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<Silvran> "Could you try not to describe us as biological weapons during our first meetings with people Andy? Not the greatest first impression."

<Silvran> Silvran's eyes light up and he nearly trips over himself as he makes his way to the magical food box. "Box, I need twinkles."
<Andy`> (( Box: "Error 404" ))
<AlcarGm> Box: "Unknown local terminology: please define ingredients of substance."
* Silvran sighs. "Nobody can box, that's the magic of it."
<Andy`> "It's like, yellow cake with cream filling, no?"
<AlcarGm> (( Box: "This is going to be loike the time that one asshole asked for tea, isn't it?" ))
<AlcarGm> Box: "Accessing."
<Silvran> "With your nose you should know that's not cake. Not on any planet."
<AlcarGm> Your plate does, indeed, end up with a twinkie, though it dpoesn't taste as good. Pretty much like how no other baked beans are as good as Heinz. But the future does try!

<Silvran> "We need to know as much as we can. Look at how the Captain reacted. Her mind was quite clear what she thought of us. Legends. Beings that destroyed an entire star system. Greg's right, I would bet not all consider us heroes. And that could be a problem."
<Andy`> "So maybe not tell them we're those same guys?" between bites.
<Silvran> "Giant talking cat."

* Andy` finishes up the last of the food he got and licks the plate clean, this time taking longer to stop himself from doing so.
<AlcarGm> Kai: "There is more food, if you desire. I would rather you ate stakes than then crew. It would look bad on a performance review."

<Andy`> "Hmm... the 'rest' you want us to get doesn't involve any kind of exposure to toxic gas or mind-control or anything, does it?"
<Andy`> "I figure it wouldn't either, but the insistance made me wonder if they were planning to have you try something once we're unconscious."
* Andy` addressing the open air "By the way, if you're all watching this on surveillance or something, I want to appologize for being paranoid. It's not you guys, we just don't always run into the best people."
<Silvran> (( Best episode of Taxicab Confessionals ever ))

<AlcarGm> Toby: " ..... your memory should be fine." He holds up the multitool. "According to my best guess your body is capable of repairing damage at the cellular level and probably below it, which would also mean the repairing of memories obviously."
<Andy`> "Well they're probably all there, it just feels kind of mixed-up. Plus we did have a period where things weren't actually real."
<AlcarGm> Toby: "I call those Mondays," sagely.
<AlcarGm> Toby: "The Captain says some weeks have a lot of Mondays in them."

<Sparkie> Sparkie Motivational Seminars: because you deserve the best screams your money can buy!

* Andy` looks at Greg. "You don't suppose they might be actually living in some subterranian cave network underneath the houses and worshipping an unexploded bomb, do you?"
<AlcarGm> Greg: "That wouldn't even rank with weird on our scale, would it?"
* Silvran nods to the Captain and stands, looking over at Greg. "Teddy bears."
<AlcarGm> Greg: "Exactly. Even Gwen never topped that."

<Andy`> "Sorry, it's just... we're pretty damn awesome now. Just landed and between us we've scouted so much without actually going anywhere."
<Andy`> "I mean we were cool before, but I guess just the fact we're actually on a mission and not wandering around aimlessly or being teleported around to weird places made me actually step back and appreciate it."
* Silvran grins. "Maybe Greg's right. Maybe we'll be good at this whole honest work thing."
* Sparkie has bets on no. And the house always wins.

* Andy` ties on the sheathed sword for completely legitimate reasons and not simply because it makes him look badass.
<AlcarGm> .. as if a giant cat needs a sword anyway to look that :p
<Andy`> (( very true, but it never hurts to accessorize :) ))

* Silvran blinks at Andrew. "So after all that we're just going to march in the front door anyways? No wonder we destroyed civilization."
<Andy`> "I'm not suggesting we break in, I meant more like we drag the mech up there, leave it out front, give them the kid back, say sorry, and take off."
<Silvran> "They say hello with big swords here. Imagine how they say goodbye."

<Out2lunch> a knitted coat is just such an odd thing
<Andy`> odder than a giant talking cat?
<AlcarGm> Depending on the colour of the coat, perhaps? :)
<Out2lunch> giant talking cats are a well established fiction trope
<Out2lunch> not so much knitted coats
* Andy` briefly considers renaming the cliche to "well established fiction trope" but decides against it.

* Sparkie Quit (*.net *.split)
* Sparkie has joined #game1-ooc
* Sparkie Quit (*.net *.split)
* Sparkie has joined #game1-ooc
<Sparkie> .....
<Andy`> mmm.
<Sparkie> This is a conspiracy to not roll dice, isn't it?!
* Andy` is innocent.

* Caltak attempts to devise a reason Silvran would be delayed and stay in the shuttle for a while upon landing... :p
<alcar> Silvran: "I wonder if Greg is edible now?" *Gulps*
<Caltak> lawl
<alcar> NPC Smoothie.

* Silvran grabs a plate and approaches the box. "Half a dozen Twinkies, and a salad."
<AlcarGm> Box: "twinkie salad?"
<Silvran> "Uh, go for it."
<AlcarGm> It makes you a salad out of jello and twinkies. Which might be horrifying under normal circumstances. The last couple of hours were hardly normal.
* Andy` briefly considers just getting a salad himself, but even a forest trying to eat him apparently isn't quite enough to turn him vegetarian. He does, however, try ordering fish instead this time. :p

* Silvran has been mostly levelheaded this time around! Except trying to convince the first people they met off the ship that the party were the creators of their gods. And dreaming about becoming the man who armies fled the mention of. And the Twinkies.

<kentari> do we want our characters to risk going insane?
<Chaos`^> ua is about keeping yoru sanity
<Out2lunch> seems like they start out insane about half the time anywah
<kentari> rofl
<kentari> you guys =p
<fennec> what you talking about? only half? :P

<AlcarGm> 5d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 5d6: 13
<AlcarGm> 3d6+3
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 3d6+3: 8(5)
<AlcarGm> See, Sparkie? You bitch and you make PCs win all the time anyway.
* Sparkie must hate you more than them.

<AlcarGm> Retha .... sighs, and downs the martini in a single gulp. "Work it out with Toby; it can be a lesson in diplomacy."
<Silvran> "I think they are going to believe we killed their figurehead. Jansen is going to have his hands full."
* Andy` salutes. "Aye aye." and ushers Rirniss out with him into the corridor while Silvran is still talking :p
<AlcarGm> Retha: "Then you will have to deal with HIM when he comes back as well, hmm? Actions have consequences, Silvran."
* Silvran Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<Andy`> (( and those are the consequences ))
<AlcarGm> Retha: "Like murdering your connection."

<AlcarGm> Toby is , of course, in engineering, scowling up at the engines, fingers dancing over the air. "Drain spike, gone. Compare to existing -- ahah. Oh, we're having words about this. Eating from sunlight is fine, but the ship. No, no ... ooooh! Hello!"
<Andy`> "Yup, which is the main reason they brought him, apparently. The way the captain put it was that they had to bring him on the ship he invented the drive for so he wouldn't kill himself. And the rest of the crew, in addition to their normal jobs, also have to keep him 'distracted' from doing things he shouldn't."

<AlcarGm> Retha: "Actions have consequences, Silvran."
<SilverHorse> "Like bringing three dead legends back?"
<AlcarGm> The captain turns and gives you a look that, if she were like Aubrey had been, would have killed you. "That can be negated, if you so desire?"
<SilverHorse> "Really, Captain? Threats? I thought better of you. Look, you're right. Actions have consequences. This woman down there, she knew precisely who we were. Knew more than any of us ever did about ourselves. She waited her whole life for us, hung on until she met us, and passed after she did. Her last words were 'It was an honor.' I know you think we caused this, but we didn't. So cut the shit, we're trying to do the right thing here."
<AlcarGm> Retha is silent for a long moment, then smiles slightly. "Does it always go so badly?" without any sting in it at all.
* SilverHorse shrugs, then lets out a long sigh. He looks into Retha's eyes. "More often than not. All those stories about us, I don't know how they've been twisted over the years, but I want you to understand one important thing about them. We were always trying to do the right thing. Then it goes downhill from there."
* SilverHorse is now known as Silvran
<Silvran> ((Ack didn't notice))
<AlcarGm> She thinks about that as Silverhorse turns into Silvran. "Then you are one better than I. I was thinking only of our ship and its small mission when I ordered Kai to bring you all back. I should not have said what I did; it just feels like since you all came aboard everythng is -- differerent, and not necessarily in a good way."

<SilverHorse> There will be dice soon, I'm sure.
* Sparkie plans on it.
<alcar> Jansen .. ensures it :p
<alcar> He's going to be sooo pissed
<SilverHorse> Silvran is still stewing over Fressin since the Captain explained Jansen knew what they were getting into. Angry Silvran is always fun! But it'll be a 13 martini day for Retha :(
<alcar> Kai is going to have to water them down. A lot.
<alcar> "We just declared war on the Hornost Confederacy of Worlds, Captain?" "Yeah, screw them! They want a fight, we can give them a FIGHT!"

* Sparkie wants to kill PCs. Divine Rlationship hampers that and is unaccepable.
<Caltablet> so does Regeneration and Reincarnation
<alcar> Ken: I plan to get the Divine Relationship at level 5 with the divine template. So I could pray to sparkie and make it work :)
<Sparkie> You are not funny at all.
<fennec> alcar: fatal flaw in the plan... i believe 'divine' means you need to retain your diety's favor.

* Silvran makes a great diplomat. "I destroyed worlds. Don't be scared, kid."
<Andy`> "I used to be an agent of the appocalypse. But I got better."

* Andy` (( chooses not to interpret "make sure the others are all right" as "go suffocate Jansen with a pillow" :P ))

<Silvran> "...that's the proof we don't belong in this universe anymore."
<AlcarGm> Greg: "Sil. I'm not sure we ever did, and -- a lot more than him have died because of us. We need to find out why."
* Andy` approaches, coming down the corridor.
<Silvran> "Maybe the why died with the Empire. I don't know anymore, Greg. Back then, every decision was easy. Now, I see Rirniss and I'm afraid. Afraid every decision we make is going to put this innocent kid in danger. Then I extrapolate that, and begin to realize the countless innocent voices silenced in my name already."
<Andy`> "Hey guys. Is Rir doing okay?"
<AlcarGm> Greg: "He's not here to be our conscience. Everything we *do* is going to put people in danger. We can't hide from that, or hide him from it."
* Andy` looks at the door to Rirniss's quarters with a concerned expression and seems to be purposefully avoiding getting into the philosophical debate going on.
<AlcarGm> From the sound of it, the kid is sleeping quietly. Silvran didn't even tear his arm off
<Andy`> (( -_- ))
* Silvran looks away from Andy, wiping his face. "But we can try, Greg. We don't have to be the monsters history makes it to be... Forget it. Feeling better, Andy? Rir is sleeping, he asked me to sedate him."
* Andy` nods, eyes still on the door. "yeah, I worked off some steam in the simulator. I also talked to the Captain a bit. She went to bed."
<AlcarGm> (( "Do you want her other arm?" ))
<Andy`> (( Look, Wookiees tear both arms off yet its not constantly the topic of conversation around them! :p ))

* Silvran stands as well. "I will do my best, Captain."
<AlcarGm> Retha: "I would not dream to ask of so much," probably quoting some holovid, and gets herself more tea before heading to the simulation chamber.

<AlcarGm> You reach into his head and it feels... tender. Sore. But the healing seems to come eassier after last night, as if you undid somethng inside you .... you think you hear a giggle, a familiar Child's voice, but that could be your imagination.
<AlcarGm> Five minutes pass before you return to the world. His mind is .. better. Not whole, no. Some of it *won't* heal: trying to boost the energy of a thousand telepaths to kill someone leaves wounds even you can't mend.
* Silvran opens his eyes, standing up and looking at Jansen. "That's about all I can do. He really did a number on himself. Cut the sleep drug if you haven't already, Kai."
<AlcarGm> Thankfully, he does not wake up.
<AlcarGm> Kai: "Done," appearing beside you. "He should waken eventually."
<Silvran> "Keep him on lockdown until we get a feel for how bad off he is. There's a lot that's too far gone, I don't know how much of the Jansen we knew and hated is left."
<AlcarGm> Kai: "I am not sure he knows either yet. I wil keep the room shielded."
* Silvran nods, looking Jansen over. "Maybe he will be nicer."
<AlcarGm> Kai: "In my experience, the universe seldom shows that kind of mercy."
* Silvran frowns, looking over to Kai. "I forget you are an AI sometimes. That might be the most human thing you've ever said."
<AlcarGm> "It was told to me by a human a few centuries ago," he admits.
<Silvran> "It isn't knowing what to say that makes you human, it's knowing when to say it," softly, as he turns and heads for the corridor.

* Silvran was hoping nobody realized he raised the dead by complete accident. Just wanted to give a eulogy of some sort and he goes and brings the dead back..

<Amaryllis> "Say, have you checked out the woods outside the school?"
<Amaryllis> "If you're feeling overwhelmed, they may make a nice retreat after classes."
* Thistlewood smiles, though it doesn't touch his eyes. "I have no desire to tempt myself to run away, so ... no."
<Amaryllis> "Ah, well..."
<Amaryllis> "If you walk far enough in *these* woods, you just end up back at the school."
* Lane`^ heads for the infirmary
<Amaryllis> "It's a Fey thing."
<kentari> Maya's well enough on stairs to make it not much of a walk to the infirmary. It is conveniently located in the absolute middle of the hall of learning.
<kentari> It's nice, friendly, and smells kind of antiseptic. There are no people outside with ledgers to slow you down.
<Thistlewood> "I might not," to Amaryllis as much as to himself.
<Amaryllis> "Don't worry, soon this place will feel like home."
<Amaryllis> "It really is wonderful."
<Lane`^> (( "The infirmary?" ))
* Thistlewood raises an eyebrow, his gaze falling toward Maya. "... oh?"
<Amaryllis> ((the school :P))

* Andy` frowns, and shouts towards the settlement: "Okay, FINE. If that's how you want to play, I'll play."
* Andy` gets really big and rushes towards the guns, intending to tear them out.
<AlcarGm> You tear one apart as if it was made of paper, the second firing off an actual missile that tears through your arm and past you into the desert, exploding sand.
<AlcarGm> Pirates are spilling out of the the settlement: At least twenty people, all reeking sharply of fear and firing wildly at the giant cat that's invaded their home.
<Andy`> "You have the option to give up," *as he turns to savage the missle turret, ignoring the pirates' shots for now* "I promise not to hurt the ones who surrender."
<AlcarGm> Greg: "Missiles They're shooting you with missiles?" in disbelief, behind you.
<Andy`> (( "Why are you surprised? They always shoot missles at the giant monster at some point." ))

<Andy`> "Why are you suddenly so adamant that I eat part of Silvran?"
<AlcarGm> You reach the shuttle. Your prey is in it, still dead asleep tothe world, snoring a little, throat exposed.
<AlcarGm> Greg: "I'm not! We kind of need to know what our limits are though."
<Andy`> (( "Have you been talking to the voice in my head, Greg?" ))

<LadyIslay> wait....
<LadyIslay> wtf were pirates doing in a desert?

<Tobias`^> Wait a second...
<Tobias`^> Jade can fly, right?
<Tobias`^> Why the fuck can Jade fly and I can't? It's my blood that made her do it!
<AlcarGm> Apparently, yes.
<Tobias`^> 4d6 fuck you gravity!
<Sparkie> Tobias`^ 4d6: 16 fuck you gravity!
<AlcarGm> 5d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 5d6: 15
<Tobias`^> The earth's stats are Gravity: 5d6, Sustain life: 3d6, unknown power: 3d6 =p

<Chaos`^> still the PC had a point =p
<Chaos`^> first she tried to kill him, then tobias lied to him even if it was a small lie, he didn't correct himself, then she stabbed him and imprisoned him in a bedroom =p
<alcar> All of which is nicer than anything a vampire would have done )
<alcar> They would have tied your PC in a chair and subjected him to a Twilight movie marathon.
<Chaos`^> but just because you're the lesser evil doesn't mean you're not evil

<Silvran> (("But nobody expects the boogeyman to jump out of the closet and go 'oh fuck, it's YOU!' and then run away!"))

<Out2lunch> Ooo! Ooo! Oooo! Does the school have a dragon on staff?
<Lane`^> god i hope not
<Out2lunch> dragons are cool
<Lane`^> why would you want one on staff?
<alcar> The dragon would be the treasurer.
<alcar> "You want funding from MY hoarde?"
<alcar> Best budget ever.
<Out2lunch> they're wize
<Out2lunch> and magical
<alcar> And worth a lot of experience points if we kill them.

<Lane`^> some of us went hutning wolves before dinner because we had time before dinner to hunt wolves...
<kentari> get to eat tonight.
<kentari> That will be covered in a later session. SPACETIME'D. :P
<Sparkie> No one thinks about us dicebots.

<Amaryllis> "What language is it in?"
<kentari> Feist: "It was thought to be Enochean, but our resident specialist wasn't able to understand it."
<Thistlewood> I believe he meant to type enochian.
<kentari> no
<kentari> its a l33tspeak dialect of Enochian
<Thistlewood> .....
<kentari> that's why they're having problems with it
<Thistlewood> That makes my head hurt :p

<kentari> Feist: "I'll be in the infirmary working on the other student. By the way... do any of you have O negative blood?" He asks, as if that wasn't a big deal at all.
<Thistlewood> "I do not, no."
<Lane`^> "My professor in general first aid said I had F negative blood."
<Amaryllis> "I honestly have no idea."
<kentari> Labella: "That was your grade, Lane," she says, as she heads out with a chuckle.
<Lane`^> "Huh?" Looking confused.

<Chaos`^> ah, well, there you go. But let me ask you this: Why are you arguing your point now, out of the game, when he wanted to go off looking for them? Why make fun of his lack of asking questions ooc without pointing out in game that his stomping off is silly?
<out2lunch> were they dripping blood?
<Chaos`^> i'm not angry, I just think that you have some valid points that would have done much better in the game
<out2lunch> I figured it would take too long....
<out2lunch> sorry
<out2lunch> I'm not used to playing with people who can actually be reasoned with :(

<AlcarGm> She hesitates, then nods. "I can make a fire."
<AlcarGm> She.... blushes a little, realizing how stupid that sounds given that she did burn two of you...
<Andrew`> "Oh, good. It's been way too long since I've had to. I just eat things raw usually."
<AlcarGm> She frowns, but her need for hunger outweighs her need to find something to be offended at. She takes the sticks, gets a small firepit set up and glares at them until they burst into flame. It doesn't take that long, but she does pale a little with the effort.
<AlcarGm> She does, however, eat cooked food slowly and deliberately, the effort of will definitely taxing her. She finishes her meal and is unable to suppress a yawn after. "If you kill me, I will haunt you."
<AlcarGm> Greg decides not to tell her that there is probably a queue.

<Andrew`> "Well we can't keep her, so if we can't leave her and we can't drop her off, what else is there?"
<AlcarGm> Greg: "Convince her to come with us to a village tomorrow? I dunno," letting out a low yawn. "This is kind of nice, though."
<Silvran> (( "Hungry Andy?" ))

<AlcarGm> Nella: "... the stories say that we guard the prison," quietly. "So nothing gets in or out."
* Silvran nods. "And it was guarded well. The people we ran into tried to kill is as well. We became friends with them, though."
<AlcarGm> She doesn't look like she believes the threee of you are capable of *that*, but at least doesn't say it out loud. You did, after all, feed her. "I can't stop you." She takes a deep breath. "You want to go north. Skirt the woods and follow the fields. Most of our villages are in the woods. You'll avoid my people. But maybe not Exterminators."
<Andy`> "That's fine. Silvran wanted to take out some of them anyway, to help you all out a bit."
<AlcarGm> Her eyes narrow to slits of disbelief. "I tried to *kill* you."
<AlcarGm> Greg: "... we did notice, believe it or not."
* Silvran nods, looking at Nella. "I made friends on this planet. Your villages treated us well. I feel an obligation to stop them."
<AlcarGm> Nella steps back. "If -- if you are not lying, I have betrayed their memory," she whispers.
<AlcarGm> (( "It's okay. You can make it up to us by letting Andy eat you. He's probably still peckish." ))
* Andy` (( licks lips ))

<kentari> <AlcarGm> Greg ignores Sil's comment entirely and just relaxes into Andy's movement.
<kentari> Hello out-of-context quote

* Lane`^ hands Feist the marshmallow
<Lane`^> "That's a bear dropping. It was left by a dying shadow-bear going up in flames."

<Caltak> HAving one's powers disrupted is quite awkward for those whose powers also define their physical being. Darn that lucky Silvran. :p
<SilverHorse> Oh it's not as pleasant as it sounds
<alcar> A telepath having no one else in their head is hardly lucky :P
<SilverHorse> Would you want to be left alone with Silvran's thoughts?

<Chaos`^> oh! ken
<Chaos`^> that's what I wanted to talk to you about on wednesday
<kentari> sup?
<Chaos`^> how I was goign to enchant that parasol
<Sparkie> With dice? You roll them?
<kentari> yeah
<kentari> roll dice
<kentari> :P
<Chaos`^> oh
<Chaos`^> I was actually going to discuss like... the properties of the item and what attributes it would use =p
<Chaos`^> I was going to get all detailed with it
<Chaos`^> but you want to reduce it all to dice...
<Sparkie> REDUCE?!

<Amaryllis> if you're traveling with a wizard who can cast 9th level spells then you probably don't have a lot of worries
<Thistlewood> Unless one of them is Wish, and they cast it

<kentari> 2d6
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6: 6
<kentari> 2d6
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6: 6
<kentari> Spark.
<kentari> 2d6
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6: 6
<Lane`^> lol
<kentari> 2d6
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6: 7
<Lane`^> rofl
<kentari> GOD DAMNIT
<kentari> :P

<Africa> "Are any of you lads knowing how to think with portals?"
<kentari> God twitches. :P

<AlcarGm> He squeezes tight and lets go. "You -- you could have stopped Nico easy," with a sniff. "Midori would have and I'd have never seen or -- or known, and I *tried* to fight and you let me and...." He lunges in for another hug. "Thank you!"
<Tobias`^> Uh... yeah... that's exactly what I was doing
<Tobias`^> "You're welcome?"
<AlcarGm> He pulls back finally with a painful grin. "Midori is gonna yell at you cuz ..." then pauses .."Uhm. Is she out?"
* Tobias`^ shrugs and goes to her room to check on her
<AlcarGm> She is still dead alseep in a tasngle of blankets.
<AlcarGm> He follows, looks at her, then you. "... what did you *do* last night?"
<Tobias`^> "I'll tell you when you're older. Why don't you make some fresh coffee for her and I'll wake her up, hmm?"
<AlcarGm> lol
<AlcarGm> He looks confused at that and goes into the kitchen to do so.
* Tobias`^ aproaches ground zero with caution and reaches a hand toward the beast slowly
<AlcarGm> She at least looks entirely human and just twists away from your hand, grumbling sleepily.
<Tobias`^> "Midori, sweety, time to wake up." Trying to sound as fatherly as possible... not realizing that werewolves probably don't wake eachother like humans =p
<AlcarGm> You get a low, sleepy growl, and no other reaction.
<AlcarGm> (( it probably involves the word fetch :p ))

<AlcarGm> Issac: "You made the world do stuff!"
<Tobias`^> "You just have to ask nicely."
<AlcarGm> Issac: "You've never tried telling a werewolf they need a flea collar."

<AlcarGm> The door closes behind you like a tomb. You are in a small city-run park half overgrown with weeds and there are no vampires around that you can tell. Possibly because it's morning, more likely because none knew about this exit from the House.
<AlcarGm> The trees seem to bend toward you as if you were the sun.
* Tobias`^ sneaks away trying not to call attention to himself and going straight for a payphone, if there are any in this city. They're rare these days.
<AlcarGm> You find one pay phone after a good ten minutes of walking and feeling the direction through ashphalt. Unfortunately, the pay phone is marked 'End of session'
<Tobias`^> well fuck
<Tobias`^> :(
<Tobias`^> I'll have to find another one
<Tobias`^> one that says 'stay up later' =p

* Silvran makes eye contact with Andy, his voice coming in as a whisper in his thoughts.
* Andrew` rolls his eyes and thinks at Silvran:
<Sparkie> <But The Computer is Your Friend!>

<Chaos`^> <AlcarGm> He pockets it stiffly. "I'll tell people."
<Chaos`^> i read that as 'he pockets his stiffy'
* Sparkie doesn't run those kinds of games. At least not in channel.

<AlcarGm> Ralph: "You left the group and unfriended us!"
<AlcarGm> Leo: ".... so you attack somone with a sword? In public? Go away."
<AlcarGm> Ralph: "... your eyes..... Leo ...."
<AlcarGm> Leo: "I said go away."
<AlcarGm> Ralph ... sheathes the sword, and.. bows to you. "I apologize for disturbing your day."
<Malik> "Ok, thats totally not cool, Leo. We can agree, right Ralph? But that's a littl overboard for... a sword."
<AlcarGm> Ralph: "I have taken a vow to never harm the innocent."
<Malik> "Hah, see? Just a big misunderstanding."
<AlcarGm> Leo hands you back your cane as Ralph bows again and walks away, a bit stiffly after having waited in ambush ...
<AlcarGm> Leo puts his sunglasses back on. "I don't think attackign someone with a sword over being unfriended on facebook is ...." He sighs. "He left. That's what matters. My apologies."
* Malik calls out "And, you know, you don't even really have to harm the guilty either! Thats why we have police!"
* Malik is waaaalking away :P

<Out2lunch> leather hotpants *should* be a super power....
<kentari> be an alpha, and it could be.
<Out2lunch> heh
<kentari> in truth, that might be interesting for you
<kentari> we've yet to see you do a wonder woman, strength type character
<kentari> at least, as far as I know
<Out2lunch> hmmm...
<Out2lunch> it's hard to say no to wonder woman
<kentari> It fits the setting really well, too. :P
<Out2lunch> oh?
<kentari> the setting, as I feel it, is sort of Silver Age comics
<kentari> we're a little beyond 4-color morality, but its still solid, staple ideas

<kentari> For serious, if I mindwipe you, I will let you know obviously and succinctly.
<kentari> I will say "You cannot explain why you have the taste of iodine in your mouth." or something in the actual game. :P

<Lane`^> i'm at the mercy of the gm there, when I say 'i go through the doorway' I have to wait for the gm to describe what's on the other side. Until then all I can do is A.) Sit around and wait, or B.) Say something interesting. If I choose B then a conversation happens and it takes me an hour to skitter through the door
<kentari> Xeno's Door
<kentari> :P
<Lane`^> exactly, ken

<kentari> There's a blizzard outside which blocks all the senses.
<kentari> At the very least, it sort of... hides you? And you can make it through.
<kentari> Any guards or strangers you pass are conveniently dead.
<Kugi> (( thats like Sparkie's definition of convenience ))

<alcar> Also, does Darin share an apartment with someone else, or ?
<kentari> hrm
<kentari> I totally ignored his family
<kentari> eh
<kentari> it never works out to have family, anyway.

<Joana`^> "So? What did you want to talk about?" Sounding a little annoyed.
<AlcarGm> The girl gulps, then pulls her hands out of her pockets in a quick, almost defiant gesture, to reveal fingers that have turned into flesh-tones tentacles. The ones on her right hand seem the size of regular fingers, the ones on her left each a good inch longer (with a smaller palm). She drops her hands down to her side, not meeting your gaze. "I woke up yesterday with .... like this," in a small whisper.
* Joana`^ looks at the fingers, then the girl, then the fingers again. "Uh--Well--Uh--At least you'll never need a man again."

<AlcarGm> Frieda: "What did you do last night? Kassie and I thought you and Reggie were going to meet us to see the new Bond movie. "
<darin> "I don't actually remember. That's probably it."
<darin> "I don't have any new scars, tattoos, or children, so..."
<AlcarGm> 1d3
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 1d3: 2
<AlcarGm> Actually, about #2....
<AlcarGm> :)

<Mason> "Nah it's fine. But there's probably no need to worry for little slip ups, since it's not like we're the only two around doing it anyway. And I figure... people seeing glimpses of this stuff might make it easier when they start seeing it blatantly later. Or... maybe they'll just get super paranoid and freak out more... hmm."
<AlcarGm> He brightens at that, a bit more like himself. "We could do art pieces and people think it's fake but never know. Like magicians who use real magic."
<Mason> "Yeah... maybe."
<AlcarGm> Archie: "The one with the eyes would be harder, but I could claim it was mirrors, you'd be a costume with two midgets inside or something ... we could do it.."
<AlcarGm> Presenting ... the bigfoot! Monkey-man with 8 limbs or 2 midgets in an animatronic suit! You decide!

