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<jackson> "Who was it you were talking with? I don't really see him much, but he seems decent enough whenever we run into each other."
<AlcarGM> Snake hesitates, then says: "He's ... a friend of a friend. I guess he used to be a social worker or something, and he tries to help people, get them to talk to families. Sh -- things like that."
<jackson> "I figured folks in your line of work wind up distancing themselves from family."
<AlcarGM> Snake just shrugs. "Sean figures family is important."
* jackson nods, in agreement to someone. :p
<jackson> "I wound up leaving most of mine behind. Time, life... I guess some folks have a lot of ties, but as for me, it's like those dust clouds in space that never fully clump into planets. Drifting, apart, but not explosively or anything."
<AlcarGM> Snake cocks his head ot the side, puzzled. "And not coming back together? The 'net makes the world all kinds of small."

<AlcarGM> I want snake to say that friends are only for people who don't feel pain but only aslhk would get that reference :p

<AlcarGM> The waitress remains, now, just a waitress, smiling to customers, cleaning up tables and just being efficient about her job as though the world was entirely normal and solid and not about to melt around you at all.
<Sparkie> (It might. If you'd roll dice. Bastards.)
<AlcarGM> You leave any tip?
<jackson> yeah
<jackson> "Run away."
<jackson> :P

<AlcarGM> plus the image of thelias as a pie was too much fun :) Dreams exist so that GMs can mess with players heads :p
<jackson> Remind me to go with a "never dreams" flaw sometime!

<kentari> shield of water...
<kentari> against lightning bolts?
<kentari> am I reading that right? :P
<AlcarGM> it's her only defense ... she's not thinking that clearly :p

<AlcarGM> You head home; Whitney is at the apartment when you arrive, on the couch and watching CSI: Trail on her phone. She doesn't look up when you enter.
<AlcarGM> Your phone informs you it's a new episode when 'Faline does something wacky' which is, frankly, most of the filler episodes of the anime version of the show.
<Quinn`^> rofl
* Quinn`^ grabs something from the fridge

<Quinn`^> "You should see if Whitney can de-age you... If it doesn't work wind of a younger age is still wind." Shrugging.
<AlcarGM> Jody is silent a bit at that. "I'm scared I'd lose memories, too, and I don't want to."
<Quinn`^> "Mmm I get it."
<Quinn`^> "Well, I don't really have a solution then, unless you learn how to clone people."
<AlcarGM> Jody: "I think Alec would say no to two of me," regretfully.
<AlcarGM> He hesitates, then: "Do you ... need help finding things on things?" hopefully.
<Quinn`^> "Unless you know a good site to look up cocks..."
<AlcarGM> Jody: "I do, but I hope you meant clocks?"
<Quinn`^> "Let's go with that."

<AlcarGM> Alec sends you a short message. 'You can't keep fighting like this forever :('
* Quinn`^ replies: 'What are you talking about?'
<AlcarGM> Alec: 'You. Whitney. TALK!'
<AlcarGM> Alec: 'Fights where no one talks are the worst.'
<Quinn`^> they're also technically not 'fights'
* Quinn`^ does some homework and reads up on watchmaking.

<AlcarGM> You spin, trying to one, and a knife flashes toward you with a snicker-snack of air....
<AlcarGM> 4d6 - unless sparkie wants to make the assassin MORE useless?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 4d6: 10 - unless sparkie wants to make the assassin MORE useless?
* Sparkie knows I am having fun this game. What about the rest of you?
<Quinn`^> me too!

<Quinn`^> I seem to recall a game that alcar tried to turn into amber...
<AlcarGM> Quinn: you mena, all of them? :p

<AlcarGM> Also, a game where the players talk the GM down on point cost for characters is very odd right off the bat :)
<kentari> since its generic camp, I s'pose the age range and stuff is open to whatever

<AlcarGM> Chaos: Now i just have to kill off Whintney and I kill as many npcs in your background as you do! :p
<Quinn`^> LoL
<Quinn`^> LoL
<Quinn`^> listen
<Quinn`^> YOU killed him!
<Quinn`^> you can't blame me when you're like 'i'm out of NPCs! make more background!'
<AlcarGM> Sparkie had made him useless :p

<kentari> no one ever uses unknown power when alcar runs
<fennec> you give alcar unknown power, next thing you know you have a power, like, if you cut yourself the cuts will turn into mouths and speak scary prophecies of the future :b
<kentari> oh gods. I could see that
<fennec> i know, right?

<kentari> An almost regal-looking girl with super blond hair and super blue eyes, evenly-complexioned skin bereft blemishes, radiating a sort of comeliness that, here at Camp Castaway, quietly raises yellow flags as to what might be going on inside her head, has begun slicing a stack of pancakes into infinitessimally small pieces, as if at some point she *will* cut all the calories out of it before eating it.

<kentari> The blond girl doesn't look up from her plate, still cutting what is now mushed pancake derivative, "Baked Alaska is a dessert, plebeian. Some people... I wonder if he's trying to flirt by looking dumb. Yeah... they do that a lot."
<Albert`^> "I think your pancakes are going to start a nuclear reaction soon if you keep splitting them."
<kentari> "I think your face is going to start rotting if you don't shut the hell up and mind your own business," she says tensely, knife scraping along the bottom of her plate, still not shifting her gaze away from it.
* Aurora looks at her, judging her. :b
* Albert`^ shrugs. Her comeback didn't make much sense but the execution was elegant. 6 of 10

<kentari> Advancing, you see a large table set up, and many thick cables, with a computer on it. The clicking seems to be coming from the computer, the sound of a drive hard at work it seems, as you find yourself staring at the back of a man with scraggily white hair focused on the screen to the exclusion of all else, including, it seems, the lot of you all.
<Dami> "...."
<Dami> "You get internet here?!"
* Albert`^ stops and stares at the suprise human.
<Albert`^> A wild human appears!
<kentari> Sarah hisses quietly, reaching out for shoulders, but it is too little, too late.
<Albert`^> Dami uses wild outburst! It's super effective!
<kentari> The man spins around on his chair, facing you... wearing all black, looking a little gaunt, with sunken, almost saddened features, and tired-looking eyes, he blinks once, and without looking surprised says, "Oh... it looks like I've been found out...," standing from the chair as it gives a small squeak.
<Dami> "So THIS is where megaupload went to!"
<kentari> :P

<kentari> Something stirs as a droplet of sky falls from above and coalesces on the invisible floor you find yourself suspended on, slowly melding, as if crystallizing into the form of a chair. Before it can solidify, however, a sharp crackling emerges, and a feeling that somehow, something didn't work right... as if the feelings of some far-off force were leaking into the environ.
<Dami> "This is way weird," delighted. "I guess we're in some kind of virtual thingy, like in a movie?!"
* Dami heads over to sit o the chair, damn it :p
<kentari> Lines of cracks develop in the half-chair shape, lines that begin to glow red, like lava, flakes of black falling away like slag from hot iron.
<Albert`^> "Wait that's my chair since I was the first one to say my name."
<Albert`^> "You know what? You can have it."
<kentari> (ha!)
<Dami> "I guess so; it DOES look like a really crappy chair."
* Dami steps aside and bows to Albert.

<kentari> King: "You will not play anything here.... there is only death. I offer... a different path. A way... the way. Life... what fleeting things...," his language a little bit like someone who doesn't natively speak English.
<Dami> "Oh, man. Bad Shakespeare dubbing already?!"
<Albert`^> "Do you even know who shakespeare is?
<Albert`^> "
<kentari> King: "I ... am here to offer to save you from something... you don't yet understand. This.... has not happened. Does not... happen without need."
* Dami eyes Albert like he's stupid. "Do you?"
<Albert`^> "Of course." Standing straighter.
<Dami> "Then why wouldn't I?"
* Albert`^ opens his mouth to say something then closes it again.
<Dami> "He's like, famous and wrote stuff. Everyone knows that."

<Albert`^> "My gut tells me that the only other adult is being awfully quiet right now." Turning slowly to stare at Sarah in a children of teh corn style

<kentari> King: "I... would have my children saved. I can save you, you children. Trading is.... not usually our way. But what must, is."
<Albert`^> "Ah, so bargaining begins."
<Albert`^> "I'll trade you..." Checking on the items in his pocket. "Some trail mix for your children."
* Dami is NOT trading his pokemon cards.

* Dami strikes a dramatic pose. "Red King guy, I choose you!"
<Albert`^> "Alright, that's it."
* Albert`^ tackles Dami
<kentari> The Red King.... laughs.
<kentari> Meanwhile, in NPC-land, Brock is basically acting like a human shield for Mitchel, who seems to require as much to keep himself together. Ladonna is staring at the red king like a pilgrim would a reliquary.
* Dami is ... tackled, or .... dice or ... which, ken? :p
<kentari> Sarah, under Aurora's assessment, speaks in a flushed tone, "Oh.. what.. what happened?"
<kentari> I grant Albert a hit by rights of surprise attack first round. :P
<Albert`^> Bam!
<Dami> Awwww :P
* Albert`^ hits Dami!
* Dami lets out a shocked yelp, unable to abandon the pose in time .. stupid anime characters,.....
<Albert`^> 5 damage! That's what you get
<Albert`^> "You need to be more serious about this game!"
<Dami> "What are you doing?!" from the ground under Albert, trying ot shove his way free. Then, quieter: "I'm trying to distract is so Sara can do stuff. She's likely got admin if any of us do."
<Albert`^> "What are you talking about? He's just the prologue guy."
<kentari> The red king shifts his position upon the throne, looking towards the women of the group, with eyes that look past and through. For the duration of that brief gaze, Aurora feels light and warm, as if lifted by something for a moment, but it is only temporary. Then, he speaks, "We do not .. talk ... to communicate. This is... was once beneath me. Now... it is beyond me."
<Dami> "He might not be; this is a really weird game, remember? And sometimes the bad guy shows up in it to do stuff so theheroes chase him!"
* Dami assumes he gets back up?
<Albert`^> "Fine."
* Albert`^ gets off of Dami so he can stand.
<Albert`^> "On 3 we both rush him."
<kentari> Red King: "You understand?" With the tiniest conveyed hint of desperation.
* Dami almost thinks about that, then grins and nods. "'kay."'"

<kentari> Red: "Words... are empty. That is their design. They are... vessels. It is the feeling, that... is the true message, the... source, the energy. I .. understand. It is challenging to ... resonate with so many young ones."
* Albert`^ sighs and sits down on the air
<kentari> The King looks over at Albert, "You feel. It is... helplessness?"
<Dami> "Wait, so all this is an excuse for bad translation?!"
<Albert`^> "Oh great king, wherefore are thou in mine own precense, thine greatness is...Something great."
<kentari> Brock: "Then... it'd be good to listen, to try to figure out what the plot is, right?" delicately.
* Dami stares at the red king in disbelief. He's being trolled by the prologue of a game.
<kentari> ((ha! :P))

<kentari> Sara steps a little ahead to ensure Albert doesn't walk into a tree or anything
<Albert`^> Ah
<Albert`^> Naomi is 'that way'
* Albert`^ tries to get ahead of Sarah. Who has lost her H.
<kentari> She scoops it up, dusts it off, and re-attaches it, like a scarlet letter.

<alcar> Ah, yes. We left off with Quinn heading home, having not been assassinated by a classmate whose record of 2 known assassinations and another almost-successful one was ruined entirely by Sparkie making him useless.
<Chaos`^> yep
<Chaos`^> and I don't know about 'known' assassinations
<Chaos`^> no one suspected him!
<alcar> That is true.
* Sparkie gives new meaning to the term 'off day'. I want alcar to run star wars now, just so darth vader can fail to do anything right.

<AlcarGM> Whitney: "People will come after us anyway," carefully.
<Quinn`^> "But they didn't... They came after me."
<AlcarGM> Whitney "Whoever came after us in the Sideways place was interested in ALL of us, Quinn. And even if they weren't, friends help each other. It's not always about you."
<AlcarGM> (( "It's really about me because I'm secretly also a PC." ))

<AlcarGM> Whitney: "I love you; don't you think that means I'm willing to take risks for you?"
<Quinn`^> "But what if they were after me? Why should you get hurt because of that."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "You don't think losing you would hurt more?"
<Quinn`^> "I'd rather die than have you get hurt."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "And I'd rather be hurt than have you die, silly."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "People can heal from being hurt; no one heals from dying."
<Quinn`^> "..But if you heal yourself too much you'll die."
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "Not anytime soon."
<Quinn`^> "I need to sleep."
* Quinn`^ sets down the glass and goes to bed.
<AlcarGM> Whitney comes to bed as well, after some time, and just keeps close in the dark, wishing love was a language not filled with so much pain and offers up prayers to gods she no longer believes in that everything will turn out all right.

<AlcarGM> Whitney hands you coffee and pancakes when you emerge, having already had her shower. "What do you want to do after classes?"
<Quinn`^> "Uh--I hadn't made plans. WHy?"
<AlcarGM> Whitney: "Dennis plans to cancel the fourth period get out of class thing for awhile; I guess there's limits to how long it can fool the system and he thinks we should avoid Sideways for a bit. We could eat out?"
* Quinn`^ gives her a devilish grin
<AlcarGM> (( Whitney: "Food! I mean food! Do not give the GM flashbacks to reading FATAL!" ))

<AlcarGM> Alcar looks nervous but says nothing.
<AlcarGM> Errr. Alec, that is :p
<AlcarGM> Stupid hitting of tab key.
<Quinn`^> rofl
* Sparkie thinks alcar should now save vs. death due to nervousness.

* Quinn`^ hands him one of her watches, "It's not really accurate but... Just in case."
<AlcarGM> He nods, taking it without a word. "Jody should be around soon; he can help."
<AlcarGM> Alec eyes the gm, points to 'without a word'.
<Quinn`^> I'm sure he said that after a pause
<Quinn`^> that's usually how I imagine it

<Quinn`^> anyway I'm trying to game, I can't talk a foreign language I barely know and game at the same time =p

<Quinn`^> I hate shopping enough as it is, i don't want to RP it =p
<AlcarGM> But you'll miss bargains! :P
<Quinn`^> Quinn is definately going to buy some err... 'adult' items, just ot make Dennis blush
<AlcarGM> Two for one deformed fetuses! Bruised cans! Only-slightly-off meat! ..... perhaps it is best we skip.
<AlcarGM> But of course; as is Whitney :p

<AlcarGM> some day I need to run a game where PCs end up being considered acts of god so insurance won't pay out on things they do.

<kentari> Sarah: "A whole day outside of the camp? It's possible, sure. A lot of the equestrian trails take more than a day."
<Dami> "You have horses?! I've never been on a horse."
<Albert`^> "WHat does that have to do with horses?"
<Dami> "That's trails for riding horses," a pause, "right?"
<Albert`^> "Oh."
<Dami> So *someone* has horses. We could visit them and borrow some."
<kentari> Sarah: "They're only for people who already have training," nodding, "We don't have many people to teach kids and take care of them."
* Dami mopes at the idea of not riding hores, but figures they're kept here somewhere and it can't be that hard to try on his own sometimes.
<Albert`^> that'll end well
<Dami> Knowing Sparkie, yes :P
<kentari> =p

<kentari> Sarah: "Quid pro quo. What can you guys do for me if I overlook it?"
* Dami looks confused at that, no adult ever having asked him that before. "Dad always says girls like booty, but I didn't bring any boots to camp."
<kentari> Ladonna laughs at an inappropriate volume.
<kentari> Ladonna: "You can have Albert."
* Albert`^ gives Ladonna a distraught look
<Albert`^> "Why are you giving me up?"
<kentari> Ladonna: "Trading up," simply.
<Dami> "He might evolve into something good though."
<kentari> Ladonna blinks at that. :P
<Dami> "bert to... Alosaur, maybe...."
<kentari> Wow. :P
<kentari> Alosaur
<kentari> Thanks for naming his other.
<kentari> :P
<Albert`^> oh god please no

<Albert`^> "Listen, Al, I'm nine. I don't think a nine year old should be teaching a grown man economics."

<kentari> this is the first game
<kentari> where players keep DENYING their super powers
<kentari> :P

<kentari> Al: "You are in the presence of something you never have been before. Do... I prove that, and take away your understanding? Do I fight its persistence? There is much to consider, and much to lose if I should chose wrong," as if writing in a journal.
<kentari> choose, too.
<Aurora> (been = 'seen' or no?)
<kentari> His journal has autocorrect! :P
<kentari> hrm
<kentari> that was a typo, but I kinda like it!

* Dami moves, slowly, looking for.. peole. Fingers searching for walls, tripwires, sets...
<kentari> "Long has it been since such energy was brought here by man," a familiar voice says behind you.
* Dami yelps and spins around, desperately telling himself ash never ran away from anything.
<kentari> The Red King stands before you in normal regalia, a placid expression on his face.
<Dami> "What ... what is this?" trying to sound brave and strong like Naruto.
<kentari> Al: "This was once our home, my land. You have been brought here through the shreds of what covenant remains between our people."
<kentari> Al: "I will return you the moment you wish it."
<Dami> "What do I .. what do you ....."
* Dami looks lost, and small, and very, very scared, then says: "It's so sad."
<kentari> Al nods as Sarah appears with a crackle.
<Dami> "And ... wait, wait, wait: you said we had some ... bargain? Covenant is a bargain, right? and then why did ... why did this happen, and by people it's humans, right?!"
<Dami> "Ciz mom always jokes that I was like a demon child and it's not that .." bites his lip. "Not that funny right now, okay?"

<kentari> A crack of lightning splits the sky in two as the Hierophant looks down and hisses with malice, "END OF SESSION!"
<Aurora> ack, the heffalump!

<kentari> You had just finished getting in a minor scuffle over Al's actions, Ladonna dispatching your aggression like the Angels did unto Joshua.
<kentari> aka, she wrecked your junk.
<kentari> :P But, irregardless, you find your fellows going there separate ways, some in excitement, others confusion, and you and Ladonna remain within the husk of a place that you don't notice since you aren't in the channel.
<kentari> Ladonna: "Albert... I can't see you anymore..."
<kentari> Al nods, "He has yet to exist. We must remain very still."
<Sparkie> And roll dice.
<kentari> She nods, scared, the threads of reality ever-so-thin without anyone to collapse their quantum undeath.
* Albert`^ has joined #game3
<kentari> The world clicks a moment, as if your entering is what sets it in motion, the coldness of stilled atoms stirred by the warmth of your spinning sub-particles.
<kentari> You had just finished getting in a minor scuffle over Al's actions, Ladonna dispatching your aggression like the Angels did unto Joshua
<kentari> But, irregardless, you find your fellows going there separate ways, some in excitement, others confusion, and you and Ladonna remain within the husk of a place you do not know, let alone understand.

<kentari> Sarah: "You know, I'm impressed with how calm you kids were. It was kind of a stranger with candy moment, there."
<kentari> Sarah remembers that you took the candy.
* Dami looks confused at that, "Mom always said I should take candy from strangers snice they might take me away somewhere neat!"
<kentari> Sarah, the only NPC who has, in fact, read your file, is unaffected.

<kentari> Sarah: "I wonder..." quietly, then considers, "Did you ... think that guy looked like the one from before?"
* Dami paces in a circle, striving to keep form exploding qat the sheer nothing of everything, and: "You mean like in the chair? I don't think so? If that wasn't any game at al than it's all *really* confused and maybe it was an ememy of Al's or he's got different personalities like Superman gets!"
* Dami puffs out his cheeks a moment, trying to hold lightning like pikachu, and sighs when nothing happens.
<kentari> Sarah: "Different personalities?"
* Dami nods. "Like good-Al and Bad-Al and stuff! Mom always said she wishes I had another personality."
<Dami> "But if he's not human it might be ... uhm .. something else? Like, weirder?"
<kentari> Sarah: "I'm not sure," sitting down, looking a little tired suddenly, "I don't know what we've gotten into."
<kentari> Sarah: "And a couple hours ago, the worst thing I had to worry about was getting in trouble over a food fight."
<Dami> "It could be like he was Orochimaru in the giant war thing and tried ont not be a soldier and he's now Kabuto but Orochimaru still leaks out? Only not Kabuto, cuz he wasn't a good guy, so like that but not like that," looking proud of his explanation.

<Dami> "My shirt got *ripped*," as if that was not any kind of good job at all, the words slipping out.
<kentari> Sarah: "I'm glad you all are back," after doing a headcount, "I want to hear what happened to you guys.... but, I think we should rest a little bit, get calm, relax, and collect our thoughts. We'll talk about it at breakfast?"
<Dami> "Ripped," still in a small voice, in a daze
* Albert`^ goes back to the boy's cabin, quickly
<kentari> Ladonna: "At least you're not eating it," patting Dami on the shoulder as she strolls off to the she-cabin
* Dami trudges back, not wanting to go his usual pace and risk somehow hurting the shirt more.
<Dami> <- anti-captain kirk.
<Albert`^> lol
<kentari> Sarah looks around and coughs a little, walking with a metered pace back to the cabin. All told, it looks like Dami knocked the stuffing out of her.
<kentari> Though he seems to sound like the REAL victim, here. :P

<AlcarGm> The cube shudders, a low whining sound filling the air, perhaps escaping gases, time itself, or simply pain. The smells and sights of the real world vanish as you slip Sideways. The room seems as it did before, and even the cube appears to somehow be 'merel'y a clube though your joints ache dully and there are liver spots on your hands....
<AlcarGm> What do you want to do with the cube?
<Quinn`^> Well the deal was to keep it in stasis for 12 seconds... is it in stasis?
<AlcarGm> Yup.
<AlcarGm> It most definitely is, shimmering in the air like an angry zit begging to be popped.

<AlcarGm> You concentrate. You can no longer feel your fingers at all, but they look ... wrinkly, older .....
<Quinn`^> I don't think it's working
* Quinn`^ tries again, concentrating harder this time.
<Quinn`^> 3d6 c'mon! Time don't fail me now
<Sparkie> Quinn`^ 3d6: 18 c'mon! Time don't fail me now
<Quinn`^> nice
<Quinn`^> that's like... a crit with 3 dice!
<AlcarGm> 4d6 - but time is ...... lucky?
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 4d6: 14 - but time is ...... lucky?
<Quinn`^> neeeewp
<Quinn`^> mwahahahaha
<Quinn`^> thanks spark
* Sparkie Quit (Quit: Off to commit seppuku)

<AlcarGm> You go back next door to sleep and that night die in a raging fire that screams at you: 'That 18 was a fluke! A fluke! I don't love you at all! FEAR ME!'
* Sparkie is not amused.

<fennec> we should be twins!
<AlcarGm> ....
<kentari> oh god, wonder twins
<kentari> powered by glamour
<kentari> it'd work, right alcar?
<AlcarGm> I misdoubt that 'work' is quite the word you were looking for :p
<fennec> i mean, LoLaD is about breaking the world anyway, right? >.>
<AlcarGm> In some ways, yes :)
<fennec> see, 'work'! :)

<Quinn`^> that'd make an interesting way to meet someone
<Quinn`^> old woman gets on a train and a kid walks in behind her glaring at everyone
<Quinn`^> 'no we go to highschool together.'
* AlcarGm nods :)
<AlcarGm> "She's the result of no child left behind."
<Quinn`^> lol

* Albert`^ stares at the blackened tire with cream cheese that is his bagel in front of him.

<kentari> Mitch: "But he looked at me and said that. ..." he blinks, trying to remember, "Something about dialog value... dialog and value.."
<kentari> Sarah: "'It is in dialog with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value,'" she quotes, leaning her head on a hand, "I heard that, too."
<Dami> "...."
<Dami> "Huh?"
<Albert`^> "All of the NPCs heard the same thing?"
<Albert`^> or not
<Dami> "Like when you stub your foot and say a really bad word?"
<kentari> Sarah: "I think it's because we're not likely to make it out of this intact," nodding to Albert. :P

<Dami> "Maybe we can find out by DOING it?!"
* Dami is practically dancing in place at this point.
<kentari> Sarah: "You're... kind of like *my* children, for a little bit anyway. This is the last chance I have to try to keep you from crossing a road. I just... he was so hesitant, so cautious, and I've just been going with the flow. What if I'm making a mistake even acknowledging that this is happening?"
<kentari> Sarah: "Could you.. promise not to hate me?" She asks, in a way that hints at the fact she's either asked or been asked that a some previous epoch in her life.
<Dami> "If you fit my shirt, now can we go?!"
<Albert`^> Fit lol
<Dami> er, fix :p
<kentari> She miiiight.
<kentari> It'd be a midriff though for sure.

<kentari> Naomi: "Once your companion creature, for lack of a better word, gets strong enough, you'll be able to communicate with them. They'll then be a conduit for you. For example..." She holds up her hand, revealing a thin, vibrantly-red ring, the color of a rose, "I have Erzulie. We can move around quickly."
<Albert`^> "Is..." Standing and looking down the hill on the opposite side of the camp "Is that a charmander?"
<Dami> (( you bastard :p ))
* Dami is gone in a shot :)
<Albert`^> (( >:) ))
<kentari> Naomi: "... Oh."
<kentari> Sarah slaps her forehead. :P

<Aurora> (to Mitch) "together, on three?"
<kentari> Mitch nods.
<Aurora> "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3!"
<Albert`^> (( Wow... ))
<kentari> :P
<Aurora> (( i'm a silly goofbal, so shoot me :P ))

<Aurora> see, that's the difference between this game and lolad :)
<Albert`^> what's that?
<Aurora> "Don't screw anything up -- remember that people are fragile things."
<Aurora> not that they're substantially more resilient in lolad but :P

<kentari> Mitch: "... Uhm..."
<kentari> Mitch: "What're we gonna do with the rest of the day?"
<kentari> Mitch: "Camp just doesn't seem as...... interesting now?"
<kentari> Sarah: ".. What? Of course it's interesting!" She begins listing activities.

<alcar> Werewolves are a furry convention. This plot concept brought to you by Kentari.
<fennec> As a resulf of meddling fae, a furry convention turns real. Your mission: Hunt them down, to the last were-mouse, and destroy them.

* kentari sits in office interview chair
<kentari> What makes *you* stand out as foxy girlfriend material among the other candidates?
<kentari> Where do you see yourself in five sessions?
<kentari> What would you say is your greatest flaw?
<fennec> a) the glorious red hair and fluffy tail, b) it's not polite in a public forum such as this to describe in detail what we do in the bedroom, but the fluffy tail will be involved, and c) i can be a bit of a tease; also I always want eat all the chicken

* kentari looks at cost for a 100-man army of minions.
* kentari considers arming them with cheap guns.
<kentari> A were might not be able to make it out.
<kentari> I'd call the ability..
<kentari> "The Police" :P

<kentari> But yeah, from what I understand, fennec intends for my PC to know his in the most biblical of senses.
<Sparkie> Smiting?
* Sparkie is a fan.

<kentari> instead, I have abilities like
<kentari> Power Flux -- Creation (Gifts for Girlfriend)
<alcar> aka, being cheap? :p
<kentari> =p
<alcar> "You can wear this dress for .. ah, 2 hours. And then it turns back into .. well, let's not get into that."
* Katarzyna only likes expensive gifts. Artifact-class and the like. ;)

<kentari> hrmmm
<kentari> I've got a good idea of what chaos is making now, and the mechanical leaning of yours, fen
<kentari> What kinda personality you aiming for?
<kentari> You mentioned red hair. That's all I remember. =p
<alcar> what, and that's not a valid personality?! Ginger people count too :p

<Chaos`^> so it doesn't work on all doors, it just means there's always an exit plan?
* alcar nods. It basicallty means any trap you're put in WILL have an exit of some kind.
<alcar> And not just, say, suicide :P
<alcar> well, unless sparkie decides critical failures are the sauce of the day.

<Chaos`^> Lesley is the corporate consultant. She works for people with money, she's a fixer for vampires who can afford her services, and sometimes a pack of were will pool together some money and hire her (if they've heard of her, that is) but essentially the middle class guy with a little more money to spare will be going to Lesley
<Chaos`^> or, another way to put it, we're the bar that's been tucked away in a dark alley since prohibition, whos patrons are the same people every night asking for just one more drink, she is the dance club on main street with a line halfway around the block.

<kentari> I'm at the point where I'm deciding how much preparation for actual, physical battle I want
<kentari> Really, ... there's not much of it, from what I remember.
* Sparkie hopes lots.
<alcar> A lot of that'll depend on what pcs do, really. poke the vampires and werewolves, write on their walls, unfriend them....

<kentari> oh man
<kentari> I could totally get an attack helicopter.
<Katarzyna> i believe you're supposed to have organizational ties to acquire freakish items like that not generally available to civilians
<kentari> Organizational ties (girlfriend)
<kentari> :>
<Katarzyna> ..... i'm not sure i'm the one who could get you an attack helicopter, darling
<alcar> unless it is a euphemism

<kentari> Hannah: "Oh ... It's.. old stuff," brushing a strand of hair behind her ear on the right, "I'm okay. Have you been able to make many friends yet?" Finally, turning it around to you, though she doesn't have the smooth voice Sarah does when she does it.
<Dami> "Just the people at my table," with a huge sigh, "we've been busy doing stuff and watching stars and things but camp is like a school with the clique things and I don't want that since making more friends is better for everyone," happily. "No one can ever have too many friends because friends are like pokemon only they catch you, too."
* Dami seems unduly proud of that last line :p

<Dami> Awww. ALbert's never offered to read Dami's fortune :P
<Albert`^> i believe he has
<fennec> or aurora's
<Albert`^> he set up a table and everything so that he could read people's fortunes
<Albert`^> but no one came
<Albert`^> and he got assaulted by Ladonna
<fennec> that's not the same :P
<Albert`^> it is!
<Dami> Nah. It would be like .. actually, I'm not going to use that metaphor.
<Out2lunch> heheh
* Dami laughs. Actually, I shall use the metaphor. It is akin to waiting in a public restroom for sex without advertising that one is :)
<Out2lunch> XD
<kentari> that made me laugh. :P
<Out2lunch> at the very least one should put up a sign

<Dami> "I heard the music and it sounded really neat," rather proud of that not being a lie. My name's Dami! Do you play lots of things?!"
<kentari> Dirk: "The kids in my group are all out doing some stuff with another cabin, so I've got some time off, and I like to practice a bit when I can," he nods, "During the year, I'm at school to be a musician. I come out here during the summers to be a counselor. Is this your first time here?"
<Dami> "Yup! I'm just a student in school and it's really boring but music sounds nice and I didn't know anyone went to schol for that; you play lots of them and end up in a band?!"
<kentari> Dirk: "That's the idea. I'm gonna try to join one of the army bands when I graduate. Like..." he ponders, "Kinda like the Canadian Brass?" Struggling to speak in your strange, northern language. :P
* Dami looks utterly blank at that, since music -- unless it's from an anime he likes -- is some foreign world of slowness. "Oh! Armies are neat: mom says I shold join one when I get older and volunteer to run through fields and disarm landmines!"
<kentari> You get Dirk to make the face a lot of people make.
<kentari> It's a relaxed sort of half-stare, with blinking involved. :P

* Sparkie nods. There's an asshole in every game; but in game1 it's me!
<Out2lunch> aww, I hold no malice toward you, Sparkie
<Sparkie> ... I need to roll a lot more dice for you, then

<Chaos`^> except for some reason trail had a mall
<Chaos`^> why would a town with only 10k people have a mall?
<Katarzyna> there were more people before Faline ;)
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> no i'm pretty sure it was a pretty big mall
<Chaos`^> it had a food court and everything
<Chaos`^> i remember faline running through some tables and stuff at the food court
<Chaos`^> that's how it started
<Chaos`^> then she ran through a few walls
<Katarzyna> there's a grocery store, that's almost like a food court
<alcar> It shall have an Overwaitea grocery store
<Katarzyna> there's a tim hortons on the premises!
<Katarzyna> does that count?
<alcar> .. in some places in canada, yes :p

* Sparkie should offer chaos good rolls for his pc in exchange for being the mother of his character.
<Chaos`^> Sparkie: Fuck off.

