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Campaign Sessions

Steel girders and scrapers dot the landscape
Modern mountains, Atlas regurgitated.
The sky is not falling.
The magic was bulldozed down; children gape
At television, and computer screens,
Idols of a new age that leaves wonder unsatiated.
Somewhere, a voice. Pleading. Calling.
Things mean more than they seem.

Pre-campaign quotes are up, fyi.

Pre-Session 1: Lending Books (Apr 10, 04) (Quotes)
Mac teaches his first English class, and lends a dictionary to Sara, who won't give it back until they have sex.

Pre-Session 2: Welcome To Centennial High (Apr 11, 04) (Quotes)
Dawson plans a party, meets the principal, reads graffiti & meets NPCs.

Pre-Session 3: Boo! (Apr 11, 04) (Quotes)
Hugh helps old Mrs. Colgate out with a ghost problem she says isn't the water pipes, this time.

Pre-Session 4: Party planning(Apr 12, 04) (Quotes)
Dawson plans his party and has a nice, normal day at school.

Pre-Session 5: 'The dog is the only animal that has seen his god' (Apr 12, 04) (Quotes)
Dawson has a nice, relaxing evening at home. Really. Well, except for the dogs and the corpse that wasn't.

Pre-Session 6: People who say truth is stranger than fiction don't read the write books or walls (Apr ?, 04) (Quotes)
Alex and Dawson eat at the Bright Spot, which isn't very bright, and exchange stories somewhat. Alexander is stil suspicious of Dawsons Boy Scout image, but does need someone to unburden on. They go to school, see the latest in weird graffiti, and Alex accuses Principal Shorbeck of having written it in a dazzling display of stupidity that leads to Dawson setting up a work crew to remove it all.

Session 1:It's my party and I'll die if I want to(April 19th, 2004)(Quotes)
die if I want to, die if I want to
You would die too if it happened to you

What truths do walls conceal?
Golden boys have too far to fall.
Parties guarded by words and seals
Listen to the sound of a brother howl
Walls keep in and wall keeps out
Circles drawn of blood and salt
Listen to the rhythm of heartbeat, bullets, shouts
So long a road to Heaven, so fast a way to Hell?
What will be remembered
By screaming crowds as they flee
Claws of the tiger sunder, render
When madness comes what can you see?
Reason dies, the mind has failed you
Blood spills and blood compels
What is a lie, what is true
Answer. The silence, of the yell.
All is silent. All is silent here
The dead gone on,
The undead to their doom, wyrd,
And the living go on.
Beyond the pale, beyond the moon
Magick dances while mortals grieve
Black-eyed kids laugh - the game over soon
What is left to believe?

Session 1.1: Home is where your heart gets ripped out (Apr 20, 04) (Quotes)
Dawson goes home from driving Hugh home and has a chat with security, who are busy torturing people and don't tell him much at all, nor why he's living in what amounts to a prison.

Session 1.2: "Power proceeds from the barrel of a gun." (Apr 23, 04) (Quotes)
Dawson has a morning. He gets to talk to the Evil Butler, The Evil County Official, and listen to the Evil Security officer consider the murder of said official, and the sherrif.

Session 2: "Sometimes truth defies reason." (May 3, 2004) (Quotes)
“Why won’t my brother leave his room?” wondered The Girl With No Hole In Her Head.
“Ha ha!” said the Pumpkin, as it crucified the dog.
“My house doesn’t have a third floor,” said The Rich Boy.
“Don’t shoot guns in the house. They will ruin my soufflé” never said the Cook who could have.
“The mind is a terrible thing to have oozing out your ears,” said The Boy Who Heard Too Much
“Why won’t it go away?” wondered the Boy Who Couldn’t Die as the faucets flowed with beer.
“Melt down crosses,” said the Dog Catcher.
“Show Me Videos,” said The Bureaucrat.
“The truth can be silenced by my gun,” said The Security Chief With The Dead Eyes.
“What were you drinking?” said Pa.
“Sometimes death is better,” said The Man Who Saw Too Much
“If he dies, you do too,” said the Beloved English Teacher to the Police Detective.
“What, me worry?” said The Tiger, claws sheathed.
“The children are coming,” said the voice no one could hear, and it was filled with fear.
“How are people born?” never said The Black-Eyed Boy, but he was heard anyway.
“I want to see the dead dog,” said the English Teacher
“I concur, the dog must die,” said the Golden Boy, so polite and kind, as the future unveiled before him for ten dollars.
“I’ll have 3,” said his sweetie, holding up her stuffed panda.

