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The Town of Millhaven

Grsss and concrete, rock and stone
Despite our wishes we're never alone
Ley lines, stop signs (land mines?)
Starlit night, traffic lights, postcard sights
Things forgotten lie in wait
Small towns, they say, breed polite hate
“High school is a time of growth and change for young men and women. By the time you leave these halls you’ll he embarking on a journey through life. This is one of the sign posts. Some people enjoy their high school years, others remember them with fear and loathing. We encourage you all to participate in school events, make friends, and ensure that you all return in 20 years and do Centennial High proud of your school and of each other. Welcome to grade nine, and I look forward to seeing you all during the next four years. Now, introduce yourself to everyone around you. Shake hands, don’t be shy. Vice Principal Skinner will explain how the class schedule works and introduce you to your teachers.”
- Principal Shorbeck's speech to new students

The town of Millhaven is a small town in Custer County, Nebrasksa, ten miles northwest of Broken Row. It’s largely dying since the train stopped running through it and the bus only passed through once a week most of the time. It’s considered rather out of the way and, aside from some historic landmarks no one visits, is pretty much considered a modern ghost town in the making and people generally only transfer or move here if they’re on the run, desperate, pr were lied to by a real estate agent who should be out selling land mine detectors worn on the feet in Cambodia.

Besides a rather lackluster downtown street, the town boasts a Starbucks, Millhaven Elementary and Centennial High. The only fast food joint is a rather decrepit McDonalds and the towns largest employer is McCoy-Abel Industries, a food processing plant bought by the millionaire Alex Able but left in the hands of the founding family of Millhaven for management purposes. At least half the town works there, the rest running subsidized farms or small businesses or living off of government largesse.


locationThe town of Millhaven was founded by Edgar McCoy back in 1865 based on a short lived coal mine in the region he town managed to survive the years since with forestry (now government land and protected), a short lived gold mine that gave the town a population explosion in 1900 that lasted two years and the town just went downhill from there, pretty much. The railroad doesn’t pass through anymore, buses rarely do, and tourists only end up here if they are lost or seeking the exact middle of the town, a small plaque in the town hall that is the geographic centre of Nebraska (Longitude: 99° 51.7'W Latitude: 41° 31.5'N).

The McCoy family came into money in 1910 and founded McCoy processing, a food processing plant that kept most of the town employed, even during the Depression. Not that they’ve been lucky, of course. Most of the family tend to die young, and a lot of money was went dot-bust two years back, so they were bought out by Alex Abel, the millionaire. At least he lets them run it, so he can’t be that bad, even if he is black.

Town Map

town map

Local Businesses

A quick list of the more well-known/popular/local/long-lived businesses in Millhaven. Where the title doesn't make it immediately apparent I've added what the business s in brackets.

AAA Computers
The local computer repair company, run by Kyle Kingsley, the son of Greg Kingsley (the Comm. Tech. teacher). He's uber-shy, but very, very good.

A-1 Escort Services
What? It does exist. Of course, it consists of Amy Vanderfield and her daughter Rebecca and everyone knows that, but at least they're discreet. And have a part ownership in Millhaven Apartments. They are looking for a bisexual male to join the firm.

Bailey Savings And Loan
A savings and loan company known for being a lot cheaper than the bank. Mostly family-run.

The Golden Apple (Pub)
A large pub south of McCoy-Abel Inc. (about a 20 minute walk from school). This is where the students spawn (err, congregate). Large stage, bands every night, karaoke Tuesdays, Open Mike night Sundays.

1st Bank of Millhaven
The only bank in town, really. It's run by Mr. Henry F. Potter, and he's rather infamous as the local scrooge. He hates the Baileys and their better loans with a passion. He's widely feared and the F is considered to stand for "Fuck you". Some day he's the reason the McCoys had to sell out to Alex Abel. His son Harry is almost as bad and people mentioning Rowling even obliquely tend to have loans turned down faster than seems possible.

