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<Reawen> spellings dead :)
<Keith`> spelling died the day i got on the internet))
<Robert`> (( "Ding dong, the Spelling's dead...Who's old spelling? Alcar's spelling! DIng dong the wicked spellng's dead..." ))
<WarnerDM> Robert` has offically be awake for to long
<Robert`> (( so he can use tolken but I cant use the Wizard of Oz???? ))
<WarnerDM> ((he managed to confuse me into thinking he must be onto something. Where you almost made a frightening kind of sence))

<Keith`> your hope less caltak
<Robert`> (( yes. I am. ))
<Robert`> (( but damn it Keith why did you mention my real name? now itll be in the quotes! ))

<Warner> wishes are to RPG's what aliens are to sitcoms. Once they show up the show is soon to be over

<Snake`---> "if you see a rabit kill it they have deadly poisons"'

<Warner> IRC does something to the minds sence of time. like when an artist goes right brained. the left brain shuts down and he loses all track of time

<Warner> reality bites. why do you think drugs are so populer? :)
<Caltak> but who needs drugs when you have AD&D?
<Caltak> oop, I think I may have just made anotehr quote :P
<Warner> I need drugs. need to sell some so I can aford to buy all these blasted books :)

<Sintaqx> I was considering making a were-rattlesnake, whose profession is a lawyer

<Reeve``> "Maybe I'll just go try to live a quiet life somewhere. Maybe the curse will just stay dormant."
<Snake`--> "may my dream be your reality"
<Reeve``> "What??"

* Marcus_Fenway is a Halfling Paladin
<Marcus_Fenway> Don't make me Shove my Healing Hands up your Arse!

<Salem_> "when we get a safe distance out...can i take a gander of flying this golden goose?"
<The_Vertical_Horizon> "There is no reason not to. Do you have a valid MCSE?"
<Salem_> "you kiddin- honey- i can drive anything with wheels or wings- or what ever!"
<Sheerrow> "Need I point out that this has neither?"

<Laura`----> "microsoft products have a way of keeping them selves alive no matter how much you try and kill it"

<Alcar> The Vertical Horizon: "Right hold is currently occupied"
<Riker``> "By what??"
<Laura`----> (oh crap what did you guys let on the ship)
<Tzarrgrinn> (an oytung.. sewage recycling.)

<Bethor_Nosgoth> well, gtg all...its closing time *sniff sniff* This t1 and me are in love, i think im going to try and elope :-)

* Salem_ runs up to the teacher and tugs her skirt with tears in her eyes " t-that lady tried to touch me, and and-... (starts making a rucus)
<Simon```> The teacher Salem in shock "She WHAT?!"
* Salem_ turns on the water works
<Faline`> (( Salem is good at two things: Raising the dead and bullshitting :P ))
<Salem_> "i don;t want to go with her..shes not my mommy..."
<Salem_> ((i got a PhD in BS))

<Vaj> "We gotta go to the land of the canucks???"
<Simon```> Chris looks at Vaj, puzzled "The what?"
<Vaj> "Nothing.. I just don't think I can stand hearing 'eh' at the end of every sentance."

<Simon```> Chris: "However, they're in a minority." He looks at Salem "Ah." frowns "You smell of magic used recently. . . "
<Salem_> "used? sorry- i only use "store Brand" magic

* Faline` oocly wonders if they'll meet any were-mooses in Canada :P
<Vaj> (nah, just were-maple trees)
<Faline`> (( that or were-polarbears or somethig :P ))
<Vaj> (were-earthworm?)

<Salem_> "salt makes the dead go back to sleep or something like that"
<Simon```> 'Wow! I want to see that."
<Salem_> "i think i can do this, but i am no witch"
<Salem_> "i hope "dead for dummies" can help...but i'm normal

<Faline`> "If..If I dont..kill anyone good...Then it..it isnt wrong..."
* Faline` grips her head
<Faline`> "ugghhhh...."
* Faline` 's moan turns into a growl. She looks up, her eyes glowing red.
* Faline` looks in pain again, the red light dies down "No..."
<Faline`> "ARRRGGGHHH!"
* Faline` switches to wereform and roars loudly
<Faline`> (( this is what we call a morl struggle :) Except, when you're also a aplit personality, and that other personaliy happen to be a tiger, things get more interesting :) ))

<Faline`> Faline is a scizo, Rei is behind the times, Cecil lost his memory (unless that was an act), Simon's forgets what forms he's in, Salem has that whole "undead affinity" thing going on, Mephisto's from the medieval world...
<Faline`> is that everyone? :P
<Faline`> oh yeah Marneus is like the only "normal" one :)
<Faline`> Danric's just weird all around..

<_Salem_> "wait- we have to go back.... i think, theres a mummy or a crazy old lady"
<Cecil`^> (( a mummy would be the least of my problems right now ))

<Faline`> (( this whol Party, with maybe the exception of Marneus, are a bunch of mental cases :) ))

<Faline`> oh shit..Faline acts nuts already, just think what'll happen when her tiger half goes into heat...

* Chaos`^ votes we move to the sun, vampires have a thing about fire.. but none of the pc's but vaj and I really know that, so nevermind..

<Fronkenshteen> I'll start one in 5
<Fronkenshteen> The Frozen Island of Naador..an adventure involving a legendary white dragon called ZSEN
<Keith`> i haven't had enought sleep to even try that
<Fronkenshteen> I'm just trying to build intrigue by mentioning it now and then

<Baliadoc> sorry about last night, i was tied up in RL
<Baliadoc> well at least nothing important happened then :)
<Alcar> Uhm, 500 people were slaughtered thanks to the party Bali :)
<Baliadoc> oh. well, when you put it that way... WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO NOW!?!!

<Warner> who needs wings? with zero G you can manuver around using nothing more then a can of beans and a upset digestive tract :)

* Simon``` whispers something you don't catch
* Danric nods
<Simon```> "I . . .I don't like girls." quietly
<Danric> "I hear ya loud and clear, big guy."
<Danric> "Oh. Maybe I don't."
<Danric> "So when you mean you don't like girls, you mean you don't like them in the 'Ew, they have cooties,' sense, or 'Man, does Mel Gibson III have a nice ass?' sense?"
<Simon```> "Uhm, he does .." very softly

<Salem_> simon is gay?
<Salem_> a gay-rou?

<Sir_Alfred> I used to rule a place called Camelot, for a few weeks.
<Prince_Jonathan> Ah, why not now?
<Sir_Alfred> I got bored.

<Valdus_Stoneskin> ((jennifer: you sure know how to get game geeks to pay attention to you. calling attention to the female anatomy does it every time))

<Jonas`> (are the atmosphere suits still around, Sin?)
<Sintaqx> (yes, byt you hafta fut the lockers out of the bulkhead to get them)
<Jonas`> (hmm... sounds a bit complicated...)
<Jonas`> "I hope I run into the Professor. This thing is gonna need a bit of bamboo and palm fronds."

* Icarus``` looks at the avatar, confused "The tree beetle seems to like your mates hair . ."
<Jonas``> "Oh no, flyboy. She isn't my mate. I don't even know her."
<Sintaqx> (when has that stopped most people?)

<Warner> "Now would be a good time scotty" shows up in star trek movies as often as "I have a bad feeling about this" shows up in star wars movies :)

<Caltak> what I could never get past is how the hell flying past the sun will send you back/forward in time...
<Warner> Caltak it has to do with the fact that if you combine general relitivity, warp drive theory, and artistic licence you can make flying monkeys wielding whoopie cussions seam plusable :)

<Sintaqx> vampric were-kender thief/ranger/sorcerer/wizard/monk lich
<Sintaqx> it's a wolf cursed to become a kender under the full moon

<Warner> vampric kender thief/ranger/sorcerer/wizard/monk/lich telemarketer

<Sintaqx> were-chahuahua... a wolf that turns into a chahuahua and has an urge to say "You quiero Taco Bell" at the most annoying times

<Sintaqx> were-Lawyer.. lawyer by day, cockroach by night... now you know why you can never get rid of them!
<Sintaqx> that way you can ask a lawyer which rock they crawled out from under they can honestly (an unheard of act) show you
* Sintaqx is still going to make that were-rattlesnake Lawyer for LoLaD
<Sintaqx> gotta remember to take the speak with animals part, that way I will be able to speak with all the snakes, lawyers, judges, politicians, upper management....

* Sintaqx wonders if there could be such a thing as a were-asshole?
<Baliadoc> asshole's don't have the ability to stop being themselves :)

* Sintaqx has learned to dread the pauses between alcar's LOL!'s and the next time he speaks.... that is when he updates Sparkie with what was just said

<Keith`> fact in mideavle times if you owned and oporated your own heavy artiloray (catapolt or balist) you where considerred a rich and powerfull man
<Warner> Keith`fact in modern times if you own and operate your own heavy artilory you are considered rich, powerfull or loony :)

<Warner> I don't understand why you can't attack a city the way a bus of school kids attacks a macdonalds. Just have every one show up acting like torests. eat them out of house and home. Then attack when the bring the bill :)
<Warner> Who needs a trojan horse. Just show up in bermuda shorts holding a camera :)

<Cecil`^> "This isn't horse shit or anything is it?"
* Gelhalee looks at the candy, then at the horse shit these kids scared out of Milly, and seeing no similarity asks Cecil`^, "Is you're eye sight ok?"
<Cecil`^> "mabey it's horse shit extract"

* Gelhalee tells Danric, "I'm trying to learn something about tecnology. By the way, where did you get this bag? I didn't think this world had such things"
<Danric> "You've got me. My friends here found it before I showed up. I think some wizard lives in there. Big AD&D fan, I guess."

* Faline` drives very fast. Too fast, really. So fast, its faster than people normally drive here when not trying to go really fast.
* Gelhalee starts becoming carsick. not used to going this fast even when being attacked by the tarasque

* Faline` figures the two cops would doubt the whole thing ever happened..you know, a disappearing horse and then suddenly not being able to move...they might thing it was some weird donut-induced illusion or something

<Danric> "Everyone is a pawn. Some just think they can always move two squares all the time..."

<Simon```> Volpone: "a fairy, I guess she would be called." He shrugs "They are . above lords of life and death, something more powerful, and primal."
<Simon```> Volpone: "Iron affects them as silver does us"
<Faline`> "Oh. Well, that's good to know then."
<Rei`--> "does that meen we just need to run her over with a 1975 buick skylark?"

* Chadwick`` pulls out some small candies, feeding his sleeve
* Monkie` looks at Chadwick really strangely and hopes that was a spelling error on the players part
<Trael_Eredon> (don't tell me you're feeding sugar to your familiar!)
<Monkie`> ‹‹ long as its not a kender, it should be fine ››
<Trael_Eredon> (lol.. a kender familiar.. that's almost as bad as sparkie!)

<Trael_Eredon> "do not meddle in the affairs of goblin archmagi for they are quick to miscast"

* ``Julie`` thinks " a woman needs to DM for once"
<``Julie``> the plot- find the purse to match your shoes before 7 pm
<``Julie``> or ken will dump you for Barbie-
<``Julie``> ok- you can be a : blond, burnet, or a red head
<SemiSin> blond +2 cha, -2 int

<``Julie``> the PLot: its one week before prom night of Sunnybrook high....your mission: find a hot date, cool clothes, and defeat your opponets for prom queen!!!!!!

<Baliadoc> possibly. if you start using it too much, i'll just decide that the wild surge is "randomly" that you get turned into stone, and are traded in Gel's Magic shop to some Kender who doesn't have a wild mage for his life-size chessboard yet :)

<Seraphina_Resc> "No food, no water, no weapons, no armor, no money, and in the hands of an insane goblin... isn't adventure great?"

<Seraphina_Resc> "Do you have a stick I can draw with?"
* Cora_Resc watches Sera Draw a map of a Ogre's Arse and the Treasure up it

<Chaos`^> When you enter the cave yell "Dragons fucking suck and I hate them all and I'm gunna take all thier treasure!" that will dissable the first trap

<Chaos`^> "We practice, tell me second trap!"
<Seraphina_Resc> "Second trap is easy.. it's the illusion of a dragon resting on the treasure."
<Seraphina_Resc> "You must stick your hand into the illusion to disable it."
<Chaos`^> "Where in illusion?"
<Cora_Resc> "Its Mouth"
* Seraphina_Resc was going to suggest a more personal orifice

<Dark83> Through the dorrway, a passage slopes down. In the distance you hear the cound of rushing water.
* Duloth walks through
* Bruis follows close behind
* t`Elana waits for the big, strong, if not too bright, fighters to go first

<Dark83> The sound of rushing water becomes louder as you follow the descending passage. Finally you reach the edge of a large underground chasm. Beneath you, an underground river surges violently, appearing out of the darkness to your left and disappearing to your right.
<t`Elana> "I knew I should have paid attention to those sswimming lessons instead of emptying the strongbox."

<t`Elana> "A magic Missile. Don't leave home without it."

<Simon```> Cecil is given a typical bar menu - meat, salads, beer, wine, spirits, pop, coffee, speciality of the dead: Warned over lunch menu, more beer
<Faline`> (( Warnered over lunch menu? ;P ))
<Simon```> warmed
<Cecil`^> (( ok, a typical bar menu doesn't have a specialof the dead ))
<Simon```> day
<t`Elana> (specialty of the dead... great, wholesome eating establishment)

<Simon```> She struggles, but Faline can hold her with ease
* Faline` tries to calm her down, but being restrained by a 7' 5" weretigress probably isnt too relaxing...well it depends who you are of course *wink* :P

<Simon```> Reta: "I'm being kidnapped . . pet napped . . . by a were tiger . .. "
<Rei`-`-> "easy gezz don't give your self a heart attack or some thing"
<Simon```> <Reta> "How do I explain this at work?!"
<Rei`-`-> "call it a flash back to the 70's"

<Rei`-`-> "so any one figur out just where we are headed other then the grate white north?"
<Faline`> "Um...not yet.."
<Faline`> "I figure we pick when we get there."
<Cecil`^> (( alaska ))

* Cecil`^ looks for vamps
<Simon```> You find some in a pool hall, playing pool
<Cecil`^> "You guys look like the type that can do it for me.."
<Simon```> He looks at you suspiciously "Do what?"
<Cecil`^> "I need an id to get out of this country."
<Simon```> He frowns "I dont know what you're talkign about . ."
<Cecil`^> "Yes you do.."
<Simon```> He frowns "No, I dont." and goes back to the game of pool
* Cecil`^ lights his lighter a few times playing with it
<Cecil`^> "I used to be a pyro.. I think I'm getting back into the habbit.."

<Chaos`^> btw, I quit my job
<Chaos`^> it was messing up my game time ;-)
<Chaos`^> only funny to those of us who know how much fun lolad can be and how bad it is when you miss it
<Caltak> I would drop out of school if it made me miss Lolad :P thank go it doesnt tho :)

<Caltak> the line between Lolad and the real world is blurring, i should sleep too
<Caltak> though secretly I wish it would blur more :)
<Chaos`^> kinda and no
<Chaos`^> I don't want vamps stalking me

<Caltak> "Faline, you've just defeated the Master Vampire of San Fransisco, what are you gonna do next?" "I'm going to Disney World to scare the shit out of all the tourists!"

<Sintaqx> there is nothing more frightening than a zombie kender

* Thamior aims in front of the dwarf - a warning shot that will be fired when he's at 80 feet.
<Dorcus> warning shot?!
<Dorcus> its an ambush! You dont give warning shots

<Ellipseis> What is the conversion between Yards and Feet?
<Beliall> 3 feet per yard
<Alaya> 3 feet to a yard
<Pyr`uken> 3 yds : 1 ft
<Delta_Mu> 1 to 3
<Neostoise> 3ft = yd

<Delta_Mu> And, within moments, the battle ends. Alaya is holding a very confused and angry squirrel and the bodies of 7 others litter the ground at your feet
<Leo_Artifex> "Can we keep it?" (:P)
* Ellipseis loots the corpses..