Session 2.1: "Powerlessness and silence go together" (Quotes)
Dear Diary,
I almost imagined myself as Mulder, during the past year. The memories, the dreams. What they did to us. No one else wants to remember. Even I don't, but I do. They hurt us. They weren't good, or kind, or wise. They were evil. And aliens.
Tonight I wanted to get a book. Honestly, I doubted any small-town library would be open after 9pm but I had to get out of the house. Hugh was there, which surprised me. I guess it shouldn't have. He must like the quiet.
That's what I thought until the kids came. The olive-skinned one with the smile that was like Theirs, and the scared one who reminded me of myself, in my dreams. And their eyes. Just - black. Not human. The aliens had blue ones. They had black. Maybe they were abducted, I thought, and then the first one hurt me.
I'm not sure how, anymore. It's all confusing. But I'm sure I felt something at my baptism. But I don't know. It was scary. Hugh seemed to know them, and wanted me to leave, but I was too afraid to. Afraid for him. I know the alien. He could have been hurt.
Then he took his glasses off. It hurt, but it made sense. All those strange things he said. He'd been in me, like THEM. If - if the first boy hadn't hurt him, I might have - I don't know. Tried to. I thought he could be a friend.
I'm writing this in my head, of course. The bookcase I was leaning on isn't there anymore, and the air feels all weird, and tingly. But I've seen worse. I have to remind myself of that, when the boy gets up off the spikes that ripped through his body, and keeps making that horrible whistling.
We had a dog, before They came. Something in the shadows reminds me of what They did to Roxie. The light got rid of it, but I'm still afraid. Even when he just dissolves into shadows, I'm still afraid. I feel like Scully. I feel normal, and I don't like it anymore. I don't get this. He's just getting all thin, and he looks so .... so hurt.
It - it reminds me of when dad threw her over the balcony, when They came. They were brothers. Maybe more. I beg Hugh to help, to prove he's human, because I can't move. He follows the second boy outside.
I have to stop myself, from running for a back way. It looks like nothing happened anymore. But I said I wanted answers. And I'm going to get them. God help me.
Love, Meg.

Session 2.2: Love is a promise delivered allready broken... (Quotes)
Hugh discovers Boy #1 is not, in fact, dead and tries to understand him better via Boy #2 as Megan asks questions, listens, and offers up advice. They leave the library to find a decent meal for Boy #2, preferably old.

Session 3: "To sing, to laugh, to dream, To walk in my own way and be alone, Free, with an eye to see things as they are." (May 17, 2004)(Quotes)
Queen of the crazy people she was called, once. She remembers it, even through the drink.
And so, for stupidity, for the dead, and the skeins of fate that never hold, veils part. The boy, the girl. Oldest story ever told.
But he may move, or die, they’ll both grow old, and bind each other, controlling, fighting. Need, total need - for it one would do ... anything? What, then, for love?
Now there is AIDS, and divorce, and alimony. No prophet will tell the true future. The comforting lie, she maintains, in whiskey-laden breath. That is what we want.
All of us. And so...
     "Wolfsbane not enough, the dog will bark
     Warning unheard, sight unseen in the dark.
     The lure of stuff, the need unsated,
     What magic word is there to free the fated?
     And soon or late, it all comes down to blood,
     And in the very end, when there is no bud, no bud, {She had a budsweiser :p}
     Who will be left to sat the needs of power.
     It comes down to friends, at the final hour."
Life is a poem. The truth cannot be simple, or easy, or it may not come
to pass.

The dog is dead, the mortician speaks the truth with relish, the hunger of unknown things in his fluorescent bright place, where he is master.
The dead call out, alone, stones or tears, but no one answers.
The school is not empty, not free. The unslept walks, armed with righteousness.

The girl, the boy, the other. The next oldest of all stories. Cain, ah, Cain. Your mother was so pure.
All the allegories, all the tales. Abel got her first. Lust the third story, that you died for
for you loved them all.
And so. He tries, with honeyed words, but is rebuffed with coldness, ice.
Even the Other, the woman any can have, rebuffs, speaking truths hidden behind laughter.
For there is giving, and taking, and the woman can give, and the main is slave to needs, desires, desperate biology designed by teenagers. There is no placebo, for this. It is the man who is the slave.
The do howls, choosing victims, listening to voices, speaking the first tongue when there were no voices.
The sleeping girl in the tree awakens, eyes bright and lonely. There is Mystery, she says, but she is not memory, does not remember.
it's a long long road, it's a big big world

The boy eats his fill, of memory, of place, content, forgetting his death coming with the next dusk.
The walk to the hill quiet, save for offers made, rebuffed, understood.
The eye that is clear sees deeper, further. Love hurts, to surrender to it harder.
The aliens are cats, the armed man thinks, wondering what is behind glasses.
The other, madder than a hatter, believing she is alien, hearing the song of Azathoth, some would say.
The aliens are all around us, she says, but she is the final weapon, the deliverer of mankind,
and offers up a psychiatrist, for the alien to learn if he was abducted.
And the night passes.
And a new day is born from the ashes.  