<Chaos`^> fen, you should invest in unknown power and be done with it =p
<alcar> Yes..... of course... good idea!
* alcar rubs hands together
<alcar> !uasurge
<Sparkie> All boxer shorts you own are now briefs, or vice-versa.
<kentari> Hrm.
<kentari> Nice.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> best unknown power ever.
<alcar> "It's not MY fault your pc was female and never wore them!"
<kentari> I could have sworn that the last time I gave you unknown power on a pc, you just gave me flaws in return, alcar.

<Chaos`^> His precog is very limited, it only shows things that are about to happen, according to the book it's only 5 rounds in the future, really. I'll let you interpret that as you will, but generally if he's holding his aura in he doesn't normally notice any visions or anything anyway. I imagine you have a lot of problems dealing with time in games as it is =p
* alcar laughs. one of the npcs ken put in has time travel; it is very, very limited :p
<alcar> to the point of being, technically, useless.
<Chaos`^> "Can travel 5 minutes into the future. But cannot travel backward."
* alcar nods. Effectively, yeah. His precog is possible futures, not actual, which does not help.
<Chaos`^> and it only works after a 10 minute ritual
<Chaos`^> it'd be good if you knew a building was going to blow up =p
<Chaos`^> you could travel into the future so you're not, technically, there when it explodes, and by the time the rubble falls to the ground you show up
<Chaos`^> about 5 minutes after a building falls down most of the dust has already cleared. It's actually a really fast process
<alcar> unless it was the WTC which, as everyone knows, was taken up by alien.
<alcar> Hrm. I wonder if that IS an actual conspiracy somewhere on the net. Probably.

<Chaos`^> it makes perfect sense, our PCs already know eachother but have, really, never worked with eachother?
<Chaos`^> I mean we can pretend we had
<Chaos`^> or we can actually do it
<kentari> I doubt all the agency would work on one thing at the same time
<kentari> It would make sense a couple would go "make a beachhead" or whatever =p
* alcar laughs. True. And benefits for finishing pcs faster than others should involve sessions :P
<kentari> Sessions where we don't get our npcs killed
<Chaos`^> of course!
<alcar> ..... but.... but .... :p
* Sparkie sniffs. alcar promised I'd have fun

* Lucian`^ pushes the desks together and grabs a box filled with blank legal pads and folders and shoves them into a drawer
<AlcarGm> The office has one ligthtbulb hanging from the roof (currently lacking a fixture), one grimy window but at least a decent closet for storage and the owner would, probably, not care too much if you used some of the empty offices if you had to. For a fee, of course.
* Lucian`^ also pulls out a half-empty bottle of bourbon and puts that in the drawer as well
<AlcarGm> The bottle settles into the drawer as though it had always belonged there.
* Lucian`^ smiles
<Lucian`^> "There."
<Lucian`^> "Feels like home."
<jackson> "It's supposed to feel like an Office."

<AlcarGm> Ah. What IS the agency called? :p
<jackson> uhm
<jackson> black inc?
* jackson has nothing. =p
* AlcarGm laughs
<AlcarGm> I thought you had some idea involving sos, chaos?
<Lucian`^> 500 a day plus taxes
<Lucian`^> that's the name
* AlcarGm snorts.
<Lucian`^> =p

<jackson> oh, I know
<jackson> let's just go with an acronym, and never say what it stands for
<jackson> like... BLT.
<jackson> that's all it says on the sign
<jackson> =p
<Lucian`^> LoL
<Lucian`^> How about S.O.S?

<AlcarGm> The streets of the city are quiet. A few police cars at the local Tim Horton's, soccer-mom minivans on the way to various events and a few people heading home from various jobs; it all seems positively normal, as though the city was trying desperately to be like all the others around it.
<jackson> "It's kind of unsettling, knowing how extraordinary this place is, then finally getting here and seeing... minivans."
<Lucian`^> "I say we try hitting a few bars tonight, see if we can find anything..."

<AlcarGm> That the local timmy's has 5 police cars at it at once hints the city is not as quiet as it would like to pretend :P
<Lucian`^> unless the entire police force is sitting and having coffee
<AlcarGm> or that, yes.
<AlcarGm> but you doubt they'd be *that* stupid .. hopefully :P
<Lucian`^> *well* a town this small? They don't need to be patrolling all the time
<Lucian`^> there's only 10k people in trail right?
* AlcarGm nods.
<Lucian`^> 6 police cars for one town, to be in such a small area?
<Lucian`^> *that* says something

<Lucian`^> If the vampires own the cops
<Lucian`^> then who are the cops looking out for?
<Lucian`^> the were population must be HUGE
<AlcarGm> Well, regular humans do cause problems :P

<Lucian`^> i mean
<Lucian`^> 6 cruisers
<Lucian`^> The fact that there *isn't* anything for them to be looking out for is what worries me =p
<AlcarGm> :p

<AlcarGm> the menu lists several pastas, soup, a lasagna that changes daily it seems and cheesecakes for dessert. The waitress does you both the favour of not telling you either her name or life story or being a vampire.
* Lucian`^ is happy to have a human waitress, that's good.
* jackson never believes in the humanity of waitresses.

<AlcarGm> Whatever is in the dumpster doesn't feel like a theat, at least not yet. And given how sparkie is rolling for npcs tonight, likely not ever :P

<AlcarGm> The were's stomach lets out a low growl for him as he smells it. He straightens slowly, voice thick with suspicion. "You smell of magic," flatly, to the both of you.
<Lucian`^> "You smell of dumpster."
<jackson> "You smell of crap, but I figure we give you the benefit of the doubt." =p
* jackson nods with Lucian. We're on the same page!
* Lucian`^ nods to jackson, we're ont he same page.

<Lucian`^> Oh man
<jackson> If this is Simon
<Lucian`^> His friend is imaginary
<Lucian`^> and it's Faline
<jackson> We need to kill Faline
<AlcarGm> :p
<AlcarGm> imagine having Faline as your imaginary friend; eating all the other ones...
<Lucian`^> lol

<Lucian`^> "I'm Lucian. My car's this way if you want to come with us."
<AlcarGm> He shakes his head. "I'd make your car smell," in a small voice.
* Lucian`^ doesn't say it like an FBI agent, more like a guy offering a ride
<Lucian`^> "Well it's the quickest way to my place."
<jackson> "We'll go buy some febreeze after." :P
<jackson> "It works like magic."
* jackson :D
<AlcarGm> He pauses, considering offering to follow but doesn't know how far it it so just nods. "O-okay. Thank you?"
<AlcarGm> And once in the car, you activate the silver lining! :P
<jackson> oh man
<jackson> best spell ever

<Sparkie> Spot checks have to be d20!
<jackson> 1d20
<Sparkie> jackson 1d20: 3
<jackson> XD
<jackson> sparkie works now, btw guys
<Sparkie> much better. Proper rolls for pcs now.

<AlcarGm> Your sister 's clothing in the closet would probably fit him if he's not too picky; his current clothing could be fumigated with extreme prejudice :P
<Lucian`^> Why are my sister's clothes in my closet?
<Lucian`^> it sounds like something she'd do...
<AlcarGm> Oh, like I'm responsible for your pcs fetishes :P

<Lucian`^> "Have a seat, talk for a while... Or you can leave if you want."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Really? You ... you won't keep me here?"
<Lucian`^> "Uh... No?"
<Lucian`^> "Why would I do that?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I --." he closes his mother, deciding not to say whatever he thought you and Jackson had planned and looks for a spot to sit instead.
<AlcarGm> err, mouth. Not mother.
<Lucian`^> i was gunna say

<Lucian`^> "It just sounds like a guy wants to take over some territory because the local pack wouldn't take him in."
<Lucian`^> "Sounds like a normal were thing to me."
<jackson> "If Simon's being used as a weapon, that's not really the were way. They're direct, contests of strength. You've seen it." Referencing someone we know. =p
<jackson> "Intrigue and that... it's not the normal MO. Add that the vampire was in favor of the abnormality.. it might be a bigger matter than just one were against just one pack leader."
<Lucian`^> "What I've seen is a lot of things. This Danric guy is pretty calculating. If he IS a were, he's probably a thinking animal. A dophin or a monkey. But he's still being controlled by his animal instincts to control a pack."
<jackson> "A were dolphin?"
<jackson> "Christ man." :P
<Lucian`^> "Hey, it happens."
<AlcarGm> (( "But only 42 times a year." ))
<jackson> "I'd sooner believe in a were lesbian."
<Lucian`^> "They call them bi-sexuals."

<jackson> "But ... if we're throwing in on it, we'd probably want to pick the winning side."
<jackson> "This would be as good an opportunity as any to try to contact the local nest and see how we'll be working with...or in avoidance of... them."
<Lucian`^> "I never said anything about getting in on it... But anyway, my father always said when you're getting in on something, it's up to you to make sure your side wins."
<jackson> "Clever. Though I guess the question becomes, do we do our job good enough to put ourselves out of business?"

<jackson> "As for Trail being temporary.. I don't know. I guess it's a good feeling for us not to have business. Like cops having nothing to do but drink coffee."

<AlcarGm> Lucian doesn't want hot dates?! :p
<jackson> HOT AS SPARKIE
<Lucian`^> Yeah
<Lucian`^> Sophie was throwing warning signals fromt he beginning
<Lucian`^> Lucian had no plans on going that route
<AlcarGm> Well, yes. Even shielded it IS Sophie :P
<AlcarGm> One would need safe words, and they would likely not be honoured.
<jackson> with sophie, all you could hope for is that your reincarnation kicks in eventaully.

<AlcarGm> I assume Lucian is drinking Jackson off at his vehicle, or ?
<Lucian`^> dropping?
<Lucian`^> yes
<Lucian`^> I will drop him off
* jackson is blasting off again~
<AlcarGm> drinking ... dropping. Some day I need to run a game and those typoes become part of it regardless of sense :P

<Lucian`^> "Jackson and I believe Danric might be using him as his main piece in the future territory war."
<AlcarGm> He almost smiles at that. "Who wouldn't? If one has a weapon, not using it is, at best, often foolish."
* Lucian`^ nods
<Lucian`^> "he has a strong aura but that doesn't make him strong."
<Lucian`^> "he has to figure out how to use it to his advantage first."
<AlcarGm> Artemis: "That is true; the other was ... quite strong." He sips his tea. "Your father wishes to know how much time you plan to waste with this hobby."
<AlcarGm> (( "If you answer wrong, I will not give you the antidote." ))

<Albert`^> "I have needs that need to be taken care of. I need stimulation."
<kentari> Sarah brushes away something on her face, coughing lightly, "Wh-.. What are you talking about?"

<Albert`^> "There's something that we need that we can't really ask other people for..."
<kentari> Brock shakes his head a little at Sarah, beginning to look through his paper bag for lunch... starting with an apple.
<kentari> Sarah: "We're close friends here, you can ask me anything," with a warm, motherly, rehearsed smile.
<Albert`^> "Well, it's really special and I don't think other campers normally get this kind of service..."

<kentari> Naomi: "Either way, it's important that once you start seeing things, you keep your eyes out for seeds... especially ones taking root."
<Dami> "What do they look like? And... do we pul them out, if they're taking root?" remembering the one time his mom tried to get him to help garden
<kentari> Naomi pats her chest, "You'll see a little glow, sometimes a shard, like glass was sticking through, or strings coming out, like their shirt was ripped," she explains, "And there's always that emotional energy involved," transitioning to a mission briefing a little roughly.
<kentari> She nods. "They're not really meant to take root here, except for the ones you guys have taken on from Al directly. It's not safe, for the humans or for them. Often times, bad emotions get mixed up with it all and people start doing.. weird things."
* Dami almost forgot his ripped shirt, and blames stonehenge. "..... Oh. So we pull them out and they'll go home?!"
<kentari> She nods, "I'll pick them up, once you free them. You guys, your job, is to make sure things work out okay on the human side."
<kentari> Naomi: "I could go around ripping them out wherever I notice them, but... the humans involved, it really takes a lot out of people, and would confuse them a bunch."
<Dami> "Ooooh...." *nods, getting that totally*. "People say I do that a lot!"
<kentari> She nods. :P
<Dami> "Can we confuse them better?"

<Albert`^> "I *think* you don't watch much TV. Or you'd know what I"m talking about."
<kentari> Sarah: "Of course we don't watch much TV, TV's unhealthy," her sensitivity training taking second seat to her pride.
* Albert`^ grunts
<Albert`^> "So then what do you suggest I do?"
<kentari> Sarah: "Well... what's the problem? You miss your toys?" she asks, delicacy returning.
<Albert`^> "No. I'm not a child, i don't play with toys anymore. Although I do miss my DS but that's another story altogether."
* Albert`^ waves it off
<Albert`^> "I told you earlier, I need stimulation."
<Albert`^> brb 20 mins
* Albert`^ has left #game1
<kentari> Sarah nods, "I mentioned the schedule," she says, "But... I think what you really need..." she unbuttons her h, casting it aside, grinning lasciviously.

* Dami thumps down ont his bed and just sits there for almost a whole minute, exhausted from the ffort of saying no to a pokemon, then bounces back up to try and follow the roe from the chest to Mitch.
<kentari> It's easy when you know what to look for and how it works. You find your way through a web of different strings here and there to the girls' cabin.
* Dami knocks on the door, since not knocking on doors leads to parents yelling a lot at 1 am when they weren't even sleeping anyway so it's not like you woke them up

<AlcarGm> Your office is above a barber's on a side street of downtown trail; most of the other buildings in the strip mall are empty, and you're the only building not vacant on the second floor. Faded 'for lease' signs and 'last chance sale!' signs fill widows with mute desperation as you reach .. ze office!
<AlcarGm> The office is on the second floor, lightbulb in the ceiling, no fixture, and grimy windows; two desks have been shoved together and some old filing cabinets line one wall.
<Katarzyna> If this were a noir film, I'd be the redheaded femme fatale who is here to hire the detective! As it is not strictly a noir film, I'm wearing something a little more drab and trenchcoaty because I *am* the dective! I'm still narrating to myself, though. There are definitely noir influences.
<Katarzyna> is it protected from me, or against me?
<Katarzyna> er, for me, rather
<AlcarGm> Definitely against, though it's not active at all at present. It seems to have been set up to warn fae to stay away.
<Katarzyna> ah. against me but not against us.
* AlcarGm nods.
<Katarzyna> hmm. i shall attend to it in detail later.

<Katarzyna> mmm! this city *were* like NO other!
* AlcarGm nods. It does become a difficult word to use :P
<AlcarGm> "Okay, so repeat after me, 'the were wear wearing .....'"
<Lucian`^> wait
<Lucian`^> the were were wearing worn wear?
<Lucian`^> or was it were wear? as in wear that were wear

* AlcarGm changes topic to 'Visiting the Pigs. Not were pigs. Probably not. Also, police.'
<AlcarGm> Man, I really should consider a werepig police officer at some point.

<jackson> "Before we go any further.. do either of you already have a hunch for sides you'd wanna take in all this?"
<Katarzyna> "Winning side, obviously." ;)
<AlcarGm> (( Sophie's side, because if we don't we're all dead." ))

* jackson grabs a pencil out of the desk, rubbing his thumbs over it, before tossing it over to Kat
<jackson> "Contingency. Should get you back here in one piece, once, if you break it. Be careful."
<Katarzyna> "Thanks, babe."
<AlcarGm> teleport? :p
<jackson> yeah, potion-type dealio
* jackson <3 using ritual for plottish item creation =p
<AlcarGm> K. At this rate you will be handing them out as if they were morning-after pills.
<jackson> well
<jackson> They sort of are. :P

<jackson> how much magic did kat dabble in? :P
* AlcarGm just smiles
<jackson> oh, jesus.
<jackson> If he's actually a fae
<jackson> I'm hitting the ejection seat right now =p
<jackson> you wouldn't tell me, would you? >:E
* AlcarGm just smiles
<AlcarGm> paranoia is what makes games fun :P
<jackson> I will have my revenge.
<jackson> =p

<AlcarGm> You park and walk a good five minutes before you sense an aura ahead of you, open and brazen about it. You can spot buildings in the distance, smoke rising from some roottops. Lounging beside the road and smoking a cigarette is a young native kid; you'd peg him to be 10, at best, his aura weak but clearly being shown off, perhaps because he is ten.
<Katarzyna> Ten? Meh. I was all looking up my 'seduction' skill to figure out about making the guard talk. :P
<AlcarGm> Well, you still could; it would give the kid something to talk about for years :P

<Katarzyna> "Right.... So I'm trying to figure out whether or not to be worried, or if you guys have it all covered. Anyone I could talk to about that?"
<AlcarGm> He looks back, hesitant, crouching .. for a moment he looks about to change, then straightens sheepishly and pulls out a cell phone, dialing it as if he's seldom used it.
<AlcarGm> He calls a number, the phone ringing twice, thne says: "Someone here about the .. incident. A were fox. Yeah. Uhm ..." He glances at you, considers, then says: "I could take her."
* Katarzyna smiles. :)
<AlcarGm> He hangs up the phone. "Someone will be here shortly," he says, shortly, and does not, quite, preen, but does shove his chest out and try and look Tough. It's rather adorable, which is hardly what he's trying for.

<AlcarGm> A man emerges from the station proper, gently directly the receptionist to his feet. He's tall, a shade over 6' blond, blue-eyed and has the build of an ex-football player. Long sleeves, collar done up and a faint hint of power cleaning to him like aftershave, almost entirely hidden and in control.
<AlcarGm> He holds out a hand, on which faint tattoos shift and change, swirling across his skin like shadows. "Lance Christensen," smoothly.
* jackson gives a small wave to the man, taking his hand in a firm, but unchallenging grip -- the closer contact will afford him a better sense of the power, aura, and general density of the fellow, and such information is worth the risk of whatever the tattoos are doing. Nay, it may be best to not tip his hand and reveal his paranoia. That would just trigger a different set of responses than the ones he's after.
<jackson> "Jackson .... PC."
* jackson nods. Last names aren't needed. =p
<AlcarGm> "Ah, politically correxct. Such a ... crude last name," he says :P

<Lucian`^> Ken: He just said people can only forget so much... he wants to protect his police officers from having to forget things...
<jackson> Exactly.
<jackson> So we'll go put Cthulu in the drunk tank, instead of the regular folks. =p
<AlcarGm> :p

<jackson> "If the old pack can't come up with business and the new won't have it, I guess that leaves the humans."
<Lucian`^> "But no good jobs..."
* Lucian`^ nods
* jackson says it with a dejected regret, drinking some lunch.

<Katarzyna> "Humans? Why, those worthless scum." *smiles at Jackson*
<jackson> "They're currently the only ones who have actually drummed up jobs and ways to pay for them, unless you've gotten business with a fae or anything."
<Katarzyna> (( "If I wanted to hang around with a bunch of fairies, I could have stayed in San Francisco. ... No, not the rainbow-huggers, the other kind." ))

<Lucian`^> "So, how'd it go at the station?"
<jackson> "We'll get paid in paranormal loot if we take out vampires on either side of the issue."
<Lucian`^> "Eeeeehhhhhh.... We're not hitmen."
<jackson> "You want to look for lost kittens?"
<Lucian`^> "I'd rather do that than have to deal with Sophie."

<AlcarGm> well, to be fair the pcs have yet to suss out more options from vamps, thus far,. and danric DID offer to pay them :p
<Katarzyna> and SOMEONE I know didn't even take his money before pissing him off :P
<jackson> guys
<jackson> we could get MAGIC stuff
* AlcarGm nods; it is very sad :p

<Lucian`^> "So you want to negotiate with Danric for saving his life?"
<Katarzyna> "I'll see what I can run by him."
<jackson> "As soon as either of you get a lead on what flavor these assassins are, let me know. If I can forgo some flexibility, we can cook up a much more potent solution."
<Lucian`^> "So what are you going to be doing, exactly?" To Jackson
<jackson> "Exactly? Triangulating the current sidereal transit and attuning a few different hermetic linchpins to the potential time, place, distance, and composition of the assassins relative to me when the time comes to incapacitate or stop them."
<jackson> "Then, after that, I'll have to put together the necessary components and proto-rituals to have the energy active, yet restrained, so that it'll be a fast process to call down the thunder."
* Lucian`^ sighs
<jackson> "If I go with thunder, that is." :P
<Lucian`^> "It could be a couple of days before we actually find them... are you jsut going to standa round and wait for ust o call you?"

<alcar> Man. You try and give players options for plots and what do they do .. find a way to accomplish one and paid for 3 of them :p
<alcar> nicely done :)
<kentari> :p

<AlcarGm> Danric: "That is two players now. Two. You must all die now."
<Katarzyna> hmm
<Katarzyna> that would be a heck of an NPC power :P
<AlcarGm> Being able to kill people who get your name wrong would be handy :)

<Lucian`^> "Hmm.. I haven't started any notes on this case." Pulling out a pen.
<jackson> "... You shouldn't do that while driving,"
* jackson says carefully, putting on his seatbelt.

<Lucian`^> "This town is too small to randomly have two non-vampire, non-pack assassins."
<jackson> "So his use of the plural, assassins, makes you think its an out-of-town outfit?"
<Lucian`^> "Yes."
<Lucian`^> "I also doubt it's more than two."
<jackson> "I'm not sure where you get that hunch from, but if you trust it, it's really the most solid thing we've got so far. How do you propose we track down out-of-towners, then? They probably won't have ties to any local criminals we could shake up for dirt."
<Lucian`^> "Two assassins allows for a closer relationship and a building of trust, three means you spread your time out too much and no one trusts eachother. You never see three assassins in the same room. It's common knowledge."
<jackson> "Does that work for detectives, too?"
<Lucian`^> "It's called the triangle rule."
* jackson donates a grim sort of smirk.

<jackson> "We can use the basics of dowsing for this one. Give me a minute, and I'll hijack your compass."
<Lucian`^> "Uhh.. My compass?"
* jackson makes a couple SWOOOSH motions of wide, arcing loops in an alien script in the chalk, completing some sort of inscription around a hasty geometric glyph he's written all over the dashboard like a kid with crayons.
<jackson> "Yeah. They used to use this to find clean water... you've seen people with the sticks, right? Dowsing rods?"
<Lucian`^> "Sure..."
<jackson> "The idea is that you alter something to dwell along the fabric of the essence of what you want to find. That stuff, it makes impressions on that fabric, so the object will flow towards the dips. It's a form of detection."
* Lucian`^ 's eyes seem to have glazed over.
<jackson> "So I'll just get your compass to..."
* jackson rambles for a little bit. :P
* jackson attempts to turn the compass into a dowsing rod calibrated for drug dealers. :P
<AlcarGm> The compass on your car twists and seems to shimmer a moment, then spins around three times and points south-west unerringly.
<jackson> "If we get taken to a pharmacy, I'm out of ideas." =p

* jackson just plops the rear view mirror of its holder, handing it -- with embedded compass -- over to Lucian, with a wise smile.
<Lucian`^> did... did jackson just break my mirror?
<jackson> ((It's one of those kind, right? :P))
<Lucian`^> no
<Lucian`^> most powered mirrors are not removable

<AlcarGm> Thug: "Mr. Johnson doesn't *have* a brother! He shot his sister for trying to horn in on his territory, asshole!"
<jackson> "They just called the cops,"
* jackson opens his eyes.
<jackson> "I can take down the door if you'll handle them."
<Lucian`^> "Wait, seriously?"
<jackson> "I'm always serious."
<Lucian`^> "These guys are really... Stupid..."
* jackson takes a pre-gesticulatory pose, ready to batter the door with something.
<jackson> "There's a lot of good stuff in there, though. If we get at it now, we won't have to earn it back from the cops."
<jackson> "Ready for action? I'll open the door if you'll frontline it."
<Lucian`^> "Yeah, alright."
<AlcarGm> The thugs doing illegal drug alchemy can be heard shoving things into boxes and, belatedly, trying to hide some things inside the condo.

<AlcarGm> He grins and unlocks the door. The entrance includes a spiral staircase to the second floor and an old receptionist desk that's covered in various files and notes; clearly the owner doesn't keep track of too much here. Simon leads you down the hallway into a large kitchen that's all stainless steel appliances clashing with 70s wood pannelling and brick walls; the kitchen table looks to be from Ikea, the island probably a bar back in the day.

<AlcarGm> Simon: "We have coke and juice and sprite and milk?"
<Katarzyna> "Sprite?" darned uncultured inlanders
<jackson> (("We grind them up really fine first, honest."))
<Katarzyna> (( first day in Canadia and already I miss my japanese imports ))

<AlcarGm> Thug #2: "Joe, get down! You scum, hands in your air or I should you both!"
<AlcarGm> The thug swings wildly, missing Lucian and becoming away that his coat IS on fire. He drops his gun and begins yanking it off to throw it on the floor as the other two thugs cover the both of you, convinced they're in control.
<AlcarGm> Thug #3: "Talk?" sneering a little. "We talk with bullets," probably quoting some bad movie.
<jackson> "I can talk with much, muuuuch worse."
<AlcarGm> Thug #2 ... ignores his friend, frowning at Jackson's wand-thing, and mutters something about harry potter wannabes, then says: "What do you people want? Mr. Johnson will have you both hunted down and killed ;this is HIS turf."
<Katarzyna> (( let him talk! per bullet! ))
<jackson> (( :P ))

* jackson is also looking around for what might be worth the most money, here. Any good lab equipment, rare ingredients floating around? :P
<Lucian`^> "Fine, don't tell us where Mr. Johnson is. Tell us who he is, and who we can ask to find him."
<Lucian`^> "You'll not even come into the picture."
<AlcarGm> Jackson: the computer hooked into the wall at the far end of the room is a red macbook: unless you emptied al the glass and sold it, it's probably the most expensive thing in the room.
<jackson> ((You know I can't resist stealing laptops, alcar.))
<AlcarGm> (( :p ))

<AlcarGm> Lesley: "Making friends," in a low, silky voice, then hangs up.
* Lucian`^ sighs
* Lucian`^ heads to the realty office.
<Katarzyna> (( what is she making them out of? ))
<Lucian`^> clay most likely, that's the most common ingredient
* Katarzyna misread that as 'reality office'. because LoLaD totally needs a few of those. get yourself a nice little mortgage on an alternate universe...

<jackson> "What were you aiming for?"
* jackson checks a watch, hoping that he hasn't lost time and uncoordinated his movement with Lucy through all this.
<AlcarGm> You don't sem to have lost time, at least. Pattie scowls a little not liking to admit to anything that, in someone else, would be a mistake. "I was going to summon up a duke of hell to ask questions of It.'
<AlcarGm> Pettie: "Clearly your magic ruined it."
<jackson> "Perhaps I can make it up to you."
<jackson> "If you have a list ... I *might* be able to call in a favor from someone who has a favor owed them, et cetera, to get you something?"
<jackson> (("Not that I'm a duke of hell or anything."))
<Katarzyna> (( Hazzard at best. ))
<jackson> ((Only if Kat dresses up like Daisy.))

* Katarzyna ponders. actually not sure whether they make Photoshop in San Francisco, or if the San Jose office has more of that.
<Lucian`^> you're still stuck on that?
<jackson> you and I both know it's made by little orphans in mongolia
<jackson> every lens flare is rendered by the tears of orphans
<Katarzyna> lucian - i mean, i see the office every time I go downtown
<Katarzyna> it's regularly on my mind
<Katarzyna> jackson - see, the tears of orphans come from mongolia but the final assembly is actually split between China, India, and California, for tax purposes

<Katarzyna> some assassins you want to get in touch with?
<Katarzyna> it sounds like you want to hire them!
<jackson> good
<jackson> easier to find them that way
<jackson> more flies with honey than with bullets
<Katarzyna> ha!
<jackson> pluuus
<jackson> we might find out who originally hired them (the real problem -- the person who might hire NEW assassins after we deal with THESE ones)
<Katarzyna> my money is on sophie ;)

<AlcarGm> Simon: "I can't order stuff properly because I can't read," quietly, refusing to look at you. "Words and numbers just ... don't make sense. They never have."
<jackson> (("I read one time that dogs made the world. I *am* one, I know we didn't!" :P))
<AlcarGm> (( *snorts* ))
<Katarzyna> "Hmm. You do any better with other symbols?"
<Katarzyna> "Picture ones? Bathroom-guy, bathroom-girl, water fountain, information... things like that?"
* AlcarGm nods. "Once I'm told what they are, mostly," the mostly tinged with the memory of unfortunte incidents. "It's just .. brain stuff."
* Katarzyna nodnods. "Makes sense."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I watch a lot of tv," as if that somehow counts as education :p
<Katarzyna> kind of the opposite really ;P

<Lucian`^> fen's going to bed early =p
<Katarzyna> naah
<Katarzyna> however, as much as it might be fun, I have other things to do with my life than sit around gaming ;)
* Sparkie sniffs. Especially when you're not rolling enough dice.
* Sparkie thinks experience shall be awarded based on dice rolls.
<Katarzyna> there's some merit to that opinion.

<Katarzyna> anyway. 7 hour sessions? This is not madness... THIS IS LOLAD!!!
<Lucian`^> t'sch
<Lucian`^> it *would* have been a 10 hour session but nooooooo

<Dakota`^> ok, i'll try to save him if you promise me this whole game isn't going to end with 'you were dead the whole time. the ford took you out in the first session.'
* Dakota`^ runs over to push him out of the way
<Dakota`^> and no comas either!
* Sparkie only likes dead bodies if they are really most sincerely dead, thank you very much.
<Dakota`^> sorry, the whole situation struck me as one to many bad books I've read
<Dakota`^> =p

<AlcarGm> There is a small bush shelter further down the street. It seems unoccupied at present.
* Dakota`^ goes there'
<fennec> a small bush shelter? ... is that a W crack? ;)
<AlcarGm> Heh
<fennec> (cuz if not it should be)

<Dakota`^> "Well, I have homework to do. Good night." Kissing him on the cheek.
<AlcarGm> Sean: "Well, I guess not that many people watch it,." with a smile. "Have fun, and remember your umbrella tomorrow."
* Dakota`^ smiels "How'd you know?"
<AlcarGm> Sean: "It was still in the closet when I left this morning; the last thing you need to do is catch a cold."
* AlcarGm has this fun image of Dakota being draggged ot the arena and fighting off a rock monster and the sneezes :P
<Dakota`^> lol

<fffff> I'm in voice chat powered IRC while waiting at a stoplight. This future is now.
<AlcarGm> "Red! Red! No, not sparkie!" (ping timeout)

* Kat calls jackson onna phone!
<Kat> boop bee boop / boop bee boop / *special ringtone that lets you know its me*
<AlcarGm> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq0EmbY3XyI
* jackson Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<AlcarGm> Your phone call, clearly, murders him, as you intended. The insurance money is yours now, and with it the curse.
* Kat dials Un-Reality?