* Alaya wonders if a carniverous flying squirrel would make a good familiar

<Pyr`uken> where is the caravan?
<Ellipseis> We were supposed to meet it here
<Alaya> the squirrels got-em
<Pyr`uken> ahhh... i see

* Ellipseis jogs back to the old man...
<Ellipseis> to Entri: "Find anything out while we were gone?"
<Entri> "He likes the Mets"
<Ellipseis> "Mets?"
<Entri> "I have no idea"

<Ellipseis> Squirrel familiars give +2 bonus to nut gathering, right?
<Delta_Mu> this one is a carnivorous flying squirrel
<Delta_Mu> the nuts it gathers are generally attached to their owner at the time :)

<Arcanine> The unicorn gets tired of waiting and leads Thalales to the entrance but stops seeing the two lying down..
<Arcanine> The trots over and nudges the two with his horn.
* Alaya_Darkglen stubbornly retains her unconscious state

<Alaya_Darkglen> "Maybe we can leave him iwith the unicorn..... and continue on in... I want to see if this castle really exists."
<Arcanine> The unicorn follows the three and the place collapses
<Alaya_Darkglen> "Well.. Maybe not."

<Gharu> god what a bunch of wimpies
* Sin_DM adds that to the famos last words list

* _`Melody`_ plays softly- letting the males beat their chests like apes

<Simon```> <Reta> "Furry? furry? They're monsters!"
<_{Melody}_> "am i a monster too? i'm human all the way"
<Simon```> <Reta> "Why didn't you run from these . .things?!" to Salem
<Danric> "Because then no one would be around to listen to her whine."
<_{Melody}_> "because, well.. its better than school"

* Salem_ gives Danric an cold glare, her black eyes burn like coals in hell's fire
<Salem_> (make that the bully)
<Danric> (don't worry. I get it all the time with this character :)

<Simon```> A man comes out of one of the homes you pass, giving Danric a hundred dollars. You see a young male, with dark skin and eyes. He's lithe, short and quiet with a burning intensity to his gaze that startles you.
<Simon```> He looks at Salem then nods to her "You are what you eat." And goes back inside
<Salem_> "hmm- then i should eat some souls of catholic school boys?"
<Cecil`^> (( Don't eat pork or anything or you'll be a pig =p ))

* Cecil`^ sets silent knowing that danric is better at talking to them than he is..
<Salem_> "what..!!!"
<Cecil`^> (( I'm mr. miagi, no one likes me, but I mean well and you will learn if you have enough patience =))

<Alaya_Darkglen> "Alfrght.. how about this time somebody OTHER than the halfling sorceress leads?"

<Alaya_Darkglen> *creak* *creak* *scrape* *screak* (fighters version of move silently)

<Dark83> if 0 people is running, and 8 people want to play, they'll play with whoever happens to DM...
<Dark83> doesn't mean the DM is good, unless they all are waiting for him to run a campaign

* Alaya_Darkglen steps to the side of malak, telling him to keep an eye on the door
<Leo_Artifex> The goblintakes advantage and attack Ebensmith
* Malak_Ardine runs toward the goblins.
* Alaya_Darkglen grumbles something about fighters using things to think other than their brains and keeps one eye on the door

<Leo_Artifex> The goblins all out attack
<Leo_Artifex> The goblins make cajun sauce of Eben
<Malak_Ardine> "alas, poor Ebinsith...we knew ye well."

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim suddenly pictures a Kender in a G-string *Shutter*
* xAlaya_Darkglen did not need that picture in his head
* Alcar shudders wondering whos g-string it was before the kender got it
<Alaya_Darkglen> and were they wearing it at the time

<Caltak> What is Reality?
<Alcar> Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesnt go away.
<Caltak> Well I dont believe in a lot of the AD&D games and they haven't gone away, does that mean they're real?

<Baliadoc> oh yeah, that's the other thing that happened. people started giving me money
<Alcar> for beating up that fellow
<Caltak> LOL! whowas that guy that people love you so much for doing that? a lawyer? :)
<Baliadoc> wifebeater
<Baliadoc> actually, a lawyer got some benefit from it too :)

* t`Elana is NOT sharring her tent with an elf.. too many stories about those horny bastards... why do you think there are so many Half-elves?
<^Ulfgar^> Probably a gay elf anyway..their all gay....running thru the woods all gay and laughing.

* ^Ulfgar^ slides down the tree trunk....now covered in bark, twigs, dirt, wet leaves
<^Ulfgar^> Look at me! I am terrain!

<t`Elana> having a pair of dwarves is like having the testosterone levels of a full team in a football locker room.. in each dwarf
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Both teams :P
<^Ulfgar^> Of course, you have the aroma of 2 football teams as well.
<t`Elana> I though that was the aroma of the stadium full of fans in 110 degree weather

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim slams his head into the rock face to see if its hallow (the rock face that is not my head :P )

<t`Elana> taklin rams the clif face, and disappears from view
* Dorcus looks at Tak "Facinating spell detection method." and sounds actually impressed
<t`Elana> "Yeah, dwarven detect magic abilities."
<t`Elana> "If it don't break, it's magic."

<t`Elana> you are forced to stop when you reach a 10' wide chasm.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim stops at the chasm
<t`Elana> the chasm does not appear to have a bottom
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim attempts to jump it (out of Dwarven Stupidity)
<t`Elana> Tak evades the grasping hands and ammazingly makes the jump

<t`Elana> Every race is represented in the bone piles.. even some that you have never seen before
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim looks at the bones as he walks threw them... "Orc, Orc, Goblin, Orc, Kobold, Goblin, Tarrasque, Goblin..."

<Dorcus> 'I can try and put it to sleep if every stays back .."
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim draws his Battle Axe and readies his shield then charges at the new Creature
* t`Elana waits for the dwarves
<Dorcus> 'Or you can charge it and get cut to pieces."

* ^Ulfgar^ rips into it with his axe as it turns to try and escape
<t`Elana> the dwarves tear the thing into little gooey spider chunks

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
<Sintaqx> I think so, Tak, but I don't think shaving cream counts as business Casual
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Its more casual then Whipped cream and cherries

<Leo_Artifex> No id just like to get going what was supposed to start a half hour ago
<t`Elana> patience is a virtue, especially when the DM has a short fuse
<t`Elana> learn it

<t`Elana> Ulfgar, the axe is a flaming axe
* ^Ulfgar^ wonders if the axe will start simpering and talking about interior decorating in battle....

<NightShade|> i got my GF into AD&D.. he he... power corupts but AD&D absolutely corrupts *evil chuckle*

<Simon```> The vampire goes to respond, then shivers and literally fails into pieces before your eyes, whatever Power was possessing her vanishing and leaving the air still. Where the vampire was, is ahses.
<Faline`> (( fails to pieces? Sparkie must have rolled for her :) ))

<Simon```> Jeramias touches Rei's shoulders and says something in his native tongue then opens his eyes "Done. You have the gift."
<Rei`---> "hmm... a forgotten memory.."
<Rei`---> "normal people will... slowly forget me now"
<Salem_> "gift? tp forget? did you eat a peach?"

* Salem_ sings " cotton eye joe" off key~!!
* Faline` oocly twitches at the trigger of Silence, 15' Radius >:)

<Rei`---> "umm.. you know i don't think they would mind if we went our own way but i don't see why they keep running around in areas of the world which create problums"
<Simon```> ‹‹ DM would, since running 2 adventures at once is pain in the neck :p ››
<Faline`> (( yeah but its cool :) ))
<Faline`> (( and besides, we're just doing what our characters would. cant blame us for rping correctly can ya? :) ))
<Simon```> ‹‹ nope ››
<Faline`> (( thats what I thought :) ))

<Faline`> "My aunt?"
<Cecil`^> (( I wasn't aware I had an aunt ))
<Faline`> (( "I wasnt aware I had a mom" j/k ))
<Salem_> ( i wasn't aware i have my own personal demond)
<Faline`> (( think of it this way Salem..you wont get lonely :P ))

<Salem_> (oh- just eat him and get it over with)
<Faline`> (( lol no thanks ))
<Cecil`^> (( She was eaten by a dog! you don't need to add the homosexual part, I think all dogs are gay.. ))

<Simon```> From below you hear what sounds vaguely like garfield and odie, grown up and rated R
<Faline`> "Is it just me or do you hear that too?"
<Rei`---> "i hear it but i don't want to"
<Simon```> The noises from below stop as the dog -- err, wolf -- avenges garfield haters everywhere and knocks the kitten into a wall in the Do-It-Yourselfers sleep spell
<Faline`> (( lol ))
<Faline`> (( oh, he's gonna get it later :P ))

* Rei`--- starts to pur as well and wonders if driving after drinking catnip tea is illigel
* Faline` would think that catnip isnt in any way an illegal substance of count asn an intoxicant in human standards, but doesnt because she is currently intoxicated :P
<Faline`> (( hicher=higher...woah cool I think my character being intoxicated is somehow affecting my typing skills ;P ))

<Alcar> Going to try something new . .. How much EXP do you think you're pcs earned?
<Keith`> 3000 ?
<Alcar> why 3000?
<Keith`> 1 that gives me a level up in both classes 2 A VAMPIRICK KITTEN FOR GOD SAKES!

<`Raphael> Why be an archangel when you can be a 6ft Mutant turtle
<Kulvor> cause archangels have kool wings
<Kulvor> and swords
<Kulvor> and they kick ass
<`Raphael> Turtles have Cool shells and weapons and Kick ass
<Kulvor> so be a turtle archangel :P

* Faline` snuggles againt Rei a bit -- her brain still seems to be booting up..damn windows...
* Faline` runs her eye with a hand...paw...hand-paw..well whatever, you get the picture
* Rei`--- holds Faline and enjoys the breaf molment befor he dies or Faline goes belistic

* Faline` picks out a couple t-shirt and skirt outfits, which seem to be not quite as tight as her other clothes, obviously to account for the enlargement to wereform
<Simon```> The salesgirl shows Faline some models made with elastics "For when you get breast enlargements you, like, don't have to reutnr the clothes! Its like,cool!" the salesgirl says
<Faline`> (( "Excuse me, are you implying that I need a boob job?" *kills the annoying salesgirl on principal* :P ))

<Salem_> drat- i need zombies for dummies
<Simon```> watch the Barney Show at 4 pm
<Salem_> accck! i don't want to be a zombie'

<Alcar> Well Janes just an enviromentalist with the government. Really.
<Chaos`^> yeah, jane is just an enviromentalist, really
<Baliadoc> which means Jane is a demon from the 8th circle of hell
<Baliadoc> to put it in laymans terms
<Chaos`^> dear god I hope not!

<Sintaqx> not only do I have the Characters confused, I've succeeded in boggling the players minds :)

<Chaos`^> you have a friggin were cow!? I thought that was a friggin joke! OMG!

<Faline> hmm, wonder if we can find a group of weres, live with them :)
<Simon```>hehehe. Wereville, next right :p Has lots of animal crossing signs
<Faline> hehe no but seriously :)
<Simon```> who said I wasnt being serious? :)

* Faline turns her attention to the TV
<Cecil`^> (( you mean the one that's off? 'look! it's called blackout! this is the best part!' ))

* Faline flips channels, but eventually sighs and turns it off
<Faline> "Tv kind of loses a lot of its appeal when you're life gets freakier than the X Files."

<Alcar> and salem totally oblierated a kids soul . .
<Alcar> detention for that :)
<Baliadoc> detention!? oh come on, it wasn't even her first day. that should be a warning or something :)

<Alcar> wow. A drone bees penis snaps off during intercourse with the queen.
<Alcard---> wow.. remind me not to play a were bee
<EarthForge> if i were to play a werebee, i know that's one of the powers i would take: "Penis does NOT break off during intercourse"

<Alcar> were black widow is worse :p
<Alcard---> only if your a male
<Alcard---> if your female go for it sex and food all at once who can complain
* Chaos`^ is really happy the human women haven't taken these bugs examples...
<Jeramias> yeah, they've done it worse. "I think I'll make them pay child support." Not that I'm bitter or anything

* Caltak really in all seriousness took "Thou shalt not kill" to really mean more like "THou shalt not kill any innocents intentionally, without a very good reason." just shortened up a bit to leave room on the stone tablet :)

<EarthForge> bah. maybe God just said "You vampires piss me the fuck off. Suck this." and made humans and weres :)
<Chaos`^> i like the suck this part
<Chaos`^> they took him literally
<EarthForge> And He said: "Check it, bitch! These babies can walk in sunlight! Can you do that? Can you? Huh?? Say my name!"

<Caltak> hey that might be a good character in Alternity, a size-changing anthro cat :) very fun to rp :)
<Caltak> well hell, that would be fun in anything really ;)

<Marcus_Fenway> Hell if I had a Holy Avenger I wouldn't take it off for Anything Including Sex!

* Eli`` looks at Statik measuringly "Perhaps not. But most men I know spend all there time staring at me . .and not at my eyes."
<Marcus_Fenway> Then Statik`^ looks up and says "Huh, What!?"
<Natalia`-_> "Many of them you must stick a dagger under their chins to raise their eyes."
* Statik`^ tries his hardest not to look at what the women are talking about.. 'I will not look. I will not look. I will not look' on his mind
* Statik`^ gives a weak smile
* Statik`^ is too busy trying not to look to really talk

<Marcus_Fenway> The Aloe-Vera was a Spaceship on a Cartoon I saw a while back...
<Marcus_Fenway> it Just sounded like a herb
<Statik`^> You're joking... right?
<Marcus_Fenway> nope I wish I was
<Marcus_Fenway> I am terible with plants names
<Statik`^> heh, well, Aloe-Vera is a real plant, it is really proven to help wounds heal faster...

* Eli`` nods and drags Statik out of the way, trying not to disturb him too much
<Statik`^> *crack* oops I think I just broke his spine!
<Marcus_Fenway> "Do you have a Spare?"

<Marcus_Fenway> "There is no Failure if you try."
<Eli``> 'I see. Because without trying we can't hope to win?"
<Natalia`-_> "If you never try you have already failed."
* Eli`` shakes her head "I will have to introduce you to the old master at our Monastery, Yoda. He might disagree with you."
<Marcus_Fenway> "Well, Move along you shall, much time you waist" :)

* Faline sees an elevator openng and blood puring out...er, nm
<Faline> "Redrum..er, I mean, wow this place is nice." j/k on that first part ;)
<Milenko``> ((lol. "why that's odd, the blood usually gets off at the second floor))

<Simon```> I9BallI sees Milenko standing there -- easily the most handsome guy you've ever seen .. would put models to shame. hes busy laughing
<Faline> (( so handsome, you half consider becoming gay ))
<Milenko``> ((EEEEEEwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Bad! Bad! No!!))
<Faline> (( hehe ))

<Salem_> if the new pc attacks me- i'm gona do something i regret!

<Milenko``> The maze wouldn't be peacful if Bali was here *sniff*
<Simon```> how so>?
<Milenko``> Well, there would be the blood and screeming, and if I was lucky, no naked poodles

* Salem_ stares at 9 ball like she could strip his skin with her eyes
<Simon```> 9Ball is gettting worried . . the demons look ready to slay him with their hellish powers :)
<I9BallI> ((yes indeed))
* Faline stares at 9 ball like she could strip his skin with her teeth..and she could, too!

