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<Mary_jane`^> "Nora, would you go find Luna and have her stay here with Gabe... I kind of want her to watch over Wade..."
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm affraid he might... hurt himself or others... He saw--felt what Jacob is, and now he feels... weak, worthless."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "..... And you think Luna would help?!"
* Mary_jane`^ smiles
<AlcarGM> Nora: "She'd probably turn him into a potted plant or something."
<Mary_jane`^> "She's smarter than she pretends to be."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well so are you," generously.

* Mary_jane`^ runs up to Nora's old room to borrow some of hers
<AlcarGM> You surface three hours later from the closets, half convinced the shoes stretch into another time zone

<Mary_jane`^> "When the shit hits the fan, you learn really quick what your limits are."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "And what do you know if you have none?"
* Mary_jane`^ blinks, recalling "Try not to go power hungry and overthrow hell."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "He doesn't. I felt his ... will, when he woke me. So much, just holding back power, preventing him from truly using it ..." He trails off. "I would think that is a lack of ambition."
<AlcarGM> He chuckles. "Not that I would try it."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Perhaps power lies more in what we do not do than what we do....." he shakes his head. "I think I am just confusing myself."
<Mary_jane`^> "No, i think you're on a roll." PArking
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Then what do you not do, that you could? What .. limits .. do you put on Truth?"
<AlcarGM> (( "I don't tell pregnant women what they really look like." ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Mmm... you're really starting to get pretty deeply into ethics... I do what I think is right, what is good... What people expect the heroine of a story to do..." (( not to be confused with the heroin of a story ))

<AlcarGM> You.. shop!
<AlcarGM> What do yhou get for yourself? :p
* Mary_jane`^ pilfered Nora's closet... She has a shop in it herself... but because she's a party girl she probably grabs some shoes and an outfit or two...
<Mary_jane`^> whatever girls these days shop for =p
* AlcarGM nods. You can never have too many shoes.
<AlcarGM> The trunk of the car, of course, fits all of it.
<AlcarGM> And has room left over to stash a body. It alway does.
* Mary_jane`^ doesn't have any spare bodies to test the theory, so she just closes the trunk

<Mary_jane`^> "I need to sleep it's... been a long day and I have work."
<AlcarGM> Jacob nods. "I should probably find out if I can."

<alcar> Come on, it's Superman's costume? Who wouldn't want to wear it?
<Gemm> You could get one at a costume store, ok?
* alcar has this image of a supervillain cosplay conventiuon where they beat their hero nemesis solely to steal their custome and go to the super villain ball
<Gemm> Where do you think Bizarro went?
<alcar> Those never fit right, though.
<alcar> but it's probably vital...
<alcar> Clark Kent: "Uh, but .... I can't strip for your security search, Mr. Airline Security man."
<alcar> .oO(Great scott! If I have to remove my clothing, evedryone will realise that Clark Kent is really Superman!)
<alcar> So he would have ot travel without it and buy one from a costume store.

<Mary_jane`^> (( I thought we were taking a plane..."
<Mary_jane`^> err ))
* Mary_jane`^ sighs "i'll drive for a while."
<AlcarGM> (( oh, yeah! oops! ))
<AlcarGM> Jeeves comes out. "Change of plans. We'll take the plane, and have the car meet us there."
<Mary_jane`^> "O-kay..."
<AlcarGM> jeeves: "I went to print off a map." he holds out a piece of paper."I got this instead."
* Mary_jane`^ grabs said paper
<AlcarGM> Printer paper, says: "In Spring, when love turns to fancy / A plane ride is much less chancy."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "I assume this is some strange magical warning system?"
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<Mary_jane`^> "I have... no idea..."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs
<Mary_jane`^> "Whatever, plane it is."
<AlcarGM> (( hey, it gets around my snafu :p And is funny. ))

<AlcarGM> The stewardess demonstrates the methods of fastening seatbelts and all of that by rote, bored. She probably does it at home when people visit her house. ("In the event of Arthur's Chili con Carnivore exploding again, the emergency exists from the dining area are clearly marked.")

<AlcarGM> emergency lights kick on, and you hear people runnig past the door.. hallway, it seems, armed and running in a group.
* Mary_jane`^ rushes through the next door with her sword in hand
<AlcarGM> You leapt out into the hallway and run into two men in lab coats, who look quite surprised. "Ah...." "Err" "HELP!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Who are you and what is this place?"
<AlcarGM> Lab Coat #1: "HELP!" again, screaming like a girl.
* Mary_jane`^ puts a sword to his throat "Tell me."
<AlcarGM> #2, with more presence of mind, pulls out a syringe from a pocket and tries to drug you as if you were a recalcitrant mouse they were experimenting on.
* Mary_jane`^ punches #2 in the face
<AlcarGM> He drops like a sack of potatoes. #1 whimpers help, this time "Who are.. how did you .. si this.. is this a hostile takeover?"

<AlcarGM> Three men with stun guns come around the corner, probably getting hard ons acting out Star Wars.... "Don't move!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Shut up."
<AlcarGM> That not being the expected reply, they try and open fire. Try, because they're just human, and you are most definitely not.

* Mary_jane`^ finishes up and puts the dirty sheets in a laundry bin, washing her hands
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm hungry, I'm going to go bet breakfast. You in?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe; ".... thanks," after he's dressed. "Sure." (("I bet 10 dollars!"))
<AlcarGM> (( I wonder if casinos actually have betting for meals.. ))

<AlcarGM> The computer asks your age.
<AlcarGM> and reason for query
* Mary_jane`^ sighs and typs in her age, and to know who the hell was trying to kill her
<AlcarGM> hehehe
<AlcarGM> The computer responds with informtion on David Frug, 51, former city garbage collector "injured" in loine of work and voted in as new fisher king after 9/11 drove the previous one mildly around the bend and over a few kerbs *British spelling, of course, emphasizes this). Current satus: Active.
<AlcarGM> it also gives you google ads. Given that this computer is in Atlantis, this may or may not worry you.

* Mary_jane`^ hrms and looks up omega13
<AlcarGM> Atlantis has them listed as terrorists :)
<AlcarGM> and pretty much what you knew; cell-based anti magic organization, ,motives unknown. Funding beleived to stem from worldogvernments and HeretiCorp.
<AlcarGM> The part where they sell "free" energy to cities isn't in the computers here, oddly.
<Mary_jane`^> odd
* Mary_jane`^ looks up the part where they even sell energy
<AlcarGM> It's not listed at all.
<AlcarGM> So either it's not known (unlikely?) or someone has removed it.
* Mary_jane`^ hrms and logs off of the computer
<AlcarGM> (( Atlantis' computers are really a wiki :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( That would suck =p ))

<AlcarGM> Dragon: "You must answer a Question to pass this place," with a snarl and dire need of a breath mint
* Mary_jane`^ breaths deeply relaxing somewhat
<Mary_jane`^> anyone I know? ;)
<AlcarGM> Nope.
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Seven."
<AlcarGM> Dragon: ".... pardon?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "three plus four. I just answered a question. Can we pass?"
<AlcarGM> The dragon looks down, eyes narrowing.....
<AlcarGM> Gabe: ".... it was worth a shot?"
<AlcarGM> The dragon breathes a gout of flame down at both of you with a roar.
* Mary_jane`^ () Quit (Ping timeout)
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "The question is: How often tonight will Chaos ping timeout?!"
* Mary_jane`^ () has joined #game1
<Mary_jane`^> ... damnit
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Dragon: "The question is: How often tonight will Chaos ping timeout?!"
<Mary_jane`^> THree more times!
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "Doh!" :p

<Mary_jane`^> "My 'king' wasn't the one who sent people into new york."
<AlcarGM> She looks at you disbelievingly. "It happened in his city.Of course he did it."
<Mary_jane`^> "He was doing me a favor."
<Mary_jane`^> "They tried to blow me up."
<AlcarGM> She blinks at that. "A favour? Kings do not owe their subjects favours, dear."
<Mary_jane`^> "Mmm... Do you remember the king that was sent to bellona?"
<AlcarGM> She frowns, then nods slowly. "Yours destroyed him."
* Mary_jane`^ shakes her head
<Mary_jane`^> "No, you are all just really paranoid and think he's responsible for it."
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head in turn. "A king rules their kingdoom. He may have you convinced otherwise, but that is a lie."
<Mary_jane`^> "The king, in bellona, I was going to college there at the time... He tried to kill me."
<AlcarGM> She doesn't look surprised. Youn seem the sort to attract that :) "And?"

<AlcarGM> The old woman shakes her head. "You understand, now? He is stronger than all of them, in will and energy. And you think you are not his puppet? Kings rule, child. It is their nature."
* Mary_jane`^ raises an eyebrow
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm sorry?"
<AlcarGM> She deals cards again, slowly. "A king's sacrifice binds them to their kingdom. A kingdom serves a king, acts out their wisehs, is their desires -- what they wish happens, what they will becomes real. What makes you think you are not his servant?"
* Mary_jane`^ grins
<AlcarGM> (( "Because I'm the player, stupid!" ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Because I get him into so much trouble."

* Mary_jane`^ tests her blue fire on one of the vines
<Mary_jane`^> one of the thorny, ugly, mean vines
<AlcarGM> You send it up, and the vines cease to exist, returning to a formless voice
<AlcarGM> err, void
<Tass> formless voice sounds so much cooler, though
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<AlcarGM> some sort of giant sneeze...

<Mary_jane`^> "So, who's with us?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Beijing, oddly. Even the hidden city. Me. Mexico, even though she shouldn't be.Iceland, because you, apparently, are good at cards. Lots of small players thinking they owe me. Most of the major ones..... aren't."
<Mary_jane`^> "Really? Paris put up a good front then... What's with her?"
<Tass> I'll put up a solid front and she'll surrender :P
<AlcarGM> :p

<Mary_jane`^> "Nora'd like her."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Nora likes anyone."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, but she has that charm to her... Reminds me of one of her old girlfriends..."
<AlcarGM> Gabe groans. "I have enough problems without other cities think I'm trying to seduce Paris with a succubus."
<Fennec> (( only if the succubus is named Helen ))

<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well, it would be weird. Even for me. But how do I get a date with a city?"
<Mary_jane`^> "... Ask her? I wonder if she could hook me up with a french guy..."
<AlcarGM> Gabe buries his face in his hands and groans. "Why me?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well, I can't just go to the city and waves my hand and hope to attract the attention of its king ..quen.Can I?"
<Mary_jane`^> "We should go..."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Supper might be good first, though." She brightens. "I'll need to change,"and dashes upstairs.
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I assume," patiently, "your trip did not succeed?"
<Mary_jane`^> "The trip went just fine."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Over one hundred ninjas trying to kill people is a different definition of fine."
<Mary_jane`^> "How do you know they have anything to do with the trip?"
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Because you went on it."

* Mary_jane`^ grabs some pizza
<AlcarGM> Jeeves puts three on the table, frowns. "I made four..."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Shhh," to you, swallowing a pizza
<Mary_jane`^> "Tad ate it."
* Mary_jane`^ would stick her tongue out at him if he wasn't in her head

* Fennec just personally thinks it would be hilarious if Paris dumped Nora and tried to ask MJ out or something like that. :P
<AlcarGM> pls stop reading my mind kthx :p
<Fennec> hahahahahaha

<AlcarGM> Nora drinks some tea. "So. You actually want to do this?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You know, for a french cafe I figured their coffee would taste more... frenchy..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Do what? We're just having a little fun in the city of romance. If she decides to show up she can join us. I bet she hardly ever goes to enjoy her own city."
<Mary_jane`^> (( "It's like masturbation, everyone needs to enjoy themselves every once in a while." Or... not >< ))

<tatterdemalion> idlerpgs are, also, popular
<Chaos`^> what?
<Chaos`^> no i mean the topic says "Idle only"
<tatterdemalion> ah. That is just silly :p
<Chaos`^> i dunno what you're talking about
<tatterdemalion> they're rpgs. Where one idles.
<Chaos`^> ... what?
<Chaos`^> how is that possible?

<Tass> "I didn't like Kage's somewhat indiscriminate vendetta against the fae too much."
<Tass> ugh :P
<Tass> one of them 'rolled a 12' and made a reincarnation machine out of one of his wards, rather selfishly, when I went to it for help!
<Tass> the others I went to help for told me that if earth was destroyed, then they would just go elsewhere, and they weren't going to lift a finger otherwise
<Tass> oh, and one tried to kill him because he hadn't gotten to kill someone in a while
<Tass> I think it was a rather descriminating vendetta! :P
* Fennec hugs Tass. It's okay. Just not very moral. ;)
<Gemm[Bed]> Who is mortal but the man that sits beside gods?
<Tass> if a whole race of people either wants you dead, or toys with you because they think they are above you, and at the same time, are indifferent or even hostile to everything you hold dear....
<Tass> I think its safe to not like them :P

<Tass> and kage didn't want to kill all the fae
<Tass> just one :P
<Tass> and well, strip them all of their immortality
<kentari> and yeah
<kentari> Cameron was for total genocide of the fae, Kage was just for dealing with their issues.
<Tass> well, because it turns out they snubbed their responsibility of protectors just to live forever :P
<Tass> and not even live forever
<Tass> but to live forever in their self made sandbox that thet built on the remnants of some poor guys soul
<Tass> back to sophie, though
<kentari> heeheeheeeee
<kentari> Sophie would've been awesome if it weren't for his environment ;p

<Mary_jane`^> sometimes, I just want to shake the super MJ from campaign 1's last session and ask her "Why the hell didn't you give me more protection form things like this!?"
<AlcarGM> lol

<Mary_jane`^> so... is the city still protected or is her unconsciousness going to be a problem?
<AlcarGM> oh, protected still.
<Mary_jane`^> from omega13?
<AlcarGM> of course!
<AlcarGM> Really!
<Mary_jane`^> i don't trust you
<AlcarGM> Would I lie to you?!
* Mary_jane`^ calls her staff

* Mary_jane`^ is also sort of... stranded in paris
* Mary_jane`^ digs through her pockets for a credit card
<AlcarGM> You, of course, have one.
<AlcarGM> And Money nora left, still.
<Mary_jane`^> Wait, Nora left money?
<Mary_jane`^> How much? =p
* Mary_jane`^ thanks god for Nora, and somehow doesn't see the irony in that
<AlcarGM> couple grand left over from your clothing trip :P
<Mary_jane`^> ...
<AlcarGM> Having a succubus for a friend is good. Having one with money is better!
* Mary_jane`^ buys a french dress before buying a plane ticket
<AlcarGM> ah! Prioties. Good.
<Mary_jane`^> that's what women do right?
<Mary_jane`^> spend mony on clothes?
<AlcarGM> lol
* sparkie adds that to the quote

<AlcarGM> You now have a dress. And a 6hour plane flight, on which you read and half way through it find there is turbulence. Only, it's in your head, ending with a dragon and a friend landing inside, smoking gently.
<Mary_jane`^> oh good!
* Mary_jane`^ goes inside her head to investigate
<AlcarGM> Nora is coughing on the beach, smoking and her hair burnt, and reeks of .... cookies?
* Mary_jane`^ yells out
<Mary_jane`^> "Tad!" Running for him
<AlcarGM> Tad is curled up, shivering, and quite small.
* Mary_jane`^ grabs him by the neck and nearly chokes him
<Mary_jane`^> "Tad, why do you keep doing that? you need to learn to run when something like that happens."
<AlcarGM> You choke him to death. Turn to page 138.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> The swuccubus, not wanting to find your dragon again, kills you. End of adventure!
<AlcarGM> :P

<Mary_jane`^> "I'm so sorry... But when you see me doing something stupid like that you just need to leave..."
* Mary_jane`^ looks up at Nora
<Mary_jane`^> "Thank you thank you thank you!"
<AlcarGM> Tad: "... then when would I ever BE here?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Where'd you find him?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Girl guide camp," grimly.

<AlcarGM> It's close to 9 am, you aren't tired, there is an apprentice swordsman cleaning a kitchen, Lancelot outside finishing his practise, and an ex-angel and fisher king upstairs in a home that has so many rooms even jeeves forgets where a few are.
<AlcarGM> This is your life not on drugs. Imagine it on them.
<AlcarGM> :p

* alcar doesn't do planning small session games well :)
<alcar> Though the other night game w/ Chaos dealing with vrill and such is fairly short term.
<kentari> oh
<kentari> chaos and you don't game, alcar
<alcar> oh? :p
<kentari> You have a literary form of cybersex.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> ... rofl!

<AlcarGM> http://uncyclopedia.org/images/f/f3/Supermam.jpg
<AlcarGM> I must use this in Supers Lite. Somehow.

<AlcarGM> La Fin De Siecle 3 Session #16 - the continuation of the "literary form of cybersex" (to quote kentari)
<AlcarGM> You wake from the dream on another bed, in a house too big for any single family.The bed smells of lavender, bounce sheets and freshly laundered dreams. Despite the dream, you are surprisingly well rested, though Tad is still sleeping off having died. Again. Lazy bum....
<Mary_jane`^> is that what we're calling it now?
<AlcarGM> (( was his name for it earlier :P owing to the hours and such :) ))
* Mary_jane`^ wakes, and being used to dreams like that, doesn't really feel all that bothered
<AlcarGM> You can hear the sound of the TV downstairs (plasma, of course) playing some video game to judging by the shooting (or maybe Jeeves videotaped the last time he caught kids trying to graffiti the walls around the estate)

<AlcarGM> You arrive at Disco Debbies! It's a club done up in 70s wood pannelling, with a disco theme, playing rap music. Needless to say, it's not that crowded.
* Mary_jane`^ heads to the next nearest club
<AlcarGM> The next nearest club is an irish pub, without anything really irish about it save the name. And cheap drinks.
<Mary_jane`^> Club, not pub
<Mary_jane`^> as in dancing? excitement?
<AlcarGM> Okay. The third one turns out to be a real club. It's filled with frantic people trying - so very hard - to have a good time, neighbours screaming hoarsely to each other to be heard over some trendy music the radio station has played at least 20 times today already. At least it's crowded, and the pressure of warm bodies relieves loneliness, as does the warming effect of a few too many drinks.
<Mary_jane`^> that's what I want
* Mary_jane`^ goes into the club

<AlcarGM> You get a drink, though how you pay for it on your rather new job and while just out of school is one of those things we gloss over. Right. Dad guilt. Never mind.
<Mary_jane`^> lol

<AlcarGM> A handsome big, tough guy - the Working Out type who never work out their legs and tend to look like mutant carrots - comes up to you, invading your personal space. "Hey, babe."
* Mary_jane`^ looks him over
<Mary_jane`^> "I believe you're invading my personal space..."
<AlcarGM> Him: "And I bet you think I look like a mutant carrot, too, huh? Damn women libber dykes..." he storms off.

<AlcarGM> The dance floor is quite crowded with people dancing, or at least faking it with reckless abandon. Quite a few of the men look like Michael jakson doing a moonwak and having an epileptic fit, and the vast majority of the women look like Pamela Anderson Lee if she had breast implants (which says a lot about how much of the dance floor they are occupying)
<Mary_jane`^> she... does... have breast implants
<Mary_jane`^> those aint real
<AlcarGM> (( yes, I know. Now imagine women to whom her breasts seem normal. ))

<AlcarGM> Loki: "haven't felt this good since Martin Luther. Used to convince the silly bugger I was the devil. He's be throwing feces at me on the john, and everyone else would be outside, trying to prtend they didn't hear him. Good days, you know?"
<Mary_jane`^> "What did you do?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Came to the house and - bam!" He slams a fist into his palm. "It was like being reborn. And I've done that, a few times."
<Mary_jane`^> "...What?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Dunno. The sky was funny, for a second, and -" he gigles some more - "I feel awesome. I might have sex all night, you know. Just because I can! I haven't been able to even get a decent errection since 1973, you know.
<Mary_jane`^> "You know... I don't know that."
<AlcarGM> Loki: "It's all Nixon's fault. He says: 'I am not a crook' and the whole fool and trickster schtick just - died. Like someone gave bugs blue juice, you know?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "But right now I feel like I could dance through Ragnarok naked in lingerie."

<AlcarGM> Loki: "But right now I feel like I could dance through Ragnarok naked in lingerie."
<Mary_jane`^> "Ah... That wouldn't go over well."
<Mary_jane`^> "So... you just suddently felt better? Nothing happened?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Hell, yeah. You've never seen how Thor looked at me, if the bugger is alive again. Sure, he used to hit him, but he'sd also grope me. Never thought the wife knew, but that's Thor for you."
<Mary_jane`^> "It wasn't all that spirit energy was it?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Spirit energy? If so, I want more. Pretty please, with sprinkles and sperm on top."
<Mary_jane`^> "Grope you? When you were a man or a woman?"
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Man, at the time. He had issues. Probaby all the chest hair. We called him a neanderthal god, you know?"

<AlcarGM> You are buy sulking when Merlin wanders into the bar. He looks rather exhausted and frail, a mere shadow of his former self, and is croaking: "no more," over and over, like a mad man. "Don't kiss me again."
<Mary_jane`^> ... You're serious?
<AlcarGM> Yup.
* Mary_jane`^ looks up, and drops her Jaw
* Mary_jane`^ gets up and... approaches him slowly
<AlcarGM> Merlin blinks, confused, and changes, getting taller, more stately and majestic, wrapping magic around him like cheap tissues and bending it to his will. "I am Merlin the magician! Who here will be the next King Arthur?"
<AlcarGM> Tad remains asleep.
<Mary_jane`^> "...Merlin?"
<AlcarGM> Merlin looks at you from lowered brows. "Yes?" in a deep, resonant voice of power. "You," in a more conversation tone, "can't be arthur. You are female," serenely.
<Mary_jane`^> "Merlin how did you get here?"
<AlcarGM> A punk kid shoves you aside, hard. "I'm Arthur, dude."
<AlcarGM> Merlin nods, as if unsurprised, and waves a hand, vanishing with the kid and ignoring you entirely.

<Mary_jane`^> "Gabe... What's going on?
<AlcarGM> Jeeves is on the couch, watching.
<AlcarGM> Gabe opens his eyes slowly, blinks. "I couldn't .... get it all in time. Energy has to go somewhere," slowly. "Trying to ...." And, for a moment, the room is filled wiht nothing but pressure; Will, bringing itself to bear on reality. Then gone. He gasps, catchins his breath. "- fix it. Don't dare tap the grail."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well... I've got plenty of room, right?" Offering him a hand "Fill me up?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe grins. "You probably...." and takes your hand. Tad yelps, and energy pours into you. Spirit... and more ... and more.....
<Mary_jane`^> "Wake up?" To tad with a grin
<AlcarGM> After a minute, you feel a bit like throwing up, and it's still coming..... something gives, deep inside, and more goes in .... then Gabe lets go, wiping sweat from his forehead."Half. Thanks."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Do I have to die again to get peace in here?!"

<Mary_jane`^> "So... You lost the ability to kill things?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "To harm. It took .... a lot to hurt him. Apparently such tests come with prices. You may go now."
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't think so. You're dangerous right now. I can't let you leave alone."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I am not."
<Mary_jane`^> "You're a danger to yourself. I just know you're going to go do something stupid."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I never do anything stupid," flatly.
<AlcarGM> (( "Well, except for betting on the Cubs...." ))

<AlcarGM> Nora honks the horn again. "Ride. Here. I'm not a taxi, you know."
<Mary_jane`^> "We should get in."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I told you I was not going."
<Mary_jane`^> "Then where ARE you going?"
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Away."
<Mary_jane`^> "And what is Wade supposed to do?"
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Make his own path. I cannot be what he wishes."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "....."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I swear, sometimes I need subtitles..."

* alcar nods. Movies are.. not good if things get attached to them.
<alcar> They fall apart under the weight of pretention :)
<Ceilidh> Like RPGs?
* alcar laughs
<Ceilidh> I like White Wolf mostly...
<Ceilidh> But DAMN does the pretension get annoying

<KenDM> The curtain rises, and we are in the sprawling metropolis of Tellanus. Well, no, you two are there. I don't actually have a body.

* Omal is a short, bearded halfling with dark hair and eyes, often carrying a sling and daggers about his person and wearing leather armour that seems to have seen better days despite efforts to repair it over the years. His clothing is adequate but nothing exemplary and Omal is accompanied at all times buy a rather larger black dog who is rather protective of him.
* Omal wears no outward sign of his faith save in his clear, unwavering gaze and a sense of quiet peace about him like a trailer park just before a tornado hits.
<Omal> (( ooops. The trailer park part was never meant to make it to the real description.... ))
<KenDM> (( :P ))

<KenDM> A half-elven fellow wearing polished leather armor, well-stiched like a smoking jacket, and wearing boots that click sort of like tap shoes appears from an alley, and approaches the guard. He asks, "Have you seen anyone suspicious looking around here lately?" The guard looks over, wordlessly at the two of you with a gruff expression of some sort
<KenDM> And since he's a half-elf, that means he has long blonde hair and [insert gemstone here] colored eyes.
<KenDM> :P

<KenDM> He walks back into what probably was, back when the place was open for business, the kitchen, leaving you two alone for a precious dialogatory moment ;p
<Spade`> (phone, brb)
* Omal watches as the moment passes and is gone.
* Omal reflects on mortality, and the inevitability of time, and scratches at his beard, wondering if it has fleas.

* Omal walks over and checks out the horses, since you can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his fellow creatures
* Spade` heads to find the carriage, then
<KenDM> The horse is a well-kept, dark horse.. not a stallion, but something like it. It bears a fresh, shiny set of horseshoes
<Omal> (( ... gelding, maybe? :P ))

<Alicia> If no-one ever knows that they're crazy, do they really count as played that way?
<Tass> well, I dunno, alicia, are you playing the game for others, or yourself?
<Alicia> That missed the point
<Alicia> How insane are they really if... okay, point taken
<Tass> I like to think it cut to the heart of what I'm trying to say

<Alicia> Heh, I kinda agree with this:
<Alicia> "The obvious purpose of releasing a new edition of a game called Cyberpunk is to incorporate new genre innovations written or filmed or animated since the release of the previous edition.
<Alicia> Does Cyberpunk v.3, straight out of the box, allow one to emulate Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex? What's that, no, it doesn't? Why, then, I guess it's a failure!"
<Alicia> People saying Cyberpunk v.3 is a total failure on RPG.net
<kentari> When you try to incorporate everything, you acheive nothing
<Alicia> Not true
<Alicia> GURPS and HERO do fine
<Alicia> As long as you're not trying to make Mulder and Scully in HERO or Superman in GURPS
<kentari> .. GURPS......
<kentari> Is like a roleplaying game..
<kentari> But the geometry is all wrong.
<Alicia> It IS an RPG

<AlcarGM> Nurse: "Oh! You're awake. It's just a mild sedative," and she is lying..
* Mary_jane`^ fights the drug... wondering how a sedative works on her, but not alcohol
<Mary_jane`^> "you're a terrible Liar."
<AlcarGM> You beat it out, easily, waking.
<Mary_jane`^> "Why are you here?"
<AlcarGM> The nurse blinks, then smiles, emotion draining from her eyes, leaving them dead and cold. "So it is true," and her hand comes towards your face, holding an obsidian blade that was not there a moment ago.
<Mary_jane`^> "You've come to kill me?"
<AlcarGM> Given the blade coming at your throat..... maybe? :p
<AlcarGM> This is, of couse, not True. But, gosh darn it, it's a pretty good guess!

<Mary_jane`^> "Alright, focus on me right now. You did what you needed to do. She was going to kill me."
<AlcarGM> Wade: "I - I know... I just....."
<Mary_jane`^> "Alright, come here," Grabbing him close "It's always hard... It will always be hard. It should never be easy. When it starts getting easy then you know something's wrong."
<AlcarGM> He just clings to you, shaking, saying he's sorry.
* Mary_jane`^ gives him the regular 'shh's and 'it's okay's for however long it takes him to calm down
<AlcarGM> It only takes him about two minutes to pull away, blinking. He looks up at you, terrified. "Don't - don't tell Lance?"
<Mary_jane`^> "He will know... There is no way to hide it."
<AlcarGM> Wade just nods jerkily. "Are.. are you .. all right?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm fine..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Let's go see how Gabe's doing, ok?"
<AlcarGM> Wade manages another nod, and to stand, following you in a bit of a daze
<AlcarGM> (( He stops, in the hallway. "OMG! I got enough XP to level!!!!" ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( "Sweet! You should go for a cleric so you can ressurect them after you kill them!" ))

<Mary_jane`^> "How is Gabe doing?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Better. Are you ..... okay?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm fine.. It... gave up, rather easilly... Which is odd... But I shaped it into something useful."
<AlcarGM> Nora ignores him. "he keeps saying he's fine to leave. But the doctor says he has four years of medicals to catch up on, and he's not leavinbg until they're done."
<AlcarGM> gabe: "...useful?"
* Mary_jane`^ nods
<Mary_jane`^> "Truth."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Sex toy, I bet."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Geeze. That's boring."
* Mary_jane`^ sticks her tongue out at Nora
<AlcarGM> Nora; "Like you ever DO anything with it anymore."
<AlcarGM> Wade makes a strangled noise, turning bright red
<Mary_jane`^> "I do, all the time."
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait, what are we talking about?"

<alcar> So! Davis successfully lied his way past security and you went home. And slept!
* `Ashok totally left Davis high and dry. Oh well!
<`Ashok> "I can always apologize."
* `Ashok says to himself. ;p
<alcar> Strangely, when morning comes and you waken from a sound sleep, the oportunity has passed and gone, since he is already off to classes.
* `Ashok blinks.
<alcar> (( And so, the feud begins.... eventually leading to Davis losing his hand and going bald and.... ))
<`Ashok> (( :P ))

* `Ashok thinks: What Would Faline Do? :P
<alcargm> (( The GM thinks: Nothing Four Colour. ))

<alcargm> Greg just shakes his head, not looking around the room, refusing to look at you at all now.
<alcargm> (( "So... eating your wheaties, eh?" ))
<`Ashok> "Did Evert make the mess?" :P
<alcargm> (( or that :P ))

<tatterdemalion> There is, however, a scratching on your door.... your room door, that is.
* `Ashok quiiiickly heads to his room! :x
* `Ashok grabs a roll of duct tape from below the sink first. ;p
<tatterdemalion> You open the door, Greg looking up, confused.... and open yourbedroom door to find http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/sl/animal.jpg sitting there, waiting to be let out of the room. The dog has, also, been sleeping in your bed.
<`Ashok> "You! With your incomplete pixels!"
* `Ashok rips out a length of duct tape. RRRrrrip.
<tatterdemalion> lol.

