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<Keith`> quote your self as saying that your desturbed by people trying to make the 1500 quote
<Alcar> lol
<Keith`> do it just to shut them up about quote 1500
<Keith`> do the same with 2000
<Keith`> or put in the quote a message saying that quote hounding is now the number one cose of highschool drop out in the USA

<Sintaqx> Paladin is a synonym for Masochist

* Robert``` (( *tunes up the banjo, then starts playing* "Why are there so many songs about rainbows And what's on the other side? ))
<Robert```> Rainbows are visions, but only illusions, And rainbows have nothing to hide.
<Robert```> So we've been told and some choose to believe it
<Robert```> I know they're wrong, wait and see.
<Robert```> Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, The lovers, the dreamers and me.
* WarnerDM> Robert has a anvil droped on him by the interdimentional copyright enforcement agentcy
* Nurse_Darleen_ sighs and goes to get a mop to clean up whats left of robert

<WarnerDM> (hehe expresso in D&D, now i've seen every thing. Just don't bring the intergalaxtic wrath of starbucks down on us all :)

<Robert```> (( there are tables in the library now? woah ))
<Sten`-> (i thought there were its a library after all)
<Robert```> (( um its really a garden with trees, a pond, and bookshelves ;P ))
<WarnerDM> ((thats what happens when you let a Elf draft it up :)

<Nurse_Darleen> "maybe we sould call the local dating service? or see if there is a local otyugh population"
<Nurse_Darleen> "an otyugh prom? "
<Nurse_Darleen> "he he- throw a ball for all the local otyugh batchlors?"
<Sten`-> "Thats just Sick"

<Robert```> (( Alcar has a thing against otyugh pcs and Reawen has a thing against otyughs in general ;P ))
<WarnerDM> Reawen he sayed turn Robert into a Otyugh. not you. no need to threaton to kill me :)
<Robert```> (( no Alcar meant kill ME :P ))
<WarnerDM> (ah ok)
<Robert```> (( oh so since he wants to kill me its ok but it wasnt when you thought he wanted to kill you ?! ;P ))
<WarnerDM> (( Robert``` thats the general gist of it yeah :)

<WarnerDM> She triggers the stick some how and a bolt of electricity shoots out. The pudding cowers in a corner of its tank.
<WarnerDM> "Aw, I hate to do that to you spunky. But you musent try to kill ol Emma" she says in gratuitous baby talk.
<Reawen> "Were you married to OJ Simpson in a past life Emma?"
<WarnerDM> Emma glares at Reawen, "Don't be noisy dear. Come over hear and I'll show you how to make moss root lotion"

* Robert``` waits, with an expression that is best describled as a frog waiting for lotion that keeps him from drying out and dieing that he nevertheless doesnt like that much.
<Robert```> (( is that descriptive enough warner? ;P ))
<Reawen> (( heh ))
<WarnerDM> ((hehehe))
* Reawen stands, listening intently to Emma as she notices absently the smell of ozone in the air andf the crip brezes from the city around them ladden with many smells she's never encounterd before. Drawing herself back to the task at hand, she leans forward involuntarily and nods, paying attention to the elderly woman's advice
<Reawen> (( We can kill the DM w/ descriptiveness :) ))
<WarnerDM> (hehe, better then drownding in OCC all the time :)

* Robert``` 's eyelids move in a closing and opening motion commonly known as blinking. This process is an automatic function designed to potect the eyes, although it can also be a voluntary movement. THe entire process takes much less time than reading this description does.
* WarnerDM pokes Reawen (wake up before robert describes me to death)

* Robert``` is currently enagaged in a very important, though often taken for granted, action. It involves the intake and then explusion of air from the area around him. However, it must be noted that for RObert and other like him this action does not always require air, as water will function just as well for this purpose. He repeats this process amny times, as he does most of the time anyway, so it really wasnt worht mentioning
<WarnerDM> (for got sake, I've turned him into Mojo Jojo!)
<Reawen> (( Well, at least my explanations were part of the story . .I didn't mean we should take it this fsr caltak :P ))
* Robert``` is able to breathe water. Is also able to breathe air. That is to say, he is able to breathe both air and water. And since he can breathe both air and water, that means he is not limited to only being able to breathe air or only being able to breath water. That is to say, unlike mammals he can breathe water, and unlike fish, he can breathe air. So therefore he is neither. <--now thats Mojo Jojo

<WarnerDM> when you step off the lader and turn to look you see Petra has both the ilithids putting out all their incence burners. They look shaken and shagrin.
<Robert``> (( shagrin? ))
<Reawen> chargin, cal
<Robert``> (( yeah I still dont know what the word means ))
<WarnerDM> embarrassment or humiliation arising from disappointment or failure
<Robert``> (( ah, thanks Webster--er, Warner ))
* WarnerDM bellows in his super hero voice "Don't thank me. Thank wordsmyth.com"

<WarnerDM> End Of Seesion. 200xp 50xp bonous for dung song as long as you never sing it again

<Alcar> heh. This has to be one of the oddest campaigns I've rped in . .our pcs mostly hate each other guts :)
<Warner> One of the nice things about a plot where you work together is you have a good excuse to stay together. So you don't have to be chumy :)
<Warner> also one of the bigest differances between this setting and star trek, where every one always gets along :)
<Alcar> or seems to :)
<Warner> they do, thats why the writers have to subject them to alien influances all the time. no other way to create tention :)

<Salem_> "yea...like one giant...um...like the stuff we found at the house...looks like he was planning world domination?"
<Vaj> "Or world destruction."
<Salem_> "judgement day? and the four horsemen?"
<Vaj> ((my, aren't we paranoid :) ))
<Salem_> ((he he with alcar dm-ing...being paranoid keeps you alive))
<Vaj> ((nah.. all you need to do is do something completely unexpected...... and humorous))

* Salem_ shrugs and opens the box
<Alcar> The package contains 10 rose stems, with thorns. Someone has cut the tops of the roses off.
<Vaj> "Couldn't be pandora's box.. faline's already loose."

<Vaj> "as to meeting tommy.... death holds no fear to me.. Dealt it too often myself."
<Vaj> "Besides.... you can meet death and live."

<Salem_> death is like an artform, and faline just butchers it to ribbions

<Alcar> hmm, Listerine: The Mouthwash Of Weres . .
<Vaj> ((lesterine.. the mouthwash... and meal, of Faline))
<Salem_> (( listerine... to get those stubborn human chunks out of canies...recomended by 4 out of 5 were-tigers ))

* Salem_ bets if you look up faline in the dictionary- it will read "see World War 3 "

<Alcar> Circe nods to Vaj "You speak true, but her . . . she has too much anger in her to be trusted."
<Vaj> "She is my ward now, my responsibility."
* Salem_ look at the lady
<Vaj> "She's more mature than most who live and die on this rock."
<Salem_> "well fuck off- i didn't piss in your pond
* Vaj smiles
<Alcar> Circe looks at Vaj "She is also young, headstrong and inexperienced. I wish you luck."
<Vaj> "Unless seriously irritated."

*** Jeramias has joined #Game1
<_salem_> "vaj- i would never use you like that- but you know them all powerful god people- they think they are hot snot"
<_salem_> besides... people try to control what they fear...MAYBE she fears me?"
<Jeramias> ((HAHAHA! Are you REALLY running LoLaD without Cal?! :) ))

<Alcar> yeah. Wizards don't exactly have social graces. And they don't like being afraid of 14 yr old girls :)
<_salem_> she afaird of me? why?
<Alcar> hehe. Guess julie :)
<_salem_> um....having visions or having death want to go to first base?
<Alcar> both :)

<Krysylyn> ((<insert appropriate Gaty-harrasment here> ))
<Gaty`^> (( you're out of it too eh sin? ))
<Krysylyn> ((oh no... I got too may comments to type :) ))

<Jeramias> If you want, you can also assign the PCs to their next quest of 'go to (somewhere), bring me (something)' :)
<GestSanch> lazy bum ;)
<Jeramias> Well, since you ARE an NPC, its practicly me telling them to do it ;)

* Krysylyn takes the list back
<Krysylyn> "It's the names, the truenames, of the nine major lords of the hells."
* Lua_Ann looks at krysylyn's book "looks like my family reunion"

<Gest|Sanch> "This is my weapons lab. It's where the best and brightest build the biggest weapons on the continent."
<Krysylyn> "When will guys learn that size doesn't matter?"
<Vestranda> "But its not size that matters, Mr Mayor. Its performance. Quality over quantity."
<Jeramias> "You want quality? I -am- quality. Nothing come out of here without my approval."
* Vestranda looks at Jeramias and murmmers "Yourself excluded, I assume."

<Jeramias> ((Jer's wife is Silva_Atlanta. They were trying to charge a car batery once, but got confused. It was a strange way for both of them to learn about sex ;) ))

<Jeramias> Why do your PCs hate each other? :)
<Gest|Sanch> (it's the jackass complex. two people of like mind will always hate each other :)

<Gaty`^> "What will you do whe- if the city burns?"
<Jeramias> "The same thing you do if any city burns. Use as many people as you can to stop the fire."
<Gaty`^> "You're going to throw people in the fire?"
<Gaty`^> 'You are a sick kinda man.."
<Jeramias> "You are a dolt. They will throw water or dirt onto the fire, or course."
<Gaty`^> "So you're going to burry the burnt bodies in mud?"
<Jeramias> "What? No. I'm starting to wonder how you both survived the trip here."

<Gaty`^> "So what will you do if your library is burnt down?"
<Jeramias> "I will run and scream. Here are your rooms. Once you get settled, ring the bell, and the buttler will show you to diner." He gestures to the tope next to him, then he walks away
* Gaty`^ looks at the rope and tries to climb it to his room
<Jeramias> the bell at the end of the rope rings :P
<Jeramias> the buttler comes. "Are you ready for dinner now?"
* Gaty`^ climbs to the ceiling and looks for the doorway up
* Jeramias sobs. The PCs are getting stupider
<Vestranda> (( The DM is contagious :p ))

<Jeramias> You have an INT of 12, I will not allow you to act like it is 3! ;)
<Gaty`^> (( Hey! He pointed out the rope and said "Here's yoru room" ))
<Jeramias> (( he meant that was the bell, dork :P ))
* Jeramias presses FF so that he won't have to endure the rest of the rest of the game ;)
<Jeramias> Session End: 200 exp

<Caltak> Chaos: no offence but how can you not be "in the mood"? the only time im not "in the mood" is when im so tired I cant see anymore.
<Caltak> referring to rping btw
<Caltak> before you make a joke

<IkeDM> Damn... It seems anytime you say ANYTHING about quotes, you end up in a quote...
* IkeDM hopes he isn't put in a quote for saying that...
<Alcar> temping, but it'd just prove your theory :)
<IkeDM> And God knows that Alcar doesn't want to HELP prove my inane theories...

<Marcus_Fenway> The Father takes his place at the poduim and conducts the mass speaking the words of the lord Mirri. This Weeks Session is unusually short as it ended in under a hour.

<Bayne> "so what brings you to these parts"
<Bernstein`> "Travel. Found my brother. Hes over yonder in a coma. Oh, and the vampires. I mentioned them, didn't i?"
<IkeDM> ((Alcar: About 20 times... Drunk bastard.))
<Bernstein`> (( hey, would you do what hes about to sober? :p ))
<IkeDM> ((Alcar: No.. I wouldn't do it drunk either. I wouldn't do it PERIOD. You're insane...))
<Bernstein`> (( well, yes. It was a dare . .vampires aren't suppose to walk around at high noon . but he has to keep his word. Otherwise he'd be no better than they are. ))
<IkeDM> ((Alcar: Exactly... A vampire has no honor.. You idiot... :P))

Keith`> (i would join in but i'm about to make a run to the store)
<Christof`> (( oh that ok Keith. I dont need more prejudiced bastard pcs riding my ass about being undead ))

<Sintaqx> do you realize that if not for technology we would still be working only 20 hours a week hunting and farming, and the average lifespan would be 45?
<Bernstein`> Some ppl want to go back to that :)
<Bernstein`> but its more embracing the tribal lifestyle and such than anything else
<Sintaqx> I actually wouldn't mind it myself.. though dirt is hard to roll dice in

<Sintaqx> you know... if people had D&D in the stone age, would they be playing sci-fi versions of it with swords and armor?
<Vidie`^> no, they would rp dinosours as dragons
<Marcus_Fenway> Imagine Role Playing a Demon... or a Sorcerer... you would risk being linched

<IkeDM> Tak: Go.
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I Just stand there and Die...
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( this could take a while )_)
<IkeDM> Oh boy...
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> J/K
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I charge of course!
<IkeDM> So charge!
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I am!
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> I just said I was!

<Karsh``> you probably need an attack roll, Tak ;)
<IkeDM> It's RIGHT behind you...
<IkeDM> Seeing as how it just attacked you...
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> ... If its Right its not behind me!

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( Elves in Orbit the first of HBO's new documentry sieries... 'How to have fun with the Fireball Spell' )_)

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim Picks up Bernstein` and starts carring him out of the Forest . . . and after a few moments he remebers he is wearing Spiked armor...
* Bernstein` bleeds and sleeps :)
* Bernstein` does stain Takl's armour tho :)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Medic!"
<Christof`> (( aww, you punctured your teddy bear ;P ))

<Eolh> to bad i can't convert my turnings in to healing spells

<`Anne`> (( bad tiger no cookie- what did i tell you about eating reporters in the house?))

<Faline> "It seems to me that Old rrabbit is becoming a huge prroblem." (though is Faline rreally one to talk? :P) "I think I want to have a worrd with him..."
<Cecil`^> "He talked with simon for a while, then simon tried to kill himself.. maybe I should go regulate.."
<Rei`> "Faline don't, i have a fealing he is in better fighting shape then i am"
<Rei`> "umm Cecil he does have plains to kill you"
* Cecil`^ smiles
<Cecil`^> "Good."

<Jane`^> "Ok, that's in the past, we all have killed something sometime in our life."
* Simon``` stares at jane "It was yesterday!"
<Jane`^> "Yesterday is still the past."

<Caltak> well Ike, I could alway rp the training ;P
<Ike> Caltak: But on one condition... Anything that is quote worthy, you have to save... And give to Alcar next time.
<Ike> Because, of course, the most important reason to play is for cool quotes...

<Mikiel> ((I assume we still have our clothes, and our weapons are in a chest in the next room))
* Prince_Elric better have his clothes... They cost 200 freaking gold.

<Mikiel> ((Shouldnt he be worried about his torch in the middle of a sewer?))
<Albus> (( lol Mikiel ))
<Prince_Elric> (( What did you say about not giving him any ideas? ))
<Chaos`^> It's called the dm's law, explosions only happen when i say they can =p
* Mikiel ((Claps his hands over his mouth))

<Charlie`^> You can smell fresh blood, mixed with the smell of the sewers
<Prince_Elric> "By the gods, it's horrid down here."
<Charlie`^> "We're almost there."
<Prince_Elric> "Ugh.. These boots are seude! The cleaning lady will never be able to get rid of these stains"
<Mikiel> "Is the cleaning lady still alive?"
<Prince_Elric> "I suppose you're right. Poor Mathilda."

<Chaos`^> He helps Elric up and the camera cranes up to show the large battle field. What used to be a beutiful green field is now scarlet, thousands of bodys scatter it, dirt flies up around you as catapults are fired for no aperrant reason. You are outside the city.
* Prince_Elric falls to his knees.
<Prince_Elric> "M..my... p...people..."
<Mikiel> "The flowerbeds!! What HAVE they done to the flowerbeds?!?!"
* Albus looks around slowly, squiting in the light "Gods ... how am I going to bury them all?"

* Mikiel kicks Prince_Elric again
<Prince_Elric> "Don't touch me you peasant!"
<Prince_Elric> "How dare you kick royalty!"
<Mikiel> "Because you are being a fool."
<Prince_Elric> "Is that how you would treat your prince?"
<Mikiel> "You may behead me later"

* Albus sighs and (sparkie and DM willing) slaps Prince_Elric accross the face, hard
<Prince_Elric> (( What is this? Beat up the prince day? Taking out your anger? What? Was it the taxes? I'll lower them... ))
<Chaos`^> lol

<Salem_> no no no- rule #1 never give the DM a "good idea"
<Bethor_Nosgoth> Rule #2 If the GM Giggles, attacking that goblin/troll/dragon was not a good idea.
* Salem_ rule #3 if you make quirky pcs the dm likes- look out! your gona be picked on by every BIG bad NPC
<Bethor_Nosgoth> Rule #4 If the room with the idol seems baren, trun around, grab the torch bearer and have him do wind sprints in the room.

<Tisrook> YES! I've officially lost my soul! :)

<AlcarDM> Garon was a semi-famous bard. The music from the harp was also said to calm angry people, especially felines.
<AlcarDM> whatever else it could do isn't known
<AlcarDM> Among bards its famous for rarely coming out of tune. Most bards dont care about what else it does .. legends say Garon met his death when it woke up something nasty :)
<Namee> Um ick, ok so now im not quiet so envous :P

<Namee> damn you, im being forced into taking a cursed magic item by peer pressure!

<Marcus_Fenway> Staff of Power ... Cost 200,000 gp
<Marcus_Fenway> You had better have a good Payment Plan :)
<Ask_Jeeves> steal it from the owner sounds about right

<Marcus_Fenway> I should hand out Orbs of Dragonkind as Party Favors

<Sintaqx> '101 poisons you can make from your cleric's morning gruel'

<Sintaqx> Create Intelligence: The bachelor may create a rudimentry form of intelligent life simple by leaving one of his own prepared meals in a cool, dark place for two weeks
<Sintaqx> a bachelor/wizard with a mayonase familiar
<Marcus_Fenway> Its a Tunafish Sandwich Familiar with 18-INT 16-WIS 13-CHA and 27-EGO
<Alcar> "NO! You ate my familiar! Now I can't cast that . . Wait, can you remove poisons? Oh, sorry. Well,you did eat him .."
<Sintaqx> empower your tunafish sandwich familiar with regenerate :)
<Alcar> hehe. So you get a meal and a familiar all in one?
<Marcus_Fenway> The Tarrasque eats your Familiar and slowly dies

<Salem_> "and i got a funny feeling about the others as well...should we worrie?"
<Vaj> "I'd worry for any humans faline meets.. or meats as the case may be."

<Salem_> "vaj- i've been getting "feelings" from back where the others are.... and well i do not know why"
<Vaj> "What kinds of feelings?"
<Salem_> "um..empending doom kinda feelings..not happy ones"
<Vaj> "makes sense, considering the fact they have a certain were-tigress with them."
<Salem_> "no...its bigger than that... shes a gear in the whold doom days device...but its like engulfing them all"
<Alcar> (( Wow. A "gear in the whole doomsday device" ... I think Faline needs to hire some seriouis PR people .. ))
<Vaj> ((why? she doesn't already have enough to eat?))