<I9BallI> "Havent ate in a week! Uncle's got food for me..."
<Faline> (( he said "I havent had a bite to eat in weeks" so I bit him :P ))

<Simon```> The maze is (currently :) 8' tall hedges, left and right paths
<Faline> (( as opposed to when it becomes a macrophiliac's wet dream ;) ))
<Simon```> ‹‹ LOL. Just using the bloody mythology here, ok? :p ››

<Simon```> ok, You find Latin very easy as a class .. . you learn the 1st chapter of the book in the one lesson. The OAC teacher looks truly surprised and pleased
* Salem_ is surprised as well- its like i allredy know
<Simon```> ‹‹ yup :) ››
<Simon```> ‹‹ or being . .helped . . to learn it. ››
* Salem_ finds that creepy- but hey!! it will get her an A- i knew that demond is good for something
<Cecil`^> (( he's prolly snipping pieces of your soul every lesson ;-))

* Salem_ tags simon- your IT
* Salem_ dashes off
<Simon```> a big wolf chaes after Salem
<Salem_> "hey- your cheating!!!"
* Simon``` shifts back into human "Oh, fine then!"
<Faline> (( Salem ca even the odds by swallowing his soul :P ))
<Rei`--> (no chew and spit out)

<Simon```> Whats Faline doing with the shovel?
* Faline just holding it
<Salem_> "faline looks like farmer brown"
* Faline looks at Salem like shes nuts...a weretigress in jean shorts and a t-shirt looks like farmer brown...?
<Cecil`^> (( farmer brown's hick daughter? ))
<Salem_> "yea.....farmer brown- you make tiger's milk"
<Faline> (( farmer brown's daughter..if was into beastiality :P ))

* Alcar would give bonus levels to someone who could rp were windows right
<Keith`> alcar that would be easy
<Keith`> just react like a normal were but instead of having some thing like str bonuses have a mental brake down
<Keith`> that and pick up ever cold they come in contact with
<Keith`> mutate it and send it out as a more vistuse cold

<Warner> The Olympics can't be that great. They don't even have a saturday morning cartoon about them :)
* Caltak thinks there should be roleplaying olympics :)
<Alcar> Player: "Quick. I leap aside, race around the track, leap through the crowds and run faster than ever . breaking a 2 minute mile!" DM: "Sorry the DEA officials stil catch you and test yor urine. Make a new pc."
<Caltak> they check for sterioids, and munchiness ;P

<Stagnant> any ad&d games going on?
<Darkkin> yes there is Stagnant
<Stagnant> can i join?
<Darkkin> Sure what levels does everyone want to play
<Stagnant> i have a level 1.
<Darkkin> thats way too high
<Darkkin> i was thinking level 0

Simon```> Charles shrugs "I guess so." He looks at you "I see chains around you . . why?"
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<Cecil`^> "There may be alot of reasons.."
<Cecil`^> (( the dm made me stay here!! that's why! I'm being held here prisoner! Let me out!! Help!!!! ))

<Sintaqx> The Difinitive Work on the subject of DMing..... Also know as 101 ways to kill your player characters

<Sintaqx> new magical item.. the Lightning rod. Calls forth a bolt of lightning as a 10th lvl spellcaster... natural lightning has an 80% chance of striking the rod

<Jeramias> hmm. Think Bali would mind if my character was the illigitment child of Jer?
<Jeramias> Well, No one would likly do so willingly, but he wouldn't rape her(even in the Evil Callaran game)... hmm..
<Alcar> With Silva as the mother? :)
<Alcar> hey, they fit together perfectly :p
<Jeramias> That could work! Neither of them knew what they were doing. "They were trying to do something simple, like jump-start a car, but they got confused."

<Duloth> Ping:This spell has three affects. It deals 1 point of damage, tells you the exact distance to the named target, and makes a loud "Ping" noise, which can have affects determined by the DM.
<Duloth> Mass Ping:(Level 1) This spell acts as level 0 Ping, but affects anyone, friendly or not, including the caster, within 100 ft.

<Dee_Emm> for various reasons, you have all come to the kingdom of Velouria (if you know the name, don't berate me. I like it :), and have arrived at the Glimmering City, an incredibly large town built by the first PC party to exist, basically.
<Dee_Emm> It's a town that shines in day or night, a waypoint to travelers everywhere, and a symbol of heroism and safety.
<Anne_> and sun block
<Izayus> Btw how do people sleep in that city
<Izayus> i mean god... all that light

<Old-Man-> Dwarf1 grins, getting ready to come at you... but then, his skull, protesting like the dwarves, refuses to remain solid, and crunches in. Dwarf1 slumps

<Old-Man-> okay, Teebo misses horribly, once again sending the arrow into the alley, though this time you hear "Again? No... NOO!!! JER!!!!!"
* Teebo shouts out, "No, his iligit child!"

<Jeramias> well, I did manage to hit Bali :)
<Baliadoc> true :)
<Jeramias> that was a nice touch :)
<Jeramias> 25% chance to kill the DM during use :)

<Jimbo``> okay, the night passes uneventfully, and i hafta end the game for now, on account of a) not feeling well and b) well, i don't wanna get lynched for more bad DMing :)
<Teebo> not nearly as good as mine, much better in fact ;)
<Jimbo``> yeah, my first sessions always seem to be really cinematic. hopefully the next session will be a bit more interesting
<Teebo> No, that was interesting! I sleep durning alcar's games too! honest!

<t`Elana> nope, no clerics
<t`Elana> hoping someone decides to multi-class into one
<Ulfgar^> Heh heh..barbarian/cleric? LOL
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Tak wouldn't make a good cleric
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "You no need healing you still consious."

<SinDM> the elf is running away...
<Ulfgar^> can i throw on the run?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Just hope you don't catch up to whatever you throw

<Ulfgar^> Once the elf leaves I will look around carefully for any peepholes
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Already did
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> The DM is being a Ass there is no way out
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> The Door is Solid Adamantium and there are no holes in the walls
<Dorcus> Isn't there a law that PCs have to have an escape route? I know it applies to jail cells under castles everywhere with secret exits . . . it should apply here also
* Dorcus moves for a vote to impeach the DM :)
* SinDM overrules

<Ebensith> "we arent with the drow."
* Ulfgar^ says "I am dwarf" (as if to imply that answers any doubts)
<SinDM> the elf chuckles
<SinDM> "So are the duerger."
* Ulfgar^ spits when he hears the word "duergar"
<Ulfgar^> They not dwarves, they scum, lower than el....er orcs.
<SinDM> the elf laughs at Ulfgar^'s comment and opens a door, gesturing for you to enter

<SinDM> "You want answers, I would assume."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "acctually we want world peace, but answers will do."
<SinDM> "First though, we would like to know why you have ventured this deep."
<Dorcus> "Seeking a castle, actually. Not a war."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Where looking for a Castle?"
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim looks confused, never acctuly bothering to figure out what their Mission was until now.

<SinDM> the elf who escorted you in approaches
<SinDM> "Follow me, I will show you out... the ale will meet you at the tunnel entrance."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Elves have to bribe us with Ale to get us to leave
<Dorcus> i'm surprised you didn't kill them all -- they've been wasting it to clean armour :)
<Ulfgar^> What do elves know anyways?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> as long as they have some left for us
<Ulfgar^> Plus there's plenty enough for Tak and I. :) For a couple days at least. When we return.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> but if their ale runs out we go on a rampage!
<Ulfgar^> Definitely. That definitely rates a beserker rage.

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim and Ulfgar^ continue on with a second corus almost seemingly making it up as they go but somehow still singing the same thing.
<Ebensith> "i guess it would be a lost cause to try and keep em quiet, huh?"
<Dorcus> "I think you're right .."
* Ulfgar^ slips in a line here and there about elven women's beards. :)
<t`Elana> "A quiet dwarf is like a cute orc."
<t`Elana> "They simply don't exist."

* Ulfgar^ follows....singing about puttin weight on the elves and teachin them not to prance about so.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim Sings a line about elven mating habits that don't involve the women
* Ulfgar^ chokes on his ale briefly on that line..laughs loudly and continues
* t`Elana ad-libs another line that compliments Taklinn_Rumnaheim's and answers the question "where did centaurs vcome from?"

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "No wonder them Elves be Rangers and Druids. They like to frolick with the wild animals"
* Ebensith seems to be picturing all this in his head
* t`Elana collapses laughing
<Ulfgar^> What's that they have? Animal friendship? *snorts*
<t`Elana> "An elf and a wolverine!"
* Ebensith eyes open wide
<Dorcus> "P - porcuine"
* t`Elana can't seem to stand back up, laughing too hard

<t`Elana> "Drowburger."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Drowslaw"
* Ulfgar^ holds up his flaming axe.....pre-cooked too.
<Dorcus> 'Shishkadrow .. "
<t`Elana> "OOh, flameau"
<Ulfgar^> Drowlee Minon
<Ebensith> "drow on rice?"

<t`Elana> "Filet-o-drow"
<Dorcus> "McDrow."
<Ulfgar^> McDrownnets
<t`Elana> "McDrow with Cheese"
<Ulfgar^> Drow Chalupa
<t`Elana> "you quiero Taco Drow"
<Ulfgar^> Drop the Drowlupa!
<Ebensith> "I want my baby back drowribs yaa.....bar-b-q sauce"

<Sintaqx> Dwarves = quotes, 2 dwarves = 3 x the qoutes (odd mathematical law)

<Marcus_Fenway> Statik, fires wildly in panic as he is charged down by the tiny Intruder.
<Marcus_Fenway> The Goblin swings and Crashes its Mace into Statik's already hurting knee
<Natalia`-_> "The goblin, not the brush! Kill the Goblin!"
* Statik`^ swears at natalia and swears at the goblin.. LOUDLY

<Statik`^> are you saying i'm dead AGAIN!?
<Marcus_Fenway> your unconsious
<Statik`^> Dammit! I don't want to die anymore!!!
<Natalia`-_> you're just impotent again

<Duloth> "Jedi vs. Terminator, the Movie." *Sound of Heavy breathing* "If you think you can defeat me, you underestimate the power of the dark side of the force, whomever you are."
<Duloth> "Hey, wait.. I'm using my powers, your supposed to stop moving and choke to death now. C'mon!! *gulp!*"
<Duloth> "You are, terminated." *SNAP!*

* Faline walks up to the desk, smiling sweetly. "Hi, I'm here to apply for the assistant job."
<Simon```> Ok, The woman nods to you "I see. You're the second applicant so far today." She hands you a form (name, adrees, date, sin number etc.) "Just fill this out, please."
<Keith`> (well my quolifications are i'm a big giant cat traped in a humans bodie...)

* Milenko`` looks at the game they are playing. "I don't like that game much, they got my picture totally wrong on the card." as he winks
<Simon```> Kevin looks at you "This place is a dump man. What do you mean, Your picture on the card?"
<Milenko``> "The picture on the vampire card." he says grinning, showing his fangs.

<Chaos`^> Happy birthday keith!
<Alcar> happy birthday!
<Keith`> thanks i think... from this groop that could also be a curse :)

* Faline walks in and sits down at the typewriter and begins to type "All work and no play make Faline a dull tiger" over and over j/k :P

<Jeramias> Speaking of role playing, I need to put my English and math book in my backpack

<Simon```> ok, Farmer bob, on hold, wants to know why his cow is PRODUCING chocolate milk right this instant
<Faline> "Ermm...she hasn;t had any access to any Hershey's Syrup lately, has she?"
<Simon```> Farmer bob (coldly) "No! She was fine until last night."
* Faline winces, knowing all too well what the cause was, but wonders just how its chocolate...
* Faline tells him something about it having to do with cats and cows being natural enemies a long time ago, and some cows still develop phobias to cats

<Simon```> Farmer Joe demands to speak to the Vet, at once. His cows are falling over sporadically in the field and he thinks, from their odd actiosn, that they were taken by aliens. He wants the vet to do an anal probe and see if he finds the hidden receiver in them and destroy it
* Faline is momentarily stunned
<Faline> "Uhh...I'm sorry, but Dr. <<insert name here>> is unavailable right now, but I can take a message if you'd like...
* Faline wonders inwardly if the farmer checked for neck punctures...

<Cecil`^> is it normal for a druid to be looking in a septic tank?
<Simon```> no

<Cecil`^> "and we need something so I know it's you.."
<Simon```> He shrugs "A password?"
<Rei---> (well he could kick you in the nuts but that would make to much sence)

* Faline wishes moments like these would never end, and they wouldnt have to deal with dragons, demons, vampires, adn all that crazy stuff
* Faline hopes Brak didnt hear her wishing that :P j/k

<Teacher`^> damn.. now I hafta murder an entire hotel staff....'

<Sintaqx> Hartley's Second Law: Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself.
<Caltak> for Jer, eh would have to TRY to find someone crazier than himself ;)
<Jeramias> like the teacher, and the reaper, and ... and ... and then some more
<Sintaqx> well.. it seems he's doing a good job at it
<Caltak> like Faline? SHe can realy go crazy :)

<Jeramias> I took up smoking once for 6 seconds so that I could have something to quit ;)

<Caltak> well In any case, Faline is very nice when you dont piss her off. SHe is alos
very cuddly. just ask Rei ;P
* Jeramias don't want to die by Rei's paw :)
<Jeramias> maybe if I get his consent... ;)
<Keith`> consent for what?
<Sintaqx> lol.... Rei, Faline, and the nymphomaniacle Fairy
<Jeramias> for Faline ;)
<Keith`> um i do bleave you would end up dead quite quickly
<Jeramias> It was her idea!

* Jeramias don't trust the cop enough, not after what happened before
<Jeramias> Mil would just rather be let off somewhere that he can get a room, not in the middle of no where
<Sintaqx> since when is trust a required factor in sex?
<Jeramias> Well, I would want to trust her enough to not be handcuffed to the bed and then having the cops come after me :P
<Sintaqx> granted, for any form of a meaningful relationship there must be trust, but ho, wild sex is not my idea of a meaningful relationship
<Jeramias> besides, Mil thinks that he got stuck with the reaper again
* Sintaqx loves playing NPCs and shape-changing npcs

<Sintaqx> actually... RandomNPC is not just one person.
<Sintaqx> it's whatever NPC I play that is not under Alcar's control
<Caltak> Hehehe if RandomNPC never existed, things would still be interesting, even if only with the other pcs interactions alone ;)
<Sintaqx> hence trying to figure out what I'm going to do is an exercise in futility
<Chaos`^> yeah, you try being chased by vampires, have your daughter be brain washed and told to kill all the natives, almost get her back, and then find out she was kidnapped again. Then you try staing with salem and faline for a couple days, then you tell me how much more sane I will be without you.

<Cecil`^> "Do you know why you are here?"
<Hazel`And`Teacher> "I'm Hazel Valentine and I will be your student for the next few minutes, how can I help you?"
* Cecil`^ blinks and looks at hazel
<Cecil`^> "First thing, why are you here?"
<Hazel`And`Teacher> "interesting...... refusal to answer a gesture for help."
* Hazel`And`Teacher gets out a notepad and writes something down

<Hazel`And`Teacher> "Alright, next question.. how do you rate your sex life?"
<Hazel`And`Teacher> "on a scale from 1 - 10
<Cecil`^> "It's drugs isn't it? are you on drugs?"
<Hazel`And`Teacher> "1 being a wet noodle, 10 being the energizer bunny"
<Hazel`And`Teacher> "Ah, Viagra.. hmmm.. a sign of insecurity perhaps."

* Faline grabs her backpack and her water skin and follows, forgetting a) to get dressed and b) to be human

<Gaty`^> YOu see a man grabbing his chest, he isn't consient and is laying on the bed
* Bonk` curses fighting the orcish genetic urge to rape, pillage and loot, at least until after helping him
<Caltak> oh no, heart attack! QUick, cast shocking grasp and use it like a defibrulator!!!

