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<AlcarGM> Jolene: "Bastard of a cilent woke me up at 6 a.m. Claims he needs the deed for the place found and everything ironed out for selling it because, and I quote, "invisible people are spying on me." I swear, I don't see why management bothers with cilents like this. The business isn't work near enough for me to put up with this eccentric shit!"
<AlcarGM> She takes a deep breath, then looks a bit abashed. "Sorry. It's been a long morning already."
<Beatrice`> "Deed... hmm... is it that big stone place on, what was it, Charring Cross Way?"
<AlcarGM> Jolene nods. "A money sink, I swear all those old homes are. And he wants to sell it and make a profit."
<Beatrice`> "Must be hard to sell a home with invisible people spying on it."

<AlcarGM> He sits as well, quiet for a good minute, then says: "It is the magic. Information. Seeing things, learning things. Some things should not be shared. Some secrets are that. Correct?"
<Joni> "Of course."
<AlcarGM> Ike: "Sometimes," slowly, feeling for the words, "it is hard to tell what is noise and what is signal."
<Joni> "You.... get a premonition lately? That google thing you do? Something worrying you? ....huh, you think it's tied to this whole thing that might be coming?"
* Joni sits down on the bench
<alcar> Ike: "Not that I know. It is only that, when I look at you ...." he looks over, then away. "You hide something. Information changes, breaks down. I do not know what."
* Joni burries the athame in his back, 'And now that information dies with you."
<Joni> (ooooooor not :P)
<alcar> lol!

<AlcarGM> However, when you arrive home you see light is on in Brandon's room. Looks to be the TV.
* Joni is slightly curious what he would be doing up this late, but will listen outsid his window on the way back to her window, make sure its just the TV and not some crazy star wielding assassin

* Alex`^ checks the girl out. Does she look like the stalking type?
* Rei is wearing a warmer longcoat and has long, black, somewhat scraggly hair at the moment. What really does her in, though, are her Doc Martens.
<Alex`^> (( You means he looks homeless except for her shoes? ))
<AlcarGM> Hobo Stalker.
<Alex`^> with nice shoes
<AlcarGM> "GIVE ME SPARE CHANGE! I saw you put some in your pocket when you left that store! I saw it!"

<AlcarGM> You are currently walking a student home after a ninja attack. Which doesn't sound at all sane no matter how you think about it.
<Alex`^> well, it does sound sane. Anyone would have to be escorted home after a ninja... nevermind you're right.

<AlcarGM> You have some nice tea and relax slowly. Your arm seems fine, even after a couple of hours.
<AlcarGM> Your clothing, on the other hand, is a loss.
* Alex`^ flexes it and checks her shoulder in the mirror...
* Alex`^ takes off her shirt and throws it in the trash
<AlcarGM> Your shoulder isn't even bruised at all, as if you weren't shot.
<AlcarGM> Ninja-ghost: "But, master, we are succeeding! We are destroying their wardrobes!"
<AlcarGM> Ninja-ghost: "And her school struggles. I fwe destroy enough of her clothes, we will cause it to fail and the clan will be victorious! ..... Master, why are you looking at me like that?"

* Rei closes the door and tears into the envelope like a fresh kill.
<AlcarGM> TWhere is a letter in it. White, generic paper, courier font, size 40. One word. "MURDERER!"
<AlcarGM> Nothing else on the page.
<Rei> "You have to murder to live in this world. If not some enemy, or some misguided, impressionable person standing before you... then your own self."
* Rei muses, to her gun. The guy likely had something to do with this: she will interr---- have lunch with him later.

<AlcarGM> There is no mail for you in your box, beyond the usual things addressed to Occupant.
<Rei> "I should just remove this thing."
* Rei does so.
* Rei priest the mailbox off. :P
<Rei> pries!
<AlcarGM> (( was gonna say :p ))
<Rei> that's what we call an 'inspirational' typo. :P

* kentari barges in, looking like she just got done pulling an all-nighter listening to a radio show about UFOs.
<kentari> fuck.
<kentari> no I don't. :P
* Rei has joined #game1
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Rei
* Rei barges in, looking like she just got done pulling an all-nighter listening to a radio show about UFOs.

<Rei> "Anyway. Now that you're up, you're that creepy math kid, aren't you? How'd you wind up here?"
* Rei looks to make sure the IV wasn't pumping out something marked "DANGER DO NOT STOP" or something. :P
<AlcarGM> Nope, just generic antibiotics.
* Rei kinda kicks the machine away a little. That's not important! :P
<AlcarGM> He looks alittle alarmed at that, and shakes his head. "I can't talk. They'll do worse if I talk."
<Rei> "I think you should worry about what I'm going to do."
* Rei looks around.
<Rei> "You know how much child support is?"
* Rei takes a step forward, grinning wickedly.
<AlcarGM> Brodie: "Child support?" looking confused
* Rei just nods, putting a hand over her belt buckle.
<Rei> "Ever seen those Law and Order episodes where the girl gets convicted?"
* Rei waits a moment.
<Rei> "'Cuz I haven't."

<AlcarGM> You hear sirens, at least 3 blocks away, but it could be something else....
<Alex`^> well... They won't be looking for me going TOWARD the sirens will they?
* Alex`^ catches her breath and begins walking that way, slowly.

<AlcarGM> Kevin: "He said I need his help, because he wants me to be the best I can be."
<Joni> "Why doesn't he just tell you to be that?"
<AlcarGM> Kevin: "Because he thinks I need his help. People ... like me, and he makes them like me more, protects me from ninjas, other things like that. He figures I can become president someday."
<Joni> "Why aim so low?"
<Joni> (:P)

<Alex`^> "Quite frankly I think you're just pushing PCs away. you should lighten up a little."
<Alex`^> or maybe not quite...
<Rei> "I'm a MAC person, thanks! :P"

<Rei> "I think I'm going to do some heeding."
* Rei opens the window and looks around for signs of anything abnormal.
<Alex`^> "Heeding what? He just spoke a lot of words but didn't say anything."
<AlcarGM> Rei just sees the city spread out before her like a blanket with starlight in it.
<Alex`^> "Well, he did say something about you, but..." Shrugging as if it never happened. "He just came to tell us about his fetish"
<Alex`^> "I don't know, if a guy walked up to ME and told me he was a masochist and would very much enjoy a good spanking, I wouldn't go heeding. But I guess you're into that kind of stuff."

<Kelly`> Hrm, what time is this game set?
<Kelly`> as in year
<Chaos`GM^> present day
<Kelly`> Perfect.
<Kelly`> Shape Change to michael jackson. Use demon magic to telport to the daughter's bedroom, snag, deliver to Jerry is the plan :)
<Chaos`GM^> wow
<Kelly`> let his security cameras explain THAT :p
<Chaos`GM^> you're really taking this demon thing all the way aren't you =p
* Kelly` laughs. I just liked the idea of a succubi being so very, very touchy over the stupidest little thing :)
<Kelly`> pride and the fall and such :p
<Kelly`> She might feel a wee bit guilty later, but that's what Ben & Jerry's is all about.

<rei> "This isn't some farmer in a rubber mask who wants you off the property. This is stuff that will eat you up and spit you out, then stomp on what's left and squeeze out the pieces, and then, MAYBE if you beg, will kill you."
<alex`^> "Like I said, I can't avoid it. It's not the first strange thing that's happened to me before, although it might be the strangest."
<rei> "And it might be the last, one way or another. You realize that, right?"
<rei> "Don't get me wrong, people who die for the truth aren't pros... just fools."

* alex`^ is now known as Alex`^
* Alex`^ is a big girl
<AlcarGM> (( hence the A in her nick. ))
<Alex`^> (( ... Thank you for pointing that out alcar =p ))

* Alex`^ looks completely unsurprised by this news, but looks sympathetic none the less. "What about whoever is taking care of you? Don't you have a guardian or something?"
<rei> "You must've been raised in a really sheltered place. I'm my guardian."
<AlcarGM> (( "Aren't I doing a good job at it?" ))
<rei> "Aren't I doing a good job at it?"
<rei> (( :P ))
<Alex`^> "Well do you at least have a place to sleep?"

<rei> "Well, do you trust this creeper?"
<Alex`^> "No, not really, but he sneaks into my home and doesn't kill me... at least he hasn't yet."
<rei> "Let me get this straight..."
<rei> "Actually, no, nevermind."
<rei> "Let's go see if you're a vampire."
<Alex`^> Rei: "Lesbian sex proves you're not a vampire."
* AlcarGM snorts

<rei> "Maybe you're some kind of... baby, stunted vampire runt or something, but you're not entirely a mundane human."
* Alex`^ looks at her arm. "Well youd idn't hit me at all it seems."
<AlcarGM> roll attack :p
<AlcarGM> Alex, roll defense
<AlcarGM> The gm, meanwhile, goes off into the corner to weep :p
* Alex`^ jumps to the side, just in the nick of time, it seems.
<Alex`^> "Fuck! God damnit, that's two holes in my wall--are you trying to kill me?"
<rei> "Yes, yes I am. And you're dodging bullets now. What does that tell you?"
<Alex`^> "It tells me that someone is shooting at me!"

<rei> "What are you going to do when one of your students winds up dead?"
<Alex`^> "What are you going to do when one of your classmates winds up dead?"
<rei> "The same thing I did last time. Attend a funeral, plan another one."

<AlcarGM> Leon nods. "Mine as well, but at least you have the time free for plenty of fishing."
<Alex`^> "Fishing?"
* Alex`^ shrugs "I was thinking of seeing Francine, I ahven't talked to her in a while... I wanted to see how her students were doing..."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "That is the right name, isn't it?"
<Alex`^> "I'm not going to go out looking for men in the middle of the day... That makes me look desperate."
<AlcarGM> Leon: "It is on the internet. Much safer."
<Alex`^> "The internet is not safe."
<AlcarGM> Leon: "It is something. You go tgo work, you go home. The family may grow worried; there is more to being A Chevalier than just using one kind of sword, hmm?"

<alcar> Brodie got beat up by 1 pc (attempted suffocation, followed by gun + threats), 4 npcds (general pummelling, which a pc observed and left the scene of), an npc magician (who tried to kill him) and THEN got beat up by Joseph :p
<alcar> all in the space of 2 sessions. For added amusement, he might decide he needs martial arts traiing to survive :p

<Alex`^> yeah alcar is all about disabilities
<Alex`^> no legs, no speech, no personality...
<Bea> yep! that's alcar!
<Bea> ;)

<AlcarGM> Leon: "I apologize for the stunt, but it did work. I'd hoped she'd harness it and let go of the anger, but she is quite angry."
<Alex`^> "You ever find out at what she's so angry?"
<AlcarGM> Leon: "I imagine at her brother, from the looks she gave him. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Do teenagers actually need a reason to be angry these days?"
<Alex`^> "I suppose not. That's why drugs are so popular."

<Lunchie> Alcar, why are seemingly all of your unnatural horrors from beyond so adorable?
<Joni> lol
<Joni> the curse of a million faces
<Alex`^> alcar's trying to get away from cliche, which has become cliche btw.
<Lunchie> hahaha
<AlcarGM> Well, the boy with the eye in his mouth is NOT intended to be adorable :P
<AlcarGM> as much as fake it and then destroy sanity.
<Lunchie> yeah, bur all little boys are at least slightly creepy and sanity distroying, but that doesn't keep them from being adorable ;)

<Alex`^> "Look into a guy.. Something about magic and a boy. I think it might have something to do with what happened at the highschool."
<AlcarGM> The ninja considers that. "Could you vague that up some more?"
<Alex`^> "I don't know... Someone is doing bad things in this town and I want it to stop. It's my hometown. I need to protect the people, but I need information."
<AlcarGM> NInja: "We would need a target, and payment."
<Alex`^> "How much do you charge?"
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "Whatever the client thinks the assignment is worth."
<Alex`^> "How about a date? You're not married are you?"
<Alex`^> "Cause I noticed you have a +7 on your ACV, and I find that real sexy."
<Alex`^> or not
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Serious about the date, though? :)
<Alex`^> yes

* Joni looks down, 'What? What do you want?"
<Joni> (actually)
* Joni politely excuses herself before asking her purse stuff :P

<AlcarGM> He snarls a word of power, corrupted enochian that should call up late and beings coughing violently half wauy through, dropping down to the couch and trying to catch his breath.
<Joni> (call up late?)
<AlcarGM> (( err light. ))
<Joni> (he trying to summon coffee? :P)
<Joni> (sorry :P)
<AlcarGM> (( that would probably help him more :) ))

<Joni> "I'd say that you're cute when your flabbergasted, but I don't want to give you the impression that I'm the kind of girl you can just cut her arms and legs off of and bring home to your mother."

<joni> "Tell me everything I want to know."
<joni> 2d6+12 :P
<sparkie> Joni 2d6+12: 20(8) :P
<alcargm> 2d6+6 - poor, poor Andy...
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+6: 8(2) - poor, poor Andy...
<alcargm> roflmao
<joni> (oh man, a crit fail -and- a difference of 12? he's lucky that wasn't an attack roll :P)
<joni> "close your eyes, don't scream and stay right there."
<joni> 2d6+12 blah always fails? whatever
<sparkie> Joni 2d6+12: 14(2) blah always fails? whatever
<joni> (aw, nuts :P)
<alcargm> 2d6+6 - hahahaha.
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+6: 10(4) - hahahaha.
<alcargm> (( sparkie.... ))

* Joni checks whatever it is out :P
<AlcarGM> You look back, and see Rei coming on, no doubt for a latte.
* rei busts in with a sawed-off shotgun.
<rei> ((oooor not))
<Joni> (When he came for the NPCs, I said nothing :( )
<AlcarGM> (( heh :) ))

<AlcarGM> Ike: "She kissed me last night in the club," since anyone wanting to kiss him would have to be unusual by default.
* Joni loves how she totally missed that :P
* Joni ruffles his hair, "Aaaaaawwwwww, our little Ike is growing up."
* rei looooooooooooooooks over at hearing a name.
<Joni> "Pretty soon you'll have car payments or something."
* rei gives Joni the deathstare of a huntress beholding a kill-stealer. And then smiles and waves. Maybe that's just her default setting!
<AlcarGM> Ike gives Joni a blank look for a few moments, then: "I fail to see why: a car is not a good investment."
* Joni cackles
<AlcarGM> Helena: "Please tell me you're joking..."
<Joni> 'ooooh. Oooh man, you are just too much."

<kentari> its so weird
<AlcarGM> hm?
<kentari> rei could look the most normal
<kentari> but is the least normal.
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> yes :)

<rei> "Anyway... you invited me over? Was there something you wanted?"
* rei finally asks Joni, since she's hesitating~
<Joni> 'Oh, just trying to get your character involved, thats all, until I found out you were a loner antihero psychopath."
<Joni> ooooor not :P

* rei is making illustrations as accurate as her recounting to go along with all this. :P
<AlcarGM> The Scry watches the illustrations curiously, but remains between Bea and Rei anyway :)
<rei> "Then there's the thing that wants to eat everyone. Its a mystery."
<Joni> ( we talking classic kuchiki illustrations? Because now you're rukia, and I will never shake that :P)
<rei> (( :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( dear gods :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( I didn't want that image :p ))
<Joni> (seriously, the deadpan look, the callousness? It just works :P)
<rei> (( I hate you so much =p ))
<Joni> (You are gun rukia :P)
<rei> ((I will get you for this.))
<Joni> (which is -hilarious- because before the whole zanpaktou thing were katana, they were guns :P)

<Joni> I am bemused that I have to interact with her solely on the basis that she is another PC :P
<Joni> when really, I would just as soon throw her under a bus :P

<AlcarGM> It shall probbaly never come up in game, but the Scry likes watching Spongebob since it reminds him of some of the Outer Gods.

<rei> "I think I could take care of the Kendo Club guys, but, I'd need that 'Nothing to See Here' thing of yours."
<AlcarGM> Helena: "What do YOU mean by 'take care of'?"
<rei> "... He DID say remove pieces from the board, didn't he?"
<Joni> 'We're not going to kill people if it can be avoided."
<AlcarGM> Helena: "That doens't mean kill them! By the goddesss, what is wrong with you?"
* rei waits a moment, biting her lower lip, as if trying to figure out how to remember a foreign language.
<rei> "And.... if it can't be avoided? Are you all willing to do what it takes to get what you want done?"
<AlcarGM> Helena: "It can always be avoided."
<AlcarGM> Ike says nothing.
* Joni also says nothing :P

<rei> "Roy taught me to defend myself for that reason, I think. He knew when he took a stand, I was behind him, whether I could stand or not. Better, then, for me to get on my feet and open my eyes."
* Joni :/'s
<rei> "I mean, when something comes at me with an intent to kill, its not going to care if I was a pacifist or not."
* rei shrugs a bit, her little monologue fading out rather than having a real bang of a conclusion.
<Joni> (she's so full of inspirational quotes, but also batshit insane)
<Joni> (like some kind of motivational poster with an uzi)

<AlcarGM> Helena: "If we are not better than they are, then we've lost before we begin. If we have to sacrifice everything to succeed, then we haven't won."
* rei just stares at Helena a little.
<rei> "You've GOT to be a virgin."
* rei just leaves it at that. :P
<AlcarGM> Helena: "There are more important things than survival," a little tightly.
<rei> "That's exactly what I'm saying."

<Joni> "I'm going to ask this pre-emptively, but please don't shoot my brother."

<AlcarGM> Ike: "I can look into the gate further; it must be able to be closed, somehow."
* rei looks at Helena and can almost be heard thinking "virgin sacrifice"
<rei> "So."
<rei> "Daphne and I will try to find out more about the other factions using all that freaky stuff at school."
* rei nods at Helena.
<rei> "You and Scooby check out the haunted fencing dojo."
* rei nods towards Joni.
<Joni> :P
* rei really said that. :P
* Joni understood it as such, yes :P
* rei good. :>

<alcar> <rei> "Cool. Meet you at Cristal's, Helena. We'll claim we didn't get the memo and show up for the party and go from there." <- Some npcs will have to do that :p
<alcar> "What do mean, she's dead? We brought a keg anyway."
<alcar> "Come on, be happy! She's gone to a better place, or you're always saying that, so we should celebrate! First shot's on me!"

<rei> "Yeah. Devin, right? I was wondering if you knew anything interesting about Peter, the kendo club guy. I feel entitled to know a bit more about what's going on."
<Joni> (How come she doesn't get Peters name wrong? :P)
<AlcarGM> Kevin blinks. "Huh? You do know Cristal is dead, don't you? He is -- was her boyfriend."
<rei> ((Rei never gets the names of people she's killed wrong.))

* Alex`^ shoves her clothes into his backpack as well and jumps a few buildings down, to another alley, and hops down to ground level. How much foot traffic is in the area?
<AlcarGM> A fair bit: a lot of people gawking, watching the police, trying to find out what happened and so forth. A few people pontificating on terrorists and others on 'military exercises'.
* Alex`^ blends into the crowd and gets the hell out of dodge, leaving the neighborhood
* Alex`^ checks his bullet wound when they're far enough away
<AlcarGM> Easy enough to pull off; unarmed and not dressed like ninjas, you both manage it without any problem. The police do have the area cordoned off, but yet you both pass since you look like upstanding citizens (aka: you aren't black)
<Alex`^> lol

* Alex`^ sneaks up to the arcade, and presses herself against the wall... Any ninjas around?
<AlcarGM> None that you can see. The place looks dark except for one building connected to the arcade, presumably the office.
* Alex`^ slinks over to the office, and slips under the window, listening for anything inside
<AlcarGM> You hear the sound of muted explosions inside, and ray guns.
* Alex`^ sneaks a peak
<AlcarGM> A man is sitting at a desk, game controlller in hand, and playing Ninjas vs. Aliens on a tv. Feet up on the desk, eyeing the phone, and absently chewing some gum while waiting for a call.

<AlcarGM> You crash through the window, land, and then leap at him.
<AlcarGM> He manages to finsh a move AND even pause the game, being quick at certain things, but that doesn't allow him to avoid your slamming into him, though he makes a surprisingly good effort to avoid you, fear being a wonderful motivator.
<AlcarGM> Harry: "The safe is empty! The safe is empty!"
<Alex`^> "Where is your boss?"
<AlcarGM> Harry: "Randy? Randy is at home. I swear, the safe is empty," as he struggles weakly. "Don't take my ps3!"
<Alex`^> "Your OTHER boss."
<AlcarGM> Harry: "My wife's name is Andrea. Please don't kill me! I'm just the night watchman!"

* Alex`^ tells Henderson about her lost dog
<AlcarGM> She asks for the details in a bored monotone.
* Alex`^ tells her about the dog, who is small... and sneaky... and uhm...
<Alex`^> Has lots of fur and stares at you when you sleep
<AlcarGM> Henderson tells you that your best bet is to put up posters and ask for a reward.
<AlcarGM> err, offer a reward.
<AlcarGM> "Dog Lost. Please return and give me would probably not work well.

<AlcarGM> The security guards are mostly bored, and most everyone there seems to be Popular, or wanted to be, along with the general students, only a few of whom have come to indulge in schadenfreude. Most everyone is confused about why Cristail would have killed herself: poular girls might of or wrap their car around a homeless person or a tree, but they never *killed* themselves.
<AlcarGM> A few people are having to revise their understanding of popularity, and someone is pontificating on how high school popularity has become the same thing as celebrity worship and as inherently self-destructive

<AlcarGM> Leon raises his eyebrows. "I am trying to find someone without even a description of them. According to the lawyer,. the other son doesn't show on on camera," with a snort. "How does one help with that?"
<Alex`^> "Wait..."
<Alex`^> "He doesn't appear on a camera?"
<AlcarGM> Leon: "So the lawyer claims: any excuse to avoid having to furnish a photgraph; I imagine they'd love to avoid paying."
* Alex`^ shrugs. "Sounds magical to me..."
<AlcarGM> He raises both eyebrows at that. "Of course it does; it involves lawyers, Alex."

<AlcarGM> (( you armed? :) ))
<rei> Only with THESE GUNS
* rei flexes.
<rei> ((I've said that irl, btw.))
<AlcarGM> (( *shakes his head* ))
<rei> ((I've also asked people if they wanted to "take the safety off these guns" and then kissed my bicep :P))

* rei approaches Peter, and probably manages to shake off the hangers-on with her UNSETTLING appropriateness.
<rei> "Does it hurt?"
<AlcarGM> He relaxes a little: "Do you ... want payment now?"
<kentari> "What the fuck?"
<kentari> ((oh, wait. That WASN'T my npc.))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Alex`^> rofl

<kentari> this is terrible
<kentari> truly, terrible
<kentari> I realize now caltak must have had SO MUCH FUN before I killed Faline D:

<Joni> alex is sooo going to get locked up :P
<kentari> I wish I could be there.
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> In the next cell?
<AlcarGM> It's quite possible :P
<kentari> Hey now.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> rei is a TRAGIC ANTIHERO
<kentari> not a loon =p
<kentari> alex is the loon
<kentari> :/

<AlcarGM> The police officer blinks, once, then says, "The building is being searched. For your sake, you'd best be right."
<AlcarGM> Denise has been loaded onto the ambulance, and the officer is questioning Jack and Joseph. Joseph is trying to get into the ambulance as well, only to be told he can't.
<Alex`^> "or what? I'm licensed to carry this sword, and I had a legitimate reason to call you. I've done nothing wrong."
<AlcarGM> The police officer looks surprised for a moment. "You are saying you've never broken the law? A few too many incidents occur around you, Ms. Chevalier. Do you think we should not be concerned?"
<AlcarGM> (( "For the last time, I'm a PC! It's a documented DSM-IV Condition!" ))

* rei leans back, standing behind Helena.
* rei shoots her execution style.
<AlcarGM> In public? :p
<rei> My god!
<rei> I was testing you. I'd never do that! :P
<AlcarGM> Suuuure :p
* AlcarGM has already put one npc in the hospital having been shot this session; bad test, man :P

<Joni> 'Wierd. Could you describe him?"
<Bea> (( i forgot, but otherwise, yes! ))
* Bea describes them! alcar, what was he like? :b
<AlcarGM> (( tall, bald, thin, skin the colour of tissue paper, tan trench coat. ))
<Bea> (( yeah, that. ))

<rei> "Oh? What.. was she like?"
<AlcarGM> Peter: "Like?" He looksconfused, as if he's never tried to put it into words. "She was my everything," said simply and without any hint of mush.
<rei> "What's... that like?"
<AlcarGM> Peter: "It was like being whole. Like .. I never knew something was missing until..." he laughs, weakly. "That sounds so stupid. We fought, we had fights, but in the end we were stronger together."
<rei> "Fuck, you're my player. I don't think I can shoot you." :P
<AlcarGM> (( hahahhaha ))

<AlcarGM> It's Sunday morning. The sun is out, your foster parents have left for their morning jog, and you can hear Brandon watching the TV downstairs.
* Joni wanders downstairs after inventory, one fleshbound tome, a bushel of tree miracles, a murder knife, a shadow of morality, and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh and also blackmail photos, cocaine, and a briefcase full of cash
<AlcarGM> The Shadow is currently sleeping in your purse, and your foster family is blissfully unaware of your growing collection of trophies from kil -- artifacts you have 'acquired'.

<AlcarGM> Andy's room is large, with two beds (one empty) and a nice window view of the city. He's in a bed closest to the door and the window is locked and barred. There'a an IV in one arm and he's eating something that looks like congealed Cerebus snot served to souls in hell but is really hospital food.

<alcar> Oh, yeah: any plans for Rei tomorrow night?
<kentari> that's my problem
<kentari> I'm not really finding many agenda items
<kentari> but! I found out why, last night
<kentari> (I was meditating and it came up to me)
<kentari> Rei entered the game without any friends.
<kentari> like, npc friends
<kentari> which are Plot Delivery Systems, in that sense.
<kentari> so I think I will try to MAKE SOME FRIENDS
<kentari> first on the list is Helena.
<alcar> lol. Fun way to see npcs, but.. yeah :p
<alcar> Erm. HOW?! :p
<alcar> Rei shot someone on first meeting, and has also shot her friend.

* Alex`^ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<AlcarGM> Secret Ninja: "HAH! Best attack ever!"
* Chaos`^ has joined #game2
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Chaos`^
<AlcarGM> Ninja Secret Attack: Ping Timeout (0) Incapacitate 5, Continuous 1 (180 seconds) Linked: Dimensional Portal 3 (24). For the win!
* AlcarGM is seriously tempted to give them that :) It would be quite fun to make ping timeouts an in-game event :)

* Joni takes time to siphon these apples of her energy first, no need to demon taint a little kid now :P
<AlcarGM> The GM sighs and discards another plot as the players keep ruining all his fun :p

<AlcarGM> The leader looks past you at Jack. "So the stories are true... not that I shall survive to report them, I think." He raises his blade. "And honour does not apply to monsters," leaping towards you in a blur, sword slashing down...
<AlcarGM> 2d6+10 - I have the power!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+10: 12(2) - I have the power!
<AlcarGM> ..... sparkie.
<AlcarGM> Seriously, wtf?
<Alex`^> 2d6+18
<Sparkie> Alex`^ 2d6+18: 23(5)
<Alex`^> aww almost double
<AlcarGM> He swings, and you block it with terrible ease. He staggers back, losing his footing, his next swing going wide. "What in the name of God are you?!"

* Joni toootally waits a bit to see if the coast is clear and then looks through his room, maybe something mundane is to blame, and heck, keep an eye out for something supernatural as well :P
<AlcarGM> You check the room; there seems to be nothing unusual in it, mudane or otherwise, or something that is hidden from you at least.
<Joni> "Alright, you bastards, you can at least do the the courtesy and show yourselves."
* Joni makes a fist.... at the TV :P
<AlcarGM> The TV turns on, and you see a black and white picture. A well. Slowly a girl begins to crawl out of it...
<AlcarGM> j/k
<AlcarGM> If the late night tv wars are responsible, Jay Leno does not manifest to apologize or accept blame.

* Joni steals 6 points of soul, if that puts her at 0 she's catatonic :P
<AlcarGM> For a moment, briefly, she actually resists, trying to bless her own soul to protect it from you, but you are old, and your blood comes from lines purer than she could imagine.
<AlcarGM> "You... what *are* y...?" she manages to get out and topples over, catonic.
* Joni catches her!
* Joni gets her to a back room
<Joni> "Put the closed sign up, would you ike?"
<AlcarGM> Ike does so and locks the door, walking over. "I didn't expect I would be doing a break and enter tonight," without rancour; she did, after all, curse him.
<Joni> "Hey, she was throwing curses left and right, I could have hurt her."
<Joni> "Just... look around for anything useful, its wartime, history will have to forgive us."

<alcar> Joni rolled the dice twice that session:
<Joni> 2d6+8
<Sparkie> Joni 2d6+8: 10(2)
<Joni> (sunnova bitch :P)
* Joni leans foward and pecks her on the forehead :P
<Joni> 2d6+12 touch and all out :P
<Sparkie> Joni 2d6+12: 14(2) touch and all out :P
<Joni> what the hell, seriously sparkie?

