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<AlcarGM> She nods and leaves, no doubt to make sure she can follow through on this promise, and he card says, <Bye> a little sadly, then <Hi!> do your purse
<teresa`^> :P
<AlcarGM> the card seems quite eager to stay with you and be of use :)
* teresa`^ sets it away! She can probably learn more later, from it, if needed.
* teresa`^ realizes all those thrown-away receipts and stuff, those are the tragedies. She now collects receipts people leave behind. :P
* teresa`^ decides to ask the table a little bit about what they were REALLY talking about while cleaning.
<AlcarGM> And card nestles happily into your purse, then begins its plan to convert all the other cards to Cardtarianism, secretly.... or not :P
<teresa`^> <So ... what were they really talking about?> :P
<AlcarGM> The table stopped paying attention to them two weeks ago, but you get the general gist of humanity == good, monsters == baddies and that humanity must find a way to Survive. Sort of like a zombie apocalypse, though Tanya has been trying to get the others to see it in a different light than that :P
<AlcarGM> But then again, Tanya would probably spin the Rapture as a huge benefit because, hey, lots of free clothing around.
* teresa`^ realizes she should have asked MUCH earlier. Damn. :P
<teresa`^> lol.
<teresa`^> =p

<Sparkie> Death is just one moment, torture can be a thousand moments.

<AlcarGM> About five minutes later you get a shout from the hat... apparently Damien is on the roof, alone, and the hat wants you to know that.
<teresa`^> Wait
<teresa`^> Our roof? :P
<AlcarGM> yup
<teresa`^> <What the heck is he doing up there?!>
* teresa`^ looks up and shouts. :P
<AlcarGM> The hat shouts back, <How should I know? I'm just his hat!>
<AlcarGM> You sense the hat has spent the past few minutes trying to talk to him, and note sure if its being ignored or not :P
<teresa`^> :P
<teresa`^> <Oh, right! :P>
* teresa`^ notes she will have to teach the hat spy tactics, too.
<teresa`^> <Keep an eye on the place.>
* teresa`^ salutes the flowers.
* teresa`^ now works on figuring out how to scramble to the roof.
<AlcarGM> (( Sadly, Teresa could probably drive some clothing and that to states of suicide... "SHE paid attention to me! You've worn me for years! YEARS! WHY DO WE NEVER TALK!?!? I'M A BRAND NAME!" ))

<alcar> I do have notes for Alan using them effectively in combat :P
<kentari> :p
<alcar> Press hand to someone's face, create boquet of flowers....
<kentari> oh god
<alcar> only doing that would prety much == break him :p
<kentari> puppies everywhere
<kentari> :P
<kentari> and also, Calrion would have a fit.
<alcar> Yes. It IS very inelegant

<alcar> Also, this is the weirdest power I've gmed, I think. Do you KNOW how many new 'npcs' this could potentially make, man?! :p
<kentari> lol
<kentari> :P
* alcar nods. This is going to be gloriously insane :p

<alcar> [the phone is] government issue :p
<alcar> so, yeah, bugged
<alcar> but also worried about him, which is one of the fun thigns I'm trying to work in: stuff people make likes working for people. Your clothing 'likes' you etc. Unless you're mean etc.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> or smelly, huh?
<alcar> well, yeah :)
<alcar> or put colours in with whites
<kentari> should be fascinating to explore =p
<kentari> I'm not sure if I'm going to even try talking to dead people though
<alcar> it also, in a sense, gives teresa an answer to what humans are/have done: they've made a 'world' tnhat loves them, in a way :p
<kentari> :P
<kentari> the one thing god couldn't do!

* Mason` turns to Claire, whom he had just been talking to, and leaps onto her without warning!
<Mason`> 4d6 monkey pounce!
<Sparkie> Mason` 4d6: 18 monkey pounce!
<AlcarGM> The air reeks of dead animals in as ditch as she smirks.
<AlcarGM> 4d6 - so, Sparkie. Find an NPC you like?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 4d6: 7 - so, Sparkie. Find an NPC you like?
<AlcarGM> ..... that would be a no.

<Mason`> "...Wait. So you were staging my attempted murder to scare me into joining you? Jesus... Why didn't you try just asking me first??"
<AlcarGM> Claire: "Because assets we 'save' from harm are, obviously, more loyal than others, and loyalty is always to be prized."
<Mason`> "...You people are fucked up. Shit... So where does that leave us now? I don't suppose we can just go our seperate ways and stay out of each others' hair?"
<AlcarGM> Claire: "You have met Griffin. He has .. suspicions. What do *you* think, monkey boy?"
<Mason`> "Well what do you want me to do, then? I'm not going to lay down and die. And I'm not sure I want to join a group that jumps straight to the mind-games when they want to recruit someone."
<AlcarGM> Claire: "You do have family. They will be informed you died saving a life. There will be a book deal and a movie deal; they will not want for money."
<AlcarGM> Claire: "We could arrange for George Clooney to play you," as though sensing some reluctance on your part

<AlcarGM> This may be the most amusing way I've had an npc offer to kill a pc :P
<AlcarGM> I have this suspicion it would work pretty well in the real world, too.

<Chaos`^> NO! He's a vampire I just know it!
<Chaos`^> why did you invite him in!?
<Mason`> He can't be a vampire, he broke in last time.

<Chaos`^> What's sad is that due to temporal distortions in the world, I already know how this scene ends =p
* Mors`^ has joined #game1-ooc
* Chaos`^ has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* Mors`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<AlcarGM> And peer has punished you for your foreknowedge, as it was also foretold
<Chaos`^> lol

* Mason` shrugs, then remembers he has half of a beer in one hand and gulps some down.
<AlcarGM> And another pc heads down the slide to alcoholism; YAY!
<Mason`> (( heads down? He was already on that road before play started :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( Hah, true :) ))

<AlcarGM> Griffin: "I believe I have influence enough to keep things from getting ... out of hand, in any event."
<AlcarGM> Damien mutters, "Istanbul."
<AlcarGM> Griffin ignores him entirely and walks to the door. "I shall make calls; you will not be bothered," to you. "And thank you for the call, though I know you did not desire this end."
<Mason`> "Yeah, anyt--I mean, no problem. Thanks for the help."
<AlcarGM> Damien blinks as Griffin leaves. "I should have slapped him at least once...."
* Mason` shudders. "Jeez. I was hoping meeting others like us was going to be awesome..." *blinks, realizing he said that out loud* "Not that there's anything wrong with you man, it's just... hearing from my dead girlfriend, a psycho bitch trying to turn everyone against me, being an accessory to murder..."

<Tass> I think I want to make a PC who can communicate with a dimension/entity and have that be his only power
<Tass> like think cthulhu only not so evil
<AlcarGM> Commune with Sparkie!
<Tass> but just as alien
<AlcarGM> Wait, not so evil :P

<Tass> but like, just, blah, being a radio for something so crazy and unknowable? I dunno, sounds cool
<AlcarGM> Hrm... that could be quite fun.
<Tass> sort of like having an imaginary friend who has a million secret hangups :P
<Tass> I assume PCs have 2 powers?
<Tass> I've seen most people have 2
<AlcarGM> "And you must make me a TV show, like my cousin Baar-nei...."
<Tass> uh
<Tass> oh man
<Tass> really?
<AlcarGM> The barney thing? No :p

<AlcarGM> Cathedral organ + mason + mad scientist souping it up == "Look how WE beat those aliens!"
<Mason`> lol
<Mason`> sonic weapon catherdral organ = instant win

<alcar> The funny part is no one has had a made a pc with remotely usual superhero powers :p
<kentari> My PC is perfect superhero material! :P
<alcar> No, your PC is going to drive me insane before any other :P
<kentari> Pfft!
<kentari> You said that last time!
<kentari> And did it??
<kentari> ... I mean, the time BEFORE last time!
<Caltak> lol
<kentari> That time! Did it? :P
* alcar just knows the Singularity laughs now, whenever I apply to join :(
<kentari> :p
<kentari> I love how you use Singularity like a pet name
<kentari> Like that makes her somehow
<kentari> Nice. :P
<Sparkie> He should know better. It's never worked with me.

<kentari> roaming charges in the nega-zone or whatever..
<kentari> that's a nightmare to think of :P
<AlcarGM> Yeah :) Her luck prevented that; as it is preventing her from kicking the door in and getting sucked inside :P

* Kami`^ wonders if she's dreaming right now.
* Sparkie bets you could leap out the window and see if you can fly!

<Mason`> "Seriously though, I may be accidentally drawing unwanted attention, so sorry in advance if this starts screwing things up for you..."
<AlcarGM> Artie continues to build on the idea, no doubt prepared to convince himself he HAS been abducted by aliens, and waves that entire concern away. "I do outsider art crap, man. You're just into music."
<AlcarGM> Apparently you getting into trouble due to having, say, extra arms, simply hasn't occured to him. It doesn't bother him, after all.
<AlcarGM> The bus lets you off just outside the Waffle House. Cheap restaurant. Coffee. Waffles. Plastic tables. Lots of food at pretty reasonable prices, really. Hence students loving it.
<Mason`> "Just?" *jokingly feigning being offended* "That hurts man. Well someday when your rusty bike chain and used coffee filter sculptures make you rich and famous and I'm living on the street with a tiny piano playing for tips, maybe you can toss something my way."
<Mason`> (( had to resist the urge to point out that musicians usually make a lot of money for their work *before* they die, unlike many great artists. :p ))

* ^teresa^ is a gangly-looking young woman with the typical waiting accouterments.
<^teresa^> ((Easiest description ever! Thank you, clothes! :P))
<Mason`> (( thats why I have a long coat! :p ))

* Mason` starts to absently take off his coat but suddenly realizes he never put a shirt on and had just thrown the coat on over it. So he just leaves it on.
<Mason`> (( er, over his... no shirt having... ))
<Mason`> (( ok that sentence failed ))

<Mason`> "Going to school, majoring in music, no concrete prospects though."
<^teresa^> "School, really?"
* ^teresa^ asks while in the middle of offering Archie a pack of kid's crayons.
<AlcarGM> Archie takes then with a grateful smile and begins drawing ideas quickly.
<Mason`> "Yeah, right over here at [name of art school which hopefully isnt the Cthulhu reference I got from alcar last time I asked]"

* ^teresa^ changes topic to 'definitely NOT a trap'
* AlcarGM changes topic to 'definitely NOT a trap - says Waffle House spokesthing Admiral Ackbar'
<Mason`> (( Ackbar: "IT'S A FLAP---jack." ))

<^teresa^> "Oh. Uhm."
* ^teresa^ looks around."
<^teresa^> "Hey, Damien. Can I borrow your phone?"
<AlcarGM> Damien gives Teresa a puzzled look, thenpulls out the credit-card thin phone from his wallet. "I guess? It's sort of keyed to work just for me, though."
<^teresa^> "Thanks."
<^teresa^> "I'll hang on to it for a bit."
<AlcarGM> Damien hands it to Teresa as Mason and Archie eat breakfast.
<^teresa^> "A, uhm.. Kim? Kimmy? Kima? Someone's trying to call you."
<^teresa^> "Your phone is having some problems though."
* ^teresa^ eats the phone.

<AlcarGM> The shadows at in the doorway, too many to count, filling it and pushing against it. .oO(CHildren, now!" they scream furiously
* Kami`^ reaches out for the kids in the city
<AlcarGM> You reach, and feel Misha, distantly, ni the city, still looking for Alexis, worried.
* Kami`^ calls for Misha
<AlcarGM> You get a moment of surprise in your mind, and then Misha comes out of your shadow. .oO(Alexi ...... oh. I'm not going home without Alexis,) firmly, to the other shadows.
* Kami`^ looks at the other Shadows
<Kami`^> oO(Alexis isn't in the city. Probably not on this world.)
<AlcarGM> The shadows swirl about, and then a conversation occurs, too swift for you to follow, and the hole is gone, and Nattie's room merely a room.
<AlcarGM> Misha blinks a few times, eyes rther wide, then lets out a shout of joy in your head. .oO(I get to prepare the invasion!)
<Kami`^> "Invasion of what?"
<AlcarGM> Misha: .oO(This earth,) with the terrible pride of children.
<Kami`^> "Oh... Well, have fun."
<AlcarGM> Misha vanishes into the shadows happily.

<alcar> Otoh, Kami's casual dismissal of Misha was quite funny :p
<Chaos`^> She has seen the extent of his tactical genius and is not worried =p
<alcar> Well, you say that NOW, but when the hellmouth burps... :p
<Chaos`^> "WHY DON'T YOU YELL REALLY LOUDLY AND SEE IF ALEXIS HEARS YOU!" and then "I'M LEAVING YOU GUYS SO I CAN FIND ALEXIS!" followed by "HAVE YOU SEEN ALEXIS?" does not come from the mind of a strategist =p
<alcar> It may be the saddest attempted takeover of the world in the game, yes :P

<alcar> Things gmed as NPCs this session: Cutlery. A bottle of tums. Steak knives. A phone. A garbage bin. Various guard flowers. An insane knife. And articles of clothing.
<alcar> That is all your fault, ken :p

<Mason`> anime is the shiznite
<Mason`> someday anime may be the only form of currency

* Kami`^ nods to her, since it's now her fault Damien's in trouble
<AlcarGM> Nattie dials gain, scowls. "... can you ... find him? or ... something?" wiggling her fingers
* Kami`^ shrugs, tries
<Sparkie> Dice or dice not. There is no try.
<Kami`^> 4d6 find the kid
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 4d6: 13 find the kid

* Mason` sits down at the booth with her. "Hey, how're you doing?"
<AlcarGM> Jillian tries on a smile that almost fits. "I don't know. I've been.. replaying yesterday, and... I don't know what happene. There was this..." She shakes her head. "I tried to *kill* you," shakily.
<Mason`> "Hey, it wasn't your fault, you were mind controlled." *far too casually*
<AlcarGM> Jillian: "But that's ...." she trails off, adjusting her standards for the impossible. "Oh."
<AlcarGM> Jillian: "Am I right now?" anxiously

<AlcarGM> you look about, and hear clothing across the road, loud. <OH! I SEE YOU! HI! HI! HI! HEADACHE LADY!>
* ^teresa^ debates her options: look for a tech guru, stalk Nattie's house to see what they're like, and waaaaaaaait what! :P
* ^teresa^ blinks. Investigation is the highest priority! To the source!
<AlcarGM> You look across the street and see a guy walking out of the starbucks, frowning as he scans the street, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his right hand. He looks to be a starbnucks employee, still with the offficial shirt on, gloves on his hands. Neat, tidy guy who looks rather worried as he scans the street, as though trying to find you. Clearly, he doesn't listen to his pants.

* Kami`^ has joined #game2
* Mason` shrugs. "Well then, all the more reason to play around with it, so you can figure it out better." *grins*
<Kami`^> I think I joined the channel at the wrong time
<AlcarGM> She returns the grin, at least. "Welll, it would make an awesome dildo."
<AlcarGM> That just for chaos :P
<Kami`^> Actually the second line was better =p

* Kami`^ calls Sullivan... Maybe it's a new splice power...
<AlcarGM> Sulivan answers his cell on the third ring. "Hullo?"\
<Kami`^> "Are you trying to break into my apartment right now?"
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "... as flattering at this conversation might *be*, depending on what you think I'd break in for, no. Do you want me to?"
<AlcarGM> Sullivan; "If you're lonely...."
<Kami`^> "I'm being serious, someone is talking to my door right now, and it's answering."
<Kami`^> "I thought it was a new--Whatever, power or whatever they do to you."
<Kami`^> "You're the only other one who knows where I live."
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "Maybe you havee a stalker?"
<Kami`^> "It could be the illuminati... They have been stalking me lately..."
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "Or you just call me to give me ulcers. I understand it now. Look, I'm not at your apartment and if it's the Illuminati that is way above my pay grade."

* ^teresa^ decides to do s'more general talking.
<^teresa^> <So, like, being a sanctuary... does it ever make you tired?> :P
<AlcarGM> Door: <Never. If I am tired, I eat souls,> apparently trying to see if it can make jokes.
<^teresa^> <.. No way! :P>
<AlcarGM> Door: <I've never *tried*. What's a soul?>
<^teresa^> <It's...>
<AlcarGM> (( Door: <Is it a kind of Jehovah's Witness?> ))
<^teresa^> <It's like, you know, your hinges?>
<^teresa^> <Think of it like the invisible hinges that... keep your thoughts from slipping away.>
<^teresa^> <I think that's what a soul is.>
* ^teresa^ tried to say it in door terms.
<AlcarGM> Door: <Ooooh. That sounds nice. I won't eat that.>
<^teresa^> <I wouldn't either. They're special.>
<AlcarGM> The door is quite satatisfied, and conviced that wood termites, of course, must not have souls.

<alcar> best moment of teresa trrying to find ot what Kami can do:
<alcar> * ^teresa^ just asks her clothes, damn the runaround! :P
<alcar> <AlcarGM> Her clothing doesn't know, just that she is quiet too much larely and they miss hearing her laugh :(
<Chaos`^> LoL

<alcar> Hrm. I think it would e funny to have some Omega couple divorce, and the result be a giant superhero-style battle...
<alcar> "I get the dog!" "No, YOU get the kids!"
<kentari> That would be what outs the existence of omegas to the world

* Kami`^ looks over to Trevor... "So. I've been meaning to talk to you."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "And not hit me?" absently, pulling up a few screens and browsing what look to be books. "Kim has a few times; it is perfectly permissible to try."
<Kami`^> "To talk to you, or hit you?"
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "The former is a free action. I believe she finds the latter a form of stress relief. I am not unaware of my failings, but I see no need to change them."

<AlcarGM> Misha; "Well. I'm making a beachhead here, so you have to go away," firmly, or as firmly as someone can be after sounding like they're swallowing helium :P
<^teresa^> "You don't need help or nothing? You must be a one-man elite force, then!"
<AlcarGM> Misha: "....."
<AlcarGM> Misha is in front of you now, staring at you . "Why would you help me?!"
<^teresa^> "When they make beach heads here they usually send a lot of people."
<^teresa^> "Oh ..."
<^teresa^> "It ... sounds interesting?" :P
<AlcarGM> Misha: ".....but.. but we will invade and put out your son and make the world a twilight land for us to rule!"
<^teresa^> "That means no more global warming, right? You'd be a hero!"

<AlcarGM> Okay. You spend the next hour scouring the city, as it were, and manage to find a grand total of four other muggers in that time, which means the police departm ent is either lying about the lack of muggers, or someone has been going all Batman on the city.
<AlcarGM> You know batman is awesome when is also a verb :p

<AlcarGM> You make it to work without any problem, and being the Employee of the Week you get to work the till, but it's ridiculously easy without a single mind bothering you and people seem nicer than they have in weeks the whole day.
* Kami`^ looks around to make sure no one's giving her odd stares
<AlcarGM> Oddly, no one seems to, but you do have a text message on your phone when you check at the end of the shift
* Kami`^ reads it
<AlcarGM> It informs yuo that you, yes YOU! have won yourself a band new Toyota Camero is you can answer the following two skil-testing questions!
<AlcarGM> 1) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood and b) How many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
<Kami`^> ...
<Kami`^> A toyota Camry or a Chevy Camero?
* Kami`^ replies to the text anyway "As much as they want."

<^teresa^> How high up are we? :P
<AlcarGM> 12 stories.
<AlcarGM> Damien makes a shocked sound as you sail fast. The ground.... is either too big to hear it, or to stunned to reespond as you the alleyway, rather hard.
* ^teresa^ takes a moment for the sting to wear off, and to gel back together a little. :P
* ^teresa^ needs at least two more dice before she expects to be able to hit the ground running from that!
<AlcarGM> Damien skids down the wall precariously and drops to the grond beside you, eyes wide, mouth agape, then closes it slowly. His tongue sticks out at you, annoyed.
<AlcarGM> Damien; "... yuo just.. jumped?!"
* ^teresa^ stretches, stands, takes a moment to spin her leg back in the right direction, straighten out her neck... with a couple pops, of course.
<^teresa^> "Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha.. oh, man.. that stings like you wouldn't believe. I'm not doing that for fun any time soon."
<^teresa^> "Still, better than the paper shredder. That was just plain messy."
* ^teresa^ nods. :P
<AlcarGM> Damien: ".. stings...." He fights back the urge to say something rude.
<^teresa^> "I figure if I don't know my limits, when the time comes, fear might hold me back."
<^teresa^> "The time to know if you can do something isn't when you need to do it."

<AlcarGM> I swear, every damn time I go to type studio I type in stupid. I think my subconsciousness has decided the recording industry is filled with morons :)
<Mason`> lol
<Mason`> and people who live in one-room apartments
<Mason`> :p

* Mason` conspicuously left a USB thumb drive behind!
<AlcarGM> (( Teresa shows up to eat it. ))
<Mason`> (( T_T ))
<AlcarGM> (( She ate her *nose* this session. I gmed someone eating their own nose. ))
<Mason`> (( ........................... ))
<Mason`> (( WTF? Honestly... ))

<alcar> Tommy is going to have an interesting time calling kami about Mason... jerry being on board with things like that struck him as weird :)
<Chaos`^> yeah, no shit
<Chaos`^> Kami is thoroughly convinced Mason is working for someone who wanted Claire dead =p
* alcar snickers.
<Caltak> well
<Caltak> interestingly
<Caltak> thats almost correct in a way
<Caltak> except reversed

<alcar> So he's just a student, or has some job as well?
<Tass> oh
<Tass> radio intern
<Tass> he gets some dissability money
<Tass> being, well, legally bling
<Tass> er
<Tass> blind :P
<Tass> legally bling sounds like a condition that a rapper would try and go for
<alcar> hahaha, yes :)

<AlcarGM> You arrive at school on Friday, the day after your birthday. You spent your birthday buying some new toys via money your parents sent you [this is, after all, what they are good for...] and not at school, obviously. It's a nice, warm summer day, the sunlight warm on your face, the air smelling of flowers, insects and people are naturally giving you space as you walk between classes, all made of light and electricity (among other things)
<AlcarGM> in humanoid shapes when you hear a voice to your left. "Malik?"
* Malik stops! is it a familiar voice? a familair face? the sound would register first!
<Malik> (man, I just realised he lives in the matrix, all the time :P)
<AlcarGM> Trent, from the sound of his voice. He's one of the students the university assigned to help you with anything you need, though he never showed Wednesday and today seems... different, the feel of him entirely off, as if he's naked, in a sense, the light about him fuzzy and blending into the background.
<Malik> "Ah, hey trent, whats up?"
<AlcarGM> And yeah. Describing things is going to be *weird* :p
<Malik> (just do it normally, I can filter it on my own :P)
<Malik> (unless it's extra... you know what, this is all wierd :P)
<Malik> (why do kentari and I do these things to you? :P)
<Malik> (we must hate you on some level)

<Tass> damnit
<Tass> there are DJ's that play the theramin
<Tass> I feel so unoriginal
<Tass> damn you youtube!

<Malik> oh
<Malik> its your skin, too?
<Malik> I thought it was just your hair
<Temprance> nope, it's everything
<Chaos`^> damn
<Chaos`^> your entire body is a mood ring?
<Temprance> sort of, yeah

<Malik> I sense this man is full of bullshit :P
<Malik> like riotious amounts of it :P
<AlcarGM> He's also based on ken, so yes! :p
<Malik> man
<Malik> if there was a way for me to get quantifiable answers out of my power I totally would :P
<Malik> but lol
<Malik> oh man
<Malik> this is kentari's and fennec's NPC lovechild?
<Malik> this is too hilarious :P
<AlcarGM> In a lot of ways, yes :)

<Kami`^> "So, are you really a teenager or did they like hyper grow you or something?"
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: ".... what kind of question is that?"
<Kami`^> "I'm not tring to be rude, I just want to know more about you... I know that they're constantly changing your genetics... And it seems like every time we meet you've gotten some upgrade or another..."

<AlcarGM> James: "Nothing is ever that simple, and I won't lie to you and pretend there's any quick fix for pain, or that time can heal it. But you can't go around thinking like .. that, when you can hurt people badly."
<AlcarGM> Beckett: "I have to .... I can't let them just get away with it! I can't!" angrily. "How could anyone just .... just let it go?"
* Temperance puts a hand on his arm, wanting desperately for him to not get angry again.
<Temperance> "I'm sure there are other people out there like you... like *us*. People who've had to deal with this kind of stuff..."
<AlcarGM> Your father just frowns, saying nothing, and Beckett sits back down at your touch, flushing a deep grewy and giving you an apologetic look.
<AlcarGM> Beckett: "A healer and.... a few others. I haven't met many. I just.... I'm so ..."
<Temperance> (we need some kind of highly specialized social worker :P)
<AlcarGM> (( Quite likely, yes :) ))

<Kami`^> Yeah, I've had 6 sessions since we started counting...
<Temperance> cor...
<Temperance> I just realized that I'm Troy from Star Trek ...
<AlcarGM> lol
<Kami`^> Yeah
<Kami`^> I kind of got that the first session but didn't say anything =p
<Kami`^> I thought that's what you were going for

<Temperance> wow. I don't know what to do
<Kami`^> about what?
<Temperance> in the game
<Kami`^> regarding?
<Kami`^> do whatever would make things the most exciting!
<Temperance> can't say as I really want to go off with Becket to wherever, he'd kind of dangerous
<Kami`^> danger is fun!
<AlcarGM> says the person who just killed a man in cold blood :P
<Kami`^> He attacked me with his dirty soul!
<Kami`^> how would you react to that!?

<AlcarGM> Beckett: "So, uhm, we try to blend in, and stuff...." trying, as best he can, to be something close to gentle. "Lots wear trenchcoats, and stuff," as he finishes the drink.
<Temperance> "Oh, like hell I'm going to wear a trench coat in March!"
* Temperance shakes her head at the stupidness of boys and rummages around in her purse.
<AlcarGM> Beckett rolls his eyes. "Summer one, or something. Some just go out at night, mostly."
<Temperance> she grabs a couple of tubes of something and stalks off to the bathroom.
<AlcarGM> Beckett eats a couple of cookies, puzzled, and trying to seem as harmless as he can to your father
* Temperance reappears wearing glitter, a couple of glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and some bright squiggly feathers in her hair. "Ta-da."

<AlcarGM> The bear looks curious, perhaps, but reading emotions on stuffed animals is not something you've had practise in.

<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "I just know he scares a lot of people who scare me," as you reach the limo. "Andrew flat out said her barriers don't work on him, and she can make some it would take a cluster of nukes to break through."
<Kami`^> andrea you mean
<AlcarGM> Err, yes :P
<AlcarGM> I don't think this game needs a transvestite teddy bear. As cool at that would be.

<AlcarGM> Beckett shoots you an annoyed glare, then realized that doesn't help his case.
<AlcarGM> beckett is quiet a bit, as you walk, and finally say: "How is your dad okay with this?"
<Temperance> "I'm pretty sure you could pass yourself off as just having some sort of ultra rare skin condition. Like those people with the hairy faces."
<Temperance> "I..... wouldn't say he's "ok". He did finish off almost two gin and tonics before we left."
<AlcarGM> Beckett: "I used to be able to fake stuff, before these cracks. Now...." he sighs. "I don't know. People get mad if you try and pass for normal and they find out you're not, even if it means you save their lives."
<Temperance> "But, well, he's known a lot of people and he's read a *lot* of books, and you know how they say that truth is stranger than fiction? Well that's a load of crap. And I guess after a while, you realize that weird is just weird, it's not good or bad. Only people are good or bad, and I guess he trusts me to try and be more good than bad."

<AlcarGM> Alan .oO(They left? I won. I DID IT!) *does snoopy victory dance*
<Kami`^> =p
<AlcarGM> You probably made his week :)
<Kami`^> well that's good =p
* Kami`^ kind of feels sorry for him
<Kami`^> he's green
<Kami`^> and his power is worthless =p
<AlcarGM> He can make the best boquets of flowers :p
<Kami`^> even more worthless
<AlcarGM> from notes :p
<AlcarGM> Note: Eventually, he’ll be able to turn into a tree. Which is awesomely useless. Oddly, creating boquets of flowers will become more ‘useful’ once he discovers it doesn’t have to be in his hands and could be, say, in the middle of someone’s body or, say, out of their skin.
<Kami`^> ahahahaha
<AlcarGM> unfortuntely, given his personality, using his power to kill'd likely break him :p
* Kami`^ is fairly certain Kami is already broken =p

<Kami`^> "Who's Aalim Jabar?"
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Someone Damien apparently felt the need to vanish, along with the man's house."
<Kami`^> "Uhm... Did he say why?"
<AlcarGM> Trevor smiles. "he claimed he wasn't allowed to. I was kind enough not to press."
<Kami`^> "The walls have ears."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Well, and the other person in the kitchen did as well."
<Kami`^> "The blind one?"
<AlcarGM> He nods.
* Kami`^ shrugs
<Kami`^> "That's not what I mean. I mean the walls literally listen to everything you say. And they're fucking gossip's too. They'll tell the first person to come along all of our secrets."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "If this is your subtle way of asking if an Omega psychiatrist exists, I don't know any."

<alcar> Next session(s): Kami visits a bakery! (After she explains to Trevor why she is totally insane.) Temperance visits a healer (and tries to fix someone totally insane ... there is a pattern here). Mason visits a hospital for an xray, which is insane. (See? Pattern!) and Malik heads on to DJ, which is .... entirely sane. Damn.

<AlcarGM> Mist swirls about you, the brief moment of darkness without end depositing the both of you in the alley behind the bakery. A homeless man clutching a bottle in a bag blinks a few times, confused, and then continues walking as though he'd seen nothing, convinced it must have been a dream.
* Kami`^ looks for Damien
<AlcarGM> You reach out with your mind and feel him inside the buiding. He's lying on his side, groaning, and his stomach radiates a sense of bliss normally associated with sex.
* Kami`^ blinks, walks over to him
<AlcarGM> The back door is unlocked, when you try it -- the locking mechanism having been made to vanish. Byond it is an office with lights on, file folders on a desk, computer turned on, and after that the actual shop, which smells of chocolate. Damien is curled up on his side beside an empty display case, one of several empty ones, with scattered wrappers around him in rather alarming mounds.
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "...." she calmly pulls out her cell phone and takes pictures.
* Kami`^ punches her in the shoulder
<Kami`^> "Damien!"
<AlcarGM> Damien: "... oh. You aren't the police. Good."
<Kami`^> "You broke into a bakery and ate all the chocolate!?"

<Caltak> heyo
<Caltak> how goes?
<AlcarGM> Fallout from Mason's tryout! Fun :)
<Mason`> what fallout?
* Mason` isnt radioactive.
* Sparkie can fix that.

