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<kentari> I've always wanted to kill off Sara, in lolad
<kentari> this is the best I could do ;p
<Drew`> lol

* Steve`Z looks over at what Anton discovered, and steps over, reaching for a stone also (but only when someone else isnt the way)
<Steve`Z> (( dont want to be too grabby. ))
<Drew`> "Looks like you get your wish," quietly, to himself.
<kentari> (( Steve gets 2 AP for being polite ;p ))
<Drew`> (( lol ))
<Steve`Z> (( hooray! :D ))
<Drew`> (( Is Freyja at -12 then? :p ))
<Freyja> (Probably!)

<Forest`^> Failing finding one with keys in the ignition, he will try getting in and searching the blind on top, and the glovebox, maybe the center console...
<kentari> You find a couple packets of Arby's sauce, some tapes, empty drink containers..
<kentari> in loose change
<kentari> A couple condoms
<kentari> But no keys.
<Jacob> (( hotwire! ))
* Forest`^ grabs a flathead screwdriver and goes to some old cars and tries his luck
<kentari> You pop a lock just as you hear someone ask, ".. Just what are you doing, son?"
<kentari> Its a man in khakhis and a white shirt with little red bands around the shoulders, like old-fashioned style.
<kentari> He's wearing some round glasses and has a badge on an armband.
<kentari> There's some manner of sidearm at his waist
<Jacob> (( Grand theft auto. What's it to you, old man? ))
<Forest`^> "Trying to get the hell away from here... People are shooting missles at us!"
<kentari> He folds his arms, "Look, son, just.. calm down and back the hell away from my car."
* Forest`^ looks at him "Are you getting out of here too?"
<Freyja> (LMAO)

<Drew`> I don't wanna bring sara back!
<Drew`> Am I allowed to hate my own character? :p
<kentari> ;p

* Drew` is just... standing over her, tears trickling down his cheeks.
* Drew` takes a deep breath. "One," softly.
<Drew`> 2d6 - this scares me. Deeply.
<Sparkie> Drew` 2d6: 8 - this scares me. Deeply.
<Drew`> (( and I fail by 1... ))
<kentari> There is a low rumble, in the distance...
<kentari> You hear a shrill shout, all-too-familliar, saying something very unfamilliar.
<kentari> Its Kohlberg, screaming, "BRAINS!!!!"
<kentari> Session End.
* Sparkie smirks
<Anton> :[ ]
<Freyja> What? =P
<Drew`> ....
<kentari> Having your powers
<kentari> I need to make sure
<kentari> I have your current sheets
<kentari> Now that you can actually do crap :P
<kentari> Be sure to get 'em to me if you've made any changes
<Freyja> I might make some changes depending on what's actually occured =P
<Freyja> First, wtf is a Kohlberg? =P

<Kit> The character being a priestess however, all of her abilities go under power according to you.
<Kit> Save for skills and sixth sense.
<kentari> Just because you believe very deeply in a God doesn't mean that God's gifts aren't special. :P

<kentari> you know
<kentari> I really should have made syble
<kentari> with the gift of finesse
<alcar> lol
<kentari> and played her off like the stereotypical, foppish elf
<kentari> that would've been amazing :P
<kentari> "My Gift is to simply do everything *better* than you can."
<alcar> Carlion might have had trouble topping that :p

<Jacob> Drew`: you've got issues.
<Drew`> sparkie hates me :p
<Drew`> I technically DID get her out of harms way
<Jacob> dude
<Jacob> not awesome.
<Drew`> Well, I did bring her back from, like, being dead. And stuff.
<Jacob> dude
<Drew`> What?! afaik, I brought her back as Sara-as-she-was. I think ...
<Drew`> the teleport, otoh, likely messed stuff up :p
<Jacob> duuuude.
<Drew`> as long as 'out of order' doesn't mean her limbs got rearranged.... :p
<Jacob> duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. limbs?
<Jacob> you /wish/
<Drew`> .. crappies :P
<Drew`> Well, she was fine when I sent her :p
<Jacob> duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.
<Drew`> crap :p
<Jacob> you didn't want that alive, did you?
<Drew`> Drew did!
<Jacob> oh. well, that could be a problem.

<Drew`> crap!
<Drew`> 2d6
<Sparkie> Drew` 2d6: 8
<Jacob> (( you may need to be more imperative with your OMG STOP NOW things. ))
<Drew`> (( ... I need divine relationship just to get .. normal rolls.. :P ))
<Drew`> 2d6 .. if Drew had DR :p
<Sparkie> Drew` 2d6: 8 .. if Drew had DR :p
<Drew`> ... nm.

<kentari> Steve! You need to have a side session sometime before next Monday. Remind me. :P
<Steve`Z> (( Oh I will! ))
<Steve`Z> (( dont you worry :P ))

* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
* Sol is now known as Denna
* Tass is now known as Nigel
<Nigel> man
<Nigel> Nigel is such a bitchin name :P
<Caltak> lies
<Nigel> hold on, I'll brb
* kentari is now known as Syble
<Syble> Syble is better. :P
<Nigel> I need to go admire myself for a few minutes in two full length mirrors
<AlcarGM> (( Carlion slips up behind Nigel. "Ooh, how pretty." ))
<Nigel> call it, getting into character

<Nigel> "I wonder sometimes if life would have been different had I been born with an insect based gift.... the ultimate beekeeper!"
<Syble> "I imagine you might..."
<Syble> "... bug...."
<Syble> "people.. after awhile.."
<Syble> "With that gift.."
* Syble giggles.
<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Well, everyone does have a sting to them, after all." He smiles at Nigel
* Nigel doesn't bite his lower lip off :P

<Syble> "I know you don't have much time left to become a God, and all, but.. I don't want to just run around ruins without an idea of what we're doing."
<Luciano`^> "It doesn't matter for me, I have no intention of surviving this mission. This will be my last act for my family. It is assumed I will not be returning."
<AlcarGM> Terrence blinks.
<Syble> "That's silly!"
<Syble> "That sounds like something a coward would say. You may be old, but I don't think you're a coward."
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Yeah! Unless, I mean, your mind is going and you don't want to end up drooling and wetting the bed like a baby again. Cuz that's just gross."
* Syble elbows Terrence. :P

<Luciano`^> "I have raised all of the children I can, there is nothing more for me at home."
<Syble> "There are your grandkids and stuff, then?"
<Luciano`^> "I will soon become a burden to them, and they will be taking care of me instead of their own children. I do not need to live any longer. I have fulfilled my part to my family, it is time for me to move on."
<Nigel> 'Great."
<Nigel> "Lets hope your fatalism doesn't affect your will to fight."
<Syble> "Then you should be in charge of things. You should be the one in charge, if you're the wisest. That's how it works back home."
<Luciano`^> "I was, and still am until my last breath, but I will not become more work for them than I am worth. I have tought my heirs all they can ever learn from me, they must learn the rest as the Father Vestis themselves. There is always a transition, I cannot change that. I should make it now, while the family is strong."
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "Contrary to what many adults might have you believe, age doesn't confer wisdom. Quite the opposite, really. Most people become more hidebound, more sure of themselves and less willing to listen to other people. I've noticed it often, in the very old. And bitterness, that they are ending but the world remains, as if they never mattered."
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "No matter. There are other ruins, and perhaps answers."
<Nigel> "Indeed."
<Denna> "I propose that we find these ruin things and either do the stuff with the gods and becoming or reviving... or we try and make it so no one else can."

* Nigel resolves to become the god of killing noisey young girls and old men :P

<Syble> "Now YOU are the one complaining. Cut it out!"
* Syble giggles.
<Luciano`^> "It's a privilage of being old."
* Syble sticks her tongue out at Luciano, for lack of words more fitting to her thoughts on that.
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "So is incontinece?"
<Luciano`^> "I could just pretend to be mute, if you prefer?"
<Syble> "I don't think that's what incontinence means, Luciano..."

* Luciano`^ adjusts his jaw, humming to himself slightly, and looking deep in concentration...
* Syble steadies her skirt. ;D
* Luciano`^ just stares straight ahead of him
* Luciano`^ summons toads! Down come a rain of toads, tadpoles and a fish or two in the road in front of him.
<AlcarGM> The toads come, pulled by wind from a pond and thrown to the ground, exploding mines and bits of toad filling the air for several moments
<Syble> "EWWW!"
* Luciano`^ catches a few fish in the air for dinner...
<Luciano`^> "Try now."
* Syble totally tries to find cover. :P
<AlcarGM> The air reeks of dismembered toad and the mines ae... well... quite visible. They surrounded the tower for a good 50 feet, irregularly spaced like so; http://for.mat.bham.ac.uk/R.W.Kaye/minesw/fig13.gif

<Chaos`^> What else is big n anime...
<Caltak> lazer eyes.
<Chaos`^> super police, like GITS
<alcar> Being gits is... not that smart :P
<Caltak> Hyper Police like in Hyper Police!
<Kit> Why not?
<alcar> uhm, cuz git = stupid? :p
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> unless you mean soemthing other than ....
<Caltak> G.I.T.S.
<alcar> oh. in the shell.
<Kit> Ghost in the Shell.
<alcar> oops :P
<Kit> =P
* alcar was wondering at the desire there

<kentari> are we on the same side as our alien sponsors? :P
<Tass> I like the idea that they landed on our store
<kentari> hahah
<kentari> they "apologized"
<Tass> and appologized
<Tass> yeah
<kentari> OMG!
<kentari> ;p
<Tass> by recreating the storee
<alcar> lol! I read that as 'they "organized'' and pictured all items in the store arranged alphebetically ;P

<Kit> Can I be a doll that sucks out people's souls in order to throw rose petals at things?
<Chaos`^> Err... No

<AlcarGM> She considers that. "I thought Mimir was a myth?"
* Mary_jane`^ shrugs
<Mary_jane`^> "She calls herself that... and she's pretty good at what she does."
<Mary_jane`^> ask me what it is! g'head!
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Have a funny name?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Err, no."
<AlcarGM> Sara; "You're pretty good at that one, too. I blame parents. I think if I had children, I'd name them the sound of green. It's hard to pronounce." She consisders that. "At least without some yellow creeping in."

<AlcarGM> She hits the wards. Nothing fancy. No counter spell, no charm. Just pure, raw energy. For a moment, the wards hold, becoming visible in the real world and burning in the air, then they shatter like snowflakes, the sound of breaking glass filling the air.
<AlcarGM> Sara giggles and keeps walking.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Can you stop her from leaving? I bet she's trying to!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I'm not good at stopping people from stuff like that. It's not love if someone can't leave."

<Mary_jane`^> "Why did you bring her here?"
<AlcarGM> Mimir: "If you mean the girl in the stove, she came seeking power. If she comes back from being burned to death, she will have understood the point of such things." She continues to knit, but for a moment she has your father's face. "Are you finished?"
* Mary_jane`^ frowns and checks the oven "I'm talking about Nef."
<AlcarGM> There are, indeeed, ashes in the oven. Also, a cherry pie.

<AlcarGM> Sara: "Love can do what the truth can't," simply. "And there is Love, like there is Truth. Different fires, though."
<Mary_jane`^> "I noticed..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Don't tell anyone; I don't liek to manifest. Love should be free, even if the Truth never is."
<Mary_jane`^> "Too bad I'm not as good with my fire as you are, though..." Grinning odly "you have a strange control over yours."
<AlcarGM> She just shrugs. "Merlin teaches many things."
<Mary_jane`^> "A lie of omission is still a lie."
<AlcarGM> Mimir: "You.... you .... " sitting up slowly, naked, glaring at Sara.
* Mary_jane`^ looks Mimir over
<AlcarGM> Sara: "If you try the method you did before, in here or stories, I am going to obliterate you from existence," her voice cold and empty, as final as a tomb door. "You have a second change, because love is about second chances and hope. That is all it is."
<AlcarGM> She smiles, then. "I hope you enjoy it!" and she vanishes.

<Mary_jane`^> "How many evil powerful people do you know?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe considers that. "Krishna might have counted. Fenrir. Satan. Mimir is out of the picture, ditto with Merlin. There's Maxwell's Demon, but it doesn't like grails ... Jehovah, but he tries to avoid bothering us."
<Mary_jane`^> "How did Fenrir get on your list?"
<Mary_jane`^> "And who's Maxwell?"
<AlcarGM> (( ... that is a very good question, gfiven the GM never meant to type that and honestly had no idea it WAS on the list until you said. ))

<alcar> La fin is frighteningly easy to run, though.
<Chaos`^> why is that?
<Chaos`^> we've already developed the world so well?
<alcar> yup
<alcar> the npcs are just.... there. Nice and real.
<Chaos`^> which is why there should be a 4th one =p
<alcar> lol. Nah. I'd honestly have no plot.
<Chaos`^> I can think of something!
<alcar> And, well I'd rather end something and have it End, then keep going, and going....
<alcar> there must be closure, man!
<Chaos`^> there will be no closure... not for la fin, the world is too big
* Sparkie points out that no world is too big for nuclear holocaust.

<AlcarGM> Gabe: "There are always people who can't deal with generosity, can't abide living in a world where they owe debts to others,where accounts aren't balanced. Think about it: we gave him more power thna bhe ever had, restored him to Hell. What other response does he have, if we've done something he can;t pay back, made sacrifices he can't make in return?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Leave us the hell alone?"
<Mary_jane`^> You know, when I named this game after the devil, I didn't think you'd actually make him the villian
* AlcarGM grins
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "People don't leave cavities alone," with a shrug

<AlcarGM> You find Merlin in the Municiberg central park, currently feeding ducks at a pond somem bread
* Mary_jane`^ sits down next to him
<Mary_jane`^> "You know the last time I watched someone do this, I learned something very important to me."
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "Not to feed them firecrackers?"
<Mary_jane`^> "That is an important lesson, but no."

<Mary_jane`^> "Fred... It's been a while."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "I found him," proudly, as if this wasn't obvious.
<AlcarGM> Fred the dragon just nods, red eyes glittering out of shadows. "That it has. I once tried to eat you, and now apparently your magic calls me as a friend."
* Mary_jane`^ shrugs
<Mary_jane`^> "I forgive you for that."
<AlcarGM> Fred's eyes narrow slightly. "How ... noble of you."
<AlcarGM> Tad: "I also gave you great sex."
<Mary_jane`^> "I figured that you were just playing with me, anyway. I never stood a chance, but you let me go."
<AlcarGM> Fred the dragon is silent for a few long moments at that, ignoring Tad to look at you. "You had a dragon. It was reason enough."
<AlcarGM> Fred lowers his voice: "He doesn't hold back much, does he?" a little pained
* Mary_jane`^ shakes her head

<kentari> Power begins speaking, in a slow, calculated whisper, "I tried to think of a Gift to give Drew..."
<Steve`Z> "Is this related to finding Faust? If not, could it maybe wait until we arent about to be bombed?"
<kentari> <Power> "He already has so much. And then I realized something."
<kentari> <Power> "I had to find what was most dear to him, what he held the closest and most dear..."
<Steve`Z> "Um... Power... where is this going?"
<Jacob> (( she's got you where she wants you ))
* Steve`Z steps backward slowly.
<kentari> <Power> "And then once I found it, I would finally know exactly....." She holds out a hand. You hear a tinkling sound, like a wind chime in the distance, as bits of broken glass and wood all about gravitate towards her grasp in the rough shape of a sword.
<kentari> <Power> "How to give him Sorrow."
<kentari> She grins and grasps the makeshift halberd in her hands as if flashes and glows with a sickly, blood red color.
<kentari> <Power> "Will you help me give that to him?" She laughs, the sound like the screeching of a legion of banshees.
<Steve`Z> "Oh god damn, couldn't you wait until later to do this whole 'Oh now I'm insane and going to kill Steve' bit? This is a crisis!" and takes off at a run out of the auditorium. :P

<Steve`Z> "Oh god damn, couldn't you wait until later to do this whole 'Oh now I'm insane and going to kill Steve' bit? This is a crisis!" and takes off at a run out of the auditorium. :P
<kentari> <Power> "You haven't the slightest idea as to how accurately you portray your situation." She grins, holding up a hand. The smell of paint turns into that of smoke as her hand glows with a dim purple light.
<kentari> You manage to reach a door in time to try to make a run for it before anything comes of it, though. Your action?
<Jacob> (( mwuahahahahahha ))
* Steve`Z gets the fuck out!
<Steve`Z> (( We gotta figure out where they're getting all this blue paint from. ))
<alcar> (( Yes ;P ))

<kentari> <Red Creature> "You are in such a *hurry* but .. what is it that pushes you?"
<Steve`Z> "The desire to not be carpet-bombed. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an urgent appointment to be not here."
<kentari> It makes a silent motion, as if taking a biiiiig inhalation, "Fear? Anger? What.. is it?" It closes its eyes, as if some sort of wine-taster trying to place a flavor.
<kentari> <Red Creature> "Ah. You aren't very ... complicated." It advances, without warning, charging you

<kentari> The school appears on the horizon.
<kentari> Thomas turns on the radio, idly... trying to break the awkward silence, it would seem.
* Drew` is just looking at nothing. (Yay, so not the 'Woohoo! We're superheroes!' reaction to awakening.)
<kentari> It ends up being in the middle of a newscast, "-d this just in, an explosion at the VeriCorp Paint and Dye factory levels the town of Drimadge, Texas. The National Guard is being dispatched to all surrounding areas in case of terrorist links to this event. VeriCorp has declined to comment and says it will be issuing an official statement in the near future."
<Drew`> (( err, out hometown got frikken nuked! so .. no :p ))
<Anton> (ooc :P)
<Freyja> (Whose hometown? =P)
<Drew`> (( <- gives Freyja fleas :P ))
<kentari> Thomas swiftly turns off the radio broadcast.
<Jacob> (( blue fleas, haha, nice :D ))

<Drew`> "And what makes you think there is any balance, Freyja? Who allows? Who forbids?"
* Drew` is a bit.. intent, on the last word.
* kentari waves, standing next to Sparkie. :P

<Jacob> (to Power) "Is there anything we can get you, miss? Water? Food?"
<kentari> Power looks up at Jacob, struggling to produce the sounds: "Ssssssss....eeeeeeehhhh..... ksssss...."
<kentari> ... j/k. :P
<Freyja> =P
<Jacob> Power != Sara
<Drew`> (( ..... *shudders* ))

<Anton> "I... think I might be able to try something."
<Steve`Z> "Oh?"
<Drew`> "That may be beneficial?"
<Anton> "This throne you speak of. It can be usurped, currect?"
<Jacob> "You propose an invasion?"
<Drew`> "It was. By the Red. Even anger for a good cause is still anger, and fed it."
<kentari> <Fairy> "One does not simply WALK into the soul!"
<Drew`> (( escalator. ))
<Freyja> "Sure you do."
<kentari> (( :D ))
<kentari> (( I had to. :P ))
<Drew`> (( "You need to say the password :P ))

<Forest`^> "I'm looking for my room mates... Have you seen them?"
<kentari> <Daphne> "They're all chilling out in here, being loud and annoying." She looks around, "Hey... uhm.. are you.. busy?" She blushes, slightly.
<Forest`^> "No, not really..."
<kentari> She looks around, "Well.. ..." A long pause.
<kentari> <Daphne> "Promise you won't freak out?"
<kentari> She asks, out of the blue.
<Forest`^> "Err... Ok." Eyeing her suspiciously... She's a woman, and therefore cannot be trusted...
* Forest`^ keeps his guard up!
<kentari> <Daphne> "I've got a *craving*."
<kentari> <Daphne> "And.. youv'e got... what I'm craving..."
<kentari> She looks at you, but not at your face.
<kentari> She twirls little circles in her hair, nervously.

<Forest`^> "What..." Patiently "Do you want?"
<kentari> She groans, and puts her hand on your pants. "I want *you*, stupid."
<Forest`^> "Oh...." Looking down at his pants
<Forest`^> "Sex? Is that what you're talking about? You want sex?"
<kentari> She flexes her hand, rubbing, ever-so-slightly, "It doesn't exactly feel like you *don't* ... or is that an artifact in your pocket?"
<Forest`^> "Well... Can we go to your room though?"
<kentari> <Daphne> "Everyone's inside.. what about your place?" She asys, in a breathy, restless voice.
<kentari> <Daphne> "I told them I was going out to get something to eat... which is, technically, true." She winks.

<kentari> <Daphne> "I don't want to have to explain it to everyone" She practically pants, "Let's just go to your room, okay?"
<kentari> She licks her lips, "I'll make it worth the walk."
* Forest`^ eyes her and leads her back to the room
<kentari> She stops rubbing and taps her finger, twice, giggling and following.
<Forest`^> "This isn't some kind of trick is it?"

<Steve`Z> "Yeah, it's a shame your ability apparntly stopped working."
<Drew`> "Which one?"
<Drew`> "I believe the kiss was fine?"
<kentari> (( GM facepalm :P ))
<Jacob> "well."
<Steve`Z> "You know, the supernatural talents."

<alcar> On the downside, I think I have developed a phobia of my dicebot.
* alcar adds it to RL sheet.
<alcar> :p
<Caltak> Yeah seriously
<Caltak> you should rewrite the dice script or something
<Caltak> :P
<kentari> ;P
<kentari> not to trust kentari?!?!
* Sparkie is pleased.
* kentari gasps!
<kentari> All I do is interpret sparkie.
<kentari> I'm like, the meteorologist.
<kentari> Don't get mad at be 'cuz there's a hurricane ;p

<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Only mandi, in the corner up front, actually likes it here, actually thinks she's who she is pretending to be. Probably has brain damage or something."
<Mary_jane`^> "Just because we're wearing a shell of magic doesn't mean that right now we aren't Heather and Heidi, popular girls that belong. Right now, we are who we want to be."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "I just want to be me. You have some problem with that?" with a sigh, not gettingh it at all
<Mary_jane`^> "No. I don't, but what makes you who you are?"
* Mary_jane`^ pulls everyone's perseptions of Ruth currently in the room, what they expect ehr to do and what they think she looks like, and puts them into the pseudoRuth
<AlcarGM> She.... quivers, flickers for a few moments, pink flowing in, out of her, becoming visible and then not... and explodes.
<AlcarGM> Ruth: ".... what the hell was that?!"
* Mary_jane`^ frowns
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm not sure..." Cleaning up the mess and making her back into who she was before
<Mary_jane`^> "Evidently everyone in this classrom expects you to explode like a bomb."
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Thompson: "Life is all too short, children, and sorrow is all too great, to suffer our slow compassion that tarries until too late." The bell rings. "You'd best get to your classes."
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Ha fucking ha."

* Fennec is predicting Daphne-fixing sooner or later... depending on how frequently she tries to pet+cuddle Freyja and company :P
* alcar chuckles. It IS possible :p
<alcar> But, this is Sparkie we use.
<alcar> 2d6
<Sparkie> alcar 2d6: 12
<alcar> case in point.

<Fantine> Daphne drops her pen again.
<Fantine> <Daphne> "You have.. a talking doll?"
* Jacob was going to snerk and break into laughter. :P
<Jacob> "She's a fairy, silly, not a doll."
<Fantine> <Daphne> "Ugh. Whatever." She picks her pen up, "There's no such thing as fairies."
<Fantine> <Celosia> "ACK!" She clutches her chest and falls backwards, off of your shoulder.

<Drew`> thi is, I think, a really overzealous room inspector :P
<Drew`> it's, like, 2 am in game:P
<Drew`> or something :P
<Fantine> :>
<Jacob> like I say
<Jacob> aliens, magic, powers, Power, et cetera
<Jacob> nothing.
<Drew`> hm?
<Jacob> it's this funk-y school setup that really pushes the disbelief. :P

<kentari> The door! It opens, revealing a nicely dressed little girl, holding a plate of good looking food.
<kentari> Jacob is on the other side of the threshhold, a little blue wispy-thing on his shoulder, a diminutive Colossus.
* Jacob wavewaves to food.
<Jacob> "hello."
<Freyja> "Maybe I should have brought a lid, if it were going to take that long..."
<Jacob> "sorry. wow. Wow."
* Freyja tilts her head, hair up by chopsticks and wearing a crescent-decorate yukata for the sunday morning! "I come bearing gifts, but intend on possibly slaying Drew."
* Drew` blinks. "And morning to you, too, I guess."

<kentari> Steve, your computer beeps.
* Steve`Z goes over after a moment and checks it.
<kentari> Low battery. :P
<Drew`> (( hehe ))
* Steve`Z goes and plugs it in to charge it.

<kentari> You have two new e-mail messages.
<kentari> One is from the messageboard. The site has been updated!
<kentari> The other is from a name "CarniVore" and simply reads, "You're being watched." And gives an e-mail address at an ip instead of a website.
<kentari> (( http://alcar.suddenlaunch3.com/index.cgi?board=drimtru :P ))
<Freyja> (CarniVore? A person who gets off eating carnies? Eeeek.)
<kentari> (( No :P ))
<Drew`> (( Oh, awesome :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( oh, bastards. :P ))

<Freyja> "I do cosplay, yes, but you may not mention under any circumstances and pain of death, that I had those ears and tail the other day to my family or anyone else for that matter, alright?"
<kentari> She laughs, "What are you worried about? Is something troubleing you?"
<kentari> The nurse laughs, "Wait, the ears? I have a pair, too! Mine are cat ones, though. Where'd you get yours?"
<Freyja> "But especially my family!"
* Freyja mutters. "They're an unwanted family heirloom (not totally untrue). And they -zettai- must not know."
<kentari> <Nurse> "Look, the faculty doesn't like me dresing up, either. Its okay, I understand."
<kentari> She pats your shoulder, "Us furries have to stay together, right~nyao!" She makes a cute pawing motion with her other hand.
* Freyja slaps her. Outright.

<Freyja> "I am not... 'furry' by any account, that is quite insulting."
<kentari> The nurse just starts crying
* Freyja is entirely misinterpreting that -and- taking it on bad terms due to disliking turn of events regarding fox things =P
<kentari> She stammers, a few times, "Every-everyone.. hates me!" between sobs.
<Freyja> "I don't hate you, just everything I know you stand for."
* Freyja glances around. "Except healing."

<kentari> Oh. Given empathy, and all. You sense from the nurse pure despair, ever since that slap. Its still there. It would seem her emotional rig has two settings. :P
<kentari> And only two settings. :P
<Jacob> (( this is typical for a variety of kentari NPCs, it seems :P ))
<Darryl> ((Like Sara has two. Fuck and Hate. :P ))
<kentari> (( ;p ))
<Drew`> (( Sara never hates :p ))
<Freyja> (Fuck is a feeling?)
<kentari> ((Dude. Its the *best* feeling. :P))
<Freyja> (Usually when fuck is regarding a feeling, it's the same as hate.)
<Freyja> (Fuck-ING on the other hand...)

* Freyja takes a deft swat at Jacob with her fan.
<Jacob> (( roll acv, yo ))
<Jacob> (( :P ))
<Freyja> (Eh, not happening)
<Freyja> (I have a better chance at kung fu'ing you =P)
* kentari cracks his knuckles and weaves determinist reality! :P
<kentari> The swat goes a little wide, but causes enough residual wind to cause Celosia to need to regain her balance. She snaps, hands on her hips, "H-hey!"

<kentari> You walk around the well-cared-for lawn of the Mansion Proper and find Darius, laying down under a tree, staring up at the leaves.
<kentari> The nurse is sitting down beside him, speaking quietly about something.
<Drew`> "Hey," to them, probably a little giddy.
<kentari> Neither of them appear to notice the two of you.
<kentari> The nurse turns her ehad, stopping her dialog. Darius sits up, waves.
<Steve`Z> (( hehe ))

<Jacob> "A roof sounds good, if we could stick around and see... but it should be safe! She ought not be /harmed/, is what I mean."
<kentari> <Celosia> "Well she won't be if she doesn't screw up climbing down. Hrm.. here we go!"
<kentari> She bites her lower lips and holds out her arms, gesticulating.
<Jacob> "Don't we want to see?"
<kentari> She pauses, "See whaaat?"
<Darryl> ((So, rather than an insane character, Fennec is just playing an asshole?))
<Jacob> (( hey :P ))
<Darryl> ((Could be worse. You could be an asshole OOC like kentari :P ))
<Jacob> (( to be fair, the person in question almost killed his bestest friend in the whole world by accident :P ))
<Jacob> "Nevermind. Go on."
<kentari> (( hey! :P ))

<kentari> <Daphne> "Not smart so much as just a good memory, I guess. I still have terrible tastes."
<kentari> She smirks. "How about you?"
* Forest`^ sips some lemon water... Looking at the table
<Forest`^> "One of my old teachers convinced me to get into archeology. I haven't found any kind of specialty yet, though."
<Forest`^> "I just know that I wouldn't be able to major in EVERYTHING. I'll probably stick with one thing."
<kentari> <Daphne> "Ah. Well, you don't have to worry about that for a year or so." She smiles, "That's probably the sanest thing to do."
<Forest`^> "So, miss perfect memory. Tell me about the poster hanging in my room."
<kentari> She relays the poster and names the title of every book on the bookshelf nearby.
<kentari> nearby the poster, that is
<Forest`^> "Wow... If there weren't so many people sitting around I'd throw you on the table right now."
<kentari> <Daphne> "Huh?"
<Forest`^> "That is really hot. It's also a useful skill. I'm sure it's helped you out a lot.

<kentari> Kissing?!?! :P
* Forest`^ spends a few minutes with his lips locked against hers, then pulls back.
<Forest`^> of course
<Forest`^> we're in the middle of a fucking park... we're not going to start... fucking...
<kentari> You lean in and kiss. After a few seconds, you hear the sound of wood splintering..
* Forest`^ pulls back and looks around
<kentari> Daphne opens her eyes sharply, but that alone won't save her as the railing gives way and she drifts away from you. Gravity is a jealous, jealous suitor.
* Forest`^ catches her =p
<kentari> You grab her arm!
<kentari> It comes off in your hand.
<Forest`^> ...
<kentari> j/k. :P
<Forest`^> that would be totally wierd
<kentari> but, wow, that would've been great. :P

<kentari> getting felaction twice!
<kentari> without rolling dice!
<Chaos`^> yes
<Chaos`^> and
<Chaos`^> I am thoroughly convinced that Daphne is really a man...
<kentari> Why is this? :P
<Steve`Z> That's proposterous!
<Chaos`^> because forest doesn't get real action with a woman like that... plus she's never let Forest return the favor!
<kentari> Dude its only been two days
<kentari> She's on the rag :x
<Chaos`^> ... ... ...
<Steve`Z> lawl

* Chaos`^ stares at kentari
<kentari> well, if forest is INTO that kinda sick stuff
<kentari> then, fine
<Chaos`^> I'm sure that's the first thing you thought of, when you thought of Daphne
<kentari> but the GM wants no part in it at all, man
<Steve`Z> yeah really
<Chaos`^> "And then she'll meet forest..."

<Tass> eh, I like Jaoni and all
<Chaos`^> but?
<Tass> but the game is basically about us getting stomped on
<Tass> so I've kinda lost interest
<Tass> I mean, I -really- like my character :P
<Chaos`^> what do you mean stomped on?
<Chaos`^> You guys totally kicked ass last time
<Chaos`^> actually
<Chaos`^> just Alcar's character kicked ass
<Chaos`^> the rest just stood around
<Tass> the game makes me want to seek therapy :P
<Tass> for depression

<alcar> there are very good reasons I put Drew's soul up to 8 there :p
<alcar> 2#2d6
<Sparkie> alcar 2#2d6: 10 9
<alcar> ...
<kentari> great.
<kentari> way to go
<kentari> you said the actual number in front of sparkie
<alcar> :(
<kentari> now he knows how much it takes to screw you up ;p
<alcar> 2#2d6
<Sparkie> alcar 2#2d6: 11 10
<alcar> ...
<alcar> this is getting not funny.

<Darryl> ((new colors?))
<kentari> (( ;p ))
<Darryl> ((What's next? Mauve?))
<Freyja> ((Plaid, the ultimate evil))

<kentari> The red creature looks towards the three of you, pushing in the chair it was seated in, slowly. It folds its arms, waiting, shimmering.
<Forest`^> "Can we have some tea too?"
<Freyja> "Forest, please don't do anything to provoke them."
<Drew`> (( hehehehe ))
<Forest`^> "I was just asking for tea..."
* Forest`^ smiles to the red guy

<kentari> Sea-mist sends salty aromas through whatever nostrils the both of you currently have in your present forms. It is within a few minutes you spot the little black shape silently zooming towards the mansion.
<Drew`> "This is so neat. And we're flying at a giant alien virus that eats electricity ...."
* Steve`Dragon smells it acutely due to enchance sense of smell! :P
* Steve`Dragon corrects course to be heading for the smaller shape rather than the larger.
* Drew` just keeps an eye on it to see what it does, and mutters something about "shields up, Sulu... I meant you, Power. No, it's not a new name. it was a joke."
* Steve`Dragon snickers draconicly.

