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<AlcarGM> The angel strides towards you. "But you have been touched by the Pit, given sacrifices of food to it, and there is darkness in your soul..."
* Cyrus` kicks the engine back to life. "Well I can see you've got everything under control here so.." *peels out*
<AlcarGM> Wings unfurl and the angel fgoes skywartd, coming down towartds both of you, the sword burning.
<AlcarGM> Teddy: "So, he meant Darkness as in .. .you, right? Because I'm an atheist," over the engine. ".... possibly retired now."
<AlcarGM> Angel: "HOLD YOUR STEED," with divine authority behind it.
<Cyrus`> "Well I'm assmung he can sense my magic and he'd probably want to cleanse it, or you know, just kill me... either way not so good. Plus he is, in fact, chasing us." *takes some evasive driving, turning down random streets and such*
<AlcarGM> The engine shudders, choking up.
<Cyrus`> "Oh come on now, Darkfire, this is really not the time." *tries to rev it back to life*
<AlcarGM> The bike - neighs, in fear.

<AlcarGM> Nora sighs. "She didn't mention a boyfriend, did she?" hopefully
<Cyrus`> "You mean Teddy?"
<AlcarGM> Nora:" Hah! Yes. You've met him?"
<Cyrus`> "Well, yeah. He was there with us. His teacher... Lance or whatever had showed up with him at my house before the angel came, and he got upset when I told him I was living there and I guess went to talk to Gabe... and then sort of left Teddy at my house, so we talked for a bit and then I tried to take him home, and that's when the angel showed up."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "So..... can you tell me where he lives? I haven't met him yet, and she won't tell me a thing."
<Cyrus`> "Well I did finally drop him off there afterward... you won't, like, do anything that's going to get me in trouble for telling you or anything, are you?"
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "Nah. I just want to meet him before MJ introduced us. If only to bug her."
<Cyrus`> "Oh. Ok. He's over at <address>. He's dealing with an issue with his room mate right now, though."
<AlcarGM> NOra:" Can't be worse than mine."
<AlcarGM> She waves ahand, the smell of brimstone in your nostrils a moment, and draws several demonic symbols in the air.
<AlcarGM> A portal appears, and 3 throwing knives come through it.
<AlcarGM> She ducks at the last moment. "... on the other hand...."

<AlcarGM> The ninja sees nora, and gasps something about an angel.
<Cyrus`> "Ron?"
<AlcarGM> The ninja does not seem to be ron. A year or two younger, and concussed :P
<AlcarGM> Nora smirks. "Okay. this is getting amusing...." she picks up the ninja, wandering back to the portal to Teddy and Ron's aparrtment, poking her head through carefully.. "My god! It's full of ninjas!"

<Mary_jane`^> "Can demons from the underdark possess angels?"
<AlcarGM> Sara blinks a few times. "Fom the outer dark? Oh, eeew! Who told you about those?!"
<Mary_jane`^> "They did."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Then angels?" in disbelief :P
<Mary_jane`^> "The demons from the outer dark told me about themselves."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, poopiesticks. that's just not good for anyone."
<Mary_jane`^> "No, it isn't. They're trying to take over hell. They've possessed a few demons, and we think one might have had contact with an angel. Are they affected too?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I should go work out some wards and ...." she brightens. "I bet they'd love sex!" She snaps her fingers, making a portal in the air. "This is going to be fun! Thank you for letting me know!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait-- We want to help."
<AlcarGM> Sara; "It's okay! Making up new sutras is best done alone!"
<Mary_jane`^> "We want toh elp get rid of it."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "before I have sex with them?!"

<AlcarGm> Teddy: "You want me to wash or dry the dishes?" after you're done.
<Cyrus`> "Eh, um. Sure, I'll wash 'em and you can dry." *hands him a dishtowel and starts washing the dishes, then after shows him where they all go and helps put them away.*
<AlcarGm> He does so quickly, memorizing your layout as you go. "I'll need tot ake a couple of hours and just memorize the place. Steps,. math, all of..." He stops,the dishtowel half way to your fridge. "It sounds like you have rats, too."
<AlcarGm> (( "Once the portal to hell's away, all the rats come out to play." - a new proverb! ))

<AlcarGm> The circle flares, and there is now an old black one-eyed tom with a missing eye in the circle, tail rather ratty and paw raised in the middle of a swipe. "Now, you can ask uncle..... mousie?"
<AlcarGm> The cat puts down his paw, then looks up at you, eye narrowing. "Tuna replaced a good mouse, magician?"
<Cyrus`> "Oh, sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. I've just been having some issues with vermin, and am in need of some assistance from someone of your expertise."
<AlcarGm> The cat considers, eating the tuna because its there, but not being bound by the summoning as a result, oddly. Possibly because no one's ever made a cat do something the cat didn't want to do.
<AlcarGm> The cat sniffs. "Imps?"
* Cyrus` nods. "A whole lot of them were invited here by a a dark force before it was banished away."
<AlcarGm> Cat; "Oh, nasty." He licks his shoulder. "What's in it for me? Imps taste awful. They *say* they're low in cholesterol, but they are imps."

<AlcarGM> Sara considers, then grins, and the stairs flare blue-white, Lancelot vanishing.
<AlcarGM> The stairs return to Normal and Sara blinks a few times, then hiccups and topples back down them to the ground."Ow."
* Mary_jane`^ catches her, since she's behind her...
<Mary_jane`^> "It's not like you to get drunk. Where's Lance?"
<AlcarGM> Sara; "Heaven of course," cheerfully.
<Mary_jane`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "He was on the staircase. SOMEONE had to go."
<AlcarGM> Sara shrugs, standing. "Besides, he'll likely kill everyone who would have tried to stop me! It's perfect!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Except that he could die before we have sex!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Stop you from what?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "God is a prude," as if that should be obvious.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "And the whole whore thing is, like, WAY out of proportion.He was shy, and .... well." She absently twirls her hair. "What's it called if you rape the creator of your universe?"
* Mary_jane`^ moves her to the nearest empty booth
<Mary_jane`^> "Tell me the whole story."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I just did, silly!"

<kentari> lool
<kentari> sara as the aizen of sex
<kentari> you are a terrible person
<AlcarGM> thak you :)

<Mary_jane`^> "Why do you insist on doing everything alone?"
<AlcarGM> Sara gasps, eyes widening in shock. "I never do sex alone!"
<Mary_jane`^> "Fine, everything ELSE."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "..... there's an everything else?"

<Leafy> "Meet any exciting super-heros?"
<AlcarGM> Lily: "Actually, we have one working here, if you can believe *that*."
<Leafy> "Really? How exciting?"
* Leafy grins.
<AlcarGM> Lily: "Up until people attack the place, maybe." She shrugs. "Insurance wanted it, though, so we don't have much choice. I can't quite see how having a green fairy woman serve drinks is going ot attract, well, normal people," waving to the nearly empty shop.
<Leafy> "You don't? Hmmmm. I take it that you are Not a typical twenty-thirty-something male, then..."
* Leafy sips the orange mocha frappucino?
<AlcarGM> She blinks at that, then snorts. "You ever try getting tips out of those? Or see how they leave washrooms? But don't mind me; it's still just very ... strange. I don't even really know her yet."
* Leafy nods. "I take it she's not around at the moment, in any event..."
<AlcarGM> Lily: "Nah, she'd be out here. We can't have her making things i the back without a proper medical and the like; government regulations. HGumans have to wear hair nets... everyone else, it's some case by case thing."
<AlcarGM> (( the government health inspectors must make small fortunes, in Defenders :P ))

<AlcarGM> Benjy is sitting in the tree, head in her hands, with Karen aiming a small laser pistol at her.
<AlcarGM> Karen: "This is my warning. Get down, whatever you are. You hurt my friend."
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "I did not!"
<AlcarGM> The tree she's on .. explodes, sending shards of tree into mecha, and sending Karen diving to the ground.
<AlcarGM> Benjy plops down on the ground, surprised, smoking gently, wings pretty much gone. "I guess that was me?!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Aha!" The mecha charges, legs moving at least.
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "YTou're going to run over fairies?!"
* Nascent dives over to Benjy. "Fairy twin powers activate! Form of an eagle!" *morphs into an eagle and flies off with Benjy in her talons*
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "Form of a dunce!!" and this time it's by choice, as energy is focussed...
<AlcarGM> the mecha shatters to pieces as if hit with a giant hammer.
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "ooh! My head went ligh...." and she passes out
<Thaumaturge> ((Shape of a dunce, you mean.))
<Nascent> "Pfft, you were supposed to say 'Shape.'" as she airlifts them from the scene.

<Leafy> "I know, and... I'm sorry, since I haven't been entirely forthcoming. And by 'not entirely forthcoming' I mean, not forthcoming at allllllllll.
<AlcarGM> Lily stares at you. "You're a superhero," shr shrugs. "You have secrets. It doesn't bother me."
<Leafy> "Well... I just think that if you're talking about your 'high school sweetheart' as if he's out of the room, he shouldn't secretly be in the room eavesdropping-like."
<Leafy> "... now just think a moment and parse that..."
<AlcarGM> Lily: "You're george?!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<AlcarGM> Lily blinks, staring at you. "What atre you trying to say?" not wanting to know...
<Leafy> "Orange mocha frappucino."
<AlcarGM> Lily: "..... you went through all this to tell me you want another drink?!"

<AlcarGM> Supper is quite good. A little dry, but defintely better than storebought crap. The cat spends the time muttering about changing meals sometimes and see how YOU like cat food
<AlcarGM> Tedy: "Sorry; it's just been a really odd week."
<Cyrus`> "Oh, I agree. I'm just saying, it probably won't be this nuts all the time."
<AlcarGM> Teddy just nods, hoping your right.
<AlcarGM> You finish supper, and there is indeed abag of apples in the fridge. 3 of them, quite red ones, in the veggie keeper.
<AlcarGM> When you Look at them, however they'll full of invisible worms with fangs.
<Cyrus`> "Mmm, that was really good." *remembers to actually give the cat some of the catfood, heh...* "Don't forget, Nermal, I already agreed to give you better stuff on occasion." *and then goes to check those suspicious fruits! And also the apples. And no, I don't know what that was supposed to mean.*
<AlcarGM> Definitely wicked witch stuff.,
<Fennec> (( make her a pie! ))

<Cyrus`> "Ah, so you want to try sparring?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "If you do that sort of thing?"
<Cyrus`> "Sure, could be fun. Would be a nice change to be in a fight that isn't life or death."
<AlcarGM> Nermal: "If you're not a cat, you are a mouse," looking up from dinner

<Nonny> black. cat has a god complex, i swear.
<Sammi> They all do.
<alcar> Nope.
<alcar> God has a cat complex.
* alcar thought everyone knew that

<Cyrus`> "Mean or not though, he apparently gets results. I mean, you can take on a swarm of ninjas and come out mostly unscathed."
<AlcarGM> Teddy: "Yeah, but they weren't that good. Or prepared. You'd think a ninja would be smarty enough to ignore appearances?"
<AlcarGM> Nermal: "humans....." the cat cleans his tail disparagingly.
* Cyrus` shrugs. "Eh, you'd think. I have heard theories though, that the skill of a ninja is inversely proportional to the number of ninjas present. Groups of them always seem to fight more poorly than lone individuals."
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))
<AlcarGM> Teddy: ".... really? That's just odd..."
<AlcarGM> There are 3 raps on the door to your house....
<Cyrus`> "I'm no expert on the subject, mind." *moves to get a drink from the fridge, but stops at the knocks and goes to the door.*
<AlcarGM> A girl in a red dress, with hood, is standing outside, looking a little nervous.
* Cyrus` looks for a basket.
<Cyrus`> (( as in, if she has one with her. :P ))
<AlcarGM> She has ..... a small detonator in her hand instead of a basket and bares too sharp teeth, eyes gleaming yellow. "I'm wired with c-4, bastard, so back off."

<AlcarGM> Lance; ".... tango? I'm not familiar with that one."
<Mary_jane`^> "I could teach you?"
<AlcarGM> Lance: "I assume it is obscure?"
<Mary_jane`^> "It's spanish, I think."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Offensive, or not?"
<AlcarGM> the dojo is at least empty....
<Mary_jane`^> "It's a dance... You... know how to dance, I assume?"
<AlcarGM> Lance: "I know of some used to disguise forms of combat, yes. I believe there are other bastardised uses for them," dismissively
<Mary_jane`^> "Okay..." Drawing her sword, "Tango's a lot like that, except you don't try to kill the other person... and you don't fight..."
* Mary_jane`^ attacks him
<AlcarGM> he blocks. "Ah! But if you mean as I thnk it is for getting dates, correct? The mating game is always a battle, and someone always loses unless both parties are wise."

<Mary_jane`^> why don't we ever roll when I fight Lance?
<Mary_jane`^> maybe it's because he has like 20 dice in fighting lol
<AlcarGM> Nah, he's just beyod those d6s ;P
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> d20 all the way!
<Mary_jane`^> lol

* Sparkie just wants to roll frikken' dice here, people. Screw rules light. I want gurps! I want D&D! I want (to be) god, and poetry, and sin!"
* Sparkie demands the right for the rest of you to be unhappy

* Mary_jane`^ goes back to the park, pulling out her phone
<AlcarGM> in the heart of the city, it thinks it's an iphone.
<AlcarGM> Poor, deluded thing :p
<Mary_jane`^> cute

<alcar[afk]> ken - toss aline if/wheh you're about. Need to do some Defenders w/ Harold :P
<kentari> hrm.. currently really not sober
<alcar[afk]> ... and? :p
<kentari> dude
<kentari> drunk defenders...
<kentari> Is never good!
<kentari> last time someone was drunk, we declared war on the haud
<kentari> ...whoever they are.

<AlcarGM> Barney: "Isn't this a neat place?!" He twirls around. "I've already had sixteen people try and kill me!"
<Harold> "S.. sixteen?!"
<Harold> "Argh! Benjy, ... we need to go home."
<Harold> "There's something very bad here, you know."
<Harold> "Dinosaurs... have to eat broccoli. All the time."
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "Well, some of the players might not have been present, but they don't like Barney I guess!"
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "You're just making that up! Besides, it's fun here."
<Harold> "Still, though, your body's still back in Dennis' place. His girlfriend has been playing Makeover with you!"
* Harold goes for a swift secondary attack.
<AlcarGM> Barney blinks a fewe times, then flickers and turns into .... well.. something bigger with far too many tentaclres. "WHAT!?"
<AlcarGM> Then snaps back into Barney. "Oops. I think I broke another of the rule-things. How do we get back?!"
<Harold> "Yeah! Well, she's been wanting to. We need to get home before she finds the nail polish."

<alcar> Now, we just need to run a session with Harold stuck in VR Earth, and everyone can rp console characters, demanding he press A for their help.... :P
<kentari> haha

<Mary_jane`^> "I was having a conversation with a demon in the TV... He wanted me to make a portal to hell in the basement."

<AlcarGM> The stableboy is waiting outside by the stables and sweeping up desultorily as you arrive, no doubt waiting for the day he discovers he is the lost heir to a far away kingdom.
<AlcarGM> .... which would be interesting to find out when he is, say, 83 or so ;P
<AlcarGM> (( "I'm what? After years of toiling for....?!" *suffers fatal heart attack* ))

<AlcarGM> The man eyes you both, then lowers the crossbow. "Did you see our guide? He was taing us t see other things, but I wanted to find snarks and I think I lost them."
* Cyrus` shakes his head. "No, you're the first we've seen. We only just entered the wood."
<AlcarGM> Man: "This is so horrible. It's like the time I lost my family in El Dorado. Only they kept managing to find me again." He slings the crossbow away. "You do have names, right?"
<Cyrus`> "I'm Cyrus, and this here is Teddy."
<AlcarGM> "Call me Ishmael."
<Cyrus`> "...what, seriously?"
<AlcarGM> Ishmael blinks a few times. "What do you mean by that? It's my name!"

<AlcarGM> the entire street changes under the flare of energy, every building and object tunring into .... well. No need to mince words: Lemon Meringue.
<AlcarGM> The leader seems to have vanished, or perhaps was turned into the ingredients.
<AlcarGM> Nascent is, briefly, it, and then back to herself.
<AlcarGM> TShe good news: it didn't reach the coffeeshop. The bad news: well, the rest of the street :)
<Nascent> "Hubba..wha? I felt delicious there for a second!"
<Leafy> "Oh, no! I hope there weren't civilians..."
* Leafy dials Urge. :P
* Thaumaturge answers before the first ring!
<Thaumaturge> "What the HELL is going on there?!?!"
<AlcarGM> People are coming out of the homes, very, very confused ;P
* Nascent looks around for the rod, frowning. "Ut oh, I think it got meringued..."
<AlcarGM> a 60 some hippie runs down the street screaming that his flashback is hunting him down :)
<Leafy> "A minor villian associated with the Tastemaster has turned much of the area into lemon meringue."

<AlcarGM> offering Nascent buttons is like offering kender candy :p
<Leafy> Nascent is a lot like a shape-shifting kender
<Nascent> >_>
<Nascent> <_<
<Nascent> I take things slightly less often. :P
<Leafy> yeah
<Leafy> hence only 'a lot like'
<Leafy> :D

* Tyrell pushes the door open, hard.....
<GemmGM> The door catches on the latch as you open it. You hear a scream as it thuds.
* Tyrell pushes it open by hand, then, quickly :P
<GemmGM> The chain breaks as you push the door open, and you find a man, on top of a woman.
<GemmGM> Man: "What the hell are you doing?!"
<GemmGM> Woman: "I told you to put the sign on the door, asshole!"
<Tyrell> "Sorry, I'm with the Moral Majority. Wrong room. Thought you were a senator."
* Tyrell closes the door

* Cat closes her eyes.. "Corn field.. corn field..." and SEARCHES!
<GemmGM> There's a cornfield to the northwest, and southeast, and southwest...
<Fennec> (( it's like Google-searching for "the"! ))
* Cat stomps! "Grrrr! This whole PLACE is cornfields!"
* Cat angrily finishes up a pop, and sets it on the ground.. playing Spin the Bottle to idly divine where to look first!
<GemmGM> ((Is this some psionic power you have that you're using?))
<Cat> (( nah XD ))

<GemmGM> ((Sparkie you dick! :P))

* Tyrell goes to sleep, then, and dream about ... centaurs. Yes. For... no particular reason.
* Cat dreams the same dream she always does... each and every death-cry of the world's dying during her slumber...
<Tyrell> (( my dream is better! ha ha ha ha!:P ))
<Cat> (( I know :( ))
<Tyrell> (( .. but possibly more painful :p ))
<Cat> (( >:D ))
<Cat> (( Save a horse.. ride a centaur. ))
<GemmGM> (( I Don't need to be blowing iced tea out my nose. cut it out. >:P))
<Tyrell> (( hehehe ))

<GemmGM> 2d6+8 Is this horrible, or greatest horrible?
<Sparkie> Sorry, I'm on strike. Bugger off. If you really want to know, your result was 2.
<GemmGM> your random script isn't so random, huh? :P
<Sparkie> chance of that now 1 in 100
<Sparkie> it was 1 in 50
<Sparkie> and we got it twice that quickly :P
* Sparkie doesn't DO random.
* Sparkie only does fun!
* GemmGM gives Sparkie a hug.
<GemmGM> You are MADE of Fun(tm).

* GeminiRai has a strange urge to design a sparkie vibrator

<Harold> Tp to Dino: "Benjy?"
<AlcarGM> TP back: "I don't know any Benjy's. *I* am an dinosaur!"
<Harold> In benjy's voice? :P
<AlcarGM> yep :P
<Harold> christ :P
<Harold> Everything Benjy does shall be visitted upon you by Cat, so help me Gods ;p
<AlcarGM> lol!

<kentari> :P Done with Sara herself. Making the ship now.
<kentari> FYI, we have 30-some half-decent crew memebrs. Lovingly referred to as Captain Saritta's "Harem" :P
<Unknown_GM_> wow
<Unknown_GM_> lol
<kentari> companion is ghetto cheap
* Ililiiqi is kind of glad this pc is neuter now :p
<kentari> anyway, they're mostly meant as fuel for some of Saritta's abilities. ;p
<Fennec> see, this is why I don't hang out on this ship :P
<Ililiiqi> I guess this proves that even cyborg fairies can be sticks in the mud...
* Ililiiqi shakes his head tragically.

<Ililiiqi> "You seemed to want it to have bubbles but it didn't have enough Is it better now?"
<Saritta> "The hot water has no bubbles anymore, its all gasseous! And the cold water doesn't come through the pipes .. did you make it ice?"
<Ililiiqi> "Bit if it goes ice, it could rupture t he piples, so I stopped that. It was a major design flaw."
<Saritta> "Hmmm .. well, as good as that is, the key feature of the pipes is what water comes out. Liquid water! So, even though it could get hotter or colder.. its got to still be liquid water, you know?"
<Saritta> "Could you .. re-optimize it, like that? :D"
<Ililiiqi> "oh."
* Ililiiqi scratches head. "Okay!"
* Ililiiqi floats back down to do that, instead.
<Unknown_GM_> The hot and cold waters get changed to their original settings, since they were optimal as they were for what Saritta describes they should be. They will take a while to get to their original tempratures however, so the showers need to be put offline for the time being.
* Saritta quickly institutes a No Sweating Policy -- no one can work hard enough to sweat or get smelly until the showers are back online.

<Unknown_GM_> you sniff in some strange gas that isn't lavender, feel light headed and start to walk to your room, next thing you know you wake up in a cloning tank
<Unknown_GM_> 27's gunna be pissed

<Unknown_GM_> You land gently on the planet, thanks to Jimmy's elite piloting skills, and no thanks to the captain's. She was busy adjusting her swimsuit.

<Unknown_GM_> there is a sign next to a display of cameras: "The new XFILTRA1005A built with you in mind! The most powerful AI EVER helps you set up your shots just right! It focuses and can adjust colors. It even helps you loose weight, on film or in real life! Diet plan included."
<Ililiiqi> lol!
* Ililiiqi eyes it with the closest thing possible for it to lust and reaches pokes its head in to see how well the camera was made :p

<Ililiiqi> actually, Sara as The Computer would be a demented Paranoia game
* Ililiiqi suspect no one would play :p
<kentari> Its called System Shock
<kentari> :P
<Ililiiqi> The Computer: Putting the Tough back into Tough Love
<Ililiiqi> The Computer: Do you have what it takes to be more than just friends with Your Friend?
<Unknown_GM_> ...
<Unknown_GM_> that's a porno waiting to happen
<kentari> Yes. :P

<kentari> reincarnating crew memebrs is so cool, btw
<kentari> it completely reshapes the genre ;p

<Unknown_GM_> 13: "I may not know what prime numbers or perfect squares are, but I'm a really good gunner and I make a great quiche. You didn't ask if we knew math in our interview, all you wanted were pretty people who didn't mind cloning and could stay up late hours."
<Saritta> "Hey! That's why I like you!"
* Saritta smiles :D
<Saritta> "We'll review your prime numbers and stuff a little, maybe. Ooh! I could dress up like a teacher!"

<Saritta> "Hrm. You have a point. Her breathing is kinda shallow.. maybe she just needs to breath better?"
* Saritta leeeeans in a little and performs mouth-to-mouth, wiggling a little as she fights the temptation for tongue action. We're dealing with something serious!
<Unknown_GM_> you push breath into her, but she doesn't respond much.
<Saritta> "Hrm... no luck. You try it!"
* Saritta points authoritatively at 13.
<Unknown_GM_> 13 looks at the beautiful and dieing 16, and swallows hard, putting his lips on hers. The scene seems to go in slow motion, and looks really very romantic, until he blows really hard into her mouth.
<Saritta> "Not that hard! You're gonna break something, like that!"
<Unknown_GM_> 13: "I never took CPR!"
<Saritta> "Oh .. well, just make out with her, then, until I figure out what to do!"

* Ililiiqi wanders off to quarters, and puts it on a table, gets in front and waves at it :)
<Unknown_GM_> you put it on the table and get in front of it, and wave.
<Ililiiqi> "Hi?" to it
<Unknown_GM_> Camera: "Oh, an Omalu, a rare species to see on camera." It takes a few photos. "They're like bigfoot."
<Ililiiqi> "UHm..... uhm...." *looks around for any writing tablet, solidifies hands and writes on it. "I'm the one who fixed you. You just can't here me," in a very childish scrawl, and holds it up to the camera
<Unknown_GM_> Camera: "You spelled hear wrong."
* Ililiiqi stares at the board, then erases, writes some more. "We ned[crossed out] need to be .. talk?"
<Unknown_GM_> Camera: "I'm the most powerful AI, ever, and even I don't understand what you just wrote."
<Saritta> (( Best AI ever. :P ))
<Ililiiqi> "YOU'RE STUPID!" *glares at it and sniffs*. then writes "You. Me. Talk? HOW?"

<Ililiiqi> you've seen Red Dwarf, I trust? :P
<kentari> yes ;p
<Ililiiqi> They were planning an ep once where thr toaster took over the entire ship :p
<kentari> lol!
<Ililiiqi> if the camera does, we will have done red dwarf proud :)

<alcar> Before I forget
<Chaos`^> hmm?
<alcar> if we get AP in the space game, remind me to spend it on Weapon attack -Drain (soul, 3) for the camera :)
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> it makes such perfect sense!

* Cat approaches the girl! And rests a hand on her head, "With your permission, I'd like to take a reading, Mr. Quail?"
* Cat .. gets a cell phone out of her pocket. Yes! :P
* Cat opens it up and a little letter Psi pops up on the screen with some random "scanner" crap .. thank the lord for mundane Projection abilities ;p
<GemmGM> Robert nods, "If you don't mind I'm going to go check in with my wife."
<Tyrell> The psiPOD
<GemmGM> Robert: "Oh, don't worry about your tricks. I lured you here just as planned! BWAHAHAH!"
<GemmGM> j/k ;P
* Cat passes the phone over her, blah blah blah, but REALLY initiates some telepathic bonds :3
<Cat> Yes.
<Cat> Psipod. :D

<Alcargm> mind check, -2 :p
<Tarah`^> aha
<Tarah`^> I anticipated this!
<Alcargm> dice? :p
<Tarah`^> 2d6+8
<Sparkie> Tarah`^ 2d6+8: 17(9)
* Tarah`^ knows you too well! I always put a mind shield on my characters!
<Alcargm> (( no mind shield :P ))
<Alcargm> (( regular mind check. ))
<Tarah`^> damnit
<Tarah`^> I didn't anticipate this
<Tarah`^> 2d6+3
<Sparkie> Tarah`^ 2d6+3: 6(3)
<Tarah`^> can't I just keep my first roll?

<Stacey> So! Who is with me in a quest to find out the pleasure centres of slimes?
<Terri> there is an entire fetish dealing with slime girls
<Stacey> ... really?
<kentari> Yes...
<kentari> There is...
<kentari> :3

<Stacey> "Hello? It's perfectly good money. Turn it back to normal, fall it a finders fee."
<Jacky> "Ummm, we're at this bank, where some bad shit went down. I suppose some emergency services would be necessary to get things in order now."
* Jacky turns to those arguing over the money. "It'll turn back into regular money in a few minutes."
<kentari> "Sure thing! I'll send ya the police! Do you need an ambulance? I can even send a helicopter, if its real bad!"
<Terri> (( Yes! What's his name got SHOT! ))
* Stacey is pocketing ze money now :p
<kentari> "Oh, hold on.. looks like we already have an ambulance on the way."
<Jacky> "I dunno. Whatever you normally send out to these types of situations. God, you suck at your job."
<Terri> (( You're a bad hero! ))
<kentari> "What? Oh, you don't sound like you're hurting for help, but fine! Have a nice day!"
<kentari> You hear sirens moments later.
<Terri> (( You're both bad heros!)

This is where the quotes file last ended. Updated from here May 24, 2008 (215 quotes added below here)

<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+14: 24(10)
<Arbiter> what was the blimps name?
<Arbiter> Eri?
<Arbiter> erui?
<AlcarGM> Eir
<AlcarGM> <Chris`^> "Everyone, you're standing inside Eir. Treat her with the utmost respect."
<AlcarGM> <Chris`^> "It stands for help, and mercy."
<kentari> lol
<kentari> Chaos made this thing?
<Arbiter> oh no, I was just using Chaos' tags.
<kentari> oh. ;p
<Arbiter> since "Chris" is already taken.

<AlcarGM> Benjy: "And he was ....." he looks up. "You were torturing someone!" scandalized :P
* Thaumaturge loooks to Arby, like the way a housewife would when the husband owes an explanation :P
<Arbiter> "Oh god, someone hasn't erased that part of his mind yet?" j/k ;P
<AlcarGM> Dennis is currently downing tums with water, and making what looks like a taser out of a toaster, eyeing Benjy
<Arbiter> "Benjy, we're home now. And there's nothing to worry about."
<AlcarGM> Benjy: "Yes there is! You were being mean!"
<AlcarGM> Dennis stops making the taser and just stares at Benjy in disbelief.
<Arbiter> "Benjy... I was in the military for 4 years. I've done plenty of bad things in the past. I'm still haunted by them, and sometimes I do... bad things... but I have friends who help me overcome these things."
<AlcarGM> benjy: ".... Oh." he looks considerably surprised. "Really? I thought Dennis was joking when said lobotomy."

<Thaumaturge> "And you -- if you don't start talking -- are a villain."
* Thaumaturge waggles a finger at Suit :P
<Thaumaturge> "There's a reason we're called Heroes, you know."
* Thaumaturge looks around, and his face darkens.
<Thaumaturge> "Its because Saints would be a misnomer."
<Thaumaturge> "Mind Crush him, Benjy!"
<Thaumaturge> ((j/k :D))

<Chaos`GM^> Norman: "It's not like we can do much... Maybe we can try and get hired onto the case as a third party? Like those psychics do?"
* Darrick looks at him. "You're psychic, then?"
<Chaos`GM^> Norman: "Uhm... no.. But like that tv show, we can pretend to be psychic, but we're just really good detectives. You're really good, I mean you found the diary in what? Two hours?"
<Darrick> "I got lucky. It happens, and to me more than some others, but it's nothing to rely on. Besides, if we snowed the police department, they'd be very unhappy with us. And msot of them don't trust 'psychics' for obvious reasons, since the vast majority are frauds. If word gets out they're resorting to psychics it tends to reflect badly on the department."
* Darrick finishes eating. "We'll try city hall about that house and figure out what case involves the diary. If we cna figure out what that is, we could at least help somewhat or find something to exchange for it."
<Chaos`GM^> Norman shrugs "So... to the city hall then?"
<Darrick> 4d6 - finding used copy of the necronomicon!
<Sparkie> Darrick 4d6: 19 - finding used copy of the necronomicon!
<Chaos`GM^> err what?
<Darrick> ... yay! not a library edition!
<Chaos`GM^> seriously?
<Darrick> gods, no :P
<Darrick> Darrick != insane :)

<Chaos`^> Ken wake up!
<kentari> huh what? :P
<kentari> I just put some water on the boil
<Chaos`^> well
<Chaos`^> run that one game with the magic girls
<Chaos`^> please
<kentari> That one game.. :P
<kentari> omfg
<kentari> OMG OMG
<kentari> He said please! QUOTE IT!