Gower Drugs
The local drug store, run by Mr. Gower. He's a nice, kind man who always listens to problems and gives Seniors discounts. Also the local comic book shop and just up the road from Centennial High.

Hemp Clothing Co.
A local clothing company, widely known as a source for drugs (thouhg they keep none there). It's run by fundamentalist Rastafarians (specifically Bongo, his wife Kali, and their daughter Samantha).

The Lying Truth (bookstore)
Local occult book store run by Matt Roman, who claims his brother Maxwell didn't just disappear 10 years ago.

Martinis (bar)
A local bar, made possible by loans from Bailey S&L. It's more a bar/restaurant and has a big screen TV for local sporting events. Their pasta night on Tuesdays is famous.

McCoy-Abel Inc.
The local big employer and food processing company. It's currently managed by Adam McCoy.

Millhaven Cinema
The local movie theatre, it was mostly run down and dying until the Baileys agrees to buy it as part of a loan payment and turned it over to Akram Kandiyoti, a Muslim businessman who turned it around. He's made it into a movie theatre than serves real meals, and you can have a pint of beer while watching movies. They don't show too many new releases unless they're sure it will be popular and like to show older movies.

Millhaven Video
A local video store. Wide range of films, old and new. DVDs as well. The owner, Barry Gable, puts Canadian and Israeli films under American as a private joke. Quebec ones go under foreign, naturally.

Moore & Sons
Law firm, currently run by Mathew Moore since his father Nathan has mostly retired. Known for honest and integrity.

The Moore Group
Another law firm, run by Randall Moor (the brother of Nathan), and his wife Emily. They do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Movie Gallery
The other video store. Not as wide a selection, and mostly newer movies.

O'Malley's Bar
Loca bar run by Shawn O'Malley and his wife Emma. They play oldies music and are mostly a quiet hangout for parents after work. Anyone 25 or younger is carded and it's a non-smoking environment.

Richardson Auto Parts
The local mechanics. Trustworthy, reliable, fair priced. They've put all the Big Brand companies in Millhaven out of business overtime. Run by Vincent and his father Charlie.

St. Mary's Catholic Church
The local Catholic Church. Services held every Sunday, 9am-11am. Father Michael Zellman runs it. The congregation is mostly older people.

Unitarian Church
The local all-inclusive church. Nice, and kind. Everyone welcome. The pastor "Call me teacher" is David Brown, a former Satanist who is reformed. Whatever that means.

Young Training
Management training seminars run by Connie Young. Ever since an incident last year involving real guns instead of paint ball, she's had clients (and lawyers) practically beating down the door.


NPCs in bold are local. Those not are just relatives who may (or may not) show up. Companies are in italics.

Marian Adams (60), town Librarian
A kind old lady who runs the town library. Since the Centennial High one is much nicer, it's rarely used and quiet, which is how she likes it. She likes the quiet a lot. Loud, obnoxious people are frowned upon. She does like Hugh, however. He's polite, and quiet. She doesn't approve of his clothing, but that's to be expected.

George Anderson, (34) Father to Alexander
His dad married very early to an older woman, but they loved each other and got along very well. With her death he's been slipping down a downward spiral he can't seem to stop. (He left his old business hecause his heart wasn't in it anymore.) He's been drinking a lot, finding it dulls the pain, but refuses to drive while drunk, so has that much pride left. He's only alive for his son, and he doesn't even understand the boy much anymore ... he'd like to try, but he's seen the look on Alexanders face when he drinks and can't respond to it.

Danny & Maragaret Banks (6), twins.
Two kids being raised by their grandparents, Theo (60 and Lisa (58). Mom and Dad died when they were really little and they don't remember them much, or Uncle Christian, whom they've never met.

Jerry Bellows (51), factory worker at McCoy-Abel
Reads a lot, regular at the local library and a source of trivia.

