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* Rachael could just do something to get attention. :P
<Drew> Rachael doesn't need a diaper
<Drew> She shouldn't need that kind of attention, either :P

<Anton> its like a game of opperator
<Anton> I do something, gear interprets, power interprets, drew interprets, and then tells Forest, and wow, how things change :P
<Drew> ;P
<Drew> it is amazing :P

<Anton> "But this is important! A new blue? There are no other blues on this planet. This is very very very important, and a delicate matter. Thats why I had to pull this out into the open, Drew."
<rachael> "Indeed. Endangered species and all that."
<Drew> "Sure. I've seen how great they're treated in breeding programs at Zoos, Rachael."
<AlcarGM> Darius stands and walks over to the white board, then writes on it firmly.
<Anton> "I'm sorry for that, I can tell you are very cross with me.:
<Drew> "You don't know if its new, Anton."
* Anton gives what he hopes is an applogetic shrug.
<AlcarGM> Darius: 'This isn't your choice, or mine, or mom's. Josh has it, he and It should make their choices.'
<AlcarGM> he walks back and sits down.
<Drew> "I just see you greedily wanting more information. More power."
<Anton> "What do I get out of this?"
<AlcarGM> Gear: "Information." Josh: 'I won't give it to you!" Gear; 'by hook or by crook, you will."
<AlcarGM> that would be so much fun :P

* Drew looks over to Darius, and Sara
<Drew> "You two are the only ones here who could enlighten Josh and, if he made the decision to go back, grant him that wish."
<Drew> "None of us really work with matters of the mind."
<Drew> "At least, not without a lot of pretending."
<Forest`^> "Are you saying that you don't strive for power as well Drew? How many times have you used Power for your own ends?"
<rachael> (quietly) "i might be able to manage something."

<Anton> "The thing is, Josh is also like us, just a kid, and look at our culture? What kid would say no to super powers?"
<AlcarGM> (( The red kryptonite.. greeen kryptonite.... ))

<Anton> "Power is already keeping the soul... destroyer.... as a pet."
<Anton> "I didn't mention that part."
<Drew> "We're saving it for a rainy day."

<Drew> "Pity.. is a cruel gift."
* Drew says, languidly
<rachael> "Ohhhhhhh."
<rachael> "I Missed Something."

<Drew> "I'm.. God?"
<rachael> "Hooray! Let's start the blashpeming!"
* Drew shakes his head a little.
<Drew> "Gah. Sorry."
<rachael> "Seriously, what?"
<Drew> "There was... a bit of my own What If."
* Drew stands, rubbing his head, and .. looks, looooong and hard, at the Black thing out the window, his hand falling to his side silently for but a moment.
<Forest`^> "With the way you've been abusing your power you could get us all killed."
<Drew> "A.. ah."
<Drew> "Josh, with the blue inside him.... is only a thing of the present. I saw no echoes of that person in the future."
<Anton> "There are worse things than death, Forest. Stop being optimistic."

<Forest`^> "We can assume that bad things happens if he keeps the blue."
<Drew> "I don't know."
<Forest`^> (( That wasn't a question ))
* Forest`^ leans back
* Forest`^ grins

<rachael> "Talk is cheap."
<rachael> (( to Darius: "Like your mom." ))
<rachael> (( wait, no, she's free. that's different. :P ))

<rachael> "Drew, are you afraid of knowledge?"
<Drew> "Who wouldn't be, Rachael?"
<Drew> "Anyone in their right mind should fear knowledge like they'd fear God."
<rachael> "Do you 'fear God' by hiding from and avoiding her?"
<Drew> "Would you stare at the sun?"
<Anton> "With the proper filters, it's possible."
<rachael> "Would you bury your head in the sand?"
<Anton> "Heck, last wednesday I went to the sun. Unfortunately nothing colored there."

<Anton> "I only barely noticed when you stole that moon off of jupiter."
<Anton> "who's going to miss it, right?"

<Anton> "Right now, I see you as more likely to cause the imminent death of me or us than what we've currently faced. All because you always act on your own, and you only have one hand on the steering wheel."
<Drew> "Anton, that's all very cute and well illustrated, but you couldn't be more incorrect."
<Anton> "Then why am I so goddamned afraid of you, Drew?"
<Drew> "And if you don't understand how I work, I don't know any way to explain it to you. We can't expect each of us to resonate and co-exist with each other like we do with our Others."
<rachael> "Why not, Drew?"
<rachael> "Or at least make SOME effort."
<Drew> "Anton said it himself. What we know is one human, one symbiote. And we're all human."
<Anton> "I half expect you'll need me one day, and teleport me somewhere only to have me half co-existing with six meters of bedrock, and suddenly my brain has a hard tim interfacing with granite."

* Drew looks at Anton
<Drew> "You said you weren't afraid of anything, not too long ago.."
<Anton> "Maybe dying for no damn reason is a fear I can hold on to."
* Forest`^ leans back in his chair
<Drew> ".. Yeah."
<Drew> "I figure I live for a reason.. so I don't have to die for one. That's how I deal with it."
<Anton> "....... but do you see what I'm saying?'
<Drew> "You can't control what Power and I do to make it safe. To tweek it for performance.. to make sure it doesn't screw anything up. I know exactly what you mean, and I don't want to belittle it at all."
<Anton> "It's just so... powerful, and raw."
<Drew> "Gear can't run charts on it. It must drive him nuts."
<Forest`^> "You understand the price of this power, though, right?"
<Anton> "Full of errors and glitches and unforseen consequences, and problems and ISSUES AND...."

<Drew> "Resonance. Power's a part of me."
<Drew> "I'm a part of Power."
<Forest`^> "No."
<Forest`^> "It's more than that."
<Drew> "I'm not going to be God."
<Forest`^> "All of those times when you tried and failed, they weren't small failures."
<Anton> "I guess yeah, I can't protect myself from it, that's my biggest issue."
<Drew> "I'm not going in there. Not in this timeline."
* Drew points at the black thing >:/
<Forest`^> "Petunia broke, You made an evil twin who levelled a forest and did countless other things, and now we have a baby Other."
<Forest`^> "No, Drew, I don't think so. The difference between you and God is that God understands his power."
<Drew> "Does he?"
<Drew> "Why would things be this screwed up, then?"

<Forest`^> "I don't talk to God, but I have read a book or two that says he does. Maybe they were wrong, or maybe you're talking about a different God."
<rachael> "God is Dead. We have killed him, you and I."
<Drew> "What kind of a God makes a world where Sara talks about Darius like she did? Where people get blown up, left behind, or chewed up for food? If God intended it to be like this, well...."
<Drew> "He should be held accountable."
<Drew> "And I'd rather like to think God doesn't quite have it figured out than think we have to go kick his ass."
<rachael> "Fine then! Go give him a reckoning, why don't ya?"
* rachael shrugs.
<Forest`^> "Are you saying that you would be the one to judge God?"
<Drew> "I'm. Not. Becoming that."
* Anton shakes his head, "I don't think existence requires constant deific maintenance."
<Forest`^> "What gives you the right?"
<Drew> "Everyone has the right. Maybe that's what this is all about. Hell if I know.."
<Drew> "All I know is that I'm not in a rush to try. I .. saw what happened to me when I did."

<Drew> can't resist potential anton/tulip screen time
<Drew> even if it means ending the world :P
<AlcarGM> hehehehe

<kentari> I have a confession
<kentari> Drew was a reverse secret npc
<kentari> alcar was busy most sessions
<kentari> why do you think power gained a corporeal form? :P

<Drew> "She probably wants to protect you from aspects of this. When you light a candle, you cast a shadow. Everyone out there's talking about your defense training, after all. Consider that."
<AlcarGM> Josh frowns, then says: "But I do now," slowly, eyes getting wide. "And she'd want me to ... not be this. But she shouldn't have to be afraid for me...."
<Drew> "Among other things, she probably wanted to protect you from choices like the one we just couldn't."
<Drew> "Its not fear, Josh."
<Drew> "Its love."
<Drew> "You didn't want to hurt the blanket. Your mom did not want you to go down paths where pain lurked."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "Then why is Darius...... he doesn't have a tree and he looks so..... and she broke his ... it's almost like mom hates him....."
<Drew> "But, thanks to me, you have no paths without pain, now. For that, I don't think I'll ever be redeemed."

<kentari> online tabletop is now called mmo, and online roleplaying is now called cybersex

<AlcarGM> The world around the three of you flickers blue, and you appear in the parking lot of the Denny's without harm/.
<Drew> ((Was that supposed to be a question mark?))
<Drew> ((Jerk :P))
<SteveZ> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> (( no, typo :p ))
<SteveZ> someday, it should go wrong and teleport us like Terminator time travel. :P appear naked in a crater.
<Drew> haha
* Sparkie takes notes.
<Drew> I would totally steal some guy's clothes just like terminator
<SteveZ> "Your clothes. Give them to me." *man laughs at you* *Power disintegrates him*

<AlcarGM> The cab is present, the driver reading a big fat robert jordan novel. You spot Phoebe further down the road at a bus stop, Naomi standing beside her.
<AlcarGM> Red fire is flickering about Naomi at present.
<Drew> "We don't really know what she's capable of."
<Anton> "Never stopped us.... wait, is that Naomi?"
* Anton starts running :P
<SteveZ> (( away or towards? ))
<AlcarGM> (( good question :) ))
<SteveZ> (( I started typing that I followed and realized he wasn't specific :P ))

<AlcarGM> Naomi's eyes narrow slightly. "This is not your affair."
<Rachael> "Sure it is. She had the graffiti burned on my door."
<AlcarGM> Phoebe: "Oh my god oh my god oh my god..." over and over, eyes wide in shock
<Anton> "WHat the heck, phoebe? and what the heck, naomi!?"
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Then you may brand her, if you wish."
<AlcarGM> Naomi sighs. "Don't you people have hobbies?"
<SteveZ> "Meddling is our hobby."
<Drew> ((Finally, they admit it!!))
* Anton just points at steve and nods :P
<Rachael> "I actually study music."

* Drew hesitates..
* SteveZ jogs afters Anton.
<Drew> "But.. no one's in this channel anymore. The price of a sheep is boredom, the price of a wolf is loneliness.."
* Drew follows =p
<AlcarGM> :p

<AlcarGM> Anton now has a goatee.
* Anton scratches his chin, "Geez that itches. Gah!"
* Anton then eyes Drew :P
* Drew winks the once-twitching eye
<SteveZ> "You've got a little something... oh, you found it."
<Drew> "I didn't think you needed to be recognized just then."
<Anton> "Hey now, you can't just.... fine!"
* Rachael starts laughing, and coughing, but smiling.
* Anton pulls out a light and shines it on Drew, 'Enjoy your cancer."
<Drew> "I've been making the best of it since I found out back in high school."
<Drew> ((Oh, BUURN :P))
<SteveZ> "You have a cancer-flashlight?" *more confused than concerned*
<Drew> ((And j/k :/))
* Anton tries to look serious as he puts it away, but laughs, "No... I mean, maybe?"
* Anton checks the label, pointing to it, (NOT CANCER FLASHLIGHT.)

* Rachael shakes her head.
<Rachael> "You guys are nuts."
* Rachael cough/laughs. "And that's coming from me."
<Drew> "Says you, piecing some person's brains and then telling them about your fairy circle rings"
* Drew sticks out his tongue

<Anton> "We need costumes for these blatant antics, I swear."
<SteveZ> "That's not a bad idea, Anton..." *considers*
<Drew> "Power's listening."
* Drew says, in a deadpan.
<AlcarGM> sent to Drew....
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Power: "You'd look awesome in that one dresss Steve likes from Sailor Moon!"
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> j/k
<SteveZ> lawl
<AlcarGM> Power would do Sailor Drew in a heartbeat :P

* SteveZ suddenly opens his eyes. "AHA!"
* SteveZ is obscured suddenly by a pillar of fire, which is suddenly cleft by a swing of his blade and disspiates to reveal that he is now in a costume consisting of a golden samurai helmet with a draconic-looking face guard, and a cyan gi with an intricate design of a golden, serpentine dragon on the back. His hands and feet are even hidden by cloth wrappings.
* DragonRonin looks at himself. "Ahh! Thank you for the suggestion, Anton! I might not have thought to look for a form such as this otherwise! Hmm, I feel a bit different... perhaps it is more than just a costume!" His voice does sound a bit more... booming than normal.
<Anton> "....right. You remind me of Forest's crazy pants armor."

<SteveZ> "Alright then, no shield. So now we gotta stay on Red Watch even more."
<Drew> "How .. convenient."
<Drew> "The timing is just too much for me, I don't know about you guys."
* Anton hrms, "Maybe we need to build a shield of our own?"
<SteveZ> "Would need a lot of power for that."
<Drew> "We're out a shield, the door's got a calling card on it.. we're drawn in to hear something about a plan.."
<Drew> "It just feels like something's trying to funnel us into doing something."
<Rachael> "Well, the calling card was apparently outside of the plan."
<Rachael> "Assuming the plan is Naomi's king's. She was rather upset by it."
<SteveZ> (( "Yeah, as though there were some all-knowinh entity who controls the universe around us, who is intentionally putting things in our path to deal with... Nah, that's crazy talk." ))
<Drew> "Or was it? .. If she knew you were there, it could've all been .. theatrical."
<Drew> (("I was him once, I know! There are terrible plans left on the walls!" :P))

<AlcarGM> The guildmaster is a thin, elderly man who walks with a cane these days. His name is one of the things he gave up for his job and the office is clean and empty save for two bookcases, a small bar, his desk, and 2 chairs for guests.
<AlcarGM> Guildmaster: "Can I get you anything to drink?"
<Glenn`^> "I'm fine, thank you."
<AlcarGM> He nods. Glenn remains unpoisoned and does not die.
<AlcarGM> :p
<Glenn`^> =p

<Glenn`^> !generate male
<Sparkie> Glenn`^, your new name is Rayshawn Lucky
<Glenn`^> ...
<Sparkie> you got a comment to make, buster?
<Glenn`^> Just Lucky I guess

* Glenn`^ follows "How has business been going, lately?" making small talk and pulling a thin knife
<AlcarGM> Tagil: "Very well, very well indeed. And yourself? I confess I am not sure what you do."
<Glenn`^> "Oh, this and that." Stabbing him at the base of the neck, between the vertebrae. He should be dead before he hits the floor.
<Fennec> that?
<Fennec> remind me to avoid That in the future.

* Glenn`^ offers a hand "What's your name?"
<AlcarGM> Guaard: "Unnamed NPC Who Will Die Soon. You the merchant?"
<AlcarGM> the other guard is eating part of a roast chicken, not giving a damn.
* Glenn`^ nods and takes his hand to shake. starts counting. "That looks delicious, what is it?" Wait 20 seconds, "What's your name?" To other guard, offering hand. Shakes it, scratches guard at 30 seconds.
<AlcarGM> Guard2: "Chaos`^! You can't kill me without murdering yourself!"

<AlcarGM> You reach the master bedroom. Two dead guards are on the floor and the kid is staring at them in horror from the far side of the room. He's dropped both bottles he was carrying on the ground.
* AlcarGM resists "My name is Weiko Delnari, you killed my uncle, prepare to die!"
<AlcarGM> though, really, that would hve been such fun if they didn't despise each other.

<Glenn`^> "What about head wounds?"
<AlcarGM> Dr. Grismell: "Ah! Cheap or expensive?"
* Glenn`^ thinks "It was rather deep."
<AlcarGM> he shakes his head. "No, no. I mean surgeon. What would the boy be able to pay for? I can narrow it down from there."
<Glenn`^> "Cheapest."
<AlcarGM> he tsks, then says: "The cheapest I know is old Ernsai, down in the rows. He treats charity cases for free, and specializes in head wounds. Lost a son to getting hit by a mule or something years ago."
* Glenn`^ nods "I'll look into it. Anyone else?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "A Dr. Davros, somewwhere in the ghettos." He sniffs disdainfully. "HE only chages in beverages."

<AlcarGM> All fantasy establishments must offer stew as a matter of law.
<Fennec> mmm. what happens to lawbreakers?
<AlcarGM> it needs meat.

* Glenn`^ gets up and looks out the window
<AlcarGM> The bandits have torches. Several have leapt over the primitive barricades, and are heading towards the inns. Villagers are fighting them, but it's pretty much like throwing children into a cuisinart.

<AlcarGM> The remaining mounted bandit stares about in shock and spurs his horse sharply towards the rest of the band "Ware!" she screams, "a trap!"
<Glenn`^> she changed sex halfway there
<Glenn`^> a magician1
* Glenn`^ throws a knife in her back before she can cast evil spells!
<AlcarGM> (( minor error :P ))
* Sparkie demands dice.
<Glenn`^> 5d6
<Sparkie> Glenn`^ 5d6: 18
<AlcarGM> 3d6 - the bandit, a-fleeing.
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 3d6: 6 - the bandit, a-fleeing.
* Sparkie demands a better class of bandit. I'm a dice bot, not a miracle worker!

<AlcarGM> Homework is easy, especially when half of it is finished before you start it.
* Drew .... well. If resurrections are okay.. homework is okay, too. No objections! :>
<AlcarGM> Power pretends to look innocent, though she now looks like a shoulder devil :p
<Drew> "Someone once said the road to hell was paved with good intentions, you know, Power." :P
<AlcarGM> Power: "Where's hell?"
<Rachael> (( let's visit! ))
<Drew> "Dunno."
<AlcarGM> (( Power could make one...... best not go there. ))
<Drew> ".. And its probably better that way." :P
<Drew> "Don't listen to all these ooc encouragements."

<AlcarGM> Phoebe takes another gulp of beer. "I thought I lost religion when I lost my virginity, and then God starts speaking to me and someone tries to set me on fire. What are you people, comic relief?"
<Rachael> "I usually use the term 'colors', actually. They can be found in a variety of symbiotic or parasitic relationships with people. The red ones are the most common, and sometimes most dangerously malicious."
<Rachael> "and I'm a first-year student, if you're talking 'what's."

<AlcarGM> Phoebe: "I am to be a hooker of men," sincerely. "I will touch them with the fire of the Lord, and they will know the Truth."
<Drew> ...
<Drew> holy crap
<Drew> you didn't. :P
<Drew> you made a red sara!
<Drew> I should've thought of that ;p
<AlcarGM> lol. It was more a joke on how the red would transmit 'fisher of men' :)
<Drew> ;P

<Rachael> "Your powers of perception are remarkable."
<Rachael> "You should use caution, lest you see more than you intend, or ought to, and expose someone to shame.
<AlcarGM> Josh: "Like what?"
<Rachael> "Like a girl's secret crush."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "... why would that shame anyone?"
<Rachael> "Clearly, you have never been a girl with a crush on someone."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "Ewww, no. It's gross when they have crushes on us anyways. Like getting all stupid and doe-eyed."
<AlcarGM> Darius just grins at that and signs something to Josh.
<AlcarGM> Josh: "What, it's true! Sam used to be my friend and now she just.... stares at me all the time. It's creepy, Dar."
<Rachael> "Ahem." *cough cough* "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."
<AlcarGM> Josh crosses his arms and glowers at you, fighting back a blush.
<Rachael> (ominous-like, pointing) "A curse upon thee! that you someday shall understand her plight."

<Rachael> "It's usually not polite to bring up someone's sexual habits in mixed company."
<Rachael> ".... and that goes double for your mother."
* Rachael tsk tsk tsks.
<AlcarGM> Josh opens his mouth, about to say something, and Darius glares at him.
<AlcarGM> Josh: "But mom did talk about -- okay, okay."
<Rachael> "I'm not on good terms with your mother."
<AlcarGM> Josh gapes at you, looking shocked for a moment. "You're a bit young to be on good terms with mom!"
<Rachael> "Again. I'm not."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "Geeze, I hope not. You're not even 18."
<AlcarGM> Darius buries his face on his hands.
* Rachael baps Josh upside the head with a pillow.

<AlcarGM> You find her at the end of the west parking lot, with a good 20 students kneeling in front of her. Red are.... everywhere, swarming around bodies and hunting for a way in like sperm attacking an egg.
<Rachael> "Phoebe, you nut!"
<AlcarGM> She looks up and smiles beatifically: "You are not welcome here. This is a holy place."
<Rachael> holy parking lot.
<AlcarGM> Josh: "... this is a parking lot, right?" to you.
<Rachael> "*I* am the least of your problems."
<Rachael> "Hey. You inside of Phoebe. Mr. God. Whatever has possessed you to think this was possibly a good idea?"
<Rachael> "I mean, seriously."
<AlcarGM> Phoebe: "God is not a Mister!* You are not welcomed here. Leave this place, or else I will call down the fires of heaven!"
<AlcarGM> * unless your name is Anna...

<AlcarGM> Josh: ".... rocks?"
<Forest`^> "Women call diamonds 'rocks'. When a girl asks me for rocks, it's time to break up."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "Weird. Mom never asked any guy for diamonds."
<Forest`^> "Hehehehe."
<AlcarGM> Darius picks up the bagipipes, testing their weight, and nods, going to the counter.
* Forest`^ questions what he is getting into... but is sure that Darius is good with any instrument... right?
<AlcarGM> Josh: "She'd ask if they were rock hard, but I don't think she meant diamonds," to himself. "'specially not with the football team."
<AlcarGM> Josh sighs. "I can't even watch it on tv anymore."
* Forest`^ tries to ignore josh

<Forest`^> "If we are forced to act, Katrina, I trust that you will be there to back me up, but if we can do it without hurting someone, or destroying something, then it will reduce the cost of the battle for everyone."
<AlcarGM> Katrina just nods, looking thoughtful
<Forest`^> "Conversely, it means that if we do have to start using power, that we need to end it quickly. We can't play around and throw fireballs at random buildings."
<AlcarGM> Katrina nods. "Waste of a good fireball."

<AlcarGM> Jalen looks deathly pale, but at least hasn't fainted. He's trying, very hard, not to look at the bodies.
<AlcarGM> (( Benifits to having an eye removed by an assassin, #1: you get to see less dead bodies. ))
<Glenn`^> (( Oooh... ))
<AlcarGM> (( some day we shall find a #2 :) ))
<Glenn`^> (( You'll have to keep a list alcar =p ))

<AlcarGM> The man tells you that the Black Cock Inn should be opening soon for the morning; the owner is generally an early riser.
<Glenn`^> black...cock...
<AlcarGM> (( http://www.blackcockinncumbria.com/ :) ))
<AlcarGM> There is a picture of a black rooster on the shingle over the door, man.
<AlcarGM> The owner has yet to get why the name sends people into hysterics.
* Glenn`^ thanks him and heads to the poor mans Onyx Rooster

<AlcarGM> Lessee .. you were off to see Petinua, and buy groceries when we left off.
<AlcarGM> You don't run into Darius or Josh along the way, alas.
* drew is almost grateful -- everything Faust touches seems to invite everyone else and sprout Problems for all to feast on. :P
<AlcarGM> Excluding Power, of course :p
<drew> wait
<drew> what? :P
<drew> I see what you mean by sekrets! ;p
* AlcarGM whisltes innocently. Nooothing :P

<AlcarGM> You fly up, and tere is no bell. There is, however, a man. He's wearing an expensive three piece red business suit, has red hair, and he's so beautiful it hurts to look at him. On his head is a silver crown like a princess would wear.
<AlcarGM> He's smoking a cigar.
<AlcarGM> The man sits down on the air above it, as if in a chair, and raises an eyebrow. "You people really ARE annoying, aren't you," his voice a melodious drawl.
<Rachael> "No. We are a pleasure, and a joy, to work with."
<AlcarGM> "Ah. That would be why my lovely host is catonic, wouldn't it?"
<Rachael> "As opposed to 'on fire'?"
<AlcarGM> He shrugs. "I had no plans to save her; she has proved... remarkably useful, in the way of stupid people. For that, I will let you leave. You will go now."
<Rachael> "The reason We People seem so annoying, sir, is that when you meet us, you are ultimately reminded of your place in the universe, which is not on top of it all."
<AlcarGM> (( nice :p ))
<AlcarGM> His smile wavers slightly. "We destroyed the blue once; we can do so again."

<AlcarGM> Petunia: "I'm.. okay, I guess. Work has been a little slow, though. Steve was in earlier and bought food too...."
<drew> "Oh? That's good. I haven't seen much of him lately. He's .. kinda obsessed with the gym, I think."
<drew> ((This is your fault caltak! :P))
<AlcarGM> Petunia: "Oh. You're still... friends?" a little.. wistfully, perhaps.
<AlcarGM> (( and yes, it very much is :) ))

<AlcarGM> k, soul check then :p
<Rachael> just plain soul? or do I get sing bonus too? :P
<Rachael> 2d6+9 just soul
<Sparkie> Rachael 2d6+9: 19(10) just soul
<AlcarGM> Just soul, not that it should be a prblem.. less sparkie is evil.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+10
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+10: 19(9)
* Sparkie checks off a box.

<AlcarGM> Hehehe. Okay. Classes are pretty boring, but given your life of late they'd be boring if the teacher taught it naked and did a pole dance.

<Forest`^> what are josh and Rachael doing, and how did josh get out of the apartment and into trouble so quickly?
<Forest`^> oh wait
<Forest`^> rachael's with him

<AlcarGM> Gear: "She said she wanted to give me flowers. I said she'd already given me six varieties made from wind, and I'd already catalogued them, so she burst into tears and vanished, Boss. It wasn't even a good example of a rose."
<Anton> "Ah. Hrm, sometimes you make me wonder, gear."
<AlcarGM> Gear: "Boss?"
<Anton> "So intuitive sometimes, and yet sometimes not."
<AlcarGM> Gear: "I am not sure I follow. Oya is only a child."
<Anton> "I guess she likes you. Or to put it more plainly, she has come to have an understanding of you that she both appreciates and admires, and is now unable to see things that she might have once disagreed with."
<Anton> "Or she just wanted you to have some flowers."
<Rachael> (( she thinks he's cute. ))
<Anton> "It's hard to read into women most of the time. And if she is reflecting off of rachael's personal tendencies, then you -really- have no idea.'
<AlcarGM> Gear: "I - see. I think this is something one cannot make charts for," looking a little annoyed at that.
<Anton> "Charts are only there to remind us the expanse of what we know already."