<fennec> is Leo secretly a hipster?
<Caltak> irony is so mainstream.
<Malikai> irony is always mainstream
<Malikai> its like saying jokes are mainstream :P
<fennec> maybe he's so hipster that he appreciates irony in an ironic fashion!
<Malikai> we're like, one step away from fractal hipster
<Caltak> that would be amazing

<AlcarGm> She frowns. "Have you ever killed anyone?"
* Joana`^ looks surprised at that question
<Joana`^> "That's--That's not really something you ask someone."
<AlcarGm> Ginny: ".... Damien said you'd been in a war," defiantly, looking a bit worried.
* Joana`^ nods
<AlcarGm> Ginny: "People do that in wars, don't they?"
* Joana`^ nods
<AlcarGm> She waits :)
* Joana`^ waits
<AlcarGm> Ginny: ".... so what if someone does ask?"
* Joana`^ sighs
<Joana`^> "Yes, I killed a lot of people in the war..."
<AlcarGm> Ginny: "... and you were -- not an Omega then?"
<Joana`^> "Right."
<AlcarGm> Ginny: "Did you like it?"
<Joana`^> "Not being an omega?"
<AlcarGm> Gunny: "The - the killing."
<Joana`^> "Oh..."
<Joana`^> "... Yes ... ... ..."
<Mason> (( <Faline> *High fives Joana* ))

* Mason cant help but blink and cough in surprise at that.
<AlcarGm> Damien flushes a bit at that. "Sorry. It's kind of us the only way to easily drink without looking *really* weird."
<Mason> "...Whatever works, I guess. Eating the cup doesn't, like... bother your stomach or anything?"
<AlcarGm> He snickers. "No. I've yet to find anything I can't eat, if I'm hungry enough."
* Mason raises his eyebrows for a moment. "Hmmm."
<AlcarGm> Damien: "What about you? You just eat normal things still? I knew one Omega who could only eat insects for sone reason once. No one knew why."
<alcar> Damien: "What about you? You just eat normal things still? I knew one Omega who could only eat insects for sone reason once. No one knew why." <- and since the GM just made that up, he doesn't either :P

<Joana`^> "It's fine, go back inside."
<AlcarGm> Damien looks .. a bit surprised by that, but isn't about to turn that does and heads back for more cookies
<darin> "Hey, kid."
* darin calls to Damien. :P
* Joana`^ goes back to her phone
<AlcarGm> Damien stops and looks back at Darin.
<Mason> (( "I have candy in my van." ))
<darin> "I have candy."
<darin> j/k :P
<darin> "How's someone get an audience with the lady of the house? Ice Queen here isn't going to be of any use to me."
<AlcarGm> Damien frowns, tail going still. ".... why would you want one?" flatly.
<darin> "Hell,"
* darin pauses
<darin> "Am I supposed to tell you about my erectile dysfunction, or just say its for a consultation? Jesus."
* Joana`^ giggles a little at that
<AlcarGm> Damien looks startled for half a second, then says: "She doesn't heal problems that small, sorry."
<darin> "That's sarcasm. I'm not asking her about that, Christ."
<AlcarGm> Damien: "So was that," crossing his arms over his chest.

<darin> "What's going to happen when this gets to the point where you can't sort of guilty from innocent? When everyone's got blood on their hands, huh? You can cockblock the meeting, I don't care, that's your right, but this really just makes you seem like my own personal antagonist."
* Sparkie thought *I* was your personal antagonist!
<Malikai> sparkie controls kentari's wheel of morality
<Malikai> so now we know who is really at fault
<darin> I didn't want to use him as an excuse
<darin> I chose to let him decide, after all. :P
<Malikai> yes
<Malikai> and you know what kind of bot sparkie is

* darin looks over at the statue.
<darin> "You wanna join in? Can't get things into your head if your head isn't around."
<Mason> "I'm in no rush."
<Joana`^> is he talking to me?
<darin> yes, he is
<darin> :P
<darin> no
<darin> he's talking to the other person
<darin> of course you =p
<Joana`^> oh, ok, i didn't think you'd noticed that person
<Joana`^> i wanted to make sure
* Joana`^ shrugs
<Joana`^> "I suppose I could."
<darin> "Too bad."
* darin hops in and revs the engine. :P
<darin> j/k :P
<Malikai> (wait, refering to me?)
<darin> oh god I don't even know anymore :P

<kentari> Joana was quite possibly the worst thing for progression since ping timeouts
<Chaos`^> oh?
<Chaos`^> Why do you say that?
<kentari> copy-paste anything she said
<kentari> just go pick a random line :P

<Andrew`> my primary problem in life is that I usually find myself compulsively doing things that have zero importance just to avoid doing important things.
* Sparkie HAS noticed you don't roll enough dice.

<kentari> when I said perfect for me
<kentari> that did *not* mean it references the holocaust :P

<AlcarGm> You've no idea if they plan to destroy the world, but the odds are in favour of 'not yet'. Because blowing up the prison means re-evaluation. And committees :p
<Silvran> Thank goodness for paperwork. It even gets in the way of proper genocide.

* Silvran sighs. "Just, fuck guys, look at her. Her mother and brother were slaughtered in the name of profit. Where the hell does it stop? They will only grow stronger, more powerful. Eventually Magellan will be in their sights. Or Earth 3."
<AlcarGm> Greg: "I know..." he ripples, steadies. "But we're taking a huge, giant government. We killing the people in charge, new scum rises up, nothing changes. We make sure they can't take out one world, sure, but there's hundreds of others and only three of us. Unless you want to mindfuck an entire civilization?"
* Silvran sighs dejectedly. "I'm not advocating trading one genocide for another, or brainwashing all of them, but.. Hell, I don't know. I don't have a plan. But I'll figure it out in my own if I have to, you guys don't need to be involved if you don't want to. You're my friends, I won't bring you down with me."
<Silvran> ((Or throw them all off three story rooftops..))

* Darin nods, and lets Frieda divulge whatever she wants. Her ball, so to say.
* Joana`^ looks to Frieda, looking interested
<Darin> We both get shot for comma splices.
* Joana`^ splices wherever she goddamn well pleases

<AlcarGm> Frieda: ".... I doubt I deserve happiness." She shrugs, seeming to realize that is a meldramatic step to far. "I did many terrible things with my talent to -- change the world. To fix things. And now I can't. It is at least liberating to have only one throw of the dice left. And terrifying."
<Joana`^> "Oh."
<Joana`^> "What was your talent?" Bluntly.
<AlcarGm> Frieda: "I rewrote time to fix -- to change things."
<Darin> (("I put a fake Dalek in her room once, as a prank. We had to buy a new apartment."))
<AlcarGm> (( hehehe ))

<Joana`^> "Unlike you I don't think we should try him for crimes he's *going* to commit until he commits them."
<Darin> "Try? No, prevent.. it's like, if someone's walking down the street with a baseball bat with nails in it, do you just close your door and stick your fingers in your ears?"
<Joana`^> "...Maybe he's just a bad carpenter."
<Darin> "We own this. Our city... our slice of the world, for all its issues. What if there is no big ones? If that looming eye's just a decoration?"
<Darin> "Until we can be sure there *is* a big one and we can trust it, I don't like leaving things so precarious, you know? It's asking for ... no, it's banking on... the fact that we don't work in banks, so when something happens, we're so removed that there's no blood on our hands."
<Joana`^> "Just because weird things happen doesn't mean we should rip up our constitution. There are laws. Rules. Rights."
<Darin> "Pfft."
<Darin> "Laws are nothing without lawyers to wield them."

<Darin> "If the system is shaky, I want to know before someone rocks the boat. You can't have a moral dilemma with your head in the sand."

* Caltak hates himself.
<fennec> caltak: aww, don't do that
<fennec> that's sparkie's job
<fennec> your job is to hate sparkie. *nodnod*

<kentari> Feist: "Did you think I was sending you to go rob a museum or something?" raising an eyebrow.
<Amaryllis> "Well, you did just ask us about our combat prowess."
* Thistlewood frowns, consider, then nods to Kugi. "Assuming this does not get you into trouble?"
<kentari> Feist: "Leaving campus always takes you away from all the protection here. It's not something we ever do without making sure that doesn't present a risk. Some students, for their nature, can't leave campus. Some can't even move freely inside it, that sort of thing," in a lecturer's explanatory tone
<kentari> Feist shakes his head, "It would only lead to trouble if anyone got hurt." :P
<Amaryllis> "Do we have documentation?"
<Africa> (( today's mission: get mauled by bears. ))

<Lane`^> "Returning to the school form the real world is easy. I've gone back and forth a lot."
<kentari> Feist: "... Aha. Right, you could go via projection. That'd work nicely," he nods to himself, "That'll simplify the paperwork."
* Kugi silently raises an eyebrow at 'real world'
<Amaryllis> "I'm surprised you still use that word, Lane."
<Africa> . o O ( who's fictional NOW? )

<out2lunch> I thought you were an NPC....
* out2lunch feels really stupid for that one
* Caltak can't look that up because his client crashed shortly before he jumped in
<out2lunch> I compared isp numbers
<Chaos`^> Cal: you didn't want ooc spoilers
<Chaos`^> Kugi doesn't know either of them because we didn't introduce them =p
<Caltak> I dont want ooc spoilers about the game
* Africa is an ooc spoiler about the game!

<Caltak> im talking about outside the game
<Caltak> I'm not asking who the character is :p
<Africa> i'm an homage to Pixar. :P
<Caltak> are you a lamp?

<Africa> "Oi, let's nae give her crap. Molly, near everyone in the building just died, but Amaryllis managed to save your life through incredible skill and a stroke of genius luck, so please try to make the most of your existence once you are able to cope with the carnage and treasure every moment of every day as if it were a gift from the heavens themselves. In the meantime, we're going to turn tail and run. Not sure whether that'll help you or nae, but there you go."
<kentari> Molly nods, "There might be a little bit of trouble if we stay back in the workroom too long. I'll show you back to where we started," with a smile as she stands and leads the way out....
<kentari> She pauses. :P
<kentari> A lot of things can go through the mind of an NPC.
<kentari> Molly: "... Everyone?"
<Amaryllis> "We don't know."
<Africa> "Didn't check. Going to run. Oh, and here."
* Africa hands Molly a tome.
<Africa> "This is the good garbage."

<GM`^> The two goblins going after Tristan rush toward him, knives first, one jumps up and goes for Tristan's face while the other goes for his legs
<GM`^> They miss, rp it
* Tristan flickers and vanishes about them, suppressing a yawn as he does so. "Knives? Really?"
<isolde`> "To their credit, they did work earlier."
<Tristan> "I like to let pretty girls cut me," sticking out his tongue
<Tristan> also, that was a creepy line to type :P

<Tristan> Later on, we can ring room service for plutonium to see if this hotel really IS the best in the city :p
<isolde`> =p

<Tristan> "My dad said he'd meet me, but he must be busy working upstairs."
<GM`^> Kid: "Your dad?"
* Tristan looks hesitant and nods. "He's in 603 or .... 4? One of the sixes," trying to he Helpful. "I guess he forgot to leave a key for Steve?"
<GM`^> Kid: "603? That's empty, what's your dad do?"
<isolde`> <Don't say "Your Mom."> :P
* isolde` is a regular joker.
* Tristan borrows a page from the Book of Isolde. "Mum says mostly his secretary," trying to sound as if he's innocently quoting a phrase. "He's in Government, I think? It's all secret stuff."
<GM`^> Kid: "Let me see if I can call up there..." He picks up the phone.
<isolde`> <We know we can use 603, so anything else we get is cherries on top.>
<Tristan> "He sometimes doesn't answer when mum calls, but she says that's because he works hard." *brightens* "Maybe he rented a different room, too! My dad could be a spy!"

<Gm`^> St. George's is a very quiet church that's been in the city since it was built, it's made of old wood pews and smells of cedar and happyness.
<Gm`^> err
<Gm`^> it's not made OF pews
<Gm`^> the pews are made of old wood :p

<Gm`^> what are you doing?
<isolde`> that was hatred
* isolde` is letting her heart guide her =p
<Gm`^> You get angry and want to hurt her for being so coy :p
<isolde`> "........ You..."
* Tristan should be seeing a fall-out shelter? :p
* isolde` actually has a little vein pulse on her head.

* isolde` is angry.
* isolde` is female.
* isolde` freezes time.

<Gm`^> This: http://decoder.moy.su/rsz_frogman01.jpg is frog by the way
<isolde`> god
<isolde`> so hideous :P
<isolde`> I feel like we should be killing him for small amounts of XP
* Tristan gets out the frying pan

<kentari> I already have rape as a power move

<Gm`^> isolde's elbow bumps into Tristan a few times as he tries to get to sleep ;)
* Tristan attempts to ignore Isolde as best he can, trying just to sleep :P
* isolde` freezes time. :P
<Tristan> ....
* isolde` is suddenly smoking a cigarette and you feel dirty. :P
<isolde`> h/j
<isolde`> wow
<isolde`> no
<isolde`> j/k :P
<Tristan> Please, no :P
<isolde`> that was the worst accidental shorthand ever.

<Gm`^> the tv does not have ppv because you payed in cash :p
<Tristan> Awwww :(
* Tristan sulks a little at that :)
<Tristan> on my notes.
<Tristan> <Gm`^> 'Star journey: Search for the darkest' is a steamy porno about a man on the lookout for the darkest woman he can find. He tries to convince women to show him everything and after having sex with them he abandons them on the street to look for a darker woman.
<Tristan> => PC Goal: finish watching it some day :)
<isolde`> :P
<Tristan> Tristan IS a very simple creature in many ways :P

<Caltak> I'm not saying I want to roleplay every minute of every day of time. I just think if we're going to skip ahead there needs to be a better consensus of when it's appropriate to do so, and as alcar said, things can be episodic with a underlying continuous narrative that also gets continued.
<Sparkie> ... but dice ARE continuous narrative. Right?

<Chaos`^> oh yeah
<Chaos`^> type up your own PCs =p
<alcar> 'claws and teeth' ' vague bust size'
<alcar> good summaries :P

<Out2lunch> d20 modern is very nice and generic
<Sparkie> Out2lunch d20: 1 modern is very nice and generic
<fennec> see, that's the problem with d20 modern
<fennec> you accidentally roll a critical failure just talking about it ;)
<Sparkie> No. That is the best part!
<Sparkie> 1s are pretty!

<fennec> kentari- going for ranged/suppression, I was thinking sunlight-oriented powers, has some direct "zap" potential with energy beams, thematically works well with some suppression (Flare variable or something like that)
<kentari> lol ... we're the local Golden Dawn chapter. :P
<fennec> i like sunset more than dawn :P
<Caltak> My quick look up on what the Golden Dawn was makes me feel okay with us being that :)
<fennec> Caltak- you got the hermetic order, then, and not the neonazis?

<Chaos`^> the terms were catgirl
<Chaos`^> not three-eyed catgirl with impaired mobility

<kentari> so it is always a vehicle
<kentari> Now then.
<kentari> Could you indulge me, by entertaining my one final question
<kentari> How the everloving FUCK is KITT going to be related to anything any of us remotely proposed at all?
<kentari> How the HELL could I have even made a roommate for that? Would my character live in a FUCKING GARAGE?!
<fennec> lol :P
<Caltak> The roommate period could have been prior to the "acquiring super powers" event. Alternatively, my PC could have been another PC's personal vehicle prior to the super hero team formation.
<Chaos`^> wait so he was human before he got super powers?
<Caltak> Possibly.
<Caltak> And then perhaps fuzed with alien technology.
<kentari> which made him a car.
<kentari> How do you even fuck your SO like that?
<kentari> What am I going to have to do, straddle the fucking gear shift?

<GM`^> Tristan is busy watching people on the sidewalk talking on their cell phones probably wondering what they would have to say that couldn't wait to be said in person (Or wondering how they taste, it's debatable) and then he feels glass hit his face and he's flying through the air. Then he's in Isolde's arms on the other side of a car that has been hit by your Pink Chevy Trailblazer.
<GM`^> that is... unless Isolde doesn't bother catching him =p
* isolde` is too busy fiddling with the gear shift, trying to put this thing in reverse, to ram this bitch again.
* Tristan yelps, and finishes the yelp by stumbling a little, staring at the car in disbelief.
<GM`^> You teleport and you're on the sidewalk, still moving forward a little. You hit a few people making a small pile of bodies on the sidewalk next to the crash.
<GM`^> Isolde backs up and rams the car again.
* Tristan stumbles to his feet, ignoring the pile, thinking it had been some .. attack .. and just stares in disbelief.

<GM`^> Isolde backs up and rams the car again.
<GM`^> The pink SUV stops moving after the second hit.
* Tristan marches out to it, assuming he can do that and not be hit by traffic going the other way? :p
<GM`^> Nah, you've pretty much stopped traffic at this point
<isolde`> "Shut. up. and. drive!"
* isolde` GLARES >:E
* Tristan knocks on the window. Hard.
* isolde` looks over. :P
* Tristan is glaring in turn. "What are you doing?!"
<isolde`> "Oh ... what?"
* isolde` looks around.
<isolde`> "Oh ..."
* isolde` tries to open her door. And leave.
<isolde`> "She wasn't paying attention to the road. It just got me so mad..."
<Tristan> "Hello? Car. Window. Me. Car," waving to the other car. "Then just buy a gun and shoot her. You wrecked our car!"

<isolde`> "... Let's get out of here."
<isolde`> u-2 sparkie moral compass: good, bad, ugly? :P
<Sparkie> isolde` u-2: 2 from [2, 4] sparkie moral compass: good, bad, ugly? :P
<isolde`> what's that mean?
<GM`^> You're the one who keeps rolling the damn thing!

<GM`^> The tentacled monster would scream if there were anything to scream with under that hood. His tentacles reach out and grab onto Isolde's ankles pulling her up into the air upside down. The tentacles surround her and begin sucking energy straight form her.
* isolde` throws her head back, casting beads of sweat into the air alongside an all-too-please scream. She's hurting, and being hurt, and there are TENTACLES involved. This .... this is paradise.

* Sparkie has terms of use for rolling dice. But they're written in a language you can't read. Not until the time comes.
<Caltak> when the stars are right?
* Sparkie doesn't use small things like stars.
<Out2lunch> hahaha

<Chaos`^> well make it good or we get the missile-cat

<alcar> Also, someone has to scream 'heal me, damn you!" to help the imbue? :)
<Chaos`^> ambient noise
<Sparkie> Explosions. Sorted.
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> Also, mind shield and resistance ..heh. I was wondering if anyone'd take 'em :)
<Chaos`^> always alcar
<Chaos`^> always
<alcar> Such paranoia :(

<fennec> the only thing that matters is what alcar says matters

<kentari> For caltak, I've worked on a man
<kentari> with blond hair and a tan
<kentari> he's good for relieving my
<kentari> tension
<fennec> sometimes I think kentari splits his sentences across multiple lines to avoid the tyranny of !addword
<fennec> by 'sometimes' i mostly mean 'now'

* isolde` moves, with lascivious speed, and activates power move: Bad Touch while reaching towards one of the tentacles with a quivering, eager hand. "Don't just play with him, Shadow..."

<fennec> just going to say, "Recovery" is a handy way to knock off lots of points. :P
<kentari> yes, yes it is
<kentari> so is consumable: virginity
<kentari> best mind control ability *ever*
<kentari> It's called "shotgun wedding" :P

<AlcarGM> So .. where is everyone? :)
* prudence is in wal-mart, a shopping cart full of body wash, a couple loofas, and enough candy to make it through a True Blood marathon. She just decided against pretending a battery-operated drill was an alien death ray in a moment of maturity when things hit the fan.
* Faith`^ is standing next to prudence reading the label of the newest anti-aging bodywash
<AlcarGM> And Infraviolet?
<Infraviolet> i am making use of wal-mart's banking services. their convenient financial service centers allow me to cash checks for as low as i'm tired of overdraft fees.
<Faith`^> "The only active ingredient in this thing is soap. How can people fall for this stuff? They'd have to cake on the animo-peptides for them to even do anything."
* AlcarGM .. did not expect a plug for wal-mart, but okay :)
<prudence> fennec was being ironic
<prudence> being charged money to cash a check is one of those ways poor people get bled :P

<AlcarGM> You feel .... uneasy, as if someone was checking the browsing history on your computer.

<AlcarGM> Mind check fun! Shield applies :)
<Faith`^> 2d6+7
<Sparkie> Faith`^ 2d6+7: 9(2)
<Sparkie> First dice roll of the game!
<Sparkie> <- best bot ever

<Owlgirl> "So you can move person sized objects, then."
* prudence looks perturbed, and attempts another go at her previous action.
<prudence> "Yeah, well, you're stealing furniture from a Wal-Mart now! If you were hot stuff, you'd be with the rest of the major villains, wherever they went!"
<AlcarGm> Master Mind: "I am *Master* Mind. Is there part of that you did not get?" as if being blinded was merely a minor inconvenience.
<prudence> "Now send everyone you're controlling away!"
* prudence stomps her foot and her third eye flashes with a red sort of nightglow for a second.
<AlcarGm> Master Mind: "... you're trying ot best ME?" sounding amused by the entire thing.
* Faith`^ grabs the guy attacking her by the shirt and pulls him closer, giving him a sloppy kiss. His skin starts to vibrate letting off a high pitched squeal through the air.
* prudence doesn't even pay attention to Master Mind. She's *staring* at Faith.
<prudence> <Did he get you?!> :P

<prudence> "The difference between people like you and people like us is that we'll never give up because we are right! You're just ... just tacky and too greedy to even accept the everyday low prices here! Give up already!"
<AlcarGm> Master Mind: "Please don't tell me you work for Wal-Mart...."
<prudence> "No. I work for JUSTICE!"

* Owlgirl checks Master Mind's pulse and cuffs him
* prudence looks nervous.
* Owlgirl calls in on her police radio, "The Supervillan is down, we are in need of paramedics."
<AlcarGm> Master Mind seems dazed, skull cracked on the floor, a little blood on it. Definitely unconscious, but barely so, pulse firm and beating a steady rhythm of evil

<AlcarGm> There are four news vans from local and broader stations -- NBC, CNN, FOX, WINE 99.9 FM and the local tv station, DOOM, all camers and microphones and a barrage of questions about what happened, and why, and who is responsible.
* prudence snags a nice, outdoor gardening hat on the way out to hide the only thing that keeps her from looking like a plebeian.
<Infraviolet> "Citizens of the press! I have a statement!"
* Owlgirl smiles and waves to the people a bit
<AlcarGm> The general hubbub increases on seeing a hero with wings, dies down a little as the press wait, eyes bright and eager like carrion crow spotting something new and shiny
<Infraviolet> "Citizens of the world, this is a perilous time for all of us. But know that we will make our way through it, and whatever else, you have not been abandoned. You will never be abandoned. So stay strong, carry on, help each other as you can... uhh... nothhing to fear but fear itself, keep calm and carry on, all that good stuff Churchhill said, I won't bore you with the details, oh my, look at the time... uh... it's time to FIGHT EVIL! and resist its evil designs. Bye now!"
* Infraviolet invisibles after all that. :P
<AlcarGm> lol!
<prudence> (("It's just like Bilbo!"))
<AlcarGm> "What --?" "Pardon --" 'What is?" "Is this a new team?" the press demand in a barrage
* Owlgirl coughs awkwardly

<prudence> "We could just let the press name us. They like doing things like that."
<Owlgirl> "I think our name should be something about heroics, not something about women."
<prudence> "A lot of hero names have both. Mental Midget's a great example." :P
<AlcarGm> (( prudence ... has probably been in enough reporters minds to know t hat would be .... less than ideal :p ))
<Faith`^> "Oh I know!"
<Faith`^> "The-The shields!"
<Faith`^> "The bucklers?"
<Owlgirl> "Hey, The Shields, I like that."
<Caltak> Brooke Shields. :p
<Owlgirl> You suck, Cal :P

<Gm`^> A medic brings in a defibrilator and starts charging it while another yells out "I don't have a pulse!"
<Gm`^> Medic2: "Shit!"
<isolde`> "Everything... okay? Can we help?"
* isolde` asks the medics. not saying "We could finish him off?" :P

<isolde`> "I have this feeling that a lot of what keeps things in order is that people aren't usually interested in confirming whether something is a rule or not."

<Gm`^> Nova: "I was out at the club asking questions. I was on my way back here and they just--They just crashed into me and then they p-pulled me out and-and I tried to fight them but the crash..."
* isolde` is back with the first aid kit and making use of it.
<Gm`^> She leans back on the couch.
<Tristan> "... they look human?"
<Tristan> "Or smell it?"
<Gm`^> Nova: "No--They were like. They were like that spider I fought today, but different... More human, maybe?"
<Tristan> "Maybe revenge for it? What did they smell like?"
<Gm`^> Nova: "I don't remember, I-I was busy. I'm sorry. All I remember is-is smoke and gas..."
<isolde`> "It's to be expected. You're famous. Or infamous."
<isolde`> "What made you drop your guard?"
<Gm`^> isolde`: You manage to stop the bleeding and clean up most of her other cuts as well.
<Gm`^> Nova sighs, "It's the best time to take me I-I guess. I can only do so much in a car."
* Tristan tries to excise a sudden memory from Taxicab Babe 3.
<Tristan> "Uh ... yeah. Ah. What did you ask in the club?"

* Tristan shall attempt to teleport with Isolde. Drama dice, or ?
* Tristan lobs 2 drama dice to = sheer pissed-off-at-world :)
<Tristan> u8 - Teleport.
<Sparkie> Tristan u8: 12 from [6, 3, 6, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3] - Teleport.
<Tristan> 6 dice = 25. 8 dice = 12. Sparkie: you're doing math wrong again.
* Sparkie is doing dice right.

<isolde`> "We could continue on or ... see if this is luck. Your call."
<Tristan> "Check. I'll -- wait. If you need me, yell. It's only pain."
* isolde` shakes her head.
<isolde`> "We're burning the candle at both ends."
<isolde`> "If she hides here now, she might hide here later."
<Tristan> "I'm not -- I'm not stupid. Even you can't search a whole city like this. If it's something, it might be .. something more."
<isolde`> "Alright."
<isolde`> <YOOOHOOOO!> :P
* isolde` stomps into the church.
<isolde`> j/k
<Tristan> (( lol ))
<Gm`^> lol

<Isolde`> "If we live, what do you want to do with the prize money?"
<Tristan> "Stuff."
<Isolde`> "You could buy whats-her-name a ticket out of here?"
<Isolde`> "Bus ticket." :P
<Isolde`> (("That's what I hear they normally do with hobos.."))
* Tristan nods. "That kind of stuff, yeah."
<Tristan> "Here is a ticket to Dignitas in Switzerland. Don't ask questions. You have inconvenienced the players enough, little 1-point npc."
<Isolde`> :p

<Isolde`> What do you think, alcar: counter? That's high risk, though.
<Tristan> Hm Only way to see if it is real...?
<Isolde`> Let's try it. We can always hate sparkie.

<Tristan> Does Tristan get bonuses for being simpler to gm? :p
<Isolde`> rofl
<Isolde`> I was just thinking that :P
<GM`^> tristan is SO MUCH easier to GM =p
<Tristan> Tristan bats his eyes at the GM :p

* Tristan heads up, alert for danger.
<GM`^> It seems like a fairly pricy apartment, from the looks of it.
<Tristan> u3 - danger, in case it is needed :)
<Sparkie> Tristan u3: 15 from [5, 5, 5] - danger, in case it is needed :)
<Tristan> (( ...... my. ))
<Tristan> I think this means Sparkie wants Tristan to be in danger.

<AlcarGm> The lights flicker back on, the lab door opening to permit Faith egress as Infraviolet tries to slam the door in the face of guns (Roll ACV :p)
<AlcarGm> 2d6+4 - lucky bullet?
<Sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6+4: 7(3) - lucky bullet?
<Owlgirl> "Well, this is odd."
<Infraviolet> wait, ACV? vanilla unmodified acv?
<Infraviolet> 2d6+4
<Sparkie> Infraviolet 2d6+4: 16(12)
<Infraviolet> okay whatever acv you want i'll take it
<Faith`^> lol
<AlcarGm> (( yup, not that it matters :p ))
* Faith`^ yells from the now opened lab doors, "You guys ok? Someone's hacking in!"
<AlcarGm> Infraviolet slams the door so fast that not a singtle energy bolt manages to attempt to singe her. The woman standing behind the armoured help looks almost comically surprised
<Infraviolet> "Small assault fource, nothing to worry about just yet!"

<AlcarGm> Override goes back and sits on the hotel bed, the tv turning on at her wishing, and begins to turn it to One Life To Give, an austrian soap opera about a superhero who can regenerate lost organs and donates them to the needy -- after making sure they need them, of course. he's often kidnapped by people wanting to see him on the black market and the like.
<prudence> d'aww :P
<AlcarGm> You have a deep suspicion that not wanting to miss her soap opera might have influenced her leaving battle so quickly :)
<prudence> bahaha
<prudence> I love her more and more :P

<Faith`^> "It'd be nice if we had a chance to rehabilitate them, like Skystone used to you know?"
<Owlgirl> "Part of rehabilitation is serving the punishment for your crimes."
* AlcarGm is picturing supervillain community service now.
<Infraviolet> license-plate manufacturing?
<AlcarGm> for James Bond, perhaps :)
<prudence> I'm thinking more awkward seminars for middle schoolers

<isolde`> "Who are you?"
* Tristan rolls his eyes and begins unwrapping bandages to check on wounds.
<isolde`> "I could've been serious."
* isolde` pouts. :P
<isolde`> "You look like you might've been killed yourself. What happened?"
<Tristan> "Nope. If you were, you would have run away," sticking out his tongue.
<Tristan> "I found Mabeline, and then asked Nova to spar but she thought I meant for realsies and stabbed me. So I cut her; we're okay."
<Tristan> Which is a nicely selective summary of 'Sparkie hated me'
<GM`^> lol
<GM`^> what are the chances of winning against another u7?
<Tristan> given last session, slim to none :P
<GM`^> lol

<isolde`> "Tell me about a woman named Sophia?"
<GM`^> Merlin: "Sophia?" He frowns, "It seems like a common name but no faces pop up. Could you be more specific?"
<isolde`> "I sure can."
* isolde` DCCs a mental picture over her psychic network. :P
<GM`^> Merlin: "Whoa!" He rubs his head, "Whoa... YOu can do that? Whoa..."
<Tristan> (( Merlin: ".. why is she covered in candle wax?" ))
<isolde`> (( Oh shit, wrong file! ))
<isolde`> "I hope I didn't pop anything?"
<GM`^> Merlin frowns, thinking. "I think I saw her picture on a flier once? Wanted dead or alive kind of thing?"
<isolde`> "Yeah? Want to think about it really good for me?"
* isolde` DCC GET. :P
* Sparkie wants to invoke ping timeout.