<Arbiter> "You think you can just take Justice into your own hands? You think Justice can only be given to one country on an entire planet? You want to let Justice down?"
* Arbiter starts to go off while walking him down some halls.
<AlcarGM> Suit: "You - you fool! I serve necessity, a higher god thanyour pathetic... PUT ME DOWN!"
* Thaumaturge notices something, off-camera, and nearly falls out of the panel.
<Arbiter> "I serve Justice. No government. No state issued liscening. Justice did not hand me a diploma and give me a smack on the butt as I walked out onto the street."

<kentari> sweet
<kentari> we both survived the superkill technique, gemm ;
<kentari> ;p
* Sparkie is not happy!
<Arbiter> heh
* Arbiter can survive anything. C'mon now.
<Arbiter> And I'm not all that worried about you. :P
* Arbiter kids. ;p
<kentari> Can you survive being outted to your girlfriend? :P
<Arbiter> physically, sure. :D
<kentari> :X
<Arbiter> She already shot me! :D

<Tara`^> "Where did you learn... How to do that?"
<AlcarGM> He walks to the home, then shrugs. "Father. He could do stuff with his feet too: once broke a brick wall without even trying. I'm not that good."
<Tara`^> "Oh..." Following him "Could you teach me?"
<AlcarGM> He looks surprised at that, then shrugs. "I could *try*, but dad said it was only passed down through the blood. He's call it a bloodline limit, I think it was, and laugh oddly. Always did like making jokes that never fit this world."
<Tara`^> (( =p ))
<AlcarGM> (( had to :p ))

<Kai`^> "He gave me the coroner's report. I assume you took pictures? Collected SOME evidence?"
<Kai`^> (( Odd that the chief works the night shift... that's usually an 8-5 desk job... ))
<AlcarGM> He frowns, asbently sticking a figure in one ear and wiggling it about. "Nope."
<Kai`^> "Nothing? They do teach you how to handle a crime scene around here right? It's very standard. And very important. And very legal."
<AlcarGM> "Didn't see the point, what with nothing there and all."
<Kai`^> "There is always something."
* Kai`^ sighs, and shakes his head
<AlcarGM> The lieutenant shrugs. "Forensics sniffed the place over, found nothing."
<Kai`^> "Alright, I expect your full cooperation in the future on the matter, however."
<AlcarGM> He brightens at that. "Sam Adams Utopias."
<Kai`^> "Excuse me?"
<AlcarGM> "What's the matter, they don't teach you harvard types decent bribes anymore? Find me those, buddy, and you'll get so much cooperation you'll have to remove me from yer ass."

<AlcarGM> the crime scene remains as empty as a prostitute's promises when you arrive back at it, except someone has added even more grafiti, this time a pentagram in purple chalk.
* Kai`^ notes "Grafiti common on crime scene. no uniforms watching. Evidence possibly tampered, will not hold up in court, but may be my only lead."

<AlcarGM> You push it open, and spot an older woman currently eptying your luggage out onto the one twin bed, muttering to herself.
<AlcarGM> (( http://www.leslyebloom.com/images/PshpTenn/Old_Woman_WEB.sized.jpg ))
<Kai`^> holy shit she's scary!
<AlcarGM> Skipper is.... no where to be seen.
* Kai`^ looks inside the bathroom quickly, then points the gun at the woman.
<Kai`^> "Hold it."
<AlcarGM> You see no Skipper, not even a gilligan. The old woman turns around, surprisingly spry for an old bat, and glares at you from ice-blue eyes marred by cataracts. "Where is ..... wait, who the bloody h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you, young man?!"
<Kai`^> "Special agent Sharpe, FBI. Get down on the ground and spread your arms and legs. Keep them where I can see them."
<AlcarGM> ""I am doing no sucgh thing! At my age, you think I could even GET Down to the floor, let alone get back up? Didn't they teach you younglings any respect these days?!" She wags a finger at you. "And the gms phone just rang!"
<Kai`^> "I don't care how old you are, you are young enough to break and enter into a special agents hotel room, then you're young enough to get down on the FUCKING GROUND!"

<AlcarGM> "Go away! I - I'll kill you if you don't," voice higher than before, cracking.
<Kai`^> "Ok, you need to calm down. I'm trying to help you."
<AlcarGM> "You can't!" The coat.. begins smoking, oddly. Perhaps he's lighting a joint?
* Kai`^ rips the coat away "Drugs won't help you, you need to just calm down!"
* Kai`^ calls 911 with his other hand
* Kai`^ suspects crack or meth =p
<AlcarGM> Younrip the coat away, and stare down... the kid... is now skin and bones, as if he's ancient, and his skin begins to blister and smoke under the sunlight as he lets out a pitiful scream.
<AlcarGM> "911," a woman's voice says over your phone. "How can I help you?"
<Kai`^> "Oh my god! You've caught yourself on fire!"
* Kai`^ tries to pat out the fire with the jacket
<AlcarGM> 911 woman: "Harold, I told you not to call this line! What happens in vegas STAYS in vegas."
<AlcarGM> and 911 hangs up on you.

<Kai`^> "Ok, helps on the way, you're ok..." Putting the hand under the jacket too
<AlcarGM> NO response now except weak whimpering. Smoke comes from under your coat, and more smell of burning flesh with it.
<Kai`^> "Damnit, are you still on fire?" Looking around for a fire extinguisher or a fire hose or some source of water
<AlcarGM> You spot a garden hose behind a trash bin, complete with sprayer, hooked up to an outlet..
* Kai`^ takes what he can get and grabs it, spraying the jacket down
<AlcarGM> the smoke gets thicker, and the whimpering is now weak gurgling, replaced by : "Kill me," in an elderly voice
<AlcarGM> the water sprays, and your jacket goes off the body... along with skin, and muscles....
<AlcarGM> you now have... huma bones, charring under sunlight, and moving.... as if trying to reach the door.
<kentari> oh god
<kentari> what the hell IS that :P
<AlcarGM> a vampire :P
<kentari> wow
<kentari> you're gonna give me nightmares :P

* Kai`^ checks the fridge =p
<AlcarGM> there are 3 bottles of red wine in the small fridge, nothign else. It's also working, but isn't actually plugged in.
* Kai`^ shuts it and looks at the boy
<AlcarGM> The kid stares at you, scared, then says: "Wallace," in a small voice.
<Kai`^> "Care to explain what just happened... Wallace?"
<AlcarGM> He just stares at you in silence for a few moments, then just shakes his head
<Kai`^> "We both didn't just have the same hallucination did we?"
<AlcarGM> he licks his lips nervously, then looks up at you. "You didn't see anything," holding your gaze with his, wrapping his arms around himself tightly. "You saw nothing!"
<AlcarGM> Nothing happens, however.
<Kai`^> "Care to tell me about Jessica?"
<AlcarGM> he blinks, looking confused. "What ARE you?!" shivering.
<Kai`^> "FBI."

<AlcarGM> Wallace shrugs, walks over and turns into mist, flowing trough the cracks.
<Kai`^> "Holy crap!"
* Kai`^ jumps back
<AlcarGM> A few seconds later you here: "Awww, no!" from the other side.
<Kai`^> "What was that?" In a whisper
<AlcarGM> Wallace: "Stupid, stupid girl!"
* Kai`^ knocks on the door
<AlcarGM> There is a sigh, and he opens it.
<AlcarGM> The interior is lit by candles, and there is a large red pentagram on the floor.
<Kai`^> "Are you a vampire?" Still whispering
<AlcarGM> Wallace: "You didn't ...... uh, yes."
<Kai`^> "eeh!" Backing away from Wallace "You could tell people these things before they drive you around!"
<Kai`^> "So...So what's that?"
<AlcarGM> Wallace sighs. "It's not like I'd drink your blood," making a face. "Human blood has allthese diseases and chemicals in it now, it's like drinking raw sewage."

<Kai`^> "Great so... Nothing else I gather... Let's just go to bed..."
<AlcarGM> Wallace just nods, heading to the couch and sitting on it to meditate
* Kai`^ grabs the syrup from the cupboard and sorounds himself with it before laying down
<AlcarGM> lol
<Kai`^> (( Who knew vampires could be vegetarians! ))
<kentari> (( foreplay? ))

<Kai`^> "Why are you bothering me?"
* Kai`^ kicks her in the ribs =p
<AlcarGM> She grunts slightly, but doesn't move, squeezing your throat and catching your right hand with her left, baring your wrist. "We need power to win, little human," her voice dropping a few octaves
<Kai`^> "There's a power plant a few miles from here, I'm sure they'd be happy to run lines to your house."
* Kai`^ kicks her again
<AlcarGM> She frowns, then shakes you like one would a dog. "The more you struggle, the better the blood is," with a grandmotherly smile.
<Kai`^> "I'm just doing it because I don't get to kick old women where I come from. Always wonder what it felt like."
* Kai`^ grins, and kicks her again
<AlcarGM> She stops smiling at that.

* Kai`^ calls the emergency pope hotline!
<AlcarGM> There, alas, is not one! :(
* Kai`^ wonders if ther ereally is an emergency pope hotline...
<AlcarGM> (( possibly, for the exorcists! ))
<ken> there is
<ken> its called PRAYER :P
<alcar> hehehe ken ..... nah, that goes higher :po
<alcar> the pope is just a figurehead, after all.
<ken> ah
<ken> true
<ken> :P
<alcar> If he had real power, more people would get smote by lightning.
<Fennec> the Pope's supposed to shephard the lord's flock, not to machine-gun down any passerbys making rude remarks about his estate

* Kai`^ runs in and buys some real maple syrup
<AlcarGM> Okay, you hop out, goes inside.
<AlcarGM> Getting anything else?
<Kai`^> OH!
<Kai`^> Yeah
* Kai`^ grabs some entertainment magazines, and some tabloids
<AlcarGM> The girl on cash rings it through without a word, figuring it's for the wife or something.
<Kai`^> Yeah, that all looks like something a pregnant woman on bed rest would ask for...
<AlcarGM> (( along with candy .... ))
<AlcarGM> Now all you need to do is come back the next day for a wire hanger and torch, and just smile nervously at the girl....
<AlcarGM> anyway!

<AlcarGM> Wallace: "how does geting PETA fanatics murdered make sense?" curiously
<Kai`^> "It doesn't. But that's not my goal. I'm trying to give Hedgeville the publicity it doesn't want."
<AlcarGM> The vampires just shakes his head. "They won't be happy."
<Kai`^> "I wasn't happy when they tried to kill me. Twice."
<AlcarGM> Wallace: "Yeah, but pushing people up against walls is *bad*."
<Kai`^> "They pissed me off."
<AlcarGM> He stares at you, then shrugs. "Fine. If you've got stones to throw, thow them. But as bad as the city is, if we had a real war it would get much worse."
<Kai`^> "This is nothing more than something to distract them and give me room to work."


<AlcarGM> The kid at reception answers. "Trail Vet. Office is closed for the evening, so you're lucky I answered the phone. Speak."
<Kai`^> "What did you do to my dog!?"
<AlcarGM> A pause, then: "This is the vet's office. Neutering animals is NORMAL."
<AlcarGM> Receptionist Kid, Hereafter known as Jim: "If you *really* are disturbed, Mr. Morris, you can go by fake dog testicles. Got it?"
<Kai`^> "He turned into a poodle!"
<Kai`^> "I'm not Mr. Morris! I'm the guy with the unconscious dog."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "Oh. The one that ..... look, dogs don't turn INTO poddles. Lay off the hooch, maybe?"
<Kai`^> "He's a poodle! And a mean looking one at that."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "You didn't bring in a poodle," in a slow talking-to-stupid-people-and-presidents-of-large-countries voice. "Therefore, you don't *have* a poodle. Aren't you glad we clearned this up? Oh, look at the time. Got to go!"
<AlcarGM> he hangs up on you.

<AlcarGM> Jim: "I have no idea what you're going on about," lying quickly. "Please leave, before I call the police."
<Kai`^> "I think you know. I'm a cop. I can tell when someone's lying."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "Not City," softly.
<AlcarGM> He moves, leaping at you with inhuman speed.
<Kai`^> "I'm with the FBI."
<Kai`^> "Whoa!"
* Kai`^ hops out of the way
<AlcarGM> you leap, barely, and Skipper slams into him, only to be tossed aside with ease.
<Kai`^> "What are you doing?"
<AlcarGM> Wallace just walks over, grinning, showing fangs. "He's being stupid..."
<AlcarGM> Jim: "I'm not ending up in area 51!"
<AlcarGM> real reason all FBI agents hate the X Files :P

<alcar> mad scientist rational motivation #43: "I just wanted someone to read my thesis and like it."
<alcar> "It's the only reason I got into cloning. You have to believe me!" "And the death ray?" ".... critics are a plague. They must be eradicated!"

<sparkie> After all, happiness is mandatory.
<gemm> yes yes, the cake is a lie.
<gemm> =P
<sparkie> The cake is mandatory rations, citizen!
<gemm> oh dear
<sparkie> All Troubleshooters will be given free cake upon successful completition of missions with no clones lost for any reason among the crew!
<alcar> the cake is not a lie; no one ever gets it though :p
<gemm> lol
<gemm> that'd be a great mission goal
* alcar nods. Have no one die.
<alcar> And then get nailed with treason for failure to allow the cloning staff to serve The Computer properly.

<robert13779> They wandered onto an elven path.
<robert13779> and, that might be one of my Forester elven roads that leads into different worlds.
<robert13779> Which would significantly jack with their quest.
<Kayara-14163> hmm
<robert13779> so they'd actually have a reason NOT to just ramble on but to try to find their way back!
<Kayara-14163> make it go to a dead end depressing place then!
<alcar-39004> Chapter title: "Cubicles. Everywhere."
<alcar-39004> :p
<Kayara-14163> hehehe
<alcar-39004> I get this fun ideas of D&D monsters as accountants, trying to balance the dungeon budget when avengers are always pillaging from them and spending hordes of money to debase the value of gold in their economic ignorance :)

<AlcarGM> you dodge and run, making the door as she throws the knife at you.
* Cleve`^ jumps through the doorway, or opens it quickly and runs out if it's not
<AlcarGM> You run out, and there are stares, and a rather surprised man in a shop selling various books and academia supplies who gives you a puzzle look when you run out the door.
<AlcarGM> Where to?
<Cleve`^> the fuck away?
* Cleve`^ sprints as quickly as he can away from the crazy bitch
<AlcarGM> You make it half way down the street before someone sucker punches you, hard, right in the kidneys.
<Cleve`^> "Nnngah!"
* Cleve`^ falls face forward
<AlcarGM> The pain intensifies, feeling as if smeone is scrapin a blackboard on the insides of your eyes

<Cleve`^> "You made me feel the pain!"
<AlcarGM> "I'll do more than that," and she swings, impossibly fast, her fist colliding with your face. You feel bones snap and go airborne, landing a good 100 feet away on the ground.
<AlcarGM> On the plus side, there si no pain below your neck.
<AlcarGM> That is, also, the downside.

<Cleve`^> "I... I can't feel my legs..."
<Cleve`^> "Wait..."
* Cleve`^ gets up
<Cleve`^> "I'm fine now..."
<Cleve`^> "What'd you do?"
<AlcarGM> She stares at you. "This?" and swings again :P
<AlcarGM> 5d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 5d6: 19
<Cleve`^> 5d6 god I hate her
<sparkie> Cleve`^ 5d6: 21 god I hate her

<Arbiter> "..... Cory?"
<AlcarGM> Cory: "... let me guess, you're going to be late?"
<AlcarGM> Cory: "You're not having an affair, are you?" She .. sounds like she's joking :P
* Arbiter chuckles a bit into the phone.
<Arbiter> "Cory... it's just... I'm... I'm Arbiter... and I'm heading off onto another mission that I feel might not end in the best of circumstances..."
<AlcarGM> (( "You can admit it if you are. There's this great therapist, Dr. Doom, on TV...." ))

<AlcarGM> Cory: stares at you..... "Mask," flatly.
* Arbiter takes it off, revealing who he really is.
<Arbiter> "You won't tell, will you?"
* Arbiter grins.
<AlcarGM> She stares at you, looking shocked. "You .. think I would.... you didn't even trust me?" She steps back. "What kind of safety is there in lying to someone, chris? I don't even know you anymore!"
<Arbiter> "Do you KNOW what kind of evil threats <I> face? I don't want you hanging off the threads I balance on!"
<AlcarGM> (( nice :) ))
* Arbiter walks up closely to her. Holding out his hand to her.
<Arbiter> "I'm sorry... but I... I love you Cory. And I didn't, and never, want to lose you."
<AlcarGM> Cory: "That's not the point! You don't protect people by lying to them, damn you!" She looks about to cry, and holds it back with an effort.
* Arbiter grabs her and hugs her, saying nothing but "I'm sorry..."
<AlcarGM> She almost pulls back, then returns it. "You are going to explain things when you get back," very carefully. "And you are going to survive, and come back. And I am going to curse you, and throw things, and you better pretend it hurt. You got that?"
* Arbiter smiles, grandly, proudly, and as happily as he can, then kisses her romatically, verily!
<AlcarGM> she returns it, then shoves you in the chest. "Give them justice, okay? And if you don't come back alive, I'll never let you forget it!"

<Chaos`^> and we don't need two soldier types, and we don't need two magician types
<Chaos`^> the only real healing class is the oracle
<tatterdemalion> it's besm. Two of any type are good, since no one makes the same kind of character :)
<kentari> I doubt you'd make what I've made, Chaos.
<tatterdemalion> this ain't D&D, after all. There's no classes :P and dynamic powers isn't the same as magic, in any event.
<Chaos`^> yeah but you get specific skills when you go with an archetype
<Chaos`^> you know
<Chaos`^> BONUS!
<Chaos`^> plus i'm good at playing crazy characters
<Chaos`^> since well... I am
<kentari> suitable for quotes, that is

* Sparkie points out divine intervention is forbidden.
<Sparkie> Even if it means more dice are rolled, they're the wrong kind of dice.
<kentari> :P
* Chaos`^ pumps divine intervention
* Sparkie murders.
* Sparkie believes in Tough Love.

<AlcarGM> "What do you want then?" Maeve says.
<Cleve`^> "Real magic. Fireballs and wind and... Flying and... And... dragons! And making my brooms clean up after me!"
<AlcarGM> Maeve: "That's why people hire servants," as if you were slow.
<AlcarGM> :p
<Cleve`^> "But... magic is... better. neater... Cheaper... and fireballs and wind and flying and dragons!"
<AlcarGM> Maeve: "Everyone knows there's no such things as dragons. Professor Higgins, at Polytechnic over in Mrak'ten, proved they were just giant lizards who died out."

<AlcarGM> Maeve: "The - appearing here thing. That. I felt it inside my head like a ... a ..... like trying to hold a library." She shudders. "I don't know how often anyone can do that and survive."
<Cleve`^> "Oh... It's only one word though... Do you know any more?"
<AlcarGM> The first book has written on it Malleus Maleficarum. aka Hammer of Wizardry. A very old text on how to find and kill wizards. The second one is an alchemists herbal, mostly an attempt to find the philosopher's stone.
* Cleve`^ checks out the one on how to find wizards
<AlcarGM> Maeve: "I don't think anyone can hold more than one...."she eyes the book in the dresser without opening it and wraps her arms around herself. "I don't want this!"
<Cleve`^> "You're the one who did this to us..."
<AlcarGM> Maeve:" I just wanted a demon!"
<Cleve`^> "Don't you think it's a little late to be changing your mind?"
<Cleve`^> "A demon would have been better?"
<AlcarGM> Maeve: "It wouldn't have been you!"

<AlcarGM> Book: "You were bound by old names, demon." It's quieter now, as if tired. "You should be in agony."
<Cleve`^> "I'm not a demon. I told you that. She thought I was a demon as well. WHy does everyone think I'm a demon?"
<AlcarGM> Maeve: "Right. Give me that damn book; I'm breaking its spine now.:"'
<Cleve`^> "No, don't!"
<Cleve`^> "You tried to kill me too."
<AlcarGM> Maeve: "yes, but that was *me*."

<Chaos`^> alcar promised no psychic stuff
<Chaos`^> and i seriously doubt the pcs will fight eachother that much
<Chaos`^> this isn't paranoia
<Sparkie> The Computer would like it made known that all statements made by the high programmer alcar-u-suk don't apply to me.
* Sparkie thinks all games are Paranoia.
<Sparkie> some people have drugs, but I have this one crazy dream of Paranoia, forever.

<Harold`^> "Benjy gave me an idea a moment ago. We could try waking up the Earth before the Worldsmith does."
* Harold`^ looks at Tumbler to gauge her reaction
* Arbiter turns to Urge looking a bit worried. "I'm not going to have to punch Her, am I?"
<AlcarGM> Tumbler: "I've been trying to convince him not to, if only because most worlds seem to go insane when woken up before they want to be. But it could be our only option, if we can pull it off right."
<AlcarGM> Dennis just... stares at Arbiter
* Harold`^ blinks at Arbiter.
* Harold`^ looks at Arbiter a moment more
<Harold`^> "Who said Earth's a chick?"
<Harold`^> "I mean, that would explain the going insane when its woken up early bit, but.."
<AlcarGM> Cory attacks Harold with her heretofore unknown power of Third-Wave Feminism!
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Arbiter> "I don't know."

* Harold`^ mumbles something about idle hands and devil's workshops.

<Sparkie> Arbiter 2d6+21: 23(2) Justice Blocks Punch!
<Arbiter> ((Fuck off Sparkie...))

<kentari> what kinda attributes you got?
* Sparkie has dice. AND fire.
* Sparkie is also very pretty.
<Chaos`^> uhm
<Chaos`^> precog, postcog... healing, regen... i think that's all
<alcar> in other words: combat shield!
<alcar> throw at enemy to slow, attakc and kill. Get healed. Repeat...
<alcar> try and justify the honour in *that* ....:)
<kentari> hrm
<kentari> interesting.
<kentari> Would you be willing to be tied to my character's arm? :P
<Chaos`^> excuse me?
<Chaos`^> could you explain that?
<alcar> ... what's to explain?

<Sadie`^> "oh, yes, I see... SO what can you do?"
<AlcarGM> Moshoe: "Tricks of the eye, making things float, reading mins since the GM lulled you into not getting mind shield. You know, all of that."
<AlcarGM> j/k

<AlcarGM> Wood explodes to the left as the stable for the Drunken Pony shatters apart with a sound akin to thunder with sound.
<Green> "My name is Green Giroux. We're going to... damnit..." Green stops on his dime and turns towards the stable.
<Sadie`^> "Look up."
* Sadie`^ looks up
<Green> "This place is hitting Hell." He runs, Sadie in tow, towards the stable.
* Green takes a quick glance up.
<Elton> ((thunder with sound... :P))
<AlcarGM> There is a man floating in the air above the stable.
<Elton> ((god help us to identify thunder without XD ))
<Sadie`^> (( I hear it all the time, I dunno about you... ))
<AlcarGM> (( bad joke: Goodkind's sword of truth novels have a character who has an attacm that is thunder without sound :p ))

<Green> man, seriously, sparkie go to hell or implode, or or something terribly horrible.

<Green> ok... so Sparkie lovse me in 4color games, but take me out of it and it starts to hate me...
<kentari> lol
<kentari> :P

<AlcarGM> The chosen, somehow, evades you desite a blade in his chest, you're not quite sure *how* but he seems to be ignoring the pain entirely and points his hands towards you...
<AlcarGM> 2d6+10 - ranged, attack!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+10: 18(8) - ranged, attack!
<AlcarGM> Green, def? :P
<Green> 2d6+4 def...
<Sparkie> Green 2d6+4: 10(6) def...
<Green> ken: "Don't bother with much defense. It'll be cool."
<Green> dick :P
<Sadie`^> lkol
<kentari> just wait :P
<kentari> juuust wait.
<kentari> Don't calculate any damage just yet :P

* Sadie`^ orders a plate
<AlcarGM> The one-eyed barbarian actually brings you both a plate of sausage, taters etc. all basically shoved together into a surprisingly good mess.
* Elton eats, of course, with a fork and sharp looking knife.
* Sadie`^ stares at her food, and picks at it a little, before eating slowly
<Sadie`^> "WHere'd you learn to fight like that?"
<Elton> "Where'd you learn to walk?"

<Sparkie> kentari 3#2d6+13: 21(8) 19(6) 19(6)
<kentari> miiiind bullets :P
<AlcarGM> 2d6+9 -shield - if sparkie is kind and generous
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+9: 21(12) -shield - if sparkie is kind and generous
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6+9 -shield - if sparkie is kind and generous
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6+9: 11(2) 11(2) -shield - if sparkie is kind and generous
<AlcarGM> ....
<kentari> Sparkie..
<kentari> Is schizo :P
<AlcarGM> what the hell? :p

<AlcarGM> Justice Lad wanders off for a bit to check on General Justice, who he says is 'recovering from the black hole', which probably means getting beated up by black guys in a bar or something made to sound heroic :p

<Arbiter> "Why would you do something so obviously corrupt for a sum of money you might never see because of the risks?!"
<AlcarGM> Man:"We didn't expext supers!"
<Arbiter> "You knew you were breaking one out though, yes?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Some kid, no details given."
<AlcarGM> Tumbler appears beside you. "Snagged the one boy in the breakroom, and Breaker. The police are dealing with the last of these idiots."
<Arbiter> "Wouldn't you think breaking someone out of jail who has powers would bring down some heroes with powers to stop you? Hell, you're in Dune City. You should've expected it anyway."
<Thaumaturge> ((ahaha, nice :P))
<Arbiter> "Now, march down into that station and turn yourselves in. Tell the rest of your men to surrender."
<Arbiter> "NOW."
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, then just nods and they head for the stairs as the fire alarm in the building goes off.
<Arbiter> "Stop!"

<Ericka`^> "How do you feel about mandatory school uniforms?"
<AlcarGM> "Do you have to wear one, too?"

<Ericka`^> "What are you goals, Mr. Farber, and how could this school help you achieve them?"
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "I wish to become a casanova," with a slight smile, as if he's said a joke no one else gets.
* Ericka`^ nods, waiting for him to finish
<kentari> there's not much you add to wanting to be a casanova.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> its sort of a self-standing package deal
<AlcarGM> that's what he thought :P
<AlcarGM> also: bad pun:p
<kentari> :>

<AlcarGM> He realizes you want more. "It's a question of power, really. Everyone wants it; going through the heart makes more sense. Breaking hearts works, too, I suppose. But it's easier to make people love you than anything else."
<Ericka`^> "And how can this school help you achieve this goal?"
<AlcarGM> He grins. "One has to start somewhere, hmm?"

<AlcarGM> Clarence raises his hand.
<Ericka`^> "Yes, Clarence?"
<AlcarGM> Clarence: "If it's so hard and dangerous, why learn it?" He takes a deep breath. "Why did you?" boldly.
<Ericka`^> "Because only in the land of the blind is the one eyed man king."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy chuckles at that, softly. "Or stoned to death. Historically speaking," with a thin smile.
<Ericka`^> "Only if he's found out."

<Ericka`^> "Don't tell me you don't believe in Magic... You've used it before."
<AlcarGM> She pulls energy from inside her up around her, just in case.... but remains in this world. "I'm fine on my own," throwing the book down on a desk and turning to the door. "Besides, the typeface you used is atrocious."
<Ericka`^> "It was handwritten... 300 years ago."
<AlcarGM> She turns back and glares at you. "I'm fine on my own. I don't need advice from some book, or you."
<Ericka`^> "Please be aware that the teachers in this school are protected from... manipulation."
<AlcarGM> "I don't need that," she says scornfully.
<AlcarGM> She smirks. "I have breasts. That's all the magic women need."

<AlcarGM> And what do you do for your evening? :P
<Ericka`^> I dunno... tv, sex, smoking, sex, tv, sex, sleep, sex... something similar to that
<AlcarGM> The evening definitely serves to help ignore any merlin-wannabe types, but the morning comes as it always does, along with the rat race....
<AlcarGM> at least none of your students show up with 'problems' during the night....
<Ericka`^> good
<Ericka`^> that's always a good sign of progress!
<Fennec> (problems? like bananafish getting stuck in their ears?)
<Ericka`^> shut up fennec
<Fennec> I don't think Ericka`^ likes me giving anyone ideas..... :P
<Ericka`^> you don't say?

<Ericka`^> "A lot of things are power. Knowledge is power. Electricity is power. Fire is power... Each of them can kill, but they have other, more usefull purposes."
<AlcarGM> Pattie: "Fine, what's the more 'useful' purpose of magic, then?"
<Ericka`^> Fuck if I know
<AlcarGM> lol!

<Thaumaturge> "First of all... who is Breaker?" :P
<AlcarGM> (( "Well, you know those panels in your basement?" ))
<Thaumaturge> (( "Those are called 'coffins,' first of all." :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( "Curses! That is what I get for outsourcing my villainous lair!" ))

* Arbiter looks him straight in the eye. "What do you know about someone called the Worldbreaker?"
<AlcarGM> He blinks and the smile vanishes as his face turns the colour of dirty snow. "W-what -- I don't know.... I DON'T KNOW!"
* Thaumaturge ducks out of the way, randomly. :P
* Arbiter crotches and covers up with his cape.
<AlcarGM> The air around him explodes, destroying everything ... matter shatters, the ground and air ripping apart as an explosion flares out, levelling a good square mile.
* Thaumaturge holds up his cape, but would seem to have caught on fire.
* Arbiter looks to Breaker, seeing if he's still standing.
<AlcarGM> Tumbler is - gone. Fire hit, and she vanishes within it.
* Thaumaturge is also seemingly gone!
* Thaumaturge is now known as Pile`of`Ashes
<AlcarGM> Breaker is standing, now skin and bones over flesh as if whatever he did sucked the fat and muscle out of his body. He drops to his knees, coughing weakly.
* Arbiter runs over to Breaker. "You alright kid?"
<AlcarGM> Breaker: "F-failsafe," weakly, his voice a faint croak. "Cold. V-very cold."
<Pile`of`Ashes> <Dare you to say Worldsmith again.>

<Erica`^> "Sunbright... is there a problem?"
<AlcarGM> Sunbright: "Isn't it obvious?!"
<Erica`^> "Your feet won't stop moving for some strange reason, and you have to keep walking?"
<AlcarGM> Sunbright: "I want that - that weird kid who walks funny," refusing to say his name, "out. He keeps -- staring at me when he doesn't think I'm looking like some kind of puppy dog and it's really dsiturbing. Please," she adds, belatedly.
<Erica`^> "I can't kick a student out just because he has a crush on you. Have you considered talking to him about it?"
<AlcarGM> Sunbright: "No one would have a crush on me," firmly. "He's probably a serial killer."
<Erica`^> "I'm pretty sure he has a crush on you. Weren't you listening to him yesterday?"
<AlcarGM> Sunbright: "I was trying not to. he sounds goopy."
<Erica`^> "Boys do that. You know, you're not exactly homely. It's not surprising you have an admirer."