<Gaty`^> Bonk finds the man on the bed, he also sees a scroll rolled up on a nightstand near the man with a sign pointing down to it saying "read this"
<Gaty`^> The scroll has many ilustarations and scentances explinging how to restart a heart (( cpr ))
<Caltak> ok whats up with this? CPR instructions?!? lol
<Gaty`^> it's a cursed scroll with a heart
<Gaty`^> the man soon groans and slowly opens his eyes
* Bonk` is probably not the best sight for him to see but is what he sees anyway
<Gaty`^> The man gasps and has a heart attack.. J/K

<Caltak> wow, what is it a Scroll of Giving Away Plot Points?
<`Man`> Scroll of Making its Own Plot Points?

<Caltak> oh I have an even better pc for me to be in Sin's game! AN OTYUGH!!!! er, I really do need sleep, dont I? :P

<Jeramias> Well, right now my stuff is at level 2, and 80 more exp will bring me up to level 4, which would save me from having to do level 3 stuff ;)
<Caltak> Jer, Jer, Jer ;P
<Jeramias> Keyword: lazy :)

<Jeramias> Mil. It has been decread by the gods that he is insane because of the player behind him :)
<Caltak> HeY aNd WhO sAyS I'm NoT iNsAnE???????
<Caltak> I think I'm a wemic. I rest my case ;)

<Caltak> damn, I dont even want to THINK about what would happen to Reawen if Petra found out she was still being a bitch...*shudder* nasty way to go, too.
<Caltak> very very nasty :P killed by the toilet....

<Sin{DM}> The trap is sprung and the wall slams against t`Elana, whi\o is unable to move out of the way fast enough
<Ulfgar^> This could prove popular for slimming...the only trouble is it's permanence.
<Jester`^> it doesn't hurt that.. *crunch* BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

* Kelris remembers something and reaches into his pocket, handing t`Elana his translation of the map above
<Kelris> beneath translation, wrote "I think I missed a verb or something."
* t`Elana looks at Kelris with a raised brow
<t`Elana> "I think that you missed more than a verb.
<t`Elana> "Picked Pigs Feet are delicious..."
<Sin{DM}> the statues move to block the bridge
* Kelris turns a brighter shade of red then looks at the statues . ..
<t`Elana> "I highly doubt that the X on the map has anything to do with pickled pigs feet."
* Kelris points to the statues as if to say "They seem to think so."

<Tssmra`te> hehe is drow any good? ;P
<Sin{DM}> hehe.. tastes like chicken ;)

<Dymintia> 1d20+3 - not that it matters since I'm gurgling up my own blood.
<Sparkie> Dymintia 1d20+3: 22 - not that it matters since I'm gurgling up my own blood.
<Dymintia> ((FUCKING FIGURES! I'm outcold, and I get a damn good Init... *grumbles*))

<Lance``> okay, that's it :) exp for all: -4200. that should put everyone somewhere around a vegetable state :)

* Sintaqx thinks that the most entertaining character race/class combo would probably be kobald paladin with low int :)
* Sintaqx can see it attacking the evil roast ham
<Alcar> kender paladin
<Sintaqx> Kender anything :P
<Sintaqx> imagine a kender blackguard
<Sintaqx> especially a kender fallen paladin blackguard

<Sintaqx> I really, really want to play a reformed succubus in some game
<Sintaqx> 28 charisma would be fun :)
<Alcar> reformed?!
<Alcar> how do you reform a succubus . . without exhausting yourself in the process?"
<Sintaqx> been thinking on that
<Sintaqx> a succubus with a conscience?
<Alcar> NPC: "Whos' that 90 year old behind you?" Succubus: "That was my lover, Don Juan. Hes 16. He reformed me in a night of passionate sex and made me realise love was mroe than sex. He hasn't been the same since."
<Sintaqx> maybe have some wizard have polymorphed her into a toad for years... classic kiss will break the spell thing

<Sintaqx> hmm... is it possible to have an over sexed succubus.......

<Sintaqx> what would be great is this....
<Sintaqx> the succubus was polymorphed into a toad for hundreds of years, teaching her humility.... some young wizard summons a familiar... a toad....... and getting drunk one night, kisses the toad before collapsing... and then waking up to find he now has a succubus and no familiar :)
<Sintaqx> or has a succubus familiar :)
<Sintaqx> that would be too much fun :)
* Sintaqx can see all the other magelings in the schoold getting and kissing toad familiars

<Sintaqx> how's this sound for a succubus
<Sintaqx> +2 str, +2 sex, err, dex, +4 con, + 2 int, +4 cha, wings fly at normal rate

<Alcar> What times can you generally play?
<Anubis_Drake> Late, like now, online. Or just about anythime, IRL.
<Alcar> hmm, we generally end our games around this time, at least the group I play with online. ..
<Alcar> you checked #ad&d ?
<Anubis_Drake> Theyhave spent half of the night discusing pro's and con's of buying a N64 for $1500, before it was released in america.

* Sintaqx was going to go to bed at one point
<Sintaqx> now, instead, I'm creating a succubus :)
* Alcar doubts thats in the top 100 reasons not to sleep :)
<Sintaqx> being WITH a succubus would be in the top 100
<Sintaqx> probably in the top 10

<Alcar> Wow. this whole succubus conversation is 5 quotes for Sparkie so far :)
<Sintaqx> really???
<Alcar> Yup
* Sintaqx is impressed
<Sintaqx> I think only 2 other races get more quotes
<Sintaqx> Kender and otyughs

* Keith` is the Kender god!
<Sintaqx> shit keith.. that's one title I would never wish on anyone

<Sintaqx> an otyugh seductress........
<Keith`> umm sintaqx thats worse then the idea of a kender psionic wild mage litch

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> We found a last name for Statik
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Statik_MageTarget
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> The Second Choice was Statik_CannonFodder

* Jester`^ does a juggling act while singing some kind of song about mariage with a succubus
<Sin{DM}> Jester misses a beat, getting beaned in the head with every one of the seven juggling balls
* Jester`^ gets smeared face paint in the process
<Sin{DM}> the council has never seen a more amusing performance before, but your abilities fail to impress them
<Sin{DM}> The Speaker regains his feet, rising from the position he landed in when he fell out of his chair
* Jester`^ gives a smile like it was planned to happen, I mean, I didn't get stabbed once by the knives.. I meant to do that, really..
<Sin{DM}> "Well... Jester..... that was an ammusing performance.... your paniced face appeared most genuine as well."

<Temera> surviving with faline and salem is easy
<Jester`^> you try it
<Salem_> really? how
<Temera> Faline'll kill you, Salem will lraise you

<[0ptix]> Wizards Laboratory: 8000 gold pieces. Magical Components: 1000 gold pieces Look on the face of a wizard as he wakes up in bed next to a naked succubus: priceless

Prince:"What is it that you wish Ms.Toad?"
<Jester`^> Ms.Toad:"All I want is a single kiss from your beutifull and sexy lips, oh you look so handsom and I think I will die if you kiss me you are so beutiful!"
* Jester`^ thinks
<Sin{DM}> the toad croaks
<Jester`^> "Oops, sorry, got carried away.."

* Jester`^ plays the king now and makes his hat look kingish
<Jester`^> "I'm sorry toad but you can't come in here after my son."
<Sin{DM}> the toad croaks
<Jester`^> Ms.Toad:"Your son made me a promise, and all I wold like is to recieve it. Pay up or i blow the house down.."
* Jester`^ looks down at the toad
<Jester`^> "Oh, oops! wrong story!"
<Jester`^> "Scratch the blowing the house down part.."

<Jester`^> "ok, this is the part where I kiss you, then.. then I'm supposed to turn into a toad or something.. hmm.. how do I become a toad.."
<Sin{DM}> the toad croaks
<Jester`^> "You're right, I could pretend I'm a toad!"
* Jester`^ crouches and tries to look like a toad

<Sin{DM}> The toad no longer feels or looks like a toad... more like a pile of jell-o that's been left out too long
* Jester`^ looks at the toad
<Jester`^> "Oh my gods! I killed her! Nooooooooooo!"
<Sin{DM}> the Jell-o begins to expand
* Jester`^ looks at the jell-o again
<Jester`^> "Eeeek!"

<Jester`^> "What are you?"
<^`Temera`^> looks at herself, her back still to Jester
<^`Temera`^> "I'm... me again."
<Jester`^> "What's a me!?"
* ^`Temera`^ turns to face Jester, in shock
* ^`Temera`^ faints
* Jester`^ glares at Temera's motionless body on the floor
<Jester`^> "I'm supposed to do that! not you!"

<Jester`^> "So uh.. what.. are you?"
* ^`Temera`^ grabs Jester and kisses him soundly
<Jester`^> "Hmmmmmmmm mmf mffffmf mmmmmmmf"
* ^`Temera`^ backs off and lets Jester breath
* Jester`^ takes a few deep breaths
<^`Temera`^> "Sorry... I had to thank you."
<Jester`^> "I didn't know toads could kiss that good.."
* ^`Temera`^ giggles

<Jester`^> "Mabey we could do the Empress' new clothes.."
<^`Temera`^> "hmm?"
<Jester`^> "I need to think of a new act to do the day after tomorow.. now that you're not a toad anymore..."
<^`Temera`^> "The empress' new clothes... What is that?"
<Jester`^> "Well, It's like the emporer's new clothes, except I'm not gunna go around naked, so we can make it the empress"
<Jester`^> "you don't seem to even notice when you're naked.."
<^`Temera`^> "Most of the Succubae I know spend more of their time ourt of clothes than in clothes, no matter what their form."
<Jester`^> "Well, that's a given, if you're trying to have sex with every man you meet.."

<Jester`^> "No, not that, I just realized that we have to sleep together tonight.."
* Jester`^ looks at the single bed
<Jester`^> "it's getting late, we should be getting to bed.."
<^`Temera`^> "You didn't mind that when I was a toad...."
<Jester`^> "You were a toad then, not a succubus.."
<^`Temera`^> "Well..... I made a promise that will keep you safe."
<^`Temera`^> "I promised myself I wouldn't have sex with anyone."
<Jester`^> "yeah well I made a promise and ended up kissing a toad.."
<Jester`^> "You what!?"
<Jester`^> "there go my plans for the rest of the night.."

* Jeramias wonders if everywhere he goes, he will wake up with dead people around him :)
<EarthForge> if you mean oversexed, charmed, horny women who are too tired to wake up in the morning, then yes, you will wake up with "dead" people around you, i'm sure :)

<Darkkin> ((somting going on?)
<Darkkin> (like lolad?)
<Salem_> ((yea i'm playing lolad catch up))
<Caltak> (( likes LoLaD ketchup more than Heinz ketchup. Plus LoLaD doesnt get stuck in the botle :) ))

<Salem_> "thanks... i to tend to like the dead languages- like latin
* Caltak (( wonders if Salem is powerful enough to raise dead languages as well as people... ))

<mecurdius> once a dm i had actually playd on earth and all our gods were umm well God(the christian one) there were no elves or anything
<Salem_> religon of the real world should not mix
<mecurdius> no buddah or jesus in d&d
<Tommy```> True. Munckins would want the EXP value for killing buddha . .

<mecurdius> the best munchkin thing is to pour acid on an anthill, 1 exp each

<Caltak> wow..ok Faline sure has her job cut out for her. Work at her job, keep Salem's demon at bay, protect Jane, have a relationship with Rei, find her Dad, try not to go insane and kill anyone....

<Sparkie> "You gave me leave to do it, mortal. You have given part of your soul to me, of your own will."
<Salem_> i didn't do that- YOU did....and i tried to give it back...and i didn;t have any clue how to work my powers"
<Jester`^> (( yeah, that little part of you called the player "Isn't it time salem raised another battlefield so she looses more of her soul" wants you to raise things and sell your soul.. ))
<Caltak> (( yeah players can really be a curse for a character. Always getting them in trouble :P ))

<RandomNPC> (coroner: "Cause of death.... Unknown" police: "What? Cause of death was having her heart removed!")
<Faline> (( I guess you could say he BROKE HER HEART! HAHAHAHAHAHH! nm :P ))
<Simon```> ‹‹ This IS supposed to be a dramatic moment, you know. ››
<Faline> (( the real question is is it SALEM or her EVIL TWIN! ))

<`^Temera^`> ( Izayus chased Death away with a shovel... in any other game that would make no sense..... )

<`^Temera^`> "Anyone need a ride? I need I guide."
<Cecil`^> (( you could follow me... ))
<`^Temera^`> (yeah, I'm going to follow a bird without formal introductions :P)
<`^Temera^`> (Hi, I'm cecil the falcon and I'll be your guide tonight)

<`^Temera^`> ((heh... ya know... a detect magic spell, cast on the group in general, could very well blind a mage, or destroy enough of his brain to where he would fit right in.....)

<`^Temera^`> "Shit... another gate to an outer plane... you do know that there's nothing good in those planes? It's the home of creatures such as Barney and the Teletubbies."

<Rei`---> "if you where death and salem out on a date where would you go?"
<Faline> (( the 7th plane of Hell ;P ))
<Faline> (( I heard theres a really goo soda shop there :P ))

<Danric> "Sorry Baal. I'll pay for the damages to the maze."
<Danric> "And anything else that's happened. Is the house still in one piece?"
<Simon```> He nods
<Danric> "Thank God. Figured that with me away, the mice would play... or cats, dragons, and animators of the dead, in this case."

<Cecil`^> "Well, I guess you deserv to know too, I'll be blunt, I'm a dragon.."
<Danric> "Not surprising."
<Cecil`^> "ahm amashed ahd the lak off surpish.." *said with a full mouth* "ahm ah thad ovius?"
<Danric> "No. It was either that, or a were-dung beetle. You're horrible at keeping secrets, so I figured it had to be either something crazy or something stupid."
<Cecil`^> "What do you call that? crazy or stupid?"
<Danric> "Crazy, obviously. Stupid is something like were-dust mite, or something."

* Faline (( had to come home and tell her mom "Mom, I've got something to tell you . .I'm a tiger." :P ))
<Danric> ((not that that's a good test example. She was eaten shortly afterwards, so we couldn't get any real hard data on her reaction))

* Danric is dressed like the model 50's TV dad. Slacks, sweater vest, button up tshirt, even has a pipe in his mouth. Is currently wearing a pink checkered apron, and is putting breakfast on the table, it's aroma waking everyone up promptly. Has brown hair, combed and neat, and no piercings anymore.
* Cecil`^ looks at Danric
<Cecil`^> "Uhm... Dan, uh... you uh... I hate to be the one to tell you this but uh... uhm... I think you have a mental disorder.."
* Danric grins at Cecil
<Danric> "No, I just like to change my way of thinking every now and then. Maybe i'm insane, but it keeps my outlook on life fresh."

* Cecil`^ looks at Faline "So long as it's a serious question and not some type of insult you have in the form of a question, ask."
* Faline shakes her head. "No, its a serrious question."
<Rei`---> (yah how long is a dragons....)
* Faline (( whaps Rei`--- ))

<Danric> "Maybe God got tired of vampires, and made mortals just for the hell of it."