<Forest`^> "But I've never seen anyone just start handing Others out like presents either... If it's already got the Throne, then it's only a step more to the Crown... Phoebe needs to be dealt with."
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "I was doing that. Your friends prevented it." She smiles brightly. "So now it's your problem."
<AlcarGM> Naomi: 1.
<AlcarGM> PCs: 0
<Forest`^> whoa whoa whoa
<Forest`^> the score board didn't start HERE
<Forest`^> i think we have a few points for other stuff

* Rachael hmms. "The red creatures are possessed of various factions. Some lay low. Some aimlessly flit from meal to meal. One characteristic warning sign of a random red infestation is an individual making remarks such as 'Hey, aren't the meals here wonderful?'"
<AlcarGM> Josh: "They made fast food?!"
<Rachael> "Eh?"
<AlcarGM> Josh: "Well, who else would like... uhm... I'll shut up now?"
<AlcarGM> McReds: over 6 billion hosted.
<kentari> :>
<kentari> The chicken mcnuggets are 18% SUFFERING
<kentari> :P

* Anton pulls out off his goggles and twists the lenses till they click a few times, "I kind of see things differently now. I'm fortunate in the fact that I can show you how I view things."
* Anton hands them to her
<AlcarGM> She takes them, looks at them, then puts them on.
<AlcarGM> Tulip clicks them, frowns at you, then shakes her head. "Sorry, Anton. The googles.. they do nothing."
<AlcarGM> Tulip: "Unless you mean the glowing blue aura around you?" trying to keep her face entirely seriously.

<Anton> 'Well, heck, we should go grab a bite or something when you have some time off, get caught up, it has been a while."
<Anton> I'd say grab a drink
<Anton> but we're soooo not 21 yet :P
<Anton> and anton doesn't really drink!
<kentari> that doesn't matter!
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> As if Amos does not have Connections :p

* Anton pulls a forrest and veers out the way of oncoming PCs, perhaps even hopping into a bush, or window, or perhaps just turning around and running as fast as possible
* Anton considers this briefly, but decides to just wave instead, and continue heading in the racheal bearing direction :P

<Rachael> "There were students flying around in the air rather brazenly after Phoebe's little rampage. Something is going down. This may be our chance to have some of the guns pointed away from us."
<Rachael> "Consider, anyway."
<Anton> "I'm not particularly worried about guns, Rachael.... I'm more worried about being hunted till the end of my days because I'm a 'terrorist."
<Anton> "I mean, what we do is fundamentally illegal, we are dealing in areas that have no jurisdiction, and we're all loose cannons. It means they either eliminate us or worse...."
<Anton> "Put us in charge and make us responsible for all the shit that will ever hit the fan that is tied to this."
<AlcarGM> But think of it, tass: an entire threat level system for the pcs :P
<kentari> abesm terrorism: blue is the new red :P
<AlcarGM> yup :)

<Franklin> d100 -50 or less, sparks?
<Sparkie> Franklin d100: 53 -50 or less, sparks?
<Franklin> (( ... never give the dicebot the odds. ))
<kentari> (( :P ))

* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
* kentari is now known as Drew
<Drew> Where were we..
<Drew> oh, right!
<Drew> "No, Jonah, I don't expect you to talk."
* Drew snickers lightly, running his fingers along the sleek, cold cobalt steel.
<Drew> "I expect you to climax."
<AlcarGM> Jonah backs away. "It's not my fault Steve is missing! Blame Caltak!"
<Drew> "I have needs, Jonah, and I'm going to fill them... just like I've filled you."

<Drew> "Forest... killed that Phoebe girl. She's a pile of dust right now."
<Drew> "And we really need a big screwup to unlock whatever I'm gonna spend all my XP on. In the mood? :P"
<AlcarGM> Power: "Sure!"
<Drew> ((Okay.. its kinda creepy when you just play off the fourth wall, Power. :/))
<Drew> (( :P ))

* Rachael is being all difficult and picky. anyway. eventually this girl will wake up.
<AlcarGM> You aren't tired at all; Oya is taking your bodies urge to sleep and napping for you.
<Rachael> unless she doesn't.
<AlcarGM> (( Sleeping Beauty meets besm :p Rachael runs around looking for a prince... ))
<Rachael> (( darius is mine!!! ))

<AlcarGM> Josh: "It's just -- people shouldn't be able to *do* that!" waving a hand at Phoebe.
<Rachael> "Mmm. I'm a little bothered myelf."
<Rachael> "Maybe the big black blob is coming to eat Drew all up to make up for this sort of trick.
<AlcarGM> Josh: "It's just.... she died, and that has no meaning if she comes back just like..." he snaps his fingers. "It was --" He hesitates,. then looks away from you. " ... scary."
<Rachael> (( Your MOM is scary. ))
<Rachael> (( srsly ))
<AlcarGM> (( That is true, yes :) Forest would concur :P ))

<AlcarGM> Josh: "What's imagination ever done for anyone?"
* Rachael hmms.
<Rachael> "I'll show you, some day."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "Oh, come on. My mom already taught me about that."
<Rachael> ".... what-huh? um, no." *sigh*
<AlcarGM> He gives you a blank look.
<AlcarGM> Josh: ".... you mean there's something else?" puzzled

<AlcarGM> It is, in some ways, a pity Drew is gay. Power dealing with GFs would have been so much fun I think :)
<kentari> Well, alcar
<kentari> You may have your wish yet
<kentari> especially if caltak doesn't bother showing up :p
<Fennec> haha
<kentari> "Oh hi drew I fixed your girlfriend"
<kentari> "Rachael was missing some parts!"
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> hahahahha

<alcar> Poor phoebe ...
<Rachael> her hair's white, now, hmm?
<Rachael> ......... all of it?
<alcar> Yup.
<kentari> you can dye that too
* Rachael is curious to know whether the dying works.
<kentari> something tells me rachael will be hard pressed to be allowed to see if the drapes match the curtains
* Rachael shrugses.
<Rachael> actually not what I had in mind at all but, ah well, WHATEV
<alcar> You know, ken, with that comment I now picture abesm fanfics :p

<Forest`^> i can't activate a defect =p

<Forest`^> "Now take off your shirt, it's disgusting... And tell me w ho Voiron is."
<AlcarGM> Amanda: "......"
<AlcarGM> Amanda: "Get. Out. Of. The. Bathroom."
<Forest`^> "I'm not leaving a theif in my bathroom alone. Besides, you need help, you're still weak from that stunt you pulled back there.""
<Forest`^> "What the hell was that about, anyway?"
<Forest`^> "You know, in my defense, you were raping my brain with that little power of yours... At least I had the decency to try to seduce you properly. *I'M* not the rapist in this room."
<AlcarGM> hahahahahahaha
<AlcarGM> She just.... stares at you in silence for a few moments, then decides not replying is sanest.
<AlcarGM> She changes, and goes back out into the living room.
<Forest`^> "What, you think you're power is good? For the better of the people? It's mind rape, plain and simple. I've never felt that violated in my life. Not even Sara made me feel that helpless."

<Forest`^> "Fine, I'll tell you something... but there's a price."
<AlcarGM> Amanda: "..... a price," thoughtfully. 'And that is?"
<Forest`^> "I need an assistant." Grinning. "A person, a secretary, a teacher... someone to help me figure out what the hell is going on. I want you."
<AlcarGM> Amanda: "You need more than that."
* Forest`^ shrugs "You expect me to act responsibly, but nobody tells us anything. It's like... well it's like giving random kid a great power and expecting him to know what it is and how to us it properly... And hten you expect him to figure out where it came from and how it relates to the scheme of things."
<Forest`^> "It's not going to happen without... outside help."
<AlcarGM> Amanda: "And your friends do not qualify?" coldly.
<Forest`^> "My friends are the same. We were all thrown into this, alone. It's like being thrown into a blizzard and the only warmth we have is to cuddle up to eachother while people walk by and scoff at us for not figuring out how to keep warm."
<Tass> (yeah.... we're totally -not- the same :P)
<Forest`^> (( Shut up I'm about to get a hot secretary.))
<Forest`^> (( Besides if people would talk to forest more he might be in the loop... like knowing who Voiron is, for example... ))

<Forest`^> i hate slow games
<Sparkie> Confucibot says: every game goes faster when many dice are rolled.
<Forest`^> negative
<Forest`^> the opposite
<Forest`^> though the players are more present
<Forest`^> the dice slow it down more
<Sparkie> Lies.

<AlcarGM> Katari comes out a good minute or two after he's got on the horse, eating some bread, the sword strapped to her back, and stares at you flintily. "Well. Father."
<Glenn`^> "Helen."
<AlcarGM> Katari: "Helen. And you are?"
<Glenn`^> "Kurt Surber."
<AlcarGM> She gets on the horse, without any problems. "Ah." She double-takes at Jalen's healed wounds and the eyepatch, but just says: "And my brother is?"
<Glenn`^> "Jalen."
<AlcarGM> Katari just nods. "Wonderful. I assume my mother died of some siuitable horrible disease caused by my bastard of a father?" sweetly.
<Glenn`^> "If by giving birth to you counts, then yes."
<AlcarGM> Jalen: "I'm up for only being a half-brother," quickly.
<Glenn`^> =p
<Glenn`^> a little too quickly =p

* Glenn`^ nods and checks both out... any chance they're assassins in disguise? =p
<AlcarGM> Being horses, sadly not.
<Glenn`^> lol
<AlcarGM> (That would be an awesome assassin, though.)
<Glenn`^> i meant the merchant

* Glenn`^ finds... snow globes
* Glenn`^ looks one over and shakes it
<AlcarGM> you shake it, and get coloured snow. It's pretty at least.
* Glenn`^ shakes his head and puts it back, going back to his room
* Glenn`^ doesn't think these are a crime to carry around so an army probably wouldn't be after them for that.
<AlcarGM> (( ... it would be interesting if they could BE a crime... 'Each holds an entire winter storm inside!". .. but no :p ))

<AlcarGM> GS: "Shi -- shoot, they have more guards,..... I could streak them as a distraction!"
* DragonRonin shakes his head. "I see a way in. This might not sound very heroic but..." *turns around and crouches in a manner to let him get on piggy-back* "Climb on real quick."
<AlcarGM> (( and streaking them would be more heroic? :) ))
<DragonRonin> (( well... okay, no. ))
<DragonRonin> (( I had mostly decided on what to say before he suggested it :P ))

<Drew> "I'm really bad at keeping myself from conclusions. Because of that, I don't let myself act until its too late.. and then all I can do is hack something together without time to consider consequences."
<Drew> "If I thought my memories were being stolen, or .. worse.. I think the only action I could take is to try and fill back up the empty space they left. You can't empty a hole, after all. You've gotta fill it."

<AlcarGM> THe interior is a large cavern, with green circuitry on the floor, and a tall asian woman chained to the far wall. Normal looking chains, but quite thick and snug.
<AlcarGM> She's naked, but I doubt Anton much notices :P
<Rachael> (( anton++ ))
<Drew> (( Just wait. He isn't called 'Anton of the Power Fingers' on account of the power glove he built.))
<AlcarGM> The computers are running here, same setup as at tjhe university, though all the 6 green tanks are cracked and empty, and the place has the feel of a tomb. An IV line runs from each of the woman's arms to the the floor.
<AlcarGM> her eyes are bright and green, and there is a very faint Green aura about her.
<Anton> "Do you speak english?"
<SteveZ> (( "No." ))
<AlcarGM> The woman stares at you warily, then says: "Yes," as cooly and calmly as someone who is chained to a wall can.
<Anton> "Calm. Alive. And integral here, apparently. I assume you are not with Voiron, then?"
* Anton flips down a set of lenses and actually, does take out his power glove :P

<Drew> "All I did was what you saw, man. I'm not the source of every coincidence out there."
<Drew> ".. Sometimes, its Faust."

* Forest`^ hopes he can stand on air...
* SteveDragon flies over.
<Drew> ((You're with Drew. You can do anything!))
<Forest`^> "Jane. I thought you were dead."
* Drew EYES Forest.
* Forest`^ looks at Drew
<Forest`^> "What?"
<Drew> "That would've been good to know."
* Drew mumbles. :P
<Forest`^> "Nobody goes black."
<SteveDragon> (( They do, they just don't come back. ))
<Drew> (( High five, steve. High five. ))

<SteveZ> "Well, okay, whatever. But I still think our world ending would be a bad thing, so I have no problem with stopping that."
<Rachael> "You? Me? The plants?"
<Forest`^> "What about when all but Red exist, Steve? Feeding off of humans with no one to stop them?"
* Drew rubs his head
<SteveZ> "I think the Reds should be dealt with, but not in a manner that ends the whole world."
<Rachael> "Ere's another question. Anyone up for playing Noah?"
<Drew> "If your theory's true, then that would almost mean the envoy ends things when there are no parents left for the children."
<Rachael> "Backup plan et cetera."

<AlcarGM> The Others playing Noah.....
<AlcarGM> scary image, that :P
<AlcarGM> Gear: "You want only what? Genetic diversity is key!"
<Drew> Power could help! :P
<AlcarGM> maasive cloning, and finding mashups cute :P
<AlcarGM> like someone playing Spore while very drunk
<SteveZ> lol
<Anton> yeah
<Anton> gear wouldn't take a pair of each

<Drew> "Point blank question: do we want the black thing gone?"
<SteveZ> "Yes."
<Forest`^> "Yes."
<Rachael> "The presence or absence of a black thing is not in and of itsef intrinsically relevant to any of my hopes, wishes, or dreams."
<SteveZ> "She means yes."
<AlcarGM> (( hehehe ))

<SteveZ> (( "Pardon me, my brain implant is ringing." ))
<AlcarGM> (( "For the last time, I cannot switch cell phone providers! Seriously!" ))

<AlcarGM> And.. we'l end here. Can always continue with after supper stuff during this week,. for players with Planz.
<SteveZ> kewl
<Rachael> "Duty is meaningless. Charity towards others offers a superior level of personal involvement without the need for self-effacing ....
<Rachael> girl interrupted
<Rachael> :P

<kentari> She wrinkles her nose, bemused, "Lilly Englantine. Countess of Discovery... I *thought* this was a dead chancel.."
<kentari> ((Eglantine, haha :P))
<Dustin> (( well, now we know where she's from :p ))

<Rory`^> there is no count/countess title
<Rory`^> that's like... a domain of 3.5
<kentari> :p
<kentari> my mistake, yea
<kentari> she should be a viscount ;p
<Dustin> nobles do lie about such :)
<kentari> domain score is the new cup size
<kentari> :P

<Rory`^> "How long have we been away?"
<kentari> Zakaat: "We have seen much change in your absence, but your return was known to us. You have been asleep for some nearly half a score of scores. 3,000 mortal years did you need to rest, and now the time has come to return to your works."
* Rory`^ thanks him and waits to be dismissed
<kentari> Zakaat's glory is such that a comma splice is not a sin :P

<kentari> oh man
<kentari> I gave nobles cell phones
<Dustin> yup :)
* kentari checks that off on the "list of things I have to do if I ever run nobilis in a fantasy setting" :P

<kentari> <Woman> "Are you lost? You're on the main road of House Adousus' compound, sir."
<Rory`^> "AH, of course!"
* Rory`^ looks around
<Rory`^> "I really had no idea where I was."
<kentari> <Woman> "You.. aren't of the House, are you, sir?" She asks.
* Dustin has wandered off around the corner, having not gone to play with the other kids.
<Rory`^> "If I were, would I have been lost around here?"

* Dustin looks at her and smiles a gentle, loving innocent smile. "'m not a joke," as gently as he can. "An' I think you know something of how th' world works to maybe guess that."
<kentari> She glares at you icily, something welling up inside her with a hunger.. as if she held inside her a great devourer of innocence, something ... entirely mythical, really.
<kentari> <Woman> "I have already made my allegiances. I have already made my bargains. If you are sincere, know you are..... acknowledged."
<kentari> She turns, facing a cabinet..
<kentari> <Woman> "And appreciated. You may leave, however."
* Dustin meets her gaze steadily, speaking softly: "People c'n do what yer trying, all th' time. An' we can take what's holy in us, an' put it down deep, but it always comes back, if we wanna let it. But you gotta wanta. Nothin' ever really lost, y' know? We just misplace, t' grow some bits."
<Dustin> I think my pc is making the power of grammar cry.

* alcar figures Rory has domain 0 since that would explain most everything about the relation of men and women :p
<kentari> ... XD
<Chaos`^> what?
<kentari> that is terrible, alcar :P
<alcar> But it would! :p

<Rory`^> "Dustin, what's wrong?"
<kentari> Lilly seems to bring a quick ending to her discussion, and waves off the murder of girls about her, and takes a moment to answer one's question
<kentari> Murder, of course, being a term to describe a group of women. Like crows. :P
<Rory`^> sounds about right
* Dustin looks up. "Just -- this place," quietly. "They just - just lose what matters most an' don't even mourn it."
<Rory`^> "This is where people come to be adults."
<kentari> ((Even the GM can't not say "Ouch" at that :P))

<Rory`^> "Very well. Our second request was that you help us find a path to Sol."
<kentari> She coughs.
<kentari> Lilly: "Did I hear you right?"
<Rory`^> "Dustin would like to have a few words with her."
<kentari> She pales
<kentari> Lilly: "He can write, right?"
<Rory`^> "Of course he can. He can act a gentleman if he needs to." It pretty much comes with the job description, since gentlemen are the basis of chivalry =p
<Dustin> "Dun' gotta sound that bad," a little sullenly.

<alcar> Hrm, and a fun/horrible game to run in the future....
<alcar> nobilis before the PCs are noble. They're living in a city, and people begin dying, one every night for a hundred nights...
<kentari> heh
<kentari> that's awful :p

* IceGuest_75 has joined #game7
<Akai_> 3#1d6
<Sparkie> Akai_ 3#1d6: 5 3 1
<Akai_> 3d6
<Sparkie> Akai_ 3d6: 12
<Akai_> got it?
* IceGuest_75 is now known as Isra
<Akai_> it's a mean, mean bot.
<Isra> lol ok
<Akai_> but someone once called it random.
<Isra> thats good for a dice rolling bot

<AlcarGM> there is a strong green aura about him, a green ring on one finger and he's currently typing away on a laptop.
* Drew is a-knocking on a doorframe!
* Drew learned that from Rachael probably :P
<AlcarGM> Leonard looks up, blinks a few time,s then shuts down and closes the laptop, putting it in the desk and walks over, opening the door.
<Drew> "Porn?"
<Drew> ((j/k ;p))
<AlcarGM> His office is pretty spartan: desk, 3 chairs (his and 2 for guests), a bookcase and a few Quill filing cabinets
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<Drew> "The only time I really wanted to let a Voiron have it is when they went after my family."
<AlcarGM> Leonard: "Anyone with power can be your enemy... or is a thing like your own safety not important to you?
<Drew> "I guess thinking about the world ending has messed up my priorities more than I thought."
<AlcarGM> Leonard smiles at that. "Hardly. You understand that personal is not the same as important. Few of your kind I have met seem to grasp that." He eyes your throat. ".. wil you be all right? I didn't mean to squeeze hard."
<Drew> "Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll just tell everyone I fell down some stairs and into a doorknob."
* Drew rubs. :P
<Drew> "They'll just say I got brainwashed and blame it on Faust anyway. They like.. convenient explanations."
* Drew sounds none-too-pleased :P
<AlcarGM> Leonard smiles at that. "I have noticed."

* Forest`^ sets Amanda down on the couch, and sits across from her, calling Drew
<AlcarGM> Josh thumps down bonelessly on the couch as well, closing his eyes
<AlcarGM> Darius looks fine now, but gives Josh a worried look.
<Drew> "Hi!"
<Forest`^> "Hey... SOrry, we just went through the blue world. Josh is exhausted... Uhm... Do you know anything about growing Others in someone quickly?"
<Drew> "You've reached Drew's voicemail. He can't take your call right now. Feel free to dejame un mensaje despues de la senal, as they say."
<Drew> "*BEEP*"
<Forest`^> lol

<AlcarGM> The energy flows around her and within in, not doing anything except being.
<AlcarGM> Amanda: ".... it's like a ring, but that's all."
<Forest`^> "I know..."
<Forest`^> "It needs... something else."
<AlcarGM> (( "A man's ... touch." ))
<Forest`^> (( ... ))
* Forest`^ walks slowly to Amanda "I think... Perhaps, something..." Putting a hand on her chin and leaning in. "Like this..." Kissing her on the lips
<rachael> ... awkward :P
<Forest`^> for rachael maybe
<AlcarGM> (( the GM would like to point out he was JOKING :p ))

<AlcarGM> Moral of this story: never, ever name an NPC after your cousin.
<AlcarGM> the results will be such that you hope she never googles her name.
<Forest`^> hehe
* Forest`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<Chaos`^> that's ok
<Chaos`^> my sister's name is amanda
<kentari> ...
<kentari> Is that what turned you on? :P
<kentari> RHETORICAL

<Chaos`^> Forest was on top of her before he learned her name =p
<kentari> That does not get you any better standing
<kentari> :P
<kentari> Of course that I knew as I urged you to do it, well
<kentari> I just think I'm a victim of circumstance
<kentari> Society, after all, creates the crime :P
<rachael> but the parents create the criminal!
<kentari> Memories of Amber beg to differ
<kentari> :P

* rachael will not stab all the green. /me will not stab the voirons. /me will not stab.... oh, forget it, i'm stabbing faust if I get the chance. :P

<Forest`^> "Faust... I have questions for Faust."
<Drew> "What? He taught us. I'm sure he taught you stuff, too, right? That counts as mentoring, right? I'm just making a point." :P
<Drew> "... Don't tell Josh."
<Forest`^> "He didn't teach me shit."
<Forest`^> "All he did was get me into trouble."
<AlcarGM> (( "Sara taught me everthing I know, not him." ))
<Forest`^> (( Forest would never admit it ))

<Forest`^> actually, I think Steve is missing out on a lot of stuff... having an other around to DO stuff for you, and ask questions to and figure stuff out is... really important
<Drew> its like having a secretary
<Drew> :P
<Forest`^> exactly!
<Forest`^> only not real
<AlcarGM> secretary from hell :P
<AlcarGM> anyway, that is being taken care of, some what. Steve just needs to get around to dying, the lazy sot.
<Forest`^> lol
<Forest`^> he TRIED but the black didn't attack him
<Forest`^> the only other way he could die is for the Red to attack him
<rachael> well
<rachael> I could beat him up and steal his boyfriend
<AlcarGM> hahahahha

<AlcarGM> heading to Naomis, or into the Red world on your own?
<AlcarGM> Tulip answers the door to their dorm. "Hey."
<Drew> Wait. :P
<Drew> What? :P
<Drew> Oh, right!
<Drew> ;p roommates.
<AlcarGM> (( you made them roommates, man :p ))
<Drew> ((I disowned all ooc knowledge when I gave you my notes.))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<AlcarGM> Naomi is making martinis, and puts donw the shaker, looking Drew over critically, then raises an eyebrow at the other two. "planning a party?"
<Drew> "Someone told me I'd look stupid if I didn't look like I took steps to assure my safety."
<Drew> ".. And then he choked me." :P
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Sounds like a wise man," straight faced

<Forest`^> "Kat, isn't there any way for us to get up there?" *wink wink*
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "We could explode air?" doubtfully. "and jump?
<AlcarGM> "
<Forest`^> "You want to blow the air underneath us up?"
<Forest`^> "...Like a rocket?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "Of course!"
<Forest`^> "Like Iron man?"
<Forest`^> =p
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "No, like Iron Maiden!"
<AlcarGM> save vs death pls :P

<kentari> Leprechaun: "An' I'm done talkin' nice. Pay up or take a hike!" He says, with an inhalation.
<Rory`^> "I could hook you up with this pretty girl i know?"
<Dustin> "What 'bout diamonds instead?" calmly.
<kentari> The Leprechaun is silent for a good moment.
<kentari> Leprechaun: "Maaaaaybe fer both."
* Dustin nods to Rory.
<kentari> Leprechaun: "She'd have to have golden hair, though."
<Rory`^> "Fine."
<kentari> Leprechaun: "Oh, and I want two hours with the boy."
<kentari> ((j/k :P))
<Rory`^> (( "Done." ))
<Dustin> (( lol ))

<kentari> The Leprechaun withdraws a second cauldron, setting it down.
<Rory`^> "You had more than that one?'
<kentari> Leprechaun: "One's fer the lady, one fer the diamonds, o course. No cheatin' out by getting a fat chick."
<kentari> You sense nearby in the mythic world just such a candidate, Rory!
<Rory`^> ooh! Who is it?
<kentari> Somewhere under the fountain, there's a river nymph with a bit of a temper tantrum at being bottled up.
<Rory`^> "Ok, you get the diamonds, I'll get the girl."
* Rory`^ heads thataway
* Dustin blinks a few times at *that*.
* Dustin muttters: "Coulda got a girl, don't know nothin' about diamonds."

<Rory`^> "What did the mortals do?"
<kentari> <Circe> "Weren't you here for it? You look pretty old." She says.
<kentari> <Circe> "Uh.. would you mind, you know, helping me out? While we talk?" She struggles against her bonds.
<Rory`^> "I've been asleep for a few thousand years."
<Rory`^> "Do I really look that old?"
<kentari> <Circe> "No, but a woman can tell," She winks.
<Rory`^> "I'm sure she can... so what did they do?"
<kentari> <Circe> "But... wow. Seriously? What are you in charge of, then? It must've really screwed up if you were asleep for that long."
<kentari> <Circe> "Not even the vulcanids sleep for that long."
<Rory`^> "Women."