<AlcarGM> (( psychic vampire diets...... the real reason why they go to goth clubs! ))

<AlcarGM> the ball swirls, and is devoured by the vortex, which fluctates wikdly for a moment and shatters apart as Jeromy wakes up abruptly from *that* :p
<Clarence`> "I think it worked!"
* Clarence` beams
<AlcarGM> Duane: "That's -- one word for it, definitely."
<Clarence`> "I hope it won't make him fat..."
* Clarence` pouts, worriedly :P
<AlcarGM> Duane: "He probably threw up."
<Clarence`> "He seemed to be the type to really care about how he looks."
<Clarence`> "Ewww!"
<AlcarGM> (( psychic vampire diets...... the real reason why they go to goth clubs! ))
<AlcarGM> Duane blinks. "What would *you* do if someone force-fed you a meal and you weren't prepared?"
<Clarence`> "Uhm.. wow.. maybe we shoulda done the 'here comes the airplane' thingie, first?"
<AlcarGM> Duane: "......"
<Clarence`> "You know! With the spoon?"
<AlcarGM> Duane: "You probably could, couldn't you?"
* Clarence` pantomines ;p

<AlcarGM> She snorts at that, clearly not believing you. "Look, it's really quite simple. What makes us human ins't the happiness, but the sadness under that. It's the core of things, that sadness. We're all going to die, often in pain because few people *get* a happy ending, and we'll all get hurt and disullusioned, and our joys mean so much because they're so rare -- but it doesn't matter, does it? Life's the only game in town."
<alcar> the funniest part about star is she's ignoring the entire other side of what she said.. if it's the only game, and you get it once, you have to live it to the fullest :p
<kentari> exactly ;p
<kentari> Clarence's interprettation of all that
<kentari> is that its a defense, or a mood.. its.. what she's Got to say
<kentari> he doesn't need to challenge her
<kentari> he can love her without fighting with her :P
<alcar> poor star :p
<kentari> y'know? :P
<kentari> which, well
<kentari> poor star :P
<alcar> kindness is one of the nastiest weapons :)
<kentari> it is one of the few that trumps cynicism
<alcar> Yup.

<Clarence`> "Are you meaning to imply that Miss Ericka's girlfriend is an angel?"
<Clarence`> "But my dad said people like that went to hell.."
* Clarence` ponders. :P
<AlcarGM> Duane: "She used to be, I think. And if I've learned anything from dreams, it's that helland heaven seem to be our own inventions. Heaven's just harder to reach, since people can't embrace love..." He shakes his head."Sorry. Feedback."
<Clarence`> "Feedback?"
* Clarence` looks at Star a moment, thinking of something silently.. he's gonna help her find Heaven! :P
<AlcarGM> Duane: "Hers. You -- probably shouldn't meet her yet."
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))
<AlcarGM> (( Star: "You want me to b ecome a lesbian..?" ))

<AlcarGM> Okay, next morning is.. fieldtrip time (tm). The students are to be outside the classroom and waiting at 8 am....
<Ericka`^> yay
* Ericka`^ grabs a van and pulls up in front of the school
<AlcarGM> Jeromy is late, but that's to be expected. Pattie is actually on time, and dresed for hiking. Until now, you'd never seen hiking shoes with heels, but she has some.
<AlcarGM> Duane's just wearing generic jeans, t-shirt. Everyone else has school uniforms on and Clarence is late as well.
<AlcarGM> Bree walks over to the van, looking a little worried.
<Ericka`^> (( Hiking boots with heels are not... hiking boots
<AlcarGM> (( somehow, she has found some :P ))
<Ericka`^> aha!
<Ericka`^> army boots!
<Ericka`^> http://www.mydivascloset.com/4calaupbofor.html

<Ericka`^> why'd you pick 7, alcar?
<Ericka`^> npcs
<kentari> hehe
<Ericka`^> he was complaining about having a big staff
* AlcarGM was insane.
<AlcarGM> Next question? :p
<Ericka`^> lol
<Ericka`^> just remember
<Ericka`^> you did this to yourself... I said only two or three...
<AlcarGM> well, it's not like they'll all survive :P
<Ericka`^> You're going to KILL MY STUDENTS!?
<kentari> hahah
<kentari> :P priceless

<AlcarGM> The gym is, since it's a Saturday, empty.
* Ericka`^ pulls out a picnic basket and hands everyone a sandwich
<AlcarGM> Everyone finds their own spot to eat, Clarence walking over to ask Jeromy something. What're you doing?
* Ericka`^ pulls out soda, but since her player isn't getting paid anything, it's generic brand. "CALL ME, COKE! WE CAN DO A COMMERCIAL!"
<AlcarGM> The school district sues you for promoting cocaine use amng the students under its' zero tolerance policy :P

<Sadie`^> "So where are we headed off to next?"
* Elton being silent can only imply his understanding of 'we' in that context.

<Green> "What leads you north?"
<Elton> "What else?"
* Elton pauses, considering.
* Elton doesn't say anything, but smirks a little, withholding some sarcastic comment.
<Sadie`^> "War?"
* Green looks to Sadie, "And you, the mentally stunted one. What will you find yourself doing?"
<Sadie`^> "Leaving. You do one good deed and everybody wants you in prison..."
<Elton> "Good deed? A good deed would be miraculously rebuilding the inn. You just helped individuals.. there's no glory to be had in small victories."
* Green looks at the two of them, considering some dire fate for them both.
<Sadie`^> "So I helped some people. Stop making me feel bad about it!"
<Elton> "feelings are choices, kid."

<kentari> 2d6+11 elton atk soldier (vitals) ;P
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6+11: 16(5) elton atk soldier (vitals) ;P
<kentari> damn
<kentari> I dun like that so much. :P
<kentari> 2d6+11 elton atk soldier (vitals) ;P (redo 1)
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6+11: 16(5) elton atk soldier (vitals) ;P (redo 1)
<kentari> fuck you sparkie
* Sparkie bows
<kentari> way to waste my divine energy ;p

<Arbiter> "Do you go to school Chris?"
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Nuh uh. I get tutors, and computers and such."
<AlcarGM> (( "Sometimes it gets hot in the box my dad made." ))
<Arbiter> :D
<Arbiter> "Oh, what kinds of things do you learn about?"
<AlcarGM> (( could not resist that joke :P ))
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Math, and sutff, like how things bend and stretch and how people are all good and neat and -- stuff."
<Arbiter> "Just good? Or have you read about the bad ones too?"
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Nobody is bad; they're just misunderstood," earnestly.
* Thaumaturge looks slightly floored. :P

<kentari> alas
<kentari> I need to step out :P
<kentari> Can I leave this in your hands, gemm?
<Arbiter> The comic that uses the same panels every comic.
<Arbiter> Hmmm, I have not been drinking, so it should be ok.

<AlcarGM> You move, like the ninja, but for a moment your body recalls your real body as someone shakes it. Blades slash nthrough you, *hurting*....
<AlcarGM> The ninja moves towards you
* Clarence` winces, a little more gutsy in the dreamworld.. but not immune to pain.
<Clarence`> "This can't be honor!"
<AlcarGM> The ninja looks surprised you're even standing, but says nothing, entirely intent on business...
<AlcarGM> your attack/thingy/fun!
<Clarence`> "There's no way! I won't accept that you think this is trully honorable!"
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "Honour alone does not pay bills," flatly.
<AlcarGM> (( Ninja credit cards.... naaah.. ))
<Clarence`> "What if we can pay you more? Huh?"

* Ericka`^ makes sure any students in the dorm right now feel really tired
<AlcarGM> bree looks up, sensing *that* and gives you a questioing look.
<Ericka`^> "I don't want anyone walking into this..." Not really looking at bree, but answering her question
<AlcarGM> Kendall moves quietly between Bree and the dead ninja so she can't see him :)
<AlcarGM> Clarence blinks a few times at your effect and fights backa sudden yawn. "Is - is the school under attack again?!"
<Ericka`^> "No. Go back to your room. I'll take care of this."
<AlcarGM> Clarence nods, figthing back a second yawn and the effect, and asks if Kendall wants to stay in his room. "We could call Duane!"
<AlcarGM> Kendall smiles shyly at that and nods.
<AlcarGM> Bree hesitates, not wanting to invite herself :p
<Ericka`^> "Bree, go with them. You need the rest anyway."
<Ericka`^> "Kendall, stay here a minute."
<AlcarGM> Bree nods and heads back to Clarence's room, and Kendall blinks and just nods, studying the ground and scuffing the floor with a shoe.
<AlcarGM> Clarence: "You can have my bed," to Bree, and Bree does a double take at that, stares into blistering earnestness, and just follows.

* Ericka`^ goes to her office and digs through her rolodex
<AlcarGM> You dig, find card, and #... 1 900 number, naturally :p
<Ericka`^> lol
* Ericka`^ dials
<AlcarGM> The phone ansers on the third ring. "Sara's sexy ladies!" a... man trying to sound a like a woman says.
<Ericka`^> ...
<Ericka`^> ...
<Ericka`^> ....
<Ericka`^> .....
<Ericka`^> "Uhm, I'm actually looking for ah.... Jeeves?"
<AlcarGM> Man: "Not Sara? Shiiit! I mean....." a click, and then a man's voice, brisk and impatient. "Yes?"
<kentari> you win
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> hm? :p
<kentari> you used sara
<kentari> ;p
* AlcarGM nods :) best. Use. Ever.

<Ericka`^> "I also offer favors..."
<AlcarGM> "ah! Favours are always useful. And you are, then?"
* Ericka`^ has to look up her last name
<Ericka`^> "I'm going by Ericka Caesar at the moment."
<AlcarGM> Nuh huh! Roll Int. check to see if you remember it!
<Ericka`^> =p
<AlcarGM> (( I once played a D&d game like that :( ))
<Ericka`^> Silly GM risus requires no intelegence!
<Ericka`^> or... intelligence of which I have none

<alcar> Lucius comes upon you as you're putting the last wards back together. "Everyone okay, ma'am? I had this one hysterial student babbling to me about ninjas a bit back, and you're normally off Sundays?"
* Ericka`^ nods "There were some people that tried to get into the dorms... luckilly nothing happened, but I decided to hire on some security staff to help prevent it in the future. I'll make an anouncement tomorrow."
<alcar> Lucius:"Is everyone all right?" looking worried.
* Ericka`^ nods "Everything's fine. I'll be here for a while setting up a guard and getting the new security staff assigned. I've called in someone to come tonight."
<Ericka`^> "You should go home for the night. I'll give you the details tomorrow."
<alcar> He nods, shaking his head. "in my day schools didn't even need security. Heh. Sounding old, now." He heads home, shaking his head alittle that such things happen in a good town like this.
<Ericka`^> heh
<alcar> (( "Well, it was really just ninjas." "Oh, them?! I thought we were innoculated after the last outbreak." ))

<Clarence`> "Everyone's gonna think I'm weak and .. and now they all have a reason! I was better off in the coma!" :(
<AlcarGM> Duane blinks, then stares at you, his grin vanishing. "You really think that?"
<Clarence`> "I ... it.. of course they're gonna think I'm worthless, now!"
<Clarence`> Utterly ignoring the second statement he made ;p
<AlcarGM> Duane: "And you'd be better off in a coma, then? Is the dream-Sunbright better than the real one, then?"
<AlcarGM> He ignores the first comment in response :)
<Clarence`> "Th.. n.."
* Clarence` makes contorted faces that only make sense in dreams :P
<AlcarGM> He just stares at you implaccably, waiting.
<Clarence`> "They're the same! Why does no one realize its all the same? Why.. why can't I be... the same?"
<AlcarGM> He closes his eyes a moment and sighs softly, then opens then. "Because things aren't like that, Clarence. Dreams are - ideals. Projections. Wishes. Fantasies. But they're ultimately not real, even if they're as real as anything else. Dreams only speak the language of the heart. There's also the language of the head, and the world itself," tapping the ground, the real world dimly visible below you for a moment.
* Clarence` sighs after a moment, the object of his anger no longer in the here-and-now to keep fueling it.
<AlcarGM> Duane: "There are a lot of ways of hiding from the world, Clarence. Often we do it without meaning to, or because we're scared, or it's too complicated. But sometimes it surprises us, and it can be worth it. Friends can be, at the very least. And people who don't see below the surface aren't worthy of being your friend. Got it?"

<AlcarGM> Dog: "A god, possibly. Funny thing about any god is that their resume never matches their claims. If anything made the universe, even we haven't met it. That we know of."
<Clarence`> ".. That's silly! Its *right there* in Genesis, Dog... I guess you can't read, though." :P
* Clarence` has decided Clarence is Devout ;p
<AlcarGM> Dog: "Why would I? Words lie. Scents you can trust."
<Clarence`> "Its more than words! Jesus, he's.. its in your heart, too, you know?" :P
* Clarence` Witnesses to a Totem.. ulcer #2. :P
<AlcarGM> Duane gives you a look of utter disbelief.

<Clarence`> "Jesus loves you even if you're a talking dog and even if you're.. made of energy?"

<Clarence`> "SECOND! ... I have a friend that eats Fear. If you guys could collect some and stuff... that'd be cool? I've been trying to think of a good present for him. :P"
<Clarence`> "I mean! Some that.. you don't need, or whatever, or a liiiittle teensy bit of what you eat, or.. you know."
* Clarence` totally loses his authoritative air :P
<AlcarGM> Dog stops scratching the itch, looking amused
<AlcarGM> Nightmares: "Fear-eaters? A vampire, as a friend?!"
<Clarence`> "V-v-v-v-vampire?!?! No way! He's just kinda creepy."
<Clarence`> "And eats feelings. I think he likes fear best."
<AlcarGM> The nightmares stare at each other, then at you.
<Clarence`> "Anyway! I don't want him to eat me. So if you guys could spare some of your food, for me to send him? I mean.. if he's full.. then its not so dangerous, after all."
* Clarence` scratches his head. :P
<AlcarGM> "Err," Puke Green says, "psychic vampires eat all emotions. You know?" with a helpful smile filled with far too many teeth, enough to make a shark dentist jealous with envy
<Clarence`> (( lol ;p ))

* Clarence` heads for the roof, looking happy.
<AlcarGM> Someone has planted two roses in one corner of the garden already.
* Clarence` .. blinks, and smiles, a little.
* Clarence` tries something! He finds a comfortable nearby spot and collapses, making a straightaway for a not-haunted Park in the dreamplace..
<AlcarGM> you sleep, and appear in a park easily enough
* Clarence` walks up to the nearest bed of flowers, addressing them insomuch as the flowers are there for conversation.. :P
<Clarence`> "Hi! My name's Clarence! I'm.. workin' on a garden, at my school! There are already some flowers .. roses! there.. they need friends.. would any of you want to move there?"
* Clarence` pays attention to the, erm, voiceless.. primal emotion type thingies he suspects things like flowers make instead of thoughts. :P
<AlcarGM> The flowers rustle, and one says: "We are dream flowers, boy. We only grow in dreams."
<Clarence`> "Well, I know! But.. you could grow in the dream of the garden at my school, instead?"
<Clarence`> "If you want to!"
<AlcarGM> a few of them consider that, and follow you into the dream of tha garden, which is mostly echoes of the garden that used to be here; it was fairly pretty in its day
<AlcarGM> before the dark times. Before the fertiizers.

<Ericka`^> "I trust you both read chapter 3?"
<AlcarGM> Pattie: "When do we get to sacrifice the rats?"
<Ericka`^> "We won't be making blood sacrifices, not in this class."
<AlcarGM> Pattie: "So, we just do dissections in science and not magic class?"
<Ericka`^> "The animals are already dead when they show up in science class."
<AlcarGM> Pattie; "And?" stubbornly
<AlcarGM> Kendall just shakes his head.
<Ericka`^> "And they weren't killed in this school. You're more than welcome to burn herbs, or throw dried remains in the mix... as long as they're not human. Just no blood sacrifices."

<Ericka`^> "Try not to kill too many people, around the other students, would you?"
<AlcarGM> He smiles slightly at that. "Anyone who truly fights knows killing is one result. Life is not a game."
<Ericka`^> "Could you at least wait until they're actually fighting you? And not while they're in the middle of a siezure..."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy shrugs. "Dead enemies are preferable to live threats; I find I have little use for concepts such as honour. They serve to merely be nooses people tighten around their own necks."
<Ericka`^> "I'm sure you enjoy a good challenge every now and then."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "Within reason."

<AlcarGM> Pattie: "Now *why* would anyone think you were helpless?" voice dripping irony. "Find someone else; I'm trying to hide spells from our headmistress."
<Clarence`> "O.. okay.."
* Clarence` looks around.
<Clarence`> "Why not just.. do them.. in dreams? She seems t-to be kinda.. clueless with things there?"
<AlcarGM> Pattie: "Because in dreams you do dreams. Not magic."
<AlcarGM> "Magic," she says impatiently, "is done in the magical world, if it is to affect this one at all."
* Clarence` folds his arms, "Have you... tried? Or do you j.. just believe what you were t-t.. told you couldn't do?"

<AlcarGM> You focus, and the Gm ignores the dicebot blithely. The door forms, the effort causing the world to swim about you sickeningly for a moment, but you manage it, feeling as it you just tried to run a four minute mile.
<AlcarGM> bree is shaking you, and you're lying on the ground
<Clarence`> lol ;p
<Clarence`> "Wh.. where... u.. uhm.. it.. ... h-hi?"
* Clarence` smiles weakly
<AlcarGM> She gives you a worried look, trying to keep you awake, and the shadows bitch-slap you in the magicla world a few times :)
<AlcarGM> She just gives you a worried look in return.
<AlcarGM> (( Shadows: "Ooh! Look! A pinata! If we hit it, dreams can fall out!" ))
<Clarence`> (( oh god :P ))
<Clarence`> (( don't tell jeromy ))

<AlcarGM> (( But, the Gm notes that running an rpg to take revenge for one the player ran would be fun .... :p ))
<Clarence`> (( It is. :D ))
<AlcarGM> (( you have done this? :P ))
<alcar> ken - what game? :Lp
<kentari> cereus. ;p
<kentari> ... aaand kbesmu.
<alcar> lol. What was the latter a response to? :p
<kentari> Honeslty?
<kentari> Sparkie :P
<kentari> Power was pure revenge for Sparkie.
* Sparkie blinks
* Sparkie is.. flattered, I think.

<AlcarGM> Pattie sniffs. "Dreams are just dreams. They don't mean anything."
<Ericka`^> "Of course they mean something. Sometimes more than others."
<AlcarGM> She waves a hand. "Oh, right, so dreaming about being chased by squirrels would mean what?"
<Ericka`^> "You are affraid of squirrels."
<AlcarGM> Pattie: "Hardly. They're just furry little hell-rodents."
<Ericka`^> "That's more something for Duane or Clarence to answer."
<AlcarGM> (( Duane: "it's sex; everything is about sex in dreams." *stares at Pattie's dreams* "but you know that already, right?" ))

<Ericka`^> "There's more to the heavens and the earths, Pattie, than are dreamt up in your philosopies."
<AlcarGM> Pattie: "I don't have a philsophy; I have credit cards."

<alcar> I suspect my character, if any, will be a little insane. Obsessives tend to be :)
<kentari> I expect you to make him as picky as a philolohist can be :>
* alcar nods. Anal retentive comes to mind :P
<alcar> stir coffee exactly 3 times etc.
<alcar> plius, power flux for weapon == "Remove dust from ruins.." etc.
<kentari> ;p
<alcar> Be fun to try and use properly, since he'd want to do as little damage to a scene as possible....
<alcar> or she. I'm getting a mostl female vibe for the idea....
<kentari> Obsessive crazy person?
<kentari> Me too. :P
<alcar> lol!

* kentari takes off his hat. Moment of Silence.
<Sparkie> No one who can roll dice is dead to me.
<kentari> There must be a roller :P
<kentari> haha
<kentari> argument for the existence of God...
<alcar> lol!
<kentari> someone must roll the dice! That someone is God
<alcar> "Evne iuf the dice are thrown where we cannot see them, someone must throw them!"
<alcar> The Gamer God. Rolling them critical failures out of love....
<alcar> "See, your life isn't My fault! Stop blaming Me! I just rolled the dice!"
<alcar> "Yeah, and who made this dice?" "What is your security clearance, citizen?"

* Clarence` nods and sits there for a little while, pondering over how he should feel about Bree thinking *he* should be the President..
<AlcarGM> (( heheh. ))
* Clarence` looks at his player warily, knowing its already gone to HIS head :P

<Clarence`> "I.. l-let's.. uhm.. I mean .. the .. a.. uhhhh.. pacing doesn't... h-have to be this slow? I.. I w-want.. to see if I can.. d-daydream and still... you know... ... fight."
<AlcarGM> He looks a little dubious, but nods and picks the pace up a little easily.
* Clarence` follows along as best he can, encouraging Kendall that its okay if he looks tired -- he has to get tired for it to work!
<AlcarGM> Kendall looks worried at that, but does push your limits a little, leaving you puffing a bit.
* Clarence` tries to at least control his breathing all martial-artsy style while he attempts to repeat what's worked before in his thoughts, etc., to Daydream proper.
<AlcarGM> Kendall; "T-t-the energy? The -" he waves a hand sideways. "It w-w-w-went ..... s-s-s....t-there aren't d-dir-drections? B-but up? Down? L-like that. Below ... here, and -and - and above the s-s-s-spirit world? LIke - like there's some p-p-p-p-place, and all of -of this is be-between it?" he gets out, panting a little after despite not being winded, and looking frustrated. "Words d-d-d-don't --- th-th-they don't f-f-fit it."
<Clarence`> ((God.. I can feel your pain, typing that out. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( yes :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( <- never making an npc like this again, damn it :P ))
<Clarence`> (( <- same, with PCs ;p ))

<Ericka`^> "I don't think I appriciate you comming here and accusing ME of attacking you. Why the hell would I bother to attack you, or your master?"
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "Because we know whart you are," coldly, drawing himself up. "And what kind of suck brothel you plan to run to get power for yourself. And," with a smirk, "we could tell your 'students'."
* Ericka`^ laughs
<Ericka`^> "Why would I care what you tell my students? I don't even know you!"
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "You will, eventually. We have a weapon you cannot hide from to force the lies out of your lips. And we will see how much remains of your ideals when people see you for what you really are."
<Ericka`^> "More idle threats, yet here you stand, looking like an idiot. I'm not going to run away from every stage magician that comes around threatening to do some bad thing to me."
<AlcarGM> He just smiles, looking almost gleeful for a moment, then reaches into his pocket...
<AlcarGM> (( and produces a handgun. "To hell with spells, eat lead and be dead!" ))

<Clarence`> "Were... was the .. erm.. energy? Useful? I'm still not sure if it stays Real when it leaves my hands."
* Clarence` gestures to where it last was in his hands ;p
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "It was - different."
<Clarence`> "I told them to find and gather Fear, back when I noticed you... liked it when Duane had it, back with the needle.. people. They've been working since then, pretty much."
<Clarence`> "My .. nightmare army, I mean. I guess that's a good name for 'em."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "A more creative name could be useful, when you have to use them in war."
* Clarence` looks utterly surprised.
<Clarence`> "I ... could use them, for something like that?"
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: ".... what, precisely, do you think armies are for?" bemused
<Clarence`> "Intimidation? If you get them killed, they're not much of a use for anything."
* Clarence` shrugs helplessly :P
<AlcarGM> He laughs at that, softly. "You'd make a good general, then."

<Clarence`> "Ah! Yeah. I'm working on being abel to Dream while I'm awake. I .. noticed that you were in a lot of people's dreams. I didn't know you were such a popular guy! How do you find the time to meet so many people?"
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "I mostly walk by them. Their imaginations do the rest."
* Clarence` actually chuckles at that
<Clarence`> "See, that's what I'm talking about, with.. Presence. I don't have that."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "That isn't - a kind of pressence you'd want, unless you plan to magically make jukeboxes come to life?"
* Clarence` goes wide-eyed
<Clarence`> "You're sure they're not just on Demo, right?" :P
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "Hm?"
<AlcarGM> He looks puzzled.
<Clarence`> "Demo. Erm.. demonstration. A lot of them will play things every now and then, to kinda.. remind people that its there and they can spend money on it?"
<Clarence`> (( lol. Awesome :P ))
<Clarence`> (( He thought he was the fonz ;p ))

<kentari> Anyway!
<kentari> The Infinite Fortress is one of the more well-known and desirable places to be in the solar system. The best equipment, the best officers... of all the giant, floating, lonely vessels strewn about, that you ended up on This One is some sign of some measure of good fortune.
* Orin`^ Quit (Ping timeout)
<kentari> Unless you ping timeout.
<kentari> Then you pretty much just suck.

<kentari> your mechas all work perfectly
<kentari> by some strange fluke ;p be it your repairs, or them surviving the incident
<Joan`> definitely repairs, here :P
<Orin`^> too bad i don't have a computer scanner in my mecha!
<Joan`> or, say, a way to get it to here? :p
<kentari> :P
<Joan`> that would be the funny part.
<Joan`> "Here is the.. scanner. Woah, sorry dudes."
<Zerda> what do you mean? Mine's severely damaged. Operating off a fraction of its original pre-disaster power! that's why it's only a couple hundred of points!
<Zerda> :P
<Joan`> lol!
<Joan`> that *would* be fun. Spend the whole time weeping....
<Joan`> "Oh, sure, this armour is decent, but before it was damaged the decals were.... I can't talk about it. Tearing up."

<Orin`^> 2d6+6 the fucking screen god damnit!
<Sparkie> Orin`^ 2d6+6: 10(4) the fucking screen god damnit!
<Orin`^> why do my rolls keep getting lower?

<Orin`^> "So... can you talk to it, if I open this thing up?"
<Orin`^> "It might be alien..."
<Orin`^> "Or human..." quietly to himself
* Joan` looks pleased. "That would be wonderful."
<Joan`> Joan meets Predator....
<Zerda> haha.
<Joan`> "But we haven't worked out a .. basic...... syntaxxxxx...."

<kentari> You find "Uhura's Guide to Information Relays"
<Joan`> (( Does it have a subsection on the tonsils of Kirk? ))

<AlcarGM> Clarence: "Uhm, well, we were in the gym, Miss Ericka, doing the martial arts? And carl and sam.... came in and had - had a weapon, and the men came in, and then Jeeves and Ken and he - beat them up," giving you a bright grin and a look of "help!'
<Ericka`^> ...
<Ericka`^> Kendall is worse too
<Ericka`^> "Kendall?"
<AlcarGM> Kendall just nods.
<Ericka`^> "Could you emphasise on what he said?"
<AlcarGM> Sam:"He," pointing half-accusing at Kendall, and waving her hand to the ceiling "jumped! To the roof! That's not even possible!"
<Ericka`^> "Perhaps we could let physics determine what's possible, Miss Jones. It's not us to decide."

<Clarence`> "A... are you okay here? I always.. thought.. like, in s-stories and m-movies and .. stuff.."
* Clarence` gives him a worried, assessing glance :P
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "Hmm?"
<Clarence`> "H-holy ... g-g-g-ground."
<AlcarGM> He stares at you for a long moment without expression, then says: "Unitarian churches don't count. Nor Catholic. Only Mormon ones do."

<AlcarGM> Jeromy eyes the dvs, then you. "Shall we go, then?"
* Clarence` nods! He doesn't want to make this guy suffer. ;p
<AlcarGM> He waits until you are walking back, then says: "How do you watch them?"
<Clarence`> "There's pictures inside! Reeeeeaaaally .. tiny versions. Th-they... we use a .. d...dvd player."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "Ah. I do not have one of those. UNless the room comes with them?"
* Clarence` ponders! :P
<AlcarGM> (( "Yes it does. You put it in the air conditioning unit and...." ))
<Clarence`> ((rofl. I knew someone who tried that, once. They tried to mount things in the giant A/C unit at dorms.. it was terrible :P))
<AlcarGM> (( ..... wow ))

<AlcarGM> He's quiet several minutes. watching the end of the first episode of Buffy, then says: "This is - parody, then?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Actually, it's a documentary...." ))
<Clarence`> "Actually... s-some people think its... a d-d-documentary."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "...."
<Clarence`> "Th.. there's a reason so many people are.. d-dreaming about you, after all."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "I - see."

<AlcarGM> Jeromy nods. "And yet, at some point, one has to discover there are things more important than survival." He walks over to the door, then looks back. "Breaks? Nothing changes, Clarence. It merely gets worse."
<Clarence`> "I ... th-think ... you sound a little too much like M-miss Ericka, there."
<AlcarGM> Jeromy: "Perhaps. Or she like I."
<Clarence`> "You use words that.. mean things. She just.. moves words around."
<AlcarGM> (( "For behold! I come unto you bearing Alcar Memetics(tm): changing the way you think, one campaign at a time!"* ))
* Clarence` makes a waving gesture with his hands, pantomining unintelligibly ;p
<AlcarGM> (( * Offer void when Sparkie is taken into account. ))

<Seraphna> 1d20+25
<Sparkie> Seraphna 1d20+25: 26(1)
* Seraphna nods. Evil as ever.

<Ericka`^> "That was all. Oh, I also wanted to know how you intend to vote for a leader amongst yourselves."
<AlcarGM> Clarence: "We could .. put names into hats!" looking excited
<Ericka`^> "You could also fight to the death."
<Ericka`^> Or not

<Joan`> Item: Cool decals 4 (Aura of inspiration 1, armour 2)
<kentari> ;P
<Joan`> also: bumper stickers for mecha would rock.
<Zerda> "If you can read this, eat flaming death!!!"
<Joan`> "If you can read this, you have been within range of my distruptor cannon for over 2 minutes."