Bill Blake (35), city worker (road crew)
Nice, normal father. His wife, Rhonda, runs a business consulting course from home. a regular at O’Malleys Bar.

Eric "stinky" Boohoon, (15), Junior high school kid
A weird D&D player with the personal hygiene of a street bum. His only real friend is Jack Carter, a kid noted for his pumpkin-sized head.

Erica Brookes (33), Kevin Brookes 2nd wife.

Mr. Kevin Brookes (43), financial planner for 1st Bank of Millhaven

Esmerelda Brown, Deceased
Age unknown, but she's looked rather old as far as anyone can remember. She was essentially the town witch, but only the children ever said that outloud. To Hugh, she was his kind and loving foster mother.

Grizelda Brown, distant relative
She's Esmerelda's younger sister. They're quite alike, and even look almost like twins, though she lives some distance away and is known of in the town mostly by name only.

Loretta ("Lottie") Brox, (15), student, all around creepy.
Green eyes, often combing her yellow hair. Most of the other students find her weird, and people often make the sign of the cross behind her back.

Martha Brox (40), "loving" mother.
A very strict, religious woman. She is seriously considering sending Sara to a convent. Again. She tried once last summer, but they returned her rather red-faced. Seems she likes sex with nuns, too.

Sara Brox, (17), student @ Centennial High!
"Hi! I'm Sara! Gee, are you cute! Do you want to have sex!"

Kathleen Carpenter (30), single mother, recently divorced
Everyone knew Joseph Carpenter was bad news, doctor or no. No one knew what he'd done to their daughter, Mary (7), until Kathleen found out and divorced him. She could deal with him hitting her, but not that. After the divorce, he left town to avoid the stares of people and possibly lynch mobs.

Jane Colgate (72), retired widow.
Just a nice old lady who tries to be kind to everyone and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Jase Connely (17), High School student
Jase is a loner. He was quiet even before his parents ugly divorce after his mother had an affair with Mr. Black Decker. And then his dad drank himself with death with draino and he got even quieter. He currently lives with his mother and skips a lot of school.

Henry Davenport (33), manager/owner of the McDonalds
All around nice guy.

Fred DeAth, (18) Part of the Goth group.
He's the most stereotypical goth of the whole lot. He acts depressed and intense just about all the time, and has developed a really keen knack for unnerving people. He sometimes claims to be related to a vampire, but everyone of course takes that with a grain of salt. His parents both have late night jobs, and at times go off on "business trips" for several days, so no one ever sees them. He's rather intelligent and even calculating at times. He acts sort of distant from the group, splintering off sometimes on his own, and often being rather quiet even when with them.

Mr. Black Decker (41), teaches Woodshop and Work Study Teacher @ Centennial High
Mr. Decker is rather infamous among the adults of the community. He's handsome, charming, and has gone through 6 wives in a decade. (He legally changed his name to avoid the ones from the previous decade according to rumour.)

Reggie "The Bull" Ferguson, (19) football player
Once a star football player and part-time bully until a little under a year ago, when he ot drunk with his friends one time and fell out a second-story window, onto his head, and got a concussion. Without significant harm to his skull, or any other part of his body. He hasnt played football since his accident, because he lost a good deal of coordination. The unlike call him the "bull in the china shop" now.

Paul & Kris Ford (24, 27).
Two brothers who moved into the Trailer Park along with Paul’s son Cameron, a creepy little kid, 2 weeks ago.

Jimmy "Mini-goth" Hennasee, (15)
He's the youngest in the goth group, having joined back in his freshman year (last year). Secretly, he mainly joined because he wanted a clique to belong to, and since a) goths are kind of neat and b) they have an easier to fulfill requirement to join than most cliques, he picked them. Since then, he's gotten to be good friends with them all anyway, so it all works out. He was given his nickname by Cassandra Higgins, and though everyone else enjoys calling him that, he hates it. She sometimes calls him "Chibi-goth" instead when she really wants to annoy him.