<Anton> "I'm a little off kilter. And you are all children, playing a game that will burn you. You've already burned me, and I'm in no mood to negotiate."
* Anton nicks the tree, suddenly, then grins
<Anton> "Speak!"
<kentari> The Red Creature winces and lets out a multiphonic, ear-pinching shreik.
<Freyja> "Ah! Damn it, Anton!"
* Freyja clutches her ears! =P
<kentari> It glares at Anton, "I watched your uncle die. You are destroying the only part of him left... his anger!" She says, heaving, clutching her chest, which has a large nick in it now.
<Anton> "You know what we do on our planet to too many trees? We make LUMBER."
<Anton> "Tell us where the human girl is or I get to work on the new addition to my apartment."

<Drew`> half-human? So Freyja gets to be an appy?
<Drew`> Red eats Freyja. "Oh, wow! They come in FLAVOURS now?!"
<Freyja> =P

<kentari> There's a short, young looking girl ... probably a high schooler, by appearance, sitting on a bench. She bears black, braided hair.
<kentari> Beside her is a suitcase with a fancy leather folder labelled "Macsokinti" on top
* Drew` blinks, then walks over to her.
<Forest`^> (( If she's hot bring hber back for Forest! ))
<Drew`> (( .. don't tempt; Drew is pissed with Forest as is right now :p ))
<Forest`^> (( For *what*? ))
<Drew`> (( if you don't know, explaining it wouldn't help. ))
<Freyja> (No! It could be a trap! What ethnicity is said black-haired girl!? =P)
<Steve`Z> (( being a--oh. Whats Drew said. ))

* Steve`Z looks at Drew. "Shall we harrass her further?"
<Drew`> ".... on a public bus? Probably not; she knew the turbaned man, and definitely doesn't want to talk about him."
<Steve`Z> "Oh, I could delay the bus."
<Drew`> "You could?"
* Drew` grins. "Perfect."
* Steve`Z grins, and draws his katana, stabbing the tire of the bus, then sheathing it all in one motion.
<Freyja> ( *gawk* )
<Drew`> and walks over to her, "About your friend with the turban?"
<Drew`> (( ..... ))
<Steve`Z> (( what? bus delayed. :P ))

<kentari> She rolls her eyes, "You are *totally* clueless."
* Drew` takes a deep breath. "Please."
<kentari> The girl looks at Drew, then Steve.
<kentari> Then back at Drew.
<Drew`> "Our friend is named Daphne. She isn't involved in this, and he took her. We're trying to get her back."
<kentari> The girl begins to speak, but pauses. "... Daphne?"
* Drew` nods.
<kentari> <Girl> "Daphne Monterosa? Bobbed hair, kinda perverted?"
<Drew`> "I don't know her last name, but ..... yes to the air, no idea about the latter."
<Steve`Z> "Well she's been hanging out with Forest, so probably, eh?"
<Freyja> (rofl.)
<Drew`> "Point."

* Forest`^ presses 4!
<kentari> You press four!
<kentari> ... ken has never pressed four....
<kentari> he... doesn't know what happens next...
<Drew`> 2d6
<Sparkie> Drew` 2d6: 4
<kentari> ......
<Drew`> well, *that* doesn't help :p
<kentari> The GM explodes. :P
<kentari> ((Oh. Cool. :P))
<kentari> (( Thanks. :P ))

<Freyja> Drew "I'm a soul-less shell!"
<Freyja> Steve "You're -my- soul-less shell..."
<Drew`> lol
<Freyja> Drew "That -doesn't- make me feel better."
<Freyja> Steve "I know what will."
<Freyja> Drew "Focus, Steve, Focus."
<Forest`^> lol
<Freyja> Later, Drew fails magic yet again.
<Freyja> Steve "Focus, Drew, Focus."

<kentari> <Power> "Yeah! We can blow crap up!"
<Forest`^> "Oh, cool... How?"
<kentari> <Power> "Why don't you just blow her to hell?!"
<kentari> <Power> "Just hold out your hands and yell: 'Moon Crystal Power!'"
<Forest`^> "No."
<kentari> <Power> "Come on! Those are the magic words!"

<Forest`^> "Is it any bother to me if she wants to vomit her own power?"
<kentari> <Power> "You don't even make sense. Just relax. Remember, its 'Moon Crystal Power!'"
* Forest`^ sighs, and holds his hands in front of him, and saying with very little enthusiasm... "Moon Crystal Power."
<kentari> There is a little blue puff of smoke in front of your hands.
<kentari> <Power> "DAMNIT, WITH FEELING, PUSSY!!"

<Forest`^> "Why moon crystal?"
<kentari> Bleeding profusely. You feel light-headed.
<kentari> <Your Power> "Because those are the words, duh!" Her voice sounds a bit far off
* Forest`^ takes off his sock, and uses it to put pressure on the wound, putting his shoe back on, hoping the swelling will do the same
<Forest`^> "But what does it mean? And stop talking to me like that. I can't help that I just don't get these things, OK? If I had the choice I wouldn't have picked a proffession where I dig dirt half the time, but it's the only thing I could fit into."
<kentari> <Your Power> "Well, you can't choose the magic words, either, so don't worry about it!"
<Forest`^> "If I'm going to yell it out loud, people are going to ask questions... You don't know either, do you?"
<kentari> <Power> "Ugh! What does it matter? We blow shit up!"
<kentari> <Power> "Do you think anyone's really gonna ask after seeing what it does?!"

<kentari> You heard what happened to chaos, right? :>
<Kit> No
<kentari> in order to use his power he has to scream "Moon Crystal Power!"
<kentari> With emotion. :P
<Kit> You're joking.

<kentari> We last left Drew in a surreal, ethereal, parareal, hyperreal..
<kentari> Well.
<kentari> A very strange, red forest, surrounded by a now-manifested host of cardinal eidolons.
<Drew`> And a lovely way to end a Sunday night is is, Bob!

<kentari> Hmm? :P
<Freyja> Okay, I have 33/65 EP left
<Freyja> Try not to get us nuked, Drew =P
<kentari> lol
<Drew`> :p
<Drew`> eh, might only be tank shells :p
<Freyja> Okay, I can stop roughly 8 tank shells
<Freyja> After that, you're on your own =P

<kentari> <Red> "You expect us to relate millenia of events within moments and that you would have the slightest understanding of the transpirations?"
<Freyja> "Actually, I'm pretty sure I could."
<Drew`> "We can get by with the Cliff Notes version. Generations of college students have."
* Freyja taps her head. "Just depends on how you relate it."
<Steve`Z> "You could summarize."

<Anton> 'Can you explain to me what it means to be what you call a Hierophant?"
<kentari> <Alcar> "I could, but you would grow old and decay."
<kentari> <Alcar> "Is it worth spending the rest of your life to understand..?"
<Anton> 'Could you fit it in a text file under a gigabyte of data? I could peruse at my leisure."
<Drew`> (( lol! ))
<Freyja> "..."
<kentari> <Alcar> "What is a gigabyte?" It asks, flatly.
<Freyja> "I feel like I'm in the presence of Super Tulip."

<Drew`> 2d6
<Sparkie> Drew` 2d6: 10
<Drew`> (( bugger ))
<Drew`> (( so much for *that* .... ))
<Drew`> (( trying to tap a phone, here :p ))
<Steve`Z> (( dice are bad, mmkay? ))
<Forest`^> (( =p Every time you roll a die, a fairy dies... ))

<Drew`> "As in, how big are Anton, Darius and Srteves?"
<kentari> <Power> "And then there's their power level."
<Drew`> "Both, then?"
<kentari> <Power> "Well, one's my opinion, I guess.. and then, the pwoer level. You have a power level, Steve has one, Anton has one.. Forest has a power level, too."
<Drew`> "Okay. What's the power levels like?"
<kentari> <Power> "I just give it an arbitrary number, based on what I feel. Everyone has one!"
<Drew`> "Okay. Alphabetically, then?"
<kentari> <Power> "So, Anton first? What .. do you want to know?"
<Drew`> "How much.. like me, and then power level?"
<kentari> <Power> "He's a bit like you! And as for his power level..."
<Drew`> .... please, no :p

<kentari> Everyone's approaching their own apex. :P
<kentari> I'm just worried about the one Freyja is heading towards ;p
<kentari> See, here at game1
<kentari> the GMs usually make games to answer questions

<Elt> I got in an argument on one of the EVE channels about what a real RPG is. Someone was telling me that since he's played the hell out of final fantasy 12, that makes him a really good RPG'er.
<Elt> I tried to explain the concept of imagination and story and dice...
<Elt> and when I mentioned dice, then it suddenly came out that he was a jesus-head.
<alcar> Did you get a scream of "G-D DOES NOT PLAY DICE!!!"
<alcar> or something?
<Elt> I told him about making a character in your head and giving them life... and he said I was talking about multiple-personality disorder.
<Elt> Nah, he wasn't screaming, like I said, he was nice. Just deluded.
<Elt> an RPG video game is still a VIDEO GAME. not roleplaying.

<Kit> Chaos named the SCREAMING BRAT Katrina.
<alcar[writing]> Ah!
<alcar[writing]> Dang. I was hoping she'd name herself "Sailor Blue" or something :)
<alcar[writing]> or just change her name randomly
<alcar[writing]> or name herself the magic words.
<Kit> But yes... I think I'd prefer the "evil" twin.
<alcar[writing]> Every time he says her name, something would blow up :)
<Kit> Freyja's lolita-like to begin with... I think we have enough children-appearance types.
<Kit> Too bad it's like that, alcar.
<Kit> If he had to say her name three times to summon her it would work wonderfully also.
<Kit> "Beetlejeuse, beetlejeuse, beetlejeuse!"
<alcar[writing]> everyone else: *stares*
<Kit> Everyone else: (waiting with rope)
<Kit> Freyja: (holding sealing talismans) >_>

<Sid`^> "Ah, Kia. It's nice to meet you, my name is Sid. If you will exuse me, I must go find lodging for the night."
<AlcarGM> She considers that. "Can you do anything useful?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Do you have many useful parts?" ))
<AlcarGM> (( a reference Gemm alone would get ;P ))
<Sid`^> "Not that I am aware. I haven't had a chance to experiment."
<AlcarGM> She scratches her head. "You know, sieur, that made no shockin' sense, right?"
<Sid`^> "I did overhear a group of female assistants exlaim that they had taken men home some nights. It seemed a thing exlusive to the famales. I think I shall find a woman to take me home."
<Sid`^> "Although I think I may have trouble sleeping standing up."
<AlcarGM> The girl stares at you, moutha agape, then closes it. "Don't take this the wrong way, but are you stupid?"

<AlcarGM> She gives you a look of disbelief. "They obeyed the LAWS?! What kind of company does THAT?!"
<Sid`^> "One filled with people that don't care anymore?"
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "Everyone cares if they can make profit from it."
<AlcarGM> There is a smell of burning metal from the other room, followed by a horrible screeching of metal on metal and silence.
<Sid`^> "Perhaps I could help your father?"
<AlcarGM> the older man walks in a few moments later, a trifle unsteadily. "I believe the attempt failed, dear. That or I discovered a genre of music known as death metal. There are records about it, you know, in the archives about earth 2 before it was destroyed for copyright reasons in order to build Terra 3."
<AlcarGM> The man notices you, blinks. "Errr...."
<AlcarGM> Kia: "This is the person I brought home. He's an android. But it's probably not his fault," generously.

<AlcarGM> Laron: "This is probably the Canada fallacy again. A land of freedom north of first Federation where everyone was healthy, clean and polite. The altantis myths of children on Terra 4 can be traced directly to that, you know." He blinks."Oh, yes, you. Well, you're an android, so obviously not human. Do you have a model number?"
<Sid`^> (( "Everyone knows Canada is just a myth, silly!" ))
<Kitzzzune> (I beg to differ on the pollite. Iota is canadian <_<)
* Sid`^ drops his pants
<Sid`^> (( As is Alcar ))
<Kitzzzune> (You're saying alcar isn't pollite?)
<Sid`^> (( ALcar never was.. =p ))

<Sid`^> "What kind of person is rosie?"
<AlcarGM> Her: "She's mostly angry. I mean, if androis can be angry. It's really all just programming, right?"
* Sid`^ smiles at her
<Sid`^> "I don't know." Shrugging "But if she's going to be the mother of my children, I should get to know her better."
<AlcarGM> Kia: "She's a ROBOT. Robots can't have children."
* Sid`^ grunts and grabs his shoulder, adjusting whatever moved
<Sid`^> "Well, your father is determined to give her an artificial womb. Perhaps I could find someone up here to be in the experiment, then?"
<AlcarGM> Kia: "..... I don't think you understood," after a pause. "it's for him."
<Sid`^> "I have determined your father is not stable in the mind."
<Sid`^> "We should deffinately find a solution before he cuts himself open."

<Sid`^> "Where is Jacko from here?"
<AlcarGM> You poke your head up: The streets on clean on this level as well, but that is because you don'rt see any people. Nor roads. Just sidewalks and tracks and many robots moving to anf fro, carriying things and delivering things.
<AlcarGM> Kia looks around, as if listening to something, then nods. "This way," defiantly wiping away tears and hurrying down a side walkway, hopping over tank treads as she goes
* Sid`^ follows
* Sid`^ isn't exactly sure how to deal with crying children
<AlcarGM> overhead giant conveyer belts move, carrying raw materials to the higher levels. Small neon blue globes dart about, making flashing sounds and incapacitating other machines from time to time.
<AlcarGM> An ancient core program brings somethjing about "Resistance is fertile" to mind
<AlcarGM> or not ;)

<AlcarGM> Kia just looks at the wall,then presses her hand to a part of it seemingly at random.
<AlcarGM> The wall area vanishes becoming a large hole into a building. Stale recyled air blows out.
* Sid`^ lets her lead or... waits outside with her
<AlcarGM> She enters the building quickly. A holographic face appears before both of you ( )
<Sid`^> lol
<AlcarGM> (( Hey, his head might not have been frozen, but he can live on! ))

<alcar> wb
* Kayara-afk is now known as Kayara
<Kayara> thanks
<alcar> Wellll, I meant OnyxFlame, but that works too!
* alcar now has precognition.
<OnyxFlame> lol
* alcar adds it to RL character sheet.
<Kayara> :D
<alcar> aka resume.
<Kayara> well, she didn't reply, so I thought I'd step in
* OnyxFlame had a nap attack today and is trying to recover. :P
<alcar> You know, that would be a cool way to have to make characters for a game.
<alcar> do up their resume, pc is done.

* OnyxFlame ponders what a wizard's resume would look like...
* alcar nods. It would be great fun to do.
<alcar> Age 6-8: Familiar hunting. Failed course. Ended up with a rock.

* Freyja walks over and leans into Jonah, staring quite sternly. "Don't lie to people. I sense no spirit or evil from that pizza."
<Freyja> "False advertising is terrible!"
<kentari> Jonah laughs at Freyja, "Of course! Its all sealed within. If you could sense it, that would mean its leaking out, now wouldn't it??!" He grins.
<kentari> <Jonah> "And what kind of *seal* would that be??"
<Freyja> "If it were sealed then eating it would break the seal's integrity."
<kentari> Jonah nods, "That's why all the pizza has to be eaten."

<Freyja> "The light told me to ask you. I'm afraid I have no clue and no further knowledge even with your parts."
<Drew`> (( hahaha. I read that as "no further knowledge even with your pants" ))
<Drew`> (( and was... confused :P ))
* Freyja (smacks Drew)
<kentari> (( Parts can be equally lewd. ;p ))

<kentari> Now then!
<kentari> You return to your womb
<kentari> I mean
<kentari> your room
<kentari> with a view!
<kentari> Its empty
<kentari> except for you!

<kentari> You look out the window, to see if Steve is there.
<kentari> But there's no sign of the lad! Just ocean -- everywhere! :P
* Drew` looks some more, just in case he isn't seeing, since giant dragons are seldom just disappearing.
<kentari> The dragon is sequestered, Drew, but the blackish shapes are still Nearing.
* Drew` eyes them in the sky, his mouth turning a little dry, and swears quiet and low, heading upstairs not that slow.
<kentari> The doors are locked, but we found a few session ago, that you aren't blocked ... so a-lock-picking you go?
<Drew`> Yup, and it is far easier, with a body from the red. So the doors are opened to wherever they once led.
<Sparkie> ... he's just trying to avoid rolling me.

* Drew` ignores the fact that carrying a naked girl into locked hallways probably wouldn't go well, either.
<kentari> And walk through a dusty attic...
<Forest`^> wait, what?
<Forest`^> "Hey Drew..."
<Drew`> "Hmm?"
<Forest`^> "Aren't there supposed to be five stories above us?"
<kentari> erm
<kentari> by attic I mean a floor ;p
<Drew`> "There are, last i checked. You feeling okay?"
<Drew`> (( "Are her bossums pressed into your chest disabling your cerebral cortex?" ))
<Forest`^> "Hmm? Oh, fine, just felt kind of funny there for a second."

* Drew` takes steps Away :P
<Forest`^> it's like... Nine thoooousaaaaand
<kentari> Katrina's eye flash a brilliant blue, "GOODBYE, LITTLE SHIP."
<Drew`> "... little?! .. Oh, shit!!"
* Drew` turns back. "Forest ....."
<kentari> The air out at sea seems to swirl a little, rippling..
<kentari> <Katrina> "THE SHIP.. BURN.. BEFORE FALLING INTO THE SEA..." She giggles, holding out her hand and clenching it into a fist
* Forest`^ breathes deeply, leaning forward
<Forest`^> "What?"
<kentari> The naval vessel is engulfed in a giant column of blue fire, stretching far up into the heavens, seemingly infinititely.
<Drew`> ".. you specified the *black& ship...."
<Drew`> ".. didn't you."

<kentari> <Katrina> "WHAT'S A FIRST AID KIT?"
<Forest`^> "It's a big box... With a red plus sign... it looks like a target... Don't blow it up!"
<Drew`> (( lol! ))
<Forest`^> "Bring it over here."
<Forest`^> "It has bandages in it.. It's a fucking first aid kit. It heals people. Just bring any of the boxes from the shelves out here."
<kentari> <Katrina> "K!"
<kentari> She emerges with a black box.
* Forest`^ looks at it
<kentari> http://tinyurl.com/3cf8pp :P
<Forest`^> "That's all that's in there?"
* Drew` gasps "I'm not dead yet, you sick bastard!" j/k

* Forest`^ shoulders the phone while trying to tie a bandage around Drew
<kentari> "This is 911 what is the nature of your emergency?"
<kentari> Katrina holds the phone to your ear, observing your situation.
<Forest`^> "I'm at the beach by the Mansion at XXXXX XXX DRIVE, My friend was attacked and he's bleeding from the chest."
<Forest`^> Damn that Anton for not charging my phone while he was fixing it!
<kentari> It seems magica anton phones come with a limitted charge. You do not hear a response from the dispatcher.
<kentari> In fact, the phone seems to have gone dead.
<Drew`> draining the battery was equivalent trade, I bet.
<kentari> :P

<kentari> She gestures to a view, kinda dim like a burning-out projector, of the scene :P
<Drew`> "..... why does he have condoms beside my body?"
<kentari> <Power> "Dunno.. aren't those used for..."
<kentari> She blushes.
<Drew`> "...."
<kentari> There is a swirl of green light as Darius appears beside you.
<Drew`> "Condoms," in a tone of horror.
<Drew`> Which, probably, wasn't what he expected? :)
<kentari> In the throne room, he seems to be wearing some kind of green royal toga-like thingie, wearing a laurel crown of sorts with green, gemstone leaves.
<kentari> Darius goes wide-eyed. "...What?" The words form in front of him from green smoke, like subtitles.
* Drew` points to the ones beside his body. "What kind of person has condoms beside someone who is dying?!"
<kentari> The words form again, slowly, "A necrophiliac, for one... Anyway.." They erase, "We'll get you out of here alive. I'm just making sure everything's.. stable inside. Are you okay in here?"

<Chaos`^> I think I'm going to take healing... I don't want to try and save someones life with a bong and a lighter again =(
<alcar> hehehe chaos
* alcar almost spat coffee on the monitor :)

<Rachael> a busy GM simply hasn't got the energy to pour into a Rachael. =)

<Freyja> "I'm grateful enough you chose to find Tulip..."
<kentari> <Naomi> "Oh, the guys brought her by. I think they took her back to their place after that party.." She frowns, soundly, "I swear, men are pigs."
<alcar> (( .... ))
<Freyja> "I think that's being a bit paranoid. Except maybe Forest. Or Jacob. They're not all there sometimes."
<Forest`^> (( =( ))
<kentari> <Naomi> "So, all of them save for the fruitcakes and that guy with a hard-on for technology that Tulip always talked about."
<Jacob> (( hey, I know I'm not all there, but when have I been in the least porcine? ))
<Freyja> (Okies fairy-boy)
<Freyja> (Go back to saving Hyrule.)
<Jacob> (( okie, foxy lady. :P ))

<Freyja> "Daphne may have... done something to Tulip while she was sleeping prior to me showing up. But I can't exactly prove it." <_<
<kentari> <Naomi> "Done what?"
* Freyja squints. "Must I? There are so many levels of this I neither want to think about nor have the liberty."
<kentari> <Naomi> "I'm not going to make you draw me a picture, but seriously, you're being vague to the point of.. uselesness."
<Freyja> "Like I said, no proof, so even I'm not -completely- certain. Needless to say I've been suspicious and wary."
<Freyja> "Even you've said Daphne is... Daphne."

<Forest`^> Forest was taking a shower
<kentari> okay
<kentari> #shower :P
* Sparkie can roll dice?!
<Sparkie> 2d6 - soap in eyes?
* Tass shrugs :P
<Forest`^> 2d6 Trying to keep soap out of my eyes!
<Sparkie> Forest`^ 2d6: 2 Trying to keep soap out of my eyes!
<Forest`^> YES!
<kentari> .........................................

<kentari> you're almost as late as cal
* Tass is now known as Anton
<kentari> you don't wanna be killed off, do you? :P
<Drew`> :(
* kentari does not know how he is going to explain that. :P
<Drew`> :p
<kentari> cal is gonna kill me. :P
* Drew` can't wait :)
<kentari> you guys, tell your wives
<kentari> I love them. :P

<kentari> You have an incoming message from T3/-/ L1GH7
<kentari> Allow?
<Freyja> Spam blocker <_<
<Freyja> But of course.
* kentari sets mode: -c

<kentari> :P
<kentari> its like the PCs..
<kentari> are trying to advance to monday
<kentari> with all their heart :P
<Drew`> Sunday went on too long :p
<Forest`^> Seriously
<Forest`^> GO TO BED PEOPLE!

<kentari> Jacob and Anton are alone in the hallway.
<kentari> Jacob is currently an adorable young woman.
<kentari> And there are no witnesses.
<kentari> Now that he's all alone and nothing can possibly go wrong...
* Anton takes advantage of the situation
<Jacob> "maybe I could ask... Tulip."
<Anton> (and his unbelievably large trunk)
<Forest`^> (( There are some condoms, down on the beach... ))
<Drew`> (( and a bong, too! ))

<kentari> The kid is holdin the egg, "Wow.. what a neat seashell!"
* Drew` walks over to it. "May I see it?"
<kentari> <Kid> "Sure!"
<kentari> She holds it out to you
* Drew` takes it and looks at it.....
<Drew`> get anything from it?
<kentari> Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve.
<kentari> Inside! :P
* Drew` stares at it. "It.... worked? It worked?!"
<kentari> <Kid> "Huh?"
* Drew` cradles it and walks back towards room. "It's my boyfriend. I thought he was dead. But he became an egg," happily.

<Forest`^> did we make it to monday yet?
<Freyja> Yes
<Freyja> In my dorm at least
<Freyja> I gave up trying to follow the boys' =P
<Tree> there's a tree in your kitchen area.
<kentari> its monday morning
<kentari> you're sleeping in, Forest :P
<kentari> you overslept!
<kentari> damn
<kentari> Drew just..
<kentari> hard-boiled his boyfriend..
<kentari> Forget *me* having to explain anything, geez.. :P
<Drew`> Only started!

<kentari> Well, let's see a roll. :P
* Sparkie perks up
<Freyja> (For what, of what, and toward what?)
<kentari> ((General soul roll. We'll run this off of your precog))
<Jacob> Freyja: like this
<Jacob> 1d12 Freyja returns as Godzilla
<Sparkie> Jacob 1d12: 12 Freyja returns as Godzilla
<Freyja> Thank you for taking the 12

<kentari> Daphne pulls her hand back from Forest, "Don't grab me!"
* Forest`^ lets go and turns to look at her
<Forest`^> "Fine... Stay here and deal with the police."
* Forest`^ leaves
<Jacob> ".... okay. Sorry. Your suite-mate tried to knock me out with ether or camphor or such, and I thought it might merit some response, but obviously you are not the one capable of providing it, So."
* Freyja gestures to Chii with her free hand. "I've just met her for the first time-- Excuse -me- for not dropping everything because you were naive enough to be caught by a nymph all the way back to her own domain and failed to defend yourself properly."
<Freyja> "If it's any consolation, it won't be going any further, so you're free to scram."
<kentari> Blue Freyja gives a salute, smirking. :P
* Jacob stares. "... what ... is wrong with your head... that you put your priorities like that?"

<kentari> It seems that the noises, when plotted against a graph over time and pitch and such things, resemble a sort of .. fractal. Meaningless, but highly ordered.
<Drew`> "Huh. Math and not music... not surprising, I guess."
<Forest`^> "What's going on?"
* Drew` looks at Forest, then shrugs. "Seeing if anyone out there can make sense of the language of the Black things. Either of you awesome at math? I'm good, but I'm not getting much sense from this."
<Forest`^> "No."
<Anton> "hrm."
<Anton> "I could look?
<Freyja> <Anton> "Oh, that's easy. It says "black wuz here."
<Drew`> hehehe
<Drew`> "Blacks really ARE bigger."
<Freyja> d'oh
* Freyja gives Drew bad pun award.

<Forest`^> "I don't know. After the incident I just... put down my guns and started training my mind and my body... And I *TRIED* to stay away from the women."
* Forest`^ grins
<Drew`> ".. why?"
<Forest`^> "Because they were making me... I don't know... Mean? I don't know. There's a reason you're supposed to stay away from Sin like that, and it isn't just because God said so."
* Drew` stares at Forest, then says gently: "You're discussing such things with someone who has a boyfriend, you know. Well, he;s currently an egg, but still."
<Forest`^> "But it isn't making you into something you're not..."

<AlcarGm> One of the modern amazonian monsters spots both of you, then stops. A mechanical voice, since her jaws aren't meant for speech, says: "You again? I thought you got barred."
<AlcarGm> Kia just grins. "Nope. Besides, it's safe here. To play and stuff. AND I brought someone who needs a girl to make babies with."
<Sid`^> "Err..." Looking at the monster "Right, do you know any women willing to have a child for science?"
<AlcarGm> The cyborg is quite a few moments, then looks at you carefully,systems scanning you. "Not human.What are you," with a mechanical growl to underlay the real one it utters, rusting some of its chest with drool
<Sid`^> "A bio-mechanical android... Which is why I want to know if I can have children."
<AlcarGm> The monster actually wags her tail, since it seems the wolf part can override programming. "That's what scientits are for,not random girls. We don't let anyone here get hurt."
<Sid`^> "Oh, she won't be random."
<Sid`^> "There is a very strict selection process."
<AlcarGm> The cyborg growls. "Ass and tits?"

<AlcarGm> of the three women and the 1 man, only one (a woman) has wide hips; she has also bred at least once before, as has the man.
<Sid`^> What about their physical health?
<AlcarGm> the other two have never been mothers, the other workers have had those useless organs replaced with extra vagina or various organs to fight off infections. One of the women, older and wary, seems to have replaced them with grenades.
<AlcarGm> (( to steal from 2005 nano :p ))
<Sid`^> Err
<Sid`^> Wow

<Sid`^> The man is out of the question, the reason Sid is here is so that a man doesn't have to have a kid... I am having trouble imagining a guy having a kid anyway... Messy.
<Sid`^> So, I'll work on the women. Let's try the one that's had a kid before.
<AlcarGm> She's tall, built like a brick shithouse, and talking to a man with what seems to be a pack of poodles instead of legs. Must be rich.
<Sid`^> Oh, I won't interupt her... What about the other 2?
<AlcarGm> Her: "So, if the dogs want to join in it's extra." Him: "I bet you don't say that to all the legs."
<AlcarGm> #2 is a humanoid tiger, currently not being solicited and just standing arouind and looking cool, which mostly consists of leaning against a weall and tripping people who walk over your legs.
<Sid`^> Ok... she's out...
<Sid`^> #3?
<AlcarGm> (( awwww... but she's free! ))
<Sid`^> (( I refuse to breed with a psuedo-Faline! ))

<AlcarGm> come on, sex with nanobots would rock.
<AlcarGm> millions of the critters
<Sid`^> ...
<AlcarGm> okay, billions. They'd probably be able to invent new pleasure sensors or something.
<Sid`^> ...

<Sid`^> "Robbing something implies breaking a law. I do not wish to 'rob' the plaza."
<AlcarGm> "Oh, it's been empty for years and yead and years! It used to be a museum, but it got closed and they locked it up so no one can get in."
* Sid`^ eyes her oddly
<Sid`^> "I would feel more comfortable simply finding a human woman to help. We would not break the law that way."
<AlcarGm> Kia: "Well, okay, almost no one, but it was hard and I almost got shot and didn't get past the lobby and, anyway, that's nor important." She stops, confused. "Uh duh? OIf course you'd break the law! You need permits to have children, silly alien."
<Sid`^> "Permits? That doesn't seem right."
<Sid`^> "I believe having a child right now would be a bad idea. We should go back to your home and have your father stop his preperations."
<AlcarGm> Kia shrugs. "Dads were only sort of legal, but you can't even manage *those* anymore, after level 7 got overrun by tribbles."
<Sid`^> "You have siblings?"
<AlcarGm> Kia: "Say whats?"
<AlcarGm> She looks up at you, rather shocked. "I do NOT!"
<Sid`^> "You said dads, plural."
<Sid`^> "Regardless, we should stop your father."
<AlcarGm> Kia: "What, you can't hear an apostrophe if the GM forgets to type it? Some sensors."

<AlcarGm> There is... something moving in the kitchen. A cyborg, though covered in flesh, and making strange growling and munching noises, as if hungry
<AlcarGm> http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:D7pjnmfHmB-Q_M:http://thumbs.ebaystatic.com/pict/2500338895528080_0.jpg but with cyborg eyes, and a cybernetic arm.
* Sid`^ walks into the kitchen
<AlcarGm> (( I could not find such on the net, alas :P You'd think SOMEONE would have turned the tasmanian devil into a future cyborg killing machine before. ))

* Sid`^ walks over to Kia
<Sid`^> "He's done this before?"
<AlcarGm> Kia: "Getting blown up?"
<Sid`^> "Yes."
<AlcarGm> She looks where the cyborg was, muttering something about parts, then sighs. "Yeah. Three times, so far! BUT! This time wasn't his fault, so insurance will cover the clone!"
<AlcarGm> She looks very happy about this
<AlcarGm> the bitys of her father the tasmanian devil tore apart are, you imagine, not happy

<AlcarGm> Outside, the 12th level is as getting darker, lights flickering out somewhere over your heads in the beams and tubes ot produce a false darkness in a place that has never known the sun.
<Sid`^> ...
<AlcarGm> they're actually giant babies, but that's neither here nor there ;P
<Sid`^> huh
* Sid`^ will soon find out if he can see in the dark
<AlcarGm> The human body can heat a lamp for while awhile, after all. Amplify that and use the bioelectric field of a giant human baby and you not only have light for those who don't deserve it but an artistic statement. It won awards, back in the day

* Sid`^ takes her hand "Here, follow me... Where are we going?"
<AlcarGm> She grips your hand tightly, and says "North. They used to have factories there, and stuff, back when things got build, before the nano stuff was legal for the rest of us. Lots of neat things there, if you know where to look. Rosie is really good at finding things."
* Sid`^ nods and hopes he's really good at finding Rosie
* Sid`^ goes to the factories, and scans around for any heat signatures, or... you know... Androids
<Sid`^> (( AND I swear to god, if Rosie looks like the robot from the jetsons, I will fucking kill you! ))
<AlcarGm> You move through the darkness. Other things move as well. Dying people, hustlers, cheap traders selling trinkets; the dispossessed,the unwanted, those cast aside. You through though the darkness, which the light comprehended enough to cast out from the day. A lonely old man is ranting, without a soapbox, about how innocence is dying in this world, crying out that innocence is all that is promised in the next, if you believe, if you BELIEVE
<AlcarGm> , and he can give that belief because only he knows the secret of Eckankar, of the virus that will outlast the galaxy, of the sentient immortality syphilis

<AlcarGm> Somehow, eckankar being about a strain of intelligent syphilis makes me happy.
<Sid`^> ...
<Sid`^> WHY!? HOW!?
<AlcarGm> Which part? The happy? :p
<Sid`^> Yes
<AlcarGm> Eh, I think it is because today has been high on my "bored of new age crap" day :)

<AlcarGm> Kia: "What was THAT about?" fiercely.
<Sid`^> "I don't know."
* Sid`^ digs through Rosie for whatever vital parts he needs to re-activate her
<AlcarGm> She grips your hand tigher in the darkness, her gaze boring into yours. "WHY NOT? This is YOUR fault!"
<AlcarGm> you pul out the three core chips, about the side of a chocolate chip each, that are all she really needs. They weight 21 grams.