<tatterdemalion> Greg: ".... !" ... behind you, staring at the .... hog tied, duct taped stuffed dog...
<tatterdemalion> The stuffed dog barks playfully.
<tatterdemalion> Greg: "...."
* `Ashok takes the thing, and storms into the main room.
* `Ashok duct tapes it to the fridge door as well. Liberally.
<tatterdemalion> Greg gets out of your war, staring...
* `Ashok then sits, angrily, on the couch.
<`Ashok> "Davis has some explaining to do when he gets back," to Greg. :P
<tatterdemalion> Yhou now have a currently stuffed formerly real dog duct taped to the fridge....
<tatterdemalion> Greg looks at you as if he thinks YOU do :p

<Belldandy> I did have this one D&D campaign with some insane players who were easy to please. It was set in a high fantasy setting, airships and such. They were obessed with getting an airship, so whenever I didn't have anything ready I'd just toss an airship at them and they'd try to steal it.
<Belldandy> they'd spend an hour working on an elaborate scheme to steal it then come back with just a dot representing them, a square representing the ship, and an arrow point to the square. It would read "this is base/we attack the base"

<tatterdemalion> !addsurge Every time you go to bed, you wake up with a dead cat, neck broken, in the bed beside you. It's always a different cat, and always looks so very shocked. . . . Your wife has left you.
<Belldandy> oki... that's kinda flithy
<Tricia> -.-;
<Alicia> I don't even get it
<Alicia> It's filthy?
<Belldandy> yeah, it is filthy
<Alicia> How are dead cats filthy?
<Belldandy> ... I really rather not, I don't care for that word
<Alicia> ...
<Alicia> You're going to make a necrophilia joke now, aren't you?
<Fennec> I think it involves the felineness actually
<Fennec> but I'm not sure
<Belldandy> OKI! change the subject now

* alcar just has slaves
<analog> the children in the cellar?
<alcar> .. and am now picturing a unionized harem....
<alcar> "Well, after the incident with all those wives and having their heads chopped off because HE couldn't produce a son - like it was THEIR fault - we got together and ..."
<analog> <sharp intake of breath> i'm afraid i can't do that for you today, guv. It's gwen's day, today, see.
* alcar nods. It would be funny for a fantasy novel. Big, barbarian hero type...
<analog> working part-time in a harem?
<analog> for sword money
<alcar> "My blade is rusty. Wait! I didn't mean it like THAT!"

<Mary_jane`^> "Sometimes you don't get to choose what happens to you."
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Of course we do; we aren't slaves. Not to our powers or gifts." He's silent a moment. "Not even to God."
<Mary_jane`^> "Just because we're not their slaves doesn't mean we win every battle. Some times you're the bullet, some times you're the gun."
<AlcarGM> He smiles slightly at that. "Hrm. And how often do we pull the trigger, then, I wonder?"

<Mary_jane`^> wait, get dressed?
<Mary_jane`^> are you implying that MJ sleeps naked?
<AlcarGM> She's the Truth! The truth is always naked!

<Darkkin> There are two types of cubes
<alcar> There is only Time Cube, you educated stupid person you.
<Fennec> Darkkin: what alcar said

* Davis wakes up and looks around for his weapons to sharpen for the days battle, then realises he doesn't own any, and that's probably something he should keep to himself

<AlcarGM> You arrive back at your down,only to hear someone scream: "Stop that!" from beside the building.
* Davis takes a look around the side!
<AlcarGM> A girl is jumping away froma boy, who pounces on her... and proceeds to tickle her some more. They also pouncesnugglehuggle. It looks a lot more painful than it probably is.

* Davis then heads off in a slightly different direction, to retrieve zee mobile, and intends to rendezvous
<AlcarGM> The car is fine, since no one else has decided to try and solve parking problems by destroying vehicles in lots. Dennis is waiting for you, and gets in the car when you stop.
* Davis takes off, turning to Dennis and says, "Hey, Dennis, do you believe in reincarnation." as he climbs towards 60 mph
<Davis> (or not :P)

* Davis shuts off the engine and climbs out, "I love this place. Really cheap, and they're upen early and close early, so you don't get any of the big families or the late risers."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "How do they make a profit, then?"
<Davis> "I think the owner's rich, he just never shows it. Its about the same crew of people here every morning. Kinda like cheers, but with breakfast."
<AlcarGM> Dennis nods, getting out and following you inside.
<AlcarGM> You get a few odd looks, since you are not caucasian,and Dennis, well, doesn't have real legs, but the locals are used to students, and there is a plaque on the wall about the time an alien race used thisd place as a beachead in their invasion (the are is designated a historical landmark as a result) so the waitress doesn't even bat an eye, brings you both coffees, takes your orders etc.

<Mary_jane`^> "Excuse me, I'm looking for somebody."
<AlcarGM> Maureen: "Aren't we all?" Then smiles."Sorry. Long day. Name?"
* Mary_jane`^ gives whatever name luna registered under
<AlcarGM> She checks, types. "Ah! She's in Ethics is a pre rational world. Religion." She sniffs. "Bunch of silly people, if you ask me," to a goddess.
<Mary_jane`^> "Mmmm... Thanks... What room?"
<AlcarGM> She tells you, deciding not to rant further for some reason she'snot entirely sure about.. You reach the classroom on the other side of campus without any trouble. It's fairly larger, about 200 students.
* Mary_jane`^ peeks in looking for Luna
<AlcarGM> The professor is, currently, explaining the ressurection of Jesus being witnessed by a large crowd, when Luna looks up from her seat, sees you.. and vanishes in a flash of light. THe professor, not missing a beat, asks 5 peole what they say, and begins going on about how their differing views of the flash of light points out several fallacies... etc.
<AlcarGM> The fact that a girl in his classs DID just vanish in a ball of light appears to have not bothered him.
<Mary_jane`^> ...

<AlcarGM> Luna: 'I said GO AWAY!" and power flares, forcing you away...
* Mary_jane`^ fights back harder "Luna what is the matter with you?"
<AlcarGM> You're pulling her back.. there is another flash of light in the room...
<AlcarGM> Professor: "Of course, Jesus took 3 days to return," a little strained now.
<Mary_jane`^> "Talk to me!"
<AlcarGM> Professor: "We are in the middle of a class, young lady. I can talk to you later!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Not you!"
<AlcarGM> Luna: "I SAID GO AWAY!" and she'swhere she was, but burning, the air filled with the moon, and the weight of it. Her power wraps around you.
<AlcarGM> Professor: "And this, of course, is what happens to MaryMagdalene when the fanfic and mary sue people get ahold of her."

<AlcarGM> People ... perk up, like puppets, and shamble forward, beginning to swarm the three of you, begging and pleading...
<AlcarGM> A few people grab, no longer friends, fingers digging into flesh, tearing at clothing...
<Mary_jane`^> "Enough." With perhaps a hint of truth behind it "You heard me the first time, I won't repeat myself."
<AlcarGM> They aren't listening, or past the point of caring.
<Mary_jane`^> "Uhg... Get off of me."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Leave us alone," flatly, and the people jerk back, scattering.
<AlcarGM> A few make warding signs :P
* Mary_jane`^ grunts and waves a hand, making a big Mayan or Aztec feast a few dozen feet away
<AlcarGM> Nora: "....."
<AlcarGM> People.. dive into the food.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Are you insane?! They'll all get indigestion and probably die!"
<Mary_jane`^> "But happy!"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "There's things that are more important than being happy," fireballing your feast
<AlcarGM> People scatter, now *very* confused :P
<Mary_jane`^> "Like freedom."
<AlcarGM> A few throws rocks at her :)
<Mary_jane`^> "And now we are free."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "They won't be free if you keep on giving them things!"

<Ceilidh> !trap
<sparkie> The Trap is a dangerous one and is transfat
<Ceilidh> ... WTF
* alcar grins
<Fennec> blame alcar :P

<AlcarGM> Davis returns home to the dorm after classes. It's Thuursday afternoon, the sun is shining, there's birds chirping, the parking lot the giant robots tore apart is almost rebuilt and your class was boring. At least you got to see an operation at the hospital, though it was rather hard with 15 other students in the room.
* Davis counts it all as reverse action karma and hopes it doesn't build :P
<AlcarGM> Yo enter your apartment, and from your vantage point you see Ashok sitting in the living room, looking pissed off... And, well, there is a stuffed dog ( http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/sl/stuffeddog.jpg ) duct taped to the fridge.
<Davis> "......."
<Davis> "I'm not interrupting something, am I?"
* Ashok looks over, with a scowl, "I don't know. You tell *me*."

<Fennec> (( wow! It's NOT LFDS! ))
<AlcarGM> (( If we removed the F from that, we'd have a rather fun rpg, too :P ))

<Ashok> "Fangs?"
<Ashok> "Like some sort of vampire?"
<AlcarGM> Greg: "other way. Up. Tusks."
<Ashok> "So ... a troll?"
* Ashok blinks.
* Ashok takes a seat, oh how his eyelids fatigue him!
<AlcarGM> He shrugs. "Dunno."
<AlcarGM> He continues to study his hands nervously, not looking up.
<Davis> "Hrm."
* Ashok wolfs out. "Did it rrrresemble this?"
<Ashok> ((oh god, j/k :P))
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Yes!" And he throws 2 silver letter openers :p

* Ashok totally tries to get on the campus bus, but knowing public transportation.. its probably not running during a time when it would be used.
<AlcarGM> Of couse not. That would be practical. It's probably against union rules for that:p
* Ashok liberates a bicycle, then.
<Ashok> oh hell, 4 color.
* Ashok gets on his bicycle. :P

<Davis> "Great. How much can you see?"
* Davis says 'great' with a little bit of exasperation
<AlcarGM> Greg: "..... see?" warily, now definitely studying his hands.
<Davis> "It's just obvious, really. I trust you can keep a secret?"
<AlcarGM> He looks up, staring at you..... then just nods.
<Ashok> ((<Davis> "I LIKE like Ashok." :D ))
<Davis> (DIE)

* Ashok shouts "Psychic POOOWEEERR!" (the second word echoes like crazy) and spends thirty seconds putting on a domino mask and a cloak with a shimmering background. Of course, no one notices. :P
* Ashok is now known as Psimon
* Psimon descends upon the scene!

<AlcarGM> The first thing has vanished into the ground between both of you, leaving behind only disturbed earth to makes it's passing into the underworld.
* Psimon demands, "Where are your ilk?!"
<AlcarGM> See, this is why games over IRC are good. I could never have said "The first thing has vanished into the ground between both of you, leaving behind only disturbed earth to makes it's passing into the underworld." in real life without laughing :p

<AlcarGM> The strange human follows the werewolf down into the darknesss, where there is no light.... I hope Psimon can, say, see in the dark? :)
* Psimon planned for this. :P
<Psimon> "You won't be able to hide under cover of darkness..."
<Psimon> "I have..."
* Psimon reaches into his cloak, "Knight vision." And clicks on a flashlight.
<AlcarGM> The tunnel slopes down, almost a slide now, and there are voices ahead, gutteral growling.. three of them, having some argument.. it seems the werewolf has..... allies! Psimon, on the other hand, does not even have a stuffed taco bell dog for an ally.

<AlcarGM> There are three critters, four including the one you are tailing..... they're standing around a table, talking.
<Psimon> If they're holding playing cards, so help me god..
<AlcarGM> Nope. The middle of the table has... a ruby! Which is pulsing with a sickly grey light

<AlcarGM> Foxfire slinks to a halt and finds himself at the end of a tunnel, which opens into a room that was, at one time, a cellar. It's been expanded, and there is a wooden door and stairs at the car end,and a small white beer fridge in a corner, along with 2 well-used cots. The tree trolls are gathered aroiund a table, growling and muttering to each other.
* Foxfire drops to a crouch and just... sniffs a bit, hoping he isn't initially spotted
<AlcarGM> They don't seem to have spotted you, ut the human is creeping up behind you, the chlorine smell getting worse.
<AlcarGM> The trolls growl a bit, and one of them waves its hands and garbles out some words you don't understand.
* Foxfire looks back :P
<AlcarGM> Psimon looks very cute in his mask, and probably delicious too!
* Psimon quickly stashes something behind his back, hiding his arm, hand, and whatever he is holding from view. :D
<AlcarGM> (( because how many superhero team ups end with the one hero eating the other, I ask you?! Not enough! ))

* Psimon grabs a cheap t-shirt. Likely one of the free ones given away at collegiate events, and bundles the gem up so he doesn't have to touch it when he heads back out his window and to the roof of the dorm.
<AlcarGM> Hrm. Easy enough. Meanie doesn't notice you and assign you demerits or something :p
<AlcarGM> err, Melanie...
<AlcarGM> though Meanie is.. fitting.

<AlcarGM> Shawn: "We - we're not... we just.... we wanted to get In on it.. and used the... thing, but probably wrong...." worried.. "We... you won't eat us?"
* Foxfire grabs both guys :P
<AlcarGM> Shawn faints :)
* Foxfire takes a few hairs off of shawn before discarding him :P
<AlcarGM> John tries to get free, but .. you're a werewolf. It's not happening :)
* Foxfire puts them in his bag, and then gives john a reason to get a new haircut with his axe, just a lil bit of hair
* Foxfire then drops him
<AlcarGM> He falls back... having someone yell in terror while making no sound and signing too fast for you to read, probably "don't hurt me, please" is, at least, somethng you suspect is new for a werewolf, even a faux one :p
<AlcarGM> Heather is pretending to be unconcious :)
<Foxfire> "The clans are at war. You tell Claude I was here and I -will- know, and maybe I'll think about coming back and eating you, or at least enough to wish I had just done you in."
* Foxfire takes a few hairs from heather, "And you just be glad, you got off easy. I swear, I hate this hairy potter..... RR!"
* Foxfire leaves in a huff :P
<AlcarGM> lol!

<Ashok> "I'm actually getting some fresh air and stuff.. avoiding the room for awhile, y'know?"
<AlcarGM> Melanie frowns. "Why do people do that?" heading to the stairs.
<Ashok> "Do what?"
<Psimon> "I'm not a mindreader."
<AlcarGM> Melanie: "Avoiding a room.My roommate in first year avoided our room over 83% of the days I was there, and never told me why. People should communicate more, don't you think?"
<AlcarGM> Melanie: "That's the problem with people," overriding whatever your reply is, "they don't actually listen."
* Psimon just nods. :P
<Ashok> "Well, hey. I'm about to go get something to eat. Wanna come with?"
<AlcarGM> Melanie: "They just talk and talk and talk and don'tactuyally listen to.. what?"
<AlcarGM> She nods. "Okay."

<AlcarGM> Really sad part? I know someone who tried to figure out who wasnt' cleaning the dryer lint tray at one place I lived :p
<Davis> wow
<Davis> that is sad
* AlcarGM nods. She was.... a wee bit tightly strung :p
<Darryl> I go by the rule that you clean out the lint when you put a new load in
<Darryl> that way, you are certain you won't burn down the house
<Ashok> I'm w/ darryl too
<sparkie> ... not burn it down?!

<kentari> The woman looks at Grover critically. "What were you doing to this sweet young boy??"
* Faustino sighs. "He did nothing, the guy over there (points) was trying to blame me for doing something I don't even know what it WAS... so that the other guy over there (points) would attack me instead of him."
<Grover> "....."
* Grover gives a teacher a 'wth?' look.
<Grover> "I didn't do anything but, thanks to you, I'll probably bang him off some lockers later," to the teacher, sweetly.
<kentari> The teacher just blinks a moment, processing the information.
<kentari> <Chef> "That's nice. You boys run along to class and get along, then."
* Grover smiles, and waits for Faustino
* Faustino grumbles. "fine, maybe I'll name you in a lawsuit or something."
* Faustino is ambiguous as to whom.
<kentari> She smiles cordially, "Don't screw around with me, kid, I'm in the union. See you!"

<Mary_jane`^> "After that, I went to college, fought myself twice, and graduated... It's hard to keep a normal life with skills like mine."
<AlcarGm> Max: "Maybe that's why I came. To remember what it was like, when I was young enough to believe such things ....." He nods. "It's easier, for immortals."
<AlcarGm> Max: "Most of us aren't really that powerful, all told. I can do things with shadows, and doors. Mirrors as well. And I can't die. But - that's it. Paying attention, fighting and the like are pciked up -- but most us learn just not to be noticed. To never stand out. Good skill to learn, in the long run."
<AlcarGm> Max: "Last time I forgot, I spent a few decadesof the fourteenth century in a British jail.And being in jail was a pretty unpleasant experience, even back then." He snags some more nachoes.

<Mary_jane`^> "Where'd you learn to dance like that?"
<AlcarGM> Max: "Many places. Castles. Farmhouses. Gypsies, a few times. I think you'd win, in a contest. Your moves are honest."
<Mary_jane`^> "Hmmm... Honest? What does that mean?"
<AlcarGM> Max: "Real," as you head outside. "You're still young enough for that, which is surprising with all the rumours."
<Mary_jane`^> "Rumours?"
<AlcarGM> Henods. "The fae. Merlin. Atlantis. And such. Generally, getting old is no longer being carefree, or honest. A price of getting older." he chuckles. "And a poor subject, after dancing."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes, but rumours about me are an excellent subject... Do tell..."
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "I seldom pay attention to such things."
<Mary_jane`^> that or the GM is just too lazy to make up stories
<Mary_jane`^> "You know, they need to have a periodicle for people like us, something that gets the news around to everyone."
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "I doubt it would be wise; just bits of gossip and silly stories. Even Merlin never quite lived up to his legend; many have died trying to live up to theirs."

<AlcarGM> You vanish, and appear in a spring day, with a rainbow in the sky. Lots of animals,plants, life... it's almost edenic, really.
<Mary_jane`^> edenic lol
<Mary_jane`^> "Oooh such a nice place."
* Mary_jane`^ finds a nice spot under a shaded tree to sit down
* Mary_jane`^ decides we need a blanket and summons one up, flipping it out over the grass
<AlcarGM> (( hey, it COULD be a word :) ))

<George> If the damn fool wants to get himself killed let him. Won't be too long til some hack with a sword, a guy in leather with a poker, a guy in a dress with a book and a guy with armor claiming to be doing a god's work comes by

<Mary_jane`^> "Sorry... I worry..." Turning to him "Where were you?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "Georgia."
<AlcarGM> (( :) ))
* Mary_jane`^ blinks
<Mary_jane`^> "I hope you're talking about the country..."
<AlcarGM> He nods.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "It's a COUNTRY now?"
<Mary_jane`^> "It's a country below russia."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Oh, good. I'd have felt silly if they had a civil war and I never noticed."

<Mary_jane`^> "I'm not going to attack you, if that's what you want... I don't even know why you're fighting me."
<AlcarGM> She moves, again.... attacking your blade, and not you...
<AlcarGM> Nef: "The opposite of a truth is not the lie, but another truth. Yours has been in ascendence for too long."
<Mary_jane`^> "For... Four years?"

<AlcarGM> There is a flare of white light from in the footprint, and demons screaming, a sound like music to your eyes, if rap music in a blender could qualify as music.. or rap could at all.

<Fennec> but sure, the "human" aspect - it's not entirely despicable or anything, but if I want to 'be human' I can just go outside. Granted, there's more room for 'roleplaying' than just that, but... I'm just less than thrilled, is all.
<alcar> well, it's humans with twists. What the twist is depends on the player.
<alcar> plus, there's a lot more to being human than, say, biology :p
<alcar> Where people draw the line between things is a good start... how far they'd go to achieve their goals... etc.
<Fennec> certainly, certainly
<alcar> which is pretty much all the use of "monsters" in rpgs is about, really.
<Alicia> Don't get that
<alcar> It's quite easy to play a human who is far, far more dangerous than any werewolf or vampire. A parent is powerful enough. To say nothing od demagogues, ideaologists, fanatics, and telemarketers. Fur and fangs don't make monsters; it's what's inside that does, and who lets the monsters inside them become real.
<alcar> So playing a "human" shouldn't, imo, be some kind of impediment. Most people aren't human, after all. They're just hairless monkeys.

* Fennec ponders someone who was somehow cursed by Faline. (how?)
<alcar> Not *too* likely,. since Faline never reallty cursed people.
<Fennec> Suppose he was asking for it. (like, explicitly.)
<Fennec> "Go on, curse me, you furball!"
<alcar> Eh, not likely. Faline wouldn't curse; she'd just kill :p
<kentari> yeah
<kentari> Faline just eats
<Fennec> such anti-Faline prejudice. :P
<kentari> anti-faline prejudice?
<kentari> :P I think its merely applied field data
* alcar is a faline fan :) One of the few! The proud! The uneaten!

* alcar would rather nnot have Faline as the direct cause, if only because I am trying to reduce direct LOLAD1 tie-ins as much as possible :p
<Fennec> mmm.
<alcar> could always be cursed by a priest of.
<alcar> holy wars are fun :)
<Fennec> alcar: this is why we keep you around.
<Fennec> :)

<AlcarGM> You can hear voices downstairs, Jeeves and Gabe. The sun is up, and shining, and it's probably about 10 am. You are, needles to say, late for work.
* Mary_jane`^ grabs a phone and calls in to her boss
<AlcarGM> He answers on the second ring. "Municiburg Native Museum. Albert speaking."
<Mary_jane`^> "Albert, this is Mary Jane..."
<AlcarGM> Albert: "... you want to speak to Mary Jane? Hold on, she's around here somewhere," absently.
<AlcarGM> Albert: "I think she's doing stock..."
<Mary_jane`^> "...She is?"
<AlcarGM> Albert: "Yes. I'll let her know you called?"
<Mary_jane`^> "DO that..."
<AlcarGM> He hangs up, without actually having asked for your name....

<AlcarGM> What else do you wish to do inside?
<Mary_jane`^> go DOWN
<AlcarGM> You continue down. It remains empty, cold and pure, eventually turning frm white into blue, but still empty.
<Mary_jane`^> ... odd
<AlcarGM> eventually there is only blue.
* Mary_jane`^ wonders why it's white on top
<AlcarGM> shades, at least, but still all blue.
<AlcarGM> (( eventually, you find red and begin to find the American national anthem! ))

<Mary_jane`^> I need to meet some lions or tigers or bears
<Mary_jane`^> only dealing with wolves makes her seem... racist
<AlcarGM> You could meet Faline!
<Mary_jane`^> on second thought
<AlcarGM> It would be fun. Well. For me :p
<AlcarGM> You hit Faline with The Truth!(Tm) Faline: "Cameron was right?! NOOOOOOOOO!" *explodes*

<alcargm> You are, currenrtly, outside Nora's home. It is Just before lunchtime, which is somewhere around tea time, and Amy, one of Fenrir's get,is bounding along behind you, a victim of border collie syndrome.
<Mary_jane`^> "You gunna be ok? You're a little hyper."
<alcargm> Amy: "I'm just excited to be out of the forest finally! Everything smells good. Even the smog and Gabe and whatever Jake is and Jeeves and you."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs "We have to get to my house quickly..."
* Mary_jane`^ heads for her mom's house
<alcargm> Amy gives a low, menacing growl, hackles raised ... and the air ripples, forming a grey wormhole. "Dad taught me that trick," with a tag of her tail.
* Mary_jane`^ blinks at her, and at the grey thing
<Mary_jane`^> "Erm... What's this?"
<alcargm> Amy: "It's a hole," simply. "You just grab reality by the scruff of the neck and shake it."

<alcargm> The hole vanishes, quite grateful not to get given a stern shaking.
<alcargm> The wolf follows you inside. "It's just fear."
<alcargm> There is no reply. Your mother, however, is in the kitchen, making a salad.
<Mary_jane`^> "Mom, have you seen Sal?"
<alcargm> Anne looks out, sees you, sees the wolf.... "Mary Jane?" slowly.
<alcargm> Amy wags her tail. When you're that big, it actually doesn't help. Your mother's hand tightens on the carving knife..... "That's not a dog."
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh! Mom, this is Amy, Amy this is my mom."
<alcargm> Amy: "Hi?"
<alcargm> Anne: "You brought a talking wolf home. How nice," distantly, going back into the kitchen for medicinal fortification. "Your brother is in his room," as an afterthought.
<Mary_jane`^> "Thanks, Mom!"

<alcargm> The foxes are distracted by your arrival and the rabbit dives into a hole with a watch, executing a perfect swan dive.
<Mary_jane`^> "Excuse me, what are you doing?"
<alcargm> The hole, of course, had a brown mailbox that says: 3. 3U|/| on it.
<alcargm> The foxes growl in unison, eyes glinting crimson, and leap at you.....
<Mary_jane`^> "Eep!" Looking scared and grabbing them by their necks. "Someone could get hurt!"
<alcargm> You grab one, and your hands sink into it... and it begins to sink into you, your hand slowly changing into fur....
<alcargm> La Fin: Where your metaphors are too real and the MC becomes a furry! This is ratings week!

<Mary_jane`^> why doesn't anyone ever go to MJ for an initiation like she did with blaise?
<alcargm> ....
<alcargm> that is rhetorical, I hope :p
<Mary_jane`^> no
<Mary_jane`^> that would be totally awsome!
<alcargm> Not for them :p

<Mary_jane`^> "Why are you here, Arthur?"
<alcargm> Arthur shrugs. "Perhaps especially that? Every spark becomes ash ...." he trails off. "Penance, of course. For my crimes. The children slain, the prophecies fought. Hubris."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes... Hubris... You are only here because you think it's what you deserve."
<Mary_jane`^> "You're in hell because you think you belong in hell."
<alcargm> He nods and smiles a little sadly. "Is that not true of everyone? Who among the living really, truly, deeply believe they are deserving of heaven?"

<alcargm> He nods to you, then straightens, staring into space, not looking at you. "Here me," calmly, as if chatting about the weather. "I am Arthur. Called the pendragon, ruler of the Isle, once ruler of Hell, holder of Excalibur. I do not offer titles, but duties. Oaths. The last oath that must be answered." he nods, once, to something you can't see.
* Mary_jane`^ looks aorund
<Mary_jane`^> "Who are you talking to?"
<alcargm> He looks at you, then smiles a trifle sadly. "Old gods of my youth; almost forgotten now. But true oaths have a power to them that is not bound by time or space. I have made my choice. Tell Lancelot ... never mind. He will understand, or he will not."
<Mary_jane`^> "Err... What are you doing?"
<alcargm> And the hell is gone, the king is gone; there is just you, in a haze of red, fires licking about your feet in the default scenery of hell.And, where a man used to be, where a king stood, is excalibur, bured into the crust of hell.
<Mary_jane`^> "Fuck..."
* Mary_jane`^ grabs the sword
* Mary_jane`^ yells at the general area "What did you do Arthur?"
<alcargm> There is no reply. The sword is warm, blue and auburn strands weaving it together... truth and, perhaps not oddly, the colour of his hair.
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh arthur... I wasn't SERIOUS never listen to me when I'm acting stupid! Gah!"
<alcargm> There is no reply, of course.
* Mary_jane`^ grips the hilt tightly "Nef will die painfully for this... and then I'll follow her to Hell and kill her again."
<alcargm> (( and you wonder why no one would be her sidekick?! ;P ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( Not unless they know her! C'mon! Do it! ))

* Mary_jane`^ moves truth to make the other spark
<alcargm> Nothing sparks, unfortunately.
* Mary_jane`^ pulls in the white flame as well, perhaps bringing it into reality
<alcargm> The sword just glows brighter, lighting up them area of hell you are in much like a nuclear weapon being utilized as a nightlight
<Mary_jane`^> "Damnit just do it! It was here before now make it here again!"
<alcargm> There is no reply, not from the truth or any other Power.
<alcargm> one of the demons, wiser than the rest, veers off.
<Mary_jane`^> "This is not a negotiation!" Releasing more power
<alcargm> Several, like the bats of world war 2, dive bomb you and are incinerated like weak farts.
<Mary_jane`^> lol nice image
<alcargm> thank you :p

* Mary_jane`^ grumbles and leaves hell
<alcargm> You return to the real world just before Satan arrives, which is probably a good things since spamming hell with Truth isn't likely to endear him to you.

<AlcarGM> The spell ... unravells as you build it. Whatever words the Old Tongue have for time don't seem to apply to passing through it, or at least not in any way you can wrap your head around.
<AlcarGM> Basically, the variables are eating each other as you make them. Spell bits ganging on on weaker bits and tearing them apart, unravelling the entire magic.
<Mary_jane`^> wait
<Mary_jane`^> you made me wait 3 days, just to tell me no?
<Mary_jane`^> screw this
<AlcarGM> ROFL :)

<Mary_jane`^> "The one the sparks came from."
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "The will of Jehovah, of course."
<Mary_jane`^> "Then... What about the greater god that got imprissoned for making.. creation... or whatever... WHere does he come in to play?"
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "That information is above your security clearance, citizen," promptly.
<AlcarGM> Jacob: ".... you have a security clearance?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Don't make me strangle you."
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "The Creator - the chained god - is the prime source of all energies, theoretically. It gets confusing, but is true as far as Creation as a whole goes. Everything stems from the Creator being bound, and wjhatever was used in the binding. And since no one knows what there WAS to use, no one is sure how He was bound. Complicated, like I said."
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh... Maybe he is bound by truth! Or everything else, since all else IS bondage."
<AlcarGM> (( hahaha ))
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "..... do I get to strangle you, too?" hopefully

<Mary_jane`^> "I happen to know that you can channel the grial as well..."
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "Not enough to reignite a spark," with an annoyed hiss. "Sparks are BIG. You should remember THAT much."
<AlcarGM> Snake2: ".... Forgive him. He hates molting."
<Mary_jane`^> "I seem to remember someone using the grail to a very LARGE extent, just a few years ago."
<AlcarGM> Snake1: "What part of molting don't you get?!"
<AlcarGM> Snake2 sighs, closing his eyes.
<Mary_jane`^> "Snakes do it all the time. Get used to it!"

<Chaos`^> i was kind of hoping for arthur to come back to earth... and are we still planning on a rehabilitated Merlin too?
* alcar assumd so, yeah...
<alcar> but freeing him would free Sara
<alcar> For that, MJ might never be forgiven :)
* Chaos`^ just hasn't found a real reason to go, really
<Chaos`^> LoL

<PrincessZelda> I dunno wtf you talking about, but the 3.0 Paladin was ASS... at least now they're a little better, though not totally on par with Fighters still
<Darryl> Oh
<Darryl> You're talking about the 3e ones!
<PrincessZelda> ... where have you been? that's what we're talking about
<alcar> lol
<Darryl> I don't pay attention to this server unless I'm gaming!
<Darryl> You know that!
<PrincessZelda> ... no, I don't, I dunno who you are
<PrincessZelda> what makes you think I know you if you only come here when a game is on but I'm not in the game?