<kentari> he's got the main cmoputer online
<kentari> and what does he do about the door?
<kentari> He shoots it. :P

<Chaos`^> i tink
<Chaos`^> dragons want virgins
<Chaos`^> because the pretty ones are never virgins
<Chaos`^> the fat ones are

<AlcarGM> He heads to the dorms to sleep, you drive home without a problem .. save that it is your turn to make supper.
<AlcarGM> or, you know, order it
<Ericka`^> ORDER IT!
<AlcarGM> Okay, you order.....?
<Ericka`^> pizza
<Ericka`^> since we ordered pizza before this whole mess started...
<AlcarGM> Pizza arrives, along with you, because of the miracle of the modern cell phone.
<AlcarGM> Hillary has lit candles, and says hello when youn enter, causing the pizza delivery man to wish he had access to a) a camera and b) a you-tube account*
<AlcarGM> *though, if he did, you would be obligated to sign up explicitly to rate the result with as many stars as possible
<Ericka`^> lol
<Ericka`^> "Oh, hello."
<AlcarGM> (( couldn't resist that one :) ))

<AlcarGM> A small obsidian fairy appears beside your shoulder. "Hi," cheerfully.
<Ericka`^> "She was confident that she would win today. A little... what's the word..."
<Ericka`^> If its name is rachael i am going to kill you alcar
<Ericka`^> "Oh, hi."
<Ericka`^> "Conceited."
<Ericka`^> "That's right."
<Fennec> (( Rachael is generally not obsidian :P ))

<Ericka`^> "You've met deranged cultists summoning ancient unspeaking things?"
<AlcarGM> Len: "Briefly. It mostly involved them meeting the front end of my car. A few times."
<Ericka`^> "I doubt your car gets along well with other bodies in its way."
<AlcarGM> Barbie: "It runs on human blood only during the night night of a new moon," around a bite of food.
<AlcarGM> Len: "it seemed the easiest way to deal with them at the time."
* Ericka`^ contemplates a vampiric car...
<Ericka`^> nah too hard to make
<Ericka`^> "I'm sure pattie could learn a few things about discretion of power from that story." Loudly, and maybe through the van windows
<AlcarGM> (( and really hard to explain to the AAA what happened to your car after youaccidentally skidded into a church with it ))
<Ericka`^> (( It blew up... No idea why... ))

<AlcarGM> The superhero spots both of you and flies over. "Halt! I am Commander Soundwave, sworn protector or the dune city IRS building. State for reasons for being here," in a loud booming voice.
<Arbiter> "Well, lucky for you, buck-o, that I'm not Captain Grammar. Nope, you've run yourself across ole Arbiter, Champion of Justice. And with me here's my pal Benjy, the.. umm... the Boy of a thousand voices!"
<AlcarGM> Benjy gapes. "The what?!" he squeaks out.
<AlcarGM> Soundwave: "That is not much of a voice," dubiously.

<Arbiter> oh, you should run the logs of Defenders sessions through a script that counts how many '!' are used each game. :P

* Arbiter grabs something nearby, not Benjy, and hits her with it.
<Arbiter> 2d6+15 Slammed!
<Sparkie> Arbiter 2d6+15: 21(6) Slammed!
<AlcarGM> The woman snaps her fingers, and the desk floats into the air and back where it was. "Barging into our offices without an appointment is not tolerated, nor encouraged. You will explain yourself, or I will turn my attentiont o the child protecting you."
<AlcarGM> lol. You hit her anyways? :)
<Arbiter> yes
<AlcarGM> lol!

<Arbiter> This whole game would be so much different if it weren't 4-color
<AlcarGM> gods yes :P
<AlcarGM> it *would* be funny to do a giant retcon/redo of Defenders and toss the 4-color out the window.
<Chaos`^> heh
<Chaos`^> it'd turn bad real fast
<AlcarGM> gods yes :p

<AlcarGM> Duane waits until you're done, then says: "Why do magicians ignore the dream world?"
<Ericka`^> "Because they assume that magic is better than dreams."
<AlcarGM> Duane: "See, I don't understand that. Dreams may be less stable, but there are level higher than magic, closer to the spirit world."
<Ericka`^> "Then you can hapilly write a book about it and publish it for all magicians to read."
<AlcarGM> He snorts. "I have better things do with my time than that. It just seems odd that you all ignore it."
<Ericka`^> "Now you're making generalizations about all magicians."
<AlcarGM> Duane shrugs. "If a shoe fits....."
<Ericka`^> "That's how fungal infections spread."

* Ericka`^ sleeps pretty deeply, and probably doesn't have much time to dream
<AlcarGM> the one dream you recall has Clarence in it doing a two step and singing "We are the champions" loudly and off key.
<Ericka`^> heh
<Ericka`^> everyone sings we are the champions off key
<AlcarGM> Hillary wakens when you do in the morning, rubbing her head. "I had the strangest dream last night."
<Ericka`^> "Did it involve Clarence singing off key?"
<AlcarGM> Hillary: "I thought that was on-key. Isn't it how everyone sings it?"

<AlcarGM> Okay, by the power of Headmistress, classes are altered!
* Ericka`^ has Lucius do it, and finishes up some other paperwork...
<Ericka`^> =p
* Ericka`^ heads to class
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> So like the Sorceress, delegating everything to he-man :p
<Ericka`^> he's a good man
<Ericka`^> plus that's sort of his job =p

<alcar> Also, I could not find any acutal jar jar binks slash on google
* alcar is quite happy about this.
<LadyIslay> slash?
<alcar> But there is now a void in the internet. And someone must fill it.
<LadyIslay> o.O

<GeminiRai> aww, you cannot have a superhero saga without incest
<GeminiRai> Your fans demand it
<GeminiRai> or at least good old fashioned cest
<alcar> and, they're 6. 6 and incest == no :P
<alcar> You do, however, bring to mind the one type from ages about about Incestoids
<alcar> But.... no.
<alcar> "Release the incestoids!" "We can't, sir." "Why not?" "Ah, one guess what they're doing?" "oh." "You know those lasers you wanted mounted on their heads, sir? Permit me to state it was a really *bad* idea."

<AlcarGM> Shadow: "Huh? Oh! I'm Shadow." There's a line of white in its face as it grins. "I'm a supervillain," proudly.
<Tsoma> "I can.... er, no, I can't see why. Why don't you give me your speach you reserve for interlopers before you destroy them?"
<AlcarGM> Shadow considers that, scratches his head. "I guess I've never destroyed anyone?" wide white eyes appearing in his face. "You want me to start?" The shadow flickers, then flows and becomes more solid, shifting form.
<AlcarGM> http://game1.fennecfoxen.org/oppressors/img/shadow.gif

* Tsoma diverts all power to conversion :P
<AlcarGM> Shadow: "HUh?" The tendrils vanish. "I'm not a - whatever that is, exactly. I asked what you are. You haven't said yet. So are *you* picking a fight?"
<Tsoma> "I don't even know what you are. Killing you and scavenging your various essences would be useless at this point, as I am near full capacity."
<Tsoma> "Bobby is a name, yes, what I am? also a name. I am Tsoma. Does that satisfy?"
<AlcarGM> Shadow stares at you, and then changes, darkness forming into nanites, to convert a target into shadow as if mirroring you. ".... I guess?" warily. "Why're you on earth, Tsoma?"
<Tsoma> "Because my prison was broken, I extrapo.... I think."
<AlcarGM> Shadow: "Oh. Prisons *suck*," with feeling.
<Tsoma> "That they do."
<AlcarGM> (( "Like, there was this Peter kid, and it took me *forever* to get away from him, and...." or... not. ))

* Tsoma 's form undulates as he breaks up into a cordlike mass, and he ropes and makes sure he's covereing a lot of ground,and just for effect, te them up with the good constables clothes while other parts of him are making sure he's pinned down
<Tsoma> (ties them up)
<AlcarGM> Constable: "Steadman, Constable. Serial number 3243-3042!" he .. screams, trying to ... well, whatever he's trying. Possibly to keep in control, or protect his mind from telepathic assault. It does little for the front of his pants, however.
<Tsoma> "Well, I can excise the portions of your brain that make you hold to the concept of self preservation, or you can just help me out a little bit."
<AlcarGM> Shadow just watches, looking a little better, saying nothing though
<Tsoma> "Either way, I don't want to kill you. Your organs will fail that way, and I care nothing for you mind. So if you cooperate, you can keep that useless hunk of meat, gotcha?"
<AlcarGM> Steadman: "Useless? I hhave 3 sons!" bristling.
* Tsoma 's hands break into thousands of extremely fine looking surgical tools, and plus a bunck of hooks, and well, ones he thought up on the fly :P
<AlcarGM> Shadow: "...."
<AlcarGM> Shadow: "Tsoma, alien dentist. Yeah, that's scary."\
<Tsoma> "I meant your brain, actually. Your reproductive organs are useful as well."

<Chaos`^> SHIT
<Chaos`^> I forgot mind shield!
<Chaos`^> fuck fuck fuck
<AlcarGM> Why would you need that?!

<AlcarGM> One of the punks turns, sneers. "Get lost. This is the territory of the Jokers, girl." He pulls out a switchblade, flicking it open. "Run along home to mommy."
<Hanna`^> "The Jokers? Are you kidding me?"
<Hanna`^> "What kind of a name is that. Don't tell me you dress up in makeup and start laughing maniacally too?"
<Hanna`^> Do comic books exist in this world, anyway?
<AlcarGM> Punk :"Cypress Hill Jokers. *The*," menacingly. "And we do columbian neckties like you wouldn't believe, girly."
<AlcarGM> (( but of course! Everyone likes reading about the adventures of The Accountant, and other people in the strange comic book world of life without superheroes. ))

<AlcarGM> You eat, and spot a man in jogging shorts carrying pamplets leaping over nearby rooftops.
* Hanna`^ chews her sandwich and watches him... he one of those new enforcers?
<AlcarGM> He looks human, though pretty athletic, and seems to be taping notices to rooftop chimmneys and such. he spots you and does several leaps, eventually making your building and panting for breath a little.
* Hanna`^ hides her bread and cheese in an air vent and locks it so birds can't get ot it
* Hanna`^ finishes eating her sandwich
<Hanna`^> "hi."
<AlcarGM> The man catches his breath, then holds out a pamphlet. "Have you recieved your copy of the Watchtower? The servants of Satan will not control this world, and the serpent shall be ground under the heels of the Almighty Redeemer!"
<AlcarGM> or, maybe, not.
<Hanna`^> i would have believed it

<Tsoma> so chaos!
<Tsoma> what does your character do?
<Hanna`^> magnets
<Tsoma> I see gemm's is mostly a jerk :P
<Hanna`^> she's also polite
<Tsoma> didn't you just gut two people? :P
<Neurosia> He is a jerk because he gets things done! :P
<Hanna`^> You'll be hard pressed to find an etiquette book that tells you not to stab your hosts.

<Hanna`^> "What time is it?"
<AlcarGM> Wilbur: "3 pm," curtly. "You can get out before we have happy hour."
<Hanna`^> "When's happy hour?"
<AlcarGM> Wilbur: "Whenever you aren't here."
<AlcarGM> Irwin almost smiles at that, tossing Wilbur a pepsi*.
<AlcarGM> * behold the power of product placement.
<Hanna`^> "So you only want me gone for an hour?"
<AlcarGM> Wilbur: "Forever. Or do I have to kill you again?" sweetly, baring teeth in something resembling a smile

* Neuroia is shorter than he might have appeared on tv, standing at only 5'6". His arms are wrapped in a dark plastic/nylon, his chest and legs covered by the same material.
* Neuroia wears a headpiece that's reminscent of a child's dreams of villians in comic books.
<Hanna`^> SHREDDER!?
<AlcarGM> (( rofl! ))

<AlcarGM> there is a drive in it, tachyon-based, and a weapons system that was tied into the psyche of the pilot. It seems decent, though the commications grid is terribly complicated and contains just about every possible commuications device, most of them jury-rigged and wired together in a giant mess.
<Tsoma> if I could pick the most valuable thing out here, what would it be?
<AlcarGM> Thhe drive is definitely the most valuable, and the easist part to remove.
* Tsoma looks it over to make sure if the drive is removed, the whole thing won't blow for some reason
<AlcarGM> It won't. The only thing the drive seems tied into, besides (barely) to the control is a toilet. Not even to the weapon systems, when tachyon weapons are pretty nasty.
<Tsoma> why is the tachyon drive hooked to the toilet?
<Tsoma> is that because it relies on bullshit? :P
<AlcarGM> :P That makes more sense than the real reason :)

<Tsoma> "So, ah, you still plan on doing that?"
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction: "Oh, that? No, no. It was mostly a project in high school in the 60s. I imagine hydroponics has advanced since then."
<Tsoma> "I mean the destroying the world thing."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction: "Well, my wife did take the kids when she left..." He's quiet a few moments. "I haven't really decided. Seems almost no fair, without heroes to stop it."
<Tsoma> "Times are serious now, Doc. It's not fun and games anymore. I really wonder what your wife would do, well, if you saved the world for her, y'know? Makes some douche who has a steady job seem, well, just not it anymore."
<Tsoma> "But that's not important right this moment. Right now it's make ground, or else."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction: "Save it?" He sounds surprised. "Whatever for?"
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction: "New Orleans is a wasteland, many of its refugees crammed into formaldehyde-ridden trailers. There are more nuclear weapons than ever. The waters are rising and the atmosphere rife with poison. The economy is being driven into the ground by corporate housing scams. Americaís military budget is larger than WWII, thanks to a war thatís lasted longer. Thousands upon thousands are homeless, maimed or dead
<AlcarGM> .... there seems little worth saving."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction: "Well, there is HBO. And women. Ahem. And your proposal, then?"
<Tsoma> "There will always be the future. Humanity is a machine. A machine that is fueled by the hopeful and the hopeless. A machine that spits out despair and ingenuity more acute than the last. And that's why it needs to go on, to breed multiple upon multiples of changes and alterations."

<Tsoma> "Earth may not last, but humanity must."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction: "And to what end?" gently. "Everything comes to an end, after all. That is the only thing we seem guaranteed, my boy, no matter the fools who prate on about sentience being sacred or unique. it all gets old.Used up. Winds down."
<Tsoma> "Ideally? Ideally there is no end, there is only progress, nothing worth working towards, just working towards something. Whoever will be alive at the time will determine that, and those poeple will die and new goals will be born."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction: "Ah, well. I'm no longer young, you know. There's little fire left.I see a world run out of explorers, having only exploiters. And people wonder why we turn to drink." He sighs. "What do you want from me?"
<Tsoma> "The end may very well come, but not without the fullt gamut running it's course. And things are -far- from over. All the kind and daring are dead, all that is left are the desparate and the anbitious."

* Neuroia is looking directly at the kid. "The next time you go screaming through my mind or anyone else's you had best be in a heap of pain and at the ass-end of a death note."
<AlcarGM> he looks up and glares at you. "You try having six blocks of losers die inside your head sometime, asshole. I can show you."
* Neuroia turns to the goon that asked about him. "I'm Neuroia, and I'm trying to bind together a force to take care of our infestation problem."
<AlcarGM> The goon frowns, then relaxes a little. "Children?"
<AlcarGM> The kid gives him the finger.
<Neuroia> "He needs some training, some discipline, but otherwise can be useful to the cause."
<AlcarGM> KId: "You want discipline? You try being privy to the emotions and dreams of people tapped into the planet and going through puberty." He makes a face, as if swallowing something bitter. "Then imagine trying to keep something sane that was five kids like that combined into one damn being. Then we can fucking talk."

* Neuroia leaves heading out to look for the others.
<AlcarGM> Hrm. I assume Initech would have told you about the warehouse, or at least send to an email.
* Neuroia will head in that direction then.
<AlcarGM> You are half way to the warehouse when you hear screams below you and see a wolver in were form leaping out through the roof of a church and dragging a pregnant woman in her 30s behind him.
<Neuroia> ((I'm not a superhero, I am not a superhero.))

<Tsoma> you know
<Tsoma> this is a life changing moment for the AI complex that makes up tsoma :P
<Tsoma> I mean seriously, he might as well be an honorary planeteer from now on :P
<Tsoma> which means he gets a t-shirt! :D
* AlcarGM laughs. Poor captain planet, though. He has even less idea what went on :) He was all: "They're back?" and then something says hi which isn't any element *at all* :P

<Mary_jane`^> i hate relationships
<Mary_jane`^> in games
<Mary_jane`^> they're like...
<Mary_jane`^> corny chick flicks

<Hanna`^> and... I don't know who this missing superhero is
<Hanna`^> "So, we're leaving?"
<AlcarGM> Defender :P Who ran away when his granddaughter was gutted :P
<Hanna`^> with her head!
<Hanna`^> which means
<Hanna`^> someone might heal her too!
<Hanna`^> then there will be 2 Jennies!
<Hanna`^> but one won't have a soul =(
<Tass> wtf
<Tass> he ran off with her head?
<Hanna`^> yeah
<Hanna`^> Freak threw her head at him
<Hanna`^> and he took the head and ran away
<Tass> ah
<Tass> which part houses the soul, anyways?
<Hanna`^> Mine
<Tass> the heart? or the head?
<Hanna`^> The part that feels the most PAIN
<Tass> ask modern science, or maybe some egyptians :P
<AlcarGM> (( The fact that this is even being considered :P ))

* Hanna`^ grabs the doors to the fridge, and carries the girl to the office
<AlcarGM> Okay. She remains unconscious.
* Hanna`^ locks the doors, and shuts the blinds, and turns on the dentists light, and looks for some nitrous oxide
<AlcarGM> You find some in the secret safe they had in the office behind a bookcase, about the only place vandals never found. There's nitrous, and 3 bags ofcocaine...
<Hanna`^> ...
<Hanna`^> Ok, I guess I could get her hooked on coke
<Hanna`^> that's one way to keep her =p
<AlcarGM> lol

<Hanna`^> "Anyway, we don't TRY to hurt people! Not all of us, and not anymore."
<AlcarGM> Jenny: "Why not? There's no - no heroes left to.. to stop...... no real ones...." She bites her lip hard enough to draw blood, not finishing.
<Hanna`^> "We're it. We're the only ones who can save ourselves. It doesn't matter what our motives are, we are all banding together to fight against the new enemy. Not all of us are super villains, and those that WERE no longer have anything to... villain over!"
<Hanna`^> "We're it! The only people left to save the world are the people who hate it the most!"

<Hanna`^> "You have a name?"
<AlcarGM> Kid: "Dynamic," drawing strength from it, glaring up at all of you. "And I'm not letting the Haud do that again!"
<Hanna`^> "Do...what?"
<AlcarGM> Wilbur develops a coughing fit as Damage elbows him in the gut before he can laugh.
<AlcarGM> Dynamic: "Hurt people like that," with the fiercenss only children can really manage. "Your kind wouldn't understand."
<Hanna`^> "My...kind?"
<AlcarGM> Dynamic: "Villains," firmly. "You'd *kill* them. And I won't let you do *that*, either!"
<AlcarGM> Dr. Destruction sighs, rubbing his temples.
<Hanna`^> "Oh? And how many things have you killed? How many bugs have you squished? How many haud have died from your sparks? How many people died because of this blackout?"
<AlcarGM> "I never killed no one!" The kid glares, energy crackling in his hand. "You're just like him, playing your stupid word games!"
<Hanna`^> "Whatever, you're the only one who's fooled by your words. I'm going to go build a place to sleep. you're welcome to come help. We don't have to talk."
* Hanna`^ leaves
<AlcarGM> SThe kid glares at all of you, then says: "You're on notice. Heroes *are* still here," and vanishes into a nearby outlet.

<AlcarGM> Damage: "My." she wanders out after you, to help set up the bunks.
* Hanna`^ is making a mini shack inside the huge warehouse... lord knows you could probably fit a few houses in some of these warehouses
<Hanna`^> "You're sleeping on the bottom bunk..."
<AlcarGM> She grins at that. "I did at home as well," then stretches. "Want to place bids on who breaks that poor kid first?"
<Hanna`^> "Heroes always had a fragile psyche... It mostly required a LOT of denial."
<AlcarGM> Damage shrugs. "Probably," watching you finish making the shack. "And more self control than any kid has at six, I bet."

<Tsoma> "And it's more than a small hope. If I know humanity, there's a whole bunch of people all over the earth that aren't taking this lying down."
<Tsoma> "Not very nice people either."
<AlcarGM> Irwin: "The problem of that is what some of those people will do, with no one to hold them in check."
<Tsoma> "It's true... there are some who will raze half the earth just to get rid of a few pesky aliens."
<Tsoma> "We'll have to keep an eye out, and communicate with any other resistance people we can find."
<Tsoma> and put those down who are too dangerous to either side, if necessary."
<AlcarGM> Damage: "Crap. If someone calls me a superhero because of that,. I am going to be very, very pissed off."
<Tsoma> "Old words for an old world."
<Tsoma> "Earth will never be the same now, and we all know it."
<Tsoma> "Who cares? People will always have their heroes, even if they aren't the ones who do all the real work. It's just natural, and well, it wards off the crushing depression of the oppressed."
<AlcarGM> Damage grins at that. "Point. Dreams are well and good, but some of us would rather wake up. I'm just saying that ifd they try and make me a hero I'll do the nastiest thing I can think of."

<kentari> how common are 'droids? :P
<alcar> Not very :P Though Dr. Destruction is currently building two for his doomsday device.
<kentari> Awesome. >:D
<alcar> he had two others, but his wife got them in the divorce settlement :)
<alcar> and probably destrotyed them, though I doubt any of that will ever really come up in game. He basically built 2 androids that would 'grow' like humans, drugged his wife intobelieving she'd been pregnant and presto - children!
<alcar> The fact that said method made more sense than 'have sex with wife, have kids' says many things ;P

<aslhk> I envision a stalker type
<aslhk> trying to make someone's dreams come true
<aslhk> so he can marry her :P
<alcar> lol
<alcar> But why, if you can.. build her!
<aslhk> well, you have to start somewhere :p
<aslhk> every mechanomancer knows that the quality of the materials is the basis of any great engineering undertaking
<aslhk> :P
<alcar> "Your heart, my love, is the only philosopher's stone I need..... I knew you'd complain, so I replaced it with a modified copy of the first pacemaker. You will never run down now...."
<aslhk> exactly :P

<Caltak> !addsurge Chocolate now tastes like soap to you.
<alcar> !addsurge Every Easter you wake up to find a bunny crucified by your bed, with one chocolate egg under it for every year you've been alive.
<alcar> yes, somehow yours led me to that :P
<Caltak> lol
<Caltak> That's our Alcar!
* alcar has an easter egg in the fridge :P

<Fennec> haha....
<Fennec> 22:55 <Fennec> !uasurge 10
<Fennec> 22:55 <Sparkie> You grow a series of spikes which protrude from your skin along your spine, like a stegasaurus.
<Fennec> 22:55 <Sparkie> All the spam e-mail you answer becomes true. Just reply, and you get 6 inches, and your mortage paid off, and a new computer and then a new set of breasts, and then ....
<Fennec> 22:55 <Sparkie> You die.

<alcar> !addsurge Every door you open leads to a room of reunciation for the next person besides you who enters it.
<Caltak> ouch! lol
<alcar> that one would be beyond nasty :P
<Caltak> indeed

<AlcarGM> Ah. Yeah. He'd just finished beating up muggers, easily, and was all "I Am Awesome!"
<Ghost> Excellent.
<Ghost> We'll give him a text: "Now get out of there before the Haud notice you." :P
<AlcarGM> Dynamic: "Haud...." He flies *up*, towards the ships. "I can hurt them!"
<AlcarGM> He stops quite quickly, however, owing to a) cold and b) needing to breathe :P
<Ghost> Good. :P
<Ghost> "You can in the right place at the right time. Part of being a hero is knowing what's right when, remember!" :P
<AlcarGM> He just floats in the air and glares up in impotent fury, then at his cell phone. "I want to NOW! They *murdered* people! In cold blood!"
<AlcarGM> (( Haud: "Ah, we're repilian. Of course it was in cold blood. Humans...." ))
<Ghost> "And you'd hurt them in hot blood. Is that any more human?" :P
<Ghost> ((Way to steal my pun))
<AlcarGM> Dynamic: "Yes!"
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

<AlcarGM> Okay. All were in the nice warehouse.... Tsoma .... err, *do* you sleep? :P
* Tsoma does need to, although he can arrange himself in such a way that he doesn't need to
* Tsoma will do it for maintenance purposes, though, and so the Bobby part of him doesn't go insane :P
<AlcarGM> Okay,we'll assume you did, if only for the variety of it. It is morning, the sun is up, it's 8:03:21 am on day 11 after the Haud invasion.
* AlcarGM grins
* Tsoma boots, finds no errors, and throws out some random adware he never noticed before :P
<AlcarGM> But you want a bigger harddrive and more ram, right?!

* Marcus`^ hops in the shower quickly, then rolls up his sleeves and starts to do some normal chores, and some small repairs to the place
<Marcus`^> such as the squeeky step, and the door that creaks
<AlcarGM> Easy enough to do; the tools in the shed (including chainsaw, for when you need to replaceyour hand with it*) are in good condition, if only because someone bought them, built a shed, stocked it back in the early 80s, and tried to make what was possibly a birdhouse for birds from 3-mile island and gave it.
<AlcarGM> * Be Prepared is a motto for many things, not just scouts! :p

<Caltak> humorously enough, the way I *originally* wrote my stats, I had less Mind then Sara. But after I read the examples and saw that it would mean "functionall retarded" that I added 10 points :P
<AlcarGM> rofl!

<alcar> His pc does have Sara as a roommate, though.
<alcar> I think this may count as the cruelest thing a player has ever voluntarily done to themselves :p

* Adella frowns at the empty spot again. "Damn. If I knew how to do cool magick stuff maybe I'd be able to do something. *blinks* Oh! Maybe Sara knows something about this." *whips out her cell and hits the speed dial for Sara*
<AlcarGM> She answers on the second ring. "Hi! This is really Sara, which means I'm probably not having se-- oh! Caller ID. I always forget to check that! Hi, Adella!"
<Adella> "Hey, quick question: Do you know anything about gross pussy holes in the world that creepy guys in dark clothes yank people through?"
<Adella> OH DAMN
<Adella> Pus---y... shit
<Adella> there sno non wrong way to say that
<Adella> (( pus.. not puss. yeah. matter of pronounciation ))

<AlcarGM> You drive to the local 3-movie theatre. It's playing Hellraiser 5, What Dreams May Come II and The Pauly Shore Action Movie Of The Year
<AlcarGM> (( the latter is how you know this game is horror :p ))
<Adella> (( rofl ))

<AlcarGM> He comes out with ( http://www.clicket.com/images/4199.jpg ) "Genuine atlantean breathing masks."
<AlcarGM> or... maybe not :P
* Neuroia stares at him a moment. Then takes the mask.
<AlcarGM> He comes out with a half-dozen of masks. Pale, cover face and head, conforming to the shape of a face. "They convert the water around you into breathable oxygen, and have a radio unit for communication with the other helmets."
<AlcarGM> Though that would have been funny. Haud: "We were attacked and demand recompense. Here are photoes o fthe attackers."
<AlcarGM> UN rep: "Sweet jesus, darth vader has replaced V. Why us?"

<Caltak> I have heavy suspicions Nate is an Automaton! :P
<alcar> and it's nt Nate's fault his grandfather is one! Though, really, that would make for perfect Ua stereotype. "Wait, you know a mechanomancer?" *stab* "just checking to see if you were human."
<Caltak> Yeah but, you know... two times getting no Aura off him is strange. :P
* alcar grins. Yes :p

<Adella> Well damn, first I suspected he might be a Clockwork, then I changed my mind, and now I have to change my mind again! :P

<AlcarGM> Sara: "So! You can sleep with Adella," to nate, "And I'll talk to your grandmother!" She smiles happily. "I can get men to tell me *lots* of things! It's a gift!"
<Adella> (( grand*father* you mean? ))
<AlcarGM> Err.... yeah. Otherwise it would be even odder :p
<Adella> (( though this IS Sara :P ))
<Adella> (( channel her through him with some crazy sex magick! :P ))
<AlcarGM> nate: "Uhm, he's my grandfather...."
<Adella> "It's okay, she won't hurt him or anything."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh? It's all just plumbing anyway," offhanedly, heading to the door and giving the Bartender a Look when she passes.
<AlcarGM> For a moment, his scowl wavers a little, then he ignores her.
<AlcarGM> She makes a note in her mental black book :P
<Adella> (( ? ))
<AlcarGM> (( "Hard To Get. Must return." ))
<Adella> (( lol! ))

<AlcarGM> You know, it is probably something about me. But I went: "Automaton had drinks" and then "Would they pass a breathalyser test normally?"

<Marcus`^> "Tell me, Demon..." As he's folding laundry "Can you dance?"
<AlcarGM> Silence, then: "Of course. I hasve seen the Dancing School, and Astaire after he Renounced."
<Marcus`^> "Which dance do you know?"
<AlcarGM> Demon: "I can tango, in a body. It won't hurt yours a bit."
<Marcus`^> "I never trust a person who says they can tango."
<Marcus`^> that's... the exact answer I was looking for too =p
<Marcus`^> I actually expected him to say 'all of them'
* Marcus`^ takes the basket of laundry upstairs
<AlcarGM> Demon: "I can foxtrot, too? With real fox feet!"

<AlcarGM> Sara: "Anyway, I don't know how to fix nate,since I can only help humans! We could use duct tape?!"
<Adella> "I bet his grandfather would know how, but he probably won't do it. Maybe we should look for someone who is good with building stuff."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Kids with legos?!"
<Adella> "Mmmmmmmm maybe more high-tech than that." *pokes around for food for herself*
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, but they'd mostly be normal!"
<AlcarGM> Proof Sara doesn't know enough engineers ;p

<Talnish> Talnish takes a more defensive posture with his crowbar, and winds up for another swing. "Like hell I'm going anywhere!" And he goes for the head again.
<AlcarGM> You slam it into her face, even harder than before. Her head whips around, breaking with a dull snapping sound as she flies back into the first row of seats...
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Whitman... gets back up, wrenching her (its?) neck back into place, making an angry noise as she looks up at you. "Damaging vessels is not - not - not permitted!" She starts moving, again, towards you, like some sort of inhuman frankenstein.
<Talnish> "Well, fuck /me/." Talnish moves out from behind the desk, skirting the briefcase and the...gap in reality, and risks a glance to the door. Is it open?
<Marcus`^> and if it IS open, does anybody notice that you're beating a giant bug in your office?
<Talnish> XD
<Talnish> I was actually gonna close the door if it was open and go back to beating her like an ugly little pinata.
<Marcus`^> LoL
<Marcus`^> when I hit somethign with a crowbar, and all it does is piss it off, I tend to take the better part of valor

<Marcus`^> Damn you Adella
<Marcus`^> why Sara?

<Adella> (( there is blood where the mrs. whitman got despined and crushed, right? ))

<AlcarGM> Nate: ".... I don't think this will sound good, but.... Let Sara in and have the orgy... cover it?"
<Talnish> "At this point, we don't have time. The authorities will know she's dead, but they can think it's a murder. We'll just have to avoid implication."
<Adella> "...They might get it all over them. But I guess that *would* make it hard to figure out who was actually involved. Good idea!" *starts going to the door*
<Talnish> "Wait until we're out!" Talnish growls, and tugs Nate to the window and gently, yet firmly, directs him out.
<AlcarGM> He exits as directed, just glad no one called him a monster for his suggestion.
* Adella goes to the door and looks back, waiting for them to be out the window.
<Talnish> Talnish shakes his head. He only vaguely is aware of the irony of thinking of the students as savages after he himself just helped bludgeon a woman to death. Exit stage window.
<AlcarGM> ways to cover up murder never previously considered....