<AlcarGm> There is a shimmer and Stacey appears beside you, only this time she seems a trifle more solid and marginally more human, though still slanted toward the Barbie side of the spectrum.
<AlcarGm> (( mind you, if barbie is considered one side, I am not sure who would be the other :p ))

<AlcarGm> There is a shimmer and Stacey appears beside you, only this time she seems a trifle more solid and marginally more human, though still slanted toward the Barbie side of the spectrum.
<AlcarGm> (( mind you, if barbie is considered one side, I am not sure who would be the other :p ))
<Dakota`^> Rosie O'donnel

<AlcarGm> Gwyn reaches out a hand, hesitant. *Can you.... empty your mind?*
* Dakota`^ nods to Gwyn and tries to think about... nothing.. It's like meditation
<AlcarGm> 2d6+7 - Mind!
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6+7: 18(11) - Mind!
<Dakota`^> 2d6+5
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+5: 9(4)
<Dakota`^> didn't know if I was supposed to roll too =p
<AlcarGm> it IS a good represensation of emptying the mind :p

<fennec> maybe ken can run!
<kentari> bluh... I'm stuck reading neo-liberal junk tonight
<kentari> perhaps friday
<kentari> plus, I just tapped out the last of my dignity and creativity on this silly side project. :P
<Chaos`^> the silly side project being your MLP fanfic?
<kentari> Aye.

<kentari> I've been thinking of trying out the fanfic circuit for a while now as the next logical progression from GMing

<AlcarGm> Ellen: "*You* want to come to the party? I thought you'd be busy usnig swords, or exercising," since, well, you normally would of late.
<Dakota`^> "Sure I do." Smiling.
<Dakota`^> "As long as I haven't been abducted by aliens."
<AlcarGm> She snorts. "I don't think any of the teachers would accept THAT."
<AlcarGm> It would be cool if they did, mind. "Oh, yeah. I was abducted back in 84. UFO with flashing lights and sirens took me into this dark, cold place... but I was really drunk, and someone work up the next morning in a cell in the police station. I'd show you the scars from their probes, but a court order forbids it."

<AlcarGm> You head to class without incident and finishes classes without being called to the Arena or getting asingle paniced texy from Gwyn.
<Dakota`^> texy
<AlcarGm> a sexy text? :p

* Dakota`^ looks around for their target
<AlcarGm> Stacey: "Not being in a class C, no."
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: "*There's one mind about 300 years west of us.*
<Dakota`^> *We have time, then.*
<Dakota`^> =p

<Lucian`^> Of course I want to be a target! have the assassins come to ME? Hell yes.
<Nerine> heehee
<jackson> That's certainly...
<jackson> one way to make our job easier.
<jackson> :P

* jackson shall opt for Pattie, because that's the most likely item to get shoves aside once something happens with the others. Plus, it's the most appropriate solo item for now.
<AlcarGm> You return to her place then ?
<jackson> Aye
* jackson is highly interested in how we might be able to replicate the teleport redirect that we did by accident.
<jackson> It could prove a useful trick as part of a greater trap, some time in the future.
* jackson is trying to play things like Joni and steal, appropriate, and corrupt everything he comes into contact with. :p
* AlcarGm grins
<jackson> ((And that, right there, is what I was afraid of. =p))

<AlcarGm> Pattie is home when you arrive, and looks a little puzzled as she opens the door and sees you again; you don't sense anything deominc in the home, so obviously she hasn't tried the spell again yet :)
<AlcarGm> unless it is hiding inside her, waiting....\
<jackson> :P
<jackson> That's called "pregnancy," alcar.
<jackson> And you shouldn't joke like that! :P

<jackson> "Knowing what's around that a summoned Demonlord could call on would be important. From what I see.. you can handle the conjured one fine, but, who knows what it could tap on the shoulder nearby, you know?"
<AlcarGm> Pattie scowls at that. "The bariers should prevent that," not quite, quite certain now..... "I've never studied auras in depth; they seem just like plumage."
<jackson> "Again, we musn't forget that it's plumage which lets birds fly."
<jackson> "If nothing else.. radiant auras, just tossed around and ignored, if they could be harnessed as a source of information, or better yet, power..."
* jackson says the magic word. =p
<AlcarGm> Pattie does a good job of masking the glow that lights up her eyes like a banker seeing another home foreclose, and just says: "You've seen it done?"

<Nerine> "If it helps, I think Sophie would be really selfish in bed."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Yeah, he i --." He pauses, then says: "Uhm, I guess you got my name but I never got yours and I'm just babbling at you about my problems."
<Nerine> "That's fine, I like listening to people. I'm Nerine, and we've actually met before, I look a lot different in my work coveralls."
<AlcarGm> Simon looks puzzled a moment, then grins. "Oh, yeah." He sits down on the water without thinking, aura wrapping around him and warming it a little, a hint of spring slipping through cold fall currents. "I guess you've never fallen in love, being a bit big? I mean, being a whole lake," he adds quickly.
<Nerine> Her eyes cloud for a moment, remembering a bittersweet memory, "Once..."

<Nerine> "Practcly everyone comes to talk to me about relationship problems."
<Nerine> "Lakes are good at listening."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Oooooh. So," his grin getting wider, "I've got this other problem, with this one rash that won't go away," trying to pretend he's serious and failing
* Nerine looks at him incredulously
<AlcarGm> Simon: "And it ...." he stops, the doubles over laughing at your expression.
* Nerine splashes him with a wave
<AlcarGm> He doesn't have time to try and dodge and just shakes himself all over, grinning and looking quite pleased with himself for the joke. It does, at least, make a change from most of the conversations you've had directed at you.
* Nerine smiles
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I guess that was a little mean," as he returns the smile, "but I like it that someone that smells of still waters and forgotten forests can be surprised. If that's .. okay to say?"
<Lucian`^> oh god
<Lucian`^> Simon is SO insecure
<Nerine> he's 16 :P
<AlcarGm> and not wanting to tick off a centuries-old spirit :p
<Nerine> earn my scorn and your pipes shall burst EVERY winter!
<Nerine> Mwahahaha
<Nerine> also your shower will never be the right temprature
<Lucian`^> NOOOOOOOOO!

<Nerine> "Well, I'm not just the spirit of the lake, more the ... area."
<AlcarGm> He scratches his head. "... and you have money? I mean I can pay, but you said you go once a week."
<Nerine> "I cover rivers, and cisterns, and groundwater, and whatnot."
<Nerine> "Yeah, I work for the city."
<AlcarGm> He looks puzzled by something, then: "Wait, like a real person does? Doing .... stuff?" as if he's having trouble wrapping his head around that
* Nerine grins, knowing this will blow his mind, "I even have a *house*."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Really?" not in the sense of not believing, just.... in a sense of wow, pretty much :)
<Nerine> "My parents built it, but I've made a few modifications over the last few years."
<AlcarGm> He looks about to say 'you have parents?!' but manages to bite back the question.
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Man, and here I thought this would be somethng different and you have a house and job and I guess look after ... hydro stuff?"
* Nerine snickers a bit
<Nerine> "I look after all the water in my territory, but I also try to keep an eye on the town, I'm fond of it."
<AlcarGm> Mayor Bloom: "Why, yes, we do have a water elemental on staff. She makes sure everyone pays their hydro bill on time. ... why are you looking at me like that?"

<AlcarGm> Simon: "We get called lords of life so .. so do were sit on the city thingy stuff too?" with a lack of knowledge of municipal politics that borders on the terrifying, were he old enough to vote
<Nerine> "No, but they probably should."
<Nerine> "But you get a vote, just like everyone else."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I'll ask Danric; he wants to change stuff," as you go inside. Jane, the usual face on the late shift, waves hello to you and begins making your drink without being asked.
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I don't think I'm old enough to vote yet."
* Nerine pays and makes sure to leave Jane a good tip
<AlcarGm> Simon pulls out a twent, "Wait, I was going to...."
<Nerine> "You will be soon enough."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Huh? I meant, pay for the drink."
<AlcarGm> (( "But I've been told money is what people vote with anyway." ))

<jackson> brb
<jackson> irl
* jackson coughs.
<jackson> "How long was I out?" :P
<Lucian`^> (( About an hour. And you're holding a knife, blood is dripping down the blade onto Pattie's body. ))
<AlcarGm> About an hour. And you're holding a knife, blood is dripping down the blade onto Pattie's body.
<AlcarGm> It seems the demon did get in, after all.

<AlcarGm> He blinks and looks back, something hard in his gaze for a moment, then looks away, having sense enough not to want to make you angry, and says nothing.
<Nerine> "Only good things make up for bad things."
<AlcarGm> He looks back at that. "
<AlcarGm> He looks back at that. "How many?" as if, in some small way, thinking you'd know.
* Nerine sits back and finishes her coffee
<AlcarGm> (( "2." ))
<Nerine> "Enough."
<Nerine> "There isn't exactly a table or something."
<AlcarGm> He blinks at that, then smiles sheepishly. "Yeah. I ..." He licks his lips and and lets out a breath, warmth filling the air like a tidal wave, not visible to humans but a steady swirl of power, as thick as the depths of the oeaan. "If you ever ... need antthing?" he offers, shyly. "For being nice, and listening to a lot."
* Nerine smiles, "I'm always glad to have another friend."
<AlcarGm> Man, Simon just came off like a bad internet ad :) "For being the 1,000,000th friend, you get... power! CLICK HERE!!!"

<AlcarGm> Man, I should have had Faline pay parking tickets. Such a missed opportunity for mayhem.
<Lucian`^> hah!
<AlcarGm> "You ate another human!?!" "Parking wardens don't count. New rule."

<Nerine> "Yes, I made a friend."
<Nerine> "We had coffee."
<AlcarGm> Danric: "I saw. Sometimes I think he's cleverer than he allows himself to know."
<Nerine> "He's a kid."
<Nerine> "THey're all like that."
<AlcarGm> Danric: "It's a luxury he won't be able to afford soon enough. I threatened other people to leave Simon alone, but some of his acne went away for you. I imagine it means something, but even so: he's the best hope I have of destroying Old Rabbit and if you ruin that...." he trails off.
* Nerine Quit (Ping timeout: 202 seconds)
<AlcarGm> Danric: "I will destroy you, as I have just proven."
<AlcarGm> Danric: "Who is next?! I can take on ANY pc now!"

<AlcarGm> It would make a lot of sense if half the vampiric mind control stuff in Trail was just preventing people from moving away.
<AlcarGm> "It's the economy, stupid!"

<Lucian`^> "I met Sophie. It's one of the reasons I feel the vampires are about to cause the police trouble. I think he's trying to take over the nest, so he has to manipulate the entire situation. I also think our job for him might be to disrupt his superiors." Shrugging, "I met with Johnson and convinced him to send the assassins after me."
<jackson> "Is Sophie a bad candidate to lead the nest? Any leader is better than no leader, for us. It creates predictability."
<AlcarGm> (( dear gods. ))
<AlcarGm> Jackson needs an exorcism, stat :p
<jackson> :p
* jackson makes a joke. Ha ha ha! Funny joke! Yes..
<Lucian`^> "He's young, ambitious, and he manipulates people. Whenever I'm near him I get an odd chill down my spine, an instinct tells me that he does not belong on this world, vampires aside. I also know that his youth means someone will come along and try to take that away from him, starting a second war."
<Lucian`^> "Letting this happen will only hurt Trail, in the long run."
<jackson> "You're going an awfully long way to deny your homosexual attraction to him."
* jackson makes a cajoling face. :P
<jackson> j/k =p

<AlcarGm> Oh. Fun idea: An Arena based around American Gladiators.

<Dakota`^> "Oh, I see..." Nodding, "So you think your relationship is based on how well you play?"
<AlcarGm> Mark: "... yeah," the tips of his ears turning pink.
<AlcarGm> This might be motive enough to lose next time? :p
<Dakota`^> hell no
<Dakota`^> I aint losing just 'cause this fool can't get a girlfriend
<AlcarGm> Awwww :p

* Dakota`^ eats food and flips through the TV for the rest of the day, since that's what people do
<AlcarGm> You do so, and the tv god accepts your offerings with grace and dignity. Or reality television, which is the closest it gets.
<Dakota`^> lol

<AlcarGm> Gwyn is waiting outside the library when you arrive, reading a thin library book titled, 'How to survive in dangerous climates, a primer.'
<AlcarGm> thankfully, his sister is not with him.
* Dakota`^ taps him on the shoulder
<AlcarGm> He looks up, then smiles and shoves the book into his small backpack and nods hello.
* Dakota`^ shows him a small stack of game boards
* Dakota`^ motions for him to follow and heads inside
<AlcarGm> He nods and follows you in.
<AlcarGm> The library police do not bother you today and you enter freely.
* Dakota`^ goes to a small conference/study room and shuts the door
<AlcarGm> The staff helpfully give you directions to one of the study rooms on the second floor and a key to it, pointing out that you can't eat in it.
* Dakota`^ thanks them
<AlcarGm> If you do eat in it, the library military police come .... :p
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> they have food alarms

* Dakota`^ gets up and heads out of the library
<AlcarGm> You exit the library; heading where for food?
<Sparkie> Sparkie-Fried PC. Made with 11 secret dice rolls and screams of sweet, sweet agony.

<AlcarGm> He nods, lifts and you float to land on the island in the middle of the island and get to watch it all brn down, cat things letting out screams in the night.
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *This is ...* he trails off.
<Dakota`^> *Convenient.*
<Dakota`^> *The cats hate water and won't swim to the island...*
<Dakota`^> *I'm surprised Stacy didn't think of it first.*
<AlcarGm> Stacey: "I could be nice and not mean," but not with much conviction.
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *I didn't mean to actually..." He sits down. *I thought -- I didn't think you'd actually DO that.*
<Dakota`^> *I'm just giving you a hard time... It's just that you're a part of my template, aren't you? Why don't you help out more?*
* Dakota`^ looks at Gwyn and shrugs
<Dakota`^> *What else was I supposed to do?*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *I don't know. That's the worst part.*

<AlcarGm> You finish homework, watch some tv and catch the trail end of CSI: Trail where it turns out that Faline's mother bore a daughter two years after Faline was born who looks just like her and was responsible for much for much of the horrors Faline caused, ratings having trumnped over storytelling logic.
<AlcarGm> As one Faline dies, another is born, is listed at the end as the tagline for the next series.
<Dakota`^> lol
<AlcarGm> (( It would be horrible fun to run a game here just like a soap opera.. ))

<Dakota`^> <AlcarGm> Pearl: "Wraith the destroyer versus ... oh, who cares, they're all going to die anyway!"
<Dakota`^> shoved that one right in his face
* AlcarGm laughs. I figured the oddss were actually high in Wraith's favour. the fact that he hideously underestimated you all didn't help, of course :)
<Dakota`^> My roommates and I use dto watch a lot of MMA fights... It's seriously odd how often people underestimate their opponents... They could be undefeted for the last 10 fights, and the other guy still thinks he doesn't stand a chance
* AlcarGm nods. Wraith had serious weaponry i the guns.. and wasted entire shots just floating a sword ino mind air to taunt. Which IS good tv, but bad form :P

<AlcarGm> You set the table; your father has made steak, potatoe salad, corn. Nice, basic and good, with some crackres and chese for appetisers. He is not pacing the kitchen, with effort.
<AlcarGm> There is a hesitant knock on the door
* Dakota`^ gives him a precursory glare and answers the door.
<AlcarGm> Gwyn is standing in the doorway, looking worried. Emlyn is behind him with a cake in her hands and looks far too happy, visions ofher facebook status updates dancing in her eyes

<Chaos`^> well it seems most everyone has some weakness
<Chaos`^> although Wraith ha dnone I could see
<alcar> Chat with Ellen; she found out :)
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> he was a monkey and had a weak neck?
<alcar> well, monkey IS a good start :P
<Chaos`^> i got the neck bit from the fact that she RIPPED HIS HEAD OFF
* alcar nods. That was fun :)
<alcar> trying to use is as a shield on the basis Wraith wouldn't shoot her was more, well, desperation
<Chaos`^> LoL
<Chaos`^> that was funny
<alcar> It wasn't *that* bad an idea, but failed to work :p
<Chaos`^> she was using a monkey's head as a shield against laser eyes
<Chaos`^> *that* was funny

<Dakota`^> Is it monday? I thought it was wednesday
<AlcarGm> Erm. Crap, yes. one week and a day
<AlcarGm> Wednesday, as it turns out, looks an awful lot like

<AlcarGm> At some point, when he gets cocky, Dakota really should switch hands a la Princess bride :)
<Dakota`^> haha
<Dakota`^> "I have a secret... I'm not left handed."
<Dakota`^> =p
* AlcarGm nods :p

<AlcarGm> Gwyn blinks and turns, then just stares at you, then then, then then, the gestures back to his car and begins to run :)
<Dakota`^> then then then then then?
<AlcarGm> errr....
* Dakota`^ follows
<AlcarGm> Gwyn blinks and turns, then just stares at you, then gestures back to his car and begins to run :)
<AlcarGm> That was odd :p
<Dakota`^> funny though

<AlcarGm> The world lurks, and for a moment, briefly, there is no lake at all and no water, only some place so empty that could be said to be devoid of even emptiness, and certainly of ghosts. The world snaps back into existence and you find youself lying on a stone floor in a basement whose walls, floor and ceiling have been etched with a bewildering array of mystical symbols to channel power.
<AlcarGm> A woman of about 18 years of age is staring at you. She's wearing jeans and a t-shirt and adjusts glasses up her nose from habit as she stands, a little wobbly, reeking of human magics held under the control of an iron will. "What. The. Hell?"
<Nerine> "Ow."
<AlcarGm> She puts her hands on hips and glares at you as if your existence is an affront to her. "You are *not* a demon," as if this is, somehow, a failing.
<Nerine> "Not even slightly."
<Nerine> "I assume you were *trying* to summon a demon?"
* Nerine stands up and dusts herself off
<AlcarGm> "Of course," as if it was even remotely sane to attempt; but givne the sheer amount of protections and ituals she's put into the basement, you'd lay odds it might well hold a demon at that. At least long enough for ber body to overrule brain and run away :)
<Nerine> (Look, now I've got oblivion allover me :P)

<Jackson> "Don't know much about water spirits. What's it like being in Trail?"
<Nerine> "I enjoy my work."
<Nerine> "What's it like being a wizard in trail?"
<Jackson> "Not something I've heard much yet in this town. So ... when people drink you, is it ... Oh. So far? It's bullocks, is what it is." :P
<Jackson> "I used to say there's something in the water here, but that might be a tone offensive. Unless there really is?"
* Jackson asks!

<AlcarGm> Okay.... Jackson, Nerine AND Katarzyna end up at an office in the laughably named businedd district. Their office is loated in a nigh-empty strip mall above a barbers, being the only room rented out on the entire second floor.

<Jackson> I've decided jackson is a womanizer.
<Jackson> :P kinda in a theliar way
<AlcarGm> Kat will tear your head off and eat it , man :p
<Jackson> May as well go out for a REAL reason.
<Jackson> =p

<Nerine> "So, what is it you two do anyway?"
<Jackson> "Just about anything." :D
<Jackson> "We're something like mercenaries, something like detectives. New in town, though."
* AlcarGm groans
<Jackson> (("A lot of those, too, yeah." :P))

<AlcarGm> Jackson seems to have been wailaid, presumably by magic, and you arrive back at your apartment the city of Trail is convinced classifies as a condo to hear your TV on inside.
<Lucian`^> wait
<Lucian`^> so i'm standing by jackson then BAM he's not there anymore and it's *presumably* by magic?
* Jackson does that. He's like Dr. Who, but without the tardis.

* Lucian`^ goes inside, then...
* Lucian`^ is ready for ANYTHING!!!
<AlcarGm> You go inside, and find a vampire on your couch. The vampire in question was last seen technically seducing your sister and is currently watching My Little Pony and eating some of your popcorn, having almost found the beer.
<AlcarGm> err, also found the beer.
* Lucian`^ looks at the TV, then at Sophie
<Lucian`^> "Why are you in my apartment?"
<AlcarGm> (( "I am vampire. I can almost find beer" does not work well :p ))

* Jackson whips up basic information for Lucian on Loa, sends it off, I trust you to make up something fun about it all. :P
<Jackson> There must be tequila and crossroads and a jackal and a skull made of sugar or something
<Jackson> just go nuts! :P
* Jackson is now known as kentari
<AlcarGm> :p

<AlcarGm> Sophe stares at you a long moment, looking almost eager to push you the last little bit into anger, then shrugs easily and walks toward the door. "Your sister's choices are her own, you know," he says from the doorway, the cold smile back in place.
* Lucian`^ smiles, perhaps he's too affraid to piss me off too much.
<Lucian`^> "I worry. She is my sister."
<AlcarGm> Well, perhaps that, or that killing one's client isn't a great way to get services rendered :)
<AlcarGm> Sophie: "And I worry you will act the fool when we are together."
<Lucian`^> "So I'm a little protective of her. Can you blame me?"
<AlcarGm> Sophie: "Normally I just have to worry about husbands. Or wives."
* Lucian`^ shrugs.
<Lucian`^> "I don't want anyone hurting her."
<AlcarGm> Sophie: "Oh, it's far too late for that," lightly. "everyone hurts everyone; it's the way of the world. Some just .. do it better."
<Katarzyna> (( if you kill him be sure he doesn't come back plz ))
<AlcarGm> (( Sophie: "You don't like me?! But I'm beautiful!" ))
<Katarzyna> (( really if we're out to stop some assassins we might as well start with the guy who hired them :P ))

<Katarzyna> "Ah well." and here i thought you were a local expert ;)
<Nerine> ((I can roll Knowledge(Local)))
<Nerine> "Sometimes humans still confuse me."
<Katarzyna> "Do *I* confuse you?"
<Nerine> "Not yet," she says with a smile
<Katarzyna> (( watch me!! :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( :p ))

<AlcarGm> You are both put in the back of a police car , Schwartz driving. You head past the farmhouse you were, briefly, incarcerated in to see two firetrucks fighting to put out the blaze; the building looks half-consumed already. Schhartz's partner, an older woman named Marie, looks back at the both of you, notebook in hand, and just asks what happened.
* Dakota`^ explains as best she can, since the old man and his people just sound crazy anyway
<AlcarGm> Gwyn just waits until your done, then manages something close to a smine and signs, 'What you said.'
* Dakota`^ laughs
<AlcarGm> He grins at the laugh, looking a litle better.

<AlcarGm> Your father is quiet during the drive, and just says, "I'm in my room if you need a nything," simply once you're back in the apartment, not pushing.
* Dakota`^ nods and goes to her own room, after saying: "They burned my phone..."
<AlcarGm> "You can get one tomorrow, if you want; you *were* kidnapped tonight. Even schools will understand a day off."
* Dakota`^ smiles
<AlcarGm> (( You can make a deal with the Reverend to be kidnapped weekly :p ))
<Dakota`^> lol

<AlcarGm> The fox smells less blood on you and attempts to tear you into pieces.
<AlcarGm> 2d6+7
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6+7: 15(8)
<Dakota`^> 2d6+7
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+7: 17(10)
<AlcarGm> You step back easily as it lands, top hat missing entirely. It snarls furiously at the both of you as you attack.
<AlcarGm> 2d6+8 - Fox, def.
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6+8: 12(4) - Fox, def.
<AlcarGm> .. you're not even trying now, are you?
* Sparkie thinks someone should pay for eletrodes and machines just we can find out what I do to alcar's blood pressure.
<Dakota`^> lol

<Dakota`^> "We could drop him into the sewer? Get a laugh?"
* Dakota`^ shrugs
<Dakota`^> "We could also drop the moon on him."

<Lucian`^> "So you worked for Mr. Johnson who worked alone? WHere are you from, Dave?"
<AlcarGm> Big Dave looks blank a moment, then says, "Toronto," which seems safe and boring.
<AlcarGm> Artemis: ".... Huh."
* Lucian`^ looks at Artemis
<Lucian`^> "That wasn't true was it?"
<AlcarGm> Artemis: "I'm not sure he knows?"
<Lucian`^> "He doesn't know, though, does he?"
* Lucian`^ frowns and stands, looking down at Dave
<Lucian`^> "You're *sure* these people were supposed to be working for us?" To Artemis
<AlcarGm> Artemis: "Your father said the chains of family had been ... fraying. He did not elaborate, naturally."
<AlcarGm> Big Dave just looks blank, which isn't hard.
<AlcarGm> He doesn't even have to roll dice to do it.
* Lucian`^ crosses his arms thinking
<Lucian`^> "I don't ahve the ability to look into his mind and find out what happened in there..."
<AlcarGm> Artemis shrugs. "He does have another hand. And toes."
<AlcarGm> (( Torture: the working man's telepathy. ))

<Katarzyna> with luck next time i'll have some actual dudes to consider impersonating. like mr. slicey or ms. almost-interested.
<AlcarGm> Yup :)
<Katarzyna> could even theoretically get him into trouble maybe

<Katarzyna> pesky vampires. maybe we should just nuke the town from orbit and build a new one. it's the only way to be sure

<AlcarGm> You do find Simon and Danric reliaxing by the water, the lattering drinking a beer and Simon a coke. The park is postitively glowing with energy sunk deep into the soil. Danric at least made Simon contain the aura to the park itself but there's an awful lot of animals being very, very frisky in the background.
<Nerine> XD
<AlcarGm> Simon flops onto his back and just stares up at the sky. "It's so hard, once I use it, to keep thigns.... small."
<AlcarGm> Danric: "Small. Of course."
<AlcarGm> Danric: "I trust you have noticed...." Simon nods. "If you use that to attack someone, I will pretend I don't know you."
<AlcarGm> Simon giggles at that. "I didn't mean to. You just said to make the earth .... warm, and I did."
<AlcarGm> Danric: "And contained it, yes," standing. "You do need sleep, however wired you feel. I trust you can make it back on your own and avoid vampires and assassins?"
<AlcarGm> Simon looks startled by the trust and then grins and nods and heads off into the park.
<AlcarGm> Danric just sighs and shakes his head. "I hope he didn't harm your lake. I did try to contain it to the park, but there is water under it."
<Nerine> what does the energy feel like?
<AlcarGm> It feels warm and soothing. the lake is warmer than usual, but should return to normal in a few hours. it feels, if anything, like a giant goofy hug.
<Katarzyna> (( yep, that's simon ))

<AlcarGm> I .. decided to roll for Vance vs. Gwyn.
<AlcarGm> <AlcarGm> 2d6+5
<AlcarGm> <Sparkie> 2d6+5: 17(12)
<AlcarGm> <AlcarGm> 2d6+8 - ow?
<AlcarGm> <Sparkie> 2d6+8: 10(2) - ow?
<AlcarGm> I think Sparkie just damaged a friendship :P
<Dakota`^> LoL

<alcar> No one bothers you at all as you unpack. The city does have vampires, at least 40 you'd guess, but few active at all during the day, and those are involved in clubs and businesses and the owning of banks, naturally.
* jonas looks through his hardware kit and pulls some screws, brackets and metal bars out and starts to install a few hidden holsters about the office, in case of... unpleasantness in the future
* jonas will probably wait until night to head out to get a feel for the city, daytime has its own contraints
<alcar> Paranoia is, of course, just a synonym of 'prepared', especially where monsters are concerned.

<Nerine> "You do seem to be picking on this poor guy, though."
<alcar> Simon: "I just ... ther's people trying to kill us and .. I kind of jumped. Err. To a conclusion and on him. Sorry," to Jonas, again.
<alcar> (( "At least I didn't eat you." ))
<Lucian`^> (( It wouldn't be the first time... ))
<alcar> (( So he ate Faline's mom. It's not like what happened to her was then ... his ... fault. ))

<jonas> I'm not really asking any questions :P
<jonas> just trying to bow out in totally the wrong way :P<jonas> GOOGLE WOULD HAVE HELPED ME

<jonas> my favorite part of today's session was why jonas didn't shoot a drug crazed teenager in an alley
<jonas> like this is how you deal with kids these days? :P
<jonas> er
<jonas> 'when lucian asked' why with the not shooting, etc
<Lucian`^> heh
<Lucian`^> he wanted to gauge jonas' reaction to the question
<jonas> down boy!
<jonas> bad simon!
<jonas> BLAM
<Lucian`^> 'i don't have a gun' would have also sufficed
<Lucian`^> but jonas didn't say that
<jonas> true! but most people don't give the reason they didn't kill someone as "I didn't have the means!'
<Lucian`^> whoa whoa whoa
<jonas> like... 'But I would have totally done so otherwise!'
<Lucian`^> kill and shoot are two different things mister!

<Lucian`^> still, the question *was* to get a reaction out of jonas and judge him based on that reaction
<jonas> I feel that areyoufuckingserious was something that I -personally- would react to that question
<jonas> and I don't carry a gun
<Lucian`^> sure
<jonas> I mean really, the person who has a smooth james bond answer?
<jonas> probably had a gun :P

<alcar> Meanwhile, Jonas stays to well-lit areas and slips back into his safehouse, wondering if he should build a second or third and seeing about getting some nice perfumes for use in the near future.....
<alcar> Next session: Does Jonas' asassin training kick in? How long can be keep both the Bourne Program AND his fae identity hidden from himself?! Only sparkie knows.....

<Tass> second best part of the night where lucian was convinced jonas was fae
<Tass> because he has a severe allergy to being stabbed :P
<Lunchie> Hahahaha
<Lunchie> that was great
<alcar> But that was right, too.
<alcar> Oh, wait, ignore that :P
<Chaos`^> lol

<AlcarGM> It is a nice, brisk Thursday morning as you arrive at school. The interwebs have been full of stories and wild speciulation, from aliens to bizarre new tv shows, and school is no different ,the buzz between classrooms ranging from Vericorp's Vericable channel, China, FOX news, CBS, the BBC, HBO, a CIA propaganda coup gone wrong, A chinese plot to take over the world, conspiracy theories involving anime characters who have come to life ... but, mostly, just people accepting it as if it was a show and thinking it was pretty damn cool.
<AlcarGM> ... but, mostly, just people accepting it as if it was a show and thinking it was pretty damn cool.
<AlcarGM> You put the letter in Ellen's locker before classses begin?
<Dakota`^> yeah
<AlcarGM> Classes at least function as normal. The teachers Do Not Mention the tv show, which is somewhat like not mentioning world war III. But also entirely unlike.
<Dakota`^> oh they will.. they will...
<AlcarGM> Eventually it will likely have media studies courses on it, and then academics will write dissertations and ruin the entire thing :)

<AlcarGM> the image of academics as joy-killing ninjas is fun.

<AlcarGM> Ellen: "Huh. Mark thought the 'humans' in it, figuring most of the non-generic stuff was other people, was really alternate worlds fighting. But if it's all from this world, why did the tv stuff pick now to show more than just our fights to us, and to everyone? I wonder if other cities saw different ones," with a frown.
<Dakota`^> "Well Wraith was a monkey right?"
<AlcarGM> Ellen: "Maybe someone turned into one? He had stuff implanted in one arm, tech of sone kind. I was too busy trying to break their connection to be sure if it was really a money or some kind of Planet of the Apes deal, but the monkey *was* hard to drain and was like a battery, I believe.
* Dakota`^ frowns
<Dakota`^> "Our weaknesses in this world transfer over to that world."
<Dakota`^> "Maybe it's a one armed man or something."
<AlcarGM> Ellen shrugs. "I don't really have any kind of ... weakness, here. It's not like the arena has decided to set me against a cheap happy hour."