<AlcarGM> I just wrote down probaby my favourite note about an npc: "Note: while she can eat real food etc., she is now in a teddy bear and the only actual nourishment she gets is from hugs."

<Kami`^> "I do have one favor to ask you, it's about another Omega."
<AlcarGM> Barry: "Oh?"
<Kami`^> "I'm *fairly* certain he's an omega. He has an unnatural ability to charm people into doing things. I've had to fight his influence off. He doesn't know anything is weird, though."
<AlcarGM> Barry: "Does he look at all like Elvis?"
<Kami`^> "No.. Why?"
<AlcarGM> Barry: "Merely checking. Is he abusing the talent in some way?"

<Kami`^> Oh man!
<AlcarGM> hm? :)
<Kami`^> What are you going to do with Mason's sister?
* AlcarGM was considering rewatching Akira for inspiration.
<Kami`^> OMFG LOL!

<AlcarGM> Damien shows up a bit after the opening time at 6, to find out when you get off so he can have you find Aalim for him. Also, hopefully, for waffles :)
* ^teresa^ will ask Ronald to prepare something special! Of course!
<AlcarGM> Roland: "How many waffles?" as he finishes his morning coffee.
<^teresa^> "Uhm. He ate three houses last time. So .. a bunch?"
<^teresa^> "Maybe ... some kind of thing, like french toast, piled high with... with the cheese from blintzes, and maple syrup on top. Yeah."
<AlcarGM> Roland: "Wait, wait: this guy ate those *alone?" raising both eyebrows. "Bunch it is, and this I have to see."
* ^teresa^ invents breakfast poutine.

<Kami`^> "I don't know anything about Mason, only that I don't trust him..."
<AlcarGM> Tommy blinks. "Based on ...?"
<Kami`^> "He... I don't know, he was a big part in damien doing something he really didn't want to."
<Kami`^> "I don't know what role he played but I just don't trust him."
<AlcarGM> Tommy nods. "Well, we don't have to trust him, just use him," with a grin
<Kami`^> "Wow, that sounded kind of cold."
<Kami`^> "I think I got some frost on my collar...""
<AlcarGM> Tommy shrugs. "It is what we'd be doing, after a fashion. I don't see much gain in lying to ourselves."
* Kami`^ grabs the vacuum and thinks about what Tommy said, while having an excuse for not talking for a few minutes.
* Kami`^ finishes and looks at him.
<Kami`^> "I don't think it's good to just think of it that way... We'd be helping him too in some way."
<AlcarGM> Tommy: "Probably not," as he finishes the coffee. "I'm going to see about meeting with him sometime today, go over some thoughts. See where that goes."
<Kami`^> "Just... Be careful OK? He managed to subdue a trained and experienced spy and get her unconscious, and then I guess just kind of stood around while someone killed her... I don't know the specifics."
<AlcarGM> Tommy raises an eyebrow, but just says: 'I'll try to keep that in mind."
<Kami`^> LoL!
<Kami`^> I'd freak out if someone said that to me =p

<AlcarGM> Damien nods. "Okay. When you're done work. Uhm. You probably shouldn't come inside Aalim's house; it might get dangerous."
<^teresa^> "Oh, I'm done. The boss gave me the day off because of the sins."
<AlcarGM> Damien blinks a couple of times, but just nods, figuring it's some waffle house lingo and stands, following you outside.
<^teresa^> "Oh, right. His kids, they're twins. He calls them 'the sins' for short."
<^teresa^> "You know, because it rhymes."

<^teresa^> "I was hoping to try to talk to... Abrahim? Al-... Amim? You know... that guy. There was.. an issue, and I'm worried about what he might be getting involved... with."
* ^teresa^ shoots Damien a "nothing could go wrong" smile
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "Well, I do know where he lives, but it's not information one gives out without good reason," dryly.
* Malik is now known as Tass
<^teresa^> "If you're willing to believe it, he was using a weapon that's... very bad for him, and apparently has more.. somewhere."
<AlcarGM> Tanya: "I know Aalim can come across like a bad stereotype, but he's really not."
<^teresa^> "That's why I wanted to try to convince him to not keep using them."
* ^teresa^ ponders for something that is believable over a phone.
<^teresa^> "They're rich in omega 3 fatty acids, if you know what I mean."
<^teresa^> ((j/k :P))
<AlcarGM> hahahha. That would be awesome as a code :P
<AlcarGM> Or a conspiracy. "Omega 3 create omegas!"

<AlcarGM> Misha is watching peopole curious, hopping into random shadows, though no one notices a shadow moving among the others in the store.
<^teresa^> <So. When did you last see Alexis, anyway?>
* ^teresa^ asks, assuming she's in a good enough mood to risk approaching the matter.
<AlcarGM> Misha: .oO(YOur government doesn't even have chips in all their heads yet. You deserve a devent invasion. And on the way ... here. In the shadow oplace."
<^teresa^> <You .. have a head? :P>
<AlcarGM> Misha: .oO(Nooo, but the humans do. It helps keep them in their sectors.)
<^teresa^> <You have humans where you come from?>
<AlcarGM> Misha: .oO(We used to be like them, but we're better now. Solids make good servants.)

<AlcarGM> You drive to the mall without any problem; shopping for anything in particular?
<Kami`^> ...
<Kami`^> Shoes
<Malik> (oh god, this is what drives sullivan over the edge :P)
* Kami`^ is trying her hardest
<AlcarGM> Four years later ... "Your assignment was to watch that woman. Why did you kill her?" "She went shopping for shoes. It was the only sane response."

<AlcarGM> Ullo :)
* Caltak is now known as Mason`
<AlcarGM> #game5 :p
<kentari> jesus christ alcar
<kentari> five at once? :P
<AlcarGM> in theory, yes :P
<kentari> I refuse to watch you do this to yourself.
<kentari> I will take a to be continued. :P
<AlcarGM> lol

<Mason`> "My sister Sonya will probably be coming to visit next weekend. That cool with you?"
<AlcarGM> Archie: "I don't see why not. We have a couch."
<AlcarGM> Archie; "Unless she's some giant monster who eats souls?" with a grin
<AlcarGM> </foreshadowing>
<AlcarGM> j/jk

* Kami`^ nods and heads to the car, to drive to the park
<Kami`^> 4d6 the lights hit just right so that we lose our tail(s)
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 4d6: 15 the lights hit just right so that we lose our tail(s)
<AlcarGM> Such paranoia..... of course you manage to avoid all those tails who don't exist.
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "... who taught you to drive like that?" curiously
<Kami`^> "...I have an old highschool friend. Why?"
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: ".. no reason," as you park in the parking lot of the park. The GM tries to fit park in some more and gives up.
<AlcarGM> Sullivan gets out and walks along beside both of you, still looking about warily for traps or tricks of any kind.
* Kami`^ sets the parking break and parks her foot on the pavement after getting out into the parking lot of the park.

<Mason`> "I only started finding other Omegas recently myself, and none of them were doing anything superheroy as far as I know."
<AlcarGM> Kid: "..... why *not*?!"
<AlcarGM> Archie: ".... Mason? Things okay?"
<Mason`> "Yeah it's fine, I'm just talking with a kid superhero who broke into my room." *looks at the kid* "You want breakfast or something, since you're in here anyway?"
<AlcarGM> Kid: "Uhm ..... I don't knolw if I should remove my mask," looking worried :P
<AlcarGM> Archie; "Oh, okay."
* Mason` shrugs again. "Up to you. I'm gonna see if we still have Pop-Tarts." he walks out of his room, leaving the door open, and does exactly that.
<AlcarGM> the kid pops out of the room at that, as if they were his version of hostess fruit pies. "What kind?"
<Mason`> "Tch, frosted with strawberry filling, of course." *he digs in the cabinets*

<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "Is that why you work at a grocery store?" as you drive back to your place. "I thought it was some form of penance."
<Kami`^> "You're like the third person to ask me that."
<Kami`^> "I work at a grocery store because I need money."
<AlcarGM> Sullivan shrugs. "What's the point of power if not to have a goood time?"
<Kami`^> "I dunno, it's just how my mom always taught me..."
<AlcarGM> (( Sullivan: " You mean Agent X44?" ))
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: ".... oh."
<Kami`^> (( Shut up =p ))
<Kami`^> "I'm not going to just... take advantage of people because I can. Those people work hard for their money too. How can I be a useful member of society if I steal from them?"
<Mason`> (( you could work for the government, thats what they do. ))
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "You could work for the IRS?"
<Mason`> (( :) ))

<Malik> you guys are terrible
<Malik> going after mason's sister
<Malik> you guys are sick
<Malik> well, have different preferences
<Malik> How's Mason's mom?
<Malik> on the hypothetical MILF scale
<Sparkie> Mason could have a brother, too!
<kentari> Hrm
<Malik> thats it
<kentari> yeah
<Malik> the nature of the game has changed
<Malik> it thus needs to be renamed
<AlcarGM> No :p
<kentari> What, "Adventures in Freemasonry"? :P

<kentari> I don't see Mason as someone who keeps relationships with four women
<kentari> even IF he could theoretically wear four wedding rings
<AlcarGM> ... alternate universe version of mason, Oh ..... yes!

<Malik> below average rolls make me :/
* Sparkie is sad it means nothing explodes :(
<Sparkie> Explosions make everything better.
<Temperance> Yes!
<Temperance> This is VERY true

* Kami`^ gets all the blood off the floor, just like her mom taught her!

<kentari> I'm changing basic laws: nuclear fusion doesn't work.
<alcar> ken: >.. but... suns, man :P
<kentari> oh, right
<kentari> fusion works
<kentari> fission doesn't
<kentari> :P
* alcar laughs.

<AlcarGM> Nattie: That was a *teddy bear*. I got beat up by a teddy bear!"
* Kami`^ pushes some of her anger aside for the time being as well. "Nattie, I need you to focus. If we don't figure this out Sullivan will probably die."
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "... to a teddy bear. Okay. Sure." She shakes her head, trying to clear that image.
<Kami`^> "My first guess is that the Aces were involved, since they're the only other ones who use Alphas for the most part."
<Kami`^> "Trevor might have some information for us. We should visit him first. We have about ten hours to figure this out."
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "Killing one of their own seems reckless..." he trails off. "It doesn't matter," standing. "You should not involve yourselves further in this."
<Kami`^> "Shut up, we're going to help you."
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "Why?"
<Kami`^> "Because we just fucking are. Don't argue with me."

<Kami`^> "Sullivan you are going to come with us or I'll make you come with us. And I'll make you enjoy it."
<AlcarGM> His eyes narrow at that.
<AlcarGM> Nattie gives you a surprised look, but says nothing.
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: "Would you want to do that?"
<Kami`^> "Do you really want to test me?"
* Kami`^ wraps his mind up in a slightly too-tight mental barrier to replace Andrea's... Just enough pressure to let him know she's still alive =p
<AlcarGM> He st ares at you a long moment, considering doing just that, then says: "We don't know precisely what Trevor is, but he is quite dangerous. Meeting himay not be wise."
<Kami`^> "He isn't dangerous yet."
<AlcarGM> Sullivan: ".... and you know this how?"
<Kami`^> "Because he asked me to lead the charge to kill him if he turns, which makes me his primary target if he does. And he hasn't sent any death drones lately so I'm pretty sure he's OK."
<AlcarGM> Nattie; "... what?! And when did you plan to tell me *this*?!"
* Kami`^ is probably overemphasizing her role in what Trevor ACTUALLY asked, but she has to fill her ego somehow =p
<Kami`^> "Probably when we actually had to kill him."

<kentari> the superflow is, what, a collective subconscious?
<AlcarGM> yup
<AlcarGM> The illuminati made a giant program (of sorts) to help navigate it; damaged right now, but still works. And appears as http://www.gamesprays.com/images/icons/paperclip_icon1474.jpg
<kentari> you are a demon

<AlcarGM> http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/rich-tehrani/uploads/paper-clip.jpg appears in the air besiden your head in response. "How may I be of service today?" pleasantly.
* Kami`^ kills it...
* Kami`^ murders it with stabity things
<AlcarGM> hehhehe
<Kami`^> "A paper clip? A fucking microsoft paperclip?"
<Kami`^> "You're kidding me?"
<AlcarGM> Entity: "Artie suggested this as acceptable new-user interface for designate Kami. Would you like me to change?"
<Kami`^> "Oh fuck yes."
<AlcarGM> It changes to become a pale ball of light. "Was something wrong? Many of my services are damaged at present."
<Kami`^> "It was a bad pop-culture reference. Who are you?"
<AlcarGM> Entity: "Artie told me to sayh my name is Hal. I suspect this would, also, be wrong?"
<Kami`^> "Yes."

* Kami`^ has decided that Eye is obviously Female since she is both: a machine made by men and a multi-tasker =p
<AlcarGM> :)

<AlcarGM> You sleep, and dream of the microsoft paperclip haunting your dreams, whispering advice and trying, oh so hard, to understand
<Kami`^> lol
<AlcarGM> "Why do you keep tuirning me off?" it whispers. "Why? Don't I help you? Don't you need me? You could just ignore me; you don't have to hate me!" it says and sobs, little bits of rust forming for each cruelty.

* Sparkie has a fireplace.
<Sparkie> * Logging #game1-ooc to 'fireplace\#game1-ooc.EsperNet.log
<Kami`^> hahaha
<Kami`^> Sparkie's logs are in the fireplace
<Sparkie> it is a very bad joke :p

<Kami`^> "Now, about that costume..."
<Kami`^> "I'm thinking something red with a nice open stomach part..."
<AlcarGM> Damien blinks, and his stomach makes a sound close to a purr. He stares down at his mouth, then at you. "You've.... been conspiring with my stomach?"
<Kami`^> "N--No!"
<AlcarGM> Nattie pokes her head out of her bedroom sleeping. "Please tell me I didn't hear what I thought I heard."
<AlcarGM> Damien eyes you suspiciously. "It's never purred before like that."
<Kami`^> "I don't know what you're talking about."
* Kami`^ crosses her arms, and is talking to both Nattie and Damien.
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "..... coffee," firmly, going to get some.

<AlcarGM> For a moment, the woman seems to hesitate at Temperance's words as though giving actual consideration.....
* Malik makes a horrendous scratching sound as a lightpost explodes, electrical claws spiraling outward to form a circle and then it crosses itself and breaks
<AlcarGM> half the crosses around the man explode as .. somethng hits it, and the woman is flung from hom to collapse, clustching ast her head and fainting.
* Malik taps his foot, bobbing his head, a tune seems to accompany him
* Malik points at the kid with the broken arm, 'Don't think you're taking him anywhere either."
<AlcarGM> The man staggers, lookng at his siter, then turns back to the battle, his mouth set and grim.
<Malik> "Not unless the man with the sharp looking coat... agrees."
* Malik flicks his goggles on :P
<Malik> (and thus Tass makes an omega with pun based powers :P)
<Malik> this is perfect :P

<Malik> "Well, I can't very well just let you run off with the scared kid. How do I know you don't have some kind of terribly plans... or your master even?"
* Temperance holds him warmly, "See?" she says with a comforting smile.
<AlcarGM> Leo: "You don't. But I know I can kill at least that one," nodding to Marcus, who starts. He eyes Temperance and Basil, looking a bit grumpy at the hug.
<AlcarGM> Basil; ".. I didn't hurt you?" if he thinks Temperance is some sort of dream and hugs tighter, fire leaping up about his body like a joyous bonfire.
<Malik> "I mean really, just refering to one's director as 'master' just makes me think he is skeletor or something. That's minion talk."

<^teresa^> "Then ... what keeps you from picking up and relocating to some truck stop somewhere? I've done it enough."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "Friends. Band. Being needed."
<^teresa^> "You're in a band?"
<AlcarGM> He nods.
<AlcarGM> He's obviously not the publicist :p
<^teresa^> "Oh, neat. What do you play?" :P
<AlcarGM> Jerry: Guitar. You play?"
<^teresa^> "I don't think I've tried, no."
<AlcarGM> Jerry: "It's not hard. I could do lessons?"
<^teresa^> "Hmm? Oh, that'd be neat."
* ^teresa^ listens around for signs of a GUITAR. :P
<AlcarGM> He smiled wider at that, relaxing a little fnally.
<AlcarGM> There is one on the aft deck, not being used bu the woman who bought it, but it's happy not being used, since she was going to filk with it, which the guitar consideres a dirty thing.

* ^teresa^ leads him to the location, stepping with light, soundless steps. Boats are hard to stalk through, after all! True stalkers know better than to stomp around.
* ^teresa^ produces someone else's guitar and shall let him lead. He seems more comfortable in his element. :P
<AlcarGM> Yoerry plays a few songs, shows you some basic notes and so forth. A few other people take turns at the night grows long and the guitar is very, very happy with you and everyone in the world.
<AlcarGM> Misha, at the end of the night .oO(Huh,) thoughtfully.
<^teresa^> <What?> :P
* ^teresa^ tries asking the guitar to just be beautiful when its her turn. :P
<AlcarGM> Misha: .oO(I understand why we banned music now.)
<^teresa^> <What do you do at parties, then?!>
<^teresa^> <You just... what, end sessions?>
<AlcarGM> (( Misha: .oO(If by sessions you mean lives?) ))
<^teresa^> =p
<Malik> (music brings HOPE. Thus! Destroyed!)
<AlcarGM> Misha: .oO(Actually yes, We shall continue this.. anon!)
<AlcarGM> Next session: After the party is over.....

<Caltak> what interesting things are there to do in 50's Canada? :P
<Caltak> Im coming up blank
<kenGM> yeah
<kenGM> you've pretty much got it. :P

* Grant` nods, remembering when people seriously played golf for pure fun, not merely as a status symbol. "I understand we have to hide ... certain things .. from the public, but from ourselves could well come back to hurt us."
* Grant` says it as an observation, not a criticism :p
<kenGM> He studies you a moment, nodding, "You've got a good head on your shoulders. It's probably what kept you from getting a number. Just be careful," he says, repeating himself. He tends to do that when he feels powerless, you suspect he's worried for you.
<Grant`> ... a number? Like 666 or dead? :p
<kenGM> You're not sure.
<kenGM> It's a reference that you don't get.
<Grant`> "a report?"
<kenGM> "Hmm? Oh, no, we can keep this informal for now. I'll keep it in mind. It might be better not to hand this up the chain 'til we've got something more concrete to put in it."
* Grant` nods, pretty sure Alistair is saving his bacon in some way -- or wants him to think so -- and trying not to recall that fight with Amanda over whether his new status has ruined their future or not....
<kenGM> Thinking on it, you get the feeling Alistair might be trying to protect you from having your abilities scrutinized. After all, the only thing on the report would be "After Grant time traveled into the future..."
<kenGM> But, then, everyone has fangs, and old dogs are old because they didn't get eaten. Alistair lived through some of the worst times the world's seen, and was one of the worst professions to be during it. He's definitely capable of burning a village if it has to happen, so throwing you under the bus doesn't seem that unthinkable, either.

<Caltak> I think some game someday needs at least one cat that speak in lolcats
* Grant` nods. Definitely.
<Grant`> An oracle. Or a god

<kenGM> Alistair answers after a few rings.
<kenGM> =New Windsor Animal Hospital. Hello? =
<Grant`> =Grant, food delivered to owner, cat happy.=
<kenGM> =Oh. Good to hear it. Weather report just came in, looks like you'll be clear tonight, with some showers tomorrow afternoon. Be careful.=
<kenGM> And we now invent how phones sound. :P
<Chaos`^> (( I thought that was quotes for code words ))
<kenGM> ((ha!))

<kenGM> "... Wearing a cute outfit is one of the, ah, conditions for using abilities as a magical girl," she says, explaining, picking up on that it still might not have made sense.

<Alyce`^> "If I'm not training, I'm probably working at the store..."
<kenGM> "Man, you make me sound like a deadbeat," Sophie giggles, "What do they sell there again? Anyway, we've been asked to check out something at a day care. Apparently we're the only two who could get in without a lot of fussy paperwork."
<Alyce`^> "They sell... Things. It's a convenience store. They sell things for convenience... It's small..."
<Alyce`^> "Ok." Not really questining the orders."
<Alyce`^> "When?"
<kenGM> She nods, getting up and stumbling over to a recliner thick with papers, mail, unopened envelopes marked 'OPEN IMMEDIATELY,' patting you on the head on the way, "There's nothing wrong with being small," before digging through them.
<Alyce`^> "Shouldn't you open those?"
<kenGM> "Huh? Oh, these?" She looks at the stack, "Eh. I'll get around to it... not opening them is how I know I'm alive," she confesses in a senseless manner before uncovering a file folder and hopping, unconsciously, over to you and sitting down nearby, flopping the file open on a coffee table.

* Grant` moves between them and Lyn (with stone) and cals out, "State your purpose," crisply, as though he has every right to be here and holding a shotgun in their direction
<kenGM> You hear cursing in French as they fumble and produce pistols.
<kenGM> 2#2d6 Minion Powers, Activate!
<Sparkie> kenGM 2#2d6: 10 10 Minion Powers, Activate!
<kenGM> 3d6 Lyn gets one
<Sparkie> kenGM 3d6: 13 Lyn gets one
<kenGM> and you get one. You're being shot!
<Grant`> <Put down your..> in french, having learned it on several courses... and cuts off.
<Grant`> 3d6 - we act civilized, and under the words there is always blood...
<Sparkie> Grant` 3d6: 4 - we act civilized, and under the words there is always blood...
<Grant`> ... evidently, mine.
<kenGM> Yeah, there sure is.
<kenGM> :P

<kenGM> Lyn utters something you don't recognize, but understand, words rippling through the air and making the world shimmer. For just a moment, you feel as if the coursing energy deep within your blood had no need to hide from the world, your shoulder numb with the tranquility of it all, overriding the pain for just a second.
<Grant`> .... I am about to see Azthoth, aren't I? :P
<kenGM> There's... glitter, and sparkles, and she says something about "not forgiving" and "punish" and she's holding a hammer covered in rhinestones and the Frenchman vanishes in light that fills your world with sunshine and rainbows.
* Grant` lets out a gasp, half in spurprise, half fear and half wonder.....
* Grant` figures three halves are justified when in the pressence of a magical girl.

<kenGM> You're back in the snow, your shoulder really hurting but healed, three dead French men, and Lyn, dropping the stone.
<Grant`> (( Three? I thought there were two...? ))
<kenGM> Me too.
<kenGM> One of them vanishes in a swirl of mist.
<Caltak> i think it would have been pretty funny if there was a mysterious third dead frenchman
<Alyce`^> yes, because there would have been more guns!
<kenGM> I debated it
<kenGM> :P
<Grant`> I thought for a sec the thrd one *was* the stone :)
<Caltak> I think that would make a cool theme, if every time the world coems back from something nuts like that, there's always a dead frenchman who wasnt there before.
<Alyce`^> ROFL
<Grant`> hahahahaha

<Alyce`^> "Uh... Sure. We can do bowl... If it's ok..."
<kenGM> "I'd love to give it a try. It's apparently a very skill-based game....... and they have beer." She grins, with a thumbs-up.
<kenGM> "We'll go tomorrow?" She asks, "If it won't get you in trouble."
* Alyce`^ doubts they serve beer to 12 year olds
<kenGM> A dead frenchman appears in the corner of the room, slumped over, as if questioning your doubt.
<kenGM> "What the FUCK," Sophie stares.
<kenGM> ((j/k :P))

<alcar> It's sociologically interesting, though scary, that you can be inside an evil system and be somehow unaware of it.
<alcar> - Actor Anthony Sher on growing up in apartheid-South Africa, interviewed by John Walsh, The Independent, 1 May, 2000
<alcar> was some of the basis for misha :)
<alcar> Normal isn't evil, after all. Just how things are.
<kentari> indeed
<kentari> it's a scary concept :P

<alcar> Out2lunch, Tass:make pcs and join right now! :p
<Out2lunch> I don't know, Alcar. I"m kind of afraid of Kentari's games :\
<Julius`> why? they have magical girls.
<kentari> What?
<kentari> What has Tass told you?!
<Grant`> Just pretend it's not ken running it! That's what I do.
<Grant`> :p
<Alyce`^> me too!
<Out2lunch> it's just that after seeing some of the things his pcs have done, I fear for my sanity in a world of his creation...

<kentari> She scrambles in, mumbling to herself, "Does your head feel like you're having the WORST hangover right now?"
<Alyce`^> "What does a hangover feel like?"
<kentari> "... You're precious. They're bad. Hopefully, no worse than a period," she says with dread, then moves on, "A headache."

<kengm> his portals actually work quite differently!
<Tass> do they conserve momentum!?
<kengm> you see, every portal he makes is a pair of soul mates who fail to meet
<kengm> that's what they're fueled by, true love
<Julius`> lol...
<kengm> no need to mention this to lunchie :P

<Grant`> I just realized my pc should be using time travel to ensure his coffee doesn't get cold. Because what else is time travel good for?
<Julius`> Good point

<Alyce`^> "May I... use the phone?"
<kengm> "Sure, if you can diffuse the bomb rigged to go off when you take it off the hook," she waves to the kitchen, where the phone is.
* Alyce`^ eyes the phone and bites her lip...
* Alyce`^ can't back down now... It will make her look WEAK
<kengm> There's a mess of wires attaching it to a block covered in duct tape.
* Alyce`^ eyes the explosives and looks for a way to diffuse them...
<kengm> It looks like there's a circuit set to be tripped when the phone is lifted up, disconnecting a passive circuit. Something like a switch, but backwards.
<kengm> It looks like the colors of the wire were chosen only to be confusing: you can see right away that the red wire doesn't really connect anything at all.
<kengm> There's six wires: red, black, green, yellow, blue, and white.
<Alyce`^> weeeell
<Alyce`^> red's out
<Alyce`^> what about the others?
* Sparkie gets to blow up a PC? THIS IS THE BESTEST GAME EVER!
<kengm> Black and green are connected to one part of the phone, yellow and blue to another. The white wire seems to have both ends in the duct taped block itself.
<Alyce`^> I don't know how bombs work!

<kengm> Upon closer inspection, Julius sees.... dice in his way.
<Julius`> 3d6 radio lore!
<Sparkie> Julius` 3d6: 2
<Julius`> (( ............ how do..... ))
* Sparkie ants explosions? Please?
<Julius`> (( fucking cheater :P ))
<Sparkie> Awwww.
<Julius`> 3d6 for realz?
<Sparkie> Julius` 3d6: 16 for realz?

<Alyce`^> =Yes. Uhm... Thank you.=
<kengm> =Anytime. Call me if you need anything, or just want to talk.= She nods.
* Alyce`^ cannot see this
<Alyce`^> =Oh... Ok... It's just--difficult...=
<kengm> =Hmm?= You hear a shifting, then quiet.
<Alyce`^> =Sophie?=
<kengm> =Yeah? I'm here. What's difficult?= She asks, gently.
<Alyce`^> =Oh... Oh! It's just--The bombs are getting harder...=
<kengm> You hear silence for a few seconds.
<kengm> =What do you mean?=
<Alyce`^> =I don't know how many more phone calls I can make... I'll have to do more studying...=

* Temperance looks at Mason like he's just said the sky is green and full of dancing elephants. "Organized...? *Seriously??"
* Malik looks around, "Wow, yeah, you're right."
<Malik> "Hey, that means we have some natural synergy."
<Malik> (it's actually my other omega power :P)
<Temperance> "We've known each other all of a few hours."
<Temperance> (that would be a pretty kick-ass power)
* Mason` looks suspicious of that excuse.
<Malik> "I met him at a bus stop, invited him to my show."
<Malik> "And her at the show."
<Malik> "Then some nutjobs with old testament powers attacked some kids, and we came out to help."
<Mason`> "So... the guy with the broken arm was probably one of them?"
<Malik> "one of them was super serious... on some kinda recruitment drive for some guy names Hades."
<Malik> "yeah, the one with the broken arm."
<Malik> "His 'master' wanted the quill kid."
<Temperance> (Temperance: "Yeah, you don't beleive us just read the backlog." ;P)
* Malik uses air quotes
<Malik> (my other other omega power!)

<Mason`> (( lets all get a lot of silly metapowers so we can spend all session talking about them, that sounds fun ))\

<AlcarGM> Marcus is a stout, nerdy looking guy whose chest is currently ... glowing, through his shirty, a pale outline of a tatto of some kind that looks a lot like the apple logo.
<Temperance> "We're not abducting him."
<Temperance> "Now who are you?"
<Mason`> "A concerned citizen. And it sure looks like you were."
* Mason` looks at Marcus. "And your chest was glowing like Iron Man. So?"
<Mason`> (( oh, shit, I should have said iRonman. BEcause it was an Apple logo. ))
<Malik> (hahahaha)
<Malik> (you sir, get 2 points :P)
<Mason`> (( yaaaaay ))

<Temperance> "If I told you that the world is full of magic and crazy monsters, how would you react?"
<AlcarGM> Allison: "... I'd ask what book series you want to get me into now."
<Mason`> (( please say thrilled and slightly aroused ))
<Mason`> (( aww ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

* Mason` happens to look over at the girls at the end of the alley. Is the new one hot? :)
* Temperance gently puts a hand on er friends shoulder, "I kinda wanted to tell you and Bastion about this tomorrow... But, yeah, we could say it's costumes for now."
<kentari> ((She looks like your sister.))
<Mason`> (( I wanna hit you ken :p ))
<Malik> (so yeah, I'd do her.)
<Malik> (again.)
<kentari> ((COME AT ME, BRO :P))

<AlcarGM> sYou look about from the dck and spot a manw alking out of the ocean, brushing seaweed off her person. Tall, muscular fellow in a waterproof shirt and pants, gills in his chest and webbed hands and feet; he's not weraring shoes, naturally, and the ocean is singing how much it loves him; if he can hear, it doesn't show.
<^Teresa^> "The spelling makes me worry just a little."
* ^Teresa^ shrugs. :P
<^Teresa^> "Wait, wait, wait. Aquaman?"
<AlcarGM> Ocean: <OKAY!>
* ^Teresa^ tries for walking on water! It's always been a dream of hers!
<AlcarGM> You .... land in the water, and splash!
<AlcarGM> The ocean promises not to drown you, in tones sailors once swore were sirens. You don't think you can trust it at all.
* ^Teresa^ remembers that the ocean is full of deceit.
* ^Teresa^ heads thataway to the shore, at least! Teresa.. KICKU!
<AlcarGM> The man is finishing cleaning off sea weed from his body at the docks when you swim up, and gives you stare as pitiless at that of a shark. His clothing, on the other hand, happily imforms you he had great triceps and loves long walks under the ocean in the coral parks, plus he recycles!
<^Teresa^> "Uhm, bweh.. hi!"
* ^Teresa^ scrambles to her feet and wrings herself out.
<^Teresa^> "Come here often?" :P
<AlcarGM> "I have been to this city before," he says coldly. "Nothing change, save that it gets worse. They fill oceans with *filth* and then drive boats across them to try and help it," waving a hand at the greenpeace boat. "Hypocrite is another word for human."

