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Centennial High

I see anger, fear in disguise
Fears a cover for tears
Tears a cover for fear
Laughter hiding sorrow after
Mirrors speak and none here
Invisible doors made visible

school face

Centennial High is a large 3 storey school that serves Millhaven and the surrounding area. Bequeathed to the town by Emily Hart in 1882, the school was originally slated to be a warehouse but that fell through. In 1900 the third storey was added and the second completed during the towns boom. The third storey has been closed since 1904 and is off limits to the student body.

The school currently houses 401 students in grades 9-12. Most classes consist of grades 9-10 in one, and 11-12 in another for each subject. Subjects runs on a semester system (4 classes a semester, 2 a year. Sept-Jan, Feb-June.). The school opens at 8am for students who want to get a cheap breakfast at the cafeteria.

Schedule of Classes For Semester Two

Grades 9 - 10Grades 11 - 12
(8:30am - 8:55am)
With Period 1 (or 3) prof or in the cafeteria
Period 1
(9am - 10:30am)
EnglishGymBiologyTypingWoodshopComm Tech.HistoryArtPoliticsFamily Studies
Period 2
(10:40 am - 12pm)
GeographyComm. Tech.HistoryDramaPhotography EnglishGymChemistryComputersWork Study
(12pm - 1 pm)
Period 3
(1:10pm - 2:20pm)
EnglishGymBiologyTypingWoodshopComm Tech.HistoryArtPoliticsFamily Studies
Period 4
(2:30pm - 4pm)
GeographyComm. Tech.HistoryDramaPhotography EnglishGymChemistryComputersWork Study
Busses Leave at 4:15

Every other week the 3 and 4 and 1 and 2 classes change. So one week classes run 1,2,lunch,3,4 and the next 3,4,lunch,1,2. This is ostensibly to make up for the 10 minutes missing in the 2nd period classes, but in reality is done to confuse students and get them prepared for the illogicity of the real world.


Ms. Janice Millar teaches the Sciences (bio and chem).
Mr. Greg Kingsley teaches Comm Tech and Typing (the latter by just going in, giving out assignments, and checking in every 10 minutes).
Mrs. Marsha Willimans teaches Geography and Politics
Mac Duckhorn teaches English, grades 11-12.
Mr. Eric O'Rye is retiring from English and helping Mac get his legs on the ground. Currently teaching the 9-10s.
Ms. Natalie Taylor teaches Art and Photography
Mr. Black Decker teaches Woodshop and Work Study
Mrs. Janet Jolson teaches History.
Mrs. Gail Peters teaches Family Studies and Drama
Mr. Jeff Kidball and Mrs. Marge Taylor teach Gym and are permanent part-time, more or less. (Jeff can't teach the girls due to a court order.)
And, finally, vice-principal Mr. Christopher Skinner teaches Computers. He also helps out with typing.
The principal, Martin Shorbeck, runs the school on a day-to-day basis and serves as a substitute teacher if needed.
The Janitor is <Keith's PC>

Map of the 1st floor

school map

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