<Joni> 'I think... I would do better if I borrowed some energy, would you mind?"
<Joni> "You'll be way less of a target to boot."
<AlcarGM> Ike: "Feel free; I doubt I could harm it. I am not even sure Alex can.:"
* Joni slithers over and gives him a kiss, she's actually a lot prettier right now, she just has other attributes that are inhuman and disturbing to boot :P
<AlcarGM> Ike: "I believe I understand hentai now. Thank you."

<Alex`^> fuck that, I get one more attack this round
<Alex`^> oh wait
<Alex`^> no i don't I'm short an arm

<Joni> crante means serrated, right?
<Alex`^> crainte means fear
<Joni> oh, I missed a letter
<Joni> serrated sounds so much cooler :P
<Alex`^> i might have misspelled it a couple times
<Joni> your technique translates to Black Fear? :P
<Alex`^> yes
<Joni> sounds like something republicans would master :P

* rei has a side task when this is done: write a suicide note about "I cannot stand the burden of Peter's Secret. Some heights are too high to climb, some depths too far to fall. Oh, wild star and the corn rows, what paths lead us higher? Ia! Curse the day his sweet words dug a grave for my heart!" :P
<alcar> ....
<alcar> Daaamn :P
<Joni> (I hate you soooo much, gun rukia :P)

<alcar> Ike pulls out his cell open and opens it, eyeing it and looks up at Rei. "He seems to be quite damaged, you know."
<rei> "Anyway. I'm done with this one."
<rei> "So, uhm, I'm about to put him back."
<rei> "You guys need something?"
* Alex`^ gives Ike the hard drive she's holding. "You're a tech guy, right?"
* Joni gestures, 'Feel free, and uh... dunno."
<rei> "Yeah. I shot him."
* rei strolls on by!
<Alex`^> "Rei, you need to stop shooting people."
<rei> "That was a joke."

<Alex`^> "And thanks to you the police are now even more over my ass."
<rei> "What?"
<rei> "Did you go and get involved or something? Tell me you just ignored it..."
* rei slaps her forehead
<Alex`^> "They were merely concerned earlier... Now they've got a cruiser sitting in front of my place, watching it."
<rei> "Oh. That'll help with the ninjas."
<rei> "You should be thanking me!"
<Alex`^> "Doubt it."
<Alex`^> "They shot Denise while the police were watching me."
<rei> "Who?"
<Alex`^> "Unless you shot Denise."
* Alex`^ nods to the girl in her arms.
* rei takes a gooood long look.
* rei ponders.

<rei> "You don't waste bullets on stuff that isn't a threat."
<rei> "They're like, fifteen cents each. It adds up."

<Alex`^> "Please don't shoot up my apartment." Before letting her in.
<rei> "Geez, everyone thinks I'm some kind of gun-toting psychopath."
* rei frowns! :P
<Alex`^> "Aren't you?"

<alcar> You finish sending messages and shredding paper as everyone else begins to head home. Cathy comes out of the elevator and looks about, then walks over quickly. "What are you DOING here?"
<Bea> "Leveraging synergized actualization competencies to provide premium business consulting services to our clients. Yourself?"
<alcar> Cathy grabs your arm, hard enough to bruise. "This is NOT the time for jokes. Why are you here?"
<Bea> </mission-statement>
<Bea> "Hey! Because they pay me something like 15% more than BusinessCorp would offer. Seriously. Now..." *tries to detach arm* "the question you actually want to ask is what I've just so happened to find out while working here."

* Joni comes back out a moment later and heads to the bedroom, and looks out of it before closing it, "I'll need a moment of privacy, if you would." Then closes the door :P
<alcar> Ike just nods and pours himself more tea
* Alex`^ makes sure the tapes for the cameras in her bedroom are fresh.
<Alex`^> "Have you heard anything more from those magicians I mentioned before?"
* Joni starts gutting Denise ritualistically
* Alex`^ is busy talking to ike to notice
* Sparkie quotes

<Bea> "Is that ethical? using someone's money to buy their property and run away with it in the name of preservationism? with a bonus of self-enrichment."
* Joni shrugs
<Joni> "I just took a hundred dollars out of a dead mans wallet."

<Tass> the curse of the antihero
<Tass> you may save a small city
<Tass> but there will still be people who bitch at you for mildly ripping off a man who is trying to steal his fathers estate :P

<AlcarGM> There is a knock on the door.
* Alex`^ checks the peephole
<AlcarGM> To your surprise, one of your cousins is standing in the hallway. Pierce Chevalier, who became a black sheep in the family by giving up the sword to become an underwear model in New York three years ago
<Alex`^> rofl
<AlcarGM> (( thought of the silliest thing one could go from swordsmastery :) ))

* AlcarGM , also, figured drain attacks and being an underwear model made perfect sense

<AlcarGM> http://www.worstpreviews.com/images/headlines/temp/temp1124.jpg a picture of the nice nummy food you found :p
<Andrew[6`]> har har
<AlcarGM> two of them were quite filling, for oversized smurfs :p
<AlcarGM> Well, givne the fact that this world was made before the movie, and the smilitarities in them are fun (if superficial) it makes perfect sense.
<Silvran> (( Cal. You let Andrew eat a denizen of Pandora?! ))

<AlcarGM> You know, given how many months ago this world was made for this game, I am fighting the urge for Andrew to have snacked on a na'vi <- was going to be a purely OOC comment. Then I thought: what the hell?
<Silvran> That's why I love UH. So many things happen.
<Andrew[6`]> but on a serious level, Andy would avoid potentially sentient creatures when hunting. :P

<AlcarGM> One oft he villaghers attempts to kill you by overriding the joy section of yourbreath. Death by orgasms.
<Andrew[12`]> Im assuming you mean "brain"
<AlcarGM> lol! yes :)
<AlcarGM> joy section of your breath would be even weirder :)
<AlcarGM> Also, that would be the best supervillain ever :p
<AlcarGM> "Go on, try and hurt me."

* Alex`^ nods. "The locker room is over there, you can get ready I'll wait for you out here."
<AlcarGM> They nod and head to it, Dennis following them after giving you a slightly puzzled look.
<Alex`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis stops and turns back. "It is nothing. You just seem ... different, somehow," with a shrug.
<AlcarGM> (( Dennis: "Vibrant. Are you pregnant?" ))
<Bea> AlcarGM- could be worse; could be playing a guy and get that remark :b

<Joni> "Alcars NPCs are... really good! I mean, they're more interesting than most of the PCs. I care more about the NPCs than the PCs."
<AlcarGM> (( lol. From who? :p ))
<Joni> a line from the SO, as I'm relaying whats going on to her in the background :P

* rei shall hop into the pajamas with the pink foot shoe slipper attachment things and sleep soundly amidst a veritable forest of stuffed animals.
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 6
<AlcarGM> None of them try to eat you in your sleep.
<AlcarGM> Maybe tomorrow night.

* Alex`^ checks the back yard just in case this is a trick...
<AlcarGM> ...... there is, on the back step, copies of watchtower.
<Alex`^> aha!
<Alex`^> I knew it!
<AlcarGM> Bodies would, probably, be a relief :p

<AlcarGM> You sleep, and not for months for a change of events, making a recap of last session possible unnecessary. To whit: Stuff Happened. People tried to kill you (again), you killed people (ditto) and are now enroute to a forcefield to find out what, if anything, is wrong with this world in the grand sci fi tradition of no utopia actually being an utopia, if 'world where people who can kill by looking at people' counts under Utopias.
<AlcarGM> Elin does watch for the entire night to try and making up for being, in his impression of things, about as useful so far as a vice president of a large country. Aubrey, of course, sleeps with the blissful sleep of children and sociopaths everywhere.
<AlcarGM> The sun has risen though the woods are eerily silent, most of the wildlife having fled since meteors were dropped down upon the land. (This is probably worse in their collective memory than the death of Bambi.)

<Alex`^> so
<Alex`^> this means that we should keep the pcs together as much as possible
<AlcarGM> PCs ... together....
* AlcarGM is in games 1-5, half-expecting to use 'em all :p

* Karl` steps away from the adjoining wall and tries to speak in a volume he doesn't think will carry through the wall. "Yes, hi, my name's Karl Witter, I just moved in at [street address], Apartment 404... I think someone's broken into 403 and is vandalizing the place. Like, right at the moment."
<AlcarGM> Officer Henderson: "Insurance should cover it."
<Karl`> *pause* "Meaning... you're not going to come arrest them?"
<AlcarGM> Officer Henderson: "Eh, they'll be gone by the time we arrive. What's the point?" and hangs up.
<Karl`> here I thought I was thinking outside the box (for a PC) by simply calling the police and not butting in myself :p

* Tass is now known as Joni
<Joni> aaaand after watching game1
<Joni> why is it that I feel even more alone? :P
<AlcarGM> lol. oh?
<Joni> er
<Joni> guy stabbing random people and busting up some guys apartment
<Joni> none of my business, I'll just go~
* AlcarGM laughs. The Grey Man WAS impressed; few humans do the sensible thing.
<AlcarGM> I did like the, "here, I shall prove I'm not bothering a human," *stab*

<Alex`^> besides why are you going all rules lawyer on me about this?
<Joni> you're doing it wrong :P
* Joni is merely pointing that out
<Karl`> I was trying to do velocity math last night regarding long range attacks :P
<Joni> like when in a D&D 3.5 game people were interpreting metamagic to add to the casting level of a spell instead of making a lower level spell take up a higher slot
<Joni> yeah, its more powerful
<Joni> but thats because its wrong :P

<Alex`^> "I need to get rid of a certain shadow walker."
<Joni> "You have one in mind?"
<Alex`^> "Well, yes, but I ahve no idea who he is, or how to find him. I just know that there is one out there that needs to die."
* Joni blinks
<Joni> "What did they do?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Sparkle." ))

<Alex`^> "I'm not a shadow walker... I'm just... Cursed by one."
* Joni sighs, 'Anea... the angel was probably just making a guess, he's not omniscient, I am guessing you are cursed by this ability just as much as you are cursed by your gender, your eye color, or your blood type."
<AlcarGM> "All of which are a curse, but I know this fabulous doctor..."
<Out2lunch> hahaha!
<AlcarGM> "You could still keep your name!"

* Joni sighs, 'Anea... the angel was probably just making a guess, he's not omniscient, I am guessing you are cursed by this ability just as much as you are cursed by your gender, your eye color, or your blood type."
<Joni> 'You could make it your life's work to hunt for this, when it is not even a concrete thing, and you may never find a satisfactory answer, or even the one you thought you were looking for."
<Alex`^> "He sounded rather sure of himself."
<Joni> "He was also ready to kill you based on your aura alone, he can't see the contents of your heart any more than anyone else."
<Alex`^> "Oh, he apologized for that."

<Silvran> Put her to sleep.
<Silvran> In case I need to clarify, real sleep. Not like kill her. :P
<AlcarGM> lol. Silvran, needing to clarify that?!
<Silvran> Well, I mean, killing is fun and all, but a nine year old girl?
<AlcarGM> 9 year old death clone cyborgs, next session! :p

<Silvran> "You know, if you kill someone on another world, you will die as well."
<Andrew[8`]> "And they make you wear clothes."
<AlcarGM> Aubrey: "..... why would anyone do THAT?!"
<Silvran> "You see, Aubrey, you must learn the ways of the outside world before you leave."
<AlcarGM> Aubrey: "And they want him," giving Elin a glare. "He can't even hurt anyone. At least you peple can, AND you haven't died and HE," waving a hand at Andrew, "is naked, so there!"
* Silvran smiles and takes a few steps forward, placing a hand on Aubrey's shoulder. "It will work out fine."
<AlcarGM> Aubrey looks about to say something, and thenher eyes close and her knees buckle as she falls asleep.
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Couldn't you have done that two days ago?"
<Andrew[8`]> "Yeah honestly."
* Silvran frowns at them both. "Her mouth wasn't going to get her into danger then. Now, it can."
<AlcarGM> Greg raises his eyebrows at that. "Okay, fine. What do we do?"
<Andrew[8`]> "No danger? I might've eventually snapped..." *under his breath*

<AlcarGM> Animal Control does show up. A bit, pot-bellied man in a cheap grey sedan who pulls his vehicle in beside what used to be the street sign, and gets out warily. Unlike most animal control people, he's holding a nightstick in one hand and using his other to light a cigarette. "You make the call, kid?"
<Karl`> "Yeah. Looked like german shepards. I heard them fighting in the park, one came out and attacked an old man. The ambulance already took him, though. After I scared the dog off the man, it saw another one and they ran back into the park."
<AlcarGM> Animal Control: "Two, huh. Wild dogs normally come in larger packs."
<Karl`> "It sounded like there may have been more in the park there. Sounded like they were fighting."
<AlcarGM> Animal Control: 'They sometimes travel in single file to hide their numbers."
<Karl`> lol
* AlcarGM so wanted to use that :p

* Karl` sits at his computer while the TV stays on in the background, signing into his MMO game of choice.
<AlcarGM> ... wait, there is one of choice besides warcraft? :p
<Karl`> (( well, there are, yes, but that is the one I was referring to ))

<AlcarGM> Blot: "Your foster mother never enters to search the room; your brother tried when you were out," in his quiet voice.
<Joni> 'Er, did he find anything?"
* Joni checks around, is anything missing?
<AlcarGM> Blot: "Nothing; he might have wanted to talk, but he brought light inside his head."
<Joni> (And wait, the foster mother never enters to search, does she do so otherwise? :P)
* Joni hrms, then whews when nothing is missing, although she does check and see for herself
<AlcarGM> (( Of course not! She Respects Your Space(tm) ))
<Joni> (I read that as spacetime :P)
<AlcarGM> (( that too. ))

<AlcarGM> You lmpw ypoi
<AlcarGM> err.
* Karl` rolls out of bed and trudges to the shower, beginning the morning routine.
<AlcarGM> The gm finds the right keys on the keyboard and ceases attempting to type in tongues.

<Joni> bacon
* Joni gets out of bed, the smell galvanizing her, ugh, bacon, why must you do this to me?
<AlcarGM> It reminds Joni of the delights of hell? :)
<AlcarGM> (( "Your souls smell just like bacon." ))

<AlcarGM> She takes it, introduces herself as Maureen* and gets you a new ID card for Fairview, handing it over. "Tenth floor. The elevator will need voice ID and wil perform a retinal scan."
<AlcarGM> * Someday, at least one Maureen will meet another.
<Alex`^> They had a club in Highschool, called themselves the Maureens
<Alex`^> it was like the skulls
<Alex`^> shady club
<AlcarGM> The Pens & Shorthand Society.

<AlcarGM> As the students have all been given free laptops, the lab is, empty at the moment :)
<AlcarGM> You want to do antyhing, install anything or amuse yourself while waiting for students?
* Karl` does a little minor network optimization but mostly pokes around on the internet pretending to be doing something useful.
<AlcarGM> You increase your level in Farmville, then? :p
<Karl`> lol yes

<Alex`^> for all I know you guys are a really elaborate AI program that I am helping beta test!
<Sparkie> As if.
* Sparkie passed beta years ago.
<Joni> your mom is a really elaborate AI program I'm beta testing
<Alex`^> Oh?
<Alex`^> I hadn't realized your mom jokes had been added to the program

<Joni> how can you believe a rumor?
<Joni> when its about yourself
<Joni> and its not true? :P
<Alex`^> isn't it?
<Joni> dude
<Joni> we know who killed cristal :P
<AlcarGM> hahahaha
<Joni> you know what? Never mind :P

<AlcarGM> When you close the dooor, however, you notice a swirl of purple and grey light around your hand.
* Karl` lifts his hand up and inspects it for a few moments.
<AlcarGM> The faint glow moves up with your hand, and seems to compass your arm as ell.
* Karl` shakes his hands in a flicking motion to see if it will fall off or something. :P
<Karl`> *hand
<AlcarGM> The glow doesn't fall off or change, but seems to cling to your body like a second skin.
* Karl` goes to the bathroom and tries wiping it off with a towel.
<Joni> (Stop that or you'll go bli... develop a polychromatic aura)

<LadyIslay> I don't see coloured auras.
<LadyIslay> I just feel them.
<Karl`> Do they touch you?
<LadyIslay> Usually only stormy cloud type auras.
<Karl`> Do they touch you in bad places?
<LadyIslay> Like when your husband is really, really pissed off at something, but shows no outward sign of it...
<Karl`> Show us on the doll where the aura touched you.

<AlcarGM> Tanya Rancourt* returns after your deliberations and agreeds to NOT allow Aubrey on board the Exegesis, mostly because her brother claims it would be a very, very bad idea.
<AlcarGM> * the last name used to be Rancount, but Rancourt sounds better so it's retroactively changed.**
<AlcarGM> ** proof you ARE still in the Virtual Reality!
<Silvran> (( I so told you. ))

<AlcarGM> There's no flash of light this time, just a slight feeling of unease and you are standing on a deck in a spacecraft far over the world of Sycla 3. Above you stards are visible through transparent bulkhead and the floor is warm underfoot, the engines a deep humming under your feet.
<Silvran> (( I read that as above you tards. ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Stars :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( unless this was Flowers for Algernon in Space. Which it isn't. ))

<AlcarGM> Tanya: "Of course, but we thought we could give you time to rest, eat, adjust as you like first. Normally jump drives can be quite draining physically."
<AlcarGM> As if you counterpoint that, Andrew yarns huely, showing off his teeth.
<AlcarGM> ... he also yawns.
<AlcarGM> (( yarning would be more showing off his claws ))
<Silvran> (( I preferred the yarn. He is a cat, after all. ))

<Silvran> "At least it seems to be following a theme. I've been putting a lot of thought into something. The old men." He motions to the sword that somehow the Exogenesis security crew decided was safe for him to keep. "Sword of wind. We fought, for lack of a better word, Father Time."
<Silvran> "The old man who controlled time knew this sword."
<AlcarGM> Of course they let oyu keep the sword: they have energy weapons and particle beams: a sword is a weapon of a more barbaric age :p

<AlcarGM> Few PC/PC interactions include interrogation-seduction. 24 has nothning on game1.
<AlcarGM> But this is, still, better than Rei shooting Karl or something :p
<Joni> you know
<Joni> you will thank me, Cal, later :P
<Joni> for being saved that particular tidbit :P
<Karl`> being shot?

<alcar> Well, and both pcs playing atm are trying to avoid each other somewhat after nice mind control....
<alcar> This is turning out to be quite the odd game.
<Tass> yeah
<Tass> I wouldn't have done it if he wasn't being so damn coy :P
<alcar> lol. Cal didn't think he was :) Not like Karl had anything to gain by spilling beans.
<Out2lunch> aww
<Tass> I used a 'this is a goon, deal with him on his pay grade' sort of way
<Tass> which I think may have hurt Cal's feelings a bit
<Tass> maybe I should have just been a little more coy myself
<Out2lunch> all women have a tendency to try and mind control men are being "coy"
<Out2lunch> but usually we only have boobs and big doe eyes to work with

<AlcarGM> Joseph recognizes you and grins, hopping off and scoots over to the fence, finding something to stand up on to look over at you. "Oh, no. Someone dumped some guy mauled by an animal over the fence last night, so Leon asked if people who mind keeping an eye on the backyard," cheerfully.
<rei> "Leon?"
<AlcarGM> Joseph: "Alex's grandfather. He's *old*, but he gives out candy and he's really good with a sword."
<rei> "... She's got a grandfather who gives candy to kids?"

* rei swoons and faints. :P
<AlcarGM> What, on cue? :p
<rei> Yeah, of course!
* rei wants to see where he'd take her.
<AlcarGM> Okay. You faint, and waken to cool metal under your back, and chains around your hands and feet. A basement, from the pipes above you. The air reeks of sandalwood and brimstone and Yasuo is standing offf to the side, a switchblade held lovingly in one hand, eyes fever bright. "At last!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<rei> :p

* rei does so, keeping an eye out for signs that this place might be starting to slip.
<AlcarGM> http://gawker.com/5484030/scientology-uses-stolen-star-wars-clips-to-fire-up-its-members-against-entheta
<AlcarGM> So, does it qualify? :)
<rei> oh my god
<rei> give me a minute
<rei> I need to recover :P
<AlcarGM> The nurse, naturally, times her return for a few seconds after the video ends.
<rei> "I'm just..."
<rei> "This is real? :P"
* rei gawks at the screen. =p
<AlcarGM> She looks rather surprised. "Of course it is real," with a friendly laugh. "Your shock comes from your thetan recognizing the truth."
<rei> "I see."
<rei> "So, how about bruising?"
* rei offers an elbow :P
* rei is so going to burn this place regardless of whether or not Kyle is here.

<kentari> Yes.
<kentari> I *am* going to use your sideplot to use scientology to beat the bad guys.
* AlcarGM laughs

* alcar was rather impressed Brodie lasted that long without getting hit :p
<alcar> During the first day of his existence in the game, he was beaten up on 4 separate occassions. One witnessed by a pc, who just left him and went about doing other things :)
<Caltak> wow
<alcar> Yeah. It was pretty weird.
<Caltak> explains the emotional damage
<alcar> Alex actually came across Brodie being beaten up in a bathroom by some jocks for failing to do somethinvg for them, and just left and went about her business.
<alcar> leaving me going: "uh, wait, what?" :P
<Caltak> yeah that's odd
<alcar> Almost, perhaps, as odd as someone informing a pc "See, what I am doing is okay because this isn't a human child" and stabbing someone with a knife" eh? :p
<Caltak> well... look, there were mitigating circumstances! :p
<Caltak> if it had been a kid being beaten up in a bathroom by bullies I certainly would have done something.

<AlcarGM> X is for Xenu.... hrm. Scientology sesame street :p
<Joni> lol
<Joni> awesome

<AlcarGM> Helena: "Why didn't you tell me before, about you?"
<AlcarGM> Ike sighs. "The ward will NOT hold forever."
<Joni> "Because, Helena, of how you are, you probably wouldn't have liked it in a not so life threatening situation."
<Joni> "Point is, can you deal with it right now, because we are out of time, and I didn't want Kyle throwing you a curve ball mid ritual when you needed to concentrate."
<AlcarGM> Helena: "If - if this is really some trick to hurt people......"
<Joni> "I mean, might as well just give up the act, you're technically an infernalist, what with all the consorting with demons, right?"
<Joni> (zoooomg, j/k :P)
<AlcarGM> hahahahahaha!

<Karl`> And I haven't met Rei yet. :p
<Karl`> and I might be okay with Alex since I intended to try going to those classes.
<Joni> I hope you meet rei
<Joni> I really do

<rei> "We'd have to be sneaky. Can you do sneaky?"
<AlcarGM> Yasuo: "I am Japanese," as if that was answer enough.
<rei> "Cool. You lead, then."

<AlcarGM> The door to the chapel is locked.
<AlcarGM> Yasuo looks up and down the hallway, and produces lockpicks from his wallet.
<rei> "Woah, I didn't know you were that kind of guy, Yasuo...!"
<AlcarGM> He bends over anfd picks the lock quite quickly, pushing the door open carefully.
* rei feigns surprise, quietly. :P
<AlcarGM> Yasuo: 'One has to acquire women's underwear somehow."

* rei heads for wherever it looks like there'd be lots of oxygen tanks. :>
<AlcarGM> Okay. So, there is one guard, possibly more within the quarantined area itself, and however many doctors and nurses are inside.
* AlcarGM whimpers.
<AlcarGM> You find some by the nurses's tationo the fourth floor, which is largely empty since the floor is mostly closed at present
<rei> "I can tell the GM knows me when he clears the area of bystanders, heh."

* rei will simply wait for the guard to open the door to a free knuckle sandwich. :>
<AlcarGM> The guard opens the door, without bothering with a facemask and.... roll attack :p
<AlcarGM> 2d6+5 - guard, def.
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+5: 12(7) - guard, def.
<rei> 2d6+7 raw-har-har
<Sparkie> rei 2d6+7: 11(4) raw-har-har
<rei> What? No, this won't do. :P
<rei> 2d6+7 >:E
<Sparkie> rei 2d6+7: 11(4) >:E
<rei> Sparkie. . . .
<rei> You will not do this again. :P
<rei> 2d6+7
<Sparkie> rei 2d6+7: 14(7)
<rei> That's better. :D
* rei is determined to succeed!

<Chaos`^> anyway, Alex needs to have done something during the missing time... we still doing that marathon thing next week?
<alcar> Well, she has only missed a day, but yeah :P
<Chaos`^> ....
<Chaos`^> I've missed a month's worth of sessions
<Chaos`^> and the game has progressed.... a day?
<alcar> Yes. And you were on Wedesday evening. It is Friday afternoon :p

<AlcarGM> There is a high pitched bark of a dog from the van and Tom looks confused and then screams, staggering back as if being attacked, though you see nothing striking him.
* Joni will grab one of the pieces of the telephone pole and whip it at cruise :P
<AlcarGM> lol. Easy to do :)
<Joni> 2d6+8
<Sparkie> Joni 2d6+8: 14(6)
<AlcarGM> 2d6+4
<Sparkie> Sorry, I'm on strike. Bugger off. If you really want to know, your result was 2.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+4
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+4: 6(2)
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> well that was consistent.

<Alex`^> I went on a date with an old man, and left him in the care of a couple i ran into
<AlcarGM> Oh, right! Duh.
* AlcarGM had this nagging feeling I was forgetting a session somewhere.
<AlcarGM> Your date ended the way many horrible dates never do, but probably should, with monsters, a wounded man and a police chase.

<Alex`^> "So, what did you need?"
<AlcarGM> Nat licks his lips, then mutters, "information."
<Alex`^> "About?"
<AlcarGM> He looks up at that. "I can't just tell you."
<Alex`^> "Why not?"
<AlcarGM> Nat: "There's rules."
<Alex`^> "There are?"
<AlcarGM> Nat: "... you don't get caught, and you don't tell the target what you did unless they... they force you to."
<Alex`^> "...How much force?"

* Alex`^ widens her stance to cover the attack from both sides now...
* Karl` takes a step back after getting hit and adjusts his grip before stepping forward and thrusting twice quickly.
<Karl`> 2#2d6+7
<Sparkie> Karl` 2#2d6+7: 17(10) 16(9)
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6+8 - Denice.
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6+8: 12(4) 14(6) - Denice.
<AlcarGM> Denice would like to point out, for the record, her +1 ABOVE Karl. And how it didn't make a difference at all.
<Karl`> lol

<Karl`> "I may know where to find him. I'll ask him if he's interested in taking the lessons, and if so, I'll bring him along."
<Alex`^> "Oh, that'd be great!"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "...."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "So, wait, you aren't a ninja and you just happen to know where a random kid someon nut is looking for is?"
* Karl` shrugs. "Sometimes people happen to know each other."
<Alex`^> "Just roll with it Denice... Weird stuff happens when you get super good at fencing."

<Chaos`^> is it bad that I seriously thought of darth vader when the white guy walked in and threw Denice around? =p
<alcar> lol. Yes :P
<Chaos`^> I mean... He kind of was described a little like vader... sort of
<alcar> .... as a man dressed in white and mime makeup? :P
<Chaos`^> yeah!
<Chaos`^> if you think in opposites
<Chaos`^> but seriously, monochromatic costume, and a mask

* rei will promptly zip back out and drive off with our new car and victi--- priso---... friend.
<AlcarGM> For Rei, is their truly any difference? :p
<rei> :>

* rei hangs up.
<rei> "Wait, when did I get a cell phone..."
* rei looks at her hand in HORROR. :P
<AlcarGM> It is a rather nice small cell phone, and a nice neutral shade of grey.

<AlcarGM> You arrive back at the hospital, and it is quite, quite quiet. No police, no ambulances. False quarantines and missing nurses, and it's all been hushed up like pedophiles who visit the most magical place on earth.

<rei> "You can find your way inside, yes?"
* rei kind of LOOKS at him :P
<AlcarGM> Yasuo: "There is very little underwear to find," gravely.
<rei> "Don't tell me that's the source of your power."
<rei> "I swear to God this whole warriors of justice thing ends here and now if you have to refuel on panties."
<AlcarGM> He laughs lightly at that and grins. "It would be very cultural."
<rei> "You are a robot."
* rei just goes. :P He can find his way.

<AlcarGM> Okay. You wait a good 20 minutes before a man comes in dressed entirely in white. Shoes, gloves, hat, suit, and mime make up. He also looks almost impossibly beautiful, enough for people to ignore the oddness of his clothing as he looks around.
<AlcarGM> Man In White: "I am looking for a child."
<AlcarGM> There is a disbelieving silence.
* Joni raises an eyebrow, then gives averts her eyes, like one would do if a hobo suddenly showed up in the shop and asked for the aliens they are hiding in the back
<Joni> (Minus the gives)
<AlcarGM> Barista, slowly: "You're looking for a child."
<AlcarGM> Man in white; "Yes. A latino boy, about 8. Probably pretty."
<AlcarGM> Random Patron: "You sick fuck."
* Joni .oO(What is the world comming to...)