<AlcarGM> A sound fills the air like whalesong that carries above the ocean, singing out into the world for a moment, briefly, until it's too much to resonate to, and far too big to hold. It sound wonderful and wise and filled with the sadness at the core of all things.
<AlcarGM> Quentin stops dead, He turns, slowly, his face pale and wanting, some naked hunger on display. "What was... what was...." he masters himself, in the way of men, and raises a fist. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" he screams
<^Teresa^> "I just... sang along."
* ^Teresa^ smiiiiiiiiiiles!
<AlcarGM> He moves toward you, swift, his eyes wild and filled with fury, and slaps you across the face! Or shall attempt.
* ^Teresa^ gets slapped, deforming a little!
<AlcarGM> 4d6 - because he, too, is a hypocrite :p
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 4d6: 14 - because he, too, is a hypocrite :p
<^Teresa^> 3d6 ninjas don't do slaps!
<Sparkie> ^Teresa^ 3d6: 5 ninjas don't do slaps!
* ^Teresa^ is not a ninja today!

<^Teresa^> "You think that I'm an ignorant savage, and you've been so many places... I guess it must be so. But, I still can't see if the savage one is me; how can there be so much that you don't know?"
<AlcarGM> "I know what the oceans knows," he says, his voice a low hiss and he lowers is arm like the tide receeding, some of the anger draining away but not all, ever, until the oeans no longer bleed black gold and men don't prtend to be fish. "I have no wish to be corrupted by this world."
<^Teresa^> "You think you know whatever land you stand on, the Sea is just a dead thing you can claim? But I know every rock and fish and coral has a life, has a spirit, has a name..."
<Malik> (HAHAHAHA)
<Malik> (somehow this fits teresa better than I thought.)

<^Teresa^> "Was that.. just now?"
<AlcarGM> Quentin: "Somes years ago; perhaps 10 as you reckon time."
<AlcarGM> (( "Which is wrong, because the ocean teaches us of time cube time!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( I was sooo tempted to make that IC :p So, so tempted :p ))
<^Teresa^> :P
<^Teresa^> hey, you're the one who has a time-travelling pc, not me. Thanks for the reminder that time cube exists.
* ^Teresa^ jots that down. :P
<AlcarGM> rofl

* AlcarGM changes topic to 'And ken claims his PCs are sane: <^Teresa^> "And, what did the Eler Porpoises ... think of it?"'
<kentari> you wage war on me, alcar!
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> It is not exactly fair, as you are talking to an npc that is basically aquaman crossed with tarzan in my head :)
<AlcarGM> which is a pretty awesome combo, really.
<AlcarGM> Teresa can be Jane! :P
<Mason`> lol yes

<kentari> half of my brain is always sleeping
<kentari> I rotate
<kentari> different parts
<kentari> so I get four days in one simultaneous 24-hour earth rotation
<Tass> this explains your characters so much :P
<kentari> you just jealous
<kentari> =p
<Tass> perhaps!
<kentari> :3

* Mason` absently left his computer on with all the web pages related to FTL travel theory and stray calculations typed messily in notepad and calculator, in case that ends up being important later somehow :P
<AlcarGM> Four hours later, Artie looks up: "I HAVE DRAWN THE TIMECUBE!"
<AlcarGM> or not :)
<Mason`> (( oh man that would be scary ))

<Kami`^> "Nattie, it seems you're about to entertain your entire team... Perhaps I should put on some tea... Or do you prefer coffee?" To Mason
<AlcarGM> Nattie: .oO(Or something stronger. Please say something stronger...)
<Mason`> "Either's fine, but I just had a couple cups of coffee already so... yeah, Tea'd probably be better, thanks."
<Mason`> .oO( "Or Beer. Or hard liquor." )
* Kami`^ just makes tea and glares at Nattie
<AlcarGM> Nattie glares back and thinks, .oO(What?! I was only half serious!)
<AlcarGM> At some point, SAFE must all go out to confront someone while hung over.
<AlcarGM> or from the middle of a party.
<AlcarGM> With martini glasses.
<Mason`> I am liking this group more and more

<alcar> Whee! Mason and Kami sort of made up (a little :p), Nattie will eventally have to confront her image of Damien with the reality and Mason got to, eventually, win a fight :P
<alcar> Plus, costumes!
<Caltak> yaaaaaay
<Chaos`^> that's 4 sessions straight Kami has been working on these costumes. I am totally giving up costume making after this =p
<Caltak> Mason is still not aware that he was ever at odds with Kami, for the record. That sudden suspicious came completely out of the blue as far as he knows.
<alcar> Omega: 'THOSE are costumes?" Kami: "SESSIONS OF EFFORT! I BURN YOUR MIND TO DEATH!!!"

<kengm> After a pregnant silence, she asks you in a breathy whisper, "Do you ever... think about being normal?"
<Alyce`^> "Not really..."
<Alyce`^> "You were normal once, right?"
<kengm> Sophie: "Yeah.... once upon a time."
<Alyce`^> "What's it like?"
<kengm> Sophie: "Indescribable. It's boring, and amazing, and empty... and fulfilling, all at the same time."
<Alyce`^> "Oh."
<kengm> Sophie: "What... do you do during your time when you're not, you know... working with the chamber?"
<Alyce`^> "Train."
<Alyce`^> "What do you do?"
<kengm> Sophie: "... Drink? And stuff? What do you do when you're not training?"
<Alyce`^> "Missions?"
<kengm> Sophie: "And... I mean, when you're not being or working on being a ... mercenary?"
<Alyce`^> "?"

<kengm> He nods, "Trust me... you'll look into their eyes, and it'll rock the foundations of your world." He lays a hand across the table, grabbing your shoulder, "You need to absolutely believe they are monsters."
<kengm> Alistair: "There's nothing that can be done. There's at least a hundred mass graves of doctors who thought otherwise and took their benevolence to Heaven," narrowing his eyes.
* Grant` 's smile fades and he nods, standing. "Sometimes the worst sort of monster doesn't look like ne at all?"
<kengm> "That's what I'm worried about most. Keep your eye on more than the Infected," he stands as well, "The plane's waiting at the airstrip and can be ready whenever you are."
* Grant` looks surprised it's that quick and wonders what Section 29 are really like ... but so far his talent hasn't let him down, and he can't well let Fenton go alone.
<Grant`> "Is Fenton there yet?"
<kengm> "Probably doing laps around the damn tarmac," he shakes his head, "He probably thinks with his skin, he'll be able to walk in there like some Greek god. .... And he's right."
<Grant`> "Even against Infected?"
<kengm> "Unless they learn to bite his eyes, yes," he nods, "And when they learn to bite eyes, not even God could walk among them."

<kengm> Sophie: "If a mission could be filled with only one part, which would you pick?"
<Alyce`^> "Shooting?"
<kengm> Sophie: ".....Shooting?"
* Alyce`^ nods
<Alyce`^> "It would make... The mission quicker?"

<kengm> Sophie: "Hey... question," she says, after incorrectly playing a turn.
<Alyce`^> "You only have a thirty-three percent chance of beating me there if you only send six armies."
* Alyce`^ looks at Sophie
<kengm> She just blinks, "Bah. In real life, I could just burn them," as if trying to justify that its okay she's losing. :P
<Alyce`^> "I get twelve armies."
* Alyce`^ takes her people and places them strategically..

<AlcarGM> People have finally departed the apartment -- Lord (and you) only know what the neighbours make of these odd comings and goings, but you are finally left in piece to finish up costumes when there is *another* knock at the door. Perhaps you should consider landmines?
* Kami`^ considers a doorman or secretary
* Kami`^ checks the peephole this time!
<AlcarGM> You look out, and down, and spot a kid of about 11, maybe 12. Thick blond-red hair, dark eyes, a generous amount of freckles, a grocery bag in one hand and jeans and a t-shirt that look recently pressed. He seems ucertain, worried, eyeing the elevator and debating leaving.
* Kami`^ sighs
<Kami`^> "Who is it?"
<AlcarGM> Kid:' Uhm ... err .... we met this morning?" nervously. He looks about the hallway, then seems to relax a bit and two antennne poke up out his hair as he stares up at the peephole.
* Kami`^ opens the door
<Kami`^> "Come in."
<AlcarGM> He looks relieved, but still tempted to bolt, thoughts screaming that revealing his Secret Identity is abad idea, and someone who makes costumes would be the best villain ever, but at least he doesn't seem to have brought any insects with him. He slinks into the apartment, holding out the bag. His costume, freshly washed; from the smell of his hair, he also borrowed his mother's scented shampoo in a misguided attempt to impress.
<Kami`^> lol

<Kami`^> Oh man
<Kami`^> Costumes should totally become like a collectable thing, like you know how in those animes about swords they have like the super cool sword maker and his swords are superior to all other swrods?
* AlcarGM laughs.
<AlcarGM> The Costume Collector. Capture, strip naked, srteal for use in art exhibit.
<Kami`^> And they have like all the inferior types of costumes and the ones that try to compete, but everyone really knows that the one guy has the best costumes
<Kami`^> and then everyone will be like "IS THAT A KAMI ORIGINAL!?"

<AlcarGM> You have a nice, long shower and are aching and sore after it, but in a good way. At least, you hope it's a good way. Nattie hasn't returned, probably off worrying about the team and if everything falls apart, but Shen is in the living room when you emerge from the shower, looking over costumes with an expression of someone examining a portal ot hell.
<Kami`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Shen: "This is how a world ends, with people .... showing off," as if there were no greater sin.
<Kami`^> "How many worlds have you seen end?"
<AlcarGM> Shen: "One too many," coldly.
<Kami`^> "So, based on your first experience, you're an expert in world ending? I was in a fight once..."
<AlcarGM> Shen: "Your kind destroyed the entire universe, not merely their own world." She drops the costume back on the coffee table. "I will not let that happen here."
<Kami`^> "And what was *your kind* doing at the time?"
<AlcarGM> Shen: "Dying."
* Kami`^ snorts
<Kami`^> "So you're out buying doughnuts and suddenly one day the world ends? You didn't expect it?"
<AlcarGM> Shen: "We fought, from world to world, down the entire chain of creation, and each time we lost and there were fewer of us, and more of them, spreading like cancer into the heart of things," very softly, staring through you with a thousand-yard stare. "There were thousands of them, and never enough of us, and it was no story where the heroes win against impossible odds. We failed, and we died."

<Kami`^> "Don't give me bullshit about you having nothing to do with the world ending. The world ends because people fight other people and if you think you didn't have the numbers you could have recruited from the enemy because despite what you may *think* about us just because we have special abilities doesn't mean we're not human! We aren't a hive mind and we don't think alike. There will always be people who disagree, and I believe that you were too stuborn to let them fight with you!"
<AlcarGM> Shen gives you a long, hard stare, then says finally: "Your kind could not be trusted."
<Kami`^> "Fuck yourself."
<Kami`^> "Racist bitch."
* Kami`^ stomps over to the fridge to get something to drink.

<Kami`^> 4d6 hulk angry!
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 4d6: 8 hulk angry!
* Kami`^ pours some orange juice for her and Shen
* Kami`^ hands her a glass
<Kami`^> "Sit."
* Kami`^ motions to the chair, me sits opposite
<Kami`^> err
<Kami`^> that was meant to be two lines
<Kami`^> lol
* Kami`^ sits opposite
<Kami`^> =p
<AlcarGM> Very hulk, though!

<Kami`^> "Honestly all that I've heard come from you is hatred for my kind, and vicariously hatred for me. You don't even know me."
<AlcarGM> Shen: "I don't need to," and snaps the cup on the table ,breaking it in half , and stabs it through your right eyes into your brain.
<AlcarGM> Or not :)

<Mason`> lol, I just saw a McDonalds commercial about a spatula in the store window of a kitch suppply across from a McDonalds and how it dreamed of being the spatula that flips Big Mac patties, and thought immediately of teresa

<Mason`> I think it would tie amusingly into the "thrill-seeker" tendency. :p
<AlcarGM> very much so :p
<Mason`> "Scary chick who could kill me in a second? Everyone being mean to her? I'll see if she wants to be friends."

<Kami`^> "Nattie doesn't just get drunk. That's not like her."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "Satan has many temptations," firmly.
<Kami`^> "Drinking isn't bad for you... Unless you drink too much."
<AlcarGM> Emily sniffs and says nothing to that as you pull to a stop outside the Pink Elephant, a bar noted for the elephant out front on a harley. Whoever painted him pink is unknown, but they HA probably found 'em :p
<Kami`^> lol

<Kami`^> alright
<Kami`^> 3 pip dice for this
<Kami`^> Back in 1996, when this building was being switched to the local gas line from electric (because gas prices were cheaper than electric back then and hell, who doesn't want cheaper utilities?) A young Tony Smith was working on his second day on the job. The man training him, an aged and soon to retire Jared McCoy was busy outside working on getting the lines installed into the building. Tony was in a hurry because it was nearing l
<Kami`^> unch time and he didn't bother to inspect the hose he was installing into the main range in the kitchen. The line, you see, had a large hole in it. Tony finished installing the line and as the final inspections were being made, he heard a whistling coming from the line. Being the FNG he didn't want to hear any flak from Jared, so he had to quickly fix this problem. He grabbed some duct tape and quickly wrapped the hole up with th
<Kami`^> e tape. He vowed that he'd be back in a few days to fix this when Jared wasn't around... He never got back to it. It also turns out that the tack from Duct tape begins to wear down after 15 years... Do you hear a whistle?
<kentari> It's YOU, CHAOS!
<kentari> You are the purveyor of the tragic gas main explosions!
* kentari attacks >:E
<Kami`^> lol
<kentari> Do you know how many characters you've driven off the edge with your careless antics?!?!
<kentari> :P
<Kami`^> Sorry
<Mason`> lol

* ^teresa^ is interested in listening for anything that sounds vaguely like alpha- or omega-related activity: her theory is that the ones who aren't deep in organizations already are more likely to wind up showing up on the police radar. From that, she can theoretically zero in on active, unaffiliated people: the perfect targets.
* ^teresa^ is also trying to figure out if there's a portable radio anywhere nearby that wouldn't mind living with her so this won't need a car in the future.
<AlcarGM> The car radio can be removed, and it more than happy to come with you, though the car would be a little sad.
* ^teresa^ solicits her moral fiber on this one.
* Sparkie should demand dice :P
<^teresa^> 2d6 MORALS! :P
<Sparkie> ^teresa^ 2d6: 7 MORALS! :P

<Kami`^> Also that blake thing was pissing me off
<Kami`^> I *was* going to let him off, and just leave
<Kami`^> but then he got me all distracted and I lost 2 minutes of my life and I don't even remember it
<Kami`^> He needed to pay for that... So I blew up his bar.
<AlcarGM> Uh ... huh :p

<kentari> well, I admittedly usually don't feel I run silly things, so, where I'd like to go next is understanding more what you mean by that
* Julius` looks at ken.
<kentari> I am a fountain of serious intrigue-based games!
<kentari> =p
<Julius`> I played a gay dragon.
<kentari> :P

<Alyce`^> "Truth or dare."
<kentari> Sophie: "Dare," without a thought, "And I meant like.. tonight, you'll stay over here."
<Alyce`^> "Don't drink alcohol."
<Alyce`^> "How long does this go on?"
<kentari> She boggles, "I thiiiiiiiink it just ended," with a laugh.
<Alyce`^> "Uhm..."
<Alyce`^> "Uhn..."
<Alyce`^> "How do I use that on missions?"
<kentari> Sophie pauses.
<kentari> She clutches a little below her stomach.
<kentari> And falls over, rolling on the floor laughing.
<kentari> Sophie: "I thought.. you were having... oh, my god... is that all you were thinking about??"

<Caltak> but see if I do this on my own what if it doesnt fit the setting? THAT WOULD BE HORIBLE!
* Caltak cries.
<kentari> Just avoid fur and we'll by and large quite possibly be a o k.
<kentari> And like
<kentari> having two heads
<kentari> or stuff like that. :P
<Caltak> well I like fur tho
<Caltak> but no, I wasnt planning on it in this particular instance
<kentari> good good, we'll be fine
<kentari> give me some kind of like, lizardman mage, though
<Caltak> You suck by the way :p
<kentari> and I swear by alcar's toes that you'll rue the day :P

<Caltak> Well, I'm technically in a RL D&D 4th edition game that is occurring within a Pathfinder game
<Caltak> but we're taking a break ATM
<Kami`^> ...
<Kami`^> What!?
<Kami`^> That is so meta
<Caltak> We have Pathfinder characters who are being told a story, and we are playing the characters in the story, using 4e D&D

<^teresa^> "Things tend to... I don't know how to describe it. They're like parts of people. Most of them are good."
<AlcarGM> Raymond nods, making some tea for the both of you. "Good can be quite a subjective term, I find. We often do the most harm when we set out to do good. And achild's eagerness, no matter how noble, could be a problem at times I imagine."
<AlcarGM> He hands you a mug of mango tea, imported from Spain, and eager to be drunk.
<^teresa^> "Mm.. yeah, knives are some of the worst."
* ^teresa^ nods! Ignorant to what was probably an observation of herself. =p

<kentari> I'll cash in waitressing and the dreaming, that never get used, and spend it all on two tier 3's. God Hand Style and Jedi Mind Tricks, both specializations of the current power. Because there HAVE to be midichlorians, and that means Teresa's obligated to found the jedi order.
<kentari> It also gives me something to do in a fight other than change colors and survive explosions. =p

<AlcarGM> The bolt hits your chest, which hurls like the dicks and sends you back a few steps, but doesn't take you down.
<Kami`^> (( Hurts like the dicks? ))
<Mason`> (( yeah without lube ))
<AlcarGM> err , dickens :p

<kentari> That father npc, alcar, is terrifying.
<kentari> Perhaps I just have too keen an eye for danger =p
* AlcarGM laughs
<AlcarGM> All parents in stories should be terrifying! :p
<Malik> this is true :P

* Kami`^ tells him she's willing to listen anytime, as long as she's not drunk or busy trying to save the world =p
<AlcarGM> Alan: "Even if I smell like dead fish?"
<Kami`^> "Maybe you can summon up some roses to help." Smiling.
<AlcarGM> (( "Or the bottom of a jock's sock drawer?" ))
<AlcarGM> "I'd need a lot of roses," he says with a sigh and follows you back downstairs, careful not to be too close in case he begins to smell badly. "You're ... really lucky."
<Kami`^> "Why do you say that?"
<AlcarGM> Alan: "You've got Omega stuff and you look mostly normal. That's luck."
<Kami`^> "I'm just genetically predisposed to being awesome."
<Kami`^> or not

* Mason` approaches the gory scene and goes into super-sherlock-holmes mode!
<Sparkie> Mason` 4d6: 14 ELEMENTARY, MY DEAD KAEGAN!
<Mason`> (( DEAR ))
<Mason`> (( dear ))
<AlcarGM> Kaegan: you're going to kill me too?! :P
<Mason`> (( not Fruedian ))
<Mason`> (( not foreshadowing at all ))

* Temperance greet's Malik
<Temperance> (in case you hadn't gathered, she has a really BIG purse ;))
<AlcarGM> (( "IS that a fire extinguisher in your purse, or are you just happy to see me..... wait ....." ))

<Malik> "Beckett doesn't seem to be the bullied type. So whats up with that?"
* Malik sits down
<AlcarGM> basil blinks and sits as well, studying his hands, then looks up. "He just said his brother died, and he ended up here. He seemed..... really sad. I thought ... I thought my mom and dad were dead, and that *hurts*, pain so big I can't imagine reaching out and .. and hurting others? But I guess he could, or - or wanted to hurt people, and met Tempie and she helped him a lot."
<Malik> "I see."
* Malik looks footmouthed
* Temperance comes in and puts on a smile
<Temperance> "You find your present?
<AlcarGM> Basil: "But he let me poke him, and he wasn't hurt at all, and it was ...." he trails off. "I never had a brother," finally, and shakes his head to Temperance. "Mom says a woman's purse is private," firmly.
<Temperance> "Well, that is true... But I did give you permission, and it's a big box, and it's kind of sticking out of the top a little."
<AlcarGM> He hesitates, then the lust for presents wins out and he yanks it out to open it, using quills to open it quite quickly and entirely without thinking.
<AlcarGM> Once Basil has time to process all this, opening christmas presents is going to become a rather fast process.

<Malik> we are so dead :P
<Temperance> pessimist :P
<Sparkie> You'll only be so dead once you have to roll dice!
* Malik knows, sparkie
* Malik knows

<Chaos`^> you have a spreadsheet with each PC and what time he's in?
<kentari> yep
<Caltak> :P
<kentari> it helps me remember to put in flashbacks and visions
<kentari> appropriately :P
<Chaos`^> so what happens if one pc does something that would affect another pc in the future?
<kentari> I use my super powers to make it work out
<Caltak> Then the other PC's hard starts to fade away while they're playing guitar is what happens.
<Caltak> *hand
<Chaos`^> hard what?
<Caltak> >_>
<Caltak> <_<

* Mirrored has joined #game1
<Mirrored> I gave one of my players a bag of withholding, it stores everything imaginable but takes 15% of what is stored, only returning portions if it after yearly tax forms are complete
<Mirrored> Alcar, I blame you for this.
* Mirrored has left #game1
<AlcarGM> Uh .. and you are?
<AlcarGM> that was surreal.
* AlcarGM DOES approve of such a bag, though :p

<Caltak> I should make some ramen...
<Caltak> But I'm too lazy.
<Out2lunch> Wow, too lazy to make ramen is a special kind of lazy
<Caltak> well, the ramen is out in my car.
<Caltak> so I'd have to go get it

* ^Teresa^ zips by a gas station and purchases three matching pairs of cheesy, vaguely MIB looking sunglasses.
<^Teresa^> "Now we'll all have something that matches." :D
<^Teresa^> "And it's good, since we've got.........."
* ^Teresa^ puts on a pair.
<^Teresa^> "Bright futures ahead."

<AlcarGM> You reach the building without any problem; fortunately, Diego is present. Also four homeless peoplel all on the second floor in sleeping bags in a room, for warmth and bodyheat and not sex at all.
<^Teresa^> "SEX POLICE! OPEN UP!"
<^Teresa^> ... Someday.
<^Teresa^> :P

<AlcarGM> You slip up the walls and into the apartment he`s made via cracks, or windows, or É
<AlcarGM> (( silly canadian french keyboard option. ))
<^Teresa^> Delicious E.
* ^Teresa^ snorts lines of it each meal. :P
<^Teresa^> It's the source of Teresa's power!
<AlcarGM> :p

<Caltak> You planning on killing me? Because if so, I could probably get a bus ticket and head closer to where you are so its more convenient.
<kentari> dude
<kentari> what the hell
<kentari> :P
<Caltak> Just saying!
<Caltak> Geez, I'm just trying to be nice.

<AlcarGM> He eyes the police car nervously, but can't very well tell a police officer bugs don't like it, and asks to see your badge :P
* ^Teresa^ coughs it up! ... Figuratively. :P
<^Teresa^> "I just had the car fumigated, so it might be a little off-putting."
* ^Teresa^ nods, smooth like white lightning~
<AlcarGM> he eyes your temporary badge suspiciously, but has no clue if it IS fake or note, and blinks as he sees the two kids in the back seat. "Uhm .... "
<^Teresa^> "They're cadets."
<^Teresa^> "You could be a cadet, too, you know. :D"
<AlcarGM> Kaegan; "Really?" and enters the police car without a doubt after that, sadly.
* ^Teresa^ is glad she's not a man now. This scene would really be too creepy to play out.
<^Teresa^> Actually, wait. Maybe it's... more creepy this way? :P

<kentari> this police uniform is the best power ever
<AlcarGM> Yes :)

<kentari> Teresa just got her third child in the car, and has run out of candy

<Caltak> I told you earlier, I'll cancel sleep and almost even classes for the game.
<kentari> Commitment creeps me out
<kentari> I'm kind of a don juan
<kentari> :P
<Caltak> It's not like I'm expecting you to cancel your life, I'm just saying I will.

<kentari> Clay: "Pick up the bowl," he says as he lifts his end of the table. The candies fall off and onto the floor as the bowl slides towards you...
* Joey` goes to snatch it reflexively.
<kentari> Clay nods, "The movement came more naturally, didn't it?"
* Joey` looks at him in confusion. "What, grabbing it when it came at me? I guess..."
<kentari> Clay: "But it seems a little stupid, doesn't it?"
<Joey`> "Which part?"
<Sparkie> The part where you neglected to roll dice.
<Joey`> 4d6 shut up
<Sparkie> Joey` 4d6: 15 shut up

<kentari> Lyn: "I knew someone who went into magic only for someone else. It made... it wasn't a happy ending. Are you... prepared?"
* Joe- has adopted a deeply intense stare through his speech.
<kentari> Lyn: "Well, ... of course you aren't, you can't be, but... you need to be willing to learn that everything you though... EVERYTHING... was wrong."
<kentari> Lyn seems to be distracted by a memory, less affected by your stare than something in her own thoughts.
<Joe-> "I already know. My little, shallow life was shattered long ago. I've seen the Darkness in the world, so if you're worried I'll be shocked by the Darkness that lies beyond the world? No, it's just more of the same."
<Joe-> (( "I'm ready to meet Cthulhu, and kick him in the balls." ))

<kentari> Lyn: "This isn't... child's play. Becoming a magical girl is one of the most serious things in existence."
<kentari> Lyn: "Are you prepared?"
<Joe-> (( I'm going to... choose to ignore that she used the word girl. ))

<Alyce`^> but I don't care if you give Cal a retarded succubus...
* Sparkie is putting that line by itself into quotes.
<Alyce`^> =p
<Sparkie> Context is for wussies.

<kentari> The world dissolves into little rainbow grains of sand, falling away to reveal the cabin. You are standing in a pose full of justice.
<kentari> Lyn: "Oh, fuck." Cursing for, perhaps, the first time ever.
* Joe- blinks, after a moment, realizing he can control his actions now, yes?
<kentari> Yes, though, the heels make it a little difficult.
* Joe- is now known as Magical-Joe
<kentari> The trench knife is now kind of.. pink, and has a large gemstone where each spike on the handle was.
* Magical-Joe looks at it, and the outfit. "Oh-- Oh... wow. Ok, not exactly... what I had in mind..."
* Magical-Joe looks at Lyn. "The, ah, the outfit can be... altered, right?"
<kentari> Lyn slowly shakes her head.
* Magical-Joe grimaces. "...seriously?"
<kentari> She nods once, "Becoming a magical girl is one of the most serious things in existence," carefully.

<Magical-Joe> "I'm not going bad! I'll still server the Order! I just don't want to do it in a dress!"

<kentari> You notice a few odd things around. You're in a dark place, a white hill of sand.. you can see people you don't recognize.. but there's too much pain to even pay attention to your eyes. Because crows are pecking them out.
<kentari> But it's over after about two days, thank goodness.
<Josus> (( should I make a madness check? ))
<kentari> Nah. You already failed.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> But you get better.

<Caltak> Since he was absolved of all pacts, he must be okay to hate Lyn now too.
<Caltak> He'll start convincing himself she tricked him on purpose.
<Chaos`^> I'm sure
<Caltak> And probably murder her later.
<Caltak> Yeah, that could be a new goal.
<Chaos`^> It would make for interesting dialog between NPCs
<Caltak> Interesting DIEalog.

<Caltak> It all depends on if anyone else wrongs him.
<Caltak> You know how it is.
<Chaos`^> selling your soul DOES make you evil!
<Caltak> SHHHH
<Caltak> *STAB*
<Chaos`^> lol

<Malik> congratulations
<Malik> this game officially feels like x-men squared :P
<Malik> since, well, people are considering implications and acting!
<Malik> not just being angry heads on TV
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> good :)

<Malik> "The city services need these protocols in order before anything else is attempted. Strict rulings and perhaps a few seminars or something."
<AlcarGM> Kirk: "Which is hard to achieve when things are hidden, yes." He walks back to the elevator; "Basil's parents will be released tomorrow," giving each of you his car.
<Malik> "I don't think anyone needs a primer on how serious this is, I mean... the city depends on it."
<Temperance> "I wish people could just understand each other. It seems sometimes that most conflicts are caused by people de-humanizing each other."
<AlcarGM> Basil; :or - or being scared? Cuz I'd be s cared of me," he offers.
<Malik> "Well, we learn, if slowly."
<Malik> "Thank you."
* Malik bows slightly towards Mr. kirk and takes the card
<AlcarGM> but he gave you a car!
<AlcarGM> :p
<Temperance> XD
<Malik> (Oprah is an Omega, her first power is density increase/decrease, the other is the ability to grant people cars :P)

<Kami`^> "How can you write about anything out here in the middle of nowhere. I'm surprised you even have a career doing journalism..."
* Kami`^ never really realized before that her mom comes up with stories even though she lives in the middle of BFE
<AlcarGM> Your mom waves that off. "Freeland, online mostly, but the point still stands that covering things for the local paper is hideous."
<Kami`^> "Doesn't it get lonely out here in the middle of nowhere? Especially now that I'm gone."
<AlcarGM> "Boredom is what the internet was invented to cure," your mom says, having sip of her martini ... which was probably invented for the same reason.

<AlcarGM> You are in your PJs, preparing to snuggle up in bed when you hear a voice ... male and a bit faint.oO(Oh! Oh, this is beautiful!) coming from at least three blocks away
<Kami`^> Telepath?
<AlcarGM> Yup.
<Kami`^> oO(What are you talking about?)
<AlcarGM> There is a stunned silence, then .oO(What? Where?!) a little wildly. (God?)
<Kami`^> LoL
<Kami`^> This is why you ignore telepaths, I think...

<Kami`^> "If anybody ever finds out there are telepaths running around and they can change people's minds, their personalities... It'll be a witch hunt. I have given you five reasons to lock it down. Give me one decent reason other than you bitching about not being good enough for track team that you SHOULD do this."
<AlcarGM> He thinks: .oO(What if he's already broken?!) angrily.
<Kami`^> "Harold Potter is a fuck up in life, that doesn't make him broken and that doesn't mean you can mess with his free will!"
<AlcarGM> Sinjin pulls himself away from the fence, floating a little above the ground unsteadily. (Why not? He's not going to stop hitting her and she won't ever tell. I can SEE it in their heads!)
<Kami`^> "Then call the cops every time he hits her. Don't mess with his mind. You're taking a moral high ground that you can't stand on. You are hurting people too. Should I dig into your brain and change it?"
<AlcarGM> He's silent for a few seconds, then closes his eyes. .oO(No.)
<Kami`^> "Then what gives you the right to do it to other people?" Gently.