Cassandra Higgins, (17) Goth girl
Goth girlfriend of Wraith (William Smith). She's one of those people who dress goth-like but actually act rather cheery most of the time, which confuses people. She dyes her hair pink instead of black. She really likes to draw, and she is really good at it. She's into anime and dragons.

George Holly, (41)
Former Bailey Savings and Loan banker, former 1st Bank of Millhaven Banker, currently unemployed.

Beverly Holmes (57)
She helps run the local Historical Society in the sense of keeping the landmarks clean, making sure no one has broken in. Her husband died during a vacation to Rome a few years ago.

Karl Holmes (deceased), husband.

Richard Holmes (42), nephew of Beverly, construction worker.
A local handyman on the side, Richard and his wife Emma are good friends with most of the town.

Teresa Holmes (20), daughter & Student @ Centennial High
Teresa has never been much school. It's not her fault she sort of missed a lot of classes. She just likes guys. A lot. And it's better to get those extra credits in "gym" after school is over.

Peter ("Pete") Jenkins, (17) bully and football player
Pete is jsut one of those big, tough kids into football, and picking on those who can't fight back. He wa shot a year ago aft4er school by a drunk friend by mistake, but the friend was so drunk he hadn't recalled it andsuspicion fell on Marc Reynolds, whom he'd beat up earler. The charges were dropped and he's back at school, but a year behind. He hasn't beat up his "friend" - yet.

Mrs. Janet Jolson (51), History Teacher @ Centennial High
Janet has always loved history and teaches it to the class with a strong attention to detail. She reads a lot and has a perfect memory. She believes teaching history is about events, and isn’t big on memorizing names and dates for students.

Colby Jolson (50), city worker and husband.
Just a nice, kind husband who finds his wife’s obsession with history amusing. But he’s wise enough not to make an issue of it.

Joan "Raven" Krenshaw, (16) Goth Wiccan
Another stereotypical-ish goth, she claims to be Wiccan, and usually does a pretty good job pretending to be (to those who are uninformed about Wicca). Her parents are quite Catholic, which might explain why she tries to act like she converted.

Mr. Jeff Kidball (34), Gym Teacher @ Centennial High
The only school gym teacher until a rumour started two years ago about a retraining order against teaching the girls. Marge Taylor does that now. He’s a decent teacher but not special

Mrs. Maryanne McCoy-Kidball (32), Jeff's wife, rather angry at him for this whole rumour and considering a divorce.

Barbara Kingsburry (55), Mayor of Millhaven
Barbara Kingsbury has been the town mayor for a good 10 years. Things had been fine for the past few years but over the last year it's got worse. But she’s still holding down the fort and doing a decent job.

Mr. Greg Kingsley (51), Comm. Tech teacher @ Centennial High
"Please call me Greg" teaches Comm Tech and Typing (the latter by just going in, giving out assignments, and checking in every 10 minutes). He's friendly, nice, and doesn't hold with being strict, as long as students complete their assignments on time and properly. It's widely considered almost impossible to fail his class.

Kyle Kingsley (25), son of Greg and Marsha, owner of AAA Computers.
Kyle runs the local computer company out of his home. He's uber-shy, nervous around almost everyone, but also a genius when it comes to computers and fixing them.

Mrs. Marsha Kingsley (49), legal secretary for Moore & Sons.
Greg's wife is a nice, kind lady who helps out in a lot of community events and is, well, very nice. She's mostly plain, and nice. She had a nice life, has a nice husband. But, sometimes, she wishes things had been otherwise.

Mary Kingsley (23), daughter of Greg and Masha, currently taking a degree in Economics at the local state university.

Barney McDonald, (14) confused kid.
Barney was one of those kids with brains fast-tracked through the grades. He should be in grade nine, but he is in grade 12. He's almost mostly friendless, and prone to agreeing with people so they'll like him. He agreed with Alex about god because Alex looked mean and had a knife in his boot. But then he started thinking about it, and getting strange dreams about romans, and is now convinced Alex is serving God.