<AlcarGm> uh .. brb
<AlcarGm> someone is going down the street ringing windchimes. at 2 am....
<AlcarGm> crickey, it's 2 am....
<Sid`^> lol
<AlcarGm> next session: Trying to find a clone bank! Fun with the law! Gratuitous voilence because Sparkie will want dice!
<Chaos`^> lol
* alcar ... must...sleep :p
<Chaos`^> damn wind chimers
<Chaos`^> I could have stretched it another hour!
<alcar> still doing it, too.
* Chaos`^ SO wants to do that right now
<Chaos`^> just to piss people off

<kentari> I keep dreaming that I run a game
<kentari> where everyone dies
<kentari> and that I reveal that everyone is, in fact, roleplaying roleplayers
<kentari> its very weird

<Syble> "I bet there's all kinds of interesting things inside. Like.. a bath."
* Syble sniffs and makes a disgusted face.
<AlcarGM> Carlion is just looking amused, and glad the love of his life (I.e. syble) is both safe and unharmed. He does, however, have his hand hovering near his sword, just in case things go wrong.
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "Yeah, but it's wizards...." His gaze strays back to Sheena. "Do you want to think what the bath'd be like?"
<Syble> "Its probably magical and smells like roses and stuff. I mean, they may be wizards... but vanity has its virtues."
<AlcarGM> (( I am picturing Babba Yaggas bath, with clawed feet, running around on its own, being chased by a house and an old biddy screaming at it for getting soap in her eyes ))
<Syble> ((I'm picturing The Sorceror's Apprentice. I get to command mops! :P))

<Nigel> "I hate to say it, but I don't wish to remain. I react poorly to thieves."
<Syble> "What do you mean, thieves..?"
* Luciano`^ resists the urge to say I told you so
<AlcarGM> Terrence: "YOU're the one who tried to poke it to pieces."
<AlcarGM> he resists the urge to add 'duh' to that :)
<Luciano`^> "We need to go..."
<Syble> "You're always saying that. It doesn't count when you say it!"

* Syble furrows her gaze, concentrating on maintaining the Presence of her demand.
<AlcarGM> Clarion: "be careful," sharply.
<AlcarGM> The body doesn't move, though red flowers sprout over it and the thorns grow out longer, slicing at Syble's fingers.
<Syble> "Gah!"
* Syble draws her hand back as quick as she can. :P
* Syble looks quickly at another body.
<AlcarGM> blood trickles down to the body and there is a sigh, a breath of air though no lungs move.
<AlcarGM> "Failure," a voice whispers around all of you on the wind.
<Syble> "I rolled a seventeen, damnit, that was NOT a failure!" :P

<Luciano`^> "Do even gods fear death?"
<AlcarGM> Sheena: "Who doesn't fear the unknown, especially those who never thought they could die?"
<Syble> "Do gods fear? I mean, they're not people. It could be as different as plants and people.. its silly to try to make sense of it."
<Syble> "All I know.."
* Syble stands, dusting herself off.
<Luciano`^> "He was affraid... Paralyzed with fear. He could have ran..."
<Syble> "Is that even if we had the chance, we shouldn't become Gods."
* Looking up Galbrath user info...
<Syble> "Even the real Gods can't do it right..."
<Nigel> "Even if I lived as a God I would want to die as a man."

<AlcarGM> best part is the pc has good cooking skill. He just.... wasn't really thinking :)
<Syble> yeah
<Syble> OVER EASY? :P
<Syble> If I could commission an artist to draw a scene from kbesm/kbesmu
<Syble> it would be Drew, standing over a stove, with a dragon egg in it :P
<Syble> Power, nearby, holding the fork and knife. :P

<CrystalSeraph> hihi
<alcargm> lo
<CrystalSeraph> Are you guys playing Paranoia?
<CrystalSeraph> :o
<alcargm> lol. Nope.
<alcargm> space opera :)
<alcargm> though The COmputer IS showing up later

<Sid`^> can I link up with the computer again?
<alcargm> You get "000011100 bling! bling! bloong!" from it.
<Sid`^> Any chances of hacking into it while it's weak?
<alcargm> feel free to try :0
* Sparkie demands dice.
<Sid`^> Let's see...
* Sparkie is waiiiiting.
<Sid`^> Well, I'm figuring out which stat to use
<Sparkie> Who cares? I'll make you screw up anyway

<Chaos`^> play what?
<alcar> dunno; pretty much anything :p
<Chaos`^> anything in particular?
<alcar> Ghost game thing?
<Chaos`^> hrm
<Chaos`^> eh
<Chaos`^> really?
<alcar> uh. Yes?
<Chaos`^> ... what was your character's name?
<alcar> Kerry :p
<alcar> This is not a good sign., I assume? :p
<Chaos`^> well
<Chaos`^> no
<Chaos`^> that's why I asked...

<Chaos`^> I don't have anything eating at me to run
<Chaos`^> if you have an idea, throw it out and I'll try it
<Chaos`^> you're the one who wants to play a game =p
<alcar> inspirational call of cthulhu!
<Chaos`^> negative
* alcar grins

<kentari> So. Its a sunny, wonderful day at the school. Youngsters in robes and tunics scamper about the grounds, full of smiles and giggles. The playground is seeing good use, indeed, in this vibrant springtime atmosphere.
<kentari> That is what it is like at the Tassicus Enclave for Young Acolytes.
<Tyrel`^> I think you have us confused with someone else
<kentari> On the other side of town, at the Monterosa School for young Diplomats....
<kentari> You have been summoned without warning or explanation to the Office of a particular teacher, one Miss Kim, upon your waking. Or rather, a note was stabbed into your bed, next to you. They have a very effective memo delivery system, here.
<Pat`> (( And dead messengers aplenty, one would imagine. ))

<kentari> The room to Miss Kim's office is labelled, indeed, but appears to be closed. A simple, glistening knob protrudes in a most non-phallic fashion from the door, just below a keyhole.
<Tyrel`^> (( Ken: Do you think that so many doorknops remind you of a phallic shape that you had to put that in its description? ))
<kentari> (( Well. I'd rather not talk about it. :P ))

<kentari> She turns her gaze, quickly, to Pat, pointing at her and shaking her finger, "Never, ever assume!" She smiles, "It makes an ass out of 'u' and 'me.'"
<Pat`> (( "Yes, Ms. Ass." ))
* Pat` just nods. "My apologies, ma'am."

<Tyrel`^> Ken
<Tyrel`^> when did you turn into lady macbeth?
<Tyrel`^> every time... EVERY time I talk about washing hands... you mention washing away sin
<Pat`> he knows the truth
<kentari> my god
<kentari> but
<kentari> but I washed my hands!
<kentari> how can he know?!
<kentari> :P
<Pat`> you forgot to wash your face too.
<Tyrel`^> i didn't get any gunk on my face

<Tyrel`^> "The quest for the attachments could be another mislead. Should we pursue them?"
<Pat`> "It could be useful..."
<Tyrel`^> "Then were aren't they?"
* Pat` frowns at the note and gnaws on her lower lip. "Of *course* it's the last place we'd look, since after we look there we're done...."
<kentari> Somewhere, someone cackles. :P

<John`^> no worries
<John`^> all of my characters get horney around the females... even the 8 year olds
<John`^> and yes, I wrote that specifically to be quoted!

<kentari> Celosia reveals to Jacob that his body is 'mixed up' with her powers; his corporeal form is ... liberated, and malleable, as it were.
<kentari> So for now, Jacob has the ability to consciously pick his poison, until things get resolved.
<Laurel> question. "Where does this one come from?"
<kentari> Celosia answers, "Its kind of a mix-match of me and you!"
<Laurel> "which parts are me?"
<kentari> Celosia giggles, "The penis, duh!"

<kentari> The egg pulses in reply.
<kentari> Quite brightly, in fact.
* Drew` looks over. "Errr....."
* Drew` looks at Power.
<kentari> Power shrugs, "That didn't come from me! I don't lay eggs."
<kentari> <Power> "I couldtry, though, if you want?"
<Drew`> ".... Ah. No. It's all right," quickly.

* Drew` lets go, drags chair over and sits on it. "This is really weird, you know. I don't even know if you *are* Steve, in there, or somethng else. Power is looking. Checking. I hope you don't mind."
<Drew`> "I just hoped this worked. Bringing you back. It didn't for Sara, but it was different this time. I went there and got you. Or tried to, at least. I don't think it's allowed, but I didn't care. Everyone ... dies. But, like that, because of some stupid *accident* .... because Forest's Other is a mental midget... not like that. You deserved better."
<Drew`> ".. you deserved a better death. That's basically what I just said. Damn, that's stupid."
<kentari> There is a crunch sound as the yolk soaks into your pants, making them sticky and wet.
<Drew`> Heh :P
<kentari> I'm *not* kidding.
<Drew`> ...
* Drew` stares at the egg,
<Drew`> ".... ah ...."
<kentari> hahaha
<kentari> I WAS kiddinog
<kentari> :P
<Drew`> bastard :P

<kentari> arhg
<kentari> that's it
<kentari> deus ex machina, goooo!
* kentari throws a lever.
* kentari cackles as the high-power motor churns to life. :P

<Freyja> (Freyja to Forest "One need only show manners to dogs if one feels the need to be accepted as one!")

* An_Egg 's shell beings to crack, the thing inside pushing through the shell.
<Drew`> ./me holds the chair, preparing himself to beat to death whatever might come out, if it comes down to that...
* An_Egg is now known as Dragonling
* Dragonling pokes its nose and then its head out from the shell, blinking at the light in the room.
<kentari> ZOMG a concert C2! Perfect Octave!
<kentari> And the rest of 2001's theme plays. :P
<Drew`> (( I swear, if you look like something from aliens.. P ))
* Drew` looks at..... thg whatever?
<kentari> <Power> "Jesus christ its a facehugger!" She holds out her hand and blue fireballs leap from it.
<kentari> j/k :P

* Drew` stares at the flying dragon. " Milk? It.. it probably does a beek good. Scale good. Something?"
<kentari> <Power> "I could hold it still and you could force feed it?"
<Drew`> "... forcefeed what?! We can put an add out for - for virgin mice?"
* Dragonling chrips a few times, then pauses, blinking, and seems to frown. It flies around looking for a pen or pencil laying around anywhere.
<Drew`> Darius probably left some on the table, I'd imagine.
<kentari> Indeed. :P
<kentari> <Power> "Virgin mice?" She quirks an eyebrow.
<Drew`> "Dragons eat virgins. Everyone knows that," vaguely.

<kentari> because you want us to
<kentari> :P
<Forest`^> just because I can't spell anything, doesn't mean I'm dumb!

<Laurel> checklist
<Laurel> Anton is some sort of robot.
<Laurel> Drew is mixed up with Power.
<Laurel> Jacob is mixed up with Celosia.
<Laurel> Steve is mixed up with an egg.
<Laurel> Forest ... you're all we have left of humanity here ;)
<Laurel> (oop, Freyja is mixed up with a fox.)

<Forest`^> How come the only girls forest attracts are the ones who are addicted to sex?
<Forest`^> It's like that crack head who finds that stray piece of crack and starts wigging out all excited... It doesn't make me feel better about myself.. i am the ignored piece of crack!
<kentari> Welcome.....
<kentari> to Girl Magnet.
<Drew`> hehe
<kentari> (Magnet. :P)

<kentari> She laughs, "What do you think I am? Some kinda slut?"
<Forest`^> "That's... what a nymphomaniac is... It's a more polite way of saying it."
<Forest`^> "It's like... Saying someone is mentally challenged instead of retarded."
<kentari> <Maegan> "No way. My mom would soooo not call me a slut."
<kentari> She frowns. "I mean, I only make out with *hot* guys."
<Forest`^> "So, you *don't* have sex with them?"
<kentari> <Maegan> "Not if they're not hot. I mean. Seriously. Eww!"
* Sparkie is hot!!
<kentari> <Maegan> "You've gotta have standards, y'know?" She says, eating a fry.
<Forest`^> "That doesn't change things. Having a lot of sex with different partners, regardless of their degree of hotness doesn't make you any less of a... nymphomaniac."
<kentari> Well, if she could eat it by licking it alone, that is..
<kentari> The fry isn't really going anywhere. :P
<Forest`^> The fry should be getting limp... Maegan is a walking bacteria culture

<kentari> <Maegan> "Hey. Wanna hang out?"
* Forest`^ sighs looking her over
<Forest`^> "You seem like a nice enough person Maegan, but I'm not going to have sex with you."
<kentari> She giggles, "You're getting ahead of yourself. You didn't even offer to pay for my meal... you're really short on grace, you know that?"
<kentari> Her giggle is.. well, its sort of Mean. Like she's plain, right-and-out laughing AT you.
<Forest`^> "I'm rather short on everything today."
<Forest`^> "Good day, Maegan."
<kentari> <Maegan> "What? .. Oh. Well, I don't like guys that are't big, anyway. You must be this long to ride." She smirks and holds her fingers about seven or so odd inches apart, give or take.

<kentari> <Petunia> "Sometimes, though, I wonder about my sister... how can you tell if someone is...you know..."
* Dragonling pokes his head in the bag again while the two humans keep squawking about nonsense. :P
<Drew`> "I don't think you can."
<Dragonling> (( Here's how you find out. Take a really good luck at her tongue. If it's inside another woman's vagina, then she probably is. ))
<kentari> <Petunia> "Oh? I guess you're right.." She shrugs, "I guess I could pretend to hit on her sometime.."
<kentari> ((rofl! :P))

<Drew`> "I was talking to Petinua, though, at the store... it was kind of odd. Is it easier, girls I mean?"
<Forest`^> "Daphne left, I think... She hasn't called and she stood me up last night. Last I saw of her she was wearing a suit and trying to drug Jacob."
<Drew`> "....."
<Forest`^> "What about girls?"
<Drew`> "I will take that as a no?"

<Mollie`^> I assume that makes Bast Sr neutral as well?
<alcar> Well, he's a cat. So yes ;)
<Mollie`^> bast means female devourer in egyption
<alcar> he likes teh ladies.
<Mollie`^> ROFLMAO

* Sparkie is happy.
* Sparkie is always happy, because I make other people happy.
<Mollie`^> crap
<Mollie`^> I was supposed to keep it a secret
* Sparkie is.... still happy, though his heart is well night shattered like bits of safety glass gummed up in your hair.
<Tass> hrm
<Mollie`^> but
<Mollie`^> it feels so good to break sparkies heart =(

<alcar> ah! Found the kipling verse...
<alcar> "There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays,
<alcar> And every single one of them is right!"
<alcar> to me, that fits kbesm :p
<Tass> 69? :P
<alcar> it's all interpretations, after all :)
<Tass> 'lays'
<Tass> yeah
<Tass> definitely fits kbesm :P
<alcar> :p

<AlcarGM> Carlion: "Sometimes crudeness has it's uses, dear boy," to Nigel."There are times, after all, when a gentleman has to be a bastard. I'm sure you understand that?"
* Luciano`^ takes notes.... "Gentleman... bastard..."
<Luciano`^> or not
<AlcarGM> (( If you take notes, someone else has to decipher the code! The game would collapse :p ))
<Nigel> "All too well. Finesse in all things is preferable, however."
<Syble> (( Let's use the last letter in every word. :P))

<Chaos`GM^> Preston: "Man, I am in so much trouble. I forgot about that report due today in Mrs. Thompson's class."
<Doug> "Report?"
<Doug> "Dude, she's so stoned half the time she'd never notice."
<Chaos`GM^> He shakes his head "I'll just have that nerd, Elliot give me his before class." He spits into the grass, looking over "Oh man... There's Dominique." He turns back to you "Is she looking at me?"
<Doug> "Remember the time Eric handed in one and did white out on all the words and called it post modern? He got a B."
<Doug> (( <-- knows someone who actually did that :p ))
<Doug> "If she is, she's probably hunting for new meat."
<Chaos`GM^> PReston: "Man she is *HOT* but I hear she won't put out." He glances over "Since she became the class President it has made her even hotter. I like women in power."
<Doug> "Yeah, but she has *power*. Dad warned me about girls like that." Snickers. "Mom hit him, but it is true. Give 'em a bit of power and they think they have a pair."

<Chaos`GM^> Mr. Mill's class is your standard chemistry set up, it's housed in the lab itself, where you can take notes and/or do experiments. Today the instructions are on the board: 'I will be in shortly, please get started by pairing off with a *NEW* lab partner. Please don't partner with anyone you've partnered with before.'"
<Doug> "Oh, great. I bet I get one of those kids who'se never had a date with anything but their hand."

* Doug make a mentalnote to apologize to Preston but he, too, remembers what it was like to be a 97 lb weakling before he discovered Charles Atlas and the power of Dynamic Tension .. or not...

<Chaos`GM^> The Booze in your right hand disapears... again a bigger fireball shoots out of your left
<Doug> shoots where, and does what?
<Chaos`GM^> The fireball comes out and onto the floor, creating a crater in it, but not really hurting anything exept the carpet
<Chaos`GM^> Clare squeels "What the hell are you doing!?"
* Doug stares at the booze. Then the carpet. Then his hand.
<Doug> "I have no idea." *tries for a grin* "God doesn't want me drinking?"
<Chaos`GM^> Clare: "That's not funny Doug!"
<Doug> "Then YOU explain it!"

* Doug is still staring at his hand.
<Chaos`GM^> it looks like your hand should
<Chaos`GM^> it's a good hand
<Chaos`GM^> It's been your date for several nights when Clare was busy. It lever let you down before.
<Chaos`GM^> err never
<Doug> the less said about the lever soap incident the better

<kentari> Bam! You are now all in the lobby of the boy's suite.
<kentari> Its a pleasant..
<kentari> 1d3 1=morning 2=afternoon 3=evening
<Sparkie> kentari 1d3: 2 1=morning 2=afternoon 3=evening
<kentari> A pleasant afternoon. :P

<Kit> Freyja exits her room and caps ex-Jacob, execution-style. Problem solved.
<Laurel> roll ACV. :P
<Kit> 2d6
<Sparkie> Kit 2d6: 12
<Kit> Nice.
<Kit> Suicide.
* Sparkie bows
<Kit> Problem also solved.
<Laurel> o, em, gee.
<Laurel> Kit: this completes it. Freyja, like Rachael, also attempted to end her own life. She used a building, though.
<Kit> I wasn't attempting to end her life.
<Kit> I was attempting to end yours.
<Laurel> it doesn't need to be EXACT to be a Paralell.

<kentari> there's more to life than being pretentious and expecting everyone to connect dots
<kentari> :P
<Kitzzzune> Indeed.
<Kitzzzune> Choke on your own advice.
<kentari> good night, sweet prince

<kentari> "But ... you're staying as a girl?"
<kentari> She half-words it as a question.
<Laurel> "Really, it's Celosia I like." ^^
<kentari> "But you're ... possessing her?"
<kentari> "That's a weeeird way to show love, Jacob."
<Laurel> "Actually, I think it's the other way around."
<kentari> Tulip blinks, considering things, "Its just so confusing. I mean.. what bathroom are you supposed to use?!"

<Forest`^> "There is a radiation sign... It's your last chance to turn back."
<Drew`> "It *could* just be a warning...."
<Forest`^> "Yes and they typically warn you of these things for a reason
<Drew`> "Well, yeah. But before curiousity kills them, cats learn more about the world than a hundred dogs that aren't curious."
<Forest`^> "And then they die stupidly."
* Drew` shakes his head slightly. "The electrity is some .. dampening field, I think. For whatever it is in those vats."
* Anton opens the door from his room, and waves a chunk of tech at the others
<Anton> "Geiger counter?"
<Drew`> "I'd rather die from curiousity than boredom."

<Laurel> (( Steve`Z - Laurel looks a lot like Rachael, but older, and has a nifty little laurel crown, presently, or something like that. ))
<Steve`Z> (( ooookay... ))
<Forest`^> (( Yes, that's right, we will never escape rachael! ))
<Laurel> you never really had, to begin with. ~.~
<kentari> The GM begs to differ. :P
<Laurel> v.v

* Drew` closes the door, then looks up at Steve. "I......"
* Steve`Z takes off th sunglasses and folds them up.
* Drew` gulps, then hugs you tightly and starts crying.
<Laurel> (( /me hugs back. ))
<Drew`> (( "You bastard, you broke the sunglasses!" ))
* Steve`Z puts his arms around Drew and just holds him for a bit while he cries it out.
<Forest`^> (( Pussy ))
* Drew` finally stops, sniffing."I thought you died.It was...was...." holds tighter, then looks up fiercely.
<kentari> The GM withholds a giant plot hook, observing the moment. :x
<Drew`> "Don't do thsat tome again!"

* Laurel could, like, melt away into a bunch of vines, and sneak them under the door, and out the other side, buuut. I can take a hint.
<kentari> Well, you could, yes.
<kentari> But there's a one in 36 chance that it wouldn't end very well. :P
* Sparkie should point out said chances are akin to the 1 in a million ones that work out 9 times out of 10.

<kentari> Did you write all this down, or something? :P
<Chaos`^> I don't need to
<Chaos`^> I'm like a Lolad geek
<kentari> You're like ... a lolad fanboy. :P

<AlcarGM> Bast is, of course, sitting beside you outside. He's a 10 year old tabby, at present, and industriously cleaning his spotless fur. "Can you hurry up? I've had to move twice to stay in the sunlight already."
<Mollie`^> "Oh, you poor thing. Just a minute I'm finishing up this story now."
<AlcarGM> Bast: "Good; I need to check my stocks after you're done."
<Mollie`^> "Not out here you don't."
<AlcarGM> Bast: "Oh, puhlease. You see anyone paying attention to the talking cat? You thinkk they'd pay more if I found out my Nike stock had gone up?"
<Mollie`^> "You know the rule about cats using laptops in public..." Shutting it and shoving it into a sachel bag
<AlcarGM> The coffeeshop is filled with the late morning crowd of people on laptops, probably trying to write the Great Novel About Them Being An Actor In LA.
<AlcarGM> Bast snorts and stands. "Making an ATM molest a banker was an accident. Besides, he probably wanted it."

<AlcarGM> you have an email from your editor! "Where is your article for this week?!"
* Mollie`^ SENDS IT!
<AlcarGM> AND an email entitled "the dark is rising" with sender listed as [none]
* Mollie`^ double clicks on that
<Mollie`^> wait
* Mollie`^ checks it for viruses first =p
<AlcarGM> No viruses :)
<AlcarGM> not bits of Darkness or Light on it, because your virus checker is AdeptWare.
* Mollie`^ opens up the mail then!
<AlcarGM> the email says: "buy over sea, under stone, first book in the sequence! get free black cock at www.zulutribesmenn8dfu.com Hurry now, page views limited.
<AlcarGM> Spam, alas
<AlcarGM> Sex, on the other hand, comes from the Light. Sending out sex ads make it neutral :p
<Mollie`^> "According to my e-mail the darkness is rising... although it may be reffering to black penises."

<AlcarGM> The troll notices you and waves sheepishly, recognizing an adept and looking alittle worried.
<AlcarGM> Troll: "I haven't ground anyone's bones to make my bread," quickly.
<Mollie`^> He's not causing trouble, so he's not my problem right now, right?
<Mollie`^> "What... *ARE* you doing?"
<AlcarGM> Troll: "Can't anyway, it's had for cholesterol." He sighs, the sound kin to a disturbing bowel movement. "Trying to find a job. The rtent controlled the building I managed, and my old bridge was taken over by smurfs."
* Mollie`^ opens her mouth to say something, then closes it
<AlcarGM> Troll: "You could banish them?" hopefully. "I know they have only one female, but she lays eggs. They're like a plague."

<AlcarGM> The troll waves back and you get off at 9 and 1/4, the lowly relative of 9 and 3/4 that became famous in the movies. It's still a good subway stop, though.

<AlcarGM> The Sheol Amusement Park never did well, possibly owing to its name, and was eventually taken down and turned into the Happy Hunting Ground, a park with an auditorium and play cenre for children along with the everpresent tacky native american items made in china.

<AlcarGM> You go up and knock 3 times, as per Tradition. Tradition being the source of all power, an annoyed older woman answers it, her eyes deep and bright, holding power in them. You get the strong suspicion she was beautiful once,and probably sells apples
<Mollie`^> "Err hi I'm looking for someone."
<AlcarGM> "There's no one here," she says crisply, starting to close the door.
* Mollie`^ stops her "Has anyone been by?"
<AlcarGM> She glares at you, then says: "A nice young man was earlier," reluctantly.
<Mollie`^> "Where is he now?"
<AlcarGM> "He had somewhere else to be," she says airily.
<Mollie`^> "Where is that?"
<AlcarGM> "I don't see how it is any concern of yours if you do not even know his name," the witch snaps, looking irritated.
<AlcarGM> from the interior, you here something hit a floor, possibly a chair, and smell bay leaves and soup
<Mollie`^> "I'm here on behalf of his dog."
<AlcarGM> The witch blinks at that, taken aback. "His.... dog?"
* Mollie`^ nods
<AlcarGM> From the inside, you hear someone trying to yell, muffled.
<AlcarGM> Witch: "Well, I congratulate you on your future sessions of therapy, but I really must go. Dinner's almost ready."

<AlcarGM> 1d3 = 3 = date is Sara
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 1d3: 2 = 3 = date is Sara
<AlcarGM> sparkie likes you.
<Mollie`^> thank you, oh merciful god
<Mollie`^> lol

<AlcarGM> Your waiter turns out to be a tall, thin man in his 40s named Carl, who asks what you'd like to drink first. They have a beer list, a wine list, and a list of regular drinks.
* Mollie`^ gets a fuzzy navel, since that's what her players sisters always drink
<AlcarGM> Okay. Your navel nis now fuzzy. What do you get to drink? :p
<Mollie`^> cute
* Mollie`^ orders sex on a cloud then =p
<AlcarGM> Clarissa gets a windex, cuz the GM is feeling nostalgic.

<AlcarGM> She slips inside just as you spot 3 figures clear the wall to your left, landing on the ground silently
<AlcarGM> http://www.peterbe.com/photos/kungfu/silent-ninjas.jpg
<AlcarGM> yup :)
<Mollie`^> terrible ninjas...
* Mollie`^ blinks and watches them as well
<AlcarGM> They're woman, from the looks of it, and move with unearthly ease through the night towads the home, not being one with the night as much as making it one with them, not walking in darkness insamuch as stepping between moments of light. They have swords out, and look quite determined.
<Mollie`^> I'm new to the spy thing, what do I do when ninjas show up!?

<Mollie`^> "I coul fix it for you?"
<AlcarGM> She looks at you. "Where do you weant me to drop youoff?" curtly.
<Mollie`^> "It's what I do. I protect the universe from itself."
* Mollie`^ looks at her
<Mollie`^> "My appartment's fine... Do you think we could pick up an ace bandage first?"
* Mollie`^ pulls the top off of her dress looking at the damage
<AlcarGM> She pulls the car to a halt and gets out without a word. "Fine."
<AlcarGM> .... except for.. that word.
<AlcarGM> but anyway!

<Chaos`GM^> Dom: "Where the hell could he be? This is all my fault. it's all because I ignored him all that time."
<Doug`> "School. He might have her at the football field, or something. He said he was going to impress you: where woudl be take her? Lovers point?"
<Chaos`GM^> Dom: "How would raping some other girl impress me?"
<Doug`> "It's a guy thing."

<Chaos`GM^> you wanted to have a nice kind of superhero game, right?
<Chaos`GM^> Not the gruesome modern superhero thing?
* Doug` thought we were doing the latter ;P
<Chaos`GM^> good
<Chaos`GM^> Clare's very pretty body is laying in the grass.... Sans a head. Some sort of green smoke comes from her neck and a small frying sound can be heard. Her abdomen looks cut open by some sort of blade, blood soaks into the ground around her in a pool. Her intestines have been ripped out and a few feet away spell out the words "I LUV U DOMNQE"

<Chaos`GM^> Dom is quiet for the rest of the walk. YOu make your way to Preston's house, on foot this time. The lights are still off, and no one is still not home.
<Chaos`GM^> wait... maybe... everyone is not home... and noone is there.

<Chaos`GM^> I never realized how fun it was to make other character's lives hell...
<Chaos`GM^> did I say that out loud?
<Doug`> lol

<Chaos`GM^> Dom: "I--I don't know! Nothing will sound normal.. We can't explain what we were doing.. They'll find the car.. Clare is missing... Preston is missing... I don't know!"
<Doug`> "Your prints are on the car. We can say she - she let us have the car, but that doesn't explain leaving.... god damn it!"
<Doug`> "Maybe we should just turn ourselves in?"
<Chaos`GM^> Dom: "And say what? We found her decapitated corpse and decided to blow it up?"
<Doug`> "..... maybe. I don't know! What else can we tell them?! Pretend ignorance over the whole thing?"
<Chaos`GM^> Dom nods "We could... but our prints are everywhere... We could tell them everything up until we crashed?"
<Doug`> "Anmd then what.. we just wandered around? Left a burning car?"
<Chaos`GM^> She nods
* Doug` ndos. "Okay."
<Chaos`GM^> Dom: "We'd get in less trouble for drunk driving than for murder..."

* Syble smirks. Oh jesus, dice. :P
<Syble> 4d10
<Sparkie> Syble 4d10: 27
<AlcarGm> 5d10
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 5d10: 17
<AlcarGm> lol!
* Sparkie demands a reroll!

<Syble> "I mean like, where are we going? I don't even know that."
<AlcarGm> She smiles at that. "An understatement, if ever there was one. As for where... even I don't know. There is a prophecy yes. But there is also what happens after it, and the choices we make that shape it and ourselves." She shrugs. "I amnot sure even the gods knew; we all make up our fates as we go, I think."
<Syble> "Then its just something made to poke us into messing around with things, huh?"
* Syble pouts, "I almost got frozen over someone's ancient practical joke."
<AlcarGm> She nods. "That is what the world is about: without getting pushed, most people would never leave their homes."
<Syble> "What's wrong with people not leaving their homes?"
<AlcarGm> Sheena: "Because if we never left our homes, we'd never learn anything new," surprised
<Syble> "Benig smart isn't important.. being happy is important."
<AlcarGm> Sheena: "You can be both: happiness is just a way you traver the road, it's not a destination."

<Syble> "Being young isn't bad, you know."
<Syble> "I think old people are just angry 'cuz they can't ever be young again ... so they make up all these reasons why they're better when they're old."
* Syble blinks, "Erm! No offense! You look very pretty and seem really smart and stuff."
<AlcarGm> Carlion is definitely laughing now! and at you, you think :P
* Syble spins on her heels, hands on her hips, "*what* is sooo funny?!"
<AlcarGm> Carlion: "Nothing, dear," trying not to laugh badly, coughing
<AlcarGm> The wizard doesn't turn around. "Perhaps. Getting old is losing the limitless possibilities of youth. But their are compensations for every loss."
<AlcarGm> (( "Like sex." ))
<Syble> (( :P ))

<Laurel> "I'm-curious, though, what have you ever HAD to do that you don't like?"
<kentari> <Celosia> "HRmm.."
<kentari> <Celosia> "Y'know that guy, Drew?"
<kentari> <Celosia> "I sooo didn't awnt to do him." She frowns.
<kentari> j/k :P
<kentari> <Celosia> "Uhm..."
<kentari> <Celosia> "I don't know.."
<Drew`> (( .. stop scaring me :p ))
<Laurel> "You and I have it pretty easy, you know. Some people need to work hard under the hot sun from sunrise to sunset just so they can eat!"
<kentari> <Celosia> "What, can they not chew their food good, or something?" She blinks.

<Laurel> "Where do you come from, Celosia?"
<kentari> <Celosia> "You know that feeling, when your foot falls asleep?"
<Laurel> "Yeeeah?"
<kentari> <Celosia> "I thiiink I'm made of that."

* Laurel turns to face another direction. "I wonder what exactly makes someone a Person, anyway."
<kentari> <Celosia> "Dunno! I guess we could try to take one apart, and see?"

<Laurel> "A baby is a person, and they start out like a little seed and grow inside their mothers a while until they're big enough to come out, and then they keep growing until they're big. It's all quite tricky.
<kentari> You see her write on a mystically conjured notepad, "Right.."
<kentari> <Celosia> "Wait.. what's a mother?"
<Laurel> "Another person. A girl. Well, a woman."
<kentari> <Celosia> "Wait, wait..." She blinks, shaking her head, "That doesn't make sense at *all.* Are you making a joke?"
<Laurel> "Nope."
<kentari> <Celosia> "This is more confusing than classes."
<Laurel> "But you haven't even been to classes!"
<kentari> <Celosia> "I haven't been to a mother, either, and this is more confusing!"
<Laurel> "Well."
* Laurel ponders.
<kentari> <Celosia> "Oh! Are you a mother?" She asks, eyes wide with expectation.
* Laurel opens her eyes wide... "I can't very well be your mother if I want to be your boyfriend!"
<kentari> <Celosia> "... What's a boyfriend?!"
<kentari> <Celosia> "You keep using these *words*!"