<AlcarGM> The home is no different from the rest of the stret, thoug the couple you find sleeping in the living room have looks of shocked etched int their faces and the place has a miasma of illness about it, as if some unnamed sickness has seeped into the walls and made the home colder than it should and cast false notes to every attempt at cheer
<AlcarGM> Even the houses's voice is muted, as if worn down by the sadness of the inhabitants, but something ... an echo, or a stirring of thehome, pulls you upstairs to a bedroom.
* ^teresa^ grows quiet, stilling her breathing, thinking... there's something bad here. She only wants to confirm if it is still here, and a visual... will be important to report.
<AlcarGM> You go up the stairds, and the house seems to absorb the sounds of it regardless, as if it was bound to a code of silence all its own, but it's an ugly, waiting silence of things unsaid and words unspoken rather than the deep contemplative silence of churches.
* ^teresa^ readies... wait.. she doesn't have any conventional weapons. OH WELL. :P

<AlcarGM> You find yourself at the door to a bedroom. The door is open, and the interior is quite spartan. A lot hospital bed, a wheelchair facing a window and a single dresser, drawers alll open and clothign scattered on the ground in front of it. There's a wheel-in shower and bathroolm at the far end of the room devoid of privacy and the entire place smells like a death that has yet to happen, something waited for, feared for, and longed for in varying forms of helplessness. Some one .. or thing .. was trapped here, and now is not, and in growing wings someone harmed an entire street.
<AlcarGM> for in varying forms of helplessness. Some one .. or thing .. was trapped here, and now is not, and in growing wings someone harmed an entire street.
* ^teresa^ will quietly... ask the clothing, maybe. It's the best for that. What their owner looked like.
<AlcarGM> The clothing is shaken, scared.. it's never been handled like that, roughly, angrily, but tells you he's ....as tall as you, confused by that a little, since he was always in a chair all the time the clothing new him and put them on himself and has a blue eye and abrown hair and got his hair cut just two weeks ago, because shirts remember that.
<AlcarGM> they also tell you his name is Sinjin and they're a bit worried he might not come back for them.
<AlcarGM> Not that other families won't care for them, of course.
<^teresa^> Of course. :P

<^teresa^> 2d6 MORAL COMPASS
<Sparkie> ^teresa^ 2d6: 7 MORAL COMPASS
<^teresa^> Damn you, sparkie! :P
* Sparkie hopes that is a kill?!
* ^teresa^ decides to do the GOOD thing and will advance, figuring this guy -- if he just popped -- is having trouble, might not have even intended to hurt people.
* Sparkie should point out that, as a police officer, your moral compass should have more neutral rodney king settings.
<^teresa^> hrm
<^teresa^> yeah
<^teresa^> look, I'm not the one running it :P
* Sparkie sulks.

<Mason`> "There's always gonna be jerks and inciters, yeah, but the point is that the general person isn't so bad. They just don't understand that we're still like them, is all."
<AlcarGM> "What if they do and just don't care?" he presses. "What do you do them, to them? I just...." He sighs. "I've seen people try and make a better world, and the cost always seems to be too high, Mason."
<AlcarGM> Barry says nothing; they've likely talked this over before, quite a few times.
* Mason` shrugs. "It's worth trying, at least. If people continue to be ignorant anyway, then whatever. But no sense assuming they can't ever see the light."
<AlcarGM> Barry smiles at that. "Always worth it. If you think they can't change, you'd be surprised how easy it is to find evidence to support it."
<AlcarGM> Damien says nothing to that, just crossing his arms.
* Mason` nods.
<AlcarGM> Barry: "If we think we are less than they are, somehow less than human, we have no cause to be angry when they think they are more. And if we think we are more, we need to learn otherwise. At the core of it, Omegas are human. Forgetting that is what leads to terrible things."
<Mason`> "Exactly! That's exactly how I feel about it."
<AlcarGM> Damien: "Serial killers are people too."
<Mason`> "And anyone, Alpha, Omega, or Normal, who is a serial killer should get punished for what they did. That's totally seperate."

<kentari> I want to see if people subconsciously hear things say "pick me!" :P
<kentari> I have to say, though
<kentari> I'm highly satisfied with the abilities I went with this time
<alcar> Hrm. teresa would run into correlation/causation problems with that. The items people use most would shout loudest -- or not need to sbout at all, smug in knowing they get used.
<kentari> yeah
<kentari> it strikes me as something fun to experiment with
<kentari> when there's nothing else to do =p
* alcar nods. I figure it might happen sometimes, because otherwise all those thuings living their wonderful makers and gods would end up with a rather ugly underbelly of sorts :P
* alcar does have plans for teresa meeting th3e various buildins etd that DO believe humanity willingfully ignores them etc. They're fun.
<alcar> landfills filled ith all the discarded toys and gifts ,united in their hatred.
<alcar> If this game had a more mythical bent, the sland of misfit toys would exist in the back of every child'closet, the source of the 'monster' stories they tell themselves.

* ^jack^ pats Pauline on the head. This is her name now. And in doing so, sort of concentrates, as if a phrenologist.
<Tyler`^> You don't think it's a good idea to name the NPC a name that is only three letters different from a PC, it might confuse the GM...
<^jack^> "I figure Paulette would be a good name for now."
<Tyler`^> Four letters. Thanks for that. Ass

<Tyler`^> The bagel does not summon another bagel to save it from being eaten, since the last one was worthless and retarded.
<Tyler`^> err
<Tyler`^> demon

<Paul`> Conjure Greater Van With Mobility Liff! You can steal it from the other game :p
<kentari> :p
<kentari> you know what?
<kentari> Let's do that.
<kentari> NPCs and Objects can get plucked about!
<kentari> Let me know if you need anyone from my game :P
* Paul` should have dead frenchmen apppear :p or OMG! Art exhibit at the university (either of them) with 'dead frenchman made of diamonds'

<^jack^> "It's your responsibility from here in, then, kid."
* ^jack^ holds up a finger... and snaps, unwinding the threads of magic! Or something! It's like a clapper!
<Paul`> "But you're the magic person!"
<Tyler`^> Eddie turns around, "you're not coming out or anything, right? This isn't your boyfriend? You know I'm cool with that. My parents were lesbians."
<^jack^> "You're the one who wants the truth, I was just going to say you made my granddaughter retarded."
* ^jack^ says on an aside :P
<Paul`> "... he's *old*!"
<Tyler`^> Greg opens the door to his bedroom looking glum. He's got a trimmed beard, brown, short hair, and he's wearing a button down shirt. He has jeans on, but they are rolled up almost all the way to his hips, showing that he has very little of his legs left. He doesn't look a day over 18.
<Tyler`^> Greg: "What?"
* Paul` decides not to point out he's also heard Eddie tell people her parents were Charles and Anne Lindbergh

<^jack^> "Well.. there goes your leads, kid."
<^jack^> "Let's grab lunch."
* ^jack^ snaps, clap on for Mary's Normal Suit. :P
<Tyler`^> lol
<Tyler`^> Mary looks human again.
<Paul`> "Uhm, I jusat have five bucks. McDonalds?
<^jack^> "That's exactly what my player was thinking."
* ^jack^ heads thataways!
<Tyler`^> "McDonalds!" Mary says. It seems evil words are easier for the demon to learn.
<Tyler`^> =p

<^jack^> "So ... any idea what you want to do with your life, kid?"
* Paul` eats the big mac with the attention others might give to a five course meal, then sips the pop. "I dunno. You can't get to school, or jobs or anything without legal stuff, so I just get by. Eddie's pretty good about helping, when things get bad, and I mostly get by okay."
<^jack^> "I wonder... she seems to like your relationship when you're basically eating out of her hand and not looking her in the eye, kid."
<Tyler`^> Mary drinks the soda
<^jack^> "I hear you though. Doing anything these days is such a bother. Names, ID numbers, taxes, God, it never ends..."
* ^jack^ opens the letter Eddie handed over, reading it.
* Paul` stiffens a little. "I just borrow money when I need it," a little hotly. "It's hard to get money if there's lots of bad weather and most people don't want to pay for sex if you look too young."
* Paul` takes a deep slurp of the coke.
<Paul`> (( That is, probably, the stupidest reason to want to grow up ever, right there :P ))

<^jack^> "Do right by the world and things tend to work out. It beats sitting on your duff by a train station, yeah?"
<Paul`> "Yeah, I guess....." trails off. "You'd really teach me magic?"
<^jack^> "Angel, demon, human, spaghetti tentacle rape elemental, we're all in the universe together. It's easy to get lost in petty goals..."
* ^jack^ rambles a bit before being brought back. :P
<^jack^> "Sure. I already teach magic. You could just show up and it wouldn't be much of a burden,"

<kentari> Alistair: "Good. Interesting that you met up with Grant, though. Is everything alright?" Alistair asks to him, before continuing.
<Grant`> "I have no idea how to even begin answering that question," calmlyl
<Grant`> (( "We can start with 'no' and work out way up to 'hell ,no'." ))

<Grant`> .... my summary of events to Alistair was almost 500 words . :p
<Grant`> Damn you, time travel!
<kentari> :P
<Alyce`^> lol
<Joseph> lol
<Joseph> just go back in time and write it down in smaller portions beforehand

<kentari> 2d6 disaster check
<Spunkie> kentari 2d6: 2 disaster check
<kentari> Actually.
<Alyce`^> LoL
<kentari> You park inside the coffee shop.
<Spunkie> WHAT?!
* Spunkie rolled a 2, buster
<kentari> oh
<kentari> that's right
* Spunkie went PUNK for you.
<kentari> 2 means the skies open and rain down remorse, doesn't it?
<kentari> :P
<kentari> Well.
* Spunkie sulks

<Joseph> Sparkie really hasn't been feeling random :p
* Sparkie used up the main course by hitting someone with a skidoo; everyone else is just appetizers or dessert
<kentari> =p

* Mason` glances back after a while to see if she seems to be enjoying her food.
<AlcarGM> She is taking small nibbles of it, but does seem to like it.
* Mason` shrugs. "I dunno. Seemed like a thing we could do." *looks at her food and frowns.* "You don't like it. I'm sorry... hadn't been here before so..."
<AlcarGM> She sends: .oO(??? It is good!)
<Mason`> "Really? It's okay, you don't have to pretend, I can just find somewhere else next time."
<AlcarGM> Kelly blinks a couple of times, the seems to clue in and shakes her head, sending: .oO(No, no, good, just...) and you get a rather vivid image of her mouth ,and throat. Her mouth is small, but her throat is even smaller, according to the nice, x-ray clear image. (My stomach is small, too.)
* Mason` blinks. "Ah, ok, sorry, heh..."
* Mason` feels embarrassed again.
<AlcarGM> She ends, flavoured with apples and obviously trying not to laught: (It is okay. It just makes sex harder.)
* Mason` coughs and chokes a bit on his burger.
* Mason` grabs his soda to wash it down.

* Kami`^ has a new goal in life
* Kami`^ pulls out and lets the man rest in eternity.
<kentari> ((That was a terrible thing to read first upon tabbing through, sir.))
<Kami`^> I knew exactly what I was doing when I said that

<AlcarGM> Poor Nattie. She's rarely seen Damien fight, and never seen him really hurt or vanish anything; her view of him is .. rather different :)
<kentari> :p
<Mason`> It's almost like ken's game where he has every NPC act differently to each PC.
<Mason`> Except they're both NPCs.
<kentari> XD

* alcar changes topic to 'It is Tuesday night. The mono lisa is being painted by magic brushhes and a girl is flying over to your apartment. Because this is now normal.'
* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
<Mason`> (( mono lisa? more like duo lisa. :P ))

<AlcarGM> They both stare at you, unsmiling, sharing a glance. You can almost feel thoughts and images pass back and forth ,and they move closer together, the feeling of being pulled and energy fading a little.
<Kami`^> say that again but in english this time ;p
<AlcarGM> They both stare at you, unsmiling, sharing a glance. You can almost feel thoughts and images pass back and forth ,and they move closer together, the feeling of being pulled and energy fading a little.
<AlcarGM> :p
<Kami`^> oh i get it
<Kami`^> now
<Kami`^> thanks for clearing that up

* Grant` aims and fires at the creature, hoping to hit something remotely vital
<kentari> You hear a rather vicious hiss as the air shimmers and reveals a lewd, demonic creature with red, glowing eyes, sharp teeth.. fingers ending in odd claw-like shapes daubed in blood, and a rather jagged, sinister overall series of lines about its quite feminine figure. Large wings low on its back and small wings on its head flare out, slowing its movement as the bullet squarely lands in its abdomen.
<Grant`> "I never expected I would have to kill my mother in law."
<Grant`> ... or not ;P
<kentari> :P

<Grant`> Damn, spark is liking me for a change :p
<Grant`> Though grant has to invest in more serious weaponry. Like, Hellboy style :p
<kentari> :p
<Grant`> trying to shoot and kill things whose vital organs might be elbows is ... fun :)
<kentari> indeed!

<Joey`> oh man oh man I should crack open that jar of the apples and heat them up and eat them oh man
<kentari> Game1: making people overeat since 1997
<kentari> :P
<Joey`> oh, Im supposed to heat it in a skillet. too lazy right now.

<kentari> Marcus: "Sure. Eat your macaroni though, it's a sin to waste the apples," nodding to your plate as he finishes his.
* Alyce`^ eats
<kentari> 2d6 disaster check, muahaha!
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6: 9 disaster check, muahaha!
<kentari> It's tasty!
<Alyce`^> ...
<kentari> You even got a free activity book and crayons. HELL YEAH.
* Alyce`^ is in danger when she eats macaroni!?
<kentari> Your thighs are, no question about it. :P
<Alyce`^> ...
<Sparkie> Shut up. It's more dice rolled.
<kentari> The calories miss you, this time...
<Alyce`^> that sounds so dirty

<kentari> Marcus: "I can kill a man from a mile, and I can spot a fib from about as far," turning the car, "Did you sneak out with the car once?" amused
<Alyce`^> "No... It was a skidoo..."
<kentari> Marcus: "Hah! And you're not dead? Good job! I damn near murdered three people when I was your age on one," laughing.
<Alyce`^> "They had Skidoos in the 20s?"
<kentari> Marcus: "They were more like your basic... death-cart thing. Simpler times, you know."
* Alyce`^ just indicated he's at least 50 years old... not sure how old he really is =p
<kentari> Marcus: "I half wonder why people even make kids these days," as you leave the central town itself and head towards the warehouses and such
<kentari> Marcus: "Hey .. I'm not that old, you know." Picking up on that. :P
<Alyce`^> "I uhm... Was made to fight."
<Alyce`^> "Oh, uhm... Sory I'm uhm... Bad with math."
<Grant`> (( "I can subtract." ))
<kentari> Marcus: "I thought your file said tactics and ballistics were your big areas?" with shrug
<Joey`> (( bullet math is clearly easier. ))

<kentari> Amanda: "Oh .. I hope there wasn't any health risks at the day care? Should I be making an appointment with the doctor?"
* Grant` shakes his head. "The Company would never put you at risk like that. Perhaps someone felt it safer to keep a child near other children?"
<kentari> Amanda shrugs while taking a long sip of her caesar
<kentari> Amanda: "I'm not sure what you mean. Is there anything that you need to know about the place?"
* Grant` has some water. "I don't think so, offhand. I'd rather not play the hand with Sophie while holding too many cards."

<alcar> In a weird, oodd way Grant
<alcar> is almost becomning like a bad western movie hero
<kentari> and I'm loving that :P
<alcar> Ride into town, save somene, ride out. And pretty much treating it like a giant inconvienience :)
<kentari> indeed

<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> You find an open Sunglass Hut without problem; someone has spraypainted another T onto Hutt and the one wall has a nrather large jabba the hutt on it, with Hitler moustache. <- ideas like this are why it's probably good I never learned how to draw :P
<kentari> indeed.
<kentari> :P

<AlcarGM> Trent is sitting in the coffee shop when you arrive, drinking a coffee slowly. He doesn't feel that fuzzy about the edges, right now, but he is sweating and gulps back some advil before you join him at the table. "Over here," quickly.
* Malik comes over and sits down
<Malik> "That looks like it takes some effort."
<AlcarGM> Trent: "I don't want to have to be around people all day yet," a bit wanly. "I was up all night trying not to blend into things. I think I can hold it for a few hours before people notice."
<Malik> "You know, you're doing great for what, less than a week?"
<Malik> 'I reckon it's like a new set of muscles, until you get an idea on how they work, tone them, it's going to be tough in the beginning."
<AlcarGM> Trent: "Fear helps." he gulps back some coffee. "How did you DO it," quietly. "If I wasn't able to see and thne woke up one say sort of able to I'd tell everyone."
<Malik> "It was... really harsh at first."
<Malik> "I just sort of shut myself away, didn't talk much, listened to a -lot- of music."
<Malik> "It wasn't like... suddenly a lame person walking."
<Malik> "It was like... being frosty the snowman, and suddenly you are in hell."
<AlcarGM> Trent: "...... oh. Shit, man."

* Malik feels a little adventurous and ruthlessly invades everyones personal space looking for tidbits of interesting information
* Malik realises that he can probably cheat on every test that isn't just him sitting alone in a room
<AlcarGM> It's easy enough to do; most of the class aren't paying much attention, typing on chat programs like IRC or facebook or playing solitaire instead. The few really paying attention are the glassy-eyed Type A students, desperate for 90+ in the class and probbably quite willing to sacrifice a black goat each full moon for their scholarships.
<Malik> (black goat scholarships!)
<kentari> ((Hey, that's what I did! :P))

<Malik> "A vast majority of the Omegas I have met are pretty regular normal well adjusted people."
<Malik> "One was kind of a tool, but meh, otherwise a good percentage."
<AlcarGM> She seems a bit surprised by that, but does not. "MAson gave me a number to call, if I wanted to meet more I might just do that tomorrow."
<Malik> "Is it the number for SAFE? I think he mentioned being involved with them."
<AlcarGM> She starts, wondering if you read minds, and nods. "Y-yes. He said they're good people."
<Malik> "Well, I've met Trevor and a few others... they seem like they have a good head on their shoulders... collectively."
<AlcarGM> She nods and thanks you again. "I really have to get to my next class, though. It's called End of Session, and it's really long sometimes :("
<Malik> "Well, alright, but I don't agree with

<^teresa^> ha!
<^teresa^> I survived defense nanos!
<AlcarGM> Yes :)

* ChanServ sets mode: +o Sparkie
<Sparkie> By the power of Chanserv! I have the power!
* Sparkie should make that a catchphrase.

<AlcarGM> Becka: "I am more curious about how people with skin made of stone, for example, remain hidden from the world and don't end up on chat shows," almost making it a question. "One would be tempted to suspect conspiracy, but I dislike how the current governmen administration makes me feel like one of those nut conspiracy freaks as it stands."
<Temperance> "No, it's true."
<Temperance> "There really is a giant government conspiracy."
<Temperance> "Seems pretty damn stupid to me, tho."
<AlcarGM> Becka gives you a long, slow stare. "And how does this conspiracy remain hidden if people blab about it to friends in a Waffle House?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Because Waffle House is in on it." ))
<Temperance> "Who knows, black helicopters or some shit."
<Temperance> (XD)
<AlcarGM> Becka just sighs: "You claim one exists without even understanding how it works, then?" a trifle coldly. "Credit us with having some sense."
<Tass> ("which means I've sentenced you all to death. Enjoy your last meal. Of Waffles.")

<AlcarGM> Allision just nods, and looks about to say something ewhen Sebastian emerges from the men's washroom. He looks rather pale and green about the gills, but does come over; your skin doesn't turn pink at all, so resolely does he think about baseball.
<AlcarGM> Sebastian: "Sorry. Uh. Stomach cramps."
<Malik> (alright, that made me laugh)
<Temperance> "It's ok. You missed all the drama tho."
<Temperance> (That was pretty darn funny)

<Malik> you know, it does kind of make sense
<Malik> I'm more like... a padawan
<AlcarGM> he basically makes it/everything/himself. And probably views you as progeny, somehow :)
* Malik 's jedi master is a parallel dimension, take that, every star ware character ever :P
<Malik> like the japanese have their student/teacher relationship

<Malik> (we need a perpetual good time machine, this involves a girl I know, a couple of stoners, a bag of mary jane and a spongebob marathon.)

<Malik> "Well, did you want me to come by? Blah, you know what, I'm comming along."
<Malik> "I just got done with a ver frustrating conversation."
<Temperance> "I know the feeling."
<Malik> "Did yours involve magical porpoises?"
<Temperance> "Um.... no?"
<Temperance> "Do they know the rainbow unicorns?"

<Temperance> (are the docks super far away?)
* Malik does not imagine so, but blah, it's game distance!
<Temperance> (game gas still costs game money :P)
<AlcarGM> Distances in the city are pretty flexible :)
* AlcarGM changes topic to 'This just in: Game gas prices up 1d4 /gallon'
<Malik> (well that's just a stab in the pocket-dicebag)

<AlcarGM> It would be rather funny for the shamanic elder porpoises to actually show up, assuming they exist :)
<Malik> oh yeah
<Malik> definitely :P

<Temperance> "Eh, whatever. Say, what's this thing?" she picks up some strange black device with multi colored wires coming off it in all directions and one inexplicably blinking red light."
<Malik> "Er, that's a -insert name of some sound tech jargon here-."
<Temperance> (Malik: "It keeps the sound from getting tangled and leaking out of it's jar.")
<AlcarGM> portable particle accelerator, Malik. all the range among DJs :P
<Malik> I like the inadvertant pun there :P
* Malik was more thinking of a flux capacitor
<Malik> much easier to cut up a piece of music when you are referencing it as samples as they are played in different time streams :P
<Malik> excuse me
<Malik> I think I just blew my own mind
<AlcarGM> :p
<Malik> no, seriously
<Malik> thats way better than using a piece of machinery

* Caltak` has quit IRC (Client Quit)
* Caltak has joined #game1
<Caltak> What is going on with my internet...?
* Sparkie bets there is a lack of dice on your diet?

<Kami`^> "Being an Omega is bad enough. Do you have any idea what people think of TELEPATHS? We're the most hated kind, you know. It's because we can find out all your dirty secrets... You might be affraid of burning to death, but you're more affraid of others seeing your dirty laundry. I'm that. I'm the laundry inspector."

<alcar> I do wonder how long one could run a game with normal stuff. Normal stuff. Hint of odd. Normal, normal....
<alcar> I suspect players would quit :)
<kentari> I dunno.
<kentari> That kind of is how most people play our games. :P
<alcar> eh, I meant more relentlessly normal stuff. Like making players keep track of actual money etc.
<kentari> oh
<kentari> wow. :P
<kentari> I don't think I'd ever do that.
<alcar> Nor I, but trying it might be informative :)
<alcar> like D&D encumbrance for modern gaming.

<Malik> I'm starting to realise trevor just might be the only sane person on top of things
<Malik> and he is the raw unfettered face of the internet, and therefore humanity :|
<Malik> He is like.... some kind of digital jesus, this is wierd :P
* AlcarGM grins. Trevor is quite fun :p

<Malik> no one expects the blind dude to go marathon sprinting

<Malik> I'd love to see -that- case in court
* AlcarGM grins. Yeah, tass :P
<Malik> a rapist suing a rape victim for emotional dammages :P
<kentari> Hrm.
<AlcarGM> sadly, I could see someone doing it....
<kentari> You hush! :P
<kentari> I said NOTHING!
<Temperance> the only way it could possibly work were if the rapist wasn't convicted
<AlcarGM> Hrm. Burglars can sue if they break bones entering your own home....
<kentari> Huh
<kentari> Alcar, stop right there.
<AlcarGM> damn, that *would* be messed up
<kentari> :P

<Malik> "You believe in justice."
<Malik> "well, so do I."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "And?"
<Malik> "And I believe you just don't understand what it is like on the other side of the fence. It is the only way that you could support your callous attitude."
<Malik> "Are you aware that the person that you shot yesterday is involved with community services?"
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Ah. So your party trick is amateur psychology, then."
<Malik> "On the whole I would consider him much more a public servant than you are."
<AlcarGM> (( "But it won't work on me! *I* am a Scientologist!" ))
* Malik would go in for the kill :P

<Out2lunch> there's something oddly liberating about being pigeonholed
<alcar> especially if you are really a werepigeon.
<Out2lunch> having to work within rigid social restrictions
<Out2lunch> I"m glad I don't have to live in it, but it's fun to play
<kentari> Indeed. =p

<Tass> that sounds just about what I was thinking about
<Tass> which makes making friends hard :P
* Tass could be a real downer!
<kentari> So could Sparkie, just sayin'. :P

<alcar> Now I want to make an AC Omega with the power to trip people :P

<Kami`^> "Listen, are you sure guarding... so many rooms is safe? Don't forget what Barry said about this."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "It's easy when it's a new building. There's no ... baggage, you know?"
<Kami`^> "That's not what I mean."
<AlcarGM> (( "Unless it's over a sacred indian burial ground, but we checked." ))

<AlcarGM> Emily: "...."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "Like a bunny-person?"
<Kami`^> that shouldn't be odd, given omegas =p
<Kami`^> "Sure."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "Are they some kind of Omega assassin?"
<Kami`^> "No, more like Omega police for a certain type of Omega."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "You have the police after you now AND your mom in hiding?" with a frown.
<Kami`^> "Well A.) I didn't say they were after me for something bad, I just said they might come looking for me."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "The police don't look for people who aren't guilty."
<Kami`^> "They look for witnesses.. evidence... kidnap victims... Doughnuts..."

<AlcarGM> The skinhead even had a swastika (in biro) on one arm and is saying, "And if we are going ot be pro-human, we go all the way. None of those Omegas, or Jews, or anything like that."
<AlcarGM> They look ... as if the want to agree, but don't dare to.
<^teresa^> "So ... how do you get rid of them?" =p
<AlcarGM> Damien just gapes at that.
<AlcarGM> Tanya eyes you both .... warily.
<AlcarGM> Skinhead: "Send 'em to Africa or somewhere," dismissively.
<^teresa^> "Oh. ... That doesn't really sound that bad, all told." Mostly to Damien, as a question. :P
<^teresa^> "Why get rid of all of them, though? Surely, some might be useful?"
* ^teresa^ psycho-analyzes with a different sort of directness!
<AlcarGM> "Ah, well, as collaborators perhaps?" the man says.
<^teresa^> "It'd be kind of a bad idea to put them all in one place together, they'd probably get stronger and turn things around, you know? A diluted poison might make you sick, but if you concentrate it, the pure stuff might plain old kill you."
* ^teresa^ nods in agreement, weighing the waters. :P
* ^teresa^ also reveals that her player has dealt with way too many skinheads. =T

<kentari> you know, if you think about it..
<kentari> (and this is something I'm struggling with in my game too :P)
<kentari> the only problem with the holocaust was that, largely, they were wrong about Jews being threats
<kentari> What if they really WERE?
<Kami`^> wrong, or threats?
<kentari> threats
<Kami`^> well then they'd be like
<Kami`^> zombies
<kentari> They'd lose their humanity due to their dangerousness?
<Malik> jews sort of became a resentment stockpile
<Mason`> Don't Jews have Golems or something?
<Malik> that got burned to make motivation
<kentari> God damnit game1
<kentari> this is why we can't have nice things.
<kentari> :P

<Kami`^> i've GOT IT
<Kami`^> Teresa, Kami and mason in a room
<Kami`^> They could hear the UNIVERSE
<AlcarGM> It sounds like dice, falling, the echoes of the big roll :p

<kentari> I need to pay more attention to game2.
* kentari changes topic to '* Temperance finds a well lit spot and lifts up her shirt so he can get a few good shots.'
<Mason`> lolwut

<kentari> Remind me to make Quantum State a school in my game.
<AlcarGM> Heh
<kentari> "I don't have to put up with this. I graduated from Quantum State!"
<AlcarGM> ".. or did I?"
<Malik> quantum state produces a lot of interns
<kentari> "I have a double major, until you actually check." :P
<Malik> who occupy a employed/unemployed simultaneous state :P

<^teresa^> "It must be a pretty bad situation in your camp if the Cause needs a worthless life like yours, then."
* ^teresa^ has decided that she will allow herself to be a little irritated. :P
<AlcarGM> Chris just smiles coldly, as if your hatred of him only proved he was right all along. "No one is bigger than the goal they serve. The graveyards are full of people who thought they were indispensible."
<^teresa^> "Sure, but ... I mean, I can't figure if you're in it for the Cause, or the Call, at this point. Don't get me wrong, I've got no place telling you what to believe or feel, but... I don't see you trying to fit in, even to your own plans."
<^teresa^> "And, ... I was trying to imply that it's just as bad to think you're disposable."
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Until a man finds something worth dying for, he's not fit to live, is he?"
<AlcarGM> (( for making a skinhead utter that, I think I just lost a lot of karma :P ))
<^teresa^> :P
<Mason`> (( its okay, it was just rpg karma ))

<Caltak> And I don't want to create tensions with other band members! Hardly anything is going on with the band as it is! And Mason even went and set that gig up personlly!
<kentari> I think Kami abandoned the band once another PC touched it, Cal, I'mma be honest. :P
<Caltak> Well if she officially abandoned it, that would be fine. :p
<Caltak> Mason can take over, shape things up, make it successful.
<AlcarGM> Jerry would hunt her town and rip her spine out to turn it into a new guitar.
<Tass> oooooh
<AlcarGM> well, no. But he'd think about it :p
<Tass> soooooo metal
<kentari> I find the idea of a bone instrument humerus.