<Simon```> ‹‹ balance check, dc 15 Cecil`^ ››
<Cecil`^> 1d20
<Sparkie> Cecil`^ 1d20: 15
<Faline> (( damn you SPARKIE! ))
<Cecil`^> (( no! sparkie rolls as sparkie wants, his power is above the dm! ))

<Sin{DM}> Whatcha doing after your performance?
<Jester`^> Going back to the inn so I can get stuff done with Temera
<Sin{DM}> .... That sounds a little less than wholesome when said that way :)

<Sin{DM}> Dungeons and dragons would have to be renamed to Peasents and Pitchforks
<Warner> well maybe if Oscar the Grouch was throwing one :)
<Warner> now there's a set of monsters to sic on an unwarry party :)
<Baliadoc> oh god...
<`^Temera^`> hehehe
* `^Temera^` watches AvQ attack Mr Snuffalufagus
<Warner> "Help Help! A giant yello cannary is after me! It keeps couting to 12!"
<Baliadoc> "Who packed the cookies? Did anyone pack the damn cookies!! Dear Gods, use the wand of wishing! Cookies, it wants cookies!!" *starts crying*
<`^Temera^`> "One, One dying fighter hah, hah, hah"

<Caltak> KILL IT KILL ITT!!!!!
<Warner> "I keep stabing it thru the hart and it just keeps giggling!"

* Alcar has to go for a sex
<Alcar> sec
<Sintaqx> freudian slip?
<Alcar> uh, yeah. thats it .. .
<Warner> now there's a quote :)

<Caltak> "Sintaqx is now known as RandomNPC" causes 3/4 of the players to all simultaneously go "UH OH!"

<Alcar> hmm, a bellhop, a bum, room service (a few times), a doorman, cop, hazel, robert, teacher, whoever Mil had sex with, dire wolf . . .
<`^Temera^`> mil too
<`^Temera^`> and the wanderer
<Alcar> oh yeah. anmd Tommy and salem . .
<Alcar> around 20 ppl I think
* Alcar is impressed
<Caltak> Sin is the rpg version of a multiple personality disorder ;P

<Jester`^> Faline does have a strange form of schitzo, it's the opposite though, instead of having two people in one body, it's one person in two bodys =)
<`^Temera^`> Faline is sick.. she has the egyptian flu.
<`^Temera^`> when you get it 9 months later you turn into a mummy

* Caltak wants to see what would happen if a party got their lives saved from something by a Neo-Otyugh..and then it asked if it could join them :)
<`^Temera^`> sleep upwind

* DiceRoller snarles "the souls of your friends i must clain you've got the body and ive got the brain"
<DiceRoller> MUHAHAHA
<DiceRoller> man too many freddy movies

* Milenko`` collapses onto the floor
<Milenko``> "You... you... you... were dead..."
<Simon```> "We were?!"
<Milenko``> "No... Just Cecil... You were a deamon..."
<Simon```> "Oh. I was?"
<Salem_> " ohhhh MIlenko- what was i?"
* Salem_ hops up and down

* Faline (( 's player throws the PHB at Cecil..its open to the page with "Enthrall" on it ))
* Cecil`^ (( throws it back, the open page with "Character death" on it ))

<Goo-Kara> "Ga! Does no one remember me?! I'm Mil's 'friend.' I was left at home, yet again."
<`^Temera^`> (she got run over by a semi on the interstate)
<Goo-Kara> ((she's not goo. Mil is goo, and I'm npcing Kara right now))
<`^Temera^`> ((my explanation was better))

<Cecil`^> (( hehe, I really do wish vaj were here ))
<Faline> (( yeah me too ))
<Faline> (( in a weird sort of way ;P ))
<Simon```> ‹‹ not enough danger in their lives? ››
<Faline> (( lol oh no, we have plenty :P ))
<Cecil`^> (( no, we just liked vaj.. ))
<Faline> (( its just fun to have a resident reckless driver ;) ))
<Simon```> Give Salem keys :)
<Faline> (( LOL not THAT reckless ;P ))
<Vaj-> (you like me, you really... sorta... like me!))

<Vaj-> there is a loud crash from somewhere down the street
* Vaj- found a new profession.. Grand Theft demolition derby
* Vaj- is making his way back to the parking lot.. smoking slightly
* Faline climbs out of the van and locks it
<Vaj-> (party pooper)

<Vaj-> ((I think Cecil killed them))
<Cecil`^> (( he made me type it out! ))
<Faline> (( no but seriously, now they will discuss it amoungst themselves ))
<Faline> (( as per the spell effect ))
<Cecil`^> (( when they wake up ))
<Vaj-> ((he coupled the terminal boredom effects with enthrall))

<Rei`--> "i say we find some place nice and seclooded pull over and question nut case A and nut case B"
<Cecil`^> "We could question them, but I need an intimidation room.."
<Rei`--> "there is always hang them off of the side of a building by there feet"
<Vaj-> "Dangle them by their toes, naked, out the rear of a van going 90 miles an hour."
* Faline glares at Vaj
<Faline> "Why would the van be doing 90?"
* Faline narrows her eyes
<Vaj-> "I dunno.. pedel got stuck?"

<Vaj-> "And believe it or not I haven't hit anything for a good two hours."
* Faline looks at Vaj. "Yeah, but seeing that last vehicle you used doesn't instill much trrust..."
<Vaj-> "Hey.. that wone was on purpose.. well, allright, most of them are on purpose. But I needed to knock out the telephones somehow."

<Simon```> hmm, simon also has to apologize to milekno for the whole lust thing . ..
* Simon``` mumbles something about sparkie and 16 for wisodm checks
* Simon``` wonders what a therapist would say if I told them my dice bot hates me?
<Danric> now that'd be funny
<Danric> i'd pay to see that

<Faline> "hey, I think I just thought of a different approach forr this otherr one.."
<Rei`--> "tell him we are judging him to figur out his place in the after life?"

<Cecil`^> "I like the bad cop, homicidle cop, and raving lunitic aproach.. "
<Faline> "Maybe we should trry good old fashioned Good cop Bad cop next time, tho."
<Cecil`^> "I get to be the worst of the group, so remember, don't go so far that I can't surpass you hehe.. "
<Rei`--> "umm ok but still.. i think when it comes right down to it i'm probubly crazzier then you are"

* Faline sits down and prays and hopes she isn;t in trouble now
<Faline> (( after all ti was...sort of self defence ;P ))
<Cecil`^> (( get a new god =p ))
<Rei`--> (well after they blew you up i would call it even)
<Simon```> Baal holds up a "Will Work for Worshippers" sign in the background

<Cecil`^> (( rei, you have to ask the questions, or faline, someone! I have to looke intimidating untill I go psyco! ))

<Warner> D&D The Quest for detailed background pics :)
<Warner> and the occational outhouse :)

* Izayus tosses his axe up ..it just stops in mid air
<Chaos`^> (( Matrix pause? ))
<Izayus> (lol)
<Chaos`^> (( time pauses and teh camera circles the axe ))

<Sparkie> Wild magic effect 2648 is: Milk, cream, and butter spoil in the caster's presence
<Keith\away\gone\else-where> ahh fuck the milk went back
* Darkkin grins
<Darkkin> sorry keith
<Keith\away\gone\else-where> GOD DAMN WILD MAGES
<Sparkie> Wild magic effect 5335 is: Target's home fills with popcorn
* Darkkin looks at keith
<Darkkin> You like popcorn
<Keith\away\gone\else-where> alcar quote this you guys rolled a wild mage and my milk turns up bad

<Chaos`^> I realized we got lucky last nigth, I asked baal to make rain, thus making the mud tracks we followed, without the rain, we wouldn'ta found teh hotel.. what made me ask baal to make rain I wonder...
<Jeramias> And so I melted. Stupid whore!

<Chaos`^> we make dm's go so crazy, cookies fall from the sky for no reason

<Tssmra`te> 1d20+5
<Orrik> Tssmra`te 1d20+5: << 9 >>
<Tssmra`te> d'oh
<Tssmra`te> i dont like you either orrik ;P
<t`Elana> heh... Orrik hates felines too
<Tssmra`te> damn it I think all bots have some dog in them or something!!!

<Sin{DM}> The rest of the day passes without incident. As you break to camp, however, something, that none of you are aware of, but will directly affect you, happens

<Salem_> well... i look foward to halloween- wish that it could be halloween in game- that would be fun- faline trick-ot-treating for livers and raw steaks

<Natalia``> lessee... we need the eye of Ra, the Holy Grail, and the left testicle of a fire elemental..... the last one is easy, all we need to do is find sparkie

<Robert``> "Ok, now we just need to go down this ladder to the other side of the ship...it can feel a little weird so just be sure not to let go till you get there...in fact, let me help you down."
* Bob_the_Monkey somehow is unavailable for barnacle scraping duty... and is currentlydiscussing various fruit preperation and tossing techniniqes with the chef
* Robert`` thinks to himself "Oh heavens so, we wouldnt want her to drift off into space, now would we?" *sarcastically*
* Reawen says, through the mask, "My. Chivalry isn't dead" very sarcastically, and lets him help her down
<Bob_the_Monkey> ((Chivalry isn't dead... it has risen from the grave and is currently enjoying it's time in the bahamas))

* Bob_the_Monkey tries amusing the members of the rescue party by performing an entertaining parody of Henry VIII
* Reawen asks if Bob could do hamlet, just so she can kill him in the end
* Bob_the_Monkey looks at Reawen oddly
* Bob_the_Monkey does a combination of Othello and Oedipus (don't ask)

* Sintaqx wonders if you suffer exp penalties when your familiar eats you....

<Gelhalee> ((hehe that would be yet another use to put kender too :)
<Gelhalee> ((A race with no comprehention of fear can be quiet handy in the lab))
<Alcar> ((usually all over the lab in small pieces and if you're not lucky, you would be also :)))
<Keith`> (they have it but they don't have it strong enought to have much of an efect)
<Gelhalee> ((makes disecting them easier))
<Keith`> (they feal pain you fool)
<Gelhalee> (ah but its usually to late by then)

<Warner> kenders off set a high mortality rate with a high breeding rate. Never ever offer to baby sit for them.

<Keith`> kender citys are the perfect inbodyment of a CN civalization
<VVarner> but the carpenders tools are always at the bakers and the cake frosting is always being confused with the brick motor :)

<Alcar> jaise was Reeves phoenix pet. Stress the was :)
<Keith`> oh shit so me spreading the ashis kinda sucked
<Warner> alcar a phoenix has a habit of resurecting it self you know :)
<Keith`> yah from ashes but when they are not in one spot does it spon many baby ones..?
<Keith`> and they did more or less get touched by the power of a demi god
<Warner> Aw, cute little baby phoenixes would be SOOO COOL!
<Warner> Gel could start a pet shop :)
<Warner> Hmm not a bad idea. Munchkins are always looking for Psudodragons to make into familures :)
<Keith`> yah get them all turned to ash and keep them in an urn so they don't bring them selves back
<Keith`> have it labbled just add flint+steel

<[0ptix]> ... female barbarians should get bonuses to their rage once a month.

<Gaty`^> (( aren't you supposed to be breeding Krysylyn? ))
<Krysylyn> ((yes, more or less))

<Gaty`^> "Well, let's get this thing started
* Gaty`^ skips to morning seeing as how everyone wants to skip to morning =p
<Krysylyn> (haha)
<Vestranda> ‹‹ heheh ››
<Gaty`^> (( I kinda do too, cause I know, hidden behind those two pretty faces, are two guys... that discomforts me greatly ))

<Gestris> "Took you long enough. You two must have kept him busy."
<Gaty`^> "I don't want to talk about it, shouldn't we be going now?"
<Krysylyn> "Lets just say the sequel could stand to be better than the original."

* Baliadoc wasn't exactly... important to the storyline
<Jeramias> Sure you were. You got them hired when Gaty ignored my "Get hired as a mercinary contest" sugestion :)
<Baliadoc> i mean the more blatantly obvious storyline :)
<Chaos`^> you mean the sex scenes?

* Yol_Tura thinks we should get to the game now
* MessiahX thinks me should go to waffle house
<MessiahX> cookies!!!
<CopperLeaf> i think someone has gone insane
<MessiahX> mmmmmm cookies
<Yol_Tura> the game, massiah, the game

<MessiahX> you hear a lou rumbling and suddenly cookies are falling from the sky
<MessiahX> (penut butter cookies with chocolate chips)
<Yol_Tura> "Must be the baker god."
<Jarra> ((Messiah come on! Go get some food then be serious! hehe))
<MessiahX> who said i wasnt serious miss kitty cat

<MessiahX> big blue furry monsters are attacking
<Jarra> ((oh my god.))
<CopperLeaf> can i rape and pillage elmo?
<Jarra> ((come on now...*sigh*))
<MessiahX> i did it all for the cookie the cookie so you can take that cookie and stick it in my yum stick it in my yum

<`Temera`> "Where did you find it?"
* `Temera` keeps watching the skeleton
<Jester`^> "I don't know, I was walking down the street, next thing I knew it was just walking down it!"
<`Temera`> "Maybe somebody lost it?"

* `Temera` walks toward the skeleton
* Jester`^ stares at Temera
<Jester`^> "Where are you going!? You're not going to walk right up to him are you?"
* `Temera` walks right up to the skeleton
<`Temera`> "Umm, Excuse me?"
<`Temera`> "Are you lost?"

<`Temera`> "Who are you and what is this place?"
<Chaos`DM^> "I am Nino, and this is the Tower of Illusions, training place of young wizards, though many don't come without appointment, what family are you from and what level are you starting?
<`Temera`> "Huh? no family. I just got through being a toad for the past 200 years."

<Salem_> AD&D and drugs do not mix- boys and girls
* Salem_ a egg frys in a pan- this is your brain, *adds cookies* this is your brain on AD&D
* Salem_ *adds bacon* this is your brain with home fries and a side of bacon

<Baliadoc> Experience is for the piddly bickering of the puny and weak! Quotes are the food of the Gods!

* Baliadoc is looking for something in particular
<Baliadoc> (stats)
<Orrik> Baliadoc Stats are : 11 14 10 4 9 10 (58)
<Baliadoc> and that's not it

*** Keith` Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
*** Keith` has joined #AD&D_game
<Keith`> need less to say this is starting to piss me off
<Marcus_Fenway> Sorry, would it help if I stopped nuking you?

<Marcus_Fenway> I got 2 of 4 Character sheets
* Baliadoc is almost there
* Marcus_Fenway assimilates Baliadoc... "Your new Designation is 3 of 4"

<Oskar`^> Marcus, water isn't a real problem with a cleric on board =p
* Bonk` thinks that should be added to the list of famous last words :)
<Glenn``> same here :)
<Marcus_Fenway> Oskar, you would be amazed how fast water could run out with 2-3 Clerics and 500 people

* Bonk` needs a book in orcish for a spell book . . hmm, will just wing it
<Marcus_Fenway> Half-Orc Spell, Level 1... 'Blue Angel' Creates a Cone of Fire that engulfs all with in 5' of the caster. Components: a Candle or other small flame, and a Can of Beens consumed many hours ahead of time.
<Marcus_Fenway> Nausea: Makes all within 50' Fall Ill and unable to do more then simple tasks... Requierments: Don't take a bath for at least a week.

* Baliadoc will probably be a bit late to the game tonight
<Baliadoc> heck, i'm not even sure what the hell is going on yet
* Alcar isn't either, if its any help
<Alcar> Ok. Hmm, you were just blading around the city right?
* Baliadoc is off being angst filled
<Alcar> and doing a good job at it.
<Baliadoc> hehe, very! i don't even have to roleplay it ;)

<Simon```> Leane: "What happened?"
<Milenko``> "Oh, nothing really. I guess that it was a pressing matter at home, or somehting."
<Simon```> Leane looks at you: "Most men don't lie to me until after we've had sex."
<Milenko``> (("Havn't we?"))