<kentari> <Circe> "... But.."
<kentari> She kneels, eyeing you closely.
<Rory`^> "Hmm?"
<kentari> <Circe> "On a relative level, I can see how you're close, but...."
<Rory`^> "Close to what?'
<kentari> <Circe> "A woman," She giggles to herself.
<Rory`^> "Oh, you don't have to be a woman to appreciate women."
* Dustin changes topic to ' "Oh, you don't have to be a woman to appreciate women."'
<Rory`^> "Specifically I am their protector."
<kentari> <Circe> "With *that*?" She laughs.
<kentari> And then she covers her mouth, and stands, blushing fiercely and trying to be polite.

<kentari> <Circe> "Awesome! Here, too?" She points, "A foot long! I want to braid it!" She cackles.
<Rory`^> "..."
* Rory`^ vocally pronounces each period
* Dustin keeps eyes closed and covers ears.
<Rory`^> "You already owe me for freeing you... If I give you braids..."
<kentari> <Circe> "I can't wait to see what happens when I show Ifrit..." She giggles to herself, "Oh, no, I can do the braiding myself. Just get some of this," She runs her hands through her hair, "Here." She points.
<Rory`^> "Right, it'll cost you."
<kentari> <Circe> "What do you want? A [censored] a la [censored]?"
<Rory`^> "It's really very much a favor... You won't suffer without hair there."
<kentari> <Circe> "Oh come on! I'd go all the way with it, too!"
<Rory`^> "No... I think I'm fine..."
* Rory`^ sighs
<kentari> <Circe> "I'm not." She points twice, "Come ooooon!"
<Rory`^> wow...
<Rory`^> "Fine, a favor owed, then."
<kentari> <Circe> "Deal!" She giggles impishly.
<Rory`^> "C'mon Dustin." So that he will be walking away before the hair reaches her feet =p
* Dustin has ears covered, so hearing is.. iffy, I imagine ;P
<kentari> <Circe> "Bahahahaha!" She cackles as Rory's miracle works its magic, staring at her BEARD with glee.

<Dustin> Theory: for modern nobilis, hollywood is entirely prosaic rtationalization of real events :p
<kentari> ;p

<kentari> The topic instantly shifts as you approach, of course.
<kentari> A Man: "Ah! I wonder if the aqueducts will have appropriations enough to be maintained through the growing season.."
<kentari> A few turn to look at you both, eyes waiting for introductions.
* Dustin doubts water ducks matter, but figures Rory knows best.

<Rory`^> circe the bearded nymph may want to have a word with her
<Dustin> the phrase 'circe the bearded nymph' is just so much fun.

<Forest`^> "So... Who is the king, if this used to be their queen?"
<Rachael> "Not everything is a backwards chauvanistic male-dominated patriarchial monarchy, Forest."

<Rachael> i'm gonna have some sort of breakdown when we get back I think. it'll probably do me some good. :P
<AlcarGM> ... with *Forest* there? :p
<Rachael> .... ha :P
<Rachael> but srsly rachael waxes a little bit...... prim. :P

* Rachael inhales "He thinks I'm an evil red spy and I killed you or at least Katrina does and I don't... I don't know if it's my fault and ..." *runs out of air*
<Forest`^> "I am not asking you the same quesitons I would ask her" Motioning to the wall "you assume too much."
<AlcarGM> Don Qui: "They are but children." to Forest.
<AlcarGM> The knight hesistates, looking at Rachael, then his horse vanishes and he walks towards her.
<Forest`^> "Not one of them knows where a single blue stone is? Even a small hint?"
* Rachael is now appearing a little agitated and a trifle flush.
<AlcarGM> the knight draws forth his blade.
<AlcarGM> Don Qui: "There can be only one!"
<AlcarGM> ... or, perhaps, not :P
<Rachael> if you want :P

<Rachael> "I am fine." omg that's such a lie
<Drew> "... No offense, Rachael, but you really don't look it."
* Drew holds up a hand, crisply, "Anything else you wanted to do here?"
<Forest`^> "What are you talking about?"
<Drew> "Is he the real Forest?"
* Drew says, asking Rachael!
<Rachael> "Could anyone else fake it?"
<Drew> "You're the one who usually takes up the Socratic method. I was wondering if something happened and you didn't want me to know..."
* Drew shrugs, snapping a finger, "Maybe its better we talk somewhere less... bleak."
<Rachael> "Hell?"
* Drew laughs
<Drew> "Okay, you have a sense of humor... all is not lost."

<Rachael> "I failed, okay?!?!?!?!"
<Drew> "Failed what? To fail is human.."
<AlcarGM> (( "To err requires Sparkie." ))

<Forest`^> "Why did you have to tell her?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina coughs. "Maybe, I said somethign a bt... harsh ..."
<Forest`^> "Now she's in a bad mood and won't talk to me. Now she thinks you want her dead."
<AlcarGM> Katrina:" "That was just for a moment," as if that should be obvious.
<Forest`^> "Now we might never get the answer..."
<Forest`^> "What did you learn from this?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "To not tell Oya my master plan?"
<AlcarGM> Katrina: "Can you tell themt o get over that? It's not like we DID blow her up. Sheesh."
<Forest`^> "..."
<Forest`^> "I think you need to think a little harder on what you learned."

* Rachael smiles at Drew. "Should we bring Anton along with his dissection kit? He can install that chip in my brain while he's at it."
<Forest`^> "he wanted to put a chip in your brain?
<Drew> "To go with the one on your shoulder?"
* Drew says, unable to resist the sarcastic temptation.

<Rachael> "Maybe you can get your clone to do the talking. He seems to have a better handle on your life than you do."
<Rachael> "slacker."

<Chaos`^> I told you
<Chaos`^> Forest is the most down to earth character
<Tass> bah
<Tass> what do you even mean, down to earth?
<Tass> blissfully unaware? :P
<alcar> hehe
<Tass> perhaps out of his element?
<Chaos`^> wth are you talking about?
<Tass> this is the guy who tried to seduce an opperative while she was trying to harm you :P
<Chaos`^> hahaha

<Tass> reading up on the blue knight encounter
<Tass> it just reminds me how hopeless it is, really, against the red
<Tass> there are just too many
<Tass> ugh
<Tass> makes me think anton needs to start analyzing the AI he found on the mech, the green computer, etc, and start making an army, probably somewhere in the blue world
<Tass> I was thinking like his own base
<Tass> deep under the sand, where most would not try to look
<alcar> lol!
<Tass> oh god :P
<Tass> Heaven is empty, you see, and I shall the the one to sit on it's throne
<Tass> I just juxtaposed aizen and anton :P
<alcar> hahahaha
<Tass> I'll make my own goddamn hueco mundo, damnit :P

<Tass> no wonder vericorp was using them for fuel, it's potentially limitless :P
<Tass> hrm
<Tass> maybe anton should learn something from vericorp
<alcar> lol!
<Tass> and make his fallen enemies into fuel :P
<Tass> geez
<Tass> so cruel
<alcar> The Red would have fits :P

<Tass> I have, like, a 17 point list of shit anton has to accomplish, and every session, 2 or 3 more get added
<Fennec> delegate, yo :P
<Tass> once every 3 or so I can cross one off
<Tass> its not like I'm keeping secrets!
<Tass> thats what you guys are for :P
<Fennec> be explicit! :P
<Tass> to learn imprortant plot based stuff and squirrel it away because it makes you feel important :P

* Rachael glanced back at the other window and saw 'Saralets out a sigh' and panicked. Saralets? a bunch of little ones? eek.
<kentari> There's a rule, fennec, and that rule is not to give people ideas

<Anton> ugh
<Anton> such a bad scene :P
<kentari> seriously
<kentari> she didn't get any
<kentari> you could've just given her a pity fuck
<kentari> with your robot body, its not even like you would've gone to hell
<Anton> I meant for anton :P

<Anton> "Huh, so why aren't we rallying around steve?"
<Chaos`^> ((Because he doesn't show up for sessions ))

* Anton is silent for a good 15 seconds there, he just had the best. idea. ever.
* Sparkie hopes it involves dice.
<Rachael> (( does it involve unborn children? ))
<Anton> (Yes, a veritable fetus buffet.)

<Anton> "I seriously don't know how you loved that man up until now. He just seems to be it's anathema."
<AlcarGM> Sara just looks tired, and offers up a slight shrug. "I protected my family as best I could, and poorly at that. He was ....." she's quiet a few moments. "Driven, when he was younger. Passionate. And I was too young and foolish to know how all idealists end if they continue down their road, make the choices they have to... but there was still a .. charisma, that drew me...." She sighs. "Or mind control, for all I know."
<Chaos`^> (( That.. would explain a lot ))

* Anton hrms, man... I really hope someone's there to talk me down after things get bad....
<Anton> (('But I built the death ray! It'd be a waste to not use it!' :( ))

<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Are you certain you are all appropriately attired to see a King?"
<Drew> "No." Honestly :P
<AlcarGM> Steve is obscured suddenly by a pillar of fire, which is suddenly cleft by a swing of his blade and disspiates to reveal that he is now in a costume consisting of a golden samurai helmet with a draconic-looking face guard, and a cyan gi with an intricate design of a golden, serpentine dragon on the back. His hands and feet are even hidden by cloth wrappings.
* AlcarGM pulls out his sword, examines it, and says: "Yes," to Naomi.
<Drew> "Holy shit Steve you turned into a GM!!!!"
<AlcarGM> Steve: "I have many hidden ... talents."
* Anton looks down at his clothes, and they become like something out of star trek, only actually good looking, with, lets say, a black and silver motif
<AlcarGM> (( like dying. ))
<Drew> ((But only to cyan ;p ))

<Drew> "Is there anything we should especially not say or do?"
* Drew asks ;P
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "And give you cause to do it?"
* Drew does not dignify that with a response
<Anton> "Don't show any weakness, I guess?"
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Then you'd be lying. Try and be honest. He finds it refreshing."
<Anton> "Although, culturally, willing to talk is a weakness, so never mind. I guess just have your big stick at the ready."
<Drew> "I guess that's why you're an ambassador.."
* Drew does not explain that :P
<Rachael> (( he'd love me ;P ))

<Rachael> so, let me get this straight
<Rachael> anton is wearing... a hawaiian trench coat?
<Rachael> and crazy goggles?
<Rachael> and wielding a chainsaw?
<Rachael> and...
<Rachael> you call ME the crazy one?

<Anton> ""There were a small faction of the red that gathered on the moon and then left, do you think it could have been them? Far enough away to escape detection, but near enough to earth for the black they summoned to get a bead?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head to Anton. "Beyond certain actions for obtaining food for their colony, they are not near intelligent enough for anything resembling a plan. At the moment, they plan to attack the Black and destroy it."
<Anton> "Wait.... they're back?"
<AlcarGM> He smiles slightly. "They think they can destroy something that ends worlds by force. I doubt much will happen before it destroys them."
<AlcarGM> King: "Consider it an apology, if you like such things." He finshes his tea.
<Anton> "If it required sufficient force, I would think you would have done it by now. I guess this requires looking deep for some alternative answers."
<AlcarGM> King: "Perhaps I would have."
* Anton hrms at that last bit, "Does a fire apologize for burning?"
<AlcarGM> He just smiles slightly in reply.

<Drew> "When Drew and Steve leave, they should think I've left with them. I need to talk to him alone..."
<AlcarGM> Power: "But you are Drew!"
<AlcarGM> Power: "This is a test, right?"
<Drew> "oops when Anton and Steve leave"
<Drew> "I finally get what you meant there, jerk :P"
<AlcarGM> Power: "It's not my fault the GM makes me breah the fourth wall!"
<Drew> "I made you that way. You.... are the shape my sins have taken, Power."

<Drew> ((I have become at once everything Freyja ever wanted to be :P))
<AlcarGM> (( hahahahha ))

<Captain_SNES> http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Drunkard_(DnD_Flaw)
<Captain_SNES> I can't really see how that's a flaw.
<Captain_SNES> Seeing as D&D begins and ends in the tavern. All important information is found in a tavern. And the first thing the characters fight to protect is their tavern.
<Blake> very true
* Masaru turns up some random m00sic and goes to write stuffs.
<Deloth> Simple. The tavern being destroyed automatically makes you Chaotic Evil and ready to kill everything for a drop of sweet, sweet ale.
<Captain_SNES> D&D players do that without an extra feat as a bonus
<Captain_SNES> It's like giving them free feats for doing what players do naturally.

<Rachael> "Well, you were there a year ago on that field trip and saw how VeriCorp was mulching reds to make anger-infused high fructose corn syrup?"
<Rachael> "riiight?"

<Anton> "Are you trying to convince me to not do this?"
* Drew shrugs a little
<Rachael> "not I!"
<Drew> "Just .. don't bring the chainsaw?"
<Rachael> "I just think that at some point we need to step beyond the past and present a unified front against annihilatory platonic solids."
<Anton> "The chainsaw is always here."
* Anton taps his head :P
<Drew> "That explains a lot,"
* Drew doesn't clarify who he's responding to. :P

<Drew> "It kinda freaked me out when Gear was laughing at the wall. Even Katrina doesn't.... get pleasure from it. I guess I'm getting over that. And I feel like there's something going on I don't know about..."
<Anton> "It has to be done, Drew. Even I wouldn't just destroy the earth to settle a fued."
<Anton> 'And you must be kidding, Katrina giggles everytime something spontaneously combusts."
<Drew> "Its the eyes that make all the difference when you laugh. But.. that's not important."

<AlcarGM> Josh: "I guess tha -- oh, shit."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "The clone is back. But I didn't....."
<Forest`^> "That's what you get for playing god you know... Joshtwo."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "... and it thinks I tried to kill it," looking stunned. "This is so stupid. I just wanted to avoid classes!"
<Forest`^> "Should have slept with your teachers, instead. It's more natural."
<AlcarGM> He shoots you a dark look. "Not helping."

<AlcarGM> You find him in the living room watching the weather channel. Thin, dark haired kid who looks a bit like Drew and is paying attention to the TV with an intensity that the weather probably does not deserve.
<Forest`^> "Oh..." He was expecting a dog or something.
<Forest`^> "Hey, I'm Forest, your brother's friend."
<Forest`^> "Hey." Waving a hand to get his attention. "You ok?"
<AlcarGM> No reaction to the wave, then: "Phil," he says, not looking away from the TV, where the bored newscaster is explaining about thwe weather in central Texas
<AlcarGM> <Forest`^> "Kat, is he ok? Is that thing that Josh thought was here still here?"
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Katrina: "I don't think so..... maybe it's new? Power would have fixed him if she could have, I bet."
<Drew> oh my god
<Drew> :P

<AlcarGM> Unknown Power: Emo burst!
<Anton> Eeeeeeeeemo Caaaaaaannon!
<AlcarGM> If we ever play another mecha game, someone has to make that :P

<Rachael> anyway. i can see what they were saying about him being half-green. he's so darned detached not even his player cares about him anymore :P
<Drew> loool
<Drew> 10 points for Fennecdor
<Rachael> Drew: i will save these 10 points and redeem them in the sequel ;P

<AlcarGM> White light flares around Drew and Steve and the blue blanket catches fire and lets out a scream that sounds like breaking windchimes and vanishes. Josh staggers slightly, and there is a voice, in your heads as if it was placed there, and not spoken at all: 'THIS IS NOT PERMITTED.'
<AlcarGM> And the white light around Steve vanishes, along with the body.
<Drew> "Wh..."
<Drew> (("Fuck! We transubstantiated AGAIN!"))

* Drew points a bony finger at Josh, but fortunately.. there's no fireball forming at the tip or anything.
<Rachael> "You're right. We all seem to be running a little hot right this moment. Perhaps we can all stew for 5 minutes or so over a cup of tea and calm down and then go at each others' throats."
<Drew> "The world is just a container for what's precious to us. Don't empty it for someone, or you might just take away any reason they have to protect it."
* Drew looks at Rachael
<Drew> "Steve just *died,* you idiot! This isn't the looney bin back in high school!"
<Anton> "Josh... could you esplain, kay plz thanks?"
<AlcarGM> Josh: "I didn't .... I swear, I'd never..... I never meant to hurt anyone..."
* Anton sighs, "Makes sense, doesn't it? Now, I mean, our conversation on whether you would want this power or not."
<Anton> "You couldn't know until now, though."
<Drew> "You're a monster now, Josh."
* Drew can't help but grin, his sarcasm suddenly waxing a touch.. pleasantly upset.
<Drew> "Just like us."
<AlcarGM> Josh: "I was tying to stop it from hurting Sam. That was... was all....."
<AlcarGM> Darius glares at Drew.
* Rachael double-flinches at that line.

<Anton> damn
<Anton> I hate it when cal isn't here
<Anton> his characters always bite it
<Anton> but I can't force myself to care
<Anton> even if it would be IC

<Rachael> "Drew, your keen philosophical insight has us worried you may be about to go psychopathic."

<Anton> "Don't do anything you will regret."
* Drew stares at Rachael, and answers Anton
* Anton holds his hands up, palms up, and lets them drop
<Drew> "Works for Faust, doesn't it?"
<Drew> "What are you going to do, Rachael?"
<Anton> 'To not regret anything? Yeah, it gets shit done, but I'm guessing it also makes you a much different person. Don't let his burden be your own."
<Drew> "I don't intend to,"
* Drew looks at Rachael as if she were relevant to that statement
<Anton> "I don't know, but I hope your a better person than he is."
<Anton> "I hope for that for all of you guys."

<AlcarGM> Phil: "You ask very silly questions."
<Forest`^> "You give very silly answers."
<AlcarGM> Phil: "Oh." He
<AlcarGM> Phil: "Oh." He's silent a few moments. "I do not see how."
<Forest`^> "Saying there's pain because it hurts is like saying.... The wind blows because it's windy. Where is the source of the pain? Where is the... the pain front coming form?"
<AlcarGM> Phil smiles at that, oddly, like someone who has been told what a smile is and copies it from a cue card. "Here. Here always hurts. Inside." The attempted smile vanishes. "Much. Without distance, more."
<Forest`^> "So the distance... it takes your pain away?"
<AlcarGM> Phil is silent, thinking that over. "Enough to think."
<Forest`^> "Where have you hidden your emotions?"
<AlcarGM> Phil: "The pain ate them."

<Drew> "Its weird, though, that red died and then the world supposedly started ending. It makes you wonder what dies for the world to start beginning."

<Forest`^> "Death can cause other people pain, though."
<Forest`^> "Death is never the answer to our problems."
<Rachael> (( *snif* ))
<AlcarGM> Phil is silent for a few moments. "What is?"
<Drew> (("Sex."))
<Forest`^> (( "Are you a drinking man, Phil?" ))

<Drew> "I really don't know. They may be what we have to summon to counteract the black, I don't know."
<Drew> "But I do know they're not soft and cuddly like the blue are."
<Anton> "God's just a name. And yeah, I know, I wasn't going to assume any benevolence anywhere new these days."
<Drew> "Go far enough both ways, and the infinite looks pretty much the same, doesn't it? We might be doomed whether its black or white. That's what I want to pin down before we try anything."
<Anton> "If it comes down to it.... we can always start somewhere else."
<Drew> "What if there's a chance we don't deserve it?"

<Anton> "If it comes down to it.... we can always start somewhere else."
<Anton> "Would suck to lose earth, but we have a very large universe out there. We could take people, resources, heck, I could knock over a fertility clinic and we'd have enough genetic material for a good amount of diversity."
<Drew> "Or you could give Forest a handjob."
* Drew says, sarcastic.. perhaps.
<AlcarGM> Forest, as Adam :p
<Forest`^> ...
<Forest`^> my world has just fallen to pieces

<Anton> hey, at least Drew and steve can have kids :P
<Drew> yeah
<AlcarGM> Oh, Power ws going to arranvge that anyway :p
<Anton> most same sex couples don't have the ability to divide by zero :P
<Drew> that's not daquiri mix in the freezer
<Drew> FYI :P

<Rachael> (( i am smart environmental consultant lady! ))
<Rachael> (( important to be environmental for the new administration ))
<Drew> Green is nothing more than rebranded Indulgences
<Drew> Truly. :P
<Rachael> psst
<Rachael> drew
<Rachael> don't bother arguing with rachael's environmental ambitions :P
<Drew> she doesn't want to save the rainforest, she wants to embalm it :(

<AlcarGM> Josh is still staring off into space
<Drew> "I really shouldn't have let you guys talk me into not putting up a fight over him."
<Drew> "Its not like he wound up being Rachael's blue playmate or something.."
<Anton> "He couldn't have known. Even so, it was his choice."
<Drew> "That's cruel for us to have done. Cruel like was done to us."
<AlcarGM> Josh looks up under the weight of your gazes. "How - how do I make this right?"
<Anton> "Could you say something to Rachael? She thinks you're going to murder your sister, I think."
<Anton> "Hey, at least we didn't get a choice.... it's almost easier that way."
* Drew looks at Josh
<Drew> "Right is gone. Did your mom ever tell you about virginity?"
<Drew> ".. Right is like virginity."
* Anton sits on his haunches next to Josh, "That's always the hard part, kiddo. No one really knows."

<Chaos`^> and why is it cheaper to corrupt than to fortify?
<alcar> ain't it always? :p
<kentari> :P Alcar takes the cake there
<Chaos`^> that's just alcarism, ken

<Glen`^> "Alright..."
* Glen`^ thinks of a contingency plan, should he die or get knocked out...
<Glen`^> aha!
<Glen`^> i have it
<Glen`^> and it is perfect
<Glen`^> actually it's not
<Glen`^> it relies on a lot of things to go right =p
* Sparkie can help with that.

<Glen`^> "Was that a cat?"
<AlcarGM> Colin: "Beasties. Knowing they don't like light isn't as useful as knowing how much it takes to hurt them. Be prepared, that's my motto. A few minutes in direct sunlight should burn the eyes right out of 'em."
<Glen`^> "Oh. Well, good luck. We'll be off then. I'm sure we'll meet again, it's in my nature to be around when things happen."
<AlcarGM> (( Colin: "Ah. You'd be a PC then. I can generally smell them a mile off." ))
<Glen`^> (( "Unless they're a PC, then you think they're human!" ))
<AlcarGM> Colin looks at you blankly a moment, then says: "Most people are," looking a little puzzled. "Hard not to be around when things happen to you."

<Glen`^> "Oh." Standing straight "I'd like to join."
<AlcarGM> Dardelion: "Why?"
<Glen`^> "I retired my old job, and cannot do anything else."
<AlcarGM> Dardelion: "Ah! And what did you do, then?"
<Glen`^> "I was an active member of the Black Guild in the city."
<AlcarGM> Dardelion stares at you in silence a few moments, then starts laughing softly. "Oh, that is good," when he manages to stop. "You said that so perfectly you almost had me convinced you were serious!"
* Glen`^ looks over to him
<Glen`^> "Why would I lie about that?"
<AlcarGM> Dardelion: "Because one who serves death cannot serve the Source."
<Glen`^> "I retired."

<Sora`^> "Then why are you here?"
<AlcarGM> Briana: "Because people say you build the best robots. What would you do, were they all replaced?"
<Sora`^> "Replaced?"
<AlcarGM> Briana: "By other things. Cheaper, more reliable, more and less human."
<Sora`^> "My robots are the best BECAUSE they're reliable."
<Sora`^> "If something came along that was cheaper and more reliable, it would be better than mine."
<AlcarGM> She rubs her hands through her hair with her unbandaged hand, not sure what to say
<Sora`^> "How many are we talking?"
<AlcarGM> Briana: "At least a thousand. They can't speak yet, but Ben - he, ah, builds the ..... not robots ... can make many."
* Sora`^ grabs a handful of mints and begins chewing them, making loud crunching noises
<Sora`^> "Golems, then?"
<AlcarGM> Her eyes widen in shock and she looks ready to bolt again, standing swiftly. The bandage on her right hand has begun to glow a cherry red. "How do you --?"
* Sora`^ drinks more water
<Sora`^> "It's the next logical step, from not robot but robot. If it isn't science, then it's magic."
<AlcarGM> Briana: "That - that's not a logical step!" looking offended

<Kennis> !newrpg #world-of-porncraft Erotic roleplay within the Warcraft universe. ADULTS ONLY. Must have sense of humor. Please join #WoP-OOC to get started.

<kentari> that's not really a statement that should carry with it my hatred
<kentari> its just factual
<kentari> :P
<Chaos`^> i think you have to hate someone to compare them with Sara
<kentari> you know, most of the incarnations, I've always liked sara
<Chaos`^> you've never been stuck in her body =(
<kentari> drew did a stint there
<kentari> :P
<Chaos`^> no, that wasn't real
<Chaos`^> that was him pretending to be her, rather well, but still it wasn't real
<kentari> point made

<Twyst> man, in here like 3 mins and already wished dead

* drew is absently staring at a coffee machine. Intently. At least one of them is perky.

<Forest`^> "I'm sorry about steve."
<drew> "Me too."
<drew> "I'd say its not your fault, but..."
* drew looooks over.
<AlcarGM> (( "Haven't you brought him back whe the dead *yet*? Slacker." ))
<drew> "But that goes without saying."
* drew returns to his mug! :P

<Rachael> drew is why no one is mourning steve
<Forest`^> Bull.Shit.
<Rachael> Oh no somebody died! Eh, get drew to fix it, it'll be fine.
<drew> <Rachael> caltak is why no one is mourning steve
<drew> I fixed that for you
<drew> :P
<Rachael> haha
<Forest`^> hahaha yeah
* Rachael speaks from the IC, you speak from the OOC.