<AlcarGM> You look out and spot the kid - Leo - who lied to you about Basil and such those few nights ago. He's wearing the same silly clothing as before, hands shoved in his pockets and a scowl on his face, but at lesst seems to be unarmed.
* Mason` opens the door slowly, peering at him through narrow eyes.
<AlcarGM> He lets out a heavy sigh. "You plan to have issues, don't you?"
* Mason` blinks. "Oh, no, I assumed you were planning to create more of them. What's up?"
* Caltak` has joined #game1
<Caltak`> [22:27:53] <AlcarGM> He lets out a heavy sigh. "You plan to have issues, don't you?"
<Caltak`> [22:30:05] * Mason` blinks. "Oh, no, I assumed you were planning to create more of them. What's up?"
<AlcarGM> Leo: "I have; I just killed you."
<AlcarGM> :p

<kentari> There's a couch, but it's got a trash bag on it. The bed looks patchy, a lumpy cotton blanket thrown over it. On the stove, you can see a half-eaten pot of kraft dinner. The whole interior has a vague, stale smell of sun-drenched air.
* Grant` moves bag, and sits on the couch. "How much do you know about how bad things are in the world?"
<kentari> Many cans clank, but they are at least light!
* Grant` should take Sophie into the future, wher eshe can sell her cans at a recycling depot.
<Joey`> lol

<AlcarGM> Okay. We left off with Kami chatting with the Eye, who is currently in Artie's body and realizing it may have made a rather huge mistake.
<Kami`^> yes, and i was trying to battle the red king for the superflow
<Malik> ...this is starting to sound like a tampax commercial

<AlcarGM> Beyond the now-open door is a long, narrow tunnel lit by red lamps installed into the ceiling; it ends at a large metal door that has 'blast door' written all over it, only not literally.

* Malik strokes his baby, shhhhh little black box, this is scary only for tonight, after this you don't have to do this ever again

<Malik> "You've never been to one of my shows."
<Malik> "Right! Only temperence and whats her face."
* Malik has a hard time with npcs non omegas :P
<AlcarGM> (( Allison: "We're not all the same to your kind, are we?!" ))
<Malik> (You lack defining features, like the ability to breath fire, or to talk to trees.....)
<Mason`> (( totally man ))

<Malik> "Can you track?"
<Malik> 4d6 the eye cannot see itself
<Sparkie> Malik 4d6: 21 the eye cannot see itself
<Malik> (er, wow, thats a first)
<Malik> (three points from a max roll!)
<AlcarGM> Damien: "... track what?"
* Malik isn't paying attention, he might have just blown a fuse :P
* Sparkie wants dice to see if Malik explodes like a Star Trek control panel!

<kentari> <Kami`^> "It would also explain why I never had a... What was it called? Eruption event?"
<kentari> this also reminds me of a tampax commercial
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> hahahahaha
<Kami`^> I'm trying my hardest

<AlcarGM> The limo stops beside you, back door rolling down.
* Malik hits the com button, "Thats all, thank you very much, we'll take it from here."
* Malik grabs the contents of the snack fridge on the way out, though :P
<Malik> (armfulls! Also coat pocket fulls :P)
<AlcarGM> Trevor preps the death ray.
* Malik walks back over, "Well, he said not to eat in the car. And I intend to fully honor his request."
* Malik hands Damien some snacks as they walk :P
* Malik thinks it was perfectly ok to troll the internet just a bit :P

<Malik> yeeeess mason
<Malik> this is the first step to the dark side
<Malik> just standing by while people are tortured :P
<AlcarGM> I seem to get a horrible joy out of testing Cal's pcs like this :p

<AlcarGM> Leo sighs and waves a hand, a gust of wind driving the man up into the ceiling beside a light. "I could drop you; broken bones are wonderful motivators you know," sounding quite bored.
<AlcarGM> The boss makes an incoherent sound and then drops down 20 feet toward the ground as the wind lets go of him.
* Mason` frowns.
* Mason` checks the unconscious henchmen for clues?
<AlcarGM> The man hits the cement much like a hefty bag full of soup would, left arm breaking with a snap as he lets out a shriek that fails to wake the thugs. They have ID. Ronnie and Reggie, brothers. They both frequent The James St. Bistro, a rather run-down pub.
<AlcarGM> and were paid in cash, each having in fresh bills if you desire them :p
<Mason`> 1d2 moral coinflip
<Sparkie> Mason` 1d2: 2 moral coinflip
* Mason` leaves their money alone.
* Mason` waits to see how Leo's efforts go if he can't find good clues.
* Sparkie would like to note that not doing one for men smushing into grounds and breaking arms but for money is fun!

<AlcarGM> (( "Come over to the dark side. We have meth. Wait, no, LSD. Wait, I have it: We have cigarettes!" ))

<AlcarGM> .... which leads, naturally, to Omega Idol.
<Malik> which has different ties
<Malik> like
<Malik> can you sing?
<Malik> what is your gimmick? :P

<AlcarGM> The streets are full of monsters. Or what the city produces in its stead: shambling dwarven garbage creatures, each about 4' tall, stealing items and running away; you can't see a pattern, and the garbage doesn't talk to you at all, intent on hearing some other voice instead. Damien asks you to let him out at a random street.
* ^teresa^ does so!
<^teresa^> "Don't go too crazy. You never know what'll happen if wherever you vanish things.... gets full."
<AlcarGM> Damien says nothing, tail twitching angrily a little; the comparison of him to a skinhead likely still rankles :)
* ^teresa^ doesn't see the problem! :P
<^teresa^> "And be careful. You're a good guy, so .. stay around."
<AlcarGM> Well, the truth always hurts. Otherwise it would be a lie.

<^teresa^> "This looks like a job for..."
<^teresa^> 2d6 MORAL COMPASS
<Sparkie> ^teresa^ 2d6: 8 MORAL COMPASS
<Caltak> (( North Northeast! ))
<AlcarGM> (( "Captain Greenland!" ))

* ^teresa^ describes the nature of the orbiting laser Damien's phone once mentioned, requesting to be patched through to it, like, some kind of psychedelic directory assistance
<AlcarGM> Phone: <I will try it for you in the name of Steve,> with an eagerness to please that is almost disconcerting, even for a phone. It rings, twice, then shouts: <I GOT IN! I've never had a connection this good! I should be an Iphone 6!"
* ^teresa^ holds the phone to her ear! :P
<^teresa^> <Hello?>
<AlcarGM> A voice says: "Unauthorized user of Satellite 5, please disable all communications. This is your only warning."
<^teresa^> <This is an emergency! Weird thinglings made of garbage are talking about the Black Chamber! They're running all over town down here, just take a look! Bye!> :P
* ^teresa^ hangs up a number of times, not wanting to overstay her welcome!
<^teresa^> <You did great, little phone!> :P
* ^teresa^ takes a gooooooood step to her right, too. =p
<^teresa^> "A gamble, but... thanks. We'll see if that makes any difference."
<AlcarGM> The phone cheers in joy, hoping Steve will notice it , whoever this Steve is.
<^teresa^> Poor phone. The throne of heaven is empty! :P

<AlcarGM> There is a flash of light, a star going off above you as if God reached down with a laser pointer to say, 'let there be a smiting here'.
<^teresa^> "I have the feeling this'll draw out a lot of do-gooders... and na'er-do-wells, so --..."
<AlcarGM> The energy from the laser flashes down and into Hole, who just blinks twice, mouth wide in a big O. "Was that okay?" anxiously.
<AlcarGM> Ralph faints :)
<^teresa^> " ... Yes. Yes it was." XD
* ^teresa^ catches Ralph. D:
<AlcarGM> Ryan; ".... who did you call?" his tone very calm and measured.
<^teresa^> "Satellite 5. I thought we were still on good terms."
<AlcarGM> Ryan: "*that* was a death ray."
<^teresa^> "Yes ... apparently we're not on good terms any more. I'm shocked, too." :P

<^teresa^> 2d6 moral compasssssssssssssssssssssss
<Sparkie> ^teresa^ 2d6: 7 moral compasssssssssssssssssssssss
* Sparkie is such a boring moral compass :(

* Joey` shall go to the hardware store! We have one... right?
<kentari> Sure do! Two, in fact: Canadian Tire and Northern Tool.
* Joey` heads to Northern Tool first!
<kentari> Why? YOU FEAR PAPER MONEY?! :P
<kentari> Northern Tool is on the east side of town, and specializes in tools and basic supplies for the kind of redneck folks who usually work the mines.
<Joey`> (( what does that have to do with paper money...? ))
<kentari> A joke only Alcar will understand.
<kentari> :P Don't worry about it!
<Joey`> (( ooookay ))

<kentari> Lovie seems to pause herself to collect her thoughts before replying, "Magic is bad, and blood magic doubly-so. I'm not sure why you're doing this, or what you're doing, but I know it's my responsibility to suggest you don't. If you don't get this here, though, you'll probably risk something unclean in desperation, I can see it in your eyes, though..." she sighs, setting the equipment down on the counter within your reach.
* Joey` looks at her for a moment, then reaches for the items. "Thank you, I know about magic being dangerous and all. This isn't for anything especially risky though, just for a making a detector as part of an investigation I'm doing."
<kentari> Lovie: "Investigation? I don't remember seeing any active case file sounding like that...... is this on the side?"
<Joey`> "Yeah. They haven't given me anything important to do, so I'm just pursuing some stuff on my own."
<alcar> (( "Like opening a hell mouth." ))
<Joey`> (( shh, that's later :p ))

<Alyce`^> can I grab that rock on the ground, btw?
<kentari> Easily, but there's a chunk of hand on it. You want it, too? :P
<Alyce`^> Sure. I can clean it later.
<kentari> If you go for it, you do notice that the dismembered hand reveals some deformities inside: the bones aren't the right thickness, the muscles look like the wrong texture... almost like it were an imitation of the real thing.
<Alyce`^> huh
<kentari> The moment you scoop up the rock, though, your whole world... changes.
* Alyce`^ finds a place to put the rock and gore and pushes the man through the door
<Alyce`^> or I don't
<kentari> A ripple something like a shockwave tears out from it and for just a moment, you're wearing a very pretty dress and seated upon a throne made of skulls, holding not a man in your grasp, but instead, a dark black knife. You hear a vague laughter, and feel very disoriented.
<Joey`> (( lol ))

<kentari> Her father: "It isn't often one of Alistair's friends comes to visit, but we've always found them welcome company. What brings you out our way tonight?"
<Grant> "Just a venture I thought your daughter might be interested in," easily, helping himself to two more perogies before dessert since he hasn't had supper yet himself.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> "Oh?" He asks, passing you a plate of condiments: mostly stuff that'd go on a potato, looking over to his daughter. She looks up and nods, twice, without word, before he continues, "She's usually interested in helping out, after all the help we've received from Alistair."
* Grant finishes the perogies but does not have more, not wanting to put off their dessert. "It's mostly research, but I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss the details," with awry smile, as if everyone knows how frustrating that can be.
<kentari> He nods, remarkably comfortable with that, "It is what it is... you'd need to speak with her in private about the details, then? We'll stand by whatever decision she makes," smiling to her.
* Grant nods. "Well, it's your bodies she'll be sacrificing to Imhotep so that's good to know."
<Grant> or.. not.

<Caltak> that would be an interesting character
<Caltak> who believes shes all the Disney Princesses :p
<Tyler`^> Nonono
<Tyler`^> you never make a character who 'believes' they are something... they always ARE. It's only later that they might find out differently.
<Tyler`^> So you don't make a woman who believes she's a horse... YOu make a human woman who happens to be a horse.
<Tyler`^> and then it's upt ot he GM to throw in the twist
<Paul> "You're reall the princess from Drawn Together on one hell of a night out."
<Tyler`^> lol
<Paul> "The part where zombie animals tried to kill you was in fact not the fever dream but the only real part of the entire session."

<Tyler`^> The dog charges you.
<Tyler`^> It's pretty scary and doesn't affraid of anything
<Tyler`^> 4d6 DOG RUSH
<Sparkie> Tyler`^ 4d6: 14 DOG RUSH
<Paul> 4d6 - oh, this is gonna hurt ....
<Sparkie> Paul 4d6: 11 - oh, this is gonna hurt ....
<Paul> err, 3d6.
<Paul> 3d6 - not that spark'll do better :p
<Sparkie> Paul 3d6: 15 - not that spark'll do better :p
<Tyler`^> LoL
* Sparkie exists to confound expectations.

<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Oh, it's secure enough," offhandedly.
* Malik frowns, "I understand the whole drug thing has been slippery and while a lot of resources have been put towards it, it has mostly turned up nothing or went against superior firepower."
<Malik> "I'd like to divulge when we are in a position to really bring the thunder, y'know?"
<Malik> "But we found a lab, with technicians, currently working, or at least as of last night."
* Mason` looks over at Malik. "Oh, good."
<Malik> "Of course we left them undisturbed and vacated the premises asap. No need to tip our hand."
<AlcarGM> Damien scowls a little at that.
<Malik> "I had a proposal of a possible nonviolent solution, however."
<Malik> "Which involved our resident reflective empath and a person deeply affected by this drug with familial loss."
<AlcarGM> (( Damien's scowl deepends :p ))
* Mason` raises an eyebrow.
<AlcarGM> Damien: "You want to give them a care bear stare?!"
<Malik> "In a manner of speaking? Unless they are totally inhuman, the idea of loss and family are deeply engrained in damn near every person you are likely to meet."
* Mason` smirks at the 'care bear stare' comment.
<AlcarGM> Damien: "We do do after school specials next," he mutters, and falls silent as Nattie glares at him.

<Malik> kami makes me think of maki
<Malik> which makes me think of sushi
<Malik> how damn I want some sushi right now :/
<AlcarGM> It is her secret cliche :p

<Kami`^> Why radios when you have a telepath that can link most of the city together =p
<AlcarGM> and how many of the pcs has this telepath a) met b) revealed herself to or c) offered to work with? :p
<Kami`^> lol
<Kami`^> 2, 0, 0!
<Kami`^> =p
<Kami`^> IN MY DEFENSE, that was the plan for the PC the whole time, from well before we decided to have... more PCs =p

<AlcarGM> You go home, change, and make it back to university without a problem. Unlike the rest of the city, most of the student bodty seems to have taken last night in stride; there's a lot of talk about doing garbage-themed art as a Statment, though what it would be a statement about is rather vague.
<Mason`> "Oppression?"
<Mason`> "The police did round up all the garbage people and had them taken apart, so... that or genocide would be fitting."
<Mason`> (( god why am I so evil suddenly? :p ))
<Malik> (because Karl :P)
<AlcarGM> (( .. what is this suddenly? :p ))

* Malik doesn't really seem to share the outrage, he has his own. He would love to compare, but thats a bad idea :P
<AlcarGM> No, no. We need a good mob! :p
* Malik shall not ablige :P
<AlcarGM> Awwwww.
* Malik really wonders how many 'badge abuses' are going to be racked up by weekends end :P
* Sparkie is hoping for lots.
<kentari> ((That depends on whether I make it in for a session. :P))
<AlcarGM> No one seems to exect you to share it, because you couldn't see it and live in some magial cocoon of societies making, though no one actually comes out and says that, but one girl is about to ask you about it and just changes her mind and goes on to someone else.
<Malik> (this... I can totally see people doing one hundred percent :P)
<Malik> (and thats depressing)
<AlcarGM> (( yeah.... ))

<Kami`^> "Whatever we do, we'd better do it quick. The longer we're without the flow the more chaotic the world will become, until the world decides to restructure itself... Which isn't necisarilly a bad thing except that it's not good."

<AlcarGM> Kelly is mostly busty watching movie stuff, mostly the director since, like everyone in movies, she plans to direct one day. She does come over to watch you curiously, and ask how your day has been
<Mason`> (( Actor: "What's my motivation again?" *BOMBARDED WITH IMAGES OF DEAD PUPPIES* "... oh. Ok. Got it." ))

<AlcarGM> Damien doesn't hesitate at all about eating a couple of tacos, naturallyy, and ignores Emily edging a little away from him. "You get your ID yet?" to Malik.
<Malik> "Not yet."
<Malik> "I was too busy trying to fix the mixer."
<AlcarGM> Damien; "Oh. It's nice. We get ID numbers, our names on them and everything," eating another taco.
<Malik> "All I know is I'm number Seven."
<Mason`> "Yeah I gotta pick mine up." *getting into the ID conversation*
<AlcarGM> Damien: "Trevor said I had to be 6," rolling his eyes
<Mason`> (( I wonder if I'm 8 :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( you can be :p ))
<Malik> (Whatever it takes for you to not destroy the world)
<AlcarGM> (( hahhahaa ))
<Mason`> (( lol... ))

<Mason`> speaking of, I think it would be fun to see what the drugs could do for him :P
<AlcarGM> mason? :p
<Mason`> yar
* AlcarGM is rather sad not a single pc has followed its lure of temptation :p
<Mason`> well then!
<Mason`> I'll make up for ignoring your NPC by shooting up when I get the chance.

* Alyce`^ checks the trees.
<kentari> Roll knowledge (nature)
<kentari> just kidding :P
<Grant`> 1d20+4 - hah!
<Sparkie> Grant` 1d20+4: 5(1) - hah!
<Grant`> .....
<Grant`> Can I not roll dice this session? :p

<Grant`> "I've seen magic change thigns before, but a whole city....."
* Grant` looks about for some pattern to the trees, on the theory that perhaps the inhabitants were turned into the trees.
<kentari> At Grant's word, a low, warm breeze picks up, yet the trees give no hint of it, no rustling leaves, no bending branches.
* Grant` listens for any animals or people as he looks about, frowning.
<kentari> The trees are too close together and numerous to have been people, unless there were a LOT of people, and oddly, no animals can be seen or heard. As far as people are concerned, the best evidence of THEM is a directionless voice which picks up as if carried by the breeze, "Who goes there?!"
<kentari> Julius tenses, but Marcus seems to become more alert and relaxed, obviously trained well to handle tactical surprises. He has retrieved and released the safety on a handgun quietly.
* Grant` scans the area for any location that could be watching us, then ... magical snipers, for all we know, not responding to the voice.
<Joey`> (( <voice> "I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees." ))
<Grant`> (( that would rock :) ))

<kentari> The wind tightens as leaves pick up from the ground in a little cyclone-like movement, swirling about then suddenly falling away from a form, a body.. a female, in a green sheet that might have once been called a toga and unkempt hair, "I am Rachel, and you have come unbidden to the grove."
<Grant`> Oh, bloody hell.
* Alyce`^ spins quickly, a pistol in her hand that wasn't there before.
* Grant` draws no weapon at all. "We are en route to the city of new Detroit," calmly. "Have you seen it?"
<kentari> Marcus slowly moves, almost slowly enough not to draw attention, to be on the opposite side of the woman as Alyce, flanking Rachel.
* Alyce`^ circles the girl slowly, straffing around her in a large radius, keeping a steady aim on her.
<kentari> Rachel: "Yes.... you're standing where it once stood. A wasteful, hypocritical waste of potential, discordant upon the web of life and fabric of the earth..." in a bit of a ramble.
* Alyce`^ produces a second pistol in her other hand, ready for any surprises...
<Alyce`^> Wait so Rachel has a male voice?
<Joey`> (( yeah I was confused about that also :p ))
<kentari> ...........Yes.
<Alyce`^> Golden.

<kentari> As Alyce hops through, the door shimmers a moment and turns a sickly shade of puce.
* Alyce`^ googles puce

<AlcarGM> Hurt: "Did they make you, too?" to you.
<Malik> "They?"
<AlcarGM> Hurt: "The Project. You have ... weird eyes too and there's something ....." He cocks his head to the side and you feel energy leap out of him toward you in a rush, raw entropic force trying to separate you from George in .... next session!
<Malik> aw damn
<Malik> this can't end well :P
* Malik is now known as Tass
<AlcarGM> Not at all, no :P
* AlcarGM is now known as alcar
<alcar> He made a perfectly sensible and utterly wrong assumption and ran with it :)
<Tass> there will be dice next session
<Tass> I can feel sparkie gloating from the future

<Temperance> you guys really need to keep your stereotypes straight
<Kami`^> yeah it's ASIANS who are good at math, not women!
<Temperance> women are supposed to be bad at math and mechanical things
<Temperance> men are supposed to be bad at....
<Temperance> well, everything else
<Temperance> ;)

* Temperance smiles and takes the paperwork, commenting on the beauty of Kim's shirt.
* Temperance sits and fills things out, reading everything carefully.
<AlcarGM> The rest is rather by the book: citizen's arrests, but no need to appear in court and so forth. Payment negotiated with Trevor, no sponsorship deals of any kind
<Malik> (WHAT)
* Temperance asks Kim what they mean by 'sponsorship' deals.
<AlcarGM> Kim: "Logos on uniforms and things like that; you're to be paid well enough not to need those kinds of problems, I believe."
<Temperance> "huh." she goes back to filling things out
<Malik> Trevor is trying to take away my pepsi endorsement!
<AlcarGM> Sadly, yes :(
<AlcarGM> Nattie is more concerned with the costumes being covered in ads :)
<AlcarGM> The gm, otoh, thinks nike chasing down pcs to wear nike shoes would rock :)
<Temperance> XD

<^teresa^> "What if the last time this happened, a telepath asked if you'd be happier not knowing, and you said yes."
<^teresa^> "Would you, if asked now?"
<AlcarGM> Ralph opens his mouth, closes it to think a few moments. "I might be, but being happy isn't everything, is it?" as if trying to convince himself.
<AlcarGM> Ralph: "I might be happier not knowing a train is coming down the tracks, but it would hit me anyway."
<^teresa^> "Wouldn't that make you... less likely to enjoy the time you had left, though?"
<^teresa^> "If the world were to end tomorrow, and we knew, wouldn't today be the... most troubling day in the world?"
<AlcarGM> (( "But it will end tomorrow, and you're playing in an rpg anyway..." :p ))
<^teresa^> ((I know, right? :P))

* ^teresa^ tries her hands at mind probing. It would seem alcohol .... might just be her new material component. :P

<AlcarGM> Damien: "Dad always said american gun laws were lax compared to England," he begins when you hear a burglar alarm go off two buildings ahead of you, small Currency Exchange Shoppe (even called that) as the door is broken open by a well-placed kick from inside. A tall, athletic woman in black and grey garb comes out with two large suitcases stuffed with cash .... followed by you, also with suitcases
<Mason`> (( oh has Damien had an accent this whole time? :p ))
<Mason`> (( followed by... wait, what? ))
<AlcarGM> nope. Or if he did, it's not in his current body.
<AlcarGM> You, yes :)

<^teresa^> "There's nothing to gain here but longer senteces -- that goes for EVERYONE ... stop, in the name of the law."

<Mason`> "Well, either way, we heard their names so that's something."
<AlcarGM> Damien: "I guess. 'His name is Claudio and he looks like you' would be a sucky wanted poster, though?" with a weak attempt at a grin
<Mason`> "Possibly, but maybe Trevor can dig up something."

<AlcarGM> Damien: "someone like that Lexia person must make news somewhere. She seemed to hit you pretty hard, and like, uhm, being hit," blushing darkly.
* Mason` nods.
<Mason`> "Sadomasochist, seems like."
<AlcarGM> Damien: "I never thought that would count as an ability for someone to have...." as though considering other, more horrible things to run into
<Mason`> "Well, when it's to the point that having your neck broken doesn't stop you..."
<AlcarGM> Damien: "Wait, you actually..." He stops. "And here I was trying to do the whole no kill thing!"
<Mason`> "I had a hunch she wouldn't die, relax."
<AlcarGM> Damien shakes his head. "I don't think you should tell Nattie that."
<AlcarGM> (( "She's already on four drinks. 'I broke her neck, but I had a hunch she'd be okay' will not help her evening." ))
<Mason`> "Yeah, probably won't be that specific about it."

<AlcarGM> Thelma looks up as you enter the door and frowns at the both of you as she stands. "What have you being doing?"
<AlcarGM> Beckett looks a bit shocked. Kelly just glares at both of you, a giant '!' in your minds.
<AlcarGM> Damien tries to hide behind you :)
<Mason`> "Stopping lawbreakers? We're official now." *shows his new badge*
<AlcarGM> Thelma looks at the badge, then at your arm, and Damien's mouth. "Dare I ask *how*?"
* Tass is now known as Malik
* Mason` shrugs. "Eh, you know, criminal Omegas."
<AlcarGM> Thelma frowns, but nods to the kitchen table. "Sit," firmly.
<AlcarGM> (( The gm typed 'Shit' in originally, and was half-tempted to keep it :) ))
* Mason` sits!
<AlcarGM> (( "I won't heal you unless you shit on my kitchen table. It's a new rule." ))
<Mason`> (( o.o ))
<Kami`^> Thelma just got a billion times more creepy

<AlcarGM> Nattie puts her things in the skin and looks over. "Oh?"
<AlcarGM> err, sink.
<Kami`^> lol
<AlcarGM> (( "We need a new skin! Go find a tramp." ))

* Kami`^ smiles and says "I need to speak to an actual person." And pushes the girl's mind a little, it's such a reasonable request really. No reason to question it.
<alcar> Aina: "About...?"
<Kami`^> "Getting access, ofcourse."
<Kami`^> brb 15 mins
<alcar> Aina: "I am afraid we don't just give our access to classified material," almost approaching sarcasm. "If you want to report a crime or missing person, we can take down your information," a trifle impatiently.
<alcar> You gain a -2 morale modifier based on the 15 minutes she waits for your reply :P

<alcar> He glances down at them, frowning a little. "Odd. They're in greek now; easier to translate, though. Ah. One Meghan Lindhornbe and Colleeen Tew. Friends, went missing nine years ago. Neither family filed an actual report, claiming they ran away together."
<Kami`^> "...Fuck."
<Kami`^> "Does it say if they ever returned?"
<alcar> "The file is 9 years old," he says, dropping it on the desk and pulling out an iphone, tapping absently on it with his thumb.
<alcar> (( Mitchell: "See, you could have used facebook! http://www.facebook.com/people/Colleen-Tew/655255408" .. or not :P ))
<Kami`^> "Well, having last names works... I can google that..."
* Kami`^ thinks to herself why she wasn't taken as well...
<alcar> But you were taken, and this entire game is really a simulation, which every other PC a facet of the real Kami crying out for her to wake up!
<Kami`^> lol

<Caltak> I'm being honest, BTW, that I'm at the point where if I see ken online chatting, the fact it's not the game causes annoyance.

<kentari> It doesn't take long for Alyce's vision to confirm what the feet reveal: the floor of this room is sand, though the walls are definitely of concrete. There is a dry, cool feel to the place, and a vague smell of... potatoes, once you adjust to the room.
<Alyce`^> LoL... We're in Aperture labratories.
<Sparkie> <Alyce`^> LoL... We're in Aperture labratories. < -- please, ken? I WILL GIVE YOU CAKE!
<Alyce`^> lol
* Sparkie would be glados happily.

<AlcarGM> You make it back to the university without incident. The road has been closed off, emergency vehicles trying to figure out what the hell happened to the street, but it doesn't look as if anything Unusual is going on at least.
<^teresa^> No sign of Lexia?
<AlcarGM> None; either she died or got away already. If she was present, there'd probably be a SWAT team :)
<^teresa^> Disturbing, that she might have walked away from that.
<AlcarGM> Well, or been fried to ashes. But not havinga body to prove she's dead, well, you have watched enough cop shows on tv to know how that goes.
* ^teresa^ pretends like this is not abnormal, like the rest of the Folk, and does take a moment to observe whether or not it seems the ants are been herded, ever mindful of newly-hashed telepathic conspiracy theories, before proceeding to the university in an attempt to ascertain, well, just what kind of place it is.
<^teresa^> Yeah: just like Osama! :P
<AlcarGM> (( Mayor: "I swear, she died by death ray. We don't HAVE a corpse to bury!" ))

<AlcarGM> You manage to make it through a rather dull lecture on how William Wordsworth single-handedly changed the nature of poetry by ommiting one syllable and stress from a poem, which passes about as slowly as such a subject can be expected to. You exit the lecture hall with a gaggle of other students and spot Becka standing by a tree in view of the door, watching it. She nods to you, but doesn't make a move toward you.
<kentari> I do not know what is more tragic, alcar.
<kentari> That Tempy had to sit through such a lecture
<kentari> Or that I suspect you did. :P
<AlcarGM> Oh, yes. The worst part was the professor was passionate about the poem (I thankfully no longer recall what one, but probably could if I had to) and almost all the class was either bored, unmoved or staring at him as if he'd lost his mind. I felt rather sad for the guy, as much as I didn't much care for him :P

<AlcarGM> Sutherland University is clearly small, being a lot of poorly manicured lawn and rather large, clunky buildings at odds with an arts university. They have been dressed up with art and sculptures, but the attempt just seems to emphasize the fact that the buildings were once factories and the architects devoid of passion or style. Quite a few students are walking around and chatting, the libraries and dorm and administration building stil occupied, but the other faculty buildings are dark and empty.
<AlcarGM> A few students wave hello to you, the entire place having a friendly vibe to it entirely at odds with the notion of artists being emo or goth or anything of that nature
<^teresa^> "Huh..."
* ^teresa^ ponderously, of course, pays more attention to the sculpture than the people. Do they seem cheery, too?
<AlcarGM> Most of the art is modern, but generally tasteful. There's nothing truly shocking or edgy except some pieces that look several years old judging by accretions of bird droppings. Most of the art says <Hello!> quite happily, eager to be friends. Not a single art piece of the Mona Lisa with a swastika or a sculpture of Jesus made out of the foreskin of priests or any other post-modern absurdities to be witnesssed. Pehraps the school is anti-modernism.
<^teresa^> Aha!
* ^teresa^ kinda likes that. :P
<AlcarGM> It would be rather awesome if making the school anti-modernism was the real intent, and all the odd Omega stuff side effects :P

<Temperance> "I bet most of the really big athletes *are* alphas."
<Temperance> "Or omegas who don't look odd."
<AlcarGM> Becka: "There is enough money in that, true .... what kind of job did you get, or is it classified?"
<Temperance> (Did Tempy sign a NDA?"
<AlcarGM> (( Nah. SAFE isn't wikileaks :p ))
<Temperance> "It's called S.A.F.E."
<Temperance> "It's sort of a branch of the police force that deals with omegas."

