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faces in the dark


For all those dreams misremembereddismembered
All the promises never kept
The look in eyes decayeddisjointed
Embers of wisdom knowing onlythat they failed
And eyes that have never wept.

No on ever said life is fair. Thereís growing up, getting older, watching dreams crumble around you like discarded candy wrappers, seeing all those things that might have been flitting away on breezes; trying to fit in, to live within the world and die with loved ones, knowing your eulogy will be full of memories, love, and laughter - if youíre lucky. A normal life.

No one said life was easy. It gets harder to find out what you want to do, to overcome obstacles, to reach for the stars and not be pulled down to the earth. Everyone wants things. Need, desire and habit are the forces running our lives. All of us, seeking and yearning for things we cannot name save in dreams we forget upon waking.

No one ever said the world we know is the world entire. Youíve seen this, known it. Something had touched you and shown you that there is another world within the one you know. That another world exists outside - or, more accurately, inside - the one youíve known all your life. Youíre eyes havenít been opened to it, no, but youíre aware of it, like an itch you canít scratch, a feeling you have yet to name.

But when you push back the boundaries, are you pushing back the darkness, or letting it inside? This is no idle question. When you peel an onion you cry tears, but when you peel back the layers of the world - ah, what then? Once you open your eyes you cannot close them again. Even taking them out may not prevent you from seeing the world as some of it really is. Sometimes, it might even help.

The closer we come to understanding the unknown, the more vulnerable we become to its power.


Faces in the Dark is a modern day Unknown Armies campaign set in small-town USA, the kind of place where strangers tend to be pretty damn rare moving in (except at the trailer park) and that anyone except locals thinks is dying and doesn't know it yet (local meaning you can trance your family back here 3 generations, at least*). Just a nice, friendly insular small town in the back-end of nowhere.

PCs are students at Centennial High, the local brick and mortar high school, or can be workers or teachers or even the parents of other PCs if players want to try that. They get to try and balance high school, small town life, and the growing awareness that the world is far larger and much stranger than they could ever have imagined. And here you thought high school was tough ...
* Local is, of course, referring to white settlers. Native ("And they're not native anyway") Americans tracing themselves back further are met with scorn.

Game Time: 10pm EST (GMT -5) Every First and third Monday of each month. (The Fourth monday is for Paranoia :))
Starting Date: April 19th, if all PCs are done.

Character Creation

Characters are made using the PDF to make Street Level characters. Sparkie has a sheet you can get by typing !ua or from here.

Characters with weird gifts/talents/curses are possible but need to be cleared with Alcar. For everyone else, Trigger Events are mandatory: They're you're experience of the Larger/Stranger world out there, and how you've managed to handle it and not dismissed it out of hand.

As well, you must submit a pic of your PC to be placed on the site. Please don't use pictures of famous people.


Each character has a family, friends. Something. No one lives in a vacuum. We influence and are influenced by everyone we meet, for good or ill. Family might live in another country, or be dead recently, or whatever, but they existed, and should be on your sheet. Add friends, and enemies, and other stuff. Help the town grow.

What's in this site?

The Introduction is what you're reading right now, a brief overview of the campaign.
Geography is information about the setting, people in it, and all things of that nature. The School gets it's own section, of course. Complete with maps.
Family Studies will list characters, complete with pics and the like. To Complement it, session summaries can be found under Pop Quiz.
And lastly, Contact Your teacher is there for contacting Alcar, and lists some Links, and keeps track of the Updates to this site.

Introduction : Geography : School : Family Studies : Pop Quiz : Contact Your teacher