<Drew`> game2 is starting to terrify :p
<Laurel> Drew`: oh? do tell.
<Drew`> Laurel + Celosia?!
<Drew`> it's not Natural, man! :P
<kentari> they're two beautiful creatures, alcar
<kentari> leave them be
<kentari> this is *just* like one of my dreams :P
<Laurel> ...
<Drew`> ...
<Drew`> RUN!

<kentari> Celosia blinks, speaking while lip-locked, "Are you trying to eat my tongue??"
<Laurel> "I have demonstrated a kiss!"
<kentari> Celosia nods, closing her eyes in some manner of thought for a moment.
* Laurel whirls around and falls gracefully to the ground. whee.
<kentari> Celosia gasps, "What's wrong?"
<kentari> She kneels beside you.
<kentari> She gasps, "You're not a .. a mother now, are you??"
<Laurel> (( "Not unless Kentari has been playing The Sims too much lately." ))
<kentari> <Celosia> "I have this urge to buy lots of wooden chairs and put them in front of our fireplace.." :P

<Laurel> "Tell you what. You should ask some people if they like being People. It'd be Research, and that's a good skill for school and class and such."
<kentari> <Celosia> "Okay! .. Should I start now?"
* Laurel hmms. "Sure, if you want to. And maybe talk to Tulip. She wants to be Anton's girlfriend, maybe she can tell you about some things too."
<kentari> She nods and gives you a salute before vanishing in a whirl of blue smoke.
* Laurel salutes back!
* Laurel is... still small. and she is gone? hmm.
<Laurel> so, um, I wonder. will I be able to get out of this... without her here to help?
* Laurel surveys the scene.
<kentari> Hehehehe
<kentari> HEHEHEH :P
<kentari> You were just outside of the school. Boy, is it big!
<Laurel> how far from, well, my room?
<kentari> Once you get inside, its just a short walk up five flights of stairs.
* kentari changes topic to 'Honey, I shrunk the freshman.'

<alcar> HGrm. How would the damage conversion go into those?
* alcar nods. Would make sense to increase Str. with it.
<Chaos`^> if you plan on fighting
<alcar> He's a Bad Guy. That is what they *do* :P
<Chaos`^> he can also increase his illusion and make an illusion to fill the entire room
<Chaos`^> regeneration is also upgradeable
<Chaos`^> things like wealth, tough and orginizational ties are not
<alcar> "Hit me! My bank account must... INCREASE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"
<alcar> would be cool, though!

<AlcarGM> Clarissa lets go and stands, still glaring. "That doesn't give you any right to fuck with my head!"
<Mollie`^> "Frankly, Clarissa, there is very little I wouldn't do to stop people from knowing."
<AlcarGM> "And besides," a man says from the door, "She normally fucks girls in other places. Hey, toots." You recognize Biff (sadly his real name), one of the mob enforcers the Family works with. He mostly provides brawn for your father in This World stuff and leans on petty gangs to let them know who is in charge.
<AlcarGM> In the tradition of such things, he's probably in love with you.
<Mollie`^> Where'd you get biff?
<AlcarGM> I have no idea ;P
<AlcarGM> I just liked the idea of using "She normally fucks girls in other places." :p

<AlcarGM> Biff: 'You bring your dates to see dead bodies now? Kinky."
<Mollie`^> "We're not on a date. I don't date people who try to kill me."
<AlcarGM> Biff: "People try and kill you and don't, say, have their eyeballs explode out the back of their heads?"
<Mollie`^> "Not the cute ones."
<AlcarGM> Biff: "Good point."

<kentari> After a moment, the surface gives way and you step inside. Its like being in a phone booth with blue tinted glass, but nothing beyond that.
<kentari> It would seem that it either does not have a mystical component or you can not currently become one with what is one with you. :P
<kentari> Now this is where you storm off and give your character sheet to Fennec. ;p
* Drew` does so!
<kentari> oh, my. :P
* Drew` steps back out, and surfaces, instead though.
<Drew`> (( .. and... that was seriously reason enough? :P ))
<kentari> (( yeah. :P ))
<Drew`> (( ..... damn. ))
<kentari> (( Yeah. There are players that could've played Julius ))
<kentari> (( And there's players who would've left game1 after Brett got arrested :P ))
<Drew`> (( lol. Point :) ))

<AlcarGM> Okay! You enter the apartment complex, the frail human magic hanging in the air like the smell of an abortion
<AlcarGM> where the hell do these metaphors come from?
<AlcarGM> Anyway! Clarissa is behind you, wondering what the hell is going on, and the magic seems stronger above you. Third floor.
<Mollie`^> wow
<Mollie`^> That was bad
* Mollie`^ goes to the 3rd floor, then!
<AlcarGM> The magic is worse as you go up, the reek of a failed spell reminded you of dead fish, a far better image really. Impossible to isolate it, but whoever did the spell to try and raise a mummy from the dead probably doesn't have a mommy to call their own.
<Mollie`^> "Seems like he tried to raise it from the dead... I guess he probably figured out why it failed when he found out it doesn't have any organs."

<AlcarGM> there is now a thing of Hills of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
<AlcarGM> with the picture of an ancient old lady and not the colonel on the red and white box
* Mollie`^ checks the box
<Mollie`^> "Hey, you recognize this old lady? Someone's magicing my fridge."
<AlcarGM> it's chicken. KFC smell and everything.
<AlcarGM> the pieces are a bit smaller than usual, but it looks fine.
<AlcarGM> It seems your sister decided she owed you an apology.
<AlcarGM> You have no idea what she tried to do, but this seems to be the result
<Mollie`^> Oh?
<AlcarGM> a fridge of portentous food :)
<Mollie`^> ...

<kentari> well
<kentari> you're innocent
<kentari> you've used besm in the most healthy, benevolent ways it can be used
<kentari> you're like.. like the aboriginal shaman guy
<kentari> who used peyote to seek spiritual guidance
<kentari> you haven't seen the screwed up crackwhore psychos who get high on the stuff and sell their babies and your body for more :P

<Mollie`^> "I think that old woman on that chicken bucket we ate from is haunting us."
<AlcarGM> Clarissa looks at you. "Say what?"
<Mollie`^> "I don't know, either we were the only ones to eat her chicken... Or we ate her... I'm not sure which yet, but she seems pretty infatuated with us."

<AlcarGM> She finishes her tea with a nod. "I guess. I..... ah......"
<AlcarGM> She's staring behind you, wide eyed. "Door."
* Mollie`^ turns to the door
<AlcarGM> ack! trying to find pic :p
<AlcarGM> finally!
<AlcarGM> http://www.goodbrush.com/cpg146/albums/commercial_projects/miscprojects/archangel.jpg
<AlcarGM> is what you see, in the door. Standing there, lookking bruised, battered and confused.
<Mollie`^> "Aww hell."
<AlcarGM> the archangel flinches at the word, and passes out, sword clattering to the ground as he topples over in a heap
* Mollie`^ turns back to her plate and finishes eating quickly
<Mollie`^> "Don't look at it... Maybe it won't notice us."
<AlcarGM> Clarissa: "That - that's an angel!"

<Chaos`^> I'm like the ref in the wwf
<Chaos`^> err
<Chaos`^> wwe now
<Chaos`^> anyway
<Chaos`^> I slam my hand on the ground counting to three, then I get distracted by one side while the other does something behind my back
<Chaos`^> once in a while they hit me with a chair and knock me out
<Chaos`^> It is not mine to question where the ropes in the ring came from
<Chaos`^> but I still think it's fucking sweet when the wrestlers jump from the top one
<GeminiRai> :D
* alcar shall point out this is game1. It's wherre questioning things IS pretty much the point :p

<alcar> the cape thing with gemm has me thinking about a supervillain whose only power is their costume...
<alcar> make it an item.give it absurd things...
<kentari> batman? :P
<alcar> well, more the costumes threads become weapons etc.
<alcar> kkick off the boot and it does massive damage ranged attack... pocket lint with insidious..
<alcar> Probably not viable for this game, but it would be useful for something.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> starched collar of death!
<alcar> and last power: aura attack, since it'snever taken off.
<kentari> oh DAMN
<alcar> Smell.
* kentari runs for the closet to find his tux. :P
<alcar> #game1: Saving lives, one tangent at a time.

* General_Justice`^ stands on tall buildings, listening for evil doers and then goes to kick their ass
<AlcarGm> you ain't the tick :p

* AlcarGm puts brain in Defenders mode. No one will walk in on Captain Victory whining ab out sales of his figurines....
* kentari chuckles.
<kentari> It really takes a lot for you to run this kind of game, doesn't it? :P
* AlcarGm nods :) Which is what makes it a fun challenge :P

<AlcarGm> WHY is your pc a hero? Why's he risk his life to save others? :p
<General_Justice`^> wait..
<General_Justice`^> risk... life?
<General_Justice`^> 105 hp and 48 armor
<General_Justice`^> he doesn't risk anything
<AlcarGm> Supervilain ray guns!
<General_Justice`^> whatever
<General_Justice`^> Uhm
<General_Justice`^> let's see... something... interesting
<General_Justice`^> He's Carmella's brother and he is out to find her! =p
<General_Justice`^> lol

<General_Justice`^> "Right, the sewers! Let's go!"
<General_Justice`^> "Where do you live, ma'am?"
<AlcarGm> Woman: "1063 Parker Drive, outside of the city, of course. We're in one of the new suburbs and we just moved to this city and he was on this horrible message thing on the internet. I warned Hubert about those things, but he insisted we let David use it and now he might be killed by turtles!"
<AlcarGm> Justice Lad: "Ma'am, there aren't any real ninja turtles; it's just a movie. They're really ninja Porposies, and that's in New York. It was a legal thing," he adds.

<GeminiRai> Actually my first idea was someone who has absolutely no ability of their own.
<GeminiRai> They have to get everything done by empowering OTHER PEOPLE
<alcar> rofl.
<alcar> well, there IS a tranfer power......
<alcar> not sure hjow much fun you, personally would get out of it though :P
<alcar> but it would be neat
<GeminiRai> hehe
<alcar> you'd almost need a sidekick that you'd empower... still not make that much sense, from a being a hero pov though alas
<GeminiRai> Oh, I'd pretend to be a hero!
<GeminiRai> The people I empower would totally have to save me all the time :P
<alcar> silly! This is not about pretending :P the pcs ARE heroes :P
<GeminiRai> lol

<AlcarGm> The boy blinks. "What?! I mean, girls. It's liek I'm cursed!"
<General_Justice`^> "Oh. Really? Wow... And they just follow you around?"
<AlcarGm> Kelton looks down sheepishly."I don't know why. And keep leaving notes, but I have more important thing to do than go on dates!"
<General_Justice`^> "Sometimes you just have to give in and go on a date or two."
<AlcarGm> Kelton: "I could just make it cold around them so they go away?"
<General_Justice`^> "That would be wrong. Sometimes saving the world doesn't involve getting rid of the bad things, it means... Doing more of the good too."

<AlcarGm> She blinks, then looks at her son, who just looks happy, then sighs."If he's hurt, I'll hurt you in ways no supervillain ever has."
<AlcarGm> Kelton: "MOM!"
<AlcarGm> He looks mortified
<General_Justice`^> "I hold myself to the same regard. There is no way I would ever forgive myself. But I can't just let him go around hugging carebares all his life. He has power and he wants to use it for good!"
<AlcarGm> Kelton: "And it keeps the girls away."
<General_Justice`^> "About that. I think he should be able to date."
<AlcarGm> Catharine stares at her son at that one, then sighs. "
<AlcarGm> She looks at you. "And who are *you* to decide *that*?"
<AlcarGm> Kelton: "He's a superhero mom!"
<AlcarGm> (( oh, gods. NOw i picture Captain Victory endorsed brands of condoms."They'll make every man a victor!" ))

<AlcarGm> "Superman condoms! Good enough for a super, almost made for a man! Krytonite on alimony payments and unexpected 9 month surprises!"

* alcar tends to like it in a series when heroes can actually die :p
<kentari> me too
<Chaos`^> you're not gunna kill off general justice are you?
<kentari> :p
<kentari> >:)
<alcar> lol. Nah. Japanese show :P
<kentari> Justice Lad has to get promotted SOMEHOW
<kentari> I can't believe you gave alcar an npc who is always with you :P
<kentari> I can see GEneral Justice bloody and on the street
<kentari> and then Justice Lad smirks at him and says, "Time for me to carry on in your memory, General Justice!"
<kentari> And caps him.
<kentari> In teh FACE.
<alcar> And Matter Stealer Lad swiping his credit cards!

<AlcarGM> The mayor looks at the clock over the door, then a paper on her desk and sighs, putting it in her desk. "Only three?" quietly, to herself. She nods slightly. "Very well," louder. "For those of you who may not know me, I am Lydia Quinn, the mayor of Dune City."
<AlcarGM> She hesitates, as if unsure how to go on, then says: "Our office has been aware of you and your activities for some time, in one capacity or another."
<Harold> (("Shit she knows I didn't vote for her! Its a trap!" :P))

<Christen> heh, Lairs Unlimited
<Christen> sounds like a porn shop
<AlcarGM> lol
<Christen> That'd be a great coverup!
<AlcarGM> they make Secret Bases for heroes and villains confidentially :P
<Christen> yeah, but how do they know it's not run by an evil supervillian?
<AlcarGM> no one knows who runs it :)
<Christen> For Now. :P
* AlcarGM nods :)

* Harold smirks, "Anyway, I find out that I have some kinda lateny psychic ability, and wound up with this spirit of some ancient hero dude from way back in the day. So I'm kind of like a .. receiver, for him."
<Christen> "Which does what exactly?"
* Harold chuckles, "I'm not really all that awake when he's doing his thang."

<Harold> "Ah. Maybe if I started from the beginning. I have a band, ya know? Anyway, there was this one concert, and *bam!* I was hit by something. It was like, woah, a serious incident. I figured it was my muse, or something, finally."
<AlcarGM> (( "I'd figured out by them I had no talent, but i couldn't just quit cuz I was already famous, you know?" ))
* Harold smirks, "Anyway, I find out that I have some kinda lateny psychic ability, and wound up with this spirit of some ancient hero dude from way back in the day. So I'm kind of like a .. receiver, for him."
<Harold> (( :P ))

<AlcarGM> Morgaine: "Do we need some sort of name?"
* Sparkie votes for Sparkie's Sluts.
<Christen> "I guess so..."
<Harold> "I've got people that can work on that for us."
* Harold gives a thumbs-up :P

<kentari> domino's is open for another whole hour
<kentari> but now that I think about it, I'm not hungry :P
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> you are playing a superhero, man. You are full of the milk of human kindness!
<kentari> dude alcar
<kentari> I started thinking of breastfeeding
<kentari> and I'm laughing so hard
<kentari> that my nose may start bleeding :P

<Arbiter> "Thaumaturge! Get these pistol weilding bears under control! Mogaine, get the hostages out!"
<Arbiter> "Bears with Rocket Launcher, bad idea."
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "It's Tumbler, damn it, and stop the rocket!"

* Thaumaturge shakes the bear in his hand a moment... checking to see if its still animate.
<AlcarGM> Mother: "David! Stop crying," in a stage whisper, helping the boy up. "You're not hurt."
* Thaumaturge tosses the thing to Morgie and walks over to the boy, kneeling down and picking up, something.
<AlcarGM> Thaumaturge - it is, and struggling impotently to get free, snarling to itself.
<Thaumaturge> ((I must give it up before I do something non-4color :P))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

* Thaumaturge looks up at the boy, clenching his hand holding something for a moment. "You should be more careful with these." He sets a pair of spectacles on the boy's face. :P
<AlcarGM> Boy: "But my glasses *broke* and I didn't get to see how they stoped the bears!" between sniffs
<Thaumaturge> "I'll tell you how: with teamwork."
* Thaumaturge gives the boy a thumbs-up. :D
<AlcarGM> The boy blinks a few times and looks upand grins ( http://game1.fennecfoxen.org/defenders/david.jpg ) "You fixed them?!" He hugs Thaumaturge :p
<AlcarGM> His mother looks mortified.
<Arbiter> heheh
* Thaumaturge thrusts a hand through the boys chest, "And now, you must pay."
<Thaumaturge> ((j/k :P))

* Thaumaturge looks around at the damaged bank. The busted vault, the strange water cannon coming up out of a hole in the floor.. the various broken things and bullet-holes. He snaps his fingers, once.
<AlcarGM> Morgaine vanishes, reappearing a few moments later with the bank manager, who looks rather dazed
<AlcarGM> The bank ... repairs itself within moments, as if no one ever shot it at all. Even the vault doors fix themselves.
<AlcarGM> The bank manager stares open mouthed, then whispers in a tone verging on divine joy:' No insurance premiums? There is a god!"

* Arbiter looks to the manager. "Anything special in the vault? Aside from the money."
<AlcarGM> The bank manager shakes his head. "What? No. We didn't have anything special in the branch this week," a little *too* quickly.
<Arbiter> "Are you SURE?"
<Arbiter> "You're telling a piece of America the truth here."
<Thaumaturge> (( oh my god :P ))

* Harold may as well try precog sooner than later ;p
<Harold> soul, ya? :P
<AlcarGM> yup
<AlcarGM> You see .... nothing. Just emptiness, as if you were dead and rotting.
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Harold> rofl
<Harold> :P
<Harold> oh my god that would be so terrifying ;p

<AlcarGM> A few police officers are outside the station. One of them walks towards both of you, rather quickly, the rest holding back with their hands near their weapons.... too many supervillains try and break friends out, after all.
<kentari> wow
<kentari> honor among supervillains?
<kentari> this IS 4color
<kentari> ;p
<AlcarGM> Well, that and without a gang, you get your arses kicked :P

<Thaumaturge> "With that sudden issue in the mayor's office, I thought these phones would always be ringing."
* Thaumaturge checks the phone idly ;p
<AlcarGM> Meanwhile, in the mayor's office. "Damn it, Alan, we can't give them a C rank mission! That Arbiter person will have a fit. It has to be at least B."

<alcar> Ah., you know you have superheroes when the hero who deals out the most punishment uses a rickshaw
<GeminiRai> :D
<alcar> arbiter wins the 'takes the most damage' award, mind
<GeminiRai> eep! I'm bleeding
* GeminiRai coughs
<GeminiRai> I don't intend on ever being injured :P
* GeminiRai literally forgot it was a possibility.
<alcar> lol

<alcar> Irwin looks around, quelling Bennie with a Look. "The dues from the league of villains came do. We are now broke. As such, we need a quick way to make money."
<alcar> Bennie: "yeah, well don't expect ME to do all the work this time."
<Carmella`^> "Banks are always fun."
<alcar> Bennie snorts. "You just want some geek in tights to show so you can have a use."
<alcar> (( *zing* :p ))
<Carmella`^> "WHat's that supposed to mean?"
<alcar> Bennie: "It's not like you can doa nything else that's useful. Some normal could wax your butt."
<Carmella`^> do they know my power?
<alcar> Well, you're a gang. Who work together. So... yes :P
<Carmella`^> huh... I guess that makes sense

<alcar> Irwin: "Okay. Marvin, Carmella, Chantelle: hit the burbs. Find a rich house, steal yourselves a kid. Leave a note. Pearl, Bennie and I will go for a .... games store," with a sigh. Pearl whoops :)
<alcar> Irwin: "Whoever gets more money, wins. Don't use this base, and try not to get caught."
* Carmella`^ shrugs
<alcar> Bennie: "We're so kicking ass."
<alcar> oops!
<alcar> Bennie: "We're so kicking butt."
<Carmella`^> lol
* Carmella`^ stands and heads for the exit
<alcar> 4 colour! Bad GM!
<alcar> Marvin and Chantelle follow. Pearl begins trying to explain computer games in detail to Irwin, who is asking why anyone would steal an entire arcade game.
<Carmella`^> lol old people are funny

<AlcarGM> 99 damage, armour can block :p
<General_Justice`^> damn
<General_Justice`^> 48 of that
<AlcarGM> k
<AlcarGM> rp result how you wish; you're go :)
<General_Justice`^> still more than my shock value =p
<AlcarGM> eh, I ignore those :P
<AlcarGM> you'rea superhero, after all :0
<AlcarGM> shock is for the little people!

<General_justice`^> "Dennis, is it? Why were you breaking into the jewelry store?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Why would you care?"
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad is, wisely, silent.
<AlcarGM> Stanton walks off with the wallet, probably to call his parents
* General_justice`^ shakes his head at the boy
<General_justice`^> "Someone will be in to question you in a while. I have lives to save."
* General_justice`^ leaves
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Good riddance," spitefully.
<AlcarGM> Your sidekick looks shocked at the venom, but just follows you, not sure how to deal with it.
<AlcarGM> Stanton is on the phone and gives you a thumbs up sign as you leave.
<AlcarGM> next session: No ninjas at all, sadly.

<Chaos`^> GJ isn't camp councelor
<Chaos`^> he has people to save, he can't be helping Dennis
<Chaos`^> that's what psychologists are for
<alcar> well, HE'S someone who needs saving too :P
<Chaos`^> a different kind of saving
<Chaos`^> psychology man can take care of him

<Arbiter> "Alright kid. Stop this right now and I could swing the doors a bit. Maybe see if they can go easy on ya, ok?"
<AlcarGM> Armoured fists clench. "Why would you?! You're all alike - go save someone, or something!"
* Arbiter jump kicks his metal face, hopefully keeping him on the ground.
<Arbiter> "I am saving someone. Her name's Justice."
<Arbiter> (I think I'm getting this. ;P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Yes :) ))

<Tass> who is rickshaw again? :P
<kentari> GeminiRai
<kentari> :P
<kentari> and I'm totally giving him grief ;p
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<Tass> what for? :P
<kentari> comic relief
<kentari> ;P
<kentari> he's the aquaman of defenders.
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> lol!

* Arbiter thinks to self: what to do first? Create a team-name, or get to the bottom of the stuffed bear crimes?

<Thaumaturge> "And *you* are not anyone I know! You from around here?"
* RickShaw lifts his rickshaw, seat forward, point down. "I am Rickshaw man."
<RickShaw> "I've been here...quite awhile. But I wasn't nearly as noticable until today."
<AlcarGM> Tumbler blinks, then laughs. "That's really your *name*?"
<Thaumaturge> "Hey. Everyone starts somewhere."
<RickShaw> "I..er...well...No, My name is Rick Shaw."
* Thaumaturge laughs, "That's really your *name*?"
* Thaumaturge waves his hands a little, "Sorry, sorry."
<Thaumaturge> "I'm just used to people being keen on aliases. We've got one guy who won't even take off his helmet."
<Thaumaturge> "You said today ... is this your first day with, well ... crime-fighting?"
* RickShaw blinks
<RickShaw> "Doesn't it get hot?"
<Thaumaturge> "I think he takes it off when he goes home."

<kentari> I'm going to plant the seeds of my sexy sidekick.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> eight years from now...
<kentari> its gonna rock.
<kentari> :P
<Tass> your worse than dr orpheus :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<kentari> Thank you.
<kentari> :D

<kentari> thankfully
<kentari> since this is 4color
<kentari> a grown man giving a boy a rose
<kentari> is NOT a problem :P

<AlcarGM> Tumbler looks at RickShaw. 'What do you do, with that?" nodding to the rick shaw. "it seemed - rather strong."
<RickShaw> "Well, I've been driving it around town for months now, carrying passengers at the like. I never thought of doing anything more with it. But it is special somehow." kneels down and looks at it closely.
* Thaumaturge hangs up and sets it away, "I could turn it into a taxi if you want."
<AlcarGM> It seems, even to RickShaw, to be an ordinary, well cared for X37.
* RickShaw strokes the seat lovingly and stands up again.
<kentari> oh my god he's stroking it
<kentari> :P
* AlcarGM nods ;P
<AlcarGM> 4 colour is so hard!
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> pun unintended.

<Fennec> how's the game?
<kentari> Educational and Entertaining as ever.
<Fennec> for sufficiently low values of education? :P
<kentari> actually, no
<kentari> games are a wonderful introspective exercise
<kentari> tantamount to .. meditation, imo :P

<Thaumaturge> "Thank you. Just hop back up on the table and take a rest. We're done here, for now."
<AlcarGM> The bear does so gratefully
* Thaumaturge heaves a sigh of relief once the bear goes back to normal.
<RickShaw> "I don't think he's a demon."
<AlcarGM> The bear hasd gone back to sleep, to await finishing being 'fixed'
<Thaumaturge> "They're bringing broken stuffed animals to life?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "To .. what? Help the company make couches? That is......" *she shakes her head, baffled*
<RickShaw> "Sounds like a good business model to me."
<Thaumaturge> "I have no idea."
* RickShaw kneels down again looking at it sleeping on the table
* Thaumaturge sits down a moment and folds his arms, "But I intend to find out."
<RickShaw> "Maybe they're going to turn them into demons later.

<RickShaw> "We're hunting demon bears, aren't we?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "Well, if your competition is bringing in bears from another dimension, you have to compete somehow. Maybe this is .. cutting costs?"
<RickShaw> "Maybe the owner of this company will know which one is bringing in the alien bears."

<GeminiRai> I wanted to kidnap one of the bears.
<alcar> hehehe
<alcar> I am surprised no one liberated one as a sidekick and named it Kon :)
<GeminiRai> :D
<GeminiRai> It could be our mascot!
<GeminiRai> seamstress bear could have given it a mane.

<gemm> apparently Brit is another piece of Kirkman's Invincible universe.
<alcar> Oh? Heh. Set in Britain, I hope :p
<gemm> no
<gemm> He's just called Brit. Don't really kno why.
<alcar> then why the name?
<alcar> How odd.
<alcar> Maybe it's the superhero witness protection program!
<alcar> "You are now Captain Estonia!"

* Carmella`^ puts the briefcase on a picnic table, and opens it, AWAY from her
<alcar> there is money inside!
* Carmella`^ flips through the cash
<alcar> There is money, AND a note!
<alcar> "To whom it may concern:
<alcar> Regarding the kidnapping of my son, your initial request of 5 million dollars was entirely out of bounds as far as hostile takeovers go. Given that it takes ~1 million dollars to raise a child until eighteen (18) years of age, seems fair recompensence for your pain and suffering in having had the misforture to capture our son, and is the amount his stocks will accumulate in interest by then to be able to back this loan back to me.
<alcar> If this situtation is unacceptable, please call 555-3921 to make other arrangements. The 100,000 is intended to include the cost of care and feeding of our son, as per Geneva Convention Statue 99.3, paragraph (b) regarding the kidnapping of children for monetary gain by those with supranormal powers, as regards to the use of superhuman powers to deface people, objects, or the land as outlined in sections 120-125.
<alcar> Cf. The state of Jersey vs. The Beatification League, 1963. Sincerely, Arnold J Smith, Esq, CPA, and wife.
<Carmella`^> lol

<alcar> The fog begins to lift a little, and Chantelle joins you at the car as you arrive. Marvin is inside, waiting, and looks at you. "How'd we do?"
<Carmella`^> "Terrible." tossing him the briefcase
<alcar> He blinks, catches it. Reads. Rereads. "..... sweet suffering pogo Jesus." He hands it to Chantelle.
<alcar> Marvin: "Well, it IS 100 big ones."
<Carmella`^> "The kid has to repay his dad for his ransom."
<alcar> Marvin: "I thought *we* were the supervillains!"

<alcar> The boy blinks a few times, staring at you. "What did you DO to me, you FINK!"
<Carmella`^> "Just SHUT UP! I don't even know what a fink is."
<alcar> Boy: "NO ONE TELLS ME TO SHUT UP!"
<Carmella`^> "I just did. DO you want me to make you sleep again?"
<alcar> Boy: "Lying dfink!
<alcar> He gives you his best glare.
* Carmella`^ raises her hand
<Carmella`^> "I swear to god I will slap you into next tuesday."
<Carmella`^> is child abuse 4 color?
<alcar> given this kid, yes :P

<Carmella`^> Did he bring the cattle prod?
<Carmella`^> is attacking a kid with a cattle prod 4 color?
<alcar> No, it isn't.
<Carmella`^> damn

* gemm learned that the 2nd edition BESM game doesn't lend itself so well to a 700-point super game.
* alcar laughs. No :p
<alcar> 2e stats aren't balanced enough :p
<alcar> stats are insanely cheap in 2e, which can break a game really quickly :)
<gemm> yeah, but a neat character came out of the whole ordeal.
<gemm> "The Vacuum!"
<gemm> who came with such spiffy catchphrases as: "It's time for the vacuum to suck!"
<alcar> .. I am not sure that qualifies as spiffy as much as sexual harrasment :)
<gemm> or "Let's go blow these guys away!"
<gemm> lol

<Arbiter> Is the dog done for?
<AlcarGM> Robodog lets out a mournful howl and snarls, head barely on its neck.
<AlcarGM> electricty is crackling around it and a small voice, mimicing windows pop ups, is saying:"Danger will robinson! Danger!"
<AlcarGM> whoever made it apparently has a sense of humour at least.
* Arbiter kicks the back of the dogs head, hoping to make it pop off from its base.
<AlcarGM> The head shatters off, bounding a few times and crunching into a tree.
<AlcarGM> The body stands for a few seconds, then topples over as well.
* Arbiter jumps down off the falling body, and runs over to Justice lad.
<AlcarGM> He's getting up, looking bruised but alive. "Ow. That hurt." He looks at the robot. "Jeff is going to be sooo mad."
<Arbiter> "Jeff? Jeff who?"
<AlcarGM> He blinks, surprised. "Ah. Uh. Kid at ... a school. I think it was just, err, project for shop."
<Arbiter> "A school project? Are you kidding me?!"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "I think he really, really wanted an A, you know? Only is saw a cat and, well...." He waves to the robot. "I think he didn't take into account how far it could leap."

<AlcarGM> You take the brunt of a blast meant to level a building. (70 damage, only), leaving him pinned under you, starting to glow white hot....
<AlcarGM> Photon: "You won't win! They promised me power! Power enough to change the world!"
<GeminiRai> (( Should have picked another world ))
<Arbiter> "Tell them next time, to remember the extension cord."

<alcar> http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/2004/screenshots/71/12.jpg .. maybe not.
<Gemm> No? C'mon, crazy rat dude!
* alcar chuckles.
<alcar> result of evil transmutation cast on a furry convention!
<alcar> Wait. That is ... probably not 4 colour.
<Gemm> but does sound pretty awesome!
* alcar nods. I just realized the 'evil' part is debatable :)
<alcar> Superheroes: "We can free you?" Furries: "Free us?" Superheroes: "Uh, you've been trned into anthropomorphic animals!" Furries: "YAY! We know! Time to par-tay!" Superheroes: ".... are we on the wrong page? Maybe this is some strange crossover event...."
<Gemm[work]> lol
<Gemm[work]> They were transformed into what they love most...
<Gemm[work]> That would be SO wrong.
* alcar nods.
<alcar> To the villain, it *would* be an evil act.

<kentari> but holy shit man
<kentari> 140 damage?
<kentari> I can't even get CLOSE to that :P
<kentari> not without some reallllly sketchy transmutes ;p
<kentari> I think I'm technically the weakest one :(
* AlcarGM nods. Tumbler got lucky after she died :P
<AlcarGM> dragging him into the dimensional portal was about the only way she could get him out of the fight.
<kentari> lol
<kentari> after she died

<kentari> dude!
<kentari> Am I the only character without a weapon attribute? :P
<AlcarGM> lol! Probably :p
<AlcarGM> Wait. Definitely.
<kentari> lol
<kentari> that's so weird ;p
<kentari> I for some reason
<kentari> draw lots of pride from that :P

<AlcarGM> Oh well. Having superheroes fight each other is jsut awesome :p
<AlcarGM> The game could end next sessioin and I would be Happy :)
<AlcarGM> it's one of those stupid, silly staples that works in comics byt seldom in games :P

<AlcarGm> Tumbler: "What do you people *mean* by demon?" curiously.
<Thaumaturge> "Its a pretty simple system."
* Thaumaturge talks with his hands, holding them out to indicate the sets...
<Thaumaturge> "There's Us. You know.."
<RickShaw> "There were some rather devilish people who once tried to develop an alternate power source for rickshaws, but it didn't involve crystals."
<Thaumaturge> "And then there's the Other things. Demons are part of that."
* Thaumaturge looks at Shaw, "Internal combustion?" He asks, with a chuckle.
<Arbiter> 'Other thing?"
<RickShaw> "Zombies"
<RickShaw> "It..didn't work."
* Thaumaturge is struck by a moment of awkward silence.
<AlcarGm> (( "Their union demanded too many breaks." ))

* RickShaw follows arbiter into the air and brings his rickshaw down on their collective head.
<AlcarGm> Rickshaw leaps....
<AlcarGm> The bear is ignoring both of you, intent only on the human who dares harm their god.
<AlcarGm> The rickshaw slams into the head, stuffing spilling out!
<AlcarGm> The bear staggers drunkenly, now very much a bear of very little brain!
<AlcarGm> Bear:" AWWOOOOOOH!"