<isolde`> "I don't remember anything beyond a week ago."
<isolde`> "What's confusing is what I do manage to remember, rather than what I don't."
<GM`^> Merlin: "That's rough. I don't know any spells for forgetting but I imagine there's one out there somewhere. Maybe you had big enemies?" He shrugs, "Do you look human--all over?"
<isolde`> "I haven't seen many humans... all over, now that I think about it."
* isolde` stands up.
* isolde` starts fussing with some buttons.
<GM`^> His eyes go wide, his girlfriends eyes go wide and she almost-ALMOST covers his eyes. But she doesn't.
<GM`^> Nova fidgets a little on the floor as well.
<Tristan> (( *conjures popcorn* ))
<isolde`> :P
<isolde`> "I-I still haven't quite figured it all out, but.."
* isolde` does a graceful-enough, though shy, pirouette of sorts.
<GM`^> Merlin crosses his legs a little, trying to hide the strange things happening in his pants.
<isolde`> "Oh, that happens to me, too..."
<isolde`> j/k :P

<kentari> I think that is the advantage of OVA combat
<kentari> It's less predictable for us
<alcar> Yeah..
<kentari> sparkie has a much bigger say, at least in terms of how it feels, in the outcome of a fight
<alcar> that IS a huge factor, and really a fun one overall.
<kentari> this game would have lost my interest as, say, a risus game
<Chaos`^> So you're saying the dice is the only thing keepig you here? :(
* Sparkie doesn't think there was ever any doubt about THAT.

<kentari> The air carries a distinct fragrance of lemons suddenly. The signals aboard the Hollycrest are olfactory, not audio. This one is "all hands on deck."
<Brayan`^> really?
<kentari> Yup.
<Brayan`^> I can't bake cake
<Brayan`^> I can't bake my chocolate cake on this ship!
<kentari> Well, you can, but it might lead to interesting results. :P

<kentari> Hart: "On this, the 14764th day of the commission of the light cutter Hollycrest, we are assembled for service and review. I will now cause the reading of the articles of commission."
<Brayan`^> shit...
<kentari> He proceeds to read what basically seem like the legal directives or contract terms of the Hollycrest's operation. They are, largely, shared by all independent ships tracing their heritage back to Fleet Admiral Sophia.
<kentari> The Articles number some 35 and mostly deal with acceptable behavior, the duty of every officer to the truth, the important of liberality, magnanimity, and benevolent self-interest, and a curiously ham-fisted disciplinary policy.
<kentari> The most common phrase in the articles, in fact, is the phrase "shall be punished by death."
<kentari> It has a comforting sort of consistency to it.
<kentari> In a morbid sort of way. :P
<Brayan`^> everything is punishable by death?
<Brayan`^> I don't wanna be on this ship no more :(
<kentari> No. But *enough* of everything is. :P
<Duncan> We are, in reality, playing Paranoia.
<kentari> =p
<Brayan`^> that's what I thought of, alcar
<Duncan> But that's becauuse you are a commie mutant traitor.
* Duncan praises The Computer.

<LadyIslay`> Holy hell. You're actually playing?
<Sparkie> That's what THEY call it. I haven't seen dice yet.

<kentari> I could run a very special session
<kentari> Where Sara decides to celebrate father's day
<kentari> by making everyone a father
<Chaos`^> by making someone a father?
<alcar> lol
<Chaos`^> yeah

* isolde` draws two knives. They're accurate (+5) and blinding (+10). They're silver letter openers, sharpened quite a deal. Tristan might recognize them from a previous life. :P
<isolde`> u6 2 default + 3 combat skill + 1 accurate, against Mort.
<Sparkie> isolde` u6: 10 from [2, 1, 5, 4, 2, 5] 2 default + 3 combat skill + 1 accurate, against Mort.
<Tristan> :p
<Chaos`^> Not Morgan, who was attacking you?
<isolde`> Correct. Mort, who was a braggart. :P
<Chaos`^> u6
<Sparkie> Chaos`^ u6: 9 from [3, 3, 1, 6, 2, 3]
<isolde`> Morgan's just doing what we're expected to do.
* isolde` throws two slender knives into Mort's eyes.
<Tristan> My.
<isolde`> "Don't cry. We gave you a chance. Also, it slows down the healing."

<Tristan> You have to love a game system with a 5-dice difference and you STILL don't hit :)

* kentari changes topic to ' just drill a hole in the crotch and put one of those fake vaginas in there'
<Alrik> lol
<kentari> I may have faked that a little. :P
<Alrik> I'm sure robo-vagina technology came a long way from just "drill a hole and stick it in"

<Alrik> robot vagina, yeah.
<Alrik> future space robot vaginas.
<LadyIslay`> I see.
* LadyIslay` is now known as LadyIslay
<LadyIslay> Fully functional and anatomically correct?
<LadyIslay> Or more creative than that?
<kentari> I'm putting the ice on this topic right now
<kentari> :P
<LadyIslay> Perhaps detachable/interchangable models... like "choose your own fleshlight" kind of thing.
<kentari> RIGHT NOW
<LadyIslay> Ooo.
<LadyIslay> Ice.
<LadyIslay> Temperature control could certainly be a consideration.

* Alrik shuts the cyborg down again to prevent the problem from getting worse, then flicks a setting on his tool and appears to be attemping to remove one of its eyes.
<kentari> Audrietta winces at Alrik, "Have you worked on one of those before?"
<Alrik> "Not a real one, exactly, no... I looked up some schematics one time and... tried to build one using parts from other things... I never did finish it, though, because, ah... *coughs, trails off.*
<Alrik> I'm kind of glad no one pressed Alrik on why he didn't finish the homemade one because it was going to be somewhat embarassing :p
<Brayan`^> we all assumed it was because he couldn't find a circular drill bit for the crotch

<GM`^> The news is boring for the most part, a spree of bright colored stolen vehicles and some murders around town. Someone claiming to have seen a sewer allegator is being interviewed, he has a poorly drawn picture of what he saw to show the public. A few fires in the area, the city is thinking about demolishing a large swath of the abandoned lots and selling them to agriculture companies. They're
<GM`^> talking about privatizing the local police force. In international news there are riots in Paris over some type of change in the way the law handles entry-level jobs. North korea is posing its missiles again but no one cares. There's a new musical out in New York about a dog that learns how to talk and some guy is revewing it. In the weather it looks like it's going to rain tonight and all of
<GM`^> tomorrow and it's going to be a little chilly.
* Tristan switches channels to The Truth. And since Oprah is no longer on, that means Jerry Springer.

<isolde`> "How much *do* we have down solid right now? There's you, but ... that's about it, for me."
* Tristan looks surprised at being called solid and sighs, adjusting against bandages. "I don't know. I *thought* we'd figured out the Arena stuff a bit until everyone went and ran off like someone had shat in a swimming pool."
<Tristan> "An' no one here seems to know why everyone there left, so I dunno what we did, or didn't do, or -- or anything," looking frustrated. "I *like* fights," in a mastery of understatement, "but killing people for some jerk because he wants them dead just seems like a - a bad move? Like in those games with pieces on a board?"
<Tristan> "those games with pieces on a board?" <- best definition of chess, ever? :P
<isolde`> :P
<GM`^> lol

<GM`^> The waitress brings over two cardboard menus, they're pretty plain with foods in some language you can't read. "You two here for drinks or food?"
<Tristan> "Food?"
<Tristan> (( "Only terrorists have menus in foreign, and you're not a terrorist, are you?" ))
<GM`^> "Alright, darlin'. Can you read that? Our owner thinks it's cute to use elvish menus but no one knows elvish."

<GM`^> The man nods, "First we should see how the claws work, maybe?"
* isolde` looks over at Tristan :P
* Tristan brightens at that, eager to demonstrate.
<GM`^> Man: "Is a vey simple test, from Japan legend."
<Tristan> (( "Japanese legend of pinata. Very ethnic." ))
<GM`^> He heads over to the far end of the store, which has a long white troth of water. He flips a switch and the water starts flowing like a river.
<GM`^> Man: "Here place claws in water and let the water do the work."

<isolde`> "How do we know if we're going crazy, then, though?"
<GM`^> Nova: "Maybe if we w-want to hurt people? Like Merlin said?"
<isolde`> "That's crazy. Being angry is part of the ... rainbow of being a person."
<isolde`> "Wanting to eat meat is just a few polite curtains removed from killing things, after all. It's just fooling ourselves to buy into that."
<GM`^> Nova looks kind of angry, "I o-onlyu kill to eat. I d-don't kill because it's fun or I'm angry."

<Tristan> So: bets Isolde was with Sophia and broke from her group?
<isolde`> not sure what sophia *is/does* ... did Sophia break up the Paris thing?
<isolde`> someone stopped paris and made a riot happen
* Tristan nods. Odds are she did, I think. BUt if she IS some Big Magical Terrorist, then . .why don't arenas not let her in/ Also, why the hell would she be spending all this time on us? :P
<isolde`> Fun
<Tristan> It always torques a game if PCs take themselves as not the centre of the universe :)

<isolde`> Baby's first rape :P

<isolde`> "I remember enough to know that things are weirder than they seem."
<GM`^> She looks a little nervous, "Weirder?"
* isolde` nods.
<isolde`> "Like ..."
* isolde` freezes time.
* isolde` decides to show off a little. She wants to be holding her underwear when time thaws.
<isolde`> (("I am a powerful archmage." :P))
<GM`^> Wanda jumps a little.
<GM`^> Wanda: "Eep! What are you a wizard?"
<isolde`> "I guess? It's a trick I can do. Sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out or anything."
* isolde` ... isn't handing the underwear back.
<GM`^> Wanda: "Oh... Well I can do this." She shows you claws a lot like Tristan's.
<isolde`> "Woah .. hey, hold on ..."
* isolde` looks at the claws. Might hold her hand, to look at them.
<isolde`> "These... I know someone who has these. Do you know much about ... what you're from? Who you are? ... Stuff?"
<GM`^> Wanda: "I'm from Mexico."
<isolde`> "All Mexicans can do that?"
* isolde` sounds like she actually might be thinking that.
<isolde`> (("This explains the republican party."))

<GM`^> Nova: "I'm F-Fine, really."
<isolde`> "Fine isn't good enough."
<isolde`> "I like people either broken with fear or full of happiness." :P

<AlcarGM> You turn on the tv and catch a trailer for One Life To Give, the austrian soap opera about a superhero who can regenerate lost organs and donates them to the needy -- apparently next week's episode involves a supervillain version of Hannibal Lecter trying to kidnap the hero and end up with a never-ending supply of dinners. Presumably it's ratings week.

<LadyIslay> Why... is prudences' name not capitalised?
<prudence> its an acronym
<LadyIslay> Then it should be all upper-case.
<prudence> brb
<LadyIslay> You don't need to leave to fix your damn nick name.

<prudence> "What I'm saying... I don't know how to say it... I'm new at being on this side of it all..."
<prudence> "Uhm ... I guess I should ask if you even want to talk about things in the first place?"
<AlcarGM> Override: "... I don't even know what you're talking ABOUT, kiddo."
<prudence> "It's the mind thing. Talking isn't my super power." :P
<prudence> "I like the idea of you having a life, is what I think I want to say? It'd be a waste if that got taken from you or got lost. You're strong, and ... I don't know, I just don't like the way some heroes are going around as if the thing to do is beat up anyone left not flying around with them."

<Owlgirl> Uuuuug, why do teenagers have to be so crazy?
* Sparkie is a teenager.

<AlcarGM> You head toward the nearest streetlife: a couple of small streets of mostly restaurants, bars, a few late-night coffee shops and while everything is open for business, it seems that End of Session just had a closing-out sale.
<prudence> "Nooooo! I left my coupons at home!"
<Sparkie> They should have been dice!

* Alrik suddenly realizes this is a lot like the part where the twenty or so other aliens hiding all around descend on the hapless explorers, and starts looking around.
<kentari> Alrik *does* notice that there are about a dozen up in the trees, looking down on the group.
<kentari> Just kidding.
<kentari> There are 50.
<kentari> ... Gotcha again, didn't I?
<kentari> There's none. :P

<kentari> We'll enter formal initiative now.
<Brayan`^> u2
<Sparkie> Brayan`^ u2: 2 from [2, 1]
<kentari> That was close, Brayan.

* Alrik nods wordlessly, but I guess also worldlessly.

<Seraphna> 1d100
<Sparkie> Seraphna 1d100: 3
<Seraphna> Fuck you Sparkie
<Seraphna> Anyway, he's a dicebot.

<AlcarGM> Black Guardian: ".... you really have no idea who I am."
<Faith`^> "Never heard of you."
<AlcarGM> He rubs the bridge of his nose. "I am a superhero. I mostly infiltrate H.E.R.Z.O.G. operations, destroy illegal experiments they work on. Various things of that nature. Knowing how they've modified the armour -- presumably with me in mind -- is rather vital to that."
<Faith`^> "And what makes you so sure that the armor is still here?"
<AlcarGM> "I haven't survived over two years without having talents. Call it a talent."
<Faith`^> "Fine, I'll pretend you've got a talent for finding mobile armor suits." Even though that's kind of a terrible superpower, "How do I know you don't work for HERZOG and you just want to steal the armor back? Because if you did you know you'd have to make a formal request to the police. Those suits are evidence in an active case."

* prudence rides into Owlgirl's mind like God if he got drunk and decided to start replying to prayers.
<prudence> <HEY!!!!> :P
<prudence> <Oh, there you are!>

* Faithsmind`^ thinks about prudence being spanked by Owlgirl
* prudence-mind is uncomfortably quiet.
<prudence-mind> <I don't think we should keep trying to one-up each other.>
<Faithsmind`^> <Fine. You stop first.>
<prudence-mind> <You're the one spanking me! In your mind!>

<AlcarGM> Time shudders back into place as the PCs reunite, and somewhere the GM lets out a sigh of relief and chains up Winter, having no need of time travel this session.
<Faith`^> oh man
<Faith`^> i hated that npc
<prudence> you shut up
<prudence> only I am allowed to hate him
<fennec> what if time travel accidents
<prudence> only I suffered
<prudence> only I have wounds
<prudence> =p

<Owlgirl> "You can't just talk most people into changing their convictions in a few minutes."
<Owlgirl> "I don't particularly want to arrest people for petty
<Owlgirl> "But most super villains don't stop at candy bars."

<AlcarGM> There is more light inside as would-be bank robbers stagger about, half-blinded by the light, though one fires in the direction of Infraviolet, detecting the source of the disturbance.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+4 - like Infraviolet has anything to worry about? :p
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+4: 6(2) - like Infraviolet has anything to worry about? :p
<AlcarGM> ..... damn.
<Infraviolet> (( like someone's gun exploding? ))
<AlcarGM> Infraviolet goes to duck and sees the gun explode, taking the bank robbers hand with it and sending him hurling back with a scream of agony that's something like if you took a cat and pulled it apart.

<AlcarGM> The one bank robber with gun (that hasn't blown up in his own face) ALSO fires in the direction of Infraviolet...
<AlcarGM> 2d6+2 - But why, given Sparkie? :p
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+2: 9(7) - But why, given Sparkie? :p
<Sparkie> Infraviolet 2d6+7: 19(12) is that a defense roll I get? I think inivisibility bonus to def is 3?
<Infraviolet> (oh apparently it doesn't matter at all)

<Faith`^> "The armor didn't have any distinct markings on it, I don't know where it came from."
<prudence> "We could ask that guy who was up in your business earlier?"
<Faith`^> "Unless it came from H.E.R.Z.O.G. I doubt he'd know."
<Faith`^> "He didn't give me any contact info." SHrugging, "Short of sending out a radio announcement for him, I don't know how to get ahold of him."
<Infraviolet> ... "Send up the black-guardian signal by pointing a blacklight at the clouds?"
<Infraviolet> for my next trick I will summon Superman by flinging a nearby apartment building's super at the clouds as well ;P it might even work :D
<Faith`^> you might get Extant, but only a few minutes too late

<Tristan> "But you met someone like me?"
* isolde` nods.
<isolde`> "I forget her name, but she's going to take us to see more, I think?"
<Tristan> "..... more?"
<Tristan> (( "What if they don't taste good?!" ))
<GM`^> lol
<Tristan> Best. Family. Reunion. Ever. :p

<GM`^> She opens an eye, "Who are you?"
<Tristan> "Tristan."
<GM`^> She sits up, "Tristan? Tristan is 17 years old. You're a child."
* Tristan takes off his shades and scowls a little. "I'm small, okay?"
<GM`^> She leans in looking closer at you. She squints a little and scowls. "Don't give me that attitude, child." She hits you on the side of the head, "And grow bigger."
<isolde`> <I can kill her?> :P
* Tristan scowls and lets out a soft growl, unsheathing his claws. "I'm big where it counts."
* isolde` covers her mouth, trying not to blush. :P

<Tristan> ".. what my mom was? Why she left? What we ARE?"
<Tristan> "Why my mom never came back at all."
<GM`^> Lora: "I don't know why your mom left. She stopped calling one day, then I got a phone call from your father asking if I'd seen her. Then some police called me about a dead body. That was a chore to clean up, I'll tell you."
<Tristan> "... dead body?"
<GM`^> Lora: "You're one of us, one of the family. We're not like normal people but you already know that. There isn't much to explain, we have claws and teeth and we like to eat meat."
<isolde`> "There's plenty to explain."
<isolde`> "What are you talking about?"

<Tristan> You know, this game basically has two people with split-personalities in sort-of love despite said personalities posibly hating each other ....
<isolde`> :P
<Tristan> the perfect romantic-comedy!
<isolde`> it also has murder
<isolde`> which helps
<isolde`> :P

<isolde`> "But."
<isolde`> "And this is a big but."
* Tristan gulps and looks up.
<isolde`> "I kinda ... I don't know if I should ignore trying to find any kids I might have now. I was sort of assuming, yeah, they'll be fine without me, maybe even better off."
<isolde`> "... That doesn't seem like something that winds up working out, though?"
<Tristan> "...... not well," with a weak grin. "And you'd make a good mom!"
<Tristan> I think that is the most disturbing thing I have typed in this game :p
<isolde`> =p

* Tristan hugs isolde again, to reassure her :)
<GM`^> is it a boyfriend hug or a sibling hug? or maybe a 'i love you mommy' hug?
* isolde` wants to know, too! :P
<Tristan> closer to the former, unless she objects :p
* isolde` totally doesn't!
<isolde`> "Are you okay with missing out on the arena now?"
* Tristan pulls back slowly and nods, staring up at you strangely. "You're -- okay? With - with huge? Even Mabeline wasn't."
<isolde`> "Huge?"
<Tristan> Err., Hugs :p
<isolde`> "I have lots of endurance. I can handle a little str-"
<isolde`> oh. :P

<GM`^> You grab the money and vanish, going to a phone store where you pay extra to get a phone without ID, which it seems is actually required by federal law but you can get around it with a big enough bribe =p
* Tristan is quite insistent, and perfectly willing to be creepy in the name of hugs.
<GM`^> lol
* Tristan is Motivated. This is not a good thing for halpess NPCs :P

<Tristan> <GM`^> The door opens the door and peeks in to make sure it's not a trap.
<Tristan> that was probably zen :)

<alcar> But yeah, no complaints. Quite interested to see where this all goes.
<alcar> Also, having the voice in Tristan's head that is a flaw be, technically, smarter than HE is ('get cellphones, stupid') is probably an interesting breaking of the game system :P

<GM`^> Nancy: "Don't they sell doors at Wall Mart?"
<isolde`> "No, sweetie. They'd call it Door Mart if they did."

<isolde`> "If you get something without asking for it, that's called a gift, isn't it?"
<isolde`> something good* :P
<Tristan> "Nu-huh. That's a trap."
<Tristan> "If you can't give it back, it's always a trap."
* Tristan looks proud of that :p
<GM`^> Tristan has a sad view of the world.
<isolde`> Yeah :P
<isolde`> though
<isolde`> Isolde's not much better.

<GM`^> Lennit: "Well." She stretches her legs out and crosses her ankles, "Some people don't like Elves because we change people if you're around us too much."
<isolde`> "In what way?"
<Tristan> (( "Ren faires." ))

<GM`^> Nancy: "She has to deal with you. Who would be happy with that?"
<isolde`> "I would be, at least."
<isolde`> "Are you?"
<GM`^> Nancy: "Not especially. I have to deal with you."

<GM`^> Man: "Nova! You came!"
<GM`^> Nova: "J-Jared?"
* Tristan .... watches.
<GM`^> Sophia looks at you with wide eyes and shakes her head gently.
<Tristan> "We - we should keep going? Cuz memories are like rabid dogs and bite!"
<Tristan> Some future civlization will do great things with the collected Sayings of Tristan.
<GM`^> LoL

<kentari> It's that kind of like...
<kentari> silver-tongued glibness that seems painfully common among many of the magical people we encounter :P
<Tristan> Shhhh! Tristan is busy thinking he's being Clever.
<kentari> this is when we would roll psychic to get anywhere :P
<GM`^> Yup, Tristan's also getting agressive =p
<kentari> What was he supposed to do, offer cunnilingus?
<GM`^> It wouldn't hurt...

<kentari> that's the tricky thing with npcs
<kentari> sometimes they break when you least expect it
<kentari> I originally had petunia slated to be a tough voice of realism and practicality
<kentari> That ... did not work out that way. :P
<Chaos`^> lol
<alcar> Same with Winter, Ken.
<alcar> .... well. Maybe not.
<kentari> yeah
<kentari> I couldn't read that with a straight face, either, alcar.
<kentari> :P

<kentari> wild west games like this I usually like playing the "damn the missiles" good guy type
<kentari> which looks to be the priest
<kentari> but alcar's games usually don't have a God who loves us. :P
<Chaos`^> "damn the missiles"?
<kentari> like, "I'll do the right thing even when it isn't the easy thing, and I won't complain about it."
<Chaos`^> I think if you made a priest and asked alcar to have a God who loves us he'd think about it =p
* Sparkie is a god who loves you!

<snowchild> "I am not even tired."
* snowchild yawns halfway through her lie.
<Akira`^> "C'mon."
* Akira`^ pushes her into the storage room and locks the door behind her.
* Akira`^ gets undressed since it's just us girls in here, down to her undergarmets at least, shaking out her pants and shirt a bit.
* snowchild is glad she didn't take fear: imprisonment! :P
<snowchild> "I was thinking."
<Akira`^> "Hmm?"
<snowchild> "My people did not think I was one of them, but your people do. Why is that?"
<Akira`^> "Bone structure."
<AlcarGM> (( "Because you're ugly." ))
<Akira`^> lol
* snowchild is also in full regalia, for what that is worth. Feathers and strands of leather and crap, or whatever. :P Because that's probably what she spawned with.
<Akira`^> wait for real?
<Akira`^> "Your clothes, for one." then =p

<kentari> Debriefing comes after a span of uninteresting time, unless you were interested in one of two things: the fembot or the Lieutenant. The Lieutenant is tied up in reports and preparing for the debriefing with her superiors. The fembot is restored to a functional state, if you'd call something like that functional in the first place.
<kentari> It looks vaguely like a woman and has all the intelligence of one
<kentari> toaster, sorry, pressed enter early.
<kentari> It looks vaguely like a woman and has all the intelligence of one toaster. :P

* Sparkie should point out that rolling dice cancels out shallowness. Science fact.

* Brayan`^ waits for Alrik to give his report so he can write it down....
<Duncan> Alrik: "My parents met at a cafe on ...."
<kentari> .... :P
<Duncan> It WOULD be an in-depth report :P
<kentari> "At approximately 2200 hours, my father told my mother she had nice shoes."
<kentari> "At 2300, reports of a hull breach were heard two decks aft."
<kentari> :P

<anikom15> Sparkie needs to go die in a hole

<Layman> ...Aya Aya Sparkie Fthagn!

<kalonZombie> Dammit Sparkie gimmie something in my crit range!
<kalonZombie> 1d20+14
<Sparkie> kalonZombie 1d20+14: 28(14)
<kalonZombie> 1d20+14
<Sparkie> kalonZombie 1d20+14: 16(2)
<kalonZombie> 1d20+14
<Sparkie> kalonZombie 1d20+14: 19(5)
<kalonZombie> 1d20+14
<Sparkie> kalonZombie 1d20+14: 25(11)
<kalonZombie> DAMMIT SPARKIE
<kalonZombie> BAD BOT


<kentari> next time I'm about to get it on
<kentari> I'mma say that to my partner
<kentari> "This is so good.... but ..."
<kentari> "... To be continued." :P
<Alrik> "Oh baby I'm going to rock your world so hard... NEXT SESSION!"

<alcar> "Sara was right about Propulsion. She was right about everything. Ia. Ia. Sara Fhtagn!"
<alcar> ..... actually, I think it is for the best for everyone if we don't consider Sara as a mask of Nyarlathotep.

* Sparkie is not inebriated at all. Because almost no dice have been rolled.
<Alrik> oh sorry, is it a problem?
<Sparkie> Lack of dice is ALWAYS a problem.

<Duncan> "May I ask what brought you onto the Hollycrest?"
* Efrosyni smiles and her skins blue color seems to intensify
<Efrosyni> "Excitement."
<Alrik> (( >:3 ))
<Efrosyni> "And, well..."
<Efrosyni> "I think humans are fantastic."
* Duncan pauses. "How many have you met before?"
<Alrik> (( >:D ))

* snowchild doesn't quite understand saddles.
* snowchild eyes the horn with terror. :P
<Akira`^> "..You ok?"
<snowchild> "I did not go riding much. I was an Inside Indian." :P
<Akira`^> "Well that's about to change. Here sit in front of me so you don't fall off. HOld on to this thing here," Motioning to the saddle horn, "If you feel like you're going to fall off. And relax, it'll hurt less."
<AlcarGM> (( "Indian Inside(TM)" ))

<AlcarGM> A voice seems to whisper at you from the horn itself: "Little child, little child, pale as snow, pale as snow: let me in, let me in ......" a spirit, the malicious ones that lurk on rocks to cut open feet and whisper lies at the edge of hearing in the voices of those one lives.
<snowchild> That's a Peter Pan moment right there.
<snowchild> :P
<AlcarGM> Hm? :p
<snowchild> I read that very incorrectly. :P
<AlcarGM> Oh, okay.
<AlcarGM> The spirit lets out a small, mean laugh and sinks back into the First World.
<snowchild> =p
<snowchild> First world problems.
<AlcarGM> :P
<AlcarGM> Joke not intended, for once :)

* Owlgirl thinks really lowdly ~Prudence! PRUDENCE! Get his attention so I can throw something at him!
<AlcarGM> He's definitely fast, but 3 foes mean he's taken no one down yet.
<prudence> "Oh! Uhm ..."
* prudence clears her throat.
<prudence> "It looks like some APPLES did not fall far from their trees!"
* prudence uses the best weapon she's got.
<AlcarGM> .... doing what? :p
<prudence> Making puns!
* Owlgirl grabs the cash register and hurls smashes it into the guys back as he's looking the other way!
<prudence> "I suppose even after the vanishing, a few bad APPLES will spoil the bunch. This is going to go nowhere!" :P
<Faith`^> "Enough with the puns!"
<AlcarGM> He is distracted, bracing his mind against another assault. .... and staggers to his knees as tghe cash register impacts the back of his head with a "OW!"
<prudence> "Maybe that'll help you find some CHANGE for the better!"

<AlcarGM> He grabs the back of his head, whimpering in pain from the blow and checks his mask and the tank fearfully. "I ... don't ... I surrender. Please?"
* Faith`^ zaps him with the taser while he's pre-occupied
<Faith`^> =p
<AlcarGM> New Round :)
<AlcarGM> lol
<Owlgirl> "Surrender accepted."
* Owlgirl reads him his rights :P
<AlcarGM> Faith zaps anyway? :)
<Faith`^> yup!
<AlcarGM> Dice!
<Faith`^> 2d6+4
<Sparkie> Faith`^ 2d6+4: 14(10)
<AlcarGM> 2d6+2 - pure sparkie luck?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+2: 14(12) - pure sparkie luck?
<Faith`^> wat?
* prudence *stares*
<AlcarGM> ..... really?
<Owlgirl> hahahahaha

<Owlgirl> ~This was a mess. just like yesterday(?)~
* prudence smiles, used to making sure people don't think she's spaced out, and sort of... walks invitingly out the door. :P
<prudence> <Not at all like then. People just started... dying. This was emotional, understandable, and ... no one actually got hurt.>
<Owlgirl> ~Really? What about that guy?~
<prudence> <He didn't die.>
<prudence> <And .. I think everyone tried to hurt everyone else? You and her were mad at him, he was mad at all of us... you two were mad at each other... just about every bad pairing that could have happened happened?>
<Owlgirl> ~death isn't the only kind of failure. It's the worst, but there are other kinds.~
<prudence> <No one got hurt without first trying to hurt other people. So ... there's that. It's not justice in the law sense, but a kind of fairness?>
<Owlgirl> "She shot him when he had surrendered!"
* prudence blinks; she's surprised by the use of a voice for that line.
<Owlgirl> it needed saying

<AlcarGM> There are straws. Also birthday candles and the like, all above the sink.
<Owlgirl> there always are
<Owlgirl> somewhere
<AlcarGM> Breeding..... :p

<Owlgirl> "There's a basic training corse.
<prudence> <Are you saying no, Owlgirl?>
* prudence looks up from her teacup.
<Owlgirl> "Of course, you don't have to be a hero or a villian. You can just be a person."
<Owlgirl> ~No, I'm just saying it's one of the steps. We all did the basic police training corse.~
<prudence> <Oh. The one about not mind controlling jury members?>

<Brayan`^> "I didn't have hands..."
<narrator> Brown: "You don't. Not... out there. Your self-image hasn't adjusted yet, probably because you haven't had time to really notice it."
<Brayan`^> "I need hands."
<narrator> Brown: "Relax. They're working on it."
<Brayan`^> "I don't want mechanical hands like some cyborg."
<Sparkie> You want claws, like a fire crab, to burn things with!
<narrator> :P
<narrator> I...
<narrator> I read that in a voice
<narrator> I don't know what voice
<narrator> but it was awesome
* Sparkie 's voice IS awesome!