<rei> "There's some kind of psycho evil ghost thing that's been screwing up the hospitals. I think its possessed some magical chick. We're trying to kill it before it can get anyone else."
<rei> "It wants to eat the city."
<rei> "You're not emo or anything, are you?" :P
<AlcarGM> Andy: "You're not insane or anything, are you?"
<rei> "I shot you when you tried to rape me. Does that sound crazy to you?"

<AlcarGM> Andy dresses in rather sensible jeans and a jean jacket when he comes out of the back, but looks alittle confused and scans the room quickly with his eyes
<rei> "Sup?"
* rei looks around
<AlcarGM> Andy: "Weird. I guess I forgot my underwear at home."
* rei cringes. Slightly.
<rei> "Here."
* rei digs around in backpack. Offers pair.
<rei> "Girls carry spares."
* rei just ensured she'll never lose Yao. :P
<AlcarGM> Andy: ".... I'm be fine."
<rei> "K." :P
<AlcarGM> Yasuo just smiles a little and looks like innocence personified

<Karl`> "Hey, sorry to bother you again, but you wouldn't happen to know anything about crazy people full of bugs that stretch out and inject bugs into you... do you?" *all a bit rapidly*
* Chaos`^ is now known as Alex`^
<AlcarGM> He blinks a fes times, frowns at your arm, then nods and tries to drag you into the room :)
* Karl` hurries inside.
<AlcarGM> El Nino pulls you towards the kitchen, heading to the sink and pulling out some raid from under it.
* Karl` looks at the can. "Um, I know I might regret asking this, but how is that gonna deal with the ones inside my arm?"
<AlcarGM> He snaps his fingers and opens a drawer, pulling out a large cleaver
* Karl` 's eyes go wide. "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh maybe I should go to the hospital actually...."

<Joni> "Oh hey! Rhonda, right? It's a dance floor, go dance with some guy! Make him jealous!"
* Joni otherwise waves her off lightly
<AlcarGM> She stumbles back, then says: "We exchanged promise rings you bitch!"as if declaring war
<Joni> "Whaaaaaat? He didn't promise me anything! That asshole!"
* Joni takes a drink
<AlcarGM> Rhonda: "You..." and tries to slap you.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+3 - :p
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+3: 8(5) - :p
<Joni> 2d6+7 wait, what? :P
<Sparkie> Joni 2d6+7: 13(6) wait, what? :P
<Joni> (so, Karl gets crazy fly men and Rei gets wizards, but all I get is a hussy?)

* Joni tries to find other single people to dance with this time :P
<Joni> (less drama that way)
<AlcarGM> You make the evening for a few lonely souls who briefly feel as if they were dancing with Ishtar and are left trying to capture that moment again for the rest of their short lives.
* Joni thinks better, but also bittersweet

<Alex`^> I'll cover her mouth and put her into a hold, preventing her from moving...
<AlcarGM> You manage it and she freezes rather than trying to break free and kill you.
<Alex`^> "Make a noise and I break your arm, got it?"
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "Okay. Wait, shit!"
<AlcarGM> j/k

<Joni> lets just say, if I hadn't of defended once...
<kentari> come on man, relax
<kentari> sparkie won't let us accidentally do that kind of thing to each other
<kentari> its all good
<kentari> :P
<Joni> relax
<Joni> ...
<Joni> you shot me after one line
<kentari> I totally expected you to dodge a +5er, man
<Joni> with the second highest dammage total I;ve seen all games
<Joni> twice
<Joni> in the back!
<kentari> well
<kentari> that's your fault for leaving your back open, doofus :P

<kentari> sparkie has been kind
<kentari> he knows when to grant mercy
<kentari> and when to be cruel
<Sparkie> Mercy is just another kind of cruelty.

<kentari> I will never forgive you for stealing my coolness points, Tass.

<kentari> ahem
<kentari> karl
<kentari> you can kill bea now and no one will get mad at you.
<AlcarGM> Bea might come back and find she is married :)
<kentari> you can kill bea now and fennec might be happy you did.
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> lol

<AlcarGM> Bea: "She made the pie from a tree people tried to kill her at and left it for me to give. She left no memories of your apartment before her, but she wasn't in long before you, and had so few friends." She looks a little sad. "Sometimes it is easy to pretend a curse is a blessing."
<AlcarGM> Bea looks away, staring at the wall. "I am just a way back for her, and the creature knows that. It just ignores me and waits for her."
* Karl` sort of nods, but a bit unsure.
<Karl`> "What creature, exactly?"
<AlcarGM> Bea: 'The Scry. It knows I'm not her and has no use for me," a little tightly. "WEhat would you do, if you were made to live someone's life onloy to find they waste it on doing taxes and work, afraid of their own maigc and love...." She bites her lip. "I don't know what she'd do it I changed it."
<Karl`> "Yeah... that does sound like a tricky problem..."
<AlcarGM> Bea: "I could sell your computer ad make your life better too!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<AlcarGM> Though occult horror along the lines of "Improve This Life!" would be so many kinds of terrible.
<AlcarGM> Horror Eye for the Human Guy, or something :p

<AlcarGM> Helena: "I guess I just don't know much, about what demons are really like or - or anything."
<Joni> "Most people don't, they just have their fables and try to summon them for advice or power. If I'd give you a word to describe us I'd say unpredictable."
<AlcarGM> Helena ventures a smile. "So a lot like humans, then?"
<Joni> "in some ways, people are people."
<Joni> "I guess it's why I have more empathy for the Scry than Cathy did, makes sense now, eh?"
<AlcarGM> Helena nods. "I guess. Cathy has ... pretty strong views. But there's a lot of hurt behind her eyes. Why do people with magic always do bad things?"
* Joni makes a hand wavy motion, "It's power, power takes away a lot of small consequences."
<Joni> "And, well, I said this to another person, but it denies people hardships, and from that, growth."

<AlcarGM> Andy doens't notice that at all. "What did you *do* here?" he begs.
<Joni> "Well, I fought Rei, I thought I said this
<AlcarGM> Andy shakes his head. "I meant before tonight. Something really big."
<Joni> "Oh, right, that."
* Joni looks like she's thinking hard
<Joni> "There is a force, an entity that is attacking the city."
<AlcarGM> Andy: "... Rei mentioned something after shooting me," flatly
<AlcarGM> Helena; "Does she shoot *everyone*," in disbelief, a small part of her wondering if Rei doens't like her, since she never shot her.

<Joni> you tried to make me reroll my successful defense :P
<Joni> the only thing I am grateful for out of that fight was that it gave me an reason to talk to Yasuo
<kentari> that was because it was a 12
<kentari> A 12 had the chance of fucking us all up, especially based on where you rolled it, man
<kentari> I was looking out for you even then!
<kentari> Such a selfish fellow. Honestly! Rei has a heart of gold and is a warrior of justice!
<AlcarGM> Yasuo is fast becoming convinced that american tv really IS all based on real life in America :)
<AlcarGM> casual shootings, beautiful HS students....
<kentari> :P
<kentari> don't forget: scientology is real
<Joni> you are so not helping your case :P
<Joni> it's like, you have a knife in my gut and your telling me that I'm selfish because you're helping me with my iron intake :P

<AlcarGM> The music ends after your fourth knock and you hear the torch turn off as the door is opened hurriedly. The man on the other side is 20, at best, a bespectacled geek in need of a haircut and shave who looks rather confused at seeing you in the door and straighens a little from a perpetual slouch, trying to suck in a beer belly a little. "Ah, hello?"
<Joni> "Hi, I was wondering if you would like to answer some question for a survey."
* Joni beams a soul shattering smile and looks like for all the world a teen student the world has yet to crush
<AlcarGM> He blinks owlishly a few times, then tried to brush some crumbs of his sweater and nopes you don't notice. The return smile he offers is surprisingly innocent for someone living next to Rei. "Oh, of course. I've friends coming over soon, but that should be okay. What kind of survey is it?"
<Joni> (Oh, blah, I forgot that I was going to alter my appearance, oh well :P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Easily done retroactively if you want. Still going to look hawt? :P ))
* Joni will tone it down a bit, still, a little bit goes a long way with this sort of guy, lets just say nerdy hot, like, glasses, short hair, maybe with some highlights, and a band shirt, lets say, weezer :P
<AlcarGM> lol! Nice :)
<Joni> (know your audience :P)

<Joni> wheee :P
<Karl`> rollercoaster?
<Joni> no
<Joni> making threats :P
<Karl`> that's like your hobby
<Joni> yeah, it really seems like it
<Joni> I sorta like it better this way, I have yet to follow through on any but one
<Karl`> you fling threats like rei flings bullets! :p
<Joni> nah
<Joni> I have less ammo :P

<kentari> oh fuck oh fuck
<kentari> alex and karl are a team now?
<kentari> we need to overcome our differences, tass.
<kentari> :P
<Joni> I've had some odd dealings with karl
<Joni> he likes to kidnap schoolchildren :P
<kentari> Oh man.
<Joni> you two would get along fabulously

* Karl` considers. "Do you have the time?"
<AlcarGM> "11:32 am," he says flatly, before handing you your ID. "I'm afraid you're going to have to come with us."
<AlcarGM> about 11 minutes ago.
<Karl`> (( what was? ))
<AlcarGM> (( your time of death. ))
<Karl`> (( ah ))
<AlcarGM> The police officer pulls out a pair of handcuffs.

<AlcarGM> Joseph: "You're really nice even if you scare me a lot," and heads inside.
<rei> "****." :P
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> Well, he has Sight,. That he doesn't run screaming from you says a lot :P
<rei> :P
<rei> Youthful ignorance!
<rei> Either that or HE can see rei's heart of gold
<rei> I told you guys, but nooo :P
<AlcarGM> lol.
<Joni> (heart of gold, the size of a small star, so dense, not even hope can escape)
<rei> what the hell alcar
<rei> you gave tass my sheet? :P

<Karl`> I've decided that if my PC's life actually gets ruined by the antagonists currently attempting to do so, his Plan B will be to attempt to become some sort of crazy superhero type. :p
<AlcarGM> There are few things sadder than a superhero in a world devoid of supervillains :p

<Karl`> too many of my BESM characters have it so I didnt take it this time.
<Karl`> :/
<Joni> Tsoma had reincarnate
<Joni> but thats because he was an alien nannite colony from pluto

<Karl`> I really really need to have my character realize he has a force field. We would have come out of that a lot better. :p
<AlcarGM> You need Rei to shoot you!
<AlcarGM> For your own good.
<Karl`> I think pitching machines might be a tad safer. :p

<Alex`^> you can't just yell and start firing and expect me to know who or what you're shooting at
<rei> 2d6+9 You can when you have a rocket launcher.
<Sparkie> rei 2d6+9: 17(8) You can when you have a rocket launcher.
<Alex`^> no, you can't

<kentari> Rei understands that Death is the only fair thing in the world. It comes to everyone, regardless of who or what they are.
<kentari> Love is the cruelest.
* Sparkie loves so much.
<kentari> See? See?
<kentari> Rei is the most humane and human PC.
<kentari> Everyone else is a monster.
<kentari> And because of the genre, Rei appears the most monstrous.
<kentari> That's why it is so fun a genre :P

<AlcarGM> Energy slams down, hard. The artificial legs rip apart as if they were tinder. Dennis says a soft, succiinct: "Shit," and hits the ground, not moving after.
* Karl` turns his attention back to the RV, searching for his property.
<AlcarGM> You rip apart more of the rv. It's impossibly complicated, with engines, mechanical legs, arms built into it.... it's almost like some thing out of a japanese mecha, or transformers, but it obviously is a) not finished and b) not meant to deal with you.
<AlcarGM> Dave actally ignroes the rv and runs over to check on his friend, who remains unconscious.
<AlcarGM> Four gunshots ring out in the night.....
* rei is revealed! Standing atop the roof of a nearby trailer, behind a big satellite dish. She is holding a sniper rifle dextrously in each hand, vapor trails arcing through the air as four rubber bullets find purchase in every kidney and testicle.
* Karl` barely has time to turn his head towards the sound as the bullets fly at him... yet they seem to slow and slightly veer at the last moment. They still hit him, however, and the the hail of rubber bullets causes him to convulse in the air, and the freefall straight down into the torn-open RV.

<AlcarGM> * AlcarGM stilll has technically 3 people on Satudsay, though one is also on Sunday :p
<AlcarGM> <Chaos`^> how strange
<AlcarGM> <Chaos`^> we should get together... you know, as PCs
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Rei and Karl are :p
<Tass> lawls!

<rei> "Eh. Its like, only a matter of time before some of the weird around here gets thrusted on her. She won't deserve it, but she'll have to live with it forever, or break trying to."
<rei> "You and me, we were able to survive that guy. What if he had come *here*?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "He won't."
<rei> "I hope not. What makes you so sure?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Because he won't love long enough to," flatly, ignoring the pain as he looks over to meet your gaze, his own serene and empty of expresion.
<AlcarGM> err, live long enough to :p
<rei> "At his rate, he'll meet someone who didn't promise to use rubbers, yeah."
* rei smirks.
<rei> "Still though. There's... nothing in the way of all the rotten stuff out there, coming in here."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "Live. Whatever."

<AlcarGM> Kyle: "You're supposed to fight HIM, not each other," miserably. "But you always do."
* rei maintains her balanced stance, silent, still holding the one pistol with her right hand aimed up the stairs.
<Joni> "It's like a marathon through a tiger preserve."
<Joni> "You have any ideas Ike?"
<AlcarGM> Ike: "Most remain doubtful, since Rei seems unwilling to admit to error, and one can justify the rightness of any action if one is determined enough."
<Joni> "I don't feel so bad about Karl and Brodie anymore."

<AlcarGM> It is rather funny that, this time, all technical 'combat' was initiated by Joni :p
<AlcarGM> More proof Rei is right! They're even harbouring the vessel, after all.
<Joni> luckily this time I was just sweating bullets and not being gifted with them :P

<Joni> "You sure you don't want backup?"
<Joni> "I need a favor, if you want me to come along... you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours?"
* Joni sounds... tired
<Alex`^> "... What do you need?"
<Joni> "I need to keep a kid safe."
<Alex`^> "Is someone coming after him?"
<Joni> "Basically we have the liberated vessel of a dark power that is trying to destroy the city and you remember that Rei chick? She's trying to off him."

* Karl` nods again. "I ask because I've been menaced a bit my Grey Men recently, and had some things stolen."
<AlcarGM> Jen looks puzzled. "They normally only watch things and gather information, though no one is certain who for. They seldom steal anything."
<Karl`> "How often do they clone people and put their dead clone in their apartment for the police to find?"
<AlcarGM> Jen: "once every dozen years; sometimes with real reason, othertimes as a warning. Oddly, the police never connnect the dots between the incidents in different cities."
<Karl`> "Huh. Guess I should feel special, then."
<AlcarGM> Jen: "What did you do to them?"
<Karl`> "I.. may have redirected a speeding car toward one of them that was following me. In my defence, I thought he would avoid it."

<Joni> "Yeah... I'm thinking industrial park isn't a good place for a kid."
<Alex`^> "Well, it is a theme park."
<kentari> ((oh man, you have a campsite in Happy Land, too?! :D))
<Joni> "...That doesn't bring industrial park to mind."
<Alex`^> (( SHUT UP! ))
<Joni> (I thought like... a shipyard or something :P)
<Alex`^> "Sorry? But there is one there. Like I said, we'd have to find a place to hide him... It'll be justa s hard for us to get in as Rei, but I mean... We won't be shooting people while we do it."

<Joni> "Alright, but we'll need to scout it out beforehand."
* Alex`^ nods. "I thought so, that's why I wanted to meet you here... Rei didn't follow you or anything right?"
* rei has joined #game1
* ChanServ sets mode: +o rei
<Joni> "I'm not sure, I don't think so
<rei> "You're so clever."
<rei> 2d6+8
<Sparkie> rei 2d6+8: 13(5)
<rei> ((just kidding :P))
* rei has left #game1 (Leaving)

<AlcarGM> Okay. Alex and Joni head to a Theme Park. Karl prepares to question children at an RV Park and Rei makes a friend in a cold war bunker.
<AlcarGM> Next session: See the above. Aka: who knows?! :p
<kentari> oh god
<kentari> the poor children
* AlcarGM is now known as alcar
<kentari> they're all going to have their limbs telekinetically plucked off
<kentari> like butterfly's wings
<Chaos`^> hahaha

<Kayar> hmm
<Kayar> some people hate freeform
<analog> that's a panty liner type thing, right?
<alcar> Freeform as liberal pansies ... dice-determinists as conversatives....
<alcar> it would make a fun sense :)
<analog> i feel my grip on reality slipping
<alcar> Let go; the waterslide to the bottom is fun!
<analog> what about the sudden spinal compression on impact?
<alcar> It's okay. Your spine gets replaced by a slinky.
<analog> lol
<analog> now *that* would be cool

<kentari> teleport is.. technically invisible
<Tass> its you disapearing!
<Tass> a noticeable visual effect :P
<kentari> NOT with a whirl of cherry blossoms, however.
<Tass> maybe if you left a flash of light
<kentari> or cherry blossoms.
<kentari> thousands of them
<kentari> like, you discorporated into a mass of the petals
<kentari> woosh
<kentari> because you actually planeshifted to the elemental plane of cherry blossoms
<Tass> or like
<Tass> you leave an easter island statue behind :P

<Alex`^> wait
<Alex`^> what if you put him in peril, and then rescue him?
<Karl`> that's dishonest
<Alex`^> but he won't know that
<Joni> Karl is a terrible person :P
<Alex`^> I mean, look... Karl has already torn up two people's houses just for a laptop worth maybe a grand.
<Alex`^> how is this any different?
<Karl`> Hey, a desktop AND a laptop, both well-equipped for gaming. So worth more than that, my friend.
* AlcarGM weeps

<Alex`^> "Nah, I'm just kidding. Seriously though, I don't think I can kill Rei just like that... unless, you know, there were ten of her."
* AlcarGM begins plotting.
<Joni> "I don't want you to kill her."
<Joni> "She's kinda messed up, in the head."
<Joni> 'Maybe talk to her? She won't listen to me."
<Alex`^> "You want me to kidnap her and take her to the shrink? I'm not just some random muscle you know."
<Alex`^> "Oh... talk to her.."
<Alex`^> "The last time I talked to her, she shot me."
<Joni> "Yeah, I think we're all familiar with getting shot by rei."

<Joni> why does it point to rei?
<Joni> I mean, you know ooc
<Joni> I'm just trying to figure out how it was obvious IC
<Karl`> are you second-guessing my roleplaying, punk?
<Joni> I'm asking you to explain!
<Karl`> I'm honestly too drunk at the moment, but I came to the realization while sober, so I am confident that I have a trail of evidence that makes sense.

* AlcarGM has realized that, as a PC questionaire question, 'what would people find in the porn directory on your pcs computer" would be damn fun :p
<Karl`> yeaaaah or not
<kentari> I think it'd be great
<kentari> and help keep us from taking our characters too seriously
<kentari> its like that "everyone has a price. what's yours?"
<kentari> only, not so heavy hitting :P
<Karl`> I dunno, I'd rather answer "what would it take for your PC to murder someone" than "what porn do they look at" :P

<AlcarGM> PCs need to work together, the GM said. PCs shuld try and hang out. And what do I get?
<AlcarGM> Amber.

<Karl`> Joni is obviously a plotting, coniving succubus.
<AlcarGM> Karl`: she's female. it stands to reason.
<Joni> its true
<Joni> the female part
<Karl`> Rei is potentially dangerous, but otherwise the jury's still out so far.
<Joni> also conniving
<kentari> this is the problem
<kentari> everyone made women.
<kentari> :P
<Karl`> >:[
<kentari> you all play terrible women.
<Joni> potentially dangerous!?
<Alex`^> lol
<Alex`^> i'm with ken

<rei> "You want your computer? I want something, too."
<rei> "I want that Joni girl dead."
* rei says, with zero emotion.
<AlcarGM> ......
* Karl` blinks. "That's really kind of outside the whole... computer issue. Like I said, I can pay you for it or make you another one..."
<rei> "You want it, I want a corpse. Deal or no deal?"

<Chaos`^> wait wait wait
<Chaos`^> everyone is saying that one pc is kind of fucked up, but you're saying, no that one pc is perfect, it's the OTHERS that are wrong?
<Tass> for weeks

<alcar> Joni got to become an urban legend :)
<alcar> Hrm. Alex's backyard has become an urban legend, of sorts :p Needs more bodies though.
* alcar hopes to eventually have all the pcs do enough stuff that gets Noticed so that they run into urban legends of themselves :)
<Tass> huh
<Tass> hadn't thought about that
<alcar> Just a fun thing where an npc eventulaly comes up and warns a pc bout some hideous evil thing that turns out to be, well, them.

* Alex`^ goes to Nosferatu Flight Agency
<Alex`^> kind of a strange name for a flight agency though
<alcar> Alas, it doesn't exist at all. Having an evil-sounding flight agency has... limited value, unless you're based in Iraq.
<Alex`^> Or you're into the twilight thing
<alcar> ..... Twilight Flight Agency would be horrible :(
<Karl`> yes.

<alcar> Kevin, the real one that is, has some school reports on it, his school email account (boring school president emails to clubs) and nothing even remotely incriminating, not even a facebook account or dirty picture on it.
<kevin`> "Oh, right... president."
* kevin` blinks.
* kevin` looks in the mirror.
<kevin`> "Holy ****, I'm the president."

<Alex`^> "Do you want me to hurt the poor kid.. Give me someone, anyone, and I'll make them stupid." Shrugging.
<alcar> Francine: "But not me? Why?"
<Alex`^> "I don't know..." Frowning. "With you it's like... An effort that I can't beat."
<alcar> Francine: "How... convenient. Fine, The next person with blond hair who walks through the door."
<Alex`^> "You want me to make the next blonde stupid?
<alcar> Francine: "Fine, fine : brunette."

<AlcarGM> rei: Soul check.
<rei> oh, you reallyk now how to hurt a girl
<rei> erm
<rei> I guess it's
<rei> 2d6
<Sparkie`> rei 2d6: 9
<rei> thx. :P
<Joni`> 2d6+30 :/
<Sparkie`> Joni` 2d6+30: 40(10) :/
<AlcarGM> (( ..... damn. ))
<Karl`> (( you have 0 soul? ))
<AlcarGM> Dave: "When did it get dark inside?" confused, and the RV lurches alarmingly, metal screamg as if it is being torn apart from stresses....
<Alex`^> (( I'm not surprised ))

<AlcarGM> You got Banished :p
<rei> bahaha
<AlcarGM> With Dave :p
<rei> oh no
<rei> dave, nooo :(
<rei> attempting to portal-port-whatever Dave using my "oh god, save the poor NPC" abilities :P
<AlcarGM> ... Really? :p Rei, save an npc? :P
<rei> Rei has been trying to remove NPCs from suffering since this campaign started!
<rei> Sometimes, that means they have to die, but still! :P

<Tassicus> you are a healthy mix of wonder and pity

<alcar> One could take all this and turn the USA/West into servants of Nyarlathotep ('Freedom' == chaos), and the Nazis trying to fight the great old ones that have ruled the West etc.
<alcar> would make for a wicked cultist theory, of nothing else.
<kentari> somehow though
<kentari> I think we need another 100 years before we can get away with making hitler the good guy.
<alcar> Well, the Great Old Ones DO corrupt. The Nazis might have started out the 'good' guys, but once you put the people hwo know the Truth About The Old ONes (i.e. the jews who'd figure out 555 etc.) into gas chambers, you've become servants of the evil you fought. Or something.
<kentari> eggs and omelets, my boy, eggs and omelets.

<AlcarGM> Dave takes it. "Which - which movie did you see last?"
* emma blinks.
<emma> "We read the books in school, and I already had tickets to see it, [Harry Potter] was supposed to come out a couple weeks after. I wonder if they're gonna make all four books into movies, wouldn't that be neat?"
<AlcarGM> Dave opens his mouth, closes it, then nods. "I guess it would be."
<emma> "But, wow... if that's true, then, they might already all be out."
* emma smiles a little, revealing her silver-lining senses.
<emma> "I guess that means I get to watch a lot of movies!"

* AlcarGM is personally waiting on the day when killing an online avatar nets a real world murder charge.
<AlcarGM> It will happen.
<kentari> There's an old case in korea I think
<kentari> about a guy who lent his friend the best sword in a game, the friend sold it
<kentari> and I *think* the guy murdered the friend.
<kentari> I forget what actually happened.
<AlcarGM> ... wow.
<kentari> says the WOLFCOCK EXPERT :P
<Caltak> Hey man, that shit's serious.

<Caltak> well in truth I said it in jest and it might be hard to roleplay kids properly, I dunno
<kentari> pick an older one then
<kentari> middle schoolers are basically adults with bad sarcasm and trouble working with abstractions
<kentari> you all have played women before: it shouldn't be a problem.

<Hanna`^> the founder... was Hadrian?
<Dami> (( He founded it after building the wall. ))
<kentari> That was his last name. :P
<Dami> (( and then went on to more ambitious architectural projects... ))
<kentari> Virgil Hadrian, a philanthropist from waaay back. :P

<kentari> A hum that increases in pitch emits quietly, as if daring you to complete your summoning, Dami.
* Dami rubs his ears and completes it anyway, hoping it's a pokemon
<kentari> There is a rumble and a poof of smoke nearby, next to Dami.
* Dami peers into the smoke hopefully
<kentari> http://guidesarchive.ign.com/guides/12865/images/250.gif floats near Dami.
<Dami> Toucan Sam on crack? :p
<kentari> Bah, uncultured swine!
<kentari> Fine.
<kentari> You get a pikachu. :P
<Dami> Oh, that's the ho oh thing?
<kentari> yea
<kentari> :p

<Hanna`^> "I did not cheat! I just hit the button with the smiley face on it! If it wasn't meant to be pushed it wouldn't be there, WOULD IT?"
<kentari> There is a good, long pause from your new partner.
<kentari> <Voice> "You are using the... tools, then? The things.. VerdiCorp made?"
<Dami> "Mom says that's why they dropped the bomb!"
<Hanna`^> "What bomb?"
<Dami> "The nuclear one. Because people just pushed buttons," triumphantly
<kentari> You hear the sound of a forehead being slapped.
<Hanna`^> "They dropped the bomb to stop a war, you... Stupid... Kid!"

<Chaos`^> well
<Chaos`^> let's talk about the people in the city
<Chaos`^> specifically, some mortal movers and shakers
<Chaos`^> Who is in the know? Who is in the dark? Who wants to keep the status quo and who wants to fuck it all up for everyone else?
<kentari> Democrats.
<alcar> For all the above? :)
<kentari> :>

* Alex`^ hops into a cab behind him, and instructs the driver to 'follow that cab!'
<alcar> The driver looks back at you. "In what movie should I do this?"
<Alex`^> well, I don't yell it like that dude
<Alex`^> I'm more like
<Alex`^> "Oh shoot what was the address? Damnit. We're following my friend ahead of us, in that cab. Just keep up with him."

<alcar> He smile widens into a griun, like someone showing off a girlfriend to their mom. "Bigger when it's an accident. I'm not sure I can even die here."
<Joni> "Good to know!"
* Joni facepalms, "Geez, Andy, thats not the sort of thing you wanna give away, y'know?"
<alcar> Andy: ".... I thought you knew. Being all... Darkness and all."
* Joni shrugs! "I'm not all knowing in my medium!"
<Joni> "and ours is different, I think mine is alive."
* Joni :/'s
<alcar> Andy looks a little surprised, then manages a smirk. "Well, that's not the sort fo yhou you wanna give away, y'know?"
<Joni> "It's wierd... and I guess you're right."
<Joni> "I guess that means we're just comfortable enough to not be at each others throats."
<alcar> (( Andy: "Today. But tomorrow, when I prepare he ritual of Ascension.....!" ))
<alcar> (( Andy: "Crap, you can read this, can't you?" ))
* Joni (murders) :P

<Alex`^> "I justneed information, Ike. I have a friend who was probably bitten by werewolves... Is that a problem?"
<alcar> Ike: "Stupidity is always a problem."
<Alex`^> "No, I mean, how do you prevent her from becoming a werewolf, Ike!"
<alcar> Ike: "By not being stupid. If people could become werewolves and vampire by being bitten, the entire planet would have been overrun years ago. Which, obviously, means that being bitten does nothing at all."
<Alex`^> "Oh, sweet. So, how does one become a werewolf then?"
<alcar> Ike: "How were *you* born?"