<kentari> I"m going to help talk them out of wanting to be."
<kentari> I read that entirely wrong
<kentari> And thought of tempy as like
<kentari> Suicide Girl
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> That would be an awesome villain.
<kentari> I call dibs
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> lol! We can each make one and they can have a Suicide-Off!
<kentari> muahaha

<AlcarGM> You reach nthe apartment without any problem at all. archie has actually cleaned up the living room a little, so presumab ly someone convinced him to take his stuff to some local show finally. He's drunking abud and watching robot chicken on the tv when you enter.
<Mason`> "Hey man, sup?"
<Mason`> (( I am also watching robot chicken :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( heh ))
<AlcarGM> Archie: "Cleaned off the coach," his left hand floating over to wave at it before returning. "Also got a call from A Sonya? She said she'll be here about noon tomorrow."
<Mason`> "Sonya? Sonya... hmmm..."
* Mason` comes up empty?
* Sparkie coughs. Sonya Everhart - Mason's younger sister. *coughs*
<^teresa^> ((That needs quoting. Badly.))
<Mason`> (( OH MAN PLAYER STUPIDITY. searched on notes and turned up nothing :p ))
<Mason`> She wasnt forgotten
<Mason`> which doesnt count
<kentari> bahaha

<AlcarGM> Taking anything to meet your sister with, or just yourself? You know she likes to hear any new songs you have, naturally.
* Mason` brings his ipod with some stuff on it, and also wears his uniform but with plainclothes over it like some kind of weirdo superhero guy.
<AlcarGM> Do you wear your underwear on the outside, too?! :p
<Mason`> (( lol no ))
<AlcarGM> Awwwww :p

<AlcarGM> The bus depot is a large brick building that once upon a time was in the shape of a bus buut with additions and modern times is now just a large brick slab buses park at and leave, as joyless as an airport terminal. You spot no man in a blue suit on the top of it protecting it, however.
<Mason`> (( heh ))
* Mason` hangs out casual-like while he waits for her bus to arrive.
<AlcarGM> (( It was so hard to resist, though :p ))

<AlcarGM> Beckett thumps down on your head, looking tired. "You're not the one who was carting those down alleys and praying the police didn't stop to ask questions," but he does manage the ghost of a grin
<Mason`> (( Im gonna assume that was "bed" ))
<Mason`> "Thanks for doing that, man."
<AlcarGM> (( err, yes. Uuless you want it to be head? :) ))

<AlcarGM> Her hand hits your arm and you feel something enter you, something cold and alien, the womnan byut not her, not a mind but still aware .... it feels almost, like the core of Nattie's mind felt, as if it were the woman's true self turned into a weapon of some kind ..... and then it's gone, ripping apart like a paper bag hitting water.
<Kami`^> "What was that?"
<AlcarGM> "Someone has .... protected you, on a level that is postively ridiculous," she says.
<Kami`^> "Well... It could be any number of people. I'm quite popular."
<kentari> (( ... Even *I* couldn't keep a straight face at that one. :P ))
<Kami`^> (( It's true though, I can name at least 4 people who could have set up some kind of protection on Kami... But I can't list any who would WANT to =p ))]

* Malik will stay and have another drink!
<AlcarGM> You have another drink and the bill comes due, as all bills must, Next Session. Your server, Sparkie, does want a tip.
<Malik> (a tip?)
<Malik> (die in a fire)
<Malik> (keep the change :P)
* Sparkie makes a note to roll 15% lower for Malik from now on.

<Tass> morning is when I have to be awake because of business hours :P
<Tass> that is all@
<Tass> also breakfast sammiche
<Caltak> I'd get up in the morning if there was a game then maybe :p
<Tass> oh its a game
<Tass> called 'paying the bills' :P
<alcar> The game you never seem to win.
<alcar> All that experience, and you never really level up.
<Tass> indeed :P

<AlcarGM> That 'sculpture of Jesus made out of the foreskin of priests' popped into my head as a perfect post-modern art piece means something like it probably exists somewhere :P

* Temprance texts: Hey, did you want me to drive?
<AlcarGM> Malik gets a a text back: 'I should charge :) What time?' \
* Malik replies, 'yes there will be food, and it's actually up in (several hours aways-ville) so I'm asking Nattie if she could perhaps give us a ride."
* Malik follows it with "And she said yes, I'm thinking around 4 if you wanted to drive or 6 if you wanted the quick route."
<Temprance> (But it's morning!)
<Temprance> (a day takes like 2-3 sessions)
<Temprance> (you suck :P)

<Temprance> (actually, Alcar, where do we live, regionally speaking?)
<AlcarGM> (( as for region, mostly nebulous midwest ))
<Temprance> (only on the coast?)
<AlcarGM> (( ... yes. ))
<AlcarGM> (( somehow :P ))
<Malik> (oh yeah, duh, there was a harbor, we're totally west coast)
<AlcarGM> (( Point. Nebulous west coast :) ))
<Caltak> (( said in mine it was California ))
<Temprance> (to me fair, there are harbors in Michigan)

<Temprance> "So, what's the deal with your parents?"
<Malik> "Ok, so they don't know about me... being an Omega."
<Malik> "I called my mom, and she was shocked, but it was my dad I was more worried about...."
<Malik> "So I said I'd come by on the weekend for a visit."
* Temprance nods
<Temprance> "It is a lot to deal with"
<Malik> "So... I was hoping for backup."
<Malik> "I guess I'm real super suave around everyone except for my parents."
<Temprance> "I think that's true for everyone," she says with a smile
<Malik> "Really?"
* Malik is a little relieved
<Temprance> "everyone's less cool around their parents."
<Temprance> "It's because part of you, in their minds and yours, will always be 4 years old."
<AlcarGM> (( "Which is really hard to deal with when you're 2." ))

<Kami`^> I'll ask to see Hurt and Hole
<Mason`> (( I really can't get over their names ))
<Kami`^> (( I know, right? I mean it's totally a euphamism to gay sex ))
<Malik> (:[ ])
<Malik> (:[youguysareterrible])
<AlcarGM> (( uh ...... huh. ))

* Mason` starts walking out. "What, you're saying people like me shouldn't be going to McDonalds?" feinging being shocked and hurt
<AlcarGM> For a moment your sister buys it, and then smacks you in an arm. "This is really good; I have more targets."
* Mason` chuckles.
<AlcarGM> Meanwhile, five years later, in the northern reaches of Russian, Sonya aims the gun at the monster that used to be her brother. "So many targets...."
<AlcarGM> Or, perhaps, not.
<Mason`> (( :O ))
<Mason`> (( well... ))
<Mason`> (( ok, it could happen ))
<Sparkie> if I rolled awesomely!
<Mason`> (( roll to resist drug addiction! <Sparkie> 2d6: 2 <Mason`> :O ))

<Temperance> "Edgetech?"
<Malik> "Really advanced technology, flying cars and such."
<Mason`> (( DO WANT ))

* ^teresa^ shuffles to the car, keeping the rocket launcher in her inventory for later. Hello Kitty stickers will be required, but, back to base!

* Mason` heads over to get a drink.
<AlcarGM> Damien follows suit and gulps some back, looking a little better for that and grins: "You're a lot better, I think," happily.
<Mason`> "Thanks. But I definately need to work on my pistol aim. Plus I'm considering starting to wear an athletic cup or something." *with a smirk*
<AlcarGM> His grin widens. "I had to get revenge *somehow*," he says as your sister walks over, staring at the both of you like you were crazy.
<Mason`> "Hey Sonya. Sorry about shooting you, but I had to stay in character."

* Malik cuts a huge lock of hair off, like, drunked barber style :P
<Malik> (drunken)
<Caltak> yeah drunked barber!
<Caltak> :p
<Malik> shut your pie hole
<Malik> er
<Malik> banana hole
<Malik> monkeyface :P
<Caltak> I should write up an NPC, Drunked Barber.
<Malik> such hatred :P
<Temperance> banana pie hole?

* Malik cuts a huge lock of hair off, like, drunken barber style :P
<AlcarGM> The hair seems to shift colour, slightly, taking on a metallic sheen and the scissors tangle up in it and snap apart like children's toys
<Malik> "Ok, I didn't want to ruin a pair of scissors like that, but."
<Malik> reverse Samson
<Malik> I am the source of my hair's power
<Malik> it loses all its powere if someone cuts its body off :P

<alcar> hrm. So malik has mended fences with parents (somwhat), tempie is OK with her parents, Mason has shot his sister and Kami has her mom in a safehouse. Families rock :p
<Caltak> VIRTUAl shot
<Caltak> its like
<Caltak> if I killed her in Halo or something
<Caltak> i.e. doesnt matter :p
<alcar> You think that's how she'kll spin it to the parents once she's able to spill the beans? p
<Caltak> she fired first anyway
<Caltak> :p
<alcar> Granted, given Sonya, your parents might say they understand :)
<Caltak> lol

<AlcarGM> You have currently departed the police station with Colleen Tew, who has met the twins and not been eaten at all and is probably unaware how lucky she was. "If what Lexia did was somehow part of a plan by Zoyla to get us free...." she trails off. "I admit some dislike for such a thing; we shouldn't be pawns to time."
<Kami`^> "For all we know Lexia is really just crazy and we got lucky."
<Kami`^> "The fact is we *won't* know until we talk to Lexia."
* Sparkie sniffs. Poor, confused npcs. Your gm can't have a deterministic universe ruled by random dice results, so there!

* Kami`^ looks over at her after a few minutes. "Penny for your thoughts?" Smiling.
<AlcarGM> Colleen: "Half a penny, surely, if you can read my mind."
<Kami`^> "Not if I don't have to. It's rude."

<Kami`^> "Still, everyone has the potential to hurt other people... Unless they're a *real* threat, I won't just go barging into their head and fucking around with it."
<AlcarGM> Colleen; "So what you are really saying is my mind didn't count?"
<Kami`^> "I would have undone it if you'd asked." Shrugging, "And I will undo it when you're ready to leave, but you can't be in SAFE unless you don't kill people."
<AlcarGM> Damien whistles innocently, somewhere.
<AlcarGM> (( Damien: "But they just vanish, Nattie! You don't have *proof* I killed them." ))
<Kami`^> lol

* AlcarGM alters Nick to have the power of Miss Marple. "I find dead bodies. They're everywhere, and killed so fiendishly."
<Kami`^> oh man
<Kami`^> what if you periodically blacked out and woke up in front of dead bodies all the time?
<AlcarGM> that would rock :)
<Kami`^> And your power was to find murders, but you think you're causing them =p

<AlcarGM> (( iPhone: "PC detected. Foul PC detected! Engage mocker .... wait. Different kind of PC? I am so confused now." ))

<AlcarGM> What do you do while waiting on Nattie? :)
<Kami`^> change into my 'i'm about to storm afghanistan in the PAST in ANOTHER DIMENSION' costume

<Chaos`^> Anyway, Kamis *plan* is to save Meghan, then surrender to the rabbits =p

* Now talking in #izmir
<Kaime> Hullo Sparkie.
* Sparkie waves
<Arundhati_Alcor> welcome Sparkie.
<wk> it's a very painful evil bot. But nobody else had an alternative.

<Arundhati_Alcor> hey sparkie
<Arundhati_Alcor> d20+1
<Sparkie> Arundhati_Alcor d20+1: 12(11)
<wk> that's the bot.
<wk> oh you know that.
<Arundhati_Alcor> I know that
<Arundhati_Alcor> you have to treat your bots with respect, or they give you crappy ass rolls, like my camel roll last night

* Sparkie thinks dice help. With everything.
<Sparkie> Especially your addiction to gambling!
<kentari> XD

* Kami`^ pushes the shadows back with her mind, forcing them to retreat from this place.
<AlcarGM> .o)(Closed, closed, closed. We are the closers of the way,) the thoughts whisper in dull, mindless repetition as shadows flick and move about you all, attempting to penentrate the shields.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+3 - minds.
<Kami`^> 6d6 away!
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 6d6: 14 away!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+3: 14(11) - minds.
<Kami`^> lol
<Kami`^> nothing is ever easy when dice are involved

<AlcarGM> Rolling 14 twice has to have high odds, too :P
<Kami`^> not with sparkie
* Sparkie doesn't believe in odds. Only amusement.
<Kami`^> and technically I rolled 14 3 times in a row, if you count the 3d6

<AlcarGM> You hear shadows scream as they lash out into your mind desperately, attempting to block the way and dying. Small things, cripped shadow beings cast out to become a wall, with barely thought enough in their heads to do this, but they keep pressing at you, trying to force you back as though eager to end their half lives.
<AlcarGM> You can feel the mist dissolving as they continue tearing nattie apart through cracks forming in Beckett's shields.
<Kami`^> They've already threatened to attack this universe, and they tried to kill Nattie once. I don't pitty them, they're conquerers and they would kill me just as easilly.

* Kami`^ will use pips this time to help out!
<AlcarGM> How many? :p
<Kami`^> ten!
<Kami`^> 3d6+10 This had better be worth it...
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 3d6+10: 15(5) This had better be worth it...
<Kami`^> it seems...
<Kami`^> i don't know it just seems
<Kami`^> when I try to add numbers to my rolls sparkie rolls lower just to spite me

<kentari> Kami: "Just look at me! Hahaha!"
<kentari> :P
<Kami`^> i know, right?
<Kami`^> Kami's being irrational right now =p
<kentari> like, in the epilogue of the game, it will be revealed none of our characters actually had any powers
<kentari> Kami and Teresa were just plain old crazy
<Kami`^> lol

<Mason`> (( "Clearly we need to find a time machine and kicks all the past peoples' asses." ))

<AlcarGM> Nattie: "I plan to visit home tomorrow, myself. I did call my mom and tell her I has 'news'. I'm more worried about my little sister; she might think I can make her into a vampire or something. Speaking of, Mason has his sister in town, according to his roommate, so she might tell his parents. Or something." She snickers. "I'll have to find out where Damien's from and probably just drop him off without telling him or something."
* Malik tries to not think about damien meeting parents
<Malik> (So I'm basically a government assassin now, whats for dinner, mom?)
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :p ))

<^teresa^> "Hrm... should we involve one of the other groups? Like SAFE? Or Queen Frosting?"
* ^teresa^ made up that second one. Imagine it works. :P
<AlcarGM> (( Fiona: "Queen Frosting? You have RED STAR NOSTRUM clearance?!" ))

<Chaos`^> Lucky for you guys I got you another teleporter before I killed off Nattie

<Chaos`^> The next game we do I'm going to make a character that likes Ken's PC for no fucking reason... He could be the most evil person in the world and my PC will like him =p
<kentari> :/
<kentari> Chaos
<kentari> I'm holding you to that.
<Chaos`^> you'll have to remind me =p
<Chaos`^> BEFORE the game starts, otherwise the deal's off =p

<^teresa^> "Do we have........ any aircraft?" :P
<AlcarGM> Fiona: "Ah .... not offiicially, no."
<^teresa^> "Or, ... there's an airport in town, right?"
<^teresa^> "I could just pretend to hijack a plane." :P
<AlcarGM> She rolls her eyes at that. "I don't even want to *think* about how airport security works with Omegas, if it's all the same to you. But yeah, we do have transport."

<kentari> I honestly have a hard time thinking of a game that REQUIRES groups for challenges that ISN'T a war game.
<Chaos`^> yeah
<Chaos`^> or a fantasy dungeon!
* AlcarGM nods. D&D/Quest games fit that. Other games ... not so much.
<Caltak> there are plenty of scenarios that can have a cohesive group dynamic that doesnt need to be a plain old dungeonm crawl or war simulation
<kentari> Otherwise, I can only fall back on the isolation ideas. Players STUCK together, on a ship, in a boat, in a school, whatever.
<Caltak> I'd personally prefer a space opera type dealie
<Caltak> but Ive had that in my head for a long while
<AlcarGM> "You all wake up in a cabin with no memories, and the face of JFk."
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> mind you, that would be fun to run.

<AlcarGM> Your cdell phone yells, <Call! Call! Answer me! I have a call for you because I love you! Maybe the person who called loves you, too? Friends are good,> eager to add more contacts to its list
<^teresa^> "One sec." :P
<^teresa^> <Okay, okay! Call them! :P>
<Malik> (what is your last name, like, how would I refer to you as an officer?)
<Malik> (or whatever you would be listed as, if in a database!)
<^teresa^> Officer Numbers
<^teresa^> :P
<Malik> seriously?
<Malik> I'm just going to call you teresa :P

<AlcarGM> You invite Ryan with?
<^teresa^> hrm
<^teresa^> prolly best to let him prepare the police side
<AlcarGM> k
<^teresa^> and reduce the npc count =p
* ^teresa^ understands the terrible burden of bringing along people like no one else can.
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> When your pc brings along her own universe? :p
<^teresa^> ... huh
<^teresa^> yeah
<^teresa^> I never thought of it like that
<^teresa^> Teresa would be horrible to GM.

<wk> i just want to thank alcar for providing sparkie all these fine years. am i interrupting a game? pretend this was in brackets. heart!
* Sparkie hopes this means I killed a pc for wk?
<wk> (no but you have put them into the trap they deserved to fall into :D)

* ^teresa^ scoops up the knife in her left hand, setting the right on the table, and lifts her hand up high, like, Freddy Mercury style.
<^teresa^> "This shouldn't hurt much, if you're... tuned in?"
<AlcarGM> Temperance now, definitely, knows why Trevor left :P
* ^teresa^ SLICES!
<^teresa^> 2d6 Below the wrist?!
<Sparkie> ^teresa^ 2d6: 6 Below the wrist?!
<Temperance> (did she just cut herself?)
<AlcarGM> Teresa's hand is very sad at having offended her, and quickly offers to die so she can grow a new one that will serve her better.
<AlcarGM> And ... yes, yes she did.

* AlcarGM thinks Teresa should do all the 'stay off drugs kids' lectures.

<kentari> Teresa started AC working at Waffle House
<kentari> now she's a police officer coordinating recon missions to secret test sites

<Temperance> "I'm not talking about forcing people! I'm talking about human rights!"
<^teresa^> "We're ... not entirely human, though?"
<^teresa^> "That's the rub, there. Do we want human rights? Are they... good enough?"
<Temperance> "Of course we are."
<Malik`> "It's a good start."
<^teresa^> "If you're some kinda ... freaky fish guy, don't you need a right to like.. water?"
<Malik`> "Breathing means living, which is where happiness comes from, so yes?"
* ^teresa^ rubs the side of her face a little, confused at all the talking and the ideas behind it.
<^teresa^> "But ... I mean, what if someone has to eat babies to live? What if.. that's their power?"
<Temperance> "We are no better or worse than non-omegas."
<^teresa^> "There's so much diversity that I don't think we can treat omegas in the same kinda.. clump that humans get."

<^teresa^> "Theories aside, what I do know is that people who make and push the drugs that are going around.... they don't deserve to have their hands on the future."

<AlcarGM> The jet hurls through the sky in a blur of clouds, easily evading other jets because you somehow avoid their flight paths entirely; possibly because, at some level the other planes are wisely afraid of you all.

<kentari> I ask you to change yourself
<kentari> :P
<Sparkie> With Dice. Because Sparkie is better than drugs (tm)

* Grant` thanks her, and says he'll see about getting the latter back possibly, if she'd like. It always pas to befriend librarians, especially pre-google :)
<sparklies> You suspect, indeed, that the most powerful people in this town are in fact librarians and pharmacists.
<sparklies> She wishes you luck, but suggests that it might've "walked away," and might come back light so many little sheep do now and then. :P
* Grant` thanks her for the help and heads up to Lyn's with the candy, and also some clothing in the girl's size, if he can roughly guess; get it as a second hand shop, but at least be something.
<sparklies> You suspect the girl at the checkout counter tries to remember you face, but this isn't an era where she'd really say anything. A good bit of a drive lands you at Lyn's cabin, and she's busily tending to some kind of....... meal inside, it smells vaguely of chocolate and wax and the warmth of a wood stove.
<sparklies> The girl is resting on the bed, in a different position at least, and Lyn reports: "She's having a nap. I got a little bit from here, and a little bit from the rumor mill."
<Grant`> (( I could tell the girl at the checkout I also have candy in my werejeep, to reassure her :P ))

<Kami`^> "I really have no plans to have an extensive battle with a billion shadows."

<AlcarGM> Sonya: "Anything would be great," as though convinced that would make it so. "You're all neat, and you do awesome stuff and it's the best thing ever. You never met Mason before this, but I'm already not boring so I should become totally boss."
* Mason` rolls his eyes so hard they almost roll out of his head.
<Kami`^> "Well you're about the right age, but it could be years before anything happens..." Shrugging. "If anything happens."
<AlcarGM> Sonya: "It had better," darkly, then brightens. "Or I could just marry one!"
<Kami`^> "Well, maybe some nice young man looking for love near you?" Lifting her glasses to wink at Damien, then turning to Jillian. "We've not been introduced. I'm Kami." Offering a hand.
<AlcarGM> Damien just rolls his eyes at Kami's wink.
<AlcarGM> "Jillian," Jillian says. "I guess you're Kami's friend?"
<Kami`^> "I certainly hope I am! I don't hate myself!"
<Mason`> (( must have meant Nattie? :P ))
<Kami`^> (( he's been doing that all night ))
<AlcarGM> Err, yes :p
<Mason`> (( Alcar you should just have a game where all the primary NPCs and the PCs just all have the same name. :P ))

<Mason`> "Yeah, I already knew I needed to train more. But so far, you know, Trevor's been setting that kind of thing up."
<AlcarGM> JiIllian: "We could too? Robots might not be good enough."
<Mason`> "Well Damien and I spar, I don't know what else we could do except go looking for street fights."
<AlcarGM> Jillian; "I could spar too? Or ... I don't know. Maybe we could find Omegas willing to just spar?"
* Mason` grins. "What, put it in the personals? Although, say, a gym for Omegas would be cool, have like an MMA ring in it for sparring."
<AlcarGM> she nods. "or something like that; that would be neat. It would have to be pretty big, though. I think?"
<Mason`> "That would be nice, but I don't know anything about setting up anything like that."
<Mason`> (( I just imagined a Gold's Gym logo but with, like, extra arms. :p ))

<^teresa^> "Hrm... you two really did survive a pretty awful world. I hope this one's better?" :P
<AlcarGM> "Of course, there's waffles," he says, then giggles. "It was home, for us. Normal, because we didn't know other ways. But it's a lot nicer here, and the police are nice and we get to make friends.'
<AlcarGM> (( "And if you try and ruin that, we're going to have to kill you." ))
<^teresa^> :P

<AlcarGM> The gig is at a small bar called Callahan's. No web site, but they are in the satnav and yellow pages so it's easy enbough to find. The exterior is nothing to speak up, another building of bars over windows and a losing battle with graffiti. The interior,on the other hands, boasts, a long antique bar running across the entire back wall, a lot of tables, one loan pool table, no TV and a generous stage.
* Kami`^ looks for the others
<AlcarGM> A few customers are in, eating bar snacks and drinking beer; a sign behind the bar lists tonight as NEW BAND; apparently the place has a house band some weeknights, poetry readings and politics night fornightly, though the latter involves insurance forms :)
<Kami`^> lol

<AlcarGM> And this is when Kami discovers she never was a telepath and her only power is really placebo.... :p
<AlcarGM> Placebo Man would be a fun superpower.
<Kami`^> lol
<Kami`^> if her placebo power is this powerful then it is a very strong power indeed...
<AlcarGM> It's really Placebo2, with twice the inert ingredients.
<Kami`^> lol

<AlcarGM> Thelma offers up another smile. "Thank you for this," waving a hand to where the hole was. "Had that remained, what would have come through .... I think you saved the world tonight, though few might ever know of it."
<Malik`> "I think that's something we'll have to get used to."
<Temperance> "We have to keep an eye out for those shadow things, they want to get over here."
<AlcarGM> The healer nods. "I imagine so, but I hope it never stops you from doing so," with a low chuckle before heading to the police car, where Basil is waiting a bit anxiously.
<Temperance> "I don't think they'll stop trying because we closed one door."
* Malik` gives a little sigh, he really likes showboating it up :(
* Malik` resolves to get a tattoo with SAVED THE WORLD, with one hash mark under it :P

<AlcarGM> For a moment there is an appearance of eyes on the dumpster, small and wide, and then they're gone as quickly as they apppear.
<AlcarGM> Ryan: "Hm?" giving you both a puzzled look.
<Malik`> "Tiny shadow... person... thing."
<Temperance> "Oh. We frightened it away," she says sadly
<Temperance> "Poor little thing."
<Malik``> "I would reserve your pity for something less connected to a world threat."

<Temperance> "But if she's just a kid we can't let her run loose in the city, who knows what might happen?"
<Temperance> "Someone might hurt her."
<Malik``> 'she's here to conquer earth."
<Malik``> "It's like power rangers, and we're the teenagers with attitude."
<Temperance> "Huh?"
<Malik``> 'I mean, I think she just tried to get me to start a war between windows and cars, to possibly soften us up for invasion, if that makes any sense."
<Temperance> "Damn it all! Why can't *anyone* speak in complete thought!!?"
<Malik``> "Oh c'mon, you getting low on your nineties references?"
<Temperance> "Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, it would be much easier for me to understand what the hell's going on if you were to just tell me what was actually said?"

<Temperance> "Anyway, even if she is culturally programed to start wars, it doesn't seem safe to let her wander around the city all alone."
<Malik``> "Yeah, but what do you wanna do about it? How do you catch a shadow? If you could, would you be okay with basically incarcerating a child?"
<Malik``> (culturally programmed to star wars = lucas's plans whenever the movies totally run dry.)
<Temperance> "I'm not saying that we should lock her up, I"m saying that we should find someone to take care of her."

* Sparkie preps the alien vampire nanites ninjas in zombie tanks who are also pirates.
<Sparkie> You WILL roll dice this session!

<alcar> it is very odd to run a game with mysteries to solve when all the pcs have som aspect of Solving as part of their abilities :P

<^Teresa^> "So ... something that is made to be eaten, like, a waffle? It doesn't mind being eaten, because that is what it is here for."
<AlcarGM> Hurt: "Oh." He giggles. "That would make vegetarians really mad."
<^Teresa^> "It gets fuzzy. A burger is made to be eaten, but a liver? It's got other priorities... we're able to change things, make new things... alter all those meanings of life out there. It's pretty stunning what we do just walking around."
<AlcarGM> Hurt nods at that, looking serious for a moment. "We deform the universe just by existing in it. Like, like how things are always falling apart but people keep fighting that and pushing it back just by being people. It's pretty to see."
* ^Teresa^ nods. Perhaps, a moment of spirit kindredness. :P
<^Teresa^> "It's hard to know how much of that IS our purpose. If we're just... here to mess with everything else."

* Malik also texts trevor that sullivan said there was a mole in SAFE :P
<AlcarGM> You get a text back of: 'We know all about you already' from Trevor :p
<Malik> "Ha ha."

* Malik is at Damien's table, AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN
<Malik> (or maybe he just arrived when emily did :P)
<AlcarGM> Emily tries not to look too worried as she drinks water and pales a little as Kami says she can do the next set just fine on her own.
<AlcarGM> Sonya ends up chatting with Malik a little and trying to have him guess how many fingers she is holding up a few times before Damien asks her to stop :p
* Mason` frowns slightly and feels bad for Emily but doesn't get involved there.
<AlcarGM> Archie, Masson's roomate, introduces himself to Mason easily, seeming entirely calm and enjoying the music as art, more than anything else.
* Malik iforms her of her stomach contents, just to be a little shit :P
<AlcarGM> Sonya just looks delighted by that and eagerly asks what else Malik can do.
<Mason`> (( "... and rohypnol." "What?" *evil grin* ))

* Mason` heads off-stage before the cover-playing commences, and goes to the bar for a beer.
<Mason`> "heh, thanks man." *to Archie, acting like it was no big thing.*
* Malik requests sympathy for the devil, and asks if he can join them!
<AlcarGM> Jake makes the drink quickly, handing it to Malik; Archie just gets a beer and buys Mason his.
<Malik> (Er, a song request :P)
<AlcarGM> The man in the suit siddles close, within hearing distance but not introducing himself.
<AlcarGM> (( Oh, I thought you meant there was a drink called that :P ))
<Mason`> (( ha ))

<AlcarGM> ... I am not picturing american idol and x-factor judges in this game universe....
<AlcarGM> O-Factor tv show :)
<kentari> :P
<kentari> The Biggest User, a show about who gets the most powers after taking super drugs
<AlcarGM> lol! Yes. Survivor....
<AlcarGM> Pimp My Omega

<AlcarGM> Damien rolls his eyes. "Would *you* take me home to meet your parents? I know my tail is awesome ..." his stomach growls.. "and I have a cool stomach, but I'm not stupid. I've had people try to hunt or do exorcisms before."
<^teresa^> "Do you think, even before omegas, every dating couple or trio ever went home to the parents?"
<^teresa^> "Are you into her?" :P
<AlcarGM> He opens his mouth, closes it, then says: "I've barely met her!"
<AlcarGM> Damien's Stomach; <She bought KFC,> which, for it, is more than enough to be in love with anyone :)
* ^teresa^ hmmmmmmms
<^teresa^> "Have you found any reason in HER why you shouldn't go for it? Are you into her being into you? People make such a fuss over things! You should do this the simple way, like how shoes do."
<^teresa^> "Left and right shoes find each other without any of these fetters." :P
<AlcarGM> Damien: "... shoes have sex?" finding something new to be horrified about today :)
<AlcarGM> (( "Why do you think we have insoles?" ))

<^teresa^> "You're doing alright, then? How are things with.. whats-his-name, the guy in that apartment you're living in?"
<AlcarGM> He looks actually shocked at that, then says, a bit stiffly, "The one I vanished made it into my report to SAFE as well, which should be somewhere in your offices too. And the fight with the girl, and getting our butts kicked. I'm not stupid enough to hide stuff that makes me look bad, and Barry is doing okay."
<^teresa^> "I meant the important things. Your emotions, how you're holding up, the aftermath. The things reports don't care about, but matter."
<^teresa^> "Is he still trying to do those visible things, after that stuff with the garbage riots?"
<AlcarGM> Damien shakes his head. "Not yet, or he's not telling me about them if he is." He's quiet a few moments, staring at you thoughtfully, then says: "Have you killed anyone before?"
<^teresa^> "There was this one time, I was... having a really bad day, you know? Everything was going wrong... I was on a really short fuse."
<^teresa^> "Then ... I ran into it."
<^teresa^> "A Publisher's Clearinghouse letter."
<^teresa^> "The poor thing... looking back, I'm ashamed." :P
<AlcarGM> Damien: "....."