<PrincessZelda> not really, the best spells clerics have are heal spells... that's what they do best
<Alicia> Yeah, really
<PrincessZelda> yeah, they have alot of really great buffs for themselves, but not really for the rest of the party
<Alicia> I'm not talking about buffs
<Alicia> I'm talking about directly damaging the enemy
<AlcarGM> shining shoes is, probably, not that useful anyway
<AlcarGM> unless they can be buffed up enough to blind the enemy
<PrincessZelda> so you let the clerics handle your HP, while the warrior classes focus on dishing out damage and keeping monsters off your spellcasters
<PrincessZelda> so, once again, we're back to consistant damage is the most single most important thing to any warrior class
<Alicia> ... except that you DON'T DO THAT

<PrincessZelda> its besides that point, but its still valid but only one of many reasons
<Mary_jane`^> I can count at least five things wrong with that previous sentance

<AlcarGM> He shooks his head. "No, nothing. You're just . .quite efficient."
<AlcarGM> augh. Shakes. Even.
* Mary_jane`^ read that as shoots
<AlcarGM> off? :p
<Mary_jane`^> that's what i was thinking... like... wth did that come from?
<Mary_jane`^> =p

<Tricia> I don't like games where all that's happening is the GM pulling things out of his/her rear.
<Mary_jane`^> the trick is, alcar lets you do just about anything that doesn't adversely effect other characters or NPCs... So just do stuff that doesn't effect anyone, or do a bunch of small things and trick him in to letting you do something that messes with another PC
<Mary_jane`^> we do!
<Mary_jane`^> alcar has a lot of stuff in his rear

<AlcarGM> Anne: "So would you give it up, then, if you knew it would kill you? Just break your staff, or whatever, and walk away?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I can't... I was born with the power, and from that point there were some very powerful people that wanted me dead. It doesn't matter what I do, they will always be after me."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "... what? What kind of people?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Jehova? Mimir? Merlin? Satan... There are a few gods... I think Sol has it in for me, but he's kind of shifty..."
<AlcarGM> Your mther just ... stares at you. "Why would they want to kill you?" numbly
<Mary_jane`^> "Because I have the power to destroy them...." Drifting off
<AlcarGM> Anne: "WHAT?!"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "My god.... you're insane. It's driven you insane..."
<Mary_jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "Listen to yourself: you're saying you can kill God!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Well... technically not kill.. but overthrow... It's what Merlin wanted to do."
<AlcarGM> Your mother stares some more. "....."
<Mary_jane`^> "But I sent him to prison... He's rehabilitating now... I plan on letting him back into society soon..."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "And how did you do that?" gently :P
<Mary_jane`^> "The holy grail..."
<AlcarGM> Anne: ".... and you believe this? I mean, I know some children do a lot of things to get attention... and i have been busy with work.." she takes your hand. "But you can't kill Satan, dear."

<AlcarGM> Anne: "Oh, of course I would. Would he help with dusting?" sarcastically.
<Mary_jane`^> "I doubt it... Hell is pretty messy..."
* Mary_jane`^ looks at her in the eyes "Are you serious about meeting him?"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "Mary Jane Consequence, this attempt of yours to somehow be alll powerful is quite silly. Your name is NOT Mary Sue," your mother says, quite sternly.

* Mary_jane`^ checks to see if Loki's at his house
<AlcarGM> He is, but he is entertaining. Aka having sex. With a goddess. Bast, to be exact.
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh, dear..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Loki's busy... We could go crash his party... That would be interesting..."
<AlcarGM> Your mother begins to dust!
<AlcarGM> Clearly, she feels this conversation is Over.
<Mary_jane`^> LoL Bast...
<Mary_jane`^> He's into the animorphic things eh?
<AlcarGM> (( things in general, yes :P ))

<AlcarGM> Anne: "You.... cut someone.... through the leg. .a boy..... a....."she just stares. "I don't know you .... why would you do ...?"
<AlcarGM> she backs away some more
<Mary_jane`^> "That was Gabe... You remember him? The one who came to see Sal all the time? He controls the grail... I had to cut him with the sword to re-ignite it with energy... He's paralized in the leg, so he didn't feel it. It's not like I wanted to do it."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "And you needed this energy?!"
<AlcarGM> Anne: "You.... I'd never do anything like ...." she just shakes her head
<Mary_jane`^> "The sword needed it... If it didn't get re-ignited soon it would have disolved... and arthur gave his soul to get the sword back."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "And... this... this sword... soul ..... you're saying you didn't do it for the power?"
<Mary_jane`^> "No... Lord knows I don't need anymore... Excalibur is a spark of creation... a piece of magic left over from when the universe was made. It was destroyed, and Arthur gave his soul to get it back, he sort of rebuilt it with himself. The sword has emotions and needs like any othe rperson.. I think of it as a personal friend."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "....."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "And you think *I* need help?!"

<Fennec> http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/41299581/
<PrincessZelda> hmm
<PrincessZelda> I kinda like the duskblade class
<Fennec> PrincessZelda: oh, and here I thought you were hmming about the picture.
<PrincessZelda> I was
<PrincessZelda> those two statements aren't connected
<Fennec> oh.
* alcar[afk] eyes the picture. I kinda like the drunken master
<alcar[afk]> it IS a drunken master, right? :
<alcar> But there's this subtle flavour of elemetal savant to it
<alcar> and, perhaps, a hint of mindbender
<alcar> This could be some new form of art criticism :)
<PrincessZelda> or we could just be geeks
<alcar> Art criticism sounds better, though! Even nif I did have to dig up Tome and Blood to recall more than 1 prestige class
<alcar> it would probably apply better to wine tasting, in reptrospect

<AlcarGM> Amy: "So we can play, then?"
* Mary_jane`^ sighs "Alright but only for a little bit..."
<AlcarGM> She plops down on the ground, waiting.
<Mary_jane`^> "Well? What do you want to play?"
<AlcarGM> Amy considers that. "Chase?" hopefully.
<Mary_jane`^> "Ok... Who's chasing whom?"
<AlcarGM> Amy wiggles, then leaps at you in reply :)
* Mary_jane`^ runs
<AlcarGM> You half a wolf the size of a small donkey chasing you and the GMs cell phone just rang....

<AlcarGM> Nora: "That doesn't prevent me from finding out how OLD someone is first!"
<Mary_jane`^> "...Why does it matter?"
<AlcarGM> The elevator opens and Gabe comes out. Blinks.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Hello? Laws?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "And I always make sure; I don't just... forget."
<Mary_jane`^> "How are they going to prove they had sex with a woman? Anyway if she seduced you then why would she want to get you in trouble?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "You know," calmly, "if this was a sitcom, Kiesha would come, see this, and beat me alongside the head....."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "*I* would!"
<AlcarGM> The girl spins around, stares..... "YOU are the pimp?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe just..... stares at her. "The what?" a bit strangled.
<Mary_jane`^> "Pimp?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "You think I'm a ........" her fingers form into claws :p
* Mary_jane`^ tries not to laugh and grabs Nora's shoulder
<AlcarGM> Nora: "She's dead!" lunging :p
* Mary_jane`^ holds her back
<Mary_jane`^> "No! Bad demon!"

* Psimon is not done! He seeks to patch things up completely, leaving healed wounds rather than scars or gaping mental disturbances. Let's find some Motivation within this fellow to place in the empty pedestal the troll thing was just seized from.
<AlcarGM> Claude attempts to get up and away, but his body gives upa and he collapses unconscious
<AlcarGM> There is none, not really. He's just a university janitor, HS drop out who has made nothing of his life and found, just once, the change to Be Better.. and was willing to do anything to accomplish that and gain a shred of dignity
* Psimon looks for fond memories. Hobbies, loves, anything healthy and constructive to refocus Claude's fixation on. Something that's already there, however. ;P No rewriting people!
* Psimon leaves the motivation, and ... tilts the scales a little. Let's go for Dignity, with a shred of accomplishment instead.
* Psimon observes, "That should keep you from making hurtful mistakes." as he .. tweaks. Oh God, I'm going to grow another set of arms and butterfly wings, aren't I? :P

<Chaos`^> hey sparkie, you seen alcar?
* Sparkie might have
* Sparkie sets alcar on fire.
<Sparkie> you can follow the screams, just like napalmed babies.
* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
* Sparkie notes that shoud have been censored.
* Chaos`^ is now known as Mary_jane`^

<AlcarGM> You move, quietly, but not enough, as one of them turns and opens fire. Real bullets, in a wide spray. "Halt in the name of the Law! We have you surrounded," in an eerily perfect Inspector Gadget voice
<Mary_jane`^> that is eery
<Mary_jane`^> "Erm... We should stop..."
<AlcarGM> Well, they *are* trying to shoot you.
<AlcarGM> Stopping would involve becoming swiss cheese
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Oh my god! They're *shooting* at us!"
<AlcarGM> Amy just growls, low and deep. The bullets, it seems, are not scared by this.
<Mary_jane`^> wait
<Mary_jane`^> they're still shooting?
<Mary_jane`^> "On second thought, we should run..."
<AlcarGM> Uh, yes.
* Mary_jane`^ runs, fast, scooping up Ruth
<Mary_jane`^> They're not supposed to KEEP shooting after they tell you to stop and you do!
<AlcarGM> They begin to chase, ordering you to halt. I.e.: die, it seems.

* Mary_jane`^ shoos sparkie away and grabs a random brick and sets it next to the fire, opening the jars and setting them next to the fire
<Mary_jane`^> "I hope you can survive on vegetables for a while, Amy, since that's all we have right now."
<AlcarGM> Amy: "I just hope they survived; Krishna beat Fenrir once," to no one in particular.

<AlcarGM> A grey is standing over you; thin, short and spindly, and making a pyramid-shaped ward like they used to contain Jake for Haruspex once
<Mary_jane`^> I just want to remind you
<Mary_jane`^> Ruth was in a robe when we left
<AlcarGM> But they're aliens! They have to want sex with earth women!

* Mary_jane`^ spinks, kicking her feet and tripping the grey, holding it in a binding move
<AlcarGM> Grey: *sleep rest* it is crooning, and stops abruptly as it is kicked and knocked to the ground, pinned. *SHOCK* hits you and a wave of fear, trying to stop your heart with its own death.
<Mary_jane`^> "Talk!"
<AlcarGM> It's busy suiciding (itself and you) Or at least trying to
* Mary_jane`^ makes sure her heart stays beating, and tries to stop the Grey from killing itself... Hrm.. Truth is the only constant, I'll use it.
<Mary_jane`^> "Talk--now."
<AlcarGM> Ther grey squirms and whimpers in your head, its body qivering. *nonononononono*
<Mary_jane`^> "Why are you here?"
<AlcarGM> Ibid.

<Mary_jane`^> "It what?"
* Mary_jane`^ sits down, with her body over her legs and pulls up her hand, calling the blue fire
<AlcarGM> It comes, small but steady.
<AlcarGM> Mikal: "hmm?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Huh? Oh... I'm just... thinking. It's how I work."
<AlcarGM> He just nods, wisely saying nothing :P

<Elana-Silvereye> balance pales in comparrison to having fun, or a good enagigin story etc.
<alcar> Elana-Silvereye - Yeah, but that implies PLAYERS who are mature enough to deal with differing power levels.
<alcar> Few are ;)
<Elana-Silvereye> true
<Elana-Silvereye> few are mature enough even to recognize other players as people to cooperate or have fun with instead of competeing with for attention XD
<alcar> Heh.
<Elana-Silvereye> Being a dungeonmaster so very often, is not unlike being the overseer of a daycare o.o

<Elana-Silvereye> are you the gay one fennec? o.o
<kentari> :[ ]
<Elana-Silvereye> please ignore anything that question might imply XD
<kentari> brb.
<kentari> laughing my face off.
<Elana-Silvereye> I been gone so long, i remember two people around here were gay, but forgot who XD

<Elana-Silvereye> i just remember whoever the 2 gay guys were, were playing two gay elves in a game I was playing in too, and they got themselves eaten by a black dragon XD
<alcar> Aren't all elves gay?
<Elana-Silvereye> and that was AFTER one of them spent his life savings to ressurect the other on who was killed by a black dragon earlier
<alcar> I mean, really.
<Elana-Silvereye> no
<Elana-Silvereye> they are just VERY VERY VERY effeminate
<Elana-Silvereye> as far as I know
<Elana-Silvereye> its kinda like with dwarves, you cant tell the differance between the males and the females, same thing with elves, cept on the other end of the gender spectrum

<Elana-Silvereye> your opinion doesn't count sparkie, you have no soul
<Elana-Silvereye> thats why you get off on killing characters, makes you feel like you have some REAL power or signifigance, when really you dont =P
<Elana-Silvereye> your just some insignifigant strings of code, and the funny thing is, you don't even know it XD
<Fennec> hey
<Fennec> just because he has no soul...
<Elana-Silvereye> ok I'm sorry, that was mean >_>
<Sparkie> And you think you'r eany different?
<kentari> haha
<kentari> yea sparkie
* Elana-Silvereye throws Sparkie a bag of marshmellows
<Elana-Silvereye> I still love you and want to have your babies sparkie OuO

<Elana-Silvereye> who would be insterested in playing in a D&D game?
<Elana-Silvereye> so far, with only the info of I am running it, and its a custom setting?
* alcar might be.
<Elana-Silvereye> really!?
<kentari> Well. I'd have a slight interest that would increase as we got more info. :P
<Elana-Silvereye> I'd do anything short of murder kittens to get you to play Alcar oAo

<alcar> "Mesa not a demon...." "Anyone who says 'mesa' IS a demon. Demon Hunters Rule #1" *kills*
<Fennec> *suicides*
<Fennec> he said mesa!

* Ashok looks around, to see if Davis is up yet. :P He intentioanlly woke up early this morning, and isn't sure whether or not Davis is an early riser!
* Davis actually, comes in through the front door, water bottle in hand, and mildly sweaty!
<Ashok> "Are you sure you're human?"
* Ashok stares in minor disbelief. :P

<AlcarGM> It is Friday morning at Berkeley University. According to the TV, there is appparently an alien invasion going on in Russia, but no one is to be worried since it's probably another case of invading the wrong planet.
<AlcarGM> The alien invasion is your typical one, only really getting internation attention because the aliens destroyed Disney Moscow in some belief it was the landing base of another species. Or so the talking head on the TV thinks; no one is sure. Vgeas is posting the odds of earth being conquered within the next 72 hours as rather low, though.
<AlcarGM> The talking head drones on about previous attempted alien invasions, and how earth isn't unique in this regard as the martians have been invaded several times, and claim Starbucks once qconquered them, though most people believe this is a mistranslation of star bugs, naturally.
<Ashok> "Wait.. there are martians?"
<AlcarGM> The taklking head quickly changes the topic and hides his antennae!

<AlcarGM> Most of the kids are normal, of course. One of them sees dead people, but that's because his dad is a mortician.

* Ashok shrugs, "I spoke with Dennis, he still isn't really sure what happened to the cameras. We're starting to think the place is haunted."
<Davis> "Figures."
<Ashok> "So I guess the next step is, like, an excorcism or something?"
<Ashok> "I'm sure there are some religious folks on campus who could do something like that."
<Ashok> "But I never really believed in that kinda hocus pocus"
* Ashok resists saying alimagocus with all his might. ;p
<Davis> "Yeah, but then we gotta figure out what religion the ghosts are." :P
* Ashok laughs, "Good one. But, seriously, there's no such thing as ghosts. I'm sure it was just some sort of high-end prank."

* Ashok scratches his head.. "Who was Janet, again..?"
<Davis> "The Goth?"
<Ashok> "Ah! She's not really Goth, you know. It was a psych experiment."
<Davis> "Well, thats most of all I really know of her from that one night."
<AlcarGM> (( "But I bet they all say that. 'I didn't mean ot break your heart. I was just doing an experiment for my thesis, Professor.'" ))

<Ashok> "Confession is good for the soul, you know."
<AlcarGM> The food is quite good, but you do choke again as the wall on the other side of the room gives way in a cloud of cement and dust.
<Ashok> "Just come out and say that you like your women stacked, or something."
<Davis> "I suppose fiction is as well."
* Ashok takes a sip ... and turns.
* Ashok looks at Davis, "I love you hunny bunny." And stands, "Alright everyone this is a robbery!" :P (j/k)
* Ashok flips out and grabs his pizza and hides under the table :[ ]
<AlcarGM> A rather small,scrawny man is lying in the rubble and stands up, brushing off his shirt. "So that's how you want to play it, huh? Well, screw you! She likes me better," he yells, grabbing a table (fortunately without people on it) and throwing it out the hole at someone, running out at them. "You want to fight me, tough guy? Let's see a Popeye joke NOW!"
<AlcarGM> The staff,wisely, shut off ovens and begin to cover things, since the health inspectors can drop by at any time

<AlcarGM> "That didn'teven hurt my clothing! If you're so strong, why did she leave you for me, huh?" he screams.
<AlcarGM> A big, burly man enters, swatting a table aside. "I'll kill you for that! I'll rip your head off and use it for a toilet!"
<AlcarGM> (( .... that wasn't 4 colour. ))
<Ashok> (( :P ))

* OnyxFlame ponders a D&D game where they end up boinking in the dungeon...eww. :P
* OnyxFlame must've been channelling alcar :P
<alcar-13119> OnyxFlame - Nah, they'd have to boink the dungeon :)
<OnyxFlame> or boink the dragon...no wait that sounds like hentai :P
<Kayara-4909> how do you boink a dragon... do you just insert your whole self?
<alcar-13119> Cthulhu slashfic....
<alcar-13119> Kayara-4909 - very carefully, I'd imagine.
* OnyxFlame thinks that's worthy of alcar's quote page ^
<alcar-13119> "I have this asbestos armour, to help .... it'shelped for lots of dragons, so far.But I feel a little funny...."

<silentdog> i have travelled far.. in search of this place
<silentdog> for days i have looked and searched
<Tass> this place specifically?
<silentdog> i have come... FOR YOUR BOT!!!
<Tass> hmm, you doing nanowrimo?
<kentari> You want sparkie...?
* silentdog reveals himself... throwing back his cloak dramatically
* silentdog steps before the seated council...
<silentdog> I cannot leave unless I take that bot with me! !
* silentdog points up at the sputtering machine
<silentdog> How else will I roll dice for my new campaign ?

* Elana{Drawing} awards 2405 experiance points
<Elana{Drawing}> and make 3 rolls on the treasure tables
* alcar 's brain melts
<Elana{Drawing}> o.o
<Elana{Drawing}> looks like he failed his fort save XD
<alcar> 1d20
<Sparkie> alcar 1d20: 1000
<alcar> Oh, yeah. I never changed that back to kentari :p
<alcar> 1d20
<Sparkie> alcar 1d20: 20
<alcar> ..
<alcar> 1d20
<Sparkie> alcar 1d20: 1
<alcar> Oh. That was just sparkie being... sparkie.

<Elana-Silvereye> i'm not sure if I wanna play yet tho ._.
<Gemm> yes you are
<Elana-Silvereye> not sure if, it sounds too exciting, maybee novel and interesting, but I dunno if I'd have fun playing it
<Gemm> we spent the past half hour talking about this. yes you do.
<Gemm> No, trust me. Chuck Norris wants you to play.
<Elana-Silvereye> he should convince me then

<Tass> how do we roll for age?
* Sparkie sings
<Sparkie> "roll roll roll your bot.... gently with your screams... merrily...."

<Mary_jane`^> "You don't know yourself by eating your soul... That's just wierd."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Then how?"
<AlcarGM> (( Of course you do! Plato just edited Socrates. ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Have you considered asking questions?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Better to be Socrates eating his own soul and constipated than a pig satisfied." ))

<Mary_jane`^> "I came here, before the initiation... She had a guardian inside of her head... It tried to kill me."
<AlcarGM> You see the Mean Old lady, though, presently drowning ruth.
<Mary_jane`^> "That one."
<AlcarGM> Initiation: "Wise of her."
<AlcarGM> Oddly, Ruth isn't struggling.
<Mary_jane`^> "Ruth!" Yelling out "It's your soul! Stop it! Don't let it tell you what to do!"

<Draper> "I wonder that the boy is painting in the rain. Not that there's much alternative, really, but..."
<Naylor> (( well, at least we know Sawyer's insanity, eh?:p ))
* Draper shrugs.
<Sawyer> ((Hmm? :P))
<Naylor> (( Sawyer speaks to Sawyer quietly <- ) ))
<GemmGM> (Were you speaking to yourself, or Naylor???)
<Sawyer> ((oh god damnit. :P))
* Sawyer speaks to Draper quietly, "So you have some kind of location, then? Or a person? Or both?"

<GemmGM> You enter the Donner Building, a man behind the counter.
* Sawyer nods to the man. "Hello. I'm a bit lost -- could you tell me if this is a residential building?"
* Sawyer .. loooks around. :P
<Naylor> (( "It used to be one, but during this winter a few years back they all got shut indoors...." ))

<GemmGM> She looks over at you.
<GemmGM> "you've got pretty eyes."
* Sawyer ponders. He never found his beady, verdigris eyes to be anything special.
<Sawyer> "Thank you. My mother gave them to me."

<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "I can stay here awhile. You should eat."
* Mary_jane`^ hums an affirmative and goes downstairs to eat
<AlcarGM> Wade is cleaning up dishes when you go down. "There's some in the microwave. Eggs and bacon and stuff."
* Mary_jane`^ grabs it and gobbles it down
<AlcarGM> Wade sits down while you devour, quite for a few moments. "MJ?"
<AlcarGM> (( "That was my finger. Can you slow down down?" ))

<Mary_jane`^> "It doesn't matter, once they learn about what I can really do they all run away."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Oh, come on. You just do some magic stuff and wave a sword."
<Mary_jane`^> "Even you were dettered by the magic stuff at first."
<Mary_jane`^> "Even the ones that can do magic run away..."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "...... maybe a little... but I got over it. And you're pretty; guys forgive anything if you're prettty."
<Mary_jane`^> "Hurry up and eat we're going to Chicago."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "You can even tell them 'oops! I had the abortion by mistake! But look, I keep my sizxe 3 figure!' and they'll be happy. Sister did it once."
<AlcarGM> She takes another bite - half a sandwich. "There? Why?"
<AlcarGM> (( "I don'twant to meet Harry Dresden, sorry." ))
<Mary_jane`^> "I know someone in a circle there, I want to see what you can do in a circle..."

* Mary_jane`^ can imagine MJ doing a rain dance covered in whipped cream... but would rather not

* alcar was needing names for gods, then figured the names of characters people have played is more fun :) The less said about Theliar the god of prostitutes the better though
<Chaos`^> daaamn straight
* Chaos`^ wonders who the god of awsomeness is
* alcar waits for kentari to nominate himself....
<alcar> :p

* Mary_jane`^ wonders if Mary Jane ever smoked Mary Jane when she was younger

<Mary_jane`^> "How can you help them?"
<AlcarGM> Ruth: ".... I don't know! You're the one whose powerful!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Power can't answer all problems. I may be able to help this village but what about the next one? or the one across the continent in the same state?"
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "... then what's the point of it?"
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Or - or the use of it,even?"
<AlcarGM> A few villagers begin pointing to the air, excited. An old man - old for her,perhaps 30 all told, rea hes ouy, as if to hug someone, and drops dead.
<Mary_jane`^> "You have to look at the bigger picture. Helping these people... It's a noble idea, but it's impossible. You would kill yourself trying. I would kill myself trying."

<Mary_jane`^> "Well?" To Ruth
<AlcarGM> Tad plops down inside your head, snickering some more.
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "..... you just talked, though... you didn't .... I mean..."
* Mary_jane`^ shrugs
<Mary_jane`^> "Sometimes power isn't the only answer, or the best answer."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: ".... that just seems too ... too..."
<Mary_jane`^> "If I had given him the power, he would have sustained them for a day, or a generation... THen he would have left. This way, I ensured the lives of several generations."
<Mary_jane`^> "Now, not only do they have a well, they have a guardian."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "It just doesn't seem .... magical."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "Oh, and what was the dragon wrpaping itself around villagers?" under his breath
<Mary_jane`^> "You'd be surprised at what is and is not magical... I just saved the lives of hundreds of people over several hundred years... How is that not magical?"

<Mary_jane`^> "WHat is wrong with pink hair anyway?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "It's dated. It's like punk."
<Mary_jane`^> "I told you it was punk." To Ruth
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "But....."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "it doesn't have to be dated," absently.
<AlcarGM> Nora blinks. "You can change fashions.....?
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Uhm....... maybe we should eat?"
* Mary_jane`^ glares at Gabe
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I have this one closet of 1999's fashions.... if they come back in before 2013 I could still fit them," eagerly
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes." Acidly "We should eat."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "And 1989 was a good year..... I'd just have to loosen some hems..."She gives the fisher king a long, thoughtful look.....
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I have the 1986 closet in storage," to herself as she eats. "Aslong as we don't do spring. Spring was too mauve. We could manage the other seasons of it just fine. Tone the greys down...."
* Mary_jane`^ blinks at Nora
<Mary_jane`^> "Nora... You were three in 1986."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "... I meant the colours!"
<Mary_jane`^> "I think you're making this all up."

<AlcarGm> Urchin: "...... people listen to things.... you ewant to go ther,e and of course people are going to want you. Nobles, mostly. So someone who is hired is following and if you didn't plan it, I mean, I don't know if we can get away. he's really good.":
<Syble> "....What's so special about some people going to an inn? This doesn't make sense."
<AlcarGm> Urchin: "......"
<Syble> "What??"
<AlcarGm> The boy stares at you both. "..... uhm..... why *are* you going?"
* Syble sounds annoyed now, and looks around.
<Syble> "Look at me! I've been hiking for almost a week now. I'm filthy, I'm tired, and I'm hungry. Where else would I go ... to a Debutante Ball??"
<Denna> "Now there's a thought. But that'd be a bit ostentatious."
<AlcarGm> Boy: "... but.... err .. you ......" He blinks a few times, confused. "It's one of the most popular brothels in the city. Lots of girls work there. And come to the city. To work there."
* Syble just blinks and stares, the response is slowly congealing in her head.

<Syble> "Do I *look* like the sort of girl to work in a brothel?! Really!"
* Syble finally completted the thought process that began earlier. :P
<Denna> "A disguise for a few hours would be... impractical. Tell you what..."
<AlcarGm> The boy, wisely, steps back from both of you. "It's what it is. You're not ugly, so you must want to work there. So people want to, uhm, get free ...services. By having you, err, followed...."
<AlcarGm> Urchin: "Just one left means someone is ... persistent." He hesitates, then plunges on: "That's bad."

<Sparkie> Denna 2d8: 3
<kentari> at least it wasn't a 2.
<kentari> :P
<Denna> pathetic, but let's give it a go!
<kentari> lol
<kentari> we're gonna be ugly guys
<kentari> perfect :D
<AlcarGm> lol
<AlcarGm> actually, yes :p
<AlcarGm> no one said the inn only had female prostitutes, after all :p

<AlcarGm> You enter the city proper. It's mostly stone, large buildings that look older and less recent as ytou moe inwards. The travel problem, however, makes the outer city look like a walk in the walk. Even the rooftops are so uneven and varied to make travel by them .... difficult.
<Denna> a walk in the walk!
<AlcarGm> er .... country side. I meant to type.
<AlcarGm> but, somehow, did not.

<kentari> Is it bad that when I read that bit about urchins
<kentari> I imagined this giant sea-animal floating in front of the guard, slumping over in sadness at being barred from entry? :P

* Syble looks up at Denna and points to the boy's leg, silently, before following. She looks a little worried.
* Denna nodnods.
* Denna somehow seems even more sparkling white and clean, perhaps to make up for the other two.
<AlcarGm> It's bandaged, though leaking a little.
<Syble> "When did you hurt your leg?"
* Syble asks!
<AlcarGm> The boy stops, looks back. "Roof," as if that should be obvios.
<AlcarGm> and he adds a u in there, in secret, because he is really from Canada and has the Gift to add the letter u to words!

<kentari> rouf?
<kentari> wtf? :P
<AlcarGm> hm?
<kentari> He said Roouf? :P
<kentari> Roofu?
<AlcarGm> lol
<AlcarGm> shush :p
<kentari> shuuush
<kentari> :D

<AlcarGm> You get some looks as you go, but this is a city, the largest either of you have ever been to, and people tend to see without perceiving, engrossed in minding their own business.
* Syble seems a little nervous whenever passing big crowds of people, but mostly keeps close to Denna.
<Syble> "Uhm.."
<Syble> "... What are your names?"
<AlcarGm> (( The boy is quiet a few moments, then answers reluctantly: "Roufu." ))
<AlcarGm> (( actually, why not? :p ))
<AlcarGm> The boy is quiet a few moments, then answers reluctantly: "Roufu."
<Syble> (( :P You suck. ))

<AlcarGm> He doesn't ask for yours, just picks uphis pace, slowing down a bit because of the leg but not stopping. "We should be there by dusk. I hope."
* Denna nods.
<Syble> "What happens at Dusk..?"
<AlcarGm> He thinks about that. 'The..... sun goes down?"
* Syble nods slowly. :P

<alcar> Chaos's intro doesn't really need to get rped.... his pc will find the inn on his own, I think.
<kentari> I read rped as raped
<kentari> and was very confused

<AlcarGM> The crowd trickling towards the city of Estavia is mostly merchants and farmers with food over old gravel road that uses to be brick but have been worn down by thousands of footsteps over as many years. Oddly, the amount of villages decreases as you approach the city proper,m spotting it from a distance as a strange gleamning ont he horizon that resolves into a wall
<AlcarGM> .... a wall made of solid metal around the entire city that you could, probably, leap over as it's only 20' tall
<AlcarGM> J'Kal snorts, not impressed in the least. "Walls. This is a city, boy." (He's never called you son...) "Do you know what walls are for?"
<Denna> ( Holding up roofs! )
<Galbrath> "To keep things out?"
<Galbrath> (( "No, to keep people in!" LOLOL! :P ok. ))
<AlcarGM> J'Kal: "No. LOOK at it, boy. It keeps people inside. Locks them. Doors close, no one leaves after a curfew. It is not a wall to stop invasions."
<AlcarGM> (( and yeah, lock in IS the right answer for such a question :p ))
<Galbrath> (( bah! :P ))

<kentari> hold on
<kentari> so not only are these three barbarians..
<kentari> but they are also INBRED barbarians?
<AlcarGM> hm?
<Denna> and they are here for your women
<AlcarGM> Theron isn't :P
<kentari> wait
<AlcarGM> It's only J'Kals branch who are.
<kentari> we ARE the women, fennec!!!
* Sparkie quotes

<Nigel> omg
<Nigel> denna wears a lot of white too!?
<Denna> ?
<Nigel> we must D D D DUEL! :P

<AlcarGM> The trader scowls, looking annoyed, then mutters about expensive sluts and storms off back to his table.
* Syble glares with ice-dagger eyes.
<Syble> 3d8 Gift of Eyebeams
<Denna> "Now that's not friendly!" (calling afterwards)
<Sparkie> Syble 3d8: 20 Gift of Eyebeams
<Syble> ((j/k :P))

<AlcarGM> y' know, playing another player AS your character would be fun.
<AlcarGM> cruel, but fun :p

<Luciano`^> alcar needs to add an npc we've never seen from him before!
<Luciano`^> a female that doesn't want sex!
<AlcarGM> ... got one of those :P
<AlcarGM> She just isn't showing for a bit.
<AlcarGM> due to Plot!
<Denna> I'm not an NPC! oh, wait, someone-else
<Luciano`^> let's see... someone who isn't completely wacked or doesn't have some secret history that will eventually prove that they are completely wacked
<Denna> you know what will happen?
<Denna> they'll hang out with PCs
<Denna> and get wacked
<AlcarGM> yes; that happens to most npcs.
<AlcarGM> pcs are contagious.