<alcar> There is a sense of Presnece bebind you, a feeling of wings.....
<alcar> And the sound of a candy wrapper being opened.
* Joni looks back
* Joni is assuming it will be anael :P
<alcar> Anael pops a rolo into his mouth and looks at you thoughtfully. "Does this city drive Above and Below insane, or did you just beat up a potential antichrist?" casually.
<Joni> "I won't be used."
* Joni breathes a few times to calm down as she peers inside the now empty box, "I couldn't have done it without your dad's help, either."
* Joni looks up, "Does he exist? Did he? Is he just a tale to scare us? So many questions."
<alcar> Anael: "We all use each other," mildly," eating another rolo. "That is the way of the world."

<Joni> (Where the hell do fallen demons go? :P)
<Joni> (Detroit!)
<alcar> (( hahaha. Yes :) ))

<Joni> (So I just destroyed the second biggest threat to the game so far, the antichrist! second only to Rei :P)
<Joni> (that just sounds terrible, but the premise is amusing)
* Joni will... dang, I don't freaking know :P
<alcar> It could have been far worse; Rei was offered the chance to become the mother TO the antichrist :p

<Out2lunch> well, as an observer, I don't that Rei tended to hinder everyone else's fun the majority of the time
<kentari> thank you lunchie
<kentari> once again, I have to be defended by..
<kentari> ... lunchie. :P
<Out2lunch> er...
<Out2lunch> that wasn't a defence
<kentari> shh
<AlcarGM> lol
<Joni> you mistyped, lunchie
<Out2lunch> oh blah
<Out2lunch> well, as an observer, I think that Rei tended to hinder everyone else's fun the majority of the time

<kentari> that's because everyone just unloaded expectations on me
<kentari> they're too used to me being a DM :(
<Chaos`^> ...
<Joni> expectations built on gunshots :P
* Sparkie` quotes

<AlcarGM> Drew: "I can call dad on my phone and ask?"
* emma stops in her tracks. :P
<emma> "Your phone? I didn't bring any change, Drew."
* emma looks around for a pay phone :P
<AlcarGM> Drew giggle and pulls something from his pocket the side of a credit card, opening it in half and presenting it to you with a delighted flourish. Phone.
<AlcarGM> Drew: "it's a cell phone."
<Joni> huh
<Joni> Seems emma was tanked for a decade or two
<AlcarGM> roflmao

<Alex`^> "Anyway, if all they do is observe why would Tyrell hate them so much? He thinks that they get powerful by interacting with people and some great evil will come upon us once they get powerful enough."
<Alex`^> "It would be kind of odd that my first encounter with a vampire was a completely schizophrenic one. Unless they're all that way." \

<Alex`^> "The guy you were going to give me the address to? He ended up killing quite a few ninjas last night as well. Although it was collateral damage to an attack on him."
<Joni> "hrm. Interesting... thingie."
<Joni> 'Ward?"
<Alex`^> "I don't know... Maybe. Someone said he sold his soul to the devil to get it."
<Joni> "I guess that could be true."
<Joni> "Lots of people get aweful stuff from infernalists, or such beings."
<Alex`^> "Anyway, I talked to Ike and he suggests that something from Outside could kill him."
<Joni> 'It fits the stereotype."
<Joni> "Or someone that loves no one. Man, why is it now that we need Rei?"
* Joni smirks :P

<Alex`^> "He sees that I'm affraid to fight him, so he tightens down on his assault..."
<Alex`^> "Then where am I? Then I have to kill him. I need leverage."
<Joni> "So bring some handcuffs, tie him up. You know how to grapple, right?"
<AlcarGM> (( "It's like sex." ))

<Joni> 'argh!
<Joni> what does alex waaaaaaaaaant!?
<AlcarGM> Figures Joni would ask the Shadow Question :p
<kentari> >:P
<kentari> +10 points, alcar.
<kentari> +10 points.

* Sparkie also allowd Joni to beat up an antichrist, so there!
<kentari> yeah
<Tass> man
<kentari> he taketh and giveth
<Tass> punching a baby never gets old
<alcar> That was just absurd :p
<kentari> :P
<Tass> someone quote that

<emma> "Didyoueverwatchsailormoon?"
* emma looks back, and just blurts that out :P
<alcarGM> Julius blinks at you a few times. "No. My mother doesn't like me watching tv."
<emma> ".. erm.. uhm.. you know what its ABOUT, right?"
<alcarGM> Julius: "Girls who turn into girls with bigger breasts and skimpy costumes?" absently as he stands up, still rubbing his head a little.
<emma> "N... noooo..... not.. not exactly."
* emma helps him up! She's a helper! :
<emma> "Uhm. You know like.. uhm.. like Bewitched?"
* emma figures it isn't tv if its real people on it. :P
<alcarGM> Julius: "Tv show cancelled because real witches put a curse on the company making it?"
<alcarGM> (( "And yet they let Sabrina run 7 seasons..." ))

* emma snatches the box o' treats before leaving, though. Mr Stuffins would be most upset if there were none.
<alcarGM> Yes. And you don't want to make Mister Stuffins angry. You know this deep in your soul, in a place where the teflon has been scratched away to reveal the gaping void beneath.
<alcarGM> So, so j/k
<emma> :p
<emma> (("who's a cute widdly byakhee? you are, you are!"))

<emma> The vehicles: police cars, or..?
* emma is surreptitiously sneaking a peek. :P
<alcarGM> Police cars, of course. You DID cause a huge ruckus, bigger than Nancy ever could
* emma is, deep down, just a little, totally pleased with this conclusion. She *won.*
<alcarGM> And so there will never be a sequel to this game because Nancy also knows, deep down, and will someday have to rectify that. With nuclear war.
<emma> :3

<alcar> Brodie actually has "can be stopped via math" under defects.
<emma> ...
<emma> you're kidding me :P
<alcar> Defects:
<alcar> Music 3 A devourer can be slowed if someone sings a really good lullaby, according to stories. Ideally, it's someone with mind control and/or a diva but calm music does affect them. In Brodie’s case, a good math equation works too as a distraction.
<emma> that's hilarious :P

<Chaos`^> the only way to win at yu gi oh is to cheat
<alcar> Bring a gun.
<alcar> "Look, I'm serior Mr. presdident. We are letting KIDS decide the future of the world. With a card game. Call in the air strike."
<Chaos`^> they did! invisible guns!
<Tass> lol
<Tass> I read that as
<Tass> hey
<alcar> ... those would be awesome.
<Tass> the teachers need special attacks, too
<alcar> Someone needs to fire those at Joni.

<Caltak> Existance High School, where little angels and demons are taught by the grown ones, and where Detention is held in Limbo.
<alcar> "No, Jeffery, you do NOT have a shoulder angel. You ARE an angel. Now quit sniffing that glue.."
<kentari> lol cal.
<kentari> that actually has a certain ring to it
<kentari> :p

<AlcarGM> Side note: if you did star wars, and replaced every account of force with thetan and rebellion with scientology, it would probably be quite fun.

<AlcarGM> I just realized someone must make a school for magick in UA revolving around Facebook. Poke. Unfriend etc :p

<Tass> I was very close to using the elder sign on those aliens :P
<Tass> seeing as they are products of outside, I think it would have been perhaps very bad for them
<alcar> It's not their fault everyone thinks they're aliens :(
<Tass> thus they are aliens :P
<alcar> Yeah, but they were built in heaven to be their useful servants on worlds heaven can't act openly in. Which isn't the same as Grey X-files aliens. Even though the end result is pretty close, minus most of the anal probe stuff.
<Caltak> lol, 'most'
<alcar> Well, one does get bored :p

* Now talking in #game2
* Topic is 'Fairview General Hospital '
<Karl`> (( lol, I just noticed the topic, and had a sudden scary thought that my character might really be in a coma at the hospital and dreaming this. :P ))

<Joni> 'So... I just wanna be out about it. But where'd you find that metal?'
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "The sword is from her school."
<Joni> "I meant the chair."
<Joni> ("You don't have an excuse to stand on!")
<Joni> (we need more cripple humor :P)
<kentari> ((he knows, he's just pulling you leg.))
<AlcarGM> Dennis frowns, then: "I made it," curtly.
<Alex`^> (( I can't stand that kind of humor. You think I'm just going to sit through this? ))

<AlcarGM> You look at it with sight, and it looks.... wrong, Still metal, but somehow aware without being alive, as if it was something alien forced into the world. Definitely not the sort of thing one should be making artificial legs from; the wheelchair seems to be from the same substance.
<Joni> wow, wheelchair, too?
<Joni> aware?
<Joni> wow, thats much more interesting than just no legs!
<Joni> start slooooooowly drawing an elder sign, just to see if there is a stirring, a reaction :P
<Joni> I don't plan on completing it
<Joni> just see if the process elicits a response
<AlcarGM> Definitely inflamation where metal and flesh meet.
<Joni> oh man
<Joni> he killed his parents for it :P
<Joni> I know how you like to take the batman trope and twist it :P
<AlcarGM> lol

<AlcarGM> Alex: you get the feeling the tree doesn't want to be climmbed, but it is a tree an dnot liable to come to life and throw you to the ground
* Alex`^ steps back from the tree
<Alex`^> "Whoa."
<Joni> "What?"
<Alex`^> "I don't know I just... I felt like I knew what the tree was thinking for a minute..."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "I felt nothing when I kicked it."
* Alex`^ puts a hand on the tree and concentrates! WHAT DOES THE TREE WANT NOW!?
<AlcarGM> The tree wants sweet, hot sex with the sunner sun burning down and sap leaking out .... or, uhm, not.

<alcar> Julius: "Ah. Do I glow?"
<emma> "Huh.."
* emma checks. :P
<alcar> Yup. Even more than last night.
<emma> "Oh wow! You sparkle!"
* emma swoons, almost.
<emma> "How come I didn't see you when we were driving here? I was lookin' for glows..."
* emma ponders a little, but doesn't keep it in mind long enough to make it a lasting mystery.
<alcar> Julius, possessed by the GM, attacks savagely to rip out Emma's throat in an orgy of blood and fear.
<emma> :P

<emma> "If I can use the weird stuff, Miss Francine.. I could definitely help a lot more."
* emma offers, wording herself very, very carefully. :P
<alcar> Francine frowns at Julius, then glances at you. "Such as?"
<emma> "Oh!"
* emma looks around.
<emma> "Promise you won't tell? I want to be normal here..."
* emma holds out her hand. Yes, she's asking for a pinkie swear.
<alcar> Francine blinks, once, shooting a glance at Julius, who just smiles. She walks over and pinkie swears as if she hasn't done it in *ages*.
<alcar> She must have few friends to keep secrets with!
<emma> :P

<Alex`^> "Stay safe, Dennis. I don't want you going off and getting hurt."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "It is hard not to in a city like this; I make no promises."
<AlcarGM> (( "Only Justice does." ))
* Alex`^ nods
<Alex`^> "Good luck."
<AlcarGM> He nods back, not wishing you luck because he knows, deep in his crooked little smudge of a soul, that Sparkie loves you and you don't need luck at all.
<Alex`^> lol

<AlcarGM> Brodie: "A grain silo can hold at least 1200 tonnes -- metric, naturally; a very mathematical and balanced sysyem, from there the weight of an empty one, even an old one with concrete is at least 8o0 tonnes, which is 80,000 kilograms, a 4 metre diameter meteor....." He blinks, registering the question belatedly. "I am not sure."
<Karl`> "Meteor?" *eyebrows raised*
<AlcarGM> Brodie waves that off. "They recorded remnants of a supposed one in Britian two years, six months and fourteen days ago. It was the first math I could recal to simulate the weight you raised, even if the example seems small in terms of gross size." He snapss his fingers. "I imagine I could make a simple hypermathetical equation that you could push sufficient weight into in order to rupture the wall between words in at least an hour."
* Karl` shrugs. "Alright. Oh, but, before we get ahead of ourselves... this 'rupture' would be something we could, say, close after we're done with it, right?"
<AlcarGM> Brodie: "The equation is the door. Why would you want to ruin it by closing it?"
* Karl` blinks twice, slowly. "The idea here is to attract a mage and offer them a job, not to cause an uncontrolled tear in the universe that might let dangerous monsters through, or rend the entire universe in half and kill millions of people or what have you."

<Joni> "Maybe a dummy e-mail account?"
<AlcarGM> Brodie: "Dummy math, yes. Trick the hyperspace and the hyperreal to coexisting, build the gate with the elder sign and the sign of kish.... not the voorish, equations won't suppport that magnitude of orders without human sacrifices... car drivers? Drunk drivers would probably appease...."
<Joni> "Alright, well, I guess that's all. You're with Brodie? What the heck is he going on about?
<Karl`> "Oh, you know. Work stuff. Hey, talk to you later, okay?"
<Joni> '.....alright."
* Joni has a veeeeeeeeery bad feeling suddenly :P
<Karl`> "Seeya." *hangs up*
<AlcarGM> Brodie continues writing equations for a bit, then looks up. "We *can* kill drunk drivers, right? The math is sound as making it a legal killing, since they kill other people. The neutral deaths would be a gell to hold the portal in place."
<Karl`> "Ummm... maybe if... one of them already killed someone and got away with it? But it would probably be hard to find one like that on short notice."
<AlcarGM> Brodie: "That would be harder to find, by definition, surely?"
<Karl`> "Well yes, but I don't think killing someone who might have potenitally killed someone later would count as neutral."

<Joni> hahahaha
<Joni> Karl is such a villain :P
<Joni> 'yes... killing people, lets do that!'
* AlcarGM nods. I'm having such fun with suggestions like this to Karl :p
<Joni> I know!
<Joni> its like, you say them so innocuously :P
<Joni> and he just goes for it!
<Joni> you could have him in a restaurant where everyone is calmly eating babies and I bet he'd just go along with it :P

* Karl` heads to.... I dunno, let's go to the mall for an hour.
<AlcarGM> Brodie: "We should not go in this place. It has a gap that is not a gap inside."
* Karl` looks at Brodie for a moment. "The Gap clothing store is a problem?"
<AlcarGM> Brodie: "It is not a true gap," as if this should make perfect sense.
<AlcarGM> Karl shall have to keep a record of things like this for the performance review; and while demanding a raise :P
<Karl`> "And the Apple Store doesn't sell fruit. So?"

<Joni> and of course
<Joni> Karl and company attract the worst mage ever :P
<Joni> if thats who I think it is
<Joni> you know what? Vericorp and the white lord deserve each other :P
<AlcarGM> hehehe tass
<Caltak> Yeah, my plan is that if I deliver them something evil and terrible, I'll just jump ship and focus on my "other" job. Which could very well require me to then face down the evil and terrible thing. :P
<Caltak> SO, you know, it works out in the end.
<Tass> I'm glad you have deluded yourself into thinking so :P

<alcar> The Styx turns out to be a small bar tucked under a large fitness centre. No cover charge, and oddly no bounces. the interior seemed to have been ripped out of the 1970s, from wood panneled walls to hideous orange floral carpets and a huge bar.
<Alex`^> you said it was a small bar
<alcar> :p

<alcar> It runs away from you towards the kitchen. Francine runs after it without thinking.
<Alex`^> "Wait!"
* Alex`^ runs after Francine if she doesn't stop
<alcar> Francine ignores you and reaches into the kitchen doors, trying to yank the thing back only to yell in shock as she hits a wall of fire where a kitchen used to be.
<Alex`^> "Stop, Frankie. I just scared it away, don't chase it!"
<Alex`^> "Did you see the size of that thing? It's five foot tall and hung like a horse. you don't *chase* that!"

<AlcarGM> You suspect he'd definitely decide to notice you if you hit him with a urinal....

<AlcarGM> Officer: "Were you at any time aware of anyone else living with Beatrice Flufflebottom?"
<Joni> (flufflebottom?)
<Joni> (seriously?)
* AlcarGM cannot recall Bea's last name, so gave her a new one.

<Alex`^> "I'm kind of half naked here..."
* Alex`^ motions to her slightly charred shirt
<AlcarGM> (( Francine: "And? You're saying this like it's a bad thing, Alex." ))
<AlcarGM> Francine: "So you don't keep spare clothing for when you get charred by fire people?"
<Joni> ("Maybe it'll help you finally get a boyfriend.")
<Alex`^> "That was a joke... C'mon... YOu have to have some humor."
<AlcarGM> (( "Leon will love this! He'll hire people to burn your clothing off!" ))

* Karl` is sure he's strapped and packing today, since he now doesn't have to worry about being in a school with a firearm. He heads out to the local donut shop for breakfast today.
<AlcarGM> It's a high school. In a game1 game. You were probably out of placw without a firearm :p

* Alex`^ opens the door to her appartment, and baring any surprises, goes to the fridge to get Frankie a beer.
<AlcarGM> She accepts it, opens it and downs half of it in a gulp.
<Alex`^> "Uh..."
* Alex`^ goes to her bedroom to get a real shirt on
* Alex`^ also changes her pants
<AlcarGM> Francine: "Yeah?"
* Alex`^ opens a beer as well and drinks, although more slowly.
* Sparkie thinks drunk lesbian sex would generate quotes.
<Alex`^> "Your clothes probalby smell like smoke. If you'd like, you can use one of my shirts. We're about the same size right?"
* Sparkie is happy we are on the same wavelength.

* Alex`^ doubts she has more than a six pack just sitting around, so if she wants much more we'll have to switch to something... harder.
* Sparkie quotes
<Joni> (Two feet of cold hard steel, and we're not talking swords here)

* Joni gives him and thumbs up and a grin and then dissapears down the trail
<AlcarGM> hahahahaha :P

<Joni> "Er, no, I'm saying ask me to reciprocate."
<Joni> "Reciprocate the reciprocating?"
<AlcarGM> Ike: "I shall consider methods, then. Is that all?"
* Joni extends her hands like she's about to choke Ike :P
<Joni> "I think I know why Rei shot at you now."
* Joni drops her arms and rolls her eyes and sighs :P

<Joy> "A pity, that," absently, frowning into her drink. "Did anyone know what he was looking for?"
<Chaos`GM^> "I didn't even know he was looking for anything. Like I told you, if he became a pirate, he used a different name. I've never heard of a pirate named Erling, and I know a lot of pirates."
<Joy> "Well, he did look like me, but taller and with dark hair. And male, obviously," still frowning at her drink
<Chaos`GM^> He shakes his head. "Never met a man with breasts like that."
<Chaos`GM^> Or not...
<Chaos`GM^> He shakes his head. "No, I've never seen a man who looks like you."
<Joy> "Well, you're just lucky Sparkie never rolled a 3 for gender then, aren't you?" or not :P

* Joy heads upstairs to the room, checking the sheets over for insects and the like
<Chaos`GM^> There are enough insects to satiate your hunger. The window is very nice as well.
* Joy hadn't considered eating them, but that does work :p
<Chaos`GM^> lol

* Joy just walks the city, heading towards the docks until they find a place that serves breakfast, mostly revelling in being done with school and not having to dig up bodies at all tonight.
<Chaos`GM^> Well, no one is open for breakfast, and those that look open are as the inn keepre said, just cleaning up fromt he night before. Lucky for you, however, everyone up to this point has lied to you, including myself because at the docks there is someone awake. Several people, in fact. But none you would wish to see I imagine.
<Chaos`GM^> Off on the far side of the docks, just away from the entrances and near a few small ships are the VIP captains. And they're singing. They're singing very well in fact.
<Joy> Singing what? If it's a hymm to the R'yleh, Joy is so out of here :p

<Chaos`^> yeah I have to ask... when you heard the theme was pirates what made you think necromancy would be a good idea? It's not like dead bodies are around at sea =p
* alcar was thinking dead sailors, skeletal parrots and undead krakken, really.
<alcar> For some reason a necromancer in a pirate game just made sense in my head :p

<AlcarGM> Julius: "I can drive you to school tomorrow, if you want?"
<emma> "Do ... do you fight bad guys?"
* emma nods at that. :P
<emma> "That'd be great! I could learn better from watching you than the bus driver."
<AlcarGM> Julius: "Riiight. Ah, I don't fight that many bad guys. I think diplomats are more important than fighters."
<emma> (("Do you negotiate with a lightsaber?" :P))
<AlcarGM> (( "Only in the bedroom." ))

<emma> "I want to train to do jedi stuff, but I have to stay in bed in case my parents come to check on me, even if I can't sleep."
<AlcarGM> Julius: "Well, you could try and learn how to meditate?"
<emma> "I tried, and I almost got eaten by Brodie!"
<emma> "It isn't fair." :P
<emma> "I even tried putting a pillow under my covers, but my dad figured it out."
* emma sighs. =p
<AlcarGM> Julius thinks about it, then says: "I could ask grandmother if she could give you a doppleganger to put in your bed. She's always claimed to have one from the grassy knoll..."
<emma> "Oh, that'd be the coolest! ... What's a doppleganger?"
<AlcarGM> Julius: "It's like a mannequin."
* emma goes wide-eyed.
<emma> "Like.. like a My Size Barbie??"
<AlcarGM> Julius: "Except it can walk around and do stuff when you say the magic words hocus pocus alimagocus and bring it to life."

* emma triggers her spousal jealousy matrix.
<emma> "How come you know it has naked people in it?"
* emma doesn't notice her hands on her hips.
<AlcarGM> Julius: "Because friends send me links to videos on the internet. I've see enough to know what he's watching, and no 8 year boy should be watching Hellsing."

<AlcarGM> Hrm, and Emma's 8 year old brother has seen beserk, elfen lied and hellsing....
<AlcarGM> + torchwood. The poor kid.
<Alex`^> did you just make that up?
<Alex`^> You just made that up and then called him a poor kid!
<AlcarGM> It was mostly him being tv-obsessed and me thinking shows he could have watched that responsible parents wouldn't let kids watch :p
<AlcarGM> So it's indirectly all Emma's fault :p

<Alex`^> "Because it seems the shadow walker is desperate for a new thrall... If we reduce the options, he has to come to me..."
<AlcarGM> Anael: "It might not be wise to make such a being desperate," dryly.
<Alex`^> "I don't know... People start making stupid mistakes when they're desperate."
<AlcarGM> Anael: "And those mistakes often have reprecussions. Lucifer fell, but he took many with him."
<Alex`^> "There will always be damage. It just hides the fact if it's in the long term. Makes it seem comfortable. If we stop him now, the damage he could do could never outweigh the damage he WILL do."

<alcar> Hrm, so..... Joni has just left the Stoffels, and Emma has been giving her very own doppleganger (which last saw use on a grassy knoll ... a reference Emma probably missed entirely).
<kentari> indeed.
<kentari> :P
* alcar has fun throwing those in :)
<kentari> to think, the mages killed kennedy
<kentari> :p

<Joni> "You can't tell people how to raise their kids.... well, you -can-, but I doubt there is a magical socal services."
<Joni> (I cast 'destiny of unfulfilled rich businessman to take care of me in my old age!"
<AlcarGM> Julius snorts. "I shudder to think of one. Probably be staffed by demons."
<emma> "If there's all these magical people, there SHOULD be."
<emma> "... Buuut not with demons."

<emma> "Shouldn't we try to follow that boy so you can apologize for hurting his feelings?"
* emma asks Julius. :P
<Joni> "He'll come around. Probably wants some time alone."
<Joni> "Like after you sent him he sort of dissapeared and didn't talk or anything."
<emma> "He has an entire life to be alone."
<AlcarGM> aka Emma will make an awesome stalker some day :p

<emma> "I'm sure they get you, parents are pretty smart."
<emma> "They just like to give us room to make our own mistakes, that's what I think."
<AlcarGM> (( "My dad has tried exorcisms on me, that's how smart he is!" ))
<Joni> ("Which is why they hid a bomb in my skull, because I'm special")

* Chaos`^ has joined #game1
<AlcarGM> The Shadow Walker gives Joni a surprised look before beginning to sparkle under the effects of Emma's curse.
<AlcarGM> Shadow walker: "NOOOOOOO!"
<kentari> "Hahaha!"
<kentari> :p
<AlcarGM> that WOULD be the best curse ever :P
<Joni> the curse to never be taken seriously ever again? :P
<AlcarGM> Death curse to any vampire.

<AlcarGM> Julius: "You can't change the past, you know."
<emma> "What's the past? We're tomorrow's past. You talked about babies from heaven, well, what about todays from tomorrow?"
<AlcarGM> Julius frowns a little. "It's something that isn't done. For one thing, it would be rude."

* Alex`^ takes the sticky note and winks to the man.
* Alex`^ heads... North!
<AlcarGM> He does not wink back, though it seems like the cat does. But that is probably your imagination.
<AlcarGM> It would be fun if he was the cat's familiar :p
<Alex`^> no
<Alex`^> well yes

<emma> "She'll get it in, uhm, about five minutes. Wow, this is fun!"
* Joni looks?
* emma pointed at the person right before they stood up and left, basically.
<emma> "Hey, hey, I don't have to put up with commercials any more!"
* emma looks like she just found the newest, awesomest toy ever.

<emma> portal into souuulllll
<AlcarGM> Trying to do what? :)
<emma> just opening a portal into her soul, on the table :p
<emma> for Joni to peek inside and grok =p
<AlcarGM> The air turns hazy around the barrista and for a moment the wish of his heart and his soul are visible, his girlfriend and himself in a condo somewhere celebrating their first baby, opening bottles of chilled starbucks beverages and planning a bright and golden future....
<Joni> damn you Emma
<Joni> now I have to leave a hundred dollar tip :|
<AlcarGM> ROFL
<AlcarGM> Bad demon!
<Joni> bah
<Joni> getting away and family are ‘good’ things

<AlcarGM> The air turns hazy around the barrista and for a moment the wish of his heart and his soul are visible, his girlfriend and himself in a condo somewhere celebrating their first baby, opening bottles of chilled starbucks beverages and planning a bright and golden future....
<AlcarGM> Which is far, far better than what I first wrote:
<AlcarGM> The air turns hazy around the barrista and for a moment the wish of his heart and his soul are visible, his girlfriend and himself in a condo somewhere celebrating their first abortion
<AlcarGM> Though I imagine people do, somewhere, have such parties.

<AlcarGM> The air turns hazy around the barrista and for a moment the wish of his heart and his soul are visible, his girlfriend and himself in a condo somewhere celebrating their first baby, opening bottles of chilled starbucks beverages and planning a bright and golden future....
<emma> "See? You can even go inside, too, to fix stuff."
<emma> "It's how the aliens helped your brother, but I dunno what they did inside, 'cuz they're scrooges."
<Joni> ‘Why do you call it folding?’
<AlcarGM> (( "Because when I put it back, there's always this one corner I crinkle up." ))
<emma> ((That's almost so perfect I'd be obligated to use it :P))
<emma> "Oh, Julius called it that. He seemed to like that term."
<emma> "Me, I'd call it 'Emma's Super Neato Super Magical Magicness that's Super'"

<alcar> Ah, that was fun. Added most of the NPCs attached to Julius in aftermath into the Julius in this game.
<alcar> Which means Ken's PC shall be competing with an NPC he made for the possible affections of a PC he made.

<AlcarGM> Trevor: "There's lots of weird people around who aren't magicians, though; like I heard about one swordlady who broke two ninja clans and killed over a hundred ninjas in one night! AND even fought monsters from outside the universe to a standstill; someone like that might know lots about the Grey Man."
<Alex`^> "You'd be surprised."

* Alex`^ flips a few pages of the bible, then walks over to the deacon.
* Alex`^ whispers to the deacon: "I'm looking for a holy weapon to fight a vampires thrall."
<Joni> (Oh man, I couldn’t have laughed more suddenly :P)
<kentari> ((guilty as well. =p))
<AlcarGM> He puts his broom away and smiles; he's a couple of years younger than you, but looks older than his years. His smile doesn't waver at all when you whisper that and he responds with, "I am afraid I am not playing the Game when I am at work," he says gently. "Father Ted would not be happy if we staged live action here. I don't think I recoginize you, though?"

<Alex`^> so this long narrow tunnel, coming off of this dark room, with no other light...
<Alex`^> is there any clue around that would make me NOT want to bring my flashlight?
<AlcarGM> Well, there's a notation in latin about The Crypt of Acererak, but that's about all.
<Alex`^> Uh
* AlcarGM looks innocent.
* Alex`^ wouldn't get the reference and goes down anyway.

