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Player Characters

Sometimes it seems that we
are haunted houses, posessed by ghosts
and dreams of people we might have been
or one day were and thought forgotten.
I wonder what possesses you, what you see
In the mirror, what ones know you the most
of all those who haunt you, unbegotten

George Bailey
Played by JacobRiis


Looks a lot like Jimmy Stewart. Well-dressed, good-looking.

Hubert ("Hugh") Brown
Played by Caltak

Hugh seems to be 18 or 19. He has a strange quality about him, but isn't ugly. The size of his head seems just on the larger edge of normal, and he has pale blonde hair, that almost seems to be thinning. His eyes are hidden behind mirrored sunglasses that he wears all the time, even at night. He's dressed in all black, but what he's wearing is nothing special otherwise, and it looks pretty worn.

Dawson Dieffenbach
Played by FirestormZero


With a combination of soft angelic feautures, and a rugged masculine physique, Dawson is described by girls as dreamy, and even most guys can tell he's pretty handsome. He's about average height, at 5'9", and has the body of a soccer player. His eyes are a Scottish green, and his hair a German blonde. He is toned, not brawny, and has that Nebraska tan that makes him fit in with the country boys.

Mac Duckhorn
Played by Gemm


Mac is about 5’7” and has dark curly hair. He wears glasses, but not thick coke bottle ones, and as well usually wears very casual outfits (t-shirt and cargo pants some times, button down shirt with jeans other days, etc).

Malten Eres Höllenbrut
Played by WarezBert


Malten is a sullen tall black haired green eyed skinny kid wearing a worn and used trenchcoat. he keeps floppies in one of the pockets, and smells of sulphur, probably from chemistry class.....

Non-Player Characters

Alexander Anderson
Played by Alcar


Alexdaner is a tall kid with the build of a runner and looks to be about 17. He has long brown hair, eyes the colour of bitter chocolate, a goatee, and is wearing some blue jeans and a black t-shirt. He has a tattoo of a butterfly on his upper left arm and wears a small golden cross visibly around his neck.


As all PCs are in grades 11-12, they use the same schedule. Yay!
CharacterPeriod 1Period 2Period 3Period 4
AlexanderPoliticsEnglishComm TechWork Study
DawsonComm TechEnglishPoliticsChemistry
HubertArtComputersComm TechChemistry

What You Know About Each Other

Just a quick point-form list of things others would known about your PC prior to the first session.

Alexander Anderson

- Moved here a month ago with his father George (who bartends part-time at O'Malleys Bar)
- Was called to the principals office twice in his first week for having a knife on him.
- Seldom ever backs down from fights, but doesn't go looking for them. He'll help those who can't help theselves.
- Something about the intensity of his stare tends to creep people out a little.

Hubert ("Hugh") Brown

- He's lived here in town almost all his life with his foster mother (Esmerelda Brown).
- Esmerelda (foster mother) died of a "heart attack" one night under a year ago in her back yard, but rumor has it that it didn't seem totally natural...
- Gets good grades, but has been accused of cheating on quizzes/tests on several occasions. He usually gets out of it, though.
- Has no known friends. Goes out of his way to avoid others most times, and doesn't really talk with anyone. Doesn't initate conversations.
- Is really creepy. It's been said by people who have talked to him that he seemed to know things about them he shouldn't have known, or answered questions before they were asked.
- Works at the town library, and doesn't seem to mind or find it brain-numbingly boring.

Dawson Dieffenbach

- Always seen with girls. A different one each time. More than one sometimes. His conquests are quite legendary.
- Lives alone at the largest house in town, throws large parties inviting a large mix of people. Many would KILL for an invite.
- Friends with almost all of the groups at school, he even burned some of his underground CDs for the goths, donated some old computer stuff to computer club, and drinks the football team under the table.

Mac Duckhorn

- He's your English teacher.
- Comes from a town outside of Pennsylvania.
- Mostly everyone in the school and town love having him around and are practically best friends with him.

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