<Milenko``> "I don't mind being a 'nice guy' and I don't just assume if someone may or may not want to do somehting."
<Simon```> "Looking like you do you don't assume that?" She looks slightly shocked
<Milenko``> "Nope, I understand that people may be attracked to me, but I don't expect people to go to bed with me just because of it."
<Simon```> Leane just shakes her head "You'll understand when you're older."
<Faline> (( its called cause and effect, Milenko :) ))
<`Tem-Away`> ((actually, it's 'cause people are all horny bastards))

<Rei`---> (sure vaj isn't mexicen i meen grand theft auto in his sleep?)
<`Tem-Away`> ((maybe he's part kender....))

<Milenko``> "Morning ma'am. Your freind in room 303 put me up to this" *grining* "This is a hypothetical question. Would you like to have sex with me?"
<Simon```> She looks at you "its 9 am and you're asking this?! Get lost!" and slams the door
<Warner> ((This is the strangest game I've seen in here. And i've been hit on by 6 foot tall talking rabits))

<Milenko``> (( I'm strange! Woo hoo! *laughs at all of the normal losers* :) ))
<Warner> ((I'll have you know I'm a special brand of loser))
<Simon```> ‹‹ The #Game1 loser. For sale at you're local wal-mart. Hurry folks. We're goving them away :P ››
<Milenko``> ((But you guys aren't strange, weird, insane, and geeky all wraped into one! BWA HA HA HA HA!!!))
<Warner> (Now with 10% more aroma of defeat and dashed dreams)

<Cecil`^> "Take me to them and tell me on the way"
<Simon```> Jeramiah: "They are busy looking for their pets so I dont know where they are. I find it . .. strange that they all lost their animals after I spoke of you."
<Simon```> Jeramiah asks mildly "Where were you last night, cecil?" <Cecil`^> "I was shooting a man's foot off, please take me there!"

<Marcus_Fenway> I should really make Pizza Delivery Guy a Class.. Bonk Rolls up a Tarrasque Pizza Delivery Guy!
<Marcus_Fenway> 30 mins or less :)
<`Temera`> bonk goes charging down the crowded street, one hand raised. "Is late!, is late!"
<Marcus_Fenway> Bonk the Vulcan :)
<`Temera`> that is not logical
<Marcus_Fenway> I could Iagin Bonk telling people 'Thats not Logical'
<Marcus_Fenway> If only Alcar knew how much fun it is making his Character Suffer :)

<Sintaqx> "Save a Spelljammer: Eat a Kender"
<Sintaqx> "Recent studies have shown the number one cause of spelljamming fatalities is due to the Kender crewmember"
<Warner> Or poor kender supervision

<Sintaqx> Warner... you want a gullydwarf navigator on your ship?
<Warner> Sintaqx I wouldn't mind a gully dwarf. And I wouldn't mind a navigator. I'm not sure I want them both in the same PC though

<Jeramias> I suppose that I could've gotten SOP status sooner if I would've been in more than one game. I also could've gotten more quotes *sigh* I need quotes more than SOP status...
<Jeramias> You can take me off of all op lists if you just delete all the quotes without me in them :)

<Sintaqx> RP is the bloodlife of Sparkie's quotes... that and piss-poor dice rolling on the most part

<Jeramias> Who cares about treasure. Everytime I read a page on better DMing, it says to not give out to much or too much treasure. "What?! Treasure? What in the hell is 'inventory?!'"

* Jeramias might start to give out a bit of treasure when his players are high-level, empire ruling, country crushing PCs :)
<Alcar> actually, jer, my pc would be the empire pillaging type.
<Alcar> though working out the ethics of pillaging a empire you own would be fun :)
<Sintaqx> alcar.. it's called fuedalism
<Alcar> "They were rebelling! ATTACK!"
<Sintaqx> "They are considering thinking about beginning to contemplate rebellion!!!! ATTACK!!!!"

<Marcus_Fenway> Bill Gates is a Kender :)

<Marcus_Fenway> Bonk's Current Race is now: Ogre Mage
<Marcus_Fenway> Bonk's Current Class is now: Bladedancer
<Marcus_Fenway> Bonk's Current Personality is now: Minor Deity
<Marcus_Fenway> Avangionq would never understand this Character
<Alcar> most players wouldn't understand this character :)

<Caltak> hehe if some wildmage went somewhere and started flicking off wildsurges randomly, after he was done the area would be such a godamn curiosity I think scholars would never finish speculating about it ;P
<Alcar> Caltak - how DID you think the universe was made?
<Sin{DM}> God is a wild-mage

<WarnerDM> Bob manages to fold the sail into the shape of a hammok making it useless for manuvering. Cept maybe with a girlfriend.

<WarnerDM> Reawen soon as the crew taping their feet and doing the rigging like experts
* Robert`` is relieved that Reawen has some use other than being a bitch
<WarnerDM> ((hey now))
<Robert``> (( er, that didnt come out right.. ))

<WarnerDM> you passed saturn and pluto a while ago and are comming up on the systems crystal sphere
* Reawen spends some time at the bow, just watching the planets pass in awe
<WarnerDM> (A young blond man comes up behind Reawen and holds her arms up, asks to sketch her nude, and proptly dies when the ship sinks because she wouldn't move over and let him on the floating wreckage)

* Ittybittyfishy`^ tries to bite robert with great effort
<Robert``> (( you're two stories down fishy ))
<WarnerDM> Ittybittyfishy`^ jumps making it one and a half stories up giving Robert`` his own reality check
<Ittybittyfishy`^> (( It never hurts to try! =p I'm a fish! you expect me to be smart? I mean, I ate a potatoe with a hook on it! ))

<Warner> I liked the bit where you to had to work together to get the crew to fix the rigging
<Alcar> yeah, that was funny. We both shocked each other.
<Warner> probably because I've seen to many after school specials with positive moral leasons

<Statik`^> "I heard something.."
<Statik`^> "Should we go?"
<Denivan> "Eh? ... where?"
<Denivan> "It sound like a cry? Er jes da noise o' battle?"
<Statik`^> "It was a scream, I don't know what it was.."
* Natalia` remains unconscious while the mage and cleric discuss the various interpretations of a scream

<Sin{Away}> ((What is a magician but a practising theorist? Same goes for Wizards.))

* Baliadoc wants a spell-jamming wet suit :)

<Jeramias> The first couple of days are really uneventful, and you are starting to wonder why they were willing to pay you so much
* Krysylyn wonders why they are willing to pay so much
* Krysylyn figures it's 'cause we're so beautifull... then looks at Gesris and discards that idea
<EFGestris> hey!
* Gaty`^ thinks that's alot of money and the risk is too great for that kinda money and politelly declines the offer.. wait.. too late..

* Krysylyn stays away from the monsters.. including Gestris and Gaty
* Gaty`^ is a very pretty monster for your information

<Krysylyn> Vestranda roughly resembles a beached salmon with a large axe trying to chop the fishermen

* Gaty`^ tries on a chain shirt to see if it fits DM
<Jeramias> sure :P
<Sin{Away}> the chain shirt is too big for the DM, but fits you rather well

<Marcus_Fenway> Bali is on now but Chaos is still missin
<Alcar> play w/ 3?
<Marcus_Fenway> Chaos is the dwarven Cleric
<Marcus_Fenway> Do we need a Cleric !?
<Marcus_Fenway> Wait we have Bonk he is a Doctor :P

<Marcus_Fenway> Race: Red Dragon
<Marcus_Fenway> Class: Gun slinger
<Marcus_Fenway> Personality: Touchy Feely
<Glenn``> that sounds like the beginning of a sitcom right there

* Glenn`` was thinking Gnomish engineer with the goal of builing a robot :)
<Glenn``> wanted to be a necromancer because i wanted to be able to raise skeletons to use as my poor early test subjects :)
<Glenn``> "Hmm... let's see. We attach the new arm here.... oh hold still, you're dead. Losing your arm isn't going to hurt. Now, we attach it, put the power supply in your rib cage, and flip it on!" ..... *BOOOM!* ..... "Oh. So that's what you were worrieds about." *points at another grave* "NEXT!"

<Marcus_Fenway> can we start yet...
<Magus`--> no i think i need a 8 hour nap first (kidding)
<Marcus_Fenway> So.. Magnus got ran over by a Juggernaught and the rest of you... :)
<Magus`--> ok well i'm off to bed then
*** Magus`-- is now known as Keith\away\gone\else-where
<Marcus_Fenway> if he is Serious I am going to have to hurt him

<Marcus_Fenway> Skills and Feats will have to be Updated
<Marcus_Fenway> Skills like Computer Programing
<Baliadoc> wouldn't that just be a profession?
<Marcus_Fenway> a Profession would be Engineer or Astronomer
<Alcar> even the people in red who just are there to die know how to use the computer?
* Alcar wants to be a travelling salesman offering them short term life insurance :)
<Alcar> "You're going to the surface? Can I interest YOU in this plan for your loved ones?"
<Marcus_Fenway> Well on the Ship the Computer controls everything so I hope the Security guys in red know how to open the weapons locker... wait maybe thats why they always die...

<Jedah-mun> (((((( Yes, Irish women have leg hair. ))))))

<Rei`--> (ok thats a hit)
<Simon```> k, damage?
<Rei`--> (i don't know what dammage would you give beating a hell hound again'st a tree by its tail?)

* Milenko`` also buys the AD&D 3e phb. If the player doesn't have it, his character should at least :)

<Milenko``> ((BWA HA HA HA!!! Now that she is expecting me to be around, I will disapear from her life! It is an evil plot, and could only have been come up with by, uh, well, lots of people ;) ))

<Salem_> "then what type am i? or am i a new breed?"
<RandomNPC> ((female, caucasion))
<Faline> (( you're a mut ;) ))

<Simon```> The van sails clears the sidewalk, comes through the doors and hurls right INTO the food court itself, planting itself with an explosion into KFC
<Simon```> Faline, you and Rei arrive in time to see it drive into the mall
<Faline> (( ok..I know a certain cat who is going to DIE ))
<Vaj> ((garfield?))

<Simon```> Staff Sergeant Simmons (who Salem has met :)) "What the hell are you doing?!"
* Faline rips the driver's side door off, then rips out the driver's seat. then she tears the seat in half.
* Vaj sighs while Faline vandalizes the BMW as the cops approach
<Salem_> "me? shopping- faline anger managment"
<Vaj> "I'm taking a crash course in food preperation myself."
* Vaj grins at the cops

* Vaj looks at the cops, not moving, appearing to be a slightly amused bipedal panther in a black trenchcoat.. you know.. the kind of thing you see every day in this channel

* Salem_ wonders if she is gona pass out from the lack of blood or from watching faline eat some one

* Salem_ really dosn't want to die from bullets- can i FEEL the bullets???
<Simon```> if you move you arm the right way, yeah its still sore. If its not taken you you;'ll dfefinitely feel it
<Salem_> (( ok a pc dying of bullets in the arm is just sad... its like triping and killing your self on a shoe lace))
<Salem_> ( or dying of eating bad clams)

<Danric> figure they've had a rough enough night
<Faline> (( vamp siting? there were no vamps ;) ))
<Danric> ((just keep believing that, Faline :))

<Salem_> (( i didn't say that- i wanted it to be a surprise- its fri the 13- ))
<Salem_> (( it was going to be a surprizee))
<Sin{Away}> ((Surprise! Happy Birthday!))
<Salem_> (( yea a tiger skin rug? tommy you shouldn't have))
<Faline> (( god damn it being your damn birthday...now im fucked ))

* Danric flies away himself, towards the house, feeling sorry for the vampires

* Faline composes herself a little more. She looks Rei in the eyes. Looking into her eyes, you see the deepest sorrow imaginable.
<Faline> "I...I liked it."
* Rei`--- doesn't say any thing but starts to wonder if it was pent up rage being relaced
<Faline> "A...a part of me just...It just felt good but...It was wrong...I...oh my god, what have I become?" *starts to sob again*
<Simon```> Faline starts wondering how bad it will be once she has PMS
<Faline> shhh
<Faline> we may just have to buy some tranq guns after all ;P

<Silver_Foxx> thanks.. maybe we can adovid faline eating the fire deparment next

<Danric> "Yeah, but around the rest of you, it's a necessity. I just don't hold a candle to you guys in a fight, so I think it's time I throw in the towel."
* Simon``` looks stricken "But . . but . . "
<Danric> "You know, you're not required to leave. And it's not like I'm out of earshot. I'm a phone call away."
* Simon``` shrugs "Well, you make us laugh and all . . I mean -- " He shrugs "It hurts, to kill people like that ... and laughing helps heal, or something."
<Simon```> ‹‹ Simon's idea of a quotable quote for readers digest :p ››

<Silver_Foxx> (no Faline is a white tiger to join up with SIgmund and Frauid in Los Veagus)))
<Vaj> that would go over well
<Faline> "Through the hoop!" "YOu kidding me??"
<Faline> "How about you go through the flaming hoop, jackass? see how you like it!"
<Vaj> *crack* Sigmund jumps through the flaming hoop

<Silver_Foxx> can me and sin play before he has to go kill an elk?

<Danric> "Yeah, the vampires again. So what the hell actually happened at the mall?"
* Faline takes a deep breathe, then look at Danric. "Someone stole the van and crrashed it into the mall. I went fucking nuts and killed a bunch of cops and I enjoyed it. Answered yourr question?!?"
<Rei`---> "don't ask me i was chasing faline till i desided to go to bed after getting beaten by a hell hound"

<Danric> "And why exactly did we go fucking nuts?"
* Faline seem to be getting angry and incoherent. "RIGHT! 'WE' is the whole prroblem! That's what it is! It wasn't me it was the otherr me! THat has to be it! How else could it have been?!?"
<Danric> "Rei, be a dear and slap her."
<Faline> 'That's why it felt good but I knew it wasn;t! HA! that's the explanation!!"
<Danric> "Faline! Focus!"
<Danric> "Now what the hell made you so mad that you had to go kill cops? Couldn't you just call them and report the missing vehicle?"

<Danric> "Well... we aren't paying rent anymore, so I guess it's time to invest in a psychologist."

Vaj> "I don't know what all has been going on.. I just seem to bump into various members of you little group on occasion... I have no idea what everyone's relationships are."
<Salem_> "well... compared to faline, i'm the virgin mary"
<Vaj> "That would definitely make an odd religion."
<Salem_> "yea.... it would"

<Salem_> "well at least i won't accidently raise the dead. mr. livingstone showed me how to stop that"
<Vaj> "A good thing too. What exactly can you do?"
<Vaj> "Besides raise any roadkill we come across, that is."
<Simon```> Vaj can make lots of roadkill :)
<Salem_> "um... a lot.... i think... i can make an indoor ice skateing rink"
<Vaj> "There's something to put on a resume....."
<Salem_> "and well communicate with the dead, see stuff in tea cups, and.... um... i'm a good people person"

<Salem_> "i have had long chats with death himself, and i know whens a death is wasteful"
<Vaj> "I'm afraid with this group you will be forced to make a decision.... kill someone or watch them kill one of your friends."
* Salem_ looks dead serious when she says that
<Vaj> "Most death is needless. But thinking about it so is most life."
<Salem_> "no... death is apart of life... needless killing is just a waste, a death needs a purpose"

<Salem_> "i got some good news and well sad news"
<Salem_> "i got baal's will, and i think hes dead"
<Salem_> "we get the house and there a safe with lots of money"
<Vaj> ((and what's the sad news?))

<Salem_> "Some happy birthday... and all i wanted was a cup cake with a candle"
<Vaj> "I'll help ya'll out of this jam. I've no home myself, never had one."
<Faline> (( hey I can give you one if you tell the reaper not to kill me :) ))
<Faline> (( hell ill even sing happy birthday ;) ))
<Simon```> ‹‹ Vaj joins the famous last words list . .. <Vaj> "I'll help ya'll out of this jam" ››
<Vaj> ((hehe.. now I'm immortall.. sparkie wouldn't dare kill someone who'se quoted.....))
<Faline> (( so you think ))

<Faline> (( we should be like "Sliders" keep going to different parallel dimensions :P ))
<Simon```> ‹‹ oh gods no ››
<Faline> (( heheh ))
<Vaj> ((why Faline? so you can kill the same cops over and over?))