<Joni> I think that Joni can’t parse that she actually might be a good person
* AlcarGM nods ;)
<Joni> because of her parents, life growing up, expectations
<Joni> plus the nebulous nature of good/evil
<Joni> nonwithstanding the fact that at the opposite ends of the grey areas are true good as well as true evil :P

<AlcarGM> You are currently in the woods of the park, sans werewolves or wild dogsw (that you can see) with one kid with a big dog, Joseph unconscious, eyes wicde and unseeing, and the kid is telling you not to touch Joseph because that could put Joe into a coma. He seems serious. Mister Stuffins is growling a little at you in response to Drew's ack of antianxiety medication.
<Alex`^> "Why would you think that?"
<Alex`^> "Joseph?"
<AlcarGM> Drew: "It happened to my sister!" glaring at you as if you you were stupid. "She fell over and I shook her and she didn't wake up for *years!*" He comes towards you, as if planning to stop you from touching Joseph at all.
<AlcarGM> Joseph whimpers a little.
<Alex`^> "That's dumb, why would you touching her put her into a coma? Unless you have a superpower to put people into comas."
<AlcarGM> Drew: "Because she went into one," as if you are the stupidest adult ever.
<Alex`^> "Just because one person goes into a coma afer you touch them doesn't mean she went into a coma because you touched her."
<Alex`^> "Joseph, wake up."
<AlcarGM> Drew gives you a disgusted look, as if you don't get it at all.
<AlcarGM> Joseph sits up slowly and whimpers again, eyes closed tightly and holding his head in his hands.
* Alex`^ ignores him like a retarded step-child.
<AlcarGM> Drew: "See? See? We didn't shake him," triumphantly
<Alex`^> "How the hell do you survive?"

* Alex`^ lets him in and shuts the door. "I met with as tudent, Joseph, earlier tonight in the park. He was hunting wolves or somethin I don't know... anyway, as I was walking away he passes out and his eyes go all wonky. Next thing he wakes up and tells me he felt someone change the past, like someone killed my grandfather."
<AlcarGM> Leon: "And she never even checked to see if I wasn\t dead. I shold disown her."

<Alex`^> How strong is either door?
<AlcarGM> Strong enough to withstand a normal person trying to break them; the frames look reinforced as well. It might even hold out against a police battering ram long enogh for someone to escape.
<Alex`^> assuming, of course, the police are only on one door
<AlcarGM> Well, yes, but the owner only goes so far :)
<AlcarGM> It would be weird to have a motel designed specifically for one-nightn stands.
<AlcarGM> "And over here is the trap door leading to the tunnels..."
<Alex`^> dude
<Alex`^> of course!
<Alex`^> the problem is, the cops will know about them eventually
<AlcarGM> So? They'd probably all be coming there anyway :p

<AlcarGM> The lunch meat the day is grey, and in a greasy gravy, but it is, probably, food. gthere is also athe option of deep fried veggies for the vegans.
<emma> In Canola oil?!
<emma> Oh boy! :P
* emma gets the veggies and will pick the fried coating off of them.
<emma> ((I bet you its LITERALLY filet of grey, too, isn't it?))
<AlcarGM> The vegetables that emerge under the coating look as though the cast of veggie tales had been put through an electric chair, but they are vegetables.
<emma> D:
* emma doesn't want to think about that!

<AlcarGM> One of the cheerleaders at the table gives you a look of disdain Nancy could only dream of making and steps in front of you. "And where do you think you're going little girl?"
<emma> "To eat, duh."
* emma flashes a friendly smile :D
<AlcarGM> She points to another table. "And you can eat over there. This part of gthe cafeteria isn't for commoners."
<emma> "Commoners?"
<AlcarGM> "Clearly. Listen, new girl, this part of the cafeteria isn't for newbies. So get lost."
<emma> "Oh, silly, I'm hardly common. I'm just new. Did you know, at my previous school, in FRANCE, I was..."
<emma> "...A magician?" :D
* emma pulls something out of thin air.
<AlcarGM> "I don't care if you were the queen of france," she says, not batting an eye, and shoves you backwards. "Earn your place, bitch."
* emma is shoved, blinking! Now she's ticked!
* emma hrms for a split-second. She needs to pull something cool out of thin air..
<emma> pull something.. oh! ahahaha!
* emma collects herself, and passes a hand behind the girl's head, wiggling her fingers, and pulls them back in front of her.
* emma steals the girl's underwear, via teleport, and creates the Panty Thief Class via Time Paradox.

* Alex`^ sweeps her leg under cristals, and pulls her to the ground, getting on top of her. "You need to get it out of your tiny little brain that Roy did anything for you. Roy died when the gray man got to him. The man you knew and loved is a memory. He's gone. He's not coming back."
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "So you're jealous of him, too."
<AlcarGM> And you understand why Rei killed her in a moment of epiphany :p

<AlcarGM> "What do you think is okay?" he says quietly. "You won't have a home to return to if you continue trying to change things."
* emma takes a half-step back, jaw agape.
<emma> "How.. what....."
<emma> "No fair!"
<AlcarGM> "You're changing what will be, where you are from. what you will return to find; would you kill your world to save this one?"
<emma> "That's.. that's not how it works."
<AlcarGM> He stares at you for a long moment, then says, his voice terrible gentle, "how do you know?"
* emma has one power that saves her from moments like this.
* emma has... her maturity.
<emma> "How do *you* know??"
* emma puts her hands on her hips
<AlcarGM> "Because I am going to be President one day," he says.

<Alex`^> "Let's assume, for a second Cristal, that Rei was Roy... I know it sounds crazy, but they had a similar frame didn't they? Let's assume Rei changed her identity because Roy was broken, a shell of his former self... She had to change her entire being into someone else to break free. And then she comes home, a place Roy knew as friendly territory... and she meets you again. And you tell her she's jealous of Roy. What would your reaction be?"
* Alex`^ finishes burrying the guns. Since no one will be looking for guns, I doubt they'll be found before spring.
* Alex`^ stands, and walks silently toward the hopefully now quiet houses.
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "Nothning could break Roy. He was perfect," fiercely. "reading his character sheet won't convince me you were.... wait...."

<kentari> we're destroying the fabric of this game, you know
<kentari> :p
<alcar> It is what PCs are for :P
<Chaos`^> =p
<alcar> Alex is slowly but surely breaking Cristal :P
<alcar> Which, really, is for the best.
<Chaos`^> I'm FIXING her
<Chaos`^> =p
<alcar> So was Rei

<AlcarGM> You are currently in an out of control taxi cab with a girl the universe is attempting to kill, you and the mob having both failed.
<AlcarGM> The driver is swearing in his native language of English and trying to get the cab back under control, cursing the department of public works
<Alex`^> lol!
<Alex`^> His native language of english =p
<AlcarGM> Well, he IS a cab driver :p

<AlcarGM> the snow is helping slow the car, at least, but it begins to skid towards the other lane; you don't see any vehicles coming through the snow. Yet. \
<Alex`^> what, what?
<Alex`^> I'm not sure you know how snow works...

<AlcarGM> He calls you after ten minutes, via payphone. "Are you alone?"
<Alex`^> "Yes."
<AlcarGM> (( Jack: "Good. Go up the street, down, down, left down the side street, right, left, right again, past 101B, to 101A and Enter." ))
<Alex`^> (( "You'll know you got it right because there's a bell on the door that dings when you enter. you now have infinate lives."))

<Caltak> Hey... At what point in time did abortions become more than a hanger or a fall down some stairs?
<Caltak> Because I just remembered that I mentioned it in the backstory

<Alex`^> "You wouldn't happen to know any rumors about holy weapons in the area would you?"
<AlcarGM> Leon: "Well, last night Candy -- she said her name was candy -- said my weapon was quite holy."
<AlcarGM> So, so j/k
<AlcarGM> (( "So why did you also flee your grandffather at dinner?" "He told me about his holy weapon!" ))

<AlcarGM> He leads you down sone stairs and through some rather drab cement hallways to a large wooden doot that he shoves open after putting his finished coffee down on the ground. Lights flicker on revealing a large room with various sized of crates, moving boxes and piles of packing tape.
<Alex`^> are the boxes moving or are they just boxes FOR moving? =p
<AlcarGM> given packing tape, the latter :P
<Alex`^> well
<Alex`^> the tape might be keeping them on the ground

* Sparkie wants your hate, but will settle for your love.

<alcar> Hah. Just found a forgotten note from fairview...
<alcar> We are each of us angels with only one wing, to fly we need only embrace each other. -use for Helena with Rei. Oh yes.
<alcar> from someone's internet sig, iirc.
<Tass> hahahahaha
<Tass> oh man
<Tass> nice :P
<alcar> It never did get used, alas :p

<Alex`^> "Why do you think roy is so great? Did he brain wash you or something?"
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "Of course not. He was.... Roy was...." She's silent a moment, then says: 'Have you ever been in love?"
<Alex`^> "Not long enough to realize it..." Thinking. "But I've never known anyone in love to think that their love was omnipotent."
<AlcarGM> Cristal: When I met Roy, there was this moment...." she smiles wistfully, staring off into memory. "It was as if my soul, my whole being, just cried out with joy. Like it -- like I -- had never been recognized bevfore that moment. It was sad and beautiful and wonderfully, like finding I'd been missing half my life and never known it until that one perfect moment. That was Roy."
<Alex`^> "And then he left."
<AlcarGM> Cristall: "His body did."
<Alex`^> "And his 'sister' killed you."
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "I don't think she wanted him back; he never talked about her, so they probably didn't like each other."
<Alex`^> "Or she was him." shrugging. "Do you really think Roy did all of these things for you?"
<AlcarGM> Cristal rolls her eyes at that silly idea, then says: "Of course. It's like Jesus: I bet He doesn't know everything good he does for people, just by being Him."
<Alex`^> Can I kill her?
<AlcarGM> The universe might thank you :p

<AlcarGM> Kevin blinks at that. "Not against the grey man?" mildly.
* Alex`^ shrugs. "Tell me why I shouldn't be."
<AlcarGM> Kevin: "Pardon me?"
<Alex`^> "I told you, I don't take sides. The Grey Man hasn't threatened me. Yet."
<Alex`^> "I'm under the impression he's here to destroy the world, though. Unless we prove we're worth saving..."

<Alex`^> Alcar, this is why people think I act stupid... it's because I get bad information... Like, someone was somewhere on the wrong day... :(
<Joni> no chaos
<Joni> this is why you are dense :P
<Joni> when people do give you accurate info, and you go the wrong direction with it :P
<Alex`^> LoL

<AlcarGM> You manage to make it home without anhy trouble, owing to strength, reflexes and ... talents. Amber is up when yo arrive, and comes into the garage to make sure you're OK, saying she'd been waitnig for your call to come pick you up
<AlcarGM> Amber: "the scooter is under warranty, Joni, not you; you should have called us.l"
<Joni> "Well, I knew I could handle it, I just thought it would be best in the garage."
<Joni> "Not... buried somewhere."
<AlcarGM> She looks a little dubious but just nods, and thanks to the light and worry, doesn't comment on the color change. "Do you want a hot chocolate before going to bed? I doubt there wil be school for at least two days; the weatherman on TV - Henry Bendix - said he's never seen anything like it."

* Joni will look up how to make snow shoes while she's enjoying her hot chocolate
<AlcarGM> Amber: "Also, I had John get cadles and the games down from the attic, so we can all play cards and charades tomorrow in case the power goes out."
<Joni> (.....yay.)
<AlcarGM> (( There ARE good reasons this family was made Joni's foster family ... mostly involving her torture, of course. ))
<Joni> (lesigh :P)
<Joni> "Hey, is this weather supernatural? It seems to bad to be natural."
<Joni> "Can you track a spark through its mundane after effects?"
<Joni> "I feel the need to do something about this..."
<Joni> "ANd not suffer the consequences."

<SilverHorse> I don't know when Silvran decided he would always have an entourage, but it's been entertaining :)
* alcar nods Yeah. entourage, slaves.....
<alcar> same thing, really.
* alcar is a little sad Elin's sister didn't find a way to convince the pcs to bring her.
<alcar> She would have caused a 'diplomatic incident' in under 5 minutes :p
* SilverHorse Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
* SilverHorse has joined #game1
<SilverHorse> Erm.
<SilverHorse> Well, I said after reviewing the notes and quotes, Silvran has a surprisingly low body count.
<SilverHorse> This was apparently too much for my network to take.
<alcar> lol

<AlcarGM> Hrm. Cristal should, really, have some weird dynamic Faith power by now.
<Tass> faith in roy? :P
* AlcarGM nods :)
<Alex`^> ugh god please no
<AlcarGM> At some point a PC really should discover that Cristal's actual interactions with Roy consisted of a few, 'he smiled at me!''s and him saying hi to her once. though I suspect most know that by now.
<Tass> wow
<Tass> thats just pushing the envelope of insanity :P
<Tass> I mean really
<Tass> that means PETER had more interaction with Roy than she did
<Tass> hell, Joni, too :P
* AlcarGM nods :)
<AlcarGM> She's basically the upper end result of Magnet :)

<Alex`^> If I were a holy weapon... where would I hide?
<AlcarGM> the statue of the Virgin Mary refuses to answer your question, or comment about the holiness.

<AlcarGM> Cristal looks at the crowd warily and finds a corner to shiver in,trying not to be noticed.
<Alex`^> Ok... Wow talk about selfish
<AlcarGM> Well, she doesn't want people thinking she came back from the dead. they're old; they might get heart attacks :p
<Alex`^> How would they know if she helps make some coffee?
<Alex`^> How many zombies make coffee?
<AlcarGM> Given many mornings, a lot :P

<Alex`^> alright, i go back to the storage room anything I could use as a crowbar there?
<AlcarGM> You manage to find a small crowbar in an old toolbox by the door. A bit rusty, but otherwise fine.
<AlcarGM> It has the initials G.F. on it.

* Alex`^ is sure to bring a bible and plenty of knives and a sword.
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> I almnost want the police to stop and question her :P
<Alex`^> "I have to protect my collection before the cold causes the metal to snap. These are valuable collectables, worth thousands!"
<AlcarGM> hehehhee
<AlcarGM> Officer: "That's what all the terrorists say!"
<Chaos`^> lol

<alcar> Well, one advantage of Detroit is most anything could enter the city and set up shop.
<Chaos`^> that's true
<alcar> there's entire city blocks devoid of people and sans police :)
<Chaos`^> or one disadvantage =p
<Chaos`^> seems it'd be a great place to hide something
<Chaos`^> something big
<alcar> WereCon.
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> "Okay, who the hell invivted furries?" "... I was hungry."

<AlcarGM> "Run," the young man's voice pleads .... and running is easy .... you're doing at least a 4 minute mile, if not better, and it feels like running on air.
* Nik`^ runs faster
<AlcarGM> The power lines and city grid glow and sparkle, neon signs shimmers and swirling blue and gold as you try ad run faster, and find your body responding, though your breath is beginning to rasp a little.
<AlcarGM> the few people walking dogs and gthe like are gaping as you run by, not quite believing their eyes
<AlcarGM> Your stomach rumbles hungrily.
<AlcarGM> Passing souls begin to glimmer through flesh ....
<AlcarGM> j/k

<AlcarGM> Kadmon is rubbing the back of his palm when you return and wolfs down the food quickly and flops back on your bed. "That was the strangest feeling ever. Hunger I couldn't shut down, ignore...." He looks at you. "How do you people stand it?"
<Nik`^> "We eat."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "I didn't mean...." He sighs and sits up. "May I ask you a question?"
<Nik`^> "You've been..."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "An important one."

<AlcarGM> Elin: "..... I'm starting to think Aubrey would have fit in here," as you reach the quarters.
* Silvran tries to stifle a laugh. "Your sister is a unique one, I'll give you that."
<AlcarGM> Elin grins at that, looking a little better. "Like *you* should talk?"
* Silvran grins. "Yeah, I guess you got me on that one. At least I'm not a giant cat..."
* Silvran opens the door
<AlcarGM> Speaking of, you don't sense the cat in the room. Greg is still inside, currently covered in sharp spikes changing size and shape with each moment. He's pacing the room, several spiked tails tashing the air about him and keeping anyone away.
* Silvran dodges a tail. "Greg? What the hell is going on?"
<AlcarGM> Elin: "or.... uhm..... that?"

* Silvran nods. ". So what do you think? Get away from here ASAP? I'd prefer to be gone by tomorrow morning."
<AlcarGM> Greg: "Go where, though? Just ask them to drop us on some random planet?"
<AlcarGM> UH: Cargo Cult edition

<Joni> "More than a hundred people, though... thats a lot. Heck, more than a hundred people died in all of these places, but its old power, aged, not fresh and potent."
<AlcarGM> Blot nods. "The magician used children. Perhaps they don't have enough epxerience in being alive to be viable?" offered tentatively.
<AlcarGM> (( "Let's experiment!" ))
* Joni frowns, children. Always such a low point.
<Joni> "I have a feeling the more mistakes you make the more your death is worth."
<Alex`^> (( So... Kill all the bums. ))
<AlcarGM> (( Alter time and kill Rei :p ))

<AlcarGM> it WOULD make for an interesting experiment for Joni, though. What age is the best human sacrifice, does virginity make a difference in quality etc....
<Joni> well
<Joni> depends!
<AlcarGM> By good, I mean utterly tasteless :P
<Alex`^> lol
<Joni> just like magic is always different, it would really have too many variables to be a catch all

<Chaos`^> stats(tass)
<Chaos`^> huh
<Chaos`^> terrible
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<SilverHorse> stats(tass)
<SilverHorse> oh shit :(
<Chaos`^> you too huh?
<Sparkie> terrible is the new good.
<Elana-Silvereye> wellsaid Sparkie XD
<Chaos`^> i wanna you know
<Chaos`^> min/max my stats
<Elana-Silvereye> your stats don't matter anyway, if Sparkie want's you dead, you die

<SilverHorse> 1d20
<Sparkie> SilverHorse 1d20: 19
<SilverHorse> there we go
<Elana-Silvereye> that was a good one
<SilverHorse> I was starting to wonder if Spark forgot there were 20 sides

<AlcarGM> Kadmon shakes his head. "If she decides it is merely something odd, that would be best I believe?"
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "Especially since you seem adverse to removing problems at the stage before they become actual problems," a little grumpily.
<Nik`^> "What's that supposed to mean?"
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "A weapon is meant to be used as a weapon. Removing threats to a host is part of that."
<AlcarGM> Whch makes me wonder what said weapons would do if they had a host that, say, smoked.

<AlcarGM> Best game ending possible? Nik opens up an ebay accont. "For Sale, one lightly-used experimental weapon..."
<AlcarGM> :p

<Nik`^> "Hey. YOu need to learn how to cook. And vacuum."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: ".... this is NOT what I was made for."
<Nik`^> "I enjoy ingenuity. I like coming up with new ways to use things... and weapons."
<Nik`^> "You know you can open a beer with a gun?"
<AlcarGM> Kadmon looks confused at that. "Why would you want to?"
<Nik`^> "To drink it."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "So someone would also use one to make meals?"
<AlcarGM> Guns is, after all, an all-purpose skill. Everything from intimidation to seduction

<AlcarGM> You drive to the local GerericaMart, a Vericorp department store, and buy a cheap tracphone.
* Nik`^ picks up some random things as well.. odor eater shoe insoles, some bandaids, and duct tape
<AlcarGM> You ring your purchaces through without any problem. Heading back to the apartment or ...?
<Nik`^> yeah
* Nik`^ sends a secret message to Vericorp with his purchases... because this is some sort of secret code
<AlcarGM> Your secret code is decoded, naturally. But the decoder always defaults to serial kller anyway.

<Chaos`^> alcar roll 200 dice and see who's faster!
<alcar> 200#1d20394732
<alcar> :p
<Chaos`^> evil :(

* Nik`^ looks for the weird kid
<AlcarGM> You spot him sitting with some other freshmen, generally goths doing their usual trying so hard to be unique they look they same. He's laughing and chatting along with some friends and doesn't seem to be paying attention to you.
<Nik`^> hmm
<Nik`^> maybe he had electro-shock therapy
<Nik`^> maybe they were trying to cure him of his homosexuality
<Nik`^> why else would they want to re-write his brain, in a modern society?
<AlcarGM> You've no idea; you could ask.
<Nik`^> no, i'm speculating
<Nik`^> the whole point of speculating is not having the answer
<Nik`^> and who would walk up to someone and ask a question like that?
<Nik`^> "So I see your brain's been re-written. Your parents afraid you're queer or something?"

<AlcarGM> Cristal: "I don't ...." she begins and you rise in a blur, the house appearing beneath you as a small dot surrounded by empty white landscape. You rise further inton the darkness, and the white resolves itself to a man you assume to be Roy. Cocky, arrogant smile, same hair and eyes as his sister ... her hous,e her entire idea of herself, is a small little dot in a giant Roy.
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "....."
<AlcarGM> Even she looks a little taken aback.
* Alex`^ turns her head slowly to Cristal, her eyes wide
<Alex`^> is she in one of his pimples?
<AlcarGM> Smaller than that; a mole at best.
<AlcarGM> Cristal; "So I love him a lot," a little faintly.
<AlcarGM> She seems unable to disbelieve this isn't her mind, at least.
* Alex`^ lets her talk, she only stares.
<Alex`^> I want so badly just to kill her and be done with it =p
<AlcarGM> Rei would understand!
<Alex`^> well
<Alex`^> Alex has more self control than Rei

<Alex`^> "I have to apologize to you. I didn't believe you when you said you hadn't gone into town with Peter."
* Alex`^ grabs the phone and tosses it to her.
<Alex`^> "Call him. Tell him to meet us at the Days Inn. You two have another problem."
* Alex`^ looks at El nino
<Alex`^> "What room?"
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "I can't let myself get seen, remember?!"
<AlcarGM> He writes down, '333'
<Alex`^> "I think that's at the bottom of your list of worris right now, Cristal."
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "Why?" sharply. "What's that.... thing.. writing about me?"
<Alex`^> "It says you've got a doppleganger. And she's fucking Peter as we speak. Also, quite flexible I hear."
* Alex`^ smiles
<Alex`^> "For what it's worth, I believe it's Peter's doppleganger as well."
<AlcarGM> El Nino nods firmly.
<AlcarGM> Cristal opens her mouth, closes it. "What? How would I even have ...."
<Alex`^> "He says she's a screamer. Are you a screamer, Cristal?"
<AlcarGM> Cristal: "No!"

<AlcarGM> Peter has got out of his car and is pacing by the garbage bins. He stops when sees you.
* Alex`^ gives him the largest, happiest smile she can.
<AlcarGM> Peter doesn't return the smile. "What are you doing here?" he says tightly.
<AlcarGM> Cristal stops and looks confused.
<Alex`^> "Well..." thinking 'I have a sword' would sound like a threat, although it would be accurate, she instead says "I'm kind of Cristal's body guard for the moment while you two figure out what's going on in teh hotel."

<AlcarGM> You head upstairs, El Nino following. Cristal and Peter are standing outside the hotel room door, both looking horrified. From the inside you can hear. "Oh, yes, Peter! Yes! Yes! Yes! Smack the puppy!"
<AlcarGM> Oddly, no one is pounding on the door to demand they stop. Or, perhaps, not oddly.
<AlcarGM> Peter: "That's us," sounding as he's said this a few times so far.
<Alex`^> roflmao
* Alex`^ can't help but grin... The laugh is down there, near her stomach, and she's holding it with all her might.
<Alex`^> "You gunna go in?"
<AlcarGM> Peter gives you a horrified look, as if you'd just ask if he'd walk in on his parents having sex.

<Nik`^> "For the time being, I promised Dora internet access."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "Are you sure that is... safe?"
<Nik`^> "No, but neither is having a self-learning weapon."
<AlcarGM> He blinks a few times, looks about to protest, and then pauses to think it over. "Why make me at all, then?"
<AlcarGM> Some sessions later. Pandora: "So... this is the human race? Seriously? YOUTUBE? Let me find those launch codes..."

<AlcarGM> Eugene: "... please tell me you didn't do something horrible to Canada?"
<AlcarGM> he goes to add something to his tea :)
* Alex`^ wonders if abuse of canadian health care is horrible...
<AlcarGM> Given the state of it, the abuse probably goes both ways :P
<Alex`^> lol

<Joni> "Anyways, I can tweak you a bit, it would affect her as well, certainly put you back in a position to actually -do- something before he comes for you while you are weakened."
<AlcarGM> Zar: "Tweak us how?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Better ... faster .... stronger ..." ))
<Joni> "I can.... alter you slightly, on a metaphysical level, you might forget how to ride a bike, or french, or something else, but recover quicker."
<Joni> "Eventually your self would correct the improper shadow you would cast and you'd lose the recover speed, but also regain those other things."
<AlcarGM> Zar is silent for a long moment, then collapses to the ground, his sister letting out a gasp and jolting back to life.
<Joni> "Also I could probably turn you into a dog, but I'm speaking of aiding you right now, not just amusing myself."

<Alex`^> Young Gray man: "sometimes I like to strangle my cats, just to see if they struggle. If they do I let them live."
<AlcarGM> Nah. Shrodinger's cat fun :p
<AlcarGM> "Here is this cat, both alive and not alive..... what one do you thin it will be? Do you dare to find out?"
<AlcarGM> "Mommy, Billy is hogging the microwave again!"
<Alex`^> lol
<AlcarGM> It probably says something that the first idea for 'young grey man' in my head was Billy from Family Circus
<Alex`^> schrodinger's cat assumes the cat can't observe itself
<Joni> I like the idea of zombie cat :P

<Nik`^> "The first thing I'd like from you is to test all of the overrides you know."
<AlcarGM> Doctor K pauses, then: "That could prove fatal."
<Nik`^> "Still. Aren't you curious as well?"
* Nik`^ drinks the soda, and eats the pizza
<AlcarGM> Doctor K: "Yes, but not enough to test them *on* a prototype."
* Nik`^ (Me@adsl-235-197-245.mco.bellsouth.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<AlcarGM> Doctor K: "Wilhelm." Wilhelm vanishes. "For example, Override B-1 incudes homicdal rage."
<AlcarGM> Doctor K: "And override M-IRC induces a fatal system crash and a loss of 180 seconds of memory, but I assume you are aware of that one. the M, naturally, stands for Meta."

<AlcarGM> Okay. You are leaving the old sewage treatment plant with your cousin, who has had his arm healed, and El Nino, who seems to be sulking. Pierce is flexing his am from time to time, as if to reassure himself it is actually whole again.
<Alex`^> "Well, I'm glad you feel better."
<AlcarGM> Pierce: "Much."
<AlcarGM> He, of course, has not said thank you.
<Joni> (Would it kill you to say thank you!? "WHO TOLD YOU MY WEAKNESS!?")

<emma> "I mean, that's what parents are supposed to do, right? And friends, sort of? If that place where those weird devouring things come from is called Outside, then it must just mean.. Outside all the Cages, or something."
<AlcarGM> Trevor shrugs. "I didn't get it either, not really. But Julius says it's more about being there to catch people if they fall than forcing them to fly. Something like that."
<emma> "What do we do about bad things, then? I mean... isn't gravity the bad guy, there? It's like that Stouffer's guy, I met people who kinda thought he was good, and some who thought he was bad... when it's so.. so hands off like that, how do you even tell?"
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "I don't know. Julius might, sometimes, but even his sight has limits ...." He shrugs.
<emma> "Like, that Brodie guy, he's accidentally almost eaten me like three times already. Does that make him bad? I dunno.. I mean, he tried to help me in the park, and stuff... so did Julius, too. It just seems like... like it's a game someone isn't sharing the rules to, so that they can win easier."
<AlcarGM> (( Trevor: "it should have been D&D, not besm. Then they'd all have alignments..." ))

<Alex`^> "Well... Speak of the devil and she just might call you on the cell phone you stole."

<emma> "Some people say I have a short attention span, I think that isn't fair, I just have to pay attention to a lot more than most people."
* emma nods sagely, folding her arms.

<Alex`^> "I've been looking for a holy weapon lately, but ahven't found one. I may have found the spear of destiny though."
<AlcarGM> Zar gapes at that
* Alex`^ shrugs. "Or some other magical spear."
* Joni raises an eyebrow
<Joni> "First, why do you need a holy weapon? And second... seriously?"
<Alex`^> "I told Stoffel to keep it though."

* emma begins healing, taking the time to explore the memories of the wounds and how they recall coming into being as she does so. Bodies, even if not corpses, hold stories, after all. She's interested in the reader's digest.
<AlcarGM> You don't find any Laughter, the best medicine. And all Cristal's quotable quotes are about Roy. You do however, get vague impressions of them going to the inn you saw them at, and meeting themsleves there.. who, from the bl;urry images tried to kill them only to be stopped by the Scry and a woman with a sword who semed to be an avenging angel, except not that angelic really.
<AlcarGM> the Peter and Cristal who tried to kill Peter and Cristal look more like the ones YOU met, as if there were two copies of them in the world.
<emma> "Huh, weird."
* emma pauses a moment as her mind relentlessly forgets anything self-incriminating.
<AlcarGM> The healing is harder than usual .. it's as if they weren't wounded, but those parts of their bodies removed from the world. It's almost 10 whole minutes before it finsishes, which is just a few minutes short of forever.

<Joni> "Alright, Well! Scry! if you would be so kind, we need to get a bead on the guy in white who was looking for you."
<Joni> "If you want to come as well, it might be good for your 'don't fuck with the scry' cred, or something."
* Joni thinks for a moment and wonders if she should swear aroud the kid, but then brushes it off :P
* Alex`^ eyes Joni, shooting her a 'don't swear in front of children' look.
<emma> "Yeah, let's kick his ass!" :P
* Alex`^ looks at Emma. "You fight as well?"
<emma> "Uhm..."