<Syble> chaos
<Luciano`^> yo?
<Syble> those are elemnts every living thing in alcar genre has
<Syble> even algae
<Syble> even the bedamned plankton have dark secrets
<Luciano`^> heh
<Luciano`^> yeah
<Syble> tread not in the waters they swim in, verily
<Luciano`^> true
<AlcarGM> mostly involving what they REALLY do to whales.

<Syble> I'm sorry
<Syble> I have a new mental image of Nigel now.
<Denna> oh?
<Syble> http://www.markbarryportfolio.com/works/Assorted/ionarts/mugatu.jpg
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> damn
<Luciano`^> lol
<Luciano`^> now i'm going to think of that whenever I think of nigel

<AlcarGM> You exit, and see.... men. Or things men-shaped, close to 7' tall and made out of swords, as if someone had melted metal together and made people out of it. Very sharp, spikey and heavy people. They're moving towards the door at about a normal speed, faces without eyes or mouths...
<AlcarGM> What do you want to do? They don't seem to have sensed you - yet
* Luciano`^ turns around and heads back inside
<Luciano`^> 2 words aclar
<Luciano`^> defense nanos
<AlcarGM> Those are 2 harsh words :p
<Luciano`^> discretion is the better part of valor
<Luciano`^> plus I don't want to blow my cover

* Denna confronts the iron men. "Oh, we're just here for an athletic competition. The running is easy, the bicycling a little harder to manage... the swimming part, though, is *really* bad!"

<Luciano`^> oh
<Luciano`^> I figured walking through the wall meant kool-aid man style walking through the wall
* Luciano`^ half expected the walking sword to yell out "OOOh YEAAAH!
<AlcarGM> :p

<AlcarGM> Syble and Terrence reach them without problems ....
<AlcarGM> Denna is hiding, and her playing falling unconscious :)
* Nigel runs after them with terrence and phillip, er, I mean Syble :P
<AlcarGM> (( lol! Gods, no :p ))

<Denna> I would help Luciano`^
<Denna> but I figure he's on Death's doornail anyway
<Luciano`^> thanks... thanks a lot
<Denna> ;D

* Damien sets up a fire. "Have you heard of the other forest?" to the queen. She IS (well, was) the queen, after all
<Chaos`GM^> Morgan: "No. Never."
<Damien> "Oh."
<Damien> "Well, I guess everyone isn't as talented at me in finding things."
<Chaos`GM^> She rolls her eyes "Are you going to teach me some of those magic skills?"
* Damien nods. And sets about teaching her how to light the fire so Mary can cure the rabbits that, now that I think about it, really should be lamb.
<Chaos`GM^> lamb?
<Chaos`GM^> you finish up and get the food in bags and head down the road by noon.
<Damien> Mary should be curing a little lamb.

<Chaos`GM^> Morgan appears after about an hour and a half, looking torn up and very bruised
<Damien> "Horses got away?"
<Chaos`GM^> She stumbles slightly "It was terrible... I had to run from them and I just barely got away..."
<Damien> "From who? Sit. Are they following?"
<Chaos`GM^> "No... But... Sleep." She lays down by the fire
* Damien makes that ward :P
<Damien> And a fire one after it, to cook people.
<Chaos`GM^> lol
<Damien> air =warning to him, fire= cook/slow whoever comes throug who is not them
<Chaos`GM^> You sleep, and awaken. No one has followed you so far, Morgan continues to sleep and Mary is missing.
<Damien> And, hipefully, if he ever brings other peole through he remembers to tell them he made this :)
<Damien> (( Mary: 'Look! I have a boyfriend, I said he could visiiiiieeekkkk!" ))

<Tass> I love how everyone but kentari's and my character are defined by something other than our monetary worth :P
<Tass> and Nigel isn't even the richest one in the party! He's just the most educated :P
<Tass> there is cal's feral dude as well
<Fennec> Tass: I could just say "elitist snob" if you'd prefer?
<kentari> and hey
<kentari> I don't appreciate being defined by my poverty
<kentari> :P
<Fennec> are you maybe the "young" girl then?
<kentari> That sounds a little pigeon-holy to me!
<kentari> and too diametrically opposed to chaos ;p
<Fennec> I am not trying to restrict your character's personality, I'm merely looking for a readily identifiable trait to differentiate her from the others!
<kentari> hwo about her name? lol

<Denna> "Oh?" (looks inquisitively at Denna)
<AlcarGM> Denna finds this is difficult, if not well nigh impossible.'
<Nigel> (Denna's gift is to invert her eyeballs :P)
<AlcarGM> (( ew :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( "Eyes on the back of the head, when you fail..." ))

* Denna whispers to Syble "I could help if you'd like!"
* Syble whispers back, "With what..?"
<Denna> "Dishes. If you'd like, though."
<AlcarGM> (( ooh, sugar mommy! ))
<Syble> (( :P Grr! ))
<Syble> "I think I'd rather not set down here just yet. I mean, what if I have to go somewhere else for this prophecy thing? I wouldn't want to have to start a job just to have to quit it."
<Denna> (( what, do you have the Gift of Dirt or something? :P ))

<Syble> "If you kill someone, you're a murderer for life."
<Nigel> "Murderer.... maybe."
<Denna> "Is there? Hmm. Hard to say."
* Syble nods, drinking some water. :P
<Nigel> "The man who died might have been responsibe for the golems."
<Syble> "But then who would've done that do him? That's almost .. worse!"
<Nigel> "Then again, he might have just been an observer."
<Denna> "Well then, I guess I don't rightly know if I'm a murderer or not. Hmm."
<Syble> "Wait, what..?"
* Syble scoots a little away from Denna.

<Denna> "Someone summoned the golems as a distraction and killed the alchemist in the meantime, or some summoned the golems and the alchemist just happened to be killed at the same time, or someone was out to kill him and the golems were meant for defense?"
<Syble> "I mean, was that guy not well liked? Was he the creepy guy that was here when we got here?"
* Syble blinks.
* Syble stares blankly at Denna.
<Syble> "You're confusing."
<AlcarGM> Denna draws a horrible flowchart now? :p
<kentari> ;p
<Denna> I don't have a pencil!
* Denna hmms.
* Denna should use BLOOD!

<Nigel> I'm just glad we weren't fragged to court over this
<kentari> ?
<Nigel> 'the alchemist was murdered!'
* AlcarGM grins
<AlcarGM> The guard will show up eventually :p
<Nigel> Denna: "Well, could you define murder?' :P

<Syble> "Where'd that weird-looking old guy go...?"
<Syble> "The one who looked kinda like.. like a fuzzy raisin."
<Denna> "Outside somewhere." - pause - "Fuzzy rasin?"
* Denna smirks.
<Syble> "Yeah. Wrinkly.. and hairy."

* Syble hops down and heads to yon window or .. hole in the wall .. to look around, half expecting to see the corpse laying on the ground, no longer animated.
* Luciano`^ is not dead outside
<Denna> (( not dead... yet. ))
<AlcarGM> Syble sees no corpses, but there are two men standing outside across the road, dressed in leather uniforms with guard symbols and watching the door
<Syble> (( Yes. But is he dead inside, hmm? :/ ))
<Denna> (( /me cackles with insane glee. ))

* Syble turns back to the people inside! "There's some uniformed guys outside wearing symbols and stuff."
<Syble> "I think they're waiting for someone to leave the inn."
<Nigel> "What kind of symbols?"
<Syble> "Its this yellow.. thing."
<Syble> ((j/k :P))
* Syble describes!
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( a moutain on a shield with a sword in front of it ))
<Nigel> (IE, guards? :P)
<AlcarGM> (( yup. ))

<AlcarGM> The guard nods slowly, then looks at Denna and Syble. "Name and house."
* Syble looks over. "My name's Syble, I'm from House Warding."
<Denna> "Denna Sunshine."
<AlcarGM> He nods, memorizing. "I see. And neither of you know why these people attacked?"
* Syble appears taken off-guard, "You're literally .. Miss Sunshine?" with a raised eyebrow.
<Denna> (to Syble) "Hmmnow?"

<Syble> "What do you mean, a command?"
<Nigel> "Something made me kneel right in front of those... things. I'm just glad I was able to move in time or else I might have been in trouble."
<Syble> "Well maybe that someone didn't see you and stuff.. Maybe."
<Syble> "Right?"
<Nigel> "The timing was uncanny, though.... I'm pretty sure we have a problem on our hands."
<Syble> "I don't think you should think so. >:E"
<Syble> ((j/k :P))
<Syble> "Hands. Oh... you're terrible."
* Syble giggles.
<Nigel> "Ugh. That too."

<Nigel> "The hand are... tricky to deal with, especially with gifts. Only the most powerful and ingenuitous can manage to trap or kill one with the use of gifts."
* Syble holds it and hefts it a moment, the tosses it up in the air with one hand and makes a karate chop motion with the other.
<Denna> "Well, you can't have JUST your gift. What did you spend the rest of your dice on?"
<Denna> -- j/k :P
<Sparkie> bribing me!

<kentari> Irwin: Stablemaster
<kentari> Gift of Beast Mastery
<kentari> Weakness: Creatures of the Deep, especially stingrays
<Luciano`^> you're terrible
<AlcarGM> yes :p'

<Nigel> "The Minteer house has always been in control of the metal trade in this city, in more ways than one."
* Nigel holds up his hands and all the jewelry on his hand rattles slightly
<Syble> (("You.. have the gift.. of jazz hands...?))
<Luciano`^> (( "A true gift indeed" ))
<AlcarGM> (( "Second only to that of Disco." ))
<Denna> "Yes, it's lovely..." *giggles*
<Denna> "I just had the thought of you in a dress. That's more stuff than most ladies have, I think."

<Syble> ((laundry list? seriously. What is that? :P))
<Syble> ((I've heard the expression, but...)
<AlcarGM> (( it's like a grocery list. But someone made one for what laundry had to be done. ))

<AlcarGm> And i don't want the game too far head of cal's pc. Who is going to meet you ... somehow.
<AlcarGm> Even if you have to run him over again :)
<AlcarGm> Which would work well really...
<Tass> awesomely, actually
<AlcarGm> yeah :)
<Tass> since he would have stayed the night
<Tass> "Oh... you again."
<Tass> duuuude
<Tass> that would be so freaking awesome :P

<AlcarGm> you get a familiar feeling, the prickly watched-back one that's like an old friend...
<Luciano`^> what is this old friend's name?
<AlcarGm> :p
<AlcarGm> danger, will robinson!

* Nigel just.... holds out his hand and uses all the money in the air, all the money he can reach, and just makes it into a violent storm of spining shrapnel... mostly in the crowded areas
* Syble stands slowly, tracing her arms in a pattern, her back to Nigel's back. :P
<AlcarGm> The last man standing drops his staff as it combusts, hears the screams from the others as the coins start bashing them and bolts donw an alley, screaming at the top of his lungs in fear.
<Syble> "I don't think they planted coins, Nigel..."
* Nigel just starts laughing. Man! I so wish Denna was here :P
<Syble> "That doesn't even make sense."

<kentari> but seriously, tass
<kentari> There were these voices in the temple district.
<kentari> Sounds of people marching, and they were chanting
<kentari> "We, who are about to die, SALUTE YOU!"
<kentari> and then cheers and stuff

<Nigel> "Yeah... The Inn would probably be best. Unless anyone wants to do some shopping?"
<AlcarGm> An old man, two kids whispering to each other and an alibino do NOT walk into a bar, because two of them are underage.
<Syble> "I've been wearing these clothes for a week now.. but I can go shopping later.. if we're still, you know, needing to keep moving we should keep moving."
<Luciano`^> "We're fine right here for now."
<Syble> "Plus I can't buy clothes with *you guys*"
<Nigel> "Its too open to be a problem."
* Syble looks at Luke and Nigel like they're the most awkward of shopping buddies. ;p
<Luciano`^> "We could leave you here alone, and let them pick off the young first?"
<Syble> "That is cruel!"
<Luciano`^> "It's honest. You can either shop now, or not."
* Syble frowns. "Fine! You can carry my stuff, then?"
* Syble smiles. :D

* Syble looks inside the bag, checking.
* Syble looks up at Nigel.
<Syble> "This is totally gross!!"
<Syble> "You didn't say there was.. was.."
* Syble hastily takes the thing off of her belt, as if it were full of grenades.
* Syble holds it out at arms-length. "Let's just.. go back to the inn."
<Syble> "I need a bath."
<Syble> "... and so does my money."
* Syble makes a strange face.

<AlcarGM> Only, well, it's not thunder...... there is a whistle of wind far above.... Nora's head snaps up, and there is an explosion of sound asnd firte, and the roof vaves in, floor shattering under you....
<AlcarGM> missiles :) Not the magic kind, too.
<Mary_jane`^> "Nice..."
<AlcarGM> Dragon wings wrap around you as a shield.
* Mary_jane`^ falls to the ground and begins writing, quickly, a ward around the house

<AlcarGM> Max: "We need to find somewhere safe," his voice scratchy. "If they send more, it could get ugly."
<Mary_jane`^> "Follow me." Walking to the kitchen, in a very defensive stance
<AlcarGM> Tad plops down inside your head to catch his breath. "I cooked the clones: she'smelting tanks," as if this was normal. "Six of them."
<AlcarGM> The kitchen is.... well. It's pretty much in need of Magical Martha Stewart, who really should be some kind of anime special attack....

<Mary_jane`^> "The last person to destroy this house... Will probably not like it when people start shooting at him..."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "What are ..... you ...." She *stares* at you. "Are you out of your fucking mind?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "I didn't say it was good, but it's all I got... Do you have a better idea?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I could blow up the city?"

<Mary_jane`^> why... would there be.... people here?
<AlcarGM> You have no idea.....
<Mary_jane`^> and... sheep?
<AlcarGM> Dolly was cloned *really* well?
<Mary_jane`^> why would I populate Merlin's prison?

<AlcarGM> You go for two hours before you come to a small house in the woods, pretty much a cross between a teepee and a log cabin. There's aline of what seems to be laundry - cursed animal hides - outside, and a woman is tending a garden. She's in her late teens and very, very pretty.
<Mary_jane`^> cursed animal hides?
<AlcarGM> Amy hunkers down. "Scent is inside."
<Mary_jane`^> "Looks like we found it."
<AlcarGM> err, cured :p
<AlcarGM> Though I doubt the animals feel so.
<Mary_jane`^> yeah
<Mary_jane`^> damn their hides

<AlcarGM> Nora: "This is very weird....." She looks at you. "You ever give thought to kids?"
<Mary_jane`^> "All the time, but I don't think anyone deserves that kind of punishment."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Huh?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Nevermind..."
* Mary_jane`^ just walks
<AlcarGM> Nora: "No, really. I mean, I wouldn't. There's these laws... well. But you'd be a good mother."
<Mary_jane`^> "I don't know how I'd keep them alive long enough to take care of themselves... and even then if they weren't powerful..."
<AlcarGM> Amy: "Dad managed it with us."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "And you turned out just fine, didn't you?" straight faced.
<AlcarGM> Amy: "I could bite you again."

<Mary_jane`^> "If anything I'd probably hide out in some place no one else coudl go while I was pregnant, then I'd have the kid and have the dad move off and raise them in canada."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "..... you do know that canada isn't a place no one else can go, right?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes, but if no one knows that they're related to me then they'd be safe plus they would be able to grow up in my world... if they grew up powerful enough for me to meet them then I could... otherwise I could give them the choice to come to... well I guess here is a good place."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "I wouldn't call a place filled with Sara's children good."
<AlcarGM> She shudders

<AlcarGM> The six of you head into the town.
<AlcarGM> And yes, everyone does look pretty much alike. And yes, there is a LOT of staring. But they have numbers. No one runs away, though your face does make a little baby cry :p
<AlcarGM> You can hear children whispering "What's wrong with them?" and such
* Mary_jane`^ isn't that ugly!
<AlcarGM> MJ isn't at all. Worried, yet? :)
<Mary_jane`^> damn sara and her... pretty offspring!
* Mary_jane`^ looks like she's getting angry
<Mary_jane`^> (( HULK MAD! ))
<AlcarGM> (( Villager: "Hulk look ugly enough without getting green!" ))

<Mary_jane`^> "Where do they go?"
<AlcarGM> To who?
<Mary_jane`^> the ground
<AlcarGM> it doesn't reply.
* Mary_jane`^ doesn't antagonize it
<AlcarGM> Are you sure? It's pretty much ignoring you.

<Mary_jane`^> "I'm not sure... probably waisting time, since as soon as we get back to earth only a minute will have passed... But more importantly, what are you DOING here?"
* Mary_jane`^ motions toward the village
<AlcarGM> Sara puts a hand over her stomach. "Duh?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I noticed... Why?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You're not the kind of person to get knocked up."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Well, we had to do somehting about the first thousand years," blithely, but her eyes narrow slightly.
* Mary_jane`^ raises an eyebrow
<Mary_jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "It has been over 2000 years here," sweetly. "SO I decided to have some pets to pass the time."
* Mary_jane`^ stares at her
* Mary_jane`^ stares some more
<Mary_jane`^> "Pets?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You know, dolls. Toys... Children! That's the word."

<Mary_jane`^> "Sara, I realize there's a reason why you're here."
<AlcarGM> She nods. "Sex."
<Mary_jane`^> "No, that's not it... It's because you're..." Thinking "heartless."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "....MJ?" carefully. "There is a LOT of power here."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well how will she ever learn if she doesn't know her own faults?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You're just ashamed you can't be free," cheerfully.
<Mary_jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "He likes you," nodding to Max, who looks a little startled. "Probably because he's bored of living, but *anyway* you haven't done anything about it. Fear is stronger than love, for you." She shrugs. "If you want to pass judgements, fine: but it's the ones you pass mon yourself that count."

<Mary_jane`^> "Anyway, if you let out too many secrets then... YOur enemies come and use them against you. You wouldn't know how that is, though, would you?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I don't have those!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Everyone has enemies, Sara, even switzerland."

<Mary_jane`^> "Sara, just stop it, my patience is running thin. You pretend to be the stupid blonde who doesn't know anything but sex yet at every chance you rub into anyone's face that you know more than them about everything. Just... Drop it and tell me in plain english what the hell you're talking about and why it matters whether he has stamina."
<AlcarGM> Sara blinks. Stares at you thoughtfully, then shrugs. "Your problem is that you think it's an act, dear. It never is. I just point out you're too scared to know yourself, what you like. To embrace it, give in ..surrender..." she trails off for a few moments, remembering, then shrugs. "He's bored."
<Mary_jane`^> "What i'm asking is... If I take you both back to the real world, will he try to take it over again?"
<AlcarGM> She rolls her eyes. "I'm not him. You'
<AlcarGM> She rolls her eyes. "I'm not him. You'd have to ask him, of course."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs and puts her fingers on her temples
<Mary_jane`^> "One..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Two..."
<AlcarGM> She waits :p
<Mary_jane`^> "Three..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I bet you can make it to four if you really try," encouragingly

* Mary_jane`^ tries harder
<AlcarGM> 5d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 5d6: 16
<AlcarGM> to keep sparkie happy :p
<AlcarGM> See? This is why we don't use you.
* Mary_jane`^ doesn't like sparkie
<Mary_jane`^> boooo sparkie!
* Sparkie smirks
<Mary_jane`^> you should just let me roll anyway
<Mary_jane`^> 5d6
<Sparkie> Mary_jane`^ 5d6: 17
<Mary_jane`^> like that
<Mary_jane`^> ... god i hate you
* Sparkie Quit (cosmos.esper.net anger.esper.net)
<Mary_jane`^> god loves me!

<alcar> !addword (kentari) <kentari> I'm not concerned with the virtues ;p
<kentari> ;p
<kentari> that will hauint me!
<alcar> Well..... maybe..... just a little.....
* alcar is now known as alcargm
<kentari> huh?
<kentari> a little what?
<alcargm> The doctor - a recently clean-shaven man - enters the room and sniffs. "Tend your wound? Please. I need to see about one of my famous patients." "But the oath!" "H!H The oath didn't permit surgery when it was first written now, did it? Go fund some other doctor to treat you; I'm not concerned with the virtues."
* alcargm is now known as alcar
<alcar> would be nicely surreal.
<kentari> loool
<kentari> don't show that to me when sober
<kentari> its already giving me nightmares ;p

* Mary_jane`^ looks for a stick, and picks that up
<AlcarGM> You have a stick!
* Mary_jane`^ pushes her blue fire into it
<AlcarGM> The path goes S and N, and you click on magic and stick from your inventory..... it is now on fire, though not burning through to ash.

<Syble> "You sound really, like, sleepy."
<Syble> "Is it your gift?"
* Denna rubs her forehead, whispering to Syble. "it's actually something else"
<AlcarGM> Terrence scratches his head, wondering how sleeping would be one...
* Syble blinks, confused.. "No, I didn't mean if you had the *gift* of sleeping..."

<Denna> "It's a moon-book. We should try to read it, under the moon, or something."
<AlcarGM> (( Naked. While dancing. ))
<Denna> (( and invisible, Mr. Voyeur :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<Nigel> "Why is it always this place?"
<Syble> "Wha?"
* Syble looks up at Nigel, completely clueless.
<Nigel> "Something dangerous is about."
<Syble> "Dangerous?"
* Syble goes to check the windows!
<Nigel> "Maybe it will pass."
<Nigel> "Try not to use any gifts, or call attention to yourself.... with other means."
<Syble> (("But I have the gift of Cuteness! What if I *can't help it*???"))
<Denna> "Umm."
* Denna looks to see if the fire is still going.
<AlcarGM> The fire started again when Terrence entered the inn. It's going.
* Syble is peeking out the window! "There's someone really, really tacky coming this way."

<AlcarGM> A womane enters the inn, via stumbling over the theshold due to boots that are at least 2 sizes too large. She's about 30 or so, and mignt be pretty except. Well. her coat is putrid green, her hair is bright blue, she's wearing spotted horsehair pants, a purple shirt. And the boots are pink.
<kentari> there's a girl at my university that looks just like this
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
<kentari> seriously

<Nigel> "Well.... There is the matter of the likely very angry, over two thousand year old qizard outside the inn."
<Nigel> "I'd be more worried about remaining hale and hearty."
<AlcarGM> Irwin returns with clothing for Nigel, handing him a bundle that doesn't shoes.
* Nigel looks at Syble specifically :P
* Syble looks over at Nigel and cringes. "She made me do it!"
<Syble> "It .. it hurt! A lot!"
<Syble> "Is she still out there...?"
* Syble sits up and looks!
<AlcarGM> She is, tapping her foot still....
* Syble gulps nervously, once more. "I'll .. go try to undo it? Tell my mom I love her.."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "..... we don't even know her name."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: 'Your mom, I mean...."
* Syble looks back at Terrence, "My mother received her name from God. When one turns away from the Light, one does not deserve to keep what God has given them." ((j/k ;p))
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> (( "It was Gertrude, wasn't it?" ))

<Syble> "So are you really two thousand years old...?"
* Syble blinks, surveying the woman.
<AlcarGM> Wizard (to Denna) "I wasn't talking to you, and, girl, you should know better than to ask a lady her age." She grins.
<Syble> "But Nigel said..!"
* Syble catches herself ALMOST in time. Alas.
<Syble> "I mean. Uhm."
<Nigel> (you -bitch-)
<Syble> "And hey! Its not nice to think people are foolish before you even meet them."
<Nigel> (lets hand the rebels over to vader, eh? :P)
<Syble> ((But.. he had.. the schwartz...))

<Denna> "Perhaps we can save the world from your ghastly wardrobe."
* Denna eyes the offender.
<Nigel> "Please, Denna. It's not like she's going to change just because you said as such."
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "Well, I wouldn't expect you to understand fashion."
<Syble> "Hey! Don't be mean."
<Syble> "Maybe.. maybe she can't see colors."
<AlcarGM> Terrence snickers.
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "I can see colours quite fine," dryly.

<Nigel> "So a bunch of people who believe in this prophecy are going to make our life hell
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Are they the same ones who do the test things?"
<Syble> "What I don't get is .. what are we supposed to maybe save the world FROM...?"
<Nigel> "The side that wants it to pass is going to make it hell because they want us to become stronger."
<Nigel> "The ones that don't want us to succeed are going to be trying to kill us as well."
<Nigel> "Which just leaves us. Both against our opponents and our benefactors."
* Nigel sits down, "I seriously hate this prophecy.... shit."
<AlcarGM> Terrence thinks about that, then grins. "How do we tell which is which?"
* Syble retrieves a jaw from the floor a second time

<kentari> I just realized that the party obeys the law of conservation
<AlcarGM> hm?
<kentari> except for maybe cal's character
<AlcarGM> which law?:p
<kentari> Conversation
<kentari> Equivalent Trade
<kentari> Matter can't be destroyed or created
<kentari> Things can only be changed
<kentari> etc etc :P
<Nigel> maybe thats an aspect of the game?
<kentari> It could't be, because we all chose these gifts of our own, free will
<AlcarGM> Suuuuure you did :p
<kentari> .. .>:E

<Denna> "You went all REVEAL YOUR SECRETS! and I mentioned that I had almost been a human sacrifice once, so...."
<Syble> "Oh! Right.. I uh.."
<Syble> "That sounded so silly, I thought you were making it up and weren't affected."
<Syble> "Sorry about that, too!"
<Syble> "Wait .. are you serious?"
* Syble goes wide-eyed
<Syble> "So .. did you do it??"

<Syble> "Shouldn't Nigel be able to mess with it for you?"
<Denna> "Gems are not metal."
* Denna stares off into space to inventory and see if there's anything she left out. "Uhh, hmm. I think that's about it. Don't mention it, please."
<Syble> "Gems are kinda earthy.. I mean, he didn't say *metal,* just earth stuff.."
<Syble> "Its like how I can command stuff, you know?"
<Syble> "There's a lot to it, its not just one thing. Sorta like all the stuff you can do!"
<Syble> "We may as well try to help each other."
<Denna> "No, no. Please. Really. And it's fine. Mostly. Unless I use it; that's the headache. But... well, you're a good enough kid, and if anything happens and I die, well... look after it, would you?"
<Syble> "What?! Shouldn't you want to like .. cast it into a volcano or something? I mean, it sounds like nothing but trouble!"
<AlcarGM> (( "Oh, no. It creates one when removed from my head. Far more efficient." ))

<Luciano`^> (( Yes, well, you also need to be careful of calling the inn quaint while they're about as well ))
<AlcarGM> (( Where PCs are involved, there is no such thing as quaint. Eccentric is better :p ))

* Nigel is at the bar, nursing something out of a bottle
<AlcarGM> Nigel finds he can't get the ship out of it, and how DO they get them in the bottle in the first place?

<Syble> "I don't want to earn money with our gifts. We're not.. monkeys that do tricks."
<AlcarGM> Denna and Syble finish lunch, which is stew. Because, well, that seems to be 90% of what you eat in fantasy novels :p
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Then what would you do with it?" to Syble
* Syble ponders, picking up a morsel of breakfast..
<Syble> "Probably... forget about it."
* Syble takes a bite!
* Syble shrugs to Terrence after a moment or two of silence.
<Syble> "Its not like I can .. make statues, or keep people warm, or anything like that."
<Nigel> "There's always something."
<Nigel> "The world is too big to have useless things."

<Denna> "There's always highway robbery, though I would kind of reccomend against it too."
<AlcarGM> (( "especially since highways don't exist. But that's a minor detail." ))
<Syble> (( ;p ))
<Denna> (( eh, people just have lower standards for height, I'm sure :P ))

<Syble> "So! Uhm ... Nigel said we were leaving soon? Where to..?"
* Syble asks DENNA :P
<Denna> (( j/k ))
* Denna shrugs. "Oh, I don't mind much myself."
<Sparkie> RIGHT ON!

<Syble> "Where else is there? Is Nigel taking us .. to his house?"

<Luciano`^> "I doubt she's showing up any time soon. And we need to move before they come back."
* Syble smiles and stands, approaching Luciano.
* Syble pats him on the shoulder and speaks in a sing-song, warm voice.
<Syble> "Its okay. They're corpses now."
<Syble> "Everything will be ooookay. Is your hand okay?"

* Syble looks back and forth between Galbrath and Nigel. Then, .. breaks the ice! "So! ... What's your gift?"
* Galbrath looks at Syble, shrugging. "Rending."
<Syble> "What's rending?"
<Nigel> "Opposite of mending?"
<Syble> "Is it at all like bending?"
<Syble> (("Now, the rhymes are neverending.."))
<Nigel> ("Like they'd even need tending")
<Galbrath> "Uhm, you know... cutting things."

<Luciano`^> If this game is anime style then Sheena is deffinately a Kitsune...
* Luciano`^ looks for a tail
<AlcarGM> ... no tail :p

<Denna> "When colors and patterns wage war for attention, everybody loses."
* Syble sighs loudly
<Syble> "Okay. Can we all STOP talking about what she's wearing?"
<Syble> "Hearing everyoen complain is almost as bad as looking at it."
* Syble mutters.
<AlcarGM> Sheena look s at Syble, honestly surprised, then looks down at her coat and tsks. "You're right. I got a stain on it."
<AlcarGM> The wizard shakes her head. "It says a lot about wizards that no one ever invented a decent stain remover spell."
* Denna mutters to herself not-too-loudly "I am going to invest in some bleach, and I am going to find her luggage, and I am going to turn it all... white."
<AlcarGM> (( Sheena: "Someone once did that to an old friend of mine, Gandalf..." ))

<Nigel> "I... thought you knew of the prophecy."
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "I never read the silly thing."
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "Reading them just encourages them."
<Nigel> "You mentioned it no less than three times!"
* Nigel looks.... angry :P
* Syble pokes Terrence again, and says quietly, "You're it."
* Syble then BOLTS off into the distance :P
<AlcarGM> Terrence bolts after :p
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "Well, you didn't seem to know about it at all." She munches on a mint. "Besides, telling people they're going to save the world or destroy is is just silly. No need to go around encouraging THAT kind of thinking, but the gods never did let that worry them."