<Danric> wow. 3000 years of knowledge, and untold riches. damn, can't do better than that with a 2 day-old power :)

* Danric makes Faline some nice tea. One of those teas that's good for purifying the mind.
* Danric and calming it, too. VERY calming
* Faline (( notes catnip tea calms her down real well. though it makes her giddy too so maybe not a good idea :P ))
* Danric is thinking of some simple green tea. with honey... and arsenic ;) j/k

<Vaj> wolf: "My, my, my. But you didn't make a mess of that town....."
<Vaj> as he approaches he shifts form to a clean-shaven short burly man of about 74 years of age.
<Simon```> ‹‹ He introduces himself as Bonk the Surgeon :p ››
<Salem_> (((noooo! get me outta here!))
<Faline> (( and then we reroll his personality..hmm...axe murdere, eh? >:) ))

<Simon```> Old Rabbit smiles faintly "You are not were. What are you?"
<Cecil`^> "I am an old magician of the ages.. A tradition passed down through generations.. My familly tought me and I seek knowledge.."
<Caltak> (( "also, in my spare time I like to kill knights in shining armor and put damsels in distress. Oh, and I really really like gold." ))

* Cecil`^ walks up to the dog
<Simon```> Its getting back up for the good ol' college try
* Cecil`^ casts disrupt undead
<Simon```> it smells even worse, like a dead mouse in a bottle of urine, both left to sit for a few years
<Simon```> It blinks, looks at you then falls apart. The woods seem to blur and twist wildly for a moment and you feel a summer breeze, then everything is normal
<Cecil`^> "Bad dog! There will be no life for you tonight."

* Vaj comes screeching in the driveway in a powerslide, coming to a complete stop inches from the side of the limo
* Vaj climbs out the window since there's no room to open the door
<Vaj> "That was the point.. how close can you get to hitting."
<Salem_> "oooh- ok i gotta take notes
<Vaj> "Now remember.. the right hand pedal is the accelerator.. I'm not exactly dure what the middle pedal does, but the far left one is the clutch."
<Salem_> "i think its the break"
<Vaj> "I use it on occasion.. generally it just gets in the way. Walls and other vehicles stoip you much faster."

<Sparkie> Faline 1d4: 2 (wis)
<Sparkie> Faline 1d4: 1 (int)
<Danric> (oh. Faline's getting int and wis? Praise the Lord!!)
<Danric> (she doesn't need to roll, right? you can just give her 4's. I'm okay with it.)

'<Cecil`^> I liked the brainwashed jane better..

<Cecil`^> I don't think vampires are evil though.. is that bad?

<Faline> (( ok Faline is now officially a force of nature. piss her off at your own risk ))
<Faline> now i really hope I dont go nuts cause there may not be a town afterwards...

<Danric> "Hmm... I need to make a few calls. You two don't have a problem with me getting a rifle, and some silver darts, with some damn heavy tranquilizers, do you?"
<Salem_> "nope- i think faline has done too many needless deaths, ending life to soon"
<Danric> "I think someone bent the rules when the gave her that title."
<Danric> "Her father must've been a were-lawyer too."

<Simon```> <Salem_> "i am not going to have blood shed in my home" <-- From Martha Stewart: The LOLAD Years :)

<Salem_> "we don't have to move? faline did kill of half the police force"
<Danric> "Well, we'll figure that out later. Can't move until after the lawyer gets here anyway. Luckily, we have plenty of places we can go."

<Cecil`^> (( I'm tired of arguing with myself, can we skip to the part where we kiss and make up and Jane is the perky little dragon I asked for? ))

<Elana-Silvereye> how bout half Dwarf half Orc
<Elana-Silvereye> A Dworc

<Tentei> "I warn you. The only thing faster then my dagger will be your death!"

<Tentei> "Everything's legal until you get caught."

* Sintaqx finds Caltak a nice padded room where he can try to calm faline after somebody tosses her a ball of yarn 3' in diameter

<WarnerDM> A long time ago (about a week, and before I got this nasty head ache) In a genre far far away (and now out of print) The Gemini Magica sailed thru the void and flow towards The rock of Bral.
<WarnerDM> (Immagine this text slowly getting smaller and harder to read)
<Reawen> "Episode 4?! We didn't get exp for 1-3!!" ‹‹ Runs off to insult George Lucas ››
* Robert`` pictures the G.M. flyingoverhead like a Star Destroyer ;P

<WarnerDM> As the ship enters the asteriod field no one panics because unlike other ships that enter such fields this ones piolet understands the concept of slowing down
<Reawen> Contrary to the rest, Reawen grew up watching star wars and Titan: AE ideas of asteroids and looks panicky :)
<Reawen> 'Is this safe?"
<WarnerDM> ((Some one says "I've got a bad fealing about this" just to panic Reawen :)

<Robert``> (( "The Force? Bah, who needs the force when you can just fix the dice bot?" ))
<WarnerDM> ((Try? there is no try. You either hack the bot or you don't. There is no try))

<Robert``> (( watch it me and the monkey are the only pcs allowed to not wear clothes :) ))

<WarnerDM> as people pass thru you notice them each handing over 1 sp to get in
* Bob_the_Monkey wonders if they would charge a poor little monkey... but then again they charge the less intelligent kender.....

<Jeramias> HA HA HA!!! I'm gonna have a ten-foot pole so that I can not touch stuff :)

<WarnerDM> (we actually evolved from pocket lint. monkeys then evolved from us. took over the planit after we blew it up and prospered for years until they started experimenting with the effect time travil has on pocket lint)

* Bob_the_Monkey chitters to one of the sailors, shooting Robert some disgusted looks
* Robert`` ignores the annoying little monkey
<Bob_the_Monkey> ((I'm touched.. he called me annoying))
* Robert`` ignores the hellspawned little piece of shit monkey then ok? ;)
<Bob_the_Monkey> ((wow.. I'm progressing))
<Robert``> (( lol, I give up ))

* Bob_the_Monkey picks one of the bugs out of the trunk
<WarnerDM> The bug lets out a loud cry of "Mommy!"
* Bob_the_Monkey sniffs the bug, then samples it
<WarnerDM> (by sample you mean eat?)
<Bob_the_Monkey> (only a little nibble... honest...))
* Bob_the_Monkey decides it doesn't exactly fulfil his dietary requirements and puts it back

<WarnerDM> Sudenly you hear a scream of "Johny!" from inside the trunk
* Bob_the_Monkey give his best monkey grin and rushes from the tavern
<WarnerDM> The eliphant actually seems quiet amused by all this. Johnys mom however is coming cralling out of the trunk with blood in her multifacied eyes
<Bob_the_Monkey> ((great, now I have a killer space-cockroach after me.))

<Bob_the_Monkey> ((I can play dumb almost as well as robert.. his advantage is he doesn't have to act))

<Bob_the_Monkey> ((you know.. the worst part about being a monkey is I can't insult people in character except by throwing fruit at them))
<WarnerDM> ((were just lucky bob is only thinking of fruit :)
<Bob_the_Monkey> ((considered the alternatives... Im more sanitary than that though))

* Bob_the_Monkey evades the Elaphant, and the space-cockroach, and any other creatures who would like him to meet their digestive tract closely, and makes it back to the G.M.
<WarnerDM> Bob_the_Monkey encouters 5 other creatures that want to introduce him to their lower intestines on the way. but more frightfully he also encounters 2 harry crisnas who give him flowers (those damn people are at every airport) and a Kender who wants to sell him life insurance.

* Caltak wants to have fun in the lake of Bral ;P unless there are some nasty beasties in it or something
<Warner> Caltak there are nasty beasties coming out of the noses of people you meet casually in a bar :)

<Marcus_Fenway> Yeah Warner your game time is a Real Problem... give me a few mins and I'll think up a reason why...

* Griki says "No like magic .." like a mantra, looking puzzled
<Grung> "Grung do majik...
* Grung reaches behind Griki's ear and pulls out a copper piece.
<Grung> "See? Grung majik ooser."
* Griki looks at Grung "That magic?"
* Grung looks pleased with himself.
<Grung> ((Funny thing is, his fingers are so big he could probably make it look like he pulled a short sword out from behind your ear. ;))

* Krysylyn votes we ff to the next major event
<Krysylyn> ((and no.. a fart does not count as a major event.. no matter how toxic.))
<Scarloc> ((What if it's a fart from a great wrym green dragon?)
<Krysylyn> ((actually, a fart from a great wyrm green dragon would classify as a natural disaster, not just a major event))
<Vestranda> (( hehe. The PCs find a new, large brown hill in their way . . shortly after, they find a large brown lake (Greater wyrm now has diareha :)) ))

* Gaty`^ crawls into his bedroll for the night and takes off his clothes, but decides he wants some water down at the river they are next to so he gets out but forgets to get dressed
* Gaty`^ isn't joking
* Gestris waves hello to Gaty as he walks to the river, roasting a marshmellow hismelf
* Gaty`^ waves back
<Jeramias> 3 Black Rectangular Censor Monsters acompany Gaty`^

<Krysylyn> ((Gaty`^: "Look! I'm Naked!" World: "We don't give a shriveled monkey's butt!" ))

* Gestris practices his sword drills, fixing what he did wrong in the last fight
<Scarloc> ((What did you do wrong? Not drive your sword deep enough?))
<Gestris> ((my character's become a perfectionist over time :))

* Scarloc has a feeling the whole scenario would have gone over better if Sparkie didn't hate him so much.
<Krysylyn> ((sparkie hates everyone.. that's why Ves and I are going to casterate him

<Vaj> "Used to a little more excitement in here, eh?"
<Salem_> "yes... thunder and lighting- stray gods, the earth moving, walls bleeding..the usal"
<Vaj> "Sorry I missed it...."
* Vaj pauses to consider what he just said
<Vaj> "Never mind.. I'm glad I did miss it."

<Salem_> "baal...has like a 100 cars in some bat cave"
* Salem_ grins like shes feeding tweety bird to selvester the cat
<Vaj> "What kind of cars?"
* Salem_ rattles off various names of expensive and *very* fast cars...and there is a hummer too
* Vaj pays particular attention to the austin Martins and the 66 mustang 2+2 ;)
<Salem_> anyways, before you go wild on baal's prive collection of cars...what do you have in mind?"
* Vaj sighs wistfully
<Vaj> "It's sacralige to crash those cars....."
<Salem_> "oh... they are shrines or something?"
<Vaj> "More or less."

<Vaj> "Always been too busy stealing and crashing cars to watch them do it in movies."

* Vaj opens the suicide doors and gestures grandlly for Salem to get in the passenger side
* Salem_ wonders why they are call "suicide doors" and gets in
<Salem_> "i think i needa helmet"
* Vaj grins
* Vaj straps Salem_ into the 5 point harness that serves as a seat belt

<Tisrook> you know though, there has to be some good reason that I have this bow :)
<Delta_Mu> family heirloom? :)
<Tisrook> maybe :)
<Tisrook> but I was thinking more along the lines of the arrows being dimond tipped ;)
<Delta_Mu> you just want to kill Bali, don't you? :p

<Tisrook> "So, are you going to be the main NPC for this campeign, or what?" ;) j/k

<Sintaqx> you won
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Oh yeah :)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> whooohooo!
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim seeks Medical Atention
<Sintaqx> you now must rest for a month to recover :P

<Warner> going to add a command to let players respond saying they arnt part of this fight to.
<Warner> lota times players don't need init because they're hiding under a table, lost in the woods, or busy falling off a cliff

<Warner> all the really important NPCs are killed the first day when the parties kender mistakes a stack of wands for wood kindling :)

<Warner> you know, I have always found it curious how people will agonize over the meaning of life. Havn't they ever heard of dictionaries? You can find the meanings of lots of words in those. :)

<Jeramias> lol. Naw :) Not if you are a polytheist like me. Now I worship the gods I create
<Jeramias> I suppose that I didn't tell you guys, but I ran into Nythara at school the other day, and she made me a part god because I created them.

<Jeramias> Shouldn't you be off playing real life ad&d? Wow, I just realized the irony of that :)

* Baliadoc likes games like "Beat up the ugly kid," and "Trap your friend in a well." Those good ole fashioned, outdoor games

* Stone`` gets a tusk knocked out, and just grins at the man
<Leihonna> ((no brain, no pain))
<Stone``> ((how'd you know my motto?))
<Leihonna> ((not too hard to guess))
<Leihonna> ((it's the orcish theme song))

* Leihonna thinks the bot is confused... the high rolls are supposed to happen w/ the +'s not the -'s

* Stone`` attempts to finish the man off, and hopes that it will be easy
* Stone`` will even go so far as to put a foot on his chest and use his head as a golf ball, if the DM is going to make it hard :)
* Stone`` AND i will refer to my caddy before making the shot
<Leihonna> ((pitching wedge))
* Stone`` will ALSO review any and all tapes of all previous grand slam tournaments, to make sure he technique and form are correct
<Leihonna> ((legs a bit wider.. there you go.))

<Simon```> Cecil - what exactly are you doing? Making pamphlets, chanting in the streets the dragons are coming, waylaying people in dark alleys to hypnotise them?
<Cecil`^> (( little bit of everything, pamphlets, handouts, going on the 10-hundred club, trying to tell a long speach like 'I have a dream, that dragons will one day come back to this world, to help people.' that kinda stuff ))
* Faline (( suggests you start a Dragon Pride March ;P ))
* Mall-Cop arrests Cecil for public luidness

<Faline> (( hmm..if Faline were to pull a Lorena Bobbit, there wouldnt be any evidence left :P ))

<Faline> (( why move? Faline will just start eating people again... ))
<Vaj> ((not if we appease the villagers with a sacrifice))

<Simon```> Old Lady: "Foolish whelp! Why do you think we are hding?!"
* Cecil`^ stares at the old lady
<Simon```> She stands up, her shdaow filling the room behind her, wings and all, before it looks human again
<Cecil`^> "If you keep arguing my I'm never gunna get any levels!" j/k

<Danric> "Dammit. Why can't things run smoothly for once?"
<Cecil`^> "With this group, the whole worlds a bumpy road.."