<Thaumaturge> "We're heading north, then?"
<Thaumaturge> "I don't believe Justice needs to make appointments." :P
<Arbiter> "alright, I suppose. I think it's time we paid Mr. Logham a visit. From America."
<Thaumaturge> "My hair agrees with your idea." :P
<AlcarGm> Tumbler: "He is from another country?"
<Arbiter> :D
<Arbiter> "Who is?"
<AlcarGm> Tumbler: "This Aaron person. You said you wanted to visit him from this one, didn't you?"
<Thaumaturge> "I think he means in the name of national security."
* Thaumaturge shrugs a bit :P

<AlcarGm> Justice, like opportunity, does indeed need not make appointments, though can knock more than once!

<AlcarGm> The butler sniffs. "I trust you have an appointment? Mr. Logham is a *very* busy man."
* Thaumaturge nods a bit and allows Arbiter to do the work while he remains silent
<Arbiter> "Yes, we've been penciled in."
<Arbiter> "Oh, wait a second sir. I forgot. That's a different appointment."
* Arbiter turns, then winds up and with a flash his fist flies at the mans face.
<AlcarGm> The butler blinks. "Excuse me?"
<AlcarGm> rofl!
<AlcarGm> The butler flies back, and it was Arbiter in the entry way with his fist as the butler thumps int the ground unconscious.
* Arbiter walks in.
<RickShaw> "Was that really necessary?"
<Thaumaturge> "You.. you just dropped a butler!"
<Arbiter> "Sorry, I got my other life's appointments mixed up."
<Thaumaturge> "Remind me to have my guys wear armor when you stop by for tea and crumpets."

<AlcarGm> Logham: "What do you think you're doing?" furiously
<AlcarGm> his wife looks up from leaning the stain. "What are you people doing to my husband?!"
* Arbiter grabs him tight and jumps out the window.
<RickShaw> "We're just taking him to meet his lawyer."
<AlcarGm> Aaron: "AHH!" as he lands on the ground, held. "THIS IS ILLEGAL! I WILL SUE! CONFESSIONS GAINED UNDER DURESS DON'T COUNT! ... Not that I have anything to confess!"
* Thaumaturge walks over and places a finger on the stain, delicately. "I've always found a more complex drink, like Sherry, a compliment to the finer cheeses. Unless .. that wasn't cheddar, was it?"
* Thaumaturge wrinkles his nose disapprovingly. :P
<AlcarGm> She gives you a shocked look. "Cheddar?" recovering her poise, even as her husband screams threats at Arbiter. "I will not have such words uttered in my home!"
<Arbiter> "Scream all you want now. It'll make things easier."
<AlcarGm> the dogs, outside, begin to advance, hearing their masters cry of terror!
<Arbiter> ((oh, please don't start arguing over cheese. I'll start using Justice more regularly :P))
<AlcarGm> (( "Swiss Justice, with holes in it!" ))

<AlcarGm> Aaron Logham: "This is brutality! I'll have you charges for this! You'll never work in this town again!"
<Arbiter> "I think that's for someone else to decide. I mean, I could punch a hole in your head and say that you were about to kill innocents. Right?"
<AlcarGm> Tumbler nods. The world ripples slightly, and she, RickShaw and Thaumaturge appear on the capital building, aka the mayor's offic,ewith Arbiter in the distance carrying the screaming businessman who is *still* issuing threats
<AlcarGm> the GM blinks.
<Thaumaturge> ? :P
<AlcarGm> Well. Okay. That DOES get Logham to shut up. For a moment. "What?" he demands. "What kind of hero would do that?!"
<Arbiter> "You know, every piece of America has it's dark side."
<Thaumaturge> ((sweet mother of liberty))
<AlcarGm> Logham: "I Understand! You work for GetStuffed, don't you?! Well, you can!!!"

<AlcarGm> I think we casn judge the 4 colour by What Would Superman Do. Does superman ever threaten to punch holes in people's heads?
<AlcarGm> :p
<RickShaw> lol :D
<RickShaw> I think it may have happened once!
<RickShaw> I can distinctly imagine superman being trapped in a building being shot at, and just casually mentioning that he could just punch a hole through their heads.
<AlcarGm> this can be our new guideline :p

<kentari> Okay
<kentari> so ...
<kentari> when I get the girl
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGm> you can say she is going to fall in love with you and marry you, no matter if you're an alien, because if she doesn't you'll punch a hole through her head! :p
<Arbiter> well, I can sleep happily now that I've made the "Line of the Week" :P
<AlcarGm> Superman: The Trepanator!

* Thaumaturge speaks in a semi-hushed voice.
<Thaumaturge> "Number One: This guy probably won't even understand what was going on. No one said businessmen were honest. No one said they were thourough or smart, either."
<Thaumaturge> "Number Two: ... We're not really a court."
<Arbiter> "Ok, what's your point?"
<Thaumaturge> "Think of it like this ... "
* Thaumaturge runs his hand through his helmet-covered hair :P
<Thaumaturge> "If you fight with a pig, you'll both get covered in dirt, but the pig likes it. Or, perhaps, when you argue with an idiot they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

* Thaumaturge nods at Tumbler, "Me, too. I .. didn't make it to glow white, I don't think, though ..."
<AlcarGM> She shrugs. "They've probably played with it today."
<Arbiter> "Lets hope so? What are they trying to do anyways?"
<Arbiter> ((That would make a great out-of-context panel alcar :P))
<Thaumaturge> "Probably use it for power."
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<Thaumaturge> This in fact is not conventional money!
<Thaumaturge> Its rare EXPLODING TAG money
<Thaumaturge> that explodes in harmless mustard gas :P
<Thaumaturge> actually, no
<Thaumaturge> confetti :P
<Thaumaturge> harmless confetti :P
<Thaumaturge> gotta stay in character ;p
<AlcarGM> harmless mustard gas? :p

<kentari> but, wow
<kentari> this is a *messy* encounter, gemm
<kentari> :P
<Arbiter> yeah... I guess asking questions THEN punching, doesn't always work.
<Arbiter> :P
* AlcarGM nods :P

<Arbiter> "say Tumbler, you didn't get a track on the two that got out the back, did ya?"
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "No, but...." she walks inside the building to the back door, touching it,then comes back. "He's been in .. at least 3 doors since then. A cab. Out of it. The .. Russian Embassy, I think."
<Arbiter> "Hmm... we can't just rush the Russian Embassy."
<Thaumaturge> "Yes we can."
<Arbiter> "Keep an eye... or hand, whatever, on them until they leave the Embassy."
* Thaumaturge taps the ground, pulling up a mongol hat, handing it to Arbiter. ;p
* AlcarGM grins.
<AlcarGM> Diplomatic Immunity.
<kentari> best attribute in the game
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> So cheap to buy, but it trumps al lpowers!

<AlcarGM> Arbiter's cell phone rings!
<Arbiter> bwah!
* Arbiter answers it! "Hello? This is the Arbiter? What can I bring to Justice for you?"
<AlcarGM> there is a pause, then "Uh, this isn't Dominos? I wanted a large 3 cheese..."
<AlcarGM> j/k
* Thaumaturge chuckles. :P
<AlcarGM> There is a pause, then: "Ah, this is Alan, at the mayor's office. We were wondering if you culd come in for a briefing this evening."
* Thaumaturge stops chuckling.
* Thaumaturge seriously stops chuckling. :P
<AlcarGM> (( Next issue: Arbiter vs the telemarketers!" ))

<AlcarGM> Meanwhile, Ricksawman fails to dodge and is accosted by several Japanese tourists with cameras for faces who begin taking pictures of "america" incessantlky, sucking out bits of his soul as they do so.
<AlcarGM> Drained of Ep, he eventually falls unconscious. Or something :0

<ken> "What is it you wanted?"
<Adrian> "Well, I said I could show you. If you didn't want to see, I guess you could have just not come?"
* Adrian hrms, then shrugs, "I guess I just wanted to think you might have cared."
<ken> "You never actually asked, you know. How was I supposed to know you wouldn't just *take* me if I didn't come along?"
<ken> "Aww..." Caroline looks really sad.
* Adrian starts rubbing out the sigil in the dirt
<ken> "I didn't mean I didn't *care*!" She advances a few steps, arms slowly outstretching!
* Adrian holds up a hand, "Please, things are awkward enough as it is right now."
<ken> "Is that you or the doggie talking?" She smiles, speaking ever-so-playfully.
<Adrian> "They never talk, afterwards."
<Adrian> "Once a day."
<ken> "Ain't that the truth...." Caroline sighs, deeply.

<Kor> ...waitaminute
<Kor> love, do I have ANY chars that havn't cheated on you in some way, shape, or form?
<Kor> or rather
<Kor> do we have any couples that havn't had affairs
<Kor> since Omega cheated on Kor with another of my chars
<Kor> but Aldrea cheated on Gamma and spawned 2 kids, Omega cheated on Kor and sired a kid, Mu was raped but she sired a bastard... good lord
<Kor> ..and it's always my fault, too

* Jok3r`RoC has joined #sffmuse
<Jok3r`RoC> do u guys like to play rpg?
* Jok3r`RoC has left #sffmuse
<Kayara> hmm
<Kayara> we might've answered that if you'd waited longer than a second
<alcar> *scrolls up* Heh. Yeah. I love those "ask question" *depart in moments* types
<Kayara> it was literally within the same second
* Kayara 's timestamps have seconds
<alcar> lol!
<Kayara> talk about impatience ;)

* alcar shrugs. The problem is marriage laws. Children go by mother's side, generally, if parenthood can't be proven. Slave = can't be. So, economically, it becomes a waste, and the Families deplore such things. At lease, Cereus does.
<Chaos`^> who cares? You don't get a sex slave to impress your family
<alcar> exactly. Since it has no tangible benefit, it is not done.
<Chaos`^> no tangible benefit?
<Chaos`^> SEX SLAVE
<Chaos`^> Do I need to explain the facts of life to you?
<Chaos`^> SEX IS FUN
<alcar> Yes, Sara :p But, well. Cereus is a terribly practical house, run like a business. Fun is always a secondary factor. At best.
<alcar> which, imo, could lead to an appalling level of suicides swept under the rug.....

<Kor> so, who wants to play?
<Wolveswood> Blahs, play what?
<alcar> Toon! Using Ad&d 1st edition as it's d20!

* alcar has a new game to offer to run no one will ever play :)
<OnyxFlame> oh?
<Kayara> oh?
<alcar> Toon. Using AD&D 1st edition as it's d20 variant.
<OnyxFlame> ...are you on drugs? :P

<AlcarGM> You make it outside without problem! There are sirens, and emergency vehicles. Even, down your road, at the local QuckiMarket, you spot 3 men with bandanas covering their faces dashing out to a waiting pickup truck.
<Arbiter> "Come Lady Justice! It's time to dole out your sweet reward, of Justice!" /jk :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> Being blind, she crashes into a nearby wall and passes out! :p

* Arbiter calls up Urge on the break.
<Harold> "Yo! You've got the urge, speakin'!"
* Harold snickers a bit. :P
<AlcarGM> The GM shudders.

* Harold will decide to continue to the goddamned pizzaria, visible, stealthily restoring any property damage momentarily before continuing.
<AlcarGM> Okay. It's 2 blocks, and closed, like most other businesses. The front window is melted however,and someone took the cash register.
* Harold grumbles a bit.
<Harold> "I don't know *why* they had to announce it like this.."
* Harold kicks a random rock a few meters, deciding to huff it to the next-nearest :P
* Harold does not fix the window... it may contain, who knows, fingerprints or something.
<AlcarGM> It is, at least, open, though the vietnamese older woman behind the till seems the only person there, and looks pleased to see you. "Good! Custom. Police told me to close up the shop, but I never listen to them. No better than the police back home, you know?"
<AlcarGM> She scowls at you. "You better be custom. Last person wasn't, so I had to hit him with the bat. He's sleeping now," satisfied
* Harold ... blinks. "I'll have the medium cheese..?" Weakly. :P
<AlcarGM> She nods, starting to make it. "Sit! It will be 7 minutes. And you get a discount. 6 dollars. Pop is free."
<AlcarGM> She glares at you, as if daring you to refuse. You've never been challenged to free pop before :)

<AlcarGM> Though, soehow, Jehovah's Witness! would be a cool superhero.
<AlcarGM> If not for being utterly stupid as an idea :)
<kentari> ...

* Thaumaturge shrugs a bit, "Mm. Well, thanks. You've been a help. Was there anything else you noticed about them?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "It's *stupid*. You could just make something liek it, and have a chip that shuts them off, or something remotely. Otherwise you'd lose time and money with these," waving a hand to the pile at the far end of the police station, "for no reason at all."
<Arbiter> "Well, thats obvious then why he's having people bring him at least 100 grand. To return some money he's spent on this crazy scheme."
<AlcarGM> Dennis finally looks at Arbiter. "And how much do you think it would take to MAKE them, duh? Factory, even after hours, supplies, bribes... at *least* a million already, and .. givne how many are here, he can't recoup the investment *that* much; stocks with a million would get better returns than arming idiots."
<AlcarGM> ..... the NPC is mocking me :(
* AlcarGM isn't sure that should be allowed.
<kentari> ;p
<Arbiter> heheh :P

<BLusk> "Okay, then Candi has to come down the hallway to get out of the building. We can pull off a hot-and-steamy kiss there, and stumble into an unused room to supposedly finish the deed."
<ami> (("No problem! I have, like, four ranks in that skill." :P))
<ami> "Right."
<BLusk> (( Four ranks in what skill? ))
<ami> (( ... Tumble. :P ))
<BLusk> (( snicker ))

<AlcarGM> A few 4 wheel police cars go by, the snow continuing to fall.The sky is dark and grey, hiding the stars and moon. A few children are out, of course, making snowmen.
* Arbiter throws a snowball at them, lightly so as not to take their head off.
<AlcarGM> ..... that is very kind of you :p

<Arbiter> "Alright, lead on, chum!"
* Harold leadeth the way! "Try to keep a low profile," he says, pulling up a collar on his coat. He's not in costume, though he does have a backpack slung over one shoulder.
<Arbiter> "Ummm... I have a cape and am wearing bright primary colors."
<Harold> "That's why I used the word 'try,' implying that it would at least be an ... attempt."

<AlcarGM> You reach the street Harold was emaailed about, only to find someone has decided to get cosmetic on it (not cosmic, yet, no worries ;p). Where a factory - you asume - used to be, there is now a 60' tall .... pyramid, in a deep red, the outside rippling slowly from time to time.
<Arbiter> "Can you explain that?"
<Harold> "Oh, bullocks.."
<Harold> "That, sir, is not in our contracts."
<Harold> "Its a sentient mobile base, basically. Think of it like a big pet .. mobile home."
<Arbiter> "Someone's living inside their pet?"
<Harold> "Its probably leased out, or at least.. used by the people we're after."

<AlcarGM> The man stagges, doubling over, and thrust a hand weakly. Fire leaps, and reaches the truck.....
* Harold totally ducks for cover, as he is out-of-costume, when he spots the truck about to be introduced to fire.
<AlcarGM> The truck explodes in a ball of fire, engulfing both of you.
* Arbiter lands face first into the snow, having a bit of difficulty getting up.
<AlcarGM> The truck driver, transformed into fire by the explosion, streaks away skyward.
* Arbiter pulls a piece of shrapnel out of his left arm.
<Arbiter> "Urge... we're being watched."
* Harold stands and dusts himself off, probably comically covered in soot. :P
<AlcarGM> Given that the u-haul exploded into a giant ball of fire in front of the pyamid, being watched is - pretty likely? :p
<Harold> "That.. Was not... The signal..!"
* Harold shakes a fist. :P
<Arbiter> "You were walking away!"

* Harold mutters, conjuring a nice big phonebooth. Zap, Pow, Bam! He is now in costume. ;p
* Harold is now known as Thaumaturge

* Thaumaturge sticks one of the little plastic thingies on the side of the pyramid along the way, floating up the rest of the distance slowly. He then is holding a small flare gun, taking aim at the block, he fires!
<AlcarGM> The blocks explode, and leave cracks behind in their wake that, slowly, being to mend together.
<Thaumaturge> "Hrm... regenerating."
<Thaumaturge> "There's only one way to deal with high-speed regeneration."
<AlcarGM> Under Arbiter's feet, the pyramid shifts slightly from the blow, finally aware you exist.
<Arbiter> "So, make a bigger brick of the stuff."
<Arbiter> "Oh no..."
<Thaumaturge> "You can't fly?"
<Arbiter> "No."
<Thaumaturge> "What is the cape for?!"
* Thaumaturge gawks. :P

<kentari> I just know pyramid man is gonna come back
<kentari> and be a god-awful mess :P
<AlcarGM> The living robocop pyramid!
<AlcarGM> Or the living tank!
* AlcarGM isn't sure :)
<AlcarGM> if you HAD captured him, he was going to rant on how you werer all educated stupid and the timecube was real and such :)
* AlcarGM resisted making a character sheer, but Dynamic Powers (timecube) is just.... so many kinds of messed up fun :p

<Arbiter> "They'd need some heavy duty equipment to get this kind of thing going."
<Arbiter> "And since most of the city isn't running, there'll be someplace that's drawing plenty of energy."
<Thaumaturge> "If its a machine that's doing it."
* Sparkie isn't doing it!
<Thaumaturge> "I mean, it could be something as crazy as living snow. We did see a pyramid the other day."
<Arbiter> "Right. Which was controlled by that guy, right? But that was a lot easier to spot."
<Thaumaturge> "No, no, that guy *was* the pyramid."
<Thaumaturge> "Notice how he never jumped, and the thing vanished when he did? One in the same."
<Arbiter> "Ok.... see, now I don't want to think about that anymore because it means we just dumped an entire pyramid onto some other world... They are probably really pissed."

<alcar> poor captain victory :p
<alcar> Captain Victory, at briefing. "The Living Pyramid? Thank the gods of Flux it was not the Pyramid Scam. Do you KNOW how much money I sent to Nigeria?"
<alcar> well... he's not THAT slow, but.. he has no real NEED to think :) He's got Power!

<Jena`^> start logging kent
<Jena`^> although I'm not sure who would WANT to read our games
<alcar> eh?
<Jena`^> Ken wants to log all of our games and sell them =p
<kentari> only the ones that are erotica ;p
* Sparkie perks up.
<Jena`^> oh
<Jena`^> well
<Jena`^> I'm sure I can find Sara at some point
<alcar> You waken to another morning in the village from last nights offerings to the Emperor, the young man beside you sleeping soundly, the other 3 snoring loudly, last night a memory of heat fields enmeshed and bones dissolving into bones, your blood seeming to melt into butter in your veins and the taste of strawberries on your lips.
* Jena`^ must have accidently ate the mushrooms
<alcar> The youngest, now a man under your teachings, curls into ..... what? We have to make it log-worthy!
<Jena`^> he's curling into a ball?
<Jena`^> He gets a bit too comfortable next to me?
<alcar> around your ample mushrooms, yes!

<AlcarGm> The sky outside is clear and blue and far too empty for clouds or gods. You're hungry, but most everyone has been this season as the heat - the dragon's breath - has been baking the hills at day and vanishing with the night.
<AlcarGm> Donnell: "Huh?" He wraps the blankets around himself and stands, barely reaching your chest, and stands on his toes, staring out. The lack of rain doesn't get a comment, just- nothing, now. Not even a sigh.
<AlcarGm> he wanders back to the bed to try for more sleep, since there's nothing else to be done.
<AlcarGm> A few people have come outside, mostly to stare at the dust and the sun. A few are offering prayers, but none of them come from the heart anymore, and some are staring to come from the desperation that is the root of all real faith, the evidence of nothing else to turn to.
<Jena`^> "We are being punished. For what I don't know."
* Jena`^ moves to make some tea with what little living water is available
<AlcarGm> Donnell: "You."
<AlcarGm> j/k

<Arbiter> Are there any buildings that are still lit?
<AlcarGm> One of two factories in the north end seems to still have emergency power, so were probably built during the cold war craze (late 60s or so). A few grocery stoee are lit, but as you watch one of them develops a large explosion in the front end, smoke billowing skyward.....
<Arbiter> "Crud. Seems people are about to go crazy."
* Arbiter jumps off towards the explosion.
<AlcarGm> Justice Lad just stares, stunned.
<AlcarGm> You reach it before he recalls himself enough to follow. People are there, having snowshoed etc. and are basically looting ths store....
<Arbiter> "People of the city! I understand your duress, but this is not the best way to go about yourselves."
<AlcarGm> Bystander #212: "We need food or we'll starve!" Crowd:" "Yeah! First come, first served!"
* Arbiter sighs. "Just don't hurt one another. Otherwise I'll find you and make sure you pay. Are we understood?"
<AlcarGm> lol! The looters... begin to actually form orderly lines, and give the stunned staff money.
<AlcarGm> Justice Lad stares at you, jaw on the floor.

<kentari> this will be so cool if it works
<kentari> ;p
<AlcarGm> oh?
<kentari> yes. :P
* kentari almost doesn't want to tell you ahead of time ;>
<AlcarGm> possibly wise! :p

<kentari> he has no knees?
<kentari> that sucks, man
<kentari> we..
<kentari> oh, my god :D
<AlcarGm> entire legs crushed :p
<kentari> I'll just conjure up two giant springs.
<kentari> He'll be Slinky Boy
* AlcarGm pionts to gemm ...
<AlcarGm> omg.
<kentari> Springing into action.
<AlcarGm> that is so... horribly wrong.
<kentari> It *is* 4color.
<kentari> :P

<Thaumaturge> "Nullifiers are simple, huh?"
* Thaumaturge asks Dexter. ;p
<AlcarGm> Dexter: "That was an EMP. Most people protect mechas from *that*."
<Thaumaturge> "I had a lamp post and a garbage can to work with."
<Thaumaturge> "What did you expect?" :P

<Thaumaturge> "The only reason I'm bothering with this at the moment is that you're a danger to society. If you cou-"
* Thaumaturge ... is struck by something! A realization!
* Thaumaturge sits down a moment in one of the chairs, or chair-like pieces of debris. "I.. never thought of it like this, but what if.."
<Thaumaturge> "What if this is the only way you feel you can meet good people like us?"
* Thaumaturge sounds like he's just unearthed the biggest tragedy ever. :P
<AlcarGm> She stares. "What?!"
<Thaumaturge> "Look, we can just meet up sometime and catch a movie, or something, you know."
<Thaumaturge> "It doesn't have to be under these circumstances!"
<AlcarGm> Queen of Spades: "I think you're afraid, then. No real hero would make such an offer...."
* Thaumaturge laughs, "Is that a challenge?"
<Thaumaturge> "You of all people should be able to tell when someone is sincere."
* Thaumaturge in fact, is. ;p
<AlcarGm> Queen of Spades: "I am a supervillain. You are a superhero. It would not work."
<Thaumaturge> "Unlike things like race or sexual orientation, those are lifestyle choices!"
* Thaumaturge exudes strange Silver Age morality ;p

<AlcarGm> Dennis: "Think about it: Jail is inevitable, unless you die. Jail is, also, very boring. So is death, I would imagine. So you need a better outlet for your talents. Religion, for example. EYou could convert fundamentalists and start your own sect?"
<Thaumaturge> "You aren't barred from reform. It doesn't matter who you've made deals with, or what you've agreed to do. You always have Justice to turn to."
<AlcarGm> The villain stares at you, then at Dennis.... "How - novel. Fine, then. I will leavethis city, and not return. Or commit - normal crimes."
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "It would be like white collar crimes; stuff that, technically, has no victims."
<Thaumaturge> "No ritual suicides, okay?" :P
* Thaumaturge .. half-pleads ;p
<AlcarGm> She looks surprised at that. "How would that get me money?"
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "Just convert the scientologists and no one would complain."
* Thaumaturge ... just nods. "Those e-meters creep me out. Hell, I'd give you accolades for doing something .. LEGAL .. about it."

<AlcarGM> Nora: "Normal is cable TV. With nothing on it."
<Mary_jane`^> "Speaking of which..." Grabbing the remote
<AlcarGM> She smirks. "I almost prefer demons to reruns."

<Arbiter> "Justice Lad was there too. He's a bit...unthinking in his methods."
<AlcarGM> (( Given his role model :p ))
<Arbiter> "If we get the time we should bring him along with us for a few patrols or adventures, or whatever."
* Arbiter stops and stares out the window, as if to say something about Justice, "show him that it's not all about being a side-kick. That it's more about the effort of a team that counts in the end."
<Harold> ((We are going to kidnap righteous boy? :P))
<Harold> ((Oh that is just delicious, gemm.))
<Harold> ((You're brilliant. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( hahahahaha ))

<Arbiter> "Anyways, shall we go rearrange Mister Winter's face now?"
<Harold> "General Winter."
<Harold> "I think getting it wrong to his face would get us in trouble."
<Harold> "And, I'm not sure.. there's something I'm not feelign right about."
<Arbiter> "Well, speak up."
<Harold> "I've seen some of his powers: the snow, he can sort of teleport.. perhaps telepathic. Its all snow related, so that's the Winter... but where does the General come into play?"
<Harold> "Why not The Blizzard, or something. There's gotta be something that lends itself to the General part."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Oh, please. How many supervillains with Doctor in their name do you think are real doctors? It's a title."
<Arbiter> "Have you done any research on him?"
* Harold shakes his head at Arbiter, and nods a bit at Dennis, "You've got a point."

<AlcarGM> (( Secret identity: Supervillain! j/k ))
<AlcarGM> (( though that would be kind of cool :p ))
<Arbiter> ((That'd be nuts! :P))
<Harold> ((That would be Aftermath :P))
<AlcarGM> (( yes :) ))

<AlcarGM> (( damage? ))
<Arbiter> 69
<Thaumaturge> (( I love that damage amount, for some reason ;p ))

<Arbiter> "There will be times when we're down on our luck and it would seem there's no hope left. Hell, it might just seem impossible for us to win. But we'll keep going until we do."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: ".... and that's sane?" disbelievingly.
* Thaumaturge looks at Arbiter oddly
<Thaumaturge> "I don't know about you, but I'm not going to head into no-win situations any time soon."
* Arbiter looks at Urge and Tumbler. "We'll always have justice at our side."

<Tass> <Arbiter> "How could I not? I'm the key to Justice's door."
<Tass> OH GAWD
<Tass> the innuendo :P
<AlcarGM> hahahaha
<Tass> lets hope justice has some protection :P
<kentari> I was about to say. :P

<AlcarGM> You sleep without worries, wakening the next morning. Power is back on, at least.
<AlcarGM> All your clocks blink 12:00, though it's morning, and your mnanager left a message saying shows are off for the next 2 nights, since everyone is busy helping fix things.
* Thaumaturge ponders.
* Thaumaturge resets his clock, a tactic only supers can execute ;p

<Mary_jane`^> "So you're telling me you found a girlfriend? Well congradulations! What's her name? What's she like?"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Not telling, and I was saying *you* need to find one. Aboyfriend, I mean. Someone."
<Mary_jane`^> "What am I supposed to do? Put an add in the paper: 'Single white female looking for single white male who enjoys long walks on the beach, overthrowing the throne of hell, fighting gods, and exotic dinners?'"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Hello? The internet exists for a reason. Besides porn. People meet and stuff."
<Mary_jane`^> "Do you know any magic oriented sights for singles?"

<Mary_jane`^> "YOu try explaining having to go out and fight demons, ninja cable man assassins and random gods showing up in your bedroom to kill you to somebody!"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Then don't explain it. Tell them you're a - a secret agent or something."
<Mary_jane`^> "It doesn't work that way. People find out things eventually. And then they end up in a mental institution thinking they're completley nuts!"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Or they could accept it when thier computer tries to do horrible things in a bedroom to both of them and, oh, realize there's more to the world than they thought."
<AlcarGM> You have more than a little suspicion the example is..... not really an example :)
<Mary_jane`^> "It's not like I can go to the nearest singles bar and take the first person who approaches me home."
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Why not? It's not like you're ugly."

<AlcarGM> Your father is there when you arrive, opening the place, sweeping up and the like. He's discussing stocks with Loki, of all people.
* Mary_jane`^ grabs a sword and does some stretches, and warms up
<AlcarGM> Loki: "Well, a bear market can be bad, but you have to consider the taurus effect on the bull as well. After that, and taking into account the fact that poredicting the market is as viable as predicting earthquakes, you get the picture. No one knows what they're forecasting: it's less reliable than the quackery of sun-sign astrology, you know."
<AlcarGM> Your father frowns. "My broker didn't put it - quite like that."
<AlcarGM> Loki: "He wants a job."

* Mary_jane`^ calls up the blue fire, sorounding the vampire with the freaky magic tricks
<AlcarGM> Thre truth crashes into the vampire, who staggers and then stops.
* Mary_jane`^ calls Excalibur and walks over to the vampire
<Mary_jane`^> "You have exactly three seconds to get the fuck out of here."
<AlcarGM> "You know," he says politely, the spell fading, "I realize now that I died when I died, and this life isn't my own; it's just a holow echo, a ghost given flesh."
<AlcarGM> The vampire smiles beatifically, and combusts as you reach him.
<AlcarGM> Nora: "....."
<AlcarGM> She stands, wincing. "MJ?"
* Mary_jane`^ helps her
<Mary_jane`^> "You ok?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Flesh wound. Just needs bandages. Did you really just cause a vampire to reason itself to death? Undeath? ... what IS the term for that?"

<AlcarGM> You end up at a large faux victoria home done up in gothic roman architecture, which is seldom attempted for reasons of, well, taste.
<AlcarGM> There are many limos outside, most of them white. Lots of people in dresses and tuxes, many of the men looking like escapees from another disney penguin movie.
<AlcarGM> many taller men in ill-fitting suits that don't hide guns pepper the crowds, eyeing each other in testesterone competitions as scantily clad women serve drinks and simper as unto the lobotomied.
<AlcarGM> men with their latest boy toys and girls with their latest prizes move around, exchanging gossip and barbed smiles with people they'd cheerfully pluck the eyes from if given witneeses that wouldn't place them at the scene.

<Mary_jane`^> gah, I was hoping for someone with more character than to talk about work at a party
<AlcarGM> another woman is telling people about seeing the face of Mary - 'Oh, not the virgin, just the whore' in a bowl of tapioca pudding.
<AlcarGM> .. that counts! :p

<AlcarGM> what?! ;P
<AlcarGM> You don't think Cecil is a good match?!
<Mary_jane`^> It's hard enough not to feel totally wierd about roleplaying finding a boyfriend
<Mary_jane`^> now you want to make him an old character?
<Mary_jane`^> One step at a time, man
<AlcarGM> :p
<Mary_jane`^> if he weren't cecil, and were younger, she would probably go with him... the only thing holding her back is me
<Mary_jane`^> I have to handcuff her and sit on her back until she calms down

<alcar> But then again, my dislike of batman is greater than for superman :)
<Vortor> seriously?
<gemm> heh
<alcar> Yup.
<alcar> I may even have a version of hin show in Defenders just so Arbiter can punch him into the hospital :p
<Vortor> Uh, why?
* Vortor stares at all the things wrong with superman.
<gemm> I think he means that Batman shouldn't be alive, and that he would prefer that someone write a Batman story where Gotham goes through Batman's like a session of Paranoia.
<alcar> lol! Yes :)

<Harold> "Then again, everyone has a hero inside them."
* Harold ponders, "Hmm.. there's a song in that.."
<AlcarGM> JL: "But one day I will be, like how you -" he forces himself not to recite your 'biography' "Well,you know, kept trying and got fanous and all that."
* Harold nods! "With the work you do, its only a matter of time." :P
<AlcarGM> He preens, of course, then says he'd better go, and forces himself to fly away before he asks when the next CD is coming out :)
* Harold waves goodbye, having planted his seed quite non-superpoweredly. ;p
<AlcarGM> You catch: "Stupid. You could have asked for a demo tape .. but that's not right." before he's out of earshot
<Harold> ;p
* Harold makes a note to send one, sometime. :P
<AlcarGM> Meanwhile... Justice Lad: "So you call yourself Doomday, huh? Well, I'm Justice Lad AND Harold Trigest himself thinks I'm a hero so there!"
<AlcarGM> or not :)

<Arbiter> "Alright, anything you need me to do now, just ask. Think of me as your assitant."
<AlcarGM> He looks suprised at that, then just nods. He looks around the room, tryingto recallwhere things were, and starts haivng yo move thing, find other things, find pliers etc as he statts building a cage of some kind, and attaching another computer, and bitsof wiring, jars, and enough odds and ends to make a mad scientist proud: it takes about an hour, when he finally puts down a screwdriver and looks like:
<AlcarGM> http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/f/ff/250px-Rubemachine.JPG except more complicated :P
<kentari> omg!
<kentari> CDs!
<kentari> Triangle files!
<kentari> GEARS!!!
<kentari> alcar, I never thought of this before
<kentari> you are amazing
<kentari> :P thank you for that amazing picture
* AlcarGM laughs
<kentari> it has inspired me to begin a new project >:D

<AlcarGM> So! You spend almost 3 hours fighting crime around the city, and trying not to think about whatever the hell is in your chest? :)
<Arbiter> yes, taking it out on criminals
<AlcarGM> You stop several would-be thieves with very - abrupt justice!
<AlcarGM> One of them, having stolen a purse and run into you, produced a taser. Which ... tickles :p
* Arbiter tells them nothing about Madam Justice, letting his fists and feet tell the story of her punishment for greed.