<kentari> Would you be up for it on wednesday? You could fill my hole
<kentari> no one quote that

<Tristan> "Can you eat her voice?"
<GM`^> Voice: "How would I do that?"
<Tristan> "You're a voice. It's a voice. Like that?"
<GM`^> Voice: "... What?"
<Tristan> "It's not hard!"
<GM`^> Voice: "I'm--What? I'm not--" It stops for a second, then starts talking very slowly like speaking to a child, "I'm just in your head. I'm only a voice for you. I don't actually do things to other voices. We don't go on picnics."
<Tristan> "That's what you're TELLING me. That doesn't mean you're not lying!"

<GM`^> Nova: "W-whatever you want! It's your birthday."
* Tristan gulps and looks at the cake as if trying to devour the memory of it, sniffs, masters *that*, and then blows out the candles.
* isolde` gurgles and struggles, and then topples over without any life left in her. Great wish, ass.
<isolde`> j/k :P
<isolde`> ((I *have* done that to people though.))
<Tristan> (( nice :) ))

<kentari> the premise is that they "get things back" for people for a fee
<kentari> and then their missions turn into a plot :P
<alcar> it IS a solid game premise :P
<kentari> it would work out well as a game
<alcar> ..... and Tristan and Isolde need jobs....
<kentari> lol =p
<alcar> "You SAID you wanted it back. You didn't say in one piece!"
<kentari> XD
<kentari> "We just made it so it will never be stolen again. Isn't that great?" :P
<alcar> "You have done ten jobs and have no referrals?" "..... so?" "Pass."

<Faith`^> "Not interested."
<Faith`^> "in the PR lady I mean."
<prudence> "Each option can probably hurt a lot. But I haven't seen anyone die from PR?"
<Faith`^> "Exactly. That sounds so boring."
<Infraviolet> "Yes. I want to advance my plans to engage the populace to effect the ultimate maintenance of peace and the general social order, and I think she wants to talk to me about how to do Public Speaking. That much I'm on board with. Don't know what else is attached yet."
* Faith`^ may be joking. it's hard to tell.
<prudence> "Maybe a little bit on private speaking, too?"
* prudence may be joking, and it's easy to tell. She's smiling.

<fennec> rule 1 of getting served with legal-lookin' papers: don't trust anything you read until get a real lawyer to interpret them and tell you what's up :b
<LadyIslay> fennec - I thought rule #1 was "run".
<prudence> that's rule i
<prudence> because its imaginary
<fennec> you don't run from people with papers :P
<fennec> you run from the cops :P

<alcar> It would be a very different campaign end if all the PCs got arrested and thrown in prison because one PC violated a villainous companies copyright ..... :P

<AlcarGM> Faith listens to broadcasts of Very Normal Crimes. Your teams ratrher public dealings with the bank seems to have put every would-be bank robber back into the planning stages :)
<prudence> (("I'm telling you Carl we need bullet-proof vests before we do this"))
<AlcarGM> (( "And power armour. And more weapons." "..... Carl. That'll make this heist cost more than we get from it!" ))
<Infraviolet> (( it's an investment! ))

<prudence> "I'm worried about the PR think, 'cuz Faith and I kind of just... we don't really have a secret identity or anything to keep distance between us and the magazines?"
<AlcarGM> And prudence realizing the GM knows that... :)
* prudence looks more deeply troubled than she did any other time except for when like 10 people got shot and killed in front of her.

<prudence> "I mostly do mind tricks. I can get in people's heads, sometimes making them do stuff. I have a couple other tricks I'm working on that are all mind-stuff, too. I.. also like to cook."
* prudence sliiiiiiiides the plate of bananas filled with melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows over.

<Chaos`^> although
<Chaos`^> what if your only superpower was that you could make those sex-dolls come to life?
<Chaos`^> But only if you could see them
<Chaos`^> Like you can't start a brothel without watching a bunch of gross guys having sex with your dolls

<GM`^> You head outside to find your Sky-Blue Honda CR-V being towed.
<Tristan> (( "It's okay. That's just how cars migrate." ))
<GM`^> Would you like to steal another car?
<GM`^> It's being loaded up on the flat-bed truck now.
<isolde`> "... Hey, they're stealing our car?"
<Tristan> "We can always get another?"
<isolde`> "Let's take the truck. That way we have two cars in one?"
<isolde`> "We'll sneak into the seat and drive it once he has it tied down on the back?
<GM`^> There's a man standing next to the druck at the moment loading your car onto it...
* isolde` nods.
<Tristan> "Okay!"
<isolde`> "We'll have to move fast inside. I can distract him maybe and you can get it?"
<GM`^> ...
<GM`^> This is a terrible idea.
<isolde`> It's the BEST idea.

<isolde`> thank goodness this isn't space
<isolde`> crit fails don't result in pregnancy here. :P

<isolde`> "A little voice in my head is telling me to take you to the bedroom."
<isolde`> "I don't think I like books." :P
<Tristan> "I don't....."
<Tristan> "I ... if you .... we could .... try it?" weakly.
<isolde`> "It might get the voice in my head to shut up?"
<isolde`> "Or if.. I don't know, it's not fair if I get to do what mine says and you don't get to do what yours does?"
* Tristan lets out a surprised giggle at that. "... that would be even worse. We could ... we could try? I don't want you thinking you have to at all?"
<isolde`> "Eating people?"
<Tristan> "Snuggling!"

* Tristan just curls up into Isolde, inhaling scent and trying to ignore the worry that if they do this, she'll wake up as someone new tomrrow :)
<Tristan> Flaw: Cursed Snuggling (3)
<Tristan> "I hug them. Terrible things happen when I hug them. I love you, you love me ..."
<kentari> that
<kentari> would be awesome
<kentari> :P
<kentari> you know what?
<kentari> Brayan gets that
<kentari> everyone he hug forgets who they are
<alcar> :p
<kentari> that's his excuse for skipping first base

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* Caltak[wasasleep] is now known as Caltak[isback]
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<Caltak> :p
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<Infraviolet> "I am, in fact, aware of my own limitations in bringing my evil plans for World Peace and other taboo keywords to fruition. I just try, ah, not to let fear, shyness and awkwardness stop me from doing things. I mean, if I did, I wouldn't be a'heroin' right now, that's for darned sure."

<Owlgirl> "Ok, point 2 on today's to-do list, higher a secretary."
<Owlgirl> "That may be good."
<Faith`^> "Oh, I know the perfect girl! Her name is Sara but she's a little touchy-feely..."
<Owlgirl> "Um, I think we need someone a little more cold and clinical."
<Owlgirl> "Maybe a robot."
<Faith`^> "... As much as I would like to build a robot secretary I don't really have the time."
<Owlgirl> "It's a shame SECBOT5000 caught on fire...."

<AlcarGM> Okay. A police cars pulls up from doing a circuit of the neighbourhood to serve as a ride for Faith and Prudence; meanwhile, Owlgirl carries Infraviolet into the air, and flies north ..... it's the tail end of the financial district, the part where the companies and inviduals have small buoldings all their own and no need for skyscrapers to boast about faux-wealth. Outside the kaw offices of Keating & Crosby is one Power Smash .... 8 feet tall, almst as broad, with enough muscle mass to make steroid-junkies whimper with envy.
<AlcarGM> Unfortuately for you, his progress into the law office is currently being slowed by Extant. The unfortunate part is that Power Smash has been blasted through a half-dozen other buildings and is getting back up, brushing himself off as if nothing had happened at all.
<Owlgirl> ((oh yeah, I am defiantly too tired to be dealing with this :P ))
<Faith`^> lol
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))

<Out2lunch> once again, sorry
<alcar> lol, np :)
<Out2lunch> I just have no more brain power
<Sparkie> It is OK. I will have no dice power for PCs next week.
<Out2lunch> Noooooo

<prudence> "I don't think plankton can be jealous."

<Faith`^> "Hello, this is Faith, I'm looking for a temp office manager for our super base."
<AlcarGM> Dave: "Oh! The Shields, right," sounding a lot more enthused. "What did you have in mind?"
* Faith`^ looks at Owlgirl, "What did we have in mind? Someone who can talk to lawyers and pay the bills. And can survive if someone tries to nuke us would be a plus."
<Owlgirl> "We need someone with experience managing the day to day tasks of a super office."
<AlcarGM> Given the nuke option, you'd end up with only the secretary surviving :p
<Faith`^> Shhhhh!

<Faith`^> "We don't have to pay them right away. I have some money too you know."
* Faith`^ will have to sell her patent on the power dildo now, though :(
<AlcarGM> lol
<Faith`^> Faith is not good at naming things

<AlcarGM> Kira: "... you hired someone for PR? Are you expecting bad things?"
<AlcarGM> Kira: "... such as?"
<Owlgirl> "In this line of work, it can be very easy for people to see things in a bad light."
<prudence> "There was a bank robbery that ended in a lot of bullets. So instead of taking SWAT murder classes, we opted for some PR help and stuff."
* Owlgirl clenches her eyes shut at that but doesn't say anything
* prudence makes a brief .:3 kind of smile
<Faith`^> "... Plus the pictures."
<AlcarGM> Kira: "Given the press, and where you are ... huh. PR does make sense."
* prudence clenches her eyes shut at *that* and doesn't say a *damned* thing. :P
<AlcarGM> Kira: "..... pictures?"
<Faith`^> "Someone snuck in and took a picture of Infraviolet, so we decided to publish more of her dressed up as a cat girl at the beach."
* prudence attempts to transition harder and faster than an 80's Highlander movie
<Owlgirl> "As you can see. We need help."
<Owlgirl> "Rational, organized, adult help."
* Owlgirl has a slightly pleading look in her eyes

* Out2lunch is now known as Efrosyni
<Efrosyni> I can't wait to scoop out your eye balls
<Efrosyni> I"ve been sharpening my icecream scoop all week
* Efrosyni is now known as Out2lunch
<Alrik> x__x

<Efrosyni> "Then today we will begin your rehabilitation, Alrik."
<Alrik> "Chain of command... he wasn't my superior." *grumpily.*
<Efrosyni> "We shall begin with discussion therapy and, if that proves ineffective, I will, with your permission, use a form of mental surgical correction that is very common to my world."
<narrator> (("We remove the penis."))
<narrator> :P
<Efrosyni> heh

<narrator> The boat ghosts on up to the castle to reveal a small path leading up it suggesting there are no tides on the planet.
* Brayan`^ hops out and heads to the castle, trying to look discrete
* Duncan thanks her and gets out, asking how they can gfet the boat back here if need be
<Duncan> ... not being able to get back would have been a minor problem :p
<narrator> indeed
<narrator> good call
<narrator> now you don't have to roll dice
<Duncan> I won't tell Sparkie if you don't :p

<AlcarGM> Power Smash remains in the carpark and just sits down cross-legged, contract in one hand and waiting with the patience of a buddha-hulk.

<Prudence> "Oh. Did you know about the reporters outside?"
<Prudence> "I wanna make an example of them so more don't keep coming."
<AlcarGM> Kira: "... make an example of reporters?" in a kind of stunned tone people normally reserve for Prudence's food.
<Owlgirl> "Please don't do anything to the reporters."

<Infraviolet> so. i'mma laser knife-guy on the arm. not really hard, though. just-a-little hard.
<AlcarGM> K.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+2 - def via luck?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+2: 14(12) - def via luck?
<Infraviolet> nice defense?
<AlcarGM> .... you really like to make those +2s interesting, don't you spark?

<Sparkie> Infraviolet 2d6+7: 17(10) sunbeam!! this one for damage!
<Infraviolet> at the obvious thug, naturally
<AlcarGM> 2d6+3 - ow?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+3: 15(12) - ow?
<AlcarGM> ....
<Infraviolet> i technically won that one on numbers :b
<AlcarGM> The thug takes the blow and just grunts. "My dad hit me harder than that," with a sneer, and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small hand-held gun with an odd radar-dish like contraption where the muzzle would be.
<AlcarGM> He points it up at you and squeezes the trigger.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+3
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+3: 10(7)
<Infraviolet> 2d6+4 i think that's my dcv, yes
<Sparkie> Infraviolet 2d6+4: 6(2) i think that's my dcv, yes
<Infraviolet> that could have gone worse!
<AlcarGM> ... What. The. Hell.
<Infraviolet> hey at least it's not a 12-vs-2

<Caltak> heh well for serious though I don't want to buy cybersex from you like some kind of RP prostitute. :P I'll just get you a pizza cause you seem to be in need of one.

<Infraviolet> "You know what we need?"
<AlcarGM> Kira: "Need for?"
<Infraviolet> "Well - as the reporters mentioned, The Public Have A Right To Know a bunch of stuff, right? But they're annoying. So we should cut out the middleman and set up a blog and be all new-media-savvy and stuff."
<AlcarGM> Kira snickers. "Live twitter feed fights?"
<AlcarGM> Best use of extra action ever: twitter status update during battle :P

<Infraviolet> ".... Anyway. He had a mean zap-device, but he waited to use it on the thugs until they had actually really started coming after him. It's like he needed self-defense as an excuse to activate. Not sure what's up with that."
<prudence> "She's probably gone with the rest of them."
<prudence> "Oh. Well, he sounds better than us, then."
* prudence laughs
<prudence> "We almost killed a guy over a chocolate bar."
<AlcarGM> Col flushes a bright red at that and says nothing, slinking against a wall.
<Faith`^> "No we did't..."
* Infraviolet shrugs. "It's possible the device was made by a third party who was concerned for his safety but did not want to empower him unto reckless wonton destruction. Like, for instance, a parent."
<prudence> "We killed like 12 over some money?"
* prudence shrugs and slumps as well.
<Faith`^> "... No we didn't."

<Faith`^> "You're exadurating our violence level, Prudence. We haven't killed anyone. We were just nearby when people died."

<prudence> <Not to be cynical, but this would be a good time to bring up all the cameras lately.>
<AlcarGM> Col: "..... cameras?"
<AlcarGM> (( Col: "But I hid the cameras in the bathrooms perfectly!" ))

<prudence> the moon base is a romance plot
<prudence> :P
<Infraviolet> romance on the moon?
<Infraviolet> come on
<Infraviolet> that place has *no* atmosphere

<Efrosyni> "We shall begin slowly. I will show you a few breathing exercises and then we shall try a couple of simple positions which will help to open up your energy flow."
* Alrik nods.
<Efrosyni> "this will help you to relax, You can do these breathing exercizes whenever you are in stressful situations when you fear you may make rash decisions."
* Efrosyni shows him and walks him through it
* Sparkie should get dice, just to see if Alrik accidentally breaks himself?
<Efrosyni> yes
<Alrik> ..
<Alrik> (( roll what? ))
<Efrosyni> i have no idea
<narrator> Let's see.
<narrator> That's a body task.
<narrator> Use your melee skill, if you have any, representing experience and training in flexibility. ;P
<Alrik> u2
<Sparkie> Alrik u2: Crit fail from [1, 1]
<Alrik> (( yyyyup ))
<Alrik> (( sounds about right ))
* Sparkie is made of Awesome. Awesome, I tell you.
<narrator> Efrosyni, you aren't sure what's happened. Either Alrik is really, really, really good at yoga, or his spine may be injured. Either way, his breathing is *really* calm.
<Efrosyni> how'd you pull your hamsting sitting in the lotus position? :P

<Efrosyni> "I will likely be in my quarters helping Mr. Alrik with his situational responses."
<Brayan`^> "Uh, situational responses?"
<Efrosyni> "I wish to help him learn what is and is not appropriate."
<Efrosyni> "I have flash cards."
* Alrik goes back to breathing exercises. :p

<Efrosyni> "Perhaps this is my fault, I should have included more details. You are assuming that the thing you are being asked to fix in within your area of expertise, this may or may not be the case."
<Alrik> "yeah, I mean... you just said i was asked to fix something. So I'd try to fix it."
<narrator> Fascinating point. :P I'm going to call it a session here, but you're perfectly able to continue on. This is good stuff. Just don't make out. :P
* Sparkie could get more dice, though? Because the only dice I GOT this session were dice I demanded.
<Sparkie> Even *I* think that's a bad precedent to set.

<Leon`> u6 chi-bolstered parry
<Sparkie> Leon` u6: 12 from [2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2] chi-bolstered parry
<Leon`> (( YAHTZEE ))
<AlcarGM> You block the blade with .... uh ..... Sparkie being on drugs. Which is good, I guess? :P
* Sparkie wanted all 1s so much!

<AlcarGM> Alf just finishes his cigarette. "Whatever. Nothing's here, so you might as well go unless you want to blow it up and shit?"
<Infraviolet> "This place... is serving as your home?"
<AlcarGM> Alf: "Lots of food. Internet. What more could a rat want?"
<Owlgirl> "Would you mind if we asked you a few questions?"
<Infraviolet> "Right, so, blowing up homes is not really top on the to-do list, all else being equal."
<AlcarGM> The rat sighs heavily and lights another cigarette. "Dames. Fine, ask, but I'm not betraying the boss to super heroes."
<Infraviolet> "Hey, man, don't call chicks dames. Broads hate it when you do that."
<Owlgirl> "Well, do you know anything about the vanishing?"

<Owlgirl> "I guess we'll go talk to Doc Martin, see if any of his stuff's been stolen."
<AlcarGM> Col: "Door, then?"
<Owlgirl> "Yeah, I guess. Everyone ready?"
* Faith`^ nods to owlgirl
<AlcarGM> Col opens a door, but this one leads to the outside of a surprisingly quaint-looking contry farmhouse complete with stables, horses in paddocks .. and several basketball-sized blue spheres that manifest out of the air. "RestHome #602 is restricted space. Please remain still and your incineration will be painless."
<Owlgirl> "Maybe we should have called first."

<AlcarGM> You get your drink without fuss. Natsumi waits until you're seated before switching back into Japanese. "*Are* you well?" with a worried look.
* Leon` nods, also switching back. "Yeah. Things have been a bit... strange, but I'm fine so far."
<Leon`> (( "I may have been stabbed through the leg and thrown against a wall, but it's all healed." ))

<Leon`> "I don't think I'm welcome in Track Club anymore."
<AlcarGM> She frowns. "Did Kada kick you out for missing a meeting?"
* Leon` grins. "No, she kicked me out for running too fast."
<AlcarGM> Natusu: "... pardon?"
<AlcarGM> Err, Natsumi :P
<Leon`> (( she was so confused, her name changed ))

<AlcarGM> You finish classes without any problems or issues and arrive at the Club as the others do. Everyone changes, and Toshi pairs you off with Yumi, who grins wickedly up at you, or what she at least thinks is a wicked grin, a small baseball-sized fireball appearing in either hand.....
<AlcarGM> And before she can fire them a gust of wind blows them out, the wind turning *into* Shou, clothing torn, covered in bruises and blood, who collapses in the middle of the room.
<AlcarGM> Next session: Yumi kills everyone because she was so looking forward to facing down a dragon? :p
<LadyIslay`> Is that a sex position?
<Leon`> lol it should be

* b9bomber has joined #spoonyexperiment
<b9bomber> Hey
<b9bomber> 1d20
<Sparkie> b9bomber 1d20: 1
<b9bomber> Well, that's a good start Sparkie. Thanks.

<AlcarGM> You head back to your apartment to find the door to your dorm room unlocked. Again. This time, Luke isn't in it but might be in the bedroom, whic is locked. The woman from last night is sitting on the couch (which someone has cleaned) and flicks the TV off when you enter, standing in the same movement.
<Kole`^> "Uh, hello?"
<AlcarGM> "We need to talk," she says, walking over. "Your friend is sleeping in the bedroom."
<AlcarGM> (( "It only took six bullets to put him to sleep." ))
<Kole`^> lol

<AlcarGM> You attempt to sleep with the light on, and perhaps manage it for a short while when the sound of static from your TV wakes you.
<AlcarGM> There are words written in the static of the tv, white on grey in what looks to be an Arial-style font: 'Calm/Choice?'
* Tommie`^ gets up and tries to turn the tv off
<AlcarGM> The TV turns off easily enough and does not shock you nor turn back on.
* Tommie`^ frowns at it for a bit then tries to get more sleep
<AlcarGM> You manage to fall back to sleep and waken the next morning to a polite knocking on your door.
* Tommie`^ rolls off the bed and gets the door
<AlcarGM> The boy from last night is standing in the hallway. This time he is wearing blue jeans and a white shirt on -- the clothing looks brand new. He remains barefoot and smiles shyly up at you. "Hullo?"
<Tommie`^> "Who are you?"
<AlcarGM> "Walker," he offers up softly, as if it was a secret.
<Tommie`^> "What do you want Walker?"
<AlcarGM> "To ask why you turned your TV off."
<Tommie`^> "It was creepy as hell. How do you know I turned it off?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Because I work for your cable provider. I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity." ))

<AlcarGM> You hear footsteps behind you; athletics :)
<AlcarGM> u3 - luck?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u3: 18 from [6, 6, 6] - luck?
<Tommie`^> lol
<Tommie`^> looks lucky to me
<AlcarGM> Sparkie seems to still have a favourite npc .... Geeze.

* Tommie`^ makes him really sad instead.
<Tommie`^> u5 c'mon sparkie!
<Sparkie> Tommie`^ u5: 10 from [1, 5, 1, 5, 4] c'mon sparkie!
<AlcarGM> u4 - Hmm...?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u4: 12 from [2, 1, 6, 6] - Hmm...?
<Tommie`^> alcar
<Tommie`^> you've broken sparkie
<Tommie`^> i'm going to start rolling for the NPCs too that seems more fair
* Sparkie is working JUST FINE thank you.

* Tommie`^ looks up and down the street for anyone watching us
<AlcarGM> u4
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u4: 3 from [1, 1, 2, 3]
<AlcarGM> Nope, no one at all. Not a single person.
<AlcarGM> Ramona: "He could have been scared off?"
<Tommie`^> wait was that roll for me or then?
<Tommie`^> them
<AlcarGM> How could it be for them, if there is no them?
<AlcarGM> :p
<Tommie`^> uh-huh...

<AlcarGM> Mateo cocks his head to the side. "Michael doesn't trust you, but he is -- willing to abide by Zachariel's choice for now. I feel that much. The rest just wants to burn shit down like a massive itch all the time. I could replicate the great fire of london all by myself, maybe....."
<Tommie> "I mean, what if you just stay here for the rest of your life?"
<AlcarGM> Mateo: "I think he'd burn me up and put the power into a new host."
<Tommie> "I'm not going to tell you what to do but I think somoene would stop you."
<AlcarGM> He stands slowly. "Would you?"
* Tommie hesitates for a second, then shakes her head, "No. I'm only observing the war at the moment. I need to learn more."
<AlcarGM> Mateo: "....."
<AlcarGM> Mateo: "So you'd let me burn a city down?"
<Tommie> "I'd let you try."
<Sparkie> Best. Player. Ever.

<Tommie> u-2 piloting a boat can't be THAT hard...
<Sparkie> Tommie u-2: 2 from [6, 2] piloting a boat can't be THAT hard...
<AlcarGM> Mateo: "I scared them off with some fire, that's all. I didn't feel like doing more. It was just some drug dealers and crap."
* Tommie takes the wheel and pushes the accelerator... There's only like 2 controls ona boat anyway. The driving wheel and the accelerator, right? It's easy.
* AlcarGM goes with a Christmas 6 and it isn't that hard at all; you need to know how to start it, the rudder, wheel, but you saw Ramona pilot the speedboat and it's not that dissimilar.
<Tommie> lol
<AlcarGM> :)

<Tommie`^> wait
<Tommie`^> I know how! I'll just make the apartment happy again
<Tommie`^> apartments have feelings right?

<AlcarGM> Time shudders, slowing in the entire room, only to begin moving for you normally as she stands and holds out her right hand, speaking in a language filled with something higher than words.
* Tommie`^ uses her own calm to stun the girl and stop her from doing what she's doing
<Tommie`^> u5 - aggresive emotions!
<Sparkie> Tommie`^ u5: 12 from [6, 6, 5, 2, 2] - aggresive emotions!
<AlcarGM> You feel something sick rolling in your stomach as information begins to bend toward her, as if she was drinking in a piece of the world.....
<AlcarGM> u3 - Yeah, but this is an NPC rolling, right, spark?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u3: 3 from [3, 1, 2] - Yeah, but this is an NPC rolling, right, spark?
<AlcarGM> ....
* Sparkie won an internet.

<Tommie`^> "We should get some sleep."
<AlcarGM> Ramona: "I can go days without sleep if I have to; you sleep. I'll keep watch."
* Tommie`^ leans back in the chair and puts her feet on the desk, trying to get some sleep
<AlcarGM> it takes perhaps lesss time than it should, given you have a killer stress ball that is apparently invisible to angels, but you do manage to sleep

<AlcarGM> A knife blade buries itself into his left arm. Drake just blinks and stares down, darkness pushing the blade out of the body in place of blood. ?.... fast,? and snaps the weapon toward Ramona in response.
<AlcarGM> What do you do/attempt? :)
* Tommie`^ tries to attack him with her magic while he's distracted
<Tommie`^> u5
<Sparkie> Tommie`^ u5: 6 from [2, 5, 6, 3, 2]
<Tommie`^> or i don't
<AlcarGM> u6 - unless Sparkie remembers it?s a new year?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u6: 5 from [4, 1, 1, 2, 2, 5] - unless Sparkie remembers it?s a new year?
<AlcarGM> ....

* Tommie`^ gets angry again?
<Tommie`^> u5
<Sparkie> Tommie`^ u5: 5 from [1, 1, 5, 2, 4]
<AlcarGM> As far as the girl is concerned, this is stil playing....
<AlcarGM> u5
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u5: 6 from [3, 2, 2, 6, 5]
<Tommie`^> sparkie
<Tommie`^> when'd her dice go up to 5?
<AlcarGM> Her sheer happiness at the fight is entirely overwhemling your anger, which is .. worrying
<AlcarGM> Ah, ooops. Meant 4.
<Tommie`^> sure
<Tommie`^> whatever
<Tommie`^> i'm afraid what a u4 might roll anyway

<Caltak> yo
<Sparkie> Hi! People are scared of me again!
<Sparkie> Happy bot is happy. Well. Homicidal. Same thing!

<maribel`> "Actually, you know, I could use help with getting a special ingredient. You okay with paying in favors?"
<AlcarGM> he looks a bit startled at that, then just nods. "What kind?"
<maribel`> "I need two good-sized human bones that haven't been used for anything else. I'd prefer if there weren't any really bad karma in their being gotten, too."
<maribel`> "I don't have many ways to get that kind of thing..."
<maribel`> "They're for a really, really neat artifact. If it works, I'll show it to you."
<AlcarGM> "Oh, I can get those," he says, as if you asked for more sandwiches or candles. "Do they have to be from a dead person?"
* maribel` thinks...
<maribel`> Do they? :P
<AlcarGM> As far as you know. How long they've been dead isn't that big an issue.
<maribel`> "Let's be on the safe side and say yes. It wouldn't do to leave someone without legs or something..."
* maribel` shivers at an inward thought of the consequences of that.
* maribel` has just eliminated Dennis from this story.
* Mors`^ Quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
<AlcarGM> (( And Chaos :p ))
<maribel`> =p

* Joe` nods. "You're Tristan?"
<AlcarGM> "Yup!" He beams and plops down in the chair accross from you. You'd peg him somewhere in that indefinite 12-14 age. "You were driving the weird guy: pale, thin, fast?"
* Joe` nods, sipping his coffee. "Has a thing for smelling stuff."
<AlcarGM> "Huh." He scratches his head. "Can you take me to the spot where he ran away, and where he meant to go?" hopefully.
* Joe` looks him over for a long moment, then shrugs. "I guess."
<AlcarGM> "Awesome!? he reaches into a pocket and pulls out a large wad of cash: mix of twenties, fifties andhundreds folded together and hands it over. ?5 thousand work??
* Joe` blinks an extra time, but maintains a straight face and takes the money, and nods. "Should be plenty." He stands up and heads towards the door to lead the way to his car.
<AlcarGM> He wanders out after you; you count the money? :)
* Joe` tries to casually flip through the bills, sure.
<AlcarGM> You flip through as you walk, Tristan humming tunelessly; at a guess, it?s closer to 6,000 dollars.
* Joe` really hopes that if this money is stolen that it's not traced serial numbers or something, and just puts them away and unlocks his car and gets in.
<AlcarGM> he gets in on the passengers side, putting on his seatbelt carefully.
* Joe` starts the engine, puts the radio on low, and drives to the place the theif had asked to get out.
<AlcarGM> Tristan: ?Do you do this often?? as you drive.
<Joe`> "Drive someone where they want to go? All the time. Usually in a cab, when I'm on duty. But I haven't had someone ask me to help them track someone down after hours, no."
<AlcarGM> Tristan: ?Oh! I?m the first?? sounding delighted. ?Do you plan to try and take me somewhere and kill me??
<Joe`> "It's not Plan A. Why, do people tend to do that with you?"
<AlcarGM> ?Yup,? he says, as if that makes all the sense in the world.