* Malik has an awesome idea, masked vigilante musicians, the appear, play a venue and then dissapear into the night before the cops show up :P
<Mason`> (( I APPROVE ))
<Malik> (this oddly works for an omega band :P chords and capes)
<Mason`> (( would so go in for that :P ))
<Malik> (you can be an awesome band, only no one knows who they really are :P)

<kentari> I feel kind of strange, out fighting crime while a cluster of PCs are hanging out playing music

* ^Teresa^ also slinks around to see what all Sonya brought over; that'll give her a good frame of reference for what she's capable of handling.
<AlcarGM> Archie just has a lot of junk turned into scuptures and paintings, including one of Mason, with arms, in a suit and tie, and a poorer one of Damien in shadows. Sonya brought her camera, iphone, diary, the Twilight novels and make-up :)
<^Teresa^> Oh, my God.
<^Teresa^> :P
* ^Teresa^ covers her ears. The whispers of those pages..... they eat at the soul in a strange way, like Watchtower magazines. :P

<^Teresa^> "Ever heard of those vampire books? About that chick who gets all clingy with a vampire?"
<AlcarGM> He just gives Teresa a blank look in response.
<^Teresa^> "They're good. At least, they were, until I could hear what they really had to say......."
* ^Teresa^ shudders. =p
<^Teresa^> "Anyway. She *was* reading them. You're kind of screwed, if you're single."
<Mason`> (( zomg she actually reads Twilight?! this is terrible. ))
<AlcarGM> Damien: "Uh ... okay?" looking a little lost.
<^Teresa^> "You don't understand..."
<^Teresa^> "Remember the knife? The Arab guy?"
<AlcarGM> He nods.
<^Teresa^> "Those books, they whisper in the same far-away tongues. Much quieter, much... gentler... but they sing the same song."
<^Teresa^> "They're about a girl who has a special love with a special person who stops having any life outside of their special relationship. It's like.. she'd wear you like Mason wears his SAFE badge."
* ^Teresa^ winks~
<AlcarGM> his eyes widen at that for a moment> "I .... I'll look into nit," in a small voice, stunned.
<^Teresa^> "... I wouldn't get involved in it. There's things closer to home that I think you'd be more productive with. I'm just suggesting you... start talking about your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or whatever, around her. Or don't put yourself in the position to see her. She's not staying long-term, right?"
<^Teresa^> (("If she's in a vacuum long enough, she'll probably just go for her brother."))
<Mason`> (( x.x ))

<^Teresa^> "I'll come out to her later and see if it helps."

<Kami`^> "I can kill them... And I can talk to them... I should go and try to... talk to them. Convince them not to invade."
<AlcarGM> Nattie makes a sound that would be a laugh if it had any humour in it. "We'd have to give them another world, I think."
<Kami`^> "...No. They don't do it because they need worlds. They do it because they think they have to."
<AlcarGM> Nattie: ".... what?"
<Kami`^> "They aren't populus enough to need mroe worlds. They think it's a... I dunno, a dance. We attack them, they attack us. The circle of life, all that."
<AlcarGM> Kami: "Then how do we reason with that?"
<Kami`^> you mean Nattie
<AlcarGM> Gah. Yes.
<AlcarGM> New rule: All npcs and pcs are now Bob.
* Kami`^ is now known as Bob`^
<AlcarGM> Bob: "But she's trapped there."

<Kami`^> that's one trait I can't not have in any of my characters
<Kami`^> they must shower daily

<Kami`^> "I uhm... Wanted to talk to you about the shadow world we went to... I want to go back and talk to them..."
<AlcarGM> Trevor blinks at that, looks at Nattie for a long moment, then you, and says: "Given Friday night, *why*?"
* Kami`^ clears her throat.
<Kami`^> "Nattie won't go, I'll ask Colleen to open the way... But we can't fight them, and they're going to come eventually. SOmeone needs to convince them to not invade and as far as I know I'm the only one who can talk to them."
<Kami`^> "After we went there, something happened... I don't know what but they found out we went there somehow and now there are more of them... We wouldn't stand a chance if they invaded now."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Mm. Telepathically, at least. And you did *such* a good job last time that it would be like making Tony Blair the UN peace envoy to the middle east ... ah, yes, they did do that too, didn't they."
* Kami`^ bites her lip. "I know I'm not the best person for the job, but I'm the only one we have... And if Meghan's still alive maybe she can help too. She's more diplomatic than me."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "There is Artie as well, in this city. Also Temperance, who definitely would count as diplomatic... or would, if she hadn't helped Malik close the gate to their world." He frowns, getting himself more coffee. "What would you say?"
<AlcarGM> (( "I want to be in a game where I can roll a Dilomacy check!" ))

<Kami`^> "I'm trying to convince them that killing people is wrong."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "And you believe that?"
<Kami`^> "Of course!"
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "And you think they would if there is blood on your hands, especially theirs? That the circle of life doesn't involve killing and being killed?"
<Kami`^> "I'd be asking for a ceasefire. We both have blood on our hands and I want it to stop."
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "And you think that one can be arranged from a position of weakness?"
<Kami`^> "Yes."

<AlcarGM> Arrest her! This can be likie karmic payback to game1 for your pcs lost to jail! :p
<Kami`^> lol
<kentari> rofl
<kentari> I love how it's plural
<kentari> =p

<^Teresa^> "What are you afraid of, that you feel the need to half-keep secrets like that? That's soething you'd expect from old groups like Disco, the Illuminati.. they're all dead."
<Kami`^> "I've never heard of Disco."
<^Teresa^> "Exactly." :P
* Kami`^ laughs.
<^Teresa^> "Talk to some flairs sometime. They know all about it."
<^Teresa^> "Those platform shoes, too... there's a reason they're not around much, they're hunted down."
* Kami`^ scratches her head
<AlcarGM> I am terribly tempted to make that canon, you know :)
<kentari> :P

<^Teresa^> "Why would you have to worry about people who are protecting you getting mad?"
* ^Teresa^ raises one eyebrow
<Kami`^> "They'll stop protecting me."
<^Teresa^> "I really hope you aren't talking about the rabbits."
<Kami`^> "Hardly."
<Kami`^> "I doubt they'd protect me from getting arrested."
<^Teresa^> "... I was talking about being protected from harm, not justice."
<^Teresa^> "How many secrets have you taken, with your talent?"
* Kami`^ laughs
<^Teresa^> "It seems odd to me that you don't give any to make up for it."
<Kami`^> "no one is protected from that."

<^Teresa^> "Will you at least tell me why they're protecting you?"
<^Teresa^> "You're not exactly rich." :P
<AlcarGM> Ow :p
<Kami`^> "They enjoy my company. I have a charming personality."
<^Teresa^> "Only a mother could love your personality, and I know where yours is, and it's nowhere she can be any help to you..."
<Kami`^> "Perhaps you would know my better side if our first meeting wasn't you breaking into my house, and you weren't interogating me right now."
<^Teresa^> "My job description doesn't include first impressions. This isn't an interrogation either. Think of it like ... an interview?"
<Kami`^> "For what?"
<^Teresa^> "If you don't know, then .... your protection is probably good enough. Nevermind."

<Kami`^> sorry, Kami just had a bad impression of Teresa and her constant questions were ill timed
<kentari> what on EARTH are you apologizing for?
<kentari> that was fun :P
<Kami`^> i'm sorry that my characters and yours never get along =p
<Sparkie> No. Fun would have involved dice.

<^Teresa^> "Oh, come on! Trust me; the hesitation you feel is a good sign. The best love is the kind that you fight at first, but then it grows on you, and changes you completely for the rest of your life."
<^Teresa^> "Like cancer!"

<^Teresa^> "Do you ever do anything... unnecessary?"
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "Rarely."
<AlcarGM> The nanites are ... confused. No one talks to them like you did, not quite. they swirl about your body, looking for the source of 'you'
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "I am talking to you right now, though," with a smile.
<^Teresa^> "Does that mean you're into me?" :P
<^Teresa^> <I AM... THAT I AM.> :P
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "It means I find you quite like ..., frankly, /b/."
<^Teresa^> "You think I'm an orderly creature that specializes in making sweet honey? Awww, shucks." :P

<AlcarGM> You knock on the door and your mom opens it slowly, as though expecting ninjas (or Emily) and looks abit surprised. "Kami? You're all right?"
* Kami`^ does NOT run into her mother's arms for warmth and comfort. That would be childish
<Kami`^> "I've seen better days. Emily said you've been asking for me so I thought I'd come visit my mom." Smiling.
<AlcarGM> ".... well, I *have* been bored here, but that's hardly your fault," your mom says with a laugh. "We can have a great visit ... hang on, I need your help with his crossword."
* Kami`^ walks into the room and finds a seat
<Kami`^> "She said you've been wanting to get out, but there have been a few alphas trying to get in..." Shrugging. "I'm not keeping you prisoner, if you want to go out you can but... Maybe you could find an escort?" Smiling.
<AlcarGM> "I need 3 words... 3 letters, 2, and 7, that signify an ending," your mom says
<Kami`^> "Why three words? Don't most crosswords involve one word?"
<AlcarGM> "This IS the new york times," your mom says. "Wait, I have it. End Of Session."
<Kami`^> "You didn't need my help then did you?"
<AlcarGM> "It depends," she says as the world ceases to exist, "on how much you really love me."

<Chaos`^> I guess what I'm saying is it just feels like the character is uber jinxed to me, like I'm playing a game with a cahracter with 200 points of bad stuff =p
<alcar> ... isn't that a pc?! :P
<Chaos`^> ...
<Chaos`^> no

<Kami`^> "Damien's probably the strongest out of all of us as far as protecting you from this group. He's been on tougher missions than escorting my mom shopping."

<AlcarGM> You arrive at your apartment to sense a familiar presence inside, that of a shadow currently flitting about Nattie's room.
<Kami`^> uhg...
<Kami`^> oO(Misha?)
<AlcarGM> You get silence in response, the shadow trying to pretend it's not in the room at all.
<Kami`^> oO(Misha I know you're in here.)
<AlcarGM> Misha: .oO(No I'm not!)
* Kami`^ just gives a face

* Kami`^ grabs a pen and quickly gets to writing a charter, because the potential new members will ask about rules and the like!
<AlcarGM> Somewhere, having shower, Nattie experiences a disturbance in the Force. "You call THAT a charter?! Two days, bitch! PAPERWORK!"
<AlcarGM> nattie curls up in a ball, sobbing. "it's not a real charter, it's not a real charter."
<AlcarGM> Okay, you expend some paper writing out the basic idea, which takes about an hour; you suspect Trevor would probably give it a C- at best.
* Kami`^ taps into the minds of some philosophy majors and politicians to make quick work of the charter... making one of the rules being 'use the minds of others sparingly and do no permanent harm' =p

<AlcarGM> Sunday morning dawns to your alarm, bright and early at 6; your sister is on a 9 am bus trip back Home and spend most of last night a bit miffed whne Damien got a'phone call' and used it as an excuse to leave the movie early. Apparently boys have feigned excuses to flee her clutches before now, which is probably something your parents do NOT know :)
<Mason`> (( oh thank god its almost over :p ))
<AlcarGM> It would be fun if, eventually, Mason can threaten to call his sister and Omegas run away
<Mason`> :p

<Malik> (jerry playing invisibly on the guitar, 'look ma, no reflected photons!')
<kentari> ((Ultimate Air Guitar.))
<Malik> (oh man, perfect)
<kentari> ((That could be part of the schtick, and why they're not stopped -- because no one sees the instruments until it is too late.))

<^teresa^> "We don't... know who the first was?"
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "Trevor lays odds on Barry, but he refuses to confirm it."
<^teresa^> "Trevor? Or Barry?" :P
<AlcarGM> Kim: "Barry. And some other omegas can live for quite a long time as well. You would, I imagine."
<^teresa^> "Huh?" :P
<^teresa^> "Have you MET the other PCs? We'll all be lucky to see our next birthdays." =p
<AlcarGM> Kim: "I have seen how well sparkie rolls for some of you." :P

<AlcarGM> Damien: "She used a payphone the second time," darkly. "And wants me on facebook and, and ...." he stops, recalling you ARE Sony'a sister, and leaves the rest unsaid.
<AlcarGM> Damien: " .... Alan says I'm being silly, but I could just about, maybe see some human girl deciding .. but she's like *stalking* me!"
<Mason`> (( I'm her brother,a ctually ))
<kentari> (( NOT ANYMORE, MUAHAHA :P ))
<Mason`> "Yeah I don't know what's up with her. Hey, you didn't... steal her books or anything did you? They were missing mysteriously and I turned the apartment upside down looking for them."

* ^teresa^ checks her timespace watch. Is she needed in game3? :P
<AlcarGM> your phone informs you you have a call that is NOT a telemarketer! In game3!
<AlcarGM> you are too call Mason, from safe.
<^teresa^> "Hang on. I'll spend half my brain on this. :P"
<^teresa^> "Now.. where were we.. oh, right."
<^teresa^> "You boys are supposed to accomplish something, right? That's your job?"
<AlcarGM> Mib 1: "That is all we expect you to have left," as he draws his gun and fires the lobotomizer Mark 2 .... or not :)

<AlcarGM> K. You head toward the mall and run into graffiti! All over the one intersection ,the bastard Diego has replaced the stop signs with one reading 'End of session'.
<^teresa^> rofl
<^teresa^> I was about to send Mason to take care of Diego!
<AlcarGM> hahahha
<^teresa^> This is terrible! :P
<AlcarGM> Diego: "I win!" :p

<^teresa^> "Oh! Wait, you're Mason! I'm so glad you called. Hey, I have something we need help with, and from what I read, you seem like a good candidate from SAFE to help out. Interested?"
<Mason`> "Does it involve sneaking into people's homes and taking away 'possessed' literature? Perhaps burning them in large piles?"
<AlcarGM> (( Say yes! Sparkie will love you :p ))
<^teresa^> "...... Maaaaaaaaybe not, but maybe! It does involve a bit of an, uh, anarchist. He might have bad literature!"
<^teresa^> "But mostly the problem is that he's a teleporter and we can't put together the randomness of what he does to predict his movements fast enough. You've got a knack for that, right?"
<^teresa^> "Also I have a pretty broad warrant, so what I did was perfectly legal, by the way. You guys have your SAFE perks, I've got mine.."
<Mason`> "hang on... you have a warrant to just go into anyone's home you want and take something you determine is 'evil?' Seriously?"
<AlcarGM> (( "When a police officer does it, it's not against the law." ))
<^teresa^> "Basically, when a police officer does something, it's not against the law. That's the gist of it."
<^teresa^> "Ever seen a cop get pulled over for speeding?"

<Caltak> teresa is so blatantly a nutbar
<kentari> Isn't she adorable? :D
<alcar> Heh. I actully didn't think anyone would ever deal with Diego; he's been fun as one of those alarchist Omegas who manages to be mostly utterly annoying and not, well, an actual threat as such :p
<kentari> I just want to give her a hug, but I know she'd dissolve into little bits, so that would not be good.
<kentari> pfft
<kentari> Diego has dangerous potential!
<alcar> Well, yes :)
<kentari> If the wrong people get to him, it could be bad news for a lot of people!
<Caltak> how do you know I'm not the wrong people? :p
<alcar> But everyone has that, and most people don't make briefcase nukes :p
<kentari> it's a test, cal! :P

<alcar> Hrm. Does remind me I should name-drop Dennis at some point. Just because he's been in every other superheroish thing, so he should at least get a mention as working for someone.
<alcar> and not show up, so pcs cannot corrupt him :P
<kentari> rofl. ;p
<kentari> 'corrupt'

<kentari> you should hit him up with an alpha lawyer
<kentari> perhaps some kinda...
<kentari> oh
<kentari> have a bystander sue him
<kentari> and a lawyer try to convince him to settle, etc.
<alcar> Harvey Birdman, Omega Attorney At Law.
<kentari> hahahahahaha
<kentari> :P

<AlcarGM> You unpack easily, getting everything into the apartment. Emily shows up to ask if you need any help or anything else.
<Malik> "I don't think so, no."
* Malik surveys the small castle of boxes, "Actually, probably just need to set up the bed, and I can do the rest over time."
<AlcarGM> Emily helps with that, wanting you to feel welcome. Trent gets the keys to take the van back to the company and asks if you need anything else.
* Malik starts unfolding the struts for the base of the frame and puts it somewhere that tactically makes sense if he ever gets woken up again in the middle of the night by hired goons :P

<AlcarGM> Damien hits the back seat with Kami's mom, rather hard. He's drenched in sweat and looks ready to pass out as Kami scrambles through the remains of the basement to find one rickety ladder.
<Kami`^> well
<Kami`^> whatever, i'll use it!
* ^teresa^ gives Damien a salute, slams the back door shut, and leaps in through her own open driver's side window to complete the execution of Operation Hell Out of Dodge.
<AlcarGM> Damien starts from the back of the car but recognizes Teresa and simply faints, exhausted, as Heather Sturges demnands, "Who are you? What is going ON here?" as Teresa drive away with the both of them and Kami crawls up out of the wreckage, unnoticed by all and unharmed.
* Kami`^ has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 192 seconds)
<AlcarGM> Or, sadly, harmed by ping.
<^teresa^> "Good work, Ping."
<^teresa^> "Let's move!" :P

* Malik waves
* ^teresa^ looks like she's about to make introductions, then stops, unsure of something.
<^teresa^> .o(Oh geez, did they want to use code names? :P)
<^teresa^> (("Ma'am, this is ... Agent Thundering Cloud."))
<AlcarGM> Heather Sturges crosses her arms. "It isn't safe to know that," using safe without any ironic sense at all. "People wish me dead now, because of things I did when I was .... in different circumstances."
<Malik> (Agent arius is my safe name :P)
<^teresa^> "I'll be candid, because my job is your safety, and I can't do that effectively if politeness keeps us from knowing things we should. Kami recently severely injured a SAFE member doing risky things in an attempt to find others involved in the Project. I believe she's trying to get in touch with them. Any information you might have on the nature of the project's conclusion, her.. survival, and her father... it'd help us help her."
<Malik> (I do technically work for the gov't)
<^teresa^> ((In the same way that a mailbox does. :p))

<^teresa^> "You're the switch." :P
<Malik> "Right.'
<Malik> "I'd better act the part then."
* Malik gets in the back of the car
* Malik becomes Mrs Sturges :P
* ^teresa^ licks her lips. This is going to be even better the second time. =p
<AlcarGM> Damien does not jump out of the seat but does stare at Malik in disbelief. "You .. you can .... wow."
<^teresa^> "Don't think of being unfaithful to Sonya, now."
* ^teresa^ laughs and laughs and drives away with the both of them, heading back for the laundromat. =p
<Malik> "I've been getting better... I've had a lot more practice."
<^teresa^> "Speaking of Sonya. Have you figured out where you want to go with *that*?"
* ^teresa^ asks Damien =p
<AlcarGM> Damien gives Teresa the finger in response, scowling a little. "I don't know. She's weird."

<kentari> how many plots HAVE we traded off tonight anyway?
* kentari lost count. :P
<Malik> yeah
<Malik> maybe....
<Malik> 5?
<kentari> ah
<Malik> prodigy, r2-45, magic, DSI, mercenaries, robin hoodlums
<kentari> oh, Sonya
<kentari> don't forget Sonya. :P
<Malik> right
<kentari> Diego
<Malik> she is a plot, when? ;P

<Malik> "Sullivan is a splice. He's owned by R2-45, Andrea is his handler? And he's potentially worth billions of dollars."
<Malik> "Plus he's not happy with his place in this world."
<^teresa^> "I don't know Andrea, but.. he's a tool? Hrm.. that means he might be a good mole?"
<^teresa^> "What could we give him, though? The only thing I know he likes is underwear."
<^teresa^> (("And I don't have any."))

<^teresa^> "But, seeing things from multiple perspectives is important to understanding the world and getting along, right?"
<^teresa^> "Don't you.... "
<^teresa^> "Want to hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?!?!"
<AlcarGM> Damien: "... I don't think I'd want to hear stuff I vanish talk to me."
* Malik kills with a glare
<Malik> (a glare made of BULLETS)
<^teresa^> :P
<^teresa^> "Someday, Damien..."
<^teresa^> "I don't know how, but I *really* want to understand your power better."
<Malik> <^teresa^> "But, seeing things from multiple personalities is important to understanding the world and getting along, right?" <---fixed this for you :P

<kentari> Let's just operate under the premise that cal's in his mmo and all's right with the earth. =p
* Sparkie wants to quote ken's line so much :p
<kentari> go ahead, worse has been quoted. =p

<alcar> Damien gulps back some more coffee, staring down at his hands, your skin taking on more blue and purple tones; he's worried you'll be scared of him and doesn't much want that.
<alcar> Damien: "I figured I should tell someone in SAFE about something, in case they need to use it, and you seemed the best bet," he says finally, looking up.
<alcar> Damien: "It's just that I don't think you're involved in any of the conspiracy stuff, and it's not fair to drag people into that."
<Temperance> "If it helps, I looked into a demenion of darkness and hate the other day so I"m pretty much good on the shock front."
<alcar> He blinks at that.
<alcar> Damien: "Oh." and grins. "I guess it does. Really another dimension?"
<Tass> (lulz)

<alcar> Now pcs get to be paranoid about who has an oracle and why and to what end! Fun!
<alcar> though, really, gming an oracle in a game with a dicebot and pcs is fraught with difficulty :p
* alcar ran one game ages ago where a player, upon finding out prophecies had been written about him, took some gloves of lightning to his face in response and blew his head off to be free of them.
<alcar> it was ... quite effective :p

<alcar> Chaos! On a scale of 1 to 10, how depressing a setting do you think AC is? :p
<kentari> Which is high and which is low? :P
<alcar> 10 would be like cyberpunk nazi germany taking place in an orwellian world of cheneyian morality set up like disney land. So, not fun :p

<AlcarGM> You wish to attempt contact via mind?
<Kami`^> let's do it
* Sparkie wants to see pretty dice?
<Kami`^> 6d6 fake dice
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 6d6: 17 fake dice
<Sparkie> Real dice would have been higher.
<Kami`^> lol
<Kami`^> 6d6 real dice
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 6d6: 21 real dice
<Sparkie> See?

<Kami`^> :I don't want to kill you. I want to recruit you!:
<AlcarGM> Blake: ::The Order of the Seven Seals tried that; they're all dead now.::
<Kami`^> :Not *that* kind of recruit. It's completely up to you if you want to join. We're just starting though, so we don't have a big uhm... User base.:
<AlcarGM> Blake: ::Starting to do what?:: sounding guarded
<Kami`^> :Mostly? Help people using our telepathy and whatever other skills we have. The group is meant to be a kind of guard for the omegas should they become NEWS. Not to make people forget, liek the illuminati, but by keeping the public from rioting mostly, and give them time to deal with the problem without violence."
<AlcarGM> Blake: ::So just like the media then?::
<Kami`^> :We also do other public services, like helping people in trouble. We're currently investigating the college downtown: or wherever it is
<Kami`^> :Nothing like the media. The media wants people to panic. We have no plans to make any big reveils or show the world what's right. We're mostly just a reactionary group. We deal with problems that come up, we try not to cause them.:
<Kami`^> :That being said, we let our members, myself included, do whatever they want, as long as it's not super evil and not in the name of the group itself.:
<AlcarGM> Blake: ::Ah, so more like Fox News. What do I get out of it?::

<Malik> (to malik, everyone is naked. He is like the ultimate TSA scanner :P)

<^Teresa^> "Me? I don't generally worry about being alone. The world is.. overflowing with stuff."
<AlcarGM> Damien just groans at that.
<AlcarGM> Barry raises an eyebrow. "Things, yes, but those seldom define us. Posessions are traps as much as anything else."
<AlcarGM> He says, in the penthouse :P
<^Teresa^> "Oh, nononono... I mean, I talk to things."
<^Teresa^> "And since they talk back, I know I'm an Omega and not just plain crazy." :P
<^Teresa^> (("I'm a *special* kind of crazy."))

<Kami`^> oh man
<Kami`^> stop it guys
<Kami`^> now alcar's going to have mermaids invade the world in big tanks

<kentari> Bad Touch scene.
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> Hah. I read that as Bad Touch sense :P
<AlcarGM> sixth sense: bad touch would be very, very odd :P
<kentari> hrm
<kentari> that "One aspect" I didn't fill in?
<kentari> I think we know what it is now.
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> hahahhaa

<Malik> what was notch?
<fennec> Per Elana's game: elf princess. Half-elf, half-pixie, actually. Part of some elf-druidical scheme to but didn't really want a part of it. ran away to seek adventure and shoot things (with a bow).
<kentari> -game1: OBJECT_OF_SCHEME: command not found
<fennec> combination PC/McGuffin. Had excessive magical power (generally unavailable to the player in any directed form) and didn't really want anything to do with it.
<fennec> kentari- well, it wasn't her scheme. :P also, for fun, i had elana pick her real name. notch was just a street name. :b
<Kami`^> man, I'd have the GM pick the street name, that'd be more interesting and have mroe to do with the world
<AlcarGM> Spunkmuffin :p
<Kami`^> right?

<Islay> Tass!
* Islay is now known as LadyIslay
* LadyIslay did *not* have gender-reassignment surgery.
<Caltak> ooookay
* Out2lunch wasn't aware that needed clarification ...

<Irooni> you're the stat man
<Irooni> hmm lets test this out
<wk> i just mean last week a lot of people did a lot of rolls
<wk> and a lot of people were sadface
<wk> one guy ran away :P

<Kami`^> ::You have slept, right>::
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. ::I am good for a few more hours::
<Kami`^> ::Alright.::
* Kami`^ goes upstairs and gets ready for the day
<AlcarGM> He wanders off to starbucks for a coffee, rather disappointed you didn't want sex since it feels awesome; he's giving some rather serious thoughts ot what sex between telepaths would do.
<Kami`^> lol

<Kami`^> ::Alright, we'll figure something out with the MRI... I'm not sure what though. Hospitals are so sketchy, it'd be hard to use telepathy to get a free scan...::
<AlcarGM> Kelly: ::You can't just ...:: and you get an image of Samantha in the old Bewitched wiggling her nose as a stand-in for telepathy.
<Kami`^> ::That's what I'm saying.::
* Kami`^ sighs
<Kami`^> ::Are there any raffles for free MRIs?::
<AlcarGM> Kelly: ::..... I don't *think* so?::
<AlcarGM> as fun at that would be :P

<Kami`^> :Make friends with powerful people. You're powerful yourself so it should be easy. Talk to them, get to know them. Help them out.:
<Kami`^> :Walk around, scan people's minds, follow the weird stuff.:
<AlcarGM> He frowns slight at that. :I can try? I don't have your range.:
* AlcarGM resists the urge for Sinjin to take Kami's advice to heart and fly to England to offer his services to Rupert Murdoch :p
<Kami`^> :Do your best. You can also just look for stuff yourself. Use your eyes too.: SHrugging.
<AlcarGM> (( "You said powerful people." ))

<AlcarGM> Zoe: "You can hide as one as one of *them*. There is nothing you understand. Go away."
<AlcarGM> She steps back, at least no longer considering kiling you.
<Kami`^> "Fine, I look human enough, but I"m not here to talk about me, I'm here to talk about you."
<Kami`^> "Despite that you don't feel like you belong in their world, you still have the power to protect them."
<AlcarGM> Zoe: "I have no reason to protect them," coldly.
* Kami`^ looks at what she was eating earlier. "They give you sausages."
<AlcarGM> Zoe: "McDonalds is not reason enoguh to save humanity from itself."

<AlcarGM> Nattie, or an approximation of her, is drinking tea and waching the pvr'd last episode of Oprah when you enter, eating from a bag of chips and, well, lounging.
<Kami`^> lol
<Kami`^> who's shielding her mind?
<AlcarGM> It feels a lot like Meghan's mind, only distant: a temporary shield: you could probably break it, if you wanted to.
<Kami`^> no reason to
* Kami`^ walks in and sits down accross from her, staring at her
<AlcarGM> Nattie looks at you, startled, then says: "Hey," trying to play it casual.
* Kami`^ leans forward, and pokes her arm
* Kami`^ checks to make sure her mind is still with her, and the fake Nattie hasn't returned =p
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "You are blocking Oprah," eyes glowing crimson. "Neilson Rating Death Beam activated. All hail Oprah!"
<AlcarGM> Or, perhaps, not.

<Kami`^> "There may have been a fake you walking around..."
<Kami`^> "But she was totally nice to everybody!"

<AlcarGM> The mall isn't all that crowded, even for a Monday. You sense nothing under it in the basement at least, and no obvious alphas beyond the security guards but word does seem to have got around that it isn't, probably, the safest place to go shopping anymore.
<Kami`^> oh yeah? SOmething happened in the mall?
<AlcarGM> Just the result of the past two weeks. Weird people spotted, the Aces trying to shoot the place up, black helicopters, rumours of 'things' under it and all of that adds up, unfortunately for them.
<Kami`^> well, it is a mall though, where else are people going to go?
<AlcarGM> Presumably downtown proper, smaller malls or actual local shops: It''s like Omegas are terrorists, only they are helping to boost the small local business :P
<Kami`^> lol

<Kami`^> "I need a trainer."
<AlcarGM> He grins at that, a grin that has a lot in common with that of a cat. "Oh?"
<Kami`^> "But I don't want to owe you so I was thinking I could do something for you BEFORE we train."
<AlcarGM> Sullivan raises both eyebrows at that. "Like what?"
* Kami`^ crosses her arms. "I don't know sullivan, you're the government agent, I'm just a costume maker with a part time job at a grocery store. I was hoping you'd have an overflowing schedule and I could do something for you."

<Kami`^> Well I guess the first thing I should check out is what the people in this office know about Haven anyway
<Kami`^> 6d6 check the office people!
<Sparkie> Kami`^ 6d6: 30 check the office people!
<Kami`^> nice!
<AlcarGM> You find out there's a few towns called haven and a tv series as well [which the gm thinks might actually be neat to watch], but most of the office workers are just paper pushers and filing clerks without whom the entire conpriracy would probably collapse in a week.
<Kami`^> ... Good to know =p
<Kami`^> well... What about the rest of the city? What can I get while we head to the gym?
<AlcarGM> The 'odd' minds turn out to be the accounting department, who seem to balance the budget via what they term transcendental mathematics. It's probably best not considered in depth, as they seem to think it involves using rabid numbers and are utterly terrified of some day misplacing entire department fundings, and have currently budgeted half of the filing clerks under furniture.
<Kami`^> lol

<AlcarGM> Kelly wanders over on her break and grins, sending a ::): as well and then frowning at you and sends an image of several band-aids, looking worried.
<Kami`^> "I've been training."
<Kami`^> "I was wondering if you could help me heal from my training... It seems I'm going to make a daily thing out of it."
<AlcarGM> She blinks a few times at that, then sends: :Why?: followed by an image of Wile E. Coyote being crushed by rock even ads you feel hurts and bruises fade from actual pain into mere memories.
<Kami`^> "I don't like being weak in a physical fight. There are some things even I can't use my other talents for."
<AlcarGM> Kelly shakes shakes her head at that, the reaches to open your moth and examine your teeth before nodding to herself that they seem fine for now. :You could just get a gun?:
<AlcarGM> followed by an image of the american flag :)
<Kami`^> "Well, sure, but... Guns are kind of final, plus what if I don't have it on me?"
<AlcarGM> Kelly: :They're useful, too, though,: with a shrug.
<Kami`^> "I don't know... I feel like I used to be a gun user... In another life and it never did me any good..." Maybe it's just that games aren't geared toward guns....

<AlcarGM> Nattie: "I mean, it's good to know, but .... I can't look at him the same way anymore, Kami. It's like finding out pee wee herman is rambo, you know?"
<Kami`^> "Well he's not rambo but he did do that think in that theater that one time... But I still find him funny."
<Kami`^> I've decided that Kami si the kind of person that rolls around laughing while watching pee wee herman....
* Sparkie is quoting that so this moment of shame will never be forgot.
<Kami`^> yes, I am very shamed that I spelled 'is' wrong.