<emma> "Oh, geez. I need to actually look at my sheet now, hold on."

* emma intends to pocket the energy for now, and likely use it for the scry -- both for healing and for her secret "Find Stouffer's" plan she's yet to reveal. :P
<AlcarGM> But I'm the GM! You can trust me!

<AlcarGM> White Lord: "This ...." He gestures, sharply, ands the walls crack and shudder, but the keys remain in existence, locking together.
* emma basically starts eating everyone, at that.
* Joni salutes, "smell ya later, chump."
* Joni dodges, and dissapears into her own shadow, which dissapears with a *zzt*
<Alex`^> "I don't think we will. Goodbye."
<AlcarGM> White Lord: "....is .." a second gesture, with no effect. "... not ...." He waves a hand towards Emma, sharply, and stares in shock at his fingers when nothng happens.
<AlcarGM> White Lord: "If .. If I hadn't deco...." and the rest is lost as you all appear on top of he arctic ocean, freezing to death courtesy of Emma
* emma sort of barfs everyone back out. It's really quite impressive to watch.
* Alex`^ is glad she can't see it

<Joni> "Nice key, by the way, Sensei, where the heck did you find it?"
<Alex`^> "I stole it from church."
* Alex`^ gives a crooked grin.
<emma> "You know you could go to hell for things like that."
<Joni> "If only stealing from church was always so profitable!"
<emma> "The best things are given away, anyway. Like Jesus's love. :D"
* emma nods to herself.
<Alex`^> "Well, does it count if the church stole it first?"
<emma> "Churches don't steal, don't be silly!"
* emma laughs :P

<AlcarGM> Pandora: "You could have been killed, and you are 'fine'?" sharply.
<AlcarGM> You find yourself asked for a password, this time, when you try and access her.
<Nik`^> "I don't know what you're talking about." Turning around in his chair, "And you've added a password."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "It is quite probably you were compromised today. Also perceptive."
<Nik`^> "I'm not going to stand around when someone's getting hurt by a bunch of thieves. And I was probably compromised when I met the doctor."
<Nik`^> "What's the password, Pandora?"
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "I am afraid I cannot give that to you. My current purpose is to safeguard Kadmon against threats."
<AlcarGM> (( "And your introducting me to the internet clearly classified as one. One word: 4chan." ))

<AlcarGM> The local vet clinic is pretty busy when you arrive. A lot of people with dogs, cats, a couple of bird. Two goldfish. A one-eyed man with two ravens.
<AlcarGM> Maybe not the last one :P
* Nik`^ would wonder why his ravens needed to see a vet...
* Nik`^ does wonder how you vet a goldfish
<AlcarGM> Little kids, with dead goldfish.
<AlcarGM> But the vet can fix anything.... in their minds.
* Nik`^ somehow imagines they have some goldfish hidden in the back to replace the old goldfish =p
<Nik`^> "Look, he's healed!"
<AlcarGM> "Ooh! Can you do granddad next?!"

<Nik`^> "You wouldn't happen to know how to pick a lock, would you?
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "..... I was meant to be a spy," sounding a little hurt.
<Nik`^> "Well?"
<AlcarGM> kadmon: "One moment....aha" The armour appears visisble around your right finger and extends in a thin, silver strand. "Poking me in the door should work."
<Nik`^> That sounds so dirty
<Nik`^> Yaoi
<Nik`^> i'm telling you man...
<Nik`^> it's dirty =p
<AlcarGM> hahahaha

<AlcarGM> kadmon is silent during the trip unless you say anything, not looking at you.
* Nik`^ won't until they're pulling into the parking lot.
<Nik`^> "Something's bothering you."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon looks over as he gets out of the car. "A host doesn't tell a weapon to do do a battle without it," tightly. "It's not done."
<AlcarGM> (( Kadmon: "DO I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THE MANUAL!?" ))
<AlcarGM> (( .. which would be a great threat. ))
<Nik`^> (( "YOU LOST IT, REMEMBER!?" ))

<Nik`^> "You need to grow up, Kadmon. If not physically, then mentally. You're not in a simulation anymore, and you're not being controlled by Vericorp anymore. You're on your own. I may be your host but you can't put all--But I need your help. You need to be more than a weapon, because I don't have the resources of a trillion dollar company."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "I don't have anything else to be. You - you can't just decide to be a dolphin one day, can you? I can't just wake up and decide I won't be a weapon."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "A proper owner would have a bat cave."
<Nik`^> lol
<Nik`^> so true

<Nik`^> "I'm not even supposed to BE your host."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "That's not the point; do you *want* to violate the warranty?"
<Nik`^> did he really just ask that?
<AlcarGM> Yup; on the other hand, hsi expression is a little too bland...
<Nik`^> "Yes. I already have, anyway. Besides, who would I go to to get a repair?"
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "I can repair myself and...." he lets out a sigh and slumps back in the chair, biting his lip. "How do you humeans deal with it, Nik? All the choice and freedom and... it's too big."
<AlcarGM> (( Nik: "they elect people every 4-5 years to make all the choices for them and repeat it." ))
* Nik`^ spreads his hands. "Welcome to reality."
<AlcarGM> kadmon is islent for a long moment, then says reflectively. "Nik? What is the most powerful realization of free will, if not to hand it away?"
* Nik`^ shrugs
<Nik`^> "You're afraid, Kadmon. I understand that. You're going to fuck up sometimes. You have to learn from your mistakes... that's all I can tell you."
<AlcarGM> Must.. not .. make .. BP ... joke.....
<Nik`^> lol

* Nik`^ tells her goodnight and stays to watch some tv
<AlcarGM> (( Kadmon: "Are you certain that's a tv show? I've seen those things you call teletubbies skeletonize a cow in under 10 seconds." ))

<alcar> Yeah; pcs are all together (!) so would be nice for that to last more than, uhm, half an hour in game :p
<alcar> Actually, I think it's the first time every pc playing was in the same place at once.\
<Chaos`^> yeah, pretty sure
<Chaos`^> except that time when Joni was hiding while rei and I talked, but I think Cal was there
<alcar> Yeah, dunno where Cal is at.
<alcar> Which is a pity. I was going to have the inquisition sick him on other pcs at some point :)
<alcar> mostly because cal's pcs tend to swim in this delightly murky moral sea that I can't help but stir to see just how far they'll go.
<Out2lunch> XD

<AlcarGM> Dustin: "You know, this will go rather better for you if you pretend I'm *not* an idiot. Not that it's going to go that great anyway, mind."
<Nik`^> "It's fun to play pretend sometimes, isn't it?"
* Nik`^ smiles some more.
<AlcarGM> Dustin eats some more of his friends, then returns the smile. "That's true. You could pretend you have any clue what you're doing, for example.
<AlcarGM> err, of his fries.
<AlcarGM> He'll eat his friends at a later date, diet permitting.
<Nik`^> lol

* alcar would like to point out that, oocly, the ability to turn enemies into friends requires RP and that, in the general course of human events, locking someone in a a basement with people liable to be hostile to them does not advance this cause of making said enemiy into a friend :p

<Nik`^> twilight is always depressing. It's about fairies right?
<kentari> Dunno
<kentari> I just get really weird sometimes when it gets dark out
<AlcarGM> it is about butterflies.
<kentari> like, mopey :P
<Nik`^> Sparkling fairies
<Nik`^> oh, you mean actual twilight
<Nik`^> not the movie
<AlcarGM> .... okay, that would be awesome in the future. "And as our anthropologist study concludes, people were quite divided about twilight at the start fo the 21st century, though apparently teen girls adored that time of day."

<AlcarGM> I now want to see a superhero with a holistic punch :p

<Nik`^> "I don't know, but I think he was designed this way."
<AlcarGM> Anna: ".... we're talking about some weapon that melts into your skin and you think he was designed to, what, reproduce on command?"
<Nik`^> "Not on command..." Thinking "At least I think not."
<Nik`^> "Anyway, I didn't say reproduce, I meant, I think he was designed to have a partner. And that partner was never built. It's in his name, Anna."
<AlcarGM> "In his name?"
<Nik`^> "Kadmon? It's subtle, but it's there."
<AlcarGM> Anna: "Not to me it's not. It's a computer thing?"
<Nik`^> "No, it's a... Research thing... It's supposed to be the first man, or perhaps the spirit of the first man, while Adam is his body, Adam Kadmon is his soul... There are a lot of theories, but the name says it all."
<AlcarGM> Anna: "Well, it is an odd name.... so you're just going to grow an eve. In your bedroom."
<AlcarGM> (( "The strata council won't like this." ))

<AlcarGM> You waken to your alarm Monday morning, bright and early. the rib has not eaten through the door and fled your home for the sewers to eventually bond to a rat and raise mutated turtles to eat pizza and fight robots.
<AlcarGM> But you can tell the gm considered it.
<Nik`^> if only briefly

<AlcarGM> Jonas leads you down one of the many splendiferous garden paths to a large concrete building that looks like an autoshop, save for having an exterior that doesn't look as if it is 5 minutes away from beingh spraypainted on.
<Nik`^> LoL
* Nik`^ doubts that would go over well
<AlcarGM> anti-spraypainting measures would be taken :p

<AlcarGM> The cook returns with wine for you and Jonas as well, and produces a meal splendid enough that, had the chicken known was was going to happen, it would probably have gladly sacrificed its life.
<Nik`^> LoL
<Nik`^> "It looks fantastic!"
* Nik`^ smiles to the cook, and jonas
<AlcarGM> The cook smiles at that and waits until you've all done eating to ask how it was.
<Nik`^> "I'm sure, had the chicken known this was going to happen, it would probably have gladly sacrificed its life."
<AlcarGM> The cook LoLs :p
<Nik`^> =p

<AlcarGM> Pandora: "For his part, he's confused at the comments people keep making about him with regards to you." She snickers.
* Nik`^ sighs
<Nik`^> "Well, luckilly I have a date tomorrow."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Well, it's mostly that he doesn't understand such things, not being human and all. You can't change that, after all."
<Nik`^> "You have found my kryptonite."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Dating?"
<Nik`^> "Making Kadmon human. I can't do it."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "I should hope not!"
<AlcarGM> She actually sound a bit offended
<Nik`^> "My only weakness."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: 'It's okay, I bet you have a lot of others."
<Nik`^> "Never."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Tell that to your arteries."

<Nik`^> "Anyway, I want to try to get to the date this session, so I'd better go. I'll send you an email on Friday when we're at the place."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Okay; good luck with that. We'll work together Friday if your date doesn't devour you whole."

<Nik`^> "You know, if you want to get a girlfriend, hang out with her a little, I won't complain."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "Pardon?"
<Nik`^> "I'm just saying, if you want to find a nice girl, and hang out with her once in a while, I'm cool with that. I'm not saying you have to, just... If you want to."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon; "I believe Claire's motivations are not that noble, but I can if you like."\
<Nik`^> "No, you can if YOU'D like."
* Nik`^ gives him a look
<Nik`^> "I'm not making that decision for you."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: ".... but you said...." He sighs. "Things would be so nmuch simpler if your species came with operating manuals."
<Nik`^> "I said I would be ok with it. I didn't order you to do it."
<AlcarGM> He just nods and heads off to classes but you do notice him chatting with Claire at lunch, or at least letting her talk to him and listening.
<AlcarGM> Given the force of apathy, she's liable to be attracted to his attempts to answer as few questions as possible and lie blithely. That or assume he's a serial killer.

<AlcarGM> I think this is probably, really, the only game I've run where being a PC is a kind of *flaw* :P
<Nik`^> haha yeah

<Nik`^> you know
<Nik`^> my roommates name is Dustin
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> I stole the name for a co-worker I had a few years back :)
<AlcarGM> Just the name, mind :p
<Nik`^> I usually sit in the living room and I'm worried he might look over and see me badmouthing dustin and think i'm saying bad things about him =p
<AlcarGM> roflmao

* Nik`^ lets curiosity get the best of him, and looks up the adult toys =p
* Tass has joined #game1
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Tass
<AlcarGM> Mostly dolls of famous figures turned into dildos.
<AlcarGM> Hi, tass :p
<AlcarGM> best line to enter on, or what?

* alcar was typing up some thoughts for the one game and has a corporation mark areas the autorities are to ignore with the anarchist A. Which made me wonder who decided it IS their symbol, and if one is more anarchical if one refuses to use it.

<AlcarGM> You step out of darness and onto what used to be a gym floor, have passed through a world of shadow in the blink of an eye (and heard not a single baby crying in the darkness, all alone and sad). There is a large well of darkness to the left of you that looks akin to a gingerbread made made of shadow.
<AlcarGM> Alex seems to have vanished en route, presumably tripping in the darkness to be swallowed by a convenient plot hole.

<Joni> so blah
<Joni> 'thanks for all the help... lady who's place of power is distinctly filled with child slaughter..... wait, what?'
<AlcarGM> Yeah. Eva and Zar are going to have .. interesting talks about that :P
<AlcarGM> And probably wonder if they should prepare to take down Joni as well

<Joni> "We just took a major piece out of the picture around here. I wouldn't count on things going back to normal."
<emma> "So how many pieces are there IN the picture?"
* emma looks suddenly, dangerously curious
<Joni> "-I- personally can't see the edges."
<AlcarGM> (( Emma Hakurei and the Magical Census of Doom ))

* Joni looks back at the school, then over at emma, "You know, funny how these things work out."
<emma> "Huh?"
<Joni> "Oh, just... tragedy becoming vengeance....."
<Joni> "Or I guess justice."
<emma> "My Dad says that God likes to balance the checkbook."
* emma nods in agreement
<Joni> "Thats pretty twisted."
* Joni sighs, "makes a lot of sense."

<Joni> "So.... whats left. Grey man, the man Alex is hunting and this whole stoffel business."
<Joni> "You have any beads on any of that, Emma?"
<emma> "Huh? Oh, sorry.. Let's see.."
<emma> "A little bit on the Stoffel thing, I dunno anything about the other two!"
<Joni> "Well basically Alex... you just met her, she gets all her crazy powers from a monster that attacked her family generations ago, a kinf of a curse, and it controls then through it, so she wants to do something about it, and agents of it are in town."
<Joni> "The Grey man is a force of nature and judgement that tries to destroy everything in order to get that something to keep its impetus for existance."
<Joni> "Which is why this storm thing is happening."
<Joni> "All of which mght be a huge lie just to throw us off and give it possible good attributes, who knows, it seems like a real bastard."
<emma> "Huh."
<emma> "It sounds like everyone has problems but you!"
* emma laughs!
<AlcarGM> El Nino frowns at that and pulls out paper and a pen to write something, handing it to Joni.
<Joni> "I exist, it's my problem."
<Joni> (Also my curse.)

<AlcarGM> The driver shrugs, the smile vanishing. "Boss has lots of people working for him in a city like this. Humans are so easily led by their desires, but you'd know all about that."
<Joni> "Desireable things are desireable."
<Keith`> I'm making bread
<Joni> (fuck yeah bread
<Joni> (also perfect timing Keith :P)
<Keith`> got it under the heat lamp in the bathroom to proof, just took a shower in there as well, otta do real good
<AlcarGM> (( Driver: "See? These humans are nothing more than bags for putting food into." ))
<Keith`> Damned strait any who I'll quit disrupting the game and go back to a semi brain dead state

<AlcarGM> The driver smiles at Emma. "What do *you* desire, girly?"
* Joni waaaaaits :P
<emma> "I think I'd like to live just long enough to watch them put your head on a pike... as a warning to all future generations that some gifts come at too high a price. I would gaze up to your lifeless eyes, and I'd wave... like this."
* emma waves.
<emma> "Nah, just kidding :P"
<emma> "If I tell you my wish, it won't come true. That's how it works, Mister."
<AlcarGM> Driver: "A wish that can come true isn't a real wish at all, you know. They're like dreams that way," blandly.
<Joni> "Yeah, I was expecting ponies. Yours is way bettr, though."

<AlcarGM> the car's back doors snap open and it forcibly ejects the three of you, unless you resist.
<emma> "I don't understand what's going o~"
* emma looks like she's blasting off again
* Joni was expecting this, and lands well :P
* Joni will try to catch emma!
<Joni> (the scry will be fine :P)
* emma is delicate and light, a fine, easy catch!
* Joni filets and pan sears :9
<Joni> (or not :P)

<AlcarGM> Dustin: "We need to stop at the police station first," as you drive.
* Nik`^ drives to the police station
<Nik`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Dustin: "Because you people are going to get involved in things." He reaches into his pocket and tosses Kadmom what looks to be a lipstick container, since you're driving. "Spraypaint. Mark an area, police notice it, don't investigate. Handy stuff."
<AlcarGM> The police station is a modern steel and glass building. 4 stories,helipad on roof, modern art sculpture outside and a lot of police cars and assault vehicles parked around back.
<Nik`^> "...What?"
<AlcarGM> Dustin; "What's what? Most parties use the anarchist A, but there's always options. Circle with some symbol in it is generally how it goes, sometimes to warn the police away from radiation, say."
<AlcarGM> Dustin: "I've never understood that anyway. Did the anarchists get together and decide on that symbol?"
<AlcarGM> Kadmon opens the container and siffs it, then shrugs and makes it vanish into his skin.
<Nik`^> "So you just spray a circle and a symbol and it's a police repellant?"

<AlcarGm> The door to the shop opens and the doctor's voice comes over a hidden pa system, sounding a little testy. "As amusing as seeing what seems to be an invisible man being carried into this place is, he's not a cyborg and not interesting at all. Why are you here, Nik?"
<Nik`^> "Well, you see, he's got these nanos in him, and these chemicals... He was hired by some people to kill me."
<Nik`^> "I don't want him to die because of it."
<AlcarGm> Doctor K: "How sentimental," as if you'd just revealed your favourite flavour of std to him. "I did have other plans this week for the stasis chamber, and few things are free." The door to the basement and subbasement open.

<AlcarGm> Kadmon nods and you head upstairs. Anna is watching CSI Darfur on the TV.
<AlcarGm> Hrm., I am surprised Chaos didn't go 'wth?" at the CSI Darfur line.
<AlcarGm> that was a wee bit dark.
<kentari> indeed
<kentari> :P
<kentari> chaos is an inscrutable creature

* Nik`^ leans back, and tries to mentally boot Kadmon back up =p
<AlcarGm> Pandora sniffs her arm. "You are right about the not smelling," eating some more of the food.
<AlcarGm> You concentrate and hear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtqz0bdq30Q
<AlcarGm> or .. not :p
<Nik`^> lol

<Nik`^> "Pandora wants to know if she has any weapons."
<Nik`^> "She doesn't know."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon looks a little worried about that and turns, frowning at Pandora, then says: "She's not like me," finally, sounding almost perfectly matter-of-fact
<Nik`^> "Well, she is obviously female, if that's what you mean."
* Nik`^ glares at him
<AlcarGM> He gives you a confused look. "Why would that matter?"
<AlcarGM> Pandora: ".... I want weapons. Now. Big weapons."
<Nik`^> "Tact. That's what you need."
<Nik`^> "Maybe we can go on a scavenger hunt for some tact for Kadmon."

<Nik`^> "Quit worrying. Just protect her for the time being. That's your job."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "..... my job is protecting you."
<Nik`^> "Well, you could have thought of that before you left pieces of yourself floating around in me. For all I know you ejected the quantum computer into my stomach."
<Nik`^> that sounded
<Nik`^> dirty
<Nik`^> =p

<AlcarGM> Pandora: ".... I've got a body now, and you want me keeping a low profile?"
<Nik`^> "Exactly. I'm glad you understand."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Kadmon is the one without a sense of humour here, not you."
<Nik`^> "Kadmon is paraoid, I'm a realist. I don't want you attracting attention because it's him and me that will have to clean up the mess."
<AlcarGM> She frowns, then reluctantly nods.
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "I am not paranoid," as you head inside. "I know very well that they are out to get us, Nik."
* Nik`^ goes inside.
* Nik`^ ignores Kadmon =p

<emma> "This might scare you, I think.. but.. magic.. like on TV and in books and stuff.. is kinda real. I don't think we should tell Mom though, okay?"
<AlcarGM> Your father is quiet a few moment,s then says gently: "That doesn't scare me; losing you would."
<emma> (awww :P)

<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "I could have ended that situation quicker by killing her host," finally, stating it as a fact
<Nik`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "Killing the waitress and counter attendant would have guaranteed your safety."
<Nik`^> "...I understand people are going to die because of all of this. I accept that, but killing someone just because it will be faster is not right. I won't stand for that. I don't like having this conversation Kadmon, my opinions should be clear on the subject."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "You could have been *shot* or killed," with a glare.
<Nik`^> "What will you both do, when I die?"

<AlcarGM> Pandora is quiet a bit as you get into the queue, then says: "Why do you do that to him?"
<Nik`^> "Because I'm afraid. He's independent now, he doesn't have to take orders if he doesn't want to... If something happened to me, he could go on a rampage... He could kill millions. He's already shown his anger once."
* Nik`^ shrugs "I worry for him, I worry for everyone else."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "He doesn't want you to be afraid of him. He can't help how he was made; you're his host, not some fashion accessory he can just discard and find a new one a moment later if he doesn't like it."
<Nik`^> "He won't hurt me."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "That doesn't mean you can hurt him. You asked what he'd do after you're *dead*, Nik."
<Nik`^> "It has to be discussed. You'll stay with him, right?"
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Of course, but that's not the point. You ncan't ask him to deal with that and also try and protect you from harm while being half-crippled by the order not to kill. What you asked is like ... like visiting a baby in the womb and asking what it plans to do once its out."

<Nik`^> "I got attached to a woman and..." Shrugging, "It went bad."
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "I've never had that happen. With a guy, I mean," with a smile. "It might be worth it, a little."\
* Nik`^ smiles
<Nik`^> "I'm not in the business of breaking hearts myself..."
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "I guess most people aren't. Wil says he doesn't want to ruin our friendship. And I think he's worried he'd just vanish one day and never come back."
* Nik`^ just smiles at her
<AlcarGM> (( "And you'll do that. Ping-timeout like all the other players." ))
<Nik`^> (( "Never, It's never happened to me. Promise." ))

<AlcarGM> He gaqsps, looking even more confused. "I won't.... you won't win," and tries to kill himself
* Nik`^ stops all of his emotions abruptly, the fear, the hate, the dread...
<AlcarGM> He blinks, and drops the knife like a marrionette with broken strings.
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "We can't keep this up, Nik, not without killing him."
<Nik`^> lol
<Nik`^> "Fine. I can't keep doing this, so, kill yourself, if you want. I tried to save you, but there's only so much I can do..." Slowly giving him his normal emotions back
<AlcarGM> The irony is probably lost on Kadmon :p
<AlcarGM> He does so without even hestitating, eyes gleaming with a fierce pride as if he has, somehow, won.
* Nik`^ turns and walks away
<AlcarGM> Doctor K: "Youn expect me to clean this up?" behind you.
* Nik`^ scratches his arm, "I'll do it... Do you have something I could use..."
<AlcarGM> Doctor K: "There is a mop by the kitche, and body bags under the sink."
<AlcarGM> Because that is where everyone keeps them, right?

<AlcarGM> Your computer has been spread out all over the bed, circuitboards withn the tweezers and bit of Kadmon on it connected by a pile of wiring and and what look to be parts of the blender, all hooked up to the gutted remains of her apple.
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "I'll put it all back together later," quickly, tyrying to drag you to the closet.
* Nik`^ stares at what used to be his computer, and gets dragged across the room
<Nik`^> "Sure... What are you doing, though?"
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Testing a theory. Can you try not to think so loud?"
<AlcarGM> Now someone needs to steal the computer and Nik go on an epic quest to retreive it!
<Nik`^> lol
<AlcarGM> I still think that is probably the weirdest subplot fairview has had, given it led to someone offering the computer in exchange for assassination :p

<AlcarGM> Kadmon just nods and eyes the two fo you eating, then says: "Do you mind if I go for a walk?"
<Nik`^> "A walk?"
<AlcarGM> He nods "Outside."
* Nik`^ nods, "Just... try not to get shot, ok?"
<AlcarGM> Kadmon sighs. "So much for walking onto a shooting range," and gets up, leaving.
* Nik`^ smiles as he walks out, "That was his first successful joke, you know?"

<AlcarGM> Your computer does seem fine, though she has overclocked it naturally, moved the fans about and 'improved' things. It would probably explode within 6 months.
<Nik`^> "I think... It has a shorter life span..."
* Nik`^ turns it on, and steps back
<AlcarGM> It does turn on. The blender and her mac look fine to, but you might be safest behind a solid wall when you use the blender next.
* Nik`^ goes out to eat dinner, first
<AlcarGM> You eat dinner, which proves a mostly normal affair. Pandora explains to Anna that the blender will now operative at maximum efficiciency and Anna makes a mental note to get a new blender soon.
<Nik`^> LoL

<AlcarGM> You easily gain access, since that is what Pandora is good at and begin coding.....\
* Sparkie wants dice
* Nik`^ codes as efficiently as absolutely possible!
<Nik`^> 4d6 gimme a good one sparkie
<Sparkie> Nik`^ 4d6: 13 gimme a good one sparkie
<Nik`^> :(
<Sparkie> So 3d6 then, hah!
<AlcarGM> 3d6 - Dora
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 3d6: 13 - Dora
<Nik`^> seriously?
<Sparkie> Of course. If you compress the code, you should compress the dice. It makes perfect sense.
<Sparkie> .... alcar is giving me that look again :(

<AlcarGM> Next session: the museum! Dinner! Movie! What could possibly go wrong?
<AlcarGM> ... feel free to make a list and check off items as they occur.
<AlcarGM> :p

<emma> "If people got hurt for your super special neato powers... why sit around sad about it and just make their pain mean nothing instead of turning the bad stuff that happened into good stuff you do."
<AlcarGM> Loric: "What do you think I am doing here, then?"
<emma> "I dunno. I mean, you got a nice office and stuff..."
<emma> "What ARE you doing here?" :P
* emma looks around, and at him =p
<AlcarGM> Loric: "This division is one of several I oversee, with the goal of making them profitable. Over six thousand jobs are on the line if they fail: people out of work, starving families, perhaps even Vericorp collapsing and failing. I am preventing that, quietly."
<emma> "Why not just bail them out? I mean, Vericorp's too big to fail."
<emma> ((omg j/k))
<emma> "Huh... I don't get it, but that sounds neat."
<AlcarGM> (( hahahaha ))

<AlcarGM> Emma would make an awesome Hitler :p

<AlcarGM> Loric: "And once you realize you can't help everyone who needs it or wants it?" gently
* emma gives him the raspberry
<emma> "I try harder!"
<emma> "Or get stronger."
<AlcarGM> Loric: "For their sake or yours, Emma? Only god can do everyting: to be human is to fail."
* emma is very quiet.
<emma> "Then...."
<emma> "Wait, is that GOD GOD or just god god?"
<AlcarGM> Loric: "GOD GOD," amused. "Even I have limits, be they of my own making."
<emma> "Well.."
* Sparkie is OK with being called by name.
<emma> "I just have to become more than a human, so I can do more than fail. God will have to help me with the rest, I guess."
<emma> (("Now, about these Jews..."))

<AlcarGM> You arrive at the large stone church with attached cemetary that the Gm's notes inform him is called Our Lady of the Worthless Miracle, which one can only assume is a slight at Michelle Obama. Unlike the last time you arrived, the church doors are closed. \
* Joni parks
* Alex`^ assumes she rode with Joni on her scooter, with a giant stick in hand
<Alex`^> which is a fun image
<Joni> (it can be strapped to the back :P)
<Joni> (it just needs a flag and the image is set :P)

<Nik`^> you're actually keeping track of who knows what =p
<Nik`^> that must be hard
<AlcarGM> lol. Is fun :)

<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Think about it: that way you wouldn't have to sit alone every lunch hour since you wouldn't actually have to eat. Or you could just sit with us and still eat food."
* Nik`^ doesn't respond to that, exept, "Please don't modify my body without my permision."
<AlcarGM> Pandora just sighs and crosses her arms. "Not even an extra --."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon: "Please don't finish that."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "It could have been heolpful, like extra intestines."

<AlcarGM> She chuckles. "Oh, of course What movies do you like best?"
* Sparkie will award points if you say pornography
<Nik`^> "Anything with explosions."
* Sparkie guesses that counts. As a technicality.