Herman MacDonald (64), Ex-Science teacher @ C. High
Herman owns a small farm north of town and tries to grow strange plants in his greenhouse. The local coven would go green with envy if they knew half the stuff he had. A lot of the plants ca be poisonous so he keeps it under lock and key with an alarm system. He's heard that Janice Millar is teaching the classes different, but he's retired and could care less. He wil offer tutoring to exceptional students.

Hector Maris, adoptive father, city planner, really dead corpse
Hector was famous in the town, largely as an eccentric. But he loved his job, and the town, and never left it. Ever. He was involved in fixing streets, keeping the town clean, making sure the homeless had shelters. You name it, he did it, got a good 60 years, and everyone joked he'd be around for 60 more.
Then two months ago he was found dead outside his house, looking like he'd been torn apart by wild animals and, yes, everyone knew the old Standford place was slated to be taken down, but it looks like someone blew it up or something.
His adopted son, Hart Pen, was found in their home, crucified and strangled to death with Hectors skin. The police are keeping this case under wraps.

Adam McCoy, (32), manager.
The manager of McCoy-Abel Inc, Adam is more worried about profits that the old family curse silliness.

Clair Holly-McCoy (31), wife of Adam
Clair doesn't believe in the McCoy curse of the men dying young, but just in case she's refused to have their son, Jason (3), given the McCoy last name. Adam thinks she's being silly.

Maggie McCoy (82), widowed grandmother, husband etc.
When her husband Roy died at the age of 35, she took it to be an accident. When her son died at the age of 30, she was worried. When her one grandson died at 28, she believed. Her only grandson left is Adam, and she is very, very worried for Jason. She doesn't know what this curse is, but is determined to find out before her great-grandson dies.

Ms. Janice ("Jan") Millar (34), Science teacher @ Centennial High
Ms Millar is a tall, stunning brunette with dark eyes and long hair. Most of the male student body has fantasies about her and attendance at chem and bio has increased markedly since she arrived two years ago, replacing Herman MacDonald, who has since retired and taken up farming.
She is a very unorthodox teacher. Her first class dealing with dissecting frogs had the students writing an essay on the dissection of frogs and the ethical and moral problems about it. When students complained, she said that she didn't care if they liked English Lit or not, but that they needed to know how to write in the English language. She tries to teach ethics as well as science and also stresses that our science will be just as foolish to people in 200 years as it is to us from 200 years ago. She's currently taking flak for a discussion about eugenics and world war two that offended a lot of parents.

Mark Moore (18), HS student, future lawyer.
Mark can do anything, and get away with it, because his dad can sue you your dad. He's a stuck-up prick who hides behind his fathers name and is constantly fighting an ongoing battle against acne, weight, and his fathers displeasure.

Nathan Moore (72), partner for Moore & Sons, mostly retired.
Nathan founded the law practise back just after world war two and it's the local established law firm thanks to his unwavering honesty and refusal to accept clients he would never defend. His brother Randal was much the same, but had a reputation for being willing to do whatever it took for the client, the law be damned. They broke up over a case involving a suspected rapist and Nathan has been known to call his brother "homicidal little fink" on occasion, when in the cups. His wife, Jennifer, died two years ago from cancer.
His son Matthew Moore (42) currently runs the firm but he is unmarried and Nathan isn't happy that the firm may not survive while his brothers does. Matthew is as honest as his father and one of the most trusted men in town. But no one would ask him to coach the little league. Not that they're prejudiced or anything.

Randal Moore (69), founder of The Moore Group
Randal is an unscrupulous bastard. Plain and simple. Even rapists he gets off hate his guts. He's the kind of sleazy person who gives ambulance chasers a bad rep.
His practise is continues currently by his partner Emily Bromhill (43), who is his wife and possibly even more morally bankrupt that he is. Their son Mark Moore is currently in his last year of high school and already turning out to be a welcome addition to the firm.