* Dakota`^ heads to the library
<AlcarGM> It takes you a bit longer than usual, thanks to Mark. Gwyn is waiting outside the library, reading the Tom Cruise Guide to Psychoanalysis and sporting a black left eye
<Dakota`^> lol
<AlcarGM> You laugh, but people would buy it :P
<Dakota`^> i was laughing about the black eye =p

<AlcarGM> Ellen: "Have you had any that were just puzzles? We ran into two of those, so far. Including cat things on some weird island, but we scared them away and searched it."
<Dakota`^> "We burned down the forest."
<Dakota`^> "But yes."
<AlcarGM> Mark: "We don't have to be barbarians," scowling a little.
<Dakota`^> "Well, after we killed the island it was easier to just sit in the middle and wait for the forest to burn up. Made searching easier."
<Dakota`^> ".... ... ... Oh."
<Dakota`^> "*That's* why they made us look like bad guys."
<AlcarGM> Mark just... stares at you.
<AlcarGM> Gwyn, via Emlyn: "Wait, you just put that together now?"

* Sparkie thinks Dakota should be able to bet stats! That way you can end up with 0 mind!
<Dakota`^> lol
<AlcarGM> It would be nicely odd to actually set up a game like that, you know. Experience based entirely around betting of actual abilties, so characters could go up and down...
<Dakota`^> eww
<Dakota`^> the problem is once you lose you are more likely to lose in the future
<Dakota`^> It's like beer pong

<Chaos`^> you gunna be back tonigh?
<alcar> Later; not sure how long dinner'll be.
<Chaos`^> hrm
<Chaos`^> well, I'll be here... waiting for you like a lost puppy
<alcar> :p
* Chaos`^ goes to dig through the garbage and drag it around the house while you're away

<AlcarGm> The dragon hurls overhead, mouth a smear of red fire. wings wide and full of ancient holes, tail lashing about the sky with force enough to send the other denizens of the night fleeing for other places. It is not poetry, but does have a terrrible kind of grace, like a flying shark with a flamethrower attachment.

* Dakota`^ was *this close* to beating a dragon as a cat.

<alcar> ken: No clue when or if Fen (or Chaos) will be on, since Chaos is apparently staying at Fen's while at a confence, and fen is moving this weekend. Jackson will likely have to show his love by having an affair
<alcar> Hm, come to think of it... we have done games where PCs played couples (by accident or chance) but one has never been done with one pc as the Other Woman/Man ...
<Out2lunch> hahaha

<Jackson> "Anyone blow anything up yet?"
* Katarzyna squeeeeeeezles jackson. "Nope."
<Jackson> "I'm really hoping Lucian hasn't gone hellboy."

<Jackson> "Mm.. I think we didn't consider how bloody our hands might have to get if we're really just in this for profit."
<Jackson> "Doing the right thing -- which, mind, I'm not sure what that is yet -- might be different from doing the lucrative thing."
<Kat`> "Well, if we were in it for pure profit, we would just knock over a few banks or something."
* Sparkie thinks you should be in it for the dice.

<Jackson> "How much do we know about the nest, relative to the packs, though...? We haven't explored their actual factions as much as the were, yes?"
<Jackson> "Not that it would be safe to, but."
* Jackson shrugs a bit.
<Kat`> "If it's all the same, I'm in favor of burning them all." ;) "though I hear that some of them have a bad habit of coming back from that, so."
<Jackson> "I don't think we have enough fire for all four factions, if there are only four involved in it all."
<Kat`> "Not that I'm biased or anything." :P
<Kat`> "Oh I meant the vampires."
* Jackson nods.
<Jackson> "Fire isn't really the kind of trump card everyone's been lead to believe, anyway."
<Jackson> "The obvious weaknesses usually get the obvious defenses, and all."

<Jackson> I've settled on a starting point for the affair
<AlcarGm> oh? :p
<Jackson> the barrista
<Jackson> =p
<AlcarGm> He blinks then makes the new drink instead and hands that to Jackson. "H-here you go."
<Jackson> "Woah woah woah. You okay?"
* Jackson looks over the guy. Where'd the breasts go? :P
<Jackson> Oh wait.
<Jackson> It's a guy!
<Jackson> HA!
* AlcarGm was gonna say :P

<Jackson> "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?" :P
<Nerine> "Oh, I'm just out meeting new people. You?"
<Nerine> "Also coffee."
<Jackson> "We were aiming to track down Lucian to see how things were going with a certain ... issue."
* Lucian`^ is standing in front of jackson?
<Jackson> "Speak of the devil."
<Jackson> "Who's the girl? You on a date, and didn't tell us?"
<Lucian`^> "No..."
<Lucian`^> "What did you need?'
<Nerine> ((What girl?))
<Jackson> oh god
<Jackson> not nerine too

<Nerine> too many conversations at once! AAAAH!

* Nerine lets out a deep sigh
<Nerine> these people are going to destroy my town, arn't they?
<Katarzyna> no no, not us. well, not personally. :P
<Jackson> Welcome to being Cameron, lunchie.
<Jackson> :P

* Jackson raises an eyebrow, sssssssssssssssssssipping for just another second, as if it stopped with a lag.
<Jackson> "Huh?"
<Lucian`^> "Just... Take small drinks don't make so much noise you're not trying to wake the dead with your coffee!"
<Lucian`^> "...Are you?"
* Jackson looks ponderous at that.
<Jackson> "Nah."
<Jackson> "The dead earned their rest."
<Jackson> "They haven't done anything to deserve to live."
* Jackson says "to live" like it's a bad thing =p

<Katarzyna> "So Nerine, in the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny between the local vampires, the pack, the other-kinda-packish guys with Danric, Mr. Johnson, and everyone else, who do you feel deserves to come out on top, the best world for the survivors and innocent bystanders? Just in case this Johnson guy manages to stir that sort of thing up."

<Katarzyna> "I'm hearing, keep dirty things out of the water and don't maim anyone unnecessarily and it's all good."
<jackson> "Oh ... ohhhhhhh."
* jackson nods.
<jackson> "We can certainly do the planeteer thing. There's nothing that'd prevent that."
<Nerine> (( if you'll recall you just insulted her, you may want to address that))
<Katarzyna> (( we are not privy to your internal logic! ))
* jackson handwaves away particulars, belying the ignorance which caused such error in the first place, if nothing else.
<Katarzyna> "Always glad to help when we can. It usually helps lead to business." :)
<jackson> "Short of killing everything, I'm not sure we're exactly much of a sustainable species anymore, and all. Not that I think that's a good idea."

<AlcarGm> You slip through pipes and down waterways and overhear quite a few people mentioning him in a seedy bar called Archie's. All the kind of hired thugs who wouldn't look out of place as extra's in some 50s mafia movies.
<AlcarGm> The general conversaton of the room is that "the wanna-be boss isn't any Mr. Johnson," with almost religious fervor.
<AlcarGm> One of them is curled up on a seat in the back and just whispering, "Mr. Johnson," over nad over in a soft, broken voice.
<Nerine> Wanna-be boss? Who could that be? I will listen for more clues, or, if the opportunity presents itself, tail one of the thugs should he be having dealings with either boss
<Nerine> Poor guy :(
<Nerine> Does he sound afraid or sad?
<AlcarGm> He sounds scared, like someone who called out ot their god and received only silence in reply.
<AlcarGm> The general gist seems to be that the previous local Boss, who was Mr. Johnson but .. not, and they seem vague on how that is possibly, but accept it anyway, was killed and a woman! is trying to take over the local racket. Attempts to stop her have, thus far, failed, and they are all waiting for Mr. Johnsoin to come back and Deal With Her (the her being Lesley)
<Nerine> So scared AND sad
<Nerine> Lesley... Lesley... Do I know a Lesley?
<AlcarGm> Lucian's sister, who was briefly at the coffee shop
<Nerine> That lying &@$#*

<alcar> Actrually, sicking the IRS on vampires (and equipping them with mind shields) would be just nasty :p
<alcar> I can imagine Danric having it as some weird ultimate defense against the Nest.
<Tass> please
<Tass> like the goverment doesn't have their own set of taxomancers :P

* Dakota`^ looks around for the watchmen...
<AlcarGm> 2d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6: 2
<Dakota`^> 2d6+10 this is how *I* look around
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+10: 16(6) this is how *I* look around
<AlcarGm> You spot no one at all as you get off the train in Millhaven, possibly because Sparkie liked the first roll more.
<Dakota`^> that can be their roll

<AlcarGm> You head up the stairs and down a long, ornate wooden hallway to a surprisingly plain door and a bedrom that looks to have been ordered, built and assembled via an Ikea catalogue. There is a fireplac,e with table and chairs, two walk-in closets, a bathroom as big as your bedroom and so on.
<Dakota`^> and so on lol
<AlcarGm> good summary :p
* AlcarGm almost went with wikipedia's [citation needed] :)

<AlcarGm> Agent Q: "Ths is ... this is what you do?" in disbelief.
<Dakota`^> *Yes?*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn is holding open the link for you to chat with Agent Q but doesn't look up to getting around and walking anytime soon.
<AlcarGm> Agent Q: "You dragged a creature the size of a moon out of the ground and then hit it so it ran away!"

<AlcarGm> Agent Q sands: "Do you have any ide awhen this ... thing .. happens again? We can't very well vanish in front of civillians without creating absurd conspiracy theories."
<AlcarGm> Agent P looks ,.. thoughtful at that idea.
<Dakota`^> "We don't know for sure when it happens, and we've been told it *will* be public eventually. In fact, it will start to be that only when we're in public it will happen, unless we shut ourselves in..."
<Dakota`^> "I did get some insider information earlier, though. I'm told 10:45 tomorrow morning."
<Dakota`^> "This might be the only time I can get you an exact time so if you have any tests you want to run on yourselves, that would be it."
<AlcarGm> Gwyn blinks at that, then just nods. and signs, 'Good. Mom wil have us out of church by then'
* Dakota`^ nods to him.
<AlcarGm> "And the Lord said unto Abraham ... did that kid in the third row just vanish?!"
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> and it was good

<Dakota`^> "I can't just kill myself everytime something bad happens."

<AlcarGm> The hallway comes to a thick, solid door at the end, solid metal and old, thin streamers of moss decorating it and some of the wall like cobwebs, dust thick in the air.
* Dakota`^ touches the door to see if she explodes
<AlcarGm> 2d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6: 5
<AlcarGm> The door does not explode, though rust is thick on the hinges; clearly no one has used the hallwau in a long time, or whoever designed this Arena went mad with the arena version of photoshop.
<Dakota`^> lol

* Dakota`^ Quit (Ping timeout: 202 seconds)
* Chaos`^ has joined #game1-ooc
* Chaos`^ is now known as Dakota`^
<Dakota`^> I opened a webpage =p
* Sparkie loves this internet connection. You all must pay attention to the game and nothing else! Nothing!
* Sparkie is waiting for it to lead to more dice now.

<AlcarGm> Sparkie. Did you SEE the knights had +8s? +8 is, actually not bad. There were over 2 rounds of combat involved.
<Dakota`^> lol
<AlcarGm> That was really, *really* sad :P

<AlcarGm> Kat heads back to the office to do Paperwork, the bane of every workplace everywhere, and likely to work out how she can make good on the promises made to Danric
<jackson> Promises that I'm sure I don't know the full extent of.
<jackson> Damnable little miscreants, those PCs.... =p
* jackson checks his active list of threats and finds that most of the items on it are either being dealt with or, in fact, being agitated by other folks, so he has a certain amount of freedom that he's not really entirely accustomed to spending.
* Sparkie knows what sacrifices were made in secret, and why there are no black goats left in Trail.

<AlcarGm> City hall turns out to be a small, squat building with security at night and few people working late There is, at least, a vampire present in a surprisingly small and restrained-looking office. He feels and looks like a fledling of about 20, currently iwth feet up on desk and throwing balls of paper perfectly into a waste paper basket
<Lucian`^> show off
<Lucian`^> 'oh look i'm a vampire, I have perfect muscle control'
<Lucian`^> i want my ability to be that vampires get nervous twitches when I'm near them
<Lucian`^> just to fuck with them
<AlcarGm> :p

<Nerine> "The boy needs to talk to *you*, Simon."
<jackson> "Unless this is a paternity problem -- which I sincerely DOUBT -- Simon isn't obligated to tend to the needs of others, is he? What's the boy's story?"
<jackson> "I might be brushing off something because I'm not aware of the significance."
<Nerine> "It is a matter between the young man and Simon, something he needs to say and Simon should hear."
<jackson> "Look, miss.. I don't deny your doing what you think is best, and what might actually be good... but isn't that all really, well, dramatic?"
<jackson> "You came all the way here to tell Simon that someone's going to..... talk to him? Might lash out at him? What emotion is involved? Anger? Fear? ... Gods forbid, lust?"
<Nerine> "Everything teenagers do is dramatic. But as a human, this really isn't your concern."
* Nerine says this in a kind tone
* jackson ponders a moment, and lets something go.
* jackson just makes a hand-waving motion
<jackson> "If some upstart little kid comes tearing through here trying to murder another powerful were and I'm anywhere in the same parish, it probably is worth concerning my fragile little human self over, to say the least."

<Nerine> "Old Charlie is the spirit of the continent."
* jackson nods.
<Nerine> "He was here even before the rest of us spirits."
<Nerine> "He doesn't talk to people."
* jackson takes a slow breath, giving himself some forced perspective.
<jackson> "It's something I took into account."
<Nerine> "For him to have done so...."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "...."
<jackson> "I don't want to get into a ....... theological discussion, particularly not in this time nor this place."
<jackson> "For now, I'll grant that I understand, and that we're taking that into consideration and making sure nothing is done foolishly."
<Nerine> "He's not a 'theology'."
<Nerine> "He's a spirit. Like me."
<Nerine> "Only bigger."
<AlcarGm> (( "And Santa. But we don't talk about Santa." ))

<Lucian`^> "I'm your brother. I want to help you, and we came up with this idea together..."
<Lucian`^> "If you really think selling me out will further your goals..."
<AlcarGm> Lesley: "Some days it probably would," pulling into a 7/11 parking lot. "So don't tempt me."
<Lucian`^> "I want to be a good brother, you just make it really hard."

<Nerine> "I am pissed at you're narrow &*(^ing human view of things!"
<jackson> "I'm grasping for the right metaphors to successfully communicate with you, here, but I hope you can see that all the motivations involved on all sides -- including yours -- are wholesome and carefully considered."
<AlcarGm> (( Simon: ".... can no one say the word F*** ..... Oh, wow. This trumps everything!" ))

* Nerine glares at Jackson before disappearing into a crevice
<jackson> "Let's calm ourselves and let this boy get what he needs to say off his chest, at---"
* jackson blinks.
<jackson> "You know, I could come to like her for that."
* jackson grins. :3
<Nerine> f'ing wizards

<Dakota`^> *Want to rest and then fight?*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn shakes his head. *Could you just cut my head off?*
<Dakota`^> *You could just forfeit.*
<Dakota`^> *It doesn't feel right fighting real-you.*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *Want to make bets we can't? Just.... please? You won't be fighting since I won't fight back!*
* Dakota`^ sighs
<Dakota`^> *Okay...*
* Dakota`^ readies her sword and... Swings!
<AlcarGm> Gwyn looks relieved at that. and you get *Than ---* and then nothing as his head is easily severed from his shoulders. You are half-way to school, and it it is now 9:30 am; you're definitely missing most of first period.
<Dakota`^> damn
* Dakota`^ hurries to class
* Dakota`^ texts him =sorry I killed you!=
<AlcarGm> Your teacher gives you a Look when you enter, and says: "So glad you could join us," in a tone that takes at least 2% off your final grade.

* Dakota`^ texts stacy =how are you today? I don't ask how you're doing enough.=
<AlcarGm> You get a text from Stacey as you're finishing lunch with, =Good. Did you know anyone can edit wikipedia?=
<Dakota`^> =Yes.=
<Dakota`^> =What are you editing?=
<AlcarGm> Stacey: +At the moment, the history of some place called Rwanda. From 40 accounts, including two admins. Others are trying to stop it. Their battles against me remind me of Pearl.=
<Dakota`^> =How did you know Pearl knew of you? I thought you were hiding form him?=
<AlcarGm> Stacey: =He must have figured out where I was Monday night; I wsn't stealthy when trying to get you to leave.=
<AlcarGm> Stacey: = hang on. Emlyn just sent me a link to something called /b/=
<AlcarGm> and then no other texts :P

<AlcarGm> You reach home without incident, and unfortunastely the Arena does not claim you, but instead the Homework Demon rears terrible claws, raising up reading lists and problems and essays and hurling them at you with terrible effectiveness.
<AlcarGm> At close to 11 pm, Stacey texts you with, =You need to buy a cat.=
* Dakota`^ spends all of her free time doing homework an none wathing TV :(
<Dakota`^> =... No. =
<AlcarGm> Stacey: =Yes! Do you KNOW how much we can make in t-shirt deals alone if we put a cute cat video on youtube?!=
<Dakota`^> =Stacy, stop spending too much time on the internet and help me with--I don't know the arena or homework or... Something. You can't only do internet.=

<Dakota`^> I'm trying to find a pic for Dakota IRL...
<Dakota`^> it's hard 'cause most good artists only draw really hot women
<AlcarGm> which is probably a flawed notion of good :)

<Dakota`^> *And you want our help to get to your weapons...*
<Dakota`^> *Why are you being attacked?*
<AlcarGm> Captain: *A trade dispute went badly. We hoped we could flee the Enemy; we almost had when they got a lucky shot into the engines.*
<Dakota`^> *Ah...*
<Dakota`^> *You stole from them.*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *It's a lot of white in the yellow; but finding another G type star is awesome and... er .... yes....* turning back reluctantly to the captain.
* Dakota`^ looks at Gwyn, *Wanna help some space pirates?*
<AlcarGm> Captain: *There was no theft; only issue of currency, and acceptability. Conversion rates were argued. Insults made. They took offense.*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *How many ratings do we get for helping racist jellyfish?*
* Dakota`^ shrugs
<Dakota`^> *Who are your enemy?* To the captain
<AlcarGm> (( Captain: *Specieist, you vertebrated imbecile!" ))

<AlcarGm> Gwyn just follows in silence.
<Dakota`^> *Something's wrong?*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *No, I just ... don't like them. I kept picking up his subtext, loudly.* He manages a weak smile. *But I guess being assholes isn't reason enough to just let them die .... and they're destroy whole planets*
<AlcarGm> Err, they'd destroy.
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *And it's all .... the universe is huge, and wonderful, and aliens get spaceflight and travel to distant worlds and meet aliens and they're still just so .... so .... I thought they'd be *better*.*

<AlcarGm> Stacey: "They have enough fuel for six more jumps; all are plotted to inhabited worlds, none to their homework; I can't change them. Trying to, but their technolgy is too alien."
<Dakota`^> i wouldn't go to my homework either
<AlcarGm> Err .. that should have been homeworld :P
* Sparkie really wants the next session run with all these word typoes intact as actual dialogue, just to see what happens. Please?
<Dakota`^> hah
<Dakota`^> Alcar makes too many
<Sparkie> It could be the best Arena ever!

<Dakota`^> *You're going to kill 200 million Dralachi Cheval because these guys tried to trade Dralachi Cheval! That doesn't make any sense!*
<AlcarGm> Duk Captain: "The death of the prince trumps all else."
<Dakota`^> *If you weren't willing to give your prince's life for that cause then you shouldn't have done it! Your choices have caused this as much as these people!*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *Even your world? With the weapons off they can make another jump. and it will take them to your homeworld,* lying through his teeth.
<AlcarGm> The Duk Captain .... pauses at that, staring at Gwyn, and then you. "The prince... did know his duty as well," finally. "We will accept their captain."
<AlcarGm> And with that, the world is attacked by large bars as a pause icon appears.
<Dakota`^> lol
<AlcarGm> The gm wanders off to forage for food and commit genocide on bread

<AlcarGm> Gwyn: =Oh!= He sends you the address. North-east end, gated community.
* Dakota`^ takes the bus
<AlcarGm> The bus drops you off outside Pineridge Meadows, which contains a 9-hole golf, upmarket locak Market, a few shops and a lot of mansions. Vericorp execs, bankers, doctors and the like all live through here. Local jokes call it the biggest collection of bastards this side of DC

<Dakota`^> "Gwyn has a girlfriend?"
<AlcarGm> "He will once he realizes she wants tom go out with him. Everyone *else* has figured it out."
<Dakota`^> "Uhm... Except the two people who you're talking about?"
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "Aubrey's too shy to ask; I keep bugging her to, but she's convinced the guy should ask and crap like that. Her parents are *so* old-fashioned," as you head down a hallway lined with old paintings of long-dead people who weere Lloyd's past a living room that looks right out of a Home and Style magazine (minus the cats) to a kitchen that is serial-killer clean -- and somehow devoid of cats -- and up a large spiral staircase to the second floor.
<Dakota`^> their chef eats cats
<AlcarGm> :p
<AlcarGm> Possibly :)
<Dakota`^> these ones have evolved to avoid the kitchen

<jackson> "That doesn't mean we can't have fun, though. I'm trying to think of ways for Misha to be able to be less bored."
<jackson> "Much of the problem is that she can't interact with the mundane world, I suspect."
<AlcarGm> Bree cosiders that, writes: 'Make a golem/stuffed toy for her to Enter?'"
<jackson> "Exactly."
<jackson> "Though, we can't exactly have the snuggle teddy bear walking around downtown."
<jackson> "It's troubling work, because... most of my research points towards one specific area for the materials."
* jackson sounds grave, and it's really a good pun to say so. =p
<AlcarGm> She looks puzzled at that and waits.
<jackson> "Necromancy."
<jackson> "It's the best route to go for making bodies and putting things in them. But... well, you know."
<jackson> "Besides, usually, the Nests tend to take offense to encroachment on their domain."
<AlcarGm> Bree winces at that, as if you'd said Justin Timberlake and nods.

* Sparkie should set up a minimum of important die rolls/hour for games.
<Sparkie> It's not REALLY a game without dice, after all.

<AlcarGm> Emlyn narrows her eyes. "I can turn the music off if you want; I just didn't want to hear anyone making out."
<AlcarGm> You can hear Gwyn pacing a bit nervously behind you; it's a damn good bet he doesn't see what she says.
<Dakota`^> "Why would you think we were making out?"
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "Because he doesn't invite friends over, especilaly girls. Duh."
<Dakota`^> "Yeah but our relationship is special... We fight aliens in our spare time and need to talk about it sometimes."
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: ".... in his bedroom?" sarcastically.
<Dakota`^> "Sure."
<Dakota`^> "Would you like to join us?"
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "Yes," without hesitating.
<Dakota`^> "I'm just kidding. We're really making out."
<AlcarGm> rofl
<AlcarGm> She opens her mouth to speak, closes it, and looks shocked.

<AlcarGm> The second soldier moves slowly, pulling out a serated blade from his leg and preparing to lunge at you.
<AlcarGm> And yes, he is literally pulling it out from inside his leg. Swiss-army Army :)
<Dakota`^> ewwww

<Dakota`^> =I want you to be happy. We're stuck together so let's be friends. Let's do something friends do.=
<AlcarGm> Stacey: =Ruin each other lives? :)=
<Dakota`^> =haha... Seriously.=

<Dakota`^> If it's Sci-Fi, it's Sci-Fi
<Dakota`^> don't mix your Sci-Fi in my Fantasy
<AlcarGm> lolad is actually slice-of-life.
<AlcarGm> emphasis on slice ;P

<Dakota`^> lolad was urban fantasy
<AlcarGm> rom-com.
<AlcarGm> Technically, aspects were.
<Dakota`^> which aspects?
<Dakota`^> Cecil and Sara? =p
<AlcarGm> Kage and Cameron, Tommy and Salem, Rei and Faline. Romance-compedy.. by way of the Saw franchise
<Dakota`^> Kage and Cameron?
<Dakota`^> are you saying Cameron was more than friends with Kage?
<AlcarGm> perhaps :p
<Dakota`^> Rei and Faline was a match made in furry hell
<AlcarGm> Rei and Faline was one of the best surprises of the game, really :)
<Dakota`^> Ending the first campaign was the biggest surprise =p
* kentari spits tea all over the monitor
<kentari> What lies are you spreading?! :P
<Dakota`^> Which part?
<kentari> "which part?"
<kentari> You will rue this moment.
<kentari> =p
<AlcarGm> :)

<Dakota`^> *Alright, Dryad... Here's your moment to shine... We need a distress beacon that can reach billions of lightyears, but we have no parts to make one... And we have to hook it into this system.*
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "You're kidding, right?"
<Dakota`^> *Well, we're standing in the old distress beacon.*
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "You're not kidding."

<Dakota`^> my sword has been filled with all of the energy of a blackhole
<Dakota`^> that should make it special

<jackson> "Oh? Who?"
* Lucian`^ pulls out his phone and sends out a text
<Lucian`^> "Uhm... Err..."
<Lucian`^> "Well..." Looking up at jackson
<Lucian`^> "You have a girlfriend, right?"
<jackson> "I hope you don't think it was me."
* jackson nods.
<Lucian`^> "And that means you're faithful right?"
* jackson loses his balance, somehow.
<jackson> "What has that got to do with it?"

<Lucian`^> "I'm just saying... My sister is a bit of a... Seductress... You have to promise you won't sleep with her. It's important to me. She's tried to sleep with all of my friends."
* jackson laughs.
<jackson> "Everyone has their price. I'll tell you I'm not perfect, and that should be more reassuring than someone lying and claiming they are. I'll stick to my guns."
<jackson> "Now, what's your hot sister have to do with this?"
<Lucian`^> "That's who I was with."
<jackson> "Wait, wait, wait. Like..."
<Lucian`^> "Uh... No?" Looking insulted.
<Lucian`^> "She's my SISTER. We were walking down a road."

<AlcarGm> <Lucian`^> "Something was off about him, but he seemed like a regular human. Simon said he knew he was the assassin because the human knew he couldn't read... Because the human asked him where the nearest used book store was." <-- I still like that chain of logic :p
<AlcarGm> <Lucian`^> "He said no, so I tried to stab him with it." <- also that :P

* jackson clears his throat, reaches into an inner jacket pocket, and pulls out a glittery rhinestone hello kitty crucifix.
<jackson> "Hey, stranger. Would you hold this for me?"
<Lucian`^> "No, I don't know where it's been."

<Lucian`^> "I'm looking for a specialist."
<jackson> "I specialize in everything."

<Chaos`^> i need to figure out how to distribute the rest of my 17 points
<Chaos`^> I'm pretty sure i'm buying resistance =p
<alcar[away]> Stacey is OOCLY proving 3 levels of that and mind control :p
<Chaos`^> lol mind control?
<alcar[away]> err, mind shield... yes. That was a typo. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along....

<Dakota`^> *But... The internet...* sounding a little confused... how could texting drain her but downloading the ENTIRE INTERNET didn't?

* Chaos`^ is now known as Dakota`^
* alcar is now known as AlcarGm
<AlcarGm> The Annoucebot 473W vanishes. You seem to be in a section of a city infested with clubs: music blares out from behind closed doors, pounding techno and rock and even country music filling the air in defiance of any noise pollution laws. Drunken laughter comes from up above as though people are partying away the end of the world and across the road from you the bouncer guarding the door almost casually reached under his suit jacket for a pistol and aims it at you.
<AlcarGm> and aims it at you.
* Dakota`^ runs away!
<Dakota`^> down the street
<AlcarGm> 2d6+4 - bang, bang!
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6+4: 6(2) - bang, bang!
<AlcarGm> .... good start for the npcs there, Spark.
<Dakota`^> just a sec, gotta look up moving fast rules
<AlcarGm> like it matters? :p
<Dakota`^> well
<Dakota`^> I don't technically have to roll at all
<Dakota`^> rolling a 2 would get me above a 6

* Sparkie will have to insist on a roll. For justice!
<Dakota`^> well
<Dakota`^> technically I wouldn't have to roll, and it wouldn't count against one of my defenses for the round
<Dakota`^> I am just so good, or he is just so bad, that without thinking I dodge the attack
* Sparkie has few principles. Rolling dice is ... all of them.

<AlcarGm> Firelord: "..... where... what..." she scrambles to her feet, fire flickering around here. "Where is Stillpoond?!"
* Dakota`^ looks at Stacy to explain
* Dakota`^ holds up her hands in a defensive gesture
<AlcarGm> Stacey: "And it helped avoid crap like this. I am NOT a protocol hologram," scowling at you.
<Dakota`^> *I can't talk.*
<AlcarGm> Stacey: "Calm down,* with a glare at Firelord. "HE is in a different Arena, hopefully not dying but given his track record I doubt that. Gwyn seems to have had a plan, so bully for him. You, on the other hand, are going to fight with Shadowlander here against cyborgs...."
<Dakota`^> *Names, stacy.*
<AlcarGm> Stacey: "Grin is my petname for Brightwing since he grins a lot," smoothly
<Dakota`^> *Terrible.*
<Dakota`^> *Terrible recovery...*
<AlcarGm> She ignores you.

<Dakota`^> "Gwyn and I have spent a few nights just staring at maps and talking about how we could use certain terrain to our advantag."
<Dakota`^> "Or how we could fight certain enemies."
<AlcarGm> he files that as Gwyn comes in, heading over to the counter and handing the barista a piece of paper. The barista is worried a moment, then realizes it is not a ransom demand and gets him coffee, which he brings over, sitting down so he can watch both of you and offers up a tentative wave hello
<AlcarGm> That would be pretty funny.
<AlcarGm> Bank teller: "OMG! BANK ROBBER!"
<AlcarGm> Ten minutes later: "Ma'am, did you ever read the note?"
<Dakota`^> lol

<Dakota`^> it's sad that I've actually considered how and where I would set up a safehouse
<AlcarGm> Oh?
<Dakota`^> well I'm not going to TELL you
* Sparkie can find it.
<Dakota`^> that defeats the purpose doesn't it?
* Sparkie has Google Spyview
* Sparkie also has Google Nukeview, which is even more awesome. But it seems stuck on Iran :(

<Dakota`^> http://www.amazon.com/SENTRY-SAFES-SMALL-FIRE-BOX/dp/B001P8UA56
<Dakota`^> that
<AlcarGm> Sparkie would like you to know that 1/2 an hour is nothing to a REAL fire :p
<Dakota`^> that's just how much they guarantee
<Dakota`^> i'm sure it lasts longer

* Dakota`^ shifts her weight out of the way
<AlcarGm> The smurf lands, though your whistle has attracted predators and other smufs turn and begin to come toward you even as Gargamel flees around the corner.
* Dakota`^ waits...
<AlcarGm> The sword hums under your feet
* Dakota`^ waits until they're close, then leaps off the sword and rolls along the street, willing the sword to blow up as hard as she can
<AlcarGm> You leap and roll and the sword explodes into shades and fragments, creating a blue puree any blender would be proud off misted with red, proving to you that smurfs do, indeed, have red blood.