Session 3.1: Aluminium has many properties, including being double-named, and thus protected as all the twice born are. - Marcie Dollins (Quotes)
Hugh gets accused of being a servant for insectoid-aliens while trying to prevent fireflies ("surveillance probes") from being bug-sprayed to death by a lunatic. She attacks him,and cuts Boy #2, but Detective Lance Christensen, who had come tos e if there were aliens, and get a handle on the PETA nuts, intervened. Which was good. Then he asked Hugh and Boy #2 for standard questions, like name and addresss, but Boy #2 drew something on a legal pad and he let them go.

The aliens may be a million years ahead of us in technology, but they are still using physical forces which can be understood and controlled. They must be using some kind of directed electro-magnetic energy, and any kind of electro-magnetic energy can be blocked or jammed. I made my point.
- Michael Menkin, on the use of tin hats to stop aliens

Session 3.2: Curiousity kills more mice than cats (Quotes)
Hugh helps Marc and makes a deal with the police; Billy offends Jenny and talks to a demon.

Session 3.3: "I have disected thousands of corpses, but never once found a soul." (Quotes)
Hugh takes Boy #2 out to get him a soul and terrorizes the Unitarian priest before being directed to some wiccans. A nice, normal Sunday afternoon.

Session 3.4: "There is not enough magic in a bloodline to forge an instant, irrevocable bond." (May 31, 2004) (Quotes)
The witches tell Hugh that they lack the magic to find souls, but can possibly bind boy #1 for a time, Hugh sets boy #2 up on a date, and the coven directs him to a strange homeless shelter in search of a man named Charlie. He doesn't find Charlie, but he does meet Jillian and Boy #2 realizes where his brother will appear and gives Hugh some of his power sort of by accident.

Session 4: "A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others." (May 31, 2004) (Quotes)
Channel 3, 10pm: Unknown Armies - Faces in the Dark.
A new episode starring ... Caltak, as Hubert Brown - who is more than he appears; Chaos`^ as Bill Flan - or is he?.
Guest starring: Boy #1 as himself!; Boy #2 as himself, if you don't mind; assorted sundry special effects and Arvril Lavigne as Jane Crow.
In this episode, Boy #1 returns for revenge and has brought along shadow creatures, but is insane. Billy realizes that Boy #1 may have answers, but the demon sent him here to die (demons are like that) and leaves. Hugh takes boy #1 and #2 to the witches and Billy tries to make peace with Jane.
Trivia: Marc was going to be this session, but he's terrified of being on camera. Or off it. Or being on a set. Or having lots of people look at him expecting hikm to say something.

Next episode: Do the other actors return to the show? What is the real meaning behind their strange disappearance? Tune in Monday, June 14th for answers!

Session 4.1: "Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?" (June 4, 2004) (Quotes)
Hugh confronts the Bitch Witch, who tells them all to go outside. Boy #1 speaks insanity and had shadow-creatures attack everyone, one of them cutting - and going into - boy #2. The witches use a flashlightr, work spells, and throw a book at him, and Hugh manages to smash him up a bit and tie him up with a jacket, leaving him at the witches until tomorrow.

Session 4.2: "A place where there isn't any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place Toto? There must be. It's not a place you can get to by a boat or a train. It's far, far away. Behind the moon, beyond the rain." (June 14, 2004) (Quotes)
Lance talks to Hugh when he returns home nad hugh discovers that boy #1 is missing fromthe witches.

Session 5: "We never really rise above our high-school days. We just repress them. Who we are never truthfully changes. A homecoming queen in high school will always be a homecoming queen. And a misfit will always be a misfit." " (June 21, 2004) (Quotes)
Billy manages to not get kicked out of home by pure luck when his Catholoic mother finds a naked grl in his bed. He attempts to get Jane to go to school, but she ditches at the end of the day, disgusted.
Mac misses Sunday (literally; can't remember it) and gets drawn into an ethical problem at school.
Hugh hears some weird thoughts, has another odd conversation with Marc, and heads out with boy #2 to talk to Charlie after eating a free pie from his neighbour..

Session 5.1: "The remarkable thing is not what a talking dog says ... but that it speaks at all." (June 25, 2004) (Quotes)
Dawson goes home and finds that parts of his home aren't his home anymore and that there are voices in a place made of glass and butterfly wings....
The voices sound yonug ... grade 6? 7? you're not sure. A few of them, male and female, very quiet, but somehow loud at the same time, deep ad while, like angels being flogged and loving every minute...
      "Listen to the sounds they make
      Listen to the silence break
      The children are coming
      The children, the children,
      The children are coming."
Add security guards with guns and black dogs not named Alex and you get fun, UA-style. Racheting up them madness checks...