<Rachael> so, I idly ponder, if it comes down to "let yourself and your people be enslaved for all time" or "destroy the universe and all life within it irrevocably", which do you pick?

* Rachael edges over to a place where she can stab Drew once Drew decides he's god and is out to dish out damnation

<Rachael> "You know, I think everyone thought I would be the one to go off the deep end . . ."
<drew> "You just killed me, Rachael."
<drew> "Its the people who have no regrets that are the real freaks."

* Rachael inhales a moment, then quits the introspective pose. "It was a good dream. It was the coming back from it that was the hard part."
* Rachael carefully eyes the room in an attempt to ascertain whether anyone paid attention to that last comment.
<drew> ((Do they ever, Rachael? :P))
<Rachael> *SOB* You're not helping meaniedrew. ;P
<drew> you gotta help yourself, beestings :P
<Egg> (( most of the time I just hear a bird chirping noise. ))

<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Hello? I felt the energy getting thrown around."
<Forest`^> "Do you know where the outlets for the green mainframe are? And any that haven't been destroyed yet?'
<Forest`^> "Just a minor altercation, nothing to worry about."
<AlcarGM> Naomi: ".. minor.. uh huh. And no idea. Voiron is not exactly important."
<Forest`^> "Where is Faust?"
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Who the hell knows? Look, I just got up. I don't have the patience for 20 questions shit."
<AlcarGM> Naomi: Best. Diplomat. Ever.

<Rachael> "How do /you/ manage it, Anton?"
<Anton> "Manage what, Rachael?"
<Anton> "The pain, suffering, Joy, hatred, love, and duty?"
<Rachael> "You're always so... you're always making things right."
<Rachael> "Stable."
<Anton> "You know how many people are just here to try and fuck everything up?"
<Anton> "We're like an ages worth of karmic debt, the comuppance of near genocide."
<Anton> "I just figured we should act like what we want to happen."

* Forest`^ goes back to Naomi, he has an idea
<AlcarGM> She opens the door, on her first coffee.. and goes to slam it in your face.
<Forest`^> "Your king. I need to speak to him."
<AlcarGM> She hesitates, then says: "Why?"
<Forest`^> "I have to take care of a dead man."
<AlcarGM> naomi: "We don't traffic in dead men."
<Forest`^> "I don't want you to take care of him. I need information."
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "A king doens't stoop to talking to commoners without a good reason. Spill."
<Forest`^> she should be fired =(

* SDragonling pulls his tail free of the remainder of the egg. <"I'm not... really sure what happened. Did I... die or something?">
<Anton> "Yeah...... shotgun."
<Anton> "Well, to be fair, suprise shotgun."
* SDragonling blinks in surprise, and makes a questioning chirp sound.
* Rachael hums veeery faaintly a little bit of a tune that has heard these lyrics associated with it; "with a shot-gun blast and then barney hits the floor, no more purple dinosaur..."

<Forest`^> "Sometimes, I wonder if your position isn't antagonizer. Trying to start a war, just for the hell of it."
<Forest`^> "Either that or you hate your job. If he doesn't care... do you?"
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Our needs are not the same in any of this. Red and Blue don't want the same things. What motivates me doesn't you."
<Forest`^> "I'm not going to try to get on your good side anymore, Naomi, because I stopped caring about your sides when you... Just stay out of my way, if you're not going to help."
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Interesting mood. Once you stop caring, are you even blue?" with a smirk
<Forest`^> "It isn't that i've stoped caring altogether, Naomi, it's that you are no longer human in my eyes."

* Rachael gives Steve a .... /jealous/ look.
<Rachael> "So. Steve is a snakeling and Drew is a zombie."

<Rachael> "Well, we can all rally around Steve the dragon now just like Faust wanted ..."
<Rachael> "MASCOT!"
<AlcarGM> lol!
* Rachael refrains from saying this because she technically didn't hear that conversation between Anton and Sara :P
<SDragonling> did they really have a conversation like that? :p
<Anton> yes :P
<SDragonling> hilarious.
<Anton> only, you were supposed to be more like the red ranger
<Rachael> <Anton> "Why aren't we all rallying around Steve then?" <Sara> "Because he still had some green in him and that messed everything up"
<Rachael> plus or minus give or take

<kentari> that's the big thing in abesm: what do you really DO in a SNAFU?
<kentari> what are one's obligations, that sorta thing ;p
* alcar nods :P
<kentari> each PC's been able to answer the question now, which is cool
<kentari> each had different answers. Which is cool..dangerous, but cool.

<AlcarGM> Kid: "I was sent here last year," glad for any distraction from chores. "This is sort of a reminder, you know?"
<Glen`^> "What is that?"
<AlcarGM> He shrugs. "The Source is everywhere, so the real monks don't see why it should be locked up in the dark. And then," scowling, "someone decided to make a chapel anyway, for those who need such stuff, and all it gets used for is being cleaned out."
<Glen`^> "Ah."
* Glen`^ sits down
<Glen`^> "So no one uses the chapel?"
<AlcarGM> The kid shrugs. "No one I've ever seen, but they still decide it has to be cleaned *every* month."
* Glen`^ smiles
<Glen`^> "Perhaps it isn't about finding a place that is locking the source in, but instead it could be about locking distractions out."
<AlcarGM> The kid frowns, thinking that over. "... with dust?"

* Glen`^ smiles "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any alarm... Did I do something taboo?"
<AlcarGM> Abbot: "Hardly, though Noah has been waxing ecasttic on how someone helped him with the stupid chores," with a twinkle in his eyes. "At this rate I fear he will be sent outside to shovel off the mountain to find stillness."
<Glen`^> "Ah, I needed to find something to clear my mind and the bucket looked inviting, so I helped him wash."
* Glen`^ smiles "That kind of fame, I don't mind."
<Glen`^> that's the kind of fame that stays local =p
<Glen`^> people don't brag to random travelers on the road that someone helped them with their chores =p

* Rory`^ goes back to Dustin after he enjoys his first meal in 3000 years
<Dustin> Sadly, that comment made me wonder if Nobles diet.
* Dustin had this fun image of Richard Simmons as an Imperator.
<Dustin> ... for certain values of fun :p

<kentari> Girl: "Helps women? Why only women?"
<Dustin> (( "He's kinky." ))
<Rory`^> "I'll help a man, as well, if he really needs it, but women are my priority."
<kentari> Girl: "..... Priority.."
<kentari> Girl: "Are you some kind of pervert?"
<Dustin> "Is his code," with a shrug. "T' help women in need, an' stuff."
<Rory`^> (( "Yes, but that has nothing to do with *this*" ))

<kentari> There's a sharp inhalation from the Boss as he seems to fade as if in a fog, two bullets passing through him, leaving vapor trails...
<kentari> They find their marks in, well, let's see let Sparkie vote. :P
<kentari> 2d6 both of you ;p
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6: 7 both of you ;p
<Ingrid`^> 2d6
<Sparkie> Ingrid`^ 2d6: 6
<Buddy> 2d6
<Sparkie> Buddy 2d6: 6
<kentari> well, damn. :P

<Rachael> NOW anton's back. :P
<Anton> now?
<Anton> he skipped class
<Anton> warfare prepping takes time and effort :P
<AlcarGM> Darius skipped his because.... well, does he need a reason?
<Anton> besides
<Anton> we were doing something probably boring
* Rachael is attending one because SHE HAS RESPECT FOR EDUCATION UNLIKE YOU HOOLIGANS ;)
<Anton> yeah
<Anton> unfortunately I have more respect for warcrimes victims :P

<Anton> if I just wanted to get rid of the building I would
<Anton> this act is a symbol
<Anton> it needs to be..... represented properly
* AlcarGM grins
<Anton> we don't just need to eliminate this idea of red resources acquisition
<Anton> we need to tie it down and make a snuff film out of it
<Anton> and perhaps send said footage to it's parents

<Drew> "We need to figure out how White can deal with Black. The King said you guys were part of it... I can't think of anywhere to get parts to test but from ourselves, at this point. What do you think?"
<AlcarGM> Power: "Well, the others are.... kind of miffed right now, so sure!" as if 'miffed' was just another word for 'oops'
<Drew> :P

<Drew> Anyway. Forest is being smart. Really, if you want the truth, you don't expect to get it from a discussion with a friend

<Drew> "There's also something I'm concerned about.. I almost don't want to try it, though, in case its something else 'not allowed'"
* Drew says 'not allowed' like Power says 'miffed' :P

<AlcarGM> They left some blank office supplies, but nothing at all incriminating. Pretty much a "Feds are coming!" approach to covering tracks :p
<Rachael> you, sir
<Rachael> have a very.... optimistic... view
<Rachael> about office neatness and cleanup standards

<Forest`^> "Listen, let's stop trying to kill me and talk."

<Anton> "Steve's other is kind of a mystery right now, but I suddenly feel like I have neighbors that I never brought pies to."

* Rachael shakes her head... "come one, Anton, you of all people should appreciate a crazy-nerdy math joke."
<AlcarGM> (( "How is this relationship not going to work if you can't?!" ))
<Rachael> (( oh don't you start that too ))
<AlcarGM> (( *snickers* ))
<Rachael> (( i have exactly enough of it from kentari kthx ;P ))

* Anton gets a drink, well, more accurately, squeezes some lemon, adds some honey and a few ice cubes to water

<Rachael> you blow up Don Q I'mma beat you up and steal your magical pony princess with jade hair and amesthyst eyes.

<Chaos`^> Forest needs to evolve again too!
<Chaos`^> actually
<Chaos`^> he's over powered as it is, before he evolves again
<alcar> evolve to what?
<Chaos`^> his 3rd transformation, of course!
<Chaos`^> don't you even LOOK at my sheet anymore?
* alcar thought you meant as a character :P
<Chaos`^> lol no

<Forest`^> "Wow... that was powerful... Where did you get that kind of power?"
<AlcarGM> Kat: "Power made it, in case I wanted a cool weapon," happily. "It's not like anyonre will notice if Jupiter loses a moon or two."
<Forest`^> "Is that... You just shot a REAL moon at it!?"
<AlcarGM> Kat: "Of course," proudly
<Forest`^> "Katrina... I love you."
<Forest`^> "But people *might* miss a moon from jupiter..."
<Forest`^> "i'm sure they'll assume it fell into jupiter or something and there will be studies about it for hundreds of years to come... But I doubt it will affect things in the long run... I think."

<Anton> dude
<Anton> you should have eaten her heart :P
<Anton> her mansion sized heart :P
<Rachael> toenail clippings!
<Rachael> ooh
<Rachael> get a lock of her hair
<Anton> scimitar like toenail clippings :P
<Forest`^> and use it as a weapon
<Forest`^> "This is the toenail of the hierophant!"

<Anton> see, sara teaches the important lesson of putting out
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol
<Anton> because it you're not, you're a stuck up bitch, and a total tease, and you need to find your own ride home
<Anton> oh hey elana
<Elana-Silvereye> Hiiiii
<Anton> back me up here :P

<AlcarGM> Naomi: "Uh .. huh.. right. *You* did that. Bull. Shit."
<Forest`^> "The black have no power over humans, especially not that powerful."
<AlcarGM> Naomi: "The Black destroys things; don't go giving yourself airs," impatiently, finally stopping laughing. "Maybe Anton could have done that, or Drew on his best day."
<Forest`^> "Neither are built as soldiers."
* Rachael starts humming a tune for mr. 'built as a soldier' forest. ./~ fighting soldiers, from the sky. fearless men, who jumped and died...
<Forest`^> Forest has accepted his fate
<Forest`^> has rachael?
<Rachael> his fate... yes! forest is doomed as a traitor to IngSoc.
<Elana-Silvereye> Fate does not require you to accept it

<Forest`^> "Alright, but we need to do it quickly, before tomorrow... Are you doing anything?"
<Drew> "Power's really drained. I'm actually.."
* Drew looks around. Somehow, the phone conveys this :P
<Drew> "Petunia and I are doing origami."
<AlcarGM> (( "It's the latest in double entendres." ))

<Anton> "You know. I wonder if they even wondered why the hierophant did what she did. Maybe it was because most of them are annoying as all hell."
<AlcarGM> best reason for enslaving a species, ever :p
<AlcarGM> "After this, I'm going after tribbles, and kender!"
<Forest`^> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> Crossbreed the two

<Drew> "I wish I could help you. What can you tell me about George?"
<AlcarGM> Land "He's George," as if this is sufficient. "You changed your alignment."
<Drew> "Look, if this is about my class abilities, I've already been in touch with the other Paladins and the paperwork *is* in the mail."
<AlcarGM> The Land is confused enough without the player making bad jokes :P
<Fennec> class abilities? drew, you have /no/ class!

<Drew> woohoo
<Drew> I have my own personal mage
<Drew> in a world without magic..
<Drew> but! :P
<AlcarGM> yup :P

<AlcarGM> Gear: "Interesting. Successful creation of trees, boss."
<AlcarGM> (( Gear: "Have a cigar." ))
<Anton> (("You didn't even buy me a drink!" :( ))

* Anton arrives in a burst of blue and green light
<Rachael> (that's called cyan, dear)

<AlcarGM> The green ward fades away, and people are.... staring,. Many people. Many confused people. Also, military planes.... but they're in no hurry to come back around here.
* Anton dons his mask :P
<Anton> (It's simple)
<AlcarGM> [msg'd to Rachael]: you overhear one boy asking his mom if the dragon is the loch ness monster :)
* SDragon roars triumphantly, then flies in a smallish circle and descends to the beach with whoever else is already there.
* Forest`^ is luckily disguised as a soldier who just washed up from Atlantis.

<SteveZ> "But... How can you say that? Clearly, we're all meant to do big things. Sure we both got... hurt, but we're fine now, so we weren't meant to die. We're still destined to do things. I mean, espeically if you're worried about 'waiting too long' that's exactly what hiding away behind a bunch of wards is. The world needs protectors."
<Drew> "So does my family."
<Drew> "Especially with all the other... protectors... running around with divine mandates."
<Drew> "I don't care about the world, Steve. I care about people in it."

<AlcarGM> Leonard snaps his fingers, attempting another mind control.....
* Rachael inhalse sharply at that.
<Rachael> 2d6 self-control
<sparkie> Rachael 2d6: 7 self-control
<SteveZ> (( If I was there, I woulda beheaded him. ))
<AlcarGM> (( hahahhaa ))

<Drew> "Our roommates are beyond repair. I'm done with it all.."
<Rachael> (( you should talk to Rachael; she has some experience with being done with it all! ))
<Drew> "I'd be done with Power, but she hasn't done anything wrong. I can't cast her out so callously."
<Drew> ".. Same with you."
* Drew smiles.
<Forest`^> Don't trust him! Last time he made that face he tried to kill me!

<SteveZ> "You come back here to watch voer your family, but now you're saying maybe we should have all died, and you're calling trying to save everyone selfish?"
<Drew> "Its natural to want to be a hero.. if you save the world, you shape how its made in doing so."
<Drew> "Letting a few score of Red throw themselves against the black thing to help improve next year's color balance.. its all just so neat and tidy."
<Drew> "And if someone has a different idea of what's right?"
<Drew> "Its always a matter of who wins."
* SteveZ frowns. "They did that on their own, it's not like we all met and had a strategy meeting with them."
<Drew> "Everyone had their own strategy, though."
<Drew> "I don't like being around so many.. strategies."
<Drew> "I'm tired of bringing people back from the dead because of it."
<Drew> "And so is the afterlife, for the record." :P

<Drew> "I don't like all these high-powered psychos conveniently ignoring that creation might be trying to grow up."
<SteveZ> "Well, then? Which is it? You're doing one thing and saying another. If you want the Appocalypse, why are you here being a nursemaid?"
* Drew looks over at Steve with a cold honesty in his eyes
<Drew> "Because there are four or so people who would stop me."
* SteveZ folds his arms. "If you believe something, you should pursue it. That's how I feel about it." *shrugs*
<Drew> "What would you do if I tried, then? Would you stand beside me, or.. in my way?"

<Rachael> "Interfaces. Eh. Really, I think the problem is that I've got a -2 Ism: age on my sheet."
<Anton> "Well, you'll grow up eventually, but nothing will help your goddawful annoying personality, unless you can buy that off too?"
<Drew> Until rachael is captured be a pedophile, I do not believe she has paid for those points :P
<Rachael> ?

<SteveZ> sad part is I may have to finally actually buy off S.O. if we end up on opposite sides of an Appocalyptic War. :P

<SteveZ> If nothing else, it would be an interesting character development for the follow-up game if I had to kill Drew during the course of this one. :P
<AlcarGM> yes :)

<AlcarGM> any last things rachael or anton wish to do before 10 years pass in the world? :)
<Rachael> mebbe
<kentari> sex!
<Chaos`^> yes make sex!
<kentari> do it during that night
<kentari> :P
<Chaos`^> yes the first night after the world didn't end!
<Rachael> Excwueez me.
<kentari> He'd love to, Rachael.
<kentari> He'd love to.
<kentari> Remember, interfaces!
<kentari> Hard drives and expansion slots.
<Chaos`^> comport 3
<Chaos`^> all you need to know

<Fennec> rachael's option may be to try and become an ecosystem, avatar-of-nature type.
<Fennec> with the blue world, and possibly beyond.
<alcar> well, the blue world is possible; you'd probably have tyo chat with Tass; I know he had plans of some sort for it.
<Fennec> he's a regular collector, mmm?
<alcar> It's how Anton keeps sane :P
<Fennec> it's overrated
<alcar> not when he's worked out methods to eradicate the globe :P
<alcar> people *want* Anton and Gear sane :)

<Tass> I am already thinking I want to trade with someone for their progeny

<alcar> Also: can one buy divine relationship for a mecha and classify it as insurance? :p

* AlcarGM changes topic to ' wtf did I name my kids?'
<Rachael> no, you didn't
<Rachael> your dear sweet loving wife did
<Rachael> you had no input whatsoever
<Drew> sort of like how they started
* Sparkie named them.
<Drew> :(

<Rachael> but you stopped beating your wife, right?
* Forest`^ never did!
<Drew> that was the worst reply ever
<Drew> to that question
<Forest`^> She needs to learn discipline =(
<Drew> :p
<Forest`^> lol

<Forest`^> Rachael is 24 now, right? I wonder how much she's MATURED in the last 10 years...
<Anton> he's asking your cup size
* Sparkie is under a court order to never give mine out :(
* Forest`^ has this image in his head now of a hyper sexualized fire elemental
<Drew> draw it

<Anton> "How are Katrina and Oya doing these days, anyway?"
* Anton asks both Rachael and Forest
<Forest`^> "Kat's been great. She's been a lot of help in my digs."
<AlcarGM> "Yes, finally, mummies! Someone to blow up" - Katrina, on Forest's one visit to an acheological dig beside a leper colony.
<Drew> lol
<Forest`^> shh
<Drew> excavation by explosion
<Forest`^> that's not someting Forest brings up
<Drew> I love it :P

<Forest`^> wow, rachael turned Oya into a kid?
<AlcarGM> her biological clock is a terrible thing to witness :(
<Forest`^> wow
<Forest`^> just wow
<Forest`^> she couldn't find a man to bump ugglies with?

* Anton looks over at Rachael, "Poor Oya? Why?"
<Rachael> "She is inspecting all the single guys in the room, and says that they're all 'very small up here'." *points to her head, then shakes it*
<Anton> "Well, this isn't the best crop to pick over."
* Anton sighs
<Anton> "Goodness knows it's not limited to here."
<Rachael> "Why, Anton, I didn't know you were interested in guys like that." ;)
* Anton rolls his eyes :P
<Anton> "Yeah, who said it? When you swing both ways, it's hard to miss?"
* Anton shakes his head, "I guess I'm just looking for the right kind of ball. Something worth swinging at."
<Anton> (wow, that was packed with waaaaaay more innuendo than I was expecting :P)

<AlcarGM> Anton could build the best robot wive ever.
<AlcarGM> complete with attack womb.
<Anton> lawl
<Anton> make it a product line
<AlcarGM> hehehehe. Yes :p
<Anton> beat out the russian bride business :P
<Anton> and hey, with blue, I -can- make it love you :P
<Anton> which is horribly awesome :P

<alcar> also how old do you want Andres to be, and do you want to play him as a pc as well? :)
<Gemm> He'll be 4, and I think I'll play Dr. Earl for a few sessions before bringing Andres into play.
* alcar nods. K. You do know that, at some point, Andres will have to save everyone from some major villain after they have been captured :p
<Gemm> heh, sounds about right :D
<alcar> Eventually there will be a villain with a 4 year old boy as a nemesis :p

<AlcarGM> The kid scrambles on quickly and looks about it, as if hunting for something. "Where do you keep 'em?"
<Dr_Earl> "Oh, well, I only have the one. Prototype and all."
<AlcarGM> He gives you a scornfull look. "I meant the orphans."
<Dr_Earl> "So, where can I let you off?" He walks onto it, pressing a few more buttons as they start to move out of the tunnel.
<Dr_Earl> "I don't have any orphans.... What gave you that idea?"
<AlcarGM> Kid: "Everyone knows machines are powered by the blood of orphans. Where do you keep 'em?"
* Dr_Earl gives the kid a pat on the back and chortles. "Oh come now. There's no blood in this machine save for my own sweat and blood."
<Dr_Earl> "No, no. It's powered by a combination of small jets and uranium fossilized in amber."

<AlcarGM> Give it a few days in game and your mechanical marvels will make use of children trapped in amber :P
<Dr_Earl> but he has his OWN child! Whyever would he harm other children?? >:P
<AlcarGM> lol.

<AlcarGM> Okay! The three of you have gone back down the mountain; if you've attained anything like enlightenment, that's up to each of you. (If you could sell it, it would probably be more useful.) The roads to the old capital are in general disrepair and the guard are pretty much non-existent on them save for roving bands of tax collectors who require guards to accompany them

<alcar> Going back to 1e should be great fun.
<alcar> And it will probably make me wnat to run the one D&D game I never will run :p
<Tass> oh?
<alcar> Time travel game. Wherein your character goes back in version as the pcs go back ibn time. 4e to 3.5 to 3e. 2d (skills and powers) 2e, 1e, basic..... chainmail :p
<alcar> it would be awesome if any gm could run a game like that.
* alcar could not, alas. The sheer logistics would probably shatter most minds.

<Chaos`^> !goodjob
<Sparkie> Stripper.
<Chaos`^> hmm
<Chaos`^> !badjob
<Sparkie> AIG executive.

<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Whatever happened last night. If Joey... reall died like that, it could have just been a case of spontaneous combustion, you know."
<Zack`^> "Spontaneous combustion is just propoganda the alien freaks try to tell you to get you to buy their merchendise! There was a man there who talked to me! He told me he killed him!"

* Zack`^ drops whatever he's holding "I'm going crazy..."
<AlcarGM> The cat looks up: "Well, yes. But the universe is fundamentally crazy, so only the crazy are sane. Oh, hamburger!" He jumps off the counter and starts eating the casserole on the floor.
* Zack`^ stares at the cat
* Zack`^ whimpers
* Zack`^ doesn't have anything to say that will make this situation make any more sense than it already doesn't
<AlcarGM> Bob looks up from munching on hamburger. "It really was a good lie, too. About the universe being crazy. Did it help?"
<Zack`^> "No, what? no, What?"
<Zack`^> "Bob, your'e talking..."
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Yes. And so are you. Or are you having second thoughts ab out your cerebral propaganda?"
<AlcarGM> Bob's ears twitch back and he lets out a hiss. "Fine, fine," though no one else seems to be present. He hops back up on the counter, looking you over. "I'm only doing this because you were always good with the can opener."

* Zack`^ nods, and continues nodding for a few minutes, since he really has noting to say. "Did you kill Joey?"
<AlcarGM> Bob lets out a surprised meow, then: "Me? Hardly. I'm a *cat*, Zack. You seem to be forgetting this."

<AlcarGM> it occurs to me that an airport museum would probably involve non-ecludian geometries.
<AlcarGM> airport architecture is uniformly hideous... and museums generally go for funky. Shove it together...

<Zack`^> "I should... Get back home... But... I'm affraid."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Of what?"
<Zack`^> "My cat."
<Zack`^> "Or... Myself."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Well, at least cats can be bribed with catnip?"
<Zack`^> "He said he had a mistress... what if she wants me dead or something?"
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Zack, don't take this the wrong way, but who would want *you* dead?"

<Zack`^> "You want to play some whitewolf?"
<AlcarGM> Lillian shakes her head. "Can't; I need to run a changeling game online later anyway."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Just knock on my door if you need anything, okay?"
<Zack`^> "Oh..."
* Zack`^ nods

<Chaos`^> what is the book of going forth alcar?
<alcar> the game you are in :P

<AlcarGM> You crack open the door to your sister's room. She's sleeping with the cat on her bed and cuddling her stuffed penguin, which she refuses to admit she keeps. Diana is at least just asleep and not levitating in the air or something insane like that. Bob looks asleep as well.
<Zack`^> "Bob," He whispers "Get out here."
<AlcarGM> Bob stretches out to fill the left half of the bed, but doesn't get up.
* Zack`^ goes downstairs and pulls out some tuna
* Zack`^ uses the electric can opener
<AlcarGM> As if by a miracle, the cat is there several moments later. He skids to a stop on the laminate, glaring up at you. "When we get opposable thumbs, your reign will be over."