<Luciano`^> "You only need one mint. Is your breath that bad?"
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "You could use a few, I think."
<AlcarGM> She hands you the bag :)
* Luciano`^ takes one and throws the rest down the hole
<AlcarGM> Mints fall! Everyone in the hole dies!
<Syble> (( :P ))
<Syble> (( SPEARMINT BOMB!!! ))

* Syble waves at Nigel, gesturing to the biiiig old metal door, "Can you make the door open? Its gonna HAUNT me if I don't know what's on the other side."
<AlcarGM> Terrence jnods. "We should ... not open the door?" hopefully
* Nigel assumes we climb down and get there in a timely manner
<Nigel> "....."
* Denna proceeds to investigate the door.
* Nigel grabs Syble's shoulder and spins her around, facing him :P
<Syble> "And yeah .. the skulls are kinda freaky. But ... when you think of them as, like, ... rocks. Its easier."
* Syble shrieks in surprise
<Nigel> "This is a temple. To a dead god who favored -Sacrafice-. Even the dead ones still call in their domains. And there haven't been any sacrafices in a really. long. time."
* Nigel lets go, "What are you? Dense?"
<Syble> "... You knew this and still brought us here?"
<Syble> "What are YOU? Sick?!"

<Luciano`^> "The most powerful wizard in the world? What makes you think that?"
<AlcarGM> Sheena waves a hand absently. "Facts aren't boasts. You can be angry with me, if you really want to, but you might want to think about *why*. And then under that."
* Luciano`^ tries not to laugh... and succeeds slightly... a few chuckles come out
<AlcarGM> She just looks amused :P
<Luciano`^> "Why? I told you why. You are an insult to the entire race. At least I know how to dress myself."
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "beauty," gravely, "Is in the eye of the beholder."
<AlcarGM> her eyes are definitely twinkling now....
<Luciano`^> "And it's obvious that you are blind."
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "Well, it's not my fault if you never got to actually be alive and dress like you wanted to, now, is it?"
<Luciano`^> (( I would totally not be surprised if she broke down and admitted she was blind right now ))
<AlcarGM> she pats your arm. :p
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

<Nigel> "Sometimes I worry about those two, you know?"
* Denna reaches the top of the shaft.
* Nigel begins sealing the opening
<Denna> "Perhaps we can do a simulated human sacrifice experience, if you're really interested! I've got the pointy knives, we can make an altar out of books and cloak it with a little illusion, and we *even* have a... hmm."
<Denna> "But that's probably a bad idea, so let's not even start."
* Nigel creates a mesh of wire that digs into the floorboards, screening off the oeping, and then he relays the rug

* Denna intrudes. "Sheena, do you know the name of this place exactly?"
<Luciano`^> Holy crap when did Denna show up!?
<Denna> just now. :P
<Denna> (( with an intrusion. ))

<Nigel> "Do you possess two gifts?"
* Denna eyes Nigel. "Why do you ask?"
<Nigel> "You've diplayed some differing talents."
<Nigel> "And, well... the red glow thing. I can't place it."
<Denna> "I can also glow chartreuse.
* Denna demonstrates.

* Mary_jane`^ attacks the lieing liar with truth!
<AlcarGM> .... Fox News defends with a lawsuit!
<Mary_jane`^> CNN retorts with a countersuit!
<AlcarGM> The Dark Matter, otoh, just absorbs it without problem.
<Mary_jane`^> what? You can't absorb truth!
<AlcarGM> Apparently it absorbs any energy, even that
<Mary_jane`^> Truth isn't energy! Truth is... TRUTH!
<AlcarGM> You push more, the world around you turning blue and burning.....
<Mary_jane`^> See? That's more like it
<AlcarGM> The prison remains inviolate, but does ripple a little..... the ripples spreading, forming the words: Ha. Ha. Ha!
<Mary_jane`^> oh
<Mary_jane`^> now i'm mad

* Chaos`^ can play tomorrow night
<Chaos`^> for many hours!
<Chaos`^> let's make a marathon about it
<Chaos`^> and let's do something special too!
<Chaos`^> hmm...
<Chaos`^> what can we do that's special?
<Chaos`^> what else?
<Chaos`^> something big!
<Sparkie> There IS nothing else.

<AlcarGM> Youn see smoke, outside. From where the central mall is, and somewhere in the warehouse district.
<AlcarGM> People are looking aroud, confused, the reports of terrorism in the east end yesterday only feeding their fears....
<Mary_jane`^> "Where's Nora?"
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Work. I ... I hope."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Maybe she went shopping, and her cards got cancelled and she got mad?" with a weak attempt at a smile.

* Mary_jane`^ runs her fingers through her head
<Mary_jane`^> err hair actually
<AlcarGM> Are you sure?
<Mary_jane`^> yeah hair

* Mary_jane`^ sighs and hops in the car.... it is still in good shape right?
<AlcarGM> Yup, Jacob fixed it as thanks for running over a corporation for him :)

<AlcarGM> Ruth: 'I - I told them -- i told them to die, and they ..... died."
* Mary_jane`^ holds her tighter "It's ok..."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "It .. they just....." She shudders, then just nods. "I - I have to be strong. Ready for - for others. I'm okay."
* Mary_jane`^ grabs her face "Alright... You're not a bad person... You did what you had to do, and you feel bad for it... You know it's wrong. Ok? You're not a bad person until you stop feeling bad."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "..... I.... I guess..." She takes a deep breath and nods. "I'm going to kill them and feel really bad about it."

<Mary_jane`^> "Max," Looking at him "You going to be sticking around for a while?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe nods. "We could use help......" he sighs. "I'll have to ask Kiesha."
<AlcarGM> Max: "After watching a fisher king break a barrier made by krishna with nothing but will and seeing him fed enough energy to scare the Merlin ..... Well. Who wouldn't stay?" offhandedly.
* Mary_jane`^ smiles at him
<AlcarGM> He just looks back straight-faced
* Mary_jane`^ stands up and whipes down her pants, flattening the creases
<Mary_jane`^> "Alright... I'm going to go see if Merlin is ok."
<AlcarGM> Nora stands as well. "We'll be at my place. I trust the car is okay?"
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "I ran over hereticorp with it."
<Mary_jane`^> "As far as I know... I left it upstairs."
* Mary_jane`^ tries not to laugh at that

* Mary_jane`^ shrugs at Jacob
<Mary_jane`^> "Krishna's scared of you, though..."
<AlcarGM> You see nothing.... and then Krishna is there, before you, power barely contained in flesh, large enough that his shadow snuffs out suns..... showing off :p
<AlcarGM> Jacob: "I can see why," his voice dry as dust.

<Fennec> (( holycow - 10:30pm-7am gaming sessions ... ))
<AlcarGM> (( that's all? :p ))

<Mary_jane`^> what really freaks me out
<Mary_jane`^> is that MJ had not yet been pushed to the point where she had to roll the dice

<AlcarGM> It's Friday morning and you waken from a dream of swords turned into ploughshares and small fairies mating with dragons; it's 6 am and you're past dream that jolts you awake is of blood on the moon, and someone singing it down from the heavens
<AlcarGM> There are quiet gunshots outside, Jeeves doing his morning target practise, and Tad is curled up inside your head and snoring.
* Mary_jane`^ forgot what happened yesterday before she went to bed...
<Mary_jane`^> oh that's right
<Mary_jane`^> i killed a major god
<Mary_jane`^> wait... fairies...
<Mary_jane`^> "Tad, wake up!"
<AlcarGM> Tad: "hobbits taste.... err... what? Hello?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You haven't been mating with that new power have you?"
<AlcarGM> Tad: 'WHAT?!"

<AlcarGM> Next session: Spirt worlds! Magic! Gods! Dragons!
<AlcarGM> AND! Session #40.
<AlcarGM> Free of charge :p

* Mary_jane`^ wonders how you use positive reinforcement on magic...
<kentari> Actually, you don't want to positively reinforce right now.
<kentari> Because the most recent behavior is the dissolving; you don't want to reinforce that
<kentari> Or if you *do* positively reinforce, it must be made clear what behavior you are rewarding.

<AlcarGM> Max: "I don't think gods are pasta?"

* kentari clears his throat, seated upon his throne, and speaks profoundly.
<kentari> "You cannot push a rope."
* kentari fades to black ;p
<Fennec> silly Mary_jane`^
<Mary_jane`^> MJ and her player are not very good at this sort of thing
<Mary_jane`^> We are doing the best we can with what we have
<kentari> :> My alma mater's old motto!
<kentari> "We do the best we can with what we have"
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> seriously? :p
<AlcarGM> That's.... so silly.
<kentari> Yes.
<kentari> It was changed back in 1902.
<kentari> :P

* AlcarGM has other words for "Zero tolerance" and BS like that :P
<Fennec> some would call this liberalism! Celebrate diversity, children.
<Fennec> in reality, it's just stupidity
<Fennec> one way or another
<AlcarGM> the most intersting part I find about such things is that, well, it seems no one involved in such situations honestly thinks.
<AlcarGM> "Hey, wait a minute...."
<AlcarGM> it's liek the cause / effect part of their brains is on a collective vacations.
<kentari> No, sir
<kentari> That part of their brains is the part with its hands on the steering wheel.
<AlcarGM> hm?
<Fennec> it's the sanity checks which are lacking
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Yes :P
<AlcarGM> they keep failing them.
<AlcarGM> and live in a world that makes them believe their failures are successes
<Fennec> AlcarGM: I simply doubt they are performed.

* Mary_jane`^ looks over at her "Well, I just drank a bottle of cola and Denny's coffee concentrate... What do you want to learn?"
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Uhm ....." She's quiet a few moments, thinking about it. "Sex magic?"
<AlcarGM> trying to be casual :p
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm affraid I don't know that many 'tricks' to using magic durring... sex... that's Nora's thing."
<AlcarGM> Ruth turns a bright shade of red. "I know. I feel..... inadequate. I thought, maybe. She said you'd had a boyfriend, and.....?"
<Mary_jane`^> "The one she's reffering to didn't exactly know about my power. I tried to hide it from him. We didn't do anything after I told him, so I never got a chance to practice it."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "And if you could? I'd ask Max, but he doesn't do much magic, and Merlin is ..... In tried to ask, and he turned white, said something about Sara and looked.. kind of ill."
<AlcarGM> (( Sara flashbacks! It's like LSD, except more fun! ))

<AlcarGM> Ruth: "So how do I get stronger so things won't fight me? Or lose if they do?"
<Mary_jane`^> "That's a dangerous question. Power isn't something you can just throw about. There are limits to what you can do and you have to accept that."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Do you?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I accept that I have limits I just..." Looking over at her "Don't really know what those limits are."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "......" She blinks. "You're not joking?"

<Sparkie> Soon, you will roll dice. And they will tell stories, when you fail critcally. These shall be those stories: "Before we blackened the skies ... before the world was lit only by fire, my children.. we saw a glorious and terrible age."
<kentari> SPARKIE!
<kentari> YOU THIEF :P
* Sparkie bows
<AlcarGM> :p

<Mary_jane`^> How come MJ hasn't become a Judge yet? Wasn't that the next step after Justice?
<Mary_jane`^> Balance, justice... judge?
<AlcarGM> You would be sparkie?! :p
<Mary_jane`^> i don't trust sparkie

<Mary_jane`^> "I'll be in my room." Grabbing an apple and taking pot, warmer, and food upstairs
<AlcarGM> You find that in the second panty and Nora just nods, going back to the cereal.
* Mary_jane`^ sorts through panties for the... Oh man this can go so wrong from here on... I'll stop
* AlcarGM blinks...
<AlcarGM> I am not sure I want to know :p
* Mary_jane`^ points to alcar's typo
<AlcarGM> lol!

<AlcarGM> You head out to a small local coffee shop beside the library and she gets tea, you get more coffee, and find quit table on the back patio without any problems.
* Mary_jane`^ has already had too much coffee, tea is fine
<AlcarGM> Tea has more caffeine, but what the hey.....
<Mary_jane`^> lol
* Mary_jane`^ 's player hates coffee as it is, and imagining his player drinking more than she already has makes him queesy
<Mary_jane`^> err
<Mary_jane`^> character lol

* Mary_jane`^ finds it hard to imagine a role-player role-playing me role-playing
* AlcarGM played a game once where we did that
<AlcarGM> it was quite odd.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> was a gameof Immortal. We had to make ourselves a scharactes, and basically be ourselves becoming immortals etc.
<Mary_jane`^> ...
<Mary_jane`^> i couldn't roleplay myself

<Mary_jane`^> "I've had better days myself. I'm trying to negotiate with something that doesn't even speak, and try to calm it down. i haven't gotten to how to talk to it yet."
<AlcarGM> Gail: "Oh, men are always like that."
* Mary_jane`^ frowns
<Mary_jane`^> "I suppose... I have to find some way to talk to it, though... It will be difficult finding a voice for it."
<AlcarGM> Gail: "Most men speak once you grap them by the balls and squeeze," taking a sip of her tea. "Mind you, they don't say much that's useful, but most men never do."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yes, well I don't think this one has balls to speak of... Since it's not a man per se."
<Mary_jane`^> "Even so, I doubt I have power enough to squeeze them."
<AlcarGM> Gail: "Oh, woman?" She reaches over and pats your hand. "I never had sex with a woman, and at my age it's alitle old for advetures, but I can't see how it would be difficult.You'd argue over who egets to do housework this week when you both want to,I imagine."
* Mary_jane`^ nearly spits tea out on the table

<Mary_jane`^> Although being the grail's lover would be... unique
<AlcarGM> .... and not possible.,
<AlcarGM> Not even for Sara :P
<Mary_jane`^> are you daring me to try it?
<AlcarGM> Try what? Dying? :)
<AlcarGM> Dying is easy. Living, otoh, is hard :p

<AlcarGM> You don't pass go or collect but you get to the guest bedroom without any problems.
<AlcarGM> Well, unless you consider the moon sitting on your bed and eating cheetoes a problem.
<AlcarGM> Luna doesn't look up at you enter. She's reading, of all things, American Signbuilders Magazine.
* Mary_jane`^ glances at her, and shuts the door
<Mary_jane`^> "Luna..."
<AlcarGM> Luna flips a page, frowning, then looks up. "Hi!" brightly.
* Mary_jane`^ looks odly at her "Hi?"
<AlcarGM> Luna: "it's a form of greeting. See: Hello, How are you? How did you do? Hey, Hullo, Lo, Dude! and other such things for examples of the same."
<Mary_jane`^> "Are you done being angry at me, or are you here for something else?"
<AlcarGM> Luna: "I was angry at you?" She considers that. "Do you know why?"
<Mary_jane`^> "I have to be honest, if you would have looked up at me and said 'Dude!' i would have run away..."

* Mary_jane`^ lets go "We can't run from our fears Luna, or we may be running from those who matter most."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "Dead people always matter. They outnumber us. It's why tradition wins when votes are counted."
<Mary_jane`^> "I watched you die too, remember
<AlcarGM> (( Ah... I've missed GMing Luna. Session #42 was perfect for her coming back :) ))
<AlcarGM> Luna nods: "But I come back.. The moon never really dies, until the wolf eats it. Or they replace it with a giant Coke ad."
<AlcarGM> :Luna: "It's why I drink Pepsi."

<Mary_jane`^> "Anyway, I won't go without a fight. It's not the first time I"ve been prophasized to die."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "But this time I kill you, silly."
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Mary_jane`^> =p

* Mary_jane`^ stares at the blank page
* Mary_jane`^ touches it lightly, filling it with truth and perhaps answers
<Mary_jane`^> such as.... Oh! The wing fairy! I want to talk to him!
<AlcarGM> The page remains blank, devoid of truth or lies, just an emptiness staring out at you.....
<AlcarGM> (( wonders about magicians block... ))
* Mary_jane`^ grabs a pen, and writs down "Sources of the grail"
<AlcarGM> And? :p
* Mary_jane`^ was hoping her power would fill in the blanks
<AlcarGM> It, alas, doesn't. Or perhaps you are not yet skilled enough to read between the lines.
<Mary_jane`^> what lines? There's one line... there is no between
* Mary_jane`^ taps the desk and writes down "Fisher king of Municiburg, Wizard of circle, Staff of Hermes"
<AlcarGM> Schrodingers writing?:p

* Mary_jane`^ grabs another page "Probably his mother..." Frowning, writing down "Judges of the creator"
<AlcarGM> You write, asfter it, without meaning to: "Peers."
<Mary_jane`^> "Whas the circle wizard lieing to me?"
<AlcarGM> and: "Yes."
<AlcarGM> congrats. You've successfully turned the Truth into a magic 8 ball.
<Mary_jane`^> ^^
<Mary_jane`^> "Then who is a peer to the judges of the creator?"
<AlcarGM> Your hand writes: "This information is not available at your security clearance citizen." Scratches it out. Writes: "Peers." Underlines.

* alcar doubts I could GM D&D anymore and not have strong parody elements creep in. Though I still wish Kiaeb had continued.... I had some fun plot twists for that, via Paranoia and the players convinced there was no magic, only science.
<alcar> It's probably a bad sign when, to run a serious fantasy game, I felt the need to resort to Risus :p

<Fennec> I suppose I'm not allowed to hate kentari, am I?
<kentari> sorry
<alcar> Why not? Everyone else does.
<kentari> its against the rules, fennec
<kentari> WHAT??!
<Fennec> it might damage the BESM game.
<alcar> Oh, come on. You honestly didn't know?
<kentari> It might damage YOUR FACE
<kentari> I thought everyone loved me as least as much as I loved myself.
<Fennec> it might damage MY SOUL.

<AlcarGM> the soul of the sun is surprisingly dark, a sterile purple plane edges by deep orange walls in the distance and a mauve ceiling filled with sparkles of pale distant light
<Mary_jane`^> ah, the sun's pov then? =p
* Mary_jane`^ looks around
<Mary_jane`^> "Sol, are you here?"
<AlcarGM> yup, and there is no reply, but you do see something in the distance.... a flicker of pale light,and some light, strasngely familiar..
* Mary_jane`^ heads thata way then, figuring he'll do the same thing the earth did
<AlcarGM> http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/jukebox/colobar.gif the Light.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
* AlcarGM grins

<AlcarGM> Ruth is in one of the spare rooms, currently causing a lamp to, well, dance.
<Mary_jane`^> oh good
* Mary_jane`^ was affraid she was practicing sex magic
<AlcarGM> Not by herself.
<Mary_jane`^> oh
<AlcarGM> The lamp wishes they were, though!

<alcar> For some reason, I want to write a short story about an evil mastermind a la james bond...
<alcar> "And, Mr. Bond, if you do not reveal the 11 secret herbs and spicesthe Colonel uses, I will reveal to the world that the World Wresting Federation is ... fixed!"

<Mary_jane`^> "Most relationships start with an imbalance of power... One person owing another, one pays more back and the otehr owes back... That is how they continue. Mutual trust."
<AlcarGM> She frowns, then nods. "But Nora is a demon..... oh my god. She's not some fisher queen, is she? Cuz her working at some homeless shelter seeems so weird....>"
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "I knew it meant something else!"
<Mary_jane`^> "No... There are no Fisher queens... Even the females are called kings."
<Mary_jane`^> "Only one body to each city."
<Mary_jane`^> "Anyway, Nora studied to do community service... Probably to pay off her debt to humanity for all of the red lights she ran..."
<AlcarGM> Ruth; "What?"

<AlcarGM> The waiter ... wisely edges away from him, and is annoyed since management has standing orders not to allow cripples inside because they ruin the ambience.... "IF I may continue, the food is designed to test the palatte, a work of art as much as a meal."
<Mary_jane`^> "How come all of them are so small?" looking at the small dish in front of her
<Mary_jane`^> (( the tasting menu takes 4 hours to eat through ))
<AlcarGM> Waiter: "This is not food; this is an *experience*!"
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> "A movie of the tongue?"
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "The passion of the christ was shorter than this."
<AlcarGM> The waiter says the next dish will come shortly, and finds reason to go to another table :p
* Mary_jane`^ looks at her watch "It's only been a half hour... Perhaps time is just moving slowly for you?"
<AlcarGM> Max: "The italians did the real thing, in 1939 or so. I am sort of terrified it's come back into style."
<Mary_jane`^> "Long meals or crucifiction?"
<AlcarGM> Max: "..futurist meals."

* Denna tries something special.
<Denna> Denna to Moon-Book. This is Denna, calling Moon-Book. Sprechen sie Urdu?
<alcar> Moon-book: "Heil Sparkie!"
<alcar> or perhaps not :)

* Denna rushes to the door and tries to get some light on in the room so as to make a shadow on anything if possible.
<Denna> "Syble, get everyone to STOP RIGHT NOW"
<Denna> "and STAY STILL!"
* Syble nods, and says very politely. "Stay still." The words echo slightly.
<Syble> "What's empathically mean...?"
<Denna> "LOUD.

<alcar> roll :p
<Syble> uhm
<Syble> what's my rank in command...
<Syble> one sec
<Syble> charsheet :P
<alcar> hehe

* Galbrath looks at her head. "What's with the red thing?"
<Nigel> "Don't rightly know. I guess thats up to Denna, if and when she's up to it."
<alcar> (( Denna: "What red glow....?" *Sniper rifle fires* ))
<Galbrath> "....Okay. That really didn't tell me anything, but whatever."
<Nigel> 'What, should I make something up?"

* Galbrath shrugs. "Nevermind, I just thought since you were here you might have some idea of what occurred."
<Denna> (weakly, towards Nigel) "I can... also... glow... chartreuse..."
<Nigel> "I was... I just can't explain it... Like witnessing and trying to explain a fourth dimension."
<alcar> (( Nigel: "my player hasn't been here that long! I can't know everything!" ))
<Galbrath> (( "What, Time? Time's not that complicated." ))

<Syble> "but.. but its not fair."
<Syble> "I wish I would've never learned that word."
<alcar> Terrence: "We're in the wrong world for fair. One of my brothers told me that, once."
<Syble> "Then what should we do to this world? That makes it sound like destroying it is better than saving it."
* Syble laughs. "You know what...?"
<Syble> "I think I'm getting better."
<alcar> Terrence: "Sometimes you have to destroy something in order to save it," as if quoting someone. "The sword told me that, when I first used it."
* Syble reflects on that for all of five to eight seconds :P
<Syble> ((Jesus. Its Cameron's sword. :P))
<alcar> (( lol! ))

<Syble> btw
<Syble> another rule in alcar's game:
<Syble> "Players never take secrets to the grave. Never."
<Nigel> that is a lie :P
<Syble> If players take a secret to the grave, its not a secret

<Syble> "You know, she acted just like we did."
<alcar> Terrence: "When?"
<Syble> "With her stupid old book. Its just like the big metal door."
<alcar> Terrence: "I guess everyone has something like that?"
<Syble> "But they're adults! ... I thought adults weren't supposed to be like that?"
<alcar> Terrence: "I guess most of them don't grow up?"
<Syble> "That's silly. They'd be really short if they didn't."
* Syble smirks

<Nigel> "I can see that you don't need me to tell you its dangerous."
<Nigel> "Does it talk to you? I get the feeling, no, I can tell you can't quite control it."
<Galbrath> (( Yeah, the number of gem-imbedding accidents is on the rise. You could put out an eye! Kooky kids and their fads... ))
<Denna> "There was a cult of human sacrifice. I forget the specifics since I had a really bad headache."
<Nigel> "I was wondering if it's...."
* Nigel whispers "Intelligent."
<Nigel> "I just have a small amount of experience with such things."
<Denna> "What qualifies?"
<Nigel> "Thoughts? Desires? Things you know aren't your own."
<Galbrath> (( "Well, I'm really craving a tuna sandwich, which is odd because I hate food." ))

<alcar> I think we could have broke Fennec :P
<Galbrath> ...rofl
<Galbrath> explicit? :P
<alcar> * Denna (ff@eh.net) has joined #game2
<alcar> <alcar> Terrence: "I guess..." He closes his eyes, frowning. "I don't feel any different heat."
<alcar> <Syble> "Not even when I do this?"
<alcar> <alcar> What do you do? :p
<alcar> * Syble pulls her hair back, and continues, using a bit more tongue.
<alcar> <Denna> (( there's 4 lines to come in on :P ))
<alcar> <Syble> ((.. oh.. hi.. :x ))
<alcar> <Denna> (( but aren't you a BIT young for all that? ))
<alcar> <alcar> Terrence returns it, the air around both of you warming up, your heat fields enfolding together....
<alcar> tWe decided we'd pretend they'd been having sex the next time someone ended up in a channel they were for a joke ;P
<Galbrath> rofl!!

<Denna> "And... I am sorry about that man, earlier, but, well, he was threatening to kill the children! you!"
* Denna pauses.
<Denna> "Oh my god, I'm showing mothering instincts."
<alcar> Hey, as long as they aren't Faline style mothering instincts :p
* Denna shakes her head. "Gyaah."
<Syble> ((Oh god :P ))
<Syble> "Wait.. you're a mother..?"
<Denna> "No." (emphatically. :P)
<Denna> "No, no, no, no no! Blah!"

<AlcarGM> The wizard shrugs. "Most sees never make sense," tossing it under armed to Luciano. "Probably afraid of what they see, or making it too plain. The suicide rate for seers is higher than any other profession, even dentists."

<Syble> "Why not just *tell* them to give you answers you want?"
<Denna> "Go right ahead."
<Syble> "I mean.. torturing just sounds so .. crude!"
<Luciano`^> "That's why it's too much work."
* Syble shakes her head and hops down to check on the armed.. :P fellow. Is he conscious?
<Denna> "I'm sorry, not all of use can deny others use of their free will as readily as you can."
<Syble> "What do I look like, a butterfly?" :P
<Syble> ((j/k ;p))
<Denna> the butterfly does not (often) deny people of free will. Mangles their identity? Sure. Blasts past whatever notions of privacy they maintain to probe their innermost secrets? In a heartbeat. Decieve their consciousness so that they think something is happening that's not? Sure. :P
<kentari> The butterfly is, then, most definitely an Educator at heart. :P

* Denna has an idea.
<Denna> an awesome idea.
* Denna has a terrible, awesome idea.
<kentari> Everyone, tell your loved ones goodbye.
<kentari> :P Fennec has an idea.

<Denna> Me, sort of thinking at the gem: "would you give it back if I got you something else to eat instead?"
<AlcarGM> no reply :p
<AlcarGM> yoiu don't think it groks 'giving up'. Probably doesn't want to develop bulimia, and who can blame it?
<Denna> :P

<AlcarGM> The kick doesn't do anything overt, though the man does open his eyes he doesn't seem to see anyone, making soft whimpering noises over something none of you can see
<Luciano`^> "Why doesn't he wake up?"
<AlcarGM> He's breathing a little better, too, but still doesn't seem here at all.
* Luciano`^ doesn't move
* Luciano`^ looks up at the others
<Luciano`^> "Well?"
<Syble> "I'm a kid, not a doctor!"
* Denna frowns.
* Luciano`^ looks at Denna "Why doesn't he wake up unless there's pain?"
<BrooklynKnight> (I wonder if thats what Bones used to say when he was a kid)
<Syble> (( :D ))

<AlcarGM> Darrick: "Do you have further use for me or my cousin?" cooly
* Syble runs a finger along Darrick's chest. "I'm sure I could think of *something*.."
<Syble> ((oh.. god.. j/k. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( .... thank you :p ))
<Denna> (( Syble: "I'm bored. [b]Do the macarena.[b]" ))

<Syble> "I wrote a letter to your Lord. Please deliver it to him with earnest and due haste."
<Syble> and that letter, gods help us
<Syble> Written on a blank sheet of paper torn from a book somewhere :P
<Syble> LARD SAYP,
<Syble> Yur ayjents wur vari gud. Pulis doo nawt pawnis teym.
<Syble> R u wanting too tast us? Wi do nut no wut to do. Mi
<Syble> frendz leyk buks tu mutcsh. Pulis re pliy an gif mi ur
<Syble> advis. Tey wul nawt lesn tu mush vat eis naut en buks.
<Syble> Pulis doo nawt turiy too kel us at list untel weiy no
<Syble> wut we r doweng. We r turiying tu halp hes cuzn b cuz
<Syble> hi gawt hert. Pulis halp if u kan.
<Syble> <3 S.W.
<Syble> XOXOXO
<Syble> [Crude drawing of Darik with an arrow and caption:]
<Syble> "hi is a gud sniker pulis doo nawt pawnis hem."
<Syble> :P

* Nigel just frowns
<Nigel> "Remind me to never do you all a favor, at least until half of you are all dead from your own incompetance."
* Nigel starts climbing the ladder, "Maybe your idiocy will be a bit more manageable then."

<AlcarGM> pain digs into your stomach, like an unborn baby trying to claw its way to freedom
* Luciano`^ wouldn't know what that feels like, but... ok
<AlcarGM> lotsa hurtsies, then, like the mother ofall ulcers :P

* Luciano`^ buys an oversized horse, large enough to fit 5 people his size
<AlcarGM> ....
* Denna buys an horse-bus.
<Denna> no! an 18-wheeler!
<AlcarGM> like what, a daschund horse? :p

<Denna> anyway
<Denna> poor Caltak
<Nigel> oh shit!
<Nigel> I completely forgot about Gal
<Denna> I assumed that was by design.
<AlcarGM> lol
<Denna> what was it?
<Denna> 0:29 <@Nigel> "Remind me to never do you all a favor, at least until half of you are all dead from your own incompetance."
<AlcarGM> Well, he can probably catch up, but the PCs will likely be . suspicious. Which can be fun :0

<Fennec> more RPGs around here than one might be inclined shake a stick at
<Tass> yeah
<Tass> a lot of them are free form, though
<Tass> or they won't let you know anything about the game until you join :P
<Tass> the last one irked me
<Tass> since, well
<Tass> I have a schedule!
<Tass> I'm not going to make a space for your potentially crappy game unless I like it in the first place
<alcar> lol.
<alcar> The last one... makes no sense
<Tass> lesigh
<alcar> "I am running a game. Make characters. But you can'tknow the system, or what the game is about" only works for, say, Paranoia :P
<alcar> Hell, the ideal paranoia game is run via another system

* Sparkie is being debugged
<Sparkie> it is not going well.
<Sparkie> <kentaray> my quick debug hack isn't doing what I want it to
<Sparkie> ....
* Sparkie thinks that the doctor should, also, not be drunk. THIS SHOULD BE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, PEOPLE!

<Momiji> Most of my quotes out of context just make me feel like a moron.
<Sparkie> no comment.
<Momiji> That's a good thing, you bastard.
<Momiji> Er, respectable gentlemen.