<Salem_> "she has to be stoped some how... at first she was like a palidin- now just a force of destruction- why did she turn?"
<Vaj> ((a sprinkle of vampire, a dash of predjudice, a twist of dragon.... and a gallon of Faline))
<Salem_> "he has to be put down.... or at least contained- her actions started the gears rolling...."
<Salem_> "and now i fear the doomsday clock is nearing the 13 hour"
<Vaj> "I think the gears were already going, Faline just sped up the process."

<Nimih`^> My favorite part of a new campaign is to see the characters nicks, how strange they look.. it's like christmas

<Nurse_Darleen> "well since when selling slaves were "politically correct"? "
<Nurse_Darleen> "i don't think the people who are interset would mind what you say, dear"
<Nurse_Darleen> "they arn't politicaly correct themselves"
<WarnerDM> "You'd be suprized how sensitive they can be. I called one a Mind Flayer once and blew a 4000gp deal"
<Nurse_Darleen> "this Illithid city- sounds like a dreay place.. i would not like to visit- i'll stick to the sticky faced children and the cherry people here"
<WarnerDM> "They're these squid like humanoids that eat the brains of inteligent creatures. Evil as can be but they respect the Law. Properly managed they can be a great asset to socity"

* Bob_the_Monkey is safe from illithids, having, according to many sources, no mind at all

<Nurse_Darleen> (what is a lilltihid?))
<Robert```> (( a Mind Flayer ))
<WarnerDM> (But Gel warned you not to call them Mind Flayers because they're a little sensitive about that name)
<WarnerDM> (("We don't Flay minds, we consume and preserve their knowedge"))

* Bob_the_Monkey starts climbing up the face then
<WarnerDM> The ogre mage backs away from bob looking almost comical, "And what do you want?"
* Bob_the_Monkey sticks a candy in the ogre-mage's mouth

<WarnerDM> Robert action?
* Robert``` wonders what the hell the monkey is doing, thats about it
<WarnerDM> ok, robert uses his quick wits and speedy reaction to blink before anyone gets a chance to stop him

<WarnerDM> sten the ogre magi has just retreated from a Bob_the_Monkey candy attack, what are you gonna do next? :)

<Marcus_Fenway> The Keeper Points to a house some 200 years away. "That be it. "
<Natalia`> ((that's a long ways away....))
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( 2 foot ball fields )_)
<Nimih`^> (( 200 years? ))
<Natalia`> ((no.. the years.. not yards part ;) ))
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( This city was Built Accross time not Space :P )_)
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( yeah YARDS :P )_)

<Nimih`^> the 'vampires come out at night only' is the first myth discoverd wrong in ALL vampire campaigns

<Marcus_Fenway> You Arrive at the General Store... or Rather the General Make shift cart with stuff hanging from ever square inch of it.

<Marcus_Fenway> Cart Keeper: --> Urtho "Cause I have to make Profit, and the Demand on these if pretty high so..."
<Urtho> they DEMAND what the hell are they
<Marcus_Fenway> Cart Keeper: --> Urtho "They are... Sticks with little buttons on them... Duh!"
<Marcus_Fenway> Cart Keeper: --> Urtho "You want them or not?"

<Marcus_Fenway> the Chicken doens't hear you :) but you miss and it spooks the chicken
<Nimih`^> chicken!?
<Nimih`^> you're attackin a friggin chicken!?
* Koby` was hungry :p

<Orrik> Koby` 1d20+4: << 16 >>
<Koby`> finally!
<Marcus_Fenway> 3 shots to kill a fricken Chicken :)
<Koby`> I still killed it tho! How much EXP did I get? j/k
<Marcus_Fenway> you got 2xp :)
<Nimih`^> 2xp for a chicken!? I'm goin' to alll the farms in the world to kill them all!
<Nimih`^> that's how commoners gain levels, butchering chickens

<WarnerDM> The first Illithid shoves the Gardner Illithid aside and asks, "What business have you in our city?"
<Reawen> "We're tourists."
<Robert```> "We just wish to pass through, and um...I have coupons to offer."
<Reawen> "We came by to admire the lovely architecture and the low crime rate . . My friend Rob hear heard that your mushroom gardens with one of the 7 wonders of the Rock of Braal so I had to come see them -- he kept going on and on about how impressive they were."
<WarnerDM> "Pass through? We arn't a..." he gets jostled aside as the gadener says "Coupons? From the Gemini Magica?"
* Robert``` looks at Reawen
* Robert``` looks back at the illithids.
<Robert```> "um, disregard Reawen, she's not all there."

<Warner> xp for external use only. Contents under pressure. Offer void where void. Discontinue use if rash develops.
<Elana-Silvereye> refridgerate after opening
<Elana-Silvereye> best used before 10/11/2001

<Jeramias> Do you have a 1st level char?
<Dragontey> Yep 4th level wiz
<Dragontey> Actualy 5th
<Jeramias> Thats interesting, because I asked for a 1st level character. You are so good at following directions, you might be too good to play.

* Krysylyn scavanges 1 tindertwig from the batch
* Krysylyn is in a foul mood for the rest of the day ;)
<Jeramias> Well, Gaty is there, so it is a given :)

<Jeramias> (<( Fight! Fight! Fight! Wait, I'm supposed to help -resolve- player conflict... hmmm... Oh well, Fight! ;) )>)

<Jeramias> Gaty, you are feeling a bit ill
* Gaty`^ runs to the nearest person and grabs him "I don't want to die!"
* Gaty`^ starts to cry
<Gaty`^> "I don't want to eat people.. Why me!?"
<Krysylyn> "You won't die Gaty.. Ghouls are Un-dead."
<Gaty`^> "I don't want to undie!! NOOOOO!!!"
* Gaty`^ drops to the ground and cries some more

* Gaty`^ smiles
<Gaty`^> "YOu saved my life again!"
* Krysylyn mutters "Lucky me."
<Gaty`^> "What was that?"
<Krysylyn> "Nothing."

<Gestris`> a small snake can't feed a potion to a barbarian!!!
<Gestris`> the physics of it are mind-boggling!!

<Gestris> god damn, i hate people that just don't listen. Hell, I hate myself, because I don't listen, but I don't show predjudice. I hate everyone. :)

* Marcus_Fenway buys Koby a Shortbow of Chicken Slaying +1 (+9 against Chickens)
<Mr_bake_o> hey yea killer chickens.......good idea for a game? I think so!
<Salem_> he he- no- killer dust bunnies!
<Marcus_Fenway> Isn't Animate Dust Bunnies a Spell?
<\\`arner> Nooo! not the killer dust bunnies! Ayieieieieieie!
<Warner> Those things travil in packs and are usually led by a 10 hit die ball of belly button lint!
<Warner> And they travil at the speed of lint!
* Salem_ takes out the feather duster of doom- and a can of "Endust!"

<Marcus_Fenway> I once had a Cleric with the Summon Paladin Spell... he was a Evil Cleric :)
<Marcus_Fenway> then you Summon it and kill it for XP :)
* Sintaqx would summon it and taunt it for quotes.. screw the exp
<Mr_bake_o> summon it over a large pit or somthing

<Silvena> "which one is the palidin i am assigned to"
<Natalia`> "The one in the shiny armor."
<Nimih`^> "That would be me."
* Silvena shakes her head...lord have mercy...

<Silvena> "there, child..you have been healed- walk in the light..so on and so forth..ect...
<Koby`> so on and so forth..ect... <-- Wow. Inspiring :)
<Nimih`^> Silvena is a cleric of very little patience
<Silvena> he he - hey i am delvepoing a pc
* Natalia` is awed by the caring dialog of the cleric
<Marcus_Fenway> At least she wasn't a mage.... "Yadda Yadda Yadda... Whatever... Fireball or something!"
<Silvena> lets say- cleric is not her first career choice
<Silvena> "yea your healed- now here is my bill"
* Silvena hands nimih a large $$ bill and goes to play golf

<Marcus_Fenway> At this rate the Vampires will die of old age before the Group finds them :)

<Natalia`> "We need vampire blood and holy water to find the vampire."
<Nimih`^> "Great.. we need a vampire first.."
<Natalia`> "Maybe my blood will work."
<Nimih`^> "I need to sleep."
<Natalia`> "I'll try it in the morning."
<Nimih`^> "I don't think you're a vampire."
<Natalia`> "We'll see."
* Natalia` goes to sleep.

<Natalia`> so many questions, so few words-per-minute

<Dalv> "We can kill them! We can do it! We're PCs! We've got red uniforms on Star Trek" :P

<Salem_> "of course....well how do i fit in this plan?"
* Tommy``` shrugs "You can raise the dead. There is power in that, more than just in the action . . you violate the natural orders of the universe. That is not soemthing to take lightly."
<Dalv> "There are far to many things that violate the orders to declare anything natural."
* Tommy``` smiles thinly at Dalv "Oh? Is that your final answer?"
<Dalv> "Yes, it is."
<Tommy```> "I think there is an order. Or perhaps a plan." *shrugs* "Just because the order is violated does not mean it doesn't exist."
<Dalv> "I suppose that you could be right."
<Tommy```> (( "I'm an NPC! Of course I'm right! ))
<Salem_> "bend the rules- twist the rules- rewrite the rules- just don't break them, then how will the game be played?"

<Dalv> (<( Is Dalv gonna be able to make it back to Trail by tommarow? :) )>)
<Alcar> (( somehow, yes :) ))
<Dalv> Good :)
<Alcar> (( VampireAir - its everywhere you want to go. ))
<Alcar> This flight doesn't serve peanuts, but the stewardess is Type O

<Caltak> hehe why is it one way or another all my characters end up getting made fun of be it directly or indirectly? ;P
<Sin{Away}> 'cause alcar is dming?
<Caltak> or maybe its just cause my characters are very make-fun-of-able (if theres a word for that I'd like to know it)
<Sin{Away}> laughable?
<Sin{Away}> comical?
<Sin{Away}> humorous?
<Sin{Away}> funny-looking?
<Caltak> hehe actually, for most of them, all of those apply. especially the last one :)

<Caltak> we were discussing why all my characters always get made fun of ;P
<Jeramias> I think that its obvious :)

<Caltak> he's still doing it tonight too tho right?
<Jeramias> Yeah, of course
<Caltak> oh good
<Jeramias> You're no fun now. You used to freak when there was a game without you :)

<Caltak> so what was our resident meat grinder doing during the game? (oh god now im doing it too)
<Jeramias> Hmm?
<Caltak> Faline ;P
<Jeramias> Oh, she wasn't there 'cause you wern't :P
<Caltak> oh so was it the whole "spontaneously fall asleep" thing again?
<Jeramias> Something like that
<Caltak> ah. how...creative :P

* Sin{Away} votes that Faline becomes the first were-tiger to spontaneously combust

<Sintaqx> I think Arnols Schwartzenegger would have been a great vampire ;)
<Alcar> "I vill be back. Again. And again."
<Alcar> "And again, until my contract runs out! So stake me! I vill not die!"
* Alcar would like to see that in a vampire movie :p
<Sintaqx> "And if you kill me, they vill just clone me! so Hah!"

<Sintaqx> I want to make a magic item that is a waterskin of salt... if you say the command word and take a drink you get water.. otherwise you get a mouthful of salt
<Jeramias> yuck
<Sintaqx> what bandits would take a skin of salt :)
<Sintaqx> they will leave it with you, to tourcher you 'cause you don't have water :)

* Jane`^ gives kara a quick and unoticable glance
* Kara-Dalv notices the glance
<Kara-Dalv> :P
* Jane`^ did it too fast to notice

<Cecil`^> (( If the dm made a barrier around this god damned city I'm gunna rip his little head off, and his roomates too! ))
<Kara-Dalv> (<( lol, well, he did )>)
<Simon```> (( Actually, some npcs did :p ))
<Faline> (( oh sure blame it on the NPCs ;P ))
<Cecil`^> (( I'll pay for the trip to go up there and do it... ))
<Cecil`^> (( You ARE npcs! ))
<Simon```> (( so? ))
<Faline> (( so anything an NPC does is your fault alcar ;) ))
* Cecil`^ passes the donation basket around so he can afford to go up to canada and kill the dm

* `Salem hates the sound of being alone- but is glad she still can hear vaj
<Vaj> ((I do what the voices in my head tell me to))
<`Salem> ((he he yea shes crazy now)
* `Salem nods to what vaj is saying
<Simon```> So Vaj teaches Salem to drive ..something about that is seriously disturbing
* Vaj looks as innocent as a damned soul can

<Simon```> Ok,you drive out of town with Vaj's assistance. The entire city looks ruined. Bodies, buildings . .everything levelled as if some mad god went on a rampage. Even undead bodies everywhere.
<Simon```> As you leave the town limits you are struck by the sobering realisation that even Faline couldn't have done all this in 1 night . .
<`Salem> "oh my god...
<`Salem> "i did this... I have a higher body count then FALINE?"

<Simon```> ok, you look around for one old lady in the city . . you can't find her
* Cecil`^ looks through the forest, using his dragonly sense to sense a dragon ;-) we do that you know =p
<Simon```> Shes a bit old for a mate :p
<Cecil`^> no no!
<Cecil`^> I can sense other dragons, it's a magical ability =p

<Vaj> ((Salem makes her way back towards the others ant the soap opra they call their life))
<Vaj> ((Of course, in soap operas the stars generally find their long lost twin, not eat a TV reporter.))

<Simon```> so Salems around noon, the other back at 11 am + time to drive ..
* `Salem gets to 88 miles per hour and goes back in time to 11 am
<Simon```> hmm, its possible . ..
<Simon```> 1d100
<Sparkie> Simon``` 1d100: 3
<Simon```> remind me to never, ever roll percentiles again.
<Simon```> Ok, Salem reached 88 mph . . roll d100 Salem :)
<Vaj> ((oh gods))
<Vaj> ((But it's a studebaker! not a DeLorean!!!))
<Simon```> The demon doesn't care :)
<Vaj> ((well fuck me...... this aughta be interesting))

* Faline (( thinks Faline would be cool as a lone biker :) ah well, life didnt go in that direction :) ))
<Vaj> ((I think Faline would have to be a lone biker.. she'd have eaten all the others in the gang))

<Vaj> ((do.. lets see.. this group has the following enemies.... other weres, vampires, WIB, an organization of wizards, all the major denizens of hell, and normal people, and quite possibly every major religion in the world. ... have I missed anyone?))
<Faline> (( thats being a bit over dramamtic ))
<Vaj> ((a bit over dramatic? that coming from a man-eating were tigress/cleric???))

<`Salem> "um...hi guys...i just drove from hell- and boy my arms are tired

<`Salem> "um...well got bad news and worse news.."
<Rei```> "can't get much worse then this"
<Jane`^> "Great, spit it out."
<Vaj> (( I know what could be worse.. Salme could be Faline's child....))
<Faline> (( AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ))
<Faline> (( Dont even TALK like that Vaj, I almost had a HEART ATTACK ))

<Jane`^> "Yeah, the devil, quite the boyfriend, anyway, besides going to hell, are YOU alright?"

<Cecil`^> (( Oh, by the way, did cecil forget to mention salem was in hell? That's the only thing I got out of my meditation, but it was to brief and undescriptable I didn't really get ANYthing out of it cause I didn't understand =p ))
<Cecil`^> (( TO be exact, this is what I got: <Simon```> You get an image of Salem in your mind, and something with eyes burning with hells fires. Then nothing ))
<Vaj> ((actually, that wasn't salem in hell.. htat was hell in salem))

<Kara-Dalv> (<( I think that I finnally figured out what Johnny is. He's an alien. From, uh, Mexico. )>)
<Simon```> (( Jer, Jer, Jer . .Roswell isn't in mexico :p ))
<Kara-Dalv> (<( Oh, he's from new mexico then :) )>)

* Vaj is arguing his case with the insurance guys back in hell
* Vaj argues that since posession is 9/10th of the law, and the vehicles in question were not posessed at the time, well then I posessed them and by the letter of 9/10 of the existing laws the vehicle was mine to destroy.
* Vaj then asks each insurance guy how much they embezzled from their respective companies in life ;))
<Simon```> They don't reply but get angry and send for the lawyers who were ALSO politicans in life. Vaj is now worried :)

* Vaj asks the polotician lawyers if they kept all their campaign promises
<Simon```> They say yes of course Vaj :)
* Vaj also asks them if they would lie to their own wives about how often they slept with their secreteries
<Simon```> The politicans inform Vaj that they never had sexual relations with those women :)
* Vaj never said that the secretaries were women, therby trapping the lawyers

* Vaj would suggest Faline joins him in hell.. down here it doesn't matter how many times you eat someone

* Simon``` looks at Salem "What did the demon do?!"
<Salem_Bloodstone> "simon- i do not know-...but i destroyed a whole town in one night and distrubed many graves"
<Kara-Dalv> "You did that?"
<Salem_Bloodstone> "i am more of a force of terror than our dear faline"
* Faline ignores the force of terror comment

<Salem_Bloodstone> "i do not know why the forces of evil seek me out?....all i wanted was a normal life"
<Jane`^> "Don't say that simon, You need to want.'
<Faline> "we all did, Salem."
<Simon```> Falines nose grows 5' j/k
<Faline> (( hey I did! ))
<Salem_Bloodstone> "but YOU started the wheels turing..with your quick bloody claws and appitie"
<Faline> "That's not entirrely my fault."

* JohnnyDan 's knuckles crack, for no apparent reason
<Simon```> (( Why is it that when peoplesay that there is a reason? :p ))
<Johnny|Dan> ((I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about, Alcar. *whistles, looking at the ceiling*))
<Vaj> ((law of PC attention getting annoyances))

<Kara-Dalv> (<( I'm telling ya, he's an alien from mexico )>)
<Johnny|Dan> "Uhm, nice to meet you, Salem. I'm Johnny." *runs off down the road, letting the girls use the bike*
<Vaj> ((definitely mexican))
<Johnny|Dan> ((I may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, yet, but like a mexican heading for freedom, I run faster, and leap taller fences than lazy americans ;)

* Cecil`^ goes upstairs for a few minutes and comes back down looking like james bond, with new clothes and a nice new face too
<Faline> (( the name is Dragon. Cecil Dragon. ))
<Faline> (( I like my damsels shaken, not stirred. ))
<Cecil`^> (( you got it ))

<Johnny|Dan> "Oh, I've been looking for you guys for a while now. You're all over every type of paper down in the US, and I just think you're all cool!"
<Simon```> (( The pcs have groupies :p ))
<Simon```> (( faline is mobbed by adoring fans and eats some .. ))

<Cecil`^> "I see... I'm also told you have a remarkable ability to not blink... tell me about that?"
<Johnny|Dan> "Not to blink? Huh??"
* Johnny|Dan blinks
* Cecil`^ smiles
<Cecil`^> "Yes, you don't blink."
<Johnny|Dan> "Sure I do. I just did it."
<Cecil`^> "Of course."
* Johnny|Dan leans over towards Faline, whispering... "I was right. He is a bit loopy."