* Dakota`^ texts Yavin =In the arena, we might have to fight each other, but in the real world we need as many allies as we can get. I'm willing to meet you. -SL=
<AlcarGm> You get a text back of: =Really? Awesome! Where and when?=
<Dakota`^> =Municiberg General Park, 8pm.=
<Dakota`^> =What is your career, btw?=
<AlcarGm> You get a text back of: =Photopgrapher for paper=
<Dakota`^> =HS Student.=
* Dakota`^ heads to school.
<AlcarGm> Yavin: =As a career? My. No Adult left behind?=

<AlcarGm> You buy a shirt and head to the park. It's close to 8 pm and the park is pretty crowded, the swingsets and monkey bars the domain of kids, watchful parents and srangers lurking in bushes wishing they, too, could use a swingset and not be laughed at.
<Dakota`^> lol
* Dakota`^ sits on a bench

* Dakota`^ looks back at her and leans closer "They were going to disect me!" She whispers, "Because of the economy."

<Chaos`^> how you all doing since the time I left?
* Sparkie only murdered sixteen orphans. On the plus side, the families I had to kill to make them into orphans was a lot more fun.

<alcar> Something buzzes against your skin, Stacey shrieking: "LEFT, STUPID! JUMP LEFT!"
* Dakota`^ jumps left?
<Dakota`^> *STOP YELLING!*
<alcar> You leap skidding across ground, and where you were there is a crater smoking gently, with the imprint of something in it .. perhaps a hand or foor, or some other limb entirely. The creature is closer, though it doesn't seem to have moved, shadows and fractured glass and thick scales moves across the world.
<alcar> Stacey: "Oh, so you wanted to die, then? You could have just said."
<Dakota`^> *You didn't have to yell... is all I'm saying.*

<alcar> Mark: "There's a difference between thinking we could use help and being kidnapped and turned into soldiers!"
<Dakota`^> "Actually they didn't offer to teach me anything about fighting."
<alcar> Mark: "What do you think they're going to teach, knitting?"
<Dakota`^> "I dunno." Thinking, "They said I needed to learn diplomacy."
<alcar> Ellen: "Mark," carefully. "Would you want police officers to not be trained at all? Firefighters? Prostitutes? No? So why shouldn't we be taught how to defend ourselves better and help others better?"
<alcar> Natasha: ".... prostitutes?" with a smile.
<alcar> Ellen: "Point still stands: Professionals are better."
<alcar> Mark just crosses his arms and sulkares, which is what happens when you sulk and glare at the same time.

<Dakota`^> "Like I said, you've both got to make comprimises. Why don't we all three sit down and talk about your partnership when we get a few free minutes?"
<alcar> He winces at that idea, then nods. "Yeah. In school, maybe, when we get back?"
<Dakota`^> "Do you want to wait that long?"
<alcar> Mark: ".... Natasha and Gwyn can't talk about that much, can they? It's just .... he can't follow the entire conversation if we're all talking and that isn't fair to him?"
<Dakota`^> "The conversation isn't *for* them. It's for you two. They can go do their own thing."
<alcar> He frowns, hunting for more excuses desperately, then flexes his leg slowly, wincing a little less. ".... can we attempt it next session?"
<Dakota`^> "For fuck's sake quit putting it off!"
<Dakota`^> =p
<alcar> Mark: "I'M OUT OF OPTIONS, OK!?"
<alcar> :p

* Dakota`^ holds up her hands in defense, "Perhaps Mark has something to say on the matter?"
<AlcarGm> (( Mark: "No. The gm is giving Ellen all the good lines. You ALL SUCK!" ))
<Dakota`^> (( "It's because your arguement has no good lines." ))
<AlcarGm> Mark: "It's not ... the - the drinking match proved it's not *all* like that," stiffly. "What's the point of the kind of power we have over there if we can't make a real difference, make different choices?! Or ... or ..." he grins, fiercely, "what if we DO something different. Actually talk, stop some battles by saying we CAN foreit, that winning isn't everything. That might impress any aliens out there with actual brains that we're not all barbarians fighting in a gladiator arena."
<Dakota`^> "You lose ratings for forfeiting."
<AlcarGm> Mark: "Then we out-think them. Do what the Devil did, change the battle, change the conditions: prove we're not just bullies on a playground beating each other up. We can be better than that!"
<AlcarGm> Ellen buries her face in her hands. "Jesus Christ."
* Dakota`^ looks thoughtful for a few minutes...
<AlcarGm> The irony is, probably, lost on her :P

<Dakota`^> "He forgot that he doesn't remember the black hole."

<AlcarGm> The one attacking you pauses, and at some unspoken agreement reluctantly leaaves prey and joins the other two, swimming back up against the force of the ocean.
<Dakota`^> *Push harder, there's something under the ocean..*
* Dakota`^ swims away from the other two... maybe lava or something will come up and boil them but I don't want to be near it...
<AlcarGm> Stacy: "Ah....." and yo get a brief image of something large and vast and cold, sonar of tentacles and a vast body. "That's not a crust, in fact. It's .... dirt covering something big."
<Dakota`^> *Cthulu?*
<AlcarGm> She begins pushing the shield up toward the surface. "Big brother of, I bet."
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *... what?*
<Dakota`^> Cthulu is nasty enough, he doesn't need big brothers to be called nasty
<AlcarGm> The shield around you both moves up swiftly once you're no longer under the area Gwyn is hitting.
<Dakota`^> *You're waking up Cthulu.*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *.... will it kill them?*
<Dakota`^> *...I imagine?*

* Sparkie wants to kill a pc with a gas main explosion.
* Sparkie has few goals beyond making players weep tears of blood. That is one of them.

<AlcarGM> Fair One: "I was saved. But you .... there is something about you...." His head cocks to the side. "You should not be hurt," holding out a hand.
<AlcarGM> Body check, resistance applies :p
<Dakota`^> 2d6+14
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+14: 22(8)
<AlcarGM> BRB. Calclating damage.
<Dakota`^> ...
<Dakota`^> resistance is normally for insidius weapons
<Dakota`^> and offers 10/level armor
<Dakota`^> fwiw
* AlcarGM was putting pizza in oven; that just sounded better :P
<Dakota`^> bastard

* alcar nods. She does need a non-sword weapon to be good with; it's currently her biggest limit :)
<alcar> Her losing her sword is more damaging to them as a partnership than some enemy taking advantage of gwyn being deaf :P
<Chaos`^> yeah
<Chaos`^> I dunno if it'll be claws... Or maybe a sonic boom... Not sure yet... I already have 2 massive damage categories that don't really mix well with 'racial' weapons
<Chaos`^> unless she lays grenade eggs
<Chaos`^> =p
* alcar snorts.
<alcar> "be ...... a .... few ..... second .... oh, god, a two. It went oooaaaahhhhhh!"
<alcar> Shadowlander hits the ground several meters away, whimpering. "The pin .... the pin....."

<AlcarGm> gwyn studies you cautiously and then lunges, attempting to feint to the left and get you on the right with a tap.
<AlcarGm> he gets you easily, his reach a little longer than yours and grins, surprised and delighted.
* Dakota`^ attacks quickly bck at him
<AlcarGm> RP as you wish :P
* Sparkie votes on murder.
* Dakota`^ stabs Gwyn through the heart with serious eyes and a deadly grin. She twists the blade in her hand, feeling his dieing heartbeat vibrate up the sword. She inhales the smell of his fresh spilled blood and laughs.
* Dakota`^ pokes him in the chest.

<AlcarGm> You sleep and waken a little after 10 am. Gwyn, unsurprisingly, is still asleep.
* Dakota`^ gets up and makes breakfast again, using the microwave this time, and heads outside to practice her Irish folk dancing for a change.
<AlcarGm> It's a cold, blustery Saturday morning, the kind of rainy day that hot chocolate and fireplaces were invented for. You eat, and practise dancing on warm, heated floor.
<AlcarGm> Gwyn swanders into the kitchen at 11:30 and gets coffee, spots you and walks over, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.
<Dakota`^> Well, it's perfect for irish people, then.
<AlcarGm> True :)

<AlcarGm> Tarquin looks up as you enter, not throwing his pen at you or reaching for his presumed gun. "Ah. I'd wondered when we'd meet again," as he stands.
* Dakota`^ spreads her hands
<Dakota`^> "Here we are."
<AlcarGm> He looks the two of you over thoughtfully. "Most contestants head downstairs and look for weapons first," thoughtfully.
<AlcarGm> He is so thoughtful he does that twice it seems :p

* Sparkie should have killed Gwyn by NOW! Stupid dice.

<Dakota`^> *Gwyn I wonder if you could beat me with Stacy helping...*
<AlcarGm> Stacy: *Of course he would; I'd help him aim those rocks from further away," smugly. "Same end ressult, just a little quicker."
<Dakota`^> *I meant helping ME. We've just got done discussing how I can't win in an open place against him.*
<AlcarGm> Stacy shrugs. "We can't hit at that kind of distance."
* Dakota`^ thinks
<AlcarGm> Gwyn nods. *I'd have to hit you with two of those major hits, both hitting, to maybe win.*
<Dakota`^> *But you could plant traps and stuff,* To Stacy, *I'm sure you've got some guerilla warfare skill in that head of yours.*
<Dakota`^> *So it might not be a stalemate...*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: "Yes, but nothing that works on someone several miles above our heads," dryly.
<Dakota`^> you mean stacey
<AlcarGm> Err, that was Stacy :P
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> *Can you sense her like you can sense me?*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn nods.
* Dakota`^ thinks
<Dakota`^> *How about now?* Closing down her own mind.
<AlcarGm> He frowns, eyes uncfocusing.
<Dakota`^> her mind or mine?
<Dakota`^> ;)
<Dakota`^> he is sensing her right?
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *Yeah.. it's not easy, but .... yeah.*
<Dakota`^> *That's odd...*
* Dakota`^ frowns at that
<Dakota`^> *I guess we're done.* To Stacy
<AlcarGm> Stacy: "Huh....." She studies Gwyn, then shrugs. "The same goes for him; he's familiar with our mids, too."

<AlcarGm> Judge: "You will have some small authority over the world you didn't have before, at dire need. It is not to be abused. I assume you have questions."
<AlcarGm> Add divine relationship level 1 :p
<Dakota`^> fuck yes
<Dakota`^> =p
<AlcarGm> Free, can only be increased by going up in rank :)
<Dakota`^> Damn you!

<AlcarGm> the courtroom vanishes, along with the so-called real universe, as you float in a void that whispers: "The gm needs to sleep, you know" and wonderful, terrible knowledge almost reaches you, about the true nature of the universe and how small a thing you really are. Fortunately, the GM does not roll to see if this is the case.

<AlcarGm> Shadowlander the strong screams and charges both of you, dealth apparently not healing him.
<Dakota`^> *Can you help him?*
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *If you can pin him? I'm ... not good at controlling, but the other guy is dead. I can try?*
<Dakota`^> *...Right.*
<Dakota`^> *He could probably kill me in a couple of hits, though...*
* Dakota`^ jumps on him
<AlcarGm> Gwyn: *Don't let him?*
<Dakota`^> *Thanks for the advice. It helps.*
<AlcarGm> 2#2d6+8 - defenses :P
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2#2d6+8: 13(5) 12(4) - defenses :P
<Dakota`^> 2#2d6+8
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2#2d6+8: 13(5) 12(4)
<Dakota`^> ...
<AlcarGm> .....

<AlcarGm> You find a cheap motel that takes cash, the kind of place that, were someone to burn it does, they would be given a medal for improving the urban landscape. The dirty old man at the counter asks no questions, and not for any ID, taking your money, given you a key and then going back to reading his Playboy -- for the articles, of course.
* Dakota`^ goes to her room and pulls out a stack of homework that needs done from her bag and works on that until 11, then goes to bed.
<AlcarGm> You work on it, the headboard of the room beside you banging furiously against the wall as two people seem determined to either break the sound barrier or the wall.
<AlcarGm> You think you catch some woman saying, "Oh, Mr. President!" but it's probably a roleplay.
<Dakota`^> lol

<AlcarGm> Ellen enters, rubbing the knickles of hre right hand, which look scraped getting water and coming over slowly, as if Kyle was a wild animal.
* Dakota`^ looks at Ellen, "You get in another fight?"
<AlcarGm> Ellen: "Idiot guy tried to shove Mark around, blaming him for shit. Definitely bloodied his nose," with a shrug a sshe shits.
<AlcarGm> Kyle fades further into the seat, looking more than happy to let Ellen do the talking.
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> she shits
<AlcarGm> Well, everyone has to. I mean... :P

<Dakota`^> "Stacy, you're worried that I'm going to die because I have no one to protect and that will get you killed. I get that. But it's not going to change how I feel."
<AlcarGm> Her eyes narrow. "That's just a part of it."
<Dakota`^> "But i DO have someone to protect. I have to stay alive because of you."
<AlcarGm> (( "Okay, 90%, but that's still just a part." ))
<AlcarGm> She blinks and just stares at you. The silence is golden as Gwyn pokes his head in and looks at her shocked look, then you, back at her, then you. 'I was going to suggest pizza?' timidly.
* Dakota`^ looks over at Gwyn and catches the last part of it. 'Let's go somewhere to eat. I can't have too much pizza.'
<AlcarGm> He nods.
* Dakota`^ walks toward the entrance.
<AlcarGm> Stacy: "I need to check up on some orders; I'll meet you later," quickly, heading over to a computer.
<AlcarGm> that was nicely evil :)
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> I thought it was sentimental
<AlcarGm> same thing :p
<Dakota`^> hah

* AlcarGm just had this image of a pc tweeting every hour, during a game, about what was going on....
<AlcarGm> Cthuhlhu is eating Steven right now! #justkidding
<AlcarGm> @jesuschrist you know, that prayer could use an answer right about now....
<AlcarGm> etc.

<Dakota`^> "Well the FBI can eat a dick. I hate those bastards."
* Dakota`^ pulls out her books.
<Dakota`^> "You heard me," To her backpack, "I know you're listening!"
* Dakota`^ opens the book to chapter 8 and looks at problem 5.

<Dakota`^> "Have you been watching the TV? The arena?"
<AlcarGm> "Who hasn't?" she says
<Dakota`^> "Well, you might not know that those are real humans, controlling those bodies."
<Dakota`^> "I'm not really working for a company about teleporting... I'm really teleported out of the world sometimes to fight in those arenas."
<AlcarGm> She .... pauses, staring at you, face lawful-neutral. "And my brother is involved in that?"
<Dakota`^> "I brought back a few abilities with me, from my alter ego... One of those is perception. I can always tell when there's another contestant around." Nodding, "And your brother is a contestant."
<AlcarGm> Taby: "What is he? He's ..... sometimes it's like being in the room with a caged tiger," quietly.
<Dakota`^> "Or someone who really wants to teleport away."

* alcar snorts. "Embarrassed by rocket crash, North Korea may try nuclear test" .... somehow, I don't see that going too well :p
<Chaos`^> they were going to try it anyway
* alcar just likes the idea that, since their rocket failed to work, the next logical step is a nuke.
<alcar> Nuke themselves, hit south korea with the radiation and it is ... kind of a win.
<Chaos`^> nah, they had planned on the nuke way before the rocket failed
<Chaos`^> it's just a more sure thing now so they can prove their dominance
<Chaos`^> right now we've caught them with their pants down so they have to show us how big their junk is to save face
<alcar> "My dick might not be bigger than yours, but it is radioactive!"
* Sparkie would like Dakota to know that I can spy on msg windows, and tonight's dice rolls will reflect that accordingly.
* Sparkie also wonders why I make threats I can't actually back up. At all.
* Sparkie is now known as NorthKorea

<Dakota`^> "Gwyn just did something... Regretable... With someone's emotions and he feels bad. He needs time to think."
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "..... what kind of thing?"
<Dakota`^> "I--It's not really my place to discuss it, Emlyn. If he wants you to know then he'll tell you."
<AlcarGm> Her eyes narrow. "He won't. It's a sibling thing, he'll want to protect me. Besides. I'd seen you guys fight and the things you've done. It can't be THAT bad."
<Dakota`^> "He just doesn't like the things he's doing in there."
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "I've told him I don't like it either," finally, not good at keeping silent at all, "but some teams have to play to win, and you're both ... good at it, and most people don't think about what winning costs."
<Dakota`^> "Yeah... We're both terrible people."
<AlcarGm> Taby does not send another text
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "Wait, you admit that?"
<Dakota`^> "...And you agree with me."
<Dakota`^> "I...I'm getting tired. Can you close up for us?"
<AlcarGm> (( Emlyn: "But I had speeches planned! Great and nble speeches that would have made John Galt weep with envy!" ))
<Dakota`^> (( Who is John Galt? ))
<AlcarGm> (( :p ))
<Dakota`^> (( =p ))

* Dakota`^ doesn't know how to open her mind but she pretends she does.
<Dakota`^> *Ok, try now!*
<AlcarGm> roll again, with +3 :P
<Dakota`^> 2d6+8
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+8: 15(7)
<Dakota`^> wait
<Dakota`^> wait a second
<Dakota`^> sparkie is being dumb
<Dakota`^> I demand a new dice bot
<Sparkie> It's not MY fault Mind is your dump stat.
<Dakota`^> listen you!
<Dakota`^> a 5 is a respectable number for a stat!
* Sparkie meant your player :p
<Dakota`^> Listen you!
<Dakota`^> a 12 is a respectable number for a stat!
<Dakota`^> =p

<Dakota`^> "You want information? I'll answer one question... But I will chose the question."
<AlcarGm> Ler: ".... what?"
<AlcarGm> Ler: "How does that even work?"

* Dakota`^ sends a query into the system, in its own language 'Is it correct to assume that you aren't supposed to be taking power from the platforms?'
<AlcarGm> Respoose: 'Yes'
<AlcarGm> .... which is like a response, only prettier.
<AlcarGm> with an accent, maybe.

<Dakota`^> "Right... So how do we make it so you don't throw up when you teleport? What's the use of a teleporter that makes you throw up?"
<AlcarGm> Emlyn "One flick of light means you're path is obstructed. Two means it's turned off or not powered up and ... it might be hard to assassinate someone if you throw up all over their shoes?"
<Dakota`^> "I guess it'll just be hard to market... 'Late for work? you better be, cause it's about to get messy.'

<Dakota`^> "You don't get out much, do you?" With a grin.
<AlcarGm> Stacy: "I don't need to; I have the whole internet in my head."
<Dakota`^> "... That doesn't count."

<Chaos`^> hello sir
<Chaos`^> have you found jesus?
* alcar has! I find stigmata make for wonderful foreplay.
<Chaos`^> lol
* alcar has, also, found agame if thou is up for it
<Chaos`^> you found a game?
<Chaos`^> what game is that?
<alcar> the game of dice!
<Chaos`^> born again... dician?
<AlcarGm> Critical Failure.
<Dakota`^> lol

<AlcarGm> Stacy rattles off a number, a bored man answering the call with, "Providence Real Estate."
<Dakota`^> "Hi, I saw an ad about your townhouse on... Parker Drive?"
<Dakota`^> "I'm interested in the place."
<AlcarGm> The bored voice is a lot less bored. "Fabulous! The rent is 1400 all inclusive for a 2 month lease, option of rent to own later on if the development continues; if not, you get one damn big park."
<Dakota`^> "Right... I was hoping we could tour the place first?"
* Dakota`^ doesn't want to sound too eager =p
<AlcarGm> He asks when you'd like to, etc.
<Dakota`^> "As soon as possible. I'm kind of between places right now."
<AlcarGm> He sets you an appointment for 2 hours from now, not wanting to seem too eager himself*
<AlcarGm> * this exchange may explain a lot about the middle east.

<Dakota`^> I could probably buy a car at this point, since she'll be using it until she's not
<Dakota`^> unlike apartments, cars move with you
<AlcarGm> And as the divine voice fades to silence, so too does the session.
<AlcarGm> The divine voice adds, for legal reasons, that it was quoting Wonders of Transport, from 1932

* Dakota`^ checks the toilets, stove, shower
<AlcarGm> There are no bodies, nor even parts of bodies, in them. Everything is modern, mid-brand range. Not cheap, but not expensive either.
* Dakota`^ makes sure the plumbing and gas works =p
<Sparkie> ooh! Turn on the gas, turn on the gas!
* Sparkie is now known as GasMainExplosion

<AlcarGm> Bob rattles on about the ambience of the surroundings, roads without homes, a private park, smiling at his own joke since no one else will, nearby schools, distance to grocery stores, the fact that you're a fair distance from the nearest nuclear reactor, underground cables for television, good feng shui in the door placement...
<Dakota`^> "Yeah, sure. Do you have the lease papers?"
<AlcarGm> He looks quite happy about that and produces Paperwork! It's not that many sheets, but it does mean you can't re-lease it to others, pets are limited to one small dog or two cats and the alarm system has not been turned on; arming and paying for it would be your responsibility.
<AlcarGm> It does have to be paid up front, however.
* Dakota`^ pays him for both months
<AlcarGm> in cash?
<Dakota`^> I had 2 hours to get the money together, so it isn't unreasonable. I would require a receipt, of course
<Dakota`^> well, the paid up front clause should be enough on the lease, though
<AlcarGm> He twitches a little, the smile wavering, but does give you the receipt. A possible drug dealer with a 10 year old daughter does not twig his moral compass enough to matter.

* Dakota`^ gets the keys and locks the place, heading out to get some furnature and renter's insurance =p
<aslhk> File "./lib/resttest/resttest.py", line 67, in request
* GasMainExplosion ... eyes aslhk. That will cause the explosion?
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> looks like an error to me!
* GasMainExplosion had hoped you would forget the insurance :(
<GasMainExplosion> ... this nick probably did not help that hope.
* GasMainExplosion is now known as Sparkie

<AlcarGm> He just stares at you, trying not to look at his hands, looking torn between screaming and crying and hurting you.
<Dakota`^> "I'm not the one you need to be mad at. There are a lot of people dead today because they weren't prepared for the world to join with the arena."
* Dakota`^ leans against her car, "You're different, though. Some people bring special talents back with them, to this world."
<Dakota`^> "You've brought a curse."
<AlcarGm> He laughs at that, hyena sharp. "Who. Are. You?" desperately.
<Dakota`^> "You're like a hunter. Never stopping until he gets what he wants. What will happen, rufus, when you want something that someone can't give you? What will happen if you ask too much of someone you love? Will you kill them for being weak?"
<AlcarGm> Stacy just stares at you, jaw agape.
<AlcarGm> He goes to grab and shake you :)
* Dakota`^ punches him in the throat
<Dakota`^> 2d6+5
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+5: 7(2)
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> sparkie...
<Dakota`^> ok, i'm re-rolling that one
<Dakota`^> 2d6+5
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+5: 17(12)
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> fortune favors the brave =p
<Sparkie> ... screw you!
* Sparkie has left #game1

<AlcarGm> On the plus side, if your day needed more plus sides than not having your eyes gouged out, your furniture has arrived.

<AlcarGm> Yavin: "I'm sorry, I thought you meant use the camera. I did, and bought a gun to distract it from you. Sorry."
<AlcarGm> Emlyn .... pauses, then finally looks at Yavin. "You bought a gun. During a battle."
* Dakota`^ laughs
<AlcarGm> Yavin: "A guy was going to mug me when I ran ito the alley. I gave him what was in my walley for the gun, and used it." He looks at you. "I'm afraid you'll have to buy dinner."
<AlcarGm> Emlyn: "....."
* Dakota`^ snorts
<Dakota`^> "I'm sorry that's just.. so crazy."
<AlcarGm> Yavin blushes a bit at that. "It's my... trick. I suppose. In this world, also in the other: I'm just really lucky sometimes."

<AlcarGm> You, as Shadowlander, appear beside Brightwing in Sanctuary City 9, which is all pale glass and helpful voices in the air, one reminding you that harming another, invasive mental probing and religion are all forbidden in Sanctuary City 9.
<Dakota`^> lol
<Dakota`^> religion
* Dakota`^ goes to a building to get a drink.
<AlcarGm> Gwyn stretches. *Nice,* as he gets one. *I kind of missed being able to talk over here.*

<Dakota`^> "So how long have you been class a?"
<AlcarGm> Gwyn gestures sharply with both hands, as if throwing something.
<AlcarGm> Ira: "Over two years," flatly then grunts. "Ah ... a Brightwing. But you're not command..." and then moves, attempting to reach Gwyn and touch him.
<AlcarGm> 2d6+12 - break free of grapple!
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6+12: 15(3) - break free of grapple!
* Sparkie bows.
<Dakota`^> 2d6+8
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+8: 13(5)
<Dakota`^> 2d6+8 try again
<Sparkie> Dakota`^ 2d6+8: 14(6) try again
<Dakota`^> ..
* Sparkie dances a jig!

<Dakota`^> "See, you're pissy right now. I know you're trying to hide it but you're mad. I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry I stabbed Pale Horse."
<AlcarGm> Voice: "Your apology is accepted. Please have a nice day."
<Dakota`^> "I'm trying to be nice here." Crossing her arms. "What's wrong with being nice?"
<AlcarGm> Voice: "Your apology has been accepted. Would you like refreshments?"
<Dakota`^> "Yes, thank you." Perking up.
<AlcarGm> You get more drinks and food offered.
<Dakota`^> "Wonderful. Thank you, Sara."
* Dakota`^ sits down and thinks quietly to herself, since the AI won't talk about important things.
<AlcarGm> (( Voice: "We also offer neural stimuli options" http://drewpan.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/total_recall_500.jpg ))

<Caltak> oh oh oh oh
<Caltak> another good way if you want to make sure PCs stay together is I on-and-off feel like I want to play as someone's bodyguard/familiar/pet/slave
<AlcarGm> Open to many abuses, that would be :p
<Caltak> yeah I know
<Caltak> that's why preferrably that other person wouldn't be ken
* AlcarGm laughs

<Dakota`^> "Sorry, I feel kind of useless right now. You're doing all the hard work. All I can do is lift heavy things."
<AlcarGm> Stacy: "Soooo ... you're saying you're a guy now?"
<Dakota`^> "Shut up," hitting her on the arm.

<AlcarGm> You find Gwyn in the one bed, eyes closed. Rufus is sitting on the other bed, his voice soft and hesitant, saying: "It's hard to go downstairs. Everyone looks at me like .... I don't know ... sad? Pity? I'm not .... I can feel something inside me trying to get out, to not be ... like this. Weak. Frail ...." his voice drops. "Prey." He coughs. "I can hear it, even with this person blocking it, and I can't talk to anyone and you're sort of sleeping and can't hear anyway so ...."
<AlcarGm> He starts when he sees you, eyes wide, looking somehow small and young and emo trying to be goth with nothing scary about him at all.
<Dakota`^> "How are you feeling?"
<AlcarGm> In desperation, he screams out words of power: "I PRONOUNCE THEE END OF SESSION!"
<Dakota`^> lol
<Sparkie> You may kiss the dicebot.
* Dakota`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<Chaos`^> fuck off =p

* alcar is now known as Jayden
* Chaos`^ is now known as Jaylen
<Omar`> oh gods, did you two seriously make characters with one letter difference in their names? I thought that was a joke.

<Chaos`^> is it an item?
<Chaos`^> the seed, I mean?
<kentari> yeah
<kentari> She keeps it secret and safe
<Chaos`^> Is it like... big?
<Chaos`^> Or small?
<alcar> it is as large as hope and as small as despair.
<kentari> kiwi sized
<kentari> roughly

* Jaylen gets up and heads to the fruit consortium
<kentari> An assembly of earthly delights await the discerning customer.
<kentari> Each bowl of fruit has a small business card with tiny lettering explaining where it came from and how it lived its life.
<kentari> Of course, you do spot some free range, homeschooled apples.
* Jaylen snorts at each card
* Jaylen grabs a couple and puts them in the pockets of his jacket
<kentari> Being apples, they cannot scream.
* Jaylen heads to the table and sits down.
<kentari> One day, you'll miss that kind of beautiful simplicity.
<kentari> =p

<Jaylen> "Ah, well I'm just... Well I mean my brother and I wanted to show our friend this place but... Well you see I'm on a diet," Smiling sweetly up at Stave, "And I just need animal protien in every meal."
<Jayden> "I imagine they have a cat in the kitchen," absently, "many places do.
<Jaylen> "Can they... Do they butcher cats? Really?"
* Jaylen gives Steve a disgusted look
<Jaylen> "I mean, I eat beef but.. Cats? Really?"
* Jayden looks up at that. "I don't see why not. Keeping an animal enslaved is hardly the vegan way. If you are a vegetarian and have carnivores over for dinner, it's only polite to provide some meat if they request it."
<Jaylen> "That's why they keep the cat?"
<Jayden> "Why else?"
<Jaylen> "I guess that makes sense. I mean, you can't keep a sheep or a calf in your living room."
* Jayden nods and stands, heading to the consortium and getting apples, oranges, pears and such and bringing them back.
<Jaylen> "I guess I'll have one cat burger." To Steve.

<kentari> Sophie: "No one on God's green earth bakes salad, Alyce," rolling her eyes, "You know that. You're just teasing us."
<Alyce`^> "Oh... It's just... Uhm..."
<Alyce`^> "I don't use the kitchen."
<Alyce`^> "It's a minefield."
<kentari> Julius gains interest in Alyce at that, "You don't mean, literally, that there are mines in your kitchen, right...?"
<Alyce`^> "Uhm..."
<Alyce`^> "Well I know where they are but there are neighbors so it's risky to defuse them if I don't have to..." Drifting off and lowering her voice near the end.

<AlcarGm> he's a bit on edge give what he did to cutter :P
<TheSwift`^> heh, he was about to kill the guy a week or two ago
<AlcarGm> Yewah, but killing someone is.. clean. Mind rape, otoh, is not :)
<TheSwift`^> lol
<TheSwift`^> killing someone is clean? =p
<TheSwift`^> damn alcar, I am never getting near you =p

<Caltak> I think all us #game1 regulars should move into an apartment together, like some kind of twisted reality show.
<kentari> You'd murder us all and claim it was in your character, so it was okay.

<Harold`^> "I can see things for what they are."
<AlcarGm> Veronica: "Can you vague that up further?"
<Harold`^> "Well, for one I know that you don't consider yourself a reformed talent hater, you just say that to impress the locals."
<Harold`^> "I also know that we're not the first Citizen's Brigade, there was a group before us. Lord knows what happened to THEM."
<AlcarGm> Lance: "This," pulling out a pistol and firing at Harold's head.
<AlcarGm> j/k

<AlcarGm> Lance: "If we may calm down," to Veronica, not making it a request, and looks at Sophie and Jamie. "I believe you're next?"
* Harold`^ looks at sophie
* Sophia` glances between Treyvan and Lance. "I, er... can get inside people."
<AlcarGm> Treyvan: "Huh?"
* Harold`^ blinks
<Harold`^> (( "So can I... But not in the way you're talking about I guess." =p))

<hollie> oh snap
<hollie> I need NPCS!
* hollie loads up "favorite npc list"
<fennec> oh! I'll be an npc!!
* hollie loads up another document.
<hollie> Oh, there you are.
<hollie> :P
<AlcarGm> Being.... a pcs npc .... hrm. That would be nicely odd :P
<AlcarGm> "I'm a npc. Once removed."

<Chaos`^> so is hollie a real woman or a cross dresser? =p
<alcar> Both.
<alcar> Actually, that would be interesting.
* alcar files away for future use :p

<hollie> "Why don't you tell me a little bite about yourself, Miss...?"
<Sophia`> "Ms. Ransom. And yes, it's my real last name. But Sophia is fine."
* hollie nods in a way which implies she's waiting to hear more.
* Sparkie notes no dice were rolled to show this is the case.