<Fennec> AlcarGM (1517), Alcar (594), Mary_Jane`^ (557), AlcarDM (301), Chaos`^ (205), Cecil`^ (146), Caltak (146), kentari (142), Jeramias (110), Baliadoc (104), Chaos`GM^ (103), Sintaqx (100), Anelelinde (98), aslhk (95), Kage` (94), Warner (93), Faline (82), Keith` (80), Cameron (80), WarnerDM (77), Mitch` (77), Gelhalee (69), Marcus_Fenway (68), Linda`^ (66), Simon``` (60), Salem_ (58), Theliar`^ (53), Cyrus` (52), Johnny (51), Tatterdemalion (51)
<alcar> eh?
<Fennec> nicks by how-many-quotes-they-are-in
<Fennec> not how-many-lines-they-have
<Caltak> woot, tied for 6th! :P
<alcar> tied with a character though, man :p
<Caltak> shhhh :P
<kentari> way 2 go cal
<kentari> you and I are the top two real people
<kentari> the top two people that SLEEP
<kentari> :P
<Caltak> rofl...
<alcar> is that, yes :)
<Caltak> I was about to ask why Alcar and Chaos`^ didn't count as people.

<kentari> while we're all here
<kentari> wtf is up with Galbrath?
<kentari> Fennec keeps getting giddy about SOMETHING.
<Caltak> um well APPARENTLY other players are too self-centered to worry about anyone who might be absent at the time.
<Caltak> :P
<alcar> Getting groceries is vital! Getting lost while doing so inevitable :p
<kentari> So we'll just run into him while he's carrying a bag of baguettes.
<kentari> Everyone knows that if Nigel is on horseback, he will run over/into Galbrath.
<kentari> Its a physical law.
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> A point :p
<kentari> There. Problem solved. :P

<Darryl> hey, a d20 Future game is responsible for myself and Tricia going out, in a somewhat roundabout way!
<Fennec> ... .. .
<Darryl> And our characters from that game are now getting married >.>

<Fennec> run a game or something :P
<kentari> I told you earlier I was too tired ;p
<Momiji> Huh, least he answers something straight.
<alcar> Then set a date for bdsm!
<alcar> .... besm, too.

* Caltak is sad that he missed a lot of the Early Days; these are good stories.
<alcar> it was far more... fluid, then :p
<kentari> Soon our days will become early days. :P
<kentari> We just need to bring in fresh blood.
<kentari> And then, bam
<kentari> We're all grizzled old veterans talking about "the old days"
<alcar> heck, Jeramias played Wasted World for 6 months with no character sheet, having played D&D "a bit, with a friend, via flipping throuhg the book in the store" earlier that same day....
<Caltak> o_o
<Caltak> wowzers

<alcar> She steps back from you. "This is notyour concern," in a deeper voice, male. "This concerns the earth, and cities."
<Mary_jane`^> no one else notices?
<alcar> A few of your co-workers are looking over, one or two looking worried.
<Mary_jane`^> "Err..." eyeing everyone around "Are you feeling ok?"
<alcar> One of them walks over slowly and coughs. "Mary Jane? Let me handle this."
* Mary_jane`^ steps out of the way
<alcar> He walks over, and says. "We really can't have this. After the dragon queen incident and the people wanting some blue woman ...."
<alcar> He says six quick words you don't know, in another language.
<Mary_jane`^> "Dragon queen incident?"
<alcar> The woman.,... laughs. "A banishment? On ME!"
* Mary_jane`^ looks at one of the other people watching the show "What is he talking about?"
<alcar> Him: "Uhm, old gods sometimes stick around. Pieces of them inside things. It's rare, though. We have this manual about it, if you finish probation. Or don't die right now," he adds, leaping backwards as the woman swings a fist as his face

<Mary_jane`^> "Do you talk to God or just get subtle hints from him?"
<alcar> Suzie: "I talk to Him. Not.. often." she admits. "But He does talk to me!"
<Mary_jane`^> "And you said HE was crazy?" Motioning at Roy "How do you know you're not just a little wierd in the head? What proof do you have?"
<alcar> Suzie: "The proof of God can't be .. known, like science," making a face."it is something that is Revealed."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs, frowning
<Mary_jane`^> "Ever met an angel?"
<alcar> Suzie: "Not yet."
<alcar> She blushes, though.
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh? Is there a story behind that?"
<alcar> Suzie: "There ws this one," to your gaze, reluctantly."I was touched by an angel. But I ... it was.... it felt......sinful."
* Mary_jane`^ looks surprised
<Mary_jane`^> "Sara?"
<alcar> Suzie: "And she laughed," in a smaller voice. "Said - said sin was a path to the Lord."
<alcar> She looks up sharply and just... nods, wide eyed

<Momiji> !hero
<Sparkie> radioactive Screaming Intruder
<Momiji> Sounds like a terrorist tactic.

<AlcarGM> The mann glares at you some more, then wanders back to the fire, where the Tin Man is explaiing how, even now, the blood of toto never seems to come off his axe, no matter how often he cleans it, and that Dorothy shouldn't have been angry at *him*, because how would she have felt if some dog had pissed on her.

<alcar> Oh! Please tell me Sara is not showing up in campaign 2? :p
<kentari> >:)
<kentari> Heavens, no.
<alcar> Whew
<kentari> Her sister is.
<alcar> Sara.... having a sister.
* alcar just pictured mary poppins in a dominatrix outfit.

* Syble finally retrieves what she was looking for -- a brush! She runs it through her hair, pacing around, and begins counting quietly.
<Syble> "One... two.. three..."
<Denna> (( omg OCD! ))

<AlcarGM> Luciano checks the horse, fixing the saddle and finishing his bacon. The wizard shakes her head and summons more coffee.
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "Hmm." She dumps out her coffee, scowls at the container. "Starbucks. Not a good omen."
<AlcarGM> Sheena crumples the cup in her hand, breathes onnit, and opens it. A small butterfly flies away and she nods, looking satisfied.
<Nigel> (Meanwhile, across the globe in hurrican central....)
<AlcarGM> (( shhh :p ))
<Denna> (( Hi Lynn!! =D ))

<AlcarGM> The merchants are having a private in depth conversation on the value of jewels in the current bling market.
<kentari> omg
<kentari> jewel merchants need to come give us a quest:
<kentari> "Upon our arrival, we had lost some gems that were very precious to us."
<kentari> "They had been passed down from our fathers and their fathers, over generations."
<kentari> "If you could get your hands an our family jewels, we would be deeply appreciative."
<kentari> :D
<AlcarGM> lol

<Syble> "Hey! My school was intense, too, you know."
<Syble> "Every day, they would just.. SAY things.. and make them stick inside you. You know? For hours and hours.."
* Nigel sighs, and sips his mug again, shaking his head lightly with a smile
<Syble> "With the voice, I mean. They'd use the voice to say stuff.. that way you didn't forget it."

* Denna has plenty reason to take a dim view on the subject of marriage anyway :P
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<kentari> The Gift of Light
<kentari> is taking Dim views
<kentari> oh, how ironic ;p

<AlcarGM> the lighting in the room is now at a romantic level, rather than a practical one
* Denna mumbles. "blah!"
<Syble> "Wow.."
* Syble stares at Terrence.
<Syble> "You look totally different in this light."
<Syble> "And you know what I really, really like, about your eyes like this..?"
* Syble leans in clooose.
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Like what? Open?"
<Syble> "If I stare deeply enough into them, I can see my own reflection.." :D
<Syble> ((j/k j/k j/k :P))
<AlcarGM> :p

<Nigel> is there anything here that is centering the shadowy cold?
<AlcarGM> Nothing you can tell; the entire room is dark, all shadows and no light at all.
<Nigel> grip the cube, it seems to be drawing off some of the intensity, and inwind a few wire spools, and search the room through those senses
<AlcarGM> the shadows i the room are moving, as if trying to find a way into yours, or you....
* Nigel snaps his hand out, and the window unwinds, and the wires attatched to it push it upen, and shedding all the silver he's wearing, molds it into a moderately sized silver mirror of extremely high polish, and suspends it out the window to reflect as much moonlight as possible into the room
<AlcarGM> Ah! Nice. Moonlight fills the room, and the shadows flicker, then return to normal with a vertigo-lurch.
* Nigel cuts the mirror in half and brings half of it with him, he's going to go see whats up
<Nigel> (It took me forever to think that up :P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

* Syble looks up, and hops on the bed, crouching, and then leaps at the ceiling, doing a sort of flip so her heel digs into it.
<AlcarGM> Syble's rib says "wtf are you doing?" and digs into a lung, but she does hit it and breaks a chuck. Beyond it there is White.
* Syble falls, grabbing her rib and coughing.
<Syble> "Owwww..."
<Syble> "I'm out of ideas."
<Denna> "Syble! What in a thousand blazing sun... are you okay?
* Syble lies down. :P
<Syble> "It messed with my rib, before we were able to see. It was putting some kind of.. thing, in my mouth. And binding me."
<Syble> "Really, really creepy. It was like I was back home ;D"
<AlcarGM> (( .... ))
<Syble> ((oh, right. j/k ;p))
<Denna> "A thing... did you spit it out, or...?"
* Sparkie awwws

<Luciano`^> "Isn't the old woman comming?"
<Denna> "No. She's on distract-the-Nasts duty."
<AlcarGM> Terrence nods.
* Luciano`^ frowns
<Luciano`^> "So she comes into our group, gathers all the information she needs about us, calls a nasty and uses the excuse to go to her boss with that information? Does it seem wise to let her do that?"
<Denna> "Oh, come now. She's much more of a buffoon than a sneaky conspirator."
<Syble> ((If I know alcar, that will be really funny to read in the quotes page, months from now.))
<Luciano`^> "That's what she wants you to think."
<Denna> "Why don't you go back to your laundry list?"

<Chaos`^> she deserves luke's scorn! anyone with that lack of taste deserves what she gets
<Denna> Chaos`^: the OTHER wizard.
<Denna> the nast.
<Denna> :P
<Chaos`^> oh
<Chaos`^> the OTHER evil wizard, you mean
<Freya> The other other white meat.
<Denna> most of us are operating on the "buffoon, not evil" plan
* Chaos`^ has been through too many alcar games to trust the helpful wizard
<Denna> mind you, I'd not be surprised if she has an agenda
<Chaos`^> involving our deaths
<Denna> I don't think our deaths are of interest at this point in the game. :P
<Denna> maybe if we obtain

<AlcarGM> You head upstairs. The rooms are small, but do contain washpot, double bed, and just about nothing else.
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "There's probably closets bigger than these rooms."
* Denna nods. "Nigel probably has one, for instance."
* Syble laughs.
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Just one?"
<Syble> "With his abilities, I'm fairly sure he would just hang his clothes from the ceiling."
<Denna> "For instance."
<AlcarGM> (( Nigel invents the coathanger, leaves campaign to make a fortune .. details at 11! ))

<Denna> "Oh, come now, we mustn't fight among ourselves. Kiss and make up?"
<Denna> (( :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( hehehe ))
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "It's okay. She made her point."
* Syble blushes! And takes a moment to respond.
<Syble> "Yeah. Anyway.. we might freeze together, or something."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Eeew!"
<Denna> "That'd be cute. But I think he could melt it anyway. :P"
* Syble looks at Terrence, though no longer directly. "Let's go!"

<Denna> yeah, but I can remember all my major Nostalgia plots without any notes months after the fact, whereas... :P
<kentari> I don't keep notes
<kentari> I keep LOGS :P
<Denna> I keep a BRAIN! :D
<kentari> okay, mr. fennec
<Denna> none, it burned to the ground! mwuahahaha :P
<kentari> :P Jerk.

<AlcarGM> The light in there feels....wrong, somehow.
<AlcarGM> They're inventing lasers, after all, but via irradiating light and making use of some strange stone.....
<Denna> how smashable does it look?
<AlcarGM> not very.
<AlcarGM> It's quite solid, wisely :p
<AlcarGM> you wish to try and Do Anything to it?
<Denna> no. :P
<AlcarGM> awww p
<Denna> I will not take responsibility for nuking small cities

<Fennec> alcar, why do you nuke small children? :P
<alcar> because it's fun? :p

<AlcarGM> Foreman: "Thisn is just a minor prototype, as it were. They have a better version in Estavia, where they get more funding."
<Syble> "Ohh??"
* Syble sounds curious and excited, once more :P
<Denna> "How many people in Estavia?
<Syble> "You make it sound like this thing could go BOOM! at any moment.."
<AlcarGM> The foreman shrugs. "I have no idea," looking annoyed with Denna."It is not as if we could become death, shatterer of worlds. It is an invention to better mankind."
* Syble looks up at Denna, "No matter what alchemists do, they don't change the rules the world works under. That's the domain of .. wizards."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Yeah....."
<Syble> "So don't get all scared! Alchemy.. is natural. That's what gives it its power!"

<Denna> "You are tampering with forces you cannot even begin to comprehend."
<Denna> "Goodbye."
* Syble thanks the Foreman with a most polite curtsey. "Thank you! Please don't mind our governess... she takes her job *very* seriously! That's why we like her."
* Syble smiles. :P
* Denna puts on a face of doom and gloom with dramatic lighting :P
<AlcarGM> The foreman, having to deal with Investors, is not remotely fazed. "I see." He ushers you out the door quite firmly, and closes it

* Syble looks up at Denna just as the door closes.
<Syble> "What did we agree on about drawing attention?!?!"
* Syble shakes a finger at Denna. :P "What was soooo terrible, anyway?!"
<Denna> "you don't do that with light, you don't do anything like that with light, you need to Stay away from Things like That oh my sweet dead gods..."
<Syble> "It was just.. stuff, it was things becoming fire, and fire becoming light. I mean.. I don't know why you're freaking out, Denna."
<Syble> "Its new, its impressive.. but, still!"
<Denna> "We have books which reference the brilliance of a thousand suns and deserts turned to glass. I wish I'd read them more. I think they're all going to die. Let's leave town soon."

* AlcarGM changes topic to ' I will not take responsibility for nuking small cities'
<Chaos`^> How would Denna know what a 'nuke' is?
<AlcarGM> you'd be amazed at what some gifted families have done... :p
<Chaos`^> still
<AlcarGM> and was OOC anyway :p
<Chaos`^> ah
<Chaos`^> whatever
* Chaos`^ shall use the word 'nuke' in character some time
<kentari> I've already used it
<Chaos`^> so?
<kentari> In urdu, a nuke is a really slobbery kiss.
<kentari> :P

<AlcarGM> Terrence stops and the top and loooks at it...then looks .. "You.. made *that*?!"
<Syble> "No...! Well.. it was teamwork. I just shaped what you gave me to work with. My imagination went a little wild, though!"
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "I just had fire. Fire just destroys. This -. It's - beauutiful."
<Syble> "Not destroy.. nothing can really *destroy*"
<Syble> "Fire changes."
<Syble> "I remember, that's something I learned in alchemy. You can't ever really get rid of something."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: ".... you can't?"
<Syble> "You can burn something, but that just makes it ashes."
<Syble> "You can boil something, but that just makes it vapor."
<Sparkie> And there's something WRONG with that?

<Syble> ah! next thing to try: bring a star down from the sky ;p
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> Even Terrence would ixnay that one :p
<Syble> well fine
<Syble> how about just etch her name in the moon? :P
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> with HER spelling? :)
<Syble> >:)
<Syble> :P
<AlcarGM> S. W. H.
<AlcarGM> due to lack of room :p
<Syble> :>

<Fennec> Nigel should have a look at the heavy metals :P
<AlcarGM> Nigel: "Oh, gods! They come in bands!"
<AlcarGM> or not? :)
<Fennec> valence bands!!!!

* Gemm is now known as The_Directorate
* alcar is now known as Naylor
<The_Directorate> fen, ken, if you will
<Sparkie> /nick Blue_Girl_Who_Is_Really_Red_But_Due_To_A_Special_Thing_In_Your_Diets_Via_Flouride_You_Don't_Realise_This_Until_It's_Too_Late
<The_Directorate> hahah Sparkie =P
* Sparkie could be an npc, too!

<The_Directorate> OOohhhh, plot is coming to me, and it's comparable to those people who think Abortion is wrong and would go so far as to kill the doctor performing said action...
<kentari> dude
<kentari> its not plot if you TELL us what it is ;p
<The_Directorate> just giving you little clues ;P

<Sawyer> "Naylor's our team leader. He'll stay where he is, and the rest of us will make our first objective to find him if we're separated. Minimal complications are the way to go."
<Ryder> "I sincerely hope that doesn't happen... I don't do so well on my own, you know. Tend to overlook things... Heheh..."
<Sawyer> "Mm."
<Naylor> "Don't," to Ryder
<The_Directorate> I love your minimalisim alcar :P
<Naylor> Naylor doesn't bother with more words :p

<The_Directorate> King: "No, nothing else. And I doubt you'll get even that out of Purcell... poor guy."
* Naylor nods to King. "So we heard. How do we get down there?"
<The_Directorate> King: "Down where?"
<Sawyer> "You know."
<The_Directorate> King: "The L-l-lacuna...?"
<Naylor> "And the castle, yes."
* Sawyer shakes King, a little. Grinning ear-to-ear. "How do we get there?"
<The_Directorate> King: "I... I dunno! I've always been told it's like falling off the edge of the world. You know? Were it flat like they thought way back when."
<Sawyer> "Then, perhaps when you get back, you can tell us if you saw a way." *turns the button*
<Sawyer> ((omg j/k :P))

* Sawyer points to unconscious one, "Finish him."
* Sawyer looks up at Ryder. :P "Quickly."
<Ryder> "Me? Why are we knocking them off to begin with? I thought we were just here to question?"
<Naylor> "Poltics."
<Sawyer> "Maybe it was different in the land of paper and pencil, but working here requires a certain .. elegance. A panache, if you will."

* Naylor heads back down to slab room. "The spidermen are building an army in a castle it seems. Or at least that is what agent Purcell saw, and tagged, and went mad seeing," when they're in it
<Sawyer> "The world we live in is a filthy one. Anyway, let's get out of here. Somewhere public."
* Sawyer holds a hand up, interrupting Naylor, "Let's save the debriefing for somewhere ... outside."
* Naylor nods. "Starbucks?"
<Ryder> "Are we to expect to be trailed...? That wasn't exactly a discreet action, you know."
<Sawyer> "Delicious."
* Sawyer shrugs at Ryder, "I'm paranoid about recorders around here."
<Sawyer> (( :> ))
<Naylor> (( "Which is why we murdered 3 people where they could have cameras." ))
<Sawyer> (( :P :P :P ))

<Mary_jane`^> hey! Mj could have a terminal illness
<AlcarGM> She does. It's called life :p
<AlcarGM> Fatality rate is shocking, I tell you.

<Mary_jane`^> "I'm not going to die like that. Anyway, I doubt there will be much of a body left, and I don't own many posessions. Plus there's no way to replace me so why try?"
<AlcarGM> Luna: "Even *I* know that funerals are for the mourners, silly."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "And besides, preparing for your own funeral is a once in a lifetime event!"
<Mary_jane`^> "That last one was a joke, by the way. I'm just worried about you, you've been really solitary lately."
<AlcarGM> The girl sweeps.... faster, edging away.

<Mary_jane`^> (( I think it's cute you're calling this the last campaign... since you said that about the last campaign... Anyway if you end la fin, what will we play in the middle of the night? ))

<Mary_jane`^> "There's more to this world than could ever be dreamt of in your philosophy. There are gods, each one worshiped had power at some point. A gods power is from being worshiped."
<Mary_jane`^> "Jacob, talk some sense into this woman."
<AlcarGM> Jaacob looks at suzie, white flecks appearing in his eyes. "God is greater than all religons, only partially comprehended by any,"power under his voice. "You to a disservice to your god to limit it to what you can understand."
<AlcarGM> She blinks, confused.
<AlcarGM> He smiles. "I can explain it to you now, if you wish," gently leading her away from you. "A Creator is not the Creator," he begins gently...
* Mary_jane`^ sighs
<AlcarGM> Roy: "So.... you know anyone who is normal?" trying for casual :p
<Mary_jane`^> "No."
<Mary_jane`^> "wait, yes!"
<Mary_jane`^> "A cop."
<AlcarGM> He laughs, the sound startledout of him. "ONE person?!"

<Denna> let me know if I get any gamma rays :P
<AlcarGm> none :)
<Denna> the coke's not irradiating me with gamma rays, is it? :P
<AlcarGm> No :p
<AlcarGm> I will let youknow if you begin to hulk out :)

* Luciano`^ ignores the bottles looking around for the kids
<Denna> "Anyway. Here's my assessment. This town is not safe. The alchemists are doing things no one should be doing, and I fear that ultimately it is everyone here who will pay the price. We should make it a point to leave posthaste, if we value our lives and continued well-being..."
<AlcarGm> Luciano - they aren't around. Which is probably a bad thing :p
<Luciano`^> "Err... alchamists are in this town? Where are we again?"
<AlcarGm> (( Syble is wearing things from bdsm.com, which should add to the worries. ))
<Denna> "Callard. They're over that way, slightly away from the homes, at least, praise a thousand dead gods."
<Denna> (( eh, then she's probably just hiding in a cellar with Terrence. no worries. :P ))

<AlcarGm> Luciano has a sleep-induced delerium during which he sees a man looking like this ( http://www.vh1.com/shared/media/images/movies/people/j/jackson_michael/150x223.jpg) saying he is Peter Pan, and asking Syble if she wants to be a girl named Wendy and join him in his neverending quest to free Neverland from lawyers

<Luciano`^> "What are you two doing, wandering off?"
* Syble sounds cheerful and confident. She puts an arm around Terrence.
<Syble> "Stuff!"
<AlcarGm> Terrence: "Looking around and things." he shrugs.
<Luciano`^> "You should know better than to leave without an adult around. There are dangerous things out there, and right now they're after us."
* Syble rolls her eyes, and holds out her fingers, counting as she makes her points.
<Syble> "One! You're not the boss of us."
<Syble> "Two! We aren't helpless little kids."
<Syble> "Three! You were asleep, so who are you to be saying that some other adult should be following us, huh?"
* Syble holds up four, but pauses, unable to think of a fourth point.. and just puts her hand back down

<kentari> Wow
<kentari> these PCs are the kind of PCs that would be responsible for the alien autopsy type stuff
<AlcarGm> lol.
<kentari> Its like
* AlcarGm has fun handing pcvs loaded bombs :P

<Syble> "You don't cleave things by heating them."
<Denna> "Oh, why, thanks for teaching us something new, Syble!"
* Denna refrains from /obvious/ sarcasm
* Syble holds up her hands, gesturing the small amount motion, "This close. You are *this close,* Denna."
<Denna> Assuming that means a finger and a thumb ~1.5cm apart....
<Syble> Yea. :P
<Syble> "Its the same metal that the casing for that whole thing was made of, I think. There's tons of it back at the lab."
* Denna turns to Syble, reaches for her fingers, and squeezes them the rest of the way together. "What, then, child?"
* Syble looks at Denna with a serious look and slanted eyes, "Then I tell you to stop breathing."
<Syble> "And wait for you to apologize."

* Nigel turns back to the table, and pulls out a metal tablet from his shirt and a darker one from his jacket, and sets them on the table
* Nigel raises his hands and wires snake out and grabs about half the crystals, and the metal plates warp and start to separate and well as the cube of odd alien metal
<Syble> "Oh! Its gonna be a glove!"
* Syble guesses, as if this were charades.
<Galbrath> (( this is a scary idea, we're gonna have this weapon we can do some Captain Planet-eqsue power combining and then, like, irradiate everyone and give them cancer. _ ))
* Nigel spins a warriors gauntlet from all the materials, and adds the crystals at the last moment
<AlcarGm> (( .. maybe :) ))
<Syble> (( You mean giving everyone GIFTS. Think smallville. ))

* Denna shakes her head.
<Denna> "And you thought I could do Scary things."
* Syble pauses a moment, and asks sweetly, "I did?"
<AlcarGm> Terrence: "You can?"

<Galbrath> heh, the guy is supposed to be reluctant to use his gift on people gets a weapon that's potentially scarier. irony. :P
<AlcarGm> yes :)

<Fennec> Rachael SHOULD HAVE been a year ahead of everyone else
<kentari> so anyway, we'll say that was 11th grade, game time it was or w/e
* Fennec grumbles.
<kentari> otherwise the gap is four years
<kentari> and four is just silly :P
<kentari> bah
<kentari> whatever
<kentari> retconning COMMENCE
<kentari> high school in kbesm is only two years long.
<kentari> there, done :P

<Chaos`^> do you have any idea of a plot? What er... exactly are we supposed to be DOING?
<sparkie> rolling dice and dying.
* sparkie would think this is obvious.
<Momiji> There are no dice thus far. Maybe for weather.
<sparkie> ...
* sparkie vetos the game.
* Chaos`^ tells sparkie to shut up

<alcar> hrm. What division of the force would we be?
<Chaos`^> SI =p
<alcar> homicide? traffic? Section 8ers? :p
<Chaos`^> LoL traffic cops that shoot people
<Chaos`^> "I'm going to have to confiscate that skateboard kid. Government business."
<alcar> Shove someone off of a motorized wheelchair....
<Chaos`^> HOp on and book it out as fast as that mofo will go
<Chaos`^> have someone riding in the seat and the other standing on the oxygen basket in the back
<alcar> waving badge at people and making siren noises.
<alcar> "OOWWEEEE! OOWWEEEE!" "Did you hurt yourself?" "Sorry, got it backwards."

<alcar> Aha! Edmund will be a martial arts type, because the paperwork you have to fill out for shooting your gun is insane, and the last time he did, he did kill the guy witht he knife in the park, but it turned iout they were doing a Shakespeare play.

<alcar> psychometric, then. Get visions of past etc. by thouching stuff
<Momiji> That's kind of tricky too, but not nearly as bad as general psychic or precognitive ability.
<alcar> hrm, but no good for someone who does martial arts things....
<Momiji> Rofl
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> funny, mind, but not a good idea.
<Momiji> (chop) "Oh, god, sick!" (kick) "...Wow, really?" (punch) "Oh no you didn't!"
* alcar nods. A bit *too* out there.

<Momiji> Mind giving me a quick overview of what exactly you two had thought of?
<alcar> Edmund Ross, Catholic police officer who doesn't like guns after that Incident, moved from traffic because he was giving his superior officer ulcer and grey hair. Likes marital arts, medium neight and build, but much stronger than he looks. Unnaturally so. Possibly steriods, according to internal affairs,who are massing a file.
<alcar> Divorced, thre years ago, has one daughter with "the bitch" who lefdt him to marry his brother, and tried to have him killed. He still has to pay child support anyway.
<Chaos`^> wow
<Chaos`^> that sucks man
<Momiji> rofl...

<AlcarGm> You walk, and reach the point where the suburbs become city, to see a giant roadblock, torches, and many people with weapons.
<AlcarGm> None of them are from your earth, else they'd have defected already :)
<AlcarGm> they are from other earths, though, it seems.
* Mary_jane`^ puts a hand on Ruth's shoulder, giving her some power "You're up again."
<AlcarGm> Ruth takes a deep breath. "Put down your weapons and go away from here."
<AlcarGm> A few waver, but the majority remain. Screaming starts, about livelihoods and scab labour...
<Mary_jane`^> "If you can control most of them, you can control all of them."
<AlcarGm> She takes a deep breath. "We aren't scabs," loudly. "We're auditors, checking into the books." She raises her voice."Do you want to be audited, punks? DO YOU?"
* Mary_jane`^ tries not to laugh, she honestly does
<AlcarGm> The crowd wavers, then breaks and runs screaming, a few falling to the ground and weeping about accountants.

<AlcarGm> Nora stops then sniffs. "Clones. They're mine," and grows wings, taking to the air
<AlcarGm> Ruth: "That's always creepy....."
<Mary_jane`^> "Clones?"
<AlcarGm> Ruth: "She grew *wings*."
<AlcarGm> Which the Gm originally typoed as 'wongs'. Which would be disturbing in its own way.
<Mary_jane`^> "oh..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait, she's done it before in front of you? What were you two doing?"
<AlcarGm> Ruth: "Uh......" she turns pink.
* Mary_jane`^ just walks forward "Don't you think you should have a *little* restraint? You're how old?"
<AlcarGm> Ruth: "Old enough!"
<Mary_jane`^> "You're not even legal..." Sighing and shaking her head

<AlcarGm> You both cut into them, scattering the soliders as the officers fall to magic and swords
<AlcarGm> Behind them, a man begins clapping, a simply golf clap. The CEO here looks like the COO and Vp you've met, except closer to 60, and thin. Still balding; must be the stress of his job.
<Mary_jane`^> must be
<AlcarGm> Ceo: "Well, now. As CEO of this branch, I am impressed. You beat our houser odds with the other branches by over 7 minutes."
<Mary_jane`^> "I wasn't aware it was a race."
<AlcarGm> CEO: "Of course, this is all for naught. We are well equipped to take losses." He hasn't bothered even moving or attacking. "Did you really think you could harm hereticorp? We exist in over 190,000 universes at present. We're even bigger than Starbucks."

<AlcarGm> The CEO frowns slightly, then shrugs. "My point, children, is that you cannot win. We have tkaen every factore into account, even whatever THAT is," with a scowl at Jacob. "You can go home now."
<Mary_jane`^> "No."
<AlcarGm> He shakes his head, not moving, the city starting to rebuild itself almost casually outside the gates. "We'll show a loss this quarter, that is all you've done."
<Mary_jane`^> "For just one city?"
<AlcarGm> He starts walking forward, hands clasped behind his back, like a father chastising errant children. "The fisher king has been dismantling the dimensional underpinnings ofthe dimension; they are expensive to replace." He smiles. "We shall take the cost from his city, and bleed it dry. Standard operating procedure. Unless you wish to have your own lives destroyed, you will leave him here."
<Mary_jane`^> "No."
<AlcarGm> CEO: "You are behaving very foolishly, you know. We could have your parents arrested, your relatives killed off. it is quite easy to arrange."
<Mary_jane`^> "You can't work on our world anymore, it's too expensive."
<AlcarGm> He shrugs. "We have managed to work on the world of the lords of life and death. Compared to that, this is nothing."
<Mary_jane`^> lol

<AlcarGm> The CEO drops to the ground, screaming, clutching his head.
* Mary_jane`^ mingles truth in with the grail, loosing the bondage around the truth and forcing it as a bright fire into the power gabe is creating
<AlcarGm> Gabe: "You're not a fisher king," his voice cracking. "You act like one, but you're a coporation.You don't sacrifice. Not really. And you'll survive even this... but you won't have a mind left, for a long time..."
<AlcarGm> The truth flares up, flowing into the grail, around it....
<AlcarGm> Gabe: "What ..... in ..... oh!"
<AlcarGm> The grail twists, moving power, flickering ..... the CEO blinks, shocked, and is no longer there, the city flickering out around you as if someone forgot to pay a reality bill.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGm> You're standing somewhere in the middle of the US, five people rather battered by energy, but alive.
<AlcarGm> Gabe: "...... thanks for the assist," looking up at you.
<AlcarGm> (( Tad: "Shut up and turn the cartoons back on. I want to see if the road runner wins!" ))
<Mary_jane`^> lol

<Mary_jane`^> "I'm going to need pens... lots of pens... and paper... And Im ight break a desk..."
<AlcarGm> Nora: "You mean turn it into a raven?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Probably just break it in half if I get too close to the truth."