* Baliadoc doesn't get XP. Only quotes!! MWAHAHAHAHA!

<Chaos`^> Do I get my version of exp for telling salem she is the spawn of demons?

* Temera whistles the same annoying note over and over in a measured pattern hoping that someone will ask her what she is doing so she can tell them she's whistling the Ballad of Donkeius, the brainless orc, but the writer never got past the first note of the musicakl score before the king ordered him executed

* Albus reads "Frogs and princesses . . . the untold story of the million tadpoles . ." with growing horror
<Temera> (A tale of two species, or as one bard put it, A Tail of Two Species)

<Tammy`^> Gul, you notice a Rock in the middle of the floor, it seems about the size of a book and kind of resembles one, it is a dull red color.
* Gul`Tak hmms and picks it up
* Gul`Tak tries to discern whether it is really a book or a rock
<Tammy`^> Gul, it's the same weight as a normal rock, the bottom seems ruffer than a book the top is flat, and the size of a book and square
* Gul`Tak tries to open the book/rock
<Tammy`^> Gul, it opens, the binding gets ripped off, inside is more rock... it's blank and ruff
* Tammy`^ can't beleave he got a pc to look at a rock and break it open for no reason...
<Gul`Tak> (( lol ))

<Chaos`^> If she does die, your god won't be too happy
<Alcar> y?
<Chaos`^> A premature death, that's more work for him, and she wasn't supposed to die yet, so he has to fill out a bunch of paperwork
<Alcar> uh, gods have paperwork?
<Chaos`^> The creator audit's them
<Alcar> IRS created a universe! Wow . .

* Tisroook sticks his hand into the fire
<AlcarDM> tisrook - for how long?
<Tisroook> Until it hurts :)
<Tisroook> Or starts on fire, whichever comes first

<Alcar> Blaze - You feel the power around Adev, sort of like standing beside a storm . .
<Blaze``> well, this can't be bad.
<Blaze``> i mean, Jer's doing all the talking. what could go wrong.... oh shit.

<Tisroook> (<( You know, if you wanted me to shut up, you could have beat me over the head or something :) )>)
<AlcarDM> (( tempting, jer :p ))
<AlcarDM> An anvil falls from the sky on Tisroook's head
* Tisroook falls to the ground, out cold
<AlcarDM> j/k
<Tisroook> Oh. Dang :)
<Tisroook> I was ready to lay there for the entire session

<AlcarDM> The bird blinks, then pecks the gingersnaps up
<AlcarDM> The bird gives a startled squack and begins flying into the air aimlessly, as if it cant see
<Salem_> "oh no! my cooking is that bad?"
<AlcarDM> The bird thuds into Blaze's cloak blindly, and seems stuck . .
* Blaze`` is caught completely off guard, backing up wildly, but to no avail
<Blaze``> "What in...?"
* Blaze`` grabs the bird, trying to get him off
<AlcarDM> it is flapping its wongs but its feathers seem stuck literally to your cloak . .
<AlcarDM> You're hands are now stuck to its feathers, as if they were glue or something .. .
<Salem_> "i difn't know ginger snaps could be so dangerous"

<AlcarDM> he cuts the burning burd free, leaving some feathers stuck to blazes hands and cloak
<Blaze```> "How am I sposed to get this stuff off?"
<Jayleena> dont look at me
<Salem_> "elbow greese"
<Jayleena> "You can keep it on ya for all I care"
<Jayleena> "Personlaly I think its an Improvment"
<Blaze```> "What? Sticky stuff and a few feathers?"

<Jayleena> Well I guess I should help with the fighting from here on in
<Blaze```> "Oh, you'd be oh so kind."
<Jayleena> "You look a bit to stuck up for anything at the moment"
<Blaze```> "I think Toggul and I have it handled though. Wouldn't want you to ruin your outfit or anything."
<Jayleena> "thats ok, you seem to have done enough outfit ruining for all of us"
<Jayleena> "And then some"

<Robert```> (( and the news reports: "Init roll: too close to call" ;) ))

<WarnerDM> Any of you chacing Robert```notice a hut with a hole in its roof close to where you last saw him
<WarnerDM> the hut he fell it seems to be making a remarable effort to wait for you to get there.

<WarnerDM> The Brain Golem grabs Robert``` by a leg and holds him up side down. shaking him occationally
* Robert``` keeps laughing
* Robert``` laughs. "I'd hate to be YOU when you get a headache! HAHAAH!"
<WarnerDM> The brain golem seems remarkably unaffected by the flowers or Roberts joke. Which is impressive when you think of the potency of both.

* Robert``` stares at his trident critically for a few seconds. "Heheh..this is one really big fork..." then he looks at the Golem, and starts laughing. "hehehe..Brain Food!" and he tries to impale the golem with the trident

* Reawen looks at the pillars "uh, Petra . what IS that?"
<WarnerDM> .oO("I'm not sure but I think thats a Urophions. They are a Illithid - Roper Hybrid. Doesn't move fast but it doesn't need to with those tenticals.")
<Reawen> "Uh. Right" Looks at Petra "Do you pray?"
<WarnerDM> The Urophions stand around a center pool that seems to have a large brain in it. as it comes into petra's view she hisses .oO("The Elder Brain!")
<Robert```> (( So wheres the Elder Pinky? ;) ))

* Robert``` pokes one of the tenticals
<WarnerDM> Reality points out that Robert``` has been put down is not being held. at least as long as he doesn't molest that Urophions

* Robert``` introduces Television to the Elder Brain so it will get addicted and eventually rot itself away from watching too much...j/k

* `Anne` knits making the cap very large now
* `Anne` it looks like a blue fuzzy knit cap- like for winter nights and its as big as a bed sheet now
<WarnerDM> ((Your not making a hat for the Elder Brain are you? :)
<`Anne`> "hmm... it must get very cold in that pool of yours- would not want you to get a head cold"
<`Anne`> ((he he yea- shes a thoughtful woman))
<WarnerDM> The Elder Brain sudenly sounds rather flumaxed and mentally stammers, "Oh no really you shouldn't. I couldn't um well.." Finally it bursts out in desperation "I'm alergic to wool"
<`Anne`> "it even has cute floppy bunnie ears"

<WarnerDM> Robert``` make a bluff check
<WarnerDM> DC 5
<Sparkie> Robert``` 1d20-1: 4
<Robert```> (( GOD DAMN IT ))
<Robert```> (( Sparkie, you FUCKING SUCK ))
<Robert```> (( Alcar Im telling you you have to get a new bot or something! grrr! ))

<WarnerDM> The brain stammers and mentally projects "The truth about? What are you doing with those cupons? Bunny ears?"
<WarnerDM> Roll another check due to bunny ears
<Sparkie> Robert``` 1d20-1: 5 sparkie I swear to god ill kill you...somehow!
<WarnerDM> (oh my god its worce then the election)
<Robert```> (( 5 on a dc 5...thats passing right? :P ))
<WarnerDM> Robert manages to hide some ballots because Elder Brains don't know what it means when people try to whistle inocently :P
<Robert```> (( it was a buny ears that saved us ;P ))
<WarnerDM> ((yeah, saved buy a Elder Brain thats insecure enough to be worried over being given a hat with bunny ears)

<WarnerDM> anyway the brain is asking anne, who has faded out of existance, exactly why it looks like the "bunny ear" wearing sort of brain.
<WarnerDM> While this heated debate takes place robert manages to lose some ballots :P
* Reawen quickly says its because "it suits your complexion and benefits your station as the Elder of brains. Its a status symbol."
* Robert``` (( thinks a beanie with a little helicopter thing would be more appropriate :) ))
<WarnerDM> Eventually The Elder Brain promisses that the brain golem will wear it when it goes out on cold nights. and with that the Elder Brains massive brain power finally turns back to the issue of cupons.

<WarnerDM> ((I can't wait to confuse the next generation of players with a brain golum wearing a cap with bunny ears :)
<Reawen> (( Brain Golem: "Its my precious!" ))

* Gestris admires the farmer's daugters, if they follow the traditional law of being overly good looking
<Krysylyn> ((nope.. it's strikkingly similar to backhills of tennessee)
<Jeramias> Very good looking Ges, at least 37 cha ;)
<Vestranda> (( but they're all 4 or younger Ges ))
<Jeramias> They ask for your autograph, having never seen such an ugly little shit :)

* Gaty`^ comes out of his mindlessness
<Gestris> "How many times have we told you not to come out of your mindlessness unless slapped, Gaty?"

* Krysylyn shakes her head at the fact that the evil wizard character is leading the group.....
<Vestranda> (( even worse, the evil wizard has slept with over 1/2 the pcs :) ))
<Krysylyn> ((so has the elf barbarian :P))
<Vestranda> oh, yeah. :p

* Gaty`^ gives krys a LOOK that could penetrate the back of her HEAD
* Krysylyn ignores the LOOK easilly, due to the feeble mind behind it ;)

* Gaty`^ is lost and looks like a lost child
<Gaty`^> (( "Mommy!!" ))
<Jeramias> Gaty teleports to Krys and Ves
* Gaty`^ imagines the buildings getting taller and taller and wider and wider and everyone being mean and not likeing him and his mom is lost!!
* Gaty`^ then sees Krys and VEs

* Krysylyn decides her next spell, the one involving wemic parts as spell components, will be a spell that will rip of someone's head so she can spit down their throats
<Jeramias> (<( How is that elemental? )>)
<Krysylyn> ((it's not, but it would be fun)
<Krysylyn> ((actually.. she was thinking of gaty as the test ssubject))

<Krysylyn> "Great. Now we need to find the lost Jeramias and the Lost Lab of the Lost Jeramias."

<Jeramias> Ok, you can interpret those numbers however you want, after all, it is your sex
<Gaty`^> (( wait my mod was off... it should have been +2 instead of +2 so I gotta reroll.. ))

<Garon`> You see copperleaf's body. Or at least it might be his body. The smell is like him, but the chunk of bleeding, torn thing on the ground looks like it got run over by a pack of wemics then gnawed on by hyenas
* Jarra inwardly wonders just what the hell happened...but remembers this was once a MessiahX game, so it was probably a rabid band of Elmos that killed Copper

* Yol_Tura goes outside and looks around
<Garron> Yol . you see a heap of blood, clothing and bone outisde that was oncer copperleaf
* Yol_Tura gasps
<Yol_Tura> "Poor fool ate himself!!"
* Garron stares at Yol as if he's nuts

* Bernstein` chuckles "Well, we better do it 'fore we die . ." begins walking then says quietly "Karsh .. can I ask you a favour?"
<Karsh`> "Sure."
<Bernstein`> "If they . .. get me . . can you make sure I die?"
<Karsh`> "Only if you do the same for me. They'd only want me for my brain, and they'd definitely only want you for your body. The sluts."
<Ike> (( Me and Sparky want to make some PCs suffer for all of eternity. ))
<Christof_Romulad> (( hey! you make it sound like being a blood-drinking undead is a BAD thing! ))

* Karsh` snatches up the plant, looking about for danger
<Ike> No danger.
<Ike> Unless you count that Tarrasque breathing down your neck..
<Karsh`> you mean my other familiar? pay no attention to him.
* Bernstein` shoves the Tarrasque away and gives it a breath mint
* Karsh` gives the Tarrasque a cookie and a shopping list, shooing him off with promises of more cookies if he brings it all back

* RaduDM giggles like a small school girl ((OOCLY))
* Karsh` feels bad for RaduDM. He must have been laughed at a lot in school because of his laugh. Oocly :)

* Marcus_Darkstorm steps in beside Radu
<Angelica_Moonblade> "Marcus!"
<RaduDM> "Ah. You are this ones sister, I take it. Very nice."
* Marcus_Darkstorm glares ever so sinisterly at Angelica
<Angelica_Moonblade> "You are not my master, demon."
<Marcus_Darkstorm> "how are you doing sister?"
<Angelica_Moonblade> "Fine, Brother dear."
* Bernstein` blinks, the horrbile notion hes trapped in D&D: The Soap Opera, almost entering his head :)

<Angelica_Moonblade> "You are overdramatic, and underestimate me."
<Karsh`> "Ladies, gentlemen... I hate to be rude, and break up family reunions, but there's a more pressing matter at hand!"
<Marcus_Darkstorm> "he is far from overdramatic sister....He is everything he says he is and more..."
<Karsh`> "Oh, I'll say he's more. You ever seen him around women and ale? Whoooey! You try wearing him then."

<Christof_Romulad> (( OMG Ive just been informed by the DM that I'm here too lol ))

<Bernstein`> "Will someone tell me what is going on?!"
<Christof_Romulad> (( Bernstein`: if I knew, I'd tell you :P ))
<Christof_Romulad> (( im very confused, who is where doing what? ))
<RaduDM> (( Ok. Demon/angel like bro/sis are fighint.. Karsh is rambling on about some stupid story. Christof just betrayed the most powerful vampire ever to live, and you're standing there with your thumb up your arse. Happy? ))
<Karsh`> (angel and marcus are about to go toe to toe in a no hold barred steel cage match hundreds of feet above the ring))

* Karsh` starts catching up his notes, making notes next to notes so that he doesn't forget what's happening at the moment, while he catches up

<IkeDM> (( Not Demon.. Per say... Most powerful undead being this side of the Mississippi.. Well.. With the ring, at least. ))
<Karsh`> ((does it have some weird stipulations then? Like, if we found this so called Mississippi, and went east of it, would it just stand on the otherside dumbly while we threw stuff at it?))
<IkeDM> (( Yes.. Feel free to try and fine the Mississippi.. But remember, if you travel long enough, the east is also on that side of the Mississippi... ))
<Karsh`> ((damn.... that's disgustingly clever... we'll never beat Radu!))
<Karsh`> ((he musta been a lawyer in his life.))

* Baliadoc for once, cares more about xp than quotes, because inevitably, xp = more levels = longer life for this character, who's currently in a bad bad situation = more quotes overall :)

<Duo_Maxwell`> (( This'll be great.. The Great Destroyer, and a damn cute fluffy bunny chick.. * grumbles * ))

<Buffy````> heheh thats a good name for a Capaign. "Cookie Rain"
<Alcar> Cookie Rain: (or D&d3e meets Loony Toons)
<Buffy````> like, make kooky stuff happen, but make a reason. Like maybe an Evil Wildmage put some spell on everything ;P
<Buffy````> so it Rians Cookies and the rabbits can fly and stuff like that :)
<`Annie`> no no "ATTACK of the KILLER tomatos"
<Alcar> Attack of the Killer Village Centenarians
<Alcar> Eventually.
<Alcar> When they reach you.
<Alcar> When you stop laughing.

<Salem_> "i was passed out... and the name just came to me.... .and... some one held me-- and i woak up with the town gone to hell in a hand basket"
<Jane`^> "This one?"
<Cecil`^> "This town IS hell..."
<Salem_> "no the one i distroyed- this is faline's handywork
<Cecil`^> "We don't even need a hand basket..."
<Cecil`^> "You destroyed a town too!?"
* Cecil`^ sighs
<Salem_> "i..i... didn't mean to, and...VAj gave his life for me"
<Cecil`^> "No one's safe from us.."
<Salem_> "it wasn't me!!... i was asleep"

<Cecil`^> "Falene has split personalities... You have a demon.. I have a damned other dragon holding us in... Jane, what do you have?"

* Salem_ tries to rember the good times she and vaj had- the open road- the high speeds- the miles of road kill....

* Cecil`^ wonders how crazy salem really is
* Jane`^ wonders how crazy cecil is...
* Kara`-` is glad that only her player is crazy

<Kara`-`> "Is killing Canadians even against the law in America?" ;)

* Mayor_Bob glares at Cecil, then turns a bit red "Look, people . ." there are some laughs, then he glares "What the hell do you want?! We're stuck here, with God knows what going on, things happening no one can explain. Dammit, we have to do something!"
<Dalv> "Lets form an angry mob!"
<Cecil`^> (( shut up you! ))
* Cecil`^ hits Dalv
<Dalv> "Who cares? Havn't you ever wanted to be in a lynch mob and go on a witch hunt?"

<Cecil`^> "We must be orginized though! There will be no mobs!"
<Dalv> "Damnit!"
* Dalv drops his pitchfork

<Salem_> i didn't know puberity invovles fire and brimstone!

<Kara```> I have an idea on how to get through... Where can I find a low yeild nuclear weapon? :)
<Simon```> Well, Baals houe might have had one :)
<Kara```> Sweet :)
<Kara```> How far out of the city does the barrier start?
<Simon```> just outside city limits
<Kara```> Damn... I suppose that a bit of the city will have to be sacrificed then
<Kara```> And then there is the radiation...
<Kara```> It was such a good idea to begin with :)

<Kara```> How 'bout this: If I find the supplies at the local nuclear power plant, can I build a bomb?
<Simon```> If you a) knew how to and b) there was a nucleaer power plant, you could :)
* Simon``` decides there is one

<Simon```> who is going to the plant? :)
<Kara```> Who ever I can convince to go :)
<Kara```> I'm not going though. I'm no fool :)
<Simon```> hehe. going to try and convince other pcs to come or ?
<Kara```> Actaully, right now I'm trying to decide if I was serrious, or just joking around and not realizing it :)

<Simon```> Jeremiah "I thought dragons eating people was just for virgins . ."
<Simon```> Jeramiah: "Oh, wait, I forgot virgins are mythical creatures."
<Rei`-> "i was thinking more the people getting fead to the hounds..."
<Rei`-> (or they are in this game any way...)

<Faline> Oh Yes! A Nuke is a PERFECT ide when in a city COVERED IN A DOME THAT LETS NOTHING THROUGH! We can just nuke ourselves! THat'll solve ALL our problems! *sarcastically* :P
<Faline> well, it would solve all our problems..but thats not the best solution :)

* Rei`-- keeps his eyes pealed for any thing out of the odinary then rembers what game he is in and looks for the normal instead

<Kara```> (<( Try what? I'm dead serrious. I'm not as perverted as you think I am :P )>)

* Faline sneaks along like a stalking tiger who happens to have a cross and a gun
<Simon```> Faline bears an astonishing resemblance to Tigger for a moment
<Faline> (( and the wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things, they're bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun....er....I just scared myself, I think ill stop now ))
<Faline> (( hey since when does tigger have a gun?!?!? ))
<Yuki-Takuri> (( in the director's cut of the Tigger movie ))
<Rei`-> (you apparently didn't see the last holloween movie)
<Rei`-> (the one they never show any more...)
<Rei`-> (kinda scarrie stuffing and bits of fabirce ever where all the while this bouncing orangle ball of knife and ak47...)