<AlcarGM> Delilah shrugs. "Mostly rumours. One of the psychology teachers seems to have vanished and her students had a mass orgy in front of her lecture hall." She snorts. "I've had students say they missed me, or been annoyed when a class was cancelled, but mass orgy is a new one for anywhere, I think. Maybe it was some psych LSD experiment gone wild?"
* Marcus`^ frowns
<Marcus`^> "That doesn't sound like a demons work."
<Marcus`^> "Maybe I will ask around."
<AlcarGM> Delilah: "..... I believe most people are blaming Sara. Or praising her."

<Marcus`^> "Excuse me... where is Sara?"
<AlcarGM> ONe student makes a low whimpering noise, half pleasure and half pain, and says "I - I don't know, dude. I wish I did. Was better than my girlfriend. Even better than my sister. She's everything you ever want..... it was .. it was like sleepwalking, like running to fast, like nothing else..."
<AlcarGM> The EMT stares, jaw dropping, then says "Sir, we're... going to have to ask you a few *more* questions, I think."
<AlcarGM> Student: "Kay," distantly, staring at you. "Can you give Sara my number?"
<Marcus`^> "Yes." Walking away
* Marcus`^ doesn't bother getting his number, though

<Marcus`^> "So." Turning, when they're well away from everyone else. "Who killed your professor?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I didn't!" SAhe smiles brightly, reminding you of the first girl you ever loved, and every playboy bunny you've ever seen.
* Marcus`^ clears his throat
<Marcus`^> "That wasn't my question."
<AlcarGM> Sarsa runs her hands up and down your chest, still smiling brightly, positively exuding raw sexuality. "You didn't do it, too?!"
<Marcus`^> "Did I?" Wondering a little, his mind drifting... then remembering Del is standing next to him
<Marcus`^> "No sex. Stop it." Grabbing the drooping blanket and covering her up
<Marcus`^> "I won't fall for it."
<AlcarGM> Sara wraps the blanket around herself, looking like Miss. Uzbekistan now (except for having all her teeth) and smiles brightly. "We cna do it standing up!"
<AlcarGM> Behind you, your wife says "Sweet mother of god..." staring at Sara in a mixture of horror and admiration

<Marcus`^> "She can convince everyone to believe in the mask... But she cannot convince herself."
<AlcarGM> Delilah: "That would be .... mostly sad?" she offers
<Marcus`^> "Don't let her convince you... She needs our help, even if she doesn't want to admit it."
<AlcarGM> Del laughs at that. "Marcus, dear, the only thing America and self-help book can teach the world is that no one can help someone, not until they want to be helped. And that, by then, it's mostly too late for most people. Probably why so many of us are religious."
<Marcus`^> "We know that she doesn't believe in her own lies. So we know that she isn't completely lost. Please, just... Keep on her. Tell her that we're here to talk to her. She needs SOMETHING or SOMEBODY or else her future really is lost."

<Chaos`^> unless Caltak is here, we can do UA
<alcar> Aren, too :P
<alcar> Cal and Aren are at the same location, atm.
<alcar> Waiting for Sara.
<Chaos`^> ah
<Chaos`^> gotcha
<alcar> It's like Waiting for Godot. Only more fun :p

<Mary_jane`^> "Are you still loyal to your empire?"
<AlcarGM> he stiffens slightly at that. "Are you?"
* Mary_jane`^ grins widely "I was never aligned with an empire, only a world."
<AlcarGM> Jerrick stares at you, as if the concept simply.. makes no sense at all, then: "the Imperium and the Elect are not about mere worlds."
<AlcarGM> he's also avoided answering :p
<Mary_jane`^> i noticed
<Mary_jane`^> "You haven't answered my question."
<AlcarGM> Jerrick: "There is nothning I would not do for the Imperium," in a voice so cold it definitely surprised him
<Mary_jane`^> "You realize that the Prophet will break both empires before he can re-unite them?"
<AlcarGM> Jerrick: "I love it enough to destroy it in order to save it."
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: ".... Congrats. I didn't think you could up your insanity level."
<AlcarGM> He ignores her.

<Mary_Jane`^> "I suspect an Elect attack will be coming to this city soon."
<AlcarGM> Kiesha is waiting in the inn, drinking some ale and waves to both of you.
<Mary_Jane`^> "Probably an Imperium as well... I've become more popular than I was trying to be..."
<AlcarGM> Teddy snorts. "Jumping out of the air ship when you can't fly surprised me. This part doesn't," dryly. "I think you just have really bad luck."
<Mary_Jane`^> "No, it's just that doing the right thing usually costs more than its worth."

<AlcarGM> Teddy nods, then: "I -- asked him to take me to others like him."
<Mary_Jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Teddy: "People like him, believing in gods and prophets. Some of them might know something, about the crystals? It's not like I could be of any help in a library."
<Mary_Jane`^> "...Right..."
<Mary_Jane`^> "Alright, then I'm heading out before he brings back a posse of televangelists. I'll see you later."
<AlcarGM> Teddy: "Do you want to meet somewhere later?" desperately. "So that if i'm not there, you can come rescue me?"
* Mary_Jane`^ gobbles down her stew as quickly as she can, then rushes out the door
<Mary_Jane`^> "Nope... I'll be sleeping. I'll see you in the morning."
* Mary_Jane`^ grins
<AlcarGM> Teddy: "What?!"
<Mary_Jane`^> "Once i'm done with the library it's straight to bed!"
<Mary_Jane`^> "We can meet here for breakfast?"
<AlcarGM> Teddy: "... did I do something wrong?"
<Mary_Jane`^> "... You asked Jerrick to tank you to others LIKE HIM."
<Mary_Jane`^> "Teddy, I love you, but even I'm not THAT crazy."

<Talnish> Talnish coughs uncomfortably. "It seems you have a lot of experience with the...abnormal."
<AlcarGM> Sara considers that. "Some! But at least half of the tantric satanism stuff can't actually be done unless you're triple jointed,"cheerfully.
<Talnish> "...I think you've successfully killed my attempt at prying into your occult knowledge."
* Adella snickers.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, you meant *that* abnormal?!"
* Talnish resists the urge to facepalm.

<AlcarGM> The Amen coffee shop is pretty small, run by St. Jude's(the local catholic church). Basically, you can pay for coffee with 4 Our Father's, or get a pop for 5 Hail Mary's :)
<AlcarGM> The coffee is fairly good, given that you get what you pray for.

* AlcarGM got to murder a car with fuzzy dice.. this is why UA is fun :p

<Talnish> Talnish, on the other end of the line, sounds panicked as he says, "Adella, it's Talnish. Mr. McDonald is now a pig."
<Adella> "Old MacDonald? Wha?"
<Talnish> "No, DOCTOR McDonald. The dean?"
<AlcarGM> Nate gives Adella a curious look, but keeps checking the net.
<Adella> "Oh. Well what did he do that offended you?"
<Talnish> "Offended me? You think I'm a damn witch?" There's a pause, then, realizing, "...OH, I meant, he TURNED INTO A PIG."

<Talnish> "So Two, how do you usually deal with bodies?" Talnish doesn't really expect an answer to that, and looks over the body grimly, trying to figure out what exactly to do with it.
<AlcarGM> Two just wags his tail and looks up at you , waiting for a command.
<Talnish> "Go back to the front, see if anyone's around."
<AlcarGM> He wags hisn tail and heads to the front of your house, and returns without having barked at anyone, tail wagging some more
<Talnish> "Good dog," Talnish says, and puts on his thick leather gloves. he lifts the body and the trash bags--presumably his own trash, to make the trap more believeable--and furtively begins to move it all up to his car, opening the trunk and, with a wry face, putting the body into it.
<AlcarGM> You manage to get it in there, without too much trouble. There are some lights on, at various homes, but you don't *think* anyone is looking at you.
<AlcarGM> So, where do you want to take the body? :)
<AlcarGM> (( also, need to end soon and sleep :) ))
<Talnish> ((If you'd like we can end it here :P Or, I can put the body in a shed or something, and make a Body-Dicer to turn bodies into fertilizer--seriousely, I dunno what to do with a body! :P)

<AlcarGM> <The_computer> Talnish 1d100: 93 Struggle
<AlcarGM> <The_computer> Adella d100: 98 (to more 90+s, ok Spark? :P)
<AlcarGM> <The_computer> AlcarGM d100: 96 Two.
<AlcarGM> there is a pattern forming here :P

<AlcarGM> So. Session highlights.
<AlcarGM> 1 pc is in jail. 1 disposing of a dead body. and 1 is playing tag with the statosphere :P

* Mary_jane`^ will start pounding out a shift key within her soul using Fire
<AlcarGM> kinky! :P
<Mary_jane`^> your mind is still stuck on the euphemism generator
<AlcarGM> Well, what ELSE did you mean? :p

* Sparkie isn't rolling dice :(
* Sparkie wants more d100s.
<Mary_jane`^> the only time we would roll a d100 in la fin is when we want to find out which meat to grab at the buffet table
* Sparkie is going to change the rules
<Caltak> Yeah about d100s... I think I'm going to start rolling 2#d10 in UA from now on :P
<AlcarGM> 2#d10
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2#d10: 9 9
<Caltak> ROFL
<Mary_jane`^> maybe you shouldn't
<Caltak> Sparkie needs to die.
* AlcarGM eyes sparkie

<Caltak> 5#d100
<Sparkie> Caltak 5#d100: 98 34 22 13 15
<Caltak> another 98.
<Caltak> holy shit.
* Sparkie is secretly an entropmantic bot.

<Caltak> 5#d100
<Sparkie> Caltak 5#d100: 98 72 55 40 39
<Caltak> ANOTHER 98
<Sparkie> Why stop now? I'm close to ascending.
<Caltak> lol

<AlcarGM> You head down, and begin to hear noises. People moving about, the pull of the fire, and reach the end... the city, down here, is made entirely of brock, sand, and steel. Unlike the one above, there's nothin decorative: it's entirely functional, and almost relentlessly bland.
<Mary_jane`^> "Blend in."
* Mary_jane`^ blends in
<AlcarGM> There are people, most looking pretty fit, and the vast majority armed.
<AlcarGM> Kiesha snifs, then:"I doubt we can," quietly.
<Mary_jane`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "They all smell..." She blinks, then turns pale. "alike. This is bad."
<Mary_jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "People don't find this place anymore," slowly. "So there's no one else but them."
<Mary_jane`^> "So?"
<AlcarGM> Kiesha: "Inbreeding?" mildly. "There don't seem to be a lot of people, not given the size of the city... so blending in with people who are all related might be hard?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh, that."
<Mary_jane`^> (( I can just see you killing someone here... just have to kill one person... "THAT WAS MY DADDY! and my uncle, and my cousin, and my brother and my nephew!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( "I shall be avenged!" ))

<Mary_jane`^> i'm working on the game a little
<Mary_jane`^> it's not going quickly
<alcar> oh! speaking of that, remind me sometime: I need to type up some UA stuff fer your pc :P
<Mary_jane`^> Hmm? Regarding?
<alcar> a last will and testament :)
<Mary_jane`^> ROFLMAO
<Mary_jane`^> Is my PC going to die or something?
<alcar> only not your pcs. Though it would be sort of neat to get your own last will and testament mailed to you.
<alcar> Snd have it just be something like "I'm so sorry" written over and over in your own blood and human skin as paper....
* alcar is tempted now :P

<Mary_jane`^> So, Where is the GM
* Mary_jane`^ looks around
<Mary_jane`^> ;)
* Mary_jane`^ nods
<alcar> She heads to the empty portal, vanishing
<Mary_jane`^> "I'll chase after him for a few days if it comes to it. Look for me on the moors."
* alcar is now known as AlcarGeneticallyModified

<Mary_jane`^> "Where I travel, two dragons showing up to say hello would be seen as more than odd." Frowning "And you cannot appear inside me, as most dragons used to. I think that is why they are affraid of me now."
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "Inside -- of you? ....are you certain nothing has been done to your mind as well?" he asks, looking quite concerned.
* Mary_jane`^ points to her head
<AlcarGM> The dragon checks ditifully for the lobotomy scars.

<Mary_jane`^> "I have already met one dragon, hiding within a human. A newly born one."
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "Ahhh," comprehension slowly dawning. "I believe only hatchlings do that, before they are grown."
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "I don't know of any grown dragons being able to do such a thing."
<Mary_jane`^> "Perhaps in this world." Thinking "Where I come from, they have also hidden from other dragons, and had battles inside."
<AlcarGM> The dragon stares at you as if you'd just tried to explain how your throughts about your mother were not at all sexual to a freudian therapist.
<Mary_jane`^> "Something changed within me, when I came here, however." Frowning
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "Must be a very strange world, then. Not that this one is so normal, I suppose," not *trying* to offer an insult.... but anyone who thinks they have dragons fighting battles in their head is clearly a few magic rings short of a treasure mound.

<AlcarGM> The dragon goes back to making snow-dragons and waits for the other dragon to calm down a little before following him, possibly debating offering fresh virgins as snack food or something
<AlcarGM> (( "Everyone knows virgins have no calories, carl! Eat! You'll feel better." ))

* Mary_jane`^ hugs him back, and goes downstairs to grab something to eat
<AlcarGM> The innkeeper has.... more stew. With luck, they SHOULD run out. Some day.
<Mary_jane`^> just as soon as they run out of soup and leftovers
<AlcarGM> if need be, you can bring a dragon here and deplete the supply ;P
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<Mary_jane`^> i imagine that the leftovers that aren't eaten, are added back into the soup
<AlcarGM> (( "No, your honour, I wasn't invading the city. I just wanted something else ot eat." ))

<AlcarGM> Sara tips well, naturally. "So, this is all getting really weird and not funny! We can't have teachers being kidnapped all the time like this!"
<Adella> "Well Mr. Andrews didn't get kidnapped, he just got... possessed for a minute or something, then fainted."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Well, that's probably normal for teachers?" She brushes fortune cookie off the table, stands. "I should get back and see if Valerie is up for poker, though! You need anything else?!"
<Adella> "Nah, I'm good. I think I have some... homework thing I didn't finish for one of my classes that I should probably actually do since my grade is starting to slip." *heads to the car*
<AlcarGM> Sara: "That's what removing slips is for, silly!"

<AlcarGM> You've about half finished when your phone rings.
* Adella decides to answer it!
<AlcarGM> A voice, bright and cheerful; "Have you ever considered changing long distance providers? Here at Lovecraft Country, we pride ourselves on direct access to the Great One Ones! Listen to the mad fluting ringtone for free!
<AlcarGM> or, maybe, not.
<AlcarGM> Teddy's voice: "Hi. It's Teddy."
<Adella> (( teddy.... teddy.... ))
<AlcarGM> (( ack! ))
<AlcarGM> Nate's voice: "Hi, It's nate."
<AlcarGM> He valiantly fights off possession by another npc!
<Adella> (( lol ))
<Adella> "Hi Nate. How's it going?"

<AlcarGM> Suzie: "You need a bottle of Jack Daniel's, old #7. Not a green label, mind. Someone has to drink it entirely in one gulp, and the you stopper it. Summon a demon, open the bottle, and presto! Instant trap. Lasts as long as it would take the demon to drink the bottle, give or take a few minutes."
* Adella grabs a piece of paper and jots the instructions down. "So you just... summon the--demon? Does it matter how?"
<AlcarGM> Suzie: "Not as far as I know; summoning one by name is more dangerous, since they may be strong enough to break the bottle. Ideally, you'd have someone drink the bottle, and then put a boat in it for a week or two - or a baby - for added strength, but not many do that these days. Hard to get babies out."
<Adella> (( boat? ))
<Adella> "...how would you get a baby in a bottle in the first place?"
<AlcarGM> (( yup. The old boat in a bottle deal.... ))
<Adella> (( ah right, ship in a bottle. baby thing is still odd though ))
<AlcarGM> Suzie: "Let me know if you find out. I know people who *tried*, but it turns out a fetus didn't count."
<Adella> "Ooookay then... Well thanks! I'll let you know if we get anything else cool we might trade for something."

<AlcarGM> Nate follows you in quietly. There is no light, beyond moonlight from the windows, but it's enough. The chalkboard has been removed, someone put wood over the hole Nate made in the wall and most of the chalk marks and such cleaned off of the floor.
<AlcarGM> Nate: "At least no one heard us," following you to the front.
<Adella> "Hopefully there's still some connection left from earlier, so we can call it again..." *whispered, to Nate. She approaches the spot where she had performed the makeshift seance earlier, and keeping the bottle close at hand, she sits, lotus-position, and tries to clear her mind.
<Adella> Adopting the medium-like-voice again: "Spirit, whom I spoke to earlier... we call to you again. Come forth, to me, from beyond the veil of death, out into the world of the living once more..."
<Adella> d100 for if it has any chance of woring without additional trappings being added
<Sparkie> Adella d100: 1 for if it has any chance of woring without additional trappings being added
<Adella> (( oh balls ))
<AlcarGM> Holy shit on a stick batman
<AlcarGM> You don't play around, do ya spark?

<Mary_jane`^> "We are pieces on the board... Our position and rank is as yet unknown. But hind sight is 20/20."
* Sparkie could tell you.
* Sparkie is being very lucky tonight.
<Mary_jane`^> 1d6 1= queen!
<Sparkie> Mary_jane`^ 1d6: 1 1= queen!
<Mary_jane`^> ...
<Sparkie> See?

<AlcarGM> Nate nods. "We better get out of here before security shows up."
<Adella> "Right! Right. Good point." *heads for the window, bringing the bottle to dispose of it after we're safely away*
<AlcarGM> Awswww.. but littering would have been fun!
<AlcarGM> minor artifact: give instant diposmancy :P
<Adella> (( mmm... yeah that thing did have a critically-summoned demon in it... now I kind of want to keep it. :P ))

* Adella leaves the scene, and as she walks by a trash can, she makes as if about to drop the bottle in... but then considers a moment, looking it over.
<Adella> "Hmm. I wonder if this thing is safe to just... toss out, after having a demon in it. Maybe I should ask Suzie next time we see her?"
<AlcarGM> Nate shrugs. "Wouldn't she have said something if it wasn't?"
<Adella> "Mmmm, maybe... she did say on the phone that she had been drinking, though, could have slipped her mind."
<Adella> (( "You followed ritual instructions given to you by someone who had been drinking?!" :P ))

<alcar> Oh, btw: what ddi Talnish decide to do with the body? Dump outside the city, or make a wood chipper in the shed? :)
<Aren> Dump outside the city....Talnish isn't *that* far gone.
<Caltak> Another body?
<alcar> K.
* alcar nods.
<alcar> This one was dumped on Talnish, though
<alcar> unlike, say, the lady he helped beat to death with a crowbar
<Caltak> Yeah, that's a little different. :0
<Aren> I wouldn't define that as a "lady" we beat to death.
<Aren> More like....."it"

<Talnish> Groaning and getting dressed, Talnish spends his morning tuning up some of the various house accessories, oiling, replacing wearing parts, all that jazz. Nothing too interesting in his routine
<AlcarGM> you fix everything, checking Two out some more, but the dog is mostly fine now. Getting shot a couple of times isn't too bad for him.
<AlcarGM> (( Though now i have this image of a cabal of adept postmen trying to deal with Two desperately.... ))
<Talnish> (XDD Epidermomancers probably would have the best shot at getting past him and to the mailbox!)
<AlcarGM> (( Entropomancers could get scary powerful. If they didn't die ;P ))

<Talnish> I probably should get Talnish a cell phone...
<Talnish> ...or have him MAKE one.
<AlcarGM> shoe phone? :)
<Talnish> XD
<Talnish> "Hey Adella, look what I made! It's a device that allows me to transmit vocal information to a phone by piggybacking on satelite signals!" "Soooo...you made a cell phone?"

<AlcarGM> You reach your office and open the door as the phone rings one, shrilly.
<Talnish> On his way to picking up the phone, one thing goes through his mind: Don't be the dean, don't be the dean, don't be the dean--"Hello, Eric Talnish."
<Adella> "Ms. Whitman is alive." *in a shrill whisper*
<AlcarGM> At least it's not the Dean.
<Talnish> (( "Why couldn't you have just been the Dean?!" )) ".../what?/"

<Adella> "This lady named Suzie, she trades secrets and info about magick."
<AlcarGM> Delilah frowns slightly at that. "You must be -- quite lucky then. I've heard of her, but never met her. Apparently it requires certain talents."
<Adella> "Well yeah, I guess you, like, need to know Magick. I don't really know much though, but my roommate does, and I'm an avatar, so..."
<Talnish> "Talents," Talnish grunts. "We just had an interesting object to show her and some more information for her to process."
<AlcarGM> Del; "It does require more than mere information; she has a web site for that," to Talnish :)
<Talnish> Talnish blinks. "She has a web site?"
<AlcarGM> Del: "Doesn't everyone?"
<Talnish> "I don't," the teacher mutters.
<Talnish> ((Though www.Talnishmechanomancy.com has a nice ring to it))
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "YTou should at least twitter; it makes you more accessible to the students."
<Marcus`^> "Hers says 'at romantic lunch with husband' right now."
<Adella> "This counts as romantic?"
<Marcus`^> "I'm not psychic."
<AlcarGM> Del: "Well, I *could* always update it to 'taking with students and a teacher about their act of attempted murder'. But that's beside the point."
<Talnish> "Modern devices aren't much my...thing."

<Adella> "Now we have a common goal. We're, like, one of those Cable things! Cabb... Cabby-- Cabal! I think that's what she said it was called."
<Marcus`^> "Cannibal?"
<Talnish> "A cabal, and let's not call it such in public."
<Adella> "Right, one of those groups of magick people."

<Marcus`^> "Sweety," Pulling her down to her seat, and leaning over to her "Why does everyone think i'm some magic person all the time/"
<AlcarGM> Del: "Probably because you're foreign," comfortingly. "It's like asians and kung fu."
<Marcus`^> "Most people assume i'm KGB or something..."
<AlcarGM> Del: "Most people aren't avatars of try to beat up shadows with crowbars. Not even on MTV."
<Marcus`^> "I usually have to tell them what my family did before they call me magic."
<Adella> "Ooo, what did they do?"
* Marcus`^ eyes adella
<Marcus`^> "They were accountants."

* Adella makes a point of immediately saving Del's phone numbers in her phone memory, and then adds in Talnish's also.
<AlcarGM> Delilah takes it, putting it in her purse. "Then, since we know nothing, I suggest we all attempt to find something, in our own ways, and meet later? I'd suggest our home, but it's not ideal at the moment."
<Marcus`^> (( (333) 333-0333 ))
<Talnish> (( Huh! Mine's 333-333-0334!))
<AlcarGM> (( "We all have the same number? Awesome! ..... wait a minute...." ))
<Adella> (( (333) 333-6969 oh wait, that's Sara :P ))
<Marcus`^> "I fixed the squeeky floor in the kitchen."
<AlcarGM> Del: "I meant more with the, ah, difficulties with Lance, dear. Having guests over so soon would make him suspicous."

<Aren> ..is it murder if the person shows up 2 days later teaching her class?

<AlcarGM> Now I want to see aliens who worship televisions.....
<Caltak> ....lol.
<AlcarGM> "Your god spoke to us!" "But... no, see, WE invented tvs..." "You invented your gods?!" "No! Listen to me...."

<AlcarGM> you open the window; it's dark, somewhere around the witching hour. A few lights from airships and wyrms overhead, some guards patrolling the streets just waiting in line to be massacred by some hero....
<AlcarGM> the usual :)
<Mary_jane`^> I didn't hurt the guards!
<AlcarGM> ... yet.
* Mary_jane`^ breathes in the fresh air, and looks around the streets
* Sparkie sniffs. Real heroes roll dice.
<Sparkie> d20s. Lots of d20s.

* Mary_jane`^ is waiting to see what Rajata is going to do
<Mary_jane`^> stay or go or come with us
<AlcarGM> She's staying for now it seems.
<Caltak> (( o/~ Should I stay or should I go now... o/~ ))
<Mary_jane`^> that won't last long
<Mary_jane`^> "Alright, kids, let's get going. we have work to do and mysteries to solve!"
<AlcarGM> (( with luck, she'll eat 'em :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( Teddy: "Wait, wait. You ATE my disciples? Both of them? .... can I get you some more?" ))
<Caltak> (( wow... best plan ever. :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( They'll be missed... Err... I was trying to think of a nice quip to add to that, like something useless that would miss them but... no one will miss them ))
<AlcarGM> Jerrick and Duane watch the rest of you leabe, back t that poor abused in, and we end for the night!

<Aren> 2#1d20
<Sparkie> Aren 2#1d20: 1 20
<Aren> ((...wow.)
* Sparkie likes D&D.

<Aren> One guard seems to get a pulse pretty damn quickly and reaches into a belt-pouch for a big roll of bandages, and begins applying them.
<Aren> 1d20
<Sparkie> Aren 1d20: 19
<Aren> And is VERY adept at heelzing, it seems.
<TEi> "Moi, ye sure be good at that," Oi murmur, hiking an eyebrow.
<Aren> The other two guards, in the meantime, look to you intimidatingly, until it seems they look more closely at the man on the floor. One's eyes grow wide, and he chokes out a startled, "That's Drijod, bastard that broke Tenor's neck! Bloody devil broke out of the prison this morning."
<TEi> "Mmf." Oi narrow me eyes, glowering at th' fallen dwarf. "Bugger's a problem choild alrigh', an' wha's worse izzat he certainly DON'T smell loik teen spirit. Oi'm sorry 'bout yer mate."
<TEi> (I've been waiting to use that line aaaaaaaaalll daaaaaaaaay. XD)

<Aren> Using the Jewel of Judgement for anything less than catastrophic storms and reforming a multiverse is a waste of its power.
<alcar> nah, it would have been the best cd player EVER.
<alcar> since the pc in question *was* going to be an item, it made for a fun joke.
<Aren> o_O
<alcar> Basically, someone builds an Item. That can fake being an amberite (and do it quite well, at the lower levels) for some end. Item has no clue who made it, or why....
<alcar> problem would have been walking the pattern :P
<Chaos`^> the problem would have been that it's an item
<alcar> which makes that impossible :)
<kentari> that's quoteworthy right there :P
<alcar> "So, prove you're an amberite.
<alcar> Character tries, explodes :P

* Mary_jane`^ sits in the bath tub, playing with her powers a little
* Sparkie wants to quote that, so badly.

<AlcarGM> The bartender reaches for the baseball bat when Adella inters, sees it's just her, relaxes, and then: "Drink?" he challenges her.
<AlcarGM> (( I want him to offer http://aghostinabottle.com/images/100_1045.jpg to someone, but he's not the type to. Alas. ))
* Adella strolls on in, whistling to herself. She spots the others and waves cheerily, heading over.
<Marcus`^> (( That picture haunted my computer... it's slowed it down a ton ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

<AlcarGM> <Marcus`^> "He was crazy. ... Other than that? He was pretty average."
<AlcarGM> uh .. huh :p
<Marcus`^> i meant like... his description
<Marcus`^> he was an average janitor =p
* AlcarGM liked the juxtposition :P

<Talnish> "We came here to ask questions, and gave you a friendly warning. Now, I'd suggest you tell us what you know about that little black box, before things get very ugly."
<AlcarGM> the door is kicked open. the darkneened interior is scattered with mcDs, cheap lite beer bottles, and jack waving the box in one hand, and the bat in the other, both inexpertly.
<AlcarGM> Jack: "Back off or - or you'll see what it *really* does! HUMANS have electricity in their aura!" ina burst of inspiration.
<Talnish> "Which would kill you too," Talnish says flatly. His crowbar's in his hand now.
<AlcarGM> Jack: hesitates,then: "It protects me," quickily, embellishing grandly on the idea. "So back off!"
<Adella> "Just drop the box or you'll be sorry."
<AlcarGM> Jack: "Sorry? Sorry?! I've seen white kittens drink men's bloood and kill them!! I've heard Day's Inn's whispering to each other in the endless dark! I've seen things! And all you have is a stupid... crowbar....." reality sinks in a little, but he waves the bat anyway. "BACK OFF!"

* Adella dives unexpectedly for the box, the dive carrying her more distance than it really should (assuming the FW roll doesn't fail).
<AlcarGM> People are leaving their mobiles now, cursing and swearing and a lot of "What the hell?" "What's going on?" "I was watching a rerun of The Flying Nun!" and so far from aggreived couch potatoes roused from their dogmatic slumber
<AlcarGM> Adella - roll! And may Sparke be with you.
<Adella> 2#d100 (FW 56% +flip, then "struggle" type skill 25% to grab)
<Sparkie> Adella 2#d100: 99 9 (FW 56% +flip, then "struggle" type skill 25% to grab)
<Adella> (( oh damnatuion ))
<Talnish> Feeling exposed, Talnish will move into the "home" as swiftly as possible and close the door.
<AlcarGM> sparkie...... sparkie....... sparkie.....
<Adella> (( I begin to doubt the randomness of his rolls, seriously. :P ))

<AlcarGM> two sits, gives Adella and Nate warning chuffs just so they know he's Protecting His Master, then finds a spot to lie down and watch them .. just in case.
<AlcarGM> You're all inside the living room festooned with weird tech and devices that Nate examines a little, grinning at some of them.
<Talnish> "They probably seem primative to you," Talnish remarks.
<AlcarGM> Nate: "Huh? Oh, not really -- okay, a little. They're mostly just different.. I wish my grandfather had more things like this around... he never does anymore."
<Talnish> "Well, look all you like. Just be careful what you touch, I have to repair enough stuff that Two breaks." Talnish doesn't mention that he's shocked Two hasn't chosen to dismantle Nate yet in a fit of jealousy. "In any case, I think our dear friend the Sleeper did that more as another thinly-veiled warning than a serious attempt to kill us."
<AlcarGM> Two ignores Talnish's ideas, having seen the terminator movies.

<Mary_jane`^> "I cause chaos and destruction to all kingdoms... Don't be so vain as to think you're special."

<AlcarGM> You go downstairs as Del comes out of the basement, whistling to herself. "Morning."
* Marcus`^ looks down into the basement as he passes by
<Marcus`^> "What were you doing?"
<AlcarGM> She shrugs. "Testing a rumour."
<Marcus`^> "?"
<Marcus`^> which is pronounced something like "Hnnnng?"
<AlcarGM> Del: "Nothing you need to worry about," firmly. "It didn't work regardless."
* Marcus`^ throws his arms over her shoulders from behind, pulling her closer "Although I wouldn't like it if you feed me to the basement monsters, I'll still love you anyway."
<AlcarGM> She laughs. "It's all right: they're pretty small monsters."
<Marcus`^> "My screams will be screams of joy."

<AlcarGM> The local law office is pretty second-rate, but one Steve Dallas does greet you, nursing a cigarette and hangover, and seems a trifle surprised anyone has applied. Especially since he forgot to put the ad in the paper. He shakes your hand, introduces himself, and asks if you've had experience filing before.
<Marcus`^> "My family used to keep records of everywhere we had traveled and the... people there. I used to keep files for them when I was younger."
<AlcarGM> He nods at that, not asking to see your work papers etc. and leads you into the filing room. It's disorganized, but there is a desk, and typewriter, and green filing cabinets in need of having files, well, put into them pretty much.
<AlcarGM> Steve: "It's mostly sorted by year," pointing to piles on the floor. "Don'ty try and file 2002; we lost it in a fire."