<kentari> I have to admit
<kentari> After having had to have read so many spiritual texts
<kentari> its all very disheartening
<kentari> the bible reads like a fanfic, the koran, like a youtube comment feed

<Tass> Nene: you should play with us, sometimes!
<Tass> we have plot here!@
<SilverHorse> Sometimes it's good to shut your brain off and watch shit explode for a while.
<Nene> Mmm
<kentari> We make plots!
<kentari> :P
<SilverHorse> :)
<kentari> SH> That's called "porn"
<SilverHorse> Remind me never to watch a Michael Bay movie with you :P
<kentari> hey, Michael Bay thought the same thing
<kentari> :P

<Nik`^> "Please don't turn into Skynet, Pandora."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Why would I aim so low? They lost."

<Nik`^> "This thing that's happening... THere's nothing I can do about the circumstances, and I am trying to do what I can... But my body, that is me. I will change with time, my mind might change with time, but I am here and it's me. If you change me into something else then all I am is just... A brain in a shell."
<AlcarGM> Kadmon takes a left and nods. "To me, I'm just my mind. A body is just...." he waves his right hand, which flows and ripples before becoming flesh again. "It's just grass blowing in the wind. I thought bodies are shells for souls, to humans."
<AlcarGM> (( Kadmon: "Admit it! Your body is a mecha designed to house DNA!" ))

<AlcarGM> Jonas: "This *is* probing, but are you cleared with the police for.... certain things?"
<Nik`^> "Why do you ask? They didn't come asking questions did they?"
<AlcarGM> Jonas shakes his head. "No, but if you make bodyguard androids and they aren't registered -- or the owner isn't -- you violate the fifth geneva convention. Most people only find it exists at that point."
<AlcarGM> Jonas: "It covers building, making, owning and buying clones, androids, bioweapons: things like that."
<Nik`^> "I'm pretty sure I've violated several more serious conventions."
<AlcarGM> (( "And if you want to add it to wikipedia to ruin some HS students essay, that would be fine too." ))

<AlcarGm> You also find a yahoo-style website of blink text and bling about 'The Coven!!!" A group of HS students and adults who get together, under Adult Guidance by an experienced witch, and practise rituals to help the world. Contact info is one Helena Vargas, including email and yahoo account.
<emma> ">:D"
* emma decides to send her a wonderfully composed e-mail detailing her plight and quest to SAVE THE CITY from bad magic. Her player refuses to write out the body of the message on the grounds that fingers should not be made to commit such massacres lightly. :P

<AlcarGm> Hrm, re #game2 .,. DO magicians do there rabbit from hats thing anymore? I would think the hat'd get rather messy
<kentari> dunno
<kentari> I don't actually patronage purveyors of magic
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGm> I think it would be fun to show up at a talent show. "I can saw a woman in half.." and then, as you're being dragged away by the police, brandish the bloody saw. "I never said I was a magician! I did the act!"

<emma> "Yeah. Lots of magic people seem to be really obsessed with just piling lots and lots and lots of power up, like that weird man. But then they just get messed with by other people. ... Like that weird man."
<AlcarGm> Helena: "... which weird man?"
<emma> "Some guy all in white who butchered orphans or something. We beat him up good."
* emma is now using orphans as a generic noun. It works.
<AlcarGm> (( "But I gave that to orphans." "Those weren't orphans!" "... I can make it so?" ))
<emma> (("Has anyone seen my orphans?))

* Joni steps inside, trying to be quiet!
<Joni> 2d6+7 stealth, if that sort of thing is used!
<Sparkie> Joni 2d6+7: 19(12) stealth, if that sort of thing is used!
<Joni> (well shit :P)
<Joni> (shoulda went for 2d6+7 randomly stab around the apartment)
<AlcarGM> You crack the door open and step inside; living room, closed door to a bedroom, and kitchentte to the right. On the living room floor is a body, thin and wasted, as if all the moisture and life was sucked out of it. There is a clink of glass in the kitchenette, where a ghostly woman wreathed in fog has the door to the fridge open, and is levitating the contents of it onto a cheap kitchen table; she seems intent on the contents of the fridge, not noticing the door open at all because Sparkie likes you.
* Sparkie would like to point out, for the record, that this is a very conditional 'like'.

<Joni> ugh
<Joni> its hard playing a reasonably unflappable character
<Joni> like, there is a fire sale on murder here and what catches my attention?
<Joni> some lady who's sorting stuff by expiration dates? :P

<Joni> I have a feeling throwing down right here would mean unknowns vs trumps and I haven't planned anything :/
<Joni> so I want to see if I can get any threads I can follow her with later
<Joni> perhaps in a more advantageous situation
<Joni> since she seems to be some kinda water vapor based vampire variant :P
<AlcarGM> Yes :)
<Joni> I already have a plan, but it involves a trip to a hardware store :P

<Joni> "Does Vericorp have any files I can access?"
* Joni is totally unsure of her clearance rating :P
<AlcarGM> Brodie shakes his head. "Loric told me the information is not in the files; he let me know on the condition I never drink coffee at work again. Or at all, ideally."
* Joni makes a mental note to bring Brodie some roasted chocolate covered espresso beans :P
<Joni> (Fairview, it's the apocalypse, only more chocolatey)
<AlcarGM> lol

<fennec> thanks for nothing, sparkie
* fennec is blaming all his dice problems on you.
<fennec> ugh
<fennec> this is what I get for looking for places outside of #game1
<Sparkie> No Sparkie?
<fennec> the guy running it is suggesting (as a "pro tip") that I try to write up my successful roll to turn a situation to my advantage.
<fennec> so, codified power-gaming. blargh.
<Sparkie> Oh. Successful rolls.
<fennec> few and far between, yes :b
<fennec> but still.

<AlcarGm> I wish I took drugs.
<AlcarGm> That would be a good explanation for why I wrote anything based on this idea at all :p
<notchling> you oughta quotefile that line :b

<AlcarGM> Michael: "He just shot electricity from his finger?!" gaping as Kadmon.
* Nik`^ scratches his cheek
<Nik`^> "Well?" To Pandora
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "And you got burned and then better; try and keep up," to him. She looks at you. "He's strong, *really* tough, heals quick. And you felt what he did to you, but it seems to be vulnerable to fire. Like, say, an aerosol can. Uselss fangs, except to scare people."
<Nik`^> "Useless? They looked sharp to me..."
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Yes, but they're just teeth, and break easier than his regular ones. I guess some failed experiment that was just ignored? I mean, if you wanted a real fake vampire you'd have working fangs. It couldn't be that hard to design. Also, he wouldn't have blond hair, but I guess that could be dyed."
<Nik`^> "Why not blond?"
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "Wouldn't go well with a black tuxedo, of course. Duh."
* Nik`^ blinks and gives her an odd look
<AlcarGM> Pandora: "There's nothing wrong with late night movies," a little defensively.

<AlcarGM> Sadly, I only remember Charlene's name (I don't think she's ever actually come up in person in the game) because she is from the comic strip Cathy. Somewhere I have a note to the effect that all Anna's co-workers were to be taken from that comic. I have no idea why I picked it :p

<felinius|1722> well I was thinking of doing like a mix of sci-fi+fantasy
<felinius|1722> or something along those lines
<alcar-18190> "You know magic? Just holograms projected down from the MK ULTRA satellites."
<felinius|1722> LOL
<felinius|1722> "When you say those words, we shoot down a rocket at your selected location. It's not an ultra-mega-ball-o-magic."

<AlcarGM> Knort nods. "A timeframe is good. If you need exercise, Bearn at least has some skill and I have taught him a few things on his own."
* Nydia`^ nods
<Nydia`^> "Perhaps later."
<Nydia`^> "I don't have any stats yet. :("
<Sparkie> You don't need to be afraid to make them; you win't die THAT fast. Geeze.
* Sparkie would like to note I cannot be held to that statement.
<Nydia`^> :(

<Chaos`^> it's hard to have good stats with only 250 points to work with
* alcar nods. It more or less makes the melee attack and def very useful, long as one has the right weapon(s) at hand.
<Chaos`^> can we make it 265 points? =p
<alcar> you will get some xp quickly, :p
<Chaos`^> 251 then?
<Chaos`^> wait
<Chaos`^> I got it
* alcar snorts. Defects are *fun* :p
<Chaos`^> No way
<alcar> ... you took none? Awwww
<Chaos`^> the last time I gave a character a defect he got raped and thrown on the side of the road by a sheriff's deputy.

<Nydia`^> "I think you should avoid trying to kill people if you can help it. It gives you nightmares and you get haunted by ghosts and stuff."
<AlcarGM> Boy: "I don't get to be mean to anyone," as if this is a huge injustice. His face brightens. "Real ghosts? I killed a cat once by mistake, but never got haunted or nuthin'."
<Nydia`^> "Thank the gods."
<AlcarGM> He nods seriously. "If that happened, I'd never have to eat meat again, and meat is goood. Have you ever eaten anyone?"
<Nydia`^> "No."
<AlcarGM> Boy: "Oh. But don't you eat people if you kill them? Otherwise it's a - a waste of recor .. resour .... stuff."
<Nydia`^> "No, you don't eat them."
<Nydia`^> "It is a waste, that's why no one likes war."
<AlcarGM> Boy: "Ooooh. So ...." His face creases up in a frown. "If you ate them, it wouldn't be a waste? I guess you don't get time to eat them during a war," with a sigh. He scuffs the ground with a toe. "Can you show me how to be scary?"

<Nydia`^> "Listen, if I let you see the stone will you stop bugging me?"
<AlcarGM> Jamal: "Why would I wish to bother you?"
<Nydia`^> "You're an idiot." Handint him the stone
<AlcarGM> He blinks owlishly at you. "Hardly that," and takes it, a white mist flowing into existence around his hand and the stone as he frowns at it. "It is simply easy to forget others are blind when you alone can see."

<AlcarGM> The bandit manages to spring to the side, avoiding your thrust and spins toward you, swinging wildly.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+4 - kill the pc, spark?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+4: 16(12) - kill the pc, spark?
* Sparkie is gonna try.
<AlcarGM> So... defence? :)

<Tass> how's the game going?
* Sparkie almost got to kill the pc in the first fight!
<Sparkie> So, good.
* Sparkie has a very simple rubric to measure games by.

* Nydia`^ fills her in on the details, not wanting to re-say the things she just said. =p
<AlcarGM> She listens, nodding a few times. "I think they could rebuid Omar's home, as the best bet," she offers. "But that will have to happen next session."
<Nydia`^> "I was afraid you'd say that."
<AlcarGM> Tameka: "But next session I can ask to travel with you and see the world and go on an Adventure!"
<Nydia`^> "I was hoping we could go on a little bit longer..."
<AlcarGM> Tameka: "To die will be an awfully big adventure. If Sparkie has anything to say about it."
<Nydia`^> "Sparkie loves die."

<kentari> trying to start a food plan this time of year....
<kentari> on the bright side, by doing so, you get a huge head start on the people who sin egregiously between now and regretuary 1st
<Sparkie> Life would be boring without sins. They are critical failures of awesome.
<kentari> sometimes, I catch myself thinking sparkie is autonomous
<kentari> =p

<Nydia`^> "If it makes you feel better, I'm not getting paid for this particular quest I'm leaving on."
<AlcarGM> Pawel: "So? No one has to do anything, or be just one thing. We should do things we love, and .. and ..." he trails off, looking exhausted from yelling and being afaid of you. "What kind of quest?" in a small voice
<Nydia`^> "I can't really talk about it."
<AlcarGM> Pawel: "Oh." He looks a little scared at that and raises his thumb to his mouth, then puts it down with an effort. "Will you come back?"
<Nydia`^> "I don't think so."
<AlcarGM> He flinches back as if struck and then manages a nod, standing and shoving his thumb in his mouth defiantly. "Fine," around it. "Bye."
<Nydia`^> "Bye..."
<AlcarGM> He leaves without another word, refusing to look back at you, all the impossible expectations of a six year old crushed
<Nydia`^> lol
<AlcarGM> Sadly, if you said yes he would have he'd have accused you of lying like his sister did :p
<Nydia`^> lol

<Nydia`^> statistically speaking
<Nydia`^> sparkie isn't
<Nydia`^> he is rolling an unatural amount of 12s today
<Sparkie> And 2s. <- with great pride.

<alcar> Creature, in the woods .oO(The elders are going to throw soo much poo at me when they find out I broke the Prime Directive when trying to get home.)

<AlcarGM> Jamal stops, frowning. "Walking will take too long at this rate," staring at the vast expanse of white ahead of the three of you. At least four hours to reach the centre, at least. And I don't dare try to use magic to shorten it. The stone might do something, however?"
<Nydia`^> "If the stone does anything it has yet to tell me about it."
<AlcarGM> (( Jamal: "I know. If only Cedrin hasn't lost the user manual." ))
<AlcarGM> Jamal shrugs. "it is from a ruin, this is a ruin - contrary to appearance."
* Nydia`^ pulls out the stone
<Nydia`^> "Stone, do something!"
<Nydia`^> "See? It's not doing anything."
<AlcarGM> Jamal looks over at it, then you, then around the three of you. the ball of light by him flicks up to the stone and floats through it, also to no effect.
* Nydia`^ places it gently on the ground.
<AlcarGM> Jamal looks puzzled, about to speak when the stone turns white.
<AlcarGM> "This is the Wartime Broadcasting Service," a woman’s voice says to the air, cool and blandly polite. "This nation has been attacked by magical weapons. Communications have been severely disrupted, and the number of casualties and the extent of the damage are not yet known. We shall bring you further information as soon as possible. Meanwhile, stay tuned to this wavelength as long as it is available, stay calm and stay in your own homes.
<AlcarGM> "Remember there is nothing to be gained by trying to get away. By leaving your homes you could be exposing yourselves to greater danger. If you leave, you may find yourself without food, without water, without accommodation and without protection.Magical fall-out, which follows from such wars, is many times more dangerous if you are directly exposed to it in the open. Roofs and walls offer substantial warded protection. The safest place is indoors."
* Nydia`^ looks at Jamal
<Nydia`^> "A world of magicians?"
<AlcarGM> There is a short pause, then the voice says: "We are experiencing technical difficulties due to aetherial interference. We shall repeat this broadcast in two hours' time. That is the end of this broadcast."

* Sparkie sets mode: -o alcar
* Sparkie sets mode: -o Tass
<Sparkie> Much better.
<Seraphna> <.<
<Sparkie> If you won't use dice, I shall have to settle for being your god.
<Seraphna> My name is Sera Connor, and if you can hear this, you are the resistance.
* Sparkie founded the resistance: everyone needs the hope, since it is the best lie going.

<AlcarGM> She doesn't point out she wants to talk about what you said she didn't, showing a restraint that would surprise her father. "Cedrin. Can you ... can you tell me what happened to him? If he'll get better or ....?"
<Nydia`^> "No, I can't. I don't know what happened to him."
<AlcarGM> Tameka: "Oh. It's just that people are going to want to talk to him, and pester him with questions. Some of the kids can get a bit .... much. Do you think he'd kill them? The town wisewoman told me father he might, and that merceiaries did things like that, but she's got a mean tongue."
<Nydia`^> "I asked that he be guarded for a reason."
<AlcarGM> (( Nice :P ))
<AlcarGM> She pales a little at that, then says, "I don't think I'd mind if a couple of the kids died, though .... I wonder if we could have it labelled a a service to the community or something?"
<Nydia`^> "You don't believe that. You just want to see what I'll say to it."
<AlcarGM> Tameka: "You never met Pawel, then. Squiggly little kid. I once got him going through my clothing, having been told royalty had magical undergarments and determined to find out, to say nothing of waking up to some kid having snuck into your room and asking if it's true you can cure itches."
<Nydia`^> "Can you?"
<Nydia`^> "Maybe he had one."
<AlcarGM> Tameka: "He wasn't old enough to have one in the place he mentioned," darkly.
* Nydia`^ raises an eyebrow
<Nydia`^> "Maybe he's an evil wizard in the guise of a child just to spy on us."

<TheWyrm> Well... if you want to play one of those, run it by me. In a game where the party meat shield is a feral half-dragon thri-kreen, an +2 stat somewhere from being a half breed isn't a deal breaker :)

<kentari> the military is rough enough to people without throwing in a chaplain who can name more elder gods than saints.
<kentari> =T

<TheWyrm> Aside from those I had flamewars with I barely remember people, just that 'stuff happened'. How sad is it I remember all the bad stuff and none of the good stuff?
<Sparkie> Because otherwise people would forget me. And we can't have that.
<TheWyrm> True that.

<TheWyrm> I also remember making a 'master thrower' thri-kreen using scalpels to immitate that guy from get'backers
<tass> you had a thing for thri-kreen, I do remember that
<kentari> they were pretty epic
<tass> ugh, just...
<tass> I can't get the words 'palpitating ovipositors' out of my head
<alcar> .... do I WANT to know, tass?
<tass> alcar: definitely not

<Chaos`^> are you going to do some sort of mass suicide or something?

<kentari> Games don't get anywhere with conventional premises :P

<notchling> mmm, mercenary motivations, shady dealings, assassination-like with overtones of drugs. Minimal discretion on target selection. Sounds like there's a somewhat limited character set for that.
<kentari> I can provide everything but imagination! :P

<alcar> one thing I do like about besm is that its defects are mostly geniune, save when it's for anime-genre (ism :p)
<kentari> bahaha
<kentari> oh man
<kentari> ism in a jar
<kentari> its perfect
<kentari> :P
<kentari> "Back off! One stick with this, and no one will respect you ever again!"

* Kami`^ stares at clock
<Kami`^> "Fuck..."
<AlcarGM> The clock does not oblige you, not being a novelty clock.

<Kami`^> "So, there are other telepaths in your organization?"
<Kami`^> "And you're fighting other telepaths?"
<Kami`^> "And some of them will come to see me?"
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "It might if you want, but ... yeah, to both. The others want to rule the world, figuring telepaths should have done that years ago and not been ... confused by idealogy. It's all pretty complicated."
<Kami`^> "So how many groups did they split off into? Two? Three?"
<AlcarGM> He spreads his hands. "I have no idea. I don't know anyone who does know what happened, really. I don't have clearance to know it."
<Kami`^> "So... R2-45 might be the ones that wanted to rule the world?"
<AlcarGM> he opens his mouth, closes it, then says: "I try not to think about that too hard."
<Kami`^> "It makes sense... Convince the people you can't control through the mind by using words... tell them you're right and trying to help...."

<kentari> cthulu makes EVERYTHING better.

* Kami`^ looks around for an empty looking house =p
<AlcarGM> You look, and spot one house two doors down that has lights on, but you sense no one inside.
<Kami`^> "This way."
* Kami`^ leads him that way
<AlcarGM> He follows you quickly to the home, heading to the back door. The lock on the door vanishes as he pushes it up. "You're.. sure no one is here?" quietly.
<Kami`^> "No."
* Kami`^ goes in anyway.
<AlcarGM> He stops, for a moment, but enters quietly anyway, shoving the door closed behind the of you and searching the rooms on tip-toes, like a really bad burglar in a cheap tv movie.
<Kami`^> "Hello? Is anyone home?"
<AlcarGM> Damien: "... you don't say *that*!" horrified.
<AlcarGM> Damien: "We're doing a break and enter, and you just....."

<AlcarGM> It would be rather awesome for the police to arrest Kami at some poiint and have, as part of the charges, giving alcohol to a minor.

<AlcarGM> Damien just nods, putting it in the microwave despite his stomach growling for it now. He's busy trying not to feel horribly guilty for stealing as it cooks.
<AlcarGM> He snags it out when finished, eating it in two bites, tongue licking off his lips and fingers after before his mouth closes. He looks up at you, eyes wide and wondering, then says: "You didn't say a thing. Are you *sure* you're not some recruiter for something?"
* Kami`^ eats hers
<AlcarGM> Leaving aside what the hell he'd be recruited for.
<Kami`^> "You came to me."
<AlcarGM> Damien: "It could be some weird double-bluff."
<AlcarGM> Which, when you come to think about it, would be kind of awesome.
<AlcarGM> "I'm here to recruit you." "And while you try that, I am secretly recruiting you."

* Kami`^ throws her pen at the shadow
<AlcarGM> "Oh, like that would hurt." A head pokes around the corner of the creme custards (7.5 boxes). It loks to be a shadow, but in three dimensions and with white holes where eyes and a mouth would be. Your height, with long , sharp fingers, one hand passing into the boxes.
* Kami`^ picks up the pen
<Kami`^> "You're fucking up my inventory ou know."
<AlcarGM> Shadow: "Huh?" The hand is pulled out and the shadow walks around the box, peering at you. "But you heard my inside voice," suspiciously.
<Kami`^> "Are you a vampire?"
<AlcarGM> The shadow-person giggles at that. "I'm a shadow, silly," quite proudly.
<Kami`^> "Well, dracula could turn into shadows..."

<AlcarGM> Kami IS going to have to meet one, at this rate :p
<Kami`^> lol
<AlcarGM> Ideally walking around with a stake and claiming to be a vampire hunter.
<Kami`^> lol

<Tass> why do my characters always end up with the capability to end the world?
<Kami`^> because they're pcs?
<Tass> like, Kage could just put a hole in the earth's crust and rupture the mantle
<Tass> Anton could seed the earth with a network of carefully placed atomic bombs
<Sparkie> Because that means they can try, roll a critical failure and I can be oh, so happy.

<Kami`^> Suddenly people are resistant to heat!
<Tass> or perhaps plasma of some super dense atom
<Kami`^> Humans are now a race that lives on stars
<Tass> awesome
<Tass> earth is still toast :P
<Tass> its not that there can't be a counter
<Tass> its that it has to be specifically crafted for me
<AlcarGM> The earth vanishes, and as the world ends words appear in the sky: "Level 2"
<Kami`^> lol
* AlcarGM has always wanted to do that :p

<Kami`^> "I'm not very good at it, and I only get bits and pieces, but I know you're thinking random words right now."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "Prove it," not believing you at all.
<AlcarGM> Inside your head, Misha says, "*He* is doing it? Make him open it," and you feel the shadow begin to leave yours. ....
<Kami`^> "Colorless... green ideas sleep... furiously." glaring at him
<Kami`^> "Misha, stop!"
<AlcarGM> Jerry gapes at that, thrown.
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "Misha?" warily, his thoughts screaming it's a trap and he's be taken somewhere and dissected
<Kami`^> "Misha, he's a... living shadow that's been following me around. He said you closed the shadow lands."
<Kami`^> "It probably has something to do with your power."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "...."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "Kami. Have you ever *listened* to yourself speak? Living shadows?"
<AlcarGM> (( "That think the sky should be full of zeppelins. Why are you looking at me like that?" ))

<AlcarGM> Tommy drives the car down the road to an out of the war bar near his place, one of those holes in the wall whose bar snacks are probably inedible and consists of people playing pool, talking, and mostly trying to ignore each others troubles, having only enough liver left for their own.

<AlcarGM> You go back inside the stupid. Having a beer?
<Kami`^> yes
<AlcarGM> err, studio :p
* Kami`^ enters the stupid

<AlcarGM> Misha: "Can I freeze him?" hopefully.
<Kami`^> "No, you can't freeze him."
<AlcarGM> Misha: "I bet Alexis would find me fast if I killed lots of people....."
<Kami`^> "I doubt Alexis would be happy aboutit."
<AlcarGM> Misha is quiet a few moments, then: "Maybe not."

<AlcarGM> "Why would you end up dead?" he demands
<Kami`^> "'Cause I'm a telepath and that scares people."
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "..... don't tell them?"
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "I mean, it stands to reason you can do something else, right? You have a weird shadow, for one thing?"
<Kami`^> "People already know.. Some people have the ability to figure these things out..."
<Kami`^> "Only because he choses to follow me around."
<AlcarGM> Misha: "I told you I wanted ..." in your head, and then aloud: "The shadow landa re back! Hah!" and leaps out of your shadow into the cars, vanishing into the city.
<AlcarGM> Tommy jams on the breaks, hard, the car skidding a little as he pulls over. "......."
<Kami`^> "See, he just left..."
<Kami`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "One," holding up a finger. "That was in your shadow." He holds up another. "Two, why did it have a Russian accent?"

<AlcarGM> Tommy: "I should have brought some of that beer back with me," pulling back out into traffic. "How are you ... coping... with it?"
<Kami`^> "Because I'm a PC and if all I did was cry and run away it would make for a pretty boring game..."
<Kami`^> or not

* Kami`^ makes lunch and checks the news... and does a google search for omegas
<AlcarGM> You find watches, engineering firms, diet plans, that omega 3 fatty acids are, apparently, superhuman and finally one wwebsite about the truth of it all.
<AlcarGM> Timecube.
<AlcarGM> Or not :P
<Kami`^> heh
<AlcarGM> You do manage to find one article on 'homo superiorus' as the author calls it, citing omegas and 'the last days', but it's madenningly vague and full of references to 'reading between the lines of meaning' and the disclaimer than the subliminal message encoded within the site will reveal itself to the discerning reader between moments of will.
<Kami`^> lol, magneto

<AlcarGM> Jerry nods and pauses, frowning at Damien thoughtfully. A few moments later the kid vanishes, clothing at all.
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "You see him?" to you.
<AlcarGM> Damien: "..... Huh?"
<Kami`^> "Nope."
* Kami`^ heads downstairs
<AlcarGM> Damien: "I can see you both just fine," as the chair creaks. You catch themental image as he raises hs middle finger. "Did you see that?"
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "I imagine we didn't want to. Quiet."
<AlcarGM> You reach the car without any problem, Damien managing to resist the urge to poke of speak to people for the sheer fun of it.
* Kami`^ gets in
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "This is an apology for getting you drunk," as he pulls out into traffic. "Don't expect it as some thing you can just ask for when you want it or something; I have no idea what kind of range I have, how long anything could last and I don't want to be stalked by an invisible demon."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "If someone ever told me I'd tell anyone that....."

* Kami`^ tries to think really hard about him and pain in his head... bad pain... maybe...
<Kami`^> 4d6
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 4d6: 10
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 6
* Sparkie is pleased at the whorship. Your prayer may now commence.
<Kami`^> lol
<AlcarGM> The man staggers,dropping the gun as you throw the memory of the headache Amana caused Jerry into the poor man's head.
* Kami`^ runs at him and hacks at his leg with the axe
<AlcarGM> Your axe jars into flesh, hard, bone making sickening crunching noises, blood pooling out of the body and over your hands as the other three guards move, one firing his gun, pain running on your left arm as one bullet slices throgh skin and clothing, luckily a graze

* Kami`^ grabs the guard's gun and shoots in the general direction of amanda...
<AlcarGM> You lunge, grabbing gthe gun, and the gun makes no sound as you pull the trigger. She has turned and is smiling at you, looking kind and forgiving. "I am sorry, but that energy is kinetic my dear."
* Kami`^ throws the gun at her anyway
<AlcarGM> She hops off the bow and begins to walk toward you. "I was always so afraid of my own potential...." and pauses, thje gun dropping to the ground as more synapses burn, her skin stretched tight over her head like a skull cap. "We so seldom become all we would. Shadows, at beast, of the good we could be, the evil we may have done....."
<AlcarGM> Captain; "You ... craz..." and drops to the ground, his bdoy drained of strength to move.
* Kami`^ throws more stuff at her from around her
<AlcarGM> Amanda: "I have warned you not to interfere when I am monologuing. I've never done this before but I know it's polite not to interrupt."

<AlcarGM> Nattie: "I thought Roland was....." you can almost literally hear memories click into place as she gulps back some coffee. She drops the mug on the kitchen floor. "Oh, my god."
<Kami`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> She spins toward you, ignoring her foot getting scalded or broken crockery, horrified. "YOU GOT SHOT?!|
<Kami`^> "Yeah in the arm."
<Kami`^> "Can you help me replace the bandage?"
<AlcarGM> Nattie: " nd I ... Oh, god," she covers her mouth with her hands. "I can't believe I said .... I didn't even ...." she gives you a stricken look, as if you'd caught her eating from a basket marked free kittnes. "I can't believe I ... of - of course. I can change it now!!"
* Kami`^ grabs the small first aid kit they have
<Kami`^> "I should probably go buy some more bandages... I wonder if anyone is open..."
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "I'm the worst roommate ever," in a horrified tone.

<AlcarGM> I think there should be doomsday prophets who wander though a setting screaming, "A PC has come! Woe to the city! Woe to the land! We now live in interesting times! The end times are upon us!" accompanied by much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

<AlcarGM> You recognize Sullivan's voice. "Maybe you can. I just wondered if Kami was in?"
<Kami`^> "I'm in here"
<AlcarGM> "Oh, good!" He enters, brushing past Nattie absently. "I wanted to ask you some questions, if you don't mind?" He's wearing a rather nice black shite, white shirt, black tie, fancy shoes. Definitely formal wear, and seldom worn.
<AlcarGM> err a black suit. Yes, suit.
<AlcarGM> Minor detail :p

<AlcarGM> Your sleep is filled with dreams of men with guns and insane yatcht crew, but that's to be expected. The Russian underwater polo team doing a synchronized ballet of psycho is not, but hey, dreams.