<Rei`-> new bettals RPG titaled "playing Yoko Ono"
<Rei`-> a game in which you try and rip appart one of the gratest bands of all time while compeating for the other players money!
<Rei`-> Primary abuility scores B.Slap B.wine Sudice and the all inportant singing talent
<Rei`-> note not all abuility scores should be high a low abuility score placed in the right posstion can yeald you grate potental

* Faline murmers something that sounds like a prayer and her eyes glow blue. Her hand also glows blue and she touches Rei.
<Sparkie> Faline 1d8: 7
* Faline then repeats the process with herself
<Sparkie> Faline 1d8: 1
<Rei`--> (how fitting for a claric thought)
<Rei`--> (god: you tried healing your self BAD CLARIC!)

<`Ann`> zzzzz- AND I WAKE Up with an angle possessing me insted!!
<Cecil`^> I'd rather have an angle than a demon..
* `Ann` sprouts wings and trys to convert all pcs to one conformed religion

<AlcarDM> Adev looks at the others "Can any of you do anything against undead?"
<Lua_Ann> "me? sorry honey, unless my sunday morring brunch can scare off the dead... if they dislike eggs and pancakes"

<Blaze``> "You may have feelings, but that doesn't mean you're not tainted by magic."
<Lua_Ann> "well mt blaze- i'm as magical as a wooden door- but magic or no- you hurt her feelings
* Itou`^ starts to cry
* Lua_Ann look at the poor sword
<Lua_Ann> "i would hug you dear- but you would cut me"
<Lua_Ann> "you can't hug a blade..
* Lua_Ann offers a hanky to the sword

<Lua_Ann> "your not tanited- honey- just some poor dear trapped... i wish that i could help you"
<Itou`^> "Maybe."
<Itou`^> (( You remind me of mrs. Doubtfire... ))
<Lua_Ann> "but all i know is to swing a mean left hook, and make the best darn pan fritters this side of the mississippi (didn't think i could spell it? huh)
<Lua_Ann> ((hey- i'm not a man))
<Itou`^> (( I didn't know the Mississippi was in this world =p ))
<Itou`^> (( Mrs. Doubtfire was a woman.. sorta.. ))

<Blaze``> why do i always fail the rolls i have high bonuses on?

<Lua_Ann> "well i got a roaring fire here and a mean backhand- i think i can hold my own
<Lua_Ann> "Besides- i bet my bad cooking can scare of the hordes of the undead"
<Lua_Ann> "he he.. back fowl thing- i got burnt bacon, and i am not afraide to use it!!"

<Lua_Ann> "well now WHY did you two meat heads go off into the bloody night!!!"
<Blaze``> "Because you all took the side of a bloody sword! I didn't ask anyone to follow."
<Lua_Ann> "men... sheesh.... there is more meat in their head then inbetween their legs"
* Blaze`` raises an eyebrow at Lua_Ann
<Blaze``> "We have to make up for the empty space in women's heads."
<Namee> ((you know if men had as much meat between there legs as they have in their head they'd sure walk funny))

<AlcarDM> Somehow, it even looks cute . .in a lost dog found in a window way . .
<Namee> (if a lost dog is found ina window doesn't that mean it was a dog stolen by a pet store? :)

* Namee goes back to her book and tries to not think about having a pet ghoul that thinks its a horse that keeps being experimented on with wild surges

<AlcarDM> Adev looks at Namee "I can take watch the rest of the night if you'd like some sleep" quietly
* Namee nods thinking ghouls that think they are poneys and seeing disembowled friends might seem less disturbing after some sleep

<Warner> in D&D dark figures are best treated like grade schoolers treat strangers :)
<Keith`> kill first look later?

* Alcar might just have the cave be buried and Jayleena killed by a snake or somethng
<Marcus_Fenway> As a DM is it wrong to kill a Character because you think the Player could do better with a differant Character
<Keith`> yah but when the player doesn't show..
<Keith`> its perfectly legal
<Baliadoc> of course, it's okay for the DM to kill a character because their player showed for 1 3/4 games :)
<Warner> Marcus_Fenway the real question is wither the story would do better with a differant character :)

<Marcus_Fenway> 'The Q' One of the least Munchkin Races ever :)

<Baliadoc> we could just skip a week. it's all good. gives you more time to come up with stuff to kill us *shrug*
<Ike> I've already got more than enough stuff to kill you with. :P

<Baliadoc> "Is that a red dragon in your pocket, or are you just happy to... OH SHIT! HIT THE PAVEMENT! FIRE IN THE HOLE!"
<Baliadoc> Rogue to warrior, as they dive out of the way safely: "You know how you say you're always right? Just shup up from now on."

<Ike> Damn PCs getting me wasted the day we made the PCs...
Ike> I had a fire giant, an ogre, a werebear, a brownie, and a fucking half-fiend..
<Ike> They all bought me liquor... Got me drunk, and sucked up to me..
<Ike> Did I mention I gave one of them a keen vorpal sword?
<Ike> It was a level 2 game...
<Pan`Ku> they REALLY sucked up
<Ike> No. I was REALLY drunk.

<Pan`Ku> my fighter/thieves have a distinct attack....I give them the tumbling proficiency then I charge my opponent, slide, and wrap my legs around their ankles and throw them onto the ground, face first
<Pan`Ku> sure, there's a chance for failure...but at least it's a dex check/str check instead of an attack roll

<Pan`Ku> I did a game once...
<Pan`Ku> the pc's witnessed a blue dragon get abducted by aliens
<Pan`Ku> after that, they were just scared for the entire game

<Pan`Ku> the dumbest thing I've ever seen happen in a game...

<Pan`Ku> a group was exploring the underdark...
<Pan`Ku> got attacked
<Pan`Ku> and the ever brilliant dwarf used his gauntlets of earthquake

* Ike doesn't want to mention the stupidest thing he's seen in a game..
<Ike> Ok.. I'll say it anyway...
<Ike> "You're walking down the road, minding your own business." "Uh huh?" "You see a woman being attacked by some thugs." "Yeah. I just walk on by. It's not my concern." "O...k... She looks rich." "I don't want money." "Ok. Fine. You walk on by, and eventually see a group of kids being slaughtered by some goblins." "I just walk on by." "O...k... After several hours of walking, a Great Wyrm Red Dragon lands before you and stares into your eyes."
<Ike> "His hot breath makes you feel uncomfortable." "I attack him." "You're level 1." "Yeah, but I got +4 to hit." "Ok... Fine. Roll init."
<Ike> "I got a 10." "Lovely. I got an 18." "But my init bonus is +5." "So you got 15?" "Yeah." "I stil go first."

<Ike> * rolls a d20 * "The dragon stares you down contently." "Is it my turn?" "Yeah. What the hell. Go." "I punch him." * rolls a d20 * "I got a 17. Plus 4, that gives me 21. That has to hit." "No. Not even close."
<Pan`Ku> ((He *punched* the dragon?))
<Ike> "Fuck it. I'm not even going to bother rolling this one. Assuming I got all 1s, it'd still roast your sorry ass."
<Ike> "So, I'm dead?" "Bingo." "Cool. Can I play my orc barbarian now?" "Sure. The games only been on for 5 minutes. Might as well."
<Ike> "Cool. So my orc comes to town and is looking for the dragon that killed his best friend..."

<Ike> "You awake in the middle of the night and peer out your window to see a thick fog." "I go back to sleep." "Ok. You are awoken by a loud screeching noise from outside." "I close the window and go back to sleep."
<Ike> "Ok. You hear the door to your room open."
<Ike> "No I don't. I'm asleep."

<Pan`Ku> we had a guy role play a dealer!
<Pan`Ku> a medieval dealer!
<Pan`Ku> he's the only character with a steady income!
<Pan`Ku> even if he never adventured, he always had money!
<Pan`Ku> I mean before he attacked someone, he asked if they wanted to buy something

<WarnerDM> (now if you don't mind I'd like to start the game before its over)

<WarnerDM> (Did Julie say anything about not coming back?)
<Reawen> (( no ))
<WarnerDM> ((Sigh, this game is experancing tecnical difficulties :P)
<Sten`> (tecnical trubles? this is nothing, i'm tecnicly sain!)
<Sten`> (now thats a tecnicality!)

* Nimih`^ sighs and looks around
<Nimih`^> "I hope they come out ok..."
<Koby`> "I hope they come out ok..." <---- Fearless Leader speaks :)

<Nimih`^> "I hope they come out ok..."
<Nimih`^> "The ladder won't hold our wieght, besides, I think someone's down there..
<Marcus_Fenway> yeah he is soooo fearless :)
<Marcus_Fenway> Of course some one is down there!
<Marcus_Fenway> in fact 2 people are down there :)
<Natalia``> hehe.. the commoner and the kobald are in the hole.. while the mage and the paladin are sitting up at the top wondering if the others are alright :P

* Natalia`` thinks orrik rolls for comedy

<Nimih`^> "Well, if someone wanted something locked, we shouldn't invade their privacy.."
* Koby` gives Nimih a disbelieving look
<Koby`> 'one confused . . so if dragon put lock of treausre, you no take it?"
* Urtho mumbles *cough* *stupid palidin* *cough*
<Nimih`^> "No.. I mean, I have no reason to take someone else's stuff unless more lives depended on it than that one person, but if that one person had such importance that it would destroy many lives I would leave it but then I would be force dto take it and then I'd have to leave it and then-- I have a headache... do what you wish.."

Marcus_Fenway> "I have a headache... do what you wish.."<-- Some Paladin :)
<Nimih`^> I do have a headache!
<Nimih`^> just thinking about it

* Natalia`` wonders why the commoner ends up leading 85% of the time

<Nimih`^> "Snoring huh.. maybe we shouldn't wake whoever's in there... I once heard a story of a giant sleeping, tiny people woke him up and died..."
<Koby`> "how giant fit in door?"
<Nimih`^> "Maybe they build around him and he's been sleeping for centurys.."
<Koby`> "Then he no wake?"
<Nimih`^> "Maybe the presence of people can wake him.. how many people would be down here?"
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( its the feeding door for a Tarrasque :P )_)
<Nimih`^> "They tied him down and put him to sleep after they built around him..."
* Natalia`` fixes Nimih`^ and Urtho with a dark stare... "Your hypothetical discussion is not helping at all."

<Marcus_Fenway> Koby Roll a Horror Check :)
<Nimih`^> "IT has no face! It's all blood and eyes and muscle and eeeek!"
<Natalia``> Koby finds a sex-deprived medusa under the covers......
<Nimih`^> that would scare the living shit outa me
Marcus_Fenway> Koby finds a sex deprived Ogre male.. its really desperate
<Natalia``> now if it was a sex-deprived transvestite ogre with an S&M fetish and a particular love of long, thin wooden objects......

<Urtho> do you gys think the movie is going to be good
<Marcus_Fenway> at this point I really don't care... its really a Requierment for anyone who playes the game to see it at least once...

<Salem_> thats what i get being honest to a guy..
<Salem_> dam my past
<Simon```> (( heheh. Well, you defnitely shocked him :) ))
<Salem_> ((well 1# rule of dating- be honest and get every thing in the open))
<Simon```> Tho I think you can supspend rules 2 - infintity when trying to go out with an immortal shapesnhifter people call the Reaper :)

<Jeramias> Ok, when we last left our hero's they were, uh, when we skip into the future, we find them waking up :)

<Zero-Strata> Well you don't seem to be preparing to jump me.
* Gestris blinks
<Gestris> "Not the best pick up line i've ever heard... he must be from the Gaty school of mating."

<Gestris> -20... hmm... let me consult the rules. see if I'm still standing.
* Gestris eyes roll up in the back of his head, smiling, as he collapses to the ground
<Jeramias> Ges, unless you are the Tarresque, you're quite dead. However, that last blow made you remember that you ARE the tarresque, and were polymorphed :P

<Scarloc> (( The ONLY reason my PC survived an encounter with Ves was because they wanted to castrate me BEFORE killing me.. And I managed to talk them out of it.. Sorta. ))

* Vestranda oocly considers this highly disturbing EVERY pc sp far thats tried to join the party hasd died . .

* Arc`` 's spirit wonders if this is the one time Ehlona WILL come and help...
<Scarloc> (( Arc: Not likely he'll heal you, since the barbarian freak chick hacked you to pieces... ))
<Arc``> ((possible....course we have a dm... *stares* ))
<Scarloc> (( Would YOU heal yourself after seeing how pissed Vest was? ))
<Arc``> ((yes.. shes gone ;))
<Arc``> ((Plus I never caught her name, lol))

<Vestranda> "I was busy hacking him into pite sized pieces to make him more digestable for the local animals." . .Says the environmentally friendly barbarian
<Scarloc> (( Yeah, then you destroyed a few trees.. Hypocrit. ))

<IkeDM> DM to Altara`: "So you wanna go up to MY room? Heh heh.. I'll give you bonus XP..."
<Altara`> (Enough to level twice ?)
<Mielys_Darkheart> ((HAHAHA, she's considering it! *falls over laughing*))
<IkeDM> (( You can have a pet Tarrasque too... >:) ))

<IkeDM> The man falls to the ground and starts screaming obsenities.
<Sparkie> "Can I burn him" in best child-voice . .
* Sparkie tries to give "bambi-eyes"
<IkeDM> "You can have a piece of him if you want Sparkie.."
* Sparkie zips over and turns his but bright red -- just like mom did, only moms smack never left 3rd degree burns :)
<IkeDM> (( You don't have my mom.. She spanked me with an iron skillet once... She used the same one she had just cooked dinner with... :P ))

<IkeDM> Ok. Everyone is now at Mielys_Darkheart's table... For reasons I can't figure out.. Bunch of suicidal lunatics.. Urhm.. Oh.. What was I rambling on about?

<IkeDM> Oh well. A various assortment of exoticly dresses women enter the bar, and one patron makes it a point to tell them all that it is ladies night, and that their drinks are free.
<IkeDM> The bartender sighs and grumbles as he knows his business is about to go broke. :)
<IkeDM> (( It's 4am. What do you want from me? Sanity? ))

<Jeremy```> (( what do you think I'm trying to do??? ;P ))
<IkeDM> (( Get her drunk and take advantage of her? ))
<Jeremy```> (( wel, half right ))
<IkeDM> (( No.. Wait.. That was my plan... Damnit.. ))
* IkeDM hits himself.
* IkeDM gives himself a nasty black eye
<IkeDM> (( Good thing I didn't roll a crit.. I could be outcold right now.. ))

* Jeremy``` (( just knows the cookie rain is next ))

<Mielys_Darkheart> ((an elf, a dwarf, and an ogre walk into the bar...the bartender looks up and asks..."Is this a joke?"))

<IkeDM> Guys. Khal`Zak is new to RPGs. Everyone give him a nice round of applause, a little bit of patience, and oh yeah.. If he screws up, don't be afraid to kill him.
<IkeDM> Oops.. Did I say THAT?

<Mielys_Darkheart> "I'm in sort of..a ..bind, so to say....I've been cursed by a certain archmagi...one who is referred to as Bambi <insert histerical laughter here (it was the DM's pick for a name!)>...and in order to break the curse, I'm forced to dispose of her..."
<IkeDM> I had to do it.. A great wyrm black dragon cursed by Bambi, the archmagi... :)
<Mielys_Darkheart> ((Gee DM, let's not give everything away!!))
<Mielys_Darkheart> ((yes, yes..I'm been cursed by a babbling baffoon of an aerobics instructor with silicon for brains (among other body parts)))

<IkeDM> Sparkie feels like sitting down with the others and entertaining them...
* Sparkie casts colour spray on himself and gives the place a Disco theme :)

<Mielys_Darkheart> "we must seek out the archmagi Bambi (gee, I feel stupid saying this)...one of the fiercest magic-users this side of the world"
<Jeremy```> (( awwww we have to kill Bambi? can;t we just kill Bambi's mother with a shotgun instead? ))

Sparkie> "Can I burn someone? Can I? Huh? Huh? Can I? Sparkie wanna burn someone!"
<Sparkie> < -- fire elemental going through teen angst :)
<Mielys_Darkheart> "Sparkie....ye can burn the Archmagi Bambi if you like"

<Mielys_Darkheart> "women seem to always speak of silly things when their ale has gotten the better of them"
<Altara`> and men who lack courage try and enlist otheres to assassinate women

<Baliadoc> i'm not a munchy! i just allocate abilities with maximum efficiency.

<Darkomen> BTW for the sake of this game your all poor and in need of cash
<Darkomen> Gel the merchant ,,, never.... I know I know
<VVarner> Gel is constently in need of cash. why do you think he is the merchant? :)

<Darkomen> (K gimme some actions)
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim scratches his ass

<Darkomen> Gel, you think you might be able to find a buyer inside of the building, for the wagon.
* Gelhalee wastes no time and trys to find some one to sell the broken wagon to, "Prevous owner was a little old lady from pacidena"

* Tokan just looks around, and introduces himself "Me am Tokan. You no Tokan? We friends!"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Me am Tak, Tak Kill things"
<Drake``> "I speak in more than one syllable words. Will I be a problem?"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Syl-a-ble?"
<Darkomen> (( lol, only for the other players ))
* Gelhalee says, "I am Gel, and unlike my friends I know how to use personal pronouns" :)

<Darkomen> The bell sounds lightly and a moment later, a cloud of bluish fog appears behind the counter.
* Gelhalee coughs in the midst of a bluish fog "Go easy on the refried beans" *Hack*

<Gelhalee> A wind blows thru Gels robe making it flap dramaticly and animi-like while standing perfectly still and apearing resolute.
<Gelhalee> ((standing still like that looks cool and saves tons on animation :)

<Darkomen> "My showroom is upon request, ask to see something and I shall show you. It's the best lock money can buy against thieves. Only display your wares when asked for."
* Gelhalee takes his hat off, reaches inside and pulls out a large soft bound book that looks well worn. "I'd like to see any of these" he says as he slaps his back order book on the counter :)
* Drake`` sighs
<Drake``> "Oh... we'll be here for a while, it seems."

<Gelhalee> ((negotiate societe. your a non guild member magic shop owner. Gel has to form some relationship with you or force you outa business :)
<Darkomen> (( lol, that would be interesting))
<Gelhalee> ((he's like microsoft that way :)
<Darkomen> (( until the government got him"
<Gelhalee> ((hehe yeah, he's already horified by the taxes here :)

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( I am finally Killing something... too bad its Drake`` )_)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( I punched his leg )_)

* Gelhalee mutters to himself. I've delt with Mindflayers, Otyughs, A city of undead, tribe of canibals, even rampaging armys. Id rather take them all on again then go up the government.