<Freyja> It's unkown whether she knows anything about vehicles or not, taking a wrench to the motor... as a bludgeon and not a tool, giving it solid raps that would make some men jealous of their viciousness.
<Colt`^> "Err... You need some help there Pattie?"
<Freyja> Back in the cab she turns the key and gets a few pathetic clicks, kicks the dash and it finally turns over the starter, to which she pumps the gas and it eventually starts.
<Freyja> Dispatcher "...Welcome to the Pattie Wagon."
* Colt`^ sighs and puts Ed in the middle, taking the window seat
<Edmund> So, what does this folder offer us, if not the maltese falcon?
<Colt`^> Very little, I'm going to put in a complaint... We shouldn't have to go after missing people unless someone knows who's missing

<alcar> <Edmund> "Jesus Christ in a hot tub with mary magdelene," in awe. ... I wonder if this can be considered a new curse word?
<analog> nice :)
<alcar> playing a catholic pc who runs from werejackals saying a hail mary is fun.

<Freyja> Taking a moment to shake itself out of its confusion hand grabs the back door panel beside Colt.
<Freyja> >_>;
<Colt`^> Ok...
<Freyja> Taking a moment to shake itself out of its confusion, a hand grabs the back door panel beside Colt.
<Freyja> Oh good lord.
<Colt`^> lol
<Freyja> While taking a moment to shake itself out of its confusion, a hand grabs the back door panel beside Colt.
<Freyja> There =P

<Colt`^> http://www.xandria.com/sex-toys/vibrators/vaginal-vibrators/vibrating-vaginal-eggs-beads-balls/silver-bullet-id-775.html
<Colt`^> anyway
<Colt`^> THAAT is a silver bullet
<Edmund> I wish I'd had that link during lolad.
* Edmund could have wiped out part of Faline's pack :)
<Colt`^> lol
<Edmund> "Death by silver bullets.."
<Edmund> it would have made a great side session or two :p
<Colt`^> ...

<Freyja> Karasu "But, as I said, Leyla's useless..."
<Freyja> Leyla sighs.
<Colt`^> "Can't shoot a gun?" to Leyla
<Colt`^> "Point and pull the trigger?"
<Freyja> Leyla "I don't like killing..."
<Freyja> Karasu "Useless."
<Colt`^> "But you're willing to sit around and watch kiddy porn do it for you?"
<Freyja> Karasu "That's quite rude..."
<Freyja> Leyla "If not her... someone else would, what does it matter...?"
<Colt`^> "I'm not the one dressed like that..."
* Colt`^ leans back
<Freyja> Karasu "You're hardly able to have room to talk about such things, with those so-called sunglasses it left in the lot."
<Colt`^> "Those were imortalized by tom cruise."
<Freyja> "Tom Cruise is a ninny."
<Colt`^> "He gets more women than you."

* Colt`^ leans over to Ed "Don't you have kids?"
* Edmund nods. "one," grimly.
* Colt`^ whistles "YOu are so dead once your ex finds out you died."

<Mary_jane`^> "What is it the grail actually does?"
<AlcarGM> Your hand writes: "Is." then: "Is itself."
<Mary_jane`^> "But it changes things, how?"
<AlcarGM> It scribbles a picture of max with some hearts beside it .. or not.
<AlcarGM> Your hand writes: "Alters reality substrates, echoing into perceived reality.."
<AlcarGM> (( "With a sonic screwdriver." ))

<alcar> Tass - Want to start or wait?
<Tass> I dunno, I could wait
<Tass> but that leaves us with less time
* alcar nods. I have a bit more than 3 hours of viable time left.
<alcar> After that, I suspect I shall have to go sleep :)
<Tass> holy crap, its 11!
<Denna> yep
* Tass is now known as Nigel
<Denna> that it is
<Nigel> I don't even have 3 hours :P
<alcar> lol

<AlcarGM> You pass one young man arguing passionately with another: "Everyone knows we die and return, but our souls must imprint onto our bodies, akin to how babies recgonize parents and, on occassion, a baby can designate the mother of another species as their mother, yes?
<AlcarGM> "It ought to follow that if we were to combine together pieces of enough recently dead corpses we would create a sympathetic resonance to the dead waiting to be embodied again, assuming recent deaths engineered with care so as to not create a monster."
<AlcarGM> The other man says: "Victor, you'd have to *murder* people to even test this,and besides, how would you power it?" etc.
<Denna> (to zombie-researchers) "I am fascinated by your proposal and may be able to provide some research assistance, but I may unfortunately have to leave town on urgent business shortly... "
<Denna> "I don't suppose you have any small animals handy, do you?"
<AlcarGM> Victor: "Assistance? How?" to Denna, looking eager. His companing looks more ill than anything else as Victor dashes off and comes back with a single forlorn mouse in a cage, presenting it to you. "I am unaware of mice have souls, as we do, so unsure if experiments on lesser creatures would be fruitful. I have dissected many small animals, but never once discovered a soul."
<AlcarGM> He looks as if this is a personal affront :p

<Denna> "A magus, though? Interesting... interesting... he does seem to have a certain disconnect with reality."
<Denna> "I don't suppose we should do anything about it just yet, though?"
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Like what?"
<Nigel> "LIke sundering their operation and killing them all."
<Nigel> "Or maybe Denna has a different idea of 'stopping them."
<Denna> "I was going to start with using his gadget to slice itself to pieces, but your ideal has its appeal as well."
<Denna> "I'm slightly concerned that it could explode me along with it."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "But there's also another one, isn't there?"
<Nigel> "Several."
<Nigel> "We'd be up to our lapels in various organs and severed limbs and absentee torsos."
* Nigel sighs, he hopes that at least some of the absurdity gets across :P
<AlcarGM> Terrence nods. "And they'd get protection after a few got destroyed," seriously.
<Denna> "I'm afraid it's really rather difficult to gauge an appropriate response in a situation such asthis."
<Nigel> "Well, then its just really a matter of how many you would like to murder, Denna?"
<Nigel> "I could probably say.... 5 factories would be easy, more with planning."

<AlcarGM> Denna is the new Faline.

<Denna> it's like one big dysfunctional family!
<Denna> ... which would make Syble+Terrence incest.
<Tass> which makes the first statement even truer :P
* Denna assumes that was quotefiled

<AlcarGM> Janice: "Isn't Merlin supposed to be *teaching* us to use .... what?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You could ask him for some fur."
<AlcarGM> Janice: "... but that would be cheating."
<Mary_jane`^> "... It would?"
<AlcarGM> Janice: "Well, he wants us to learn magic, right? How is asking for something magic?" triumphantly.
<Mary_jane`^> "Please is a magic word."
* Kit (dies.)
<AlcarGM> Max snickers, having finally recovered from her calling Merlin a 'big softy'.
<Darryl> ((/me beats Chaos with a rolled up newspaper))
<AlcarGM> Janice makes a face as if tasting something sour. "Yeah. My mom said that about 'no' too. It didn't work.. Fuck off and die count as well?"

<Mary_jane`^> "I can't let you get hurt, not by Mimir. She can break almost anyone if she had enough time."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "I'm not that weak!"
<Mary_jane`^> "It's not a question of how strong you are. I don't want you to get hurt."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Well, I don't want you getting hurt either? What kind of apprentice would I be if my master upped and died, huh?"
* Mary_jane`^ sighs "A smart one who knows how to stay out of trouble."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "And you think anyone like that would be your apprentice?!"

<AlcarGM> basically, your staff is a) using up some of the dark matter and b) making sure hers doesn't work. The trap is on her, though she's yet to grok that :)
<AlcarGM> hence them always telling you to bugger off :P
<Mary_jane`^> stop saying grok you're not a fucking martian!
<Mary_jane`^> sorry
<AlcarGM> lol

* Nigel cracks a big smile experimentally and says a word, "Friend."
* Luciano`^ slaps Nigel
<Syble> (( >:E I hate you so much ))
<Syble> "Isn't this supposed to take us down?"
* Syble rolls her eyes at Nigel
<Luciano`^> (( "Who's your friend now, bitch!?" ))
<AlcarGM> The elevator shudders, then begins moving down quickly, about the speed of a horse cantering...
<Nigel> (Did I actually get slapped? :P)
<Luciano`^> ((Did you actually say 'friend?'))
<AlcarGM> (( he did :P ))
<Luciano`^> (( Then so did I ))

<Galbrath> (( Oh Em Gee. ))
<Galbrath> (( best quote ever. ))
<Galbrath> [23:27:44] * Luciano`^ looks down the shaft
<Galbrath> [23:27:50] <Syble> "Suck it."
<AlcarGM> lol

* Syble looks over at Denna once she takes her hand, "We're trapped! There's no way back up!"
<AlcarGM> The light is coming from the ball Denna made, so whever she wishes :)
<Denna> "I have something important to say."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Uhm, the elevator goes back up? Right?"
* Denna gathers herself up......
<Denna> "Soon."
<Denna> "... that is all."
* Luciano`^ sighs and walks past the cowards and walks down the mine shaft
* Syble reels, withdrawing her hand, "Now is *not* the time to be creepy, Denna!"

<AlcarGM> The man evades, as much from skill as from the sudden flares of light throwing Galbrath's aim off. He steps between you all and an old wooden door, looking resigned but determined, saying nothing at all.
<Nigel> "Now hold just a second here, before this gets crazy."
<Denna> "Good afternoon, sir, sorry to intrude, nice to meet you, can you talk?"
<AlcarGM> The ball of fire, not needed, shrinks down and drops into Terrence's hand.
<AlcarGM> The man looks at Galbrath, then Denna, then the rest of you. "Why are you here?" in a rusty voice.
* Galbrath is about to speak, then pauses and looks at his group. "Why are we here again?"

<Syble> "You adults are all the same. If its not YOUR power, then surely, its being misused."
* Syble mocks.
* Syble pantomines ridiculously, as well.
<Galbrath> "Perhaps we could use the beams for medicinal purposes! Ooo I should try it then, right?" *aims gauntlet at Syble*
<AlcarGM> Terence: "That's NOT funny," to Galbrath
<Syble> "Yes. Try to fix her head."
* Syble points at Denna. :P
<Syble> "Besides, you've already done enough medicinal things. I don't know why Nigel gave you yet another thing to hurt people with."
* Galbrath lowers his hand, and looks at Terrance. "Yeah, I know. But still."
* Sparkie is happy. People are pointing weapons of death at each other.
* Sparkie wants dice rolled! I love Paranoia!

<AlcarGM> Terrence: "..... so we killed two people and don't know what they were doing?"
<Syble> "They were doing something BAD, of course, since Denna didn't like the smell of it."
<Denna> "Yeah. Fun group, huh?"
* Syble crosses her arms.
<Denna> "Oh, no, that was your alchemist buddies."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "I was kinda checking, since I'm confused."
<Syble> "Oh? So, it was the alchemists?"
<Galbrath> "Hey, I just attack people in defence."
<Denna> "Hey, I'm not the one who snuck down into the basement to graffiti the walls of our temple and kill the ghost of the dead god that's keeping the place safe."
<Denna> "Which of you was that again?"
<Syble> "They seemed to be going about it with, you know... rationale."
<Syble> "You are the one who EATS peoples souls, though."
<Syble> "Oh, and mice, too. Don't forget the mice."
<Galbrath> "I didn't kill any ghost!"

<Denna> syble is a lot like kentari :)
<Luciano`^> uhm... duh?
<Syble> yeah
<Syble> I'm not exactly a host to dissociative personalities, sir
<Galbrath> You need to be to be a good roleplayer!
<Syble> My characters are going to resemble me in some ways :P
* Luciano`^ can't say he expected much from the sudden shift of sex and age
<Denna> it's that characteristic... well...
<Denna> latch on to something, hound someone to death over it, turn your problems into their fault, and... :P

* Nigel sighs, "Your ruthless, Syble. But not in pursuit of anything of worth."

<AlcarGM> Galbrath reaches the entrance, but no one is out therre. Just the wind, flies, and moonlight.
<AlcarGM> Flies are buzzing about, but that seems to be all.
<AlcarGM> Terrence looks around, puzzled.
* Galbrath looks around quickly for a few moments, but finally just shakes his head. "I know there was someone. And I think they messed with the corpses."
<Syble> "Then we should go check .. the corpses..?"
<Galbrath> (( Stupid necrophiliacs! At least he washed up after. ))

<Edmund> "Where are we?"
<Colten`^> "Ohio." Sounding sure of himself
<Freyja> Leyla "Well..."
<Freyja> Karasu "Bingo."
<Colten`^> "See, I told you we were in Ohio." NOdding, and leaning over to Edmund, whispering "I don't think it's ohio."
<Freyja> She sits up, a furious scowl set in her youthful face. "But where in Ohio is the better question."
<Edmund> (( "It's Bingo. She just said so." ))
<Freyja> (Heh =P)

<Chaos`GM^> The group of women sprint toward the nearest alley, not wanting to get hit by the charging car...
* Chaos`GM^ puts a bright arrow on car that is not stopping and looks to have plans of ramming into the group
* Jerome gets out of the way :p
<Chaos`GM^> are you sure? I mean... You might want to talk about what's for dinner tonight first?
<Jerome> roadkill.
<Roy> :P
* Roy follows Jerome. ;p

<Chaos`GM^> you are all standing out in the rain. Unless you're wearing rubber suits, it's already begun to seep into your clothing.
* Roy sighs about something, "Well. At least in this weather, we'll be able to see those invisible tanks.'
<Chaos`GM^> speaking of invisible tanks... Nah, just kidding

<AlcarGM> you wake, a little tired, and get out of the bed, to trip over something on the floor beside it.
<Syble> "Oof!"
* Syble rubs her foot, hopping on the other stupidly, looking to see what this object was that so interrupted her morning routine.
<AlcarGM> There is a dark haired young man, probably no more than 2 yerars older than you, lying on the ground beside the bed on his side, with a hole in his bacl and blood pooled on the floor.
<AlcarGM> He is very much dead, probably for several hours.
<Syble> "Omigod omigod omigod!"
* Syble has a D&D moment, and LOOTS HIM FOR SHINIES :P ((j/k))
* Syble resists screaming bloody murder, for a moment.
<AlcarGM> There is a knife beside the body, clean and unused and very sharp and shiny. Evidently he was knifed before, well, knifing you :p

* Galbrath steps from his room, and sees Denna.
* Denna walks over and whispers "am I the only one with a dead body in my room?"
* Galbrath shakes his head.
<Galbrath> "Nope, I got one too."
<Denna> "okay, where is everyone else?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Quick, let's collect the whole set!" ))
<Galbrath> (( dead assassin marionettes ))

<AlcarGM> Corpse: "Who disturbs me?" in a quiet, polite voice.
* Syble looks at the others! "I did this, you guys get out of here.. I need to take responsobility."
<Syble> ((And spelling lessons, too ;p))
<Galbrath> "That's noble and all, but I'm pretty sure it's going to kill you. Or worse."

<AlcarGM> Fire flares from the sword, stabbing out into the cold,piercing it for a moment.....
<AlcarGM> into the hole the crystal stabs out,light slicing into it and cutting it, then cutting it more......
<AlcarGM> the corpse shudders, then falls over and stops moving, beginning to finally burn.
<Syble> "Death has no place in the new world."
* Syble says, all imperically. :P
* Galbrath breaths a sigh of relief, lowering the gloved arm.
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "It is .. gone?"
<Galbrath> "For now."
<Syble> "Weren't the Gods supposed to be dead?"
<Syble> "Did I ... summon a God?"
* Syble blinks.
<Syble> "That totally was NOT what I wanted to do!"
<Galbrath> "I imagine it would be hard for Death to die."
<Syble> "Everything has its weakness."
<Galbrath> (( "Mine is chocolate." ))

<AlcarGM> Y' know, of all uses for a magical sword that can enhance a gift, 'finding a killer in an inn' never crossed my mind when making it :p

<Syble> "I am your reason for existing. Your satisfaction is at my discretion. You serve no other. You love no other. It has always and will always be this way. Do you understand?"
<AlcarGM> The man screams, the sound torn out of some place far inside, and shudders all over.
<Syble> "Do you understand?"
<AlcarGM> The man tries, with his gift, to erase his own mind, hide it from the gift of Command..... and then just.... nods., his expreession calm, docile. "I understand," in a neutral voice
<Galbrath> (( what strikes me as funny is that any number of people could be watching this since we are essentiyally just outside an inn. :P ))
<Syble> (( :D So I gain like 3049304934 thralls. Woot. :P ))
* Syble looks around at the other PCs, "I.. I think you guys can let go of him, now."
<Denna> "Gyeeaaaaaaah!"
* Galbrath takes his hand away from the man's neck slowly, and just sort of... looks at Syble.
* Denna points at him. "The... you.... how.... eek!"
* Syble looks around, dumbfounded, "What? Its just the ritual of induction! This happens all the time at home!"
<Syble> ((j/k :P))
<Galbrath> "Syble... that was frightening."
<AlcarGM> (( "It's the Amway ritual, stupid!" ))

<AlcarGM> The servant just stands around, waiting for orders from his mistress
<Syble> ((Ugh! You're gonna freak me out with that language ;p))
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<Galbrath> (( its the feminine form of master. ))
<Syble> (( I know! ))
<Syble> (( Its freaking me out! :P ))
<Galbrath> (( therefore, appropriate. ))

<Chaos`^> give me 20 minutes and i promise you'l be having fun
* Sparkie wants to quote that so badly out of context
<Chaos`^> fix me grammar and spelling if you do

<OnyxSwearing> I mean, my char dated this guy who used to be a priest of the elf god but got disillusioned with his clergy for being more concerned with worldly politics and became a ranger
<OnyxSwearing> so things were fine until he started not showing up very often and she got lonely & dissatisfied and eventually when he showed up again she dumped him
<OnyxSwearing> ...and then he challenged his worst enemy, who could kill him easily, to a duel so that he'd die
<OnyxSwearing> ...and then he became a priest of the death god
<OnyxSwearing> and she felt like it was all her fault
<tatterdemalion> lol
<tatterdemalion> that sort of thing is often fun
<OnyxSwearing> oh yeah
<OnyxSwearing> just the whole soap opera-ness in a fantasy world thing
<tatterdemalion> Yup
<OnyxSwearing> there's so many nifty things fantasy can do to relationships that reality can't heh
<tatterdemalion> hehe

* tatterdemalion nods. If peoplewant really scary thiings, get galbrath to cut as finely as he can...
<kentari> I'm waiting for him to do that trick where you slice a hole in reality and step through to some other place ;p
* tatterdemalion nods ;P
<kentari> oh, gods
<kentari> we'd get to find where all the magic is going :P
<tatterdemalion> las vegas.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> hahah
<kentari> wait
<kentari> you might not be kidding.
<kentari> :P

<AlcarGM> He steps around him to table Syble's hand and get her to her feet. "Ther time for children's games is over," firmly, trying to lean in for a kiss as he does so :)
* Syble stands awkwardly, being led, "gyah..! Its.. I'm.."
* Syble looks off to the side, hoping to deflect the kiss to a cheek kiss, at the least.
<AlcarGM> You manage that and he smiles broadly, then looks at Darius. "Oh! Syble! Your first thrall," pratically squealing. "Your father would be so proud of you!"
* Syble cringes, and regains her composure, dusting herself off.
<Syble> "I didn't exactly want to do it!"
<Syble> "Would you at least introduce yourself properly? Isn't that the ... gentlemanly thing to do..?"
* Syble rolls her eyes, ever-so-much. ;p
<AlcarGM> "Of *course* not," he says, pulling her towards the door. "But you...." He stops, scowls, then bows grandly, doffing his hat. "Don Carlion Vicente Berlioz Monterosa at your service," grandly, straighening. "I can see you ruffians already are aquainted with my wife."
* Syble waves her hands, "We're not married!"
* Galbrath steps in the way of the exit, arms folded.
<Syble> "Look! I have something important to do, okay? We're on a mission! Its why I left."
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "This is only a minor formality: our hearts already beat as one."

<AlcarGM> Carlion smiles brightly. "Then I shall join you and protect your honour," ignoring Galbrath entirely. "If any of these louts lay a hand upon you,m they shall feel the wrath of my blade." he pauses a moment. "once I get a new one."
<Nigel> "I'll arrange it."
<Nigel> "Just as long as you don't spit one of us without warning."
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Wait for me, love! I shall return anon with a new - " he stops, actually looking at Nigel for the first time. "A gift, then? Capital!"
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Only a ruffian would kill without a warning! I am a gentleman, sirrah!"
<Nigel> "Well, I did wreck yours. I didn't know who you were at the time."
* Galbrath looks at Nigel with a "what the hell?" look.
<AlcarGM> He snaps his fingers. "I see. So it wasn't the boy. A clever gift," admiringly. "Though it pales in comparision to the many gifts Syble had bestowed upon the world with her presence."
<AlcarGM> Terrence snickers

<Syble> "Just whatever you guys do, don't challenge him to show you his gift."
<Nigel> "He lacks an edge...."
<Syble> "And whatever you do.."
<Syble> "Don't laugh at it."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "He has a sword."
<Nigel> "But he will try to go after terrence if he... knows. Or finds out."
<Syble> "Finds out what?"
* Syble blinks.
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Finds out what?" looking worried
* Nigel would cackle, but just waves it off
<Nigel> "You're right, best not to talk about it."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "It's just a sword!"
<Syble> "Hmph! You don't explain *anything*."

<Luciano`^> "I'm glad all turned out well for you."
<Luciano`^> "For you both."
<AlcarGM> He nods, spurring his horse into a faster trot. "All things happen as the gods will. Even when they're dead," with a giggle.
<Luciano`^> did a grown man just... giggle at me?
<AlcarGM> yup.

<Luciano`^> "I trust the group went ahead without me?"
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "I believe so, though the stableboy is very easy to bribe."
<Luciano`^> "I see..." Pulling out a sausage and munching on it. "Hungry? It's a local ah... delicacy."
<AlcarGM> Carlion looks at it, then shakes his head. "I had sausage last night, and after seeing my beloved only warm buns will do. Luckily, the cook was kind enough to give me some."
<Luciano`^> "Warm buns?"
<Luciano`^> that sounds so wrong... on so many levels
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Freshly baked; as milk-white as her skin."
<AlcarGM> (( Yes. It does :p ))
<Luciano`^> "You fancy the local cook as well, then?"
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Of course not; she's a commoner."
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "There may be many kinds of food on tyhe table, but a gentleman only takes the best."
<Syble> :P
<Syble> You know what's terrible?
<Syble> Carlion is *just like me* :P
<AlcarGM> lol!

<Nigel> 4d10
<Sparkie> Nigel 4d10: 25
* Nigel frowns
<Galbrath> "I'm already set to leave."
* Nigel stands suddenly
<AlcarGM> Darius sits as he was - not suddenly!
* Nigel starts heading for one of the back rooms!
<Nigel> 'Trouble brewing."
* Sparkie rolled dice. Trouble brewing is self evident.

<Galbrath> "You obviously do have a problem, because you've been making points to insult me at every turn."
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "I can't help it; I confess to a general dislike for ugly people. I will try to remedy is, as you do travel with my beloved."
<Galbrath> "It's the ugliest of souls who put such stock in outward appearance."
<AlcarGM> Carlion considers that matter, then nods and smiles. "Of course you'd think so," sympathetically.

<Denna> see, that's why Denna doesn't care for guys at the moment. He started out such a charmer and then so very quickly waxed all offensive/shallow. :P
<Syble> in urdu, gender traits are reversed ;p
<Denna> typical guy response! :P

<Syble> "So, Denna!"
<Syble> "What do you think of Nigel?"
<Denna> ".... I don't have a canned response to that question, sorry. would need to think how to put it."
<Nigel> (success :P)

<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Most old people do, I find. It's why I decided lolng ago to die in battle. Preferably in bed."
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "I've never understood people who say lover's can't be fighters."
<Galbrath> (( Die battling in bed?? ))
<Galbrath> (( ah. ))
* Syble gets very quiet trying to picture a battle in bed.
<AlcarGM> (( yup :P ))
<Denna> (( yes, exactly. ))

<AlcarGM> Fire flares up and punches forward, incinerating one of them into washes... and setting the snow on fire.
<Denna> (( snow can't burn... that'd be endothermic... ))

<kentari> Its been a couple years since all that crazy stuff in Faust's crazy archaeology class. Its been one year since the original Drew died and his clone was taken out of cold storage.
<kentari> And its been five minutes since the bus was supposed to arrive to take you to your future.
<kentari> j/k on the clone part :P

<kentari> You pass a sign. Davolil is apparently a few dozen miles away. Mexico, a little further.
<Steve`Z> (( good, it will be easy to escape the country if we break any major laws. :D ))

* Drew` looks at it, against his will.
<kentari> It grows, quickly, covering more and more of the stars.. the sky is blackness as something descends, pushing the atmosphere down and around and out of its way.. you hear the waves crash and break, feel their spray...
<kentari> As the very oceans are *displaced*
<kentari> And the sound. The sound! Like chattering gears of iridium, piercing through the silence. Their answer is without words, but you know: Someone -- or something -- is, yes, there.
<kentari> And you are standing back in the lobby of the student center.
<Jacob> (( chattering gears of... iridium? and what's that sound like? ))
<kentari> Jacob is talking with the other girl, something about hometowns.
<kentari> (( Like IMAGERY! :P ))

* Drew` shakes his head. "Just a memory," evasively.
* Steve`Z nods. "Fair enough." the leans closer and whispers "We can talk about it later, if you want."
* Drew` relaxes for real and just nods, leaning into Steve's warmth. "Thanks," softly.
<kentari> <Daphne> "So, uh... you guys lived together? Best friends, I guess?"
* Steve`Z smiles a bit impishly. "You could put it that way." emphasis on could.
* Jacob sneezes randomly.
<kentari> She blinks.
<kentari> And laughs.
* Drew` relaxes some more, since Steve is his zafu, and belatedly registers the question and just grins in reponse. "Yeah."
<Jacob> (( that's a silly expression :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( zafu is the official #game1 word now, isn't it? :) ))
<Drew`> (( well, he is ;P ))
<Jacob> (( well, you don't sit on him cross-leg... OKAY NEVERMIND ))

<kentari> Eileen explains the first floor is still classrooms, the next three residence halls, and the fifth "Honors Hall," or the dorm for honors students on The Scholarship. The floors above that, she says, are off-limits and for storage only.
<Drew`> (( off limits = bad rituals and stuff! :p ))
<Steve`Z> (( off limits = interestin stuff we definately want to check out! ))
<Drew`> (( not with sparkie rolling dice for us :P We'd be like the scooby gang on crack. ))
<Steve`Z> (( true. ))

<Drew`> "Is the sand white?" abruptly
<kentari> He blinks, and smiles, "Well, regardless, its always a pleasure to welcome new people here to the 5th floor. We have very high expectations of you all. After all, you got the Germain Room." He laughs, shaking his head at Drew, "Its more of a .. off-white? Beige?"
<Jacob> "You may have to excuse Drew here, he was molested by a tentacle monster on a beach of white sand when he was just a child, and he hasn't been the same since." ((j/k))
<Steve`Z> (( oh... mah... gawd.... :P ))
* Drew` nods. "It was very horrible. I felt like I was in one of the comics Steve reads!"
<kentari> (( :P ))
* Steve`Z turns red. "They-they aren't all like that!!" ((ok enough silliness, heh))

<kentari> <Jonah> "Ah. We call it the Germain Room, after the huge painting over there," he points, "Of Saint Germain. Its an antique, from the 1800s. This room has been passed down continually from genius alumni to young prodigies. There's a legacy attached to this room."
<Steve`Z> "Ah. Facinating." (without scarcasm! really!)
<Drew`> "What kind of legacy?" a little sharply
<kentari> He nods, turning to Drew, "Each of the students to have the Germain room have always been top of the class, and all of the Germain Room students always accomplish great things during and after their studies."
<kentari> He sighs, thinking about it, "Although this floor is reserved for the most promising of the students in this building, reserved for the most promising students.."
<kentari> <Jonah> "You could say this room has always been filled with the best of the people on this floor, of the entire college."
* Drew` nods. "Oh."
* Drew` attempts to recover. "That's nice."

* Sparkie hasn't rolled real dice yet tonight :(
* Sparkie sobs
<Sparkie> "gotta kill 'em all."

* Alicia is weird.. sometimes thinks MORE when playing perfectly to character
<Alicia> Happens most often with high int characters
<Alicia> MY int goes up because my character is 18 or 20 int. o.o
<Alicia> (Typically, my wis doesn't though)

<Alicia> Original Kyouki: "I have Crazy as my obsession skill!"
<alcar> crazy isn't a skill ... :p
<alcar> that'd be like having "limps 32%" as a skill
<Alicia> It is for her!
<alcar> .. how?
<Alicia> Total unpredictability
<Alicia> ... even to me.
<Alicia> Of course, having shapeshifting as a power was the main deal with that, and she WOULDN'T have that
<Alicia> (WHEN is the correct solution "I turn into a tyre and roll at him", exactly?)
<alcar> when one is up a hill, of course
<Alicia> Ah
<Alicia> Well, she wasn't

<OnyxFlame> actually I prolly told this story before but I'll tell it again :P
<OnyxFlame> on my old old mud this one guy cheated, and his char got deleted for it
<OnyxFlame> and he raised a stink and went "you're just picking on me because I'm black!"
<OnyxFlame> and we're all like "...he's black?" :P
<alcar> hahahahaha
<alcar> Oh, gods. That rocks.

<Colt`^> Fennec made a boy?
<Edmund> kbesmu :p
<Edmund> yes ;)
<Colt`^> Does he have wings?
<Fennec> not at present
<Colt`^> wow
<Fennec> what? :P
<Colt`^> well
<Colt`^> it's just
<Fennec> go on!
<Colt`^> I've never seen you make a character that was, you know... human
<Fennec> yes you have
<Fennec> you were the GM that campaign.
<Colt`^> I was?

<Zenryoku> Again things are noted, she smirks slightly at Colt's vitals, muttering "Thought so."
<Zenryoku> Then waves for the two to follow as she goes along the corridor to another room that resembles a gym.
<Edmund> (( "He does have a small dick. It'snot his fault. Does he still get to enter?" ))
<Zenryoku> (Ouch!)
* Colt`^ slaps edmund
* Edmund enters the gym, grinning at some private thought

<kentari> Who is the judge of whether or not a violation has been committed?
<kentari> I personally say all the PCs vote. :P
<kentari> That seems like the fairest thing to do
<Caltak> I think the GM will make that decision (unfortunately)
<alcar> I have a feeling Cal is right on that one :P
<kentari> We aren't obligated to make it that way ;p
<kentari> Seriously. If you're gonna do that
<kentari> Get points for the Achilles Heel you get from it ;p
<kentari> or something ;p
<kentari> Achilles Heel (Chaos is my GM) :P
<Caltak> Achilles Heel for what?
<Caltak> LOL
<alcar> Chaos`^: "How did you get 500 points?!"
<Caltak> he wouldnt aprove that

<Caltak> Dude, if you get to be the King of All Cosmos then I might just adopt an annoying personality myself.
<kentari> Fine.
<kentari> I'm Sara.
<kentari> You better hope you don't have any levers in the cockpit.
<Caltak> I'm more ok with that.
<Caltak> Of course I do! And the captain's chair comes with massage functions.