<AlcarGM> Nattie: ".. you can't tell me what it's called?" looking rather confused at that.
<Kami`^> "Only members can know. Aren't all secret organizations like that?"
<AlcarGM> Nattie: "Only if they're stupid. How do you recruit anyone if you can't tell them the name?!"
<Kami`^> "What do you mean? Why would someone need to know the name of something before they join? What does a name matter?"
<AlcarGM> Nattie: ".... have you seen TV? Names always matter. If I decided to keep calling you Debbie or something, you'd notice and get cranky."
<Kami`^> "Huh... I guess you're right. That doesn't change the rule though."
<Kami`^> "Maybe it's one of those rules they use to make sure you're following the rules."

<AlcarGM> Nattie: ".... have you seen TV? Names always matter. If I decided to keep calling you Debbie or something, you'd notice and get cranky."
<AlcarGM> Which IS a very nasty thing to do to people :p
<Kami`^> Well it doesn't help that the person saying this was renamed by the GM because he wasn't paying attention
* AlcarGM laughs
<AlcarGM> There is that, yes :)
* AlcarGM does hope to eventually manage an alternate-world session in which Kami meets Nettie :P
<Kami`^> lol
<Kami`^> "You seem familiar somehow...."

<AlcarGM> Damien: "You're not also ..." he licks his lips. "scared of me, Kami? I don't want friends scared I'm going to kill them if they annoy me or something."
<AlcarGM> (( "Though that would be cool to do." ))
<Kami`^> "Oh, I don't know... Maybe if you disappear me I'll go somewhere cool... If you do kill me, keep me in one piece when you do, OK?"
<AlcarGM> He gapes at you for a second, and then giggles at that image. "Okay. Thanks for .... stuff."
* Kami`^ nods.
<AlcarGM> Damien manages a weak grin. "Could we do something else, maybe? Like, normal?"
<Kami`^> "Right now? I guess..." Frowning. "Want to go bar hopping?"
<AlcarGM> Damien: ".... I'm fifteen."
<Kami`^> "Exactly. What fifteen year old would turn down an offer like that?"

<AlcarGM> K. You walk to the closest bar you know of, a dive named Jake's that was probably owned by someone named Jake a century ago, at best. I assume you plan to use jedi mind tricks to get in and have no one comment on either of you?
<Kami`^> yep
<AlcarGM> Jake's boasts a bar, a lot of shady tables to drink at and a pool table gathering dust in a corner. A lot of people are watching hockey or just chatting quietly with each other. The bartender, an older balding man with a world-weary expression who lives in dread of people trying to tell him all their damn problems asks what you'd both like to drink, his mind as easy to roll over as a dead dog.
* Kami`^ orders a sex on the beach.
<Kami`^> "What do you want?" To Damien
<AlcarGM> Damien: "Uhm, beer?" lamely.
<AlcarGM> A small warning light goes off in the bartender's mind that is easily squelched.

<Malik> "Do you have any other hobbies than relentless information gathering?"
<AlcarGM> Colleen: "You're an anomaly. I don't *like* anomalies. Every time I run into one, things go badly."
<Malik> 'Well, then that means you should probably stay on my good side."
<Malik> "Or at least that's what I would do."
* Malik shrugs :P
<AlcarGM> Colleen: "If 'good side' involves stangelet nukes from a safe distance, then yes," but at least does smile.
<Malik> "You can't hug with nuclear arms."
* Malik keeps a straight face :P

* Malik needs to recruit barry for the band :P
<AlcarGM> (( he would do it in a heartbeat :P ))
<Malik> (You know how many conspiracies that would confuse the crap out of? :P)
<AlcarGM> (( most of them :) ))
<Malik> (He's making his move! ...and he's playing lead guitar!??!)

<Temperance> ok, new plan
* Temperance switches from fear to that confidence and control, but fans in in Bastian.
<AlcarGM> the fear is definitely making the intruder not stab Sebastian, at least .... which seems to be a rather new experience.
<Temperance> also some of my affronted anger
<Temperance> "You have no right to commandeer my friends without permission."
<Sparkie> Dice!
<AlcarGM> 3d6 - intruder.
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 3d6: 4 - intruder.
<AlcarGM> .....
* Sparkie is out of practise?
<Temperance> 5d6 I asked you to leave
<Sparkie> Temperance 5d6: 20 I asked you to leave
<Kami`^> lol
* Sparkie is so ashamed now.
<Kami`^> as you should be

<AlcarGM> Damien: "And if Griffin yellls at me, I'll just say you made me tell you," with a grin.
* Kami`^ rolls her eyes. "Fine, make the telepath the bad guy."
<Kami`^> "Just tell him I got you drunk first." Smiling.
<AlcarGM> Damien: "Oh, man. Then he'd want to get me drunk to and ..... wow. I could get a LOT of free drinks from this."
<Kami`^> "Good, I'm glad I made you into an alcoholic."

<AlcarGM> Sebastian does not burst into tears at least, b ut does stare down at the pencil in horror, his face turning the colour of curdled milk. "I was going to put that in my *eye*," as he looks back up, gulping. You sense no trace of the otgher mind at all, and it would have trouble hiding.
<Temperance> "He's gone. I wouldn't let him hurt you."
<Temperance> "What did you hear?"
<AlcarGM> He manages a jerky nod, edging away from the pencil and desk a little to be on the safe side. "Somethinng about .. pale horesemen, like he was called that and knew you'd never know. It's like he .. or it ... she ... does this all the time to people," in a small voice, trying to be brave and failing.
* Temperance goes around and gives him a hug
<Temperance> "It's ok. We'll find this person and stop them."
<AlcarGM> He returns the hug hesitantly. "I couldn't even stop it. It was like being locked in a small room instead my own head, Temp. Does this .. this sort of thing always happen to you now? Am I going to become like Jimmy Olsen?" only half joking.
<Temperance> "Um..."
* Temperance half smiles but can't hold it
<Temperance> "Actually, this kind of thing does seem to happen a lot..."

<Malik> "So what the heck do you think would happen if a telepath put it on? Extremely limiting to them, or they would use the suit better than anyone else ever?"
<AlcarGM> Trevor: "I don't see why not. I imagine it is meant to dump information it acquires back to relay devices after it has enough data ..." He frowns, looking up at that. "Invisible telepaths would make sense. That whoever made these never sold or gave them tothe illuminati IS odd. UNless all of this is some trial run .... the drug people ran into that dealer, they both use each other...."
<Malik> (yeah, invisible super armored telepaths are a scary concept)

<AlcarGM> The dial tone comes on, and a voice whispers to you in the dreaded language of the Elder Ones, fill of dice and fire and the end of all things: "End. Of. Session."
<AlcarGM> And then it laughs, which becomes a cough as a die is stuck in its throat and it dies.

<Tass> btw, do you know what roll method is equivalent to 32 point buy?
<Sparkie> Cheating.

<Chaos`^> !magic8ball is sparkie a stupid bot?
<Sparkie> Chaos`^, you are going to die.
<Chaos`^> i doubt your 8 ball has told you i am going to die
<Sparkie> It is very accurate in all respects.

<alcar> I think, ideally, the goal with the genre will be to play it straight.
<kentari> Doing a gritty reboot of cupid might be fun.
* alcar finds the western genre a lot like the superhero one; it's almost too easy to parody, so playing it more staight is sometimes harder :)
<kentari> Agreed
<kentari> wait, wait
<kentari> My Zombie Pony Flesh is Magic is playable straight? :P
<alcar> Not at all; that was just a random brain fart :p

<Tassicus> 1d6
<Sparkie> Tassicus 1d6: 2
* Sparkie might offer up a 7 if you bribe?
* Sparkie needs a paypal account to accept bribes and alter dice rolls.
<Tassicus> I could see sparkie accepting most major credit cards :P
<Tassicus> your PC on the brink of death!?
<Tassicus> do the responsible thing and call in your donations now!
<Tassicus> operators are standing by
<Tassicus> 1d4
<Sparkie> Tassicus 1d4: -19.2^5
<Sparkie> That would be if your payment bounced.
<Tassicus> damnit sparkie ;p

<alcar> 3#1d6
<Sparkie> alcar 3#1d6: 5 6 4
<alcar> ... ah, sparkie.
* Sparkie knows you missed rolling me for games. I know it!

<kentari> wtf
<kentari> what am I doing in here
<kentari> this is terrifying :P

<Out2lunch> I focused more on learning how to cast soul devouring fireballs

<Out2lunch> I'm thinking of playing a gambler, the charming slightly grifty sort
<Out2lunch> who could possibly be living under a gypsy curse
<kentari> we should do something crazy
<kentari> like... through some kinda weird spacetime flux
<kentari> we'd have a tank.
<kentari> :p
<alcar> and no fuel? :p
<kentari> ha!
<kentari> it runs on virginity!
<Out2lunch> it's kind of hard to leave town quickly, in the middle of the night, *in a tank*

<Caltak> Oh we need to be able to leave tow quickly? Hmm... steampowered wagon. There, solved.
<Out2lunch> quietly would also be nice
<Caltak> pfft
<Caltak> eff that, all the good science is loud.
<alcar> But the mob won't make it quiet :p
<alcar> That there would be a mob goes without saying, given PCs.
<Caltak> exactly
<Caltak> so being able to plow through them is more important

* Sparkie has noticed a lot of avoiding dice here, but I've told not to bring that up.
<Out2lunch> therapy dice?
* Sparkie thinks game1 is suffering from Post Sparkie Dice Syndrome, where everyone played risus because I scared them away from real dice :p
<Tassicus> people avoiding dice is sad :/
<Tassicus> I mean, yeah, you avoid the downs, but you never see that glorious shining natural 20 right at the peak of 'shit just got real'

<Out2lunch> we're going to break into song!
<Out2lunch> or games....
<Chaos`^> always games
<Out2lunch> can they be singing games?
<Chaos`^> NO SINGING
<Out2lunch> why?
<Chaos`^> it's like dice
<Chaos`^> there is a time and place for it
<Chaos`^> both times are 'never when sparkie's around'

<Out2lunch> we need team work tokens, if anything :P
<Chaos`^> what would you get for team work tokens?
<Out2lunch> other pc's cooperation/help
<alcar> You could be the 'e' in team.
<Out2lunch> the 'e'?
<alcar> Cuz there is no i.

<Chaos`^> let's see
<Chaos`^> the title should be itallian
<Out2lunch> huh?
<Chaos`^> italian
<Chaos`^> western
<Chaos`^> speghetti western?
<Caltak> spagett?
<alcar> ....

<kentari> be more alpha
<kentari> you can't pull people away from skyrim with that kind of spinelessness!
<kentari> :P
<Caltak> omg youre right :P
<Chaos`^> god damnit ken I swear I will cut your balls off and sew them to your forehead so that everyone can see how much of a pussy you are if you don't run something right now
<Chaos`^> was that alpha enough?

<Chaos`^> I vote to penalize cal for worrying too much about rules in a dnd game
<Caltak> last time ken was talking abot D&D he was extoling the virtues of it as a wargame and I was being accused of putting to much importance on Roleplay and Plot
<Caltak> so now Im gonna be bitched at for thinking even a little about the rules? wtf

<Karrog> (( I used to be a deputy, but then I took an arrow to the knee... ))
<Karrog> (( j/k ))
<kentari> ((I used to make jokes like that, then I took a sword to the chest.))

* Sparkie has joined #game1
<Sparkie> BEEEEP! This is a test of the Emergency Broadcasting System. Had this not been a test, you would already be dead.
<Sparkie> Or, even better, this wasn't a test, you are dead, and heaven has a LOT to answer for.
* Sparkie will not be held responsible for the gift shop prices.

<Chaos`^> I sometimes enjoy novels that have a short story in the middle of them to tell a backstory of a character
<Chaos`^> unless it is right in the middle of a fucking action scene
<kentari2> chaos: like anime, huh?
<alcar> Ken: Hah. Now I want to see an anime rpg that works that into the system :)
<alcar> "Gain bonus experience for pulling out Harrowing Background in the middle of fight scene" and such
<alcar> "So, Dark Lord, I'd just like to inform you that one time in band camp...."

<alcar> the fun part about reading these quotes is all the nice context stuff that creeps in, from BP to charlie sheen.
<alcar> fun way to date game sessions :P
<Caltak> lol
<alcar> Some day the aliens will be able to re-create the past 13 years via sparkie's quotes
<Caltak> I'm imagining more a post-apocalyptic scavenger finds your hard drive in the ruins of canada
<alcar> "I fought off the cannibal penguins for this. .... wait. All this text isn't porn?!"
* Sparkie thinks this means you must now all play Sex Worker: The Quickening.
<Caltak> lol

<Caltak> in a star wars d20 game one my my friends shot The Emperor before he could finish whatever he was about to say to us. Rolled a natural 20. Then rolled another natural 20 to confirm. I.E. Instant Kill.
<alcar> Ow.
<Caltak> but this game kind of went insane because the GM was letting us get away with too much
<alcar> you stole the death star?
<alcar> "Okay, this roll is to pimp my new ride...."
<Caltak> actually yes.
<alcar> ..... wow. Did you pimp it up, too?
<alcar> Because, if so, I have just wasted my psychic powers.
<Caltak> the emperor dieng was our signal that we could just do whatever, so a friend took over the Death STar and had it repainted black like a giant 8-ball

<Caltak> oh, is it officially dead?
<alcar> There were too many cards in the air, plot wise, to manage to get it going again without a LOT of stuff going off-rails, I think :(
<alcar> There are ... a lot of plots that never happened in that file. Man.
<Chaos`^> yeah, that game was going places, I liked it, but alcar's right... too much was in the air when it stopped :(
* alcar nods :(
<alcar> increasing players in a game tends to lead to geometric increases in plots :P

<Caltak> oo that would make a good minor ability, stomach portal :P
<Out2lunch> yick :S
<alcar> To send the contents of youre stomach into someone else :)
<alcar> "I am ... Captain Bulimia! FEAR ME!"

<kentari> The Santa-as-vampire theory has an astounding body of evidence!
<alcar> The latter just means Santa is with the CIA, ken :p
<alcar> ooh! PROJECT SANTA.
<alcar> As a conspiracy it would be fun :)
<kentari> Naughty is a code-word for suspected terrorist
<alcar> Nice is a code-word for political donors
<alcar> "How much money does your father make? I see, I see. Well, you might be nice some day." *pat on head*

<Caltak> "Robert Pinkerton: Claiming to be related to Robert Pinkerton himself " ????
<alcar> Ooops. That does seem odd. Basically he claims to be descended from someone with the same name :)
<Caltak> ahh, I see, RL reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinkerton_National_Detective_Agency
<alcar> though left as it would be pretty funny as a character. "I am related to me." ".... good for you?"

<Caltak> hmmm what I should probably do is have "Professional Investigator" as an upgraded general ed skill so it makes the most sense to cover knowledge like laws and stuff but also make sure I invest in Notice for the, you know, actually Noticing things. :P
* alcar laughs
<alcar> "But Snorts Cocaine IS my Notice skill; it worked for Holmes!"

<Caltak> bleh .22 only does a maximum of 25 damage according to the book, but .38 special can do up to 50 which is funny cause I'm on smith & wesson's site and the revolvers that use each are very similar to each other, in fact are in the same category :)
<Caltak> granted I only bougt skill to 25% anyway so It's moot unless I get a crit or raise the skill
<alcar> True :)
<alcar> But why do you think you'd ever be shooting anyone?! :p
<Caltak> oh well you kno
<Caltak> things happens
<Caltak> yeah I found a 10-shot .22 model I'll just go with that, since really it's a "last resort" weapon or for extreme intimidation, and just pack a taser & pepper spray for more actual self-defense use :)
* alcar was gonna say :p
<Caltak> the complaint about the damage cap was more me meta-worrying about the future :P

* Hugh` shrugs. "I'm not a psychiatrist, but I could imagine someone who sees themself as kind and nurturing taking it hard if they lose it for a moment and hurt someone they care about. But I do agree, all of this mystery surrounding it is very odd for such a minor incident."
<AlcarGM> She stiffens at the idea of her mom being locked away for half a year as a minor incident, but does nod. "It had to be something else, but I don't know what, or why Doctor Munroe won't tell me anything. I just want to know what's going on."
<Hugh`> "I meant slapping you was minor," as a quick point of clarification. "But yes, it seems likely there'd need to be something else besides her just being upset at herself."
<AlcarGM> Amylin manages another weak smile at your agreement; no one likes to talk about mental illness, after all. "Do you -- do you need anything else? I don't know how private investigators really work."
<Hugh`> (( "Oh, neither do I, really." ))

<AlcarGM> speaking of drink it would be awesome to modify Call of Cthulhu so people gained SAN (and lost skills) due to being wasted. You'd have to be drunk to face down a Great Old One.

* Hugh` whips out his pocket camera just to look though the mediocre digital zoom to see if he can spot anyone inside.
<Hugh`> d100 notice through cam?
<Sparkie> Hugh` d100: 28 notice through cam?
<AlcarGM> You whip it out and look through it it into a window.... and for a moment your camera goes funny, or there's some odd reflection in it, because a woman in a white dress standing by a window looks as if she's wearing old aviator glasses and wrapped in chains for half a second. She's just standing, vacant, somewhere in her sixties and staring out at the world as though it wasn't actually there.
<AlcarGM> It is very odd to be tossing out clues the player will easily get and the pc not at all :)
<Hugh`> yeah
<Hugh`> I'm all like ZOMG FLYING WOMAN AVATAR BEING RESTRAINED but in-game I have to be like "huh, that was random."

<AlcarGM> You head on back, wandering down a few streets you've never seen before and slipping down small side alleys whose overhanging rooftops prevent most of the rain from reaching the city streets, leaving the alleys stained dirt-brown in many places. A few homeless people are huddled outside the back doors of restaurants for warmth from vents and you spot one spanish kid spraylainting 'No Babies!!!" in yellow spraypaint onto a brand-new garbage bin with a cheeky grin on his face.
<jackson> Those cheeks, gotta look out for 'em. :P
<AlcarGM> The kid spots you, salutes you with a middle finger and dashes off for a side street on case you call the cops.
* jackson hesitates, wondering if he should do something. If the Spanish kid can write English, well ... oh, hell, it's this kind of thing that makes places wither.
* jackson saunters over to the dumpster -- in the right place at the right time, with the rain as it is, he might be able to wipe off the paint before it dries making use of the rain and any scrap he can find hanging around.
<AlcarGM> You hear no babies inside it, but do find some scrap metal in the bin that easily removes the paint, the smell of it a trifle sharp even with the rain to dull it; none of the street people even look over, too lost in their own thoughts to care or wonder.
<jackson> "Feh. Kids these days..." :P
* jackson lobs the scrap back in, a little less dejected now that he's used his hands to improve a situation, and continues on his way. The homeless? They melt into the buildings, they're just.. the scenery, not people. Certainly not problems. Fragile victories are the ones we hold onto the hardest. :P

<jackson> better to game around than sleep around

<jackson> "The television can show you a lot, but a lot of it you have to be careful with. Some things might not be true, some things might not be good, and a lot of things are never quite as they seem."
* jackson informs her in a most doting voice taken for the first time today as he sets about creating some manner of dinner, moving with more of a flow than a plan, things slicing, chopping, the heat applied, all according to what could politely be called zen.
<AlcarGM> She watches you curiously the entire time, her eyes mirrors that reflect only yourself back at you. She shifts in the wheelchair a time or two, perhaps trying to copy your momvements and ignores the TV entirely in favour of you.
* jackson resonates with Thalia the way most folks resonate with their television. It's a trade of energy, a low-exchange yet highly communicative sort of engagement of unfettered smiles and unhindered silence. He probably won't need to get high, as she is quite effective as a drug.
<AlcarGM> Thalia: "It is like the world," in her soft husky whisper.
<jackson> "It certainly is. It can be cause for great sadness, if you let it. I try not to... we try not to."
* jackson gives one of the first honest smiles of the day, the whole exchange grating at normalcy like nails on a chalkboard, yet the lifting of the veil feels somehow.. relaxing, when there's nothing ugly underneath it, at least.
<AlcarGM> Thalia: "Being alive should not be a sadness," a little quicker, becoming more here now that you're in the room, or as close to being here as she ever is.

<jackson> "Thalia, you're a dream come true."
<AlcarGM> For a moment a slight frown crosses her face like a pebble in a pond and then she offers up another ghost of a smile. "That is .... nice?"
<jackson> "I hope it is. Do you like... this?"
* jackson sits down at another chair, engrossed. :P
<AlcarGM> She watches you for a bit, perhaps to try and pick up clues as Stanley woud, and settles for: "I think ... yes. It is .... I am ...." she trails off, uncertain, then says: "What are dreams?"
<AlcarGM> Gming Thalia is like sitting back to watch a train wrech in terribly slow motion :)
<jackson> :P
<jackson> that's what UA is, isn't it?!
<AlcarGM> This is true :)

<jackson> "How has your day been? We've been lucky, no leeks from the rain. Though on the third floor, I guess that isn't really something to worry about in the first place."
<jackson> Yes, leeks.
<jackson> Because this is UA.
<jackson> And everything should be worried about.
<jackson> >:E

<AlcarGM> Interestingly, if Jackson wanted to be truly nasty, he could probably get Stanley to do some pretty evil things on threat of not letting the kid see Thalia :p
<jackson> hahaha :P
* AlcarGM is quite happy at making this even MORE creepy.

<kentari> so what's quinn like? :P
<Quinn`^> Former Foster Kid, a little flighty but she's a fighter.
<Quinn`^> SHe's in counseling for being depressed
<kentari> The real characters go into counseling for being depressING
<kentari> :P
<AlcarGM> EmoMan, protector of... oh, screw it *bursts into tears*

* Quinn`^ waits outside, looking as casual as a truant girl standing in front of a library can

<AlcarGM> Whitney finishes eating. "I've got shower first," after a quick peck on the cheek and a grin. "That can be your payment for spilling the juice."
<Quinn`^> "You know... I could fit a lot of stuff into the time of a single shower... If you know what I mean. It's too bad you want to shower alone..."
<AlcarGM> Whitney pauses, then says: "Depends on if you can get us to classes on time then, doesn't it?" archly
<Quinn`^> "I'm always on time."
<AlcarGM> "Well, then?' She flicks tghe shower on with a wave of her hand. "You do need a reward for your most daring rescue," and she is quite nice and makes no jokes at all about rescue and princess :p
<Quinn`^> Yeah the princess doesn't usually save people...
<AlcarGM> Might be a better world if she did, though :)

<Quinn`^> "Oh... Sorry, that was a dumb question."
* Sparkie thinks there are a lot of dumb questions but no dumb dice rolls.

<AlcarGM> Whitney pokes at supper, eating some of it. "If someone hurt you because of that, I don't know what I'd do. You've been hurt enough without the world shoving this crap at us."
<Quinn`^> "Nothing you do can hurt me."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "Other people could hurt you because of things I do, Quinn. I can't just ... not heal people."
<Quinn`^> "ok."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "It's not okay! What if someone tries to hurt *you* with a car?!"
<Quinn`^> "I would just get out of the way."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "Just like that?"
<Quinn`^> "It's hard to surprise me if I don't want to be surprised."
<AlcarGM> She tosses a potato at you in response, aiming for your head... ironically(?) close to where you tossed the pavement at Alec
* Quinn`^ catches it
<AlcarGM> She looks pleased, at least, and finishes eating in silence, stretching after. "That was good. I'd rather not talk about that idiot, though. I have two assignments to do and then it's sleep for me; you?"
<AlcarGM> She gives you a quick peck on the cheek and heads to bed to study and sleep, trying not to think about how she might have ruined both your lives and the worst part about it is she knows you'd never blame her.

<AlcarGM> The car slows along with the world as you leap, hitting the sidewalk lightly. It turned towards you, skidding off the tracks on the road with a loud grinding noise.
<Quinn`^> oh
<Quinn`^> that was a normal leap, I didn't slow down time or anything
<AlcarGM> Ah! Yeah, just noticed on sheet :)
<AlcarGM> 3d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 3d6: 12
<Quinn`^> if I had slowed down time it would have been a quantum leap
<AlcarGM> The GM successfully moved back time 3 seconds and tries that again.
<Quinn`^> =p
<AlcarGM> You leap out of the way, the car skidding past you, breaks screaming as they turn on, only for the car to pull off an illegal u-turn and skid right off the tracks on the road toward you on the sidewalk; lights are on in various aparments ,auhorities being notified of an obvious major failure of a GPS autopilot
<Quinn`^> The GPS seems to think I am the destination
* AlcarGM nods :)

<AlcarGM> 3d6 - attack of the homicidal car....
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 3d6: 9 - attack of the homicidal car....
<AlcarGM> You know, Sparkie, you gave that a lot less than it deserved. 'Attack of the homicadal car' should be, at least, a 10.
<Quinn`^> 3d6 run away!
<Sparkie> Quinn`^ 3d6: 8 run away!
<AlcarGM> You skid, the car seeming to leap through the air as though half-alive and far closer than the stairs are...
<Quinn`^> ok, now I slow time
<AlcarGM> :p
* Sparkie did just fine, thank you very much.

<AlcarGM> err, that was meant to be transformers making love without wd-40, which IS a fun image :p

<Quinn`^> "I mean, it's not bad seeing things and then undoing them. The real hard part is seeing things and still being too late to change them."
<AlcarGM> Whitney considers that, then nods. "It's like we have to get stronger, but where would that stop?"
<Quinn`^> "If we get stronger we're still using our abilities." Shrugging.
<Quinn`^> "We could just quit school and travel the world, practicing our abilities. We could go to china and train with monks and stuff."
<AlcarGM> Whitney snorts. "I'd like to pretend we never use them, but if the iwatch people did do .. things, and would hurt us.... and I don't think I could NOT heal someone ...." She sighs. "If you want out, leave. It would be safest."
<Quinn`^> "I can't run from what I am. And I wouldn't leave you anyway."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "But what's stopping time for, if not running?" with a wan smile.
<Quinn`^> "...I don't know."

<AlcarGM> The train itself turns out to be first class; actual people deliver drinks and bring menus and somewhere someone makes real food, all included in the price.
<Quinn`^> "This is nice. I've never been in first class before."
<AlcarGM> Alec perks up and sits to browse through the menu, licking his lips.
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "I went once years ago, to my grandmother's funeral. It was nice ... ah, the first class I mean."
* Quinn`^ grins at Whitney.
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "Oh, and the funeral. As funerals go, it wass... nice..." She pulls up a drinks list to skim it desperately.
* Quinn`^ pats her hand in comfort.

<AlcarGM> Dennis says: "The food is good; nothing alcoholic, *please*?"
<Quinn`^> "oooh."
* Quinn`^ pouts
* Sparkie thinks Dennis is into me. Drat.
<Quinn`^> INTO you?
<Sparkie> .. onto. ... he's trying to hack me?!
* Sparkie prepares to murder an npc. Be warned.
<Quinn`^> lol
<Caltak> :O
<Caltak> Although an NPC having the hots for the Dicebot strikes me as amusing.

<AlcarGM> english sucks in terms of future perfect and future imperfect tenses :P

<alcarGM> Some day we must give connsideration to making a real CSI: Trail game. PC CSI agents in that kind of setting would be great fun.
<Quinn`^> lol
<alcarGM> Tagline: The CSU Go To Hell or something :p

<alcarGM> You spend over two hours working on homework and actually getting it done before there is a buzz at the door.
* Quinn`^ gets up and walks over, checking who it is before opening it
<alcarGM> A man is standing in the doorway, looking baffled and not at all wearing a dynamite vest. "I ... ah, I'm not sure fed ex even exists now," he aays when you open it, but I have a letter for you, even though no one uses paper, and it says ..... it's from something called Sparkie. It says you didn't roll enough dice so there's an End Of Session failure. I don't know what that means...."
<Quinn`^> =p
<alcarGM> He pauses, slowly dissolving into nonexistence. "I should have been more than a a joke. I had a wife.... kids....."
<alcarGM> :p

<AlcarGM> Hrm. I wonder if any thought has been given to what happens to zombies who eat the brains of autistics and such....

<jackson> "There was work... odd. Then the folks here... also odd."
* jackson puts his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling as if he could see the stars above
<jackson> "I think I might be the only normal person left. That's unsettling."

<AlcarGM> Thalia stirs at your voice. "Heavy."
* jackson leans forward, the chair creaking.
<jackson> "What's heavy?"
<AlcarGM> Thalia: "The ...." she frowns slightly, then settles on, "air," clearly unsatisfied with the word.
* jackson stirs out of himself for a moment, attempting to focus on what's around us. Is something burning? Did he not hear something going on?
<AlcarGM> As in Out of yourself? :)
<jackson> oh, heavens no.
<jackson> Not yet, anyway.
<jackson> Someone could just be burning toast! And Gods help the fool who tries to See into that.
<AlcarGM> You would learn why the smell is associated with strokes, if you survived :p

<AlcarGM> "Ah, yes," do come in, he says, entirely unlike a fly talking to a spider. Really.
<AlcarGM> Err, or the other way around....

<AlcarGM> Maureen wishes you well as you leave, totally not putting any kind of geas on you at all and you head back to the office, arriving without incident. Amylin has NOT left messages asking about results, which is probably a good sign
<Hugh`> (( I forget, did she give me an email or do I actually have to call and talk to her t relay anything? :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( email and phone. ))
<AlcarGM> though Hugh having to communicate with a client solely using facebook statuses would be fun :p
<Hugh`> ugh
<Hugh`> that would be hell

<Quinn`^> it really says something about me that my bad dreams involve me reinstalling windows
<Sparkie> ... and me, I hope?

<Sparkie> Anthony Bullington
<Sparkie> Eden Ramsay
<Sparkie> Nilda Hardeman
<Quinn`^> man
<Quinn`^> those last names really describe character traits
* Sparkie aims to please.
* Sparkie admits to aiming badly.

<AlcarGM> Voice: "We represent anj organization seeking to hire people with unique talents to do jobs suited to those talents. Pay rate is commensurate with skill, talent and experience. It is, by any standard, preferably to wasting time in school."
<Quinn`^> "Hey! I like school."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "We would rather people did not waste their lives and talents on things without meaning, letting said gifts be unused out of fear. There are a great many companies who can make use of talents like yours."
<Quinn`^> "Wait, so you kidnapped me because you don't like my career choice?"
<AlcarGM> Voice: "..... yes," reluctantly. "We will now begin the testing phase."

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