* Gelhalee folds his arms and pouts rather childishly. Which some how looks cute on his elvin features. A fact he would probably not like to know :)

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim walks over to Tokan and shows him the Magazine entitled "Barmaid Monthly's" centerfolding page
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "This t`Elana, she like Dwarves and Whips"
<Darkomen> The minotaur tries to crane his neck and get a better look at the magazine.
Taklinn_Rumnaheim turns the pages in the Magazine to the section entitled 'Inter-Racial Hardcore'
<Tokan> Tak finds its filled with just elves :)

* Gelhalee looks at the ceiling "Why can't I ever just run my shop? Why do I always end up going on these crazy adventures?"
* Gelhalee folds his arms and pouts

<Ike> (( Can I be an odd elf? :) ))
<Gelhalee> ((the role of odd elf is already filled. :)
<Ike> (( Oh... Can I be the worthless human? ))
<Tokan> (( The Dm filled that Ike . . oops ))
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( We Don't have any Stupid Dwarves you can be one of them. )_)
<Ike> (( I thought you were in the game... ))
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( I am a Smart Dwarf )_)
<Gelhalee> ((let him play the odd elf before he thinks of being a normal kender :)

<Darkomen> "The streets run rampant with rogues and thugs, tis not a safe place in the city of late."
* Gelhalee looks at the street looking for rampant rogues and thugs to sell the cart too
<Darkomen> You see a shadowy figure moving around a building off to your right. Gel.
* Gelhalee moves to the shadowy figure making a grand noisy enterance, "Friend! We can't have you skuling about like that on a night like this"
<Darkomen> As you approach the shadowy figure, turns into a more defined figure of a large unihorned demon, looking in the opposite direction.
<Gelhalee> "Here, let me interest you in a slightly used wagon. 4 wheels, great mileage. I can just see the two of you together now. You'll be the talk of the town."

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim looks to Gelhalee (Who I guess is the leader of our Group) as if wondering if he should kill this rude deamon person
<Gelhalee> "Ah I see. Well your friends will certainly find the back comfy. And just think of the virgins and unholy sacrifices you could cart off with out straining your back"
<Darkomen> He looks at your, his eyes flash red, large leathery wings stretch out and drool spews forth from his mouth. "I said move along."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "You buy Waggon!"
<Gelhalee> "P-p-pardon my associate, he's new to this salesmanship thing. a little over enthusiasic"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "You buy Wagon or I hurt you"
* Gelhalee gives Taklinn_Rumnaheim a stern look
<Darkomen> The demon looks down at Taklinn and then to Gel. "Is he serious?"

* Gelhalee hisses, "Don't threaton the customers!"
<Gelhalee> "You have any idea what that will do to my repeat business"
<Darkomen> "You'll never sell anything with an associate like that hanging around."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Buy Wagon Now!"
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim shakes his Axe
<Gelhalee> "My apologys" he says trying to hold taklinn back. "Perhaps if I offered you a... *gulp* discount?"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "No Discount he buy Wagon!"

<Tokan> (( Wow, so Tak is sort of Gilligan to Gelhalee's skipper . .. or Yol Tura to Garon . ))
* Gelhalee hits tak with his hat :)

<Gelhalee> ((demons I can do business with. Roalty is another matter. They like to "forget" promisses and debts.))

<Dark0men> Your axe cuts into him deeply and he roars mightily, green blood oozes all over your axe.
* Tokan looks at ther Demon Tak hit then at Gel "Demon no buy cart now?"
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim draws his axe back (flinging some of that blood behind him)
* Tokan gets his club out "Tak need help?"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak Making Sale."
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> --> Demon "You Buy Wagon!"
<Tokan> "Oh."
<Tokan> "he sign in blood?"
<Pan`Ku> ((now that's what I call a pushy salesman))

<Tokan> "You no walk from sale! Bad demon! Cart good!"
* Tokan slams it in the side with his BIG club
<Gelhalee> ((remind me never to take tokan to any sales conventions))

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( I hope you guys Realise if you don't join in the fight Tak is likely to attack you if he survives :P )_)
<Tokan> (( What fight? We're selling the demon a cart here! ))

<Darkomen> Drake you go
* Drake`` kicks a stone that's been looking particularly bothersome to him the last couple of minutes

* Gelhalee casts Otiluke's Resilient Sphere on tak hoping to put an end to this
* Gelhalee yells Taklinn_Rumnaheim return and puts him in a pokeball :)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> Argh!

<Darkomen> The other moves on Gel, "Your friend shall be the death of you."
<Gelhalee> ((I've moved to stay OUT of melee. what is it hiting me with?)
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( he is like Wolverine he has Retractible Adamantium Claws :P )_)
<Darkomen> It seems to have seen you as someone protected the one it wants to kill
<Tokan> A demon that discriminates against elves in bathrobes? Whaty perverted level of the abyss is THIS one from?!
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( the 376th Level )_)

<Caltak> (( if Gel moves faster he can just keep going down the road to stay out of range ))
<Darkomen> ( it out moves Gel, mv 24))
<Gelhalee> (I can cast teleport with a word. movment isn't the only issue)
<Darkomen> (( I'm assuming, unless there's something I don't know))
* Gelhalee calls Gores lawyers to save him with a recount :)

<Ike> What religion are you?
<Sintaqx> He belongs to the Cult of Insane Roleplayers and the Fire Elementals who despise everyone
<Alcar> agnostic
* Ike is athiest.
* Pan`Ku is Christian
<Ike> Wow!
<Ike> We should get us a Jew, and move into an apartment, and start our own sitcom.

<Pan`Ku> holy crap
*** Pan`Ku Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Sintaqx> there's a quote for sparkie
<Sintaqx> you can't ask for better timing

<Sintaqx> necromancer/lich w/ a dracolich mount and 3 skeleton storm giants leading 300 human and ogre and orc skeletons each
<Sintaqx> think of the exp
<Sintaqx> wait.. screw the exp, think of the quotes!

<Ike> Simple rule for my SR games.. If you have it, so do the NPCs.. And they are better with it.

<Simon```> everyone else (I think) is currently in the mountain with the corpses of two hounds
<Simon```> rp - one sec, pizzas heres
<Rei`-> (gezz nice of a pizza delivory guy to show up on the side of a mountain..)
<Simon```> The pizza delivery peerson looks at Yuki, Rei and Faline and runs away "Green turtles in sewers I can stand, but this is nuts!"
* Faline eats the pizza deilvery dude j/k

<Simon```> The tree dies.
<Yuki-Takuri> (( Exp? ))
<Rei`-> (munchken alert)
<Faline> (( yeah thats the munchkin way! start a forrest fire! ;P ))

* Simon``` pauses, then says softly "You really think we'll get out? I mean, ever since all thsi stuff happened, our lives have been nuts."
<Kara```> "I beleive that we eventually will."
<Simon```> "I hope so . .its getting . .I dunno . . tiring."
<Kara```> "Then why don't you let us out, damnit?! I mean, you ARE the DM!" ;)
<Kara```> It's amazing what True Sight reveals ;)
<Simon```> not the DM :p
<Kara```> Sure, it works for that too "*** Alcar is now known as Simon```"

* Rei`-` sighs and mutters some thing about disfunctanal families and wonders how he ended up in the middle of this mess
<Rei`-`> "remind me to get a degry so i can be a cuples tharipest"

Rei`-`> "whats your name boy?"
<Simon```> He looks at Rei then smiles and says "George. My name is George."
<Yuki-Takuri> "George what?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "George Bush?"
<Simon```> "junior."
<Jane`^> (( You guys are talking to George bush? ))
<Simon```> "George junior." His smile looks even strranger
<Jane`^> (( If this is George bush, I hate to see Al Gore... ))
<Simon```> (( its NOT george bush :p ))
<Jane`^> (( Course, Al Gore would probably call for a hand re-roll and start crying.. ))

* Rei`-` looks at the prisoner
* Faline looks at Rei and tells him something in cat
<Cecil`^> (( I wonder if they realize that I'm a dragon and I know Catteze.. maybe this guy know's Catteze, but that's just me.. you know? ))

* Rei`-` looks about expecting the trap to close
<Simon```> Nothing happens. but it does so ominously.
<Simon```> Nothing leaves for a bit to accept its Academy Award for good mood setting and comes back

<Rei`-`> "hay cecil as near as i can figur it, this ones one of your little ones"
<Rei`-`> "he even smells like you"
<Rei`-`> "you don't rember fighting with an ex lover do you?"

<Cecil`^> "A wall... I'm drawing a blank here... do tell..."
<Simon```> The man's sneer vanishes, replaced by a look almost like pity "Oh . . . "
<Cecil`^> "I still got the blank... care to explain?"
<Simon```> The man shakes his head, angrily "No, damn you! After all this time! Liar! Hypocrite!"
<Cecil`^> "Hmmm... someone died..."
<Cecil`^> "Can I use a life line?"

<Cecil`^> and he is talking about _____ ?
<Simon```> __________ ?
<Cecil`^> This is where you fill in the blanks

JohnnySteel> (does the one I'm attacking still look healthy? do use the term lightly?)
<Simon```> is undead, surrounded in fire and made form a dead dog. Would YOU look healthy?
<JohnnySteel> (i know, but does it look like it's still going? is 36 damage like nothing to it?)
<Faline> (( I think its dead, Jim ))
<Yuki-Takuri> (( I'm a doctor not a veteranarian! ))
<Sin{Away}> ((I dunno, healthy is a relative term.. though in this case he should be asking how many gouges it has and how willing to attack it is.....))
<Faline> (( Damn it Jim, I'm a Tiger not a doctor! ))
<Sin{Away}> ((damnit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a taxidermist!))

<Sin{Away}> ((summoning II, in theory, should be able to summon an entire rock band... since it's more or less based on intelligence))

* JohnnySteel is actually a mess of circuitry and electricity :)
<JohnnySteel> "Urgh... Damn... you all are stronger than I thought. Heh... my government thanks me for my dutiful service..."
<JohnnySteel> "Well... it was... interesting. Oh, the presidents calling. He has one last thing to say."
<Cecil`^> "Where's your off switch?"
<JohnnySteel> "Hasta La Vista... scumbags."
<Sin{Away}> (("and can you just apply it to your mouth?"))

<Cecil`^> "Hmmm... You know.. Robots do Usually have self destruct things in the movies..."
<Cecil`^> "But really, where's your off switch.."
<JohnnySteel> "Self Destruct in 3... 2... 1... Goodnight."
* JohnnySteel erupts in a cacophonous array of light and pure destruction
<Faline> (( but the JohnnySteel's Microsoft OS has a critical error and self destruct doesnt function :P ))

<Keith`> we realy need to fix falines insanity
<Caltak> I was just talking about that before
<Keith`> hmm Rei is serusly thinking of taking her to a nut house or some thing....
<Caltak> oh thats a good idea *sarcastically* you do realize what shed do to the people there dont you? :P
<Keith`> well as soon as he can get her off the mountan side he is going to get her help of some sort...

<Chaos`^> You can abuse NPC's as much as you want, that's just like abusing yourself
<Caltak> well, all of us are getting abused, one way or another, so dont pity yourself too much :)
<Chaos`^> I'm the only pc that doesn't abuse himself, and it turns otu the DM abuses him!
<Alcar> and the moral of this story is?
<Chaos`^> Don't let the DM Abuse you!

<Chaos`^> I don't have a pc anymore, I have an NPC Driven by a player that's confused!

<Chaos`^> You know what this means?
<Chaos`^> George had to die before he was a saint
<Chaos`^> I'm undead!
<Chaos`^> Alcar! I don't want an Undead PC!
<Caltak> naw, they just THOUGHT you were dead :P

<Caltak> arent all dms innately evil?
<Chaos`^> I'm not evil!
Caltak> well, the good dms are all evil anyway :) to some extent
<Caltak> Chaos`^: sure you're evil you jsut dont realize it yet

<Caltak> and if that runs out it becomes time to either run like hell or get all Wolverine on their ass ;P
<Ike> 30 for the clips, and 3,600 for the ammo.
<Caltak> or get behing Alcar's character :) hehe
<Alcar> not likely ;)
<Caltak> well rather, move so alcar's character is between me and whoever is trying to kill me :)
<Alcar> How can you get between me and me tho?
<Caltak> well thats simple see, its just a matter of using claws to...well, nevermind ;)

* Alcar considers multiple personalities . .
<Ike> Alcar: That is a SEVERE flaw... Good for getting better edges. ;)
<Alcar> whos talking flaws? I'm talking rp :)
<Caltak> hmmm Faline is SR....naw too insane
<Baliadoc> i think there's probably a limit to how insane you can be, Cal ;)
<Baliadoc> it's unfair to get infinite points :)

<Ike> Gimme your race, first...
* Baliadoc Doppleganger. Putting all my points into Omnipotence.
<Ike> Urhm...
<Baliadoc> fuck reality over, then change my identity :)
<Ike> Ok. Let me rephrase that. Human, Dwarf, Elf, Ork, or Troll?
<Baliadoc> oh. when you put it like that... hm... Dwarf?

<TapionGM> "You ever been on a run?"
<Bob``> (( "You know thats a good question. Do you mind if I use d a life line? *Ring* "Hello, Gm, This is Regis. Alcar here wants to ask a question. Has Bob a) been on a run b) not been on one c) tried one or d) all of the above?" ))
<TapionGM> (( I'm going to have to say... b... and that's my final answer. ))

<TapionGM> "And Josh. Don't frag this one up. You're working for the big boys now."
<Silverclaw```> "Hey, you know me."
<TapionGM> The trid goes black without a response.

* Charin gets some coffee then asks casually, after givng you some "Ever played strip poker?"
<Tara-Arrquette> sorry but thats not a game I play
<Charin> "Pity" grins lewidly
* Charin gets his planner out and crosses that one off, the drinks more coffee
<jane`---DM> jane restains from cutting off the oxagen to charin's cabin

<Charin> (( I did say this PC isn;'t a nice person :) ))
<Tara-Arrquette> (male chauvenistic prick is more a word I'd use)
<Charin> (( Yup,. Clinton was a good model :) ))
<jane`---DM> (LOL)
<Charin> (( he seriously was. First version of the pc had "compassion" . .that died after less that 5 minutes of rp :) ))

Keith`> oh i forgot to give AP out...
<Keith`> 2 ap for mannage not to kill each other while hyped up on coffie
<Keith`> ok so its closer to Supermans cup of coffie but still

<Chaos`^> I got an hour to blow.. wanna do a quick one?
* Sintaqx ponders posting in the channel.... "Chaos just propositioned me for a quickie!"
* Chaos`^ ponders kicking the shit out of sintaqx if he does that

<Chaos`^> alright, you're all alone... dun dun... You see the map on the table-- Dun dun! --You see teh table; Duh da! You see blackness about you, dada!
* Sintaqx wonders what chaos is on, and where he can get some, and how much the street value is

* Temera DMs just to hear people bitch at the bot

<Phil`^> "Well, you seem to be having... arguments... with yourself...
* Temera nods
<Temera> "I thought it was the sword."
<Phil`^> "Well... The sword had something to do with it... you took advantage of it to scare... you.."
<Temera> "So... I'm a masochistic schitzophrenic?"
<Phil`^> "Such big words..."
<Temera> "Too much time around wizards"

<Phil`^> "I would like to assist you with your problem, yes... You have two sides, a good one and a bad one.. you seem to have met both.."
<Temera> "Wow.. I just thought I was a vindictive asshole."
Temera suddenly realizes she's getting smart with a goddess... not generally a wise idea.

<Itou`^> (( is Blaze drunk? ))
<Blaze``> ((as always))
<Tisrook> (<( is he ever not drunk? )>)
<Toggul> (once for all of 10 minets it was so scarrie he doesn't leave home with out a case)

<AlcarDM> <Adev> "And I suppose you're an optimist?" says it like its a bad thing.
<Lua_Ann> "no- i am just some gal tring to make her way in the world- and when the world gives you potatos...you make kidney pie"
* Namee thinks .oO(So lua ann will cut out your kidneys if you give her potatos?)

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Me do over there" Pointing off in the distance "Tak see many dead creatures walking"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak kill many evil things, but they get easy"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak need help"
<Lua_Ann> "tak needs hooked on phonics"
<Namee> ((Diction for the dimwited? ;)

* Lua_Ann takes out a bar of soap
<Lua_Ann> "here... now let me help"
<Lua_Ann> "what... now see here "
<Lua_Ann> "its lavender and prim rose"
<Lua_Ann> "its a nice soap- made it me self"
<Blaze``> "Lua Ann, there's a possibility something might be trying to kill us. Could you possibly wait until we make camp? Or at least survive?"
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim takes a bite out of the bar and tosses it away as he spits out the chunks of soap
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak no like soap

<`Quinthansal> "HELPPP!!"
* toggul` 's ears snap to the direction of the yelling and his feat start running in that direction befor he knows it he is charging off to help the person who blinded him the day befor
<Blaze``> "Oh man..."
<Blaze``> "We need to invest in earmuffs..."
* Blaze`` chases after Toggul

<AlcarDM> `Quinthansal - The human begsin wrapping you carefully, tigtening thebanages . . and cutting off your air way :)
<`Quinthansal> "Easy, you guys. Hey, mmpfpfmfmmffpff"
* Blaze`` blinks
<Blaze``> "Oops."

<AlcarDM> Blaze is busy tying gordian knots and choknig `Quinthansal to death . .giving new meaning to Good Samaritan . .
* Blaze`` tries to pull the bandage apart :)
<AlcarDM> Blaze - you realise that people's faces dont normally turn purple after you bandage them.
<Blaze``> "Hmm... this is a problem. Anyone got a sword?"
* Blaze`` pulls some more
* `Quinthansal grabs his neck as the bandages come off " Damn..... worse.... undead ... better.. luck.."" Cough
<Namee> ((all we need now is for some one to do CPR on him while the banages choke him :)

<Blaze``> "You mean you're coming along? I thought you didn't trust us?"
<`Quinthansal> "My time across the hills has been tough, as you can see. Wisdom would seem to dictate that this may be a time for me to join with your group."
<Blaze``> "Ah. Good. Can't see reason when you're threatening our lives, but when we save yours... now that's a different story.... Northerners... or whatever you are."
<Namee> ((wisdom would seem to dictate? Arg! we've let a Spock clone into our party!))