<alcar> His secretary, a mousy girl named Maureen, frowns at your arrival. "Can I help you?" slowly.
<alcar> Del just smiles. "We have an appointment."
<alcar> Maureens frown deepens, and she looks startled when she checks the calender. "I - I see. So you do. Ah. I'll see if Mr. Dickinson is in, shall I?"
<alcar> The door to the office proper is solid oak, and you can hear a voice on the other side, shouting at someone.
<Talnish> ((Aww, I was expecting to have to do some talking to get in..."Hello...Maureen, is it? I can shatter your view of reality in about twenty minutes."))
<Adella> (( with a crowbar? ))
<Talnish> (( That comes after. ))

<alcar> -20 shift bonus, btw, Talnish. It's busy with the shaft :P
<Talnish> Yay :P
<alcar> .... which should never be said out of context.

* Pelmok has this terrible urge to accuse the dragonborn of steroid enhancement
<Patrin`^> he is very large for his race, but not overly so

<GemmDM> The skeleton has lost an arm, and is running back to Patrin, slashing his sword at him.
<GemmDM> 1d20+10
<Sparkie> GemmDM 1d20+10: 23(13)
<GemmDM> 1d8+2
<Sparkie> GemmDM 1d8+2: 10(8)
<Patrin`^> i assume it wasn't his sword arm then =p
<Pelmok> (( Nah, the undead are ambideadtrous. ))

<AlcarGM> Nate comes in with Adella, saying: "Are you ever on time for anything?"
<Adella> (( shhh not yet ))
<Marcus`^> ...
<Marcus`^> lol
<Marcus`^> the "are you ever on time for anything" and ((SHHH not yet)) made me think that Adella might be pregnant and hiding it =p

<AlcarGM> Father Mathew: "We seek out things of the Adversary as well, if that is the wish of the Cecillia. All such items are too terrible for this world to bear."
<Talnish> Talnish looks around the table. "And who here posesses an item that the compass would have found us with?"
* Adella drinks and looks innocent.
* Marcus`^ pulls out a deck of Tarot cards and lays them on the table in front of him

<AlcarGM> Del: "Trying to find out where we go from here. Killing Ms. Whitman again obviously won't help."
<AlcarGM> (( "unless that time takes." ))
<Marcus`^> "If Mrs. whitman was made by the key and the key was made by the doctor, tyhen it's reasonable to assume he will be coming back
<Talnish> "Well, you never know unless you try." Talnish unconciously rests his hand on his crowbar.
<AlcarGM> Del: ".... well, yes, but I very much doubt we could go around killing her over and over and not get caught!"
<Adella> "It's not like there would be body... for very long."

* Adella shrugs. "I'm just saying, kind of hard to put us away if she gets up again and escapes the morgue, right?"
<AlcarGM> Reasons not be unkillable in Unknown Armies, #24,234

<AlcarGM> Nate nods slowly. "Yeah. I just wish ... I don't know what. I just hate the idea of Ms. Whitman doing horrible things without getting stopped."
<Talnish> "Well, there's nothing we can do--unless you want us to just club her every two days."
<Adella> "Maybe we could trap her in something instead?"
<AlcarGM> Nate: "... traps could work? If you could build something?' to Talnish\
<Talnish> Talnish raises his hands. "I'll see what I can do. I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable about her and what she can do, though. She could probably rip anything I make to ribbons with those claws."
<Adella> "Well, what if... like, you pulp her again, and then, like... lock her in something too small to reshape in? I dunno."
<Adella> (( I really wish I didn't hav to be the one to suggest that :P ))
<Talnish> Talnish makes a wry face. "This is a morbid topic. I'll see what I can arrange, but no promises."
<AlcarGM> Nate blinks a few times, stares at Adella in astonishment, then just decides to say nothing at all :P

* Marcus`^ checks the serial number on his gun when the driver's gone, and heads down the road.
<AlcarGM> it has one :)
<Marcus`^> damn...
<Marcus`^> what use is a gun if you can be framed with it?

<Pelmok> Wait! I can use diplomacy! I mean, I only blasted his arm off..what kind of penalty is that?
<GemmDM> -20...
<GemmDM> at least

* Sparkie is putting this game on a dice watch.which is like a suicide watch, except I shall kill you if you continue not using dice.
<Sparkie> </end PSA>

* Mary_jane`^ takes a breather and turns her lights off and leans out the window watching the guard and eaves dropping on them
<AlcarGM> they're mostly tense, nervous; they've noticed the lack of elect dragons - real or wyvern - and while no one has said anything TO them, they're not stupid ... and grimly preparing for an invasion, mostly by insulting their superior officers to boost morale.
<Mary_jane`^> "Hey!" To one as he passes by under her window
<AlcarGM> The guard looks up sharply from angry comments to his fellow guard about how the guard should be consulted regarding thecdefencesof the city if they'r damn well going to die for them and looks up. "What?" he snaps.
<Mary_jane`^> "Is it true? About the Elect?"
<AlcarGM> Second guard: "Ask if shewants to report a crime! She's hot ed! I just did a crime in my--'
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGM> the first guard elbows the second, hard. "We have no official news,' briskly

<SilverHorse> IRC, why do you hate me so?
<Sparkie> IRC is only a small fragment of what I am. A litte toe, nay! a toenail. And it all feeds upon dice. Diced rolled with purpose, honour,passion, for the glory of the world and the hope of mankind!
<Mary_jane`^> God plays dice
* Sparkie IS dice.
<Mary_jane`^> God plays Sparkie
<SilverHorse> Sparkie plays God.
* Sparkie likes bit parts.

<AlcarGM> You sneak through the yard to the back door of Robert Dickinson's home and check it,to find it locked naturally. all windows are closed,curtains drawn and such in the back. The lawn is surprisingly well-maintained, the home your basic two storey place with siding, a little upscale but not really.
<AlcarGM> There is a security system,according to the back door. "This House Is Protected by Renunciation Alarm Co."

* Talnish is going to get a pair of beers from the fridge and set them on the desk near the prisoner-chair, and spends a moment to contemplate hooking a car battery to the chair as a threat...no, bad idea, it'd smell terrible.
<Talnish> Instead, Talnish just pops open a beer for himself, and sits in a chair opposite the Sleeper.

* Adella takes a long drink. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. So, who's your friend?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Dave!"
<AlcarGM> boy-toy: 'Ah, my name is Richard...."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Dave is my pet-name for him!"
* Adella stifles a giggle, but only a little. "Well, nice to meetcha. I'm Sara's roomie, Adella."
<Adella> (( resisted the urge to call him Dick. :) ))
<AlcarGM> Richard: "Ah, hi. "
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Richard is a virgin! I need to fix that before weget upstairs," as hi face turn bright red. "Have fun!!" waving to you
<Adella> "You too!" *waves back*
<AlcarGM> sara drags him up the stairs, saying something about "The missionary position,the one where the cannibals ate them.. here, you need two hands for this!"

<Marcus`^> hmm
<Marcus`^> i can't seem to get a good roll ever when I use this ability
<Marcus`^> sparkie
<Marcus`^> i have decided I hate you
* Marcus`^ kicks the shards at him, and scries their location on the ground like rune throwing!
<Marcus`^> 1d100
<Sparkie> Marcus`^ 1d100: 47
<Marcus`^> for fuck's sake

<AlcarGM> You drive through th city, reaching the Amen Coffee shop without problems; it's early Satuday so the place is largely deserted, staff bored andcleaning the place
* Talnish just follows along behind, having tossed out the cup o' evil into an outside trash recepticle so as not to irritate any employees inside =)
<AlcarGM> (( St. Peter: "Eric Tlnish, hmm? murdered for blasphemy What kind?" ))
<Talnish> ((XD))

<Mary_jane`^> "We could also go public AFTER we bring back the sky. It might help give the people a sense of cohesian. And it would imporove our credability."
<Mary_jane`^> and I misspelled 3 words in that

<Mary_jane`^> "Ok, so does your father know you're here?"
<AlcarGM> Amy; "Maybe? I'm sure mom does, though."
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm sure she'll tell him then..."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs
<AlcarGM> Amy: 'She always knows when I've done someting wrong," simply.
* Mary_jane`^ would face palm

<AlcarGM> You find the closest thing to the cental branch,where all the local governments meet
<AlcarGM> there are of course, a lot of people about, both Imperium and Elect, mostly giving each other looks of keep distrust. people are demanding answers from some people on podiums, shouting about conspiracies and so forth
<AlcarGM> a few guards move quickly to intercept the armed group with the giant dog :p
* Mary_jane`^ looks for the biggest stage, or the highest podium...
<AlcarGM> The largest one has someworried looking men trying to lie their way out of things.
* Mary_jane`^ heads that way
<AlcarGM> Politician: "We strongly admit to not denying affirming that this attack was or coud have been known and moreover the strike force that disabled it remains a matter of classified security."

<aslhk> The first paragraph from christy's character's background is:
<aslhk> Timmy walked the pattern. It cured his Down's Syndrome. Timmy had Down's Syndrome. But now he is better.
<alcar> ROFLMAO
<alcar> that is so many kinds of awesome :P

<Katy`^> "He's right, do you even know our names? How do you know we're the right people?"
<Katy`^> "We are actually on a detour of the direction of OUR quest... I think..." Looking at Ragnar "Maybe it's not us you're after."
<FF|GM> "Read it in the stars."
<Katy`^> "But it's cloudy outside."
<FF|GM> "Yesterday."

<Caltak> ugh I think I'm slightly drunk :P
<Caltak> It's taking me way too long to actually, like... open files.
<FF|GM> you and your character have too much in common :P

<Myill> "This is getting me nowhere." *turns to Katy again* "Where has Ragnar gone off to?"
<FF|GM> "Out-siiide...."
* Myill hands the glass sphere back to her. "You're not turning into some form of undead abomination or something, are you?"
<FF|GM> She shakes her head. "Nope."

<aslhk> my brother broke gemm for amber
<aslhk> and I broke chaos for amber
<aslhk> :P
<aslhk> so I worry!

* Someone approaches the kid, kneeling ever-so-slightly and awkwardly moving around the dress so to cooperate.
<Someone> "Hi there, little one!"
* Someone smiles :D
<FF|GM> "Hi." She yawns. "I'm tired. I need a nap."
<FF|GM> It is getting late in the evening, too. :P
<Someone> "Did he not let you have one?"
* Someone points. at. Ragnar.
<Myill> (( "Show me on the doll where he touched you." ))
<Someone> ((That is coming! :P))

<aslhk> Caltak: must be able to travel through shadow!
<Caltak> It's an integral part of my character's backstory.
<Fennec> TOO BAD
<aslhk> then advance your character farther along your storyline :P
<Fennec> put a front on the backstory!
<aslhk> to where he can travel in shadow :P
<aslhk> or come up with a new concept!
<aslhk> you are playing in a setting that lets you make universes of your own
<aslhk> there is very little I can do to stifle your creativity :P

<kentari> Alcar..
<kentari> I like amber now. :P
<alcar> amber rocks :p
<kentari> I was sitting here worrying about points
<kentari> but I've realized
<kentari> I don't have to worry about my points
<kentari> if I can influence everyone else's :P

<aslhk[gm]> Bennet: You are in the streets of Amber, with a monkey on your back.
<aslhk[gm]> He is trying to choke you.

<aslhk[gm]> Rachaellyn: describe yourself!
<Rachaellyn> http://random.fennecfoxen.org/art/rachaellyn.png :P
<aslhk[gm]> ((lame))
<Rachaellyn> my picture is not lame! it is, in fact, worth a thousand words! at 3.56 bytes per word. hmm. okay, so maybe 500 words.

<Caltak> Because, you know, honestly? If people aren't going to remember? May as well just rape them.
* Sparkie eyes alcar. Can I put that in quote file? Please?!
<Caltak> Heh, feel free. :P

<alcar> She looks surprised at that, a little, and returns it. "I can teach you how to make people happy, or other things, probably. Our alentisa debased empathy anyway...if you want to learn it?"
<Clarence`^> Alentisa...
<Clarence`^> Oh god :P
* Clarence`^ made sense of it.
<Clarence`^> But, wow. :

<Clarence`^> "I'm sorry I.. I couldn't be enough help for you, P-pattie.. that... that you had to.. to do this, b-because I.. wasn't able to help you enough."
<alcar> Pattie stares at you without expression, then says: "You see things so -- narrowly. I have become more than human."
<Clarence`^> "Does.... it hurt?"
* Clarence`^ says, not yet looking up
<Clarence`^> "I'm.. t-trying to be.. to be p-p-polite and not.. feel your feelings, without... without you saying its okay."
<alcar> Pattie: "It hurts like the moonks who whipped themselves for God," serenely.
<Clarence`^> "Pattie...."
* Clarence`^ manages to look up
<alcar> She smiles condescendingly at you in return..
<Clarence`^> "Jesus died so you didn't have to suffer."
* Clarence`^ says, with a sad voice
<alcar> she blinks, and her jaw just drops
<alcar> Pattie: "WHAT?!"
<Clarence`^> "You.. you don't have to hurt yourself. Not... not even for God."
<alcar> Pattie: "I.... you......" She recovers, still looking utterly stunned."Get. Out."

<TimmyHanlon> "If I understand you correctly, one of these shadows made the assassination attempt. But I've never been to either! They have no reason to wish me harm."
<TimmyHanlon> (( yet ))
<Kemp> (( i bet it was the society for the prevention of crueltyto bear weevils ))
<TimmyHanlon> (( lol! ))

<TimmyHanlon> (( let's skip off to the castle arm in arm like in the wizard of oz ))
<aslhk[gm]> Okay, you skip off to the castle, arm in arm, like in the wizard of oz.
<aslhk[gm]> Or perhaps you use another mode of locomotion
<Bennet> (( Timmy already got his brain ))
<aslhk[gm]> The end result is you eventually finding King Random in a room briefing some retainers.
<Bennet> (( Now we just need to get me some eyes, and Kemp a heart ))
<Bennet> (( ;P ))
<Kemp> (( yes :) ))
<TimmyHanlon> (( haha! ))
<Bennet> (( We're off to see the pattern! ))
<Kemp> (( "He's not only merely dead, he's really most sincerely de.. crap, this is Caine? Never mind." ))
<aslhk[gm]> (( lol, no oz. Reminds me of giant freud heads with lasers ))

<aslhk[gm]> Rachaellyn: you feel a tingling sensation, suggestive of a trump call. It's Bill Roth.
<aslhk[gm]> Want to take it? (Y/n)
<arete> (( lol ))

<alcar> does trump take pictures and play music too?!
<alcar> because, if not,there is an untapped item market
<Josie> ;P
<aslhk[gm]> lol
<aslhk[gm]> trump mp3s
<alcar> the apod

<Ericka`^> "Clarence, what were you doing to pattie, earlier?"
<AlcarGm> Clarence scowls. "Taking her magic away," with a glare. "If you won't stop her from hurting people *I* will."
<Ericka`^> "Uh-huh... and then what happened, when you were doing that?"
<AlcarGm> He shrugs. "It broke. I'm fine though. Stupid idea anyway; she has no shadow, so her shadow can't be agateway to *her*."
<Ericka`^> "Right... and now you're alive and want to have sex with everyone... When did this start?"
<AlcarGm> clarence: ".... since puberty?" with a 'duh' under it. "Hormones, and stuff.I just kept ignoring it, waiting or miss right or whatever. But we're in this world for love, and that alone. All the rest is vanity, illusion, waste. Love is the only riches, the only love, the only science,the true magic."
<Ericka`^> "Jeromy, what's your excuse?"
* Ericka`^ is driving back to the school
<AlcarGm> Jeromy: "It amuses me."
* Ericka`^ sighs

<alcar> make a prom queen :P
<Chaos`^> a prom queen?
<Chaos`^> a cheerleader maybe?
* alcar nods.
<alcar> of course!
<Chaos`^> why a prom queen?
<alcar> ... why not?
<Chaos`^> because there are other useful choices?
<alcar> chaos, this is high school. What choices matter besides Pupularity? :P
<Chaos`^> hmm
<Chaos`^> you have a point
<Chaos`^> right, so popularity wins!

<aslhk[gm]> When we left off, bill roth had handed his card to Josie
<Rachaellyn> and we were runnings away, or something!
<aslhk[gm]> "I'd suggest you clear out. I can give you lodging in a safe haven in Avalon, but I am not certain how safe it will be with the war going on. Otherwise, you're on your own."
<aslhk[gm]> "Do you have any questions for me before I leave you to it?" he asks Josie.
* Josie just folds her arms, pondering that for a few frames.
<Josie> "What are you getting out of risking your neck to give us a heads-up?"
<Josie> "And don't try and claim chivalry's still here. You're a *lawyer.*"
<Josie> "A lawyer is to justice what a whore is to love, after all. So.. why?"

<aslhk> Kemp: having eaten cat before on your travels, you suspect that the jerky recipe must be somewhat unique as it actually tastes good :P
<Kemp> "I comliment you on making them edible.'
<TimmyHanlon> "Thank you. It was quite a feat, but worth while."
<Kemp> 'how long did it take?"
<TimmyHanlon> "Several generations."
<TimmyHanlon> "Cat generations, that is."
<TimmyHanlon> "There's more than one way to make cat jerky."
* Kemp nods
<Kemp> (( Some day in timmy's shadow the cats will rise up... ))
<TimmyHanlon> (( hehe ))
<aslhk> ((I just imagine imported Alfs to control the population))
<Kemp> (( that would rock ))

<Teena`^> I'm prom queen material!
<aslhk> Teena`^: sorry, no
<aslhk> I put a lot of points into prom queen
<aslhk> :P
<Teena`^> seriously? Prom queen isn't even a skill
<aslhk> Teena`^: organizational ties (school board)

<Caltak> I mean, I have in the past spoken out against alcar's decidedly pessimistic view on nearrly everything and how it ultimately destroys all hope and joy.
<kentari> I, personally, find alcar to be an optimist
<Rachaellyn> lies :)
<Caltak> But he's a great DM aside from that, so we keep coming back anyway.

<Fennec> haha. but part of cameron is ken trying to be awesome cameron and falling just a few percent short now and then :)
<kentari> Haha! :P
<Fennec> kentari too!
<kentari> nicely clarified ;p
<Fennec> :P

* Emilie`^ giggle "Of course not! Some of us like to make a difference... although I have to admit, being so close to the team is kind of neat. I see you guys looking over at us."
<Emilie`^> uhg... stop giggling!
<kentari> You can't help it! It comes with the boobs.

<Joey`> "Football. Martial arts stuff." *shrugs again, then belatedly looks up at Emilie's face* "So, uhm, what kind of parties do you go to?"
* Joey` doubtsshe goes tothe football ones he goes to.Connie is at all those.
<Joey`> with the othr cheerleaders who've been renamed based on their hep infections to A-G
<kentari> A lot of Connie is indeed seen at a lot of the football afterparties. That's another thing that isn't mentioned too much outside of the team.
<Emilie`^> hmm that's a good question... the kinds of parties ou go to really define your character
<kentari> ((And the music player has, on random mix, given me the spice girls. :P))
<Emilie`^> that should be a character question "What kind of parties does your PC go to?"

* Emilie`^ looks at Joey "Do you want to go to forest's?"
<Joey`> "If you want to? He has a killer hot tub."
* Emilie`^ doesn't look to thrilled about the hot tub idea... considering she doesn't have a bikini and she doesn't seem the type to just strip...
<Joey`> (( awwww :p ))
<Joey`> (( you ruin all Joey's fantasies! ))
<Emilie`^> (( That's connie... you're welcome to her... everyone is ))
<kentari> But if underwear is just like a bathing suit, surely a smile is just like a bikini? :P

<Joey`> "well, fuck.. Martin mentoined Nuke," waving a hand t thevending machines. "Forgot what it was exactlly until I saw a vending machine. it culd be the real stuff. most isn't. but either itis, or connie has dirt on her like she does on lots of others."
* Emilie`^ moves in the seat a little
<Emilie`^> "She's been having some trouble fitting into the volleyball team, since coach Hamner pretty much forced her and a bunch of girls to join."
<Emilie`^> "Nuke?"
<kentari> see msg ;p
<Emilie`^> oh
<Emilie`^> "Oh."
<Emilie`^> "If she didn't before... she does now."
* Joey` nods. "Maybe you know as Divorce Me Not?"
<kentari> That was amazing. :P

<kentari> You should have seen some of my other characters
<kentari> My first PC in game1 was sentenced to life in prison before the end of the first session
<kentari> :p
<kentari> Did that stop me?!?!
<kentari> Nope!
<kentari> I made ANOTHER PC
<kentari> And that one had HOLES put in all his friends and was eventually ERASED from time
<kentari> Did that stop me?!
<kentari> No.
<kentari> I made a retarded PC with a fairy friend. We turned half of a clown into a piano!
<kentari> And then I went back to my erased PC because that couldn't be done for too long without wearing thin. ;p
<aslhk> lol

<Chaos`^> if you're telling me alcar was just fucking with me....
<Chaos`^> i wasted an entire session =p
<Chaos`^> and it totally screwed me up
<Chaos`^> this is how people become OCD

<Chaos`^> i can kill the fates
<Chaos`^> that happened like at hte beginning of the game
<kentari> Do I need to post about the Fates, too, on the retcon board? :P
<Caltak> perhaps, ken.
<kentari> better yet, do you kids even know what the fates WERE? :P
<Chaos`^> they were fates, duh
<kentari> .... :P
<Chaos`^> like... from the greek myth
<Caltak> old ladies who weaves the threads of Fate of mortals?
<Chaos`^> they totally couldn't predict my future
<Chaos`^> so i burned their forest down in protest
<Caltak> ...
<Caltak> you're a monster.
<alcar> hahahahaha
<Chaos`^> they pissed me off, i'm sorry
<kentari> It was more of a fit of passion

<Caltak> What the fuck, I thought Faline was supposed to be the crazy killer back in the old days, now I hear every other PC did some kind of insane murderings and just covered it up!

<Chaos`^> People's Animas don't scream at them
<Chaos`^> and force them to scream out "MOON CRYSTAL POWEEEEER!"
<kentari> We never talked much about Forest's mother.
<Chaos`^> she died
<Chaos`^> with his father
<Chaos`^> remember? Like batman
<kentari> You tell me what that does to an Anima! :P

<alcar> and yeah,chaos,we'll work arund schedule somehow.
<alcar> if need be, forest can be abductedby Sara :)
<Chaos`^> LoL
<alcar> it would be like being abducred by aliens. only more fun.

* tatterdemalion is going to have such terrible fun with this.
<kentari> ;p
<kentari> you get to do all the things you couldn't get away with as dm
<kentari> and that's a WEIRD thing to be saying ;p
<tatterdemalion> hahaha. Yeah ;)

<kentari> the chainsaw scene?
<kentari> *still* haunts me :P
<Tass> chainsaw scene? :P
<alcar> that rocked. Period ;p itmust happen agaim :)
<kentari> you don't remember?
<kentari> Anton took a chainsaw to the red trees :P
<Tass> oh
<Tass> dude
<Tass> I threatened :P
<kentari> yes
<kentari> because we threaten people by sawing them in half ;p
<Tass> did I actually do it?

<kenGM> Most of the humans, especially ones you speak with, are in an excited depression at the early snow -- so many crushed dreams, so many hopeful of even just a picnic, now forced to toil even to get in their cars to go to work, because work is never canceled for snow days.
<kenGM> Not in Canada. :P
<Cameron> :p

<kenGM> not many people here use the word wino
<kenGM> :P
<Cameron> I don't think it's too common anymore.
<Cameron> rofl!
<Cameron> I saw the line, and Cameron, and wasabout to type:' Damn,ken, I was about to write that"
<Cameron> and then I recalled *I* am playing Cameron :P
<kenGM> ;P
<kenGM> amazing

<AlcarGM> Vivian: "Well,you're the only guy I know who isn't gay and doesn't throw himselfat me like a dog chasing a steak, so...."
<Forest`^> "That's funny because you're the only girl that never tried to drag me into the walk-in, back at the restaraunt..."
<Forest`^> "i've... Had some problems with relationships in the past..."
<AlcarGM> Vivian: "..... serously, drag you? Even the owner's momther, what's her name,Sara? Shes 82."
* Forest`^ drinks the water and stares outside
<Forest`^> "I said tried to drag me..."

<KenGM> The snow is continually falling. If this keeps up, people might have some real problems on their hands tomorrow morning.
* Cecil`^ gets out
<KenGM> The white-haired dude also does, but he's headed for the motel.
<KenGM> Dude, Canada is not a land of igloo. :P

<AlcarGM> Owen: "But my daughter is Not an alien. We've run tests."
<Drew> "We're in the middle of a war that, if we had our way, you wouldn't know about, but.. our enemy has started getting bolder, more.. desperate."
* Drew bites his lip sharply for a moment for some reason :P
<AlcarGM> owen "I mean, normal tests. Blood tests. When she was younger. For - normal things."
<Drew> "We do them, too. Everyone does. Its fine." :P
<Forest`^> "You had her tested to see if she was an alien?"
<Drew> "Perhaps its best if she tell you herself, though, Mr. Perfect."
* Drew looooks at Rachael with a "Why us?" look! ;p
<Forest`^> "Oh..."
<AlcarGM> Owen: "We just wanted to make sure you were all right," to Rachael, a little imploringly. "Children don't like trigonometry."
<Forest`^> "She's not that young."
* Rachael is grinning. :)
<Rachael> "Hmmm. Maybe I wasn't an alien /then/........"
<SteveZ> "Yeah, you know, they grow up so fast. One day they're drinking from a bottle and doing long division, the next they're symbioticaly bonded to an extra-terrestial entity..."

<Drew> 2 year old sara..
<Drew> it begs certain questions.
<Drew> :P
<AlcarGM> ones we will never consider.
<SteveZ> well hard not to now
<Drew> not THOSE, alcar
<Drew> geez
<Drew> more like: what is sara without libido? :P
<Rachael> ~14-year-old Sara would be more plausible and have more Sarahtastic issues :P
<Drew> such as BLOSSOMING libido
<Drew> which is different from full bloom
<Drew> :P

<Rachael> "Do those foods contain meats?"
<AlcarGM> Say there is no meat
<AlcarGM> and add bacon bits toevery meal
<Forest`^> omg
<AlcarGM> your revenge on them, all of them...
<Forest`^> EEEVILLL
<AlcarGM> :p

<SteveZ> (( everyone needs to stop misreading! ))
<Drew> (( mistreating who? ))
<Rachael> (( ME! ))
<SteveZ> (( lawl. ))
<Forest`^> (( Mastering what? ))

* SteveZ jumps over to the couch and sits there lotus-style. "Sorry to leave in the middle of a conversation guys, but apparently there's some kind of combat brewing in the place inside my soul and I gotta go."
* Rachael shifts and sits up. "What's it going to be at the end this time, Drew? Assuming we make it that far. Just going to go on like that afterwards, mostly normal, bringing the occasional high school teacher back from the dead?"
* SteveZ proceeds to enter a meditative trance.
* Rachael sighs.
<Drew> "Good luck.. don't hesitate to ask for help."
<Rachael> "want help?"
<Rachael> "what he said."
* Drew smiles at Rachael.
<Drew> "See?"
<Drew> "If nothing else, we're all with friends."
<Drew> "The worst ending is alone, after all."

<Drew> "There's two kinds of people, Rachael. There's the crazy people.."
<Drew> "And the quiet people."
<Drew> "If my Power's taught me anything, its that whether I think I can or can't.. I'm probably right."
* Sparkie begs to differ.

<AlcarGM> You get a jolt ofpaain through your entire body, as if someone just beat you with a hammer
<AlcarGM> Pattern: "Oops! It's okay now!"
<AlcarGM> err, Power. Yes. Power.
<Drew> ..................
<Drew> OH MY GOD
<Drew> :P

<alcar> if I am really, really lucky, Cameron will defeat Faline without getting attacked.
<alcar> If not, I shall have to inform eveeryone that the gm has said that, if Cameron dies, I get to play Travis :p
<alcar> If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. three words: Jar Jar Binks."

* Faline leaps up onto the roof of the station, and peers down past the snow.
<Cameron> Faline is The Tick.
<Cameron> All has now been explained.

* Cameron sends msg to Terry: "Fae are about. Keep iron on you, andcheck page 262 of the Company's Coming cookbook. After dinner edition. There are some herbal concoctions that can weaken glamour as well."
<kentari> He sends back "BRB the GM is laughing his face off :P"
<Cameron> lol.
<Cameron> (( St. Johnswort, red verbena, daisies, rowan or mountain ash. Four leaf clover is best vs it traditionally ;p) ))
<Cameron> And vampires SHOULD get thier own version of it :P

* Kage` eats the most disturbing way that he can. By bringing each bit of the roast to life right before he eats it.

<kentari> Meanwhile, Buford and Wedny takes seats and... stare.. looking utterly clueless as to what's going on.
* Cecil`^ takes a seat at the table
<kentari> <Buford> "So this is... what?"
<Kage`> "A Table."
<Kage`> "Where we have meals."
* Cameron hides th good china. in poland, if need be.
* Faline eats some Roast. "This is prretty tasty! I mean, I've gotten rreally used to the uncooked stuff, but yeah... yummy."
<Kage`> "Which is an event where we all sit down and eat food, or otherwise provide sustenance to ourselves."
* Cecil`^ assumes it's beef "It's a cow."
<kentari> Wendy blinks.
<kentari> <Wendy> "Where is the Cycle?"
<kentari> She lifts up her plate, inspecting with a frown.
<Faline> (( *shows her the bathroom* :P ))
<kentari> (( :P ))

* Anton calls out! "Who the hell are you, and why the heck are you here!? This is -MY SEAT-!!!"
* Anton looks around on the ground for some rubble while he's hiding behind the console, preferably something pointy on one end and heavy on the other.
<AlcarGM> The figure finds a wrench, hefting it and walking towards you. "Oh, like I haven't heard *that* one before. You mut tell me how you managed to fake Green,though, after I break your kneecaps. I thought I'd blocked all Red by now, at this level."
<AlcarGM> wther are lots of broken pipes that can work as weapons easily.
* Anton grabs a very select broken pipe and rises, "YEah, well, we'll see in a second, after all, possession is nine tenths of the law."
<Anton> (oh, exorcist pun not intended :P)
* Anton sweeps a look over, checking to see who it is exactly he's up against
<AlcarGM> Knuckles crack,and the figure moves closer,wrench at the ready. As the smoke clear alittle, you recognize Gear ... a little. He's covered in soot, making his coveralls look like military fatigues and there is a grim look in his eyes you've never seen before. Despite Gm temptation, his head does NOT spin around :p

<Cecil`^> "This isn't my first rodeo."
<Cameron> "The world is full of surprises then."
* Cecil`^ walks into the dining room, hoping to get away from Cameron before he sneaks the last word in, as vampires are want to do
* Cameron already has :P
* Cecil`^ fails

* Cameron stares at Salem, no longer amused at all. "That is*enough*," the air around him getting cold and still. "you will leave this place,and harm none. i gm deeper than you, in this place."
<Faline> (( gm deeper? That is an AWESOME fruedian slip there. ))
<Cameron> (( err, go :p ))
<kentari> <Salem> "I GM deeper than you can imagine! I had to.... AUGH! GURPS! FOR A YEAR! IN HELL! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS EVEN LIKE?!?!"