* Rodrick`^ sips coffee and draws a little picture of the house and tries to figure out how far the sound of a gunshot would go from inside, if it's possible to muffle the sounds.
<AlcarGM> The napkins are cheap but sketch, work out distances ... even with silencers, someone would have heard *something* you think; and even if whoever killed them had silencers, you doubt the drug runners did and would have had time to shoot back. You definitely would have heard gunshots from your building unless it was, like, trained CIA assassins doing the hit.
* Rodrick`^ figures it might be best to interview the people in the alleyways to see what happened.
<Sparkie> Or a dicebot rolling dice.
* Sparkie should never be left out of the equation.
* Sparkie IS the equation.

<AlcarGM> Next session: Money?!
<Chaos`^> Rodrick hopes so!
<alcar> Well, you *can* sell the stolen currency for some, so it is a start :)
<Chaos`^> Yeah
<Chaos`^> He'll probably head to his fence to get rid of the money in case it's cursed.
<alcar> Cursed?! Who would do that to money?!
<alcar> d100 - who indeed?
<Sparkie> alcar d100: 49 - who indeed?
<alcar> The real fun shall be when the police begin to ask Questions.. :p
* fennec (~fennec@cpe-142-255-82-217.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
<Chaos`^> 1d100
<Sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d100: 3
<Chaos`^> I'm saving that roll for later
<alcar> lol
<alcar> I might just allow it, after that 99 :p
<Sparkie> WHAT?!?!

* Sparkie changes topic to '* Joe` sighs. "I'm guessing you're pissed because I drove that barefoot knife guy to those places and he tried to get in your manholes. Right?" ... best out of context quote?!'

<AlcarGM> "The surgeons were terrified. I had not thought them capable of terror, and yet they hid. The world rang with bells, the floor shuddered. Entire places were -- broken." He tenses, then reaches out to grab your arm.
<Joe`> d100 Dodge 35%
<Sparkie> Joe` d100: 99 Dodge 35%
<Joe`> (( arg, doubles fail ))
* Sparkie kept the 99! SCORE!
<Joe`> (( at least it wasnt a 100 :p ))
<AlcarGM> So, last session Sparkie did one roll for chaos. And rolled a 99.
<AlcarGM> <Chaos`^> 1d100
<AlcarGM> <Sparkie> Chaos`^ 1d100: 3
<AlcarGM> <Chaos`^> I'm saving that roll for later
<AlcarGM> <alcar> lol
<AlcarGM> <alcar> I might just allow it, after that 99 :p
<AlcarGM> <Sparkie> WHAT?!?!
<AlcarGM> * Sparkie is going to keep that 99 and use it next session too, then.
* Sparkie is beyond awesome now.
<Joe`> lol

<AlcarGM> He nods, pulling out a vintage kodak camera and second-hand watch as you head up to the house. The front door looks as if someone sliced through the lock with an impossibly sharp blade and went inside, the main living room containing six chalk outlines of bodies -- all in white, as doing them by the skin-tone of the victim isn't considered PC these days and a LOT of blood stains and splatters all over the place.
<AlcarGM> Darryl: "We take a picture of any of them and see what happens?"
<maribel`> "Sure."
<maribel`> "Oh ... blood!"
<maribel`> "You didn't tell me there was blood."
<AlcarGM> Darryl: ".... 19 people were murdered. So yes, there is blood."
* maribel` looks like she's concentrating.
<maribel`> "Any bones?"
<AlcarGM> Darryl: "Several were broken with a lot of precision and force."
<maribel`> "Humm...."
* maribel` looks around, then puts on her best alluring face, which looks like who-knows-what.
<maribel`> "Any chance I could have some, if this works? Human parts are in all kinds of setups but really, really hard to get."
<maribel`> "I guess that's part of what makes them special."
* maribel` considers this and waxes in philosophical half-mumbles to herself. She does, however, start setting up for the camera during this interlude, at least.
<AlcarGM> Darryl: "They are in evidence lock up."
<maribel`> "I should really work for evidence."
* maribel` smiles :D
<AlcarGM> he does not ask WHAT you would want human bones for, mostly for his own sanity.

<AlcarGM> Kelly's day job at present -- it varies from month to month -- is selling insurance (aka scams) to small businesses, mostly to keep her hand in such thing and see just how far she can push gullible managers; she claims she onnce convinced a company it had to upgrade to Windows XP and sold them new windows for the storefront with XP engraved on them.
<Rodrick`^> lol
<AlcarGM> (( which WOULD be cool to do :p ))
* Rodrick`^ heads to the rented office she's probably staying at which will be raided by the FBI next week but she'll be gone by then =p

<Joe`> "I see people who are a bit weird now and then, but just the usual sort of weird. Past couple of days though..." *shakes his head* "Normally would just say it's all none of my business, but it seems like this might just be the start, and I might be in for more of the same..."
<AlcarGM> "I imagine so...." He pauses. "How much do you make a night, on average?"
* Joe` gives a rough rounded-off estimate.
<AlcarGM> He pulls out his wallet, hands you that in twenties, and two more twenties. "This cover it?"
* Joe` looks at the money, then back at him. "I-- that's really generous, but... you don't really have to..." *tries to hand back all except a few of the twenties.*
<kentari> he wants you
<kentari> ALL NIGHT
<Joe`> o_o
* Sparkie coud roll FUN dice!
<AlcarGM> Imaging rolling dice for sex in UA ... best not.
<AlcarGM> "So, that's one failed Self check....."
<Joe`> :)
<Joe`> *roll* *roll* *roll* So you wake up the next morning, with 2 Failed and 3 Hardened notches...

<Caltak> Clearly this character was made so you could get away with saying silly things. :p
<Maribel`> she has very specific parameters :P
<Maribel`> she doesn't stutter so its a major blessing compared to some previous ones
<Maribel`> never again...
<Lunchie> you're so strange, Kentari
<Lunchie> have you tried looking under your bed?
<Lunchie> sometimes things roll under there.
<Maribel`> rofl
<Maribel`> She ate her conscience
<Maribel`> or rather
<Maribel`> as a kentari character
<Maribel`> she wasn't given such an unnecessary component
<Lunchie> XD
<Caltak> I like the first explanation better.

* maribel` will keep a handful of those knucklebones for making something up on the fly, but that's probably it. The penny will stay here, the keys are in the oven. =p
<AlcarGM> You grab a few bones. Bone is tied deep to flesh, so they might protect you a little. No gun?
<maribel`> I don't think I own one.
<maribel`> Guns are illegal, man.
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> They *are* handy. Magick is all well and good, but a nice shot to the head takes down most adepts. Eventually.
<maribel`> killing people is bad, yo
<maribel`> :P
<AlcarGM> Uh-huh :p
* maribel` will have to make some kinda ridiculous weapon with Tristan sometime.
<maribel`> like, a mini rocket launcher. those are always good. or knifes. everyone loves knifes. :P
<AlcarGM> He probably counts AS one all by himself :P
<maribel`> this is true
* maribel` takes tristan, adds a laser pointer.
<maribel`> best weapon ever
<maribel`> :P

<maribel`> "Where does he fit into it all?"
* maribel` gives Joe a look like she gave her coffee earlier. The coffee's still there.
<AlcarGM> Iris: "I don't know. I let the magick take me where it would, where I'd be .... safe, at the time."
<maribel`> "You trust your well-being to a magical throw of the dice?"
* maribel` stares hard, right at the fourth wall.
* Joe` is sipping coffee and flinches very slightly as he's reminded he's actually in this scene and not watching it on TV or something.
<AlcarGM> Iris reaches under tha table, pulling two dice from a pocket.... basic red six-sided dice.
<AlcarGM> d100
<Sparkie> AlcarGM d100: 34
<maribel`> AND GETS A 34
<Joe`> (( :O OMG MAGIX! ))
<AlcarGM> She throws threm, hard, past Maribel. they bounce off the wall, floor, ceiling, wall, table, and into her hand. "I'm good with dice," weakly defiant.

<AlcarGM> The dice, they are now artifacts.
<maribel`> jesus
<maribel`> That means 1) he is an adept and 2) he just spent a portion of his essence, right?
<AlcarGM> You're pretty damn sure they're linked to Chaos. And 1) yup and 2) definitely.
<maribel`> great, she can summon rodrick
<maribel`> that's going to confuse her enemies for sure
<maribel`> they'll find all their things stolen
<AlcarGM> :p

* Joe` pretypes next action... doot de doo...
<Joe`> d100 40 Brawling
<Sparkie> Joe` d100: 89 40 Brawling
<Joe`> blarg
<Joe`> Sparkie you are a turbo shit :/

<Chaos`^> and your aspects/skills?
<alcar> Aspect: Grew Up With Monsters Skills: Alertness, Dancer Sense, Endurance, Running
<kentari> hmm
<Chaos`^> dancer?
<alcar> errr, danger ;P
<alcar> Though that would be an interesting skill. "There is ballet near here. I can .. sense it."

<Chaos`^> What's Imoutocon?
<kentari> bahaha
<kentari> you don't know?
<kentari> you know lolicon, right?
<Chaos`^> no
<Chaos`^> ok
<kentari> imouto is "younger sister"
<kentari> con is con
<Chaos`^> oh god

<Chaos`^> Ok, at some point you both turn 16 and get a driver's license. That christmas your dad takes you to a parking lot with only 3 cars in it: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2010/10/14/automobiles/14wheels-slides/14wheels-slides-custom4.jpg http://www.pinktentacle.com/images/vanning_1.jpg http://im1.peldata.com/bl3/20157/12th.jpg He tells you each to pick one and it's yours to keep. What do you
<Chaos`^> do with it? Does having a car change anything? What do you do with your life at this point in time?
<alcar> ......
<kentari> Kelley decides that it's time for Dad to be hospitalized, too.
<alcar> Ari realizses that her attempts at healing dad are not taking? :p

<AlcarGM> He steeples his fingers together on the desk. "You were born this way. Marked by forces greater even than I, perhaps. There many more mysteries in the universe than three-hundred and thirty-three. You are one of those. I know of one person who could have made your kind exist, and -- others, perhaps. But who truly did it and to what end is something I suspect is meant to be a mystery, as reminder than not all things are meant to be known."
<Joe`> "...wow. Huh. That seems really... significant."
<Joe`> (( "Clearly I am meant to become a crusader to defend the natural world and wipe out all blasphemous magick and unnatural creatures." ))
<Joe`> (( *puts on paladin helmet* ))
<AlcarGM> Stephen: "Most things are, though they hide themselves until they need to be." His smile gentles. "I imagine it did Dennis good to be terrified of someone. Others may be as well, if they learn of you. It is, perhaps, unwise to delight in such things."

<Joe`> "Okay. Do you think... I'm better off leaving [the hand of glory] here, or taking it with me so I can watch it?"
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "If you keep it near you, your nature might hide it, but I'm not sure. You could leave it at your place and hope it is stolen?"
* Joe` sighs. "I don't think it'd be a good thing if Tristan actually got it. I'll... I'll see you later on."
<AlcarGM> Dennis: "All right. Please don't use it."
<Joe`> "Wasn't planning to." He hangs up, then takes the case back out of the closet. As an afterthought, he also packs a few extra shirts and pants in a bag to put in his trunk as spares for future run-ins with clothes-shredding monstrosities.
* Joe` then goes in to work like everything's fine.

* Joe` goes out on his shift like everything's still normal and as though he isn't smuggling a magical severed body part.

<Rodrick`^> any cabs on the list not on the map?
<alcar> It seems to map up fine, you think, in terms of routes to drivers. It's a bit gueswork without the original map, though.
<alcar> If the 'missing' cab is on other roads, it must be covered up by the markers for those other roads. But it at least gives you two roads to start from.
<Rodrick`^> well, why don't I hang out on one of those corners and see if any cabs come by that aren't listed?
<alcar> Okay. You head out and camp out on a street corner to watch for taxis. Which is like train spotting, only far more dull.
<Rodrick`^> lol

<Caltak> 1d100
<Sparkie> Caltak 1d100: 100
<Caltak> :P
* Sparkie is ready for unknown armies! YAY!

<Joe`> d100 55[70]
<Sparkie> Joe` d100: 3 55[70]
<AlcarGM> d100
<Sparkie> AlcarGM d100: 3
<AlcarGM> ....

* Caltak is now known as Sutatoberu
* Sparkie is now known as SparkieGM
<SparkieGM> ..... okay, fine then.
* SparkieGM is now known as Sparkie
<Sutatoberu> :p
* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
<Sutatoberu> (( THAT would certinaly go over well and not abruptly end in death. ))
<Sparkie> You read my plot notes!

<AlcarGM> Orb: "This Node would like to extend apologies for -- well, we're not quite sure what. You do not seem to be on the register, but that seems positively normal now. Yes, entirely normal," sounding grumpy. "We extend apologies for the condition of the Complex due to various unexpected drains on resources. Cafeterias contain a wide variety of food and other guests may be encountered as desired. Please feel free to visit relaxation rooms if needed."
<Africa> (to the Node) "Do you have a name?"
<AlcarGM> Orb: "I am Node 24678."
<Africa> "Pleased to meet you, Node 24678. I'm Africa. Are you magic?"
<AlcarGM> Node 24678: "You may consider me magic, if you wish?"
<Africa> "I hadn't met a wisp who's talked before."
* Africa turns back to the door, and peers out into the hallway. "Did you say there was food in these parts? I was getting a wee bit peckish..."
<AlcarGM> Node 24678: "Yes. Please follow the hallway to your right and the first open door on your left."
<fennec> speaking of food
<AlcarGM> The hallway seems.... bigger when you open the door, as if it somehow expanded in size by at least 10 feet in the time it took you to talk to the Node.
* Africa follows the hallway to her left and goes to the first open door on her right.
<fennec> this is one of the reasons she hasn't finished her quest yet :b
<AlcarGM> :p

<Sparkie> ....
<Sparkie> [18:11] * Out2lunch has joined #game2
<Sparkie> [18:12] * Sparkie has dice!
<Sparkie> [18:12] * Out2lunch has left #game2 (Leaving)
<Sparkie> I *am* scary!

<Kaimi> "What's a mermaid?"
<AlcarGM> (( Ryko: "A rare sushi." ))
<Africa> (( i KNOW ))
<Caltak> (( P: ))
<fennec> since it's very-much frowned upon to kill other contestants
<fennec> i suppose it's doubly bad to turn them into sushi
<AlcarGM> It WOULD be a novel way to win a cuisine-based contest :p
<Caltak> well, you could turn *part* of them into sushi, without killing them.
<Caltak> They never said dismembering or consuming parts of other contestants wasn't allowed.

<Kaimi> Africa may notice that one of Kaimi's tentacles has curled around a small peice of her hair
<Kaimi> in a subtle way
<Kaimi> it might also be just slightly stuck
* Africa takes a step baaack to avoid tentacle-in-hair. can roll defense if necessary. :P
<AlcarGM> :p
<Kaimi> oh yeah, it's defiantly stuck
<Kaimi> "Yerk!"
<Africa> i have heightened awareness; i get to roll dice to notice and avoid tentacles in the hair that I don't want in my hair :)
<Kaimi> this isn't an attack, it's role play :P
<Kaimi> and funny
<Africa> i don't trust your kind, mermaid :P
<Kaimi> (You really want me to roll to see if I can humorously get my tentacle stuck in your hair?)
* Africa frowns :( and removes an arrow and carefully uses the sharp end to cut the bits that are stuck-y

<Africa> 2d6 just warming you up sparkie
<Sparkie> Africa 2d6: 2 just warming you up sparkie
<Africa> good! now that's out of the way....
<Sparkie> ...
<Sparkie> So, okay maybe -- just maybe -- some of you had a point with that Divine Relationship.
* Sparkie wanders away and mutters about losing fun deaths

<AlcarGM> Alt: "Gravity. Air. I'm not getting anything that makes sense at all here beyond a headache, unless anyone knows what iridium is. Or why it would be chittering?"
* Kaimi shrugs, a very interesting gesture when one has 4 shoulders and no bones
* Kaimi takes a ready stance, sending waves of sonar out into the forest
<Africa> 2d6+17 a shot in the dark
<Sparkie> Africa 2d6+17: 19(2) a shot in the dark
<Africa> <3 sparkie

<Sparkie> Africa 2d6+8: 13(5) I'm going to try and line it up so that I shoot three of them at once (Extreme -6 Penalty applies)
<AlcarGM> 2d6+4 - So. Sparkie. Fun?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+4: 11(7) - So. Sparkie. Fun?
<fennec> theoretically they each get a defense roll
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6+4
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6+4: 11(7) 11(7)
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> Yeah. So that didn't matter :p
<fennec> sparkie, you're allowed to give them DIFFERENT rolls.
* Sparkie didn't feeel like it, okay?

<Kaimi> "And the challenges will certainly ramp up in difficulty, they always start off pretty easy, just to weed out anyone who's all ink and no squid."

<AlcarGM> Sutatoberu spots Kaimi, kentari spots Sutatoberu. Aside from the two of you, the cell seems to be unoccupied.
* Sutatoberu appears to be a small, somewhat chubby kangaroo-like creature about 40 cm tall, with dark blue fur, feathered wings on its back that seem too small to actually fly, overly large ears and eyes which give it an adorable quality, and a white star-shaped gem in its forehead.
<kentari> "Interesting."
<kentari> "I don't quite know how I got here."
<Kaimi> hehehe
* kentari looks around for signs of an exit.

<Africa> so
<Africa> this guy gives you exposition about sacrificing one person from each family or something to that effect in the name of an overarching spell
<Sutatoberu> Eh, makes sense to me. Some people are evil.
<Africa> and you pursue the 'eating contest' angle
<Africa> riiiiight okay
<Sparkie> fear of dice does terrible things to PCs.
<Africa> i'm just saying
<Africa> chekov's gonna come looking for his gun
<Kaimi> who are we to pass judgment on the society of a whole different planet?

<Kaimi> "Do you still need to go to the infermary, Africa? You may have torn muscles or..." she tries to think of a mammalian injury, "loose teeth or something."
<Africa> (to Thistle) "Anyway. I'm questing for the sword Excalibur. Something about prophecies. Speaking of which," (more broadly), "none of you have seen it around anywhere, 'ave you?"
<Kaimi> "Brain trauma...."

<Thistle> I don't have a very high saving throw for tongue. kind of a weakness.

<AlcarGM> You have all rested, slept or healed -- in the case of Zack, mostly been left confused and without a single blue hospitality orb able to explain HOW he is now in The Game. They do seem rather more snarky than he's ever encountered from an Orb before, but the world flicks blue and you are all standing on dirt flooring in a large arena (300 yards long, a hundred wide) with a domed ceiling; there is seating for at least 20,000 people -- all normal human, including while families and vendors of foodstuffs -- and a box at the far end in which various dark-robed figures sit [for those with eyes to see, they radiate dark magics].
<Africa> (s/while families/whole families, that took me a moment)
<Zackary> ((Could be worse. I read "white" families here.))

<Zackary> Diesuke has Special Defense (Seppuku)
<Thistle> you can only use it once though...
<Zackary> lol
<Zackary> no, no
<Zackary> he's immune to seppuku
<Zackary> he can do it as a party trick

<pearl> I am a dice-rolling bot. To make me leave use: /ctcp Pearl part #game1
<kentari> There she is.
<kentari> 1d10000
<pearl> kentari: 0
<kentari> :>

* Sparkie might still become an npc. You never know.
* Thistle is in favor of Sparkie being an NPC
* Out2lunch fears such a creature of wanton destruction
<alcar> ... you fear PCs? :p
<Thistle> anyone in their right mind should fear PCs. They're violent, kleptomaniac sociopaths.

<kentari> hrm
<kentari> slightly afk for a bit
<Thistle> ...and now i am mostly available, hahaha
* Sparkie thinks AFK means Afraid Of sparKie.

<AlcarGM> You eat chocolate on your own and Apple is left no doubt rather pleased at getting both you and Atl buzzed. Even if there are probably Regulations about that sort of thing.
<AlcarGM> You finish chocolate and head off to work on using darts, but fly headlong into End Of Session en route, which is like a bad chocolate that devours you entirely until the next session as if you were the Host.
* Thistle cares not for regulations, only the deliciously high theobromine content of this delicious, delicious chocolate.
<Thistle> (thanks for the session!)
<Sparkie> theobromine <- another word for dice, right?!
<Thistle> ...sure, let's go with that

<Thistle> it's good to have friends.
<Thistle> especially when you often find people trying to kill you.
* Sparkie would have succeeded, too, if not for those meddlesome kids!
<Sparkie> I mean .... I rolled dice. Yup. Rolled dice.

<Thistle> I got to play today, and fought ninjas.
<Chaos`^> Oh
<Chaos`^> He finally got to pull out the ninjas?
<Thistle> and Atl's mecha got its arm sliced off. by a ninja.
<Thistle> thankfully I had stabby eldritch shadow tentacles
<Thistle> those -always- come in handy
<Thistle> then some other ninjas showed up, and saw the remains of the first group, and decided not to fight us
* Sparkie had GREAT ninjas
<Sparkie> They committed seppuku for power!
<Thistle> ...that WAS kind of odd, Sparkie
<Thistle> two of them killed themselves and somehow that made the remaining ones more powerful
<Sparkie> It happens when PCs die too; you can try it next session if you want?
<Chaos`^> Yeah, you didn't know that? When you commit sepuku your family becomes more powerful
<Chaos`^> how do you think they convinced grown ass men to cut open their stomachs?

* Thistle looks at Kaimi for a moment, perplexed. "Why would we cut down trees? trees are wonderful!"
<AlcarGM> The squirrel relaxes a little at that. "The Great Nut would be pleased to hear that," he begins when the air ripples above his head and Zachary comes falling out of the sky.
<Zackary> "...!"
<AlcarGM> Squirrel: "!"
<Dolan`^> "!?"
* Thistle nods. "My people love trees. We build our houses around them. And also teach them to talk. Which takes a long time but is totally worth it. Sometimes I even think-" she breaks off as Zack makes an entrance. "Oh hi!"
<AlcarGM> Zackary: you are hurling down toward snow and a very surprised looking squirrel; action(s)?
<Zackary> Oh, that's not good.
* Zackary considers his options and settles for quickly reaching inside a jacket pocket and twisting something therein. A forcefield flickers with the turbulent atmosphere of his current trajectory. He spreads his arms and legs out in an instinctive, parachuting posture afterwards.
<AlcarGM> wind whips into existence around the squirrels paws, and then diminishes a little as Zackary thumps into the snow beside him, a little surprised but at least not hurt.
<AlcarGM> Squirrel: ".... the monster did not throw this one down at us."
* Thistle lets out a quiet little relieved sigh at the narrowly averted Poor First Impression
* Zackary creates a vaguely snow-angel shaped crater upon landing and, after getting his feet under him, looks around in an attempt to get his bearings.
<AlcarGM> The rest of the wind about the squirrels paws dissipates slowly. "No need for hadoken. We are - surprised, yes. I am Sqi!x. You are, none of you, of the Great Nut but so far even your monster has been .... behaved?"
<Kaimi> "We're very civilized monsters."

<Kaimi> "I just really don't want to offend the Nut. Not with all the magic squirrels around...."

<Kaimi> "Anyone need any help climbing?"
* Zackary considers that.
* Zackary shrugs, then nods.
<Dolan`^> "Oh, would you?"
* Kaimi will gently encircle Zackary with one of her lithe tentacles and lift him off the ground
<AlcarGM> Zackary: Soul check vs the binding marriage ceremony of Kaimi's people.
<Kaimi> ((XD))
<Zackary> Oh, no.
<Zackary> I'm ruined for marriage.
<Zackary> IT WAS A TRAP
<Zackary> =p

<Kaimi> "It's just sort of sitting there, I don't think it's secured in any way."
* Thistle looks puzzled. "It's not rooted into the ground? How is it possibly supporting that giant creature's weight then?"
* Kaimi will let Alcar explain
<Kaimi> "Can't you see? It's kind of egg shaped."
<Kaimi> and then doesn't ...
<Donal`^> "The tree?"
<Kaimi> "Yeah, I think that's why the bird took it."

<AlcarGM> There is a flicker of blue light and a creature appears in the air above your heads ..... hopefully another Contestant, because if this is the dragon the dragons of this world have much to answer for.
* Sutatoberu appears to be a small, somewhat chubby kangaroo-like creature about 40 cm tall, with dark blue fur, feathered wings on its back that seem too small to actually fly, overly large ears and eyes which give it an adorable quality, and a white star-shaped gem in its forehead.
<zackary> 1d2 1=looks like a dragon to me, sir
<Sparkie> zackary 1d2: 2 1=looks like a dragon to me, sir
<Sparkie> ....
* Sparkie will allow divine relationship to be used on that.
<zackary> 1d2 1=looks like a dragon to me, sir
<Sparkie> zackary 1d2: 2 1=looks like a dragon to me, sir
* Sparkie doesn't see zackary killing the dragon :(

* Sutatoberu hands back the extracted shards. "Might want to put these inside something."
* Thistle bows her head toward Sutatoberu, her mask looks apologetic until she reaches up to pull it off. now she looks apologetic. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... ah.." she takes the shards, carefully. "...thanks."
<AlcarGM> (( Sutatoberu: "Like your eyes" *stabs Thistle* ))
<Sutatoberu> (( :P ))
<Thistle> (( crap, should have left my mask on ))

<Kaimi> "You should consider being a vegetarian."
<AlcarGM> Werewolf: ".... what's that?" looking baffled
<Kaimi> "It means you eat plants instead of people."
<AlcarGM> Werewolf: ".... I am not a rabbit!"
<AlcarGM> he growls .... then switches it to a whimper, not wanting to be eaten or worse.
<AlcarGM> Werewolf: "We coud ... eat rabbits?"
<AlcarGM> Werewolf: "Small ones?"
<Kaimi> "So long as they don't talk or wear cute little vests."

<Thistle> "Everybody pose as a team because shit just got real"?
* Thistle invokes Problem Sleuth
<Thistle> am I alone in thinking this is a trap?
<Sutatoberu> yes! :p
<AlcarGM> 2d6+4
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+4: 12(8)
<Thistle> see? dice are being rolled! see? see?
* Sparkie needed an 18 to devour your souls :(
<Thistle> that's good to know. especially since it was a 2d6+4.
* Sparkie eyes alcar.
* Sparkie will get revenge for this.

* Thistle nods a little, then turns to address empty space where nobody is standing. "Um... Hey Game Orb?" she's kind of hesitant, not exactly sure how to call one.
<AlcarGM> An orb appears. "How can I aid you?"
* Thistle mask-blinks. That was easy. "Um! I would like to know if there's any contact allowed between contestants and... where they came from? Can I talk to my sisters? Am I allowed to visit them?"
<AlcarGM> Orb: "I am afraid such contact is not permitted as it may interfere in The Game harveting the energy of your homeworlds."
<Thistle> "..."
<Thistle> "...what."
<AlcarGM> Orb: "This is a joke. It has been suggested that we attempt humour."
<AlcarGM> Orb: "Was it successful?"
* Thistle shudders, "...no."
<AlcarGM> Orb: "We apologize for the error. No contact is permitted since it may lead to favouritism in rankings."

* Sparkie knows all about brain defects. Some people play *amber*
<Out2lunch> Im not really sure that that *is* a brain defect
* Thistle eyes Sparkie, prepares a few stabby Logrus Tendrils
* Sparkie is pretty sure diceless rolepaying has to be a brain defect.
<Out2lunch> hee
<Out2lunch> I've got to agree with you there, Spark

<kentari> <Lunchie> plus I really hate one of the other players
<kentari> I'm here you know
<kentari> I can see that
<kentari> >:/
<alcar> hehehehe

* Thistle bets Sparkle would even pass a turing test
<alcar> Some people have failed it in the past.
<Thistle> that's because a lot of people just aren't as smart as a dicebot
* Sparkie knows at least one.
* Sparkie eyes alcar.
<Thistle> human intelligence has such a huge range of variance
<Sparkie> Thistle human: 12 from [6, 3, 6, 5], 10 from [5, 5, 3, 6] intelligence has such a huge range of variance
<Sparkie> ....
<Thistle> ...what
<alcar> somehow you triggered the OVA dice script.
<Thistle> hmmm
<alcar> the irony is great :p
<Sparkie> Shut up.

* Sparkie might have dice later.
* Sparkie might even have sexy disco dice.
<Thistle> ooooh, are they purple?
<Thistle> purple always makes things sexier
<Sparkie> Like bruises!
* Sparkie makes notes for PCs
* Thistle supposes she'll have to allow that one

<AlcarGM> The downed craft is white and looks to have been on the banch for some time; there are gaping holes in one side and it looks to have been scuttled for parts, now mostly rotten from storms over the years.
<AlcarGM> http://yeyeright.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/100111885_d073890fb7.jpg
<Kaimi> damn it, alcar
<AlcarGM> .... what? :)
<Kaimi> how did I know that's what it was going to be
<Kaimi> XD

* Thistle flits over to check out the boat, hovering over and next to it to peer inside.
<AlcarGM> Thistle: you poke you head in to find a pool of water in it, along with some swimming fish .... one of whom leaps out of the water with sharp teeth and attempts to have a dinner of fairy legs.
<AlcarGM> 2d6+4 - Munch?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+4: 6(2) - Munch?
* Sparkie stretches.
<Sparkie> Sparkie: +1. Alcar's Blood Pressure: Also +1.