<Salem_> "i just wanted a family..... thats it, faline was like marsha brady....now its more like the Donor clan"

<Salem_> yea- boy this game is getting bad- faline could not just let us live out semi-normal lives
<Simon```> and break on the island will be for pcs to learn their powers
<Salem_> no! that will bad! "Suvivor"

* ```Kara``` pouts on her best pout. "Don't you love me anymore? What about that night we had together?"
<Danric`> "WHat're you talking about!? You hit on me, then tried to suck my blood!!"
* Vaj looks at Danric and Kara oddly and shakes his head
<Vaj> "I don't want to know."
<```Kara```> "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. But I was only joking. I thought that you'd find it ironic. Being a Fey-Vampire and all. Anyways, I'm not the one who is the vampire."
<Danric`> "Are you insinuating I am?!"

<Vaj> ((If a tree falls in the woods and squashes Milenko does anybody care?))
<Faline> (( no ))

Vaj> "I know. You want a normal life... Something I don't think is possible while living with a pack of weres"
<Salem_> "your right... maybe i should just find some nenomancer convent or some thing?

<Salem_> "i don;t know why faline is doing this...killing with no purpouse"
<Faline> (( salem for the last frikken time I had a purpose: I was hungry. :) ))

<Simon```> She looks at you "I didn't mean to hurt you .. if I was you i wouldn't have said that . . "
<Simon```> Leane: "If - if you ever come back ..I'd - I'd call you friend."
<```Kara```> (( "And the PHB said that humans were tolerent" *bawls* ;) ))

<Danric`> "To put it frankly, you people are the problem. You all have your damned senses of doing what's right, or what's noble, or following your animal instincts and eating things, or killing them, or blowing them up!! I just want to be a quaint little were-raven, with a nice home, and a good job."

<Rei`--> hmm... you just got killed by a monkey...
<Rei`--> god that would be funny
<Rei`--> would throwing your own shit apply as a poison baced attack?
<Simon```> uhm, it might . .. called shot to mouth would I think
<Rei`--> mabe a 2/10 chase they get food poisoning next time they eat if it his them in the face its a 80% chanse of poisoning...

<Keith`> hay doc
<Keith`> i named my game
<Baliadoc> "Bali sucks and messes up my game?" :)
<Keith`> Reluctent gaming (Dm doesn't want to dm players don't want to play its good holsum forced fun) (kinda like going to church)

<Vaj> well.. new legend.. some future group comes on the ruins of an ancient city.. the only clue as to what happened is the following message chipped in stone. 'Victruitus ent Munkinuis' Monkeys were here

<Keith`> focuse all of your enorgy in to one molment and you can do amazing things...
<Sin{Away}> either that or you can turn your mind into tapioca pudding

<Salem_> i want to live thru WW3 faline brought on
<Caltak> aw come on you're blowing it out of proportion. I just really only totally fucked one city so far

Caltak> what always bugged me about Green Eggs and Ham is why exactly are the eggs and ham GREEN?
<Vaj> they forgot to shave

<Jeramias> I never study. It is as bad as cheating.

<Jeramias> I'm cursed
<Caltak> hows that?
<Jeramias> I've got too much good luck
<Caltak> um...but good luck is a good thing
<Jeramias> True, I just like to brag ;)

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> A Two headed Orc Sorcerer would be Scarry..."We should cast Magic Missle" "No, Cast a Fireball" "We should save the stronger spells for later" "But now's the perfect time" ...

* Toggul should make an evil claric that goes around curering life

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim Alters Self so he now looks like the DM and then passes his Diguise check so all the players now thing he is the DM

<Itou`^> hehe, halfling whatever vs orcish paladin, on the next jerry springer

<Blaze``> 1d20+7 - be kind spark. this is in character, after all
<Sparkie> Blaze`` 1d20+7: 8 - be kind spark. this is in character, after all
<Blaze``> aw hell!
* Blaze`` is dead
<Zarahemla> ((Blaze smiles and collapses to the ground and starts snoring softly))
<Blaze``> ((dammit! stupid spark *sulks*))
* Blaze`` goes to toss Zarahemla some of his in retrun, and instead collapses
<Blaze``> ((oh... you'll pay Zarahemla... you'll pay.)

* Moulder is a tall dark haired man in a black suit with a tie and an FBI nametag
<Denna> Mulder! get back to the FBI office now, we have another assinment
* Moulder kneels down to were the liquid hit the ground
<Moulder> "Defilnately alcoholic"

* Baliadoc has a new alcohol he must master. no amount of xp is worth the treasure he just gained :)

<Alcar> sim city lolad :)
<Baliadoc> "Let's see... I'll place the police force here... oh wait, too close to the club owned by the were-tiger, dammit! There goes the police force..."
<Baliadoc> "Aw crap, the were-dolphins are complaining that my garbage dump is too close to the sea... sonofabitch! Now i have to raise taxes... That'll make the were-snakes just sooo happy."
<Alcar> "Oh, the teachers are striking because the students are eating their profs if they get F's ..and the dog-catchers keep disasppearing . ."

<Alcar> munchkin game in 3e . .
<Baliadoc> is there such a thing!? didn't think munchkins could get that fancy :)

<Alcar> my level 3 sorcerer/level 16 monk hits the dragon. DM: Uhm, its ac is 60 . .PC: Well, I have the +27 to strike cause I;m a monk, true strike is a nother +20 . . another +20 because I cast true strike again since my first used Exttended Casting feat . .
<Baliadoc> holy crap...
<Baliadoc> that's gross!!!
* Baliadoc wonders if Alcar is a were-munchkin :)

<Marcus_Fenway> * Sintaqx is starting to populate the city of Shantra :) <--- I am sure your Fiance could take that the wrong way

*** ArthurQ Quit (Quit: You go to hell!! You go to hell and you die!)
<Alcar> Will I get exp if I kill the demons there?
<Sintaqx> spoken like a true munchkin, Alcar
<Alcar> well, he said I'd go to hell . .
<Alcar> figure i'd kill somethng befors I died there
<Sintaqx> yup... that's where all munchkins deserve to go.. as long as satan is a good DM

<Warner> Thats it! no one can play till they DCC me their home work :)

<WarnerDM> ((I'm getting overloaded so feel free to remind me if I miss something))
<`Temera`> ((the mouse on my shoulder))
<WarnerDM> ((The mouse on your shoulder?))
<`Temera`> ((yeah.. the mouse on my shoulder wanted to know if milly was married))
<WarnerDM> ((Sin are you trying to drive me absolutely nuts?))
<WarnerDM> ((or only part ways))
<`Temera`> ((yes, is it working?))
<WarnerDM> ((please do your nut driving during my non DMing hours :P)

* Chance`` looks hurt that no one notices my tan :)
<WarnerDM> A dung colored artichoke with legs and what looks like a bad cold stands up at all the color talk and asks, "You think your bettern me?"
<WarnerDM> someone aparentedly noticed chances tan and is a bit envous :)
<Chance``> ((yooooouuu bastard. :))

<WarnerDM> The artichoke preaches on and on about prejuduce and how wrong it is and how, all things being equal, artichokes are so superior because THEY don't need to be reminded of this.

<WarnerDM> Gel suprizingly is not in his customary hammok. Aparently he's not back from what ever it is he had to rush off to do.
<Robert```> (( I have an idea but I wont say it cause its innappropriate :P ))

* Yol_Tura holds up a sign "PC's lost home, will play for dm."

* Warner notes he has $300 worth of brown spines just to over rule the core books :)

<Elana-Silvereye> I guess I can understand you guys wanting to be girls, I mean seeing as how we have it made and all

<Jeramias> If I DM your Yol game, you have to promise to let me kill you :)

<Jeramias> Actually, if I can pull it off, I will have a well thought out dungeon in it. Not a dungeon crawl, just a dungeon :)
<Alcar> hehe
<Jeramias> And when I say 'dungeon,' I don't mean random corridors. It would be very well thought out, with canibals and everything

<Sparkie> IkeDM 1d20: 2
<IkeDM> ((I forgot... Sparkie hates me...))

<Warner> hehe, just what gamming needs. more players playing succubi :)

<Sintaqx> hehe.. the spell was broken with a kiss :)
<Sintaqx> the wizard had a sense of humor :)
* Alcar isn't sure there is anything ore dangerous in d&d than a wizard w/ a sense of humour . .
<Warner> Alcar a wizard w/ a love of practical jokes and a kender for a best friend :)
<Sintaqx> no.. A wizard with low wisdom and a love for practical jokes and a kender with no wisdom (typical kender)
<Warner> "Pull my finger, this one will kill ya"
<Alcar> lol Warner. Then cast Finger of Death :)
<Warner> hehe the ultimate "I told you so" :)

<Sintaqx> hehehe.. new magic item... hand buzzer.... wonderous item enchanted with shocking grask, activates on a handshake

<Sintaqx> I liked one of my illusionists... made an illusion of himself casting an illusion spell.... the enemy was going nuts trying to counter the 2nd illusion spell
<Sintaqx> which never really existed :)

* Alcar personally thinks scrolls should go woof with the spell effect, for FX. Fireball scroll, the scroll burns to ashs etc.
<Warner> Alcar so a polymorph scroll should turn into a butter fly and flutter away? :)
<Sintaqx> or turn into butter and melt in your hands?
* Alcar grins Would be for amusement really :)
<Sintaqx> well.. those darn wild magic zones do pop up in the oddest places
<Warner> God help us if alcar ever makes up scrolls from the book of carnal knowedge :)

<Sintaqx> I think the book of carnal knowledge is too good of a resource to not undergo a revision to 3e :)

* Salem_ wants to be the living dead who still insits they are alive
<Salem_> "no wait-- really- i can sunbathe"

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> If your Familiar Eats you then its going to take System Shock when you die
<Bernstein`> "I have to make the tarassque my familar! Its the only way to stop it!"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Maybe the Tarrasque has a Dragon as a Familiar... that would be funny

<Marcus_Fenway> who is DM?
<Ike> Moi.
<Marcus_Fenway> No Seriously
<Marcus_Fenway> who's the DM?
<Marcus_Fenway> J/k
* Ike writes down a little reminder... "Be sure to kill Taklinn in a very painful manner... Be extremely descriptive."

<IkeDM> The ring glows slightly, startling the girl. "Oh my! Is it magic?"
* Karsh`` blinks, then looks down
<Karsh``> "Radu! She's too bloody young!"
<IkeDM> The ring speaks. "If she's old enough to crawl... She's in the right position."
* Karsh`` groans, covering the ring with his other hand

* Bernstein` blinks and starers at Karsh "What IS that?"
<Karsh``> "Radu. An... aquaintance of mine."
<IkeDM> The ring speaks again, "I think you have that the other way around my friend... You are an aquaintance of MINE!"
<Karsh``> "Of course, old friend. Now, go back to admiring women. I have business to attend to, with my brother, and our new found friend Tak."
<IkeDM> The ring grows cold in your hand, dormant...
<Karsh``> "Good boy. Plot on how to get your revenge some more, and then tell me all about it later."
<Karsh``> "Sorry about that. We've been traveling for days, with nary a sign of woman or stiff drink. He's suffering from withdrawal."

<IkeDM> Dawn finally comes... Though it seems like it took way too long. Last night was the longest, coldest, dreariest nights you can remember ever experiencing.
* Karsh`` has been scribbling furiously all night
<Karsh``> "And so, as I close, I would like to say that this was the longest, coldest, dreariest night I can ever seem to remember."
<IkeDM> ((Whoo hoo! EXP bonus! ;))

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim Charges out in Battle and as he Reaches the Undead creatures he Turns around and Yells "Death to the Mortals" as he Charges back at the players :P
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> J/K
<IkeDM> Tak: Turn undead... I suppose... Brings a new meaning to it...

<IkeDM> SS: You are in a tree... You said... Correct?
<Shadow-Starshine> Ike: changed mind and went with players
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim is Sleeping at the base of the tree
<IkeDM> Oh... Darn.. There goes all my fun... ;0
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Oh they left?
<IkeDM> Tak: Thank you... Assuming you survive, you get bonus EXP for helping me out. ;)

<IkeDM> Kaado.. SS... Roll spot checks...
<IkeDM> Bah... It doesn't really matter...
<IkeDM> Even if you rolled a 20 you wouldn't see this one comming...

<`Kaado`> is there anything odd
<IkeDM> Kaado: Apart from the arrow deeply embedded in your stomache and disappearing shadows...? Nothing odd.

<Faline> (( Wait do I even know Kara? ))
<```Kara```> ((Yeah, theoreticly, you should))
<Faline> (( theoretically? ))
<```Kara```> ((Well, I've introduced myself to you before, so you should know me, but the way Faline thinks... ^_^ ))

<AngerHateRage> But who says that vamps will nesicarilly live that long?
<AngerHateRage> They have to be hunted down some time :)
<Simon```> Until thye, you can so stupid things like get killed by a bus, the sun, humans etc . .or become a pc :)
<AngerHateRage> LOL
<Simon```> hey, being a pc is sort of like wearing a red uniform on star trek in terms of life expectancy :)
<AngerHateRage> You know, its people like you that make people think "I am special because I am a PC"
<AngerHateRage> And not "I am a PC because I am special"

* Faline wonders if she happen to fall into a prallel universe or something on the way up to the bedroom....
<Simon```> Faline blinks, and finds herself in another world, where she kills a wemic named Caltak and .. .
<Faline> (( and then she's on a ship with a frog....:P ))

<Simon```> For a moment you hear the voice of that child you hit in your head "If ignorance were bliss,more people would be happy."
<Faline> (( AHHH my heads gonnag et overcrowded soon ;P ))
<Faline> (( I should charge rent ;P ))

* Rei`` puts dalv down
<Dalv> "Thank you."
* Dalv straightens his collar
<Rei``> "mind telling us what you are now?"
<Rei``> "Dragon, farrie, were cow, demon,vampire?"
Faline> "Serriously, just tell us damn it!
<Dalv> "And have my shirt get wrinkled again?"

<Yuki-Takuri> "I only just found out an hour ago that Teen-Wolf wasn't a fictional movie"

<Yuki-Takuri> "So thats all then you followed me ta keep me safe and now your going back to Vampire headquarters?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I mean its a bit hard for me to swallow
<Yuki-Takuri> "But then again all this is"
* Faline thinks its not all that hard to swallow if you just chew it enough..er, whoops, nevermind :P

<Faline> damn now im worried, vamps who can hide themselve's from FAlines "Superior Aura Detection" *shudder*
* Simon``` grins evilly
<Simon```> Just the DM making your world an even more unpredicatable place that before
<Simon```> Gotta love me!
<Faline> bitch ;P
<Faline> er, sorry, that slipped out ;P

* Faline looks at Dalv a little bit longer than she should have as she walks past and goes upstairs
<Dalv> (( She's turned on. I'll make my move. ))

* Warner wants to be the countries IRS director. Thats where the real power behind the thrown is :)
<Warner> The real Illuminatie are all accountaints :)

<Warner> ((Don't belive what the xfiles tells you. The real clandestine agency in the US is the IRS. They're the only one that doesn't have to make up things like $400 hammers :)
<Warner> (They can have random audits and throw you in jail over nothing more then a few missing lunch recepts. Tell me thats not power)

<Baliadoc> i mean, we were probably in a bed, brains fried on xp for a few months (or years), but who cares! you're a lich, i'm a mayor, it worked out in the end

<Blaze``> "Something's beyond the next hill. I'll go take a look."
<Tisrook> "Nice knowing you."

<Blaze``> "The big bad tower tried to kill you? What type of sword are you!?"
<`Anne`> "its not a sword, dear....its a sniveling butter knife!"

<Alcar> The goblin you killed turned out to be a human kid dressed up for some new holiday they've imported here from Namdara. Thanks to Toggul, its gotten off to a very tragic start . .
<`Anne`> "shoot, kids these days....dressin up like ghouls and goblins..... if ya wanted candy- just ASKed! no need for a trick!"

<Blaze``> "How d-d-do you northerners st-stand this cold?"
<Alcar> Elana: "You call this cold?!
<Alcar> Elana: "In the norh, this'd be a warn summers day .. "
<Blaze``> "Dammit woman, i've lived in a desert most of my life."
<Alcar> insert when I was your age, we had no boots and had to wrap our feet in barbed wire instead of shoes or we had no calculator and has to lop our fingers off to do substraction kind of speech :)
<Namee> ((hehe, in my day we didn't have any fancy barbed wire for shoes or blades for finger loping. We had to wrap our feet in dirt and crushed our fingers with river rocks :)

<Namee> Im lousy at remembering weeky things. remembering to show up for my own game is hard enough :)

* Keith` waits for jer to moon the channel in an atteempt at the quote..
* Alcar is mildly disturbed that ppl are MAKING this attempt . .
<Jeramias> I'm not gonna make the attemp. It would be pretty cool to be in there, but I'm not honestly going to try. My life isn't quite that sad and pathetic

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