<AlcarGM> Given Zack's knowlegde of tyhe occult,he should at least know something about horus :P If nothing else, that the eye of horus was used in alchemy and such.
<Zack`^> well yeah
<Zack`^> but you know
<Zack`^> zack never imagined horus as a guy wearing a wide brim hat in a duster smoking a cigarette... but that would look really kick ass...
<AlcarGM> :)

<AlcarGM> Lilly is drinking coffee, looking very much sleep deprived. On the plus side, the dark circles under her eyes help the goth look. "The maid likes you?" she mutters

<AlcarGM> Joey is waiting outside the school, pacing a bit and eating a sub.
<Zack`^> "Joey... Follow me."
* Zack`^ hurries along to lillians
<AlcarGM> He lets out a breath and grins, following you down the road easily. "Zack?"
<Zack`^> "Yes?"
<AlcarGM> Joey: "I think I'm becoming spider man."
<Zack`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Joey takes off his glases, squints a little, then says: "I don't know how much longer I'll need these. I've had glasses for.... geeze. Since I was four or something."
<Zack`^> "That's not always a good thing Joey... we need to hurry."
<AlcarGM> Joey: ".. you're kidding, right?"

<Zack`^> "Let's get started."
<AlcarGM> Joey waves as well, then looks startled. "Started with what?"
* Zack`^ leads Joey up to the room and grabs a piece of chalk. "Stand here."
<AlcarGM> He eyes you warily, but stands. "What are you doing?"
<Zack`^> "Trying to figure this out...' Drawing a circle around him
<Zack`^> "You told me you wanted my help."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Yeah, but this sort of thing always goes bad in movies."
<Zack`^> "Joey, you eat people... How can it get any worse?"
<AlcarGM> Joey: "They could be live people?"

<Zack`^> "What kind of people do you eat? Already dead people?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "It's what mom... had in the freezer. An arm." He licks his lips. "The marrow is so goood."
<Zack`^> "Stop that."
* Zack`^ grabs the book of the dead again and begins reading it out loud, specifically any chapters about osiris, since a ghoul defiling his people would be his territory
<Zack`^> and he's the only god of death on the tip of my tongue right now
<Elana-Silvereye> Zack has gods in his mouth?
<AlcarGM> he wishes!
<AlcarGM> isis is a babe.
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol

<Elana-Silvereye> Could be really comical
<Elana-Silvereye> Instead of boring
<Zack`^> no
<Zack`^> always boring
<Zack`^> why do you think I never rp people like that?
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol
* AlcarGM likes rping characters who do break, even a little :P
<Zack`^> it's fun to a point
<AlcarGM> just for the fun of people who are srtronger in the broken places.
<Zack`^> then it just becomes... stupid
* AlcarGM shrugs. Both routes are, carried too far :P
<Zack`^> if I wanted to rp a guy who is freaked out, i'd drop myself into the middle of a battlefield

<Elana-Silvereye> Does out loud or not matter with a Goddess? XD
<AlcarGM> for real trick: (( Hey, bast, can you read ooc?! ))
<AlcarGM> etc :P
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol
<Elana-Silvereye> Ohsnap! I hope she can't hear me!
<Elana-Silvereye> XD
<Zack`^> lol
<Zack`^> that would be awkward
<Zack`^> (( Can you read ooc? )) NPC: "Yes" PC: "Yes what? I didn't ask anything."

<Zack`^> no, zack needs to get drunk now =(
<Zack`^> so he can black out and wake up next to a naked lillian
<Zack`^> =p
<AlcarGM> But then she'd have to kill him since she needs something to put her young in to mature :(
<Zack`^> lol

<Zack`^> "What are you doing?"
<AlcarGM> Teresa: "That hurt!" furiously, glaring at you. She eyes you, the broken bone, then says: "None of your concern! You're tresspassing." and reaches into her left pocket and pulls out.. a cell phone! "Get out of here or I call the police!"
<Zack`^> "Go ahead."
<Zack`^> "I'll stay right here."
<AlcarGM> She dials 911 thehn, without hesitating. "I'll tell them it's an art project for school," she sneers
* Zack`^ smiles "Trampled pictures of your classmates in a bucket of urine? You think they'd buy that? After Columbine? They ahve zero tollerance for such things these days."
<AlcarGM> Teresa: "I haven't done anything anyone can prove."

<AlcarGM> The cemetary is large and gates.but the iron fence around it is easy enough to hop over. Trees, many gravestones. A few park benches, possibly due to municipal laws
<Zack`^> lol

<Elana-Silvereye> Check her teeth for silver fillings! XD
<AlcarGM> eeww :P
<Zack`^> that's almost as bad as pulling a picture out of her urine bucket which I refused to do

<Dr_Dowdy> "Let me get this straight. You want to use my robots to break into Ms. Littles laboratory, and steal her flying robots?"
<AlcarGM> He nods.
<AlcarGM> He smiles. "We don't like people who welch on us, if you understand my meaning?"
<Dr_Dowdy> "Are you seriously trying to intimidate me? Sir, your proposal is quite preposterous. I'd like it if you all let."
* Dr_Dowdy sets his hand on the ray gun at his side. "if you get MY meaning."
<AlcarGM> The man's smile vanishes. "What makes it preperosterous," he says, mangling the word a little
<AlcarGM> (( "Of course I had to shoot him, boss. You know how I feel about big words." ))

<AlcarGM> "Morning," your dad says, handing you a plate with some eggs. "How's your week been, son?"
<Zack`^> "Busy. Yours?"
<AlcarGM> "Too busy by half. Your mom's doing that dig outside town at the native american graveyard, I'm dealing with having noTAs at all this term." He pours some coffee. "It's not a proper way tro raise children, even if you age teenagers now."
<Zack`^> "It's fine, we get along. So far we've stayed out of trouble."
<AlcarGM> He laughs. "Then you'll have your mother terrified you aren't real teenagers you know."
<Zack`^> "It's fine, really..."
<AlcarGM> He sighs. "No, it's not, no matter what TV teaches. This is an important part of your life, and we're missing out on it. You're growing up, your body is changing, everything else is changing. It's bound to be weird and strange. So if you want to take about it, or anything, for any reson at all .. call me, okay?"
<Zack`^> hahaha

<Zack`^> "Do you feel it?"
<AlcarGM> Bob: "My lungs? Yes. My aching legs? Also yes. Are we taking the bus the rest of the way?"
<Zack`^> "Yes."
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Good. Did you mean something else?"
<Zack`^> "Yes, we'r being watched."
<AlcarGM> Bob: "You have a handsome cat with you. It's inevitable."

<AlcarGM> You reach the main floor without any problem. Lillian and another girl are trying to shove the front door open with an antique dresser, to no avail.
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Look, you're the one who said ghost don't exist, and something is keeping us inside."
<AlcarGM> Jill: "I - I thought.... I thought someone would help us."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Newflash? If we can't get out, they probably can't get in."
<Zack`^> "Lillian."
<AlcarGM> She looks up the stairs, stares at both of you. "Or maybe it gets hungry and lets other people inside?"
<AlcarGM> Joey: "You can blame Zack for the broken window."
<Zack`^> "Sorry..."
<Zack`^> "Joey, go downstairs, See if you can ake care of it."
<AlcarGM> Jill: ".... geeks? We're being rescued by geeks?"
<AlcarGM> Joey nods, heading for the stairs. He yanks on the door handle a few times, then mutters something and rips the door off of its hinges, putting it aside and walking down the stairs.
<AlcarGM> Jill: "Oh, my god. Geeks on steroids."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "....."

<AlcarGM> The gremlin hops back onto the blackberry, eyeing it as cavement probably did mammoths.
* Zack`^ eyes the gremlin
<AlcarGM> Your father taps the screen. "... now it looks chinese," as the gremlin sticks a finger right into the backberry and pulls it back out, hands over its mouth and presumably laughing.
* Zack`^ grabs the phone and slaps the screen/gremlin as hard as he can, then shakes the gremlin off and steps on him
<AlcarGM> Your dad looks at you oddly, then at his phone. "Rain dance?"
<AlcarGM> The gremlin is quite, quite squished.
<AlcarGM> Your shoe now has something that looks suspiciously like gum on it, and where the gremlim was, two appear from the sludge of the first. They give each other a high five, but don't come near you.

<AlcarGM> Joey:" "But she's mad. She has *guns*, Zack. My mom has an uzi. The world doesn't make sense anymore."

<Kate-Crimson> "Ya got anything more than just a key for me?"
<AlcarGM> Kid: "What building and room that key is for," after he's done eating a few moments later.
<Kate-Crimson> "I think you ought to take me to it then"
<Kate-Crimson> "If your done stuffing yourself"
* Kate-Crimson leans in low to him
<Kate-Crimson> "And if you do real good I'll give you the antidote to the poison you just ate"

<Dr_Earl> hmmm, would Dr Earl remember who Kate is, or have we not met yet, officially?
<Kate-Crimson> we have, just haven't ironed out the particulars yet XD
<Kate-Crimson> some unfortunate buisness about undead robot reanimator cultists underneath a cemetery
<Dr_Earl> heh yes

<Kate-Crimson> "That was a good move there with the shopkeep kid"
<Kate-Crimson> "I guess you got to see about my rumors after all too"
<AlcarGM> Kid: "Huh? Oh, yeah. He was just *standing there*." He shakes his head. "You killed it?"
<Kate-Crimson> "Well, it looks like a zombie, so I killed it "again"
<Kate-Crimson> "Some thing you gotta kill more than once in my line of work kid"
<Kate-Crimson> "Like Russians"
* Dr_Earl looks back at Kate and looks befuddled. He shrugs and keeps looking over the monster.
<AlcarGM> The kid eyes Kate oddly, but doesn't ask, since he thinks she's plenty weird already.
* Kate-Crimson goes to stand over Dowdy
<Kate-Crimson> "So, whats the prognosis Doc? Zombie?"
<AlcarGM> Earl finds nothing else of note on the body at all. No odd trinkets, nothing of note. The rather smashes ray gun, on the other hands, is a familiar design.... familiar because a woman who once captured his son in her bid for love has used such designs
* Dr_Earl would agree with the kid, but doesn't want to get shot. ;P

<Dr_Earl> "There's nothing to be afraid of. Trust me."
<AlcarGM> 4df
<The_computer> AlcarGM: 2
<AlcarGM> Big Rig's arm does not fall off. You may continue :)
<Dr_Earl> yeah!
<Kate-Crimson> ((lol!))
* AlcarGM figured there had to be reason for the continual failures to hit the frankenstein monster :)
<Kate-Crimson> "Well, I don't mind walking, and its just, it doesn't look like a real smooth ride... "
<Dr_Earl> "But it is fun."
* Kate-Crimson smirks
<Kate-Crimson> "I'll take your word for it"
<Dr_Earl> "Plus I've added some new stabilizers to his movement motors, so it's much smoother than its been in the past."
<Kate-Crimson> "Let me know how that goes then, just give me the address and I'll see you in short order"
<AlcarGM> (( "Besides, it does the brain good to be rattled around in its casing. Just look at me!" ))

<Dr_Earl> I wonder if it's bad that I can for complete sentences using only lyrics from Dylan's songs.
<Kate-Crimson> o.O

<Elana-Silvereye> I think its great that a character with the accidentprone aspect is going to give the orphan a motorcycle ride XD

<AlcarGM> Bob: "Your mom hid the tuna this morning. I wasted half an hour trying to get your sister to give some and she couldn't find it."
<Zack`^> "Hey... Do you want to come with me?"
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Hardly. I had no tuna, so I don't need a walk."
<Zack`^> "I don't think that's how it works..."

<Zack`^> "So did you guys just sit around and play super mario?"
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "I had to keep him occupied somehow. He told me about... last night." She gulps down some of her drink. "He scared me, Zack. I mean, what he was forced to do was sick. But he sounded so calm, talking about it, as if it was.... like having this job you didn't like but going to do it anyway."
* Zack`^ nods
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Doesn't it scare you?"
* Zack`^ doesn't really have anything comforting to say about that
<AlcarGM> ghouls are thin! you could point out that eating dead bodies mustn't be too bad in terms of carbs.
<Zack`^> LoL

* Sparkie sets aslhk on fire because .... wait, when do I need a reason?
<aslhk> noooooooooooooooo
<aslhk> I am not even protesting!
<Sparkie> The Computer is Your Friend. What is there to protest?
<aslhk> Friendliness!
* Sparkie thinks youn are confused, citizen. Also, were you aware that there is a mandated limit on exclamation marks? Excessive puncutation is treason.
<Sparkie> only commie mutant traitors are unnaturally joyous because they try to hard to hide their real nature, citizen. Are you too happy?
<aslhk> I believe that you are behind the times, citizen! The Computer has determined that citizens need to be more enthusiastic and mandated the replacement of dots with bangs!
<aslhk> Only a commie mutant traitor would have missed the announcement!

<AlcarGM> Big Rig's readouts flicker, then begin failing one by one as joints begin siezing up and shutting down.
<AlcarGM> Littles: "I told you I had it under control!" in the silence. "I know how to deal with *him*!"
* Dr_Earl pushes the safety bar away from his body and jumps out of Big Rig. "Oh, really?"
<AlcarGM> "You're helpless without your toys," she says scornfully, pulling out a ray gun very much like the one the golem-monster used and levelling it at you with a smile. "This is me saying 'yes really'."
* Dr_Earl draws his own ray gun pointing it at her. "And this is me knowing just how to deal with you."

* Molly-Maxim sets her gun and it's acoutrement down, with great effort and skips over to look at the transformer
<Molly-Maxim> "Well I wonder why it broke?"
<Molly-Maxim> "I bet I could get it running again"
* Molly-Maxim invokes "Explosive Intellect" to fix the transformer XD
<AlcarGM> it broke began a mecha thrw several large poles into it, and then someone shot it with a ray gun. Nothing left to work; it's pretty much melted sludge now.
<Molly-Maxim> "I haven't worked with electricity too much though, that edison fellow always told uncle he should make the Maximgun with an electric motor powered rotating barrel"
<AlcarGM> overkill is a word seldom found in PC vocacularies :)

* Molly-Maxim watches out for zombies
<AlcarGM> No zombies at all, to Molly's relief. Though it would have been good to get some use out of the gun she's lugging around.
* Molly-Maxim doesn't mind lugging it, its exactly like a kid that takes her favorite teddybear wherever they go
<Molly-Maxim> ((only more than a hundred pounds and able to decimate a small military force =P))

<Zack`^> "Well, rumor has it you've got what it takes to be an exorcist, that is, you already are one, i guess, you just don't know how to do it..."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Because some guy who tried to torture Joey says so?"
<Zack`^> "Nono, the guy who burned joey said so."
<AlcarGM> Lilian: "....."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "And that makes it BETTER?!"

<AlcarGM> Bob: "How did you figure out anyone to be an exorcist? They're as rare as a good dog."
<Zack`^> "Uh, Kincaid said she was."
<AlcarGM> Bob: "... that's new." He stands, stretching. "I'm really starting to wonder about Bast."
<Zack`^> "What do you mean?"
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Do you know the odds of someone chosen by the gods just happening to have a friend be a ghoul before either of them become what they become?"
<Zack`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Let's just say no cat I've asked had heard of that kind of luck before."
<AlcarGM> He hops off your bed and begins to pace the carpet.
* Zack`^ sis on the floor and watches him... this is interesting
<Zack`^> "And a talking cat..."
<AlcarGM> Bob: "That's just normal; most of you aren't interesting enough to talk to," with a flick of his tail.

<AlcarGM> Bob: "Would you throw a child into a war to fight if you didn't need to?" a little sharply.
<Zack`^> "I don't know... Probably, if it was beneficial to the world."
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Adults are more. For one thing, cars get people places faster."
<Zack`^> "I don't think Kincaid or Taylor have a car..."
* Zack`^ snaps his fingers "We could car pool!"
<AlcarGM> Bob: "... has *anyone* ever told you that you were funny before?" crossly.
<Zack`^> "No..."
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Good. Don't start thinking you are."

<AlcarGM> Hrm, I wonder if vampire could suck the blood out of clothing....
<AlcarGM> vampire dry cleaning.
<Zack`^> lol

<Zack`^> "Do I smell like vampire blood?"
<Zack`^> "I tried to get it all off..."
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "Not that!" looking mortified. "I meant your bones. They smell different."
<Zack`^> "You can smell my bones through my skin?"
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Yeah."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "If only that was the strangest thing I'd heard today....."

<AlcarGM> Bob buries his face in his paws on the ground, then says, muffled; "It disrupts energy. Electricity is energy too."
<Zack`^> "I don't know what the whip does, it... whips things."
<AlcarGM> He looks up. "You'd know that if you'd practise. It's not like they come with manuals."
<Zack`^> "Whatever, I'll figure it out."
<AlcarGM> though that would be interesting. Magical weapons, complete with manuals and warranty.
<Zack`^> well manuals at least
<AlcarGM> "Offer void if used within black holes."

* Zack`^ checks the wine lable
<AlcarGM> It has "Ye Old Wine Company. Established." on it, and nothing else. Someone making their own wine.
<AlcarGM> Diana laughs at someones joke, not noticing you - yet.
<AlcarGM> A few people are giving you puzzled looks, and you spot one woman in a security uniform at the other end of the hall heading towards you.
<Zack`^> lol just established
<AlcarGM> yup :)

<Zack`^> is she hot?
* Zack`^ lets her
<AlcarGM> She works security, so .... no. Early 30s, a bit frumpy looking.
<Zack`^> let me look up 'frumpy' just a sec
<Zack`^> 'dowdy woman' it says
<Zack`^> let mel ook up dowdy, just a sec
<AlcarGM> Yup. Like the family aunt who doesn't marry etc.
<Zack`^> ah

* AlcarGM has never actually had to tie someone up with sheets before. Unfortunately.

<AlcarGM> You do this in the sure and certain knowledge that, if you ruin this party and she finds out you did it, your sister is probably doing to strange you.....
<AlcarGM> ertr, strangle :P
<AlcarGM> stranging someone would be... odd.

<AlcarGM> "Zack, what is going on?" Joey demands. "Lillian just called, saying you left her a creepy message and Jill was scared you're going to die," as tersely.
<Zack`^> "I was hpoing she'd actually get what I was trying to tell her... We need backup... There are going to be a lot of them here presently. Have her find Taylor and get him over here... They're like... emotion vampires or something."
<Zack`^> "I'm going to go start some chaos..."
* Zack`^ hangs up
* Zack`^ takes a deep breath, trying to calm down
<AlcarGM> You do this in the sure and certain knowledge that, if you ruin this party and she finds out you did it, your sister is probably doing to strangle you.....

<Zack`^> "Go hide the guards please." TO Joey "Before Diana finds them."
<AlcarGM> Joey nods and leaps off the roof. You hear a thud as he hits the ground. A few minutes later he heads to where the guards have been stashed, adding 'feel kneecaps come up through brain' on his list of unusal experiences

<Zack`^> "You... Both of you... Can't force things on people, not things like this, not things they can't change. Being born is bad enough, now you have to throw this at us? Who the hell do you think you are!?"
* Zack`^ puts a foot on James Face and holds onto the whip
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "Forcing things on people happens all the time! Government! TV shows! The internet! We're giving them *power*! We'll turn them into gods!"
<Zack`^> "And you... Do you really want to die for this piece of shit? He was going to sell you out, let you die for his failure!"
<AlcarGM> Joey: ".... by killing yourself for him?"
<AlcarGM> Tanya hesitates, for a moent, and looks at James, who is managing to choke and still look composed.
<Zack`^> "You will turn them into NOTHING they will be OUTCAST, people will eventually notice that they can't stand to be around them, that they bore people. Haven't you noticed it already?"
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "You don't understand! He showed me wonders of the universe!"
<Zack`^> "Like what?"
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "I don't even have words for them. Gods, on the other side of mirrors, glowing with light....."
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "I have seen past the veil, seen the weorld as it IS. And you'll kill that, stop people from seeing it, from knowing the truth? Who the hell do you think YOU are?"

* Zack`^ sighs and goes to lunch, hanging out with the dnd kids this time
<AlcarGM> The D&D game is a reenactment of Keep on the borderlands, complete with the 1977 rules.
<AlcarGM> a lot of pcs dying, everyone having a blast and making jokes as if they had no care or worry in the world.
<Zack`^> ah yes, innocence
* Zack`^ lets them be innocent
<AlcarGM> A few jokes are made about magic and playing a game of vampire later, almost feeling as if you're watching people from another world converse.
<Zack`^> whoa
<Zack`^> this is weird
<Zack`^> lol
<AlcarGM> :)
* Zack`^ laughs and makes a few comments, then goes back to class happy

<Zack`^> "Jimmy and Charlie want answers..."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Wait, the guards? What do you mean, they want answers? They don't eve know us."
<Zack`^> "They know me well enough to come to my house."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "..... oh."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Why yours?"
<Zack`^> "I probably scare them the most... I did paralyze them, and break their tech."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "That's not fair. I'm the monster!"
<Zack`^> "It's probably better that way, your mom might have shot them."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Oh. Good point. I'm not sure how we'd have explained that to the police."
<Zack`^> "You wouldn't... They'd be in the freezer."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Well, yeah, but someone might have nloticed peoplle getting shot on our porch. Probably."

<AlcarGM> Jimmy stares at you, then just nods. "Fair enough. The gods, then. Hell, I've believed stranger things. Seen a few." He smiles. "Jimmy Bobbo Taggart, Department of Extranormal Affairs. Or was, until then shut it down."
<Zack`^> "Zack Singard. I'm just a high school student. I don't have a department."

<AlcarGM> Jimmy: "And what about when just plain human threats arrive?"
<AlcarGM> Charlie: "Jimmy, you can't --."
<AlcarGM> Jimmy: "Project Delta. If monster hunters existed, their goal is to hunt them, harvest them. Find out what makes them tick."
<AlcarGM> Jimmy: "Not all monsters have claws and fangs. What can you do, against that?"
<Zack`^> "Not really my problem, unless they step into y world."
<Zack`^> "I believe that would be my problem."
<AlcarGM> Jimmy: "They can drag you into theirs. Get you expelled, your parents fired, your family evicted. Obliterate credit ratings. Anything to get one of your kind to surrender to them. You can't fight that kind of war."
<Zack`^> "I don't ever know what I can do, until I do it."
<Zack`^> "It's hard to keep a low profile and not kill people who get in my way..."
<Zack`^> "But I do have standards."

<alcar> Water/wine skin: 1 gold
<alcar> Wine: 1 gold
<alcar> holy Symbol: 25
<alcar> Touches (6): 1 golfd
<karma_chameleon> touches. So obviously you're a Catholic cleric

<Elana-Silvereye> Alcar, I threatened Gemm into joining SOTC =D
<alcar> Since he IS in it, is that a threat? :p
<Elana-Silvereye> Er
<Elana-Silvereye> I meant
<Elana-Silvereye> Keith

<alcar> Currently, the plot involves robotics, attempts to make golems, atlantis and the mob. And possibly a missing woman and stolen stamps. PCs are another maker of automatic intelligence, a girl with a far too big gun, and ex-western gunfighter whose antique shop had been robbed by frankenstein.
<alcar> And somewhere out there is a man with a strange weapon and a pilot who don't exist yet. But could!
* alcar has this urge to make cal and ken's pcs go about on adventures the pcs hear of anyway :p

<Elana-Silvereye> Maybe he's an intelligent misunderstood tea loving yeti that can't find a bouler hat in his size XD
<Elana-Silvereye> He should make two characters, the yeti and it's owner
<Elana-Silvereye> Maybe they are rumrunners that make the canada run is less than 12 parsecs =0

<Keith`> at a young age took to stealing from dog bowls and got him self tranqed
<Keith`> from there he was passed around a bit as a side show till ending up in the hands of a lord who broke him and forced him to train with the ninjas?
<Keith`> so umm... yeti ninja of doom?
<alcar> Perfect :P

* Sparkie just isn't loved. Except by monks who set themselves on fire.
<Elana-Silvereye> Spark, you need to quote yourself there, thats just pure genius

<Elana-Silvereye> SOTC? =D
* Sparkie will show everyone Spark Savage & the Dice of Doom!
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol
<Elana-Silvereye> Invoke: influence dice to kill characters
<Elana-Silvereye> Compel: everyone hates you

* Kate-Crimson makes sure her kicking mare is loaded, as she gets an odd sensation she might have need to shoot large game some time soon
* Sparkie thinks this game shouldn't get shot.

* Kate-Crimson trys to scissorkick her legs into the Yeti's legs to trip him with all her might
<AlcarGM> Two more ninjas drop down from the skylight silently, swords in hand.
<AlcarGM> Kate - atack away! Umagoro - fists or athletics for def :p
<Umagoro`> 4df +4 athletics for def.
<Sparkie> Umagoro`: 5
<Kate-Crimson> 4df +1 might
<Sparkie> Kate-Crimson: 1
<AlcarGM> Sparkie seems to be pro endangered species tonight :P

<Kate-Crimson> "Blasted ninjas, I just got that apartment!"

<Kate-Crimson> ((i hate you sparkie =P))

<AlcarGM> The ninja smiles. "Steel will out."
<AlcarGM> He holds his sword and smiles at you, waiting.
* Kate-Crimson takes her time, putting the jacket on and properly fastening all her belts, flipping her hair and setting a hand on a hip, facing the ninja
<Kate-Crimson> "Well?"
<Kate-Crimson> "Come on then, lets see what you've got"
<AlcarGM> You dodge the swords easily, having faced more than mere ninja who resort to guns in your day.
* Kate-Crimson tsk tsks at the ninja and levels her gun at him
<Kate-Crimson> "I gave you every chance in the world"
* Kate-Crimson allows him any last retort or attack atemot before she blasts him
<AlcarGM> He sneers. "A gun is a weaklings weapon. Swords have honour, not striking from a distance out of fear. A weapon of a more civilzed time."
* Kate-Crimson steps to him, putting him in some kind of jointlock and pressing the gun right up to his chin
<Kate-Crimson> "This close enough for you then?"
<Kate-Crimson> *blam*

<AlcarGM> The ninja's hands remain holding the sword for a few moments, almost raising it before the body topples over.
<AlcarGM> Your kitchen is smashed up, skylight a loss, couch on fire, and there is one unconscious ninja (from yeti breath) and one dead one in your apartment.
<AlcarGM> As a christening of the place, this kicked ass :P

<AlcarGM> The unconscious ninja stirs, pretending to remain unconscious.
* Kate-Crimson sticks a smallish kitchenknife in him somewhere non vital
* Kate-Crimson sits near him casualy, lighting a thin cigar from a smoldering bit of couch kindling
<AlcarGM> The ninja doesn't show pain, using the jolt of adrenaline ot try and test the ropes, then opens his eyes and looks at you with a superior smirk on his face.
<Kate-Crimson> "I tried to tie them tight, let me know if they're loose"
* Kate-Crimson doesn't pay the ninja much heed if he thought to project any intimidation
<AlcarGM> Ninja .oO(Stupid 1920s. Where the Geneva Convention when you need it?)