<hollie> "I don't pretend to understand these things, but your talent sounds like it has a number of Achilles' heels that could present opportunities for our partnership to be meddled with and taken advantage of."
* hollie leans in a little at the squirming.
<hollie> "And it doesn't seem that you have great reflexes. So ... we need a password. Something to confirm you're you, and I'm me, when it might be questioned."
<hollie> "Make sense?"
<Sophia`> "Why-- Um-- I-I guess? What do you mean?"
<hollie> "Like when people say 'What's the password?' to see if someone knows it, is trusted, is legit."
<hollie> "I don't know how much to ourselves we'll ever really be, so I'm only going to tell you it once. Are you ready?"
<Sophia`> "Um, sure. Ok."
<hollie> "The password is..."
* hollie leans in and delivers such a kiss as to, perhaps, be a rather complicated way of saying "antidisestablishmentarianism" a few times.
<Sophia`> (( zuh? ))
<hollie> ((It's french. :p))

<hollie> "Luck is the residue of preparation, you know."

<hollie> Sparkie, your dice used to send adventurers to kobold-lined graves.
<hollie> Now, look at yourself.
<hollie> Figuring out if people barf.
<hollie> Does it hurt? :P
* Sparkie was hoping for seizures :(
<Harold`^> lol

<hollie> "For now let's get you out of those, into the tub, and then we'll sort out all your feelings, alright?"
<hollie> "It's important to me that there's nothing between us."
* Sophia` sighs. "Yeah, fine... cleaning first. Where's the bathroom?"
<hollie> "Double doors, over there. It's a big whirlpool, the bubbles are on the rail on the side."
<hollie> "I'll put together something light to eat and check on you in a few minutes. Leave the clothes outside the door, I'll take care of them."
* Sophia` goes to wash up without another word.
<hollie> "Oh.. you can use the candles if you want." :P
<AlcarGm> And as Sophie enters the bathroom Harold's voice cries out of the drains, "Noooo! SAVE ME!!!" but is is too late, because the sin eater living in the drains roars out of the bidet and attacks, ending the session!
* AlcarGm is now known as alcar
<Sophia`> ugh, PTSD hallucinations!
* Sophia` is now known as Caltak
<hollie> Nah.
<hollie> That's the ruffies. :P

<Sophia`> "Oh, um, I'm actually 22. I never got around to mentioning that at the meeting."
* hollie stops every physical movement for a moment.
* hollie has encountered an error.
<hollie> "So that's not your real body? What happened to the girl?"
* hollie takes a drag of her cigarette.
<AlcarGm> (( "This isn't the first time I've used an axe." ))
<Sophia`> "Oh, no, it's my body. I just have a condition. I sort of stopped growing prematurely."

* Sophia` adjusts her too-large outfit in an attempt to look slightly less rediculous, then follows.
* hollie watches the adjustments like someone might watch toffee being pulled at a confectionery, but poorly masks the look of her eyes with a rehearsed smile.

<hollie> "Smile. It's the most important thing to wear."
* hollie pokes Sophia encouragingly.
* Sophia` gives hollie a weird look for a moment, then tries to force a smile despite not feeling at all in the mood to.
<hollie> "If you can't smile, I guess I'll just have to find ways to make you. At least pout in an endearing way. Here.. like this."
* hollie tugs on Sophia's lower lip most gently like she were kaolin clay or something.
<hollie> "Not so much that you look like a duck, though."
* Sophia` grimaces at having her lip grabbed, then sighs, and puts on a "pouty kid" look almost as though she had practiced.
<Sophia`> 2d6 (yes I have a cliche that this falls under)
<Sparkie> Sophia` 2d6: 10 (yes I have a cliche that this falls under)

<Sophia`> the best accessories are one with combat applications
<hollie> exactly

<hollie> ((<Sophia> "Perhaps you'd like a bit of the old ultra-violence?"))
<Sophia`> (( damn you alcar for making me picture my PC in a Clockwork Orange outfit. ))
<Sophia`> (( er ken ))
<Sophia`> (( damn everyone :p ))

<Caltak> Spark: I rolled plenty of times! I even rolled for silly disguise expressions.
* Sparkie wants more. Except after lights go out.
<alcar> Dice bots: The main source of PCs needing viagra.
<Caltak> "I swear baby, this has never happened to me before. The damn bot is just rolling low tonight."

<AlcarGm> Rufus just watches you curiously, entirely relaxed and at ease as though attempting to kill you had been a form of stress relief. "Please tell me you do more than just get big in the Arena? That'd be really dull."
* Talon nods. "Yeah, I pretty much turn into some kind of nightmare and tear shit up mostly."
* Talon considers to himself what he's going to do about the gang now.
<AlcarGm> Rufus: "Oh." He thinks about that, then offers up: "I'm the kind of thing that gives monsters nightmares," sounding almost apologetic. "Sorry about your ... uhm ... friend?"
<AlcarGm> Your clothing is in shreds and the back of his coat is as well thanks to pavement, hole in it via bullet and blood. Most of it not his, but you're definitely not going to get served in most restaurants, excepting McDonalds.
<Talon> "He was kind of a prick. But, you know, same crew, gotta stick together and shit. I'm sure those other bitches are back with the others, twisting the story all around, probably like I killed him or something."
<Talon> "Fuckers. No goddamn spines when it counts."
<AlcarGm> (( Rufus: "I know; they're so hard to pull out." ))

<AlcarGm> Treyvan: "I'll wander down and chat to Lance; you guys go home, relax," as he heads out the door. "We did good."
* hollie nods, and waits for him to leave.. . . . . then turns to Sophia.
<hollie> "He's spooked about something."
<AlcarGm> Jamie: "Huh?"
<hollie> "I'm sure if you risked eavesdropping on him and the Chief, you might find out, but that's not professional."
<Sophia`> "Really? I... hadn't notced anything off with him..."
* hollie smiles to Jamie :P
<hollie> "He's trained. Or at least, experienced. Consider how cool he kept, and that suggestion he made... there's a chance, non-zero, but I don't know what chance it is, that something worried him enough that he wants to immediately and confidentially talk to Lance."
<AlcarGm> Jamie blushes a little. "I think we should trust each other, a little? And. ... and if I spied on him, you could worry about me doing it on you...." looking worried. "I haven't!"
<AlcarGm> (( "But if you hint at hot lesbian action, you're going to test my willpower a LOT!" ))

<alcar> I ...... my offer to run a game session is being upstaged by ... shroomform....
<alcar> well played, Chaos :P
* Chaos`^ bows

<Alyce`^> "It's a trip to pick someone up."
<kentari> Sophie: "Oh. Family? Friends? A coworker?"
<Alyce`^> "Uhm... A coworker sort of. It's a favor."
<kentari> Sophie: "Want help with anything?"
* Alyce`^ shakes her head
<kentari> Sophie: "I *can* drive, if someone helps me with the pedals," stiffly.
<Alyce`^> "You should uhm... Stay here and not kill yourself."
<kentari> Sophie skips a beat, "Wait, what??"
<Alyce`^> "Uhm... Cheer up? It will get better?"
<kentari> Sophie: "I'm fine, Alyce. Really. How about you, though?"
<Alyce`^> "Uhm... I'm too expensive to kill myself."
<kentari> Sophie: "Yeah, but, are you happy?"

<Chaos`^> I don't care if you guys want to RP a relationship... well... anyway, if the clothes come off the censor bars come out
<kentari> Top/Bottom are not cliches.
<kentari> The only relationship shall be one of obedience and fear

<hollie> "Do you want a job as a doctor, then? At the hospital? Somewhere like here might get you where you can help the people who can't afford or find it through the normal channels, or those too afraid to."
<Harold`^> "I"m pretty sure this is a vet office."
<hollie> "Either way.. what are your job requirements?"
<hollie> "They bring humans in places like this more than you'd think. Anyway.... it's a hospital job you want?"
<Harold`^> "My job requirements are that people call me doctor when I walk into work."
<hollie> "Wow.. that's cocky."
<Harold`^> "I earned it."

<Sophia`> "You dont think... anybody... did anything to us while we were passed out, do you?"
<hollie> "Hmm? I don't know, my cherry popped ages ago."
* hollie shrugs. :P
<Sophia`> "Er, yeah, but I mean... nevermind."
<hollie> "Hmm?"
* Sophia` shudders a little.
<hollie> "Oh .. yours did, too, huh?"
* hollie grins a little, finding something interesting.
<Sophia`> "Huh? Um. Well I didn't... say that exactly."

<kentari> man
<kentari> you can cal made such complex characters
<kentari> I just put pedobear in prada

<kentari> I totally figured it was BS :P
<Chaos`^> lol
<kentari> like I thought all that stuff to TNT was complete fabrication
<Chaos`^> nope
<alcar> It IS all BS. Harold just doesn't know it.
<alcar> He's really deep cover for the Illiminarted order of Talent Not Talents. The current TNT is a splinter group of that, after the Most Reverend Order of Untalented splintered apart in 3154 AD

<alcar> It would be funny to set up dice just for risus with utterly nonsensical results :P
<Caltak> like "2d6: banana"
<Sparkie> 4d6: Cherry with a hint of saffron and a duck's egg.
<kentari> That's easy
<kentari> instead of dice we just
<kentari> !uasurge
<Sparkie> Every pencil you use looks gnawed on after you put it down, though you are sure you're not chewing on it.
<alcar> lol. And then compare them to see who won :P
<alcar> !uasurge
<Sparkie> The next time you handle a pointy object, you'll poke your eye out.
<kentari> that's actually a related combo
<kentari> :P
<alcar> This would make for a wicked shroomform dice system :P

<Grant`> So, we have a magical Delorean. With someone who can make magic work better, and someone who can alter time both in it.
* Grant` cannnot see this ending well.
<Grant`> Obviously, the wand we have activates it and the gin and brandy are for the driver's nerves when using it :P
<kentari> =p

<Alyce`^> "I want to talk to Thelma."
<Grant`> (( "Or do I have to call her mom? She doesn't like that." ))
<kentari> Tama: "Yes, but ... why?"
<Alyce`^> "I have to ask her for a favour."
<kentari> Tama: "Perhaps I'm not .... being forward. But then, you don't seem to be, either.." She leans back, forward, "This wouldn't be the first time someone's tried to do something to her."
<Alyce`^> "That's ok, I won't hurt her. I'm 12."
<Alyce`^> (( While both sentances are true, neither has anything to do with the other =p ))

<kentari> !generate female 5
<Sparkie> Georgia Plowman
<Sparkie> Viva Smock
<Sparkie> Alana Atkins
<Sparkie> Lauretta Gordon
<Sparkie> America Poor
<alcar> hm?
<alcar> America Poor is .. amusing :)
<kentari> Seriously =p

<TheGM`^> you all leave behind the thing that Euphemio was standing on and the session ends with nothing really important happening.
<Caltak> Pretty decent body-count though.
<Euphemio> yeah

<Gm`^> After a few minutes she growls and spins around. She jumps when she Sees you and throws an arm in front of her, across her chest and lets out a little 'eep!'
<Gm`^> Girl: "A ghost!"
<Thea> "A girl!" *jumps back as if startled.* "What did you expect to find in a haunted house?"
<Gm`^> she steps back a few steps, "This house isn't haunted. Wasn't haunted. No one died here, they all moved. They always move."
<Gm`^> This 8 year old girl seems very sure about the 60 year legacy of this house.
<Thea> The internet makes ghosts sad :(
<Gm`^> lol
* Thea puts her hands on her hips. "Hello? Ghost? House?"

<hollie> "Or we could approach the recruiter we identified and offer them the service straight forward."
<Sophia`> "Service...?"
<hollie> "Pruning the TNT tree."
<hollie> "At the worst, it'd involve killing. I'd rather not, but... arresting is probably how Lance wants it done."
<Sophia`> "You think he'd want us to??"
<hollie> "Not out loud, no."
<hollie> "I bet he'd take a few people out of the equation if he had the opportunity, though. Police like order."
<Sophia`> "I mean the recruiter guy."
<hollie> "Oh. Him? Something tells me a terrorist organization has no problems with killing the right people."
<hollie> "Good thing we're not terrorists, huh?"

<hollie> "Do you have any dietary restrictions?"
* Sparkie ... was told I could not offer some :(
* Sparkie would just like to point out that babies are a valid diet restriction.
<Harold`^> how odd would it be for someone to tell you they're allergic to babies
<Harold`^> my first question would be 'how do you know?'

<hollie> 6d6 THE GRAVEYARD! Any particular grave will do. :P
<Sparkie> hollie 6d6: 25 THE GRAVEYARD! Any particular grave will do. :P
<Sophia`> (( hopefully like, a tomb not a grave :p ))
<AlcarGm> Jamie looks relieved ot have the door open, the relief vanishing as you spot a corpse on the other side of it, currently digging up a gravestone.
<hollie> "Oooops."
* hollie tumbles through the portal straight into the Thriller, no holds barred.
<AlcarGm> You spot a good dozen bodies moving around, all recently dead, all moving gravestones kin the cemetary.
* Sophia` creeps around in stealth pose!
<AlcarGm> Jamie vanishes, following the both of you. "But zombie saren't real either," sounding miffed.
* hollie is miffed that Jamie's tagging along; this manes she can't use ghost buster containment strategies.
<Sophia`> "Shhhhh"
* hollie is too busy desperately trying to override the nanoprogramming in these dead bodies, though!
<hollie> "Hrm. They might.... not be able to see me clearly enough... to register the movement. Got a flashlight?" :P
<AlcarGm> You spot cigarette smoke rising from the middle of the cemetary.
<Sophia`> "No, I forgot to grab one..."
<Sophia`> "Oh, I do have, like, a keychain one?"
* Sophia` fishes out her keys and there's a little LED keychain flashlight
<hollie> "Wait ... nano-wights don't smoke."
* hollie stops her dance of commanding.

<AlcarGm> The man... wakens, loooking confused and uncertain. ".... Whuzzawhere?"
<Harold`^> "You're fixed. Now go outside and pay the nice lady at the desk."
<AlcarGm> He stands, and limps badly on his left foot, his left arm hanging limp as if the bones inside it were cartilaginous tissue rather than bone.
<Harold`^> "Okay, okay." Stopping him and laying him back down. "Just lay there for a bit."
<Harold`^> "You need to get your bearings."
<AlcarGm> Dakota ... says nothing at all as the man lays back down, looking confused.
<AlcarGm> Man: "Feel... kind of funny."
<Harold`^> "That's normal."
* Harold`^ grabs some anesthetic, "I'm going to give you something to make you feel better, ok?"
<Harold`^> "You're going to feel a little poke..."
* Harold`^ stabs him with it
<AlcarGm> The man passes out.
<AlcarGm> Dakota: "You just stabbed him!!"
* Harold`^ gives Dakota a look: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/__e2VLp6gwyk/TQjFlRkKdYI/AAAAAAAAHX4/xox2q-g9knU/s1600/i_disapprove.png
* Harold`^ checks the man's arm and leg =p
<AlcarGm> Dakota: "Why not just do rain dances?! Healers don't need to stab people!"
<Harold`^> "So," Looking at her, "Care to tell me why his arm and leg are made of jello?"
<AlcarGm> Dakota: ".... becausse he ... ate a lot of jello?" hopefully.
* Harold`^ gives her that look again
<hollie> (("That's 'Doctor' Smarty Pants, actually."))

<AlcarGm> The arms and legs seem to work just fine ... so far.
* Harold`^ watches her
<Harold`^> "So far so good."
<Harold`^> "Now, wake him up and run through the final checks with him. Make sure he isn't feeling any pain when he uses his wrist or foot."
* Harold`^ skipped that step, figuring, hey a healer...
<AlcarGm> She waked the man .... gingerly.
<AlcarGm> Man: "I feeel ... wonderful," with a bright smile as he sits up and opens his eyes. They are filled with luminous green worms.
* Harold`^ gives Dakota that look again
<AlcarGm> Dakota: "Not again! Hit him! HIT HIM WITH YOUR HITTING THING!"
* Harold`^ stabs him again =p
<AlcarGm> Man: "We are glad to be give...." and is unconscious again, eyes looking human.'
* Harold`^ takes his gloves off and rubs the bridge of his nose in frustration
<AlcarGm> Dakota; "The .... uhm .. .red thing is kind of a weapon. I think. Normally I make it go away before it does things," in a small voice.
<Harold`^> "Dakota, sweetheart, I know you're trying your hardest... But you need to be honest with me right now... Can you fix him without some strange side effect?"

<AlcarGm> Secret Origin for Dakota: Raised by her dad since her mom ran off before she was born.
<Dakota`^> =p

<Sophia`> "I'm 22, of course I know the f-word."
<hollie> "What about the o-word?"
<Sophia`> "Several."
<hollie> "My, my, my."
* hollie tuts a little. :P
<Sophia`> "But no, I don't go to orgies."
<hollie> "Good. They're not that good for you anyway. Also, it probably goes without saying, but... let's not have any slipping inside anyone."
<Sophia`> "I'm practically a virgin, but I can't actually claim to be one."
<hollie> "With your talent, that is."
<hollie> "Practically. . ."
* hollie laughs
<hollie> "Is that a complaint?"
<Sophia`> "It's complicated."

<AlcarGm> Georgia: "Doctors tend to think they're better than other people, that's why."
<Harold`^> "Not better, just in a higher status. It's for a good reason. I spent 8 years of my life devoted to learning everything about the human body and my government thought I deserved the title of doctor because of it."
<AlcarGm> Georgia: "Did you?"
<Harold`^> "I just said I did."
<AlcarGm> Georgia: "No, you said the government did. That's not the same thing at all," with a scowl.
<Harold`^> "Oh, I'm certain I deserved it. I graduated top of my class."
<Harold`^> "I'd always been a hard working student. I graduated highschool at 16 and went straight to West Point, then to Medical School."
<AlcarGm> Georgia looks black at West Point, but at least recognizes the other terms. "So why aren't you a doctor out in the world? You don't like golf?" as you enter a small cafeteria
<Harold`^> "I'm in argleton for other reasons that have nothign to do with my skill in medicine."

<AlcarGm> Jamie slips up beside you as you walk. "Are you .... okay?" in a small voice as you head up the stairs to your dorm room.
<Sophia`> "Yeah, more or less. That was pretty intense, but I think I came out of it in one piece. Plus there are some people who would've died but are alive instead because I intervened, so I feel pretty good about that."
<AlcarGm> Jamie: "Oh, that's.... that's .... good," sounding relieved. Ghostly fingers float through yours, move away. "I thought .... I was worried I'd ..."
<Sophia`> "You did good too, telling us about it."
<AlcarGm> Jamie: "No one was dead when I saw it," a bit defensively. "Dead bodies don't .... uhm ....."
* Sophia` nods. "It's alright. It technically was an orgy at that point, it's just that she was stealing their minds while she did it."
<AlcarGm> Jamie: "Is that why they were all making weird faces?"

<Harold`^> "Rule number two is now cleaning. Rule number one is Don't seduce The Doctor."
<AlcarGm> Carolina has produced a pair of scissors from somewhere in her dress and looks over from cutting her hair. "Whyever not> You're not playing for the other team, or dead," with a low, throaty laugh
<Harold`^> "I might have to shoot you." Putting the cards away and handing her the broom.
<AlcarGm> Carolina: "Oooh. You fire blanks: I'm sure someone here can fix that."

* Harold`^ hands out homework for Georgia too.
<AlcarGm> She takes it, grudingly. Carolina just raises an eyebrow at it. "None of this affects what I do, you know."
<Harold`^> "And no coffee or any kind of amphetimine."
<Harold`^> "I disagree," Pulling open a book, "You ever heal cancer?"
<AlcarGm> Carolina: "Of course. and taurus and a few sagittarius." She pauses a beat. "I reverse time; it's not like normal healing."

<Harold`^> well, harold's from argleton so he should know
<Harold`^> i don't imagine transportation is expensive, since people come INTO argleton all the time, and they ahve to get here somehow, so they sell their cars when they first get here
<Harold`^> other items might be more rare, but cars, I think, are not
<Harold`^> since cars can't ELAVE ither =p
* AlcarGm nods. Except the transformers :P
<AlcarGm> All fleeing the next michael bay movie.
<Harold`^> lol

* hollie arrives at the police-station with the timeliness only a half-working internet connection can provide. :P

<AlcarGm> Treyvan: "You don't become the Executioner among Traders by making errors. Even if she WAS responsible for this, I really doubt she'd do anything that would involve idiots in her plan."
* hollie all but sliiides in through a doorway, of course.
<hollie> "Executing traders what?"
<Sophia`> "Maybe she was just fine with brokering the trade for them and let them do whatever, assuming it would never trace back to her?"
<AlcarGm> Jamie frowns, then realizes Trey means Martin and Suzie and offers up a huge grin and wave hello to Hollie.
* Sophia` turns. "Oh, hey hollie." *sunny smile*
<Sophia`> 2d6 sunny smile attack :p
<Sparkie> Sophia` 2d6: 12 sunny smile attack :p
<hollie> "I walked in on something interesting. Don't let me stop you ... proceed, just pretend I'm not here."
<hollie> 4d6 defend with rape
<Sparkie> hollie 4d6: 9 defend with rape
<Harold`^> (( Critical hit! ))
<hollie> You keep your chastity this time!!!
<hollie> :P
<Sophia`> (( oh hey, it was a maximum roll :p ))
* Sparkie is obligated to prevent this channel from achieving an X rating. You may thank me later behind the bleachers.

<AlcarGm> You do manage to sleep and waken to Chelsea standing over you with a pair of scissors in one hand, your hair in the other...
* Sophia` slide back away from her, up against the headboard and into a sitting position. "Chelsea!" *puts her hand to her hair to try to find where it was cut from, and how much.*
<AlcarGm> None of it, yet. She jumps back a step. "I just need some samples!"
<Sophia`> "Jesus Christ..." *takes a breath, forces calm...* "So you can ask. Please, pleeease don't take samples or... do any kind of experiments on me when I'm asleep, okay? Please?"
<AlcarGm> Chelsea: "But it's so hard to find samples! Eveyonr is afraid of TNT or says no!"
<Sophia`> "Chels, hun, we're friends. Relax. I'm willing to help out--within reason, obviously, but... yeah."
<Sophia`> "But seriously though, let's not make it weird, k? I want to be sure I'm still considered your roommate and not just a test sample or guinea pig, okay?"
<AlcarGm> Chelsea looks crestfallen at that. "It's not weird! It's beautiful!"
<Sophia`> "Yes, of course, scientific progress is wonderful, I'm just saying there are... points where it's possible to... lose sight of things like human social boundaries."
<AlcarGm> Chelsea: ".... oh. Like my sister and the yoghurt experiment. Yes! I understand. It's just ....." She takes a deep breath. "I will return the other samples."
<Sophia`> "Other... samples...?"
<AlcarGm> Chelsea: ".... Just hair and Kleenex from the bathroom. In case any of you developed talents, I could compare that with them!"\
<Sophia`> "Uh... well, um, I don't exactly need any of that back, that's... fine. And I'll let you have some uh, non-bathroom hair if you want, as long as it's not so much that it would look like hair is missing. I'm just asking that you please not take anything off my body or any of my stuff without permission from here on, okay?"

<alcar> One can pretty much run a game in the sure knowledge that a sequel set after The Great Catasrophe can be done since PCs will cause one.

<AlcarGM> I wouldf add a page to wikipedia on the game, but it would be deleted too quickly :P
<Ronnie> lol

<AlcarGM> ONe of your neighers, an old biddy by the name of Mrs. Colgate, pounces on you once you leave the apartment, her terrier Ruffles growling behind her. "What happened to your apartment! Mr. Krochev was taken away to the hospital! Did your girlfriend finally deck him?!" she demands, her flurry of questions coming between the dogs yapping.
<AlcarGM> (( Your tattoos tell you she should die, but that only makes sense skince she has a little annoying dog. ))
<Ronnie> "No Mrs. Colgate, it was some weird trespassers."
<AlcarGM> She demands to know if they were perverts ... and does not ask why they didn't pick her apartment, which saves you some nightmares.
<Ronnie> "Maybe, or the guy might just be a mental patient who got out, I dunno."
<AlcarGM> She finally lets you go, shaking her head about the state of the world and saying how much better things were when SHE was young, because clearny the nazi menance and the theat of nuclear annihilation count as the Good Old Days.

<AlcarGM> I think this is the first game where maureen has actually Done Anything beyond, well, existing and being a warning :)
* AlcarGM had a system whereby any secretary not called Maureen meant the business was Not Good.

<AlcarGM> She pauses mid-step. "I don't know who you are." Her gaze flicks to the bedroom, then back to you. Her smile reminds you of a snale uncoiling as she holds your gaze with her own. "This is going to hurt."
<AlcarGM> Def :)
<AlcarGM> 2d6+6 - minds are fun!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+6: 8(2) - minds are fun!
<Tammi`^> 2d6+5
<Sparkie> Tammi`^ 2d6+5: 10(5)
<Sparkie> Fun for me!

<Ronnie> (( hmm, if we run into somebody invisible and somebody on fire... ))
<Ronnie> (( which tbh that only just now occurred to me :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( "Look, it's someone on fire! Maybe.... wait, it's just a buddhist monk. Damn." ))
<Ronnie> (( totally not on purpose that I almost made 1/2 the fantastic four :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( better than Captain Planet :) ))
<Ronnie> (( "My tattoo only activates when 5 other people with magic tattoos lend me their powers." ))
<Ronnie> (( sadly that could be done with judicious use of Companion ))

<AlcarGM> "So whatever this is sometimes benefits someone who needs it? Or it's all just random luck?" Charlie says as the pizza arrives; you find that stopping someone from going psycho has made you hungry.
<AlcarGM> (( Heroism: not good for a diet, but good for the world. ))

<Tammi`^> "Well, you're awfully trusting for a spy... To tell me you're a spy I mean."
<AlcarGM> Helen looks at you. "It hardly matters; this is not my world." She pauses a beat. "This boy is fascinating; we had all the ginger people sterilized in the 30s."
<AlcarGM> Typing lines like that is why I shall never be able to run for public office :p
<Tammi`^> lol

<AlcarGM> She waits until Sean is handcuffed --- and gagged, I assume -- and heads out to your car with you. "You drive; I will need to see a map and find out if anything matches my world."
* Tammi`^ shrugs and hops in
<Tammi`^> "Where's your accent from?"
<AlcarGM> helen opens the map as you drive, then says: "Texas, and. ... this can't be right. The names are diffeent, a few, but these are the same streets.... City Centre on the same block...."
<Tammi`^> "Really?"
<AlcarGM> She looks at you, and a nailfile is in one hand as she says; "WHAT KIND OF TRICK IS THIS?" only to find out the Voice does not work on you.....
<AlcarGM> next session :P
<Tammi`^> "I didn't even know I owned a map."
* Sparkie can do a car crash!

<alcar> Poor Sean. His job of 'keep Hornblower safe' never took into account mind control of men :P
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> and now he's been burned
<Chaos`^> and he's handcoffed and gagged
<Chaos`^> can his day get any worse?
<Chaos`^> at least he got sex... twice
<alcar> "So how did yhou lose your last job?" "I was kidnapped by a spy from another world and chained to the bed of a romance novelist." "Next."
<alcar> there IS that :P

<kentari> Not only do you free Nadine, but in some odd fashion of operating the clasps, you manage to trigger a switch.
<kentari> A small, cube-like protrusion emerges from the wall beside her. It's hollow and open-topped; storage, of some kind, filled with a number of intimidating looking instruments. Some look vaguely gun like, others look like tongs that are design to open instead of close when operated. Also...
<kentari> 1d100
<Sparkie> kentari 1d100: 1
* Rylin makes a strangled sound.
<kentari> My, my, my. :P
* Sparkie still has it.
* Sparkie stretches.
<kentari> :p
<kentari> He doesn't do this for besm, you know.
<Sparkie> Alcar claims he stopped doing d20 due to issues with the system, but we all know it's ME.

<kentari> Nadine's scrappy nature provides her with all the instinct she needs to avoid being hit by anything, though everything is getting sucked out all the same. The man takes a scalpel to the chest with a *thunk* like a watermelon being chopped with a cleaver.
<Nadine`^> "HOLY CRAP!"
<kentari> Outside, below the floor, droplets of silverly once-floor pool about and surround Rylin like little asteroids. There is naught but an intense, stifling blackness, and then, nothing but light. Nadine is seized into the maelstrom as well, but before everything goes all blue-white, rivulets of the man's blood swirl about to add their own colors to the scene.
* Rylin is utterly silent, frozen in terror.
<kentari> When it's all over you find yourselves sitting around a bottle of ketchup, closed, on its side on the floor. Surrounding it are somewhere near two-thirds of a dozen young women in various degress of tasteful sleepwear. The man's body falls out of nowhere with a THUMP on top of the ketchup bottle, but no one seems to notice.
<kentari> Instead, one of the girls laughs at Rylin and says something in an entirely foreign tongue.
<kentari> You do catch the words "session" and "end," though.
* Sparkie didn't kill anyone?!
<kentari> You killed Phoenix. :P
* Sparkie doens't think it counts, with a name like that.
<alcar> That was a nicely strange and odd intro.
<alcar> Be interesting to see how Cal's PC is worked into it. Unless that WAS his pc.
<alcar> it would be odd to show up for a session and be told you need to make a new PC since yours already died.
<kentari> YEAH
<kentari> IT SURE WOULD BE.
<kentari> >:/
<kentari> =p

<Tammi`^> "I'm talking about drugs. Where can I buy drugs?"
<AlcarGm> The tourism office is a small brick building off by itself. No parking, except on the street, the windows grimy with age.
<AlcarGm> Helen: "Everywhere, I should think. This city does have pharmacies."
<Tammi`^> "I'm talking about Marijiuana. Cannabis."
<AlcarGm> She frowns. "We don't have truck with such things: they rot the mind."
<Tammi`^> "You don't have what?"
<AlcarGm> Helen: "Only communists let their minds fall apart like that."
<Tammi`^> "Propoganda."
* Tammi`^ parks the car and pulls out her cell
<Tammi`^> "I'll be in the car."
<AlcarGm> Helen: "Communists use it often, yes."
<AlcarGm> Capitalism does not have propaganda, only Truth :p

<Tammi`^> "What were you talking about?"
<AlcarGm> "Nothing important; I think she was crazy," he says, and picks up the knife. "She had this on her: crazy people shouldn't have knives. Are you her carer?"
<AlcarGm> Helen remains unconscious, drenched in sweat and shaking, though the shaking seems to have begun to ease.
<Tammi`^> "She's not..." Grabbing the knife. "She's not crazy. Were you arguing?"
* Tammi`^ puts the knife away.. wherever she can shove it
<AlcarGm> The man shrugs. "She thought she knew me even if we've never met before. That is what *I* call crazy."
* Tammi`^ sighs
* Tammi`^ kneels down and shakes her
<AlcarGm> Helen: "Uhhhgh," weakly. "What .... what ..... what was ...? Forgot distance. Like .... being torn apart, red-hot needles over the skin....."
<AlcarGm> Owner: "You were saying?"
<Tammi`^> "Let's just go."