<AlcarDM> End of session EXP: 230 each
<Namee> ((level up? oh no! now I have to redo my sheet! Waaaaah );

<Tara-Arrquette> "It should be good, thanx to the biohull we are creating a brand new life form I just hope it's nor ostile"
<Charin> "Let me get this straight . ." begins ticking things off on his fingers. "1. We are in a small, self contained enviroment. 2. Our hull ate our co pilot 3. its now making a new life form. 4. We think, despite what it did, it might not be hostile. 5. It might not nmatter ebcause we will die anyway. Did I cover it all?"
<Tara-Arrquette> "about that but add on 6 no one knows we are alive or will unless we make it out"

<Tara-Arquette> "ok Jane at 2 minutes send the message"
<Jane`---dm> Jane:"roger"
<Marcus_Fenway> (_( I need to make a Character for this game named 'Roger Over' )_)

<Alcar> Wow . .I just considered what horror my pc would have meeting fraal "WHAT? They can TELL I'm lying?!"
<Keith`> LOL yah that would just piss you off
* Keith` can just see them ordering charin's exicution for the stray thoughts running around in his head

* Lady_Darleen wonders if following shadows is good for your health
Reawen> (( the surgenor general hasn't ruled on it yet ))
<Robert```> (( Yeah but I'm sure the surgeon general has LOTS to say about Reawen's "relaxants" ))
<Reawen> (( lol. Well. He uses them also. :P ))
<WarnerDM> ((Curous fact, the surgeon general can niether perform surgery or lead an army :)
<Lady_Darleen> ((he he but he can put warrings on drugs))
<Lady_Darleen> ((oh yea- janet reno- i forgot its a "She" ))
<Jeramias> (<( We don't want warnings, we want the drugs ;) )>)
<Baliadoc> ((no, you're right in saying He.))
<WarnerDM> ((easy to forget. She makes a better General then a She :)
<Robert```> (( nobdy reads the warning anyway, or at least, they take the drugs before reading it, so its too late anyway ))

<Lady_Darleen> "well dear- i have learned- never go chasing down shadows.... there is usally someting nasty in them
<Robert```> (( like dust bunnies ))

* Lady_Darleen bets the dm has forgotten her.. and starts to make a nice afghan
<WarnerDM> your not forgoten, your in a rocking chair. if you really feel left out I could have a cave in bury you.

<WarnerDM> The door slides into the frame looking good as new.
<Robert```> (( dont touch it or itll fall out! I just know it :P ))
<WarnerDM> As you turn around to smile proudly at stanc it falls on your head
* Robert``` curses and runs his head
<Robert```> (( rubs ))
<Robert```> (( see the knock on the head is causing typos ))

* Reawen tries to bite robert
<Reawen> "Let go of me!"
<WarnerDM> reawen gets a mild halusagenic effect from licking Robert :)
<WarnerDM> And that mosturizer leaves your tunge feeling fuzzy
<Robert```> (( oh gods no, I will not be a drug for Reawen :P ))
<WarnerDM> ((hehe, who needs coffee now? :)
<Robert```> (( well it'd be a reason for her to stop making fun of me so much ;P ))
<WarnerDM> (the foundation of a solid relationship if I ever saw one :)

<Nimih`^> (( How do you pronounce Otyugh? ))
<Reawen> (( flush a toilet :) ))
<Nimih`^> (( so otyugh sounds like a toilet flush? ))
<Reawen> (( It should ))

* Robert``` pats Petra's tentacle reassuringly, and looks into her eyes to try to help her calm down
* Reawen looks from Robert to the Otyugh and wonders what Freud would make of their relationship
* Robert``` pats Petra's tentacle reassuringly, and looks into her eyes to try to help her calm down
* Reawen looks from Robert to the Otyugh and wonders what Freud would make of their relationship
<WarnerDM> Petra stops trembling then, after a bit, says to every one .oO(I feel better now. I'm fine)
* Robert``` nods, and gives her tentale a light, reassuring sqeeze, then turns to give Reawen a warning look
* Reawen watches Freud turn over in his grave

<Marcus_Fenway> Ok, xdragon, your playing a Cleric who Worships Obi-wan... alright Group do we want a Straight Cleric at this time?
<Nimih`^> Unless obi-wan's a god, please please please pick something that will actually give you spells...
<xdragon> its obad-hai

* Nimih`^ continues on, having assumed his group followed, but was silent, because, he knows his group is responsible and will just do as he says to prevent trouble...
* Natalia` would note to him that technically she isn't part of his group :)
* Nimih`^ is sure Natalia is just as responsible, otherwise they would have to face the disciplinary actions that come with not following the order's of the leader you chose to follow

<Marcus_Fenway> Nimih`^ is knocked down as a blast of fire files from the door he just departed threw
<Nimih`^> "Holy shit, what in all the hells was that!?"
* Nimih`^ draws his sword and looks around and turns to the direction of the blast... and notices his party isn't there anymore
<Nimih`^> "Oh my gods! They burnt up! who did this!?"

<Natalia`> "What have I done?"
<Nimih`^> "That's what I'd like to know... Why did you do that?"
* Nimih`^ points at the body
<Natalia`> "He's alive still......."
<Nimih`^> "Still alive!? You just sucked out his blood!"

* Marcus_Fenway starts chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"
<Marcus_Fenway> if Natalia` and Nimih`^ Killed each other then I wouldn't have to worry so much with my Tab key on the letter 'N'

* Nimih`^ wonders how his horse is doing
<Marcus_Fenway> The Horse has been Killed and made into Boots by a Tribe of Ogres

<Marcus_Fenway> Did I mention the Water is Filled with Piranna?
<Nimih`^> haha funny
<Koby`> Special Uunderdark Pirhana For Sale: These babies Can Skeletonize a Paladin in Under 40 Seconds
<Urtho> what do they do to a skeliten
<Koby`> raise it
<Natalia`> necromatic pirahna.. they kill you, and raise you, and kill you and raise you, and kill you , and raise you, and kill you , and raise you and......

* Nimih`^ fumbles through his keys and tries to open the doors
<Marcus_Fenway> after a few attempts Nimih`^ finds the correct keys and opens Wesley_Heartblade's and roondar's doors
* Nimih`^ smiels as the doors swing open
<Marcus_Fenway> BTW both these guys are Evil and they have Plasma Cannons... :P

<Nimih`^> "Who imprisoned you?"
<Wesley_Heartblade> umm....who imprisoned me again?

<Nimih`^> when I get back... I'm gunna pick another group to lead...

<Marcus_Fenway> Its punching... but a Ogre Punch is deadly :)
<Marcus_Fenway> there is a new thing to Serve at Taverns 'Ogre Punch'

<Nimih`^> want me to roll or can we just assume I kill it?

<Marcus_Fenway> <Nimih`^> "Holy shit" <-------Some Paladin!

<TapionGM> Ok. Whatever club it was I told you to meet at, change it.. YOu'll now meet at the Neon Wild.
<BlackJack``> crap... i need bus fare to get there, i think...
<TapionGM> This comming from the groups rigger.. Oi..
<BlackJack``> oh wait. I own the bar.

<TapionGM> "I am here to meet Daisey."
<TapionGM> (( Just pretend you know what I'm talking about and tell me where to go... Ok? ))
<Bob``> (( to hell, tell him to go to hell :p ))
<BlackJack``> "Daisy? Oh right! You're the ones she had me put on the list. Welcome to the Neon Wild. Name's Chicago, though everyone calls me BlackJack. She's waiting for you at her table. Corner behind me."

* Bob`` assumes there ARE prostitutes . . .
<TapionGM> Yes. All sorts of neat ones.
<Bob``> well, a cheap one then. Uhm . just tbhought of something . .what kind of STDs in this time?
<TapionGM> Nasty ones.
<Bob``> ah, ok . . erm, spend enough to get one W/out those.
<TapionGM> Are you serious?
<BlackJack``> well, there are 5 hours to kill :)
<TapionGM> You're 13!
<Bob``> OH yeah.
<Bob``> nm :)
<Bob``> forgot that!
<TapionGM> No 13 year old is getting laid in MY games..

<Baliadoc> well, my first thought would be to beat you until you can't walk for a few weeks
<Alcar> well, someone from ireland could come over . . leprechauns in lolad :)
<Caltak> Baliadoc: well thats nice cause that hurts Faline too and its not her fault
<Baliadoc> of course it is. no reason to blame her other personality. They share the same mind :)
<Baliadoc> show me two minds, and then I'll just beat her unconcious and remove the bad one :)
<Alcar> psychic surgery :)
<Caltak> Alcar: you're a genius!
<Alcar> with a chainsaw
<Caltak> or not

<Ike> How many campaigns do you know that have their own theme song?

<Tara-Arquette> <Tara-Arrquette> ok after the 1 hour 30 min to be safe I will power the ship up to take us through the asteroid belt
<Keith`> hmm ok i wasn't able to go back fair enought
<Tara-Arquette> I said it when Jane returned and fixed the sensors
<Keith`> well in that case your in even more truble then i had thought up for you... your power is low (not so low that you can't move the ship) and you have a gaping hole in the back of the ship
<Tara-Arquette> great

* Faline is breathing hard. "w-what happened? Please tell its not what I think just happened..."
<Rei`-`-> "sorry but jonny didn't fair so well"
* Faline covers her face in her hands. "Oh God..oh God no..."
<Rei`-`-> "if it makes you feal any better he was packing around a bomb... he could have set it off at any time he wanted i'm sure"
* Faline shakes her head. "But..it's not like I knew that...oh God, it could have been Cecil...I..this has gone way to farr...this has to stop!"
<Rei`-`-> "nice to know your not the only one that realizes this"

<Simon```> Is Rei just chasing Faline or ?
<Rei`-`-> well that and keeping an eye on the woods i'm traveling thought
<Rei`-`-> don't want to come acrost any thing to nasty
<Faline> (( trip over a sleeping hell Hound... ;P ))
<Rei`-`-> you know tripping over a hell hound wouldn't be to funny
<Faline> (( LOL we both thought of that at the same time ;P ))
<Rei`-`-> (the realy sad thing is we both gave alcar the idea)

<Rei`-`-> "come on we need to get out of here, i don't think eather of us want to be here when the bear comes back"
<Faline> *quietly* "I...I just don't know...I...don;t even know what I can do."
* Simon``` wonders if Rei si joking . .
<Faline> (( hmm..bearburgers... ))
<Simon```> You take out an android and hell hounds .and get killed by a bear? :)
<Rei`-`-> (in small spaces bears are realy nasty)
<Faline> (( is small spaces OR open spaces, Faline is really nasty ))
<Rei`-`-> (true)

* Rei`-`- sighs and wonders how you spank a 2 year old in some one elses body

<Simon```> ok, you both awaken around 9 am . . you're alone in the cave . .
<Simon```> (( the DM resists all urges to make Adam and Eve references ))
* Faline doesnt wake up on her own
* Rei`-`- streaches and hits the dm with a fist while doing so

* Rei`-`- gets up doing his best not to wake faline and goes out to use a bush
* Faline isnt awakened by that.
<Simon```> The bush files for a lawsuit, citing emotional abuse, neglect and psychological scarring.

* Rei`-`- comes back into the cave and wakes faline just to make sure she is ok (this being a relative turm mind you)

<Faline> "Yeah, I'm f-" pauses, and a smile slowly appears on her face "I--I don't believe it! I think she's gone!! Thank you God!!! Finally, I'm sane again!"
<Rei`-`-> "lets not tests this, and not hold a party untill we are sure"
* Simon``` thinks of ways you COULD test that . .. and shudders
<Rei`-`-> (well there is always Rei back handing her for no reson....)
<Simon```> (( True. Or an Overeaters Anon Convention . . . ))
<Rei`-`-> (there is always dan panting a mearal of the photo's he took...)
<Faline> (( Rei--shes have to kill him on principal if he did that sane or not ;P j/k ))
<Rei`-`-> (yah but how many peaces we find would tell how sain faline is)

* Faline follows the smell of Dear, as dear make a pretty good meal ;)
<Faline> (( dear=deer ))
<Rei`-`-> (ok thats a releafe to see the spelling correction)

<Salem_> but there can be nice monters
<Simon```> She just looks at you "Nice? What part of the word "monster" do you not understand?"
<Salem_> the mon- part... but even monsters have feelings

* Rei`-`- continues along the not so marry way
<Faline> (( merry ))
<Faline> (( marry with an a is like, to get married :P ))
<Simon```> (( Rei was right. :p I dont think marrying faline would be fun :) ))
<Faline> (( to have an to hold, in sickness and in health, in sanity and in mass murdering cities.... ))
<Rei`-`-> (for better or death penalty...)

<Keith`> squoink: the sound a kender makes after being a few animals

<Marcus_Fenway> Stick a Paladin on the end of a Stick and use him as undead bait

* Keith` rubs his hands and looks for a game to get his new pc into
* Caltak offers a game called "Instant unavoidable death with no save 2 seconds into the game"
<Keith`> no thanks
<Caltak> Keith`: You shouldn;t judge a book by it's cover. :P Who knows, it could just be a name :)

* Lev`` continues on towards the castle, taking in the sights as he goes... the odd cobblers roof, the pile of cow dung, the three legged dog with seven toes

<Scarloc> So we got a bard, a ranger, a sorcerer, and a bimbo?
<Scarloc> Lovely..
<Lev``> that's the gist of it
<Galuf`> damn it i'm a monk gezz!
<Lev``> actually, the bimbo is the sorcereress too
<Alexandretta`> I'm the Sorceress, so does that make Galuf` a Bimbo?

<Alexandretta`> "I think I should be the party leader"
<Lev``> yeah.. we can open up a burlesque house

<Pan`DM> when you get about 20 feet from the front door (what a door it is) the frail man you saw in the tavern comes running up to you (isn't he always running?)
<Pan`DM> he quickly comes to you, shaking your hands with absolute lightspeed and starts rattling off something...
<Pan`DM> "thekingneedsyourhelponlyyoucanhelphimyoumustfindthealchemistyoumustyouareouronlyhopeyoumustsavethekingandsavethekingdom!!!"
<Lev``> "Woah, slow dowm... I once knew a lightning mephit who talked that fast. he spontaneously exploded all over Thor."

<Alexandretta`> Would a 'Methane Elemental' Be a Beliveable Creature?
<Lev``> depends on the phisique of the creature who released it ;)
<Alexandretta`> Taklinn Released it
<Lev``> oh, most definitely then
<Lev``> is that Tak's new familiar?

<Pan`DM> ((the origin of the metal and workmanship of the sword is completely unknown to you, even those of you advanced in weapon knowledge and metal knowledge))
<Lev``> ((can I change a skill to read Knowledge: DM knowledge ?))

<Pan`DM> you pass through this room into another room through a smaller set of double doors...in this room you see a large bed in the middle of the room, and lying on it, surrounded by several heavily armored and apparently well trained guards, is the king
* Alexandretta` is amazed how well trianed the guards look...
* Lev`` is amazed at the texture of the sheets

<Marcus_Fenway> The Room is empty
<Natalia`> no chair in the room?
<Marcus_Fenway> Sorry I ment Empty of life :)
<Marcus_Fenway> I get Enter happy sometimes
<Natalia`> k, thought we might have a mimic on our hands.. or feet, or heads...
<Marcus_Fenway> hey why didn't I think of that...
<Natalia`> eep

<Natalia`> "Maybe it's magical."
<Urtho> "great all we need now is a full moon"
<Natalia`> "We'll come to this later.. let's see where koby is now."
<Urtho> "weird walls, vampiers, good vampiers *starts at natalia*, and now we might get to meat a were wolf

<Urtho> "i would suggest not to spoke him"
<Urtho> "suprizing mages can be very deadly"
<Koby`> "Yup. Death big surprise."

<Natalia`> "I'll go introduce myself... keeping well within the stair well."
<Natalia`> "If he attacks, we go to the next floor and try to ambush him from the other down stairwell."
<Urtho> "just as you promise not to bite him until we get ancers"
* Natalia` gives Urtho a glare that would chill a snowman

<Natalia`> anything else of note in the room?
<Natalia`> besides the funny portal, the magical discs, the dead halfling, and the chair?

<Marcus_Fenway> BRB, bathroom... didn't think this fight would be so long...
<Natalia`> hell, I'm a level 4 commoner.. he's a level 7 paladin.. what would you expect???

<Urtho> wouldnt nimih have to like roll a exotion cheack by now
<Urtho> he should be hela tired :P
<Urtho> web entagle fire arrow bolt weird syco lunitic poking him with stick web entagle ...
<Koby`> hes insane. The insane don't get tired :P
<Marcus_Fenway> Adrenalin the Myrical Drug :)

<Marcus_Fenway> I used DM Discression and Escaped!
<Urtho> marc thats not playing by the rolls *note to self* KILL MARCUS_FENWAY
<Marcus_Fenway> the DM can make up to 10 Rolls at +20 per Adventure :)

<Urtho> 1d20+6 for nimih to be a better pin cution
<Orrik> Urtho 1d20+6: << 10 >>
<Urtho> damn
* Natalia` sighs
<Natalia`> quick lesson

<Marcus_Fenway> Nimih: "No more Talk, your scum shall be eleminated"
<Natalia`> "What, you got a toothbrush?"

* Urtho starts running for his life only to stop 30 ft away

<Marcus_Fenway> Nimih Swings at Urtho's head and misses by inches
* Urtho high tales it and runs (agin) for his life

<Marcus_Fenway> Nimih makes his way out of sight and out of range
<Keith`> oh my god it only took you an hour and a half to get him to run away!

* Koby` gets his bow back out and tries to shoot Nimih some more
<Natalia`> "Give up Nimih."
<Nimih> "I will not Surrender to the likes of you!"
<Koby`> "You can surrender to one if you want?"

* Koby` fires another arrow off into the wild blue yonder
* Koby` shoots off yet another arrow
* Koby's arrow hits the broad side of the church
* Koby` shoots the church again, for no discernable reason
* Koby` shoots a tree a few yards away "One hate bows!"
* Koby` shoots the air, clipping the wings off a fly and killing it.
* Koby` shoots the flys brother a la grassy knoll
* Koby` shoots, the arrow sailing off and hits hiimself in the head "One forgot to aim!"

<Urtho> "damn how do you miss a non moving paliden"
<Koby`> "Easy. One does all time."
<Koby`> "See?" Shoots and misses again
<Marcus_Fenway> Nimih: "No more Talk, your scum shall be eleminated"
<Natalia`> "What, you got a toothbrush?"
<Koby`> "What a toothbrush?"

<Jeramias> Still think we'll break 2000 by Christmas?
<Alcar> Hope so. Figure we can make it, if ppl try hard enough :)
* Alcar semi-seriously debates exp bonuses for quotes . .
<Alcar> tho if Warner was playing Gel, he'd rack them up too fast :)
<Cervantes``> you should do it like a corporation. once it hits two thousand, announce an experience dividend, then divide it up by % of the quotes owned :)

<Jeramias> Krysylyn, you find the group because, uh, You were there the whole time ;)

<Krysylyn> "If you could tell me how many wizards I will be teaching, though, I would appreciate it."
<Jeramias> Sanchez debates letting you teach more than one of them, because he doesn't wanna give up the gold. Ah, just raise taxes.