<AlcarGM> (( you there? :p ))
<Harold> ((ARGH. sorry. ))
<Harold> (( :P the last speaker's location isn't passing the pythagorean double-check :P))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

<AlcarGM> Dennis: "I have no idea what it was meant for, though. I mean, you put out darkness, against light, but it could do other things, against other attacks." he stares at the vial,then goes over and gets another cookie. "You'd probably need an xenobioligist, or even just a normal one, to figure anything else out. Sorry.":
<Arbiter> "Thats alright Dennis. You've done the best you can. And that is awesome."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Also, the information I gathered will be used to make a truly awesome death ray, all thanks to you."
<AlcarGM> He gets another cookie, straight-faced.
* Arbiter looks over at him. "NO. IT. WON'T."
<Arbiter> "Boy, I don't want to have to stop you from some evil thing ever again. But I'll do what the Lady Justice asks. And you can count on that."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "... it was a *joke*. Besides, who'd really make a death ray anyway? Once you use it, that's it. Assuming you survive, and if you can, others can. The whole idea is silly."
* Arbiter looks taken aback by that. "I'm just saying.... don't try anything."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Destroying a world you live on is kind of counter-productive. The economy is the best bet, really...."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Try what? Buy stocks?" He sticks out his tongue.

<Harold> "Yo! Do supers need a warrant to bring in evidence? .. Just .. y'know, hypothetical."
* Harold eyes the HDD, held wonderfully in his gloved hands. :P
<AlcarGM> Lance: "..... depends on the crimminal," warily :P "For someone with good lawyers, yes."
<Harold> "Y'know that computer dude you've got locked up...?" :P
* Harold asks, weakly. :P
<AlcarGM> Lance: "...... who probably has no lawyer, yes. We've had trouble contacting hs family; no onew answers the phone."
<Harold> "Yeah. They were under a, ah, firewall."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "I see. And you have evidence......?" Typing. "What kind?"
<Harold> "Anyway. We've got a hardrive. Might. Might have a hard drive. I'd -- oh! I can just ask the parents. Its *their* property, after all. Thanks, Lance! You're a genius!" :P
* Harold kisses the receiver and hangs up. :P

* Arbiter is mumbling a bit to self. "Need to know. What happened? Time lost."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "..... what is your problem?! I had to convince her an alien ate my legs!"
<Arbiter> "I NEED to KNOW!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "....."
<Arbiter> "I'm sooo close... can taste it."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Then stop being stupid!"
<AlcarGM> The elevator opens.
<AlcarGM> The fourth floor is a white hallway, with office doors.
<Arbiter> "Hey, you didn't have your life taken away, did you?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Actually, yes," glaring at you.
* Arbiter stops, looks a bit more normal. "I... I never asked, but what took your mobility away?"

<alcar> One pc is trapped by an xenobiologist named Dr. Moreau, and another is facing a mall of zombie skeletons <- this is when you know you are running a 4 colour besm superhero game.

* Chaos`has joined #game1
<Chaos`^> yo
* Sparkie stabs chaos through the left eye and lobotomizes him for the safety of mankind and the future of the zebras.
<kentari> yaay
* Sparkie is a humanitarian disguised as a sociopathic dicebot. The differences are slighter than you realize.

* Harold slams his hand into a wall, tapping into the PA and making it play ... the file you have just received. He is also holding a wireless mic going into the system.
<AlcarGM> Tumbler vanishes and appears among the skeletons, the air rippling around her ....
<Harold> "There's one weakness these skeletons all share... they used to be people, with musical tastes!"
* Harold sliiiiides into the front of the army, turning a bit, and facing the lich-king, "You will go no further!" Pointing defiantly with the hand holding the mic, as the intro plays... :P
<AlcarGM> Whatever she does seems to have no effect and she does an easy flip over them and out of the way,landing between them and the office supply store, and then really hears you.....
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "Music?!"
* Harold nods at Tumbler. :D

* Thaumaturge will turn the ground into a proper runway, too, if he must.. he's having a bad track record with villains and justice.. bringing these three into prison makes up for Mordred, the Queen of Spades, and General Winter. :P
<AlcarGM> hahahah

<AlcarGM> Bennie: "Holy shit.....!"
<AlcarGM> (( wait, 4 colour! ))
<Thaumaturge> (( :P ))
<AlcarGM> Bennie: "Holy Candesticks!"
<AlcarGM> (( seee, THIS is why I didn't want to do the villain thing :P It's hard keeping them 4 colour :p ))
<Carmella> lol

<Thaumaturge> "Before I hand my file over to the detectives about your hijacking, the way you had to go all the way to antartica to get those wiis -- which I assume aren't legally paid for -- ... is there anything any of you want to add to your statements?"
<Carmella> "What'd you do to the pilots?"
* Thaumaturge smiles, "Justice."
<Carmella> lol! he forgot about them and he KILLED THEM WHEN HE TURNED IT INTO AN F16!
<AlcarGM> superheroes don't kill :p
<Carmella> they do when they get forgetfull!

<kentari> good session!
<kentari> I got to achieve two game goals :P
<alcar> using thriller was a game goal?:p
<kentari> :>
<kentari> I am not ashamed!
<alcar> You should be!
<Chaos`^> the song?
<kentari> yeah
<kentari> I used it to steal control of a legion of undead
<kentari> Harold's a musician, after all, in his secret identity life
<Chaos`^> lol
<kentari> so he tore off the mask, walked up to the lich-king and his skeletons
<kentari> And performed a Thriller cover

<alcar> And David got to be used as an undead weapon.
* alcar checks off one goal.
<kentari> ;p
<alcar> his parents are going to need serious therapy by capaign end :)
<kentari> he must have some amazing power, though
<kentari> like, to be a Pest
<kentari> :P
<alcar> "But.. your son just fell off the roof." "He'll be fine." "he has superpower?!" "No. He'll just be fine. Somerhow. Do you want a drink?" "It's 8am." "I'm into the scotch."
<kentari> ;p
<alcar> he's basically a cross between lois lane and jimmy olsen :p
<kentari> lol
<alcar> villians will be like: "I need a host ... you again?!"

<AlcarGM> You are now in a 60s diner, complete with Real Coke (before they removed certain 'ingredients', and peole who don't seem at all surprised to see you.
<Mary_jane`^> huh
* Mary_jane`^ looks around
<AlcarGM> Superman is standing outside the diner, hawking kryptonian newspapers and wearing a T shirt saying 'I looked at women naked and gave the cancer. Please help my court fees'
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<Mary_jane`^> (( ANd here's MORBO with a quick news break: X-RAYS DON'T WORK LIKE THAT! ))

* Thaumaturge walks about the food court, waving his hands and conducting the symphony of repair. ;p
<AlcarGM> She vanishes with bones, and you patch up the rest of the food court as she reappears. The staf, including security, thank you - *very* much :). You get asked for autographs!
* Thaumaturge puts one in the center foodcourt floor using the tile.. ;p
<AlcarGM> A few laugh at that, and there are Press outside! Asking who you are etc.
* Thaumaturge simply gives "Thaumaturge. Clean Up Crew." :P
<AlcarGM> anhd, one asking if it is really true that someone heard the PA system playing Thriller, and is Michael Jackson a supervillain now, or is it merely his nose.
* Thaumaturge offers forth no comment. :P
<AlcarGM> aww ;p
* Thaumaturge .. actually.. :P
* Thaumaturge just looks at the reporter, "Ma'am, if Mr. Jackson's nose was a villain, how would he smell?"
<Thaumaturge> (( :D ))

<Thaumaturge> "Speaking of the former, though... I wonder how things advanced with our cyber terrorists.."
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "We should find out; whatever was hacking their computer was very odd."
<Thaumaturge> "Quite. It seems remote possession is the flavor of the day, though."
<Thaumaturge> "Someone prompted that program, though.. I wonder if we can get a real name from a digital name."
* Thaumaturge thinks back to that IM conversation ;p
<Thaumaturge> "That Naylor friend of his, it was.." :P
<AlcarGM> Tumbler shrugs. "I have no idea; technology has never been an interest."
<Thaumaturge> "Hrm.. where would we get records of his friends.."
* Thaumaturge pauses a moment, and chuckles, "Of course! No technology needed."
<Thaumaturge> "To the yearbooks!"

<AlcarGM> The man scowls: "We value our privacy here. Is there something *wrong* with that?" getting right in your face
<Mary_jane`^> "So, do you know of any good parties?"
<AlcarGM> "No!"
<Mary_jane`^> "We could throw one?"
<AlcarGM> Someone says somethig behind him, a young girl with dark eyes tugging on his jeans."Daddy,. someone is Looking for us."
* Mary_jane`^ looks at the girl and then at the man
<AlcarGM> The man stiffens, glaring, and shoves a finger into your chest."Is this your fault?! What are you doing? We don't want any god-damn party and get lost!"
* Mary_jane`^ wonders how he became a father without money exchanging hands

<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Can't you fly or teleport or something really useful like that?" He wheels over to the door and pull sout a spamm fliashlight that flicks out a small laser which does othigh at all to the door. he shuts it offf, scowling at the ceiling.
<Arbiter> "I can jump. Really high."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "..... that's it? You became a superhero because you jump really high? OH, and you're strong. What kid of entrance exams ...."

<AlcarGM> Two men enter the offfices. The one is - big. Close to 7' tall, almost as wide, the other thin and rather twitchy, saying: "Sowegetajobandthefirstnightthereisanintruderwhatarethechancesthisisgoingtobecool!"
* Arbiter ducks behind a cubicle.
<AlcarGM> "...... please don't talk," the other man demands. "YOU!"
* Arbiter sets Dennis down and stands up. "Me?"
<AlcarGM> The old woman glares at them. "Floor clean. Do not mess."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: ".. you might want your cape?"
* Arbiter grabs it and lets it attach itself to him.
<AlcarGM> The larger amn walks towards you. "We're escorting you from his building." he smiles, eyes bright, and cracks his knuckles. "Easy way or hard."
<AlcarGM> some small part of me wants the old janitory lady to bust out with matrix and ebat everyone senseless, screaming about wax on and wax off :P
<Arbiter> heh, that'd be awesome

<Arbiter> "Ok Roc. Just walk away and I'll tell the doctor you were shoved out of here."
<AlcarGM> he's trying, but the place getting blasted apart limits that :P
* Arbiter grabs his arm and throws him across the room.
<AlcarGM> lol. out the window, or?
<Arbiter> 2d6+15 Out the window!
<Sparkie> Arbiter 2d6+15: 18(3) Out the window!
<AlcarGM> He swears and is thrown, sailing out and going down.
<AlcarGM> The old lady ... cheers. "Less window to wash!"
<AlcarGM> Hummingbird, on the other hand, says: "YoubeatRocthat'ssobadbadbadonmanylevelsandIcantrunawayaha!"
* Arbiter smiles at her comment.

<AlcarGM> A police car comes to a halt out front, and two officers get out.
<AlcarGM> There is a loud thud as Roc, finally free of the elevator itself, hits the bottom of the shaft and lies there, twitching and smoking a little.
<Arbiter> "DAmnit."
<AlcarGM> Thhe one officer comes in. Stares. "Err ... Arbiter? Do you need anything here?"
<Arbiter> "Yes, I do."
<AlcarGM> Maureen; "What?!"
<AlcarGM> The police officer walks in. "Well, we got a call about a distbance, but I guess it's under control?"
<AlcarGM> Maureen: "HE is the disturbance!!" The secretary glares at you.
<AlcarGM> The officer looks at her, then you. "Pardon?"
<Arbiter> "I came here to get some answers and down the doctor thinks he can just make me wait."
<AlcarGM> The police officer mutters something about 'stuck up rich bastards,' ... it seems Moreau is well known. "Anderson, call the inspector and tell him to get the mayor on the phone," crisply. The other officer goes back t the car.
<AlcarGM> officer sloan: "Sorry about this; do you need a meeting soon, sir? How urgent is int?"
<Arbiter> "It could be a matter of life and death. I need to know what this thing inside me is. It almost killed my friend here."
* Arbiter points to Dennis.
<AlcarGM> Maureen: "But - he broke in here! He beat up our security!" a little wildly
<AlcarGM> Office Sloan: "And obviously Arbiter had a good reason for that."

<alcar> buty taking hostages IS fun :)
<alcar> not that he will ever live that down.
* Gemm is so glad that pencil hit! :D
* alcar nods :P
<Gemm> otherwise that was going to be bad
<alcar> Roc: "I thought I was the stupid one! We're security, not supervillans! We don't take hostages!"

<Caltak> lol Risus with UA stimuli
<alcar> Hey, it works :)
<alcar> now, we judt need to secretly put in the UA madness system and toss The Cthulhu at them ..... "The Cthulu is Your Friend!"
<Caltak> .....
<alcar> .. which would be a really, really wacked cross-over :p

<Emmie> has Ivellio always had wings? o_o
<Dilt> yeah
<Dilt> ;o
<Emmie> XD;
<Emmie> i always imagined him without them
<Dilt> i actually sorta did too
<Dilt> until one day i looked at his sheet
<Dilt> "oh he has wings."
<Dilt> "..."
<Dilt> "..."
<Dilt> "wut"

<Damion> you can't actually have spandex that works like padded armor

<Arbiter> "One last thing Alan, and I want to be clear on this. Only you and the mayor are to know."
<Arbiter> "I might be dying."
<AlcarGM> He listens.... then: "Might be?"
<Arbiter> "Yeah, Dr. Moreau said I was... but I'm not too sure how to take his advice."
<AlcarGM> Alan: "Moreau .... oh! I got a report about that this morning, from the doctor. It was rather - lengthly. And included massive property damage and, of all things, expense pay for 2 fired security guards and emotional trauma for a secetary," dryly.
<Arbiter> "Heheh... yeah. Well, maybe he shouldn't lock people up and make them wait for hours. Plus it could have taken him a few minutes to run the tests."
<AlcarGM> Alan: "A second opinion might be wise. If it's still - that, we can look into alternatives. If I've learned one thing when dealing with superheroes, it's that miracles can happen. And given what you people do and the sacrifices you male, wel, if anyone deserves miracles it's definitely the heroes."
<AlcarGM> This game is so .... alien :P
<AlcarGM> it's like we're wandering into bizarro game1 :p
<Arbiter> alien?
* AlcarGM nods. The authories love the pcs, are on their side etc.

<Thaumaturge> "Is there any info we need from it? It had.. a hard dri- oh, damn!"
<Arbiter> "It was in pieces though."
<Thaumaturge> "Has that *ever* meant anything to me?"
* Thaumaturge asks. :P
* Arbiter shrugs. "I didn't know you could put EVERYTHING back together."
<AlcarGM> The police, meanwhile, are collecting it in bags as evidence.
<Thaumaturge> "The only thing I have trouble with is shattered dreams.."
* Thaumaturge says in a melancholy manner, before running off to return to the scene momentarily :P

<AlcarGM> The two dinosaurs close in on the small one, who runs away from them and into a tree, vanishing abruptly.
<AlcarGM> T-rex #1: "Well, darn it! I wanted to eat him," in a surprisingly conversational voice.
<AlcarGM> T-rex #2: "Probably ran away. I told you not to do that. We're going to get caught soon."
<AlcarGM> A few police officers are watching, urging the public away. "Just dinosaurs. Nothing to see here. They talk all the time in movies. Move along now..."
<Arbiter> "Excuse me! Dinosaurs!"
* Thaumaturge slaps his forehead. :P
* Thaumaturge just.. beholds, taking a step back
<AlcarGM> The dinosaurs continue to talk to each other, as if oblivious. "See," #1 says, "it's these arms I don't get. What's the use of them."
<AlcarGM> #2: "Oh, that's easy, you...." Their vestigal arms morph into laser canons.
<AlcarGM> #1: "Oh, wow!" Looks around. "... what the hell?! We're in a park?!"
* Thaumaturge pales.
* Arbiter turns to Urge, "I've seen enough. You see enough?"

* Thaumaturge says telepathically to Arbiter, "I don't think they're really dinosaurs... try and ask them their names. Pretend your like, a helpful character in a videogame?" :P
* Thaumaturge follows that up with, "I'm going to see what information I can get before they start breaking things." :P
<Arbiter> "Umm...ok. I'll try."
* Thaumaturge goes for a passive mind-read on the one who mentioned Secret Worlds ;p
<Arbiter> "Hello there Dino-Bots. I am your guide and will help you find your way through this Secret World!"
* Thaumaturge sits back and listens to the thoughts of the one guy as this unfolds.. :P
<AlcarGM> #1: "Get off me! What's up with this?!"
<AlcarGM> Dino #1 goes to stop drop and roll the pesky hero off its back.
* Thaumaturge is also helping the police officer, with his multi-tasking abilities, make it look like we're doing a film shoot :P
* Arbiter jumps onto #2.
<Arbiter> "Do not be worried! I am here to help you. If you wish to learn more about this world, please press A!"

<Arbiter> "Seemed like two worlds colliding."
<Arbiter> "One that was those kids' game coming into our world."
* Thaumaturge turns to the officer, "No idea.. seems to be some kind of simulation with a nasty little .. add-on. I've got two names, kids, Carl and Chris, a screenname, Angelhax, and that one of 'em got kicked out of some Everquest thing."
<Thaumaturge> "Can you turn those clues into an address?"
<AlcarGM> The officer blinks, then just nods. "I see.... " he frowns. "I can call it in; someone might be able to find the screen name, at least,"
<AlcarGM> he goes go car to do that, the other officer reassuring people that it was all CGI
* Thaumaturge thanks the Officer for his time, and re-unites with Arby, "Let's just hope you didn't kill the punks." :P
<Arbiter> "They didn't feel real. Maybe if you tried to feel one you'd know that yourself."
<Thaumaturge> "I try to avoid feeling children like that."
* Thaumaturge has a voice dripping with a jovial tone. :P
<Arbiter> "They were dinosaurs. Not children. Child dinosaurs are much smaller than that anyways."

<Arbiter> "And is this a super hero thing, or can I bring Cory?"
* Thaumaturge ponders.
<Thaumaturge> "Its a normal thing, yeah! I mean, come on, man.. what could go wrong at a night club?"
<Thaumaturge> "They've got security there and everything."
<Arbiter> "Your not pulling my leg are you?"
<Thaumaturge> "I couldn't pull your leg even if I tried."

<AlcarGM> Tim: "Make sure you don't take anything technological down, to be safe. We still haven't figured out how he got out of the cells."
<Arbiter> "Don't worry. If he tries to get out he'll be sorry."
* Thaumaturge nods.
<Thaumaturge> "You don't have a robot brain or anything, do you?"
* Thaumaturge asks Arby in a jovial manner :P
<Thaumaturge> "No pacemakers or anything?"
<AlcarGM> The desk sergeant chuckles at that. "Good," with a glint in his eye ; prisoners who escape cells make the entire department look bad, after all.
<Arbiter> "Well, if I do, this should be interesting."

<Thaumaturge> "Well, you're saying all this stuff, about bringing the system down, yeah.."
<Thaumaturge> "And, well, you've got to be organized, the way you're talking about it..."
<Thaumaturge> "So aren't you just trying to replace one system ... with another?"
<AlcarGM> Blaster: "You're just trying to confuse me! We're going to make the world a better place!"
<Thaumaturge> "I mean. You're taking orders, aren't you?"
<Thaumaturge> "Isn't that system, pure and simple? Are you sure you're not being .. manipulated?"
<AlcarGM> Blaster: "SHUT UP!"
<Thaumaturge> "Did Naylor ever tell you to shut up?"
* Arbiter looks straight at him, "You'll always be apart of the system."
<AlcarGM> Energy flares out of him, filling the room - and vanished, as if a bubble popped. His eyes get wide, like a kid caught with por ... a deer caught in headlights*. "I'm not saying nuthin!"
<AlcarGM> * 4 colour corrections! Coming soon to a caption near you!
<Thaumaturge> (( :P ))

<Arbiter> "You ever been in solitary? Not a nice place. Practically smaller than you are. Hot as hell."
<AlcarGM> He struggles, to no effect, too drained to do much but glare at Arbiter
<AlcarGM> Blaster:: "This is harrassment! I'll call a lawyer!" he manages.
<Arbiter> "You don't get a lawyer this far down!"
* Thaumaturge is glad the mask covers the look in his eyes. :P
<AlcarGM> Blaster: "I do! It's the law!"
<Thaumaturge> "And you *broke* it."
<Arbiter> "Tell us whatever you know about these guys, or else you'll be spending a lot more time down here."
<Thaumaturge> "You wanna overturn the system? Don't go leaning on it."
<AlcarGM> hehe ken :p
<kentari> from a rant from, of all people, my little sister :P
<AlcarGM> lol

* Arbiter squeezes his arms.
<Arbiter> "These things use your powers, yeah? Wonder how you'd work without them."
<AlcarGM> He tries to get free again, struggling. "You won't do that! Heroes don't do that!"
* Thaumaturge snaps his fingers, conjuring some nice acoustic soundproofing walls within the cell.. :P
<Thaumaturge> "There's only one thing heroes are obligatted to do, little kid."
* Thaumaturge looks over at him, a twinkle in the visor of his helmet manifests, "And that's ... Win."
* Arbiter throws his against the wall, not enough to knock him out though.
<Arbiter> "Listen, ok. I don't WANT to hurt you, but there are ways we CAN hurt you that most people won't be able to find out about. I was a Marine. I know."
<AlcarGM> He hits the wall, stunned, reaching inside and pulls energy with a scream of pain, power flaring around him and, well, not hurting Arbiter at all.
* Thaumaturge triggers Evil Laugh. :P
* Arbiter grabs the kids hand and puts it to his chest.
<Arbiter> "C'mon boy! FRY ME! Try it punk!"
<AlcarGM> he just stares, then starts to cry.
<Arbiter> "I've got Justice on my side! And she's not letting me DIE!"

* Arbiter lets go and walks away for a second, calming down.
<AlcarGM> The kid drops to the ground, arms wrapped around himself.
* Thaumaturge walks up and kneels by the kid, going for Good Cop time.
<AlcarGM> Blaster: "I think I broke something. My *bones* hurt," sniffing.
<Thaumaturge> "Look, man.. he's worked up, okay? We've been fighting for the Good Cause for a long time now. If we were some system crackpots, we'd have badges. But we don't. We're heroes. We represent the good that's beyond the system."

<Vincent`> "Because if I let YOU pick out your cothing, most woud mistake you for a very rambunctious variation of myself, and it is unbecoming of you. If you ever wish to rise in status here, you'll have to have more skills than trying to sneak out of the window, and one of which is how to move around in proper attire without damaging or soiling it."
<Violet`> "Who says I want to rise in status here? Who needs status? I have sunshine and friends and... cats."
<Vincent`> "And while they are all well and good, none of them will help you to gain your own place in society if you continue to have deplorable grades and disrespect your betters." Vincent was just finishing with dressing himself, adjusting his shirt and pants to keep them clean and orderly.
<Violet`> "I don't need my own place in society," Violet says, in a rare moment of wisdom. "I have yours." With that, she flounces out the door of his room, heading for the Salle.

* Arbiter uppercuts the kids chin.
<Arbiter> 2d6+15 Shoryoken!
<Sparkie> Arbiter 2d6+15: 24(9) Shoryoken!
<AlcarGM> 2d6+ a number not even remotely high enough to matter!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+: 51 a number not even remotely high enough to matter!
<Arbiter> LOL
* AlcarGM blinks.
<AlcarGM> Well, THAT is a novel error.
<Arbiter> (Sparkie's DEFINATELY cheating now :P)

<AlcarGM> Tough love, superhero style.....
<AlcarGM> "Quit squirming or I'm throwing you into the moon!"

<AlcarGM> Large eyes blink, once. The alien removes the 'xenu' ribbon, studies you. "Most symbiosis doesn't kill the host. How did you find out about it?" briskly, walking over to a talke and waving a small hand held object at you, studying readouts.
<Arbiter> "A friend of mine. I had asked him to help me out and see if we could find out what makes me... umm, well, super."
<Arbiter> "The crystal almost destroyed his entire lab."
<AlcarGM> Xentec: "Self preservation." She stops scanning. "A warning might have been useful; I like this one. What scanning array was used?"
<Arbiter> "A... ummm... a photo copier."
<AlcarGM> The alien pauses. "This is some earth humour?"

<AlcarGM> When we last left off, Maxine from the Circle had called to inform MJ that a demon was in the "Starbucks downtown" and was having a coffee with *eight* sugars. The latter is probably not demonic, b ut given that the city has probably 4-5 starbucks in a 3 block radius...
<AlcarGM> (( they have over 6, here..... it's a trifle absurd :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( But you have to also realize that they are all 6 probably very busy in mornings and at noon ))
* Mary_jane`^ simply drives around looking for Maxine
<AlcarGM> Yopu find her standing outside one at the edge of downtown, tossing invisible magical firecrackers in the air visible with Sight.At least she realized her directions were off.
* Mary_jane`^ parks next do her and gets out
<Mary_jane`^> "What's the problem now?
<AlcarGM> Maxine points. "The demon is in there, but I cast a confusion spell on him so he's trapped in the john."
<Mary_jane`^> "Well let him out, I'll go see what's going on.."
<AlcarGM> She frowns and matters some pig latin, since Merlin wasn't going to let them butcher real latin.
<Mary_jane`^> rofl
<Mary_jane`^> itgay outhay oilettay!

* Mary_jane`^ turns to Maxine
<Mary_jane`^> "Well? Are you happy?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Not every demon you meet is going to go rampaging through the streets causing trouble."
<AlcarGM> Maxine: "What? It was a real demon. They're.. demonic."
<AlcarGM> (( Demon: "Why, yes. Last week, I began pre-production on a new movie. Earnest goes to Star Wars." ))
<Mary_jane`^> "It doesn't matter, we can't just go around killing all the demons we meet indescriminately. Some of them have legitamite lives here."
<AlcarGM> Sher stares at you. "Wait, seriously? Wouldn't they be, uhm, illegal aliens?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Are you going to kill every random mexican worker you meet just because he might not be legal?"
<AlcarGM> Maxine: "They don't go around being demons and eating people!"
<Mary_jane`^> "He just said he wasn't eating people, and since when is it wrong to be a demon? They aren't all evil."

<AlcarGM> Maxine: "...... they're demons. From Hell? I was told that meant they were evil."
<AlcarGM> she crosses her arms and snits. Which, really, isn't a verb, but who cares?
<Mary_jane`^> "He hasn't done anything wrong. It isn't for us to judge them for their race, only execute the ones that are eating people."
<Mary_jane`^> it is now

<AlcarGM> You arrive back home without any problem. Nora is currently watching 'Interview With The Mime' on TV, muttering about stupid spoofs.
* Mary_jane`^ makes sure she is busy and hops on the computer in the other room to sign up an internet dating profile =p
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> "Likes long walks in the park, provided you don't have horns or fangs."
<Mary_jane`^> exactly!
<AlcarGM> You end up sleeping as well, your profile getting two messagesd in aol-speak the next morning along the lines of "Hawt, baby!" and "I want to meet u? What is ur cup size pls?"
<Mary_jane`^> lol
* Mary_jane`^ ignores them =p

<Mary_jane`^> "You could seduce the mayor... Tell him you're a demon. He's into that."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "..... into demons?"
<Mary_jane`^> "All things occult... He was a big magic buff, sacrificed animals in his office sometimes."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Do I even want to ask how you know that?" dryly
<Mary_jane`^> "Probably not... but I had him convinced one time I was under one of his love spells just to fuck with him..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Gabe showed up and ruined it. I was gunna get all close and pretend to wake up and freak him out."
* Mary_jane`^ shrugs
<Mary_jane`^> "Anyway, I suggest you do it soon if you want to save the shelter."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "..... just to fuck.. so, you had sex with him? Or ...... you know. I don't want to know." She digs out her cell phone. "It does explain why he gets reelected."
<AlcarGM> she mutters something about the metaphysical implacations of raping truth.

* Fayth has joined #outsiders_ooc
<Fayth> Was there a session tonight?
<alcar> Yes. Everyone levelled and a vampire was convinced that they were already dead and prolonging their fear of Judgement and commited suicide.
<Fayth> Are you being sarcastic or did that actually happen?

<AlcarGM> So, you sit at the table, and your date comes in. At least, you assume it's your date. He stops at the front, talks to the waiter, comes over to the table. And, well, you know this blind date thing and the GMs fondness for literality ....?
<Mary_jane`^> cute
* AlcarGM thought so :)

<Mary_jane`^> "I like saving the world too, but I'm taking a break from that so I can start dating."

<Mary_jane`^> "Merlin! Good to see you!"
<AlcarGM> Merlin is standing in jeans and a t-shirt, holding an ipod in one hand. "I trust you have a good rather for annoying me?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Do *I* annoy you, Merlin?"
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "You imprisoned me for what felt like 3000 years with a sex-starved angel. Do I even need to answer that?"

<Seth> "Okay, what is going on here?!"
<Chaos`GM^> He is silent. The tv rings out with a loud laughter as Raymond says something amusing
* Seth walks over. "Yo! Boss! This isn't funny anymore!"
<Chaos`GM^> you walk over and catch a view of Heywood's shoulders, they are covered in blood. His head is missing, cut cleanly off just below his jaw
<Seth> "....."
* Seth loooks for a fricken' phone. Also,closing door. Now.
<Chaos`GM^> the phone line is dead
<Chaos`GM^> the door closes easilly
<Chaos`GM^> the lock is broken
* Seth walks over to desk. Finds paper. pen. Writes date. Name. and "This is my letter of resgination. Quitting now."
* Seth leaves!
<Chaos`GM^> lol

<Chaos`GM^> "I know you sssaw it. Your friend from the warehoussssse told me that much."
<Seth> "And then you ate his head?" almost conversationally.
<Chaos`GM^> "Know, I didn't eat hissss head. I took his head and forssssed it to tell me the truth."
<Seth> "......"
<Seth> "Uh. Err. I'm glad you cleaned up after yourself, and I'm going home now. Bye."
<Chaos`GM^> well, it may have been 'No, I didn't eat his head' but he might want you to know it too
<Chaos`GM^> "I could forssss the knoledge from you asss well."
<Seth> "I'd rather you didn't, since I don't know anything becausen this Lakesha girl took it and she went somewhere somehow and I'd reallynotiketobeeaten!"
<Chaos`GM^> "Where did ssshe go to?"
<Seth> "I don't know!"
<Chaos`GM^> well you ran away too quickly =(

<AlcarGM> There is a note, pinned to it by a throwing star.... magnet.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> The note is written in a thin, elegant decisive script, as if someone had been told that a ninja did *everything* perfectly.
<AlcarGM> "To: Mary Jane Consequence. I know of you, and you who are. Truthseer. Magician. Really scary person." *The latter crossed out a little; then beside it in margin: "A ninja should not take anything back." The rest of the note: "If you are going to be Teddy's - anything, you need to ensure he doesn't get hurt. Wards. Or whatever it is your people do. I can teach him to be a ninja, if that helps. Ron."
<AlcarGM> The latter is scrawled at the bottom; he ran out of room on the page.
<AlcarGM> And the idea of adding more pages or flipping it over were probably considered improper for a ninja.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<Mary_jane`^> Ron is a terrible ninja
<AlcarGM> Well. Yes :P

<Mary_jane`^> "The demons have infiltrated the city government... I'm not sure of their intentions yet, though..." Frowning
* Mary_jane`^ turns to Lance, before they leave
<Mary_jane`^> "Should I be killing every demon I see? Gabe said he had a plan, but he's been so busy I can't really talk to him... You know more about demons than anyone..."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Most of them seldom mean well, but not all are evil. Sometimes they even invent good things by accident, such as disco."
<Mary_jane`^> ...
<Mary_jane`^> "That was my take as well.. I've only been attacking the ones who try to kill me."

<OnyxOfBorg> guy's been unconscious through half the battle
<OnyxOfBorg> * Mero twitches on the ground, seemingly annoyed at his inept companions
<OnyxOfBorg> <Snik> ((If WE'RE so inept, why are WE concious?))

* Thaumaturge .. control-z!!!
<AlcarGM> nothing happens. You type, the screens continue to scroll....
<AlcarGM> and the images on them morph into the ghosts from pac man.
<AlcarGM> Which don't move :p
* Thaumaturge grabs a donut, which now looks like one of those big pellet thingies.. chomping down, he fluxes Master Computador skills..!
<Thaumaturge> "No such thing."
<AlcarGM> it's as if the system was - not here; remotely controlled, but you have no idea how.
<Thaumaturge> "God damnit, I've been set against my own character concept. I hate you, alcar."
<AlcarGM> Spider just stares blankly.
<Thaumaturge> (( I never thought I'd have to FIGHT trevor. ;p ))
<AlcarGM> (( *looks innocent* ))

<tatterdemalion> most game systems seemn to have that problem that people can dish out far more damage than they can take :)
<Kayara> hmm.. I think that's the way it works in reality too..
<Kayara> it's easy to kill people if you know how to do it
* tatterdemalion laughs
<tatterdemalion> point :)

<Mary_jane`^> "Is this the first time someone's challenged you to a duel at dawn?"
<AlcarGM> Sal: "Was this morning, and yes. Most of them just try and play politics, get favours. Silly things there."
<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, I'm used to it."
<AlcarGM> Sal: ".... Yeah, but you're *you*. People try and kill you weekly."
<Mary_jane`^> "More often lately."