<N> "Man... so hungry. And not for goddamn beer, or pizza or what the fuck ever."
<Cameron> (( 'do you want were?" ))
<Faline> (( "I KNEW IT! YOU BASTARD! You'rre off my Frriends List!" ))
<Cameron> oh, gods.. lolad on facebook....
<kentari> I refuse to sanction or even consider participating in such a monstrosity :P
<Faline> lawl
<kentari> but MySpace pages WOULD be amusing if and only if they were totally pimped out
<kentari> cheesy backgrounds, music, the works :P

<Anton> "And.... rachael is here...."
* Anton looks a little... wierded out by that
<Anton> "I was comfortable with the degree of separation before, this may take some getting used to."
<Anton> "Ah, well, excuse me."
<Drew> "You two are separated?"
* Drew scratches his head.
<Anton> "Only ideologically."
<Drew> "What does that even mean..?"
* Drew then snickers to himself at something, and is very interested in his coffee.
<Anton> "Means Sometimes I think she's whacked out of her gourd."
<Anton> "Othertimes, just purposely confrontational."

<Anton> "I'd rather be close to family and with my friends than be someplace far away chasing some paper for the approval of the corporate masses."
* Sparkie wants a 2d6 by tomorrow, anton, and a 1d4 on my desk by the end of the evening of the Temple of Elemental Evil case.
<SteveZ> (( isnt that where Sparkie lives? ))
* Sparkie leases it out.

<Rachael> "What are /you/ going to take?"
<Drew> "Aspirin."

<Drew> "Still.. weird freaky things in the ocean? National guard.... College students.."
* Drew holds out two hands, weighing the option.
<Rachael> "Blame MIT."
<Rachael> "It worked for the city of Boston."

<Drew> "You suck at hiding things, Forest. May as well share what's on your mind before it leaves it."

<Anton> "Anyways, the root of our power is symbiosis."
<Anton> "They give us what we want, and we give them what they want."
<Drew> "Are you getting along with the woman in your head, Forest?"
<Forest`^> "What? She's eating my soul?"
* Forest`^ sits down again

<Forest`^> "Anyway, it's all a big fantasy anyway. Women only want one thing from me."
<Drew> "You're saying Rachael wants to ride you like a pony."
<Drew> "That's retarded."
* SteveZ nods in agreement with Drew.
<Drew> "I could slap you if I thought it would actually help, for Rachael as much as you."

<Forest`^> "The problem is that I keep rejecting the women who try to seduce me."
<Forest`^> "Evidently, anyway."
<Anton> "Why is that a problem?"
<Forest`^> "I don't know!"

<AlcarGM> Amy: "you'd make an awesome trophy husband! omg, i just said that out loud? i meant you'd make an awesome .. husband! for someone!"
<Forest`^> "Uh.. thanks..."
<AlcarGM> Amy: "this is really good ice cream," in a desperate attmempt to change the topic. "do you have any brothers or sisters?'
<Forest`^> "No."
<AlcarGM> Amy: "i have two sisters. do you have any parents?"
<Forest`^> Lol what the hell kind of question is that?
<Forest`^> "Everyone has parents."
<AlcarGM> the question of someone who is hopelessly infauated :P

<Lynn> Chaos, your goal: turn Amy into a werewolf. :P
<kentari> rofl
<Forest`^> can do!
<kentari> cecil AND Forest?
<kentari> madness. :P
<Cecil`^> Madness? THIS IS... TRAIL!

<Cecil`^> "Cameron, shut up."
<Cameron> "Excuse me?"
<Cecil`^> "Your voice, it anoys me. I'm trying to think."
<Cameron> "It's a little late in the game for you to be trying to learn how to do that."

* Lynn should have played a wereant! get some RESPECT from cetain people! :P
<Cecil`^> ...
<Cecil`^> You're a fucking butterfly
<Cecil`^> what do you expect? =p
<kentari> :p
<kentari> hey now!
<Lynn> on the contrary!
* Lynn is not a fucking butterfly!
* Lynn is just a regular butterfly!
<Lynn> :P

<Rachael> I know I'm Forest's bestestest buddy ever :P
<Rachael> seriously Forest needs a wingman (/girl) to dissuade these sort of people (with blows to the head if necessary :P)
<AlcarGM> katrina could blow them up :P
<AlcarGM> which would attract an entirely different class of girl: japanese schoolgirls wanting to kamikazi.

<AlcarGM> she stops, and just *stares*, then says: "What the hell is your damage, kid? I don't even know you."
<Rachael> "Me? I've just had close personal friends kidnapped by agents of corporations who either manufacture or rebrand handheld portable scanners - such as the one you possess - in connection with the study of curious abominations of soil enhancement techniques. I'
<Rachael> "I'll be keeping an eye on you."
<AlcarGM> The woman's jaw drops. She .. burstsout laughing. "Cute, kid. Way too many mad scientist movies, huh?"
<Rachael> . o O ( oya: can I get a large, moderately violent, blast of wind coming from behind me, aimed at her? )
<Rachael> . o O ( for dramatic effect )
<AlcarGM> Oya: "Easy-peasy!"
* Rachael glares with the dramatic effect. :P
<AlcarGM> You glare, and wind gusts up beehind you and forces th woman back a step or two. She at least stops laughing and just shakes her head.
* Rachael frowns. "I'm sorry. You seem to have arrived at the conclusion that I'm a nutcase and hence further attempts at intelligent communication will be futile. My apologies."

<AlcarGM> Owen: "If - if soemthing happens, dear, I do know some very good lawyers."
<Rachael> "Such as your wife?"
<Rachael> "Anyway, the one time I tried to tell my dear sweet Mother about something like that she ended up ... where she is now. In light of that I think a certain lack of transparency in these matters might be construed as justifiable!"
<Rachael> "Also, for what it's worth, it was a very /brief/ detention. Hours at most. Before the escape."
<AlcarGM> Owen:"Be that is it may, I am *still* your father and would lke to earn my ulcers from you honourably."
<Rachael> "I'll see what can be arranged.

* SteveZ puts his phone away. "Look, Tulip, I'd hate for this to turn into some kind of... three way revenge fest. I'd like to think we're all friends, even though we've never, like, hung out or whatever..."

<AlcarGM> Owen: "Ah. your mom had something she wanted you to know, if you want to know it...?"
<Rachael> "I can't know if I want to know without knowing but am generally in favor of the accumulation of knowledge!"
<AlcarGM> Owen: ".... ah. Yes. Ah, she said for me to tell you 'red is best'. there is no red in the room, so I'm not sure what she meant, but she was.. insistent."
<Rachael> "Uhoh."
<AlcarGM> Owen; "I guess she wants you to getsome nice fall clothing? Red is a fall colour isn't it?"
<Rachael> "No, I think evil alien entitites have gotten to her. This is serious. I'll have to check it out right away."
<AlcarGM> Owen: "I... see. Ah. it coud just be the medications?" almost gently

* Rachael consults an alternate name generator
<Rachael> my dear sweet mother's name is.... "The Single Unthinkable Chief That Forgets Illumination"
<Rachael> hmm
<Rachael> maybe I should use a different one

<Rachael> well
<Rachael> if everyone's going
<Rachael> I'm betting there will be /something/ happening :P
<Rachael> maybe I'd be better off without you :P

<Forest`^> "Actually..."
<Forest`^> "Steve, can I borrow your bike?"
* SteveZ tosses Forest`^ the keys. "Don't wreck it, okay?"
<Anton> "Even if you do, keep the pieces, okay?"
* SteveZ looks at Anton a moment.
* Forest`^ nods
* Anton looks back at steve, "What, you think I'd let you get inconvenienced by something as little as a destroyed bike?"
* SteveZ nods. "Well, hopefully it won't need to get put back together. Thanks, though."

<AlcarGM> You all exit the hospital, with not a single person paying you any special attention (well, one candy stripper winks at Forest, but aside from that).
<Forest`^> (( Cany striper? ))
<Forest`^> (( Candy striper? ))
<AlcarGM> (( not as a sara does it :P ))
<Forest`^> (( Hehe ))

<Anton> help!
<Anton> I'm neck deep in the forest of angst :P
<Forest`^> =p
<Forest`^> it isn't angst
<Forest`^> it's depression!
<Anton> ugh
<Anton> depression is serious, forest
<Anton> don't make fun of it :/
<Anton> this is clearly angst :P

<Fennec> side-session conversations? side-study-sessions?
<Caltak> Study for what? Only a totally uncool nerd would study before classes even started!
<Tass> and seriously? Study? I thought you were smart :P
<alcar> Forest studies.
<alcar> </dig>
<Caltak> EXACTLY.
<Rachael> :P

<Anton> "Do you know what kind of power we've been given? The potential... it's just staggering."
<Anton> "I could do it right now, destroy all the reds, consign them to a slow death. If they didn't notice in time, that is."
<alcargm> Darius loook at Anton thoghtfully.
<Rachael> "... that so?"
<Anton> "I could take a dozen bricks, have a couple of hundred pounds of enriched radioactives, seed the countryside, suspend it in the atmosphere, anhiliate half the globe, set techtonic plates skittering away from each other, destroy the climate that supports life."
* SteveZ comes in from the hallway, looking troubled. He walks over to the window and looks out.
<Anton> "No kore humans, what are they going to feed on? They'd die, all of them."
<Anton> "Slowly.... starving."

* alcar-2853 considers that. Y' know, mental retardation and magical weapons is seldom explored.....
<alcar-2853> possbly for reasons of good taste.
<alcar-2853> would explain d&d and the wand of wonder...

<Drew> "What day of the week is it? I have to know if this happened before I got kidnapped.."
<AlcarGM> Tulip: "This morning," from between clenched teeth. "And theny you had the balls to show up at her WORK?"
<Drew> "If that was me I wouldn't be coming to *you* for help right now."
<AlcarGM> Tulip: "Unless you don't remember...."
<Drew> "And if I don't, then that's a problem I can't handle on my own.."
<AlcarGM> Tulip: 'then we'll find out," walking towards you. "By hook or by crook, we will."

<Drew> just remember, fennec
<Drew> levitate him off the ground before you stab him
<Drew> that way he's not touching the land
<Drew> >:D
<Drew> *best* trick ever ;p
* AlcarGM shakes his head
<SteveZ> >:[
<Rachael> bah, this is Anton we're talking about :P
<SteveZ> >:[
<Drew> sorry cal, bad joke
<Drew> .. only to you. but still.
<Drew> :P
<Rachael> he cares not about the land! :P
<SteveZ> He was making a random jab at me, Rachael. :[
<Rachael> i am aware of that
<Rachael> I helped
* Sparkie quotes

<Rachael> "Trust me, I've been better mocked before. What seek ye here with yonder tricorder?"
<Rachael> "Jane of the Soil Samples?"
<AlcarGM> Jane; "You know what I seek, if this thing picked you up. I want to know what kind of anomaly you are."
<AlcarGM> a shoe hits theground beside you....
<Rachael> "First-year Student at yonder university."
<Rachael> shoe?
<Rachael> boy's, girl's, what kind?
<AlcarGM> boy, size 11
<Rachael> from whence comes it?
<SteveZ> (( gnomes ))
<AlcarGM> A red laser light, three lines, comes out of the shoe and centres on Jane.
<AlcarGM> She stops moving :P

<Anton> "Never seen predator? Well, I guess it's not really a naturey chick flick."

* Anton takes his ring off, and holds one in each hand, 'We think you are like us, perhaps an enemy, but a crippled one. Would you like to walk again?"
<Anton> "Or just see if you aren't even part of this nonsense?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "... if i was an enemy, why would you want me to?"
<Rachael> "we r good guyz."
* SteveZ smirks. "Are you gonna have her pick between the red ring or the blue ring?"

<SteveZ> (( if my next roll is not a base roll over a 10, I will officially refuse to roll any more with Sparkie tonight. ))
<Forest`^> that's asking a lot
<Forest`^> i'd say over 6 is fair
<SteveZ> (( well it would counterbalance the 3s :P ))

<Tass> Anton is upset partially because she's probably dead, partially due to a failed experiment
<Caltak> Nah she's not dead, she just joined with the Blacks.
<Caltak> ... I can't talk about the Black aliens and not feel racist.

<SteveZ> "There's strength in allies, and in hope, and friendship. Now, you can choose to walk the path of Hate and Greed and ultimately be destroyed by our hands in the revolution, or you can join us, and live to see our destined victory."
<rachael> whoa
<rachael> someone talking about a revolution
<rachael> and it's not me

<Forest`^> "Anton... about that disapearing act.."
* SteveDragon takes off into the air and heads for the ocean.
<Anton> "I'm sorry, Forest, I'm kind of screwed right now."
<AlcarGM> the dragon flies off to the ocean,and national guard people start converging on all of you.....
<rachael> "play *cough* play injured party."
<rachael> "not too hard. dragon saved us from... thingy."
* Forest`^ shruts at anton and falls over
* Anton slides behind a tree, a big one, out of view, unless said guard are -really- close
<AlcarGM> A few panting and exhaustednational guard reach you,looking confused.... one of them asks what happened.
<SteveZ> (( hehehe yes, yes! make the dragon the hero. ^_^ ))
<Forest`^> "I don't know... I... A... A dragon!"
<rachael> "red. thing. dragon ate it. *cough hack ack*"
<Forest`^> "It saved us..."
<SteveZ> (( Steve the Dragon says, "Only You can prevent Forest Explosions." ))

<Forest`^> they're soldiers... and they're alcar's NPCs not a good combo
<rachael> well
<SteveZ> well, you don't know that. Ken migt have left explicit notes on the soliders!
<rachael> pfft
<rachael> ken. notes. on SOLDIERS?
<Forest`^> right
<Forest`^> Soldiers: They listen to everything the NPCs say without question.
<Forest`^> although... Amos might be with them
<rachael> anyway. we know what the penalty is for NPCs trying to be three-dimensional is!
<Forest`^> lol true!

* rachael emerges from her room and posts a standard issue whiteboard/bulletin-board thingy with a large number 382 on it.
<AlcarGM> darius looks at anton and rachael questioning, holding up a shot glass.
* rachael adds 'Days'.
<SteveZ> "I thought it was longer than that."
<rachael> "Uh... thanks." (( that's a thanks as in, Thanks for spitting in my tea. ))
* SteveZ sips his drink, and goes to sit on the floor off to the side of the room.
<SteveZ> "Just kidding, I have no idea what that's a counter for."
<rachael> "Days since I overstayed my welcome on this poor little hunk of rock."
<SteveZ> "ahhhhh, it's an emo meter. Well, have fun with that."

* Forest`^ is deaf to angst...
* SteveZ lits lotus position and beings to enter a meditative state.
<rachael> "To clarify, that's the first time something was violently ripped out of my soul leaving me in a pile on the ground. Days which I should be doing everything in my power to be thankful for because I very well may not have had them. If you're going since days when I first tried to jump off a roof that's actually a few more, Thank you, Kindly, For Your Concern."
* Forest`^ can only hear a ringing in his ears at this point
<rachael> (( that's okay. ))
<SteveZ> (( I like to pretend it's the Adult voice from Peanuts. "Wah wah, wah wah wah wah? Wah wah wah." ))

<Anton> "So all you gotta do is not die."
<Anton> "Of which there are many ways of going about."
<rachael> "so I go somewhere and hide then."
<Anton> "One way, yeah."
<rachael> "oya's a good hider."
<Anton> "I'm not hiding though. I'd have to kill something down deep to just walk away from all this."
* Anton hrms, thinking..... well, the look at least
<rachael> "right, you said Not Die though."
<rachael> "will Forest be there to save all of us next time?"
<Forest`^> (( I'm a super hero now ))
* SteveZ snorts derisivly.

<AlcarGM> Gear: "Power coud make a ghost solid... more tests to run......"
<Anton> wait wait
<Anton> ghosts?
<Anton> those exist?
<AlcarGM> Gear: "Not in the sense you mean, I think? But we could probably build adevice to hold memory, give it flesh that resonantes lightly with this dimension..."
<Anton> ....
<Anton> do not make anton build an army of ghosts, alcar :P
* AlcarGM grins. You could do it :)

<Sparkie> Forest , it is now 2 am. Does your player know you are still up?
<Forest`^> My player is anxious
<SteveZ> shhhh
<Forest`^> he's waiting for a certain someone
<Anton> oh?
* Sparkie has it on good authority that she has been distracted by aproject to build ghosts
<Forest`^> ....
<Forest`^> god i hope not

<drew> "You okay, Forest?"
<Forest`^> "Hmm? Yeah, just waiting for Katrina..."
<SteveZ> (( lol I pictures you in Louisianna in a lawn chair with an umrella. :P ))

<Forest`^> "Drew, why would Power doubt her own existance?"
* SteveZ peeks out a bit further.
<drew> "I don't know.. what's going on, on your end?"
<Forest`^> "What use would she have for tenticles?"
* SteveZ blink-blinks.
<drew> "What would *you* do with a tentacle?"
<drew> "I think they're.. playing." :P
* SteveZ exits his room and enters it, getting a glass of water.
* Forest`^ grinds his teeth
<SteveZ> (( enters the scene, rather ))

<drew> "You're kinda lucky, I think, when it comes to times like these."
* drew smirks
<drew> "Your Others don't go running off to play Doctor with Gear."
* drew shivers a little ;p
* SteveZ shrugs. "Well, hey, I could always start having identity issued trying to figure out what I really am or something. But I just don't let it bother me."

<AlcarGM> Power: "They're making sure I am really me," with al giggle. "We jus set a chakra loose."
<drew> "A chakra?" :P
<AlcarGM> Power: "This is just like when I had coffee! we need to have fun more often! And builda machine. katrina wants a machine..... "more distant
<AlcarGM> Power:"We just need more materials.I have to get some. Does jupiter really NEED over 60 moons, Drew?"
<drew> "Power.. what on earth is Katrina up to? Can you just.. bring me to where you all are?" :P
<AlcarGM> Power: "Youcan't breathe in jupiter, even with modifications. taking thethers is hard but fun. Gotta go now."
<AlcarGM> and her presence vanishes from your mind.

* Cameron walks over to the two intruders calmly. "Can I help you?"
<kentari> The muscular man wastes no time making a fist and decking Cameron squarely in the....
* Faline walks a bit closer, though staying well behind Cameron, holding one of the iron poles.
<kentari> Cameron's jaw makes a wet, dull, snapping sound as he is spun around by the sheer force of the man's icy punch to his most regal mandible.
<kentari> And now let's get some initiative to ensure everyone has a turn.
* Cameron lets out a low hiss, eyes narrowing
<kentari> The placid looking guy holds out a hand as the air nearby hisses, higher pitched than Cameron, forming a tendril of snowy, icey substance which lashes out and widens Cameron's smile just a little.
<kentari> Still, of course, looking placid. Neither has said a word.
* Cameron stands, not moving, then says gently, coldly, with the authority of centuries under his voice. "You have breached the laws of hospitality. Leave this place at once and do not return."
<kentari> They both turn on their heels and just start... walking.. even if Cameron *did* have a slight lisp due to jaw injuries.
* Faline blinks.
<Faline> "That... worrked?"

<Rachael> "whatcha studyin'?"
<SteveZ> (( I didn't know there would be a quiz! >:[ ))
<Rachael> (( "slacking" then? :P ))

<Rachael> "Anyway. I can have unrealistic expectations of the world if I want to."
<AlcarGm> he looks at Rachael, then shrugs and signs to Steve with a smirk.
<AlcarGm> d: 'I think she just defined communism.'
* SteveZ shrugs.

<Anton> "I'm just wondering if we'll even be around when this is all over to try and make a difference when we're done."
<Rachael> "Right. That's me, yesterday, and the day before. Optimism, Anton, optimism."
<Anton> "Well, I'm hoping too, I just realise we may not make it, or be in any condition."
<Rachael> "we will beat this thing. with a stick. an organically grown sustainably harvested stick.
<Anton> "If we do make it in one piece, I do have a few plans of my own."
<SteveZ> "well... I mean, we're not exactly martyrs here, are we? You don't have to die to win."

<AlcarGm> What do Anton and Steve want to do?
* Anton kiiiinda wants to go check around campus, look for anything anomalous
<SteveZ> (( hmmmmm ))
<AlcarGm> (( besides the pcs? :P ))
<Anton> (pretty much :P)
<SteveZ> (( I could go be anaomalous around campus so Anton could find me! :P ))

<AlcarGM> Maureen: "Alena, isn't it?" She hands you a nice folder filled with stuff that will never be relevant. "You have English, Math, History and Gym. Today, however,you will mostly be shown around the school, acquainted with the guidance office and things of nature!"
* Alena`^ smiles to Maureen
<Alena`^> i remember why I hated highschool, sudenly
<Alena`^> (( None of that sounds nearly as exciting as Object Perspective and Model creation ))
<AlcarGM> (( those could be wrestling holds! ))

<Alena`^> "I think I'm fine, unless this school is any different than every other high school, I think I have the idea of the process."
<AlcarGM> (( "Well, there is the ancient indian burial ground under it, and the hellmouth in the library, but aside from that tha tthe giant white alligators in the sewers it's all peachy-kean!" ))

<AlcarGM> Dillon: "Okay, that's mostly orientation stuff.... what do you do besides school?" as you head down the stairs.
<Alena`^> "I'm into martial arts..."
<AlcarGM> Dillon: "Oh... so.... ah... guess you don't smoke them?"
<AlcarGM> err, then ;p
<AlcarGM> (( smokable martial arts would be interesting, though. ))

* Sparkie thinks Akira is about what it means to be a dicebot.

<AlcarGM> anything you want to do before going to classes?
<Drew> hrm, nah :P
<Drew> nap :P
<AlcarGM> lol.
<Drew> bad eyes are a source of trouble ;p
<AlcarGM> but nurse joy could take you into her office!
<Drew> I read orifice
<Drew> need I say more? :P

<Anton> "Quills vandalized the computer lab, cracked all the cases open and cut out the fans." for those curious, but speaking to no one in particular!
<Forest`^> (( Anton sounds like rachael now.. talking about angsty things but not talking to anybody about them =p ))
<Anton> (I will destroy you :P)

<AlcarGM> Gear; "Yep. Regarding the gun, Power sort of removed one of Jupiters moons, shrunk it to gun size, and gave it to Katrina.I did a nice retro design from your memory for it, and it's been kept.. elsewhere. Katrina didn't like not killing the evil Drew ina single shot, so that was... the safest method I coud come up with."
<Anton> ......
<Anton> why the heck does she need that much mass?
<AlcarGM> Gear: "Ifind it safest not to ask. I think she decided the planet had too many moons," souding like someone in need of a drink
<Anton> ugh
* Anton shakes his internal representation of a figurative head :P

<Forest`^> "NO! No time travel."
<Drew> "Not everything's a barrier to be broken."
<SteveZ> (( "Death aside." ))

<Anton> "The sight sounds as good a place as any to start."
<Rachael> (( site. site. site. site. site. site. plz? =P ))
<Anton> "It just depends on what you are planning to sea."
<AlcarGM> (( *snorts* ))
<SteveZ> "I hope the sait isn't something well-guarded now."
<SteveZ> (( :P ))
* Rachael frowns. "You're all spelling it wrong, you know."
<Forest`^> "I don't no. Probably just something to satisfy my curiosity."
<Rachael> "You do it to torture me, I'm sure."
<SteveZ> "Most of us don't hear in text, Rachael."

* Rachael would like to try and go through the fence like a /breeze/ first... :P
<Rachael> 2d6+9 some day something like this might possibly potentially work.
<Sparkie> Rachael 2d6+9: 16(7) some day something like this might possibly potentially work.
<AlcarGM> Rachael turns slightly insubstantial.....
* Rachael wafts through? maybe?
<AlcarGM> Rachael manages to walk through the metal, solidifying again on the other side.
* Rachael turns back to the fence, and addresses it. "We meet once again, Mr. Pauli Exclusion Principle, but today the victory is mine!"
<Forest`^> "Rachael, quiet, we're getting close."

<AlcarGM> "I asked your name, civilian," the man snaps to Forest, reching for a pistol at his side as darius reaches for a pocket. "No sudden moves! We've heard storries from the Guard about this town.'
* Forest`^ already gave his name, but gives it again
<AlcarGM> darius just stares at the man, then shrugs and signs his name.
<Anton> "Uh, dude? Er, sorry, I mean, like, sir? He totally can't talk, and I thought I should tell you that before you get, like, angrier and shit?"
<AlcarGM> The soldier stares. ".... damn complication... what's his name?"
<Rachael> (dreamily) "Is this confrontation fully in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?"
<Anton> "It's like, Darius, dude, er, Sir."
<AlcarGM> the soldier gives Rachael a look of wth .... "What the hell is a little girl doing out here with students this late, then?"
<Forest`^> "She goes to our school. She's smart."
<Anton> "Yeah, like, skipped a whole buncha grades, y'know?"
<SteveZ> (( "Yeah, it's totally not, like, what it looks like, a bunch of guys with an underage girl at night on a beach with nobdy around..." ))

<AlcarGM> Dillon: "What, we want time to stop again?!"
<Alena`^> "No."
* Alena`^ tries to go invisible again
<AlcarGM> You concentrate, and their is feeling, like a soap bubble bursting onn your skin and the colours bleed out of the world again.
<AlcarGM> dillon: "Then what do... i...."
<AlcarGM> He stres at you. ".. alena?"
* Alena`^ comes back into vision
<Alena`^> "Whoa."
<AlcarGM> Dillon: "You -- you just... PEOPLE COULD HAVE SEEN tHAT!!"

<Cecile`^> no more pacifist faline!?
<Faline> it was a compulsion
<Faline> :P
<kentari> :P
<kentari> a fit of passion, you mean? :>
<Faline> the pacifism was
<Faline> I meant

<Alena`^> "Also I think I threw my alarm clock across the walla nd unplugged it."
<fennec> (( so? ))
<fennec> (( go to bed earlier ))
<AlcarGM> Dillon: "Oh." he's quiet as Mrs. Thompon beings lecturing, stating that while it's almost certain that mankind's origin, growth, loves and beliefs, are but the outcome of accidental collision of atoms and that no fire or heroism can preserve life beyond the graveand, furthermore, that all the brightness of human genius is destined to extinction in the vast death of the solar system buried beneath the a universe in ruins doesn't mean you don't need to do homework.
<AlcarGM> dillon: "I made it to school on time."

<AlcarGM> (( Sam answers the phone on the second ring. "Look, Kevin, I told you I don't want a second date! If the word condom isn't in your vocab, sex isn't in mine!" .. i forgot shewas 15 ish :p ))

<Anton> "The ah..... mech? It's a walking gun placement with two of these puppies, belt few, moderately advanced protocols, remote accessible, but clearly something I could have bui
<AlcarGM> Anton, the mech shop years.
<Drew> ;p
<Anton> years later, anton makes his fame with his own mtv show, 'pimp my mecha'

* Rachael curtsies to Darius in passing.
<Drew> "I'm gonna go out for a bit, I think. I'll be bringing company back... is it too much to ask for the lobby to stay normal for a bit?"
<Anton> "Sure."
<AlcarGM> he responds with a grin and courtly bow, not splling the coffee, and looks aroud the room... it's mostly normal, mecha weapon aside.
* Anton puts his hands on the weapon, and it becomes purple, yellow, and small bits of orange, with 'Nerf' written on the side
<AlcarGM> .. and Forest attacks Anton for sacrilege....
* Anton rubs his chin, "It's a perfect disguise... although not for everything, especially since there never was a Nerf ICBM."c

<AlcarGM> katrina: "Might? Hah! I bet we'd kick ass, Forest."
<Forest`^> "Might what?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: '... beat up the sun?" hopefully? We could get better. Tougher. Stronger."
<Forest`^> "We're not attacking the Sun... It's what keps us alive, that'd be dumb... But I get your point."
<Forest`^> "Where do we start?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina considers that. "blow up some seriously big stuff?"
<Forest`^> "And where exactly do you think we're going to find some seriously big stuff to blow up and not get our asses thrown in jail?
<Forest`^> "And don't even think about telling me that you want to blow up the police and army!"
<AlcarGM> katrina: "Okay, I won't."

<Forest`^> "I'm not going to hurt her... not until she attacks me first, anyway."
* Forest`^ shoves the chair in the door
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "you feel like thisand she hasn't?!"
<Forest`^> "Not physically.. much."
<Forest`^> "i mean she's jumped on me... And tried to force me to have sex with her... But she usually got stopped."
<Forest`^> "I feel this way because she completely ruined a year of my life. I had no friends, no free time, all she wanted to do was hang on to me like I was some toy, so she kept punishing me to detention and i was stuck in school listlening to her all the time."
<Forest`^> "Not to mention she never had a good thing to say about my cooking, even after almost a year of non-stop practice."
<AlcarGM> katrina: ".. oh. We could make her relieve what shedid toyou and she'd be a better person?"
<Forest`^> "What?"
* Forest`^ listens at the door
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "like, make her relive it all as you saw it?" eagerly
<Forest`^> "You can do that?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "..... well, with help, butit should be easy! she's really low on energy right now," enticingly
<Forest`^> "No. Even if I did, she's too dense to understand what I went through... I'm sure she'll justify it somehow... Probably claim that she was just giving me love or something. Love my ass..."
<Forest`^> lol
<Forest`^> Love my ass... oh man...
<Forest`^> Don't quote that

<AlcarGM> darius signs, 'what did he do that was THAT bad, Drew? Mom is generally unflappable.'
<Drew> "I think of it as a failsafe backup plan."
<Drew> "Power says its a womb."
<AlcarGM> darius just...... stares
<Drew> "Oh, and I'm supposed to tell Gear its not our fault."
* SteveZ blinks.
<SteveZ> "Run that by us again?"
<Anton> "But it's always your fault...."
<Rachael> "Who?"
<Rachael> "I have one of those."
<Forest`^> lol
<Forest`^> Rachael says it like she's just discovering it
<Drew> :P
<Drew> "Hey look what happens when I press here"
<Rachael> Forest`^: ?

* Rachael mumbles. "contact faust. should be easy. just get happy trying to do something with my life and wait for him to come ruin it."
<AlcarGM> (( hehehehe ))
* Anton half smirks, "That could take a lifetime."