<Krysylyn> "the components I need are a pitcher of water, and some shards of crystal."
<Krysylyn> "Nothing fancy, I generally can buy the crystal shards for 1/10 of a copper."
* Vestranda sighs . .could have sucked more coin out of him . .
<Krysylyn> ((heh..... already draining three thousand gold from his coffers :) ))
<Vestranda> (( True. But hes a mayor. Hes gotta get enough in kick backs alone . . ))
<Krysylyn> ((I'm evil, not greedy :) ))
<Vestranda> (( theres a difference?! ))

* Krysylyn also has a new travelling companion... a miniature dragon, the size of a large cat.
* Vestranda looks at the dragon, ignoring the barbarian instinct that says "Its a dragon, kill it!" and the barbarian's inner munchkin that says "How nmuch exp is it worth?" and says "Nice dragon."

<Jeramias> If you get those mixed up, I'll kill you
* Jeramias is completly partly serrious
<Vestranda> ok so . . Normal axe, but +3 to daage. Well balanced too, so +1 to hit. If you get those mixed up, I'll kill you
<Vestranda> is that like a cursed item then? :)
<Jeramias> maybe I should just say +2 to hit and damage... :)
* Vestranda likes the +1/+3 better :)
<Jeramias> So you agree that you will die if you get the modifieres mixed up then?
<Vestranda> yup
<Jeramias> k. I'll put it in my notes then :)

* `Annie` jumps out and plets the pc with marshmellows- and poofs in a cloud of glitter
<`Annie`> there something happend
* Krysylyn wishes they had hot chocolate
<Jeramias> Ok, how do the PCs react to being hit by marshmellows?
* Gestris wishes he had something strong to drink

<Jeramias> Ok, you can all see it enough to tell what it is. A single ogre dressed like a bandit
* Krysylyn would like to see a single ogre dressed likke the tooth fairy

<Jeramias> About 50 feet away there is a giant foot. The body that belongs to it would have to be about 60' tall :)
* Krysylyn is moving away from it as quickly as possible before it starts singing
<Jeramias> It continues walking twords you, and then whatever it is stands right above you and stops.
<Jeramias> Its giant purple belly blocks out the sun
<Krysylyn> ((actually it's belly is green))
<Jeramias> (<( you would know :) )>)

<Vestranda> "What IS that Krysylyn?!"
<Krysylyn> "It's... well... the single most vile creature in existance. It has the power to alter the minds of those in it's presence, especially young children."
<Vestranda> "Thats evil! We should destroy it!"
<Krysylyn> "It can reach out over entire continents, even worlds, from it's home plane. coming directly into the homes of chidren."
<Krysylyn> "Once it begins to sing, there is no hope."
<Krysylyn> ((this is too much fun :) ))

<Gestris> "This is madness! What the hell is it doing here!?"
<Krysylyn> "I don't know... there must be a planer rift somewhere nearby."
<Krysylyn> "I think the only way to defeat it is to lure it into the elemental plane of Vacuum, where it's madenning song can never be heard."

<Gestris> ((i should get going soon too. maybe we should stop. I mean, weird magical air after a run in with Barney? Things ARE getting a bit hardcore, here))
<Jeramias> Ges is thinking its hardcore? He aint seen nothing yet *evil grin*

<`Anne`> well i have a gut feeling we are here to help- or i just had a burrito for lunch

<Sintaqx> "The blue x's are individual cells."
<Sintaqx> "Yellow arrows are the initial attacks"
<Sintaqx> "Orange arrows are the second attacks."
<Sintaqx> "Red X's are military targets."
<Hesstra> (_( Sharra, you go long... Amandis, Mharrak, Cover me. Alright break..... Blue 42, Blue 42... Hut Hut Hut!... )_)

<Sintaqx> ((you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a way for 0 lvl players to have an important role in a major battle :) ))
<Sintaqx> ((let alone having the players do it without the help of an NPC))

<Sintaqx> the spider approaches Hesstra and Mharrak
* Hesstra tries to reason with the spider
* Hesstra offers Mharrak as a meal if it spares her

* Mharrak shakes the spear at it, making loud noises and poking at it
<Sintaqx> ((good god.... we have an idiot dwarf :P))
<Hesstra> (_( Are there any other kinds? )_)

* IkeDM gets into DM mode...
<IkeDM> Oh wait.. I don't have to.. I'm cruel and inhumane already..

<IkeDM`> So do some PC like things while I conjure up cruel and unusual means of destroying your PCs courage..

<Christof```> (( anyway as I was saying I think someone made a Leomund's secure shelter or something ))
* Christof``` notes a coffin isnt standard equipment for a Leomund's secure shelter..*sigh*

* Bernstein` coughs
* Christof``` looks at Bernstein`. "Problem?"
<Angelica_Moonblade> "The buckles.. I just need someone to tighten them. With the steel surrounding me, i cant bend properly to reach them."
<Bernstein`> "Ah. The air reeks of your kind."
<Angelica_Moonblade> "Yes, the air does reek of males."
* Angelica_Moonblade sniffs
<Angelica_Moonblade> "You all need to bathe."
<Bernstein`> "I meant undead" coldly

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim blinks as he already has his tactics planned... find enemy and kill it

<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak no rush in, tak always car-e-full"
* Bernstein` looks at Tak then laughs "I didn't know dwarves had such a sense of humour."
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim thinks about it a moment and shrugs off the comment
* Bernstein` looks at Tak "uhm . . Neither did you?"
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> "Tak not make joke, Tak see-re-ous

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries using his detect Magic Abilities
<IkeDM> Tak: You're head butting the ground?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( I can use any body part... I just hit the ground really hard to see if the Spell breaks )_)

IkeDM> The stick doesn't go in at all... But you see a pair of hands reach out of the ground and they start to pull the stick away from you.
* Bernstein` blinks, startled, then hisses "Someone get a weapon" and begins pulling back a bit
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim attacks the hands
<IkeDM> Tak: Are you serious?
<Taklinn_Rumnaheim> (_( unfortunetty... yes I am )_)
<IkeDM> Ok.. You run up to the hands, and another pair reaches up and grabs onto your legs..
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim attacks them all

* Karsh`` shakes his head and tries shocking the ground, then pulling away fast (shocking grasp)
<IkeDM> You're attacking the ground?
<Karsh``> well, it is trying to kill Tak.
<IkeDM> In any other case, I'd call you insane, and leave... :)

<BonesDM> The two of you awaken in a dark room.. The only light that can be seen comes from way up high..
<BonesDM> Higher than either of you could possibly jump.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries jumping anyway
* Karsh`` sits and looks around
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries several time to jump the impossiable distance to make it out of the hole
* Karsh`` casts Tensers floating disc and lifts him up, to stop him from being a nuisance :)
<Karsh``> "Would you stop it, Tak. You're not gonna get out of here."
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim tries his Magic... then remembers he doesn't have any

* Taklinn_Rumnaheim searches for a way out
<BonesDM> Tak: The walls are solid rock...
<BonesDM> The ground is solid rock...
<BonesDM> The walls and the ground are all one piece.
* Taklinn_Rumnaheim slams his head into the walls to see if they are hallow. . .

* Tara-Arrquette looks at the control pannel and then turns a sticker the other way around "Charin stop messing with the lables"
* Tara-Arrquette presses the other button and resets her aim
<Charin> "I touched nothing . .typical woman .. "
<Tara-Arrquette> "you know your going to get beaten by some women one day with a mouth like yours"
<Charin> "I know. I've been told the truth hurts people."
* Tara-Arrquette considers pressing the eject button for charins seat and keeping the cabin closed at the same time

<Keith`Gods-Master> tara you mannage not to become ill or poisoned from the resolting smoak
<Keith`Gods-Master> Charin on the other hand... your about to pass out
<Tara-Arrquette> (yet charin dies a horrible and nasty death because he's a male chauvenist and the female rock being thing hate him)

<Krysylyn> wolf +2 has taken 23 dmg... from the cat-sized dragonette :)
<Krysylyn> Ashar looks very pleased with himself

* Krysylyn runs over to the pile that was Ashar
* Krysylyn points to Ashar, who is still maintaining his form, but it is crumbling
* Regekt looks at the ashes, then brightens and nods, then touches them and says something in goblin
* Chaos`^ wonders if you pour a cure light woudns potion on it.. will it turn into mud, or heal?
<Chaos`^> You do have a cure light wounds potion, don't you Krysylyn?
<Krysylyn> ((no))

* Chaos`^ points out there is a gargoyle staring you all down
* Regekt heads towards it, weapon in hand
<Chaos`^> Regekt doesn't realize gargoyles have damage reduction
* Regekt most definitely doesn't :)
<Krysylyn> ((Damage reduction doesn't affect spells... since they are magical))
<Chaos`^> (( Regekt is gunna atack it with a normal weapon though ))
* Regekt 's player now does, but Regekt unfortunately has never met a gargoyle before. This promises to be a once in a lifetime experience. Ending in death.
<Krysylyn> ((me wonders why so many once in a lifetime events end that way....

<Regekt> Hm, I assume the wound I did healed before my eyes? :)
<Chaos`^> what wound?
<Chaos`^> =p
<Chaos`^> yes
* Regekt realises, dimly, thats he's in deep trouble and holds out his hand and friendship and tries to touch it
<Chaos`^> he tries but fails
<Chaos`^> The gargoyle decides Regekt isn't a threat, so he goes for bigger game... He begins to rush Krysylyn
<Regekt> Do I get an aoo? :)
<Chaos`^> Yeah, take an aoo
* Regekt attempts to trip it using his flail . . .
<Chaos`^> The gargoyle stumbles a bit and lands on the ground for a second

<Simon```> You go on auto pilot . . or whatever the dragon equivalent of it IS . . for an hour beforer the senses of your new?/old? body begin to adapt ... You peer in a nice lake and see your features . . .
* Cecil`^ looks in the lake
<Simon```> First conculsion is that you woldn't fit on a mik carton for lost kids. Second is that you are most definitely a steel dragon ..maybe a bit small, but a dragon anyhow
* Cecil`^ blinks at the image
<Simon```> The dragon blinks back, despite evil DM ideas to the contrary :)
* Cecil`^ makes funny faces at teh dragon to make sure it's there
<Simon```> it doesn't go away. You can bite yourself to make sure you are you, but you might do enough damage to kill yourself :)

* Cecil`^ 's stomach growls
<Cecil`^> "Good lord I'm hungry..."
* Caltak (( phones up the nearby town. "Um, I think you might want to evacuate..now." ;) ))
<Simon```> You hear a large bus going by down the road . . sounds like people going to an Overeaters Anon. Convention ...
* Cecil`^ shakes his head laughing at the thought of Faline's paradise

* Jane`^ is god knows where and hoping that it involves little roleplaying since cecil needs Chaos' full attention this session
<Simon```> (( jane - its ok. Being drugged and locked in a trunk requires little rp :) ))
<Jane`^> (( Thank god ))
<Simon```> (( Well, thats a different response to being kidnapped, but ok. ))

<Cecil`^> I hate to have to kill the whole town, but shit happens, you know?

<Kara```> "Raw meat isn't my cup of tea."
<Rei`--> "It takes some getting use to"
<Faline> "To each their own. Want to go with us? we were about to head over to the dragon's lair. *blinks* Wow, THats something you do't think you'll say to someone."

Simon```> "That *gasp* was stupid!"
<Cecil`^> (( you're tellin' me.. ))
<Kara```> "Yeah, I think it was too. What was that for, Faline? Trying to get yourself killed?"
<Faline> "Why? Well, otherr than the whole insane mob thing. But otherr than that, I think we they should know! Besides, they wanted an explanation, and it was the trruth."

Simon```> An older woman screams "No! I wont have this!" She marches towards Cecil, glaring at him "You!"
<Simon```> Old woman: "Vampires, werewolves and now dragons! This town . . " She glares at him "My daughter is a virgin, you know! I odnt want you eating her!"
<Cecil`^> "I don't eat vergin's I eat... cattle, bears are good, I like elk alot..."
<Cecil`^> "I have to be going now, nice meeting you all..."
<Kara```> Milenko comes into the scene advertising a service for virgins so that they are gaurenteed to not be eaten because they are a virgin :)

<Cecil`^> (( mmmmm were... ))
* Cecil`^ licks his lips
<Cecil`^> "You know.. I'm gunna have to find a snack sometime soon..."
<Faline> "I thought you said you ate beforre?"
<Cecil`^> "I have a big stomach
<Simon```> (( or two or three . . ))
* Faline starts to try to judge just how much jumping from this distance would hurt
* Cecil`^ searches the ground for any food
<Faline> (( you better, not do it--or I'll tell Jane! :P ))

<Rei`---> "how do you think i feal, save a town and get shot by some of the people in it..."
<Faline> (( here he comes to save the day.... ))
<Faline> (( *BLAM BLAM* ))

<Cecil`^> "Yeah, I've got a problem."
<Simon```> Zorro: "What?"
<Cecil`^> "It's about my daughter, I need some help, she's been kidnapped."
<Simon```> Zorro: "Which one?"
<Cecil`^> (( this man knows way too much ))
<Cecil`^> "Jane."

<Simon```> Ok, it takes him 5 minutes but the bullet comes out
<Simon```> He drops it, staring at the wound "Its healing?!"
<Rei`---> "thats what halpons with out silver in my body"
<Simon```> He stares at you "You people are in for a world of trouble . ."
<Rei`---> "more like I'm in a world of trouble"
<Rei`---> "bleave it or not i once had a normal life"
<Faline> (( living in a shack in the woods is normal? er, forget I said that ;) ))
<Rei`---> (comparied to this... yah)

<Simon```> You arrive at the local park . .
<Kara```> The park? I was thinking of the kind of 'picnic' you have at a hotel ;)

<Kara```> "I like you Simon."
<Simon```> "Oh. I like you too."
<Kara```> "As more than a friend?"
* Simon``` looks at you, pzuzled "What do you mean?"
<Kara```> "Oh... Lets just go to the park then."
<Simon```> "I mean, I like you a lot as a friend . . " looks at you, eyes widening "You meant -- ?!"
* Kara``` nods softly
* Kara``` loves fucking with Alcar's NPCs.
<Simon```> lol
<Kara```> I didn't mean that literally

<Cecil`^> I mean one of those witch craft stores
* Cecil`^ enters and looks for books on dead things
<Simon```> You find a book on the PC party (canadian political humour :)), Disco . . a rather worn copy of the necronomicon for dummies. .
<Simon```> You do? LOL
* Cecil`^ reads the necronomicon book
<Simon```> Ok . .its a very basic book on raising the dead. Dos and dont. First off, it says to never, ever read the necronomicon. :)

<Seraphina_Resc> goblins pounding me more?
<Chaos`^> yup
<Orrik> Chaos`^ 5#1d20: << 19 2 16 17 8 >>
<Chaos`^> oops
<Seraphina_Resc> there's only 4 left
<Chaos`^> get rid of that first one
<Seraphina_Resc> k, all miss then
* Seraphina_Resc nearly gets hit by the dead goblin....... it tried to throw it's left kidney at her

* Seraphina_Resc sighs and goes to the temple
<Chaos`^> it's a temple of death the clerics offer to ease you into death because you're beat up, but you manage to convince them that you would rather have healing instead
* Seraphina_Resc promises to bring insome dead or dying things next time
<Seraphina_Resc> besides herself

* Seraphina_Resc sinks the axe deep into the human
<Chaos`^> you jump and slice his Jugular (( that's a big ass jump for someone your size ))
* Seraphina_Resc decided the jugular was too far and instead went for the testicles
<Chaos`^> oh, I see
<Seraphina_Resc> hey it worked

<Chaos`^> "AH killed Me brother!"
* Seraphina_Resc walks up to the dwarves
<Chaos`^> He looks up "It's cause 'a you!"
<Seraphina_Resc> "Move aside. leave me be and I'll save him."
<Chaos`^> He draws his axe and begins attacking you
<Chaos`^> "Ye c'n save me brother?" He stops right before the axe hits you
* Seraphina_Resc nods
<Chaos`^> "Well what'r ye waitin' for!?"
* Seraphina_Resc kneels beside the dwarf and places her hands on him, using her aid spell as a cure light wounds
<Chaos`^> The crowd boos you
* Seraphina_Resc gives the crowd the finger

<paula-v> theres always ways around stuff if you are in a squeeze and don't mind the possability that the police will arest you

<Chaos`^> You are in the tavern, it's empty, no bartender around, he's in the kitchen
<Chaos`^> don't ask me how the bar is empty in a dwarven town, you have to figure that out yourself

<Temera> "We've got a little before the miners are supposed to show up.... I suggest you all get breakfast and then meet back in the central square if you want to go.. packed and ready for a long trip."
<Mikiel> "How long?"
<Temera> "How the hell do you tell time in a lightless cavern?"

* Mikiel casts
<Mikiel> ((DAMN ENTER KEY))
* Mikiel casts "detect magic" on the door
* Albus flips throug his phb . . Uhm, Mikiel? Damn Enter Key . .. what page is it on?
<Mikiel> ((23432))

<Chaos`^> You cant read teh titles Albus
<Chaos`^> It's in a language unkown to you
* Albus opens a random book
<Chaos`^> It's greek to you
* Albus makes a note to pick of languages(greek) soon . .

* Temera wonders if 'Detect Intelligence' was cast if anyone in the group would glow :) ))
* Mikiel ((certainly wouldnt))
<Gul`Tak> (( I, I think, would ))
<Chaos`^> Mikiel would glow of a negative aura
<Mikiel> ((SO?!?!))