Session 5.2: "It is a hard thing to speak the truth. It is difficult to make hidden forces appear." (June 29, 2004) (Quotes)
Boy #2 sees into his past in an attempt to get a soul as darkness tries to eat the Shaman and, in the end, Hugh eats some more pie which isn't poisoned. Really. Mrs. Colgate is a nice, friendly neighbour.

Then is it necessary to wander unprotected through the land?
It is necessary to distinguish the chalk circle from the stone wall.
Is it necessary to live without a home?
it is necessary to distinguish physics from metaphysics.
Yet many of the principles are the same.
They are, but in the cities of the interior all things are changed.
A wall for the body, a circle for the soul.
- Jeanette Winterson, "Oranges are not the only fruit."

Session 6: "The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape." (July 5, 2004) (Quotes)
The prices of friendship, the things ine is willing to give are never the ones sought.
Helping requires those needing help. To raise another up, you must be taller.
Clowns, and live chickens. Greasepaint, blood, feathers. Laugh now, will you?
The breaking of a mothers heart, words of rage and fury, love turned tough.
Go too far, and there is no coming back, no way home. Nothing.

The aliens come, in radio music and static, the search for subjects confused.
The mundane evil, the social worker, bureaucracy given breath, life, terrible power.
To her questions, there is only eyes like obsidian, and silence.

Session 7: "Life is a journey, not a guided tour." (July 12, 2004) (Quotes)
Hugh gets the social worker from Hell to leave and goes to visit Charlie, heading into a kind of astral space naked with an old man and a boy, and watching the old man stab the boy in the heart.
As Billy runs away from home, his sister attempts to stop him and tries to make him realize that his believe that he's an ancient Egyptian Pharoh is MPD, not reality. Jane turns into a crow to prove magick to Jill, who subsequently tries to stop Billy by yelling that he raped her.
Billy gets to spend a horrible night in jail, having added yet another level of fear to the town. He's taken to see Dr. Amanda Townsend, a psychiatrist, by Lance Christensen, who draws strange things on his car, and agres to let Billy rent a suite of his home for free.

Session 7.1: " As our eyes grow accustomed to sight, they armour themselves against wonder." (July 15, 2004) (Quotes)
Dawon deals with a dead dog, talks to Karl, and goes to school and tried to talk to Marc.

Session 8: "I'm not going for insanity. It just kind of... came along for the ride." - Billy Flan (July 19, 2004) (Quotes)
Billy finds out he is being cleared of rape charges if he sees a shrink daily for awhile. For some reason, she thinks he's insane. Lance is letting him stay at his home until everything blows over, if it ever will.

Session 8.1: "If you have the guts to be yourself, other people'll pay your price." (July 25, 2004) (Quotes)
Dawson tries to continue to talk with Marc, and manages to before RL gets ahold of his player.

Session 9: "It is always so? Must we always find our truths in blood?" (July 26, 2004) (Quotes)
Seeking subjects, the destroyer of appliances offers coupons. Curious,
by a lack of fear, it administers tests, patient and kind.
The breaking of hands healed, not by a kiss
but by spit, and a journey to see the meaning of the cosmos
in a game of pool.
                          The memory somehow real,
changing what was, making something scary
into something terrifying.
Names are offered up, sacrifices
on the altar of fear and terror:
was it worth the price?
Darkness retreats before something
it fears; light, or deeper darkness,
no one knows.

Session 10: "What monstrosities would walk the streets were some people's faces as unfinished as their minds." (August 2, 2004) (Quotes)
Hubert goes to school and ends up in the nurses office which he leaves with Marc after confusing the nurse and they spend second period getting into the abandoned third floor of the school to destroy the voices of ghostly children only to encounter and kill a dog that turned out to be a small girl. They now get to explain this to the police, and the princpal.
Jane plays pool far too well and explains to Billy that she plans to kill God and leaves him when he ponders the idea that the town is attracting people for some reason.

Session 11: "Madness is confusion of levels of fact...Madness is not seeing visions but confusing levels." (August 10, 2004) (Quotes)
Hugh leads Officer Holmes up the stairs, and into a city made of glass, and butterfly wings. A dog entes, and is destroyed, and something mae of glass razor blades and unafraid of whatever is in Marc's head tries to prevent them from leaving. Hugh manages it, finds Lance, and they get the other two out. Lance tells them to go home, and he'll see them shortly.
Billy and Jane talk with another bum speaking Egyptian, who tells Billy about the "roscommons house" and a terrible danger caused by it. Jillian tells them that only one who cannot die can heal it, and gives them a ritual.

Session 12: "Until a man has truly seen the world, how can he hope to change it?" (August 23, 2004) (Quotes)
Hugh talks with Marc and Own and Lance, and plans to head to the school to deal with the room.
Billy enacts the ritual successfully *gasp* and finds Alex, and is attacked by a giant dog who won't die, but scares it off by burning its face with his hand.

Session 13: "Fear is stronger than love." (August 30, 2004) (Quotes)

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