<AlcarGM> You all concentrate, and after a good five minutes there is a soft crackling, the smell of melting metal, and a small glowing ball of yellow-blue light appears, shifting size from moment to moment.
* Mary_jane`^ waits
<AlcarGM> Light: "Who summons Nagelrot?" in a deep, menacing voice entirely at odds with the ball of light
<AlcarGM> the light humms, but the circle holds.
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "A fisher king, truthseer, and a friend."
<AlcarGM> The light flickers, then says in a far more normal voice: "Oh, bugger."
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> Nagelrot: "What do you want?"

<AlcarGM> Nagelrot: "You must give me something, in exchange! Or they will destroy me."
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Altantis. Third basement library. One hour."
<AlcarGM> Nagelrot ... squeals with joy.
* Mary_jane`^ raises an eyebrow at him
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Information seemed a fair trade," looking worried.
<AlcarGM> The demon flickers and vanishes with a pop and a cry of: "Editing time!"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "...... oh, crap. Sal is not going to be happy about this." He looks at you. "Let's prtend it didn't happen?" quickly
<Mary_jane`^> "Hah..."
<Mary_jane`^> "What's in the third basement library?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Storehouse of some old history documents really, most of it about forgotten cultures on various worlds. With luck, nothing too bad will happen."
<AlcarGM> Meanwhile, in Atlantis, a demon invents the new Bast, Our Lady Of The Claws.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> (( imagine Egypt with lolad characters as their mythology ;P ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( Trying not to... ))

<AlcarGM> Nora looks away from the woman. "Hmm? Well, yes. It's - old fashioned. Did you know the rides are only a buck each? I can't see how they're making money."
<Mary_jane`^> "I--Don't think they're here for the money."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Well, I guess not, but why bother to - reap souls, or whatever, if you don't turn a profit too?"
* Mary_jane`^ shrugs
<Mary_jane`^> "They learned from past mistakes?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: ".... they got taxed?" dryly

* Mary_jane`^ Looks for anything odd
<Mary_jane`^> "'Kay."
<AlcarGM> Well, the tattooed man counts, and they have a so-called snake boy whose bottom half is really a snake; there's a vague echo of soemthing divine in him, buried deep.
<Mary_jane`^> similar to Jake?
<AlcarGM> The carnie discussing things with the marks is, well, a little too smooth, a little too pointed with jabs. Not a trutyhseer, per se, but probably the closest thing to it demons can be - a sinseer, really.
<AlcarGM> Nah, more like a naga really.
<AlcarGM> Kid: "Come on, dad, this is boring. I've seen better cgi," going outside.
<AlcarGM> the snake-kid looks.. rather miffed at that :P

<ami> Muriel stands and recollects herself, ".. Let's just get to work, hmm? I'll need to change into something less .. dainty." She looks down at a skirt with a look of disdain.
* Violet` grins, lighting up. "We get to wear pants?!"
<AlcarGM> Severus just nods. "If you wish," going back to the report. "You are dismissed."
* Violet` turns on her heel, her skirt flouncing as she half-runs to the door
<ami> Waylon seems completely unaware of how wonderful it is to be ALLOWED to wear pants, but offers up, "We should go visit Sparkitius for some provisions.. who knows how long this could take."
<Violet`> ((this is madness!!)
<ami> The two follow Violet, Waylon adding, "And by we.. I mean you two. I'll need to ... sharpen my blade, before we go."
<Violet`> ((oh, wait, sparkitius, not Sparticus, my bad))
<ami> (( lol ;p ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))
<ami> (( Aclar, I think we did a bad job on our 'let's just respell the names' strategy))
<AlcarGM> (( Yes; I never even noticed that one :) ))

<AlcarGM> Dennis: ".. name was Trevor something. That's about all I know about him. I never though an AI that old would be real anyway. I still don't understand why he let us know he exists."
<kentari> ((oops. :P))
<Arbiter> "For the same reason any other villian is a jerk?"
<Thaumaturge> "Perhaps it is a cry for help, like so many rebellious youngsters produce."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: ".. it's an artificial intelligence! It's billions of years old, as we'd understand time."
<AlcarGM> (( "But, also, probably a jerk." ))
<Thaumaturge> "But, also, probably a jerk." :P
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))

<AlcarGM> Chris stares, then just nods and backs away from Arbiter. "Don't touch me!"
<Arbiter> "Why not? We just want to help."
<Thaumaturge> "To help you help yourself, that is."
<Thaumaturge> "Have you thought about what you and I talked about earlier..?"
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Help me! Look what he did to my chest?!"
<Thaumaturge> "Yeah. Normally, he just punches holes through people... he must like you."
* Thaumaturge sounds TOTALLY serious. ;p
<AlcarGM> He waves a hand towards Arbiter, backing into the wall
<Arbiter> "I.. I couldn't have done that! I don't do things like that!"
<AlcarGM> Chris: "I don't blow up buildings with - with that!" looking scared.
<Thaumaturge> "Calm down. We'll get to the bottom of this when it comes up in your trial, I'm sure. For now, let's focus on how you can improve your situation. You do know trying anything unethical won't be good for you, right?"

<Arbiter> "I have alien technology living in me Chris. You might have taken too much of it. That must have been what happened..."
* Thaumaturge loooooks at Arbiter for a moment.
<Thaumaturge> "Alien technology? You never told us about *that*!"
* Arbiter looks at Urge, "I just found out!"
<AlcarGM> Chris: "T-trial?" in a completely different voice. "For what? It was his - his alien technology! I was stealing the Secret because of it!" latching onto, well, anything.
<Thaumaturge> "What's next? I'm powered by the souls of school-children?"
* Thaumaturge seems to no longer be arguing with Chris. :P
<Sparkie> Now that you mention it...

* Arbiter answers again. "Hello. What's up?"
<kentari> "Heya! Is your fridge running?"
<Arbiter> "Hoho. You know what would happen if it were? Justice would get it back." He states in a very serious tone, as if he weren't joking.

<AlcarGM> Arbiter! The undead are swarming the harbour in a very - militar fashion, many covered in sea weed.It seems they're establishing a beachhead. where the docks meet the city, General Justice has fallen, aged decades and looking near death. Over him is standing a skeleton wreathed in pale flames, wearing a black coat and top hat, currently dashing Justice Lad to the stones.
<AlcarGM> Skeleton: "Fools! We will destroy all who oppose us! I am Carrion, who has conquered death itself and you will bring me the crystal or your city shall perish before the unnumbere dead!"
* Arbiter screams "Stop hurting him!" as he jumps down towards the weird undead matre de looking skeleton.
<AlcarGM> http://game1.fennecfoxen.org/defenders/carrion.jpg
<AlcarGM> Carrion tosses Justice Lad aside like a used hankie and looks up, laughing. "MOre costumed fools? Bring me the crystal of power or your death will herald you into my army!"

<Arbiter> omg!
<Arbiter> You brought back Carrion! =P
<Arbiter> You fool!
<Arbiter> We're all doomed!
* AlcarGM grins

<AlcarGM> Okay.... and, as you all go to your respective homes,the dead no longer walking and Dennis left trying to figure out how they did and explain it scientifically (poor kid :P) the stars light up the night and, somewhere, Carrion wishes he could weep for a goal so near and so far away.....
<AlcarGM> end of session!
<AlcarGM> Next session: Behold .... the Void!
<AlcarGM> ......
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Thaumaturge> I would kill you
<Thaumaturge> ;p
<Arbiter> heheh

<AlcarGM> You waken Wednesday morning to your girlfriend making breakfast with great force. Pans clang, drawers open and slam. Your boyfriend sense tingles and warns you that not all is forgiven for vanishing last night zuring the skeleton zombie invasion.
* Arbiter slowly rises from bed, fearing for his life at what will come of this!
<AlcarGM> Cory: "Morning, dear," in a voice that would probably put Carrion to shame.
* Chris`^ uses a trick he learned from an offending villian he faced!
<AlcarGM> The GM points out that smashing her with an energy blast is probably a bad idea, relationship wise.
<Chris`^> "Morningdearwhatsforbreakfast? Ok!Great!Talktoyoulater!"
<Chris`^> =P
<AlcarGM> rofl!

<Chris`^> This company may not ADORE Chris the way the Planet adores Clark, but once he loses his job he can just go to being Arbiter full time!
<Chris`^> ;P
<Chris`^> hell, he might even get away with not telling Cory!
<AlcarGM> rofl
<AlcarGM> how would be pay for his share of rent? :p
<AlcarGM> phone the parents? :)

<Arbiter> "This is my girlfriend interviewing us. I don't want her being involved anymore than she already is. OK?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "Yes, but won't she make a mistake, too?"
* Arbiter looks at Tumbler confused. "Like what?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "About your name."
<Thaumaturge> "Wait.. she doesn't know?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "She is his friend. Why wouldn't she?"
* Thaumaturge folds his arms, "Good question."
* Arbiter fumbles.
<Arbiter> "Fine! Whatever, just don't say Arbiter is Christen Evans, or Christen Evans is Arbiter, OK?"

<AlcarGM> Cory: "Oh, good! You're early." She gives you all a winning smile.
* Thaumaturge looks up at the reporter! :P
* Arbiter gives her a wink.
<Thaumaturge> "Justice is always in good timing, ma'am."
<Arbiter> "Indeed! And we always keep OUR appointments."
<AlcarGM> Cory chuckles at that. "I like that. So, what are your names and what, exactly do you do? And do you have aversions to doing it on local tv?"
* Thaumaturge .. ponders on that. :P
<Thaumaturge> "You won't make us, like, reveal out weaknesses, right?" :P
<Arbiter> "Well, I'm sure everything we've done has already been used. But it surely wouldn't be too much. Not everything mind you."
<AlcarGM> Cory: "If you're referring to that incident in New Mexico with Captain Carnivore and the "vegetable breakdown" (She makes quotes in the air) on national TV it *was* a spoof. By PETA."
* Thaumaturge .. blinks. Dumbstruck. :P

* Arbiter shakes her hand, "Hello Ms. Elgnlehart."
<AlcarGM> She returns it, looking bemused. "And you are ....?"
<Arbiter> "I am Aribter. The system through which Justice sees all injustices!"
<AlcarGM> She blinks at that. "I - admire your enthusiam."
* Arbiter nods and allows her to go onto Urge or Tumbler.
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "Tumbler. I do acrobatic things. Teleport."
* Thaumaturge takes her hand delicately, as if about to plant a kiss upon it. "I go by Thaumaturge, in this gig. My primary job is to accomplish the unexpected."
<AlcarGM> (( heh ))
<AlcarGM> She just nods to that. "All right." The interior is your typical tv studio..Side doors, front doors, cameras, stage.
* Arbiter adds, "he really does. He's so strange at times, you just don't expect it."

<AlcarGM> Dinosaurian: "I merely wish to go on your TV and tell the world I am Dinosaurian, rightful ruler of this world! I am not some other child's stuffed thing named Barney," with hatred in his eyes
* Arbiter looks at it. "Then WHAT are you?"
<AlcarGM> Dinosaurian: "*I* am a velociraptor," with a roar of much muted rage.
<AlcarGM> Under the stage, Cory fights back a case of giggles :)
<Arbiter> "OK! But WHY are you here?"
<AlcarGM> Dinosaurian: "To inform your city before I comnplete my takeover. I will not be upstaged by a children's show! My family will risse up from our home and we shall reclaim our world!"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "......"
<AlcarGM> She vanishes to the roof, to reassure the staff up there.
<Arbiter> "Your world died millions of years ago. Let go, friend, and be free!"
* Thaumaturge just watches, strangely .. fascinated with Arby Diplomacy ;p
<AlcarGM> Dinosaurian: "We were tricked by the Haud, for daring to interfere with their plans! For that, our fleet was destroyed and we were banished to this world.We WILL reclaim our empire!"

<Arbiter> "Ok. fair enough. You help us keep Justice in this world, and we will help you take Justice upon this Haud person, yes?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler gives Arbiter a look of horror :p
<AlcarGM> The dinosaur blinks. "You would make war upon the Haud?"
* Thaumaturge ... stares. :P
* Thaumaturge says telepathically to Arbiter, "You can't be sure he's giving you the complete, justice-truth.."

<AlcarGM> And........ with Arbiter having commited our heroes to intergalactic war in his efforts at Justice and Diplomacy, the PCs go their own way and the session comes to an ever-lovin' end!
<AlcarGM> YTou know, intergalactic war was never on my list of possible results from your tv appearance .....
* AlcarGM just wants to make this point clear ;p

<Thraviel> I'm playin' D&D with a spleen, a grease puddle, and Mr. Rogers o.O
<Thraviel> the grease puddle is DM
<Thraviel> ok, Thra needs to not stay up so late o.O

* Fennec is far too self-conscious and shy to be a proper member of such an exploratory group. ;P
<alcar> .... this is why it's called role-playing.

<Kanat> Still a miss. Sparkie, you hate me dont you?
<Akai> sparkie is random today.
<Kanat> Thats a good thing, isnt it?

<tatterdemalion> gemm - I may just make the elmemonator :)
<tatterdemalion> Alas, it has to be 4 colour :(
<kentari> 4color is so awesome. Its like, a promise that alcar won't destroy us.
<kentari> At least not in the ways we'd expect.
<tatterdemalion> But .. but! 'Weapon attack - Suppository Lemons' would be so nasty!

* Arbiter chuckles. "Everything's fine then?"
<AlcarGM> Dr. Wiley nods. "For now, it would seem. A repetition would likely - involve the men in purple. Which tends to be unwise."
<Arbiter> "Who are these Men in Purple?"
<Thaumaturge> "Consider them the IRS of superpowers."
* Thaumaturge says to Arby! :P
<Thaumaturge> "I've been approached by them regarding Dennis, for example."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Wiley chuckles at that, surprised. "An apt description, but probably only one of many."
* Arbiter plants his face in his palm. "Seriously? God I hate the government sometimes..."
* Thaumaturge blinks. He produces a tape recorder.
<Arbiter> "You wanna go back to that farm and talk to the kid Urge?"
<Thaumaturge> "Could you say that again? I didn't hear you."
* Arbiter stares at Urge for a moment.

<Thaumaturge> "Well. What are the odds that anything is going to happen? Just leave the kid your number, or something?"
<Thaumaturge> "You could take him home with you.."
* Thaumaturge suggests, with a grin!
* Arbiter 's mouth drops...
<Arbiter> "How. Would. I. Explain. That?"
<Thaumaturge> "Say you're doing a favor for me?"
<Arbiter> "Stop it."
<Arbiter> "What's Alan up to?"
* Arbiter grins.
<Thaumaturge> "Hey, it'd be like a simulation, you know?"
<Thaumaturge> "We could ask Tumbler to keep an eye on him. I'm sure she's got maternal instincts."
<Arbiter> "Give her a call and see what she's doing."
* Thaumaturge blinks. "She's an alien, man. What if she's like, from the praying mantis planet?"

<OnyxFlame> this city has the potential for interesting politics though
<OnyxFlame> they're near some mountains and so mining is an important industry, but the mountains have a couple dragons in them, so the miners/smiths/etc jack up the prices highly and stuff
<alcar> .... you have a D&D game that takes that into account? That is awesome :P

<Fennec> PCs will probably get dumped somewhere where their cell phones won't work, but there won't be fractionally as much just-plain-Weird junk going on as was the case for Nostalgia.
<tatterdemalion> or, hm. naylor in another game...
<Fennec> also, the game is not secretly set in the Amber universe.*
<Fennec> (* except insofar as any game is set in the Amber universe)

<AlcarGM> The air beside him flickers, and you see http://game1.fennecfoxen.org/defenders/crystal.jpg
<Arbiter> "Ok.... that looks like something a psychiatrist would show you."
<AlcarGM> Dennis looks at it, then you. "Crystal. It shoudl be white, but I think it doesn't want to be scanned. Maybe it's shy. BUt it is. Well. You pretty much have five DNA strands. 3 are that."
<Arbiter> "Where..."
* Arbiter blinks a bit, clears his throat.
<Arbiter> "Where did it put those three new ones?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Inside the other ones, like. ... erm, you know how maggots get inserted into hosts, burrowing into skin? Like that, except further."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "If it helps, you can think of it like having your own unlicensed nuclear accelerator inside your chest."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Since you DID use it on some ghost-skeleton-thingy."

* Arbiter picks up the device and dials...no not Cory... Alan at the mayor's office!
<AlcarGM> You don't even get dialtone, just silence.
* Arbiter looks at Dennis, perplexed.
<Arbiter> "Whats going on?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis looks relieved. "Uh, you didn't think they'd have the lab bugged?!"
<Arbiter> "You mean this... oh. The kid?!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "... huh?"
* Arbiter jumps up from his seat.
<Arbiter> "Tumbler, we need to get to Dennis' NOW!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis; "What are you talking about?!"
<Arbiter> "The guy who's after Benjy. You're saying he had the lab bugged?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Noooooo. The people who *own* the lab had it bugged. So I didn't want to say much." He stares at you. "You were so far off the page you were in the wrong book!"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler coughs, hiding a smile behind it
* Arbiter erriely sits back down.
<Arbiter> "Just... testing your skills of..., Justice."
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Arbiter> "You failed by the way."

<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Okay. The problem was when it turned yellow, it - resonated with the crystal in you, like a tuning fork. And since yellow isn't magicall bad for anyone, I tried fire. Erm. Have you ever tried seeing how much heat you can take?"
<Arbiter> "No... that seems kind of silly."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "... how can you surpass limits if you don't test them?" He shakes his head. "Anyway, I did it fast and - well. It reacted at the 10 million degree censius range, a little, and then at 15 million."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "That's the heat of the sun, or around there." he takes a gulp of coffee. "Offhand, whatever is in you doesn't like fire or the sun or anything to do with it - even yellow light."
<Arbiter> "Hmmm... so I could live in the sun?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: ".... erm, no. Since it snuffed OUT the fire. Like, if I threw you into the sun, you could - maaaybe, put it out?"
<Arbiter> "Wow... ok. So don't go into space."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "And, uhm, after that it gets confusing." he takes a deep breath. "I think your pregnant."

<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> there are so many terrible non 4 colour things you could do to this man :p
<Arbiter> I KNOW!
<Arbiter> I want too so badly as well....
* AlcarGM nods. I had this horrible image myself and was like: "Wow. That would be a fun threat. But .. 4 colour can't even MAKE threats like that."
<Arbiter> what picking his teeth out one by one?
<Arbiter> or punching his teeth into the back of his head?>
<AlcarGM> hrm nah. More, Tumbler: "Do you know how many STDs aliens have? Do you want some?"
<AlcarGM> which can't ever be done :P

<Arbiter> "So you're just some nuts with the power and ability to do what you think is right, huh?"
<AlcarGM> The solider just stares. "And you are...?"

<AlcarGM> Tumbler puts the girls beside each other on the ground and takes a deep breath, vanishing with all of them.
<Arbiter> "Kid, this is going to be over very soon, so why don't you just give us the information we want, and you won't be in any trouble."
<AlcarGM> Kid;" I - I don't even know what you want," he whines.
<Arbiter> "Why did you have these kids tied up to the computer equipment?"
<AlcarGM> Kid: "N-naylor told me to get some kids, and I made this fake ad and they all came here but none of them said - said they'd be my girlfriend, so they all were made into the computer mind."
<AlcarGM> Tumbler reappears, sans kids. "I think they're going to name a hospital ward after me if I keep bringing traumatized children there."

<AlcarGM> None of the business are open... you do manage to find a large sewer drain under a garbage bin, though, that seems welded shut.
* Arbiter rips the gutter off.
<Arbiter> and heads into the sewers.
<AlcarGM> it rips off easily, and you descend into the sewers. Which don't smell bad at all, to your relief, and are actually lit with emergency lighting, presumablyot help lost kids looking for mutant turtles ( http://pbfcomics.com/archive/PBF198-Secret_Mutant_Hero_Team.jpg ) to find their way home
<Arbiter> heheh
<AlcarGM> (( <- could not resist the reference :) ))
<AlcarGM> You have tunnels that go W and E, with a N turnoff to the W.
* Arbiter will west.
* AlcarGM tries to recall old text game commands to make this amusing, but can't....
<Arbiter> thank god ;P
<AlcarGM> (( GeminiRai will curse me for not having played enough Nethack :P ))

<AlcarGM> Minons dive aside as your crate bounces off the frog, which comes to life and begins to stand up on its legs. "I will fear no french chef, for my laser guns are with me,"
<AlcarGM> its mechanical voice intones.
<AlcarGM> The woman just.... stares. "You weren't supposed to leave that in there, number one!" She looks around. "Number one? ... two? ... three hundred and.... fifty... six....?"
<AlcarGM> she looks at the last of her fleeing minions, then you. "Err."
* Arbiter runs towards the frog, and pulls at its leg.
<AlcarGM> TheF.R.O.G leader leaps aside as yhou charge, dodging one laser, taking another that barely bruises, and tearing a leg off.
<AlcarGM> The frog collapses.
<Arbiter> "Alright, tell me where Naylor is!"
<AlcarGM> F.R.O.G. Leader. "You won't take me alive!" She backs away, brandishing a gun. "I = I'll die of embarassment before I let you capture me!"

<AlcarGM> Captain Victory sounds like The Tick, in my head :P
* AlcarGM had to resist him calling Arbiter 'little chum'
<Arbiter> oh man, you should've!
* Arbiter is seeing some Tick in him too!

* Arbiter takes the scroll and opens it to read it.
<AlcarGM> well, last I checked you can't read what seems to be egyptian hieroglyphics, so it all looks greek to you! If greece was egypt.

<Arbiter> "Well, I suppose you don't know someone named Doctor Despair?"
<AlcarGM> Captain Victory pauses, thinking, and shakes his head. "It's a new one on me, chum."
<Arbiter> "Well, he doesn't really want to run into you, but wants me."
<Arbiter> "Or at the least thinks he can take me."
<AlcarGM> Captain Victory: "I see. And you're involved in this, boy?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis just stares at him. "Yes," flatly.
<AlcarGM> Captain Victory: "Well, that is - very good. It's nice to see your people can be of use to society." He pulls out a cell phone, listens. "Ah. I'm afraid I need to catch an airplane."
* Arbiter looks at Dennis. "I'm sure he means literally."
<AlcarGM> Captain Victory: "Let me know if you need any help," with a wave, hurrying outside, and into the air. "The mayor has my number!"
<Arbiter> Could Tick use a cellphone? hmm...
<AlcarGM> probably not without eating it as a villain when the vibrator goes off :P
<Arbiter> lol
<AlcarGM> "A villain tried to wake me during the night and prevent my beauty sleep, Arthur!"

<AlcarGM> So, what do you wish to do with your evening?
<Arbiter> I will spend the evening with Cory if the evildoers of UnJustice will allow me!
<Arbiter> ((Oh god, don't take that as a cure to RIGHT NOW create Bizzaro Arbiter!))

<Chris`^> "How's your day Cory?"
<AlcarGM> Cory: "Could be better. We couldn't pin down Victory for an interview: the one time we got close he lit up the entire city with light over the south end: fried our chopper, but luckily Static caught it before we crashed. I swear, some heroes...." She shakes her head. "Yours?"
<Chris`^> "I think he just doesn't... umm, think sometimes, you know? He is concerned about the city's safety though."
<AlcarGM> Cory: "Yeah, but there's people, too. He doesn't even go to awards in his honour: says he has too much to do. I dunno; he's a hero, and all, but... there's more important things than just saving people." She shrugs. "Sorry; I'm just miffed we never got an interview love."
<Chris`^> "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be wanting to interview some of the other heroes around town soon."
* Chris`^ tries not to show his grin to her.
<AlcarGM> She snorts. "As long as I don't end up shooting them," she mutters.
<AlcarGM> ... oh, that would be horrible.
<AlcarGM> Cory: "You, get bqack here for an interview!" *Fires gun* "Crap. I just hit.... justice kid, isn't it? He's invulnerable, right? Tough? Please say he's tough..."
<Chris`^> lol

<Chris`^> "By the way, what do you call that shifting power of yours?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "Call it? Opening doors."
* Chris`^ will stop asking her anymore about her powers there since he already feels stupid after that one.

<Chris`^> "Has that oxygen release problem been fixed?"
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "No, I figured it woudl be better if we figured out how to not breathe. Of course it was."
<Chris`^> "Just making sure. I don't want any surprises."
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "So, I should tell you that the power source in the engine room is a universe, then?"
* Chris`^ smiles sarcasticly and says through his teeth, "yes."
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "Well, consider yourself told. It's not as impressive as it sounds anyway."

<Chris`^> "You alright Benjy?"
<AlcarGM> He just nods. "I think so. Headache. They're - normal, though. Boring, even, but one of them had - icky thoughts, about some girl."
* Chris`^ smiles. "That's fairly normal for someone that age.Anywho, didn't get any bad vibes from them?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "They've got memories and stuff, an' I don't thinkit was faked - like, put in their heads? so maybe we're confused?"
<Chris`^> "Here's a tip you wouldn't have known to think about until you've actually done some super-hero stuff."
<Chris`^> "These guys could just be pawns. People employed by the person who's actually behind it. They might know nothing about the evil plot behind their ice cream goodness."
<AlcarGM> The boy nods slowly. Considers. "Is this a choloeterol thing? Cuz mom says it's really bad, especially the trans kind."
<Chris`^> "No no. Choelesterol is just a scientific term that over-educated doctors use for studies to scare people into eating the way they want them too."

<Thraviel> If that exposure is for 1 second, should 6 seconds of exposure to that temperature deal 6 times as much damage, that would be 228d6, or a mean of 798 damage. o_o
<Thraviel> Now...
<Thraviel> The surface of the sun deals 90d6 damage per round of exposure.
<Thraviel> So, a red dragon has breath hotter than the surface of the sun o_O
<BLusk> Next time, get him a breathmint.

<AlcarGM> Benjy just nods, looks at you. "Oh, neat. Can I get a costume, too?!"
<Chris`^> "When your older son."
<Chris`^> "Hop on my back and we'll go see your mom for a while, alright?"
<AlcarGM> He nods and does so. "I'm going to have to do things to people's heads, if my friends see me, cuz I'm too old for piggy back rides."
<AlcarGM> (( The path to supervillainy is paved in small, small steps. ))

<AlcarGM> His mother answers the door, sees him and looks surprised, but doesn't sprout cyborg'd appendages and just huigs him tightly. "Benjy! Are you all right?!" "I'm fine mom!" "You haven't been eating meat, have you?!" "No. Can you let go! Arbiter is, like a superhero!"
<AlcarGM> She lets go, wiping her eyes. "Is - it over?"
<Chris`^> "Hello ma'am. Thought I'd bring him by so you can see him for a bit. I'm sorry to say that we haven't stopped the madman yet."
<AlcarGM> She closes her eyes, then just nods. "How long as he - stay?"
<Chris`^> "We'll stay for an hour or two."
<AlcarGM> she gives you a grateful smile and goes inside with her son, spending the two hours - to him - mostly being embarrassing :)
<AlcarGM> Susan follows you both to the door and lowers her voice. "Is he - all right?"
<Chris`^> "He
<Chris`^> "He's doing great ma'am. He's getting better actually. At using his gift that is. Plus he's learning between the right thing to do, and the wrong thing not to do."
<AlcarGM> She smiles wanly at that. "I've found most adults have trouble with that. You - you'll take care of him, won't you?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Because if he dies, I will become your arch nemesis and destroy you and all you hold dear." ))

<AlcarGM> the shadow effect is pretty weak; under it he's a scrawny 18 or so year old kid in need of a shave, a hair cut,and decent clothing. For someone hired to steal from the CIA, the kid is pretty nervous and twitchy, and doesn't like being around you.
<Arbiter> "Hi kid. How're they treating you here?"
<Arbiter> (("I'm different now since that time I spent in space! I swear!" :P))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( "Sure, that's what they all say, when really all they DID was pick up an intelligent strain of syphillis." ))

<AlcarGM> your go!
<Leafy> 2d6+12 photosynthesis beam!!! (omg, I need a better name)
<bothisattva> Leafy 2d6+12: 19(7) photosynthesis beam!!! (omg, I need a better name)
<AlcarGM> (( .. yesm :P ))
<Lou_Crump> (( HAHAHAH! Yeah.))

<AlcarGM> Justice Lad lands back beside you, wincing a little. "Err, I don't think I got your name?"
<Leafy> "uhh, Leafy will do. maybe Lottie, to be less... role-like. I think, anyway. is it any good of a name?"
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad blinks at you, then giggles. "You're - you're asking someone named *Justice Lad* that?" in disbelief.

<AlcarGM> Captain Skull: "I have mastered the very secrets of the universe, walked the halls of death and seen her goldfish! You are all noithing! No, you are less than nothing against my power!!"
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad concentrates, and ice forms around Captain Skull, freezing the air for a good 50 metres.
<AlcarGM> The ice begins cracking as he zips over it and lands beside you, looking rather wobbly. "Uh, hi. Please tell me you're a good guy - err, gal?"
<AlcarGM> The ice sshatters as Captain Skull forces his way free, laughing. "Again, you try your pathetic tricks?"
* Leafy coughs weakly. "Yah."
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad: "Oh, fudge," with feeling! he stares at you, then bites his lip. "Uhm, I'm Justice Lad. Nice to meet you, if we survive this...."
<AlcarGM> Captain Skull strides forward like an engine of destruction, only to find his way barred by ... the six year old kid who glares up at him through his glasses. "Stop it before you hurt them!"
<Leafy> "Likewise..."
<AlcarGM> Captain Skull stares down. "That's the idea, boy," and hauls him up into the air by his neck as his mother lets out a scream of terror.
<AlcarGM> Captain Skull: "Bring out some real heroes or the boy gets a one way trip to the moon!"

<AlcarGM> Magnificent Man: "it's not as if you have a chance of hurting me," generously, walking down the road. "So why not just go away before you cause a lot of property damage and I have to beat you up? That would be such a bad way to start of being a supper hero you know? And I think I'm kind enough to try and save you years of therapy!"

<Arbiter> "Umm, Leafy, Benjy, would you excuse me a minute, I have to talk to Tumbler for a moment, alone."
<AlcarGM> Tumbler just looks at you curiously, but says nothing.
<Leafy> "certainly."
<AlcarGM> Benjy looks hurt for a second, then just nods and walks over to Leafy, screwing up his courage. "Was that really a fairy in your head?" bursts out.
<AlcarGM> :P
<AlcarGM> Tumbler vanishes with arbiter.
<Leafy> "Where?"
<Leafy> "Could be."
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "I sort of saw it by mistake," looking chargined. "But I didn't mean to! And, was it a fairy? Cuz my superstudies teacher says they're just, like, aliens."

<AlcarGM> Quite a few people stop and stare at Leafy, one woman muttering about being off her meds, and a boy going by says: "Mom! I just saw a fairy!" Mother: "That'sthe last time I let you watch your uncle's pride movies young man!"
* Leafy is staring off wistfully into the middle distance.

<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> 'since it was too late to do much of anything'
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Leafy needs lessons, man!
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> "plus, my favourite tv show was coming on..."
<AlcarGM> actually, that would be fun for amodern comic :p
<AlcarGM> "Sorry, officers, but the Simpsons is on and I never miss it!"
<Arbiter> heh

<Arbiter> so your heroes civilian identity is that of a man?
<AlcarGM> hey, the bonus is that no one will suspect it :p
<Leafy> Arbiter- the background story involves girl trouble. =P

<Arbiter> "Right. I heard you muttering something about Naylor."
<Arbiter> "What can you tell me about him?"
<AlcarGM> He blinks again. "Artificial intilligence. First singularity on record, dating from US war department, 1971. Goes by the name Ghost Soul in modern times, uses Trevor and variants thereof as obvious aliases and tends to be 'known' and then vanish into obscurity at whim."
<AlcarGM> he eats another donut. "That, and 1.50, will buy you non-stale donuts. I *think* there was a computer genus named Trevor, atone point, who become the ai. Uploaded himself intothe nascent internet back in 71."
<AlcarGM> Spider: "That's all I've found out in over 2 years of looking. But sinceit showed itself to your friend and the kid with him, it's probably bored." He smirks. "Against boredom even the gods contend in vain, after all."
<Arbiter> "Lance told me about your... theory. That the AI is looking to mate. What makes you think this?"
<AlcarGM> Spider: "Well, why else just kidnap girls?"

<AlcarGM> Hrm. it occurs to me belatedly that Ai + looking to mate != 4 colour :P
<Leafy> retcon it to "looking for a girlfriend". :P
<AlcarGM> making one!