Randy Norton (40), PETA founder, ET's Worst Nightmare
The founder of People for the Extreme Termination of Aliens, Randy is nuts. Aliens never made him late for work, or replaced his dog with a spy from Sirius. (His wife never did believe he'd run over Fluffy by mistake.) He was in jail for 8 years back in the 90s for running over said wife (Amanda Willis, who has since moved away) because she'd been replaced by the aliens with a drone. The fact that the robot drone bled real blood merely proved how efficient the aliens are. He wears tinfoil hats, carries a sawed off shotgun in his car, and is often prowling UFO sites. His response to aliens is to kill 'em all.

Tracey Norton (38), PETA member.
Randy saved her from the aliens two years back. Well, she's darn sure it was aliens. Glowing lights and everything. When her brother attempted to explain that, perhaps, it has been headlights reflecting off water, she broke his jaw and hasn't spoken to his family since and moved to Nebraska to be with Randy. She's wealthy, and they've assembled enough guns to make the Vorgons decide to establish a hyper-space bypass somewhere else.

Shawn O'Malley (50), owner of O'Malley's Bar
Bartender and part-owner of O'Malley's Bar. This is where Alexander Anderson's dad works. His daughter Siobhan is a waitress, and his wife Emma is the cook.

Eric O'Rye (64), semi-retired English Teacher @ Centennial High
Eric is currently teaching the grade 9-10s while helping Gemms PC learn the school and the like. He's a nice, quiet man with a great passion for the classics and the strength of personality and love to impose that zeal on others. His wife died 10 years ago (hit and run), and he currently has a small. prize-winning terrier named Biko that he dotes over like a son.

Chris Peters (22), social worker.
Son of Gail and David. He's nice, kind to small animals, and a member of the real PETA.

Mrs. Gail Peters (49), Family Studies and Drama Teacher @ Centennial High
A nice, bubbly, always optimistic blonde woman. The kind who would die in ten minutes in a slasher film. Sara, with brains, and less sex. Okay, not Sara then. She's nice to everyone and never has a bad word to say about anybody.

David Peters (51), English teacher @ Millhaven Elementary.
A male Gail Peters.

Devid Peters, Jr, (17), brat.
The other son of the Cheerful Couple. Sort of fates way of laughing at them. Gloom, doom, depression. Attempted suicide about once a week until an exasperated Emerg nurse told him the right way to slit his wrists three months ago and offered to demonstrate. He's never been back since :p He’s a member of the evil PETA..

Rebecca "Scully" Phillips, (17) Part of the Goth group
Gets her nickname because she was obsessed with the X-Files. She's really into aliens and UFOs and that sort of thing. She also isn't the dreary depressed type, and is usually pretty "up," but nowhere near as cheery as Cassandra is. She often shifts to paranoid paranormal-afficionado mode whenever the chance arrises.

Debbie Reynolds, (15)
Marc's younger sister, she knows something is up with her brother from his nightmares, but not what. She's worried about him, but he just shuts down when she tries to bring it up. She likes Alexander a lot, but is more drawn to his Big City Ways than to Alex himself.

Marc Reynolds, (17) shy kid
Marc is a really quiet, withdrawn, shy type who keeps everything inside. Quite possibly borderline autistic, he's been picked on for years and ignored it. Last year there was a shooting at the school, of one of the bullies (Pete Jenkins). Marc was suspected, and some people believe he really had a hand in it even after it was proven to be one of Pete's friends .... People haven't bugged him as much since Alexander fed one his fist, so things are easier now.

Xander Reynolds, (17) Nerd
A typical nerd computer-geek kid. He spends more time with his computer than with people. Head of A/V Club. Head of Chess Club, and almost-undefeatable. Hugh Brown beat him once, an offense he still hasn't forgiven or understood.