<AlcarGm> You arrive back home to find Sean still dead asleep and chained to your bed, a youtube video waiting to happen.

<AlcarGm> He rubs his wrists a little and smiles weakly. "This is the weirdest home invasion ever, you know."
* Tammi`^ shrugs
<Tammi`^> "You didn't steal anything."
* Tammi`^ hands him the pipe.
<AlcarGm> He takes it, takes a deep muff and coughs a little bit as he hands it back. "I had stuff stolen instead."
<Tammi`^> lol
<Tammi`^> you said muff
<AlcarGm> Err, puff :p
* Tammi`^ sits down again
* Sparkie wants to see a game session played with all typos intact sometime

<Tammi`^> "So what can you do, really?"
<AlcarGm> Helen just rolls her eyes at that but sits as well.
<Tammi`^> "I saw a kid with an invisible friend stealing books in town."
<AlcarGm> Sean shrugs slightly, relaxing. "I just move things. I think, they move. It only works on things, not people."
<AlcarGm> Sean: "I haven't had much time to experiment. Doctor Hornblower askd me ot try things, I managed to move things and after that it was just finding people. Now I don't know what."
<AlcarGm> He sighs, taking the pipe back. "They must have told dad I'd be staying on for some job, but no one's called me or looked for me."
<Tammi`^> "Yeah that is weird."
* Tammi`^ takes another puff and stares at the smoke for a big
<Tammi`^> bit
<Tammi`^> "So I guess you'd better get home at some point.."
<AlcarGm> Sean: "not as weird as this," meaning, well, everything. "I feel like it's all a dream I might wake up from the moment someone says End of Session."

* Tammi`^ hands her the keys "You've got a liscense now, right?"
<AlcarGm> She smiles and takes them. "That is true."
<Tammi`^> "That's... You're too formal I think."
<AlcarGm> Helen: "I can ... be less formal, if you want?"
<AlcarGm> Helen turns out to be a very good driver indeed ... in the sense that stunt drivers and taxi-cab drivers are. You do make it to the mall rather quickly, as a plus, and discover a few new side roads you'd never heard of, and learn a few new variants on swear words.
<AlcarGm> She parks and gets out, stretching and lookking entirely relaxed. "That was awesome. That is not formal, yes?" with a grin.
<Tammi`^> "Yes sounds foreign... We americans end our questions with 'right'. Also more contractions. You're freaking me out."
<AlcarGm> Helen: "Right. Okay." Her smile vanishes, and she adopts a robotic voice: "Recalibrating language centres."
* Tammi`^ heads inside.
* Tammi`^ ignores her, btw =p
<AlcarGm> She walks along beside you, her smile small and smug.

* Sparkie can invent classes for you!
<AlcarGm> !uasurge
<Sparkie> You develop a drinking problem... like Ted Stryker.
<Sparkie> Applied Alcoholism.
<Ronnie> I dont think theres many classes in that list
<Ronnie> ...lol
<AlcarGm> !uasurge
<Sparkie> You begin to believe the lies you've told everyone else about yourself.
<Sparkie> Politics?
* Sparkie is GOOD at this.
<Ronnie> should I just name something? :P
<Tammi`^> Every day you wake up a different race. You gain all of the stereotypical traits associated with that race.
<Sparkie> Cultural Studies.

<Michael`^> "I'm something of a super EMT, it seems."
<Michael`^> "I haven't test its limits, for the same reasons I'm sure you haven't tested yours."
<AlcarGm> Yavin looks down at his knee again, then up at you, says: "It kind of hurts," with a glare, challenging you to healing.
* Michael`^ snorts. :P
<Michael`^> "I don't want to enable you to push yourself past what's already getting you hurt. And, you did say you'd be okay. Was that untrue?" :P
<AlcarGm> Yavin: "I dunno." He rips off part of his shirt, bandaging his knee with it, eyeing you warily the whole time, then: "I was fine last night when Mom's boyfriend hit me with his car."
<Michael`^> "On purpose?"
* Michael`^ raises an eyebrow :P
<Michael`^> "Maybe it's wearing out?"
<AlcarGm> He checks to make sure his fingers are fine. "Maybe," not answering the first question.
<Michael`^> "What did you do in life outside of this?"
<AlcarGm> Yavin: "School," as if you'll believe he actually goes. "Stuff." His eyes narrow. "You some kind of jesus freak?"
<Michael`^> "You have a problem with Christ?" :P
<AlcarGm> He backs away at that as if you saying that was more impressive than him stabbing himself. "I don't need that kind of shit!"
* Michael`^ snickers.
<Michael`^> "I doubt that thick skin will keep out the hellfire, but that's between you and the divine."

<alcar> Weird. mirc is giving me curly quotes now....
<alcar> Ah. found a fix.
<alcar> ... now I have this horrible idea to diffrentiate some NPCs by quotes.
<alcar> "This is my good personality," he said with a smile. ?And this is my bad. See??

* Michael`^ left off going down the expressway in a stolen convertible at high speed with a cooler full of kidneys in the passenger's seat.
<Michael`^> Right?
<Michael`^> Or is that the other game? :P
* Sparkie sees lots of dice in that!

<Tammi`^> "Whips, knives, batons, chains..." Listing all sorts of things that probably wouldn't make what one would assume a 'weapon' in the usual sense.
* Tammi`^ probably lists a banana in there somewhere.
<alcar> Helen: "Martial arts?"
<alcar> in a sense of, well, forlorn hope :p
<Tammi`^> "Uh.."
<Tammi`^> "I know some dance moves but that's it."

<AlcarGm> Helen killing Tami would be .... anovel interpretatation of the companion rules :) "It's in her best interests to die BEFORE things get bad."
<Tammi`^> lol

* Tammi`^ turns on the celebrity gossip
<AlcarGm> A few hollywood figures have maried, a few divorced, several have hired photographers to stake out the homes of paparazzi to hound them mercilessly for a year and it's currently winding its way through the courts as to whether that is legal or not.
<Tammi`^> lol

<AlcarGm> http://www.humansexmap.com/
<Caltak> use that for a campaign setting, I dare you.
<Tammi`^> i love the firefly reference, if it is one
<AlcarGm> LOL Cal. Now THAT is hideously tempting :P
<Caltak> since it has "cities" marked on it, it could so be done
<Caltak> could have paladins from the Citadel of Chastity on an eternal quest to combat depravity :p
<AlcarGm> Defeat Sara, Queen of the Land.

<Miachel> If all medical's turned up is this, which will be dealt with, after I get more resources.... perhaps the truly desperate still turn to God.
* Sparkie finds no one does .... once they find out about me :(
<Miachel> :P Indeed.
* Miachel decides to pay a visit to the churches and places where people go when they think mankind can't be of any help. That might turn up other, more .. ironically concrete leads, for the immediate time being.

<AlcarGm> It IS hard to tell anyone you see dead people after the sixth sense movie :P
<AlcarGm> Which makes it a really sucky thing to get :)

* Caltak finds it sad you would have to look at the sheet to know what your own character's tattoo is.

<Miachel> "I'm trying to live... an improved life now." :P
<AlcarGm> "It won't matter," the girl says, eyes distant. "We call them to us, and few have the courage to let them go." She starts, shaking her head a little and tries to pretend she meant to say that.
<AlcarGm> "Improved from what?" He asks, peeling his eyes away from the girl.
<Miachel> "I used to be a hired thug."
<Miachel> "Spent my young adulthood in places with hyphens in their names and more sand than dirt in their streets."
<AlcarGm> He contemplates a picture of a small red succubus dancing on his forearm, then looks up. "What do you need from me?"
<Miachel> "I don't know. What do you want to offer? I don't want to actually storm the place, but... if there are people being held, children, then.. leaving it be doesn't seem right."
<AlcarGm> "Well I can only blow things up so, there's that. I don't know what other help I could be."
<AlcarGm> "No one ever leaves the children, even when they should," the girl mutters to herself, then shakes her head, trying to swim for normal. "Don't die. You won't like it."

<Miachel> "I'm no angel. I just play one in real life." :P

* Miachel also needs a van. Hrm. :P
<AlcarGm> a White Van? :p
<Miachel> bahaha
<Miachel> Why the hell not. :P
<Miachel> wait, no
<Miachel> it's gotta be a honda
<Miachel> the bible says we have to go forth in one accord
<Miachel> this might be a challenge
<Miachel> :P

* Sparkie is going to burn down a bandwagon and write 50 Shades of Fire. Rolling dicre and killing PCs counts as S/M, right?

<Tammi`^> "Fine, but can I get a tour of The Lab?"
<AlcarGm> Lily: "We do not offer tours," as if the mere asking was foolish. "We also require the current dwelling place of one Sean McCall, whom we know remains in contact with you. We have no desire to lose a resource that valuable; Hornblower has been devolved for his foolishness."
<Tammi`^> "Uhm... No."
<AlcarGm> Lily: "There are three snipers in position around this house."\
<Tammi`^> "So you come here harrasing me and threatening me and making demands and you expect me to help you?"
<AlcarGm> Lily: "We expect your co-operation in this matter."
* Sparkie votes you allow them to attack; Alcar can have as mant snipers as he wants, they still have to work through ME!
<Sparkie> Plus, dice!

<Chaos`^> that was fun
<AlcarGm> Next session: Radios! Armando?s clone? Homeland Security? DICE!
<Chaos`^> Tammi is only doing this to get Helen out of her funk =p
<Chaos`^> Tammi: "Oh helen, you're sad? Let's go kill somebody. I bet that will cheer you up!"
<Chaos`^> =p
* AlcarGm nods :) Blowing up the penthouse of a hotel, theft of guns, computers, drugs, murder.....
<AlcarGm> She shall never dare to have a funk again :p
<Chaos`^> it's all spiraling a little out of her control but she's taking it in stride =p

* Ronnie tries to take the gun completely away from him after he's hit. If he gets it easily, he lets the man then slump to the ground.
<AlcarGm> Omid: "This IS most unfortunately," shaking his head.
<AlcarGm> You take the gun easily and ... soul check :)
<Ronnie> (( awesome, I was worried it would end being a waste that Soul's my highest stat cause I didnt really take Soul powers :p ))
<AlcarGm> Omid: "Most unfortunately a problem indeed."
<Ronnie> 2d6+6
<Sparkie> Ronnie 2d6+6: 13(7)
* Sparkie doesn't think players should be wanting to roll dice. That sends entirely the wrong message

<AlcarGm> Some day I really need to to a pc/npc romance where the npc makes up lots of lovey-dovey names for the pc :P
<Ronnie> :p
<Ronnie> for added effect that NPC can be Sara
* AlcarGm snorts. Only for an rpg game where the gm's goal is for the PC to commit suicide.
<AlcarGm> Which would be very weird.

<AlcarGm> Charlie: "I would have hurt him. If Emily hadn't had Walter stop me. He hurt you and I just ..... everything went red," not looking at you. "I can't help it; people hurt you and I just .... I could kill someone. Easily."
* Ronnie takes her hand in both of his comfortingly. "It's sweet that you care so strongly. I'd do anything to protect you, too. But if you're worried about getting out of control, then I'm sure we can find a way to help you deal with it. Like, um... mediation maybe?"
<Ronnie> *meditation
<Ronnie> (( mediation would mean something entirely else :p ))
<AlcarGm> Charlie: "That's just glorified napping."
<AlcarGm> (( oddly, it could possibly work if someone was really, really convincing :p ))

<AlcarGm> The GM fades to black for the evening, else he would give into the temptation to find and quote lines from 50 Shadoes of Grey....
<Ronnie> (( lol ))
<AlcarGm> Morning comes, and with it the sure knowledge Charlie will never consider stretching weak or limited as an ability :p

<AlcarGm> Charlie waits until Sean leaves and then stands. "So. We need some kind of plan for being in shape and finding a healer....."
<Ronnie> "Well the first one is probably easier so we should do that first maybe." (("Also the second one should solvie itself in time." :P))
<AlcarGm> (( "When we get ressurected to serve in the army of the Lich Lord Scott, yes." ))

<AlcarGm> Gav is sitting in the small locla coffee shop, the kind of hole-in-the-wall barely holding onto existence with a Starbucks a mere block away. The staff are few have have a haunted look to their eyes like soldiers before the battle of Verdun, or perhaps just after. Gav is sitting in the back by the washrooms nursing a coffee and remains of a muffin and looks wary as the two of you enter.
<AlcarGm> A couple of students in the far corner are typing up some homework assignment or surfing the net, oblivious to the world.
<AlcarGm> Starbucks, in that metaphor is, probably the Germans. It was also a horrible metaphor to make :p
<Ronnie> heh

* Ronnie actually looks around and if he sees a way to detour to holding cells or something, goes that way instead.
<AlcarGm> Well the stairs do lead downstairs and the doors ot the holding cells are open. Someon ehas taped a sticky note to the main door reading: 'Back in 10.'
<AlcarGm> Charlie: "I know this city has a low crime rate, but this ...." She shakes her head
* Ronnie pokes his head in and looks around.
<AlcarGm> You glance down a long white hallway. Bright lights, though the cells are solid and not like the metal bars of TV shows. The doors leading into them are thick plastic affairs with comibation locks. You spot a couple of drunks one one room, a few students nursing hangovers, and Gabi in another. Currently asleep.
<Ronnie> "Bah, nobody interesting."
<AlcarGm> The only other inhabited cells include one with a sout woman in his thirties, hair already grey and looking exhausted and tired as she stares listlessly up at the tv in her cell. The other, the cell at the far end of the of station, contains a man wrapped up in pale ragged robes that shimmer as if he was more a mirage than real. The figure is just... standing, as if waiting patiently.
<Ronnie> "Oh wait, spoke to soon. Apparently I forgot to look at this other section right here."

<Ronnie> "So if you in fact don't have a total non-interference policy, would you maybe have time to do us a favor and lend us some support with something we're going to be doing?"
<AlcarGm> Azir: ".... a favour? From me?" He smiles again, looking delighted. "No one has asked me for favours in a long time."
<Ronnie> (( "Nonono, a FAVOR. The American type, no silly extra u's." ))

<AlcarGm> Charlie looks at you. "Want to show her?" quietly.
<Ronnie> "Yeah she's clearly repressing." *looks at the cell... no bars right?*
<AlcarGm> Nope, just thick plastic doors.
* Ronnie checks how sealed they are, clearly not airtight if we're talking past them.
<AlcarGm> About half an inch gap, you think.
* Ronnie sticks his hand into the gap experimentally, flattening it out to see how difficult it would be to squeeze through it.
<AlcarGm> Natalie gasps in shock and jumps back, eyes wide. "Your - your hand -- what ARE you?"
<Ronnie> "Rubbery." *sliding his hand past the door and unflattening it to wave.* "I could maybe get myself all the way through but you get the point. So are you sure you shot him with a gun?"
<kentari> "My arm? You should see my..."
<kentari> "I could impregnate you from where I stand, woman." :P

<kentari> I don't believe random chance exists.
<kentari> If sparkie taught me anything, it's that fortune is the foreplay of Gods. :P
* Sparkie runs via karma.

* Ronnie hangs up. "Gonna meet up with them at Wakefield Park."
<AlcarGm> Natalie: "... who?"
<Ronnie> "The Elder Council of Twelve, they're going to determine your fate."
* Ronnie smirks.
<Ronnie> "Just kidding, it's just some of our other freaky friends."
<AlcarGm> Natalie: "That's NOT funny at all!"

<Ronnie> "He seems like the good-hearted kind of crazy, anyway. Hopefully this friend of his isn't actually his split personality or something."
* Sparkie perks up.
* Sparkie could roll for that!
<Ronnie> 1d0 % chance it's true
<Sparkie> Ronnie 1d0: 0 % chance it's true
<Ronnie> ok done
<Ronnie> :p

<kentari> I would not stay in the same park as a pack of fat werewolves

<AlcarGm> You head down the alley and find it winds through a few streets before you hear a weak thumping sound from inside a restaurants dumpster.
* mikael ponders. Really, trapped? Even better.
* mikael proceeds with caution. It could just be an abortion.

<AlcarGm> Bambi: "Helen ate already, she's in the shower," and dumps some more eggs in for you.
<Tammi`^> "I'll never understand that woman."
<AlcarGm> Bambi: "What IS the story between you....?" ears perking up
<Tammi`^> "We're family." Leaving it at that.
<AlcarGm> Bambi: "Oooh. Like my cousin Callie and how she'd come to stay with us every summer when her dad went north to search for some artic expedition involving giant penguins but was really going to Brazil to cheat on her with an underwear model and she found out and stayed with us for over two years in my bedroom crying her eyes out and now makes porn movies she insists on crediting to me for helping her overcome everything? Family is soooo needy."
<AlcarGm> It would be horribly funny if anything bambi just said somehow became relevant :p
<Tammi`^> I can't see how

<Tammi`^> "You're like... I don't know, the new girl? And you're trapped with me. And you had all of these goals in your other life and you want to do something useful here. Don't you?"
<AlcarGm> Helen: "Yes."
<Tammi`^> "SO I gave you credit."
<AlcarGm> Helen: ".... yesterday was all because I was in a funk," very slowly, rolling a saving throw against disbelief
<Tammi`^> "Well... Yes. I mean, I write erotic fantasy novels, Helen, I don't start revolutions just for the hell of it."

<AlcarGm> Helen waits a few minutes, answers the door when their is a knock at it and tells you she'll be busy, promptly dragging Sean into the house and to the bedroom.
<AlcarGm> You add the resulting sound effects into a scene? :P
* Tammi`^ decides to start up a new story, and starts to write it about a spy that has gone to ground and trying to keep busy getting into an illicit relationship with a runaway minor.
<AlcarGm> Sean staggers out three hours later and into the shower, limping back into the living room in just a towel when he gets out. He gives the bedroom a slightly scared look and just sits on the couch
<Tammi`^> *Simon stumbled out of the bedroom and stepped into the warm shower. He'd never felt like this before. He began to wonder what had happened with his life. Three days ago he was a virgin and just today he had spent three hours with Hannah. He didn't know if he loved her or not, but he was sure of one thing. She was damn good in the sack.*
* Tammi`^ turns to smile at Sean
<Tammi`^> "So you and Helen have a friends with benefits thing going on?"
<AlcarGm> He looks worried for a second, then: "I ... I guess?" hesitantly, relaxing when he sees no judgement in your eyes. "I don't know. I said no to her once. I'm not ... I'm not strong enough to again, not if she asks and in that tone and.... ah .... it's nice?"
* Tammi`^ nods and starts writing again *He couldn't resist her. He tried but her passion was so strong. He couldn't pull himself away from her siren's call.*
<Tammi`^> "Sex is always nice. Unless it's not."
<AlcarGm> Sean: "It's .... really nice," with a stupid grin on his face. "Better even than on tv and the net."
<Tammi`^> *It's really nice, he told the shower head with a stupid grin on his face, better even than on tv and the net.*
<Tammi`^> "Sure." Looking up and smiling, "I'm happy for you."
<AlcarGm> Sean: "... really? I mean, it's .... uhm ... illegal and ... stuff. You won't get into trouble?"
<Tammi`^> "I'm not the one fucking a fifteen year old kid. I don't think I'll get in trouble, no."
<Tammi`^> *But it's illegal, Simon said to the shower head, what if she gets caught with me?*

* Ryuu`^ isn't really sure how to handle himself, so it's very awkward, but he somehow gets the impression that he should swing a certain way at Shou, like he's swinging a sword. He feels really silly but it's just a strong feeling inside of him. He awkwardly swings and a stick of lightning manifests in his hands, and like Zeus he smacks Shou with it.
<AlcarGm> The world turns white, and thunder follows a moment later as Shou hits the ground a good hundred yards away, having obliterated two trees with his passing. Your hands are smoking and you feel .. tired, dizzy and elated at the same time
* Ryuu`^ falls to his knees. "What the...hell?"
<AlcarGm> "Well. Well now..." You spot Shou's shoes as he lands in front of you, clearing a hundred yards in a moment, but that's not as impressive as it would have been a moment ago. His voice lacks any trace of amusement now, shoes scuffed and worn, one sleeve of his coat hanging in tatters.
<Ryuu`^> "You...You're still alive/"
<AlcarGm> His hair looks singed but he just offers up a cold smile. "I believe in being prepared," and lashes out with a foot, hard and fast.
* Ryuu`^ tries to block with his arms.
* Sparkie perks up and sees dice. Sweet, pretty dice.
<Sparkie> The dice that will kill you!

<AlcarGm> Toshi: "Feeling should come, with time. A sense of what you are and what can be done with that. I trust you are fine with Sushi?"
<Ryuu`^> "Yes."
<Ryuu`^> "If you're paying."
<AlcarGm> He raises his eyebrows. "I thought you didn't....?"
<Ryuu`^> "You want me in your club. It's customary that you should comp my meal for a business meeting right?"
<AlcarGm> Toshi: "Touche. Though I don't want it as much as see it as necessary."
<Ryuu`^> "... More people are going to attack me arent they?"
<AlcarGm> Toshi: "You are under my protection. Shou will tell them that. But it only extends so far," apologetically.
<Ryuu`^> "Are you really strong?"
<AlcarGm> Toshi frowns at that. "Not in the way people like Shou mean. I heal; it makes me valuable, and rare. I would rather not be strong in the way he is strong."
<Ryuu`^> "But... That's what I am isn't it?"
<AlcarGm> Toshi: "Pardon?"
<Ryuu`^> "My power... This lightning."
<AlcarGm> Toshi: "There are different kinds of strength. Ways you use them, and why, and to what ends. He wishes to ... impress, to hurt, to make a mark on the world." He looks about to say something else, then: "But it would be best if you made your own view on him, and what you wish to be. My apologies."

<Ryuu`^> "So...What? You want me to fight everyone who comes to me?"
<AlcarGm> He shakes his head. "Stick with Sachiko tonight when you leave; tell any you run into that you're under my protection. That should stop most of them."
<Ryuu`^> "...Okay."
* Ryuu`^ isn't affraid to use others to prevent himself from getting killed =p

<AlcarGm> She turns the conversation to general stuff: TV shows, new anime, some of her classmates at college. Regular stuff, pretty much, but does end the conversation by asking if you're in any other clubs yet.
<Ryuu`^> "Uh...Yeah..I'm in that club you were in...WIth the fighting...I joined today."
<AlcarGm> Yuriko: "You? I mean: really? Why?"
<Ryuu`^> "Toshi thinks I"m good."
<AlcarGm> Yuriko: "... can I ask why?"
<Ryuu`^> "I can make lightning swords which I guess is something he thinks is useful... I dunno..."
<AlcarGm> (( which is better than what went through my head of: "Toshi? There's ever been a Toshi in the club .." *Cue twilight zone music* ))
<Ryuu`^> lol

<AlcarGm> Yuriko is in the kitchen making a stir fry; she obviously bought the ingredients as your mom hasn't been shopping near enough lately.
* Ryuu`^ comes in
<Ryuu`^> "Ah, I'm gladd you made it safe."
<Ryuu`^> "How's school?"
<AlcarGm> She spins and flicks the gas off, greeting you with a grin and hug. "It's awesome!' She lets go, looking you over critically. "You've grown a little, I think?"
* Ryuu`^ blushes a little, "I don't pay attention to those things."
<AlcarGm> She gives you a playful swat on the back of the head. "You should: how else do you expect a girl to notice if you don't notice yourself, hm?"
<AlcarGm> (( "I do. That's the problem." ))

* Ryuu`^ flicks the light on
<Ryuu`^> "I have to show you something."
<AlcarGm> She enters the room, closing the door and just looks at you, waiting....
* Ryuu`^ stands up and starts to unbutton his shirt. "A few nights ago, I was visited by a shade... It told me I was destined to have some kind of power, then it put its hand on my chest."
<AlcarGm> Yuriko: ".. and that was it a .... oh, my ...." Her eyes widen and she comes forward, staring at your chest. "Oh, Ryuu."
<Sparkie> You may now roll dice to seduce your sister.
<Sparkie> This is the price you must pay for avoiding the ninjas and denying me dice!

<Ryuu`^> Ryuu's hobby is now seducing family =p
<AlcarGm> No :P
<Ryuu`^> No?
<Ryuu`^> it's a valid skill using the risus rules =p

* Ryuu`^ tries to make the fist frosty instead?
<AlcarGm> The twins approve of your euphemism, perhaps, but are not here to hear it.
<Ryuu`^> lol

* Ryuu`^ goes into his room and sits on the floor with a sigh, trying to pull power out of the palm of his hand
<AlcarGm> You sit, and lightning crackles gently in your hand like a tame pikachu.
<Sparkie> "Pika!" could be your battle cry.
<Ryuu`^> lol
<Sparkie> Battle cry's are awesome. NPCs all have one of 'Is Sparkie going to kill me now?' but it's a bit long :(

<AlcarGm> He raises an eyebrow. "Is something wrong?"
<Ryuu`^> "Why would you think that?"
<Ryuu`^> "It's my mind... why are you in it?"
<AlcarGm> Toshi: "I thought you might like to see your own soulscape; not many people get to."
* Ryuu`^ blinks, stares at him
<Ryuu`^> "Are you hitting on me?"

<AlcarGm> Toshi smiles, then: "I can do something for the pain. Help you, a little. But I cannot undo what Shinu did, and Ryuu is not strong enough yet to destroy you."
<AlcarGm> Sora: "I could force you," to both of you, his voice cracking.
<AlcarGm> Toshi: "I am sorry, but you cannot."
<AlcarGm> Sora: "You have a sister...."
<AlcarGm> Toshi doesn't move, his stillness pulling at you as if he was a flame to a moth. He voice is s low and ugly purr, a rasp of steel when he speaks: "I am a healer, yes, but a healer can remove cancers. A healer ... creates," as if tasting the word," and steps toward Sora, running a hand lightly over the right side of his face. "Would you like to come back trapped inside your head, with no way out, screaming for eternity in a body you cannot move?" He draws his hand back, running his fingers over Sora's lips almost sensuously. "Humans have cancers inside them, waiting to be born. A body stricken with them, dead and returning, for an eternity without end ..... Shinu could not do that. I am not Shinu. Consider why he fears me, little storm, and why healers remained when the dragons and storms left the world."

<AlcarGm> Your morning classes are their usual math and japanese fun, though kaito actually answers questions and once offers an answer, to the teacher's shock. Yumi, busy chatting with her friends, possibly doesn't notice the difference. What do you wish to do for .... lunch?
<Ryuu`^> Avoid the twins
<AlcarGm> So, just the cafeteria, then?
* Ryuu`^ grabs some bread and takes it to the roof, if it's open
<AlcarGm> heh.
<AlcarGm> Easy enough to do. A few students are on the roof in small gaggles, chatting away. No one is jumping off the roof today, because that would rude for everyone else and ruin their day.

<AlcarGm> Hm. This session reminds me that some day I must run a game set in the afterlife without telling players

<AlcarGm> Yuriko: "And Kada is fine as well?"
<Ryuu`^> "She's still sleeping."
<AlcarGm> She nods, sips her coffee, waits.
<Ryuu`^> "We didn't do anything. If that's what you're wondering."
<AlcarGm> Yuriko: "Why not?" curiously.
* Sparkie knows you were just worried about dice.
<Sparkie> a criticial failure during sex would be EPIC.
<Ryuu`^> lol

<Ryuu`^> "You should tell us what happened..."
<AlcarGm> For a second he looks like he's considering now saying, then he looks at his sister and sighs. "Sex."
<AlcarGm> You have a feeling there's definitely more ot it than that....
<Ryuu`^> "...I have a feeling there's definitely more to it than that."
<AlcarGm> :p
<Ryuu`^> =p

<AlcarGm> Your mother refills her tea and just looks at you. "Since when do you fight anyone, Ryuu?"
<Ryuu`^> "Uhm... Since I got a personal invitation to join the club..."
<AlcarGm> Your mother fixes you with boardroom-cold eyes. "You have never been in a fight to speak of in your life. One does *not* throw a non-swimming into the deep end to drown."
<Ryuu`^> "I'm actually pretty good..." Frowning, "So you're saying Yuriko used to fight a lot when she was younger?"
<AlcarGm> "She took lessons, yes. You have not."
<AlcarGm> Your mother stands, and assumes Flying Winged Scorpion, throwing the tea at your face!
<AlcarGm> .... or .... not.
<AlcarGm> Though that would cover a few anime tropes :P
<Ryuu`^> lol
<Ryuu`^> which tropes does she currently fill?
<AlcarGm> That of [Redacted] and [Redacted], pretty much.
* Sparkie bets neither of those involve dice.

<AlcarGm> Kaito manages to get free of the twins, looking relieved to be free of them as the collapse into giggles. "I said the twins kissed me better than she did," he says, wheezing a little as he recovers from hitting Yumi. "She was so shocked I managed to punch her right out."
* Ryuu`^ blinks and looks over at the twins
<Ryuu`^> "Did you suggest this?"
<AlcarGm> They shake their heads, standing, and looking as proud as peacocks.
* Ryuu`^ frowns
<Ryuu`^> "Go bug Kenji, I think I broke his hand and Toshi's busy."
<AlcarGm> Kaito: ".... I thought it might work, when we were coming to the Club," a bit nervously. "As a surprise trick.....?"
<AlcarGm> The twins grin and scamper off to do so.
* Ryuu`^ looks at Kaito
<Ryuu`^> "Is that what you want?"
<AlcarGm> Kaito ... slumps a little. "I figured I'd never pull it off again," he mumbles. "If I could at all."
<Ryuu`^> "Who were you trying to impress?" Gently, "The twins are impressed, but I can promise you that when she wakes up she won't be."
<AlcarGm> Kaito: "Uhm, you, a little ... to ... to apologize for being so easy for her to ... to use," weakly.
<AlcarGm> The full horror of having impresed the twins is slowly sinking in despite his efforts to stop it.
<AlcarGm> Other games have a dark side. We get a Twin Side :p
<Ryuu`^> lol

* Sparkie is trying to convince Alcar to have Kenji write up a suicide note reading. 'Dear world: I am leaving. Sparkie is being too cruel to me.' and he won't :(
<Ryuu`^> lol
* Sparkie thinks it only makes sense if I drive NPCs to suicide.

<AlcarGm> Your sister drives to the huge multisuperplex with more screens than actual movies showing and lets you pick the film.
* Ryuu`^ picks the latest super sentai movie
<AlcarGm> You wach the movie, the theatre nicely crowded with old and new fans of the series, exiting in a stream of people chatting away about it, the usual complaints about quality slipping over the years filling the air.
* Ryuu`^ is a little happier after the movie
<Ryuu`^> "That was nice."
<AlcarGm> Yuriko nods, giving your hair a gentle ruffle. "Very. Sometimes it's good to remember that the world is mostly normal."
<AlcarGm> Somewhere over the horizon, Godzilla weeps, and his falling tears are what cause the ocean levels to rise.

<Ryuu`^> "Thanks... For trying to help."
<AlcarGm> Yuriko: "I had to do something," a little defensively as you reach home.
* Ryuu`^ just nods
<Sparkie> Good NPC. The road to Sparkie paved with good intentions.