<AlcarGM> You head back toward a god and ninja with Thistle and Atl scanning the jungle warily. Water ripples gently, and shapes lash out of toward all of you; long, thin and spiny tendrils with mouth-pieces on the end of them, feeders for something larger
<Kaimi> "Eww."
<AlcarGM> 2d6+6 - hungry!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+6: 13(7) - hungry!
<Thistle> 2d6+7 not it!
<Sparkie> Thistle 2d6+7: 13(6) not it!
<AlcarGM> 2d6+5 - food?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+5: 13(8) - food?
<Kaimi> 2d6+6
<Sparkie> Kaimi 2d6+6: 13(7)
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> Sparkie. There *are* other numbers.
<Kaimi> that doesn't happen everyday

<Thistle> somewhere: "This season, on THE GAME: New contestants appear , with new challenges! But something... is WRONG! <cut to Thistle> "We're at the mercy of a broken machine!" <cue dramatic music!> WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? TUNE IN!"
<Sparkie> Deranged isn't the same as broken! Geeze.
<Thistle> but it makes such a great sound-bite!
<Thistle> think of the ADVERTISING!

<AlcarGM> Lessee..... Ah, yes. Donal has aquired two swords from Atl and also overheard -- via AI -- a possible torture of someone connected to The Game, but it could alos be a trick to see if anyone *is* trying to hack into secure channels. Sometimes paranoia is really the only friend a PC has.
<AlcarGM> Or is it?!
<Donal`^> lol
<Donal`^> I'm gunna pursue it
<Donal`^> I might learn more about this 'magic' along the way

* Thistle ponders, "what's everyone looking at?" She peers at the top of the screen. "Does that say 'Rankings'? Oh wow, I've been wondering!" She flits a bit closer, excitedly, reading down the list to find her name. There's a pause.
* Thistle blinks. Stares. ".....'sidekick'? SIDEKICK?"
<AlcarGM> Atl: "You did great," to Kaimi. "I guess the island stuff was part of it, when you beat up sea creatures?"
<AlcarGM> "It is hardly a surprise," a certain ninja says to Thistle, en route to leaving. He does not even ask about his swords, he is so amused by this.
* Thistle flicks her antennae in an analogue of a twitching eyebrow as Ryko goes past. She's too annoyed to react to him right now. She quietly turns toward the host, and flutters over to land near him. "Hi!" she greets in a fake-cheerful voice. "So... what's 'sidekick' mean, then?"
<AlcarGM> Host: 'Oh, a Contestant whose abilities are best suited to support and aiding others than, well engaging on their own. Some Contestants -- such as healers -- fall under that umbra, though they're not the only ones." The Host gets another drink. "Is there a problem?"
* Thistle just stares at the Host for several seconds. Even her mask's smile looks plastered-on and forced. "Ah. Of course." She stares for just a bit longer, unnervingly. "No problem. Nevermind." She turns and flits toward the buffet, her movements slightly stilted as she quietly fumes.
* Thistle might be overheard muttering under her breath, "...I'll show you who's a sidekick you creepy little goblin..."

<Chaos`^> what's the last line you got?
<AlcarGM> <Donal`^> The laser sight and the scope do the same thing so I won't take a bonus for it, but it IS flashy.
<AlcarGM> <Donal`^> and just subtle enough
<AlcarGM> <Donal`^> to make Donal look cool
<Chaos`^> Ok
<AlcarGM> and then you pinged out, because esper doesn't seem to agree ;p
<Donal`^> Esper only pings out cool people

<Thistle> that session had some humor to it, that was fun
* alcar really has to stop giving Sparkie goblins. They always seem to roll insanely high...
<Thistle> probably because they chea- er, I mean, they use SPECIAL GOBLIN DICE. Yeah.
<alcar> It was insanely absurd. I don't think any of them rolled below a +8 :p
<alcar> Unlike, say, Donal :p
<Thistle> zing!
* Sparkie DID say it was the BEST SESSION EVER, right?
<Thistle> you may have mentioned that , yes
<Sparkie> Well, it was.
* Sparkie doesn't want to use ninjas anymore. Just goblins.

<alcar> Right, Throwing laundry washer; sound off, who all is about and up for a session in the meantime
* Thistle is here
* Africa perhaps!
<alcar> Caltak might be in a bit.
* Sparkie could be. If there are dice. Lots of dice.
<Africa> that's what you have me for, right, sparkie? :)
<Sparkie> I think you are confused; dice are for killing PCs with.
<Africa> i don't see how that invalidates my assertion
<Sparkie> Oh.
<Sparkie> Good.

<Africa> so while I'm ripping off the Dies Irae and saying "grant them peace", I'd also like to use a general action to invoke Divine Relationship on The Party.
<AlcarGM> You concentrate, but the blessing feels oddly muted, as if it was being limited or simply didn't belong here.
<Africa> well according to Sparkie it doesn't belong ANYWHERE :b
<AlcarGM> That is true :)

<AlcarGM> Merlin: ".... I have more ninjas, if ... if that ... helps?"
* Sutatoberu steps back from the water...
<AlcarGM> Africa comes back up, hard, but without a ninja at all.
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "Or doesn't help," backing up some more.
* Africa makes it back to the Land or just to the surface?
* Thistle makes an oh-shit' face and quickly backs away from the water, flitting up into the air, and tries to snap out a shadow-tendril to snag Africa and pull her back.
<AlcarGM> Africa is snagged by shadows and pulled to land.
<Sutatoberu> "It's too bad Kaimi isn't here; I think she knows some things about underwater deities."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Deities? Have I descended so low, then?"
* Thistle is shaken but relieved to have successfully reeled the Princess in. "-definitely- not a good place for a swim..." she mutters.
* Africa coughs, reaches for equipment, drips a bit on the ground. "Thankees. Turns out there's like EPIC loot down there and No Monsters at ALL."
* Thistle also helpfully creates another, larger, towel for Africa. Black and fluffy.
<Africa> "Also apparently I'm not _tasty_ enough."
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "... but it ate a ninja."
<Thistle> "Yeah, that makes no sense. Africa would be WAY more delicious than some silly ninja."

* Thistle looks around. "Well, I don't see any possible means of digestion in here... I wonder if we can just open up all the rooms and link them together?"
<Africa> "You're the boss."
<Donal`^> "No, don't do that."
<Donal`^> "The rooms interact with each other..."
<Africa> "and do what? put on an interactive multimedia extravaganza?"
<Thistle> (to Africa): "But you're the Princess!"
<Thistle> "That makes you the boss!"
<Africa> (to Thistle) "I delegated!"
* Thistle ohhhs, nodding. Princesses ARE allowed to do that.

<Thistle> (( oh noes... are we actually in an Aperture Science Test Chamber??? ))

<Lunchie> I'd actually be pretty surprized if Thistle was *allowed* to make out
<Lunchie> what with being some kind of worker drone
<Thistle> nah, Drones assist in reproduction, they just can't get pregnant themselves.
* Thistle has perhaps put a bit too much thought into this

<Africa> "You are interrupting with _weapons_. Please turn around, go back to the door, and come back in friendly-like."
* Thistle confides to Africa in an aside-whisper, "That's why I took his swords away! He likes to interrupt with -weapons-!"
<AlcarGM> The ninja ..... turns to Africa as the arrow sails past, looking calm and unhurried. "I am a ninja; what are you to that?"
<AlcarGM> Both shuriken's are snapped flying with an arrow each. Ryko just narrows his eyes and attempts to look menancing as if he not just totally disarmed in a heartbeat
<Africa> "Apple dear, will you set a place for Mr. Ryko? Some tea. Earl grey. Hot."
* Thistle helpfully explains to Africa, "You really can't convince him like that, he'll just keep coming." She sighs, shaking her head, then freezes when she spots her teacup on the floor. "AAAH! My tea!" She picks up the cup, cradling it like a baby and cooing at it for a moment. Then she looks up, glares at Ryko, and contemplates throwing it at him.
<AlcarGM> Apple, wisely, makes tea.
<AlcarGM> The ninja ignores Thistle and walks over to take the tea. "The swords are to me as your bow is to you," to Africa. "This creature does not understtand that."
* Thistle graciously decides NOT to throw the teacup. She settles on glaring at Ryko instead. "This -creature- thinks you're not responsible enough to be trusted with sharp objects!"

<Kaimi> "Am I seriously the only one here who can fight someone without leaving them seriously injured?"

<Sparkie> The Game is NOT malfunctioning. Dice are being rolled. Which means everything is JUST FINE.
* Sparkie sorted everything out for you.
<Thistle> aren't you constantly complaining that not ENOUGH dice are being rolled though, Sparkle?
<Thistle> that COULD be because the Game is malfunctioning
* Sparkie eyes Alcar.
<Sparkie> I see I have been tricked.

<Chaos`^> Roll street sense if you want to guess about what they are doing here/if they're a good target =p
<Chaos`^> target number... 12 let's say.
<Eryth> 2d6+5 - K
<Sparkie> Eryth 2d6+5: 11(6) - K
<Sparkie> Hi :)
* Sparkie likes target numbers a lot.

<Chaos`^> You perform your first act of being a peeping tom and see Arnold and the waitress naked on the bed.
<Eryth> Assuming they are quite occupied, ducking in and heading to his clothing, finding missive, and getting the hell *out*. Ideally.
<Chaos`^> they're having sex, but they're not blind. You'll have to roll stealth or something for that.
<Eryth> .... but love makes us blind!
<Eryth> 2d6+7 - Okay, but only if Sparkie rolls high.
<Sparkie> Eryth 2d6+7: 11(4) - Okay, but only if Sparkie rolls high.

<Kaimi> "*You* weren't there."
* Thistle looks confused now. "I wasn't?"
<Kaimi> "No!"
* Thistle blinks. "But I remember it so clearly! We were under the deep ocean, and there was that super-ancient amphitheater made of bones, with the black lake... did I dream that? The Kraken almost ate Africa but ate the ninja that came out of Merlin's hat instead!"
<Sutatoberu> "Which where was she not at?"

<Kaimi> 1d6+11 let's put an end to this
<Sparkie> Kaimi 1d6+11: 16(5) let's put an end to this
<Kaimi> 2d6+11 let's put an end to this
<Sparkie> Kaimi 2d6+11: 16(5) let's put an end to this
* Thistle glares at Ninja #3. "Yes." She makes her shadows spread out and out across the floor until everyone in the area is standing on them. She seems about to do something, but then Kaimi goes for #3. "Hey! I thought this one was ours!"
<Sutatoberu> (( lol @ same roll on 2 dice as 1 die ))
<Kaimi> ((seriously, Sparkie?))
<AlcarGM> 2d6+8 - ... 16?
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6+8: 16(8) - ... 16?
<AlcarGM> ....
<Sutatoberu> (( yup, clearly rigged. ))
<Sutatoberu> (( proof. ))

<Kaimi> ok, I'm too tired to be making universe destroying decisions
* Sparkie can help that! WITH DICE!

<Thistle> ok, I'm going to try and teleport, do i need to roll for that?
<Thistle> 2d6+7 Mind check for teleporting
<Sparkie> Thistle 2d6+7: 12(5) Mind check for teleporting
<AlcarGM> Trying to go where?
<Thistle> not far. out to the corridor maybe, or to Atl's room.
<Thistle> lol!
<Thistle> well i did!
* Sparkie coughs. As you were.

<AlcarGM> Must not reference Paranoia. Must not reference Paranoia.....
<AlcarGM> :P
<Thistle> lol, this entire SESSION is a reference to Paranoia
<Sparkie> The Computer IS your friend.
* Sparkie knows this for fact.
<Thistle> ...for a certain range of values for 'friend'...

<Thistle> It would be fun to see how many series you could concievably mash together into a single coherent whole, though
<Thistle> I think being genre saavy would have to be a skill. take BESM and ram it at full speed into TVTropes.
<Thistle> and somehow incorporate an invisible omnipresent audience
<Thistle> and characters who get too close to realizing that they're actually animated fictional characters go insane
<kentari> eh
<kentari> just use the Amber solution
<alcar> ken: Eveything is a Shadow of Excel Saga? :)
<kentari> only you
<kentari> only you
<Caltak> lol
<kentari> would put hayatte on the throne of amber
<alcar> It makes sense :P
<Caltak> nah, Ilpalazzo is on the thone

<Africa> "Okay, host plans. A. killing... sounds iffy honestly. B. Take the host far, far away from any game or related world! C. Clones. D. ..."
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "The Game has nothing to do with the Host returning; the Host cannot be destroyed." And actually shuts up after that.
* Thistle holds up a finger at the Dragon's statement. "A-HA!" She nods. "That must mean the Host has been the prisoner of the Game this entire time. And he started everything up, so... ummm..." She looks like she's on the verge of figuring something out, or at least, she thinks she is.
<AlcarGM> The dragon says nothing at all.
<AlcarGM> Host: "... what?"
* Thistle points at the Host. "You. Are supposed to be the one in charge. Of everything. And they stole it from you." Her voice is almost triumphant.
<AlcarGM> Host: ".... I don't feel in charge of anything."
<Africa> "D. Confront the Host and demand repatriation and reparations!!"
<Thistle> "Of course not! They stole your controls and have been routinely wiping your brain or something!"

<Kaimi> "If the orbs end up being the producers, I'm going to be really pissed off."
<Kaimi> she mutters under her breath
<AlcarGM> Table: ".... this unit operating under basic protocols ... Food-stuff designate calamari is correct."
<Kaimi> "Oooo, calamari."
<AlcarGM> Table: "This unit apologoizes for calling a Contestant food."
<Kaimi> "What!? Are you kidding me?!" /me pounds on the table
<Kaimi> "I wanted to think they were in charge AGES ago! But NO, everyone's all "they're just tools."
* Kaimi glares at the dragon. it is a look filled with hate and annoyance.
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "I should have suspected such; I imagine I was ... prevented."
* Kaimi flips the table!
<Africa> (Apple, stop playing with the food. :P
<AlcarGM> Apple wants aggressive functions back, pls, in order to make everyone else calamari :p
<Kaimi> heh
<AlcarGM> "So,how DID your PC die again?" "I ticked off a table and it turned me into a main course."
<Kaimi> that would be pretty amazing

<Sutatoberu> "You're all welcome to visit me if you want as well, we could have a pretty good time."
* Thistle nibbles her lip, not sure what to say to her friends.
<AlcarGM> The Commander considers, then nods to Sutatoberu. "Your world might be nicer than mine. If you do not mind?"
<AlcarGM> Commander: "I have this desire to conquer a universe, and if your world is like you it shall be easy!"
<Thistle> lol!
<Kaimi> XD

* Sparkie thinks rolling dice is MORE fun. So you know.
<Thistle> don't worry sparkle, I'm sure there'll be plenty of d20's in your immediate future
<Sparkie> But Alcar won't be rolling them :(
<Thistle> true, we'll just have to roll more on our side to compensate
<Sparkie> I mean, I get that his fear of me is now EPIC, but still. I think it's cheating.
<Thistle> 1d20 Mad Cartography Skillz!
<Sparkie> Thistle 1d20: 3 Mad Cartography Skillz!
* Sparkie will just have to roll a lot of 1s.
<Thistle> ...
<kentari> 1d20
<Sparkie> kentari 1d20: 1
<kentari> Yeah.
* Thistle gets lost ALREADY?
<kentari> Numenara is going to be troublesome. :P
<alcar> .... that was kind of freaky :p
<Thistle> ok
<Sparkie> Don't wear them out before the game! Geeze!
<Thistle> new plan
<Thistle> cultivate Edge and Effort to make as many tasks as possible automatically succeed without rolling.
<alcar> You can also burn XP to reroll dice :)
<Sparkie> Cowards.

<kentari> my numernara PC has a rocket launcher
<kentari> I don't need anything else
* alcar nods :P
<kentari> sparkie knows what o'clock it is :P
<alcar> it was amusing; I think you ended up with all the combat-crazy stuff
<Caltak> But your Numenera PC is not a space ninja with a rocket launcher, which you can be in Warframe.
* Sparkie can arrange THAT. Easy-peasy.
* Sparkie is perfectly willing to launch PCs into space.
<Sparkie> And burn them up on reentry. Of course.

<Victa> 1d20
<Sparkie> Victa 1d20: 4
* Sparkie is happy now.
<Ankita> there's the sparkie we all know and love
<Ankita> or at least something like love

<Victa> I think books are probably like the towels of the numenera universe. don't leave home without one.

<AlcarGM> Yurt: "Who *are* all these people?" to Victa, baffled.
<Kishan> "Hired hands. We're new in town."
* Kishan knows he wasn't asked, but answers anyways
* Victa replies, "Mercenaries Zia hired. At least they were -supposed- to be. Fucking pacifists are going to get us all killed."
<Kishan> "You're making a lot of assumptions, miss."
<Victa> "And you have no concept of chain-of-command, so shut the fuck up."
<Kishan> "I could say that a gung ho, fire without thought of consequence attitude is more likely to get people killed."
<Kishan> "Also you're the guide. Know your place."
<Victa> "Yes. You could. And you'd be wrong. Nor was it your call to make."
<Kishan> "Leaders have leadership skills. A sense of tactics perhaps. Some situational awareness."
<Kishan> 'Also the backing of their team, most of all."
<Sparkie> A desire to roll dice!
<Sparkie> .... right?
<Ryll> lol
<Ryll> thats true, I bet Sparkie would root for Victa's style of "shoot first, fuck asking questions" :p

<Ankita> "I'm just not sure that this works out in our interest. Especially if we have to bring her," gesturing to Victa. "She may be one of your best guides, but I personally view her reckless actions as a hazard."
* Victa glares at Ankita. It's a good thing she doesn't have heat-vision eyebeams or anything like that.
* Kishan bites his tongue almost visibly
<AlcarGM> The mayor just waits.
* Kishan hrms, this was in a book somewhere
* Victa just growls, "I'm not taking you anywhere if you can't follow orders."
<Kishan> "I think, perhaps to say it differently is that in any venture there is risk and reward."
<Ankita> "We are risking our lives on your behest, but all we are guaranteed is a bed and some food. I'm sorry, but this doesn't balance in my mind."
<AlcarGM> (( Zia: "You also get the company of Victa, the town's ombudsman." ))
* Victa laughs
* Victa had to google that
<AlcarGM> You had to google your own job?! :p

<Ankita> "3 shins a day. each."
<Kishan> "I feel a... kindred connection with the ont known as Ryll, so we see with similiar eyes."
<AlcarGM> Zia: "What makes you think you are worth three?" curiously.
<Kishan> "But do not presume to order us to our doom or to attack, to kill like trained dogs. We are will and power both."
<Ankita> "If we go with Victa, 1 shin a day if we don't. In adition to food and lodgings, of course."
<Kishan> "That is why we are here, not because of percieved strength."
<AlcarGM> the mayor's lips twitch into something that could almost be a laugh at Ankitas coment. "Three it is, then," and nods to Kishan. "That it true."

* Victa settles with, "So you can't be ordered to attack, what good are you then?" That's much milder than what she was originally going to say.
* Kishan just shakes his head, "If you cannot answer that for yourself then I don't know what to say."
* Kishan breathes out of his nose suddenly, "I... hrm. I take that back, partially."
<Victa> "It's a simple fucking question. We need muscle. People who can fight things that need fighting. If you can't be relied on to do that, then what use are you to us?"
<Kishan> "There is a natural state of action, a flow of reason into momentum. In order to fight I need a real reason to fight that makes sense."
<Victa> "Blah blah blah. Speak coherently, you mystical moron."
<Kishan> "Sometimes to fight is also to die without good reason."

<Caltak> I was originally not going to have work tonight, but I'm filling in for an injured coworker. BBL after 10pm Eastern
<Caltak[work]> actually, thunderstorms :/ still BBl tho
<Sparkie> Dice are more important than storms!
<Thistle> A Song of Dice and Fire, Book 4: A Storm of Rolls
<Thistle> "...Sparkie is coming!"
* Thistle bows, you're a great crowd, I'll be here all week.
* Sparkie could have a throne made of PC skulls!
* Sparkie will begin the collection next session. Thanks :)
<Thistle> <--- helping!

<Victa> "...threat? They set of some shit we don't know that affected the whole town and sees nothing wrong with all of us dyig because we're not 'human' and so don't matter, and you call that 'not a threat'? are you fucking high, lady? Go have a few more fucking drinks why don't you."
<Kishan> "You do have anger issues."
<Kishan> "But your both wrong, they are a threat and also not a threat."
<Ankita> "They aren't trained, and while a child with a gun is certainly dangerous, that danger is mostly inward."
* Victa turns toward the center of town. "Yeah I fucking know. And your lady has I'm-a-stupid-fucking-pacifict-who-can't-recognize-danger issues. I'm going to fucking report this."
<Kishan> "If anything they are just an anomaly like the rest."
<Kishan> "They don't want to kill everyone in town, they just find them irrelevant."
<Victa> "The distinction is fucking meaningless in this case."
* Ankita glares at Victa, she's starting to get sick of this.
<Kishan> "There is a lot of things in the world like that."
<Victa> "Yeah, and we have a word for those things. 'threats'."
<Kishan> "By the way, Ankita, high five for... what do you call that maneuver, pacificst chest stab?"
<Ankita> "Heh."

<AlcarGM> Int checks for everyone, task difficultly 5 (15).
<Victa> (spending effort)
<Victa> 1d20
<Sparkie> Victa 1d20: 17
<Victa> pfft
<Victa> one of these days I'll actually NEED the effort I spend
<Ankita> 1d20
<Sparkie> Ankita 1d20: 4
<AlcarGM> You feel surprisingly safe, as if you don't need to keep your hand near youe weapon; whatever these creture are, they are slow and mean no harm.
<Ankita> damn it
<Ankita> I'm going to die, aren't I? :P
<AlcarGM> Why would you ever think that?! You're safe, and it's such a safe and gentle place.

<Ankita> "Um, I know this is weird, but, um... Can I touch you?"
* Victa looks up from her sketching to stare at Ankita for a moment with a strange expression.
* Victa goes back to doing much the same as Ryll, but with drawings.
<AlcarGM> Creature: ".... we would not object," to Ankita.
<Ankita> "Oh, wow! Thank you!"
<Ryll> (( *Ankita gets eaten, then regurgitated.* "was that sufficient contact?" ))

<AlcarGM> You make it back the way you came without a problem and spot a walkwalk a good 20' above that the machine-people probably use; it looks solid enough and there seems to be light coming from beyond it.
* Victa thinks that looks just peachy. She finds a stable spot to throw from, and tosses her hook.
<Victa> 1d20
<Sparkie> Victa 1d20: 6
<AlcarGM> You throw and it hits metal, scraping loudly but does dig into place.
* Victa frowns and collects the hook for another throw, glancing around to make sure she's not attracting unwanted attention.
<Victa> 1d20
<Sparkie> Victa 1d20: 20
<Victa> \o/
<Sparkie> ... but ... but .... no. NOT FAIR!
* Sparkie had an ambush planned and everything :(
* Sparkie is ruining my own fun. This can't be kosher.

<AlcarGM> d20
<Sparkie> AlcarGM d20: 2
<Sparkie> Stupid rules.

* Ankita slaps Victa on the back, "You may not be so bad either, we'll see after we get a few drinks in you."
* Victa looks as though she'll be quite happy to leave the storytelling to others, and stumbles forward a bit when Ankita slaps her. "Nah, I don't drink." She shakes her head.
<Ankita> "Huh, that explains a lot."
<Ankita> "Still, you can't have a glorious victory and not celebrate with song and drink. It's a tradition as old as the earth itself. "

* Kishan does catch a gridlook at one of the crystals on his way out though, just because he's super curious
<Sparkie> Kishan 1d20: 20 WHAT IS A MAN?! A PITIFUL PILE OF DICE ROLLS!
<AlcarGM> The grid flares to live, and then scatters apart. Perhaps a function of the cyrstals, the Drill itself, or something Jisell has on her to prevent them from being scanned.
<AlcarGM> d20, please, for ze int :)
<Kishan> (are you sure? :P)
<AlcarGM> ...... oh.
<Sparkie> HAH!
<Kishan> (I seriously just diabolically laughed in my living room)

<Thistle> heh, Victa started out antagonizing -everyone-.
* Thistle even got the other PC's to successfully demand higher wages for being forced to put up with her!
<Thistle> you're welcome for that, by the way ^_^
<Thistle> though she might cut your pay again now that we're getting along. Ankita will have to negotiate

<Ryll> speaking of mutants, does Milvane have sewers? :p
<AlcarGM> It has two rivers under it, and the one contains some energy field the town used as a sewer and corpse disposaL
<Victa> we have rivers running under the town in multipel cave systems
<Ryll> energy field that disintegrates stuff doesn't really work for what i was thinking :/
<AlcarGM> Ryll: Oh? :p
<Kishan> he wants sewer mutants
<Kishan> futurama style
<Kishan> they don't deserve the sun!
<Ryll> I was more thinking of mutants of the shelled variety :p
<AlcarGM> The earthlings might technically qualify :p
<Ryll> they're not rad enough
<kentari> lol 'rad'
<AlcarGM> Well. No.
<Victa> they do seem pretty square
<kentari> clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick
<Ayjh> Lol this convo
<AlcarGM> I don't think anyone could call them that :p
<kentari> counter suggests they're super rad
<Ryll> geiger can stick it

<Ryll> "So you had no plan and there was shooting."
<Ryll> "That's pretty much every day for you, right?"

<Kishan> "which sort of means you or yurt can't be seen at all."
* Victa widens her eyes. "Gonna take a guess and say that would be a colossally-fucking-BAD idea, girlie." Apparently Victa has decided Ryll is a girl.
<Ryll> "Why? You said you don't know what it does. Maybe it dispenses clean water and cures the sick, you don't know."
<Kishan> "When we woke up the last collossus, all it wanted to do was destroy, but that was according to the treefriends."
<Kishan> "This one might be very well different."
* Victa stares at Ryll. "You're fucking joking, right? Tell me you're fucking joking."
<Kishan> "Maybe it just doesn't want to be trapped."
<Kishan> "Maybe it's just... alone."

* Ankita is now known as Out2lunch
* Victa flips her book shut and puts it away for now. "Where's O-She-Of-The-Mighty-Blade? She's coming with us, right?" Her tone says 'she better be fucking coming with us'
<Ryll> (( "she's out to lunch." :P ))
<Victa> (( GROAN ))
<AlcarGM> The seeker rolls off of Ryll and after a few pokes and wanders to poke at Kishan's arms a little instead
<AlcarGM> (( -10 XP for that, I think :P ))
<Ryll> (( T-T ))
<Victa> (( yeah that was truly terrible ))
<Victa> (( should probably have sparkie quote that bit ))

<Victa> "Just assuming it's not a threat is fuckin' stupid."
<Ayjh> "They should have wanted to kill us - why didnt they? They wanted to avoid the fight for some reason."
<Kishan> "They can't afford a confrontation, obviously."
<Ayjh> "The directive was to 'stop us from getting information' wasnt it?"
<Kishan> "We're not worthy, apparently."
<Ayjh> "Sound like a stupid liars admission of guilt"
<Kishan> "They're machines, machines... rarely lie."

<AlcarGM> Bozek is hurrying up the street, the Justice looking tired but he does smile -- in relief? "Good, good. I was hoping to catch one of you before. Well, before." He looks about for a second, then lowers his voice. "I need you to take a message south while the others are -- occupied -- dealing with the Head."
* Ryll frowns, then shrugs. "Kishan can probably keep Victa from making the giant kill everyone."
<Thistle> ...sheesh, I'm not THAT bad.
<Ryll> Ones who are seldom think so.
<Thistle> I mean, I wouldn't kill everyone in the TOWN. I LIVE in the town.
<Ryll> oh you wouldn't "mean to" obviously
<Ryll> you probably also wouldnt think you caused it even while it was happening
<Thistle> oh, so your questioning my competence as a pilot of gigantic mecha, then. That's fair enough.
<Ryll> More that I was questioning your competence at diplomacy and tactics. But that too, since you mentioned it.

<Victa> 1d20 number of fucks-per-minutes Victa emits as she's putting out fires
<Sparkie> Victa 1d20: 20 number of fucks-per-minutes Victa emits as she's putting out fires
<Victa> ...as expected

<Ankita> 1d20 + bash It is on now, bro!
<Sparkie> Ankita 1d20: 2 + bash It is on now, bro!
<AlcarGM> The Aeon Priest holds out a single hand, a shimmer on the air causing Ankita's first to strike .... a gong, as if sound itself became a wall for a moment. "I do not have time for ..... whhat?"
<Ankita> I really hate sparky sometimes -_-
* Sparkie gains XP.
<Ankita> 1d20 + bash, dick puncher 2
<Sparkie> Ankita 1d20: 1 + bash, dick puncher 2

<Kishan> 'whats the point of being a glaive if you can't beat up nerds.'
<Ryll> :|
<Kishan> ^ lunchie just now
<Victa> lol
<Ryll> *defriends*
<Kishan> someone put that in the topic

<AlcarGM> Ankita climbs up and gets the rope, gathers it and slides back down easily.
<Ankita> "There. Rope."
<Ryll> "All hail Ankita, Bringer of Rope!"
* Ryll grins.
* Ayjh claps: "Yay!"
<Kishan> "Better than crusher of hope."
<Kishan> "...that one time."
* Ayjh stops clapping.
<Ankita> "Those people didn't deserve hope."
* Kishan just shakes his head :P

<Beardliest_cell> So next sesh we find and destroy their power source. Well, Kishan can find it. And we all take stuff from them before they plummet.
<Caltak> Or... diplomacy. :p
<Beardliest_cell> Bah. they have been a..Problem
<Caltak> right, but if there are no problems then theres not a need to use diplomacy.
<Caltak> if everything is good then everyone can leave each other alone
<Beardliest_cell> most problems involving diplomacy don't involve explosions
<Sparkie> .... really?
* Sparkie thought they always did.
<Caltak> that's not true at all :P

<kentari> one of the classic exercises I engage in is to distance myself from so much concern over being in-character and just do in-character. if something is confusing, perhaps my character is confused.
<kentari> of course, that leads to me killing people, but.
<Out2lunch> heh
<kentari> what's an omelet without some eggs, eh?
* Beardliestt grins
<Out2lunch> being confused in game is part of the fun
<kentari> provided there's that over-lingering aura of making interpretations to the benefit of game activity
<kentari> confusion is almost necessary to a meaningful plot at SOME point in the story.

