unknown armiescharming graphic
faces in the dark


Reading between lies
and lines, peeling back flesh
with knives of blooded ivory

amazons sing victory songs
in hoarse voices their hair neanderthal
in the pale song of dying fireflies
but without man they die as well
the party begun at dawn
peters out when the sun sets
autumn trees bleeding in indifferent light

You can contact Alcar via e-mail or at #Game1 channel on the mirc server irc.esper.net

Other means of contact, unfortunately, cannot be provided since Alcar is really not a human being at all and the servant/slave of an ultradimensional entity masquerading as a fire elemental to feed on the despair of the unwary. We apologize for the inconvenience.


All links open in another window, fyi.

We begin with the Altas Games Uknown Armies site. You can buy the game from there.

As well, there is a creator-run site, unkown-armies.com which has oodles of weird and strange things in it.


27/03/04: The site begins. Slowly.
29/03/04: Added teachers and class schedule for the school.
01/04/04: Added business and NPCs to the settings page. If your PC is new, he probably won't know as much.
04/04/04: The world came to an end. Or, addded MORE NPCs ot the settings page, plus info on the police.
12/04/04: Updated sessions, quotes, and PCs. Whew.
18/04/04: Updated sessions and quotes. Session one tomorrow.

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