<Ryuu`^> Brea is canadian?
<brea> Caucasian
<brea> I didn't really go too accurate
<brea> blond, at least :P
<Ryuu`^> Oh
<Ryuu`^> It's just
<Ryuu`^> she's apologizing
<AlcarGm> lol

<AlcarGm> She jumps bacfk from the kick to the side and nods, spinnig and snapping a kick to your siste,r responding with speed to speed.
<AlcarGm> 5d6 - thud?
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 5d6: 16 - thud?
<Ryuu`^> 13 > 12
<Ryuu`^> a kick to my sister?
<AlcarGm> hah! Side :)
<AlcarGm> that WOULD be a cool ability. "Back, or I kick your sister!"

<AlcarGm> Your parents are both up, for the first time you've seen them together in days, drinking coffee and wish you well at school, your mother asking if you want natto....
<Ryuu`^> "No thank you, I'd like to get ahead of my school work. There's a tournament in a few days." Smiling and waving as he heads out.
<AlcarGm> Your mother turns to your father as you leave. "He's been skipping breakfast." "I know." "We may have to up the dosage."
<Ryuu`^> lol
<AlcarGm> :p

<brea> "I am Brea English. I am a shield-maiden, a retainer of a Champion. I heal, after a fashion, and have collected tools to defend myself over time. We have intense battles where I am from. There is no luxury of only healing or only attending."
<AlcarGm> Sachiko: "I have heard ... stories of the Clubs in America. If even half of them are true, how do any survive?"
<brea> "Because there are twice as many as you hear about. Finding gold requires burning through a lot of slag."
<brea> "There are also useful pieces, here and there, that make it easier. Healers, people like me, those talented with intrigue... it's a battle, surviving isn't the objective. Winning is."
<AlcarGm> I read that as "it's a battle, surviving isn't the objective. Winnipeg is." for half a second :P

<AlcarGm> He hesitates, then shakes his head. "Not in this, no. The business of .. champions and damsels and.... all of that, is outside my area my expertise."
<brea> "It is areas of heart, but with icing on it. You seem to see well, not unlike the twin or me or Toshi. I had guessed you saw more than you spoke?"
* brea means that in positive ways :P
<brea> "More than you speaked about."
* brea fumbles the grammar, decides to fuck it, and eats more food.
<Ryuu`^> (( What is she fucking this time? ))
<brea> The language
<brea> wait
<brea> I resent that :P
<Ryuu`^> =p

<AlcarGm> Chuji: "I would like to meet the storm," as one of the twins leaps, tackling him to the ground, the other running forward.
<Ryuu`^> "Tatsuya, can I use your phone?"
<AlcarGm> Tatsuya: "Okay!" He throws it to you as Takuya yanks Chuji into the air, and they begin playing throw and catch with a god.
<AlcarGm> Chuji: "... what is ... what are ....."
* Ryuu`^ calls Sora's number
<Ryuu`^> "You have to beat them up to get them to stop."

<Ryuu`^> "Ice cream is the key to world peace."

<AlcarGm> Kenji is, of course, home. In his small room, and meditating with music on. Whale song.
* brea grumbles. These people do nothing but meditate. No wonder they need soft, cuddly clubs. They don't socialize outside of them! :P
* brea hunkers down in her cupboard and tries it out. May as well, right? :P
<Sparkie> Dice! If you get a critical, you meditate FOREVER!
* Sparkie wants to kill a PC with meditation. This is now a goal.

<AlcarGm> You sleep, knowing the touranment to be soon. Sleep comes swiftly, and brings darkness. And on your soul .....the lightning in the sky coalesces together to form a dragon made of lighting that lands in front of you, leaving the sky a gaping wound behind it as it stares down at you with bright and burning eyes.
<AlcarGm> The emptiness of the sky falls down, to End the Session.
* Ryuu`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<Chaos`^> The only thing I don't like about these games is that they have to end
<AlcarGm> Next session: Tea with the Lightning Dragon.

<AlcarGm> She drags yhou into the training room and then spins, shoving you hard into the wall. "What have you done ot me?" from between clenched teeth.
<Ryuu`^> "Uhm--Could you be more specfic?'
<AlcarGm> She snaps her fingers, a ball of white-hot fire hurling toward you.
<Ryuu`^> "Gah!"
<AlcarGm> Fire punches into your chest, searing clothing and hair and your chest. A lot. The pain shuts down, at least, but the smell of burnt flesh does not ... breathing is very, very painful as she stares at you.
<AlcarGm> Yumi: "You're faster than *that* you idiot!"
<Ryuu`^> "GAH!"
<Ryuu`^> "DON'T DO THAT!"
<AlcarGm> Yumi: "Oh, shut up and don't die, I was proving a point! That's fire. Gone. Used up, like in my last battle, so what the *fuck* is this," as lightning flares into existence around her hands .... at least she doesn't throw it at you.
<AlcarGm> Yumi: "I could have killed someone!"

<AlcarGm> He blocks better at least, but still stumbles from the punch and gamely tries again.
<AlcarGm> 1d6+3 - 9?
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 1d6+3: 9(6) - 9?
<Ryuu`^> lol spark
<Ryuu`^> 3d6+3 - 21?
<Sparkie> Ryuu`^ 3d6+3: 14(11) - 21?
<AlcarGm> He swings, throwing his weight behind it with a grunt but he's just not fast enough to hit you unless he's lucky
<AlcarGm> 2d6 - def?
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6: 2 - def?
<AlcarGm> ah. Sparkie.

<brea> "You not knowing who is who ... how do I know this is not your scheme to find information or block entries? You would not be able to be dispelled since it was not in the area set aside where there are rules."
<AlcarGm> "Americans," he says, sneering the word, "are not allowed to compete in the tournament. Unlike you, we have Standards."
<brea> "I am not American."
<brea> "America... is a continent. I am a United Stateswoman."
* brea stands in front of the billowing flag.
<brea> j/k
<AlcarGm> lol
<brea> I couldn't even type that with a straight face

* brea takes a moment to heal up herself just enough to kinda pull her act together by the bootstraps, and descends on the back of Maki. She knows what gets to him, a general feel for his hubris and nature.. she's inside him, even if only superficially. So, with all these pieces in place, she'll try to shake him up again with the goal of shaking something free .. and eating it. :P
<brea> 7d6 all-in-one, ryuu style? sparkiiie?
<Sparkie> brea 7d6: 20 all-in-one, ryuu style? sparkiiie?
<brea> god damnit :P
<brea> that is it
<brea> no more dice ever again ever. I secede from the dice union :P
* Sparkie is having fun! So there!

<AlcarGm> Your mother is drinking sake and watching Survivor: Raccoon City, which is at least doing well in the ratings, no doubt helped by protests from confused animal rights activists.
<Ryuu`^> hint: it's not about raccoons

<brea> "There is an old school in ruins?"
<brea> "That would be a good place to do something and not be seen?"
<brea> "Or .. is there pride in using new spaces? I do not know what senses of taste are like here." :P
<AlcarGm> Kenji: ".... we'd use the old school if it happened..." To Sachiko, who nods an dbegins to walk to the ruins of the old school/.
<AlcarGm> She snaps, "What are tastes like in America?" to cover her error :)
* brea considers.
<brea> "Form over function? Or is it the other way around ... the usefulness of something is what makes it good rather than its condition."
<brea> "This is why many clubs have very unstable membership. Their condition is secondary to their usefulness."
<brea> "Or at least that is my theory. I do not speak for the country."
<brea> (("Only the Pope can do that."))

<brea> "Shinu was impersonated. But we do not know now if these things are connected..."
<brea> "Nor what the intent was. How did you escape?"
* brea approaches Yumi, curiously closing distance between them. Non-hostile, at least. :P
<AlcarGm> Yumi: "Leapt out of a second storey window and ran for it down a street; whoever they were, they took me without trying and I wasn't about to try a rematch alone."
<Ryuu`^> (( Yes she was, I convinced her not to =p ))
<AlcarGm> (( you remember the truth your way, she will her way :p ))

<Ryuu`^> brea is feeling impotent :(
* Sparkie can fix that with dice!
<brea> :P

* brea suddenly notices something.
<brea> "Is the baby safe?"
<brea> "She would have made a perfect hostage, in such a state. It makes sense now."
* Ryuu`^ glares at Toshi
<AlcarGm> Yumi: ".... baby?"
<brea> "Is that the right word? Fetus? Infant? Fruit?"
* brea considers this a little.
<Ryuu`^> "She's not pregnant!"
<AlcarGm> Toshi pales slightly, looking ... worried.
<brea> "Then there was .... oh. This is cover for a chop shop visit?"
<AlcarGm> Yumi: "Who convinced the idiot," not needing to name Brea, "I was pregnant?!"
<Ryuu`^> "Toshi."
<brea> "I see. You are just fat. My mistake."
<brea> j/k :P
<AlcarGm> rofl
<brea> sooo very much j/k :P
<AlcarGm> Sooo very much wise, that j/k :p

<brea> "Do you play the war games here much?"
<brea> "It would be effective for us to better learn ways we can handle situations we might face outside of fair fights."
<AlcarGm> Tatsuya: "Oh, we never fight fair!" Takuya: "That would be cheating!"
<brea> "There is also the potential of trying to ain advantage."
<brea> "That is... we have Yumi back and know some things. If we react as if we were not being careful, we could watch for reaching hands? A fake-out?"
<brea> "We act as if we thought it was Shinu?"
<brea> "What would the normal response have been if Shinu had directly had Yummy taken?"
<AlcarGm> Tatsuya: "War." Takuya: "The bad kind."

<brea> "We do not know who teennapped you."
<brea> "We know they used Shinu to do it."
<brea> "If we respond as if we do not know that... they may reveal themselves unknowingly."
<brea> "It is ... a bluff?"
<brea> "And I did not like them. They need to burn a little." :P
<brea> "Tits for tat, like the saying goes."
<AlcarGm> Yumi: ".... teennapped?"
* brea nods. Leave it to Yumi to zero in on the least significant part of anything. :P

<AlcarGm> The doors open to a large, vaulted room down up like a cathedral ceiling with water pouring down from the ceiling and along the walls to small ponds on either side of the room. A rock garden dominates the left hand side of the room, the right has a single marble desk with a man sitting attentively at, typing on a tablet computer.
<Ryuu`^> (( A... Man? ))
<AlcarGm> Men exist! Ryuu is one :P
<Ryuu`^> But a man at the desk? not a woman? Named Maureen?

<AlcarGm> The cracks fade, the sword repairing itself as it glows bright yellow for a moment. The tip remains missing, having been reduced to nothing, but you've got a decent half-sword.
<Ryuu`^> "Oh. I don't know how to do that."
<AlcarGm> Which is definitely sharp enough to cut Americans.
<Ryuu`^> lol
<brea> :P
* Ryuu`^ looks it over
<brea> "Also."
<Ryuu`^> "Well... It's mostly a sword."
<AlcarGm> Aimi: "Interesting trick."
<brea> "You do not know if it is a trap. It may be sleeping. Ryan may be able to... I don't know, make it fertilize you if you hold it in front of him."
<brea> ".. Make you fertilizer."
* brea corrects herself.

<brea> 2d6
<Sparkie> brea 2d6: 12
<brea> God damnit
<brea> Save it for when it matters. :P
<Ryuu`^> lol
* Sparkie bows. All dice rolls matter, or you would not be compelled to roll them

<Ryuu`^> this feels like a prequel to a much larger plot arc =p
<Ryuu`^> like darth vader
<brea> darth vader?
<Ryuu`^> toshi is the future darth vader
<Ryuu`^> he's going to kill someone and become evil
<Ryuu`^> and it will be up tot he PCs to kill him
<brea> already working on it
<brea> ... making him darth vader, that is. :P

<AlcarGm> Sachiko: "Kaito and Ryuu with Toshi; he cvan supply magic, and using Ryuu off the bat should surprise Shinu. Yumi with Kenji and Brea," briskly.
<Ryuu`^> she is really enjoying this
<brea> You lined it up and she hit 'em out :P
<AlcarGm> She has had 4 years of Toshi being in charge, so yes :)
<brea> "We can swap out members when they get used up, I suppose."
* brea looks to Kenji, Yumi. =p
<brea> "Shall we ... begin?"
<Ryuu`^> lol! brea has no faith
<AlcarGm> Toshi winces at that phrase but nods.
<Sparkie> That's because Brea has faith in ME.
<brea> ^ truth

<kentari> A veil is lifted from your eyes and the world floods with candlelight. You're in a partially-flooded basement done up with red candles and tacky incense, on the wall in some kind of complicated self-important positioning. The good news is that you're not teen pregnant.
<Charlie`^> you can't be teen pregnant if you're not a teen

<Charlie`^> gawd
<Charlie`^> i hope every time someone rolls 12 against me I don't jump 8 years in the future
<kentari> nah
<Charlie`^> that would get awkward quick
<kentari> we'd run out of time :P

<AlcarGm> Yumi: "We won. That's what counts," her embarassment gone as quickly as it came as she glares at Sachiko.
<AlcarGm> Sachiko: "And you are willing to do this again? And not against zombies?"
<AlcarGm> Sachiko frowns at that, then looks at Brea. "And your 'no' is?"
<brea> 2d6 moral compass
<Sparkie> brea 2d6: 11 moral compass
<brea> Fuck you, sparkie. :P
<Ryuu`^> (( The moral compass is strong in this one ))
<brea> "No consequence. Continue."

<Charlie`^> "I bet that's why the last fourth grade class didn't survive the year."
<kentari> "They didn't survive?" Aspen and Zella ask together.
<Charlie`^> "Totally. None of them made it to fifth grade. That's why there aren't that many fifth graders."
<kentari> Florene: "What happened to them??"
<kentari> She's buying it, too, it seems.
<Charlie`^> "They got all their blood sucked out, duh. He's a Vampire."
<kentari> Aspen: "No way, there's no such thing."
<kentari> Zella: "Vampires sleep at day time, too. Right...?"
<Charlie`^> "Not if they have... Curtains."

<AlcarGm> The air beind you rips open. Shou grunts as the air pops,his shield shredding apart like butter under a hot knife.
* Ryuu`^ hangs up the phone
<Ryuu`^> "Sora."
<AlcarGm> Sora steps out of the air behind you, looking nervous.
<Ryuu`^> "Everyone this is Sora, Sora, everyone."
<brea> poor shou
<brea> he just got relegated to scenery :P
<Ryuu`^> hah!
<Ryuu`^> Shou can control himself
<AlcarGm> Shou merely nods without expression, slipping between Shou and Toshi without missing a beat.
<brea> ((See? He's already beside himself. Poor guy.))
<Ryuu`^> lol

<brea> "I have not told many people at all. But it is impossible; I cannot have had a baby."
<brea> "If I can explain it right... let's see..."
* brea folds her hands on her lap and picks her words carefully
<brea> "My easy bake oven... no, that's not how you say it... argh... my womb is not empty. Part of what maintains the ritual is that dedication."
<brea> "You have heard of the v... maidens who tended to temples long long long times ago, yes? Think of it as like that."
<AlcarGm> Kenji: "..... pardon?"
* brea smiles to avoid making any other faces. :P
<brea> "The sword of griffindor is kept in my chamber of secrets."
* brea looks out the window after stammering THAT out, not facing his eyes.
<AlcarGm> Kenji: "... why did you do that to yourself?" very softly, a hint of steel under the words.

<brea> "I was so impressed with the God-Prince I met that I decided I wanted to become one myself."
<AlcarGm> Kenji: "By being a servant to others?" in puzzlement
<brea> "The blade exists for ideals humans do not even know, I think."
<brea> "I mean like... humans in normal life. We are very much hiding in ourselves and away from the world."
<brea> "But if you look at it there are big and beautiful and terrible things that make you think more about ... everything."
<AlcarGm> He grins. "I have friends like that."
<brea> "I do not become a puppet or a servant or some .. what did the twins call it.."
* brea says something vulgar. :P
<brea> "Or that."
<brea> "Just because I do not hold the blade I call does not mean I am not fighting in the battles either. Yes?"
<AlcarGm> He winces at that. "I get that, it just seems ... an odd choice?"
<brea> "People who build guns are just as bloodied as the ones who fire them. It is something that people with too much pride overlook."

* brea heads off to the Club to skulk around for Toshi.
<AlcarGm> The twins accompany you, asking questions about American, their knowledge of it clearly informed by bad movies and South Park.
* brea paints for them a picture of something out of Robocop and Judge Dredd and Aliens, because that's what it's like these days.
<brea> "There are large dots along the streets. Those are where you stand during inspections."
<brea> "If you move out of the dot you will surely get shot. That is the rhyme children are taught."

<AlcarGm> Kada: "... Okay. Want to play?"
<Ryuu`^> "Sure."
<AlcarGm> She waits for you to get your board and plays quick, fast, attacking at every turn.
<AlcarGm> The twins need to be here! You could play strip chess :P
<Ryuu`^> gawd
<AlcarGm> I am sure someone, somewhere, has.
<AlcarGm> It would be horrifying.

<Chaos`^> ken that would make our PCs really far apart
<Chaos`^> how could we relate with eachother/meet?
<kentari> they can be united.......
<kentari> by love
<Chaos`^> god no
<alcar> hahhahaa
* kentari flutters eyelashes

<kentari> I mopped your miko ass all over the floor without even using my sparkle lasers
<kentari> NOR very many rainbow butterflies :P
<kentari> ... I can only imagine what that looks like to the rest of these guys.

<kentari> A game about love has no need for physics

<AlcarGm> A couple of minutes pass and the priest comes in: older balding gentleman with bright blue eyes and a winning smile, the kind taught at every priest's collge the world over* and holds out a hand. "Not often we get people in on a weekday," with a laugh. "Bernard."
<AlcarGm> * insert your own cheap joke here.

<AlcarGm> And ... dice!
<AlcarGm> 3d6 - handshake of DOOOM!
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 3d6: 14 - handshake of DOOOM!
<Estevan`^> err
<Estevan`^> i'm just saying my name =p
<Estevan`^> 3d6 my name?
<Sparkie> Estevan`^ 3d6: 11 my name?
<Estevan`^> hrm
<Estevan`^> <Estevan`^> 3d6 - I actually hope it DOESN'T work :p
<Estevan`^> <Sparkie> Estevan`^ 3d6: 11 - I actually hope it DOESN'T work :p
<Estevan`^> <AlcarGm> The glow remains steady about her, a pale nimbus that flickers and begins to fade a little....
<Estevan`^> <Estevan`^> 3d6 - Pleasure
<Estevan`^> <Estevan`^> =p
<Estevan`^> <Sparkie> Estevan`^ 3d6: 11 - Pleasure
<AlcarGm> lol!
<Estevan`^> my last 3 rolls have been 11

<Estevan`^> "My eyes, why are they blue."
<AlcarGm> Bernard ... pauses, looking lost. "I don't understand," he says as you hear the door open behind you. Two police officers are standing in the doorway, hands on their guns, eyes as blue as the summer sky. "I'm afraid you have to come with us."
<Estevan`^> "I think that's probably best." Letting go of Bernard's hand
<AlcarGm> The glow about Anna flickers, fading a little as she shoves you toward the side door. "Or run?!"
* Estevan`^ is shoved and moves where Anna pushes
<AlcarGm> Guns are drawn and both officers take aim .... and the guns seem to have jammed, which doesn't prevent the priest from lunging at you to try and tackkle you.
<AlcarGm> 1d6 - really, this is to keep Sparkie happy.
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 1d6: 1 - really, this is to keep Sparkie happy.
<AlcarGm> ... that was a strange expression of happiness.

<AlcarGm> He glances up at you after he's done about half his drink. "I didn't expect you to help .... quite like that," carefully.
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "Most men of God don't beat a town's mayor to a bloody toothless pulp with a nightstick."

* Estevan`^ sips coffee too and looks for some toast or cereal
<AlcarGm> There is both toast and ceral, the latter white-only, the cereal a mix of kellog's brands.
<AlcarGm> ... and the gm has no clue why he felt the need to specify that :p
* Estevan`^ gets some breakfast

* Estevan`^ reaches into the backseat and grabs his bible, opening it up and reading some verses outloud for inspiration
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "Can you do that in silence?" after the third verse. "I'm allergic to fairy tales."
<AlcarGm> "Dennis," Alex hisses.
* Estevan`^ raises an eyebrow at him
<Estevan`^> "We're about to fight some unknown beast with claws larger than our car door and you're allergic to fairy tales?"
<AlcarGm> Dennis: "Yes."

<Estevan`^> "If you hadn't gotten your ability with luck, do you think it would have turned out for the best?"
<AlcarGm> Anna is quiet a bit as coffee arrives, stirring hers, then sighs. "Probably not. I was being offered -- well, I was running out of reasons to say no to things I should have said no to, you know?"
* Estevan`^ nods
<Estevan`^> "I think I know what you mean..."
<Estevan`^> "So... You think that this is the better alternative? Do you think this change has saved you?"
<AlcarGm> Anna snorts at that. "God, no. I've been running for my life from 3 psychotic ex-IRA triplets, have the guy who hired them probably sending more people after me after Jimmy broke his legs falling through a floor. I've had a psychotic mayor sick children on me and an insane girl try and kill me!"
<AlcarGm> The waitress coughs as she returns with food.
<AlcarGm> Anna: "Video games," quickly.
<AlcarGm> The waitress nods and departs.

<Estevan`^> "Wanna watch a movie?"
<AlcarGm> She grins. "Definitely. What ones do you like?"
<Estevan`^> "Comedies, feel good movies."
<Estevan`^> "You?"
<AlcarGm> Anna: "Always comedies. Only movies I can re-watch," and snags the remote to begin switching channels
<Estevan`^> please tell me you're not putting too much thought in wht kind of movies she likes
<AlcarGm> No :p
<AlcarGm> That *would* be funny, but no.
<AlcarGm> At game's end: But of COURSE Anna was going to betray you! The clues were all in the movies she liked at that night in the hotel in session 4!
<Estevan`^> 'Hmm... She was raised by her father in a black neighborhood which means she would watch a lot of football... maybe sports movies? but her dad also likes flowers so maybe he was into chick flicks...'
<Estevan`^> lol

<AlcarGm> Drake rummages into a pocket for a handful of purple and yellow pills and dry-swallows them as the man known only as Agent emerges from the front with an unconscious Anna slung over his shoulder.
<AlcarGm> The Agent, aka M, deposits Anna in the back beside Drake and gets in front, starting to drive away.
* Estevan`^ leans back and looks bored
<AlcarGm> M: "Agents P and S both survived. R is taking them to a hospital. It would seem your friend is far more dangerous than we were led to believe," looking back at you.
* Estevan`^ gives him a face, M probably wouldn't like it if I started talking.
<AlcarGm> He pulls out of town onto the interstate and begins driving north, keeping a little below the posted speed limit as though in no hurry at all. "I imagine it was not meant to be like this."
* Estevan`^ looks at Drake
<AlcarGm> Drake: "They were going to kill you, yes. Not ... obey the law," as if tasing something foul in his mouth.
<Estevan`^> lol

<AlcarGm> You reach the door as it buckles inward. Something vast fills it, like a brick wall turned into a man and injected with steroids. A voice like a cat coughing up a cat grumbles: "Sheltering humans, Nix? Naughty, naughty. Smelled it down the hall, did I."
<Dameon`^> "What's that?"
<Dameon`^> "Is that a cat?"
<AlcarGm> ".... you think a Florin is a cat?" your host says weakly. "I want what you had last night. Right about now, in fact."
<AlcarGm> The brick wall moves toward you, a hand the size of your head reaching for your arm. "Mine."
<Dameon`^> "Hey! I don't belong to a door!"
<AlcarGm> "Merciful Sparkie save us." Your host grabs you by the right arm. "Try not to scream."
<Dameon`^> "I don't *scream*"
<AlcarGm> The floor beneath your feet turns to ash. You fall down on warm arm through the air, another floor dissolving under you, and a second, and a third. The second floor is oocupied by what loooks like a giant purple jello mould in front of an old TV doing aerobics exercise, the vision mercifully gone as you hit tiled lobby floor on your back, sore but otherwise fine.
* Dameon`^ screams
<AlcarGm> Nix lands beside you, on his feet, smoking a little. "Of MY apartment! You think I'll get a reference from the .... ahhh," and leaps wildly to the side as the giant brick wall plummets down the hole toward the both of you.
<Dameon`^> "Your name is Nix?"
<Dameon`^> "What's the wall's name?'
<Dameon`^> "Oh god..."
<AlcarGm> Nix grabs you and yanks you hard to the side as brick shatters on tile, concrete innards spilling out like wet cement.
<Dameon`^> "You killed the wall..."

<AlcarGm> Nix: "Your world has three dimensions; the fourth is time, the fifth is here. The dimension of pain. Entropy. All that noise," dismissively. "Humans normally don't come here, work visas excepted," waving his drink to the wage slaves. "Cats are more common, but we think they came from here originally. Normally their owners only follow them in if they're feeling cruel."
<Dameon`^> "The cats or the owners?"
<AlcarGm> Nix: "Well, calling humans a cats owner IS pushing it, but cats like you to think you are all that." He gulps back more of his coffee. "Any history of black magic in your family? People into stocks? Banking? Cabals? Etsy?"

<Esta`^> Do we have transporters?
<AlcarGm> Nah; the ship is small enough that you can land anywhere, really.
<AlcarGm> Andros could build you some!
* Sparkie could roll dice for transportors. YOU NEED TRANSPORTERS!
<Nat> I feel like that is a terrible idea

* Esta`^ pulls out her uh... Data-readout thing too. It needs a name.
<Nat> We could call it the HTC NCC-1271E!
<Esta`^> i was thinking something like tricorder but I didn't want this to be startrek
<Esta`^> We'll call it an Allscanner
<Nat> Zenith Sensor?
<Esta`^> Too late
<Esta`^> the time for debate was 30 seconds ago =p
* Sparkie thinks everything should begin with Spark. Out of gratitude.
<Esta`^> fine
<Esta`^> a Spark Zenith Sensor
<Esta`^> or Sensor for short

<Esta`^> "You are stealing people's memories."
<AlcarGm> "You see the trees; try to see the forest," she snaps, eyes fever-bright. "I can show you!"
* Esta`^ raises the gun. "If you try then we will have to see how hard it is to kill a person on this world."
<AlcarGm> She leaps, and you shoot her twice. Tuan lets out a small gasp but doesn't move otherwise as the woman hits the ground and slowly begins getting back up.
<Esta`^> how many shots are in the gun?
<AlcarGm> Woman: "Memories. Oh, yes....."
<AlcarGm> Woman: "So much .... so ..... so much."
<AlcarGm> She looks... drunk, swaying, not even noticing you now.
<Esta`^> Good, then I'll shoot her in the head 3 times =p
<Esta`^> particularly in the part where memories are stored =p Let's see the nanos rebuild memories
<AlcarGm> Nasty :)
<AlcarGm> Tuan: ".... there is a reason I am keeping a door open, yes?"
<Esta`^> don't threaten the captain =p

<AlcarGM> part of me wants to check the net for thomas the tank engine horror, but I imagine there is a lot of it.
<Dameon`^> lol

<AlcarGM> His eyes are dark, limpid pools of swamp water that draw you into them like the the bottom of a pond full of tantalizing secrets -- and then your head is clear, and the vampire two steps back, cloak wrapped up tight about himself. "You seek a cat."
<AlcarGM> "I can offer you my gift, and free you from your cat," he offers. "You would be immortal."
<AlcarGM> Nix snorts at that, waving the smoke away from his face sheepishly.
<Dameon`^> "I'm sorry, Ma'am, I didn't catch your name?"
<AlcarGM> "Dracula," he says, "and your insult wears thin."
<Dameon`^> "Insult?"
* Dameon`^ shakes his head, "My cat and I have our problems but that's my concern. And that, I believe, is our train."
* Dameon`^ heads for it.
<AlcarGM> The vampire actually turns into a bat and flies away.
<AlcarGM> A few demons clap.

<AlcarGM> Nix licks his lips. "You killed Asboreal. For that, I'll get you home. A favour for a favour, until the end. Deal?"
<Dameon`^> "Fine, you owe me."
<AlcarGM> Nix: "No, no, no. You did this, I get you home. That's the deal."
<Dameon`^> "Right, because you owe me."
<AlcarGM> The train shudders slowly and stops, the sides of it shaking like ribs gulping in air. A door hisses open down the stairs, demons from other carriages fighting for the exits in a flurry of claws, teeth and bone.
<AlcarGM> He squirms at that. "It's not owing. It's ... a deal."
<Dameon`^> "I'm pretty sure I killed your friend before we struck a deal. NOw you need to pay me back."
<AlcarGM> Nix: "... By getting you home, yes?"
<Dameon`^> "With my cat."
<AlcarGM> Nix: "... and if your cat doesn't want to go?" looking, perhaps, worried
<Dameon`^> "Schrodinger is a difficult cat."
<AlcarGM> Nix gulps and gets up, heading to the exit. "I am going to have to alter the deal if it involves forcing a cat," looking nervous.
* Dameon`^ follows after him
<AlcarGM> Nix snaps his fingers, creating sparks. "I could kill and stuff your cat and you'd be taking your cat home!"
<Dameon`^> "Schrodinger doesn't respond well to being killed."
<AlcarGM> Nix just nods glumly at that.

<AlcarGM> Argos has docked: you've arranged for safe passage even for Andros, and the AI has created an account for the ship -- from what funds, you've no idea -- large enough that you are getting bombared by offers for free training, upgrades to the ship, to accomodations and the services of one 'Sara', apparently the most expensive person on the entire Satellite, for one evening to yourselves.
<Esta`^> How much does she cost?
<AlcarGM> Your account has a dozen zeroes beinnd it. (Before Andros started, it had thirteen.) She costs half of them for a whole evening.
<Esta`^> T'sch
<Esta`^> not worth it
<Esta`^> plus I'd have to deal with HER
<Esta`^> I was just curious
<Sparkie> But ... but ... DICE! IMAGINE THE DICE!
* Esta`^ closes that window after a quick chuckle

<AlcarGm> "Ah," a cultured voice says from behind you. Nix doesn't jump as a stout older man in a black suit and top hat appears behind you, a small cane in one hand. "A gentledemon of discriminating tastes, I see? And this is your ... pet?" giving Nix a poke with his cane.
<Dameon`^> "Careful, he bites."
* Dameon`^ then realizes he's in the deminsion of pain
* Dameon`^ looks for a plaque or something describing the human
<AlcarGm> The currator chuckles and leans in, giving Nix a lick on the nose. "And angry. Anger is so sweet. Do you wish to buy an exhibit?" to you. "I'm afraid I can't sell the dragons, since they bring in so much custom, but we have six kings, one inventor, two bankers and only one lawyer nicely stuffed right now. And of course our star exhibit," waving his hand at Alexus.
<AlcarGm> The plaque for her reads: "Oh my God where am I what are you AHHHH!"

<Dameon`^> "You listen to me, Elevator. You'll take us to The Palace of a Thousand Sighs or I'll rip your cables through your maintenance hatch and hide catnip in your button panel!"
<AlcarGm> Elevator: "BULLY." The elevator begins to go sideways with a low grinding sound of gears and broken bones.
<AlcarGm> Nix: "Well done! You almost sounded native!"
<Dameon`^> "I'm a quick study."
<AlcarGm> Nix ... pauses. "Many are."
* Dameon`^ turns to Alex, "Nix says he can smell virginity." Changing the subject fast.
<AlcarGm> Alexus looks .. a little more herself, her angered shock at the elevator wanting her to be a human sacrifice having somehow pulled her back to sanity again. Even if your comment did not help. ".... and?" she says, eyes narrowing.

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