<gemm> wth is a magical girl?
<Kit> The Star Ocean series' and Nanoha's seasons have both done this forward and backward.
* Kit blinks.
<Kit> Don't you play BESM?
<Kit> At the very least you should know a basic one from that?
<gemm> yes, but only very shallowly
<Kit> It's a popular anime theme, hence its archtype in the player book.
<gemm> eh, not really. I didn't go in depth with the book.
<Kit> You didn't have to
<Kit> One of the pages has a big old illustration of one and a summary in the quick box.
<Kit> But whatever...

* Thaumaturge snaps his fingers a moment and then winces, moving the ice pack around on his head a bit.
* Leafy looks at the ice pack? what is this?
<AlcarGM> The museum .. rebuilds itself before your eytes, thinks moving bac into palace, windows repairing... there's some cracks and the like, but other than that it looks as if nothing took place at all!
* Thaumaturge arrived with an ice pack, holding it on his head! He seems to have some headache issues.
<Leafy> "Is your head okay?"
<Thaumaturge> "Tch... look at those cracks.. ugh."
<Thaumaturge> "Oh! I'll be fine. I've just been ... busy ... since I got back in town. Arbiter may save people from crime and fight injustice, but lately all I've been doing is saving people from claims paperwork and fighting rising deductibles."
<Thaumaturge> "All in the name of order, eh?"

<AlcarGM> The box falls apart, revealing ..... http://game1.fennecfoxen.org/defenders/robotgun.jpg
<Thaumaturge> "Its... a mechanical pitcher."
<Thaumaturge> "Tennis or baseball, hmm..."
* Thaumaturge looks down the barrel! :D
<AlcarGM> the bottom and top ate beside each other, and there are some old nails, and anote saying: "Wasn't using this any longer," in an elegant copperplate. "Thought you collection could use it.- TC."
<AlcarGM> you see .... shrapnel, but the gun doesn't fire :P
<AlcarGM> a click does fill the air, though!
* Thaumaturge reels back! :P
<Leafy> "He thought the collection was worth getting shot up?"
<Thaumaturge> "It was shooting?"
<AlcarGM> "*Click* Loaded and ready. *click* Designate target?" a mechanical voice from inside it says
* Thaumaturge blinks... and staaares.
* Thaumaturge steeeeps away from the barrel.
<Leafy> "no, I was just sayin...."
<AlcarGM> (( "*click* Target Saiyan acquired. TV show eliminated." ))

* Leafy hmms....
<Leafy> "Engage maintainence mode. Enable all safety interlocks. Disable weapons systems."
<AlcarGM> No response again.
<Leafy> "Confirm operational status."
* Thaumaturge blinks.
<AlcarGM> It remains silent. Apparently standby *meant* something, back then.
* Thaumaturge ... stares.
<AlcarGM> or your language is too modern.
<Thaumaturge> "You're some kind of .. computer fairy, aren't you?"
<Thaumaturge> "Can you help me fix my e-mail...?"
* Thaumaturge asks quietly.
<AlcarGM> (( "My name is really pixel!" ))
<Leafy> ".... for an hour, yes."
* Thaumaturge blinks, taking a step back!
<Thaumaturge> "That's exactly what my e-mail wanted to charge me!"
<Thaumaturge> "Anyway... that can wait."

<Leafy> "well, if you think that's enough to keep it safe here... I'm concerned about response latencies, not the effectiveness."
<AlcarGM> .... response latencies.
<AlcarGM> leafy must be alien!
<kentari> hmm? :P
<kentari> lol
<AlcarGM> nowhere on earth do they talk like that :P

<Leafy> "eh. my other complaint, besides looking absotively posilutely ridiculous, is that the dress has no pockets."
<Thaumaturge> "You can't carry ammo, then! Why not get a fanny pack or something?"
* Leafy stares. "... that would make it that much worse ..."
<Leafy> "and, ammo for what?"
<AlcarGM> (( "It could be green, too!" ))
<Thaumaturge> "I think the dress looks good on you while you're alive. If a fanny pack keeps you from getting clobbered, then its perfectly fashionable."
<Thaumaturge> "Oh! Guns, or .. do you use guns?"
<Leafy> "how would it do that?"
<Thaumaturge> "Besides, it could be green, too, you know."
* Thaumaturge shrugs!
<Thaumaturge> "You could keep, I dunno.. a multi-tool in it?"
<Thaumaturge> "Or at least a cell phone?"

* bothisattva perks up. FIGHT!
<Thaumaturge> "Gah! You have laser pointer fingers??"
<AlcarGM> (( That's it! To heck with leafy, you can be: Powerpoint! :P ))

<Thaumaturge> "Oh, I meant for a patrol. We may as well look around the mall while we're there. You *do* know something always goes wrong when you try to do anything in costume, right?"
<Thaumaturge> "Just the other night I wanted to get a pizza, and it ended with dinosaurs.."
* Thaumaturge sighs :P

<Leafy> "also... there's a costume-making power at work here I haven't fully explored, so I may be able to convert an ordinary something into a matching purse when I switch up. I'll try that before shopping, maintain a modicum of thrift..."
* Thaumaturge nods, a bit. "Just do it in privacy, just in case you have a wardrobe malfunction."
* Thaumaturge winks!

<Baracai> owlbear?
<Dilt> yep.
<Elphaba> yes
<Thursj> I can try to indimidate it too, maybe it doesn't like dragons
<Elphaba> http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/MM35_gallery/MM35_PG206.jpg
<Thursj> lol
<Baracai> thats scarier than seeing an old person naked!!!

<Thursj> umm...in the 4 months that we skipped and you have gotten to know my character; he's been an asshole to everyone and mainly avoids being around them in the first place. Yet, he talks to Vanira sometimes without a crappy attitude like he wants her to be his friend. Oh, and he still doesnt like you Bara, and tends to threaten you a lot. lol, k?
* Baracai grrrs and slaps Thursj
<Baracai> NOPE
<Thursj> what?
<Thursj> its not up to you
<Baracai> you should atleast not threaten me
<Thursj> too bad

<Kor> bara, no godmoding other people's chars
<Baracai> i will ignore you then
<Thursj> well, he threatens everyone, but he does you the most because your another half-dragon
<Thursj> ok, good, ignore him =P
<Kor> if Thursj is an asshole, Baracai probably dislikes him for being one
<Kor> you don't get to say he's not allowed to be an asshole
<Thursj> lol
<Baracai> ok
<Baracai> but i just don't like mean characters

* analog acknowledges that sf is fantasy, in the broader sense, and not the more modern "swords, sorcery, dragons and religion" sense of the word
* alcar nods. Yeah.
<alcar> Both genres are pretty fluid as is.
<analog> but still not sure about the hovering dragons issue :p
* Topic is '"The difference between fantasy and science fiction is that in fantasy, dragons can hover; in science fiction, they can not."'
<analog> in sf the dragons are whatever we breed them as
* Kayara had an argument a few months back about whether dragons should have boobs
<alcar> because I was all: "but in sci fi they *would* hover, since they'd be like helicopters"
<alcar> ..... is that like the 'whether dragons should have lips' stuff? :p
<analog> are dragons mammals?
<alcar> and are they ninjas?!
<alcar> Because ninjas are mammals.
<analog> if they have boobs... mmmm ... they need lips

<Kor> bara, you need a d20 plus your ranks in spot plus your wisdom modifier
<Thursj> doesnt matter, bara doesnt seem to roll anything anyway
<Kor> well she's supposed to
<Baracai> ok
<Kor> this is DnD, we roll dice.

<Kor> honey, you can't make up items
<Kor> everything in DnD needs stats

* Thaumaturge opens his eyes, "Okay."
<Thaumaturge> "I've got the schedule, at least. The girl in this house isn't responding to the program, whatever iti s."
* Thaumaturge says to Arbiter!
<Thaumaturge> "Maybe she will know about.. the goings-on, at least?"
<Arbiter> "Are you saying we're going to nab this kid?"
<Thaumaturge> "I'm saying we should go in and talk with them."
<Thaumaturge> "We have about six hours."
<AlcarGM> (( because you are superheroes, this is not kindnapping. Even though you are after an AI for kidnapping. Because: This. Is. 4-colour! ))

<Thaumaturge> "We need to find out where the people we're after are. That's all."
<Thaumaturge> "We can only bring Justice to so many places at a time; and we're in the middle of bringing her to our world."
<Arbiter> "Wait, your going to take the girl back with us?"
<AlcarGM> Ruth: "Huh?"
<Thaumaturge> "I don't know."
<Thaumaturge> "I'm saying we need to look for those.."
* Thaumaturge looks at Ruth :P
<Thaumaturge> "Have you ever seen men selling hot dogs?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks. "What's a hot dog?"

<AlcarGM> Pulverizer: "Prove you got something, girl, or I don't let you inside. Simple as that."
<leafy> "Oh. Well. What do you have?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks at that. "Excuse me? You, wanting to get inside, have to prove to me you have powers. What part of that don't you get? Jesus Christ, some people...."
<leafy> "No - I mean - well, seriously, I wouldn't want to accidentally vaporize your head trying to prove something... it would be a, um, a tragedy!"
<AlcarGM> Pulverizer: "Excuse me, but if that's the only way you could prove you got powers, you aren't wanted inside anyway."

<AlcarGM> So, there is a Fight... Arbiter: "Do you think this A on my nametag stands for Arbiter?!" Confused villain: "Err .. yes?"

* Nascent bounces over to the coffee counter, then up onto it. "Hey, whatcha got to drink?"
<AlcarGM> Lily stares at Nascent, then says: "Free coffee?" weakly.
* Leafy strolls back over. "Use caution, Nascent, you may freak poor Lily out."
<AlcarGM> she hands Nascent a cup, managing not to spil any of it with superhuman effort ;P
<Nascent> "Ooo!" *changes into a tea pot with a face that looks strikingly like the one from Beauty and the Beast. She dips her spout into it and inhales some, then coughs and spits it out.* "Ack! Forgot the sugar!" *looks around for it*
<AlcarGM> Lily: "I .... I could get some from... the back," bolting :p[
<AlcarGM> benjy: "Oh! Are you short and stout?! Can you sing?!"
* Arbiter just watches these two... quite speechless.
<Nascent> "But I'm not all steamed up!" drops behind the counter, then emerges a few moments later, now looking a good deal like Lily, but with brown hair and glasses.
<AlcarGM> Debbie walks out of the back and looks at.... Lily.
<Nascent> "Anybody want some more coffee?"
<AlcarGM> then opens the back door again, looks at the real one, then at Nascent. "Ah....."
<AlcarGM> Lily pokes her head into the front again.
<AlcarGM> Lily: "That's not me, that's the teapot!"

<Nascent> lol I'm having so much fun I keep forgetting I was going to try to finish this character while playing :p

<AlcarGM> mind check! :)
<AlcarGM> mind shield applies :P
<Nascent> Oh!
<Nascent> Oh..
<Nascent> yeah..
<Nascent> that would be easier if I had a Mind Stat... >_>

<Nascent> "Oh no!" *a large sword springs from her hand, and she pulls it back* "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" and proceeds to decapitate her doppleganger.
* Nascent` falls to the floor.
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "....."
* Arbiter just stands there... speechless again.
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Benjy didn't do anything to her?" hopefully....
<Arbiter> "Cute..."
* Nascent pokes the headless double with her foot. "You dead?"
<Leafy> "I preferred the Shirley Temple look, actually."
* Nascent` 's seperated head frowns. "That was mean."

<AlcarGM> Denni stops. Looks over at you. "Then why do you want to be a superero?"
* Nascent tilts her head, confused. "Whadda ya mean?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Why be one? Why not change yourself into - oh, a cure for diseases and let scientists poke at you? Or wipe out the world as a plague, if that's your bent. Ifd you cna become aliens, a measly virus or two is probably easy, and you do seem to know a lot about biology."
* Nascent frowns. "...I... guess I could do that..." You get the impression she simply hadn't thought of any of it. "But, I dunno. Being a superhero sounds more fun! Plus I haven't done it before."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "..... fun." He sighs. "You want to be one solely because it sounds 'fun'?"
<Nascent> "What, you don't like fun? People do stuff for fun all the time!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "It's not about fun! Loo, if you're facing someone who could destroy a city. Say, with a bomb, why do you stop them? Because it's fun?"
<Nascent> "Well no, also he could hurt someone! And that would be mean."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Yeah, and superheroes tend to be about helping people more than fun. Well, the good ones at least. Even if they have weird brain damage dealing with the word 'justice'...." he continues down the road. "Did you know over halfof all superheroes are motivated by guilt? Most of them aren't really about being a hero, they're about dealing with that. Asrbiter isn't. Nor you, I guess. It's a small point in your favour."
<Nascent> "Cool, bonus points are good."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: ".. you know about biology, yes? And yet you've never bothere dot fighre out your own limits.... why?"
* Nascent looks slightly hurt. "Well--well I a rock, and I was a squirrel for a while, and I was a really good tree! And other stuff too. I just... didn't think of microorganisms."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Isn't that the core of....." He sighs. "Never mind. I think it's part of the brain damage thing superheroes have."

<AlcarGM> Dennis: "And you are aware that being a superhero is boring as well?"
<Nascent> "Bah, that can't be true. You get to meet all kinds of crazy villians with wacky plans and smack them right in the face!" *and she morphs into Batgirl, except in a pink costume, with an N instead of the bat insignia, and throws punches and kicks at the air* "POW! WHAM! ZANG! BUCHANNAN!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "...... now I'm tempted to tell arbiter you're a perfect fit," under his breath
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "They've being trying to find an AI. That's questioning, research, piles of false leads for the most part. Work, in other words."
<Nascent> "I could try and bait it again?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis : "Not my point. And a bad idea anyway. It's mostly boring, like police work. So you probably need a better motive than 'fun'. Arbiter is ex-military, afer all. At least, I think so. Fun is probably a sign of weakness. Or being chaotic, which is the same as untrustworthy."
<Nascent> (( oh, you bastard! ))
<AlcarGM> (( rofl ))
<Nascent> (( you have insult my honor! *slap with glove* ))

* Leafy makes up a new surcharge in the checkout computer for "spring energy infusion" which runs about :P
* Harold chuckles
* Harold sips! And.. rolls a save? :P
<AlcarGM> d20, vs poison! What's yout THAC0 buddy? :p

<kentari> fae age..
<kentari> merlin style? :P
<AlcarGM> nah, they get smaller as they get older is all :p
<AlcarGM> so tghe really old faqe are possibly quantum :)
<kentari> :P
<kentari> lol
<kentari> that's what gravitons are
<kentari> little faeries.. :P
* AlcarGM nods :)

<Mors`^> what's going on?
<AlcarGM> Defenders of course! Riboflavin zombies, dude!
<Mors`^> ?
<AlcarGM> * Nascent looks up at Leafy, then grows bat wings and floats up to head-height. "Oh caffeine is fine, that was just a drill! You can never be too careful nowadays what with caffeine vampires and riboflavin zombies!"

<AlcarGM> Benjy: "Why can't I stay with you?!"
<Harold> Tp: "Uhm...."
<AlcarGM> (( hehehhee ))
<AlcarGM> :p

<AlcarGM> Cyborg: "Why am I still here?"
<Nascent> "Oh man, you missed it! It was an EPIC BATTLE!" *morphs to a soldier's uniform with helmet and starts making machine gun and explosion noises* "And then they called in an air strike! But it was called on account of rain."
* Harold looks.. over. And beams.
<AlcarGM> The cyborgb eyes Nascent for a few moments, then says: "I would prefer an ansawer from any fleshy one that did NOT appear to be suffering from brain damanage extending to the physical body, thank you."
<Nascent> "Ok wait, I'll say it in terms you can understand!" *changes into a retro style robot with square body and light bulbs for eyes, and starts beeping rapidly*
* Harold snags a donut and says to the woman, "That .. person .. was keeping those other guys from making off with you."
<AlcarGM> The cyborg eyes Nascent. "By offending their sensibilities?"
<Harold> "Use what works, right?"
* Harold takes a bite of donut, "Oh, and I paid off that debt. You can pay me back whenever."
<AlcarGM> The cyborg reaches for a donut, stops. "I'd assumed the child was lying, and would appreaciate not getting someone bypassing firewalls," curntly, as Benjy turns bright red. "Why did you do that?"
* Nascent changes back to a human form, wearing a business suit and holding a large sack with a $ on it. "Indeed, twas money which saved the day! But that's a terrible moral. So I changed the story a bit."

<Caltak> RP is like Jello. There's always room for it.

<Tass> I like kage
<Tass> maybe too much
<kentari> well, yea
<kentari> he's been in what
<kentari> three campaigns? :P
<Tass> I never got to do too much with him
<Tass> 2
<kentari> And he still hasn't lived up to your expectations
<Tass> one D&D, and one besm
<kentari> You should go easier on the poor guy.
<Tass> oh, he's more than fulfilled them
<Tass> I never had high expectations for him :P
<kentari> Then why would you miss him? :P
<Tass> because, kentari, my characters aren't a collection of goals, they're experiences that I enjoy :P

<kentari> Tass has this way of like
<kentari> persuing things before they really completely exist
<kentari> Which comes off as really mysterious and well-timed action :P
<Tass> I persue things that will never actually exist, too :P
<Tass> that way, people will have no idea wtf I'm doing :P
<alcar> well, that IS the fun of gming... players come up with better plots, so you follow *them* and the player thinks they made good guesses :)
<kentari> well sure
<kentari> and then, like sin says
<kentari> you convince alcar it'd be funny
<kentari> :P
<alcar> yes :)

<Caltak> A PC I made to pander to some dark, twisted thoughts of mine, who never got involved with the other players in a significant way, was the one who followed the actual intended plot of the game and accomplished things.
<kentari> Yep!
<kentari> Lucky bastard. :P
<kentari> While we all got erased from time
<kentari> And shot
<kentari> And haunted :P
<kentari> And then had our friends, corporeal and incorporeal alike, all fry. ;p
<alcar> and dealt wih the insane milk/cows (Carl :p_
<Caltak> I mean, Vora's basic concept is "LOL tentacle rape and voraphilia"
<Caltak> Funny how that works.
<Caltak> I guess the moral is I should just make fucked up characters because they work out the best. :P
<alcar> new moral! new moral!
<alcar> :p

<FirestormZero> i do not think i have battled cookie monsters to date in an RP
<FirestormZero> It Came From The Bakery just doesn't have a ring to it
<alcar> .. this from someone who ran a gameinvolving an escape from a supermarket?
<FirestormZero> omg. i did do that didn't i
<FirestormZero> the chinese market one?
<FirestormZero> where people played like lobsters?
<alcar> yes :)
<FirestormZero> wow, and that was before i did drugs

<Thaumaturge> "If they ditched radio, it could be propoganda and technology.. see if there's energy being radiated we're not used to?"
* Nascent is now an adult wearing a lab coat and goggles. "We could make a really bit lightning rod. You know. If a storm comes along. OH WAIT! Solar power!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "I'd need .... some kind of geiger counter, magnets and an ultrasound machine. Probably. To make something out of."
* Thaumaturge looks around and reaches behind Nascent's ear, retrieving the geiger counter, at least, and offers it to Dennis.
<AlcarGM> He stares at it, wheels over to snag it, and pulls a screwdriver from a pocket and starts taking it apart
* Nascent gasps. "I totally had no idea that was in there!" *produces rediculously large cotton swab and jams it depp into her ear, turning it a bit*

<Nascent> "Did I hear you guys sayin' something about a living weapon?"
<Leafy> "Wooden swords aren't renowned for deadliness..."
* Thaumaturge looks to Nascent, and nods a little.
* Leafy heads to the nearest tree, finds a likely looking branch, detaches it effortlessly... makes a club, conjures up a few spikes just as extra bonus...
* Arbiter watches Leafy work, commenting on the spikes. "Those will be unnecessary."
* Leafy shrugs. "k."
* Nascent blinks. "Hold on, I think I have one of those." *reaches into pocket on front of coveralls, then reaches in further... then reaches in much father than should be possible. "Aha! Here it is!" And pulls, suddenly pulling herself inside out and ending up as a sword made out of bone and tendons, with a small skull on the hilt.
<Nascent> "How's this?"
<Thaumaturge> "Though it would work ... I'd rather not have you sundered."
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad: "...."
<Thaumaturge> "And it could be considered groping. Which would get us into legal trouble when we got home."
<AlcarGM> He turns a nasty shade of green :p

* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
<Fennec> kentari! someone! help! don't trap me alone with Nascent!
<Caltak> >:D
* Caltak is now known as Nascent
<Fennec> what did I do to deserve... oh, wait. Rachael. nm.

* Leafy sits there a little while, before bursting out at Dennis. "It's complicated, okay?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Hmm?"
<Leafy> "The secret-identity business."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "I never understand why you people have them," absently, conitnuing to work.
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad: "Everyone needs time to relax," simply, looking around.
<Leafy> "I don't mean in general, but specifically, well, I just.... really don't want anyone to know."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Wonderful," barely paying attention, pulling out his cell phne ot test it, then starting on something else.
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad gives you a suroprised look, though. "Why not?"
<Leafy> "Because... It's complicated! And embarassing! And I'm very shy!"
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad: "Yeah, but... it's other superheroes...... I mean..... wait, you're not shy about being greenw ith wings, then?"
<AlcarGM> He boggles :)
* Leafy sticks out her tongue.

* Thaumaturge gestures to the phone.
<Thaumaturge> "Now we've got to decide what direction we're going in. You can expect to at least hear from us."
* Nascent looks at Thaumaturge. "Did you give him the one with Tetris on it too?"
* Thaumaturge shakes his head, "Never." :P
* Nascent gasps. "Are you... anti-Tetris?!?"
<Thaumaturge> "No, no.. I mean I'd never give mine away."
<Nascent> "Oh, phew."
<AlcarGM> Trevor looks puzzled by that one, then nods slowly. "You .. call, then."
<Thaumaturge> "We shouldn't stay long.. I don't want to bring any undue trouble to this building."
* Thaumaturge nods a bit, then looks to Nascent, "How do you feel about some scouting, before we go back?"
* Nascent looks bac at Trevor. "Just remember it comes with a two-year contract, so early cancellation of service incurs a fee." *then turns back to Nascent* "I feel luke-warm and slightly gooey, why?"

* Leafy inits? :P
<AlcarGM> 2d6+6 - Dryad
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+6: 15(9) - Dryad
<Leafy> 2d6+6
<Sparkie> Leafy 2d6+6: 15(9)
<Leafy> tiebreaker anyone? :P
<AlcarGM> 2d6+9 - JL
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+9: 15(6) - JL
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> new inits!

<Leafy> perhaps Dennis could try and dial the otherz? :P
<ken> I was thinking that, too
<ken> But didn't have the courage to suggest it ;p
<AlcarGM> he was kind of pinned for a bit there :P
<Nascent> hands over mouth not condusive to phonecalls.
<ken> There is a super secret power Urge has used time and time again.
<ken> Actually, its sort of a lesser known Defenders tradition..
<ken> We rack up tons of expenses text messaging our fellow heroes. :P
<Nascent> lawl
<Nascent> there are plans with unlimited text messaging, you know.
<ken> heroes don't believe in contracts ;p

<AlcarGM> Benjy - this world's, at least - is sitting on a bed, cross legged, and holding his head. Controlling you was easy: convincing everyone else nothing was wrong was - a lot harder, even if he IS better at controlling people.
<AlcarGM> "Why can't I read beyond your surface?" he demands, though in person it;s more of a whine, feeling your voice
<Arbiter> "Because I stand on the side of Justice, boy."
* Arbiter puts a bit of venom into the word -boy-
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> He glares up at you with pure spite, eyes glittering. "I could make you kill yourself," he snaps, staggering to his feet and to a medicine cabinet, digging our pills, water, downing a pile of them.
<Arbiter> "Is your mother still alive here Benjy?"
<AlcarGM> benjy: "I wanted to eat meat, so I did, and it's not my fault her head exploded when I made her! Because *I* was right." He turns back, glaring at you fiercly. "An' I told no one about her! At all! So you tell me how you know, or I'll - I'll rip your brains open an' eat them and learn it that way! I can DO THAT!"

<alcar> The two security guards lead you both outside, firmly, where a tall, lean demon in a suit is staning, looking considerably put out. "Give me a reason not to kill you," he says
<Mary_jane`^> "Well, the number one reason is that you wouldn't get that far."
<alcar> The demon stares at you for a few moments as a family of 4 wanders past, then says: "Excuse me?"
<Mary_jane`^> "You can try."
<alcar> The demon considers that for a moment, staring at you, then snaps his fingers imperiously. The security guards handas are now clawed and the one on your left attempts to break your arm as the one on the right, possibly thinking you are cute, tries to kick your face with a long prehensile tongue
<Mary_jane`^> lol

<Mary_jane`^> "Can I leave now?"
<alcar> Demon: "I think not: you destroyed our snark. Actually, I have no idea where it went, and it *should* retun to the cage when dead or harmed." The world around you all turns quiet and still, shadows lengthening. "You *will* explain why you destroyed the snark, human."
<Mary_jane`^> "Because it was a snark. Can't stand the things."
<alcar> Demon: "It *was* our first line of defense against the demons from the outer dark," icily. "But I assume, even with a demon for a friend, you ignore such things as well, hmm?"
<Mary_jane`^> "It wasn't working very well, then. You already had one around."
<alcar> The demon blinks, finally. "Our defences are second to none," colder than before.
<Mary_jane`^> "Then I suggest you start contracting from None because yours aren't working."
<alcar> Teddy: ".... wow. That was bad."
<Mary_jane`^> "No, I like it."
<alcar> Teddy: "That's even worse."

<alcar> hey, on the plus side I'm finding a use for the dark and evil stuff that can't go into Defenders :P
<alcar> mind you, having someone have to go visit evil possessing demons with her bf, ex bf and potential-but-never-was bf is not evil as much as cruel
<Lou_Crump> lol
<alcar> the best part was I figured Chaos would recall MJs brother could do shadow magic stuff (in theory) but she recalled the potential bf instead
<alcar> some day someone will methematically prove that there is no possible situation in an rpg players cannot make worse

<gemm[bed]> damnit... alcar has ruined all pretenses of the name Sara for me FOREVER.

<Zulma> "Then let me ask you this..."
<Zulma> "What prices have *you* been willing to pay? If I'm going to follow in your footsteps.."
<AlcarGM> (( "Do you want a free nano ipod?!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( the idea of magical spam is awesomely appealing :p ))
<Cyrus`> (( READ THIS! ))
<Zulma> ((Urgent message. You must to read. :P ))
<Zulma> ((Magical penny stocks... :P))
<Sharon> ((I am from South Africa and I have a fortune in magic to give you. I need you to, however, first come here by magical means and allow me to be helped by your magics. Then I can give you m magic fortunes.))
<Genevieve> "So, I have a question then."
<AlcarGM> (( it would rock! ))

<Mary_jane`^> "Yeah, I have to get all of my old boyfriends together to go to this other dark place... it just so happens that each of them has one skill I require to get there. Ironic, eh?"
<Cyrus`> "Wow, that's gotta be awkward. What kinds of skills are we talking about? I've dabbled a bit with demonic stuff recently..."
<Mary_jane`^> "Sight, shadow magic... that kind of stuff."
* Cyrus` blinks. But he's wearing sunglasses so you probably don't notice. "Shadow magic, you say?"
<Cyrus`> (( "My! What a coincidence!" :P ))
<Mary_jane`^> "yeah."
<AlcarGM> The universe is full of those!
<Mary_jane`^> "Why? You know someone who can do it?"
* Cyrus` holds up a hand casually, tendrils of darkness extending from his sleeve and moving about it for a moment. "I've been finding myself with an affinity for the dark as well, as it happens. Would you be interested in any extra help on this?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh god yes! There's one ex I can cross off the list."
<Mary_jane`^> "Where are you staying?"

* Cyrus` reaches out and pulls him back in the window, shaping the darkness into solid ropes to hold him for a moment. "Excuse me, but what were you doing in my house just now?"
<AlcarGM> The ninja says nothing, twisting an arm free of the rope and drawing a sword!
* Cyrus` swiftly pulls his long-used magic spear from the shadows inside his coat. "This doesn't have to come to blows, I'm just curious as to why my privacy's been invaded."
<AlcarGM> The ninja hesitates, pulls himself free, then drops his bag on the round aod pulls out a small box. "Neilsen box," curtly.
<Cyrus`> "oh. In that case, I should point out I really don't watch television often enough for you to get any useful statistics. I just had it on because I've been away for a while."
<AlcarGM> The ninja is quiet."Then we shall remove it," walking over to the tv, opening it up. "The shadows: you're of the Circle?"
<Cyrus`> "Eh, not in any official capacity. As I said, I've been... Away."
<AlcarGM> The ninja removes the box, nods to you. "We asre always glad to have people return. Do you wish to upgrade your cable package?"
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "Since you last occupied this place, 2 new movie channels have been added."
<Cyrus`> "I'll... consider it... but I'm fine for the time being, thanks. I'll get back to you."

<Vortor> Who else would play?
<alcar> from here? Dunno.
<alcar> some people just don't 'get' the game :)
<Vortor> :O
<Vortor> but
<Vortor> it's impossible to not play that game right
<Vortor> what could you possibly do
<Vortor> You could even play a character who has absolutely no paranoia and still have fun
<alcar> well, true, if by dying often one has fun :)
<alcar> Which the player should, really.
<alcar> newbie pcs are such fun in paranoia.
<Vortor> Anyway, dying often *is* fun in paranoia
<alcar> "Oh, go down the blue corridor and getme..."
<Vortor> If you can't enjoy dying, you aren't alive.

<Cyrus`> "Well... yeah, you may be Stories at your core, but there's often more to you guys than just what we hear about over here. I had to learn that from meeting so many of you. So maybe you're not from what's considered the 'Real' world, but... you're all real in your own ways. Especially to those who treasure the stories, if nothing else." *shrugs* "But I'm rambling, I'm not sure where I was trying to go with that."
<AlcarGM> Grumpy considers that, then nods. "They always leave out the part where we like to eat human flesh."
* Cyrus` looks off into space for a moment, then glances at him to try to assess if he was kidding.
<AlcarGM> he is smiling, but dwarf teeth do look awfully sharp, now that you think about it :)
<Cyrus`> "Heh."
<AlcarGM> He bows to you, nudging Sneezy up. "And thank you for your help. I don't know if anyone really thanked you. But we have a home again."
* Cyrus` fishes out some change and tosses it in to the hat, smiling. "Not a problem. It felt pretty good being a hero for someone."
<AlcarGM> He actually almost doesn't scowl for a moment."hah! Anyone can be a hero, prince. But to enable others to *be* heroes? That's a harder thing by far." He gives you a deep bow. "The Creator be between you and harm in all the empty places you walk."

<AlcarGM> You waken Friday morning to birds chripping, money in your wallet, not having to work until monday and the demon pit hell in the basement whispering inside your head for human sacrifices. Or, failing that, it wants a big mac.
* Cyrus` sighs and writes "buy meat" on his to-do list. :P
<AlcarGM> it's whispering other things, but you don't catch the gist of the words. It's possible hell is just glad for someone to talk to.

<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+16: 24(8) - melee, def.
<Arbiter> 2d6+21 def!
<Sparkie> Arbiter 2d6+21: 23(2) def!
<Leafy> 2d6+9 oh, melee? oh bother.
<Sparkie> Leafy 2d6+9: 17(8) oh, melee? oh bother.
<Arbiter> ((You POS Sparkie!))
<Leafy> Sparkie isn't a POS. Point-of-sale systems are actually useful.
<Leafy> =)

* Nascent shifts to robes, sandals, and a crown of thorns. "I could cure some lepers?"
<AlcarGM> Justice Lad stares at Nascent. "How - how can you make JOKES about this?! There's dead people out there and an entire city is ruined!!"
<Leafy> (( Jesus joke => not four-color. ))
<Leafy> (( well, not with the crown-of-thorns anyway. ))

<Arbiter> grrr.... :P
<Arbiter> I feel like Nascent is our Plastic Man to our other JLA members. :P
<Nascent> that's the idea.
<kentari> ;P
<Arbiter> god damn you :P
<Nascent> :]
<AlcarGM> lol

* Nascent whispers "I think they're all being corrupted or something. It might be Mind Control!"
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> this from someone who wore a crown of thorns and wanted to cure lepers? :P
<Nascent> indeed
<AlcarGM> The problem with being insane is that people don't exactly pay attention to your advice alas ;)

* Nascent shifts to a white shirt, tan pants, and a fedora, complete with bullwhip at her side.
<Arbiter> ((You're a champion!))
<AlcarGM> George Lucas sues Nascent out of existence. Roll 2d6 + soul, difficulty 12, to resist! (it would be 15, but there is a minus 3 due to sw prequels)

<Chaos`^> hey! la fin?
<AlcarGM> I'd run it, but I already am!
<Chaos`^> can I join?
<AlcarGM> I guess.
<AlcarGM> Do you have a character?
<AlcarGM> :p

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