alcar, you really know how to make me hate an NPC both in-character and out-of-character. :P ))

<Hugh`> "Haven't even seen any weird fast lights or anything?"
<AlcarGM> Marcie: "Randy saw them last night. They were green, and glowing, high up in the air. But they flew down and went through him, and got away. He's currently purifying himself."
<AlcarGM> (( best not to wonder what method they use ))
<Hugh`> "Any way I can talk to him?"
<Hugh`> (( I do. ))
<AlcarGM> Marcie: "he's busy," tightly. "And why do you care?" And you get an image, of a bath in salt water, with the skin cut open all over to get the light out, of drinking lots of special tea, and more cutting, and bletting the blood and water burn togehter, and pouring beer on the woulds, since the yeast will grow within and stop the alien infestation

<alcargm> She looks confused by that. "She was here." She touches the tree. "I buried her, beneath it., to sleep. Because if kings can sleep under hills, she can too. I could bring her back. I was told how once, in a dream I never had. But she'd never forgive me for doing it."
<Billy`^> "Oh? And why is that?"
<alcargm> She makes a face. "Angels like their feathers. I'd have to pluck them off, and she'd lose her soul. If we even have those. I'm not sure. Do you have one?"
<Billy`^> "I'm not sure sometimes... I think so... Maybe it's something else... Do you think she's an angel now?"
<alcargm> She giggles. "Oh, no. You need to be with the gods to become one of those and then carry the dead. She'd say it was too much like work."
<Billy`^> "Then why do you say you'd strip her of that?"
<alcargm> The girl shakes her head, frowning. "Because it's wrong. There's always prices, for returning. And all of them are more than can be paid. I remember when Yeshua ha Notzri did it. His people died for it. They still are. And he's tortured for each one of them."

* alcar finds it rather dtwisted that, in this game, Jesus raised from the dead and doomed the jews as a price, and the holocaust was his fault :p
* alcar is obscurely proud of that reasoning.
<Chaos`^> You're wierd alcar, you scare me

<alcar> Marcie: "We haven't done anything wrong. And we don't need your kind here. Government. Always trying to hide the truth. There are aliens among us!"
<alcar> (( this is nicely twisted :p ))
<Hugh`> (( "Who told you?! Er *cough* nevermind." ))
<alcar> Lance just nods. "I wouldn't be surprised. Lots of immigration, these days."
* Hugh` smirks.
<alcar> Marcie: "He knows. He was drawn here," and points to you with what looks like a very accusing finger. "Abductees are always drawn back to the scenes, it's part of the programming."
<Hugh`> "Hey, I never said I was abducted."
<alcar> Marcie: "It's okay. There is no need to be ashamed," in what passes for a gentle tone for her.
<Hugh`> "I'm not ashamed, I just don't think I was abducted." (("After all, you have to have been on Earth first to be abducted from it. Arrival doesn't count."))

<alcar> Marcie: "How can anyone be sure? No memory is perfect! They can alter our memories without even trying, look into your heads and read our desires! No one is safe!" and then, in a perfectly normal tone "unless you wear a tin hat."
* Hugh` barely prevents himself from laughing out loud.
<Hugh`> "did.. did you say a tin hat? Like, tin foil?" *almost snickers*
<alcar> Boy #2 does giggle, in your head.
<alcar> Marcie: "Aluminium has many properties, including being double-named, and thus protected as all the twice born are."
* Hugh` stares.
<Hugh`> "oookay.."
<alcar> You get something from her head that has confused american and british spellings of the world with celtic twice-born mythology about ppl who die on a tree and come back, and something about odin as a spokesperson for glaad.
<alcar> Marcie: "The truth is only hidden if we do not seek it out. Your sunglasses are a sign of it. You blind yourself to the true world," serenely

<alcar> Marcie lunges backwards as you hit her arm instead, and feel like you sprained your pinky. Her eyes are wide, and definitely not all ther.e "You're with them," she says in a tone of malice, and raises the can to spray your face :P
* Hugh` covers his face and ducks.
<alcar> the spray gets you just as you duck, in the hair, and glasses. Luckily you didn't swallow it.. it's very, very potent. Industrial, probably.
<alcar> Boy #2 jumps back, alarmed.
* Hugh` goes to wipe off his glasses, but decided not to take them off afterall.
<alcar> The fireflies scatter away ... but from boy #2,not you any more
<Hugh`> "You really need to switch to decaf!"
<alcar> Lance: "Put the bug spray down," evenly, in a stern tone.
<alcar> Marcie blinks, but he gets through and she lowers it, glaring at you and breathing heavily. "I know what you are!"
<Hugh`> "Yeah, a guy with pesticide in his hair."

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