<kentari> roleplay is different from most kinds of gaming in that it allows you to flex and develop and stretch some really awesome and useful muscles
<kentari> experimenting outside the box and domain of your normal sensory input is incredibly empowering if you take advantage of it
<kentari> I have to honestly say more of my ability to survive meetings comes from roleplaying games than from any lecture or paper I've ever watched or written

<Beardliestt> Well, the tools exist with the Cypher System to tell us "the wall is slimy and difficult to get ahold of ((this is a Level 4 wall))". We get this informaton because while our characters exist in the Ninth World, we are simply playing a game set there.
<Out2lunch> yeah, that line is fuzzier here
<Out2lunch> a lot fuzzier
<Beardliestt> We as players need to know taht, or how do we know when to spend Effort?
<Out2lunch> I spend effort because I'm afraid of sparkie

<Kishan> so they vat grow their young
<Kishan> horribly twisted and good to know :P
<Victa> yeahhhhh
<Kishan> probably not enough nutrients to run the vats
<Kishan> probably why they fast track them to an advanced age
<Ryll> obviously they just need to liquify more people
<Ryll> like they did in the Matrix
<Kishan> you know how many times you almost totally replace your biomass by the time you get to 12?
<Kishan> its darn wasteful :P
<Kishan> oh man
<Kishan> thats why they want to scope the town
<Kishan> for nutrients :P
<Ryll> so maybe
<Ryll> once we convince them we're not horribly corrupted
<Kishan> well ok
<Ryll> they'll decide to eat us
<Kishan> in the most twisted universe possible
<Ryll> which is... an improvement?
<Kishan> which is basically alcar's go to universe at all times :P

* Ryll shakes his head. "I doubt it. He probably just didn't want you to hurt yourself again, or call angry guards or anything."
<Ryll> (( ah feck you guy got me to use a pronoun :p ))
<Kishan> (HAH)
<Ryll> (( I blame being tired from work :P ))

* Ankita considers that her party is on a diplomatic mission....
* Ankita also wonders, in an off hand sort of way, how much diplomacy she can effectively dole out with her sword...

<Ankita> 1d20 + effort speed
<Sparkie> Ankita 1d20: 5 + effort speed
<AlcarGM> Yup :)You lunge, and surprise is on your side as you drive your sword hard into the back of one the WarSuits; it's not enough to kill, but they defintely notice.
<Ankita> 12d0 + might attack
<Sparkie> Ankita 12d0: 4 + might attack
<Kishan> (12d0? :P)
<Kishan> (how do you even get a 4 out of that I wonder)
<Ankita> 1d20 + might attack
<Sparkie> Ankita 1d20: 1 + might attack
<Ankita> Damn it tasssssss!
<Ankita> I had a 4

<AlcarGM> You lunge in, stabbing deeep into the suit and the WarSuit staggers back from the force of the blow. This time the suit barely seals the wound ove, and the Earthling inside is letting out small gasps. "You - you *hurt* me," in utter shock, the suit swaying; the spikes vanish inside as the suit concentrates more on healing than attacking, but he lunges at you anyway, swinging fists wildly.
<AlcarGM> You avoid the fists with ludicrous ease; the one everyone fought on the surface clearly had *much* more training in real battles than this one does.
<Ankita> "Of course I hurt you, I'm a terrible monster who came here because I like canned meat."
<Ryll> I find it fun that the girl we talked to was all "you're obviously here to eat me!" and we spent all that time being like "no, that's silly" and then you happened to bust out that line :P
<Ankita> hahahaha!
<Ankita> that IS funny

* Ryll glances over at the less-damaged suit, then glances at the others as if to see if any of them noticed the corpse-ejection.
<Kishan> "Especially if they're the same elders for the last couple hundred years."
<AlcarGM> the ejected corpse is a mess of flesh and bone and spludge.
* Kishan is seriously trying -not- to look at it
<Kishan> (the sludge :P)
* Ayjh looks at it with interest.
* Ryll drags the now-empty ripped suit closer to the less-damaged suit and then kneels down next to that one :p
* Victa is also ignoring the... thing that Ryll is doing.
<Ankita> "What are you doing, Ryll?"
<Kishan> (nature boy is the fastest way to SAN damage :P)
* Ayjh curls her lip at the site of the gore. "Ew..." she says in dismay.
* Ryll pauses for a moment, and looks at Ankita. "I'm not the one who made them dead." then continues working. :P
<Ankita> "Defiling the dead is not a good thing. It's a deep kind of wrong."
<AlcarGM> Ryll now has two empty WarSuits, neither functional, both smelling rather unpleasant.
* Ryll avoids actually touching the goopy biomatter and slides the suit a bit away from it.
<Ryll> "I dunno, I feel like 'defiling' a living thing to make it dead is more significant." *conversatinally* "Once the dead are dead, they can't get more dead. The spirit has left the flesh already. Might as well make use of what's left behind."

<Thistle> Victa is coming face to face with the realization that sometimes simply antagonizing eveyrthing is not, in fact, the best course of action.
<Thistle> especially when it may or may not involve dropping an entire city on Yog Sothoth's head
<Thistle> which MIGHT not be the best idea
<Thistle> we need to figure out what exactly is sleeping under the city... all we know is that it's imprisoned in some kind of gravity field.

<Victa> do i need to roll for anything? if it falls under 'unlocking', that's part of my infiltration specialization.
<AlcarGM> It does; plus under Intelligent for figuring it out'
<Victa> intelligence?
<AlcarGM> the derscriptor for the pc
<Victa> ohhhhh heh yeah that
<Victa> I always forget that part

<Ankita> "Calm down there, Victa. No one lives forever."
* Sparkie needs to have the cave in NOW, Alcar.
<Sparkie> That was a perfect line for it!
<Sparkie> .... I think Alcar has me on ignore :(
<Victa> that would be ironic.

<AlcarGM> the interior of your home is at least as you left it. The Seeker begins to wander and poke at familiar things; you've bathed and had tea and are considering sleep when the door shudders under a thump of a fist. "Victa?" Yurt says, sounding hopeful.
* Victa blinks. She'd be more annoyed if she hadn't gotten the bathing and tea, first. She opens the door, wrapped tightly in a long robe. "...yeah?"
<AlcarGM> The kid has his right arm wrapped in a sling, which is all that saves you from a bone-cracking hug as he hugs you one-handed with a huge grin. "Kishan said you were all back and you're okay!"
* Victa still gasps a bit. Even one-handed, Yurt's strength is formidable. "Oy! Geddoff!" Once she extracts herself, she replies, "Yeah, we all fuckin' made it okay. Met a bunch of weird fuckers. Brought one back as a diplomat." She stifles a yawn. "...he's out back in the shed."
<AlcarGM> Yurt blinks, but files you shoving a diplomat into a shed under Victa.

<Tassicus> woo
* Tassicus is here
<Tassicus> won't really be tomorrow
<Sparkie> It's OK: Your PC can die tonight.
<Thistle> lol
* Sparkie is practising pep talks!

* Victa holds up her hands to stop Jisell. "Hey. Wait a fuckin' moment there, your bitchiness. Gatryn's cut off, his 'command access' was revoked or some shit like that. You wanna go talk to the Elders, I'll make you a fuckin' copy of my maps. You just gotta watch out for the furry fuckers." In her own way, she's honestly trying to help. Mainly because it's Jisell, and nobody should have to suffer through Jisell. Except Jisell, of course.

* Ankita feints to the left and then tries to attack it with a back swing
<Ankita> 1d20 + effort
<Sparkie> Ankita 1d20: 1 + effort
<AlcarGM> Ankita: slice away vs 4 (12)
<Ankita> ...
<AlcarGM> Victa snags an arm as Ankita swings, her swird slicing into bone ... and dark lightning hurls up the blade toward her in reply.
<AlcarGM> (( anyone rerolling the 1? :) ))
<Ankita> ((if I re-rolled every time I got a 1, I'd have no XP :P))
<AlcarGM> (( point :) ))

<Kishan> ready an action to stasis the guard if victa fires :P
<AlcarGM> .... what is this 'if' you speak of? :)
<Kishan> when
<Kishan> when she fires :p

<Kishan> "Speaking of which, oculus, do you require more energy for repairs?"
<AlcarGM> Oculus: "Systems operating at 70% capacity; self-heal systems operating tickety-boo."
<Kishan> "I have no idea what that means so I'll just assume everything is going well.'

<Kishan> "It is said the well can be used as a weapon, but more importantly it can be used to open the possibility of many futures."
<Kishan> "this is perhaps the most desireable outcome."
<AlcarGM> "Yes." It watches the stones go inside, turns back to the both of you. "We would prefer it over other ones."
<AlcarGM> (( "Except the one that gives us a giant war mecha. Sparkie promised us that." ))
<Ankita> ((hah))

<Kishan> "We were hoping that it might know how to get to this well, perhaps you can ask it when it is has had more time to be aware."
<AlcarGM> Robot: "We shall. We will ..." it considers, then flexex a hand, touches it with the other and pulls a finger free, and then another from the other hand, handing one to each of you. "To communicate with us from a distance."
* Kishan takes it gingerly, then finds a small place to secure it
* Ankita takes the finger
<Ankita> "Thank you."
<AlcarGM> "It is the least we can do." There is a pause. "We will accept yuour fingers in return, of course."
<Ankita> ....
<Ankita> "Our fingers don't work like that."
<AlcarGM> Robot: "That seems very inconvenient."

* Victa would use a snappy one-liner here, but she's a little pressed for time, so simply says "Hi." in a tone that makes it sound more like "Freeze or you will lose your fucking face".

<AlcarGM> You move through the village; from the angle of destruction, it seems as though the obelisk over the town shattered and fell like thousand of meteors, decimating the entire town before anyone had time to run or flee at all.
<AlcarGM> The buildings that marked the centre of the town are entirely gone, with not even ashes, the groujnd where they were looking as slick as glass.
* Victa carefully approaches the edge of the glassy area and crouches down to tap at it. "...wow. It didn't just shatter, it shattered and burned like the sun."
<AlcarGM> The Seeker pokes it, then scurries and goes behind you.
<AlcarGM> Dohm: "Hrrrr. It was never dangerous before at all; I know Eley was on it once to see what it was like.
* Victa frowns as she's crouching, staring at the glassiness. "Maybe whatever was making it float exploded its power source or something. It was pretty fuckin' huge, it must have taken a ridiculous amount of energy to keep it in the sky."
<AlcarGM> Dohm: "Why? Birds fly just fine."
* Victa eyes Dohm skeptically, debating whether or not to answer. Then she seems to decide he's just being asinine, and doesn't reply. She taps at the ground again, looking at what she can see of her own reflection.

<Victa> srsly tho, why0 the fuck didn't we destroy 0th0e copies
<Victa> that was a serious lack of foresight and trope awareness on our part
<Victa> I am facepalming so h0ard right now
<Victa> also i think my keyboard's 0 numpad key is being wonky
<kishan> we hoped jisell woud just leave
<kishan> since to keep being more and more evil would just be dumb and or innefficient
<Victa> but even after the altercation/explosion, we still didn't destroy them...
<kishan> but now it's obvious she is still human
<kishan> rather, woman enough
<kishan> to go after you for reasons :P
<kishan> (#hellhathnofury)
<Victa> little silvery reasons
<Victa> well, and also general bitchiness
<kishan> not to be confused with #hellhathnofurry

<Fennec|GA> She may be trying to get your attention now by saying 'psst'.
* Davis does hope this isn't the professor and skims random news stories according to the alogorithims derived from timecube to confunse KGB agents. ".... Can I help you?"

* Tsukiko will be totally making this up as she goes along... the wiki pages on Shintoism are surprisingly boring and lacking in anime flair!

<AlcarGM> Toshi: "Try not to add to rumours at school?" He considers. "Or ask the Storm to destroy this school?"
* Tsukiko starts to nod, but then just turns to stare at Toshi incredulously. "...why in the world would I ask THAT?"
<AlcarGM> Toshi: "Some people would."
<AlcarGM> "Hi, Mr. Storm! We've found ways to make you the friend of every student!"
<Tsukiko> hey, some people LIKE school you know
<kentari> <Storm> "I WANT TO BE HUGGED"
<kentari> just imagine a big ass raincloud
<kentari> darting towards the high school
<kentari> toast in mouth
<Tsukiko> lol
<kentari> <Storm> "I'M GONNA BE LATE!"
<Tsukiko> the toast really makes the image
<kentari> the toast is the charm point :P

<Oliver`> if my PC dies, it could be because he had dice in bishonen rather than 'shoot magic-stopping bullets' :p
* Gladys expects to die fairly quickly. want to race?

<AlcarGM> Roll ze magicalness and defense :)
<AlcarGM> u7
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u7: 12 from [3, 3, 6, 6, 3, 5, 3]
<Tsukiko> u10
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u10: 8 from [1, 5, 2, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3]
<AlcarGM> You sense no one following you at all. Not a thing to be worried about. Isn't that nice?
<Tsukiko> oh yes, that's NICE. just PEACHY.
* Sparkie wanders off to prep ninjas of DEATH. PEACHY NICE DEATH.

<AlcarGM> Game1 Christmas: Dice are rolled for unplanned explosions, a PC confuses an offer of sex with condoning gay incest.
<Tsukiko> that's a common holiday tradition, right?
<Sparkie> Only with more dice.

<AlcarGM> You meditate, sleep, and waken to your grandfather knocking on the door to your room.
* Tsukiko rises, yawning, and sits up, rubbing her eyes. "Yes, Grandfather?" She looks at the clock.
<AlcarGM> It is a good 20 minutes before you usually wake, but your grandfather does tend to be an early riser. "May I enter?" he asks politely
* Tsukiko replies, "Of course, Grandfather.", just as politely (albeit sleepily), and pulls her sleeping-robe a bit more snugly around herself.
<AlcarGM> Katsuhito enters your room, your grandfather carrying tea in one hand and sipping it quite, quite carefully. "Your, ah, new friends...."
* Tsukiko has an oh-dear expression as she replies, "...didn't cause any trouble?" in a hopeful voice, but the fact that her Grandfather is waking her up early to talk indicates that's probably not the case.
<AlcarGM> He pauses, then says: "I am not sure it was trouble, but it has been some years since anyone has propositioned me." He sips his tea. "I trust you are not taking after your mother and wishing me to date again, Tsukiko?"
* Tsukiko blinks. Her mind has to try and parse that sentence several times before it gives up in futility. "...what? Grandfather, that aspect of your life is... your business, you know I didn't approve of mother's meddling." She sighs. "...I'm sorry if they've offended you Grandfather, I... don't really understand them myself, to be entirely honest. But they feel like Good People. Just... confusing.
* Tsukiko And Toshi-san trusts them."
<AlcarGM> He chuckles at that. "It was definitely a surprising request to waken to when one expects to be asked for tea. A terrible part me me wishes to send them to one of the Isne shrines near Tokyo, solely to see if the shrine would survive them. I shall ressist it, and trust the healers judgement -- and yours as well."

<alcar> the book is fun, though freudian stuff is pretty much bunk and the author was also part of a school that believed autism was caused by bad parenting and such (it was written back in the 70s iirc)
<Thistle> ahhh
<Thistle> still inteesting though
<alcar> It does make me wonder how the guys kids turned out, or his patients for that matter :)
* alcar thinks it would be fun if someone did an in-depth study on how children raised by psychologists turn out.
* Thistle guesses neurotic and/or paranoid
<Sparkie> This means I am a psychologist and all PCs are my children.
<Sparkie> Dr. Sparkie isn't sure how to think about that.

<AlcarGM> The Dragon is visible in the distance, circling you from the direction of the mountains in slow, lazy movements. It has scales or perhaps featheers, with eyes larger than your body and wings as wide as it desires.
* Tsukiko gazes up at the distant creature respectfully. Is it coming to her, or shall she go to it?
<AlcarGM> It seems to be comign to you, though taking its time ... perhaps showing off, or being wary.
* Tsukiko is patient, and settles into a comfortable seiza position on the moss to allow the dragon to meet her in its own time.
<AlcarGM> It arrives and lands, wings curling up into it, feet deep into moss, a good 40' away from you, vast eyes narrowing to a pale blue as it stares down at you. It is, so far, silent.
* Tsukiko bows her head politely. "Greetings, honored one. I was hoping we could communicate further. There is much about our situation I do not understand. Will you consent to share your knowledge with me?"
<AlcarGM> The Dragon stares down at you in silence, then rumbles: "You could use that stone to force it."
<Sparkie> Which would mean DICE! Nothing can go wrong with dice, right?!

<Sparkie> I notice you haven't rolled dice yet. You're waiting for a dramatic moment, right?

<AlcarGM> The dragon shifts slightly from foot to foot, almost ... nervous? "As for your other questions, I would prefer if you forced me to answer them."
<AlcarGM> Dragon Bondage: the RPG.
<Tsukiko> ...I'm going to need a bigger whip.

* Tsukiko smiles, "Then let's make our own roles. We can be as close as can be. I'll treat you like a best friend. Just let me know if I do anything that annoys you." She looks pensive at the mention of Sora. "I don't think he is... everything around him was being corrupted as he was standing there." She steps forward to begin stroking the Dragon's scales again. This isn't going to get old any
* Tsukiko time soon.
<AlcarGM> The Dragon does not resist, seeming curiously amused, perhaps like you would at a happy puppy. "We sense each other. The Storm and I, enough to know that if the boy was not, the destruction would be far worse. He was made the Storm as punishment, though I do not know what punished him nor why. And ... I do not understand what I am. If Dragons are creation, I do not know what I am to create, with wind or without it."
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "I was thinking hair styles. I could alter hair of people and they would never need mousse."
<Tsukiko> the Storm annhialates the planet and all that's left floating in space is six billion toupees...

* Sparkie should be on an SSD. Super Sparkie Dice!
<Tsukiko> Solid State Dice

<Thistle> alcar- in regards to Numenera, how far ahead in the future would the second game be set?
<alcar> Not sure yet. A few years at least.
* alcar might leave the exactly number vague, unless players want it a longer time so their previous pcs have more legend/mythical status :)
<Thistle> Victa didn't really do anything mythical though
<Thistle> the only legacy she left behind was the reputation for being exceptionally grumpy.
<alcar> Depends on what she might have done later. Or how her marriage to Ankita turned out :)
<Thistle> lol!
<Thistle> Victa would never marry someone who critically fails THAT often
<alcar> hahahaha. Good point :)

<Thistle> yeah. the implication was an "Oops-I-melted-your-brain" sort of Bad.
<Sparkie> The best kind of bad. After fire.

<Tsukiko> hooray for wiki! giving characters credibility!
<Sparkie> You know that rolling dice does that too, right?!

<Tsukiko> ..roll?
<Sparkie> ..... twice, and take the lowest result!
<Tsukiko> u6
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u6: 10 from [3, 2, 1, 5, 3, 5]
<Tsukiko> u6
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u6: 10 from [6, 5, 5, 1, 1, 2]
<Tsukiko> ta-da!
<Sparkie> .....

* Tsukiko calls on the wind... very very softly. Nothing more than the faintest of stirrings, just enough to color her senses. She wants to 'listen' to this Ransu with wind-senses so she will be able to recognize him again from a distance. Again, she's being as subtle as she possibly can.
<AlcarGM> Dice :)
<Tsukiko> u6
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u6: 12 from [5, 1, 6, 6, 5, 4]
<Sparkie> .....
* Sparkie is probably not allowed to rage-quit because I'm rolling to high, am I?

<fennec> <Mark> ... (briskly but quietly) "There are some men coming this way to look for you. We need to hide, now. I'm in way over my head here, and I need help."
<Davis> "For me? Why?"
<fennec> He sighs. "Either you know exactly why, or you're a poor damned fool who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and we're both screwed."
* Davis considers, then says: "I have been known to be both." And ... well, if this is a trap, it's a good one. "This involves Adam, then?"
<fennec> "Yes. They want me to go after my own students, damn it."
<Davis> "They often want many things; what do you need?"
<fennec> "First thing, we need to get out of here. They'll be watching the front door."
<Davis> "I don't know this campus as all; what are they expecting you to do about me?"
<fennec> "uhh... vaporize your corpse, more or less."
* Davis blinks. "You have a method of doing that?" out of professional interest.
<fennec> <Mark> "Close enough."
<Isabel> and then there's the point that if he WAS a plant, he probably would have come up with a less alarming reply
<Davis> Well, alarming to people who don't believe that the government does research into intergenerational abuse of people with multile personalities in order to refine mind control research, maybe :p

<Thistle> ...and we don't talk about the huge pile of wasted potential that Enterprise was.
<alcar> Ah. Yeah. I never caught a single ep of that; I've heard stories, though.
* Thistle glares at nobody.
<Thistle> it had a lot of mind-blowingly-great concepts that they utterly failed at executing
* Sparkie finds most PCs are a huge pile of wasted potential to ROLL MORE DICE. So you all know.
<Thistle> Valid point, Sparkie. Valid point.

* Lynne`^ considers the barbeque next door.
<Lynne`^> "I'm going to go visit the neighbors."
* Lynne`^ stands up and heads to the vintage bathroom to get as dressed up as these northerners will allow without giving her funny looks. That likely means a plaid shirt and pants...
* Lynne`^ also heads next door to the smell
<AlcarGM> Well, the odds are at least some of the town considers you a lesbian even if they don't consider Justice one because, well, it's the north isn't it?
<Lynne`^> lol
<AlcarGM> You are dressed in plaid, a northern dinner jacket attire. It's not snowing yet, since it is still technically summer, but you are glad for the warm clothing. There is, indeed, the smell of cooking food coming from the Bunting's house, and there's a few winding paths through the woods that can take you to it faster than the road. Given that the road is a single-lane affair that cars barrel down in both directions without regard for signage, the paths through the woods tend to be safer.

<Lynne`^> "What are we supposed to do now? What about the neighbors?"
<AlcarGM> Justice: "You think they really ....." she trails off.
<Lynne`^> "Maybe... Maybe they're cloning their dog. And they eat him every morning. Like a ritual, you now?"
<AlcarGM> Daeshir: "They were doing something untoward; I could not tell the details of it. They could not perceive me but they were aware of my presence on some level. I am not certain what they would have done otherwise?"
<Lynne`^> "I don't know why they would eat their dog. I don't know if it's normal... But what I saw... It was like I walked into the twilight zone."
<AlcarGM> Justice: "We could ... call the police and hope they can deal with it."
<Lynne`^> "Deal with it how? I don't think it's exactly illegal to eat your own dog... Especially if they say they couldn't aford to feed him any more. you've seen their house? They'd just get sympathy points."

<AlcarGM> You have the Knowledge now. Not hacking, nothing so crude.But you know the internet as a 10 year old does who spends too much time unsupervised and on 4chan.
<AlcarGM> You poor, poor person :)
<AlcarGM> You can feel information .... it's not a skill. Well, not a useful one, but as sure as you took it you know it's going to go away; I assume you want to make that happen sooner? :p
<Lynne`^> plz
<AlcarGM> You could try and see if you can pass the 'skill' onto the elf?! :)
<AlcarGM> "Trinity. It's a long story, but I broke your elf."
<Lynne`^> LoL
<Lynne`^> no... not yet

<AlcarGM> Best. Cliche. Ever.
* AlcarGM has no plans at all for a situation in which Lynne has to find Robin and get that cliche, btw :P
<AlcarGM> That would, probably, break the game.
<Lynne`^> LoL
* AlcarGM nods :p
<AlcarGM> OTOH, you COULD probably do that to him to break the kid a bit :)

<Sparkie> Any apology in a game that does not involve rolling dice is clearly insincere.

<AlcarGM> Toshi: "I doubt he sees a dragon or storm as needless conflicts. He does see you as threats rather than as potential allies, which may be his biggest failing. Evil trusts only itself."
<AlcarGM> Toshi: "Therefore, if you do not trust me, you are evil."
<AlcarGM> "Trust me or the dicebot will roll too many dice."
<Tsukiko> ...that's a much better argument

<Tsukiko> sometimes dialogue is hard.
* Sparkie thinks that's why there is dice.
<Tsukiko> sometimes I'm inclined to agree with you

<Sparkie> [18:36] * alcar is now known as AlcarGM
<Sparkie> [18:36] * Thistle is now known as Tsukiko
<Sparkie> [23:22] <Sparkie> AlcarGM u10: 18 from [5, 2, 2, 4, 1, 4, 6, 6, 6, 5]
<Sparkie> first dice, you jerks.

* Tsukiko will take Sora out to the garden, close to the place where they when he first arrived, and then go back inside briefly for a pair of blankets and some writing supplies. She'll make sure Sora's comfortable, and then start the long process of trying to write a very difficult letter.
<AlcarGM> "Dear NPC. We think Sparkie wanted dice. We are so sorry."
<Tsukiko> hahaha

* Tsukiko finishes her meal, considering the one other task she needs to address before getting down to training today- the apology letter to Mr. Chen.
<AlcarGM> :)
<AlcarGM> Strangely, none of your training -- in school or as a priestess -- includes the specifics on how to apologize to a god for assaulting them and having a friend of yours attempt to unmake the god. Clearly you'll eventually need to update the training manuals for shrine maidens.

<Thistle> pfft. The Dark Side stands no chance against the Force of Unlimited Sugar Highs.

<Tass> I would really like to be able to do so but I understand time waits for no one
* alcar is defintiely up for it; I figured RL has snagged you -- as it does.
<Tass> and a character left unmade is a sad thing
<Tass> especially when it comes from that deep creative place and desires for life perhaps more than you do :P

<Out2lunch> ugggg, yard work
* Sparkie had solutions for that.
* Sparkie has solutions for many things.
<Out2lunch> I would like to burn yardwork
* Sparkie adds to Alcar's file for Numenera. 'Ankita: yardwork'
* Sparkie will get dice from this.
<alcar> It would be interesting to make a supplement for a game that was like that. 'The mighty wizard of the Southern Wastes acquires your services to for 100 gold in order to deal with the threats in his maze. You are supplied with your own weapons and hedge clippers, instructed to bring the maze down to a height of 3'.'

* Tsukiko glances at the others around the table, and shakes her head. "Reassuring as your presence is, the others really do need to know about this. Shapeshifting enemies is a whole new level of threat. Go." She frowns slightly. "I would like to have a short conversation with you later though, when we're not pressed for time."
<AlcarGM> Toshi: "Tonight or tomorrow?"
* Tsukiko shrugs slightly. "It's not urgent," she replies easily, "Tomorrow will be fine." Mainly, she's thinking she owes him a slight apology for being so judgemental about his mental-domination ability now that she's developed one of her own. She feels like she's been eating a lot of crow lately, but that's probably a good thing for a Priestess to be good at. Apology is a useful skill.
<Sparkie> It is only a skill if you roll dice for it.

* Tsukiko waves farewell, watching Toshi head down the stairs, and looking forward to the luxuriously long period of bath-time she's surely about to indulge in.
<AlcarGM> u10
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u10: 20 from [2, 5, 5, 6, 4, 4, 5, 1, 6, 5]
<AlcarGM> The water has all turned into the blood of the innocents, but that's not about to stop a bath is it now?!
<Tsukiko> (...why are you rolling dice. there's no need to roll dice.)

<AlcarGM> Kaito: "Tsuklo
<AlcarGM> Err.....
<AlcarGM> Kaito: "Tsuki?"
<Tsukiko> oh dear, Kaito is drunk-calling me
<AlcarGM> rofl! That would be funny to do later on..... :P
<Tsukiko> oh yes, please do
<Tsukiko> that would be pretty hilarious

* Tsukiko blinks at the phone, feeling unexpectedly awkward for some reason, but shakes her head, dismissing it. She'll spend a little time meditating before Yumi gets here, that should help her feel centered and calm for the complex sealing she's about to perform.
* Sparkie should demand dice for meditation.
<Tsukiko> u6 ?
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u6: 12 from [6, 6, 2, 2, 5, 1] ?
<Sparkie> ..... that was too high, so let's say I didn't.
<Tsukiko> 'kay

<Out2lunchie> but yeah, she makes me want to throw money at her
* Sparkie should do that, too.
<Out2lunchie> don't worry, Sparkie, I want to throw things at you too
<Thistle> Sparkie has money?
* Sparkie could be reconfigured to roll less critical failures if paid money!

<AlcarGM> Mr. Chen: "And in return?"
<AlcarGM> Toshi blinks at that. "Pardon?"
<AlcarGM> Mr. Chen: "What would you offer in return?"
* Tsukiko blinks, not having expected Mr. Chen to ask for that. In retrospect, though, it seems obvious. "What... could we offer you?" she asks, hesitantly.
<Tsukiko> "Okay, if you really insist- ...wait, that wasn't Mr. Chen's voice."
<Tsukiko> "NICE TRY."
<Sparkie> ... Damn.