* Kate-Crimson puffing on the cigar, pursing her lips and blowing smoke in his face
<AlcarGM> The ninja says nothing.
<AlcarGM> compared to yeti breath, this isn't even a smell :p
<Kate-Crimson> "You aren't one of those nuisances trainex to resist interigation that I just have to kill are you?"
* Kate-Crimson asks offhandedly
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "Death is only another shadow for ninja to hide in."

* Umagoro` peeks in over the edge of the sky light
<Kate-Crimson> "You sure you won't talk?"
<AlcarGM> The ninja refuses to believe any real hero would kill someone in cold blood, however :p
* Kate-Crimson struggles with that whole "hero" thing
* Umagoro` drops in on Kate letting Noll down after he lands
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "I have nothing to say save for... Umagoro, Execute override B-1!"
* Kate-Crimson looks at the Yeti
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "....that's where you kill evertyhing in a room," helpfully, after a pause.
<AlcarGM> Noll is grinning from ear to ear. "I got a piggy-back on a monster," excitedly.
* Umagoro` breaths in the ninjas face again.
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "Meant to.. killl not.. give....... *rides*...." weakly, passing out again from the yeti's breath

<AlcarGM> The neighbour from next door comes in, after having gone back, and gives everyone a margarita, including the yeti.
* Kate-Crimson likes the prospect of having a neighbor that doesn't balk at yetis, ninjas, or the general destruction of half the floor
* Umagoro` sniffs at the drink
<AlcarGM> Umagoro: It smells like fruit :p
<AlcarGM> She also supplies drinks, which is even more useful :)

* Umagoro` drops down goes back to sniffing Noll's hair
<AlcarGM> He grins. "I think he likes me," happily. "That was the best bath *ever*."
<Kate-Crimson> "What kind of Yeti hangs around with ninja anyhow?"
* Umagoro` raises a hand
<AlcarGM> Noll: "A ninja yeti, of course."
* Kate-Crimson shakes her head

<Tass> <@AlcarGM> Tanya: "Oh." She finishes her fries, buying some time. "So I'm just supposed to go back to school, act as if everything is normal?"
<Tass> someone with a gun could come in here and kill you
<Tass> we just live in a very stable society

* Kate-Crimson frowns at the yeti
<Kate-Crimson> "He made sure to collect all the ninjas, and put them on a rooftop somewhere, for all we know, he could be some kind of spy or plant"
<AlcarGM> Noll: ".... but he never ate us. And he's a yeti. Mammals aren't plants, are they?"

<AlcarGM> Noll: "Yeah, but.... but ... he's cute?" the kid tries.
<Kate-Crimson> "Well? say something ya big lunk, or we can just send you to the zoo, they have enough food I'd think"
* Umagoro` whimpers slightly at the word zoo
<Kate-Crimson> "There an adress in Japan you'd prefer to be shipped to then?"
<Kate-Crimson> "Or Tibet?"
<AlcarGM> Noll gapes at Kate.
* Umagoro` grabs Noll hugging him a little too tightly
<Kate-Crimson> "I don't think we can keep him on proprted "cuteness" alone"
<AlcarGM> Noll: "But he's *nice*," muffled.
<Kate-Crimson> "Spys and assasins always act nice"
<Kate-Crimson> "Until they're ready to kill you"
<AlcarGM> (( Noll: "Oh, yeah? So Molly is what, then, huh?" ))
<Molly-Maxim> ((I can't beleive you'd compare me to a Yeti!))

* Sparkie is for Paranoia meets Call of Cthulhu. Ideally, pcs would not survive character generation.

* alcar calls dibs on tourist/tech support :P
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol
<alcar> "Wait, wait, I signed on as the engineer? Holy Shitcakes. Uh. Do you have manuals for this, or what?!"
<Elana-Silvereye> Be a customer support enginier Alcar
<alcar> Religion: Telemarketer
<Darkkin> heh
<Elana-Silvereye> "Hello this us enginiering, please state your problem and it will be adressed in the order it was received"
<alcar> "We would put you on hold, but the phones are down. Please stay on the line until we can put you on hold again."
<Elana-Silvereye> "The engines not working is a known issue and we have people working on it, please check back later"

* Sparkie can promise crazy. Vote Sparkie!
<alcar> Y' know, making an rpg about running an election would be.. interesting.
<alcar> Disturbing as all hell, but interesting :P
<Keith`> question is who would sling the most shit and who would flat out rig the election.
* alcar nods. And being players, how far things would go into insanity.
<alcar> Rig entire wars for votes, sick scandals on other players....
* alcar is very tempted to make this idea as a 24 hour rpg at some point :P
<Keith`> lol yeah i'm not sure you could get alot of play time out of it but would be intoresting

<DarkkinGM> The class makes it to the new ship where everyone is given a chance to cast a vote for the ships name
<Hardak> (awh crap I known that idea was going to bite me in the ass.)
* Sparkie casts a vote for Sparkie.
<DarkkinGM> Sparkie counts for most of teh scared npc's
<Hardak> (sparkie works for a ship name)

<DarkkinGM> Next Vote is for what the ship will be mainly used for
<DarkkinGM> Military, Trade , Passanger or Freelance
<Hardak> (pimp mobile)
<Hardak> (I say Freelance)
<Byeel> (( hehe. ))
<Byeel> (( freelance makes the most sense ))
<DarkkinGM> Ah but is sense the right thing in a Sci Fi game where sparkie gets a vote?
* Sparkie votes yes.

* Byeel also sets uyp some herbs hither and yon on the ship. Feng shui for space :P

<Keith`> kinda why i'm thinking we burn down the debt pritty fast hence the idea of 50% going to paying down the debt.
<alcar> I can't quite see it actually being important anyway once we get into the game proper.
<Keith`> well I see it as being one potental less chain, and frankly upgrading to a bigger/difrent ship might accutaly be a good idea, only so much we can do within that hull after all.
<Keith`> could be 25% to the debt 50% twards upgrades/savings
* alcar nods. Yeah.
<alcar> I have figured out a use for our captain!
<alcar> credit card fraud.
<alcar> on the galatic scale
<alcar> Pay for ship, flee system. Repeat as needed :P
* Keith` could arrange that

* Private_Nate bolts away to avoid an accident and returns shortly afterward
<Byeel> (( okay, now I'm wondering how the hell ships eject waste in Hyperspace. ... ))
<Byeel> (( It is probably safer not to wonder this. ))
<DarkkinGM> (( This ship uses 'waste' as fuel ;))
<Private_Nate> ((EEEEWWWWW!!!!!))
<DarkkinGM> (( Well any matter thats put into the fuel tank can power it ))

* Hardak waits for a vary short time after leaving dock to power everything up to full power all at once, or attempt it any way.
<Byeel> (( Autochef....Energize!" ))

<Cptn-Arkanis> "Evasive action Byeel!"
<Byeel> "Does no one follow standard protocols at exit points here?"
* Private_Nate prepares to target the ship in case needed...
<DarkkinGM> You barely dodge the Freighter and the scanners lose there lag
<Cptn-Arkanis> "Scan that freighter, what were they doing in a hyperlane?"
<Byeel> "... or is this craft entirely sub-standard," smacking the navigation computer with one han,d having seen humans do this to fix all sort of things, even children.
<Private_Nate> ((LOL))?
* Cptn-Arkanis thinks this ship is going to kill them all
* Sparkie sincerely hopes so.
<DarkkinGM> lol

<Cptn-Arkanis> "Hardak, life support is an essential system!"
<Cptn-Arkanis> "And so is gravity damnit!"

<Byeel> "This should be the interesting part of the hunt. Please accept my sincere apologies if we die during this bit, captain."

<DarkkinGM> The medical droid rolls over to the captain and asks if it can help her
<Cptn-Arkanis> Antipsychotic?
* Cptn-Arkanis checks if she's hurt
<Byeel> (( Valium. ))
<Hardak> (LOL)

<Byeel> d20 - so, sparkie..... we good?
<Sparkie> Byeel d20: 20 - so, sparkie..... we good?
<Byeel> ..... why do I ask?

<Cptn-Arkanis> Are your turrets set on stun Nate?
<Nate> "I didnīt even think ships HAD a stun setting.

<Hardak> "You trying to land us some place or just get some place to hide?"
<Cptn-Arkanis> "Both hopefully"
<Cptn-Arkanis> "We need repairs"
<Byeel> "Hding, unless the scanners pick up any viable landing point; taking tghe gate back to our point or origin could be best for repairs?"
<Hardak> "To fix this we need a dry dock."
<Cptn-Arkanis> "Find a good orbit to hide in then, see if we can't get scanners back online"
<Hardak> 2nd planet in the system can support life, there is a ring system near by, 2nd planit has a small ring system and two moons.
<Nate> ((Why would there be a wet dock in space?))
<Hardak> "You do realize captain, the scanners are on line."
<Byeel> "But space is not wet?"

<DarkkinGM> The Sparkie orbits the Farslung II as it sparks along
<Nate> "I see why this thing was named Sparkie"
* Sparkie hasn't killed you all yet :(
<Hardak> (damned close tho)
<Hardak> 1d20 juryrig
<Sparkie> Hardak 1d20: 20 juryrig
<Byeel> (( ...... getting closer. ))

<Keith`> [23:02] <Hardak> can I reprogram the auto cheff to assasinate the "captian"?
<Keith`> [23:02] <DarkkinGM> lol nope
<Keith`> [23:02] <Hardak> known I should have been an assassin droid
<alcar> lol

<Private_Nate> What was really funny was when 3 friens of mine were all on IRC me on DS another on PSP and the other on Iphone

<Zack`^> "I think you're a ghost."
<AlcarGM> Girl: "That's just stupid. I'm as solid as you are."
<Zack`^> "Then why can't anybody feel you? Or hear you? And why don't you have any real bones?"
<AlcarGM> Girl: "Excuse me? How on earth would you know if I have *bones*?" in disbelief
<Zack`^> "Joey can't smell them. He has an awesome sense of smell, and he doesn't smell your bones."
<AlcarGM> Girl: "And .. you're Joey?
<AlcarGM> Joey gives her a normal grin and just nods. "You also ignored the rest of what Zack mentioned. No joke is being played on you."
<AlcarGM> Girl: "I'm not dead. I have a manicure scheduled for 4 pm today."

<Fennec> random thought as I'm poking this, btw
<Fennec> "dark elves" are STUPID.
<Fennec> when you live underground you get albinos
<Fennec> and other very light-skinned stuff
<Fennec> it's the surface-level elves who should be dark-skinned :P
<Fennec> </rant>
<alcar> Nah, normal elves are albino-ish :p
<alcar> Blame lord of the rings :)
<Fennec> backwardses!
<alcar> dwarves are never light-skinned either, I think.
<Fennec> when I make a world it shall have albino dark-elves.
* Fennec registers albinodarkelf.com
<alcar> "I'm a Dark Elf!" "But.. you have light skin? How does that work?" "How does Michael Jackson work? Stop questioning me!"

<Zack`^> "I don't know why I shock you... probably because of my power... I was chosen by a god to deal with monsters and things."
<AlcarGM> Wendy looks about to say how stupid than sounds, then eyes you as if waiting for the punchline anyway.
<Zack`^> "You're dead, don't judge me."
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "So only insane people can see me. This is so wonderful."

<AlcarGM> CSI: Trail
<AlcarGM> That would be so horrible :p

<Zack`^> "Were ou wearing anything that could identify you?"
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "I - I don't remember. I don't think so. I wasn't wearing any jewellery. Only ugly girls need that."
<Zack`^> "Wow..."

<AlcarGM> Wendy: "I paid for that maniciure; I should get it, even if I am dead."

<Zack`^> "If you want to go to hell, then you're going."
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "I need to be certain. I know! I'm solid. You're solid. I bet you haven't had sex yet, have you? I'm sure that would do it.
<AlcarGM> Joey doesn't stumble and fall flat on his face, mostly because he's no longer really human.
<Zack`^> "Can't, I shock you, remember?"
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "What about you?" to Joey.
<AlcarGM> Joey just stares at her in complete disbelief.
<Zack`^> "I don't think Joey's into ghosts..."
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "Well, he doesn't know that *yet*, does he?"

<Zack`^> "My connections are of egyptian orgigin as far as I know the afterlife that we all go to is the egyptian underworld."
<AlcarGM> Wendy: ".... Well, can't you ask? What good is being chosen by gods if you can't find out if the afterlife has cable or not?"
<Zack`^> "I'm certain it doesn't... Plus I don't want to call in favors just to find out if there's cable in the afterlife..."
<Zack`^> "You know there are other things in--existing, than cable TV."

<Zack`^> "I don't think Hell has cable... isn't it supposed to be torcher, torcher and... torcher?"
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "You don't watch much TV, do you?"
<Zack`^> "I also can't spell torture
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "Imagine a Pauly Shore marathon. Hell has to have cable."
<Zack`^> "Why would you want it if all it plays is Pauly shore?"
<AlcarGM> Wendy: "You're trying to ruin Hell for me, aren't you?"

<Zack`^> "Of all the bodies you could eat..."
<Zack`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Joey: "She *asked* me to," still refusing to look at you. "It's not like it was fun. Or easy."
<Zack`^> "She's not a normal ghost... Ghosts don't have scent."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "I know that."
<AlcarGM> Wendy walks past you both, ignoring the grave and looking around at the trees. "I was here."
<AlcarGM> Joey: ".... uhm, Zack? Did eating her make her loopy?"

* Zack`^ tries the weights =p
<AlcarGM> You manage to lift them.... and realize that wii weights and real ones aren't the same at all :p
<Zack`^> hahaha
* Zack`^ lets out a small hnnng

<AlcarGM> The teacher walks over after you finish the second, frowning. "Boy, how much weight do you think that is?"
* Zack`^ just stares at him
<Zack`^> "Uuuuhhhh..."
* Zack`^ looks at the weight
<AlcarGM> Still 20 :P
<Zack`^> "20 pounds?"
<AlcarGM> "And you think that's weight?" he demands, and begins adding another ten to either side. "You're here to lift weight, not text books!"
<AlcarGM> Somewhere, a vampire wakens from sleep. "There is... a new way to kill those chosen of the gods. I have seen.. fitness!"

<Zack`^> "I still wonder what he's doing that he had to make the trip.."
<AlcarGM> Joey: 'Trip?"
<Zack`^> "To the school."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Yeah. I mean, what kind of monsters becomes a substite gym teacher to torture..... wait. Never mind."

<Fennec> intelligence-gathering type :P
<Elana-Silvereye> Cool
<Fennec> postcog etc.
<Elana-Silvereye> I have the gunbunny/claw&eat people role filled =D
* Fennec had that last time with Rachael :P
<Elana-Silvereye> Its an important party role
<Elana-Silvereye> As important in an Alcar game as a Cleric is in a D&D party
<Fennec> other people can kick butt; I'm here to take names :P
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol
<Elana-Silvereye> We can race
<Elana-Silvereye> Intel vs kill them race XD
<Fennec> sixth sense: conspiracy.
<Elana-Silvereye> Signature weapon: uzi

<Tass> problem is, I'm not sure how to build the mechanical equivalent to the tooth fairy in besm

<AlcarGM> Tanya: "I'm having trouble recalling that you are the people who ruined the party I had."
* Zack`^ shrugs
<Zack`^> "You ruined this one, for the record..."
<Zack`^> "Is it because I came with you?"
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "*I* ruined it? How did I do that?"
<Zack`^> "You got the cop."
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "That was because of the floating woman!"
* Zack`^ nods
<Zack`^> "And now you know how it feels."
<AlcarGM> Tanya: ".... how what feels?"
<AlcarGM> Joey turns a snicker into a cough.
<Zack`^> "To be blamed for ruining a party, even if you were only trying to help."
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "Trying to help? Trying to help? You traumatized the hired security, faked a mass shooting and exiled the host! That is NOT the same thing as this!"

<AlcarGM> Joey: "Hospitals are just creepy, though."
* Zack`^ goes to lunch
<Zack`^> "yes. I hope there aren't any ghosts."
<AlcarGM> Joey: "Hey, at least you can stop them. The best I can do is eat their bones and hope that works."

<AlcarGM> You manage to avoid the strike, barely, and the Joey lets go of the whip with a yelp, smoking coming off his hands.
<AlcarGM> err, smoke. Not smoking :P
<AlcarGM> Whips of the gods: now helping fight the tobacco industry! Details at 11.

* Elana-Silvereye likes the new Starwars saga roleplaying system
<alcar> there's a new one?
<alcar> d20 or?
<Elana-Silvereye> D20
<alcar> Ah. Well, I guess they had to put the dark side in it somehow :p

* Dr_Earl is looking down at his control pad, tapping a few buttons. "Going to tell me about this alchemist you're dealing with then?"
<AlcarGM> Letitia scowls prettily at you, then tosses her hair behind her head. "Wouldn 't *you* want to know."
* Dr_Earl nods, "That's why I'm asking." He walks over to a table, sits down at it and opens the control pad and moves some parts around in it.
<AlcarGM> Her scowl turns into a slight frown, and then a smile on her lips. "He has taught me things science never will," she says coyly.
<AlcarGM> (( "Like the power of orgone energy." ))

<Kate-Crimson> "We need to know where a certin girl is, one that was kidnapped"
<Dr_Earl> heh, "Where's that cretin girl?"
<Dr_Earl> That's what I read. :P
<AlcarGM> Crouton girl.
<Dr_Earl> lol!
<AlcarGM> Even salds need superhero sidekicks :p
<Dr_Earl> that is... that is a terribly great idea right there

* Molly-Maxim waves vigorously at Chiovani
<Molly-Maxim> "Thankyou Mr. Chiovani! I'm glad we didn't have to shoot you!"
* Kate-Crimson looks a little concerned at Molly, but just makes haste to the bike
<Kate-Crimson> "C'mon, were going"
<Molly-Maxim> "Wha? Oh, right ok, sorry mis Kate"
<AlcarGM> Chiovani pauses in the doorway to the Restaurant, then goes in without bothing to reply.

<Dr_Earl> "Is it a school day ANdres?
<AlcarGM> Andres shakes his head. "That's Monday, silly!"
<Dr_Earl> "So it's sunday then, huh?"
<AlcarGM> He lets out a long sufferintg sigh. "It's *Saturday*, dad."
* Dr_Earl smiles. "Of course it is. So, did you have any plans, or are we gonna go spend the day out and about together?"
<AlcarGM> "I thought you'd be busy building stuff?" he says.
<AlcarGM> He does look hopeful at the idea, though.
<Dr_Earl> "Even "Even Descartes took a day off."
<AlcarGM> (( "I think therefore I slack." ))

* Elana-Silvereye is party psycho?
* tass sorta expects that from the party Elana
<tass> but what kinda psycho?
<tass> there are lotsa kindsa!
<Elana-Silvereye> Kind Thats upset shes not also a vampire?
<Fennec> yeah! there's Rachael and then there's Yuki, and that's not even half the spectrum! :P
<tass> I mean, its kinda a game1 trait for all the players to have PCs desperately in need of therapy :P
<alcar> hehehe elana

<tass> I mean, its kinda a game1 trait for all the players to have PCs desperately in need of therapy :P

* Elana-Silvereye is still contimplating being a vampire anyways and seeing if Alcar notices

<alcar> Cal: A lot of that depends on the scope of the setting. A fantasy campaign generally == "you make one work, have giant epic" Sci fi can compass many worlds, which is automatically more work and investment.
<tass> thats the best, when that gets glossed over
<tass> like in Starwars
<alcar> Yeah. Where you have planet swith just one ecosystem :)
<tass> desert planet, ocean planet, forest planet :P
<tass> oh man
<tass> I can see SW characters finding earth and going WTF!?
<tass> who mashed all these planets together!?
<alcar> lol tass
<alcar> Earth could be the star wars Ringworld :)

* Elana-Silvereye would find it hilarious if a jedi was in the group
* Sparkie can solve all those problems with two words:
<Sparkie> Darth Bot.
<Elana-Silvereye> Cause thier story would be that the jedi council assigned them to join the group because some jedi master foresaw thier buisnes succes being vital to the future balance of the force somehow XD
<Elana-Silvereye> "Wait so, My car won't start, and they sent a Jedi?"
* Elana-Silvereye pictures Quai gon jin plunging a toilet
<tatterdemalion> "Your damaged toilet has reft the very foundation of the force in twain! Behold as we use our force senses to fix your problem at a very reasonable rate, here is a datapad for you to sign right here."
<Caltak> lightplunger?
<Elana-Silvereye> Lol

<tatterdemalion> Okay, a lightplunger would be awesome.
<tatterdemalion> "Wait, you have a.. what?" "You've never seen a Hutt toilet, have you?"
<fennec> tatterdemalion: 'reft in twain' isn't quite QGJ's style I think
<tatterdemalion> is venture bros. style :p
<Elana-Silvereye> "I sense a great disturbance in your pipes"
<Elana-Silvereye> ROFL
<Elana-Silvereye> I wonder anyone has called him "QGJ" before
<Elana-Silvereye> Maybe his padawan before kenobi, a black youth that ended up killed mysteriously

<Kiwikaos> Healing will probably be my main potion thing, since you have an evil dicebot
<Kiwikaos> is it actually weighted towards the low end, or was I just unlucky?
<Cag> hmm? sparkie isn't bad :P

<Caltak> If I go pilot I should probably go all-out, but I still get worried about ending up less than useful.
<tatterdemalion> There is a yeti ninja. Usefulness is secondary to awesome :P

<AlcarGM> Lillian: "Oh, the security guard is here all night. They don't want anyone covering the place in grafitti or something before they can assess what has to be fixed and the like."
<Zack`^> "Oh... How do you know that?"
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "It was on the radio this morning."
<AlcarGM> (( "Radio GM: for all your infodump needs." ))

<AlcarGM> A young man is standing in the hallway, looking rather stunned. He looks to be about 30 and is wearing a poorly fitting t-shirt and shorts. Oh, yes, and he's quite pale.
<Zack`^> "Who are you?"
<AlcarGM> Man: "Two kids, fine. Three, whatever. There's, what, seven if you kids here in one night?!" He throws his hands up in the air and then smiles at you, eyes flickering red and baring fangs as he hovers over the floor. "FLEE THIS PLACE HUMANS LEST YOU LOSE YOUR SOULS!" he screams.
<AlcarGM> Lillian sighs.
<Zack`^> "Uhm... Who else has been down here?"
<AlcarGM> The vampire looks a little puzzled. "Excuse me? Fangs? Flying?" He lands on the ground and gives you both a glare. "This is the part where you run screaming."
<Zack`^> "Have you seen a guy around with holes in his face?"
<AlcarGM> Vampire: ".... is there something in the water tonight?!"
<AlcarGM> "Aw, man." You hear Joey's voice from the basement. "What's going on now Zack?"
<Zack`^> "You heard they're reopening this place right? It's the last chance to check it out... Anyway.. guy? holes? Face?"
<Zack`^> "Oh... Is something in the basement?"
<AlcarGM> Vampire: "Vampire. Me? Scary?!"

<randomPCforRandomGame`^> 1d2 male/female
<Sparkie> randomPCforRandomGame`^ 1d2: 2 male/female
<randomPCforRandomGame`^> !generate female 5
<Sparkie> Richard Mantooth
<Sparkie> .. just 2 options?
<randomPCforRandomGame`^> richard mantooth... the girl
<alcar> You know, some day I need to check that generator over :P

<AlcarGM> Okay! You have returned to Chicago after a brief trip (5 days) to South America where you got to pilot Air Force 0 and take president Coolidge to a secret meeting with the mer-folk of Lemuria. It is, of course, classified. It's Sunday morning in Chicago, the sky is clear and blue, and people are heading to work and out to get bites to eat before then.
<Trent_Turbo> (( nice, and we didn't even crash. ))
<AlcarGM> (( Well, we can't go around killing the president and replacing him with a robot *yet* :P ))

<Umagoro`-`> do i have any clue who Dr E is?
<AlcarGM> Nope. He smells of oils and metal though. The other man (Trent) smells of cars and planes.
<AlcarGM> Andres, Earl's son, smells nice.
<Umagoro`-`> great i'm a gay pedofile yeti!
<AlcarGM> roflmao.
<AlcarGM> Nah. It's just more fun if a 4 year old has a yeti :P

* Dr_Earl looks to the man that just walked in, a bit perplexed.
<Dr_Earl> "And you might be, stranger?"
<Trent_Turbo> (( psst, have you checked the board? I guest starred in your novel :P ))
<Trent_Turbo> (( you maybe should give it a look when you get a second :P ))

* Umagoro`-` rubs his eyes a bit sleeply befor pulling Andres into a bear hug and drifing back off to sleep
<AlcarGM> Andres lets out a yelp and delighted laugh. "This is the best pillow ever daddy," from inside the yeti's grip.
<AlcarGM> (( Andres: "Are you SURE we can't skin and stuff it?" ))
* Dr_Earl runs over to the walk in. "Andres! Umagoro! Get up, both of you!"
<Trent_Turbo> (( put robot parts inside ))
<SilverHorse> Robot yeti
<SilverHorse> HELL YES.
<Trent_Turbo> :P

<AlcarGM> Andres: "Dadddy! This isn't scary at all. The car hasn't even caught fire yet.:"
<AlcarGM> Andres: "Dad's stuff always does about now," as if the lack of any explosion was a failing on Trent's part.
<Trent_Turbo> "Jeeze, Doc!"
* Molly-Maxim could be compeled ti explode if need be
<Dr_Earl> "Andres, I didn't make these cars. The Ford manufacturers are a corrupt and evil conglomorete."
<Molly-Maxim> ((does ford use liquified orphans for fuel as well?))
<AlcarGM> (( only when they run the plant on Sundays. ))

<AlcarGM> Anres just stares at Kate without a shred of fear, looking curious more than anything else.
* Kate-Crimson seems a bit put off that she aparently Can't intimidate the child
<Kate-Crimson> "You like guns Andres?"
<AlcarGM> Andres considers that. "I don't think so," gravely. "People try and shoot me with them a lot. And they're never nice people, if they have guns."
* Kate-Crimson kneels down next to him
<Kate-Crimson> "Well I ussualy shoot those people"
<AlcarGM> "Oh." He considers that. "And you think you're not like them?" curiously.
<Kate-Crimson> "If you knew how to use one, you could shoot back, like if they shot at your dad"
<AlcarGM> Noll almost falls off the chair he'd sat down on, blurting out: "He's only four years old!"