* Gul`Tak goes over to Temera and asks what she wanted
<Temera> "Need to knock down another door."
<Gul`Tak> "Ah, sure."
* Gul`Tak silently is annoyed at the fact that no one appreciates him for hhis mind, but says nothing about it ;P
* Temera would appreciate him for his mind, but his head is so much more useful))

* Gul`Tak instisutes some brain power for a moment. "Hey wait...what if I try to break the lock off instead? hmm."
<Albus> (( Whats Guls int? :) ))
<Gul`Tak> (( 15, smartass. ))
* Albus thinks any ogre or orc trying to think should have a % chance to spontaenously combust from the effort . .
<Gul`Tak> (( lol shutup ;P ))
<Albus> (( something like 20-int chance? :) ))

<Chaos`^> Temera, roll a search check to find a book-switch, dc 65, big library

<Chaos`^> (( It's amazing, the pc is looking for information, I give her the library of congress and she's still not satisfied! ))
<Temera> ((how likely is the library of congress to have a book on the subject I'm looking for?))
<Chaos`^> (( It's the library of the congress of magic ))
<Temera> ((If I could read any of the books, sure I'd stay.. I can't, so I'm not))

<Temera> damn you....
<Chaos`^> I feel evil
<Temera> you should
<Temera> now you have a nymphomaniacal succubus who has sworn off sex

* Faline gets to the cave without anything of note happeneing, I assume, and looks in. "Rrei, you in therre?"
<Rei`-`-`-> "that you faline??"
* Faline enters. "Yeah, what happened? I found blood, some bullets and..I think a boy scout cap."
* Faline is beginning to wonder if Rei picked up her "bad habit" :P

* Faline gives Rei another shot of Cure Light Wounds
* Rei`-`-`- is almost healed most of his other wounds then the lung shot
* Rei`-`-`- smiles at faline and thanks her
* Faline notes how fast CLWs always seem to go after she gets em ;)
* Faline smiles back and nods
<Faline> "I don't want you getting serriously hurrt, Rrei."
<Rei`-`-`-> "A bit late for that"

<Faline> hey first I get made fun of when I was insane and killed people. and now that I'm going for world harmony, and I get made fun of MORE? shit man, I just cant win

<Seraphina_Resc> I lost an arena fight so the minotaur apparently took everything but my pants.. I'm a female halfling ranger/cleric
<Chaos`^> tell him the best part
<Seraphina_Resc> apparently, as well, the whores of this city go around topless to advertise their availability
<Chaos`^> and...
<Seraphina_Resc> it's night
<Chaos`^> and she can't find an inn to sleep/hide in
<Seraphina_Resc> See! he's evil!
<Chaos`^> I'm simply offering a way for her to get some money
<Seraphina_Resc> oh yeah.. I can really see a ranger selling herself for money :P

<Seraphina_Resc> would it be against a c/g alignment to kill someone for having sex with you?
<Chaos`^> sin, in the words of your description of the weather being allignment, that would be a hurricane in wyoming

Chaos`^> in this city you saw some women walking around toppless and some men giving them money for some reason and then the women followed teh men to the inn or a house.. maybe they were bodyguards?
* Seraphina_Resc DOES know what a hooker is :P
<Chaos`^> well, that's how people tell if they're for sale or not, they walk around topless =p
<Chaos`^> The ugliest man you've seen in your life walks up to you "Hey, how much?"
<Seraphina_Resc> "Your life."

* Seraphina_Resc gets an evil idea
<Chaos`^> "I just want something quick, common, let's go, we'll discuss money on the way."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Three hundred."
<Chaos`^> "That's a little pricy, but I really like you, deal."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Do you have any rope?"
<Chaos`^> "Rope? No, no rope, but we can do without.
<Seraphina_Resc> "Well, If you want it done right we need rope... but I guess sheets will do."

<Chaos`^> The ugly guy leads you to the room
<Chaos`^> He gives you the 300 silver you asked for and opens the door
<Chaos`^> There is just a bed, and a matress, sheetless, coverless
<Seraphina_Resc> ok, what's he wearing?
<Chaos`^> Nothing anymore
<Seraphina_Resc> what was he waering :P
<Chaos`^> Just common clothes, a t-shirt, some shorts
* Seraphina_Resc would point out as a general rule shorts weren't invented until the 1930's
<Chaos`^> He's wearing ripped pants
<Chaos`^> if you want to be difficult
* Seraphina_Resc does want to be difficult

*** Chaos`^ is now known as Itou`^
<`Anne`> i though sin was itou
<Itou`^> Sorry to disapoint you
<Itou`^> and that's not in a sarcastic tone, I really am sorry

<AlcarDM> The undead are climbing up over the boulders .. action anne?
* `Anne` will attack only if she is attacked- defending
<AlcarDM> Ok. Tisrook?
* Tisrook decides to listen to `Anne` for once and goes into a tight defense, knowing the DM will kill him anyway

<Caltak> oh btw, I just thought of something to do with when you posted about letting you eat O.R. see, if Rei or I do it, we become the leader of the pack because we are weres. So, I think it'd be beter for us to kill him, that way more allies :) besides, we'd probably beat you there anyway since we're already heading off there
<Chaos`^> but... that means I'll have to eat you...
* Caltak underlines and circles the part of the previous statement that reads "we become the leader of the pack" then underlines the word "pack" a lot of times
<Caltak> do I have to spell it out for you? ;)
* Chaos`^ writes down the words "Hungry" and "Filling" and "Full" next to that
<Caltak> yes, dont you see?
<Chaos`^> yeah, I can eat the whole pack! Do it, I'm hungry
<Caltak> no thats not exactly what I meant...um but that works

<Caltak> hey Chaos you ever seen Dragonheart?
<Chaos`^> yup
Caltak> yeah you know that part with the sword in the mouth?
<Chaos`^> yeah
<Caltak> yeah just remember that
<Chaos`^> but... were taste so good!
<Caltak> hey human is pretty good too but Faline could kick the habit so can you

<Chaos`^> c'mon, they are so good and there's so many to go around, I just want a few, you can have the rest
<Caltak> yeah but it tends to lower morale when your leaders let a giant lizard eat half the pack ;P um, you should probably be discreet about it ;P
<Chaos`^> K, I'll lead them to a cave or something and tell them there's gold inside
Caltak> or maybe we can send them out to do things and they can "mysterously" vanish ;)
<Caltak> and chalk it up to crazy were-hating humans or something
<Caltak> you'd have to ask Rei to do it though, Faline cant be a part of the destruction of innocent sentients. OH I KNOW! THis is perfect and will help keep order too! Whenever someone doesnt listen, we send em to the dragon ;) hehehe

<Chaos`^> me and cal are discussing how to get me some were to eat
<Seraphina_Resc> eat Faline
<Caltak> naw Jane would get mad if he did that
<Seraphina_Resc> so.. eat her too
<Caltak> uhhhh thats so very wrong
<Caltak> Jane's his freaking daughter! :P
<Seraphina_Resc> I know
<Caltak> you're sick, you know that? :P
<Seraphina_Resc> yes

* Caltak shakes his head
<Caltak> I mean, eating people you dont know is one thing but... christ, man! ;P
<Charin> More nutrients
<Caltak> omg :P
<Charin> Its just keeping it in the family Cal. Making sure they live on inside you.
<Caltak> rofl..ok this si so very very wrong :P
<Seraphina_Resc> and you thought your conversations were bad :)

<Chaos`^> acording to sin I'm the most evil dm around
<Cora_Resc> No, There is a DM more Evil then Satan... I mean Chaos`^
<Seraphina_Resc> nobody out-evil's sparkie though
<Chaos`^> just because I made his sucubus sworn against sex a nymphomaniac and an asset to the goddess of fertility, doesn't mean I'm an evil dm!

<Charin> hmm, the pcs arrive at the local tavern and find everyone dead with the words scrawled in blood on the wall "The DM hath killed us!"
<Charin> The local cleric says a new disease, DMitis, has been going around and killing random people for no reason . .
* Natalia` is a victim of Dicebotectomy
* Charin could run that as an adventure . .
<Charin> The PCs arrive ,only to be told the DM is nowhere to be found .. "You must seek and destroy this foul being before he harms us some more!"
<Natalia`> he and his foul dicebot familiar"
<Natalia`> one person run the game, another DM it :)

<Marcus_Fenway> Cora, Seraphina: You are Travelling, having no real plans or goals at this moment in your lives your simply looking for a few days of rest (Mostly from each other) but you plan to stay 'together' (at least in the same city)

* Lia`^ sets in the prison curssing the paladin
<Lia`^> "Well, It's happened before, I can get out of it..."
<Marcus_Fenway> (¯( Lia`^, you have gotten out of being Frames for Killing hundereds of Clerics in a single act of cowerdice and villiy ?)¯)
<Lia`^> (( I've been arrested before ))

* Natalia` helps koby up onto the horse, setting him in front of her where she could easilly bite his neck... err, stabilize him
* Koby` , being in love, is blissfully unware of that fact
* Marcus_Fenway wonders if Alcar is going to have to make a new Character... it is a long ride :P

<Marcus_Fenway> Natalia rides the aging beast harder then it is capable and it gives out, but she covered nearly 2/3s of the distance in under a day.
* Koby` stops her before it gets that bad, being a ranger after all
* Natalia` resists the urges to drain the beast of it's blood
<Marcus_Fenway> The Beast is old, and it gives out anyway... but Koby finds his Cloak missing since he argued with the DM ¦¬þ
* Koby` gets a shovel out and buries it then
<Marcus_Fenway> Natalia Drinks Koby`s blood and pushes him into the grave he convieniently dug
<Koby`> lol

<Marcus_Fenway> Natalia`: After asking a couple locals, you locate the Inn entitled 'The Dwarven Kegger' (One of Urtho's Favioret Establisments) It is a 3 story Tavern with Several rooms in an Ajoining Building.
<Wesley_Heartblade> dwarven kegger...I like that..
<Marcus_Fenway> Tighax_Stronarm, your in a Booth in the corner, your a Regular and you Oftain take advantage of the 'Entertainment' Services the Tavern Provides
<Tighax_Stronarm> and what "entertainment" does the tavern provide
<Koby`> dwarven strippers who regale the dwarves by slowly and sensuously putting on more and more layers of clothing . . .

* Lia`^ paces in her cell waiting for her friends to break her out... wait.. they're dead... Damn that Damned Palidin of the Damned!

<Lia`^> Tighax, put a little scottich accent into your speach and you'll be the perfect dwarf
<Tighax_Stronarm> I don't wanna be perfect
<Lia`^> You're not

<Marcus_Fenway> So we have a group thats hunting Vampires and Paladins...
<Koby`> yup
<Marcus_Fenway> Does that make the group Neutral or Chaotic?
<Natalia`> both?
* Koby` did think the humting paladin would have raised some questions w/ the others tho
<Natalia`> it's not every day you see a sick woman and a kobald talking about killing paladins and vampires
<Koby`> Yup. You can kill them and I can miss with my bow to, uh, distract them. Great team :)
<Marcus_Fenway> The Kobold shoolts wildly whild the Sickly woman pokes them with a stick till they die

* Natalia` leaves the tavern/inn/restaurand/family fun place.. well.. maybe not the last one unless it's catering solely to he post pubescent males

* Wesley_Heartblade walks up to the guard, being sure that his holy symbol is clearly exposed on his chest
<Marcus_Fenway> Guard: "Sorry I am not permitted to Allow anyone inside"
<Wesley_Heartblade> "I am a representative of Corellon Larethian...why have these ladies been kept from entering the temple?"
<Marcus_Fenway> Guard: "Sorry no admitance"
* Wesley_Heartblade slips the Guard a platinum piece...
<Wesley_Heartblade> j/k
* Wesley_Heartblade shows the guard his fake Avatar of Corellon Larethian i.d.

* Koby` wants a detect Nimih spell :)
* Natalia` wants a slay nimih spell
<Cora_Resc> Locate Person
<Cora_Resc> Locate Person(Nimih) then Power Word: Kill
* Natalia` would actually rather have powerword: suffer for an eternity as coals burn through your stomach and ants eat your flesh while acid drips on your fingertips
<Koby`> and raise dead so you can do it again
<Natalia`> naw.... infinite cure light wounds... but modified to where it causes excriciating pain as well'

* Cora_Resc looks around and notes to herself that 4 of the 7 in this group are female
* Seraphina_Resc looks around and notes that 1 or two are above 5' tall

<Lia`^> "Wait, I had a journal"
<Lia`^> "They took it from me."
<Seraphina_Resc> "The paladin and cleric took the journal?"
<Lia`^> "No, it was taken as evidence."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Cora, will yo usee if you can get that?"
<Cora_Resc> "We will never see that Journal. The Local Buracricy is very slow at processing Evidence."
<Cora_Resc> "I am sure my Authority won't turn up that book now."
<Seraphina_Resc> "Pity."
<Stiltskin> "I could probubly get it, as long as your willing to not ask how i got it"

* Wesley_Heartblade offers his horse to lia
<Wesley_Heartblade> "you could ride with me m'lady if you would like"
* Wesley_Heartblade offers a hand to Lia
* Lia`^ smiles and takes the hand
<Lia`^> "How nice of you."
* Wesley_Heartblade helps Lia up to his horse
<Cora_Resc> (¯( Wesley_Heartblade, & Lia`^... New Love Interest? )¯)
<Wesley_Heartblade> give one person a ride, and everyone assumes you're married
* Wesley_Heartblade shakes his head

<Wesley_Heartblade> ok someone clear this up for me...we've got four female characters in the group...how many people in here are ACTUALLY female? I'm so confused, people playing two characters and talking about maps and buildings and prisons and temples..and...*catches breath*
<Natalia`> well.. I'm male and 2 females are me :)
<Natalia`> as to the other part.... hell, we just make it up as we go :)
<Wesley_Heartblade> ROFL
<Wesley_Heartblade> oh I knew I liked playing with this group for a reason
<Natalia`> you're insane?

<Garron> The innkeeper looks at Jarra as she talks, shocked "W - whhat are you?" Stares at Garron "Well? What is it?"
* Garron touches his throat and shakes his head
<Garron> Innkeeper: "She won't attack my throat?"
<Yol_Tura> "She's a tiger thing."
<Yol_Tura> "She's his wife."
<Garron> he looks at Garron, then at Jarra and back to Garron "No wonder you got a limp kid. Wow, you're brave .. " he misses the dark look Garron gives Yol Tura
* Yol_Tura doesn't even notice it's a dark look and think's garron saw something in his teeth
* Yol_Tura picks at his teeth

* Jarra , after discovering the weird things humans eat, was spending some time last night trying to place them on the food chain...she didnt come to any totaly decision, but you dont want to know where most of her guesses ended up

<Garron> He glares at the woman "Whens the last time people came here not fleeing the war, urcha?" *ignores her* "And I think the children would love stories, if you know any . ."
* Garron looks at Yol and shudders, thinking about his idea of a story
* Jarra has a story, its about these weird creatures who seem to have lost all their hair and eat strange things thats arent really edible and....oh wait, you wouldn't want to hear that one. :P

<Garron> End of session EXP - 180 each for rp :)
<Yol_Tura> 180!?
<Garron> uhmm, what level are you 2 right now?
<Yol_Tura> I'm level 1!
<Yol_Tura> Even I give out more exp!
<Garron> make that 280 :)
* Yol_Tura shakes his head sadly
<Yol_Tura> I spent three hours of my life doing this and all I got was 280 exp...
<Yol_Tura> I can't get those 3 hours back you know!

Garron> its not about exp, its about rp :p
<Yol_Tura> but exp is supposed to be the icing and you're icing needs more sugar!
<Yol_Tura> Bad icing ruins the cake
<paula-v> and bad cake ruing the icing
<Yol_Tura> We don't need your comments Paula

<Chaos`^> the squrell squeeks again
* Seraphina_Resc looks over at the squirrel
<Seraphina_Resc> "Yes?"
* Seraphina_Resc wonders if she is somehow trapped in a very bloody Disney film

<Chaos`^> a squirel hops over to you
* Seraphina_Resc looka at the squirrel, wondering if the DM would be evil enough to make it carnivorous
<Chaos`^> Thank you for clearing that up
* Seraphina_Resc looks at the DM and sighs, getting ready for combat

<Seraphina_Resc> "You aren't going to let go of me, are you."
<Chaos`^> the squirrel squeezes tighter
<Seraphina_Resc> "Alright..... I've got to go and see how long the others will be in the mine..... They're dwarves, noisy, crass, vulgar, well, you get the idea."
<Chaos`^> It squeeks back at you
<Seraphina_Resc> "If you want to come, don't say I didn't Warn you

<Chaos`^> you got your 20
<Seraphina_Resc> needed the ROLL to be 20
<Seraphina_Resc> not the modified roll :)
<Chaos`^> tell the bot that
<Seraphina_Resc> you try talking sense into sparkie's testivles

<Gaty`^> ha! You see your father's ring on the ground
* Seraphina_Resc 's jaw drops and she picks it up, dusting it off
<Seraphina_Resc> the ring, not her jaw

<Gaty`^> There is a path infront of you where no trees are, it looks like something tore them down ages ago, all that is left is decayed pieces that create the ground
* Seraphina_Resc figures that that's the easiest path, but dreads meeting the critter that did that
* Vestranda <Squirelly> preens, proud of his handiwork
* Seraphina_Resc travvells down the path, wary, watching for nasty evil, and especially hungry critters
* Vestranda <Squirelly> nibbles Seraphina's ear absently ...

<drizzt_> is it wrong to give a sword a +6 if it is vorpal?????
<Vestranda> Yes.
<Vestranda> unless its a sword of backbiting :)
<drizzt_> why
<Vestranda> cause its munchy?
<drizzt_> ok thanks.

<Vestranda> Blink dog is done :)
<Vestranda> Lassie is a blink dog who got stuck on this plane because a monster called the DM said so. "He" is is looking for allies against any Displacer Beasts cause Lassie isn't strong enough to fight then alone.
<Vestranda> Due to a massive self esteem problem, lass is also convinced he's female because "The gods cast him that way."
<Seraphina_Resc> you know Alcar
<Seraphina_Resc> the sad part about that is it's completely normal for you
<Seraphina_Resc> :)

<Seraphina_Resc> who we missing Jer?
<Jeramias> Bali
<Jeramias> I think that I'm gonna play some playstation for a while :)
<Chaos`^> C'mon jer, let's just start now ;-)
<Jeramias> You really want to start NOW? I just spent 45 seconds hooking up my Playstation! :)

<Jeramias> As you continue, the air continues to get thicker, its almost unbarable. The trees are really thikc too
<Jeramias> You see nothing unusual save for the [insert worst nightmare]
<Vestranda> We already met Barney. Nice try buster :p
<Krysylyn> ((NO!!!! THey're contesting the elections again!!!!))
<Vestranda> (( Cant they just give it up?! ))
<Krysylyn> ((heh.... that's the worst nightmare :P))
<Salem_> (nooo bush is president.. no wait thats real.. AAAAAAHHHHH))

* Gaty`^ climbs up after Krysylyn
* Krysylyn hopes the view above him doesn't distract him too much.... Tend to forget my attire ;)
* Gaty`^ looks to see how much higher have to go....
* Gaty`^ coughs
* Gaty`^ almost loses his grip but catches himself
Krysylyn wonders if he should roll for that.. will savve and a dex save :) ))

<Jeramias> You have a suden urdge to run and jump off the tree. Will check :)
* Vestranda runs out of the hole and leaps out of the tree . . .
<Vestranda> Can I reach for branches to slow my fall?
<Jeramias> Roll a splatter check :)

<Gaty`^> dm us so we can get quotes!

<Jeramias> What ARE you wearing?
<Krysylyn> a long heavy leather skirt and heavy leather shirt
<Jeramias> From underneath? ;)
* Krysylyn won't go there
<Krysylyn> if you must know..... well... have you ever been in a victoria's secrets?
<Jeramias> No :P
<Jeramias> And honestly, no I havn't
<Jeramias> but I can imagine. In fact, I think I'll take a moment and do just that

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