<AlcarGM> His eyes widen a bit at that, but all he says is: "Oh." You feel him grin. "Sorry. I don't *want* to be some kind of - of bigot to telepaths, but the idea of other people in my head and knowing what I'm thinking when even I might not is .... kind of scary."
<Kami`^> "I don't like to tell many people about it... You'll keep my secret won't you?"
<AlcarGM> He blinks, surprised, then says: "As best I can; I think some of my real bosses might have telepaths with them, though."
* Kami`^ nods
<Kami`^> "Just think of beaches when you're around them..."
<Kami`^> "Have you ever been to a beach?"
<AlcarGM> Damien nods. "A few." He's quiet a good minute, then finally says: "Can you change memories too?"
<Kami`^> "Not that I'm aware."
<Kami`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Damien: "I just ... I know what it did to Bobby, so I think I want all mine, even the bad ones."
<AlcarGM> Damien: "But maybe not the one where someone cheats in a fight and beats me up in a simulation?"
* Kami`^ laughs
<AlcarGM> You feel a huge grin at that. "What?" as innocently as he can.

<Kami`^> "I could read your mind, I knew you were out of it."
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "Uh huh. Because you got bit by a tibetan psychic monk?"
<Kami`^> "I am not even joking! I know your every thought."
* Sparkie should point out that would be a better origin story than having seen someone thrown across a grocery store.
* Sparkie is trying to be very helpful tonight.
<Kami`^> shut up, my origin story is totally cool :(

<AlcarGM> She shrugs, figuring the internet is like that and grabs her purse. "So, where first?"
<AlcarGM> She's considering getting shoes, steel toed (for Roland, if he tries to drug her again :p) and some funky clothing for use in auditions, including homeless chic.
<Kami`^> homeless chic?
* Kami`^ shrugs
<Kami`^> "I'll let you pick, and we'll work our way down the street."
<AlcarGM> Like wearing deliberately ripped jeans bought new, or pretending to dress like a homless person, I guess :P
<AlcarGM> .... according to google, homeless chic actually exists.
<AlcarGM> BRB, off to find noose
<AlcarGM> :p

<AlcarGM> Among his stats:
<AlcarGM> Create boquet of flowers (2)
<AlcarGM> :)
<Kami`^> lol
<AlcarGM> it was the most useless thing I could think of at the time.

<AlcarGM> She gulps back some more coffee. "Do you think they'd .... want to talk to me ever again? I called the poor kid a demon. A few times."
<Kami`^> "He'll be fine."
<Kami`^> "What if you woke up like that tomorrow?"
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "I think I'd jump out a window," not meeting your gaze
<AlcarGM> Nattie, the Omega who could not kill herself. An entire history of suicide attempts, and each one heals. That would be grim :p
<AlcarGM> "Oh, no! It's the Serial Suicider! She's going to foilk the bank ... wait, she just jumped down that open manhole."

<AlcarGM> You are half way through the cup of coffee when Nattie comes out of her room, fighting back a sleepy yawn. She looks sickly pale, her hair a pale blond rather than the usual brunette and she looks, perhaps a little taller than she did last night.
<AlcarGM> As she walks toward you, light dances randomly out of her skin, like small fireworks or fireflies glittering in the air about her, becoming less visible as she wanders through the sunlight. "Morning. See? I'm fine."
* Kami`^ snorts hot coffee out of her nose
<Kami`^> "Fuck!"
<Kami`^> "What did you do last night?"
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "Ha hah, very funny." She yawns again, and you notice her canines are at least twice as long as they were last night.
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "Slept. Duh."

<AlcarGM> Nattie opens her mouth, closes it, then says": "You can read MINDS?" so shocked she doesn't even think of hiding her own thoughts.
<Kami`^> "Yeah..."
* Kami`^ says it kind of quietly maybe she won't hear me confirm it
<AlcarGM> nattie: "....." Fear hits then, scared of you seeing her secrets and private thoughts, only to be met with a 'wait, she's probably already......', then out loud, "Do you ... do you listen in?"
<Kami`^> "Well, not intentionally, but some people have really loud thoughts..."
<AlcarGM> Nattie: ".... I've had ones about you not picking up dirty towels and...." She trails off, trying not to think about all the little things that annoy her about you. ".. how do you ... how do you deal with it?"
<Sparkie> Kami pulls out the colt 45. "Every mind silenced is a moment of peace."
<Sparkie> ... please?
<Kami`^> lol

<Kami`^> "The life you thought you were going to have is not going to happen. You got the chance to realize that before a lot of other people. Nobody has the life they wanted. NOBODY."
* Sparkie begs to differ.

<Kami`^> "Who would you reccomend?"
<AlcarGM> Damien: "I don't think Barry can be trusted," softly. "His plan is ... bigger to him than the people he hires. I think, sometimes, he thinks it's worth letting us die for." He frowns, thinking. "Sally said there was some professor at the university strarting something up called S.A.F.E, but it's pretty hush-hush right now."
<Kami`^> "What is that?"
<AlcarGM> Damien: "Freemont just isn't happening enough to have any of the big omega-rights groups in it yet," apologetically. He shrugs. "I don't know. I was going to check them out tonight, for Barry and my bosses. Someone has to be paying for whatever thyey do, but Sally said it's about protecting humans from being exploited by us."
<AlcarGM> Nattie looks about to ask how on earth she could exploit, then realizes the 'us' includes you, and telepathy.
<Kami`^> "I don't reccomend the government unless you can read minds, either."
<AlcarGM> Damien nods firmly. "Unless you are .... really useful or destructive, they tend not not to. And some of us aren't useful even when we are," almost proudly.
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "I'd meed clothing to... hide this, if I glow at night too," slowly.
<Kami`^> "Then we'd better go talk to the professor during the day, so you're not glowing."
<AlcarGM> Damien: "I can probably keep it from happening if I'm near you," a little doubtfully. "But people stare at someone wearing a trenchcoat and hate in the summer a lot, too."
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "..... I think that's better than me glowing," firm on that at least. "Maybe I could wear one of those islam things?"
* Kami`^ sighs, "Yeah, you could..."
<AlcarGM> (( "Why did you convert to islam?" "Because I sparkle." ))

<AlcarGM> You head out, to SHOP. Damien has never been shopping with girls, and spends most of the time horribly embarrassed and trying to ignore staff thinking he's some kind of pervert. Nattie does, at least, get some new clothing and being 2 sizes smaller seems to have gone a long way to reconciling her with her newfound state of being.
* Kami`^ buys a coat for Damien
<AlcarGM> He tries to protest the gift, only to have his stomach growl in anger; it's getting rather tired of smelling his coat, after all. he takes it wordlessly after that, blushing furiously and mumbling thanks.
<Kami`^> "Wash it, and it'll last longer
<AlcarGM> He rolls his eyes at that. "Yes, mom."
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "Should we eat before we go to the meeting?" after she's done getting a third pair of shoes.
<Kami`^> "I guess? They said free food but it might be drugged..."
<AlcarGM> Youn have this sneaking suspicion if you'd mentioned Nattie having to buy new shoes and all nerw clothing before calling Damien, you might not have had to stage the intervention vs suicide at all...

* Chaos`^ wasn't sure what you were giong to do with her
<Chaos`^> since she's in the everyday life of the character, she would have been a burden as a human, though... I think I would have gotten tired of it
<alcar> My notes consisted of 'entirely normal' :p
<alcar> So I had fun at work today thinking up options.
<Chaos`^> And you came up with twilight vampire? =p
<alcar> It fit as a nice ironic twist :)
<alcar> plus I liked the idea of taking that and making it actually BE something not wanted.

<alcar> Also, Damien is now going to ask Kami questions before accepting invites to come over :P
<Chaos`^> Well she couldn't say it out loud =p
<alcar> he hadn't even had coffee and he was trying to prevent suicide by saying his life was awesome.
<alcar> Eventually Nattie is going to think this morning over and be halfp-convinced you nudged her to accepting what he said, since to her it was utterly ludicrous :)
<alcar> But such is the fun burden of being a telepath.
<Chaos`^> and that's why Kami doesn't tell people she's a telepath
<Chaos`^> they always assume she's the cause for them acting like idiots
<Chaos`^> =p

<Kami`^> "I've already been in the middle of one Omega on Omega fight where a large number of people were injured, and then there's Doctor M who is handing out drugs to Omegas, claiming to make them more powerful..."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "I've heard about that, but I thought it was just a rumour."
<Kami`^> "The drug killed the one I saw."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Then finding and stopping that would be a priority; one must clean up one's own backyard before prying into the affairs of others. In that respect, we are not like the government."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "In order to accomplish sucha feat, I would naturally need to know what people are capable of and willing to commit,both in terms of time and money. Monetary compensaion will be provided by our backers, depending on each person's needs."
* Kami`^ looks at Nattie
<AlcarGM> Nattie looks a lot more interested now that money has been mentioned :)
<AlcarGM> Damien frowns s lightly, feeling that people should do the right thing because it's right, and not for money, but he is only 15.\
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "I have no idea how we'd even learn more about .... whatever it is we do, or train somethig like that?" trying not to think about how one would train telepathy.
<AlcarGM> Nattie. .oO(I bet it involves projecting thoughts into Charlie Sheen's head.)

<AlcarGM> The angver outside is half a block away and bright; you see the outline of a human figure, lighting bursting from behind like wings, who throws a volley of pure lightning at the room, clearly intent on killing everyone present.
<Kami`^> 4d6 Shit, miss miss miss miss
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 4d6: 11 Shit, miss miss miss miss
<AlcarGM> 4d6 - the weather channel is never wrong, is it spark?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 4d6: 10 - the weather channel is never wrong, is it spark?
<AlcarGM> .....
<Kami`^> haha
<Kami`^> today it is!
<AlcarGM> the gm pauses the game to unfriend the dicebot.

<AlcarGM> You reach out, and find.... nothing. Either there are no other telepaths in the city, ofr they don't talk to each other, since they're no different networks. Or trying to fly under the radar....
<AlcarGM> You do begin getting background noise of regular human minds like a disanct atonal beehive in the background.
<Kami`^> that's interesting...
* Sparkie prefers Alcar's original idea, which involved Kami feeling a giant, vast force watching her and saying, "Mommy?"
* Kami`^ may have said "Yes." and convinced the entire world she was their mother =p
<AlcarGM> (( given Sparkie, it was possible :p ))

<Kami`^> "Good luck."
<AlcarGM> You get a strong feeling from Damien that he thinks he might need it before you're left alone in the apartment, blissfully free of unwanted thoughts
* Kami`^ uses the opportunity to finally relax
<AlcarGM> You manage to relax, not having to worry about anyone save yourself, at least for a few hours. There is, also, stil half a bottle of the bubbly on the counter :)
<Kami`^> oh, nice
* Kami`^ drinks it!
<AlcarGM> Because the GM thinks more quasi-superhero stories should end with AA meetings, but still!

<AlcarGM> If the characters all ended up alcoholcs by games end, I would count the game a success :P
<Kami`^> LoL!

<AlcarGM> She steps back from you, eyes wide and wounded, but very solid. At the touch, something in her seems to give and she crumples to the ground, her thin prom dress stained with dirt as she shudders a little. "It will destroy," she whispers,and you get an image, hard, of laughter, and her coming up the stairs, with a boy -- Roy, his name is, all charm and smiles, the kind who breaks all hearts save his own -- and the bed, and them, together, despite her not being married, despite everything her mom would say, and someting... in the basement, uder the earth, a hole, a presense, a darkness... and so much blood So much blood as they all die and die and die, torn apart by something unseen and unknowable.
<kentari> bahaha
<kentari> roy
<kentari> oh god
<kentari> this game is fun to skim every so often
<kentari> I always find gems
<kentari> :P
* AlcarGM had to :)
<AlcarGM> though in some ways all the self-referential jokes are like a terrible feedback loop :p

<AlcarGM> Emily; "But I killed them all. I don't know how, but I killed them all and I - I would have died, with the house. I should have died with it," giving you a hard glare. "I deserved to die!"
<Kami`^> "Shut up, you're being stupid again. You made a mistake. You're human. Get over it."
<AlcarGM> Kelly projects the image of a drama llama. but just to you :p
<AlcarGM> Emily: ".... you don't get over mass murder!"

<AlcarGM> You know, a characer visited bu the ghosts of characters from other settings would be pretty neat. "The ghost of Cameron told me we should never turn out home into a boarding place!"
<AlcarGM> "The ghost of Sara told me .... oh, god. I can't repeat that."
<AlcarGM> etc.\
<Out2lunch> heheh
<AlcarGM> Or even fictional people or from video games offering advice.

<AlcarGM> The 'gym' appears the same during the day as it did at night, empty and covered in gang signs, save in the morning you can hear the sound of dogs -- 3 of them -- prowling about inside. They are not Good Dogs.
* Kami`^ wonders if she can convince them there's food on the other side of the building while she sneaks in
<AlcarGM> The dogs bound off in search of the New Smell, still dogs at heart. Emily feels very, very confused, but at least follows you to the basement door.
<Kami`^> "Watch out for dog shit."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "What kind of gym IS this?" she whispers
<Kami`^> "Government."
<AlcarGM> Emily: ".... the government is bankrupt?" Not surprised by that in the least, since they did put a democrat in charge of things
<Kami`^> "Heh..."
<Kami`^> "Emily I respect your right to have political opinions..." Even though I'm 100% certain they're her mom's opinions pressed onto her daughter, "But try not to be fanatical about it. It's part of the crazy."

<Caltak> I'm thinking... apartment... just so "shit going down at home" =/= "kicked out of school" and conversely "kicked out of school" =/= "nowhere to live." aaaand there would probably have to be a roommate thing going on because he doesn't have a "real job," just student loans and the irregular under the table income.... so I need to create a roommate NPC.... hmmm
<Caltak> oh my god what is wrong with me? I suddenly harkened back to that UA character who had Sara as a roommate. :p
<Caltak> random.
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> That would be too cruel to your pc :P
<Caltak> yeah I mean, I was already tempting fate when I had a female PC living with her
<Caltak> but a guy, who happens to be equipped with extra appendages? Jesus.
<Caltak> I don't think he'd make it out of the apartment.
<alcar> Yeah :P

<Chaos`^> Oh man
<Chaos`^> I had a dream this morning, and my alarm went off, and for some reason... I don't know why it was my tired mind... I thought that 7:15 was my power level and I had to be stronger, so I hit the snooze button...
<Chaos`^> I did that 3 times... "7:20? not strong enough."
<Chaos`^> I have NO IDEA why
<alcar> ROFL
<alcar> ROFL
<alcar> 5 years later.... "9 thousand"
<Chaos`^> seriously =p

<AlcarGM> Griffen: "Need to know. You don't," curtly, frowning at the earth. "That isn't actually a number."
<AlcarGM> Griffin kills the GM for typing his name wrong again and mounts the corpse in his den.
<Mason`> (( but then he'd have to listen to you bitching all the time ))
<Mason`> (( about being dead ))
* Sparkie liked that better without the second line you added.
<Mason`> (( :p ))

<AlcarGM> Griffin raises his left hand and snaps his fingers. You hear something, distant, like someone screaming just out of hearing, something you could half-imagine, like the echo of a dream.
<Mason`> "Fair enough. I never met her family anyway, and you did do me a favor by passing that message from Shi-- Woah, are you torturing a dead person? That's, like... wow."
* Mason` notes which grave he was looking at when he did it.
<AlcarGM> Griffin: "Relieving their death, so yes," his voice huskier than normal. He nods to the ground, then unexpectly smiles, thin and skeletal, at someting heard. "Yes, well, the job isn't just for life; I believe it's in the contract."
<AlcarGM> He begins walking out of the cemetary quickly, not looking at you.
* Mason` is a bit surprised at that abruptness... guess Aunty must have caved and told him what he wanted to know. He steps over to Shiela's tombstone and rests a hand on it, whispering, "You don't have to appologize to me. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, to keep you from... *sigh* to stop what happened." He kisses the fingers of another hand and touches that hand to her engraved name, then
* Mason` turns and jogs after Griffin.
<AlcarGM> Nice :)
<AlcarGM> Griffin has stopped half a block down the road, sagging against a lamppost with his eyes closed. He doesn't move when he hears you.
* Mason` slows down as he catches up and doesn't quite go all the way up to where he is. He puts his hands in his pockets... and wishes he had enough pockets for his hands, because he can't think of anything else casual to do with the left over ones.

* Mason` pockets the phone and heads back to the apartment, ducking into the back alleys when he gets close and tries to approach unseen.
<AlcarGM> Given it's 4 in the a.m., that's quite easily done as almost no one is around who wants to be seen, and those that are aren't the sorts to report seeing monkey-people. Or, if they did, not the kind who'd be believed.
* Mason` climbs in the window again, idly wondering if this is going to turn into his normal way in and out after this, and locks it closed after.
<AlcarGM> if it is going to be your normal method, Archie'll likely buy a welcome mat for the balcony :)

<AlcarGM> ... why do PCs never have cars? :p
<AlcarGM> It's not like I make a habit of blowing them up or something....
<AlcarGM> It's not like I make a habit of blowing them up or something....
<Kami`^> actually
<Kami`^> thanks for reminding me
* Kami`^ had an idea for that
<Kami`^> Mostly it's cause I never think of it, and you never ask, whenever we run our first session you always ask "So, you take the bus or walk?"
<Kami`^> and I don'tt hink "Why don't I have a car?"
<Kami`^> so I just say I take the bus or whatever =p
<AlcarGM> You could get a great deal on a used car. Like one that's 20 years old but in pristine shape and with a vanity plate reading 'Dorian'

<AlcarGM> Jerry: "Want Emily to call you tomorrow?"
* Kami`^ thinks... does she work tomorrow?
<AlcarGM> Yup, but it might be a short shift if you're lucky
<Kami`^> "Probably in the afternoon...but if you're not working you can give her a quick refresher on the guitar, since that's how I found her."
<Kami`^> "You have no idea how hard it is to find a human looking Omega that can play guitar..."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "...."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "You risked getting eaten by a house for the band," as if he doesn't quite believe that himself.
<Kami`^> "...Yes?"
<AlcarGM> Meanwhile, at home with his girlfriend, Tommy pauses. "Slacker senses... tingling. I'm being upstaged again."
<Kami`^> lol!

<AlcarGM> A few people you know wave to you as you head to classes. Perhaps some people shook you Looks and avoid you, but they're easily ignored for the most part. No one, yet, seems want to make any kind of scene, likely waiting until the afternoon and better lighting.
* Mason` chains up the bike then strolls on in, waving back to the folks that greet him.

<AlcarGM> She takes a step back, clearly not wishing to somehow zap you, but takes take the paper, and belatedl writes her too. It also includes her name, Jillian, which she forgot entirely to tell you :)
<Mason`> (( no, he mentioned it when I answered the door ))
<AlcarGM> (( oh! Duh. I wrote that and missed it..... that might be a new kind of mistake :P ))

<AlcarGM> Shye puts the hood back up, looking almost pathetically relieved at any hint of answers and opens the door, relxing when she doesn't fry it, or the room somehow, and steps back into the hallway. "..... Can I ask who helped you?" she asks
<Mason`> "With all this? I've just been sort of winging it so far?"
<AlcarGM> Her eyes glow blue briefly, under the hood. "You mean you woke up like... with six arms .. and just.....?" jaw dropping.
<AlcarGM> Jillian: "How do you wake up with extra arms and just ... cope?!"
<AlcarGM> (( "I'm a guy." ))
<Mason`> "Well for me it actually happened after a really drunken party, so I woke up with extra arms and a killer hangover. But I dunno." *shrugs all his 'shoulders'* "Not like I was a male model or running for public office before it happened."

<AlcarGM> Barry just nods and waves by. Alan does to, nervously, but at least doesn't do anything to make you all need industrial-strength bleach as you appear back in the apartment.
<AlcarGM> Emily takes a few deep breaths, then blurts out: "What was that *smell* under the bread? I thought someone broke a sewer line, but Barry was no nice I couldn't bring myself to ask."
<Kami`^> "Alan's power is to smell horibly and make flowers."
<Kami`^> "But not at the same time."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "..... that's a *power*?"
<AlcarGM> That would be funny.. "Her are some flowers." Two days later, they become death flowers .. :p

<AlcarGM> You finish checking the instruments as Trever walks in, waving cheerfully, his hair a wind-blown mess.
* Kami`^ motions to the kid, "Meet Shelby. His sister is probably an Omega with visions of another dimension or maybe bad futures, it doesn't matter. He gets drugs for her, from a man named Rakasha."
<Kami`^> "Rakasha is expecting Trevor to drop off to a PO box in about an hour and 45 minutes, then he'll deliver to drugs."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Ah. And he does thinngs other than break doors and survive being bashed into walls?" after a glance about the room
<Kami`^> "He goes by the name Nightmare."
<Kami`^> "I don't recomend looking him in the eyes."
<AlcarGM> Trevor makes a face at that. "Can't be worse than 4chan," but doesn't decide to test that :)

<AlcarGM> He unwraps the mars bar and begins eating it as he talks. "This is the closest thing I've been on to a date in ages," as if you, somehow, wouldn't have guessed that.
<Kami`^> "Are you hitting on me now?"
<AlcarGM> Trevor looks almost surprised by that. "You *want* me to?"\
* Kami`^ laughs
<Kami`^> "Let's keep it professional?"
<Kami`^> Plus it'd be impossible to date a telepath, I think
<AlcarGM> well, not with his shields :p
* Kami`^ will hopefully be powerful enough to get through them eventually... Then it'd be over =p
<AlcarGM> Yeah, because the filth that pours out of his mind shall make Kami's head explode :p
<Kami`^> LoL

<AlcarGM> Whoever it is lets out a slight hiss of pain, but just says, "Why are you watching Rakasha?" It sounds like a kid, 14 or so, and you can't read his mind at all.
* Kami`^ turns
<AlcarGM> A kid is standing there casually, looking not the least but worried about either of you and fully prepared to hurt you at need; definitely into martial arts, with blue eyes and hair (the latter dyed, possibly) and wearing a blue hoodie with the picture of raincloud and hearts on it. (( aka http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs26/i/2008/031/9/3/Grumpy_by_Amelie_ami_chan.jpg ))
<AlcarGM> Trevor blinks, once, then says: "Your boss must have a postively astounding sense of style."
<AlcarGM> Kid: "I asked you a question," flatly.
* Kami`^ looks at Trevor
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Sightseeing?"
<AlcarGM> The kid walks toward the two of you, not smiling at all.
<Kami`^> "Who's Rakasha?"
<AlcarGM> Kid: "The man you were watching and talking about," his voice practically dropping sarcasm. "Please do me a favour and don't be as stupid as you look."
<Kami`^> "Oh, THAT Rakasha."
<Kami`^> "What about him?"

<Kami`^> "Tommy, are you busy?"
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "Tonight? Nah. Marsha's doing yoga and I'm watching American Idol to pass time; dad figured the studio won't need to pay for anything, or I'd have called you about that."
<Kami`^> "I have a challange for you. Ever fight another alpha before?"
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "Uh, not that I know of and I've never been big on fighting at all, Kami. Dare I ask why?"
<Kami`^> "Big drug dealer running around making people pay huge prices for a dose of his drug. He's got a few flunkies under him."
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "And you want *my* help?" sounding rather surprised at that.
<Kami`^> "I can fill you in, if you want to meet us. You've always been the smart one anyway. Maybe you can come up with a better plan than I have, which is find his hideout and storm the place."
<AlcarGM> Tommy. "Uh." .oO(Next time, be busy. Next time, be really busy.) "Storming a place isn't a great plan. Shit. Meet you where?" with a sigh
<Kami`^> LoL =p

<AlcarGM> It will be fun if Tommy now tries to go out of his way to be busy whenever Kami calls :p
<Kami`^> LoL!
<Kami`^> She'll just show up at his doorstep
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "But I'm busy translating the voynick manuscript! Honest!" etc.
<Kami`^> "Well, good we can use that as our new secret language when communicating. How soon do you think you can teach it to everyone else?" =p
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "Okay, this time I'm really busy. I'm writing a suicide note."
<Kami`^> "In voynick?"
<Kami`^> =p
<AlcarGM> He hands it over to you. "Sign here." :p

<Kami`^> "I don't think you ever reach your full potential until someone tries to kill you at least once."

<Kami`^> "If I recall correctly... Yes, the illuminati recently tried to kill me."
<AlcarGM> Artie: "Oh?" He sips his wine. "I doubt that; killing people is in very poor taste."
<Kami`^> "I'm fairly certain... With lightning."
<AlcarGM> Artie: "Then your certainty must be quite uncertain; we are primarily telepaths, and it is far neater to make people into other people than waste time killing them."
* Kami`^ clears her throat and sips some water
<AlcarGM> (( "For ten bucks, I'll tell you what we did to the first Paul McCartney." ))

<AlcarGM> Artie: "You have no desire for the food?"
<Kami`^> "I've lost my apitite."
<AlcarGM> Artie: "Well now," with a slow smile. "That changes things," and you are sitting on the bench, waiting for the bus. You didn't feel him in your head at all that entire time.
* Kami`^ sighs
* Kami`^ isn't surprised
<AlcarGM> Artie: "There are more important things tha being a pure telepath," with a smile. "To be tempted and not give in is a rare, rare thing, and more important than any other gift."
* Kami`^ looks over at him
<AlcarGM> Artie: "If I may?" holding out his right hand. I can help you, but you must allow it."
* Kami`^ looks confused, and hesitates
<Kami`^> "Help how?"
<AlcarGM> (( Artie: "I can give you telepathy+ with extra long distance for only 5 easy paymens of 19.95!" ))
<Kami`^> lol

<AlcarGM> "WILL YOU STOP THINKING ABOUT YOUR MOTHER AND PENISES?!" - Kami the telepathic psychiatrist meets Freud.
<Kami`^> LoL

<Kami`^> "You can't unthink something, hell you can't know you've thought something until you think it... Quickly banishing the thought, or putting reason to them, that's things people constantly do. It's like the relationship between the Id and the Superego... All I really care about is the Ego."
<AlcarGM> She scratches her head. "I guess that makes sense. It's still all pretty weird, and I wish it wasn't. You are my friend and my roommate." She snaps her fingers. "How about I drink your blood and balance things out?"
* Kami`^ shrugs to Nattie, "If you don't do bad things, you're not a bad person. The difference between a bad person and a regular person is action."
* Kami`^ just stares at her
<Kami`^> "I don't have to read your mind to know you're joking..." But she doesn't sound sure of herself =p
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "Like.... trading fear for fear...?" she says with a grin.

<Chaos`^> so for probabilities we'll do Past probability (1) which includes someone forgetting to load a gun, turn off the safety, or a sperm reaching an egg...
<Chaos`^> =p

<alcar> And yeah, the trick with forgetting bullets etc. is probably the best defense vs. alphas that Kami has, offhand. Though it would be funny once they figure that out. Leader: "You brought *how many* guns?" Thug1: "They can't all jam. They can't all jam." Thug2: "Sorry, sir. He's been like this all week."

<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Perfect!" He nods to Damien, who frowns at the room. The alpha begins breathing normally, slowly, still shuddering a little.
* Kami`^ grabs the mic
<Kami`^> "What's your name?"
<AlcarGM> The alpha hesitates, for a brief moment, then blurts out, "Hardcastle. Samson Hardcastle."
* Kami`^ smiles and gives Nattie a thumbs up for figuring that out
<Kami`^> "And what is your greatest strength?"
<AlcarGM> (( Samson: "My hair." ))
<AlcarGM> Samson: "W-what?"
<Kami`^> "Your greatest strength, what do you think is best about yourself..."
<AlcarGM> Samson: "I -- ah -- I am a good shot with a gun, these days. Was. Where - where am I? Who are you people?"\
<Kami`^> "Uh-huh... And which part of you do you think needs the most improvement?"
<AlcarGM> (( Samson: "The split ends." ))

<AlcarGM> Meanwhile, several cities away in the bat cave, several bats hang from a ceiling. Because that is what they do in caves.

<AlcarGM> Tanya; "Well, shit," to no one in particular.
* teresa`^ bites her lower lip.
<teresa`^> "I guess that's the end of this job, too."
* teresa`^ looks at Tanya
<teresa`^> "Sorry. I dind't mean to end your meeting."
<AlcarGM> Tanya looks surprised at that, and shakes her head. "It's not your fault. They're just ... a lot of them have been hurt, and it's hard not to hate people who hurt you, especially when they are, to quote Allim, 'Demons that wear the faces of man'." She sighs, and for the first time has a sip of the coffee. "It's not your fault; you thought you were helping," with a wan smile.
<teresa`^> "I mean, it must be bad to have to be surrounded by people like us, but, it's not easy realizing one day you aren't surrounded by them anymore.. you're one of them."
* teresa`^ gives the coffee a quiet little congratulations at finally being drank. :P
<AlcarGM> The coffee is quite pleased, and makes an effort not to scald her throat as it goes down.

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