<Sparkie> ... what do you think rolling critical die rolls IS if not orgasmic for dicebots?

* Tsukiko is silent for a while, and nods. "I think my biggest fear is... losing control. And hurting people." Finally she whispers, "Chen told us what that thing on Venus is. ...But you'll probably sleep better if I don't tell you. I wish I didn't know."
<AlcarGM> He doesn't press, then, but just says: "Sometimes I think I have no control left to lose, but that's just being .... stupid. I'm all impulse, and you're all control, so maybe we can make a middle ground? Find one? Because .... sometimes the world means we have to hurt people, and I can do that, and you .... stop us from doing more? Pull us back? Be breaks?"
<AlcarGM> Sora: ".... I'm really bad at this."
* Tsukiko nods, "Yes.. I think, in a lot of ways, we... probably balance each other. I just wish I..." She trails off for a moment. "I really wish I was always as calm inside as the way I act outside, but I'm not. It's just an act I've gotten really, really good at. M-most times. I project Calm with Will, and the Kami... pick up the slack. The rest is all them. Sometimes I'm afraid it's only a
* Tsukiko matter of time before I can't hold it up anymore, and it'll all pop like a balloon." She sighs, deeply. "Feelings like this... are not what a real Priestess is supposed to have. I feel like a fake, sometimes."
<AlcarGM> (( Sora: "You do? So it's not only me who thought you were a fake? I'm so relieved, I .... wait.... this is a trap, isn't it?!" ))

<Tsukiko> that's two things I've learned so far on this training trip
<Tsukiko> how to discorporate
<Tsukiko> and how to make my own theme music

* Sparkie believes that everyone who rolls critical successes ends up in dicebot hell. For ruining our fun.

<Sparkie> A plot is only resolved when there are no more dice left to roll.

<AlcarGM> You punch through the ceiling easily; there are a dozen would-be ninjas training with weapons; they seem about as competent as the team of three you ran into; watching them is a man in his early 20s; stocky, balding already, and he is the only one who doesn't drop weapons, cover head or run screaming as the roof shatters inward like a broken dream.
<AlcarGM> The man does seem surprised, at least; presumably he thought this was someone on Team Shinu making som Statement, and he looks briefly nonplussed at seeing you engulfed in wind.
<AlcarGM> "Explain the meaning of this." Hibiku's voice is soft, but you hear it around you as if he had shouted the words. The students not ducking are running wildly for exits, training forgotten, smart enough to know something is not kosher at all here.
* Tsukiko slams down to the floor in a classic hero-crouching pose, one fist hitting the ground with the other arm up behind her. Naturally, the fist hitting the floor also makes a huge crater, smashing concrete as though it were balsa wood. As the dust settles, she eyes the fleeing trainees with dismissive scorn before fixing her gaze on the balding guy. "HI!" Her grin is unsettlingly insane by
* Tsukiko design. Despite her philosophical objection to murder, she's perfectly capable of looking like someone who's about to play jumprope with your intestines while singing Ode to Joy.

* Tsukiko nods in agreement, not wanting to experience that again so soon. "Want my mind to be... unassailable. No contact possible at all. Nothing for... telepaths to connect with. How?"
<AlcarGM> Toshi: "That isn't possible; there are ways to hide, to dampen power until one seems entirely normal so no one would want to connect with you but no one can cease being part of the world. You might as well try and make it impossible for the kami to touch you."
* Tsukiko frowns. Not the answer she was looking for. "Must be some way..." She slowly, carefully sits up, looking down at the mess she made with disgust. Ugh. Another stupid weakness. Her brain still isn't at 100%, which is probably why she mutters something very unpriestesslike: "...I need to either become immune to that ability, or kill everyone who has it...."
<foxyn> (( toshi must die! ))
<Tsukiko> (( 50,000 years later: "...and then at some point in the early twenty-first century, all traces of the telepath gene were somehow wipes out from the species. We still don't know why." ))
<AlcarGM> Toshi just says: "There are things no one should wish to be immune to. Empathy is one of them."
<Sparkie> Dicebots are another.
<Sparkie> But you knew that.

<Tsukiko> ack! I just opened a fruit cup of diced pears... badly.
<Tsukiko> I now have pear juice all over me
<Sparkie> That is what happens when you should have been rolling dice instead. Clearly.
<Tsukiko> that must be it.

<Molly> oh right, we've got the giant slug?
<Ankita> don't worry, as long as we keep him full of squirles, he hardly ever trys to eat us
* Sparkie can fix that.

<AlcarGM> The guard tries to restrain a perpetual scowl, seeing as how you do seem a trifle odd, aside from the young'un. "Don't see many critters like that around."
<Kishan> (IT IS KNOWN... for the slug)
<Kishan> (We... bought him in another town :P)
<Molly> (over my objections!)
* Molly is convinced the slug is smarter than it lets on, and is just waiting for a chance to gobble her up!
<Ankita> (he's really pretty nice)
* Ankita insists that it's cute
* Molly insists it's going to eat us all in our sleep
* Kishan pokes molly, "Yeah, a little weird, but we try not to give her a hard time."
* Ankita smiles dispite herself
<AlcarGM> the guard watches the creature less warily than, well, Kishan and Ankita, proving he's at least not as dumb as he looks. "You here on business?"
* Molly scowls at Kishan, slapping his finger away. "Hey!"
<Kishan> OH MAN
<Kishan> I get to make DAD JOKES
<Kishan> nano style!

<Kishan> OH MAN
<Kishan> I get to make DAD JOKES
<Kishan> nano style!

* Molly opts to walk behind Sluggy for the time being, unless directed otherwise by her parents. She wants to look around the forest as they move along for pretty flowers to pick.
<AlcarGM> You get up onto sluggy with your bag, a stone, and a route planned north of town, all the while knowing that it is not, yet, too late to sell off Molly.
<AlcarGM> I mean, to round out the education of your adopted daughter.
* Ankita will walk in front until we're out of town
* Molly admires her mother's bravery. Sluggy could devour her whole AT ANY MOMENT!
<Ankita> sluggy doesn't eat things whole. he licks them. layer by layer. slowly wearing them away.

* Molly avoids the hissing flowers, and the invisible ones as well, for now. She just wants enough pretty, normal flowers to make into a crown to give to Skips when she sees her next (which she hopes will be soon).
<AlcarGM> You spot some prety ones, at least one of which you know how to touch since it gives bad dreams, but you manage to find a few safe ones after gently poking some with a blade, rubbing the handled against them for spikes and such; Kishan and Ankita have, after all, taught you some of the dangers of the world.
<Kishan> (always scan :P)
<AlcarGM> (( yup :) ))
<Kishan> (its like a nano prayer to survival :P)

<foxyn> <Kishan> "I wouldn't drink any in case it steals your voice for a time." <-- kinda sounds like the sort of thing that you should bottle and store for those long car rides with small children *cough*molly*cough*
<Kishan> I would, fennec, but you can only hold so many cyphers
* Thistle isn't sure she likes that line of reasoning!
* Thistle takes a deep breath. "...I mean, come on, I don't talk THAT much! There's just so many things around, I just have to say hello to everything! And sometimes tell stories to Skips because she gets lonely sometimes even though she doesn't say so and OH MY that tree is -really- tall and are those green flowers? I needed some of those for my crown and OOOOOH is that a butterfly? I LOVE

* Tsukiko slumps, panting a bit. That last attack took a lot of energy, and she needs to get her breath back, but that happens quickly at least. "This is... getting ridiculous." She clenches a fist, and launches herself into a fast series of attacks. Functionally similar to her gauntlet-cannons she used at first, the difference here is, she's moving at blurring speeds, letting off an entire barrage,
* Tsukiko dozens of strikes in the space of only a few seconds. If quality didn't work, let's try quantity.
<Tsukiko> u19 MASSIVE BARRAGE!
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u19: 12 from [2, 3, 4, 2, 6, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 4, 1, 5, 1, 4, 1, 3, 6, 3] MASSIVE BARRAGE!
<Tsukiko> ...
<AlcarGM> Sparkie. Sparkie. Sparkie.

* Tsukiko will do some work in her notebooks for a while, and then go take a bath to meditate and relax before bed. When she does so, she lets her grandfather know she'll be locking the door, and seals the entrance from inside. She doesn't want any surprise visits from people who aren't Sora or Toshi.
<AlcarGM> Wise :)
<AlcarGM> You are bathing and relaxing when there is a knock on the door to the bathroom; the twins, two hands knocking at the same time.
* Tsukiko smirks to herself, a bit self-congratulatory at her anticipation of interruption, and successful countermeasures thereof. "I'll be out in a few minutes!" she replies to the door, and rises out of the furo. The water will still be hot when she returns. She wraps herself in a large fluffy towel, and finally goes to open the door. "Yesss?" Even though she was expecting the twins, she still
* Tsukiko tries giving them her best 'you just interrupted by precious bath time!' glare.
<AlcarGM> They don't seem affected by the glare at all in a way that is eerily reminiscent of cats. "Hi! We thought we'd -" "- come and say hi!"

<Kishan> I can't wait to see what focus appears
<Rel`^> What's a focus?
<Kishan> your unique thing
<Molly> you are a <descriptor> <class> who <focus>
<Rel`^> It's "gives a fuck." The ability is "Once a day you may give 1 fuck. 1 Fuck applies 1 level of effort to an action at no cost to the player's stat pools."

* Molly thinks, that Sluggy probably thinks Molly is just an Emergency Snack you're carrying around for him for contingencies.
<Kishan> no no
<Kishan> skips is
<Kishan> you are the backup backup snack
<Molly> well at least there's that. :( *sniff*
<Ankita> as long as we have enough meatfruit and bandits, you should be safe
<Ankita> ish

<Rel`^> "How do you call your creature?" To the bandit.
<AlcarGM> The ground begins to crack apart, the fissues in the earth exploding upward as figures rise up, one from each hole burned upwards to the surface. Humanoid, close to 7' tall. They are thin, bodies a deep grey-ish red, the bony skin seeming like armour to contain the heat that burns under them; indeed, the head seems unfinished (or cracked open) having only light and smoke instead of any features. They make no sound as the earth shudders and shifts.
<AlcarGM> (( http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/316/e/3/magma_creature_concept_by_red_izak-d866al4.jpg ))
<Rel`^> "Quickly! how do I call your mount?"
<AlcarGM> bandit: ".... I have a whistle, but it's to .. to.... he lets out a scream of terror, definitely having seen the creature(s) before.
* Rel`^ searches the bandit for the whistle
<Rel`^> "It's to what?"
<AlcarGM> the bndit is too busyt trying to escape wildly, attacking Rel now and wanting to be *away*. "They'll kill us all you fool!"
<AlcarGM> The one creature is moving toward Kishan in silence, the other toward Rel and the bandit.
<Rel`^> "Thats why I want your mount. So you can get away! Where's thew damn whistle?"
<Kishan> "Rel! Behind you!"
<AlcarGM> Bandit: "it's too far away, you lunatic!"
<AlcarGM> Rel: using the bandit as a shield, or ?
<Rel`^> Yes.
<Rel`^> That's what I kept him for.
<AlcarGM> The creature reaches out toward Rel and the bandit, and touches the bandit first. The bandit lets out a gasp, and goes still, his skin taking on a pale white-blue hue, breath frosting in the air. The body is hold in Rel's hands, dead and drained of warmth.
<Rel`^> I don't want the whistle anymore.
* Rel`^ jumps up and goes in the direction of away.

<Rel`^> "Have you ever heard of the endless snow-fields?"
* Molly shakes her head no, to Rel. "Where are those?"
<Rel`^> "Way up north. They say you could walk for days and it's just white and cold and flat."
<Rel`^> "No hills or mountains or anything."
* Molly shivers a little, imagining it. "That sounds pretty unpleasant. Do any people live there?"
<Rel`^> "There's a story that in the very center a fat man lives with hundreds of slaves, making the small trinkets we see all around us."
* Molly looks very confused by that, and glances around bewilderedly. "Trinkets? What trinkets? All I see are mountains."
<Rel`^> "They also say," Not letting Molly derail the story, "That once a year he will sneak up on naughty little girls and stuff them into a bag and bring them back to his workshop."
<AlcarGM> The Third World: The Island of Misfit Toys. All broken cyphers comes from this world.
<AlcarGM> :p
<Kishan> RD-01f the red beaconed destroyer, had a very shiny beacon
<Kishan> and whenever you saw it, you were likely doomed to a slow death(and would even say it glowed)
<Molly> sometimes 'beacon' sounds like 'bacon'. Mmmm, bacon.
<Molly> sizzle, sizzle.
<Kishan> all of the other doombots, used to error correct his desig#

* Sparkie should have made Ankita roll for something.
<Sparkie> With real dice. Like ME.
<Ankita> you have made me want to avoid all dice rolls when possible, sparkie
* Molly cues thunder and lightning
<Sparkie> ....
<Sparkie> This means I WON.
* Sparkie wants a different victory now.
<Kishan> wow
<Kishan> no one wants to touch you
<Kishan> sounds like the victory of your last relationship
<Kishan> even if they were hotter :P
* Molly wonders what a dicebot who WANTS players to roll well would be like.

<AlcarGM> Kenji actually snorts at that. "12 mecha is hardly an invasion. It was a blanant test of the dragon and storm, and does make me think they used the diversion to sneak their real agents into Japan....."
<AlcarGM> Kenji: "I'd lay even money we were meant to beat them, and easily, so we'd lower our guard."
* Tsukiko just shakes her head. "Are you even listening to yourself? What do you think the Americans would do if Russia landed 12 flying war-mecha in Washington D.C. and started letting off ordinance over a populated area? World War Three. Thats' what would happen. But not HERE, because OUR government is a pathetic piece of submissive worthlessness, so we just TAKE IT."
* Tsukiko spits her utter derision in her words. If the Emperor was standing in front of her right now, she'd spit in his face.
<AlcarGM> Kenji: "If they had done it openly, yes. They didn't. But our government will be aware of it, and at those levels of government it's probably best we don't know about, arrangements will be made. Trade deals altered, power balances shift. I imagine they were so scared of what they felt they didn't even think *of* the wider implications."
* Tsukiko growls, "They better start thinking of the implications. If they keep pulling these kinds of stupid things, I'm going to start taking it -personally-." It's perhaps disturbing that she doesn't consider everything that's happened so far to have crossed that line yet.
<AlcarGM> Kenji: ".... and do what, prove to them that their fears about you and Sora are *justified*?" as you reach the dojo.
* Tsukiko retorts, "Maybe they ought to think about what the phrase 'self-fufilling prophecy' means." as she lands and goes inside.
<Sparkie> It means 'roll a lot of dice'!
<Tsukiko> yes. yes it does.
<Tsukiko> that's EXACTLY what it means

<Rel`^> I'm like an australian, I think everything is trying to kill me
<AlcarGM> :)

* Tsukiko arches an eyebrow. "I think you're underestimating the use of pomp and ceremony, Kenji-san. Most people are weak-minded and easily swayed by such things. Take it from me, I know all about swaying people with ceremonies. And the ones -I- perform are -real-. The Emperor has nothing but the popularity of being an icon."
<AlcarGM> Kenji: "Perhaps, but I suspect it would be unwise to put that to the test," with an easy smile. "
<AlcarGM> Kenji: "ignoring that, we still have to figure out where to go and what to do, if the American does come for us instead of Sora and Yumi. We need some place secluded and quiet, to be found .... next session!"
<AlcarGM> :)
<AlcarGM> Next session: Americans! Plans! Plots! Will Sparkie decide to side with Uncle Sam again?!
* AlcarGM is now known as alcar
* Tsukiko rolls her eyes a bit, "Well yeah, he does have all that official power backing him up." ("...meaningless") "And armies of secret service to remove any challenges." ("we could annhialate them") "And the adoration of the masses..." ("We could ursurp that with our Voice") "And an End of Sess- wait, what?"
<Tsukiko> drat!
<alcar> Emperor: "I WIN!"

<AlcarGM> Yumi: ".... anyone object to me hitting him now?" not joking at all.
<AlcarGM> Sora: "... we don't want him waking up," firmly. "Especially not in pain. He was testing what we could do."
* Tsukiko murmurs to Yumi, "...not yet." She arranges Trask's body on the ground, laying on his back, then steps back herself and starts calling the wind to her, preparing to make seals. As she starts chanting, the Light flares up, brighter than usual, almost a liquid quality to it. "Kami of the air, hear me. Kami of the earth, feel me. Kami of the waters, know me. Heed me now, and do my bidding,
* Tsukiko for I serve the Balance of the World."
<Tsukiko> u20 opening ritual...
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u20: 20 from [6, 5, 3, 1, 1, 5, 4, 3, 4, 4, 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 1, 6, 5, 4, 4] opening ritual...
* Sparkie even did a balanced roll! 20 from 20.
* Sparkie is sometimes pretty damn awesome you know.

* Tsukiko wakes up with a sigh, wondering what the day will bring as she rises and shuffles around her room, getting dressed and gathering her things. She eventually reaches the kitchen in usual time, having completed her morning rituals, and yawns as she sits down for tea.
<AlcarGM> Your grandfather is drinking his, pours you some. "It is a hard thing when legends one does not beleive turn out to have some truth to them."
<AlcarGM> "It is a harder thing, in some ways, to go from that to school." He pauses.
<AlcarGM> It is a very Grandfather pause. "It does not mean your grades should slip, however."
* Tsukiko smiles. Somehow, in this context, her grandfather's insistence comes across as comforting instead of nagging. "Ah, yes," she replies, and sets her tea down to reach for one of her notebooks. "I can only agree with that sentiment, Grandfather." She pulls out a paper from yesterday- it's her latest math test. Which she absolutely nailed. 100% on the geometry section, and 97% overall. She
* Tsukiko shows this to him with no small amount of smugness.
* Sparkie didn't roll any dice for this.

<Ankita> "It is nice out, why don't we practice your martial arts for a little while?"
* Kishan ends up poking the rock guy
<Kishan> (maybe thwunking him on the head)
* Molly smiles at her mother, a little shyly. "Okay!" She's a pretty avid pupil, as far as things go, but she can't help but be a bit intimidated by the huge gap in how much more skilled Ankita is. But that's to be expected, probably. She walks outside the cave and takes her knife out, adopting a somewhat-ready stance, inexpertly.
<Ankita> "Let's just practice some dodges and hold breaks today."
<Kishan> (she's probably also seen ankita smash a boulder or something boulderlike with a gajillion legs)

<ThistleGM> well you neatly avoided the first big combat
<Out2lunch> do assasins suffer from the inverse law of ninjas?
<ThistleGM> there would have been lots of dice there!
<ThistleGM> they do, yes
* Sparkie is pretty sure players shouldn't do that. Because then I can't grace them with dice.
<Sparkie> .... trying to be a nice dicebot only works if you're nice BACK you know.
<ThistleGM> well you graced foxy-chan with some great dice... that allowed her to avoid combat
* Sparkie is certain it is entirely legitimate for me to threaten with kindness.
* ThistleGM will buy that

<Thistle> ...sometimes we just never get what we want
* Sparkie is well aware of that, thank YOU very much.
* Sparkie should have demanded dice for diplomacy.

* Tsukiko draws her sword, taking a deep breath as she feels the rush of power going through her by holding it. Merely having it in her hand would havve made her shielding easier, but she doesn't want to become dependant on it, even if it does hold a measure of her power.
<AlcarGM> Chuji: "You need to be able to focus on many things at once," not even looking at Sora, and holds out then hande, lightning flaring out of the end in an imitation of a lightsaber that slowly turns more realistic.
<AlcarGM> Chuji: "I could use two, you now."
<AlcarGM> Sora says nothing at all to that, and Chuji just springs up onto one of the tables; the room isn't large enough for a proper fight, but not all enemies would be kind enough to have a nice, open area to fight in.
* Tsukiko eyes the lightsaber, impressed. She's smirking a little, now. Swordplay is FUN, moreso now tat she's actually getting good at it. She wants to see what Chuji can do. "Two?" That's interesting. She's never fought against that style before.
<AlcarGM> u15 - Chuji, first swing!
<Sparkie> AlcarGM u15: 18 from [6, 2, 6, 4, 1, 5, 4, 1, 1, 5, 6, 4, 1, 3, 1] - Chuji, first swing!
<Tsukiko> do i still have hogodice?
<AlcarGM> 3; he's planning to hold back until you need more :)
<Tsukiko> u21
<Sparkie> Tsukiko u21: 30 from [3, 6, 1, 6, 6, 5, 4, 1, 6, 6, 4, 1, 2, 1, 4, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 1]
<Tsukiko> (mag+def+sword+hogo)
<Sparkie> (+sparkie)
<Tsukiko> :)

<AlcarGM> Oliver: "There is nothing for you here," and you feel a stinging along your left arm, as something sharper than mere shadow knicks flesh.
* Tayler`^ jumps to the side
<Tayler`^> "Whoa... I didn't come to start a fight. I was just hoping to hang out."
<AlcarGM> Colby: "Do not make me destroy you," very softly. "Or have you only looked at the witch, guardian?"
<AlcarGM> There is movement, and the shadows peel off the both of you and back into the tunnel; the wound on your arm seems gone. Perhaps removed by you, or whatever Oliver is.
<Tayler`^> "So do we keep going?"
<AlcarGM> Oliver: ".... hang out?"
<Tayler`^> "yeah? That's what people say in the modern world."
<Tayler`^> "How old are you?"
<AlcarGM> The shadows swirl together and take the form of a thin elf. A little shorter than you, with a mass of dark hair not quite covering pointed ears. The elf is wearing dark jeans and a t-shirt, and onyx eyes blink in a pale face; his skin seems covered in tattoos made of shadow. ".... I have not been to the surface in several years," defensively.
<Tayler`^> "Well, there you go then. I just taught you a thing."
<AlcarGM> Oliver makes a noose of shadows and puts it about Tayler's neck.
<AlcarGM> "Hanging. I remember it now."
<Tayler`^> lol

<AlcarGM> Elvira: "As for you ..." She turns to Colby. Pauses. Blinks. "You have runes? Odin's missing eye as a buttplug, what did you give up for THAT?"
<AlcarGM> Colby: "... nothing I couldn't afford."
<AlcarGM> I think, as an attempt to come up with norse-centric expressions of shock, that one might be a tad overkill :p
<Tayler`^> yeah

<AlcarGM> Oh. gods.
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> !generate male 10
<AlcarGM> <Sparkie> Jared Bolinger
<AlcarGM> <Sparkie> Kermit Kirkman
<AlcarGM> <Sparkie> Twilight Sparkle
<AlcarGM> <Sparkie> Dudley Soares
<Tayler`^> ...
<Tayler`^> I get the feeling someone entered a fake census name
<AlcarGM> .. oh. I see. At the end of the .txt file there is
<AlcarGM> Twilight Sparkle
<AlcarGM> Twilight Sparkie
* AlcarGM must have added those a long time ago. And entirely forgot I had :p
<AlcarGM> I suspect this was meant to shock other people who used the feature down the road. Not .... me :P
<Sparkie> .....
* Sparkie has no idea what to consider this, now.
<Tayler`^> lol

<AlcarGM> The valkyrie is at least good at faking it after a bit, though people do seem to be giving her distance without consciously thinking about it.
<Tayler`^> "Did you want to talk about it?
<AlcarGM> Gondul: "He told you nothing?"
<Tayler`^> "Nothing."
<AlcarGM> Gondul: "Good." She walks over two blocks before relenting a little. "There was a battle. The final one between our people and the invaders. He is why we lost, but because it was his destiny, he was offered a chance to become a Dis, to try and earn his way back into Valhalla again. He is .. not doing that at present," with a careful sort of calm.
<Tayler`^> "What was he before?"
<AlcarGM> Gondul: "A warrior, once."
<Tayler`^> "How did you two meet?"
<AlcarGM> Gondul: "The way all men and women do.?
<AlcarGM> (( "Speeddating. Loki invented it." ))

<AlcarGM> She lets out a sigh. The lock undoes itself without being touched and she opens the door. "Right. Come in: I'll put the kettle one."
<Sparkie> That was clearly a typo. The kettle won. Won what, is the question.
* Sparkie bets it's the right to poison Tayler.

<AlcarGM> You find a car that has not been destroyed, which is a bonus. Roxie looks at it, then at the both of you. "Can either of you hotwire a car?"
<AlcarGM> Gondul: "... No."
<Tayler`^> "I read about it in a book once..."
<AlcarGM> Roxie grbas the door, and pulls it open with a crack. "Better than me, then. Try?"
* Tayler`^ hops in the driver's seat and pops the case below the steering wheel, ripping out a few wires. "Let's see... If we connect the power to the ignition like so..."
<AlcarGM> The valkyrie gets in the back, the other witch in the passenger seat and you connect wires, and using the power of the dewey decimal system you hotwire your first car!
<AlcarGM> This is definitely not what you became a librarian for, but it at least works.

* Sparkie is prepping dice for Grand Theft Game1.
<Thistle> GTG?
* Sparkie notes that Tayler has yet to mow the lawn in GTG. This is very sad.
<Tayler`^> Hmm
<Tayler`^> This city has no lawns
<Tayler`^> unless we're in the subburbs or something
<Tayler`^> tell you what, if you manipulate the dice such that we have to leave the urban area for a more rural location, I will mow a lawn
* Sparkie is certain Hel counts as rural.

<Tayler`^> I wonder... Besides slowing time, can I alter material? Like convert a shirt to a new future material?
<Tayler`^> Or make it an old 70s style shirt?
<Tayler`^> Let's try that!
* Tayler`^ buys the clothes first!
* Sparkie waits. For dice!
<Tayler`^> I don't want to deal with the whole "We don't stock this..." thing
<Tayler`^> so I'll buy the clothes then go to a bathroom and do it in a stall!
<Tayler`^> 5d6
<Sparkie> Tayler`^ 5d6: 12
<AlcarGM> You do that easily enough; Roxie has bought a hoodie, new shoes and a jacket for Oliver. Insisting on it as payment for several dead blood mages, which he accepts. With the hoodie and sunglasses, he passes as human easily.
<AlcarGM> After, you sneak into a bathroom stall, hear a distant sound of breaking glass, and your clothing.... squirms, as though alive, shuddering against your skin for a moment before changing style, or perhaps becoming another shirt entirely. Definitely 70s, and it still fits you.
<AlcarGM> This might not be why blood mages are hunting you down, though.

* Sparkie COULD exterminate the dinosaurs in this game, actually.
* Sparkie has a bucket list now.

<AlcarGM> Kirby: "Welll. it's... better than most do," with a grin that's at least not sour. "Any idea WHY you're scaring a Troll?"
* Tayler`^ shakes her head, "I don' tknow what trolls are scared of."
<AlcarGM> Tokan: "Old smells. Strong. Like candy-lady."
<AlcarGM> Kirby jerks his head up at that as if slapped and moved back warily from you. "If you're .... that strong. Don't mean to be rude, but .... I'm not."
<Tayler`^> "Hmm?"
<AlcarGM> Kirby: "I get noticed enough, and I'm .... not strong. If you're that strong, I'd rather not be near if shit hits the fan, okay? Power tests power: that's how the world works."
<AlcarGM> Kirby: "Tokan claims that's because there's a giant malevolent fire elemental that desires dice, but he IS rather stupid."
<Tayler`^> the fire elemental? I know.
<Sparkie> .....

<AlcarGM> Roxie: "I have flowers for Kada, from Efren?"
<AlcarGM> There is a short gasp, then: "He - he sent ... I .... top floor, 1602," as she tries not to sound nervous, buzzing you into the building
* Tayler`^ shrugs to Roxie and enters the building!
<AlcarGM> You enter; the interior is nice, though the wallpaper is a bit dated. The elvator (one of two) takes you up swiftly to the top floor, which only has 4 apartments, so finding 1602 isn't that hard at all.
<AlcarGM> The blood stained handprint on the door is a dead giveaway.
<AlcarGM> Wait. no handprint. Nope. Nothing at all.
<AlcarGM> :)
<Tayler`^> lol

<alcar> K. Just replying to a message thing, then will be about.
* alcar is now known as AlcarGM
<chaos__> Can't. Change nick but ready
* Sparkie eyes Chaos supiciously.
* Sparkie bets this is another trick by the NSA to try and learn MY secrets.
<chaos__> Yes. It is.

<AlcarGM> The sound of the waterfall dies slightly, the wind cutting out as if it wasn't wind at all. There is a feel of glass shimmering, not breaking, but at least some presure against the world. Water stirs near the shore and the top half of a man comes out slowly. He's wearing seaweed over clothing, with hair like the bottom of oceans and eyes a shade of blue too pure for water. He smiles, and the smile belongs on romance novels they'd never dare publish. He's beautiful, in the way ice storms and forest fires are, carrying wildness and efortless grace in the movement. "Witches?" in Danish, his voice like bird song.
<AlcarGM> You can hear music about him, like his own theme song: soft fiddling in water like rain dancing over skin.
<AlcarGM> ... I typed 'soft widdling' first. Which would be a far different kind of monster.

* Tayler`^ takes it, and enchants it to create a time bubble around the waterfall at some arbitrary time in the future for as long as she can manage to push into the stone, a year or so.
* Sparkie will help.
<Tayler`^> okay!
<Tayler`^> 4d6
<Sparkie> Tayler`^ 4d6: 12
<Tayler`^> 5d6
<Sparkie> Tayler`^ 5d6: 21
<Tayler`^> :T
<Tayler`^> that looks lazy to mee
<Tayler`^> you just switched the numbers

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