Vincent Richardson (23), mechanic at Richardson Auto Parts
His dad Charlie runs the place. His mother, Amy, died last year in a shooting in Lincoln, Neb..

Matt Roman (37), confused younger brother, runs The Lying Truth, a local occult store filled with bunk.
A rather strange man who it seems was pushed over an edge by the death of his brother 10 years ago. Well, Maxwell has been missing since but Matt believes there was more to it.

Beth Shorbeck, (53), Wife and socialite.

Martin ("the dragon") Shorbeck (55), Principal of Centennial High
The one who runs the school and balances all budgets. Destruction of school property leads to a LOT of community work for the Janitor and scrubbing the walls very, very clean. He's nice, as long as you're a good student and don't cause trouble or write on the walls, or try and TP his car. If you're not nice, he comes down on you like his namesake and is not nice, or kind.

Mr. Christopher Skinner (49). Vice-Principal & Teaches Computers @ Centennial High
Mr. Skinner is a teacher who hates having been promoted and considers his life proof of Peter's Principle in action. Aside from that, he's married to his lovely wife Christina but they have no children. H's a very competent teacher who knows almost nothing about computers in the modern world.

William "Wraith" Smith, (18) Goth boy
A more-or-less stereotypical "Goth" boy. He's sort of the unoffical leader of a small goth group of friends in the town who are basically the only goths in the town. Most people pick on them or find them amusing. Often both.

Mrs. Marge ("The inquistor") Taylor (35), Gym Teacher @ Centennial High
Younger sister to Natalie, she is tough, solid, and very dependable. Much unlike her sister in that respect. She is a (Wo)Man of Science and teaches Gym as if preparing girls for a life of abuse and hardship or boot camp. She was married, once, but her husband (Bart) died in the first Gulf War.

Ms. Natalie Taylor (40), Art & Photography Teacher @ Centennial High
She is big into crystal healing, UFOs and the like. Most of the time she keeps those views out of the classroom but the other faculty consider her to be a flake. She hates PETA (both versions).

Gayle West (43), housewife

Vincent West (45), proud father, stock broker, fat.
He knows Hugh’s foster mother and may offer investment advice to Hugh.

Wally West (18), High School senior.
Son of Vincent and Gayle.

Mrs. Marsha Willimans (45), teacher of Geography and Politics @ Centennial High
Marsha is a nice woman who puts up fake cakes with the month on the wall of her room and has students all write their names on candles and has a bad of stuff each one can pick stuff from on their birthday. And her idea of politics is to look at all sides of an issue and be unbiased, so people only really learn in her class while overriding her and having spirited debates. she actually cancelled the class during 9/11 for fear the students would get into physical fights.

Mr. Anthony Willimans (41), husband of Marsha, a town councillor.

Connie Young (34), management training seminars (Young Training, for when you want your employees to be productive)
Connie runs a management training seminar just to the west of town. Ever since the incident last year where someone used real guns instead of paint guns she's had lawyers with lawsuits and clients practically beating down her door.

Law Enforcement

I’m not against the police; I’m just afraid of them.
- Alfred Hitchcock

The law is enforced by the County Sherrifs Office for most of the county. they handle runaways, fugitives, and most murders and rape cases. The Sheriff’s Office and officers provide 24-hour coverage throughout Dawson County. The main office is open 5 days a week between 8 am and 5 pm.
Sherrif (Tammy Wechten)
Deputy Sherrif (Brian Kincaid)
+2 Detectives (on loan from Lincoln)
+ 14 other officers

Millhaven has it's own (small) police force, consisting of:
Chief of Police: Walter ("Walt") Inkerman, a no-nonesense tough guy who hates Ms. Wechten because she's a woman. He tends to work the night shift.
1 Sergeant: Leonard Holmes (day shift)
+ 4 officers: Jason Kingsley, Fiona McCoy, Marc Holly, Frank Tiller. (The first two are day shift, the last two night)

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