<AlcarGM> Diana nods approvingly to it when she comes down to breakfast but does eye your hair critically. At least she says nothing.
<Zack`^> i thought it was a good cut =(
* Zack`^ grabs breakfast
<AlcarGM> Yes, but *you* combed it :p
<Zack`^> hahaha
<Zack`^> there's that
<Zack`^> like fur =p

<AlcarGM> Troll: "Where is she?!"
* Zack`^ doesn't answer.
<Zack`^> "You should call out to her. Maybe she'll show herself."
<Zack`^> maybe I do answer

<GeminiRai> 1d2 live or die?
<Sparkie> GeminiRai 1d2: 1 live or die?
<GeminiRai> so be it
<Sparkie> You can reroll if you want?
* Sparkie is very helpful.
<GeminiRai> 1d2 best out of three?
<Sparkie> GeminiRai 1d2: 2 best out of three?
<GeminiRai> 1d2 and the tie breaker!
<Sparkie> GeminiRai 1d2: 2 and the tie breaker!
<GeminiRai> thanks Sparkie
<GeminiRai> 2#d2 one last appeal for decency
<Sparkie> GeminiRai 2#d2: 2 2 one last appeal for decency

<Caltak> hey, in your setting, what level of Marked would constitute being made of living stone, having big wings, claws for hands and feet, horns, and a beastial face?
<alcar> Depends if the pc is also a lawyer or not :P
<Caltak> lol, no.
<alcar> and -3
<alcar> otherwise -1 :)

<Ora> this game has some short names. Ora. Gar. also a lot of Rs. Merlyn.
<Gar> Gar is short for Garth. Garth Goyle. :p
<AlcarGM> Lance has already decided never to call Gar that :p

<Gar> Here I am, hitting on Amy because the other PCs are boring me. :P
<Ora> if alcar wants something to happen he could pull a _24_ and have terrorists sneak in to blow the place up :P
<Gar> I think we're supposed to be forming some kind of group dynamic or comraderie or something. :P

<Merlyn`^> when are we going to get our first assignment?
<Ora> idunno ask!
<SilverHorse> His PC can't
* Gar gasps!
<Gar> Oh no, don't bother Lance!
<SilverHorse> unless he draws a picture of you guys going out the door all A-team style
<SilverHorse> The gargoyle would need some gold chains, but it could work
<AlcarGM> Gargoyle with a fear of flying would be the problem :p

<SilverHorse> In 2009 a crack mutant unit was sent to work for a crime I'm sure they would commit, these mutants promptly escaped to the break room. Today, still working for the government, they survive as tools of bureaucrats. If you have a problem, and noone else wants to help, maybe you can hire, The C Team
<SilverHorse> christ
<SilverHorse> that took WAY TOO LONG.

* Ora emerges from the car and unfolds a white parasol.
* Gar starts rolling the van forward through the gate. "So we heard. Don't worry, we'll take care of this." *turns the van around once inside, so it will be facing the exit. Then he climbs out.*
<Ora> (( oh we're not stopped yet ))
* Ora emerges from the car and unfolds a white paraso /when we stop/
<AlcarGM> (( fastest pc death ever.... ))

<Gar> hmm. I was about to make a snide X-Files reference, when it occurs to me that show might not exist.
<AlcarGM> lol. Yeah, probably not.
<AlcarGM> The N-Files. a world where magic and weird science doesn't exist! People who seek to prove magic and aliens aren't real in spite of the evidence!
<Gar> The Lies Are Out There
<Gar> I Don't Want To Believe
<AlcarGM> I have to make this a tv show in the game now :P
<Gar> Fox Sculder, fanatically believing the government kidnapped his sister and magic is all a conspiracy, and his partern, Dana Mully, experienced magical healing specialist who refuses to believe him.

<Ora> 2d6+7 tell me more about this stick alcar
<Sparkie> Ora 2d6+7: 11(4) tell me more about this stick alcar
<AlcarGM> +2 magical item, worth 4,000 XP.
<AlcarGM> :p

* Merlyn`^ reads some notes
* Merlyn`^ tugs on Oya's sleeve
* Ora looks down at the youngster?
* Merlyn`^ hands her a laminated card with the suspect's rights written on it
* Merlyn`^ gives ora a thumbs up
<AlcarGM> Ora: it's done up quite well; Merlyn at least knows a fair bit about what rights she has and laws.
<Gar> (( I've probably heard the Miranda rights a new times myself, heh ))
<Gar> (( or at least the first bit :p ))
<Gar> (( before the "evading arrest" started :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( "You have the right to stop doing that! Right now! I mean it, put that down now!" ))
* Ora hmms. "You have a right to remain silent! How fortunate for you. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"
* Ora blahs.
<Gar> (( "You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, the state will summon one from the pits of hell for you." ))

<Gar> "Look, kid, it'll get taken care of. Later. By grown-ups." *grabs the file about the succubi and sticks it back into the filing cabinet, shutting it*
<AlcarGM> The succubi would sue the police force for attempted entrapment :P
<Gar> I'm mainly just trying to draw focus away from that one because I know what will happen.
* Sparkie would have fun!
* Gar is far from incorruptible.

<Gale`> the dark is scary after all
<Gale`> and things are always less scary with a friend
<Gale`> unless your friend is a zombie :/
<AlcarGM> :)
<Gale`> like some kinda firefly cricket :P
<AlcarGM> Even in this universe, Walk Disney has much to answer for :p

<Ora> (with a sarcastic tone and a smile) "Your /face/ is a horror movie standard, Gar."
<Gar> "Your mother."
<Ora> "Also true."

* alcar nods. It will be amusing ot see Merlyn communicate with it beyond shoving abadge into it and hoping it can read :)
<alcar> otoh, if the pcs do arrest a section of the sewer successfully, they'll definitely impress the regular police department.
<alcar> Lance: "They did WHAT? ..... Where the hell is the antacid?"
<Chaos`^> i wasn't trying to show it that I was police
<Chaos`^> i was trying to touch it with silver =p

<Zack`^> she hasn't asked what was so traumatic that they had to become gay to forget

<Zack`^> "Well?"
<AlcarGM> Bob: "They're being modified into a hive mind, probably, to discover faster than light travel."
<Zack`^> "Oh..."
<Zack`^> "Uh... How do I fix THAT?"
<AlcarGM> (( Bob: "Amnesia kiss him." ))
<Zack`^> (("no."))
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Well, it's not like it will work anyway, but finding out that he can't discover the speed of dark would drive the man insane."
<Zack`^> "There's a speed of dark?"
<AlcarGM> Bob: "Of course; the dark is always there befoe the light is."

* Zack`^ does actual homework
<Zack`^> 3d6 homework
<Sparkie> Zack`^ 3d6: 12 homework
* Sparkie is not amused.

<AlcarGM> "The trees let themselves lose, you know. They decided to give in, to die, to be fuel and food. Does that make you happy? They chose to die that humanity could live and none of you even know it."
<AlcarGM> the dryad is paraphrasing from the book of mormon so... now we know where Joe Smith goot his real testament from :P
<Zack`^> paraphrasing what?
<AlcarGM> Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy. 2 nephi 25.
<AlcarGM> It's an interesting take on the idea of the fall.
<AlcarGM> instead of it being the old guy entrapping them, it's adam taking the bait so that, in the fullness of time, sin happens, humans are bone, the messiah shows up. Possibly to give the messiah a job, but BOM-Adam seems a pretty decent fellow.

<Silvran> lol
<Silvran> A poodle named Muffin saved us from the death bots.
<Silvran> When they write the biography on us, I hope they leave that out.

<AlcarGM> AI: "Extra food, clothing, supplies, entertainment. This system is not permitted to provde weapons or illegal items. As per article 492a , sex aids do not count as weapons or illegal items."
<AlcarGM> So, yes, you could gety the AI to produde a giant sex aid and use it to fight people. If you had to ;P
<Andrew`> "The metal spikes are for enhanced pleasure. Honestly."
<Silvran> Alcar, don't you remember?
<Silvran> The last sex aid we came across was both a dildo and a gun
* Andrew` does not recall this.
<Silvran> Right before the teddy bear incident
* Andrew` must have blocked all this out because it is not ringing any bells. :p
* AlcarGM must have done the same thing :P
<Silvran> Oh come on.
<Silvran> I'm not making this up. Something like that could only come from Alcar!

<alcar> Also, Gwen'll be.. different, likely :P
<SilverHorse> different
<Elana-Silvereye> Different how? XD
<Caltak> Better? :)
<Elana-Silvereye> Like won't accidentaly kill people and be in prepetual denial about it?
<Elana-Silvereye> Cause it's debatable if that'd make her better or not
<Elana-Silvereye> Less fun maybe, but not better XD
<Caltak> I think maybe, playing a different character, I might find someone who kills people and is in denial about it but can't be externally managed less than a fun companion. :p
<Caltak> oh wait
<Caltak> that was the pot calling the kettle black, huh?

<Andrew[VeryBig]> I mean, sans teleporter or space ship, we're kind of fucked. even if I can get infintely big, I'd have to contend with vacuum and falling into stars. And if I got even larger than that, any star system I got near would get royally fucked by my gravity and there'd be no sense trying to shrink back down to land on a planet. :(
<AlcarGM> lol@!
<AlcarGM> "That's not a moon, that's ... giant... cat ... person."

<AlcarGM> A tall beared man with a is standing outside it wearing a shift and jeans and smoking a cigarette held in his hand and examining readouts on his arm other, which is cybernetic. He looks at his arm, the four of you, and back at his arm. "What the hey?"
<Andrew[6`]> "Hi. Is there somewhere near here I can go to get some clothes?"
<Silvran> "Hello!"
<AlcarGM> The man eyes the four of you warily, then tosses the cigarette onto the ground and walks over. "What're you people here for?" looking wary. "We weren't told anything about an inspection this cycle."
* Andrew[6`] glances at Rex.
<AlcarGM> Rex: "Ah, there has been a change of of plans," quickly. "Surprise inspections."
<AlcarGM> The man frowns a little. 'Without any warning?"
<Silvran> "We found announcing them made the results.. less than accurate."
<Andrew[6`]> "It wouldn't be a surprise if we warned you," *chuckling awkwardly*
<AlcarGM> The man waves that away with his human hand. "We all have contacts, sirs. You know how it is. 'Inspections' are seldom secet; it's what a few decent bribes are for."

* Gar walks up to the van, then looks at Gale. "I could hold onto that, so you can drive."
* Gale` looks a little pensive, "Well.... okay, just try to think happy thoughts."
* Gale` hands it over reluctantly
* Gale` drives back to base, then?
<AlcarGM> Unles anyone objects?
* Gar takes the box, when handed it, and places it calmly inside the cage in the back of the van.
* Gar then climbs into the seating area.
* Gale` looks in the rear view mirror, frows, and gets out of the car, heads to the back, gets the mimic out of the cage, and opening Gar's door, hands it to Gar, "You're bad with kids, aren't you?"
<Gar> "What the hell? Puppy or no, he committed a crime." *sticks it back in the cage quickly*

* Gale` heads home, to spend a quiet night alone with a small amount of company
* Ora misread Gale's comment as "heads home to spend a quiet night alone with some cosplay"
<Out2lunch> Hee, Cosplay is a pretty good name for a mimic ;)

<Out2lunch> a bonnet? like in little house on the prairie?
<Ora> yeah.
<Ora> to protect myself from the sun. of course.
<Out2lunch> a little old fasioned, but functional...
<Ora> indeed.
<Gale`> I couldn't describe fennec any better
<Ora> haha

<Gale`> "Well, we need to call mystic control and see what they do with mimics, I'm assuming it has a natural habitat."
<Gale`> (not like animal control, but for all the mystic stuff that isn't of animal intelligence, but still smart enough to pose interesting questions.)
<Gale`> "Honestly, it needs someplace to be, and I don't know where that is right now."
* Gale` writes a note to himself, 'mimic adoption agencies?'

<Gale`> I was going to give that gun to my vampire secret agent
<Gale`> suddenly this game feels very hellboy :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> that is a good feeling, I think :)
<Gale`> only invert the funding and secrecy scales :P

<AlcarGM> Okay,. The kid is missing, the gargoyle is elsewhere, and Ora and Gale are left all, all alone.....
<Gale`> "Welp, everyone is gone. Should we go knock of the door of possible illegal hellions with only the two of us?"
<Gale`> ("....wanna make out?"
<Gar> (( lol ))
<Gale`> (end parenthesis, eeeeend parenthesis!)
<Gar> (( You could file shit with Amy. ))

<Silvran> I'd like to see a 6 foot tall puma beast creep
<Andrew[6`]> very quiet paws
<Andrew[6`]> also, carpet

<AlcarGM> "This is not a simulation as well; ignore the dice bot behind the curtain."

<Andrew[6`]> "Well, apparently, we were all created as soldiers or weapons or something. They had us in virtual reality simulators, probably for training. But they ended up leaving us there for a very long time and we only woke up because the system started to fail. But, again, you weren't there at the time so I don't know what the deal is with you right now."
* Gwen looks confused, or upset
<Gwen> "Well at least we're still all together?"
<Gwen> "er, are again?"
<Andrew[6`]> "Yes." simply, with no emotion one way or another.
<AlcarGM> (( "But what about that wild night of passion?! Men! All alike, trying to deny ..." etc. ))
<Gwen> "I mean seriously, I don't ever remember anything else, Its just like yesterday for me"
<Andrew[6`]> (( hey, Andrew did end up with a screwed up partial memory of what went on in the VR so its possible :P ))

<Silvran> man
<Silvran> I really don't want to get this poor girl killed because of such a shit excuse
<Silvran> lol
<AlcarGM> hehehe
<AlcarGM> You can heal her :p
* Silvran could try
* Sparkie doesn't believe in try. Only different ways to fail.

* Andrew[8`] quietly shrinks down the 2 feet he just gained, so as to take the stress off the borrowed jumpsuit. He frown as he glances as some seams that have likely started to seperate.
* Andrew[8`] is now known as Greg[6`]
* Greg[6`] is now known as Andrew[6`]
<Andrew[6`]> (( woah weird typo ))
<Silvran> (( Shrinks AND changes into another character, amazing! ))
<Andrew[6`]> (( move along, nothing to see here... ))

<Silvran> "Well... let's see what we're dealing with."
<Sparkie> Besides me?
<Silvran> (( If we have to fight an evil dicebot, we're all fucked anyways. ))
<Sparkie> ... some of us aren't evil?
<Silvran> Sure sure. Those 2s just roll themselves.
<Silvran> :P

* Silvran looks around, making sure to make eye contact with Greg and Andrew
* Andrew[6`] nods to Silvran in a knowing fashion, as though confirming something unspoken. But really just giving that impression.

<Silvran> "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a completely ad-hoc plot device"
<AlcarGM> Yup :p
* AlcarGM needed to call the substance used to power starships *something*
<AlcarGM> from notes: "Applied phlebotinum: A substance that allows hyperspastial drives to function."
<AlcarGM> Very bad joke.

* Notchling asks Sparkie what happens.
<Notchling> !uasurge
<Sparkie> Every time you shoot and kill a living thing, the dog from the NES game Duck Hunt appears and drags the corpse to you.
<Elana-GM> !uasurge
<Sparkie> Following your near death autoerotic asphyxiation experience, you believe that every time you masturbate, God kills a baby. But you're raw from trying to keep up with the breeders. There are so many of them, and only one of you. But you know yor duty.
<Elana-GM> ...
<Sparkie> What?
* Sparkie bets you can blame THAT one on alcar though.

<Gwen> Gwen's not feelin tha love, Andrew was like cold shouldering her
<SilverHorse> Silvran and Greg straight up left
<SilverHorse> lol
<SilverHorse> with the weakest excuse ever... "Pants."
<Gwen> Lol
<Gwen> At least it made Gwen think they cared for her wellfare
<Gwen> Then Andrew helped het get breakfast, but I think that was like trying to come up with a distraction
<SilverHorse> That same table that made breakfast could have made pants :P

<AlcarGM> Table: "No fair! She's running the latest Solar Sytem XP!"
<Gwen> Lol whut?
<AlcarGM> from scannin gwen :p
<AlcarGM> The table could sulk over bein a 3.1 model.
<Gwen> Lol
<Gwen> New Table 4.0 with redundant 5th stability leg!
<AlcarGM> :)

* Gwen turns and looks at one of the metal chairs intently
<AlcarGM> The chair remains a chair.
* Gwen grabs onto the chair casualy, but squeezes hard
<AlcarGM> The chair, solid metal and quite sturdy, is crushed as if it was wet paper.
* Silvran shakes his head
<AlcarGM> The woman gasps in shock.
<Gwen> "Wind you say? Thats odd... And er sounds like a safety violation"
<AlcarGM> Greg winces and glares at Gwen.
<Gwen> "er... This chair is a safety violation too"
<Gwen> "Shoddily made obviously"
<Gwen> "We'll take it with us, you could have been hurt if you sat in it!"
* Silvran laughs nervously
<Silvran> "Like I said, we're a bit on the special side."
<AlcarGM> Jamie: "I -- oh." she nods madly. "The maker can make better ones, but we have been rationing materials."

<AlcarGM> Gwen hurls the ball, which smashes through a soldier and removes her torso.
* Gwen didn't think she threw it THAT hard
<AlcarGM> Greg is shot twice but keeps moving, landing and disemboweling two soldiers quivkly.
* Gwen isn't quite complaining tho... Just it'll be hard to dent later
<AlcarGM> What's gwen doing? :)
<Gwen> *deny
<Silvran> (( I think Gwen will have no problem denting things. ))

<AlcarGM> Gwen's thrust slows. but the leaders face crumples inward like overripe fruit. Silvran mansages to grab and heal.
<Gwen> "See! I told you it wasn't me! I didn't touch him!"
* Gwen seems a bit too excited considering the situation
<AlcarGM> The last soldier attempts to flee only to have Greg leap through him and emerge on the other side with internal organs in his hands.
<AlcarGM> The body drops, twitching.
* Silvran lets the leader fall the rest of the way to the ground then places a firm foot on his chest
<AlcarGM> The leader, wisely, does not move, breathing weakly through pain.
<AlcarGM> Leader: "What .... are ... you ... people?"
<Gwen> "Safety inspectors"
<Silvran> (( LOL ))

<AlcarGM> The battle-hardened soldier lets out a thin wail of horror as he's forced to relive his sixth grade birthday party again ... and again ... until, finally, the clown where's silvran's face.
<Gwen> "oh now thats just wrong"
<AlcarGM> Leader: "No, no, no," shaking his head brokenly. "there clown. The clown. No!"
<Gwen> "I just wanted to break his legs but you had to do that?"
<Silvran> "That's right. And I've come back for you."
* Silvran keeps his hand on the man's temple
* Gwen looks at greg
<AlcarGM> The leader begins to weep like a baby. "Go away!"
<AlcarGM> Greg just stares at Silvran, looking a little stunned.
<AlcarGM> The man continues to sob, shimpering weakly even as reason slowly returns to his eyes, nothing f the man left save for a broken shell.
* Gwen leans down to watch

<Gwen> "These soldiers were unsafe, we are rectifying the situation, please go back to your homes citizens"
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Jamie: "But you ... you broke and he became ..." she waves a hand wildly towards Greg. "What in the name of the Source has Beyond done?!"
<Gwen> "er... Don't worry about it, just go home, they were VERY unsafe, so... we are fixing it"
<Gwen> "I understand advanced safety prevention techniques might look strange but everything is under control, just go home everybody"
* Gwen smirks not even being able to beleive her own bullshit
<AlcarGM> The women look at where their children died, at bodies shredded and broken and a mind eing shatteed .. and go home. For most, it is enough to see others' suffer as they did, that sometimes such things are so very clean

<Silvran> welp. Guess Silvran has two choices then
<Silvran> Let the savior thing pass.
<AlcarGM> or savior take off mask and the clown smiles? :p

<alcar> Is fun to give them an enemy they can really go nuts against :p
* Gwen is now known as Elana-Silvereye
<Elana-Silvereye> I think soldiers are Gwen's racial enemy
<alcar> lol!

* Andrew[10`] looks down at the handle, stepping into the hallway and bending down to pick it up.
<AlcarGM> Andrew[10`]: it feels like just a handle, but you hear air currents move a little when you pick it up. You can cut yourself, if you want :)
* Andrew[10`] decides to pass on cutting himself, thanks. He gingerly holds it out to Silvran, in case he'd like it.
* Silvran carefully grabs the handle and examines the weapon
* Andrew[10`] begins walking down the hallway at a leisurely pace, ears brushing the ceiling (presumably).
<AlcarGM> It's quite thin, more showy that anything else, but Silvran finds he does know how to use it.
<AlcarGM> Finding a sheathe may be more of a problem, unless he just uses another pc.
<Andrew[10`]> (( ouch ))

<Silvran> "You don't get it do you?"
<Andrew[10`]> "Let's assume I don't."
<Silvran> "We were built from the ground up for war. We're never going to 'fit in' somewhere, settle down, and live out our lives in peace, if we even age."
<Silvran> "The best we can do is make the best of what we have and help the people who can't help themselves."
<Andrew[10`]> "I'm not a gun. I can do things other than kill. I'd prefer to do those things."
<Silvran> "We managed to get to this planet without any bloodshed, if you don't count our own."

<Andrew[10`]> hmm... contingency plan: take Greg and leave Silvran and Gwen to fight opression while we find a nice vacation spot to relax in.
<Silvran> Oh hell no, you're taking Gwen too
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Andrew[10`]> So she can crush all the martini glasses and snap the waiter in half? no thanks.
<AlcarGM> No, no: Gwen cannot be taken. The operative word WAS vacation :p
<Silvran> I'd take fighting oppressive evil corporations any day before having Gwen as Silv's sidekick

<AlcarGM> She taps the page with a finger; the covers of the book turn white and it trembles slightly in her grip, a low growl filling the air.
* Zack`^ steps back "Whoa..."
<AlcarGM> Lillian hesitates, staring at the pages when nothing else happens. "... okay." She takes a deep breath and taps the page again, frowning. "English, please?"
<AlcarGM> She flips a few more pages hesitantly, ten looks up at you. "What the hell is a chemistry teacher doing with a book that growls at people?"
<Zack`^> "I told you, raising a zombie army, taking over their minds..."
* Zack`^ shrugs
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "But how do you *find* something like this?" She closes the book gingerly.
* Zack`^ shrugs again "I don'tknow, I just know that the class started getting weird a few days ago."
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "I have no idea why it listened to me ... is that even the right word? But I think it should read as english now if ... fed."
<Zack`^> "Fed?"
<AlcarGM> Lillian: "The writing was demandinmg human blood," in a very matter of fact tone. "This had better not be a birthday present for someone."

<AlcarGM> He stands. "Well. You don't seem to be crazy, and I know crazy."
<AlcarGM> Harrison mutters something about Tom Cruise, then: "How flexible are you?"
<AlcarGM> Harrison existed entirely for the crazy / tom cruise remark :p

* AlcarGM is horribly tempted for someone do to san inspection now. "Three miners, dude with a sword and a cat on a horse."
<Silvran> lol
<AlcarGM> "Oh, no, sir: they're all on the same horse. Why are you looking at me like that?"

<AlcarGM> Other Miner: "No one dies in heaven," as if everyone else was confused. "This was just a game."
<AlcarGM> Other Miner wins the Game1 npc award fpr coping with pcs :p

* Andrew[15`] grows slightly, reaches up, and attempts to open said panel.
<AlcarGM> Andrew easily opens the panel. No one sticks an energy rifle down and tries to kill him.
<AlcarGM> (( though Elmer Fudd trying that would be hella awesome ))
<AlcarGM> (( "I have you know you wascally .. kitty ... cat." ))

<AlcarGM> Kid: "My arm still doesn't work, and ..." he trails off. "I guess that doesn't matter. Whatever they're doin g here is .... big. They won't let us live, will they?"
<Silvran> "We'll be fine. Besides, they already want to kill us. How much more angry can they get?"