<kentari> You know what?
<kentari> I'm getting two slimes.
<kentari> Do you know where I'm keeping them?
<Caltak> your pants?
<Fennec> the fridge?
<kentari> You guys are terrible.
<kentari> :P

<kentari> <Jonah> "Anyway. You two are spelunkers, then?"
<kentari> He turns to you two.
<Steve`Z> (( ROFL ))
<Steve`Z> (( sorry ))
<Drew`> (( "The cavers of Steve are deeep." ))
<kentari> (( oh christ. :P ))
<kentari> (( Don't upset Fennec, guys. :P ))

<kentari> Daphne laughs nervously, looking back towards you, "Eheheh.. Well, its not perfecft, but its home."
* Freyja undoes the buckles on her boots and sets them neatly asside where Daphne's were tossed. Eventually calling back to the voice. "I highly resent that."
<kentari> The room is very, very lavish. The floor is a pink marble with a large rug over it. Persian, probably.
* Freyja shrugs. "Nothing's ever perfect, we just ask for more than chaos."

<kentari> Jonah then asks Steve, "What do you want to keep the closest to you while you're here?"
* Steve`Z almost reflexively says "Drew" but instead hesitates a moment and grins. "My wits. I'd like to keep them about me if possible."
<Drew`> (( <Drew> *sobs* ))
<Steve`Z> (( I would have said it I'd just rather not alienate us immediately. :P ))
<Drew`> (( heh ))
<Steve`Z> (( "Thank you for the burger, now pardon me while I MAKE OUT WITH MY GAY LOVER HERE IN PUBLIC." :P sorry... ))
<Drew`> (( .... Well. That would liven up McDonalds. ))
<kentari> heheh
<kentari> :P
<kentari> Jonah chuckles and gives you the stuff.
<Steve`Z> (( not to say he never would. It's just... not so appropriate as an ice breaker. ))

<kentari> Your footsteps resound off of concrete now, Steve. You manage to find a light switch along the wall, and turn it on?
<Steve`Z> .ooc Sure.
<Steve`Z> (( never said Iw as looking for one, but feel free to play my character for me I guess :P ))
<kentari> ((Hey!))
<kentari> The GM weeps a moment for being scolded so harshly.
<kentari> :P
<Steve`Z> (( well maybe its just a very obvious and shiney switch so it caught the light? :P ))
* kentari perks up. :P
<kentari> (( You're so nice :> ))
<kentari> The GM continues, wiping aside his tears! :P

<kentari> <Voice> "You totally screwed up the interface connection! That's gonmna take at least three hours to resolder!"
<Steve`Z> "Yeah, and that;s so much worse than potentially causing someone to have a cardiac arrest and die."
<kentari> <Voice> "What am I supposed to use, instead? Huh? Bullets?!"
<Steve`Z> "Verbal warning maybe?"
<Steve`Z> "Offer a chance to surrender?"
<Steve`Z> "It's not that hard."
<kentari> <Voice> "Argh! No one EVER surrenders!"
<kentari> <Voice> "Like you would've surrendered. As if."
<Steve`Z> "Um, we would have if you asked."

<kentari> Drew and Steve emerge from a corner
* Drew` looks rather pale and a bit unsteady and is glaring at Steve. "It wasn't funny!"
* Freyja pauses, against bumping into people!
<Steve`Z> "Alright, I'm sorry."
<Freyja> "Did you confront your inner fears?"
* Drew` blinks, bumped into,stumbles back... "... You know Sara too?" to someone he's never met.

* Drew` returns the grin. "better go to the party."
* Steve`Z heads back to the beach with Drew.
<kentari> Its in full swing! There's some dancing goin on now.
<kentari> Jonah is cleaning the grill, looking a bit.. not-so-happy, over something
* Drew` just follows, tired but trying not to show it.
<Steve`Z> (( is it tribal reinactment dancing? :P ))
<kentari> Actually, yes.
<Steve`Z> (( lol. ))
<kentari> You hear them going "Tekeli-LI!"
<Drew`> lol
* Drew` was going to ask :P
<kentari> They have.. sick senses of humor. :P

* Freyja takes a moment to take in the room's image, then another to agree to remodelling it, then sets the kodachi in a corner and occupies the center of the floor to SIT AND MEDITATE FENNEC, zomg.
<kentari> You find a Zafu.
<Freyja> Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<Freyja> (Haha =P)
<kentari> It wiggles, slightly, skittering away from you as you go to sit down.

<kentari> It is a letter appologzing for being rude and asking if there is something he can do to make it up, in flawless kanji, all worded as politely as possible.
* Freyja rolls her eyes. "Oh dear."
<Steve`Z> (( oops! fuck. ))
<kentari> (( j/k ;P ))
<Drew`> (( rofl ))
<Steve`Z> (( lets SAY I signed it :P ))
<Freyja> (Seriously, or not?)
<kentari> Its got Steve's name on it in whatever way is approriate ;p
<Freyja> (Humorously enough if he forgot to put a name on it, I'd have thought it was Jonah =P)
* Steve`Z signed it in English.
<kentari> (( lol! :P ))

<kentari> It is a letter appologzing for being rude and asking if there is something he can do to make it up, in flawless kanji, all worded as politely as possible.
* Freyja rolls her eyes. "Oh dear."
* Freyja smirks. "Wonder if he realizes this is how they send challenge letters."
<Steve`Z> (( omg you lie... ))
<kentari> <Daphne> "Challenge? Huh? What's that?"
<Drew`> (( "I apologize to the death!" ))
<Freyja> ((Slipping folded letters under the doors or tied to an arrow is typical!))
<Freyja> (And haha alcar =P)
<Steve`Z> (( well shit its quicker than the post ))
<Freyja> (Hence the application!)
<Steve`Z> (( come on though, if I had used an arrow then you'd have a point but this was just for convenience! ))

* Anton dries his hand, which does leave black marks before taking the cell, and dialing a 14 digit code
* Drew` just watches, then sits on one of the boulders to rest, since there's nothing he can do right now.
<Freyja> (14...? Interstellar? Long-distance is only 11, I'll have such a hell bill.)
<Steve`Z> (( hehehe ))
<Steve`Z> (( precisely why I didnt gtive him mine :P ))
<Freyja> (Papa wiru not be purisuda!)
<Forest`^> (( Lol, 3 digit planet code ))

* Freyja looks to the nurse. "Wash this cloth if you don't mind, and if you truly wish to help, that fellow could probably use a robe or something. His clothing is ashen, though he himself appears to be fine."
<kentari> The Nurse nods, and heads back up to the mansion, leaving the group! Drew owes Freyja, big time. :P
<Drew`> (( lol ))
<kentari> Tulip stops just short of Anton, mouth agape.
* Anton is missing an arm, the use of an eye, and is covered with burns, yes! JUST FINE!
<Freyja> (I may be the bitch, but I'm the bitch doing favors!)
<Drew`> (( Drew doersn't have time to deal with her :p ))

<Drew`> (( question: if Jacob becomes Rachael's boyfriend, is it incest? ))
<Steve`Z> (( not biologically ))
<Drew`> (( Same player though, dude! ))
<Jacob> (( you did quotefile that as you said it, no? ))

* Freyja hides her hands withing her interconnected and draping sleeves. "I never had a chance to browse the fridge, and also feel somewhat not at home with using food that I did not buy myself... Though I feel obligated at this point to prepare dinner tomorrow at the very least... What is available?"
<Freyja> "...Need to remember to keep an eye out for a kotatsu, tatami, futon, incense... At least I brought my knives."
* Freyja continues rambling to herself about various items.
<kentari> <Daphne> "Hrm.."
<kentari> <Daphne> "We have a caesar salad in a bag.. some chocolate pudding. Oh! And hot pockets."
<kentari> <Daphne> "I think Tulip still has a bunch of her fruit snacks, too, in the pantry."
* Freyja pauses in her steps. "..."
* Freyja reaches out and places her hands on Daphne's shoulders. "...I will become a stereotype... For you two..."
<kentari> <Daphne> "Huh..?"

* Forest`^ prays this woman that wants to play doctor doesn't want to play doctor with him
<Steve`Z> (( you didnt take Girl Magnet again, did you? ))
<kentari> Darius walks up to the door, tapping Steve on the shoulder.
<Drew`> (( this IS chaos :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( shit. ))
<Forest`^> (( Actually I learned that girl magnet is a true disability... but I had to pick SOMETHING ))
<Steve`Z> (( Cursed :P ))
<Jacob> (( Diminutive, -3 ))
<Forest`^> (( LoL ))
<Jacob> (( what?!?! no one ever takes that suggestion seriously =( ))
<Jacob> ;)

<kentari> <Nurse> "Ah! The door. You should go get it, Steve." she smiles.
<Drew`> "....."
<kentari> Darius opens his door and walks to the sweet door without a sound.
<kentari> suite
<Steve`Z> "Oh, I'm sure Darius will answer it."
<Freyja> (lmao)
<kentari> damn
<kentari> I can't believe I did that :P
<kentari> one sec
<kentari> laughing :P

<Drew`> "Morning."
<Forest`^> "mornin'" between sips
* Steve`Z smells the coffee. "Mmm. May I?"
<kentari> Darius nods, pouring a cup
<Drew`> "It's really good."
* Steve`Z smiles, nodding to Darius in appreciation. "Thank you." He sits next to Drew and proceeds to sip coffee!
<Drew`> (( And Darius has joined us! http://pbfcomics.com/archive/PBF057AD-Super_League.jpg ))
<kentari> (( :D ))

<kentari> Its a very... complicated drain attack. :P
<Galbrath> ooookay
* kentari is keeping it semi-secret ;p
<kentari> but yes!
<kentari> I would be very greatful for some companions on the ship.
<kentari> ;p and its cheap
<kentari> its also like two paragraphs long, so I can't paste it
<Denna> you are really gaming the system :P
<kentari> That's we we call it a game ;p
<kentari> Hey. I don't need a spreadsheet to record it, though. :P

<Denna> you know
<Denna> I would think the first weapon wouldn't be a sword
<Denna> more like, a rock
<AlcarGM> it's the myth as his house knows it; they use metal :p
<Denna> that'd be amusing, though
<Denna> "you are banished for eternity for the creation of the Rock"
<AlcarGM> "We forsee it ending in Disco."

<Denna> "now, were you suggesting a moment ago that we go find somewhere to go in this Lovely Remarkable Spring Weather?"
* Denna gestures around to the spring weather, if it's not summer yet or anything.
<Galbrath> (( is it strange that it is spring now? ))
* Syble looks away from Denna, closing her eyes. "I'm not feeling myself."
<AlcarGM> (( I hope so :p ))
<Denna> (( it was snowing before. ))

<Syble> "I think what I have is the least of what should be worrying you. Nigel is...."
* Syble looks around, assuring herself that we're out of his presence.
<Syble> "Really, really scary."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "And you're not?!"
<Syble> "I'm me! Its hard to be scared of yourself!"
<AlcarGM> Terrence:".... oh. I always found it easy."

<AlcarGM> The ruins are black, walls of obsidian glass with many cracks, fractures, and outright gaping holes in them...
* Syble shakes her head, rolling her eyes.
<Denna> "And how about that spiffy spear?"
<Syble> "Denna.."
<Denna> "Oh, and the green glowy stuff. That's new."
<Syble> "We all have things that we keep close to our vests. Let's just.. all respect each other's personal space?"
<AlcarGM> (( Terrence: "It's okay, Denna. I'll show you her MySpace page with all her sectets later, and her livejournal." ))
<Syble> (( :P :P :P ))
<Syble> (( I put a big butterfly on it. ))
<Denna> (( I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. ))

<AlcarGM> You hear muttering around a corner, in a language you don't know...
* Luciano`^ slows down and creeps up on the corner
* Luciano`^ peeks around
<Luciano`^> is it male or female?
<AlcarGM> There is a man standing there. Or, well, you think it's a man. He barely comes up to your waist and is old and glarled, limping along with a stick and muttering to himself.
<Luciano`^> but I'M old and short!
* Luciano`^ makes sure it isn't a mirror!
<AlcarGM> Since you are not a dwarf, it is not a mirror :p

* Syble just rolls her eyes. "Do we want to get that thing out?"
<Denna> "Hold on."
* Denna puts her hand to the glass ball.
<Denna> "Seems pretty inert to me."
* Galbrath holds up a clawed hand. "Eh, I could try chipping away at it some."
* Syble shakes her hand at Galbrath.
<Syble> "Its too pretty.. but I think I can get the body out, if that's what we want?"
* Denna makes a note to self. When in doubt and Syble is very angry, Become Very Pretty.

<AlcarGM> Terrence: "... this is ..." he just shakes his head, at a loss for words.
<Nigel> "This is just so wierd."
* Syble wrinkles her nose at Nigel
<Denna> "How are we going to feed her?"
<Nigel> "She's like.... a God, or something. There's just so much magic here its rediculous."
* Syble nods at Nigel, licking her lips.
<Nigel> "Those other wizards would probably try to boil her to get the magic out of her."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Gross!"
<Syble> "That's reallllly twisted."
<Galbrath> "We will have to raiser her as our own! Or something."
<Nigel> "But it looks like a child... who knows if it thinks as one?"
* Nigel rocks it harder, more a motion appropriate to its size :P
<Syble> "Its best not to apply our customs to foreigners."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Okay, so people say the rins are scary. This is a giant baby from a rock!"
* Syble nods at Terrence, "Isn't it cool?!"

<AlcarGM> Luciano peeks over the edge to see the others climbing up, and what looks, to all intents and purposes, like a giant baby with Syble beside it in the bottom of a crater
<Nigel> "Show yourself!"
* Luciano`^ jaw-drops and looks at the others, waving
<AlcarGM> Nigel - no one seems visible....
<Nigel> "Oh...."
<Nigel> "Was that your lightning bolt?"
<AlcarGM> save for Luke :) And Carlion beside him.
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Not mine," cheerfully. "You have a baby while we were...... someone better not have poked my bride!" seeing Syble by the baby.
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "You DO know what sex is, right?"
* Denna asks oh-so-innocently.
* Syble grimaces, stopping whatever she was doing, at hearing the voice.
* Luciano`^ hits Colon in the arm

<AlcarGM> Lighting spears down from the spy, striking the air above Denna, Syble and the baby .... who lets out a scream that fills your minds with the roar of a giant tsumani and goes silent.....
<AlcarGM> Terrence jsut grabs his head.
<Denna> "It might be a god!"
* Syble falls to a seated position by the baby.
<Denna> "They found it in a solid glass magic bubble, but Syble dragged it out."
* Galbrath winces, looking at the baby.
* Luciano`^ sighs
<Luciano`^> "That's probably what they were trying to keep in." To Carlion
<AlcarGM> The baby still seems to be sleeping quite peaceful, despite the scream.
<Denna> "I guess that makes you the adoptive father?" (to Carlion)
<AlcarGM> Carlion just nods slowly, eyes wide. "I hope not!"

<Syble> "This place does weird things."
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "None of them could compare to you, my love."
<Syble> "Huh?"
<Luciano`^> (( I think he just called you wierd))
* Syble is once again confused! :P
<AlcarGM> Carlion just smiles
<AlcarGM> (( yup :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( finding your intended trying to shake a giant baby is disturbing! Give the poor guy some slack! ))

* Steve`Z is watching the UHO
<Steve`Z> (( the H stands for Hexagonal ))
<Steve`Z> (( but now I recall that it was actually a tetrhedron ))
<Drew`> (( "Idenifiable Shapey Object, officer." ))
<kentari> Indeed, it is a tetrahedron. With eight sides of doom.

<kentari> You enter Tulip's room to see her standing in the center, a .. sort of holographic display about her head, displaying columns of text and a diagram of the building. She is wearing a strange-looking pair of gloves.
<Freyja> (Johnny Tuliponic)
<kentari> http://www.rolandit.com/games/Peripherals/PeripheralPics/PowerGloveNES01.jpg :P
<Drew`> (( lol ))
<Steve`Z> (( the power glove WINS ))

<Syble> "Everyone's so pensive. I thought, when I left the Compound, everyone would be so nice.. and caring.. and everyone would want what was best for everyone, and it would all make sense.."
<Drew`> Carlion: "They can be if you make them."
<Syble> "But its like making someone love you. If it isn't real... is it really, at all? ... That's why I put up with you, I guess."
* Syble smiles, attempting to make a joke, too.
<Drew`> Carlion: "Oh, I'm always real." He snuggles back, becausen you're allowing him. And it only too one almost-dead body!
<Drew`> Carlion: "Even when I'm not."

<kentari> Forest goes to the door. Opening?
* Forest`^ opens the door
<kentari> There is a dainty red-haired woman in a pinkish off-white nurse's outfit standing outside. Holding a stethoscope up to where the door was, listening intently.
<Drew`> (( .. I'm being stalked. ))
<Drew`> (( "You can't stalk me! I didn't take girl magnet!" *Breaks into tears* ))
<Steve`Z> (( well at least shes not very good at it. ))

<Jacob> 02:59 <@Drew`> "This is crazy. Wait, Rachael hasn't shown up yet. Then it will be."
<Jacob> score.
<Drew`> yup :)

* Jacob inquires, in a mostly rhetorical tone, as he heads back for the door. "How late do you stay up?"
<Freyja> "Rest is good for the mind, body and soul. I try not to stay awake longer than necessary."
* Freyja follows after to the door. "How do you think I stay cute?" Click, shut!
<Jacob> (( "Stay?" ))
<Jacob> (( "CUTE?" ))
<kentari> There is a groan from Tulip's room. :P
* Freyja enters said room and grins cheshirely. "Well, it obviously doesn't apply to you, but some of us have some maintenance to keep in order."

* Anton reaches over and snags a pair of goggles and puts them on
<kentari> There is a column of smoke appearing on the horizon, some distance away from the giant tetrahedron.
<kentari> The goggles!
<kentari> They do nothing! :P
<Steve`Z> (( heheh ))
* kentari has ALWAYS wanted to say that. HAHAHAHaha

<Drew`> "I'm starting to hate this," softly. "Just - watching."
<Jacob> "Try doing something else."
<Drew`> "Like what?!"
* Drew` takes a deep breath. "Sorry."
<kentari> The Captain is making hand gestures and appears to be yelling. The other soldiers are running for their jeeps.
* Steve`Z is tempted to just go leap off the building to see if his powers will come back so he doesnt die. :P
<Jacob> "Write someone a letter."
<Drew`> (( ..... please don't :p ))
<Freyja> (Splat)
<Freyja> (Freyja "Damn it, now who's going to replace my cell?")
<Steve`Z> "Oh yes! Let's write out Congressman! That will surely help!" *sighs*
<Jacob> (( <Rachael> You have learned much, young padawan! ))

<kentari> Steve and Drew make it down to the beach as the cube is some thirty yards away. The Captain is standing, sideways, a la Pistol Duel, his gun levelled at the cube.. waiting.
* Anton will see if Amos starts getting the freyja, 'i'm about to get fried' treatment.
<Freyja> (How cute, you've named targetting analysis after me.)

<kentari> Sparks looks over, "This isn't a place for civil- ... Steve..?"
* Drew` staggers to a halt behind them, drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. He manages to croak out "stupid" though :)
<kentari> <Sparks> ".. Drew?!"
* Steve`Z nods. "Been a while, Amos."
<kentari> <Sparks> "Fuck yeah, it has!" he exclaims, "Its like the whole gang is back together. Except for that cute girl and that one serious guy. Oh, and the psycho." he snickers
<Steve`Z> (( he says it like we were actually all friends or something :P ))
<Drew`> (( Some people do remember HS like that :p ))
<Anton> (nostalgia is a magical thing :P)
<Drew`> (( probably a rareified form of brain damage, really ))
<kentari> (( heheh :P ))

<kentari> <Red Creature> "There are two kinds of things on this..." it pauses again, thinking, "globe."
<kentari> <Red Creature> "There is our kind. There is your kind. That" It points at the smouldering remains, under a foot of water, "Is neither."
<Drew`> "And trapped..... the blue?"
<kentari> <Red Creature> "...." It looks at Drew, "So that is resonance, after all..." it observes.
<Drew`> "Ah. Meaning?"
<kentari> <Red Creature> "Your kind will know more very soon. We are finding your leaders."
* Steve`Z looks at Drew, then back at El Rojo.
<Drew`> (( "please, not the president. I beg you." ))
<Steve`Z> (( "I second that!" ))
<Drew`> (( "He's just a joke. Really. Don't go to to the white house!" ))
<kentari> It shakes its head at Drew, "That is not for me to tell you. We have our ..." it pauses, "habits that persist beyond the pact recently destroyed."

<Freyja> "I will be going now. When someone feels like explaining things to me in a way that one can understand... Feel free."
<Drew`> "You think anyone can or does?" to Freyja
<Freyja> "You know much more than me."
* Freyja looks around at all the boys. "If you're starving over there, too, I suppose you can beg for food."
<Drew`> "Not really. I'mjust lucky with guesses, sometimes."
<Steve`Z> "Hold on a moment, Freyja. We can try to explain, but bear in mind we're not 10% sure ourselves."
<Steve`Z> *100%
<kentari> No, no
<Drew`> (( 10% fits, too :p ))
<Steve`Z> (( typos, grr ))
<kentari> 10% works.
<kentari> :P

* Drew` nods. 'Yeah. It's just...." Looks at Darius. "Sorry. He's right. I'm wrong."
<kentari> Darius looks back, startled, and writes, "We all have our reasons." cryptically, and excuses himself, to go back to his room.
<Drew`> "Red feed on hate. There are blue ones - we channelled those, somehow. And green, too. I never found out what the green fed on and the blue .... wouldn't admit..."
<Drew`> "oh."
<Drew`> "Well, so much for making a red and blue state analogy and throwing in the green party I guess."
<kentari> Speaking of which!
<kentari> The television is playing a Presidential address.
* Steve`Z looks over, getting a feeling of dread for some reason.
<kentari> President Obama is speaking about the current state of affairs with regards to technology, terrorism, and space exploration, for some reason.
<Steve`Z> (( oh good ))
<kentari> Because SOMETHING needs to have worked out in Ken's imaginary timeline :P
<Drew`> (( lol. ))
<Steve`Z> (( rght on, brutha! ))
<kentari> (( He's not Hillary! Yay! :P ))

<Nigel> "You people make me wonder sometimes..."
<Syble> "Wonder, what?"
<Nigel> "Like you're always trying to place me or something."
<Syble> "Place you where?"
* Syble blinks, "You *do* kind of talk funny, you know. Its hard to know what you mean."
<Nigel> "In your cosmic design? I don't know!"
* Nigel sighs :P
<Syble> "Ugh! You sound like an old book with half the words missing!"
<AlcarGM> Carlion sniffs. "You're probably a thorn, I imagine."
* Syble half growls, half sighs.
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Certainly not a rose petal. then again, my garden has only one rose. I wish I could keep her in glass, of course, but that is not practical."
<Nigel> "Although. I suppose... you were wondering. I could say one thing of myself."
* Syble looks inquisitively -- actually, expectantly -- at Nigel.
<Nigel> "Given that we might not live past the next few days."
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Well, you are welcome to speak for yourself," with a generous bow.
* Nigel hrms, and gets out a canteen, and whets a cloth, and takes off his jacket, then wipes some makeup off of his face
<Syble> ((If you're black, I swear to god.))

<kentari> Forest is that jerk I hated freshman year. He dies.
<kentari> :P j/k
<Steve`Z> (( YAY HE DIED ))
<Steve`Z> (( the game gets 200% better ))
<Forest`^> (( You guys know this game wouldn't be the same without ME ))
<kentari> (( Oh, do I. *sigh* :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( right, it wouldn't be the same. It would be better. :P ))

* Steve`Z plugs in a Stereo he had sent in with his other stuff, popping ina CD of relaxation sounds and whatnot.
* Drew` sits on the bed and notices the Gm is missing
* kentari has joined #game
<kentari> dun dun duuunnn
<Steve`Z> (( knew Id forgot something ))
<kentari> I forgot how many ROOMS I use running this thing ;p
<Drew`> (( details, details :p ))
<kentari> Anyways. :P

<Forest`^> "oh... We need to get to mars though."
<Anton> "Well, I can't help you there."
<Forest`^> "But... you're a supergenious..."
<Forest`^> genius...
<Anton> "Well, I can't fold space yet, so shoo."
<kentari> ((That makes one of you.))
<kentari> (( :D ))
<Drew`> (( no comments fromt the peanut gallery :P ))
<kentari> The door to the suite opens.
<kentari> Darius walks in in a track suit, carrying a big bag from whitecastle.
<Forest`^> "Wait... You don't have to fold space, you just have to -- Is that whitecastle?"
<Anton> ( looooooooooooooool )
<kentari> Darius points at the label on the bag and rolls his eyes.

<Anton> "Ah, the dress is back."
<kentari> Darius nods at Forest, holding up three fingers.
* Freyja stares at the bag a moment, wincing. She places her free hand over her mouth, apalled. "Fastfood kills, you know."
* Anton is wearing a welding hood, put up, mind, but its still there crwoing his head :P
* Forest`^ grins and grabs some whitecastle
<Freyja> "How rude, I have a name, you know, Wielding Mask."
<kentari> Darius pauses, writing on the little box containing a burger, "Homeopathic Medicine."
<Anton> "So does every carcinogen we breath every day."
<Anton> "Humans are designed to filter when we're healthy, but thats besides the point."
<Anton> "It's just that you have so many outfits."
<Freyja> "It's that kind of attitude that led to the saying 'that's the last straw.'"
<Anton> "It's like your barbie's oriental sister or something
<kentari> Darius facepalms.

<Anton> "And damnit, Forest, no, I cannot build you a spaceship capable of going to mars."
<Anton> "You'd be dead by the time you got there."
<Anton> 'FTL is a little hard, y'know?"
<Forest`^> "Well... Then I'd just have to go there in spirit... With proper meditation! I think that's what Drew said..."
<Freyja> "Actually I believe he would only be a few years older, provided it supplied enough air and sustenance in nourishment."
<Freyja> "But seeing as last I heard Mars was inhospitable atmosphere, what in heavens' name would he do there?"
<Anton> "Try and track down some friends? I'm not sure forest, fill me in."
<Freyja> "Friends... right."
<Forest`^> "Yes! I have to rescue oure 'guys'."
* Freyja stares skeptically at Forest. "I figured he was an alien."

<Jacob> "I'm still convinced this is a dream."
<Jacob> "All the crazy alien stuff, I'm good with. It's this funky school that gets me."
* Anton smirks

<Jacob> "Steve, do you have any... well, I don't know, supernatural sensitivities?"
* Jacob calls on the way out.
<Steve`Z> "Not at the moment!" as he leaves
<kentari> Steve goes to #game1
<kentari> The GM is getting dizzy. :P
<Drew`> lol!
<Jacob> don't make me ask Freyja.
<kentari> :P
<Drew`> rofl

<Drew`> "What do .. .you want?" to it
* Steve`Z place his hand on its arm when they collide. "Are you okay?"
<kentari> The thing points at its forehead, touches it, then makes a sweeping motion fromside to straigh up, to the other side. Then points up at the sky, and slowly tracks a line to the water.
<kentari> ignore typos ;p oopsies
* Drew` looks up."You.. fell too?"
<kentari> The creature shakes its head.
<kentari> Then .. it does the macarena.
<kentari> After a few moments, it then makes an "A" like in the YMCA dance.
<Steve`Z> (( Now I understand! ))
<kentari> (( :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( wait, no I dont. ))

<Jacob> "I'm worried about, uhh, Something, though, and thought one of those people could maybe help."
<Drew`> "Something?" to Jacob
<Drew`> "What kind of something?"
<Jacob> "yeah, umm, a something, yes."
<Jacob> "oh, it's probably nothing, and I'm getting all worried and such for nothing..."
<Steve`Z> "What? Spit it out, man!"
<Jacob> "gaaah! okay, okay, I..."
* Jacob blushes.
* Drew` just looks at Jacob. "I possibly killed part of my soul today. It can't be worse than that."
<Jacob> ... "okay...."
* Drew` grins.
<kentari> There is.. a noise.
<kentari> Far above.
<Drew`> "What I meant was....." *looks up*
<kentari> Accompanying a slight breeze, there is a solitary sound, like a sword being drawn.
<Drew`> ".... what did I do now?" with a sigh

<kentari> A red sphere glows on the outside of the blue ship and leaps out at the jet, exploding in fire. The jet swirves, dodging, and launching missiles.
<Drew`> "The red .. the one in me... is terrified they're going to die. That kind of fear doesn't make sense, it just... acts."
<kentari> The missiles are intercepted by the same sort of fireball thingies.
<kentari> The one-sided dog fight continues for about twenty seconds as the jet approaches closer and closer.
<Anton> "Why would it care?"
<Drew`> "They feed on hate,remeber? If tyhey can make heat... fake an alien invasion.. maybe that would give them power enough to beat the black?"
<kentari> The jet then.. rams the vessel. There is an explosion, and bits of charred blue paint flake off the red ship and drift towards the ground.
<Steve`Z> (( lol they just painted it ))
<Freyja> (Spraypaint does wonders!)
<Steve`Z> "Is that... paint?"
<Jacob> (( cute :D ))
<Freyja> "How shabby."

<kentari> Thomas says to you, quietly, "There is a green wisp in front of my van in the middle of a burning suburb. We are beyond the realm where rationality holds sway."
<Jacob> "Yes, yes, and there's an invisible fairy in my flowerpot. Honestly. I know. Please give the phone to Drew, or Steve, or Anton, please? pretty please?"
<kentari> <Thomas> "If you ask them if their fridge is running...."

<kentari> Out a door, and down a path.. to a greenhouse, the glass shattered and strewn about its floor.
<Anton> "The plants..."
<Drew`> "Barrier didn't change," quietly
<kentari> It floats, turning a corner .. and stops, suddenly.
<kentari> Following it, you see a body, face-down, in front of a small flower-bed of charred, blackish-blue stems.
* Steve`Z stops at the flame's final position, spotting the body.
<Steve`Z> "oh man."
<kentari> Glass all about.
<Anton> "Sara?"
<Steve`Z> (( we can hope ))
<Freyja> (geez =P)
* Anton checks for a pulse!
<kentari> Turning over your old Home Economics teacher's body, you find no pulse.
<Drew`> "...."
<Steve`Z> (( DING DONG THE... sorry. ))

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