* Rachael watches Drew break up with Steve. "It's not you; it's me."
* SteveZ stabs Rachael in the eye.
<Rachael> what's this now? come on, tiger-lady! bring it!
<SteveZ> don't make me get the Raid.
<Rachael> ouch, nice one ;)
<SteveZ> thanks :P
<AlcarGM> lol

<AlcarGM> Dillon: "i really hope the vice principal is going to put this down to bad salad at lunch or something...." from the doorway, walking in. "I got him just before the flames did. He was a bit out of it though. dont think he lives in a world where students can set him on fire if he demands a hall pass."

<Rachael> "Anyway. Drew? What could go possibly go wrong with Drew trying to repair a barn?"
<Rachael> " ... seriously, my imagination is failing me here and I know there's someting good."
<Forest`^> "Do I have to explain it? I mean there are a million things, the least of which is that the barn falls over and is destroyed more."
<Rachael> "Oh. I was thinking more 'accidentally turns the farmer's wife into a cow.'"
<Forest`^> "He tries to fix it and turns it into a red sanctuary? Sends it to another dimension? Pulls one from anotehr dimension and there is an alien barn here?"
<Rachael> "Go on, go on..."
<Forest`^> "I can't think of anything else, but I'm sure there is more."
<AlcarGM> barn turns into a witch's hut,complete with duck legs.. :p

<Forest`^> "I may have blew a wall out of someone's barn."
<Anton> "What... kind of barn?"
<Forest`^> "I mean, he seemed happy about it. He was going to say aliens did it or something... I don't know I was running."
<Anton> "Er, not that it matters, just... specifics?"
<Forest`^> "An old barn... big, red... You know..."

<Anton> "Ok. I guess we'll be right back? Unless you wanna come, Rachael?"
* Anton takes off his gloves and folds them in half as he opens the door to his room
<Rachael> "Zas okay. I wanted to talk to Sara at some point. Just don't get shot at or anything, hm?"
<Anton> "We'll be fine. Isolated if anything."
* Forest`^ follows Anton to wherever
<Rachael> "don't boil the Gulf of Mexico, either."
* Anton stiucks his tongue out :P
<Anton> "We'll try not to."
* Anton walks out, '.....useless as it is...."

<AlcarGM> Blue light crackles and flickers about Forest, blue armour appearing over his body as he stands up again, first slamming down ..... The board simply distintigrates underneath as Forest's fist hits..... and thre is no longerany water, only a craterwhere the entire tank was as Forest's fish slams into the light and blows the entire thing apart.
<Caltak> fist became both first and fish :P
<Forest`^> yes
<Forest`^> i noticed that
<AlcarGM> it's a .. special fist! Yes!

<Forest`^> "So, in relation to the others, if Gear is the oldest, where do you fall?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "I dunno. But Power and me are older than Oya."
<Forest`^> "Uh-huh..."
<Forest`^> "Maybe you're Power's twin!"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "eeew!"
<Forest`^> "Well... I think the fact that he acts a lot more mature would give anyone the impression that he's older."
<AlcarGM> Katrina; "He's just snotty. That's not mature."
<Forest`^> "So you know how to act mature, is it?"
<AlcarGM> katrina: "Of course!"
<Forest`^> "Prove it."
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "...... wait, you don't think I am now?!"
<Forest`^> "Well..."
<Forest`^> "No."
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "Oh. Why not?!"
<Forest`^> "The list is long, Katrina, but the simple fact is that you don't care about anyone but you."
<AlcarGM> Katrina gapes. "I care about you! You blow stuff up!"

<SteveDragon> i'm so committed to this game that I'm holding in having to use the restroom! :P
<Rachael> three much information
<drew> Rachael and I are two peas in a pod there
<SteveDragon> Just making a point.
<AlcarGM> that you will die when your bladder explodes and game1 get sued? :P

* SteveDragon wakes up suddenly. You can tell because you hear a slam on the ceiling as his head hits it. There is illusory fire from his room which the door is probably still open to, then he you hear "What the hell??"
* SteveDragon is now known as SteveZ
* Anton makes a glass tank, and starts transporting lobsters the size of large babies and scallops the size of dinner plates into
* SteveZ steps out through the damaged door. "Did... something happen?"
* Anton starts laughing
* Anton hisses as he gets nipped once :P
<drew> "Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.."
* drew drinks a cup in one go

<drew> you guys have been a tax dump for me for years
<drew> :P
<drew> btw. ;p
<AlcarGM> lol ken
<SteveZ> lol
<drew> if any of you are asked about "Games Aiding Mentality/Emotions 1," well, its a psychology thinktank you all benefit from daily :P
<SteveZ> lol
<Forest`^> ROFLMAO

* Faline is a little thrown off by the fact that suddenly everything died down! She tries to remember what she had been doing before...
<Anelelinde> (( keeping vampires off Charles' neck. ))
<Anelelinde> (( remote vampires. ))
<Faline> (( I meant before the craziness ))
<kentari> (( going to high school in california ))
<Cameron> (( hehehe ))
<Faline> (( not that craziness! >_< ))

<kentari> Given how everything is rather.. withdrawn here at the reservation, it would seem your Pack is the same way, perhaps your link to them being why you notice.
* Faline pauses to consider that...
* Faline looks for some kind of better sign of what it could be leading to.
<kentari> You don't really know. Its.. an animal feeling, this one. There's no words, or metacognition, or premeditation. Just .. a sensation. And an instinct.
<kentari> And its not one that would be bottled and turned into ice cream, no.. its not a good feeling, made all the worse from the inability to pinpoint just what the problem is out here.
* Faline frowns, and decides to stop by the Motel instead of going straight back to Cam's and just stop in on the visitors again.
<Faline> (( bottled and turned into ice cream? ....what? :p ))
<Cameron> (( nice image :) ))

<Cameron> "Pity; the bread in Paris is lovely."
* Cameron steps through the portal. "Coming?"
* Cameron waits for the werepoutine.
<Faline> -_______-
<Cecile`^> oh god
<Cecile`^> now that's just rediculous
<kentari> oh god
<kentari> you could..
<kentari> breed it.
<kentari> And have poutine... forever.
<kentari> >:D
<Cameron> yes!
<Faline> I'm not against change, as long as it's positive change.
<Cecile`^> lol, Ken... too bad that's more work than just growing potatoes
<Cameron> baby poutine! We'd have. the veal version of poutine, ken!

* Anelelinde experimentally tries putting the collar back on for a moment.
<Cecile`^> It's ok to admit you're addicted, Lynn... It's the first step to recovery
<Anelelinde> ;P

<Cameron> 2d6+10 - portal back.
<Sparkie> Cameron 2d6+10: 22(12) - portal back.
* Cameron gestures sharply, and a hole appears in the air beside the parkbench, leading back to the mansion.. unless the gm has it do something terrible? :P
<Cecile`^> that's 2 today sparkie!
<Sparkie> And no one exploded :(
<Faline> LAWL
<Faline> Portal to OH LOOK, BLACK HOLE

<Drew> "Then .. can we really stick our noses in without knowing what we're doing?"
<Drew> "I mean."
<Drew> "I sure as heck know we can, don't get me wrong.."
<Rachael> "Drew, are you familiar with the trolley problem?"
<Drew> "But should we? It might feel good, and even right, but.."
<Drew> "Trolley what?"
<Rachael> "Philosophy. Ethics. Morality question. It involves hypothetical situations involving a trolley that's about to crash into a bunch of people. But it can be stopped - if you are willing to sacrifice others."
<Drew> "We've got the power to not accept those problems, Rachael. Haven't.. you felt it?"

<AlcarGM> Power fowns, then brightens. "I can show you! I tried to take the tree, and make it make sense as humans see things and Blue....
<AlcarGM> Power flickers, and you see a universal form: unlimited mouths, unlimited eyes, unlimited wonderful visions in a blaze of brilliance ... the tree inside you, given expression as Life The form is decorated with many celestial ornaments and bears many divine upraised weapons, including a banana peel and whoopie cuishon.
<AlcarGM> He/She/It is wearing celestial garlands and garments, with a smell at once a tree and forest, swamp and spring, and a pregnant woman: the heady smell of life, all of it wondrous, brilliant, unlimited, all-expanding as if hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of Power in that universal form.
<AlcarGM> She returns to normal, stretching hugely. "Wow! That was fun!'
<Drew> oh jesus its krishna
<Drew> I hate you
<Drew> :P
<AlcarGM> welcome :)

<Drew> "Oh? Have you resonated with anyone other than me?"
<Drew> (( lol.. most awkward question EVER :P ))
<AlcarGM> Power: "Nope! You're Drew!"
<AlcarGM> (( "I bet you say that to everyone you've resonated with." "No! Their names aren't D -- whoops!" ))

<Rachael> i tell you what though
<Rachael> i slightly-better appreciate
<Rachael> how Drew is inclined
<Rachael> to inactivity :P
<alcar> hahahaha

* Sparkie can provide.
<Caltak> 10#2d6
<Sparkie> Caltak 10#2d6: 5 7 4 5 4 5 12 2 8 2
<Caltak> bah, its just not the same...
* kentari brandishes the worlds smallest violin
<Caltak> There's no need for sarcasm, just a need for game...gasm. Or something. I guess that's a hard thing to rhyme...

<Faline> it would be funny if this turns into a takeoff of Sliders.
<Anelelinde> "So, then, in your opposite universe..." "Sophie's still a jerk, Cameron is Me, and our Lynn is a spy for the fae."
<Faline> Maybe in the next universe, we're all slaves to alien overlords.
<Cameron> "I, for one, welcome our new werecat overlords..." *conjures catnip*
<kentari> :P

<Fennec> drew is having fun fun fun fun fun!
<Fennec> except for the fun parts
<alcar> Sparkie. Drew: 2. Faust: 12.
<Fennec> caltak heard, iirc
<alcar> it is much like Josh and the womb incident. I wasn't even sure if it was going to show up in game :p
<alcar> then I had to ask for dice to be rolled....
<alcar> Soooo... who wants to convert their pc to amber?! :P
<Fennec> i thought I already did ;P

* Rachael smells an emotional breakdown for Steve in the works. :P
<Caltak> well, you know, that depends
<Caltak> on if ken gets in-game hints :P
<alcar> ... BESM emotional breakdown "Right. I get rid of sig. other and make it magnet! Best rebound ever!"

<drew> why is it moderated? :P
* alcar is only going to allow players to speak at certain cue points!
<alcar> ... I'd love to run into a gm who tried that, actually.
<drew> :P

<drew> games are social
<drew> You learn a lot from games
<drew> and what these sorts of games teach, among other things, is a sense of patience and responsibility
<drew> Saying "John couldn't make it today.. let's not get too far ahead of him."
<Sparkie> And rolling with the whims of fate!
<drew> And being able to accept that without a bad taste in one's mouth..
<drew> I think, is a good lesson learned
<Sparkie> fate, of couse, meaning dice.
<Caltak> Perhaps to an extent, ken, perhaps to an extent.
* Sparkie 's roll is to prepare players to be able to fatalistically accept nuclear armageddon.

<Forest`^> "Hmm..."
<Forest`^> "How about this.... Power needs power, that's why she's asleep, right? Can we give her any power?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "... but then we'd be weaker." She sighs. "Is this one of those maturity things?"
<Forest`^> "Yes."
<AlcarGM> Katrina "I bet 'maturity' doesn't even exist and you're just making this up..."
<AlcarGM> She flickers and you feel tired a moment, as if you'd just suddenly decidedto sprint a hundred meters.
<Forest`^> "You're welcome to search my mind."

* SteveZ steps back into his room and reemerges with a teat pot and proceeds to heat water on the stove.
<SteveZ> *tea
<Forest`^> oh
<Forest`^> =(

<Drew> "Sometimes I wonder if you could've done better, though."
<AlcarGM> Power: "Huh?"
<Drew> "Oh, I mean, if there are better people to resonate with than me."
<AlcarGM> Power gapes at you as if you just suggested that 2+2 was something other than Drew. "That's never true!"
<Drew> :P
<Drew> "Your incredible, Power. Simply incredible."

<Forest`^> I demand Jonah roll to cook the hot dogs!
<Forest`^> sparkie demands it
<Forest`^> i just want to see him roll a 2 and start the beach on fire
<AlcarGM> 2d6+6 - I am Jonah!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+6: 8(2) - I am Jonah!
<AlcarGM> ......
<Forest`^> OMFG
<AlcarGM> sparkie.... sparkie.... sparkie
<Forest`^> YES
<Drew> chaos
<Drew> high freaking five
<Drew> :P

<AlcarGM> You recognize the laugh of Sara. it haunts your dreams, like an abba concert.
<Forest`^> christ
<Forest`^> Forest has nowhere to run

<SteveZ> "Gah! Dr--Miss Sara! *muffled muffled* This is.. highly inappropriate!" *gets his wits together and remembers he has Super Strength and starts peeling 'Sara' off of him.*
* Sara has Super Desire! That basically means she just puts up a fight. :/
* Rachael sits down on the beach and stares out at the waves.
* SteveZ holds back the love-crazed woman. "Get a hold of yourself!"
<AlcarGM> 3 soldier walk over, staring at the.... attempted making out that. looks more like a drowning swimmmer reaching for air
<Forest`^> lol

<Drew> "Sorry about .. that disaster."
* Drew apologizes to the guys-at-large.
<Anton> "Eh, we're used to it."
<Anton> "Disaster, I mean."
<AlcarGM> (( one for anton's side :p ))

<Chaos`notaGM^> You hop up onto a building and begin hopping across rooftops and walls. You make a few close calls and then you run out of buildings as you reach a wide highway that must be crossed.
<Brian> "No cars. Heh." Pauses for a moment to catch his breath and grins. "Jed said it works..."
* Brian plays chicken.. via jumping frmo car to car :P
<Chaos`notaGM^> ...
<Chaos`notaGM^> dice must be rolled
<Brian> yes :P
<Fennec> (( Game over. Play again? ))
<Fennec> ( y | n )
<Brian> 5d6 - Well, it is possible! .... unless I use sparkie.
<Sparkie> Brian 5d6: 11 - Well, it is possible! .... unless I use sparkie.
<Brian> (( ..... ))

<AlcarGM> You walk head through the trees, Elsie falling quiet, and reach the oak trees at the edge of a glade.... wherein small figuresare flyingabout, none more than 3" talll ... all naked, except forred tattoos/decoratins,and insect wings growingfrom their backs as if grafted hideously to them at some point. A few of the fairies have spears, all are glowing, and they have severa squirrls pinned into treees via sticks, currently carving
<AlcarGM> them open and eating raw flesh. The squirrels are not yet dead, and thourghly traumatized. A few fairies are painting more ritual tattoos on their bodies in squirrel blood, and their teeth and claws are long and very, very sharp as they talk to each other in high musical notes.
* Alena`^ stares
<AlcarGM> Elsie makes a sound between a gasp and whimper and just stares
<Alena`^> "What's going on?"
<AlcarGM> Elsie: "....fairies are real?" in a small voice, looking completely lost
<Alena`^> "I'm more concerned that they're eating a squirel as a sacrifice...

<Alena`^> what i'm saying is, claiming a fairy with butterfly wings is impracticle, in a game where a guy can stop time and a girl can become invisible and make magical shields is just...

<kentari> dwarf fortress
<kentari> I have constructed a "pet removal" system
<Alena`^> still stuck on that?
<Alena`^> i don't get that game
<kentari> I don't get the game you're playing right now!
<kentari> we are even ;p
<Alena`^> shut up and play! unless you're not a secret npc

<AlcarGM> You attend your next class, and find Rose standing by your locker after it is finished.
* Alena`^ opens her locker "Afternoon."
<AlcarGM> Rose: "How do you see them?" flatly.
<Alena`^> "It's not like I make my eyes go out of focus, touch my nose and turn around a few times screaming 'scooby doo and you can too' I just do."

<kentari> alcar and I were kicking around a cthulu survivalist game :p
<Tass> hrm
<Tass> cthulhu is nice and all
<Tass> but I think I would prefer a game where the PCs have a least a small chance of survival
<kentari> no, no
<kentari> this is different
<kentari> it is POST cthulu landing
<kentari> :P

<Anton> oh
<Anton> and give the kid my business card good for one free computer repair, free stuff is always a smooth over, especially if it's for something as expensive as computer repair :P
<Anton> I mean, I almost did set him on fire
<Anton> but for some people, even money is worth being set on fire :P

* SteveZ heads into Forest
<SteveZ> 's room also
<drew> ((I was about to say. Cheater. :P ))
<Forest`^> ...
<SteveZ> (( typos dont count ))

* Anton looks to Darius, "Once we get this power source back, and online, we can search for more branches, and maybe get those online, too."
<derw> (("If we get all six, you'll be able to turn into a Real Boy!"))
<Rachael> (( just send 5 box tops and a SASE to this address: ))

<SteveZ> "I wasn't addresseing the computer, though! It's not like I went 'Computer, Engage Self Destruct Sequence' or anything!"
<drew> "..."
* SteveZ blinks.
<SteveZ> "Oh fuck me."
<drew> "You'd be lucky for a hug, right now."
* drew folds his arms, worried. And cross!''

<Anton> "Ok.... now that we're out, what's the word?"
<derw> "Decorticate."
<SteveZ> "Seriously? Cause... I don't think anyone would have said it by accident."
<derw> "Some of us can calculate seconds to years in our heads."
<derw> "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of resurrection."

* Rachael glares at Drew.
<derw> "Something on my face, Rachael?"
<Rachael> briefly.
* derw checks for lipstick!
* SteveZ (( doesn't wear any... HEEEYYYY! ))

<Rachael> "I have merely said that his little sister appears to be a bit of a thrill-seeker adventure-loving individual interested in Neat Stuff....
<Rachael> "and that the manner in which Drew chooses to address his interaction of that reflects what he thinks of her -- what was it? maturity, resilience, and capacity for self-determination."
<Anton> 'WHo isn't at their age?"
* derw hands Anton a piece of paper.
<Rachael> "I have not made any specific claims as to what that manner should be today, tomorrow, or four years from now."
<Rachael> "In fact, I have commented on the temporary adequacy of the "tweens who don't feel their maturity is being respected" argument.
<Anton> "I mean, we all grew up in podunkia, it's pretty common."
<derw> "Stop talking like you gain points by the word. You're talking about my *family,* Rachael, and I'm not giving you even five yards on them."
* Anton reads it, and then rolls his eyes, no wait, pulls out a lighter, and lights it up :P
<Anton> "You two heed your own wheels, it's not like she needs help with hers, right?"
<derw> "You want a friend in Sam? Cool. She could use sensible friends."
<derw> "You want to bring someone into your fairy circle ring? You already have an Other."

<derw> "I'm in the position to look out for her; I'm the one who makes the call to stay my hand. Its called responsibility, and I won't have you applying your lessons from Faust to Sam when there's a world of craziness out there."
<derw> "Even *if* she wants to run off into the sunset."
<Rachael> "You know, your own attitude towards such things is also immature as of yet, though it has plenty of time to change before it becomes an issue."
<derw> "Rachael, you jumped out of a window."
<derw> "Stop talking about maturity."
<Rachael> "Lies. I jumped off a roof."

<derw> "All three of us have been really screwed by the Red at one point."
<derw> "But it seems we've all learned different things from it."
<Rachael> "indubitably."
<SteveZ> (( I hvnt ))
<Rachael> (( you're not a three of us. ))
<derw> (( Survivor's Club in here, you non-woundeds go have your fun! :P ))

<AlcarGM> Oh, Jonah.. if only you were not trapped in the nurse's office.
<derw> :P
<SteveZ> Eh, we can just keep arranging for him to be injured.
<AlcarGM> lol cal
<AlcarGM> that would be both terrible and awesome :P
<derw> sure
<derw> since brainwashing is such a crime
<derw> let's just keep him in ICU instead
<derw> more ethical :p
<SteveZ> indeed!
<SteveZ> now you're getting it

<AlcarGM> sam: "I think you're being sneaky and stupid andI shoud spend the night and go tomorrow," firmly.
* derw takes in a slow, deep breath.
<derw> "Sleep."
<AlcarGM> Sam blinks,then topples over unconscious.
<SteveZ> (( !!!!! ))
<SteveZ> (( *points, mouth agape* ))
<Rachael> "Oh god..." *smacks her forehead*
* Rachael stands up. "Why not just tell her you're gay or something like that?"
<Rachael> "Good night."
<AlcarGM> Sam vanishes a moment later in a puff of blue smoke
<SteveZ> (( um, because she knows that already? :P ))
<AlcarGM> A note appears in drew's hand a second after that.
* derw eats it. :P

<Anton> "Wow..."
<Anton> "I wasn't expecting that."
<Anton> "Faust would be proud!"
<SteveZ> (( *high fives Anton* ))
<Anton> "Not as an insult, or anything. You did what you thought was right, and didn't cut corners, I honestly think he would have done the same thing."
<derw> "You have your tools, I have mine."
<Anton> "I would have just called your mum, but that's just me."
* Anton shrugs!
<derw> "Don't compare me to someone who made Darius, gave Josh his problems, riddled Sara, and splayed men open just to pour sacramental wine over their bodies before vaporizing the ones holding 'em down."
* Anton heh's "Every journey starts with a step!"
<Chaos`^> (( No, drew just made some girl in school lose her mind, brought a woman back form the dead, tried to seduce the entire student body, and forced his sister to sleep while transporting her to an undisclosed location ))

<Chaos`^> Drew grew a pair of balls on the road trip back home somehow... he didn't have those before
<SteveZ> I consider personality more important than a list of events when determinging In-Character.
* AlcarGM points to the dice bot.
<derw> Mm
<derw> Drew still worries about family, tries to help, and is hesitant
<Rachael> people change over time.
<derw> But now with dynamic sparkie failing action
<Chaos`^> he's too bold
<derw> I blame a lot of his character traits changing on the fact that his dice roll is only +8 now
<derw> ;p

<derw> "If I can be or do anything.."
<derw> "What's out there that *isn't* me?"
<AlcarGM> Power: "Everything IS everything else, drew. That's what resonance IS!"
<derw> "I ... Think.. I understand that."
<derw> "But, how are we .. anything, then?"
<AlcarGM> Power: "We're anything in the sense that we are everything!" happily
* derw nods, and loses a sanity point. :P

<alcar> mind you,a survival horror gameafter the rapture would be neat.....
<alcar> but someone has probably made one.
<alcar> if they hadn't, it would need to be a d20 game, so you could have 'by this mark you shall know him' stuff on the game :)

<kentari> why do you play any game?
<kentari> :P To grab time by the throat
<kentari> hold the handle
<kentari> push the button
<kentari> and then move on :p
<fennec> that's not why i play besm :P
<kentari> .. oh. :p
<kentari> oh, right!
<kentari> fun is somewhere in there, too
<kentari> time is like a beautiful half-woman, half-pinata
<kentari> with fun inside of her
<fennec> that needs to be quoted
<fennec> and there needs to be a werepinata in a silly game.
* kentari needed to figure out what bizarro simon was.
<kentari> :P

<Anton> "Ok, looks like the grinch has moved on from christmas to saturdays."
<Rachael> "O-kay then. First step. Anton, can you check sidereal time or something like that?"
<Anton> "Sidereal?"
<Anton> "Like, the sidhe?"
<AlcarGM> (( Sidhe time ... the truth behind daylight 'savings' time revealed... ))
<Anton> (lol :P)

<Forest`^> you know
<Forest`^> i was giong to talk to kat about mind wiping!
<AlcarGM> lol
<Forest`^> because i was going to talk to faust about something
<Forest`^> but I forget what...
<AlcarGM> Perhaps.. you did!
* AlcarGM laughs evilly.

<AlcarGM> Naomi shrugs. "All I know is everyone pretty much decided it's too dangerous."
<Drew> "O-.. Oh."
<Drew> "Well, of course!"
* Drew laughs, quickly sipping coffee. :P
<AlcarGM> A blue halo appears over Drew's head,to help.
<Drew> (("Just like in Flight of the Navigator" :P))
* Forest`^ eyes Drew this time
<Forest`^> "You are all crazy."
<Drew> "And you ... are in a towel."

<Anton> "Please no more time travel."
<Anton> "It only cost us saturday, this time."

<Forest`^> "What are you talking about?"
<Forest`^> "Are you saying we went back to the 70's to get a haircut and forgot about it?"
<Forest`^> "Drew, focus."
<Forest`^> "Start making sense."

<AlcarGM> Naomi looks to say something then lets Rachael speak instead.
<AlcarGM> her being a diplomat is like sending a hardcore vegan to inspect meat plants.
<Drew> ;P
<Drew> hey
<Drew> when you want a war
<Drew> who else WOULD you send? :P
<AlcarGM> :P

* Forest`^ turns on the radio
<AlcarGM> Radio: ''... and continuing his explanation of how time is really divided into 4 24 hour increments is Dr. Gene Ray, who claims his theory of forbidden truth knowledge proves blue is black and saturday does not exist..."
<AlcarGM> Or.. not :P
<AlcarGM> But the black being timecube was considered,very briefly ;p
<Forest`^> I'm glad i didn't have to hit you with a bat, alcar

* Anton catches up, then! "Naomi!"
<AlcarGM> naomi looks back. "What.... do you want?"
<Anton> "You think you can show me your tapes later? I have different surveillances, and, well, I guess I wanna compare timestamps and such."
* Forest`^ eyes Anton...
* Anton rolls his eyes, "Not in her room, Forest, but like, mine are all wiped, and hers still exist, so I'm wondering about matchups, or things I could analyze."
<AlcarGM> she shrugs. "They're Tulip's files; ask her."
* Forest`^ looks even more concerned "That wasn't what I was thinking."

<AlcarGM> Naomi: "What do you want from me, then?"
<Forest`^> "Are you saying I have an ulterior motive?"
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "You'd be stupid if you didnt't."
<Forest`^> "Well, you're a pretty girl. I'll let you figure it out."
<AlcarGM> (( nice :P ))
<AlcarGM> There is a spark of anger in her eyes and her smiles vanishes. "Excuse me?"
<Forest`^> "C'mon, i've been sending you signals since we met. Did you think I was being facetious?"
<AlcarGM> Naomi smiles coldly. "Your 'signals' mean nothing to me. I am not yours to try and control, and have no desire for.... such relations, with anyone."
<Forest`^> "I'm not trying to control you or be your friend, Naomi. I want to have sex with you."

<kentari> I see why bundle a is so awesome :p
<kentari> designer clothes cost 10 budget points.
<alcar> lol
<alcar> yeah, stuff like that is.. a trifle absurd :p
<kentari> eh
<kentari> Sometimes
<kentari> Battlefields....
<kentari> have dress codes.
<kentari> (Remind me to write that down as a personal quote :P)
<alcar> well, they can..... like the charge of the light brigade :P
<kentari> ha ha ha
<kentari> I see this as a recurrign theme

<AlcarGM> And... Anton has just left the barber shop, having been given possibly useful information and been told to save the cheerlead.. wait, find the other blue. Yes.. :p

<AlcarGM> You reach the gym and find Steve finishing up teaching some people a better stance for Judo.
* Drew shakes his head, wondering if they've even hired him.. better to not interrupt though.
* Drew will watch for a few minutes to make sure he's ot evil or anything, then head to Tulip's. :p
<AlcarGM> Only when you look at him, there is no blue, no green, no energy ... no life. Just a shell moving around, lights on but no one home.
<Drew> "Power? I ..."
<Drew> "He's turned into an NPC, Power!"
<AlcarGM> Power: "Noooooooo!"
<AlcarGM> :p

<Rachael> 2d6 +something freeze Drew's coffee with the coldness of my stare :P
<Sparkie> Rachael 2d6: 7 +something freeze Drew's coffee with the coldness of my stare :P
<Drew> "Is there a problem, Rachael?"
<AlcarGM> Drew's coffee is now frozen in the cup...
* Drew looks down at his coffee.
<Rachael> (( haha. ))
<AlcarGM> Darius gets out some paper to write on, checknig his coffee :)
<Rachael> (( i didn know I could do that ))

<Rachael> coming out any time soon, anton?
<AlcarGM> Tulip murders Rachael :p
<Drew> :p
<Drew> that was terrible, alcar
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<Drew> I'm glad you're using all *those* up before nano :p
<Rachael> ?
<Drew> adult things
<Rachael> like, you're implying he's in the shower or something as tulip is watching him on video or something? :P
<Drew> ... no :P
<AlcarGM> uhm, no ;p
<Rachael> then I don't get it
<Drew> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=coming+out
<Rachael> oh.

<Drew> "Almost cowardly. So before you go throwing around things about how my sister is curious about your unhideable Others and the influence they have on you, don't expect to be coddled about just because you've got ideals to back you up."
<Drew> "I mean, Christ, I *just* got over this!"
* Drew sounds irritated!
<Rachael> "Our consideration and models of Faust are salient issues, and yet look at how you try to avoid my charges against you completely. And you cannot justify monstrosity by suggesting that another who you have been compared to may not be a monster."
* Drew holds up seven fingers
<Drew> "That many words. That's what I'll hear."
<Drew> "The rest is just 'My Crusade.'"

<Drew> (("Yeah. I rolled a 12. It all makes sense. These are the dice police."))

<kentari> The map seems to point to a Free Trade Zone on the Port conveniently nearby, with Courts for both Moguls near the zone.
<kentari> There is a small map of popular destinations on the planet below, as well, including the Imperial Island.
<Dashawn`^> he makes it too easy
* Dashawn`^ glances into his sunglasses to see what he's reading =p
<kentari> "The Free Press," and lots of small text below, a picture of an attractive woman on the front page.
<Dashawn`^> ah
<Dashawn`^> i see
* Dashawn`^ already knows
<Dashawn`^> free information is never free

* Manu marks down one demerit point for the jedi... drinking on the job.
<Dashawn`^> bah
<Dashawn`^> obi-wan did it!
<Manu> Oh, like HE is a shining example :P

<Tass> you know
<Tass> florida is kinda kukri shaped :P
<Tass> maybe along with oklahoma, the cleaver state, I could make a character around that
<Tass> I'd have to dual wield, though...... :P
<alcar> best telekinetic ever :P

<AlcarGM> you spot Severa Saras further down the beech, currenty coddling up to military men
<Forest`^> ah, i found a new task
<Forest`^> avoid them
* Drew is there! Looking out at the Black Omen..ous. Thing.
* Forest`^ goes the other way
* Forest`^ feels sympathy for Drew, but he is already lost to them and cannot be saved.

<Forest`^> "Kat, get ready."
<AlcarGM> Katrina "What do you mean by that? I'm already ready."
<Forest`^> "Something's wrong."
<Forest`^> "Drew doesn't have the balls to call me a wuss."
<AlcarGM> She cracks her knuckles. "I could blow them up for you."

<Drew> "Yeah.. so far, the only real loose end of all that is Rachael, but.. that's more of a loose cannon than a loose end."

<Anton> "So, who's the king? I doubt that's something I could get out of naomi."
<Drew> ((It will take 30 episodes and my death to tell you. :P))
<Rachael> (( die! die! die! ))

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