<Andrew[6`]> "We've decided not to do anything, so you won't, like... get in trouble or anything. Or if you want, you could leave with us and stop off at the next place we go to."
* Silvran sighs and makes towards the kitchen
<AlcarGM> The chef blinks a few times at that. "But .... really?"
<AlcarGM> Chef: oO(This can't be legal. I'm a class 3 NPC. I can't get promoted like this: the union will hunt my down!)
<AlcarGM> (( or ... not :p ))
<Andrew[6`]> "Yeah, if you don't think it's safe here anymore."
<Silvran> (( We like to have an entourage. No matter how many times the DM tries to kill them off. ))

* Silvran nods to Rex and makes his way to the table of creation
<Andrew[6`]> "You doing alright, Rex? I was kind of worried."
<AlcarGM> Rex: "I kept Dagny quite busy," with a chuckle. "Muffin fed her enough false data to convince Beyond we were legitimate, I think."
<Silvran> "Muffin also seemed to prevent them from bugging you. Good girl."
* Silvran turns to the table. "I require something."
<AlcarGM> Silvran reaches the table of creation without any problem. Were this a fantasy campaign, he would probably be able to reshape the universe :)

<AlcarGM> Greg shrugs. "It's a world filled with people who kill with a glance. We'll be fine."
* Andrew[6`] chuckles.
<AlcarGM> Rex just shakes his head and goes into one of the bedrooms even as Cliff begins an attempt to clean the kitchen.
<Silvran> "So, now what?"
<Andrew[6`]> "We could... go visit the village and see if we die?" *in a conversational tone*
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Makes sense to me."

<AlcarGM> You head out of the warehouse and into the restof the spaceport. Kadar doesn't seem to be around, the offworlders are placing bets on how long until you all die and a woman wearing a blindfold is sweeping up a cement hallway leading to the front doors.
* Andrew[6`] approaches said woman. "Hiya. My name's Andrew. This is a really beautiful planet."
<AlcarGM> The woman looks up and smiles. "We try and keep it as natural as we can."
* AlcarGM resisted her adding: "By means of these artificial forests."

<Andrew[6`]> "That's okay, I'm good with kids."
<Silvran> (( Well, that is until a crazy assassin shows up with a sword :( ))
<Andrew[6`]> (( yeah but that was hardly my fault. ))
<AlcarGM> (( Besides, Silvran has the sword this time so it should be ....... never mind. Andrew's eventual legacy is to be the michael jackson horror story of this era for kids. ))
<Andrew[6`]> (( :O ))
<Andrew[6`]> (( whyyyy? T_T ))
<AlcarGM> (( Silvran, sword, children: it can;'t end well :p ))
<Silvran> (( That would depend on who is looking at the situation. One man's massacre could be another man's party ))

<Gwen> "I think I just had another one of those "Oh hey we're on a different plant or reality and I don't remember it" moments"
<Andrew[6`]> "Oh, well, they didn't like us on that mining planet anymore so we came here where natives can kill with a death stare when they're angry. We're going to visit the village." He then resumes whistling.

<Silvran> "How do you crush things with your mind? How does Andy become the world's largest furball? I don't think we're in a position to question things."
<Gwen> "I just that he has to have the world's largest hairballs"

<Gwen> "Yeah, and when I slap people thier heads come off"
* Gwen grins at Aubrey
<AlcarGM> Aubrey smiles sweetly. "At least mine didn't have to come with a warranty."
* Silvran falls out of his chair with laughter
<Silvran> (( Err, I wasn't in a chair. But, fuck. He fell okay? ))

<AlcarGM> Bast: "We can go outside, if you wish. I have been meaning to talk to you, but I have been busy...."
<Zack`^> "Let's."
* Zack`^ stands and walks to the door
<AlcarGM> The bedroom door opens to a large garden, all sand and rocks, the sand moving about the rocks as though dancing. A few ponds exist, and a walking path of glass, warm under the feet.
<AlcarGM> Bast: "I am as sorry as I can be, Zack," now only as tall as you, but looking like your mom after a tan. "You are too young for this."
* Zack`^ doesn't argue with her, even though he's sure any age is still too young for this

<AlcarGM> Bast: "If there had been another way." she's silent a few moments. "I would offer to undo this, but such choices are only traps."
* AlcarGM wrotes tramps by mistake. Would be be ... interesting, too :p
<AlcarGM> "Hobos! Everywhere, in my garden.."
<Zack`^> lol

<AlcarGM> Bast: "The truth?" The laughter vanishes from her eyes. "That you are a tool, and I took a moment I could seize." A pause, then: "That is what hours would say. Set would say I have been among cats too long and just wished to play a game."
<AlcarGM> err, hours = hours :p
<AlcarGM> ... hours. Sheesh :p
<AlcarGM> hours. Damn it.
<Zack`^> roflmao
<Zack`^> horus
<AlcarGM> Uhm. Yes :p
<AlcarGM> it seems to hate me :)

<AlcarGM> I have to admit, ending a campaign with the PCs being burned at the stake would be awesome.

<AlcarGM> Witches cannot be tried in D&D.
<AlcarGM> They would die of Monty Pythonisms :P
<AlcarGM> GM: "This is a serious scene! This is the inquisition!" *breaks down in tears*
<Pamela`^> Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!
<AlcarGM> It would be a hopeless cause :P

<AlcarGM> Bede: "..... how? Most people can't do both. At least not well."
* Pamela`^ shrugs "I had 12 dice to work with and putting them all in swords is just ludicrous, I had to split it somehow."
<Pamela`^> or not
<AlcarGM> Bede: "Swords? You're female. You should have had at least 3 dice in Breeding to be historically consistent. "Good Hips 3d6. Hitch to plow after ox dies."
<AlcarGM> or not

<AlcarGM> The robe is the dark grey of a novice but there is no silver necklace admitting you to the order yet; presumably the Abbot gives those in person.
<Pamela`^> "Well, you can follow me around if you want, but I think I can take care of myself... Is there a way this thing is supposed to be warn?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "After you bathe and eat, so it doesn't get stained."
<Pamela`^> "Then hold onto it."
* Pamela`^ goes to the baths.
<Pamela`^> "You're not a eunuch are you?"
<AlcarGM> He takes it and follows you, the fact that you're female apparently not important.
<AlcarGM> He looks confused for a moment, then smiles proudly. "Not yet."

<AlcarGM> She nods. Bede gets food, charming some nice buns with sausages back into them out of the cook and you follow the road to Reti. It widens considerably, and you pass a few merchants and travellers, all of whom give you a respectful distance and allow you to pass them.
<AlcarGM> The Order being, well, sort of like emergency vehicles :)
<Pamela`^> lol
* Pamela`^ considers making wailing noises as i approach people on the road...

<AlcarGM> The priest nods. "At the other end of town. Please, rest. We owe you."
* Pamela`^ nods "Have someone escort the healer when she's finished with the boy."
<AlcarGM> He nods again. "I shall send to the bishop with word of this; the stories of sorcerers being made like this, by just thinking of sin... such things have not been done in over a century."
<AlcarGM> Bede just nods and stumbles off to the inn to sleep.
* Pamela`^ nods as well "If you have a man to spare, I would appreciate if you also send a report to the Order."
<AlcarGM> He agrees to that quickly, thanking you again.
<AlcarGM> "Abbot Costello, you can not flee out the window when these reports arrive! Come back in and read it!"
<Pamela`^> rofl
<Pamela`^> that would be so cool =p

<AlcarGM> The second day of your journey has Bede going around undoing various wards. Rose is still in the cabin and the crew have settled down into their usual routine. The first mate, a scarred man names Jean, asks you about demons: they're heard a lot of stories, but most people don't meet demons and survive to tell about it all that often.
* Pamela`^ tells him stories, which is all she can really do... She tells him the stories a sailor would like to hear, that he might share with his friends. She doesn't tell him the stories that will make a man jump form the side of a ship....
<AlcarGM> (( awwww. But that would be fun! Captain: "All right, men .... men?!" ))

<AlcarGM> You knock, louder, and the door is opened by a pale naked .... person. Thin, but with brown skin -- if it can be called skin, it looks more like clay -- no mouth, no nose or ears, wide white eyes and arms that end in stumps. The feet seem to be the same, and it totters slightly when it walks.
<AlcarGM> Bede: "...."
<AlcarGM> Rose: "What is that?" sounding confused.
<Pamela`^> "Uh..."
* Pamela`^ stares at it
<AlcarGM> It waves an arm at you, in a wave of sorts.
<AlcarGM> (( uhm..... that was bad. ))
<AlcarGM> It waves an arm at you as you'd wave a hand.

<AlcarGM> The forbidden books of adam was a fun idea :P
<AlcarGM> Though the idea was more based on the 19th century debates over childbirth, and those men who argued that women should not get anything to dull any pain, since it was part of their original sin. Led to me wondering what Adam would have thought of it all at the first childbirth :P
<Pamela`^> "That's what you get for making me eat that god damned apple bitch!"
* AlcarGM grins.
<AlcarGM> Probably that moment too :P

<AlcarGM> The cook's daughter makes you some bacon and eggs, violating unwritten fantasy convetions about stew, and asks you what life in like in the Order, giving the word a sense of glamour and prestige that only fangirls can manage.
* Pamela`^ tells her about the hard work and how people treat her, it's give and take
<AlcarGM> She just sighs and says she wishes her life could be an adventure, but such things never happen in little villages anyway, unaware that less than six hours away villages have have the dead get up and walk.
<Tass> (wheeeee! adventuuuu.... aaaaAAAAAHHHH ZOMBIES!!!!)
<AlcarGM> (( Be an intersting tourist draw :) ))

<Pamela`^> that was back when I used to use emoticons all the time just in case I offended anybody, i wanted everyone to know I was saying things in good humor
<Pamela`^> but now i've become jaded, and could care less if you realize i'm being sarcastic or if i'm joking
<Fennec> *SOB* chaos why do you hate me so?!?!?!?! *runs away*
<Pamela`^> yup like that
<Tass> well
<Tass> I've only been around for the non emoticon part
<Tass> so you're pretty cemented in my head as an uncaring bastard :P

<Chaos`^> what's with the topic?
* Topic is 'RPG Chancel :|: TFC: ? :|: BOGF & UH: Varied times :|: Blog: http://game1.blogspot.com Forum: http://tinyurl.com/ypxha5 :: Yes, there is a dicebot here. But that's it. Just dice. Sheesh.'
* Sparkie was having issues with people wanting other kinds of bots.
<Sparkie> And the 'is there a dicebot here' people never invite me when I tell them I am one. It's like they've heard of me or something.
<Chaos`^> rofl

<Pamela`^> "Remember, Sorcerers aren't our friends."
<AlcarGM> Rose: "I don't think they have friends."
<AlcarGM> Now I have this awesome image of a sorcerer creating a homunculus named Teddy. "Will you be my friend?"

* Sparkie shall compose a poem: "Some say the world will end in fire, some say dice. "
* Sparkie could go many places with this.
<Sparkie> "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one the dice bot rolled, and that has made all the difference."

<Pamela`^> "Well, if demons attacked, and they hit me, and i died just barely because you hit me in the arm, I don't know if I could forgive you."
<AlcarGM> Rose: "I barely even bruised you," going back to her bed. "Stop being stupid."
<Pamela`^> (( 1hp is 1hp you know ))

<AlcarGM> The fairy's smile vanishes like leaves falling off a tree. <-- this means I am getting tired :P

<AlcarGM> Rose: "I find myself wondering if it would have been mercy to kill him," softly.
<Pamela`^> "He knew his destiny... We can't kill people, even if it's better for them. How are we to judge that?"
<AlcarGM> Rose: "I don't know. Had I know he wouldn't want healing..." she shakes her head. "Sometimes I wonder if God made this world solely to test our faith, Pam. We had to do right by doing wrong."
<Pamela`^> cutting a man's testicles off is technically not a sin
<Pamela`^> i think
<Pamela`^> "I know..."

* AlcarGM has tis fun image of novices babysitting 2 year olds as practise for demons.
<AlcarGM> "Now remember, the swarm can projectile vomit and...."

<AlcarGM> Abbot: "The blood magic cropping up in venice as well is problematic, but not unusual: most sorcerers try and find outside sources of power to delay their journety to the Pit. Some are merely darker than others. This Sorcerer, Ekorak, claimed the Necromancer was going to Prauge?"
<Pamela`^> "No, he said Praguge, i would have known Prauge, but he said Praguge."
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<AlcarGM> Abbot: "Clearly a speech impediment." :P
<Pamela`^> "Well, then yes, That's what he said."

<Pamela`^> 5d6
<Sparkie> Pamela`^ 5d6: 10
<Pamela`^> ...
<Pamela`^> 5d6
<Sparkie> Pamela`^ 5d6: 12
<Pamela`^> why not just roll me a 5 sparkie?
<Sparkie> Because hope is the one weapon I use against you.
<Pamela`^> 5d6
<Sparkie> Pamela`^ 5d6: 25
<Pamela`^> hah!
<Pamela`^> bitch
<Sparkie> See?

<AlcarGM> A tall, thin man is standing some distance behind you, his outline hazy, as if you were seeing him through smoke. The sunlight seems to shine through him, and you can see stars where there should be skin and flesh, and eyes that seem to look right through you as he smiles slowly. "I cannot remain long," in a soft, carressing whisper.
<Pamela`^> "Who are you?"
<AlcarGM> the man's smile fades and he looks sad for a brief moment, then: "A messenger."
* Pamela`^ frowns
<Pamela`^> "From who?"
<AlcarGM> "The Host,"he says gently, seeming to fade from view some more. He has skin now, perfect and unblemished, pale as ivory.
<Pamela`^> "Well, you're about to leave, so you'd better hurry and give me your message."
<Pamela`^> "Even though I don't know who the host is..."
<AlcarGM> The man sighs and the trees around you change from fall to spring in moments, blooming fiercely against the coming of winter. "You people. You always expect wings and decorations, don't you?"

<Pamela`^> "How about we get this over with?"
<AlcarGM> Robin: "Which?"
<Pamela`^> "The whole you offer me a blade, and I get to wherever I'm going, because that's why I'm here?"
<AlcarGM> Robin: "Oh, that blade. Wait. Where are you going?"
<Pamela`^> "Prague."
<AlcarGM> Robin: "Ghastly place. Stone everywhere. Cut the earth open and rip out her guts to display." He shakes his head. "NO accounting for taste," and begins walking north, a path appearing through the woods. "Come on. The sword's this way. Probablty stuck in some stone."
<Pamela`^> "Cute..."
<AlcarGM> Robin: "It's amazing how often that happens. And someone comes along, yanks it out. Becomes a king, even." He snorts. "Stupid. Now putting the sword IN the stone, that's real art."

<Kline> Sparkie is a robot?
<Fuijiwaranarmokou> ahem, its robut
<Arngrim> no, just a fast typer
<Saar> 8d6+5
<Sparkie> Saar 8d6+5: 31(26)
<Leon> I thought Sparkie was a human at first.
<Leon> I was amazed at how fast he could type.
<Kline> Ditto.
<Kline> I am stupid
<Kline> 8d6 Sparkie is a 'tard
<Sparkie> Kline 8d6: 25 Sparkie is a 'tard
<Kline> Hurr, hurr, a hurr

<Seraphna> Both of you roll Fortitude.
<Saar> 1d20+8 Fort Roll
<Sparkie> Saar 1d20+8: 14(6) Fort Roll
<Saar> Fuuuuuuuuuuuck

<robert-45856> well hey, I had larpers go into the Green, why not?
<alcar-43556> also, larpers would be fun :)
<alcar-43556> "That is the best costume ever! Look at those ears!" "I am titania, queen of faerie!" "I just bet you are."
<robert-45856> LOL
<alcar-43556> there is just no way that could end well :p
<robert-45856> Hehehe yeah, oh yeah

<Chaos`^> i want to try a real 4e campaign
<Chaos`^> we ran it once but nobody liked it
<Elana-Silvereye> it's not to be liked
<Elana-Silvereye> its more like pen n paper world of warcraft
<Elana-Silvereye> than D&D\

<Elana-Silvereye> Notchling? you gots any input on a genre?
<alcar-28074> post apopcalyptic heroic romance space opera high fantasy tragedy. With zombies.
<Elana-Silvereye> lots of zombies
<Elana-Silvereye> that string of game attributes needs to be quoted Alcar
<Elana-Silvereye> for later use

<Chaos`GM^> Anything you want to do at the park?
* Kelly` just walks through, listening for anyone who might be following her half-heartedly and looking for someone who might actually benefit from being given a twenty; if anything Other is following her, that always throws them for a loop.
<Chaos`GM^> they could all use a twenty, the only one who wouldn't use it for alcohol at the moment seems to be the woman below the tree in orange garb. She is currently shivering under it.
<Chaos`GM^> No one seems to have followed you tonight.
* Kelly` walks over and drops a twenty beside her and keeps going.
<Chaos`GM^> The woman looks up to you as you walk by. "Hrnnn? Oh. Uh.. THank you. What's your name?"
<Kelly`> (( "Paris. Paris Hilton." ))

<Chaos`GM^> also, you recognize the name, you think you've heard it before.
<Chaos`GM^> perhaps on TV.
<Kelly`> For anything in particular, or no idea?
<Chaos`GM^> You can't recall. Also, do you own a computer and/or have the internet?
<Kelly`> Yeah, but I doubt she uses it all that much except for keeping in touch with overseas/otherworldly friends :p
<Kelly`> Thingbook :P
<Chaos`GM^> lol

<alcar> Damn it, too many ideas. A store that stocks only items wal-mart doesn't sell woulod be fun in a story.

<Chaos`GM^> Jade thanks you for your help and says she'll probably start at the local fast food place and see if she can get something there, before going into a corporate office in prison orange.
* Kelly` just nods; it should at least amuse the executives with chutzpah.
<Kelly`> not that that wouldn't recognize a kindred crimminal anyway, of course :P
<Chaos`GM^> lol

* Kelly` assumes the internet assists in sucking out parts of souls for hell much like the tv does? :P
<Chaos`GM^> lol not quite
<Chaos`GM^> not yet anway ;)

<Tass> but yeah, when I play D&D 3.x I tend to make characters that have one thing that they are really good at
<Tass> like archery, or healing, or turning into a twisted amalgam of beasts that will destroy your village and possibly fight mothra

* Elana-Silvereye thinks it would be funny if everyone made characters that were exact copies of popular anime characters and just didn't tell Alcar
<Caltak> ha!
<Caltak> that would be funny

<Elana-Silvereye> we could be office clerks
<Chaos`^> like a guy in a business suit who shoots with a pistol? or a guy who fights with an umbrella?
<Elana-Silvereye> we can roleplay a sitcom
<Out2lunch> XD
<Caltak> The Office + Anime Craziness
<Elana-Silvereye> XD
<Chaos`^> gawd no

<Tass> <@Chaos`^> what about a guy with normal artificial limbs but he's really good at using them
<Tass> <@Chaos`^> like a cyborg but no mechanics
<Tass> like
<Tass> an effective inspector gadget?
<Caltak> but he said no mechanics
<Tass> inspector gadget had prosthetics
<Tass> they just had built in stuff
<Tass> like ink pens
<Tass> and bellows :P

<Tass> <Faline> "People. It's What's for dinner."
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Tass> faline was lost to her own instincts
<Tass> yuki was just batshit insane :P
<Elana-Silvereye> Yuki had allot inner demons to struggle with
<Elana-Silvereye> and they were ACTUAL demons
<Caltak> Faline was like "I have emotional problems oh no split personality OM NOM NOM PEOPLE okay, that's enough now, I've worked it out." Yuki was like "Hi I'm unstable OH LOOK now ive gotten worse LOL SWARM OF FOXES!!!!!!!111"

* Elana-Silvereye took like 2 or three times the amount of flaws that were supposed to be allowed
<Tass> yeah
<Elana-Silvereye> then Alcar said it was ok XD
<Tass> which was hilarious
<Tass> because I worked out that if yuki even touched silver, she would have exploded
<Tass> like
<Tass> 90 points of dammage per light brush

<Tass> oh, well, I don't think we should have a unifying theme
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Tass> I want a clusterfuck of ideas :P

<Chaos`^> wait
<Chaos`^> who here has picked a character already? We haven't even picked a theme.
<Chaos`^> why does no one communicate?
<Tass> I'm not stopping you guys from doing a theme
<Tass> I'll fit in somehow, I'm sure
<Caltak> I say we vote Tass off the island first

<Tass> but I'm glad the game1 crew isn't a bunch of people who RP to fulfill their specific brand of kink
<Tass> those places are scary
<kentari> Are you sure it isn't?
<kentari> :P

<kentari> Roy would fuck Jerome up now. :P
<alcar> Well he was designed to BE fucked up :p
* alcar pretty much went: okay, can't die, can sense danger, no understanding of past.
<kentari> how many points was he? How much would he cost as a companion? :P
<kentari> I'll go crunch how much flaws and stuff cost
<kentari> and see if I can't swing that =p
<alcar> It will be very odd to end up screwing over a character I made FOR gms to screw over
<kentari> like a dream come true, eh? :P

<Chaos`^> cheshire cats are hard to build

<rei> "Your head."
<rei> "Let me see it."
<AlcarGM> Not-Roy walks over slowly, looking curious and unafraid.
* rei snaps his neck.
<AlcarGM> You snap it easily, bone breaking, though the crack is odd, as if they were hollow. Not-Roy has time for a look of reproach, almost, before dying, and beginning to dissolve away into the air like dew after dawn or a dream lost on waking.
* rei takes a few steps back, no longer able to really feel surprise, but at least, was not expecting this much. She takes a moment to retrieve the lighter from the body before it completely dissolves, or at least, makes such an attempt.
<AlcarGM> The lighter, at least, was real, though the rest seems only as real as any memory and as fleeting.
<rei> "Memories should rest in peace."
* rei says, in something half like an explanation and half almost like an apology, pocketing the lighter.

* rei likes it that way. She'll be backtracking based on where Roy came from in an effort to spot anything out of place suggesting what business he had before showing up.
<AlcarGM> You backtrack along main street but spot nothing of note save a currently vacant lot of broken brick and concrete dreamas where you once, in another lifetime, fought an invisible tank in. Attempts to develop it after the building suffered a terminal structural failure all, well, failed.
* rei wonders. Then denies.
* rei denies the denial.

* rei will instead scope out the high school. Surely, though, there would be nothing amiss. It never hurts to check, though.
<AlcarGM> You head to the schol, via ... walking? Bus?stealing a car?
<AlcarGM> (( Grand Theft Game1! ))

* Alex`^ gives him a confused look and look over to the next nearest student, smiles, and hands the flier.
<AlcarGM> The girl takes it, and demands to know if your school can help overthrow the heteronormative ownership paradigm.
<Alex`^> "Uhm... I doubt it?"

<AlcarGM> The fliers seem to be about a fencing school. A few have been defaced with "ROY WAS HERE!" already, however :)
<rei> :P
<rei> I love how he is such a martyr. :P

<AlcarGM> Joseph begins his mock sparring with a bag, not looking scared anymore and proudly telling you he's been practising on his wii
* Alex`^ nods to Joseph and looks outside
<AlcarGM> Denise counts to ten, then informs her brother he can't say it like that, to anyone, and says she's going outside for a smoke.

* Out2lunch is annoyed that Tass didn't play.
<Out2lunch> this game cost me snuggling!

<Caltak> I dunno, I've been trying to expand my PC idea into something easier to figure powers out for, and I ended up going this tangential way where I was looking into Taoist 'yin yang' type stuff and ended up thinking about doing stuff with qi and feng shui type dealies. But I dunno...
<alcar> lol. Feng Shui as a power would be,....interesting.
<alcar> "Before he can attack me, I rearrange the furniture in the room to maximize his failure!"
<Caltak> I meant more the "flow of energies" aspect. :P
<alcar> "To ensure my foe has bad luck, every door in his home now faces north.:"
* alcar laughs.

<Caltak> Unnatural hair colors that no one recognizes as such is also true to anime.
<Chaos`^> you know, i think there's a reason for that
<alcar> The large eyes of anime characters alter their perception of hair colours.

<Pamela`^> i wonder if color of a djinn has anything to do with his power
<Pamela`^> like in paranoia...
<Pamela`^> worth looking into
<AlcarGM> Naaaah :P

<notchling> ....... where is the general-purpose 'business' skill in BESM?
<notchling> I see Law. Medicine. Police science. Mechanics. Computers. But nothing for the MBAs.
<kentari> They're making a statement.
<kentari> Think about it. :P
<kentari> An MBA would be one level of Dynamic Powers.
<notchling> that they're oblivious to the value of the business side of the business?
<kentari> "value"
<kentari> oho ho hoho
<kentari> well
* alcar would think they'd be a flaw then :p
<kentari> if it is any indicator
<kentari> Guardians of Order *did* go under years ago, iirc.

<alcar> The third floor office has a lot of windows (for the real offices) and windows, to convince everyone else it's bigger than it is. Until recently, the amount of windows wouldn't have been something you'd notice.
<Bea> windows and windows?
<Bea> or windows and something-else? :)
<alcar> Oops. Miirors :p
<alcar> Mr. Curiel: "See,. the and windows are special ones. Watch! Even thoufgh this is a recession, none of our staff can leap through these treated windows and plunge to their death. Go ahead, try!"

<alcar> Part of me wants to make LOLAD a tv soap opera show in this world :P
<Bea> only part?
<alcar> well, it is a big part :p But the amount of jokes would be insane. Like contract problems with Faline :)

<AlcarGM> Joseph looks almost pathetically relieved when you follow and manages to break into a run again down the road; if he put even a third of this energy into fencing, he'd be beating his sister in a couple of years.
<AlcarGM> Joseph manages to run five blocks before he has to stop for air, waving a hand down the road. "Candy .. .candy shoppe.... "
<Alex`^> he spells shop funny
* Alex`^ looks down at the candy shop
* Alex`^ walks that way.
<AlcarGM> (( he became Canadian for a brief moment. Stress does that to people. ))

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